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Is my stomach bloated

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  1. What are some stomach exercises?
    6 Nutritionfitness 39
  2. I got bloated stomach how to get rid of it?
    I got bloated stomach how to get rid of it?
    2 Health 76
  3. How an stomach feels expanding?
    How an stomach feels expanding?
    3 Health 279
  4. What is your stomach digesting?
    What food is digesting in your stomach now?
    5 Food 36
  5. What does bloating mean?
    What does bloating mean or where is it used.
    3 Health 259
  6. How to get a flat stomach?
    How to get a flat stomach?
    5 Style 113
  7. Why does my stomach feel so hard?
    why does my stomach feel so hard
    28 Health 1871
  8. what is your stomach digesting right now?
    what is your stomach digesting right now??
    11 Food 32
  9. What can I do about my stomach pains from having sex?
    What can I do about my stomach pains from having sex?
    2 Sex 2023
  10. stomache pumping
    Can you have your stomache pumped while pregnant?
    4 Health 132
  11. What is your stomach digesting right now?
    What is your stomach digesting right now?
    3 General 43
  12. How do I get a flat stomach?
    how do I get a flat stomach
    4 Nutritionfitness 62
  13. Is your stomach digesting food now?
    What is your stomach digesting now?
    5 Food 57
  14. How can I get rid of a bloated stomach?
    5 Style 430
  15. What color is stomach acid?
    16 Health 264
  16. Why is my puppy's stomach growling?
    8 Pets 50
  17. How do I know if I have stomach ulcers?
    6 Health 84
  18. How can I lose lower stomach fat/tone my stomach in two months?
    3 Nutritionfitness 48
  19. How can I get a slimmer stomach?
    8 Nutritionfitness 77
  20. Bloating?
    6 Nutritionfitness 18
  21. how can I make my stomach un-bloated?
    6 Health 550
  22. loud stomach grumbles
    what can I use for loud stomach grumbles
    3 Health 58
  23. flatter stomach?
    does sleeping on your stomach make it flatter?
    3 Nutritionfitness 942
  24. Does it take a while to get a flat stomach ?
    Does it take a while to get a flat stomach ?
    3 Nutritionfitness 46
  25. Why does the stomach roar when we get hungry?
    Why does the stomach roar when we get hungry?
    2 Health 102
  26. How to tone stomach muscles after pregnancy?
    How to tone stomach muscles after pregnancy?
    2 Nutritionfitness 137
  27. How can I get a flat stomach fast?
    How can I get a flat stomach fast...
    4 Nutritionfitness 59
  28. What to do if your child has a severe stomach ache?
    What to do if your child has a severe stomach ache?
    2 Babies 90
  29. can babys hear through your stomach while prego?
    can babys hear through your stomach while prego?
    3 Health 89
  30. How to deal with stomach pains from starving myself?
    How do I deal with the stomach pains when I am starving myself???
    7 Health 125
  31. How to loose baby fat of stomach
    How to loose baby fat of stomach
    2 Nutritionfitness 99
  32. what does it mean when my upper stomach hurts?
    what does it mean when my upper stomach hurts?
    11 Health 1878
  33. Why do I get bloated?
    Why do I bloat up if i won't get periods?
    2 Health 109
  34. How to make my stomach flat?
    how can I make my stomach flat?? what exercises??
    5 Nutritionfitness 60
  35. What is this sharp stomach pain?
    I have sharp pain in my stomach all the time
    3 Health 216
  36. What is it when you have lightened spots on my stomach and back???
    What is it when you have lightened spots on my stomach and back???
    2 Health 23
  37. How can I get over the stomach flu quickly?
    9 Health 50
  38. How come my stomach hurts everyday?
    7 Health 122
  39. toddler upset stomache
    4 Babies 34
  40. Is it harmful to sleep on your stomach all night?
    5 Health 96
  41. How can I stop my stomach from grumbling during class?
    2 Health 144
  42. What can it mean when someone has their stomach expanded?
    6 Health 75
  43. does my boobs flattin when i lay on my stomach?
