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  1. What is science?
    what is science and what is not science?
    3 Science 39
  2. Is glass science?
    3 Science 17
  3. How do you revise science
    How do you revise science
    4 Science 23
  4. What are some areas of concentration in science?
    What are some areas of concentration in science?
    2 Science 16
  5. Rotating Object
    What is the rotating object on houses??
    4 General 32
  6. Physical science
    What does physical science mean to you?
    5 Science 50
  7. What makes an object "alive"?
    8 Science 64
  8. What should I fill in as the "objective" in a resume?
    8 Money 34
  9. What Is The Word For When You ShapeShift Objects?
    2 General 12
  10. Who invented science?
    who invented all of scince
    5 Science 133
  11. What has been more influential - science or philosophy?
    5 Education 21
  12. What is a "control" in a science project?
    15 Science 51
  13. What determines the energy of an object?
    2 Science 34
  14. science homerwork:(
    3 Education 14
  15. Why should we use the metric system in science?
    Why should we use the metric system in science?
    2 Education 138
  16. How to make homemade science toys?
    How to make homemade science toys?
    3 Education 142
  17. Who said economics is the science of wealth?
    Who said economics is the science of wealth?
    3 General 89
  18. Science fair decoration
    What are some decoration for a science fair board
    3 Education 146
  19. Science
    What is the definition of the water cycle?
    4 Science 10
  20. Do you think truth is subjective or objective?
    15 Education 38
  21. What's the difference between environmental science and environmental studies?
    2 Education 35
  22. What do you think is the most interesting branch of science?
    6 Science 49
  23. do you like science???
    YES or NO.I hate science!!!
    16 Science 69
  24. History or science?
    In your opinion, what do you think is more important, history or science?
    13 Education 31
  25. How do you find density in 9th grade science?
    7 Education 27
  26. What is the name of science/ knowledge which deals with magician?
    5 General 17
  27. Can we add a Science questions category?
    4 Funadvice 9
  28. Religion vs science
    What do you guys belive in more and why??
    30 Religion 35
  29. What does career objective mean in a job application?
    3 Money 142
  30. What is a good, fun science experiment?
    What is a good, but still fun experiment to do at a Science Fair?
    2 Science 42
  31. How to make a science project with pulleys levers and wedges?
    How to make a science project with pulleys levers and wedges?
    2 Science 144
  32. What two actors effect the force of gravity between two object
    What two actors effect the force of gravity between two object
    2 General 15
  33. When masterbating and inserting an object into your vagina?
    When masterbating and inserting an object into your vagina, up which hole does it go?
    2 Sex 6321
  34. what measuring tool do I use to find the mass of an object?
    What measuring tool do I use to find the mass of an object?
    8 General 78
  35. What is the difference between computing science and information science?
    These are specializations for the computer science major at my school, trying to decide which I would like more..
    2 Education 12
  36. Who would sell their body to science if you could actually do it?
    9 Science 41
  37. how do i access my online grade nine science textbook?
    2 Science 7
  38. What's the equation for photosynthesis for a 10th grade science class?
    6 Education 37
  39. What's a good 9th grade science fair project?
    7 Education 25
  40. What happens to an irresistible force when it hits an immovable object?
    5 General 34
  41. what are some really good science fiction shows?
    They don't have to be recent, just good
    9 Entertainment 38
  42. are all 8th graders studying space in science class?
    10 Education 11
  43. what happens when an immovable object meets an unstoppable force?
    11 General 24
  44. What happens when an unstoppable force collides with an immovable object?
    16 General 68
  45. more science
    how can you tell if an object is movinng if its motion is too slow to see?
    2 Science 8
  46. Science equations
    umm ok I don't understand how to do science equations and so on this is what I have to do can you like explain to me how to do this
    4 Education 20
  47. Any objection to the government coming into your home to control yo
    Any objection to the government coming into your home to control your thermostat ?
    11 Politics 18
  48. God or science
    About the existance of the world,science has a different view & so god does.s which is which?
    18 Religion 31
  49. How do you sterilize objects ?
    how do you sterilize stuff you use to masterbate to not get infections ?
    4 Sex 55
  50. Testing water for science.
    Does anyone know a way to test water for bactirea???
    4 Science 16
  51. if you good at science
    whats the ten layers of the atmosphere in order??
    2 Education 12
  52. What is a good science project if you have to invent something new for teens?
    2 Education 12
  53. science versus spirituality
    Why do science always find a way to contradict spirtuality?
    11 Religion 57
  54. The Big Bang Theory (not science)
    Do you like the show on T.V? the big bang theory? I love it. :)
    3 Entertainment 28
  55. does a migraine feel like you got slammed in the head with a blunt object?
    14 Health 45
  56. Where can I find a list of physical sciences?
    Where can I find a list of the different types of engineering and physical scinces?
    2 Science 11
  57. I need help with a science question
    I need to know how a vacuum works anyone?
    5 Education 66
  58. Science Project
    would the temperture efect the bounce height of a ball?
    2 Babies 21
  59. Science help!
    Why are cells we view under a microscope dead and do not continue to divide? why do they die?
    3 Science 12
  60. Does anyone like science?
    why, after you're done pumping up tires, the pump is warmer then when you started?
    2 Education 44
  61. how do i make an object in my drawing look as though there's a glare on the side or top with a pencil?
