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  1. Who is ginuwine's wife?
    Who is ginuwine's wife?
    2 Relationships 61
  2. Why are people so stupid...
    Why are people so stupid...
    4 General 74
  3. Why did my wife cheat on me?
    why my wife cheat on me?
    4 Relationships 105
  4. What's the similiarty between knife & wife?
    similiarty between Knife & wife?
    3 Entertainment 18
  5. Did Adam have a wife before Eve?
    Did Adam have a wife before Eve?
    26 Religion 280
  6. How do I make a child with my wife?
    How do I make a child with my wife?
    4 Health 96
  7. what is a trophy wife or trophy husband?
    3 General 38
  8. How can I learn to read my wife's mind?
    How can I learn to read my wife's mind?
    5 Entertainment 57
  9. Who shot Trace Adkins' wife?
    who shot Trace adkins wife?
    3 General 83
  10. Who thinks the Sonic commercials are stupid?
    Who thinks the Sonic commercials are stupid?
    6 Entertainment 97
  11. Adam, more than one wife?
    Did Adam have more than one wife and how do we know?
    7 Religion 188
  12. A "stupid" question...
    Is there really a such thing as a stupid question?
    13 General 40
  13. What can I do to show my wife how much I love her?
    What can I do to show my wife how much I love her?
    4 Entertainment 24
  14. Why do people ask such stupid questions?
    9 Funadvice 69
  15. how can i make my wife satisfied?she is pregnent.
    7 Health 26
  16. Do you think there are stupid reasons to be depressed?
    21 Health 33
  17. Is it stupid that i want to be a singer when i grow up??
    8 General 79
  18. How stupid was I to let him drink my blood ?
    50 Health 36
  19. should i go out with a guy who just split from his wife?
    4 Relationships 11
  20. Why do some people call others stupid?
    why do some people call others stupid if they say we all stupid
    4 General 105
  21. Is it stupid to be in a band again?
    is it stupid 2 be in a band again after I was 2 years ago??
    8 Music 20
  22. Can I adopt my wife's child if I'm a felon?
    I am a felon;Can I adopt my wifes child
    2 Babies 86
  23. Why does this stupid computer keep freezing up?
    ERRR Why does this stupid computer keep freezing up!!!?
    10 Technology 126
  24. can my wife get pregnant
    can my wife get pregnant if we did the anal sex?
    2 Sex 560
  25. My sister always calls me stupid
    Having a sister that all ways calls you stupid
    10 Family 589
  26. Most stupid question?
    What is the must stupid question someone can ask you?
    26 General 35
  27. Do you think Hannah Montana is stupid?
    does anyone think hannah montana is stupid because I do not
    13 Entertainment 42
  28. Are you agree if a Priest have wife?
    Are you agree if a Priest have wife?...if yes/no why?... tnx... :)
    17 Religion 46
  29. why do people on funadvice ask stupid stuff ?
    why do people on funadvice ask stupid stuff ?
    17 Funadvice 22
  30. Can i wife charge her husband with rape if he raped her?
    5 Family 36
  31. Did any of you find "Basic Instinct" to be a stupid movie?
    4 Entertainment 17
  32. Can i cover up my lip peircing with make up?. Or is that too stupid?
    4 Style 151
  33. When you throw up when drunk does it make you look stupid?
    9 Health 41
  34. Does weed seriously make you stupid?
    Does weed seriously make you stupid??? If so, then how long does it take to make stupid???
    16 Health 142
  35. What does it mean when some says "I waved being a mother, I waved being a wife"?
    5 General 20
  36. Does John Cena have a girlfriend or wife?
    I just want to know if John Cena has a girlfriend or wife?
    40 Entertainment 221
  37. What are little things to do for my wife?
    Ideas for little & nice things to do for your wife everyday?
    4 Relationships 158
  38. Wife some times smell like fish what can she do to fix that
    My wife some times smell like fish what can she do to fix that
    5 Health 459
  39. Who thinks emo style is stupid and pathetic ?
    Who thinks emo style is stupid and pathetic ? </3
    11 Style 71
  40. How can I get my wife to love me again?
    My wife said she has fallen out of love with me. Can I fix it?
    2 Relationships 32
  41. How do I get my wife back?
    I've tried everything how do I get my wife back
    4 Relationships 17
  42. Truth Boxes on Myspace, are they stupid?
    Do you think Truth Boxes on myspace are stupid? I don't know if I do or not.
    6 Technology 12
  43. Is Katara in love with Ang or stupidly wierd Zuko
    Is Katara in love with Ang or stupidly wierd Zuko
    5 Entertainment 39
  44. why do people do stupid stuff to be cool?
    5 General 23
  45. Why are guys so stupid?
    Why cant they just stay with one girl?
    3 Relationships 9
  46. A friend makes a good wife
    is true that friends make good wivies
    2 Relationships 9
  47. Does god love stupid people??
    Is that why he made so many of them.??
    10 Religion 59
  48. Stupid Posers
    Why are some people such friggin' posers?? It's annoying!!! AAAGGGHHH!!!
    2 General 25
  49. What is a best gift to buy for your future wife's grandmother?
    17 Shopping 69
  50. Is it still special if I get my wife a gift from her own spa?
    12 Shopping 22
  51. What are your felings on Lebron James and the stupid publicity he is getting?
    5 Sports 20
  52. What should I buy my wife for Christmas? No kids, love to travel.
    What should I buy my wife for Christmas? No kids, love to travel. help!
    3 Shopping 25
  53. Divorcing my wife- need reasons
    What criteria should I consider when thinking about divorcing my wife?