    6 Health 37
  44. Why do I bloat even if I only consume water?
    2 Nutritionfitness 53
  45. How do you prevent stomach cramps when your running?
    5 Nutritionfitness 17
  46. Is it bad to exercise on an empty stomach?
    9 Nutritionfitness 15
  47. what to do if my stomache is bloated and feels uncomfortable?
    my period just came on and its brown right.and to top that my stomache is uncomfortable what should I do
    2 Health 97
  48. Are situps good to lose your stomach?
    are situps good to do when you want to lose your stomach
    7 Nutritionfitness 57
  49. How do I make my stomach fat go away?
    How do I make my stomach fat go away
    4 Nutritionfitness 22
  50. doesnt jogging lose weight on stomach?
    doesnt jogging lose weight on stomach?
    2 Nutritionfitness 96
  51. stomach virus
    my dog has a stomach long will it last?
    4 Pets 26
  52. Bleaching arm and stomach hair!!!
    How do I bleach my stomach and arm hair? what do I use?
    4 Style 143
  53. stomach weight
    how to lose stomach weight fast help!!!
    3 Nutritionfitness 52
  54. Nicholas jonas' stomach.
    Is it just me...or is nicholas jonas' stomach really weird?
    5 Music 103
  55. Bloated and cant go to the toilet?
    I am bloated and I can't go to the toilet. What shall I do?
    5 Health 108
  56. How can I get rid of fermentation acid in my stomach?
    How can I get rid of fermentation acid in my stomach?
    2 Health 102
  57. Laying on your stomache
    If you sleep on your stomache ...does it flatten your boobs??
    7 Health 52
  58. How to lose my stomach?
    how do I lose my stomach before my birthday april 24?
    5 Nutritionfitness 13
  59. How can I stop craps and bloating without pills
    How can I stop craps and bloating without pills
    6 Health 40
  60. Bloat out after having wheat
    I am not allowed wheat and after I have wheat I bloat out but I dont know why I bloat out. does someone know why I do bloat out.
    7 Health 18
  61. why does my stomach keep growin everytime i have sex?
    4 Sex 496
  62. What excersises are good to make your stomach flat?
    7 Nutritionfitness 66
  63. Can being punched in the stomach while pregnant cause a miscarriage?
    5 Health 3347
  64. how many months do you have to be for your stomach to look pregnant?
    9 Health 382
  65. How to get rid of period bloating?
    4 Health 103
  66. why do i have red bumps on my face and on my arm and stomach?
    8 Style 39
  67. Can anxiety cause stomach cramps and swelling?
    5 Health 47
  68. Does running help your stomach loose fat?
    4 Nutritionfitness 141
  69. Stomach flu, is it normal to swell?
    Is it normal for you stomach to swell when you have the stomach flu? I'm not prego...
    2 Health 169
  70. Are you supposed to say "excuse me" when your stomach growls?
    4 General 77
  71. What does it mean when you're bloated?
    what does it mean when your on your period and your blowded
    2 Health 87
  72. What medication or remedies can you take to clean your stomach out?
    10 Health 66
  73. Can I die if I have a worm in my stomach for a long time?
    6 Health 60
  74. Why do I have a weak stomach and a horrible gag reflex?
    4 Health 66
  75. How do you relieve stomach pain without medication?
    17 Health 59
  76. What are good exercises/dances that target the lower stomach?
    10 Nutritionfitness 15
  77. Is there a way I can make my stomach stop growling?
    5 Health 118
  78. Why does my stomach hurt whenever I swallow cum?
    2 Health 577
  79. Does drinking milk help an upset stomach?
    12 Health 140
  80. Is your stomach flat?
    ?is it cause mine isnt
    13 Nutritionfitness 21
  81. Stomach pains after we have sex
    After my girfriend and I have sex, she complains about stomach pains. Can you tell me why?
    4 Sex 8996
  82. Lose my stomach in 2 weeks!!!
    How can I lose my belly stomach in 2 weeks?? HELP!
