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Is the church of england catholic

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  1. Do you go to church?
    28 Religion 43
  2. Does england have tornadoes?
    Does england have tornadoes?
    7 Travel 82
  3. what is church of magick?
    what is church of magick?
    2 Politics 56
  4. What church should I go to?
    What church should I go to?
    2 Politics 27
  5. how do i prey if am catholic?
    14 Religion 24
  6. How did vatican city reform the catholic church?
    How did vatican city reform the catholic church?
    2 Religion 23
  7. what is the prayer that is said during catholic church services?
    6 Religion 23
  8. Why do Catholics have to eat that host when they go to church?
    15 Religion 93
  9. Why do people get confirmed into the Catholic Church?
    9 Religion 81
  10. What are the circumstances under which an excommunicated Catholic can be readmitted into the church, if at all?
    6 Religion 23
  11. Why can't you get married by church again after you've been married by church in the past?
    7 Religion 54
  12. What's the minimum wage in England?
    What's the minimum wage in England?
    2 Money 52
  13. Does your church have missionaries?
    Does your church have Missionaries? Just wondering.
    5 Religion 25
  14. Where did the Jamaicans settle in England?
    Where did the Jamaicans settle in England??
    2 Education 85
  15. When was the Baptist Church started and by whom?
    When was the Baptist Church started and by whom?
    4 Religion 71
  16. What's the difference between bible churches and regular churches?
    What's the difference between bible churches and regular churches? My curiosity aroused.
    5 Religion 51
  17. Members in england
    Is there any members in england on here or is it all just america
    3 Funadvice 9
  18. Catholic or Protesen?
    Is it better to be a catholic or a Protesen?
    15 Religion 93
  19. What do they call schools in england?
    What do they call schools in england?
    2 Education 218
  20. Afraid of Churches?
    Is it evil to be afraid of churches?
    11 Religion 48
  21. whats the capital of... england???
    whats the capital of... england???
    4 Travel 64
  22. How long should a church service be?
    How long should a church service be?
    2 Religion 63
  23. Why are Catholics against the use of contraceptives?
    4 Religion 21
  24. Who's been watching 'This is England '86'?
    2 Entertainment 10
  25. What are some major beliefs of the catholic church?
    I was just wondering what some major beliefs for catholics are. Detailed please :)
    3 Politics 44
  26. Want church do you go to and how big is it ?
    Want church do you go to and how big is it ?
    8 Religion 50
  27. Who here lives in england-banbury
    Who here lives in england-banbury.
    3 General 9
  28. How can I promote a church of christ website?
    How can I promote a church of christ website?
    2 Politics 15
  29. What are the Sacraments of the Cathlic Church?
    What are the Sacraments of the Cathlic Church? Just wondering.
    5 Religion 53
  30. Best cities to visit in England?
    what are some of the best cities in England to visit?
    8 Travel 52
  31. Where can I take my French exchange in England around the north of England or just places in general?
    2 Travel 9
  32. what is the time difference between England and Ohio ?
    4 General 106
  33. Does anyone here live in Nottingham, England?
    2 Travel 14
  34. What are your thoughts on Catholic & Christanity Religion?
    27 Religion 29
  35. Where is better to live, England or America?
    10 Travel 49
  36. What does it mean to dream of a burning church?
    3 Religion 708
  37. what's the time difference between england and america?
    3 Travel 21
  38. What is the name of a famous prison in England?
    2 General 133
  39. When did England start colonizing the world?
    2 Politics 29
  40. Can wild rats be white (in England)?
    3 Pets 110
  41. Which school should I go to - catholic or public?
    13 Education 55
  42. What is a US size 5 in England?
    5 Style 25
  43. Any of you attend church today?
    Any of you attend church today? If so, how was it? I went to church, and, it was great!
    9 Religion 44
  44. What's the relationship between Church and State?
    What is the relationship between church and state? Do you agree with that relationship? Why? Why not? Should there be a separation between church and State?
    4 Religion 37
  45. Whats the difference between being catholic and christian?
    Wts the difference between being catholic and christian?
    20 Religion 178
  46. Why Go to Church to Worship?
    If God is everywhere, why do you have to go to church to worship him?
    41 Religion 62
  47. Can I attend lutheran churches if I m not a member?
    Can I attend lutheran churches if I m not a member?
    2 Politics 18
  48. How can the local church help to heal the community?
    How can the local church help to heal the community?
    2 Politics 18
  49. What's involved in the Catholic Liturgy?
    What's involved in the Catholic Liturgy? I'm just curious.
    2 Religion 44
  50. Who went to church today?
    Who went to church today? I did, I needed to go!
    18 Religion 29
  51. Church home
    Will I still go to heaven if I don't have a church home?
    9 Religion 25
  52. What Colleges and Universities are in England?
    Does anyone know what colleges and universities are in England?