    3 Relationships 37
  54. Lol. Duct tape prom dress. Fun or stupid?
    Lol. Duct tape prom dress. Fun or stupid?
    10 Style 55
    5 Education 104
  56. How doses obomas wife doses her job so good,excellent?
    How doses obomas wife doses her job so good,excellent?,my friends.
    3 Politics 17
  57. why are guys so stupid??
    why are guys so stupid?? they don't understand anything and they don't believe you or trust u
    5 Relationships 37
  58. How can I make my wife have a orgasm.
    How can I make my wife have a orgasm without using my penis or fingers?
    3 Relationships 68
  59. Who else thinks that the teachers not getting paid what they want is stupid?
    6 Education 17
  60. Romantic ways to let my wife know I love her
    what romantic ideas do you have
    5 Relationships 32
  61. Is Vanessa Hudgen's Mom stupid for letting her do that?
    why did vennasa hugens do that?
    11 Entertainment 31
  62. Stupid Zits
    What gets rid of a zit best for oily skin??
    4 Style 23
  63. Is the government cutting out SSI this next month, or is this just a stupid rumor?
    4 Money 23
  64. Would it look stupid to draw a picture then paint the background?
    6 Literature 13
  65. Why do people so stupid things?
    Why do people do stupid things.. when they know it's stupid? I'm doing somethin.. and I know it's stupid.. everyday I feel more stupid.. but why do I still do it?
    5 General 36
  66. Would you say its stupid of me to have a baby when im 18 ?
    Im nearly 18 this winter. Would you say its stupid of me to have a baby when im 18 ?
    30 Family 41
  67. Stupid cupid
    Has anyone ever heard stupid cupid? If so did anyone else like it? I love it!
    2 Music 29
  68. What is some fun but stupid things to do
    What is some fun but stupid things to do in the mall? At your grandmals house? Or in the bath room!:]
    5 General 40
  69. Why do people think blondes are stupid?
    Why do people always say people with blonde hair are stupid. Sense I have blonde hair people say I'm stupid.
    11 Style 77
  70. What are good country songs that would be stupidly easy to learn on guitar?
    4 Music 10
  71. stupid toolbars
    I got this yahoo toolbar and I don't know how I got it. how do you take this damn thing off
    2 Technology 33
  72. I know this might sound stupid but...
    in what hole does a guys penis go in?
    4 Relationships 130
  73. Why do I keep thinking I'm stupid?
    if I know im smart why do I think im stupit...
    3 General 48
  74. why when I kiss my hand for practice it feels stupid?
    when I kiss my hand to practice french kissing it feels stupid and wierd to do so anyone have the same problemo?
    3 Relationships 107
  75. looking for wife
    im looking for wife to love to shere all my life she must be frome kergestan and that what im looking for
    2 Relationships 22
  76. mayb you dont like obama but what do you think about his wife...
    I know a lot of people dont like obama but what do you think about his wife???
    9 Politics 29
  77. is anybody here a furry? i feel stupid 4 asking...just wondering, sorry, haha
    13 Relationships 23
  78. Does anyone know where I can get ginger extensions from in the UK that are not stupidly expensive please?
    2 Shopping 7
  79. Why do you say in your profile that "labels are stupid" and that you're "not emo or goth", but your username is "Emogirl95"?
    5 Style 35
  80. Is it true that if a man kills his wife when he found out she cheated on him, he can get out of his charges because he was in a rage?
    11 Politics 32
  81. Is it stupid, to be this young and already found your soulmate, someone you wanna be with for the rest of your life?
    16 Relationships 29
  82. What's a funny or stupid thing you did today?
    Lol I had Cheetos using chopsticks! O.O
    25 General 32
  83. Is it wrong for me to want to have sex im14 but not stupid enough to get pregnant i just want SAFE sex is that wrong ?
    14 Sex 65
  84. How stupid do you have to be, to be a politician? Seriously I don't understand this logic or this "science".
    12 Politics 35
  85. Some Stupid
    Do you like having sex outside where people are looking at you in take pictures of you in video it
    2 Sex 9
  86. Does it speak of Adam's first wife before he ever met Eve in the Garden of Eden?
    27 Religion 43
  87. Do these look stupid?
    I got snakebites and was wondering what people thoght of them. Should I keep them, or take them out?
    18 Style 19
  88. Does anyone know if "2 Stupid Dogs" is ever going to be released on DVD?
    2 Entertainment 32
  89. how do u say "kiss my ass u stupid son of a bitch" politically correct?
    3 Politics 71
  90. is it true talking on the phone for hours can damage our brain and make us more stupid?
    8 Health 28
  91. Why do blondes have the reputation of being stupid?
    Why do people say blondes Are stupid??? I think not all Of them...I've seen smart ones before
    10 General 197
  92. Would my hair look stupid like this?
    would my hair look stupid if I had black strikes in the inside of my hair which is golden blonde??
    8 Style 68
  93. How do I tell my wife that I love her?
    I am broke and I will be broke till January. How do I show my wife that I love her without being sexual or material?
    11 Sex 59
  94. My wife cums but no orgasm?
    So my wife gets off just fine with the clit but when I figer her or doing her she cums a lot but she says shes not having a orgazum
    3 Relationships 138
  95. Should I be worried that my wife is into wearing thigh high boots and mini skirts when she goes out lately?
    23 Relationships 160
  96. What can I do about some stupid girl calling my cellphone on private & leaving me harrassing voicemails ?
    Can I call the police or who do I have to contact?
    10 Technology 38
  97. advice about my kids seeing me naked and my wife
    me and my wife and extended family are needing advice kids seeing us naked PLS ANSWER ME
    6 Babies 130
  98. why dose bad things happen to gods most blessed people like canser to my wife?