    8 Literature 37
  62. What do you say of fresh evidence of Aliens appearing in some place in U.S and about the flying object?
    9 Science 41
  63. What do Christians think of science?
    what do christians think of evolution and big bang do you still believan the bible
    11 Religion 29
  64. Is there a bunch of balancing chemical equations I can work on that you know of for grade 10 science?
    3 Science 20
  65. Science Fiction ?
    what are some science fiction characters??.. Im sure theres not only vampires and warewolfs.. is there any other? thanxx!!
    3 Literature 10
  66. What's a good job for someone with a Political Science degree?
    What is the best job for a person that compelete his B.A. With Political science?
    2 Money 10
  67. Most odd mind blowing science thing is what
    What is the most odd mind blowing science thing you heard Like (grass is not green) this is true
    8 Science 7
  68. Should I do this science project on myself?
    I'm doing a school project on science and it as to do with my body I'm not shorre if I should do it on myslef of not...but I want a good grade.
    3 Education 12
  69. What's a good first job for someone good at math and science?
    what is a good first job for a math and science oriented person? Good social skills
    2 Money 57
  70. What is a material object that you will always need or find very useful aside from your cell phone or other gadgets?
    7 Technology 7
  71. What are good ideas for a science fiction, realistic fiction, fantasy, humor, or satire short story?
    2 Literature 21
  72. I need science fair ideas?
    im doing a science project & I have no idea what to do!! if you guys have any ideas they will be appreciated.. so help me please?
    2 Science 42
  73. What does a pinched nerve in your ankle feel like, and can you get one from hitting a hard object?
    2 Health 58
  74. Riddle You are in a room where there are no metal objects
    You are in a room where there are no metal objects except for two iron rods. Only one of them is a magnet. How can you identify this magnet?
    13 General 42
  75. What are good websites for science events?
    I need websites that a reliable and free that give me articles about current events in science. Thanks!
    2 Science 39
  76. Would most universities expect you to take math as well as two sciences to study medicine?
    3 Education 12
  77. What is an object I can use to make a "C" that represents Romeo and Juliet?
    also the letter "P" and "T"?
    3 Literature 42
  78. Making a pic of an object on the keyboard
    How do I make a penis picture using the keyboard. For instance, this is ta tas: ( * ) ( * )
    4 Technology 494
  79. Good science fair project idea?
    I need a science fair project for school and my mom wont let me use animals so what are some good ideas
    6 Science 31
  80. What is a simple science experiment?
    well im sometimes bored at home wondering what to do so do you know any fun science experiments that I could do at home???
    4 Education 29
  81. Why can't we sell our bodies to science before we die?
    I think it would be a good idea because it would bring more organs to transplant
    6 Science 23
  82. Should I dump my girlfriend if she can't pass science?
    my girl friend cant pass sci and that means I cant hangout with her should I dump her of keep her
    3 Relationships 28
  83. Volume of an irregular object?
    How can you find it using definate integrals ? I'm currently in Cal2, and all we do is areas.
    2 Science 39
  84. homework help, please? political science!
    what parts of classical liberalism have been adopted by modern liberalism? and what parts of classic liberalism have been adopted by modern conservatism?
    2 Education 21
  85. 8th grade science fair ideas
    does anyone have any gud I ideas for a project. something out there but doable or something that has to do with pychology.
    2 Education 75
  86. What earth science expirement should I use for my science board?
    Me and my partner need an expirement pronto!!! The scince fair is this week and we are in desperate need of an earth science expirement. We already chose an area (I guess you could call it that) but yea, it's "clouds" So yeah, please please please!!...
    2 Science 25
  87. Do I need science for hairdressing?
    basically yeah I wanted to do something with hairdressing but I'm not sure if I have to do science 4 that because some people say I av 2 do science =[
    3 Education 17
  88. What does it mean to feel sorry for objects?
    I feel sorry for random objects, like walking throught the street, and if see a random newspaper on the floor, I feel sorry for it. What does it psychologicaly mean?
    6 General 94
  89. How do I get a F to a B in science?
    Well in my progress report I have a f in science and I have 10 days of school how do I get atlease a c within those 10 days
    3 Education 26
  90. Maths & science
    Can anybody help? I have a maths test coming up and 2 science gcse's Does anyone know any good websites that will help me ? Thankyouu :)
    2 Education 18
  91. What is the point of science and social studies?
    I just don't see the point! They don't help you in most jobs and it just seems like more homework to me... but I don't know. What do you think?
    2 Education 13
  92. science sux
    Can someone tell me the difference between a carbohydrate, lipid, protein, and nucleic acid and give me an example of each?
    4 Science 54
  93. What are some objects that can be used to cut open a package?
    I have a package that I can't open, and I need to know what I can use. I can't find anything. Would a knife work?
    4 General 34
  94. Is our science reliable enough to tell that a human fossil is as much as 1,3 million years old?
    17 Science 28
  95. Pleese help science question
    Between protons, electrons and neutrons what takes up more space, which has more mass and which one has the leest mass
    3 Science 10
  96. Speech on a random object?
    Ok my sister is in college and she has to give a speech today on a random object and we need ideas quick please help thanks
    5 Education 174
  97. Help me write a good career objective?
    Can someone please help me write a good career objective?I need to include it in my cv and what I have is just boring.I have studied food technology.
    2 Education 70
  98. Swine flu... God or Science?
    In order to combat swine flu... should we pray to God and ask if he can stop it? Or... should we support the scientific method and immunize?
    27 Religion 33
  99. Do you know any easy science projects for kids using household items?
    if you do can u share them with me or post a link to a website
    7 Education 16
  100. What, I want to go to medical school & i'm graduating with my associate, would it be better to major in Biology or in Health Sciences?