    5 Nutritionfitness 61
  83. is it normal to feel a pulse in your stomach?
    to feelur pulse in your stomach and feel sick?
    5 Health 1543
  84. Why does my belly look pooch (bloated)?
    why does my belly look pooch (bloated)? whats wrong with it?
    13 Nutritionfitness 97
  85. Why does coke make you bloated it you drink a can?
    Why does coke make you bloated it you drink like a can ? Xx
    3 Nutritionfitness 129
  86. Stomach Virus, how to get rid of body aches?
    How can I get rid of the body aches from the stomach virus?
    2 Health 133
  87. what should I eat if my stomach hurts
    what should I eat if my stomach hurts because I'm really hungry
    10 Food 2123
  88. Do males get stomach cramps, like females?
    9 General 72
  89. Is it bad for your back if you sleep on your stomach, or without a pillow?
    5 Health 40
  90. What should I do for a 3 year old rottie's upset stomach?
    3 Pets 28
  91. Buttierflyies in the stomach
    What dose it feel like to have butterflys
    2 Relationships 205
  92. What does it mean when I have a pain in my stomach and I feel faint and weak?
    3 Health 87
  93. How can I stop strong stomach pains?
    what can i do f i have a strong pain in my stomch
    2 Health 125
  94. How does a sinus infection cause vomiting and an upset stomach?
    6 Health 69
  95. can your stomach start to hurt if you eat over cooked food?
    2 Health 96
  96. Can laying on your stomach increase or decrease the size of your boobs?
    5 Style 194
  97. Why do I wake up every morning with bad stomach aches?
    7 Health 70
  98. Is it possible to gain about an inch or even more on your stomach over night ?
    4 Nutritionfitness 63
  99. How long does it take to flatten your stomach if you do core workouts?
    3 Nutritionfitness 32
  100. how can i get a flat stomach befor school starts?
    9 Nutritionfitness 63
  101. Bloating
    Sucks!! I feel pregos! Im so bloated for no reason!! What can I do or take ?
    2 Health 48
  102. burning stomach area fat
    good excersises to burn fat around stomach area and such.
    4 Nutritionfitness 29
  103. What are these sharp pains in my stomach?
    What are these sharp pains in my stomach please help im in lots of pain
    4 Health 86
  104. How can I tone my stomach and thighs by may 31?
    How can I tone my stomach and thighs by may 31? And if im 13
    3 Nutritionfitness 87
  105. Why am I losing weight in my stomach but not legs?
    how come im loosing weight in my stomach and not my legs?
    2 Nutritionfitness 115
  106. How to get rid of fat on stomach?
    how do you get rid of the fat on your stomach? I cant seem to get rid of it! HELP!
    3 Nutritionfitness 21
  107. Why is my stomach hurting while I stand?
    My stomach starts to hurt when I stand for awhile. Is something wrong with me?
    2 Health 383
  108. How long after sex does it take for a girls stomach to get big?
    How long does it take for a girls stomach to get big after sex?
    5 Sex 399
  109. Can I sleep on my stomach at 11 weeks pregnant?
    I'm 11 weeks pregnant is is safe to sleep on my stomach?
    5 Health 708
  110. How to lose fat on the stomach?
    my friend is really skinny, but has some fat on her stomach. what can she do to loose the fat
    3 Nutritionfitness 66
  111. Stomach Grumbling
    Does anyone know a way to stop stomach grumbling please?!
    5 Health 76
  112. Whats is the fastest way to get rid of stomach fat
    Whats is the fastest way to get rid of stomache fat?
    2 Nutritionfitness 81
  113. How can I gain weight without getting a fat stomach?
    I want to no how can I gain weight without getting a fat stomach
    4 Nutritionfitness 115
  114. Losing stomach fat
    how can I lose some stomach fat and tone up my thighs? what should I eat to help me ?
    5 Nutritionfitness 37
  115. How is a stomach bug transmitted?
    I wanna know how to get the stomach bug so I know what to do to not get it. Just tell me what to so to get the stomach bug. i wanna know what to watch out for.