    7 Religion 26
  99. Does anyone know a good way for my wife to gain 20 lbs?
    13 Nutritionfitness 41
  100. Wife is sending other men photos of her breasts
    how do you handle the fact that your wife was talking to another men while you were at work and sending the men pics of her breast?
    5 Relationships 52
  101. Is the name Alessandra stupid?
    is my name stupid??? alessandra im living in la and my friend sad 2 me I should change it???does alessandra sounds stupid 2 u???
    13 General 55
  102. Put a really stupid video of themselves on youtube?
    Does anyone else have a brother/sister who put a really stupid video of themselves on youtube? My bro put a chug and puke video on youtube.
    5 Entertainment 22
    7 Style 52
  104. isn`t this a stupid question
    "is black history still necessary" I just saw this on this other website and it pissed me off.
    2 General 23
  105. What should I do now that, my wife is moving out of our home?
    We are at peace with each other, and she is only 1 block away, and claims we are still together.
    6 Relationships 28
  106. stupid parents... trix are for kids!
    how do I convince my parents to let me get a nose or lip peircing?
    6 Family 29
  107. Do you think people take trying to be unique a little to far to the point they just look stupid?
    8 General 10
  108. Is it stupid to make sure he washes his hands?
    After my boyfriend uses the bathroom, I make sure he's washed his hands. And if he hasn't, I tell him to. Is that mean, or stupid to do?
    5 General 11
  109. Why does my wife m*sturbate while she sleeps?
    my wife m*sturbates while she sleeps almost everynight now. whats wrong, is it me or is it someone else now. I think I'm losing my wife.
    5 Relationships 129
  110. Would it look stupid if I did the newspaper nail art with a light blue polish on the bottom?
    8 Style 11
  111. What would be a good prank to pull on my mom's stupid boyfriend?
    I can't stand the guy my mom is dating. What would be a good prank to pull on him?
    2 Family 21
  112. Why is my boyfriend so stupid is it because he is 14 and im 16?
    Yeah he is a freshman and he is always acting stupid and being immature but is it because he is 14 and im 16. Although he makes me happy when he acts stupid
    2 Relationships 76
  113. How can I get a better bj from my wife?
    My wife just seem to understand how to put tounge pressure on it, cam someone help?
    5 Relationships 48
  114. Anyone got any good your so stupid jokes ?
    E.g your so stupid you climbed over a see-through glass wall to see what was on the other side
    4 Entertainment 66
  115. Belly button ring stupid on a chubbier girl?
    I REALLY REALLY want to get my belly buttons pierced. Will it look stupid because im chubbier?
    7 Style 60
  116. how do you volunteer verseas for free, because every website i look at is demanding a large amount that i will have to pay to volunteer which is stupid ?
    2 Money 13
  117. Help getting over ex-wife
    How do I move on she still wants to see me some and have sex but she still wants to be single.
    2 Sex 22
  118. What is an abortion? This might be a stupid question.. cause i seriously dont know what it is.. and no im not pregnant.. :)
    7 General 21
  119. Why are (most) teenage boys so stupid?
    Like the way the act like total jerks and how they set their dating "standards".
    3 Relationships 12
  120. do you think its stupid that tmobile is chargingg me $90 to get a new fone even though i have insurance on it?
    8 Technology 13
  121. christmas gift for my wife
    I need a good gift for christmas for my wife. we have been married for 4 months. 1st christmas together. she also likes snowman.
    2 Shopping 145
  122. My wife's birthday gift
    My wife's birthday is approaching, what is the best economical gift I can present her? Please suggest some bright innovative ideas folks.
    2 Shopping 156
  123. Read most of the bible and it's stupid, why do so many believe?
    okay, I have read most of the bible... and its STUPID! Why do so many people put all their faith in something so farfetched? just think about it logically...
    32 Religion 166
  124. Stupid question
    ok I prob have a stupid question, but why everyone saying it thnksgiving now? just wondering. I live in SA so don't think our holidays same as yours. thanks!!
    3 General 12
  125. Stupid Question
    Do you ever spell , or forget how to spell simple words, like fruit reading or when to have the 'e' in making or no 'e'. I know this is stupid, but have you?
    9 General 19
  126. do you think if i got my dogs name tattoo'd on me with two lil paw prints that it would be stupid?
    16 Style 41
  127. His stupid friends
    So my boyfriend's friends make fun of him 4 going out with me because im younger and stuff. What do I do? will it just stop soon?
    4 Relationships 8
  128. Why do I feel so stupid after masurbating?
    Ok so I just got horny watched some porn and masturbated and had an orgasm why do I feel so stupid?:'( I feel lke I want to hit myself or punish myself!!
    5 Sex 202
  129. How I should dress my 8 month old daughter for my wife's graduation
    My wife is graduating from fresno state on saturday. Does anyone have any unique ideas on how I should dress my 8 month old daughter for the ceremony?
    3 Style 36
  130. How can I find out what my wife is looking up on my computer?
    My wife keeps deleting the history every time she gets on my computer. I am wanting to know what she dont want me to see
    3 Technology 103
  131. isnt this stupid?
    isnt it immature when people make fun of what you wear when theres nothing wrong with it? I never make fun of there stuff and they made fun of mine. its stupid isnt it?
    4 General 8
  132. Is it stupid to want a baby when I'm 15?
    33 Family 135
  133. Who else thinks it's stupid that Liver German Shepherds are considered an American Kennel Club fault when they're beautiful?
    5 Pets 16
  134. what do I do about a girl who wants to fight me for a stupid guy?
    well this girl thinks I was sending pics to a guy when I didnt and she hates me wit a pasion and now wants to fight me?