    5 Education 13
  101. Religious people are scared of science?
    I already know the answer (my opinion anyway), but why do you think religious people and organizations are so scared of scientific breakthrough?
    20 Religion 55
  102. How to believe in something that science can't prove?
    what if you truely wanted to believe that some thing was real and/or true but science can't prove it and nether can any thing else? what do you do then? help please and thank you
    15 Religion 46
  103. What visual should I make in science?
    In science class I'm making a visual of the Oceans and Continents. The visual can be a poster, powerpoint,video, model, etc. I would do a powerpoint, but I hear that's what most people are doing.
    2 Science 16
  104. What's a good high school science fair project for a sophomore?
    I have a project due and I thought we werent supposed to do science fair in high school but whatever D: Help anyone?
    2 Education 56
  105. Is Actuarial Science really TOUGH?
    I've asked a lot of people and the first thing that came in that in their mind was 'hard' and that's it. What do you think?
    3 Education 10
  106. Can you help me with science?
    1) what is the function of a chloroplast? why are they found in plant cells and not in animal cells? 2) what is the function of a lysome? why are lysomes unigue to animal cells? you help is very much apprecaited!
    3 Science 49
  107. Science project--- need help!!!
    Im doing my project on Asian Swamp Eel's... I need to know how they defend itself... pls awnser quick I need to know by wednsday!!!
    3 Science 12
  108. science how respiartion
    whats the relationship between 1.)aerobic & energy 2.)energy & ATP 3.)anaerobic & oxygen 4.)fermentation & anaerobic
    5 Education 31
  109. Science Lab question 3
    Predict what might happen to each daughter cell if all of the chromosomes moved to only one side of the cell during anaphase?
    2 Science 78
  110. Magic And Science
    Remember when they told you in school about the Salem Witch Trials? I'm just wondering if the magic they were accused of participating in was actually today what we call SCIENCE. What do you think?
    3 Science 13
  111. Do some of antiquities (old objects) have soul?
    When I was visiting a museum in my town, I was told by the guide not to point my finger at certain objects since I might bet haunted.
    3 Religion 22
  112. can i still graduate in 2 years if im currently doing 5th grade math,6th grade writing,reading,social studies,science?
    2 Education 22
  113. Why were women thought of as objects or, not persons to begin with?
    what began this? what gave men the dominant, more powerful role in the world? was it the story of Adam and Eve?
    4 Relationships 18
  114. What would be a good, catchy title for a science fair project?
    i need a title that will catch someones attention. the project is on the effect of sports and self esteem.
    5 Education 51
  115. ugh science again HELP NEEDED NOWWW
    a scientific explanation that becomes widely accepted by scientists after many years of research is called a ...???
    3 Education 28
  116. Why is it that in french, some objects are considered female?
    others male? how does that classification happen? Another example would be when people call a car a she, or a boat a she, how does that happen?
    3 Literature 43
  117. What would be a good problem for a bottle rocket science project?
    me and my friend are doing a bottle rocket for our science project. how should we state what our project is in a clear and specific question? ps: make question 8th grade appropiate
    5 Education 56
  118. Science project?
    Hi! I'm wondering if anyone has an original and cool idea for a science project. It must be middle school level and good enough to compete in science fair. Does anyone have any suggestions?? Thanks!
    2 Education 14
  119. What is the site that you can download like objects for the sims?
    Because all I can find is ones for the sims 2 or 3, im on number 1...old school i know but hey?
    12 Gaming 132
  120. Problem Solving ( science )
    Steel that is exposed to water and salt rusts quikcly if you were a shipbuilder how would you protect your ship? explain why your idea works
    2 Science 29
  121. Science Fair Stump
    My daughter wants to do a her science fair project on something having to do with the Hadron Collider? Any ideas? She functions at about 8/9th grade level. Thank you for any suggestions! Sincerely, Kim
    4 Science 23
  122. What would happen if an unstoppable force hits an immovable object?
    Well an unstoppable force is can not be stopped and an immovable object will not stagger nor fall..I am just asking what would happen if they suddenly collide,tell me what you think pls...xx to you all
    5 Science 48
  123. Science question, OH- a base or neutral?
    A few days ago I had a physical science test. one of the questions was, if OH- is alone, is it an base or neutral. I picked base. but can anyone explain to me why it was a base and not neutral? please answer asap Jess
    2 Education 18
  124. science fair project but I dont know what to do
    I have this science fair project but I dont know what to do for it I need something simple yet complicated because it counts for my whole fourth quarter grade I need ideas PLEASE HELP ME!
    2 Science 24
  125. How to not be so stressed about science?
    okay I got homesxooled an they started me off with science I suck hard core with science an well I only have a certain amout of time to finis but it so hard an its stressin e out an im starting to break out now what are sum things I can do to not be a...
    4 Education 36
  126. Is there a specific science for the study of stomachs?
    My friend has these stomach problems, and he said it's been hurting almost every night for about two and a half years, and I want to try to help him.
    7 Health 18
  127. What science form is evolution?
    Whats the research type called that came up with evolution? I know the author is darwin but asking for a type like astrology biology chemistry etc etc
    3 Science 8
  128. Whats funniest science question evvva
    Lol ok peoples my biology teachers has a board were he outs the stupidest and funniest questions on board whats the stupidest biology realated question ever buttt funny?
    4 Science 43
  129. The Science of Black Eyes
    Does anyone know the scientific reason why if you get punched hard in or around your eye, the skin turns like a really dark purple?