    3 Health 81
  116. How do I lose weight just from my stomach and no where else?
    I just wanna loose weight just from my stomach. And no loose my butt or boobs. Just my stomache
    5 Nutritionfitness 178
  117. How do I lose weight fast in my stomach area?
    I have a very fat stomach, I need some advice as to how to lose fat in my stomach fast.
    2 Nutritionfitness 936
  118. What do i do about the hair on my stomach...
    shave it orr idk what is the normal thing to do?
    11 Style 75
  119. Why do I wake up with a stomach ache when I sleep on my back?
    9 Health 54
  120. How come when it's so hot I get uncomfortable, get stomach pain, and a headache?
    8 Health 26
  121. How to get a stomach like this?
    Ok I want to a stmoch like this pic. How do I get it like that??
    3 Nutritionfitness 22
  122. what/hows a good way to curve your stomach so you don't eat as much?
    4 Nutritionfitness 32
  123. When you're pregnant, can you still suck in your stomach?
    Just wondering lol.
    3 Health 5575
  124. Is my stomach supposed to hurt when I'm on my first day of period?
    11 Health 133
  125. why when i finish eating i get a really bad pain in my stomach ?
    3 Health 87
  126. Is it good to wear something tight around your stomach while working out?
    6 Nutritionfitness 112
  127. What do you think it means when a girl's stomach and head is always hurting?
    3 Health 31
  128. What are some good exercise routines I could do that will flatten my stomach?
    My stomach is the only trouble I have on my body.
    4 Nutritionfitness 27
  129. Is it normal during preganacy to feel bloated?
    To feel bloated the first month and to not feel as hungery as you use to?
    3 Health 892
  130. What does it mean to sing from your stomach?
    What does it mean when people say sing from your stomach to reach them high notes?
    4 Music 63
  131. How to make my stomach flatter?
    I dont have a super flat stomach...what can I do 2 mak it flatter???
    2 Nutritionfitness 215
  132. lower stomach
    what exercises can I do to get rid of lower stomach fat??...will pilates work??
    4 Nutritionfitness 33
  133. What, is it normal for my stomach to hurt when toning?
    well I've started to tone up and stuff, but it hurts my stomach, is it normal ?
    3 Nutritionfitness 40
  134. eating a lot of carrots everyday,makes your stomach smaller?
    is it true that eating a lot of carrots everyday,makes your stomach smaller???
    9 Nutritionfitness 68
  135. why does my stomach hurt when my fiancee is on top when we have sex?
    when my fiancee and have sex my stomach hurts from the pressure, can anyone help me out?
    5 Sex 1618
  136. Ejaculaton on stomach?
    Could I be pregnant if my boyfriend ejaculated on my stomach, and it ran down to my labia?
    3 Health 189
  137. girls stomache is harry...should I shave?
    I have a few hairs on my stomache...and I wanna wear a bikini. should I shave the hairs or what?
    4 Style 305
  138. How to lose my stomach pouch?
    I just want to knoe does anyone has any ideas how to lose that pouch that be under some girls stomach...
    6 Nutritionfitness 124
  139. Bloated tummy
    My 18mth son has a bloated tummy? He is continually crying without tears? What can we do
    3 Babies 38
  140. no period yet . feeling bloated inside
    havent had period but now I feel bloated in my stomache. whats wrong with me ?
    3 Health 320
  141. Why everytime I take my birth control pill my stomach gets sick?
    8 Health 23
  142. Could my umbilical cord hernia from when I was a baby be affecting my stomach pains now?
    2 Health 50
  143. How come every time I eat something my stomach hurts immediately after?
    7 Health 58
  144. Is it true that the white rind of a watermelon or cantaloupe is bad for your stomach walls?
    2 Food 42
  145. Why is my stomach big when I weigh 113 pounds?
    is it fat or something else?
    11 Nutritionfitness 90
  146. Want a nice stomach.
    How"s the best way to get flat abs?
    4 Nutritionfitness 113
  147. How can food pass from the mouth to the stomach even though you're lying down?
    12 Health 23
  148. is it safe for me to sleep on my stomach with my hernia?