    2 Relationships 50
  135. Why do I have these stupid dreams?
    I had another retarded dream.nicolas(the guy who I like)bodyslammed this other boy that likes me and im friends with both of there a meaning to this?
    2 General 73
  136. How do find the phone number on my wifes phone she had it changed"?
    Need help finding phone number don,t know how it.s a boost phone but they will let her know if I try trhough them
    3 Technology 60
  137. Cheating wife
    I am married but is currently cheating. My husband has fund my boyfriend phone number in my phone and is now asking question . Whart do I say
    6 Relationships 56
  138. does anybody know if jensen ackles is getting along with his wife?
    i read somewhere that he has a secret love.does any of you know if that's true or is it just a rumour?
    2 Entertainment 35
  139. Stupid teachers!
    Ok so my teacher is a dumb @$$ and hes dyslexic and a horrible teacher. What can I do so I get good grades? Because I cant switch classes now. :/
    4 Education 13
  140. that stupid little face that the younger girls are making
    Can someone please tell me what that stupid little face that the younger girls are making is all about? Where did it start? what does it mean? Gah! I cringe when I see them do that, LOL
    18 Style 37
  141. stupid civil war deaths?
    what were some stupid deaths in the America Civil War. Like pointless accidents. like somebody tripped on a nail and stet off a bomb? thanks for the help!
    2 Education 35
  142. Why does my wife let loose trucker farts?
    my wife shamelessly expells trucker sized farts. Its not so much the fact that she farts in general just that she can do it louder and longer than me. I feel immasculated.
    4 Health 323
  143. What is the English word for someone who likes to make trick, make fool, have fun on someone like putting a paper saying: I am stupid on his friend's back?
    6 Entertainment 13
  144. Stupid question.
    Ok in ss I have to do a speech on an egypitian ruler named ramses 2. What is some info on him? I no that he had a lot!!! Of kids but what else/
    6 Education 28
  145. Stupid Fun Mail
    HAHA My Fun Mail Still Isn't Working GRRR :( I don't have a message in my email and I checked in Drafts and Garbage or whatever. :(
    4 Funadvice 11
  146. Is it stupid of me to want to be a model?
    like, i know i should go for something more practical, and that i have the smarts/ grades to do it. but theres still a part of me that wants to try for it.
    23 Money 36
  147. Do you believe in the existence of stupid questions?
    I sure do. I've heard them with my own ears :o But some people still say "there's no such thing as a stupid question..." I think they just say that because they're curious about how stupid your question is haha.
    11 General 41
  148. Can someone tell me why my wife can't get pregnant?
    I have being with my wife for 7 years but she can`t get pregnant. Last year she found out that she hard a fibroid, she operated on it, and still for about 1 year she can`t get pregnant. Can someone tell me what the problem may be? Is it me or her?
    5 Health 67
  149. Why ask stupid questions?
    why do so many people ask so many stupid questions? why not ask somethin help ful like how to pass a drug test for pot or something interesting to read?
    9 Funadvice 57
  150. Would I be able to get on the mortgage loan once my wife refinances?
    So here's the deal, my wife has the credit but I make the money, so she will be with a co-signer on the loan, now, if she refinances would I be able to replace the co-signer once my credit is at a 620?
    2 Money 11
  151. Stupid commercial
    I hate the commercial, I think it's like ikea, where that woman is looking at her reciept, then she starts walking fast screaming at her husband "start the car! Start the car!!!".. Like, what is the point of that commercial? Its stupid...
    3 Entertainment 16
  152. Who thnks this war is stupid?
    I think this war is stupid because were sending over our young boys just to be slaughtered over pshco lunitics that beleive in that 72 virgins thing I just wanted who out there agrees with me
    10 Politics 38
  153. does it sound stupid?
    ok can you please tell me if it's ok to say this to a guy when he asked me ''wats up?'' and I replied ''chillin like a villan'' is it ok?ok is it lame? =/ thanks =]
    2 Relationships 19
  154. what...would it be stupid to buy snowboard boots?
    for the past two years there has been a lot of snow in my town and I have a snowboard but no boots..but I don't know if I should buy new boots because we don't normally get a lots of snow
    2 Shopping 9
  155. This stupid guy
    There are these two really great guyz. I like one of them and we were very close to going out until he found out that the other likes me and now I dont know whats going to happen.
    2 Relationships 11
  156. My wife's affair
    I caught my wife cheating on me with another man about a year ago in which she said that the affair had ended. Well my wife had a baby about 2 months ago and it is half black and we are both white. What should I do, I am having trouble coping with this.
    14 Relationships 3873
  157. Why did solomon had too many wifes?
    King solomon and others had many wifes. Can someone explain if god allowed it? Also, he had sex with almost all of the virgins at that time. So now some religions use this example to have more than one wife. Is that excused?
    5 Sex 61
  158. stupid thing !
    yo aight, wats up with my guinea pig it looks at me like it wants to eat me ! I wanna get rid of the thing, its sooo annoying want it ?
    2 Entertainment 7
  159. Why are guys so stupid?
    Why do guys have to mess up the best thing they have, but when it is gone they bring everything up. They tell you how they truly feel months after it's over and it makes you feel like sh*t because you left him.
    6 Relationships 27
  160. Why do men cheat on their wife, whom they promised fidelity to?
    I just wonder why? please enlighten me:) I am merely curious. not just male celebrities have affairs, even normal people...
    3 Relationships 14
  161. who agrees its stupid when a guy pants's a girl?
    I think its dumb. dis girl stands around them just WAITNGG to get pantsed because she thinks its cool. I think its reallyy dumbbb! who agrees?