    4 Health 36
  130. Is it bad to use objects to finger yourself?
    Just want to know, because there are soo many questions on it, when you finger yourself is it ok to use obects? Or should you really just use your finger?? I have fingerd myself before so I am ready for this question...x Please help, just so I know..x
    2 Relationships 177
  131. science fair
    theres this 7th grade science and my sister need some ideas it haves to do with •Paper Choratography •Filteration •Soluble •Evaporation •Magnetic •Chemical Reactions{physically} •Mixtures
    3 Science 13
  132. question about muscles on a science assignment
    okay so I have a science assignment but the question on it has nothing to do with science? hahaha so I cannot find the answer anywhere, it is : why might your muscles feel sore after a heavy workout? if anyone knows this answer you should definetly te...
    5 Nutritionfitness 17
  133. Building a rocket for my science fair project? TRYING to build a rocket for my science fair project..but I really dunno howw! im in 7th grade and I want to build it outa household items, if possible. tell me any suggestions!!
    3 Education 146
  134. If theres God, why can it all be explained by science?
    Well... God was used centuries ago to explain things that people didnt have another explation for... How did the stars get into the sky? God put them there. Soo... why do people still blieve if it can all be explained by science now?
    37 Science 52
  135. What is an idea for a contour drawing that combines art with science?
    i need to draw 3 contour drawings of something that combines art with science. like it can be anything it doesnt have to be a real thing.. but im horribly uncreative and dont know what to draw?
    4 Literature 4
  136. Can you bind your own soul to an object like a doll?
    i ask because i was watching chicky and i thought is it actuallly possible to bind your soul and then i went on the internet and found some rituals like the ones in chucky and if it is possible what would happen if you did like what would happen to you...
    11 Religion 447
  137. Help with this science question. FAST!!!
    One characteristic of a scientific theory is that... A) It can never be tested B) It explains a set of observations C) It can be proved D) It cannot be modified.
    2 Science 53
  138. science fair ideas?!
    I need help picking a science project that I should do im in the 8th gradee! and it has to be in one of these categories. Motion Force Density and Buoyancy Chemistry Acid and Base Astronomy thank you :)
    4 Science 20
  139. What are some unique easy to do science fair ideas?
    Okay, so I'm clueless on what I want to do for my upcoming science fair project. I cant afford a I need some ideas to do a simple easy project..but I want it to be different, not popular. please help asap!
    2 Science 31
  140. What is a science fair project I can do about anorexia/bulimia?
    For my science fair project this year, I wanted to do something about either anorexia or bulimia. I need to find a project that can actually be TESTED which is the hard part. does anyone have any clue where I could find ideas or have an idea? thanks :)
    2 Education 344
  141. Who here knows what a theory is in science?
    So, I'm not going to get into exactly why I'm asking because it will detract from my actual question. Nonetheless it shouldn't be too hard to figure out why I'm asking. I would like to see how many people actually know what a theory is when used in ...
    5 Science 15
  142. Why don't people combine religion and science?
    I am a devote Christian but I still believe in all of evolution and all other scientific findings including that humans evolved from apes. I just don't see why people think/believe you can either believe religion or science. What do you guys think, are...
    69 Religion 66
  143. Science and God
    How can science prove that God does not exist?Does any one remember the incident of Noah and his arc.Many of the pieces of the ship have been found and science has also proven that a flood had occured thousands of years ago which covered the whole eart...
    24 Religion 9
  144. Where could I find a science article for a reasorce im only 13?
    I need help!!!im doing an extra credit assinment because im an over achiever.I need to find a scientific article...but dont go complicated im only in 7th grade! Please help!
    3 Science 8
  145. How do all the science systems work together?
    please help. science project!! When you see a delicious cookie and you want to eat it, how do the Skeletal system (bones) and the Muscular system and the Circulatory system (blood and stuff) and the Respiratory System (breathing) and the Digestive sys...
    2 Science 15
  146. What are the word equations of the following Science reactions?
    sodium + dilute hydrochloric acid tin + dilute hydrocholric acid silver + dilute hydrochloric acid barium + dilute sulfuric acid iron + dilute sulfuric acid lead + dilute sulfuric acid calcium + dilute nitric acid copper + dilute nitric acid ...
    2 Science 140
  147. Science fair project ideas
    Im looking for a really good science fair project to do. Im in 8th grade, but my science teacher wants it to be something a high schooler could do. Every time I come up to him and say my idea, he says a kindergardner could do it. I've looked everywhere...
    2 Education 39
  148. Why object to 'Defensive' missiles ?
    Today (5/29/07) - Russian First Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov said "As of today, Russia has new tactical and strategic complexes that are capable of overcoming any existing or future missile >>>> defensive <<<< systems - Why the objection to 'De...
    2 Politics 17
  149. What can we make for our science project on water?
    Kay so my friend and I are making a science project on freshwater vs saltwater and the comparrisions and stuff. We need to make a model or something we can use. And we have no ideas! This isn't like a volcano project where it explodes once and that's i...
    3 Science 21
  150. Help with science essay introduction?
    Hey, can anyone help me come up with an introduction for a science essay I have to write about the advantages and disadvantages of chemical fertilizers and the effects of chemical and organic fertilizers on the water systems? by the way dont make it t...
    2 Science 71
  151. Science fair project ideas?
    Oh my garnit, I really need a science fair project and my teacher is really strict. I have no ideas what to do, and the project has to be 8th grade level, and at least interesting. Any ideas?? Oh, and you have to be able to do experiments and what...
    6 Education 65
  152. How. Can I do magick without a wand/other objects?
    Hi. I am a beginner wiccan, and I was wondering if you have to have a wand and/or any other magical objects.. There is not a magick store near where I live, and I cant buy anything off the computer. Also, what are some websites with some beginner spell...