    Will it cause damage or make it worse if I sleep on it
    9 Health 21
  149. How can I tone my stomach and legs more?
    I had a baby three months ago and I want to be more toned
    10 Nutritionfitness 45
  150. Why do I feel things move when I lay on my stomach?
    what does it mean when I lay on my stamach I can feel little things move?
    8 Health 1926
  151. Exercises that help you get a flat toned stomach?
    What sort of exercises help you get a flat toned stomach? :) thanks x
    4 Nutritionfitness 64
  152. Does running help your stomach and abs get in shape?
    Does running make you lose stomach fat/get abs?
    8 Nutritionfitness 176
  153. How can I get a flat, sexy stomach?
    I need a flat, sexy stomach. How can I make that happen by the summer time?
    3 Sex 34
  154. How to get rid of stomach fat without losing weight?
    How do I get rid of the fat in my stomach without loosing weight? Is it possible?
    4 Nutritionfitness 42
  155. Why do apples hurt my stomach?
    why do apples make my stomach feel icky icky. And also dried apricots.
    3 Food 202
  156. Exercise for a flatter stomach?
    What are some good excersizes to do for a flatter stomach? I want to tone up by summer. Any suggestions?
    2 Nutritionfitness 126
  157. Why does my stomach make weird sounds when I lay on my side?
    Every time i lay on my side, my stomach makes odd sounds, what makes it do that?
    3 Health 220
  158. Can having your laptop on your stomach affect your health?
    I always lay down while on it and set it on my stomach. Could it affect my health? I am a girl.
    8 Health 15
  159. Flat stomach, what are some exercises?
    I want to reduce some weight arounb my stomach...suggest some exercises to do at home itself...
    5 Nutritionfitness 27
  160. How can I lose stomach fat?
    I know it takes a while to lose weight, but how can I lose stomach fat before Swimming season which is in about a month?
    5 Nutritionfitness 35
  161. How to gain weight everywhere but my stomach?
    what foofd do i nned to eat to gain weight except in my stomach area
    2 Nutritionfitness 263
  162. Lay on back or stomach with a stuffy nose?
    I have a stuffy nose. Would it be better to lie on my back, or my belly?
    2 Health 70
  163. Can sit ups help make your stomach flat?
    If yes how many times should I do it?
    6 Nutritionfitness 30
  164. Is it better to run on a full (well not 'full', just like, have eaten during the day) stomach or empty?
    9 Nutritionfitness 38
  165. could i start having like stomache pains from pregnancy the day aftter i had sex?
    2 Sex 2486
  166. Does anybody have any tips on how to tighten loose skin around the stomach and waist area?
    3 Style 58
  167. Why do I get stomach and chest pain after I eat?
    It feels like air and it hurts
    5 Health 30
  168. What could cause heavy, abnormal bleeding, back pain, and stomach cramps?
    2 Health 595
  169. When constipated should your stomach feel hard?
    Is it normal if your belly feels hard and you feel like getting sick during constipation
    2 Health 1203
  170. Why would eating strawberries at 5 AM give me really bad stomach pain?
    3 Health 34
  171. Why do I get a stomach ache when I eat?
    And if I havent ate for 4 hours I get a stomachache. Why is this?
    7 Health 1283
  172. Could a reaction to pills cause stomach pain, and feeling weak and faint?
    6 Health 17
  173. Why does my doctor listen to my stomach?
    When I go for an abdominal examination he puts a stethoscope to my tummy.Why is this?
    2 Health 266
  174. Why do I hold most of my weight on my stomach and chin, when others have it on their legs or arms or bum, but not face?
    2 Nutritionfitness 45
  175. What are the best exercises to lose weight in the stomach, legs, and upper back area?
    4 Nutritionfitness 28
  176. How much water do I have to drink until my stomach gets really loud and sloshy?
    7 Nutritionfitness 35
  177. How can I prevent or stop them little red dots appearing when I shave my stomach and chest?
    8 Style 95
  178. What clothing flatters your stomach?
    Im 13 were do I but cloths that flatter my waistline and look hot??? Were do you go?