    8 Relationships 83
  162. Stupid coco-pops?
    Y do they make the chocolate come off the coco-pops, when clearly the coco-pops taste so much better when the chocolate is on and the milk is milky.. not chocolatey??
    6 Food 18
  163. Do you think making a "build-a-bear" is stupid for an anniversary present for a boyfriend (read more)?
    he loves stuffed animals and how much do they usually cost?
    11 Relationships 72
  164. How can I see my son legally without threats from my wife
    My wife and I are physically separated but we were sharing our child till she changed her mind. she is not allowing me to see my son without any legal action. She is threathing me with the police if I try to see my son.
    4 Family 60
  165. What... stupid guys HELP!!! please?
    there are a lot of stupid guys that talk to me everyday that are like you are hott will you date me or your sexii and try to kiss me or whatever etc. etc. what do I do about theese guys? like to get them to stop?
    6 Sex 12
  166. Is it cheesy to write a poem for your wife?
    Back in the day, I used to write my wife poetry. I haven't written anything like that for her (or poems in general) for a decade. Is it cheesy to write a poem for her now, after so long, or would she appreciate the gesture?
    5 Literature 54
  167. A man came home and found his wife..its a joke
    A man came home and seen his wife blow drying her pubic hairs, and he says babe what are you doin and she says reheating your dinner.. Haha
    5 General 18
  168. stupid question
    I'm borred and hyper and did something to laugh at.If you done something stupid today tell me,I went to turn on tha light and broke my fignernail lol.
    5 General 34
  169. How do this Reverend and his wife pull demons out of people?
    I know a powerful reverned and his wife who have done all like taking demons out of people, prophesy, and speaking in tongues and healing people I am interested in what they are saying? and how are they so called doing all this?
    11 Religion 15
  170. Does wearing blue jeans under a dress look stupid?
    Its strapless white and black and it comes down to my kness.... I wanna wear this dress to school but the classrooms is SUPER cold all the time so I was gonna wear jeans under it... does that look stupid?
    10 Style 35
  171. stupid question =\
    me and my girlfriend only talk online, how can I reverse this, I don't know y, but I dont talk to her in person, especially if her friends are all around her, ik everything about her. if your just going to this question to taunt me then *** off
    4 Relationships 10
  172. Stupid girl.
    How do I make my best friend luke see that his girlfriend is a user and if the relationship didn't work the first 2 times it won't work the 3rd?
    2 Relationships 23
  173. What to do my stupid paper on?
    What are some ideas to do my research project on? We can do it on anything. But this is like a super detailed paper. Like for my(since im in advanced) I have to have at least 45 facts. So what are some decent ideas that are interesting
    4 Education 24
  174. my boyfriendboy and his ex wife
    my boyfrienboy is always taling to his ex wife and as even stayed at her house for3 days at a time .we have been togather for 7 years. im dont what to do. he tinks it is fine and she does to.
    5 Relationships 48
  175. fake myspace - am I being stupid?
    I have a fiend online who never messege me or im me , unless I send first ,, , so I made I fake myspace with handsom guy pics , to see if she is gonna talk , , ami being stupid ?
    4 Technology 40
  176. Will I ever be able to trust my wife again?
    I recently found out my wife had an affair with a married man. She wanted to leave me and marry him but he said no. She said in all affairs, things are said but not meant and wants to work things out with me. I feel she is with me only because he said...
    2 Relationships 50
  177. What do I buy my wife for christmas?
    Wondering if ya'll can help me - I love my wife, but she is very stressed that I am going to mess up when I get her a christmas present. Can anybody give me some good gift ideas? Thanks!
    19 Shopping 893
  178. When do you think humanity's stupidity will go away...if ever?
    Throughout all of history humans have been STUPID! I mean since when was it smart to throw a woman into a lake just it see if she is a witch because either way they're going to die. Do you think we will ever stop being that stupid?
    9 General 43
  179. What meassurement would 4 by 9 be? stupid question sorry?
    this might be a REALLY stupid question but the pool at the villa we are going to in the summer said it was 4 by 9, but its not meters because thats stupidly big, and feet is too small, so what meassurment would it be? having a blonde moment :/
    4 General 20
  180. if I was stupid enough to eat less than 1000 cals a day
    I ate less than 1000 cals a day and I lost 35 lb's. I know that was dumb now and should change, but if I change and eat 1200 to 1400 a day now will I gain it back?
    5 Nutritionfitness 44
  181. My stupid dog
    This may sound totally gross, but my dog is nearly 2 years old and eats his own poo! It is rather gross Is there any way I can stop him from doing it? Help would be great!
    7 Pets 39
  182. How do you stop caring about stupid drama, and who to trust?
    Me and my friends always get into fights , and theres always drama. One of my friends just wants me to herself , but when I do go to her she ditches me for my other friend. Another one of my friends is always there for me but the friend that always dit...
    4 Relationships 42
  183. my MP3 Is acting stupid!
    My MP3 is duplicating songs! It wont let me delete music, and It doesn't recodnise there are duplicates on there! If anyone knows how to delete these songs that are just extra space, help me!!! I'm DESPIRATE!!!
    3 Technology 16
  184. Really stupid question on semi colon.
    This is a really dumb thing to ask but how do you use a semi colon and where do you put them in sentence? I don't use them in my work and it could be loosing me marks not using a variaty of punctuation. Thanks.
    3 Education 12
  185. Is my wife right?
    My son leaves his toys (knights and monsters) all over the floor. He is nine and we have told him four times that if these toys will get stepped on if he leaves them out. My wife thinks I should walk on them with my cowboy boots to teach him a lesson....