    6 Education 13
  53. Which are the top universities in England for studying law?
    5 Education 7
  54. How Cheap Are Pregnancy Tests In England, UK?
    2 Health 12
  55. Can someone tell me why people hate church people??
    31 Religion 73
  56. Do you have to be a certain age to buy asprin In England?
    7 Health 68
  57. Does anybody like the New England Patriots?
    29 Sports 30
  58. Why do you think separation of church and state is inviolable?
    3 Religion 12
  59. What should I do, stay in Catholic school or go to public?
    17 Education 41
  60. Are Italy, Germany, and Argentina all catholic cultures?
    3 Religion 26
  61. What are your thoughts on churches banning interracial couples?
    19 Religion 25
  62. how were class division like in Elizabethan England?
    2 Education 39
  63. Church+gays
    Can you make your confirmation if you are homosexual?
    20 Sex 52
  64. How does confession work in the Catholic Church?
    How does confession work in the Catholic church? Does the Preast help you repent? And if any of you happen to be Catholic, do you feel better when confessing your sins? Just curious.
    5 Religion 60
  65. Is it true that the Catholics have confession every week?
    Is it true that the Catholics have confession every week? Just curious.
    6 Religion 16
  66. Sin for catholics to get eaten out or blowjob after your married?
    is it a sin for catholics if you get eaten out, or have a blowjob AFTER your married.?
    6 Sex 588
  67. What are the differences in Pentecostals and Catholics?
    what is the different ways in which the pentecostal and catholics celebrate and what are the the sacrements they celebrate?
    7 Religion 83
  68. When were women allowed to vote in England?
    Could women vote in England in 1914?
    2 Politics 66
  69. How can I found church addresses in cedar bayou texas?
    How can I found church addresses in cedar bayou texas?
    2 Politics 11
  70. Advertisement how to convince a teenager to go to church?
    What advertisement I can make on how to convince a teenager to go to church?
    9 Religion 90
  71. Is it true that Catholics don't have Sunday school?
    Someone told me this. Is it true that Catholics don't have Sunday school?
    2 Religion 105
  72. Is the sacred heart strictly a Catholic thing?
    Is the sacred heart strictly a Catholic thing or do non Catholics have sacred heart tattoos.
    2 Religion 12
  73. Who knows what the Church Of Scientology is?
    Who knows what the Church Of Scientology is? and do you know what they believe? and finally, are you apart of the church? (are you a Scientologist)
    8 Religion 43
  74. ???my mom does not like my church???
    well my mom does not like my church but you cant keep me away from my church what should I do
    4 Religion 39
  75. Have you heard of universal churches?
    They ask for so much money what to they do with it???
    2 Religion 12
  76. Why does my friend's mom hate me because I dont go to church?
    10 Religion 50
  77. What's The Average Male And Female Height In America and England?
    4 Style 97
  78. What:Is God going to be mad if i left the church i'm in?
    47 Religion 30
  79. Church fundraisers
    What are some fundraisers we can do to get money for youth camp
    3 Money 48
  80. Do you think there is racism in football or is it just privy to the England Captain?
    6 Sports 12
  81. Where is the best place to spend a weekend with your girlfriend in England ?
    2 Travel 21
  82. Where should an exchange student from the USA go - France or England?
    5 Education 15
  83. What does England have that Americans don't?
    becausethey seem to have everything? just out of curiousity
    20 Politics 22
  84. Is England like the U.S, do you need something like a greencard to be there?
    3 Travel 17
  85. Is watching pornography a sin for Roman Catholics?
    Is watching pornography a sin for Roman Catholics? I want to know.
    10 Religion 405
  86. How did greeks romans and england influence the u.s.a. goverm
    How did greeks romans and england influence the u.s.a. goverment?
    2 Health 21
  87. Can people be Catholic if they aren't straight?
    Can people be catholic if they are gay bi or les?
    18 Religion 34
  88. Is anyone active in church?
    Is anyone active in church? If so, what sorts of activities does your Pastor have you all get involved in?
    14 Religion 46
  89. Is Mass required every Sunday for Catholics?
    If your Catholic, is it required to attend Mass every Sunday? If so, how does that work?
    2 Religion 17
  90. Does anyone play the Organ or Piano in church?
    Does anyone play the Organ, or Piano in church? If Yes, what hymns do you play?
    2 Music 75
  91. Does your church have Pot Lucks every other Sunday or something?
    Does your church have Pot Lucks every other Sunday or something? Just wondering.
    4 Religion 13
  92. evacuation of children in england during world war two a success?
    Was the evacuation of children in england during world war two a success?
    3 Politics 78
  93. Is masturbating against the catholic religion?
    I need just a plain yes or no answer. Is masturbating against the catholic religion?
    13 Sex 332
  94. Who going to church tomorrow?
    The question is whos going to church tomorrow. I am I love church and we should all attend. JUst a curiosity!