    5 Style 39
  179. Why do I have stomach pain after sex?
    24 Sex 47735
  180. Why does my stomach hurt after having sex or being fingered?
    it's like a sort of cramp pain & it hurts to stand up. My stomach always hurts after being fingered & having sex.
    3 Sex 4659
  181. How to stop an acidic stomach?
    my stomach burns but acid reflux medice does not help and i dont have burning in my troat like acid reflux what can i do to stop it or what is it
    3 Health 46
  182. Whats the easiest way to get a flat stomach?
    Whats the easiest way to get a flat stomach and loosing weight from the top of my legs ?
    2 Nutritionfitness 49
  183. How to get a tight stomach?
    I want to have a tight stomach, but I dont know what kind of things to do to have one any answers for me???
    5 Nutritionfitness 139
  184. Can hear dogs stomach making noise?
    I can hear my dogs stomach making noise, she has been eating grass but she does not want her treats is there anything I can do
    6 Pets 101
  185. Cut on stomach, is it infected?
    I have a cut on my stomach and it really hurts a lot. And the cut has like this watery stuff coming out what should I do to it???
    3 Health 131
  186. Why does my stomach start to hurt when I eat?
    Every-time I eat my stomach seems to hurt , what do you think I can do about this problem?
    3 Health 100
  187. Hairy Arms and Stomach?
    So some people have been getting on my nerves, they make fun of me because I have hairy arms and stomach. What should I do to get rid of it? should I shave..or what?
    10 Style 629
  188. I have a big stomach
    I have a big stomach...but im not pregnat I've takin test and they all come out negative..but why is my stomach so big? please tell me...
    2 Health 55
  189. Bloated!!!
    Hmmm...what could be the possible reasons why I feel bloated and my stomach seems heavy??? I have not eaten a lot...
    7 Nutritionfitness 69
  190. Best way to lose your fat on stomach?
    I want a nyc flat stomach what is the best exersize for making my stomach flat xxx
    3 Nutritionfitness 38
  191. What does it mean when your dog stomach is soft?
    My dog is a mix chihuahua.She have been going out lately.She always rollover for we can rub her stomach which is achward.Her stomach is very soft.
    2 Pets 291
  192. Can you give me a workout to lose stomach fat?
    to loose some stomach fat? I weigh about 160 and im 5'6"
    4 Nutritionfitness 50
  193. How to stop/prevent bloating?
    I get bloated when im about to get my period and sometimes during...I take probiotics and it kinda of helps...what could i do other than that?
    4 Health 37
  194. Why do I feel my heart beat in my stomach?
    I can even physically see it and I feel it much better than I do in my neck
    2 Health 106
  195. What are some exercises to tighten my stomach, sides, and back without going to the gym?
    what are some excersizes to tighten my somach sides and back without going to the gym?
    3 Nutritionfitness 24
  196. What does it mean when you've got a hard stomach and you're giving out gas a lot lately?
    3 Health 65
  197. how to lose fat or weight on your stomache, and your thighs?
    ok so I really need to learn how to lose fat on your thighs and your stomache. plzz helpp!!!
    4 Nutritionfitness 49
  198. How to keep stomach and thighs but lose butt?
    how can I loose mii stomack and thises with out loosing mii buut
    3 Nutritionfitness 40
  199. does putting saran wrap on your stomach and sitting in the sun seriously help you lose inches?
    6 Style 504
  200. how can i get a flat stomach before the end of my six week holidays ? Pleas Advice ASAP
    9 Nutritionfitness 33
  201. Is it normal for you to feel sick to your stomach the day after taking birth control for the first time?
    3 Health 60
  202. Why do certain commercials, TV shows, and/or music videos make my stomach hurt?
    4 Health 41
  203. Can you eat something after haveing a procedure where they go into your stomach and take a piece of it?
    Or do you have to wait and eat something light?