    4 Relationships 28
  186. my stupid freakin ipod!!!
    Ok so I got an apple ipod the 4th generation that is 8GB and I put songs on the itunes website but I cannot sinc the ipod, how do I sync the stupid freakin ipod, I have tried everything and am super irritated!
    3 Technology 32
  187. Why did Rochester keep his wife?
    Why did Rochester keep his wife instead of sending her to a hospital or divorcing her and then he could keep her hidden and THEN marry Jane. I know divorce wasn't seen as a good thing back then but he had a legitimate reason she was insane!
    3 Literature 43
  188. How can I convince my wife to be blonde again?
    How can I convince my wife to be blonde again? When I met her she was a light almost platinum blonde but over the years has gone back to her original brown hair color. I just think she looked better as a blonde, but she says she is past that now. Any...
    5 Style 406
  189. Stupid questions!!
    Jokeish questions: 1. if walmart is lowering there prices everyday then how come nothin is free yet??!! 2. if a fly had no wings would it b called a walk?? Stupid questions but seriously what about the walmart question??
    5 General 53
  190. Why are guys so stupid sometimes?
    Honestly guys are so stupid like do they even think before they say something. I Don't know how many times some guy has asked me to show off something or go on cam for some messed up reson without even actually knowing me. It's so ignorant and stupid l...
    5 Relationships 53
  191. How can someone ignore people and their stupid idiotic comments?
    Sometimes ignorant kids gain pleasure with teasing/bullying and calling others bad stuff.... i know one should be strong and try to ignore them.... but how?
    4 Relationships 44
  192. Is my PSN account name stupid?
    I made my PSN account name and I wasn't really thinking when I did it, It's SamuraiSamJay and I really do not like it, but we cant change it, is it worth me making a new account or should i just ignore what i think others may think and leave it?
    2 Gaming 6
  193. Stupid Nagging Injury
    Im tired of wondering what this injury is on my left hip/buttock I cant tell but is really annoying and does know what it is? I do run a lot so im thinking my strides are to long or something.
    2 Health 20
  194. Wife angry at me!
    My Wife is not talking to me since noon due to a small quarrel!What should I do?Can anyone of you insist her to talk to me.Please!Just post your answer and I'll show it to her.My whole day has been boring without her company!
    2 Relationships 17
  195. My wife and my 2years old daughter are taking a flight to India next month.
    I already own travel insurance. Do I need to buy a separate health insurance policy to get medical coverage for my pregnant wife?
    4 Travel 9
  196. What if you do something stupid?
    Okay...what would you guys do if you totally werent paying attention to your surroundings and did something incredibly stupid that you know would land you in a lot of trouble? I mean am I a retard if I am constantly doing stupid things because my mind ...
    3 Relationships 33
  197. Is there any way I can get rid of this stupid music player thing on iTunes?
    It's really freaking annoying. I'm talking about the big black thing thats suppose to show album covers.
    5 Technology 16
  198. Randy orton...did he cheat on his wife
    Ok so word has it that randy orton has cheated on his wife samantha, its been said he was holding a chick still wearing his wedding band but it wasn his wife, there was even pics but I couldn view them, so I was just wonderin has anyone else read or se...
    4 Entertainment 229
  199. Stupid fashion trend.
    What is with the stupid barred sun glasses all the emo/scene kids are wearing lately? I don't see the point. They're not practical, and in my opinion they look quite disgusting. Can someone please tell me what the appeal is?
    5 Style 42
  200. What are similar movies like the Time Traveler's Wife?
    Okay well my boyfriend's coming home in about 3 hours and we watched the Time Traveler's Wife movie about a week ago and we both enjoyed it! Are there any movies kinda similar to it? like adventures? If not, do you know any funny movies? Thnkss<3
    4 Entertainment 51
  201. Why do boy act so damn stupid somtimes?
    This boy in my class is really cute, he likes and I like him, but he wont ask me out like we have so much time together in class andwhen we talk on the phone. when we talk on the phone he says STUPID STUFF like hes nervous or somthing damn!!!
    6 Relationships 35
  202. stupid car project. need paint ideas.
    ok in my tech ed class we had to make little cars and we have to design em. what should the design be on mine be? I have noo idea how to paint it. lol any idea thats easy plzzz
    3 Education 38
  203. Should I tell my wife I like wearing her clothes?
    I am a married man,I like dressing up in womens clothes from head to toe,I did dress up once for my wife,she asked what was it like I said it was only alright,but really it was a dream come through,did not want to worry her,I still dress up when she is...
    6 Relationships 281
  204. stupid frizzy hair
    I have super srizzy hair and its annoying! I've tried a lot of different soaps but none work!!! what can I do to help? and its not just the ends its all of my hair so I no that the ends rnt dead, plus I just got them trimmed. but what can I do???
    5 Style 32
  205. Is it stupid to major in Philosophy?
    I mean I love thinking about the way people think, but the whole point of getting a college degree is so that u can specialize and get a career in your recommended field. I don't see philosophy as practical.
    13 Education 58
  206. Is acting stupid and being blonde a bad thing?
    Blonde as in "your so blonde" Me- "no im brown" Them- "no your so dumb" Me-" I know" Im not dumb and I just act dumb sometimes but my friends always lke say your so dumb royalty and you need to work on you english but my english is fine and I dont muc...
    6 Style 61
  207. Does he think I'm stupid?
    can you help me? I dont know what I should do. My boyfriend is avoiding me because of a question he asked me that I anwsered wrong. He thinks I am stupid. I love him so much I dont want to lose him. He just moved too. I dont know what to do. He wont ev...