    20 Religion 46
  153. Top Science Colleges in the US (Nuclear Phy)
    ya so what are the top Nuclear Physics and engeneering colleges in the USA? I know OSU has their own experimental reactor. BUT thats just about it. PS-I know I proll spelled that all wrong, I cant spell.
    2 Education 15
  154. Science hmwk help! Please:)
    What is the action and reaction force of : -a flying bird -two bumper cars colliding -holding your hand out the moving car -window -walking -touching your finger to your nose
    2 Science 260
  155. What science project should I do?
    I need a science project fast. We go bac to school january 3rd and i should already be starting and testing whatever i would be. help plz. I am 11 years old and in 6th grade. It has to have a scientific question,materials.
    3 Education 14
  156. Yet another science ?
    The electron cloud model describes which of the following? A)the trails left by an electron as it moves around the nucleus B)the negative charge of the electron C)the neutron orbital D)the group of protons that are i...
    2 Science 60
  157. How do you make one object in a picture stand out?
    I see pictures on facebook, Myspace, etc. that are grey. And then if they are originally wearing lets say a red shirt, and the red shirt is the only object colored. For example , click the picture i attatched to this question. Can someone tell me the w...
    4 Technology 52
  158. Physical science
    What do you think the answer is? I know it do you? A bowler lifts her bowling ball a distance of 0.5 meters using 35 joules of energy. If, on earth, a 1.0 kilogram mass weighs 9.8 newtons, the mass of the bowling ball used by this bowler is about:
    2 Science 171
  159. Which science experiment to do?
    I have a science expirament due in like 3 weeks but I have no idea what to do! it has to be something like which brand of paper towel is the most absorbant or which brand of bleach removes a wine stain the fastest. something testable. I leave for the...
    4 Education 38
  160. Would this be considered a science fiction?
    Would this be considered a science fiction? I have to write a science fiction about my pets. Is the science fiction? There are two dogs. One is Paco, the other is Gordita. Gordita loves Paco a lot and he loves her a lot and they are married. One day sh...
    2 Pets 17
  161. What's a good advanced science project about gravity?
    I am doing my paper on my experiment should be on gravity but what in the world could I do? im in 12th grade so its got to b more challenging thatn droppping two balls off a ladder or w/e...PLEASE HELP!!! any ideas can help me
    2 Education 28
  162. What objects bring back memories for you?
    There is a reason that this question is in this category. Not being rude, but I want to know why it brings back memories. It may seem weird, but there is this one brand of soap, that reminds me of my grandparents, seeing as they always had it in their...
    4 General 47
  163. Why does it seem that the object of this site is to get as many friends and you can on this site, so you can get points for some very dumb answers?
    I love to go back through the question and answer series on here, but then I look at a answer that does not fit the question, they where asking about one product, and someone else refereed to a different product and they got points for it.
    9 Funadvice 15
  164. I'm going to go crazy I can't do science
    I can't take this I'm going to go crazy I can't do science when I open my book it's like looking at college work, I can barely understand the words I asked if I could switch to history and I have to get to at least 60% of the work, I'm only 11% percent...
    6 Education 40
  165. Is drawing objects on the Computer Haram for a Muslim?
    I'm a Muslim man and my question is that, my career and profession is Computer-Aided Design, in other words computer drawings. But I draw pictures on the computer of almost everything EXCEPT Animals and Humans. So am I okay??? Am I doing any Sin or am ...
    3 Religion 76
  166. What is this object's velocity?
    Starting at x = - 16 m at time t = 0 s, an object takes 16 s to travel 55 m in the +x direction at a constant velocity. On a sheet of paper make a position vs. time graph of the object's motion. What is its velocity? (I did the graph and took the s...
    13 Science 113
  167. Dumb science teaching trying to teach std
    Okay umm first of all my my sceince teacher was teaching about std and he said condoms are bad they bearly work and im like wtf your wrong and he making up lies and like he said every 1 should be abstenant im like wtf dude etc like I don't know
    6 Health 32
  168. Science in the bible
    I have a question. In genesis, does it say anything about chemistry? or, in any other parts of the bible? here is an example: "in the beginning...god created the heavens and the earth" in that sentence alone, the bible talks about time,space, and...
    12 Religion 51
  169. If science can already stop aging in an organ, immortality next?
    I read a blurb today. Apparently some university, research center or what not has figured out how to stop aging in an organ...pretty science fiction esque, in my opinion. So if they can do that, how far along till they figure out how to halt the biolog...
    12 Science 58
  170. Science trouble
    Hi, fr science I have to do this experiment, its to do with cells, I will give you the brief idea A chess board has 64 squares on it, now what I have to do on it is get 1 grain of rice and put it on one square then get 2 grains of rice and put them on...
    12 Science 14
  171. Dry humping objects
    I have never had my period. and I am older than most people are when they get their periods (I'm not like a 11 year old kid who humps stuff) both my sisters got their periods in 7th grade, and I have been past that point for a while now and still no p...
    6 Health 1057
  172. Is science a religion?
    I know its important to take in what scientist say but I feel like some people take it a bit too far. There may not be worship but my point is that some people are treating science and are excepting anything a scientist says without question. I believe...
    12 Politics 36
  173. Science project! Helpp??
    Its due 2morrow and I need help!!! Help pleez??? I need to know the whats these cells do [(the function)] this is the plant cell by the way: - cell membrane -cell wall -nucleus -golgi body -endoplasmic reticulum -vacuole -ribesome -lysosome -mitochon...