    4 Health 9
  204. How can you get rid of stretch marks? on ur thighs, side of stomach, and kinda on ur butt
    5 Style 192
  205. How can I get rid of stomach pain?
    How can I get rid of stomach pain??? I get a lot of medicine but how about home made antibiotics or something please!!
    6 Health 106
  206. Why is my belly so bloated like my pregnant?
    Why is my belly so bloated I have ibs and I know that I may bloat from that but not that round but I have bloated that much I look pregnant now lol someone help is it my ibs or pregnant?
    4 Health 105
  207. line below my stomach?
    its looks like crease in my stomach I've never been pregnant and I'm not overweight so what could it be
    5 General 264
  208. Stomach surgery
    Has anyone had any surgeries that involed an incision on the stomach? How long did it take you to heal? How long was it before you were able to work out again or have sex?
    2 Sex 18
  209. Lump in my stomach in the tanning bed
    I get a big lump in my lower stomach when I lay in the tanning bed. It moves..and it hurts. What could it be?
    7 Health 150
  210. Is there a problem with my body if I am hungry and my stomach is growling?
    But i have no inclination to eat anything or if i try i get a stomach ache?
    8 Health 53
  211. What is wrong, my stomach starts to hurt at night?
    My stomach keeps hurting at about 8 every night and some times durring the day
    2 Health 98
  212. How do you get rid of stomach viruses?
    I'm not kidding :( My mom has one and my nephew had it first.
    8 Health 28
  213. What are these stomach pains?
    hi, I've been having these stomach pains on and off for the last couple of days and I can't figure what they're all about. Does someone know what they are?
    2 Health 93
  214. Why is my stomach harder than usual?
    Is it possible to feel really bloated and have a harder stomach and be possibly be stomach stays hard even when I havent eaten.could I be pregnant.
    2 Health 4679
  215. Big stomach
    Please give me some advices...what should I stomach is really big...and its so shameful when I wearing body fits...can you give me some tips to make my stomach flat...
    5 Nutritionfitness 133
  216. Why do I feel things in my stomach?
    im not preagnet or I cant get I've already had my tubes tied & burn so why do I feel things in my stomach
    2 Health 136
  217. would my stomach hurt if im pegnant?
    would my stomach hurt if im pregnant like would it be sore?please I need this question answered...
    2 Health 4286
  218. Can you feel the guy's penis in your stomach during sex?
    This question is completely out of curiosity, but I heard that when you have sex, you can feel the guys dick in your stomach. Is that true and what's it like?
    9 Sex 35169
  219. Stomach growling
    why is my stomach always growling??? its so weird. even when im not hungry its annoying. it just growls.. nothing else happens after.
    2 Health 223
  220. how can I lose my stomach but keep my chest and thighs?
    I need to lose my stomach.I have a nice body and don't want to lose anythinq how can I just lose the stomach?
    4 Nutritionfitness 63
  221. Losing weight in the stomach
    I'm 40yrs old and I need to know how to lose weight in the stomach area without going on a diet?
    5 Nutritionfitness 17
  222. How to tone my stomach by Christmas?
    how can I loose weight by christmas time and get my stomach more tone\flat...should I jsut do crunches or other ab exercises too?
    8 Nutritionfitness 39
  223. remembered being in there moms stomach before birth?
    Has there ever been a person on earth that remembered being in there moms stomach before they're born. I don't know jw. lol.
    10 General 27
  224. What does it mean that my stomach gets queazy?
    I kinda like this kid and when ever I think about him my stomach gets a little qwezzie what dose that mean
    6 Health 70
  225. pain on the side of my stomach
    can that be a sign of pregnancy??? if a girl had sex 2 or 3 days ago???
    4 Sex 932
  226. is it true that sleeping on your stomach is the best way?
    i've heard sleeping on the sides is bad for the back and on the back is bad for the eyes.
    6 Health 37
  227. What are some lower stomach exercises?
    what are some good exercises for the lower belly area ? besided crunches and sit-ups ?
    6 Nutritionfitness 30
  228. When I push on my stomach...
    I feel this beating noise. I don't think I'm pregnant but it feels so weird. What else could this be?