    2 Relationships 52
  208. Who thinks Tiger Woods and his wife could have worked out the issues in their marriage?
    As the divorce becomes final today, I wonder if it was possible for them to stay together despite the problems....or were they simply not in love with each other anymore?
    5 Entertainment 10
  209. Afghanistan (army wife)
    my fiance deployed off to military training 2 months ago and will soon be going to afghanistan/pacastan. I dont know how to cope with that. and I am now 8 months pregnant can anyone help me that is going through the same situation??
    6 Politics 38
  210. dont reply anything stupid
    ok, this may sound funny but I dont like this boy, but I want him to like me to prove something to myself. any tips on how to make any guy fall in love wit you or enhance your beauty.
    4 Relationships 37
  211. A really stupid guitar question...
    E|---| B|---| G|---| D|-2--2--3--3--3--3--3--3---| A|-2--2--3--3--3--3--3--3---| E|-0--0--1--1--1--1--1--1---| What does it mean if the numbers are at the same time... I know its a chord but...I still dont get it xd
    7 Music 24
  212. Is anyone else an Army wife?
    Where are all of the army wives? We are here at Fort Hood, Texas. I am looking for other wives of soldiers all over the US. Is your soldier deployed? I should say this question is not limited to wives, but any family member of soldier. Tell me where yo...
    3 Funadvice 15
  213. Who else thinks that "The Secret Life of an American Teenager" is a stupid show?
    I cant stop watching it tho! But its kinda dumb is seems that every thing they talk about is sex but in real life teenagers arent like that.
    6 Sex 11
  214. How do I attract boys attention without acting stupid or weird
    Okay I kinda feel left out and like if no boy likes me How can I attract there attention because this year is my last one in that school And I want it to the best of my life and I want to remember it So please tell me what to do
    7 Relationships 56
  215. I feel stupid!
    When you're customizing your profile, are you supposed to be able to see what you're doing (the pics you've posted and what not) or are you supposed to see all white and just words? 4give me but I'm new to this becuase my mom just started letting me do...
    2 General 22
  216. Seventh year anniversary gift ideas for my wife?
    Seventh year anniversary gift ideas for my wife? Our anniversary isn't for about six weeks or so, but I want to make sure I get the drop on her this year & do something very creative. Not necessarily expensive, but I'd like to be the one who gives the ...
    2 Shopping 126
  217. What should I do about this stupid girl who doesn't understand that I hate her?
    Theirs this girl at my school who doesnt understand that I hate her guts I have told her off I dont know how many times and she tells people that shes my only friend and shes not no body likes her because she tells the outragous lies that you have to b...
    5 Relationships 18
  218. Am I being stupid or should I be worried?
    My fieance's ex girlfriend is bugging him telling him that she loves him and wants him to leave me and come back to her.. He has told many times that he doesn't want to be with her.. She still will not leave him alone. He is thinking about going over t...
    10 Relationships 39
  219. Why do people think blondes are stupid?
    I know blodes that are pretty smart but i also know blondes that are really ditzy. I also use the term "blonde moment" a lot and my mom says I was born with blonde roots so not only blondes can be ditzy anyone can so i thinki itskinda wrong to put all ...
    8 Style 79
  220. How to get rid of my stupid pimples?
    I really need to get rid of my stupid pimples. I feel like nothing is working. Ignoring them is not helping, and it gets to the point where I will actually break down crying (alone.) And the there are people who will say "You have a pimple." That reall...
    15 Style 43
  221. How to get my wife in the mood and take her verginity
    My questions are my wife and I are married for almost a year now and we haven have sex as yet she is still a vergin and whenever we try to she stops me now iam not interested and so is she I iam just tired of trying and not geting through please tell m...
    9 Sex 91
  222. Stupid people lables
    Why do people make labels on people I know I have cause I call the girly girls the preps and I don't like them cause everytime I look it seems like tthtey are giving me a dirty look but some of them I get along with...I think labels are for shoe boxes ...
    3 Style 39
  223. friend is lying about stupid things?
    so my friend the other day made up that her mom was pregnant which was weird because she is like 42 and it is weird for women older than 40 to get pregnant..anyways so she told basically everybody in the school that her mom was pregnant and then a day ...
    5 Education 12
  224. Stupid question
    OK, I'm taking chemistry in college. my professor told my class to bring something that can cause FIRE when put in WATER. I did some molecule research and found that SODIUM medal can cause the effect. Where can I buy sodium medal???
    7 Science 37
  225. Why would a man just up and leave his wife?
    I have a girlfriend whos husband just up and left last month after 19 years of marriage, he swears there is no one else, he told her she did nothing wrong. she is absoutley beautiful. Does anyone have any feedback
    4 Relationships 19
  226. Who is john cena's wife?
    I have heard so many people say he is but I dont think so he is really to involved with the wwe and tv shows, movie ect... And all the pic floating around are so fake a blind man can see that
    2 Entertainment 24
  227. Why my wife do not like to be fingered or have oral sex?
    I am married for last 7 years and have a 5 yr old child. Well, I want to know as to why my wife is not into oral sex she even does not like to be fingered, she says she does not like it, although we do have a great contemporary sex life. Is she just sh...
    3 Sex 122
  228. How do I know if I'm a virgin,I know it sounds stupid?
    I need to know if I'm a virgin, I've never had sex, But when I was like 9 I shoved a brush up there, And I bled, My mom thought it was my period but I only bled a little and it stopped.And, I can finger myself without it hurtingg.I'm confusedd? I need ...
    3 Sex 407
  229. Stupid selfishness
    I want this new phone sooo bad but I already have an amazing phone!! Its just a little big. My dad says im being selfish because I want a new phone when no one except movie stars have my phone. Hes not saying that I cant have it, hes just saying that ...