    10 Religion 48
  95. Does your church have Fast and testimony?
    Does your church have fast and testimony? If your church does something like that when does it occur? I can tell you, ours does it once a month.
    3 Religion 30
  96. Is it compulsory for everyone to have communion in Catholic Church?
    Is it compuslory for everyone to take Holy Communion in a Roman Catholic Church? I am doing a school project on it and I can't find the answer anywhere! Thanks
    4 Religion 28
  97. how do catholic people feel about people wearing rosary beads as jewelery??
    16 Religion 14
  98. Do Roman Catholics worship Jesus Christ or Mary the mother of Jesus?
    15 Religion 37
  99. Does anyone know where i can get toy guns in manchester, england?
    3 Shopping 21
  100. What number is the apocalypse in the Catholic Bible?
    Is it 73? I'm not sure...
    4 Religion 75
  101. Why does Catholicism have big churches?
    Why do they have big buildings like the Vatican? It's puzzling...
    11 Religion 23
  102. What is the church's teaching on same sex marriage?
    What is it? What is your opinion? Please tell
    23 Sex 45
  103. What are the names of top colleges in England that offer Environmental Law?
    2 Education 9
  104. who believes that if you get out of church bad things will start happening?
    18 Religion 17
  105. What are some stereotypes for Catholics regarding food, music, education, etc?
    4 Religion 13
  106. What does the Church of Scientology believe?
    What does the Church of Scientology believe? I've heard some things about them and I was just wondering what they actually believe.
    7 Religion 34
  107. What is englands govornment?
    I need to know for a assingment. ...what is england goverment is it democratic or republican?
    2 Politics 13
  108. How much do house cleaners get paid in England?
    how much do cleaners who come to your house to clean get paid? [in england]
    2 Money 70
  109. Rules for divorce cases by catholic churches?
    Can anyone let me know wht are the rules for divorce cases by catholic churches. Do they grant divorce if both partners are willing ? I heard they dont ? How long before they do finally grant the divorce?
    3 Religion 25
  110. What is the best water park in the New England area?
    Which is the best water park in the New England area? Water Country? any others?
    3 Travel 40
  111. Catholic Church
    I was just wondering why the Catholic Church seems to put so much emphasis on the the Virgin Mary. I have several Catholic friends, all who know the "hail Mary" thing, but none of them seem to know why they worship Mary. Just wondering if any of you (C...
    10 Religion 35
  112. How to become atheist when I'm catholic?
    I want to be atheist (don't believe in god religion) but I'm catholic. So if I become atheist am I still catholic?
    15 Religion 40
  113. Which church is closest to Greek Orthodox beliefs?
    There is no Greek Orthodox church anywhere around my home. What church would be the closest to my Greek Orthodox beliefs?
    15 Religion 945
  114. the catholic church "branches"
    why are there so many different kinds of 1 religion? there is roman catholic greek orthidox prespiterian christian why are there so many different kinds? please mind my spelling
    6 Religion 67
  115. Is sex stuff sinful in the Catholic Church?
    Is M*stu*bat*on, bl*wj*bs, ha*dj*bs, j*ck*ng off etc. a sin? In the Catholic Church
    13 Sex 49
  116. Does every church??
    ask to give ten percent of their earnings every sunday!
    12 Religion 26
  117. Does anyone know where I can buy coloured contact lenses in Manchester, England?
    2 Style 120
  118. What Do you like about your Church?
    If you dont go then ... well ... uh, yeah. lol =)
    20 Religion 39
  119. Is it bad that I'm agnostic but I still go to church because my parents tell me to?
    6 Religion 61
  120. What is the difference between England and Great Britain?
    Are the same country or not tell me please thank you.
    3 Travel 17
  121. What do you think about people planning a trip to a casino to raise money for a church?
    6 Money 24
  122. Why in england people drive cars on the left side.
    Why in england people drive cars on the left side any answer is welcome thank you.
    5 General 67
  123. Where in england can I buy mane and tail shampoo?
    Where in england can I buy mane and tail shampoo? Other than over the internet which I do not want to do. Thanks xx
    2 Shopping 21
  124. What's the distance between Wales and England?
    What's the distance (where the crow flies) between England and Wales? Settling and argument, need to know.
    4 Travel 17
  125. How to plan a children's catholic liturgy for the end ohe sch
    How to plan a children's catholic liturgy for the end ohe school yearf t?
    2 Babies 11
  126. Catholic and christian
    So whats the big difference between catholic and christian? I know some of them. But what really separates the two?
    6 Religion 37
  127. Do you think there is true separation of Church and State?
    In the United States, is there true separation of church and state? and if not, does each religion receive the same consideration?
    5 Politics 13
  128. how to get donations for my church?
    Does anyone know how I could get some information on how to get donations for my church? Please let me know.
    6 Religion 216
  129. New prime minister in england
    Who is the new prime minister in england? Is this person viewed as better than tony blair?