    2 Health 706
  229. How do I know when my baby is hiccuping insode my stomach?
    I am almost 7 months pregnant. This is my first pregnancy. How do I know when my baby is hiccuping?
    3 Health 54
  230. What does it mean if you drink something and you get this random pain from your chest all the way down your side to your stomach after you swallow it?
    3 Health 23
  231. How to lose stomach fat?
    How can I lose stomach fat? I do sit-ups everyday but its not working=[ Is there another exercise I can do to flatten my stomach?? Please help anyone
    4 Nutritionfitness 42
  232. bloated feeling and cramping for days
    I have been cramping for days bloating at sometimes my stomache sometimes hurt I always feel hungry, tired, still havent had my period ??? am I preggie? or not ??
    2 Health 131
  233. How do I stop being bloated?
    Today I had like three cans of diet pepsi and now my stomach is all bloated and fat. I keep thinking I have put on weight is this weight or what. How do I stop it ???
    2 Nutritionfitness 127
  234. dog stomach
    my pit just had 2 puppies 14 hours ago her stomach is still hard and looks swollen is this normal>
    4 Pets 22
  235. Rid of stomach fat
    what is a way for me to lose the exessive fat on my stomach without having to change my diet? I just want to get rid of the fat, nothing else.
    3 Nutritionfitness 33
  236. Does running on treadmill help lose stomach fat?
    Spring break is coming and I need to no if running will help loose stomach fat, and leg fat? What should I do about arm fat?
    3 Nutritionfitness 163
  237. What could this lump be on my pup stomach?
    My puppie has a lump on his stomach about 2 inches from his penis.this lump is about 1/2 inch round. It doesn't seem to hurt the pup. What could this be?
    3 Pets 73
  238. Getting rid of stomach hair?
    I have stomach hair, how do I get rid of it? I heard that if I shave itll grow back darker and thicker... is this true or just a myth?
    7 Style 103
  239. How to flatten your stomach and plump your butt?
    whats a true way or ways to flatten your stomach and plump your butt??? only put it if it really works and it works in a short time..
    3 Nutritionfitness 155
  240. What are some workouts for a flat stomach?
    Anybody know some good workouts for a flat stomache?! Besides crunches and sit ups because I have a bad back, I sprained it a while back.
    2 Nutritionfitness 22
  241. horrible feeling in my stomach
    ok well I have this really weird horrible feeling in my I feel like im gonna throw up but im not! so does anyone know what I should do about it?
    4 Health 211
  242. Will getting punched in the stomach stop my pregnancy?
    I might be pregnant && im 14...I don't know yet...I hope not...but if I get punched and the stomach can I loose it?
    12 Health 30833
  243. Bloated abdomen and feeling sick
    My abdomen is bloated my boobs are sore and I feel sick all the time cannot be pregnant was sterilised 13 years ago
    2 Health 456
  244. At how many months does the baby move around & kick in your stomach
    I have a question. I am pregnant around how many months would I be if I already started feeling the baby move and kick around in my stomach???
    3 Health 720
  245. Help on losing weight from stomach
    Does anyone know how I can lose weight off my tummy, its coming off everywhere but my stomach. im apple shaped by the way.
    2 Nutritionfitness 58
  246. How can I get a flatter stomach?
    How can I get a toner, flatter stomach ( or whatever you call it) without lossing weight cause I only weigh 89 pounds as it is
    3 Nutritionfitness 51
  247. Does Drinking vinegar shrink your stomach?
    I know it eat's it away if you have to much& no I aint gotta pass any test
    3 Nutritionfitness 959
  248. How come for the past 2 times I've eaten at McDonald's, I've ended up with a really bad stomach ache?
    10 Health 44
  249. how do paralyzed people flatten there stomach?
    like an exercise they do that helps them loose the tummy if they dont have any abs to do crunches?
    3 Nutritionfitness 74
  250. When you're getting overweight, can the lower stomach around the belly button get a bit bigger?
    So it sticks out a small bit.
    3 Nutritionfitness 79