    3 Education 38
  174. Would this preschool lesson plan be considered Science or Language Arts?
    The preschoolers will receive white construction paper that's titled “Animals That Can Fly” (with a picture of the sky next to it) on one side, and “Animals That Cannot Fly” (with a picture of the ground) on the other. Then they're going to glue pictur...
    2 Education 24
  175. How do I build a boat for science class?
    FOr science class I need to build a boat that will hold at least 30 pennies and all I have is: 1 piece of 12x12 aluminum foil 10 plastic straws 1 measured lump of clay 24 in of masking tape I'm usually good at this kind of stuff but Lizzy and I a...
    15 Education 85
  176. Science or relgion?
    Scientists now say that the Universe is only 13.7 billion years ago. Most religions do not comment on how old the Universe is, but I have read from one religion in the Vedas that they say the Universe is about 159 Trillion years old which is much more...
    13 Religion 26
  177. Science questions?
    How are atoms like the letters of the alphabet? What are moecules like? How do scientists know that water is H20? How do we know that theres space between water molecules? What makes one atom different from another atom? How do scientists study th...
    3 Science 80
  178. science vocabulary help
    I need to know the definitions of thses words wave, crest, trough, tide, tidal range, spring tides, neap tides, rotation, revolution, solistices, equninoxes and why seasons, day and night accur and what are the different monn phases I really suc...
    3 Education 23
  179. Can someone explain, in detail and simple words, what a fallacy is, and different types within mathematical/computer science logic?
    It's not a homework question. It's rather a mathematical term that I simply cannot understand despite reading and re-reading textbook definitions and looking at mathematical websites. And something I need to understand for a test.
    2 Education 26
  180. Science or Christianity
    I know about the endless polemyc about science or religion, but not everytime science had been wrong like on the case of Galileo Galilei about the Helyocentric theory (about the Sun been the center of the Universe)First proposed by Nicholas Copernicus,...
    21 Religion 18
  181. Why do people fued over Religion and Science?
    I have a question, Why is it that people find the need to attack people who believe in Religion . Do they not have anything better to do? Or are they just a bunch of childish people just trying to Prove something. whats the point in it? Isn't it kind o...
    17 Religion 35
  182. What is your objection to the teleological proof of the existence of God?
    First, "proof" is used because it's a syllogism, not because there cannot be debate. The Teleological proof goes like this: 1) Things that are complex and have function are products of design (wheelbarrow, hammer, etc.). 2) Biological things are co...
    21 Religion 24
  183. Found science topic, but I'm still having some trouble.
    Hey guys... thanks for answering, and I think I found a topic, what the same type of plant, same food & water amount, would do if I played classical music in one, and metal in another for an hour a day. Does this really work? What type of plant do I u...
    2 Education 20
  184. Why cant I orgasm when I use an object?
    I tried this question before but it got deleted because I guess people have asked it multiple times but I havent found any answers. I've tried a lip gloss tube, a mascara tube, my own fingers, my hairbrush handle, and a pulsar toothbrush but nothing w...
    4 Relationships 94
  185. Science homework help?
    okay, this might be a little confusing because I don't really know how to explain it, but please give it a go? "The drawing shows a 'bottle garden' which is kept in a brightly lit room. The cork in the neck of the bottle is not taken out. (Pictur...
    2 Education 117
  186. Science proves conservatives are happier than liberals
    From the journal Psychological Science (June issue), there is a study that backs up a 2006 study that had similar findings: in general, right wing conservatives in the US are happier than their ultra liberal left wing counterparts. Fascinating. I hadn...
    18 Politics 30
  187. Bored (pseudo-)science 2--Just 4 Fun!
    Yes, I'm bored again...I've been seeing a lot of kemonomimi (literally "animal ears"--essentially people with animal features, like a tail or ears, maybe animal eyes...just look up "kemonomimi" online if you wanna know more)...for thoses that don't kno...
    4 Entertainment 8
  188. What do you think was here before God created earth, or Science?
    Okay, well I was readin this question and it said to people nowadays beleive in God, adn I said I did, then it made me thinka bout what was here before God/Science created earth. How do you thinkwe got here. What was here before the universe or galax...
    21 Religion 76
  189. Is science figuring out how intelligence did it?
    hi im a christian, and I belive in the bible and in school we do not learn about GOD but he is very real and school should know this, but we are learning that some big bang started the universe with no mention of god. we were also forced to belive in s...
    14 Religion 29
  190. What could I sue the oregon health and science university for?
    first of all I want to warn people if you need any kind of eye surgery do not go to oregon health and science university in portland oregon they dont care about the patients I went their 4 months ago I found out I need buckle surgery any way its been n...
    3 Health 22
  191. Why religion shouldnt be in science?
    Well I think religious people should be given the opportunity to prove their case. If science is what a lot look toward for explanations then logically religions should apply to science to prove their beliefs. The assumption you cant test god since you...
    9 Science 31
  192. Is poison ivy contagious from inanimate objects besides the leaves or vine (read more)?
    For example: I rode my 4 wheeler yesterday through woods, creeks, trails, and ended up giong through grown up areas full of 4-5 foot tall weeds FULL of poison ivy to get out. When I got home, I threw my clothes in the washer & took a shower. Should I w...
    15 Health 42
    Hey...I Need to know if this is right. I have Science homework. Its on a cell. I am Compairing a Cell to Walmart. Is this right? Nucleus: Boss Cytoplasm: Air Cell Membrane: Doors Cell Wall: the Walls Nuclear Membrane: Bosss' Desk/Room Chromosomes...