    3 Politics 47
  130. Church grounded?
    do you think my mom has the right to ground me from going to church?I an the only christian in the family so they don't get it.
    13 Religion 41
  131. What is Catholic religion
    my friend is catholic and I do ot know anything about the catholic religion and beliefs. can you please explain thist to me???
    9 Religion 40
  132. When is Nickelback next performing in England?
    Anyone know their tour dates please
    3 Music 8
  133. What is the difference between UK and England?
    Apparently, they are not the same. I've always thought they are. :S Are British and English different too?
    10 Travel 27
  134. Does it make a difference if you go to church to pray and ask for forgiveness of your sins or do it home?
    17 Religion 67
  135. Does Anyone Know If The Prodigy Are Going On Tour In England ?
    I've heard they have already been ... have they ?
    5 Music 11
  136. Are the five religions (Islam, Catholic, Christian, Hindu and Buddhism) coming from the same God?
    56 Religion 68
  137. Why is it that the Johovah's witness people are the only ones that come knocking on your door to attend their church?
    51 Religion 62
  138. Men who go to church
    How are men to act when they attend church? Nice? Are men not their real self? Do they act differently at home?
    8 Religion 12
  139. Can a 16yr old travel to England ?
    Can I travel to England without a parent but I have my parents consent? im 16..
    5 Travel 37
  140. Seperation of church and state in the Constitution?
    Do you think the constitution supports the serperation of church and state? Why or why not? Intelligent debate please.
    12 Religion 39
  141. Is anyone from england here?
    just want to know if people from england use this site. please leave an answer
    10 Funadvice 10
  142. Can a muslim get married in a macedonian orthodox church?
    Can a muslim girl get married in a macedonian orthodox church without converting to her macedonian fionce?
    6 Religion 205
  143. Need money to build a church
    Can anyone help us build or buy a church that is no longer in use
    8 Religion 193
  144. Is not going to Church wrong?
    I'm Christian and I believe in God, but I have not been to church for several months. and before that several years. Is that wrong?
    28 Religion 382
  145. What does the church say about cigarette production?
    what does the church say about this? can anybody tell me a good link/site on the information about this? THANKYOU
    7 Religion 41
  146. What is the Queen of England queen of?
    Okay so too silly moo's are having a fight right now about weather the Queen Elizabeth is the queen of England or of the UK, what is she?
    5 Politics 33
  147. How teaching of latter day saints and roman catholic differs?
    What is the different of latter day saints and roman catholic with regard jesus christ?
    3 Religion 18
  148. Why do people at my church either tell me to cut my hair or pick on me because of it?
    what should i do? should i cut my hair right now before tomorrow morning before church?
    25 Style 35
  149. What is a good duet song for a girl and boy to sing in church?
    I am in a singing com, and need a good song for a girl and guy to sing in church.
    2 Music 131
  150. Who can tell me a little about the gothic church?
    Can anyone give me at least an opening paragraph about the gothic church(cathedral)??
    3 Religion 14
  151. Anyone that attends church, do you all have a kind Pastor? or Not?
    Anyone that attends church do you all have a kind Pastor? Or not? Just wondering. I know for me, I have a kind and sweet leader in my church. He has the spirit. Would that be the same for your pastors?
    10 Religion 23
  152. What's the difference between Catholics and Latter-Day Saints?
    What's the difference between Catholics and Latter-Day Saints? I'm just curious to know the difference in my Religion which is Latter-Day Saints comparing Catholics.
    7 Religion 302
  153. catholic and I just ate meat ( ash wendsday) ?
    what happens if you eat meat 2day??? I'm a catholic and I just ate meat ( ash wendsday) ... what will happen 2 me? and why are catholics not suppose 2 eat meat 2day???
    10 Religion 83
  154. Is it alright for a Catholic to date a Muslim?
    my friend told me not to date a muslim and im cathlic. so I want to know if its alright for a cathlic to date a muslim?
    17 Religion 46
  155. Should Catholic and Non-Catholic's date? marry?
    Are there any Catholic and Evangelican couples here?or does anyone know any? I was wondering if the relationship worked out ok? how did you decide what church to attend...where to send your kids to school...which church to get married in? should marria...
    3 Relationships 6
  156. Does Anybody know of a good facial wash to get rid of spots fast ? ( that i can get in England ) ?
    5 Style 29
  157. Tatto shops in New England..(for a tatto at age 15)
    are there any tatto shops in New England that would give me a tatto when im 15 with parents permission
    4 Style 18
  158. is there any difference between being catholic and Cristian.
    Is there any difference between being catholic and cristian because im catolic and I thought it was the same anybody knows the difference any answer is welcome thank you.
    7 Religion 43
  159. what shhould i take to sleep away camp for 4 days, im going with this church?