    7 Family 4
  230. Stupid periods!
    Hey my period just came eleven days early!!! Any idea whats going on???I can't find anything online and I don't really want to tell my mom... If it helps I was having phone sex when it started but still... 11 days? Please help!!!
    5 Sex 45
  231. Has there been a US president before who divorced his wife?
    My US history skills aren't all that great, and I just realized: have we had a president before who divorced his wife? If not, then McCain would be the first, right? Sorry, I just remembered: Reagan was the first president to have divorced his wife. H...
    12 Politics 650
  232. Is it stupid that he signed my bra?
    ok well here in melbourne, chris brown and rhianna's concert was yesterday and hell yeh I went and I got backstage tickets ye yah!! any/wayz after the concert I got chris brown to sign my bra.. and like all these girls were like jealous and like tellin...
    5 General 27
  233. Wife really likes girls
    My wife really enjoys being with other women. I have never been with her when she is with another woman but she tells me all the details. I am cool with it. She right now is on a trip with girlfriends in Florida. Things are good between us sexually. Co...
    4 Sex 115
  234. He was a big gangster, but he was afraid of his small wife?
    I was watching yesterday a tv serie based on a real life person about a big drug dealer who fought with many guys and shoot many bullets to their enemies, but the only person he was afraid was her small wife, but he loved her very much. I think that i...
    3 Entertainment 14
  235. Who has ever poked themself in the eye with something stupid?
    okay. so who has ever poked themself in the eye with something that shouldn't be near it in the first place? I have. I have poked myself in the eye with a tooth-pick, my dog has stepped on it while it was open, I got soda in it, shampoo, conditioner, t...
    7 Health 27
  236. Why are guys so stupid and never understand hints!!?
    Guys are so dumb, they dont catch any hints ever! You could drop it right infront of their face and they wouldnt know it was their!! I am all about guys making the first move so how do I show this guy I like him without being to obvious and over the to...
    7 Relationships 72
  237. Other Wives
    How do I get my wife to let me have a second wife?
    6 Family 25
  238. Nair? Smart or stupid?
    Nair? I have been using that nair cream but im told it will/can give me a 3rd degree burn, bad skin, irritated skin, bad rashes? Im not sure I get dry skin but alil lotion helps that. Should I stop useing it tho? It works tho
    10 Style 129
  239. How to get over my fear of doing something stupid?
    ok...I get nervous around my boyfriend because I like him a lot and I'm afarid I'll do something to make myself look retared!how can I get over that and hold his hand...I mean I put my arm through his I'm just nervous to grap his hand!!plzz help..
    3 Relationships 44
  240. How can I deal with my baby's daddy's wife?
    recently my baby daddy got married , I dont care for his wife and I dont want her physically dealing with my son I know shes there when my baby dad takes my son but I have a problem with her taking some of my duties I hear that now that she married to ...
    5 Family 302
  241. Stupid friends?
    Have you ever had a stupid friend you just want to put out of there missery. Ik I have my friend jenna is so stupid asks the stupidest questions ever basically has no common sense like the one time shes like live as in live concert and live as in liv...
    2 Relationships 10
  242. Why does my wife want me to have sex with a guy while she watches?
    help My wife wants me to have sex with another man while she watches im not bi so what to do ??? It makes her very hot talking about it and she brings it up almost everytime we are in the middle of having great sex .She wont bring in a girl for me but ...
    6 Sex 655
  243. How to be less stupid in math?
    Ok so I am stupid in math. I'm not exaggerating like I'll almost get all awensers wrong in tests that make me go WHAT THE *BEEP*!! I study do my homework and go to tutorials but nothing helps!! I am passing all my classes with 90's 80's while math is a...
    9 Education 42
  244. I did somthing.. stupid
    so um... I took to many tyolonal ... or however you spell it I was feeling depressed and took 15 went to school, and my mom had to come pick me up and I think I got it all out of my system but should I tell a doctor?? like tomorrow or my mom.....
    3 Health 38
  245. What is that one video of the black bear being stupid?
    I watched it off that one viral video film school on youtube about bears, and its a video of a black bear climbing up some metal bars, and moving his head around, and while this is happening a guy in the back says "hey...this one's stupid" it made me ...
    2 Entertainment 17
  246. Why are some women so stupid.
    Before I get told to shut up I want to say something. Why is it that when a women is cheated on 90% of the time they stay with their boyfriend, or Husbands even if they know they would cheat again? I for one get so pissed off when I see some girl ge...
    4 Relationships 46
  247. Is it stupid when people break up over Political beliefs
    In my opinion I believe it is EXTREMELY stupid... If the two partners really liked or loved each other enough, why break up if you have different politic beliefs? So what if a democrat's dating a republican! Just leave it alone and don't even bother ab...
    7 Relationships 85
  248. Why are boys so stupid?
    All the boys at my school are retarted and only talk about "you know what". They are retarted and will do anything to get a girl. Like this one boy stole my folder because he wants me to go out with him. And most of the boys only like me because I have...
    6 Relationships 76
  249. My wife just cheated, what should I do?
    You answer a lot of these and was wondering if you could help me. I found my wife having a 3 some with 2 guys I don't even know. One was really fat, the other was a black guy. I love her so much and we have 2 babies together. It happened last night, I ...
    14 Relationships 93
  250. Why do I get or*gasms over stupid things?
    Ok so I have this boyfriend, and Its really stupid. We were in my room, just tickleing eachother, like a random teenage couple, and I accedently hit him in the b00b. So he as a joke grabbed my vajina (with clothes on) and It felt so good, I can feel my...
    3 Relationships 152