    5 Science 67
  194. What are some examples of pulleys?
    Examples of pulley systems (for science)
    5 Science 51
  195. How can I get this to stay in my head for my science exam?
    I've got my first science exam a week after half term, and nothing is staying in my head. It's an exam on electricity, atoms, acids, alkilis, things like that.. I don't even know what a alkili or half of those things are! I do revise and pay attention ...
    2 Education 73
  196. What is your objection to the cosmological proof of the existence of God?
    First, "proof" is used because it's a syllogism, not because there cannot be debate. The Cosmological proof goes like this: 1) Everything that has a beginning has a cause. (your computer wasn't always a computer) 2) The universe has a beginning. (B...
    72 Religion 36
  197. What are some science fair projects dealing with social networking?
    i need a science fair project ASAP !!! like all my research has to be done by thursday. which means im going to be up all night this entire week working on this. i cant think of a good one, well one at all actually. SOOO please help , it doesnt necessa...
    2 Sex 13
  198. Who can help me with political science?
    I need help with my political science homework...I can't seem to pinpoint it, I need to discuss laws, amendments, and actions that the US federal government enacted between the Reconstruction period and end of World War II. I also need some good examp...
    2 Education 18
  199. Random (pseudo-) science question--Just 4 Fun!
    Hey! I've got a totally random question, just 'because I was bored: would it be possible to shapeshift in real life? And no, I don't mean the surgury that changes one's gender, for those of you that thought that (me: 0_o)- what I'm referring to is kind...
    3 Entertainment 9
  200. science project on marss!!- due monday- pleeez helpp!!!
    I decided to dooo my project 2 days before its dooo :/ but I neeed help because im going to my cuzins funeral, and after that im sleeping over my cuzins too.. so help pleeez??? its on Mars I need to know: (Mars) -the distance from the sun - size -atm...
    2 Science 33
  201. Who's good with poetry that can help me with something?
    Pick a object and write a metaphor poem about that specific object act like your the object. Format it
    3 Literature 16
  202. Lobbyist Stephen Bassett says Obama needs to release alien science?
    Amazing...apparently, Stephen Bassett who founded a research group called PRG is attempting to organize a campaign to force the US governemnt to release the flying saucers, alien technology and scientific know how that we've obtained from martians into...
    8 Science 22
  203. Science help asap!
    Ok so this is a part of my science homework, I really don't undersand it so I was wondering if any of you could please, please help me with it. Thanks a ton if you can... Professor punjabi's office has been shaken by a mighty earthquake. Ironically, he...
    2 Education 122
  204. Should science prevail over religion?
    I'm 14, and I've been really confused about religion lately. There are a lot of things I don't get. My best friend is an athiest (sp?) and she hasn't like tried to force her beliefs on me or anything, but she's told me about her views, and I've got to ...
    9 Religion 75
  205. Is science taking away the Glory?
    in the bible, the written word of GOD, are the stories true? why did he leave us stories that werent true? it says god created the heavens and the earth in six days, he spoke it elegantly to be. then he created man from dirt and women from his rib and ...
    23 Religion 42
  206. Life Science Questions
    ook so this year I started adult highschool and to finish my last class I have a packet of papers with a test at the end. and of course theres two questions that the packet only touched on and doesnt really say what the answer is and I cant find them a...
    2 Education 18
  207. Science vs Religion: How is it even an issue?
    Ever since ever there's been the ongoing debate of science vs religion. Atheists and such like to bring up the point that religion is based solely on faith and religious texts such as the Bible, which they claim could just be pure baloney, while scien...
    73 Religion 107
  208. a project
    what are some ideas for a science fair progjet?
    3 Science 8
  209. The development of a shadow
    How does a shadow really develop? What is the science behind it?
    3 General 9
  210. independent variables what are they?
    What is the independent and dependent varieble? (science)
    2 Science 16
  211. As a fresher in Computer Science which would be the best way to start my career today?
    I have completed my B.E. in Computer Science from Don Bosco Institute of Technology, Bangalore with an aggregate of 55 percent. In IT the demand of people skilled in particular field fades away with time as new technology comes every day. Like a few ...
    5 Money 15
  212. I want to put things up there
    I want to be able to take large objects in my ass. how do I stretch it so I can make these objects fit
    2 Relationships 172
  213. Why believe in science or creation?
    Why do people believe in science or creation? None of us actually know anything unless someone tells us in a book, tv, conversation, or other ways. the list goes on. From science to creation its all hand me down information. Scientists have actu...
    10 Religion 7
  214. Its My Science Teacher Being Unfair ?
    cause today my science teacher comes from Zimbabwe re-seated us and he sat me by the door and I couldnt see the board as it was blury and I asked him politly to see if I could move to the front by my self ... he ignored me ... I asked politly again ...
    5 Education 23
  215. damage to the crevix
    by using objects when I masturbate damage my cervix if I use the object too harshly...? I keep skipping my period and I think its because of how often I masturbate. What do you think?
    4 Sex 515
  216. How do I talk to the guy I like?
    How do I talk to the guy that I like that's in my group in a science project?
    2 Relationships 38
  217. How do I write a good lab report?
    I have to write a lab report for science. How do I write it? How can I make it good?
    2 Education 144
  218. Is it possibble?
    Is it possible to draw a 3d object on paper?
    4 General 15
  219. Science Topic?
    Okay, so I was supposed to figure out a topic for my science experiment last week, but I'm still working on it, and I don't know what to do, so I'm going to copy down the paper, and can you help? Thanks. :) _ My question cannot be answered "yes" or ...