    2 Travel 17
  160. What is church
    Why do christians leave denominational religion? Is there a site or magazine for believers that have had it with forms with no power religion?
    13 Religion 28
  161. why has my england football home shirt collar gone grey when the rest of the shirt has stayed white?
    2 Style 17
  162. Do people from England or the UK think that they are better than Americans, or is that something that television shows lie about?
    18 Entertainment 52
  163. Fashionable hairstyles at the moment in England.
    The title of my question say it all really :) Thanks xx
    4 Style 58
  164. What to wear to church?
    My baby cousin is getting baptised and I dont know what knd of stuff to wear to a church . . . I hate church and I never go so I dont know what to wear
    15 Style 105
  165. Are any Catholic politicians pro-life?
    Catholics according Canon Law are to be 'pro-life' (not optional), yet I can't find any politician that is Catholic that is faithful to this - can you name any ?
    7 Politics 53
  166. The Synagogue church of all nations
    Nobody has answered my question about T. B. Joshua of the Synagogue church of all nations (SCOAN). Is he really a man of God.
    4 Religion 53
  167. Catholic religion
    who else is catholic . & I would appreciate it if I didnt recieve any LECTURES OR THEORY ANSWers. please! thank You . =]
    5 Religion 27
  168. What do you know about the United Penacostal church?
    Just curious, what do you know about the United Penacostal Church? Are they different then some religions? My second part to this, how strict are they? as far as rules?
    3 Religion 61
  169. Any one In Surrey, England?
    I love meeting new people, anyone living in Surrey, England? I live in Cranleigh, Surrey- If there is anyone, id love to meet you!! x
    4 Travel 12
  170. Who is an England soccer Fan?
    Does that are soccer fan who do you think its going to win Manchester United or The Chealse choose whose going to win.
    2 Sports 5
  171. What is better , catholic or public school in your opinion and why?
    Becaausee like idk what hs to go tooo.
    13 Education 41
  172. What does bloody mean in england?
    What does the term "Bloody" mean and where does it come from? I.e "That is bloody funny!" Not bloody as in covered in blood but like the adjective.
    2 General 149
  173. Do I have to go to church every sunday?
    is not attending a mass every sunday,,(roman catholoc)decrease my faith in the Creator?
    9 Religion 74
  174. What year did the pilgrims leave England?
    What were Plymouth's chief crops? Did they trade? What did they trade? Who did they trade with? Who founded Plymouth? (This is about Plymouth of the 13 colonies.)?
    4 Education 11
  175. Where could I get LDS Church ringtones for my cell phone?
    Where could I get LDS Church ringtones for my cell phone? I've been looking for ringtones from my church. If you know any websites to find them, I'd appreciate it.
    2 Technology 183
  176. Have you ever fallen at church and your arms touched the floor?
    ladies have you ever fell on the floor at church? you have on long or short sleeves? did your arms touch the floor? im just curious
    5 Religion 29
  177. Gay-bashing Churches
    if churches are supposed to be accepting all of the community...then why do they gaybash people??? I dont find that very christion like at all!!!
    24 Religion 54
  178. Can I still go to heaven even if I dont go to church?
    Can I still go to heaven even if I dont go to church but as long as im a good person and helps the ones in need?
    14 Religion 159
  179. I am 14 and want a job, one that's not a paper route in England?
    I am 14 and want a job. I live in england does anybody know how I can get a job that isnt a paper round ?
    3 Money 42
  180. Who thinks that like a 18,000 dollar catholic private college prepatory hs is a waste of money?
    3 Education 10
  181. What do you think about England losing to Bangladesh in today's ICC world cup?
    Banglaesh won by 2 wickets
    3 Sports 16
  182. Where do I buy a monkey in london or england?
    I want to buy a pet monkey x any suggestions wld be helpful x thankx a bunch x
    2 Pets 43
  183. Will you be bless if you dont attend church?
    I attend church , but I have"nt been to church in the last three sundays. Will god stop blessing me just because I miss church, someone said how do I expect god to bless me if I don't give him some of my time.
    7 Religion 38
  184. Christians that don't go to church?
    Why is it if someone doesn't go to church people automatically believe that you're 1) not a Christian or 2) you're a bad Christian? You don't have to go to church to worship god so why is it people look down on those that don't go?
    16 Religion 143
  185. Catholic by Birth, Athiest by Choice
    How do I tell my mom I do not want to be catholic anymore she wants me to finish out until I am 18 and that goes against the constiution of the us she forces me to be catholic. help!!!
    11 Religion 35
  186. Why are pitbulls not allowed in England?
    well the thing is I want to bring my dog to england but he is a staff and pitbull cross and they wont let him in. my question is why are staffs alowd in england but not pitbulls>?...x
    11 Pets 122
  187. Are practising catholics aloud to use condoms?
    I was just wondering because someone told me this guy I know cant use condoms because its against his religeon, hes a practising catholic, Are practising catholics aloud to use condoms? is that true? x
    8 Religion 81
  188. Has anyone heard of Charlotte Church?
    Has anyone heard of Charlotte Church? She is an Opera Singer that's been on many broadway shows I believe and others. I love some of her songs. So, if anyone has heard of her, what do you all think?
    3 Music 9
  189. Avoid going to church
    Ok my mom keeps bugging me about going to church tomorrow,I don't even want to go because well I don't like it as much as I use t,how do I avoid it.
    5 Family 70
  190. why churches teach all is going to heaven???
    I want to know why all these churches are telling every that they are all going to heaven, that is not what I read in the bible, but all they talking earth burning up and we all going to heaven or hell.
    12 Religion 66
  191. What are some comparisons of New Spain, New England, and New France?
    Ideally about where they settled, interactions with native americans, trade, missions, and agriculture.
    4 General 13
  192. Do you think that the sale of three churches for $1 is a sign that Catholicism is beginning to fade?
    3 Religion 37
  193. Protestant or Catholic?
    Would you be Protestant or Catholic Roman? and with you answer explain why. For me I am Protestant (Orthodox Presbyterian) cause when I learned bout the things the Catholic Church did & the things it created that aren't in theBible...well that's why.
    10 Religion 41
  194. What is size 0 in England sizes?
    Ok so theres different sizes like in england there are sizes 6, 8, 10 ... and in amercia 0,2 ... whats a size 0 in england sizes? I really dont understand these sizes
    8 Style 572
  195. How many ranks are there for angels based on the Catholic religion?
    If it might be possible, can you also tell me the hierarchal structure of all the divine beings in the Catholic religion, thank you :)
    2 Religion 13
  196. What is the difference between Catholic and Christian?
    I'm always wondering what is the difference between catholic and christianity. I know that catholic churches have a priest and Christians have pastors. My sience teacher says that they are separated by politics. I need an answer pwease ^^
    19 Religion 73
  197. What do people do with divorce and the Catholic Church?
    If your answer is no the church does not grant divorce then wht does one do ? like my fren is livin in with this married guy and he says catholic churches dunt grant divorce. How does she live her life with him wont it be a sin ? and it would be agains...
    4 Religion 25
  198. What is the importance of incense at a Catholic mass?
    What is the importance of incense at a Catholic mass? I am not Catholic, but I've been going to mass a lot with my boyfriend who is - he doesn't really know much about the incense ritual either and we were wondering why it is done. Anyone know more?
    5 Religion 11
  199. Random Church Question..
    Another random thought.. Are woman preachers too? Like, are they allowed? Cause all the churches I went to/ know has a dude preachin'. Idunno, random thought.
    10 Religion 36
  200. How can a pagan go to a church gathering and not offend anyone?
    Well I am pagan and my mother invited me to a church gathering with her I politly said no thank you buit she kept on she does not know I am pagan. yet,.
    5 Religion 42
  201. Can a Christian date a Catholic person?
    Ok I have heard that a Christian must only date a fellow Christian. But what about a Catholic? They say that Catholicism is the same as Christianity but thing is I don't know so much about Catholicism. Can anyone out there answer this??? O.o
    15 Religion 1054
  202. Places to get donations for a church?
    I want to build a church for my christian members so I'm looking for adresses like Oprah to ask for donation and others if you know them
    8 Religion 1345
  203. What does it mean when a lady who has given birth is "churched"?
    I am reading a book set in the 1400's and the main character is "churched" after delivering her babies and before she can resume relations with her husband.
    2 Religion 46
  204. What is a testamony for church, I need help with ideas?
    What is a testimony. I'm supposed to come up with one before my next youth group meeting at my church, but I don't fully understand it.
    5 Religion 26
  205. What is the best paying job for a 16 year old in england?
    What job can I apply whats a good pay in england!. Like house of fraser/debenhams.. Anything over £5.50
    2 Money 27
  206. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints??
    well I want to know what religion they have and explain a little bit about the rules and stuff in this type of church.
    8 Religion 46
  207. When can I move out with my boyfriend in England?
    whear can I becom a minor in england, I want to do it when im 16, so I can go live with my boyfriend, cause my folks hate me and him, so can anyone help?
    6 Relationships 11
  208. What's the right day to go to Church?
    What is the exact day to go to church ?Because I go on an saturday and people at my church say that day is when jesus was rising but I dont understand because you still worshiping god and it dont really matter what day you go on along as you go?
    9 Religion 76
  209. What do you think of the new app to confess instead of going to the church?
    I think this is crazy, why they dont make an app to get married in the iphone that would be cool.
    4 Technology 13
  210. How old do you have to be to buy sex things like this(in England)??
    I want to buy 15, will probally get it from Superdrug or something, will they sell it, and things like this, to me?? thanx :)
    7 Sex 54
  211. Is it true the Catholic faith has 'no problem' with abortion ?
    For Catholics: WASHINGTON - In an appearance on the NBC program Meet the Press on Sunday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a self-professed Catholic, denied that the Catholic Church condemns abortion - Is it true the Catholic faith has 'no problem' with abo...