    4 Science 31
  220. I need help! Science lab questions...
    It's mostly about replication and transcription of DNA. There are a lot of questions and these are the ones I don't understand.. part 4: 1. Describe the structure of DNA. 3. List the steps involved in the copying of DNA before cell division. ...
    2 Science 193
  221. What's the adjective I'm looking for?
    If something is in outer space, then what would be the adjective I would use to describe it? For example, "Her frequent repition of ___ objects reflect her longing for escape." (the ___ objects are the objects in space, like moons, planets, etc.)
    7 General 105
  222. Computer Science VS Information Technology
    Computer Science VS Information Technology Undecided Course: Computer Science VS Information Technology - Which is better in, Job opportunity, etc? HI, Im A Freshman ( Undergraduate ), 19 Years Old, From Middleast (Saudi Arabia ) Who Wants To Take...
    4 Education 64
  223. How do we inherit our genes?
    For my science hw we have to find out how we inherit our genes.. any help?
    8 Health 36
  224. Psychokinesis
    Does anyone have the ability of psychokinesis(to move objects without touching them)? How can I have that ability?
    10 Religion 41
  225. What's the difference between these fields in Forensics?
    What's the difference btwn Forensic Medicine and Forensci Science?
    2 Education 15
  226. What bird flies backwards?
    I got it from my teacher,it's a science question
    3 Pets 25
  227. What's a tap?
    i was looking over science fair projects and it said i needed a 'tap'?
    3 Education 11
  228. Ear Gauge size?
    What Kind Of Object Is The Same Size As A 00? A Sharpie?
    13 Style 466
  229. Religion, science, dimensions : My philosophy
    I always try to establish a connection between science and religion. I've come to the conclusion that : Humans did evolve from less intelligent species but Aliens did help. The DNA is so complex that nobody can explain how it was created. How, from i...
    5 Religion 33
  230. Deep science questions.
    befor I start, I warn all religious people that I am athiest and the question is asked in the veiws of a scientist- I already know the bible answer to my question (god breathed life into humans... blah blah blah) but I want a scientific answer, and if ...
    17 Science 167
  231. Do you believe in God or do you want to believe in a God?
    If you don't understand I mean so much science has proved otherwise to a God existing that you wish you could believe in a god but science has made you wise, etc.
    84 Religion 40
  232. How - will I need this to be a doctor?
    If I become a children's doctor could I become one from core science alone + alevels blaablaablaaa, or would I need to take additional science as a gcse too?
    2 Education 13
  233. Science vs religion
    Today in science I was trying to think of a realy good question to put on here, mean while the rest of the class were discussing creation- science vrs religion- so naturaly I thought, hey theres an idea for fun advice! (even though its been done a bill...
    21 Science 56
  234. What classes should I take in high school for a career in ethology (the study of animal behavior)?
    Next year I'm doubling up on my science classes, and I wasn't sure what I should take besides chemistry. Physiology (which I could easily take the year after) or environmental science? Would environmental science be useful for ethology?
    2 Education 97
  235. what can I do ??
    ok so I have a science fair coming up in febuary and I havent even started ... I dont know what to do it on, can anybody give me an idea on what to do ?? p.s its a grade nine science fair !
    2 Education 11
  236. Pop your own hymen(cherry) by fingering yourself?
    I was wondering can you pop your own hymen(cherry) by fingering yourself or sticking objects up there (e.g..pen) or what other objects?? and when you are 13 has your hymen fully developed?? also what does it actually look like??
    6 Health 570
  237. Inference meaning
    My little sister wants to know what inference is, as a science term. We tell her what it is, but she doesn't believe it, but it was the cutest thing she just goes FUNADVICE IT! lol What is inference, as a science term?
    2 Science 40
  238. Did you know that it's possible
    To have overactive lubrication glands? Lmfao I learned that in science.
    3 Education 6
  239. What really is percolation?
    In science one of our vocab worlds is Percolation. I need some explaination.
    3 Education 13
  240. physical and chemical?
    how can we recognize physical and chemical changes (for science lab please help!)
    3 Science 40
  241. Who here has a university degree and what is it in?
    Just curious really. I have a bachelor of science and just started my masters
    9 Education 12
  242. whats the difference between these two degrees?
    What's the difference between Psychology Bachelor of Art and Psychology Bachelor of Science?
    2 Education 13
  243. How to draw a trumpet?
    Need a drawing for science class for a activity. About band. Need a picture of a trumpet
    2 Music 68
  244. in my science class...
    Pop some popcorn, this is gonna be long. Ok, I'm now in a science class where there are only 8 people, and the teacher isn't a rule enforcer. 4 of the guys that I'm in there with just keep picking on a girl who is new and is in the grade below us; I'm ...
    3 Education 9
  245. Is evolution real?
    Hit me with your best shot darwinists. No bibble refrences, just science.
    37 Religion 116
  246. How is the game played?
    Can you explain how this game is played? I can't seem to find anyone who is familiar with the game. what is the objective, etc??
    6 Gaming 84
  247. How can I encounter nuclear radiation?
    its for a science project and i cant find it anywhere? help
    7 Science 12
  248. How stupid do you have to be, to be a politician? Seriously I don't understand this logic or this "science".
    12 Politics 35
  249. What is the meaning of life?
    What is the meaning of life? How was life and the Universe created? How can science and Religion ever exist together?
    15 Religion 30
  250. glue problems
    so I'm working on my science project and my glue is clogged by dried up glue. how do I fix it?
    4 Science 28