    32 Religion 33
  212. Talking about their own church
    I have a friend that goes to church and she keeps talking about that our youth service is boring that her friends is better than ours that makes me feel really bad because is like she was talking about god ,me and my pastor.what should I tell her about...
    7 Religion 22
  213. How do I send a letter from America to England?
    I would like to send a letter to my friend who lives in England. It's just a letter, nothing that needs to be wrapped in a package. Is there anything extra that I would need to do in order to send a letter overseas to him? Thank you!
    6 General 51
  214. How to tell Catholic parents she's becoming a Wiccan?
    Ok my cousin is a catholic and her parents are really into every thing catholic but she is sick of being catholic and wants to become a wicken, how does she go about telling her parents, and she want to tell them fast cause me and her agree that she sh...
    5 Religion 51
  215. Online Churches
    Our family stopped going to church a while ago; but I still want to stay connected to God and learn about him. Are there any churches online that might have videos of sermons once a week? This is what I am looking for. Thanks, Rach
    5 Religion 36
  216. is it wrong to wear chains to church?
    I'm a christian but I also like to have my own style. every time I try to wear my chains to church my parents get all pissy. they do the same thing when I wear my skate gloves. is it wrong to dress like that for church???
    8 Religion 34
  217. What's the difference between Catholics and Protestants?
    As a acatholic girl, I've been raised to keep my distance from the evangelical church, (protestants) but I dont get the differences, can anyone please help me get a clearer picture?
    11 Religion 104
  218. Why do women have to cover their hair in some Church's - specifically Lutheran?
    Just curious. Started going to church with my new g/f and noticed during the service all the women cover their hair with a scarf. I have seen in before just never really knew why.
    7 Religion 38
  219. How is it wrong by going to a different church?
    I was born and raised catholic. My family doesnt go to church on sundays that often anymore. But for a year a I have been singing in a amazing church choir at a presbyterain church and loving it! But it has raised a couple eye brows with some members o...
    13 Religion 51
  220. Difference between Christian and Catholic
    I feel really stupid asking this, because I actually went to a Catholic school. I just didn't get taught much religion. I don't understand the basic difference between Christian and Catholic. Anyone care to explain?
    17 Religion 143
  221. I go to a catholic school... I don't wanna be catholic anymore!
    Well, I have been brought up as a catholic, but now, since I am old enough to think for myself, I have decided that I want to convert to atheism. I know that now I am an atheist, because I want to be one, but I still go to a catholic school, do I just...
    8 Religion 71
  222. How much does it cost to send a text on O2 from England to France?
    A family member is in France and I am exceptionally useless at household chores (ie. turning on the central heating)
    2 Technology 69
  223. How can I convince my parents to not put me in catholic school?
    My mum said if I was bad I was going to go to nun school. My mum is jk at the time but I cant stop thinking bout it. Will they really do it
    3 Family 17
  224. I'm going to England
    Do english people like american accents (in general), or is it just annoying. - I'm talking about the "normal" american accent, not the southern, boston, or new york one.
    6 Travel 50
  225. How old do you have to be for a tongue peircing in england?
    I am almost 14 and was thinking about getting my tongue peirced. Can anybody tell me how old I need to be and if it hurts?! Any comments on tongue peircings altogether will be appreciated. Thanks xxx :)
    2 Style 27
  226. What mobile phones in England are very fashionable to have?
    I want to buy a new mobile phone I currently have the Nokia pink 7373. I want something that's fashionable to have, that isn't over 200 pounds and is quite flashy. Any ideas? (A phone I can buy in england) Thanks.
    3 Technology 8
  227. Salary of a techer in England.
    Hello everyone I need your help, I wanted to know what's the salary, how much money a teacher in England makes per month. Please answer if you have an idea!!Thank you very much!!.
    3 Education 46
  228. Does it cost money to send a letter to England from America?
    I live in the U.S. and I want to send a letter to Robert Pattinson, and he "lives" in England according to a website. I really would LOVE a signature from him, and I was just curious to know if this would cost money? [:
    3 Money 135
  229. Why won't the church unify
    Eph. 4 says we are to all come into the unity of the faith but it seems like a new division (denomination) starts every week. Why? Apostlequestjohn
    19 Religion 41
  230. Is it wrong to go to church just to hang out with friends?
    hang out with your friends? I Just dont know. All this seems so hard to believe! I mean, no offense to ANYBODY out there, but I just dont understand. How can you believe? It just seems so fictional! Will I have a moment where I will realize and believe...
    7 Religion 74
  231. Jobs at 15 in hampshire england
    Heya, im 15 im looking for a job in hampshire. Does any one no of anywhere thats takin on 15 year olds or that mite ?? w.b asap please xxx
    4 Money 40
  232. Catholic church exhibition about the inquisition, why?
    Everybody who's studied history knows: it's wrong to kill people over religion. Now, the Catholic Church has an exhibition to try to shed some light on this period in their history to also illustrate how people "misunderstand" what happened. Fact: 1.8%...
    6 Religion 39
  233. What if I'm confused about the Church scene?
    i go to church and im in the youth group and im a councler at bible camp but i dont know what to believe in i always just believed what i was told but im kind of haveing seccond thoughts
    13 Religion 44
  234. Good boarding school in New England?
    whats a g00d b0arding sch00l in the New England regi0n? s0mething that d0esnt c0st an 0bseen am0unt t0...and wbsites w0uld be helpful! Thanks :)
    4 Education 42
  235. What's the youngest age you can get a drivers license in england?
    What's the youngest age you can get a drivers license in england? I'm only 16 but I heard you can get a drivers license at that age, is that true? I would love to learn to drive! : ] Is it a difficult thing to learn? And at what price would lessons...
    4 General 112
  236. How can I start going to church?
    I was raised in a family that doesn't go to church or practise any religion, but between my own curiousity & what I have been / am being taught by my christian friends, I want to start going to church. I'm a little afraid because I have no one to go wi...
    17 Religion 212
  237. How hard is it to get into a college in England if you live in the USA?
    I'm still currently a senior in highschool in the united states. and i'm thinking about college. well i've met someone from england and i was just wondering how hard it would be to get into a college in england even though i'm from the USA
    3 Education 14
  238. How can I get my daddy to come to church?
    I'm a Christian and as you know thats more than going to church and readind the bible which is all my dad does but I want him to be saved and and in a relationship with Christ how can I get him in church. please I afraid he will die unsaved and go t...
    17 Religion 36
  239. What do you think about england?
    This is not a real question just a bit of fun I was wondering what other people though odf when they think of england I want to see if it matches with what I think of england andpeople from other countries Just anything in general like: Food? Sports? ...
    10 General 93
  240. Did anyone see that ENGLAND!! match??
    God how crap are they(except gerrard! <3 <3<<<<<) and im english 2 soo thatzz quite hard 2 admit ..i guess!!!??? Any opinionss
    4 Sports 8
  241. How do you go about going to college in England?
    I know the schools I want to apply to.. But do I apply to the schools first to see if I get accepted first and then look into getting a loan, or do I look to see if I can get a loan first and then apply to the schools? I'm so confused, please help. tha...
    2 Education 9
  242. How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in England?
    I really want a tattoo when i turn 16 , I know certain places wont do it but is there anywhere that i can get it done without the person being un-professional
    5 Style 65
  243. Why am I so afraid to give my testimony in Church?
    I join the Church of Jeezus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and, when we have free time to share testamony, I'm always so afraid to speak in front of people. How come I'm so afraid to speak in front of people? And, also, How come I'm so afraid to share my...
    5 Religion 70
  244. Is Hollister anywhere in England?
    I've heard some people talking about a shop called Hollister on here.. Soo I went on the website and they have really nice clothess :D Is Hollister anywhere in England? or can you order clothes from the website? :) Thankss xx
    4 Shopping 21
  245. How many bars & churchs are in Montana?
    Ok well I live in Montana, and there is this joke that there are as many bars as churches in Montana - which I have to say could be true. But I was wondering is there any where to look up an approximate number for either one?? Any Ideas? so far goog...
    2 General 20
  246. my parents wont let me go to church with my boyfriend
    Well my boyfriends papaw died while ws at bball practice and I really need to be there for him so I ask my parents if I could go to church with him and I tried to explain y but my parents won't listen what should I do?
    6 Relationships 76
  247. How can I tell my church crush that I like him?
    is a boy at my church that i like but he asked my Friend out but she said no. i told her i liked him She said that was ok(cuz she did not) I want to tell him i like him but i am shy and i have known him for 7 years We are both in 7th grade. ...
    2 Relationships 38
  248. Is it bad to be Catholic but like Buddha?
    I'm Roman Catholic but I have a lot of Buddha figures in my home and I really like Buddha quotes. He is just a peaceful element we keep in our home? I really don't practice (or believe) many things in my religion, I just have it. Is it bad to like Budd...
    6 Religion 51
  249. Is a Charter school and Catholic school the same thing?
    I don't know for some reason I heard that there both religious school but then someone else told me that a Charter school is an acting school and ugh so confusing lol so I know a Catholic school is a school for Catholics the kids wear uniforms and I th...
    4 Education 34
  250. Where to live in England?
    my husband and I are immigrating to england in june, and are still trying to decide on a good area to live in england. it needs to be no more than about 20min out of london, as my husband will be working in Twickenham. we also have a 1 year old son, ...
    3 Travel 37