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  1. Legal weed
    Should weed by legalized?
    5 Politics 43
  2. gay marriage
    4 Relationships 17
  3. Are torrents legal?
    5 Technology 33
  4. how to save my marriage
    4 Relationships 14
  5. What is "Legal Studies" about?
    6 Education 15
  6. Are cellphone jammers legal?
    Are cellphone jammers legal?
    2 Technology 27
  7. Who thinks Marijuanna should be legal?
    Who thinks Marijuanna should be legal?
    26 Politics 39
  8. What is the legal babysitting age?
    What is the legal babysitting age?
    3 Babies 60
  9. What is best age for marriage?
    What is best age for marriage ??
    3 Relationships 151
  10. What's legal bud?
    What in the hell is legal bud???
    7 Politics 81
  11. What do you think about marriage at 19?
    31 Relationships 47
  12. College / marriage
    If you had to choose which one...marriage or college??
    8 Relationships 17
  13. Why haven't we legalized drugs?
    why havn't we legalized them?
    14 Drugs 44
  14. whats the legal age to babysit?
    whats the legal age to babysit?
    4 Money 63
  15. What do you think about gay marriage
    What do you think bout gay marriage
    12 Relationships 46
  16. What is the legal age to move out in Kansas?
    What is the legal age to move out in Kansas?
    4 Family 179
  17. What's the Bible say about marriage and divorce?
    What does the bible says about marriage and divorce?
    20 Religion 129
  18. Should marijuana be legalized and is it bad for you?
    Should marijuana be legalized and do you think it is bad for you?
    20 Politics 39
  19. Marriage
    As a man how to prepare your body before marriage
    2 Health 24
  20. How can I change my personal identification legal?
    How can I change my personal identification legal?
    2 Family 9
  21. Is it legal to move out at 17?
    isnt it legal to move out at 17?
    5 Family 56
  22. Legal to have a pet capuchin monkey?
    Where is it legal to have a pet capuchin monkey???
    9 Pets 340
  23. Is Obama going to legalize weed?
    11 Politics 60
  24. Is there any chance of marijuana being legalized in Texas?
    3 Politics 10
  25. who knows if pot will be legalized in Houston?
    8 Politics 10
  26. Is it legal to spank your kid with a paddle?
    spank your kid with a paddle???
    11 Babies 135
  27. What is the legal age to move out in Kentucky?
    3 Family 98
  28. Is downloading content from 4shared legal?
    5 Technology 67
  29. How do i legally change my middle name?
    4 General 10
  30. is making alcohol popcicles legal?
    10 Politics 22
  31. Do you know when there legalizing pot in california?
    5 Politics 21
  32. What are some of the legal issues in declaring bankruptcy?
    3 Money 20
  33. Is there anywhere in the world that slavery is legal?
    6 Politics 59
  34. Is this site legal or illegal?
    10 Funadvice 25
  35. Love marriage v/s arrange
    Does love marriage better than arrange marriage
    5 Relationships 19
  36. whats the legal drinking age in germany?
    whats the legal drinking age in germany?
    2 Travel 54
  37. When can my daughter legally leave school?
    When can my daughter legally laeve school
    9 Education 24
  38. Should alcohol be legal?
    I know achohal is legal. Bur should it be? and why?
    7 Politics 96
  39. Legal age to leave home in australia
    What is the legal age to leave home in australia?
    3 Family 50
  40. Is it legal to download movies from Limewire?
    Is it legal to download films off limewire?
    5 Technology 44
  41. Should weed be legalized?
    Do you think weed should be legalized? If yes,why and if No , why? Curious.
    23 Politics 53
  42. Can I legally get somones yahoo password?
    Can I legally get somones yahoo password?
    2 Technology 21
  43. What is the legal age?
    What is the legal age to have s e x in america? ? ? ?
    9 Relationships 28
  44. legal distinction between selling a product and licensing it?
    What is the legal distinction between selling a product and licensing it?
    2 General 177
  45. Can I legally get someones yahoo password?
    Can I legally get someones yahoo password?
    2 Technology 37
  46. Same sex marriage
    Whats yur opinion on same sex marriages?
    9 Sex 30
  47. Create & Legalize a law
    If you could create and legalize any law what would it be?
    7 Politics 26
  48. Why are cigarettes legal and marijuana isn't?
    Why are cigarettes legal and marijunana isn't?
    9 Politics 118
  49. Are there any countries with no legal drinking age?
    Are there any countries with no legal drinking age?? xx
    4 Travel 43
  50. Can You Legally Move Out In Georgia If Your 17 And Pregnant?
    5 Family 69
  51. how old do you have to be to have a baby and legally keep it in queensland?
    2 Family 55
  52. Marriage
    Is it illegal to get married at 16 ?
    3 Relationships 37
  53. Is it legal to adopt a piranha in New Delhi?
    5 Pets 38
  54. Is it true that they are trying to legalize weed in Canada?
    7 Politics 24
  55. What: Is marijuana (or however you spell it) legal to have in Canada now?
    14 Politics 42
  56. Do you think Weed should be made legal?
    9 Health 41
  57. What was marriage and family like in the Elizabethan times?
    3 General 32
  58. Can civilians legally own guns with silencers in the U.S?
    9 Politics 30
  59. What are some quick (and legal) ways to earn money?
    5 Money 38
  60. Is stripping a legal job in the United States?
    5 Politics 41
  61. What are the legal aspects in the movie erin brockovich?
    3 Entertainment 14
  62. Can you get legal weed for a tooth ache?
    6 Health 50
  63. What is a legal music downloading program
    What is a free, legal, and virus free music downloading program?
    3 Technology 39
  64. Is it legal to get married if you're under 18 ??
    (Just curious )- Is it legal to get married if your under 18 ??
    5 Relationships 29
  65. inter-faith marriage
    do inter-faith marriages really work?
    5 Religion 17
  66. Legal limit to the hight you can grow a connifer tree
    Is there a legal limit to the hight you can grow a connifer tree
    2 Homegarden 62
  67. Is there a legal way to get high?
    is there a legal way to get high not not go to jail
    9 Health 38
  68. What makes a girl a perfect girlfriend and marriage material?
    What makes a girl a perfect girlfriend and marriage material?
    2 Relationships 62
  69. should pot be legal
    Do you think pot should be legal. And think about this, alcohol is so so so so so much worse for you.
    11 Politics 32
  70. is anyone else on this site legally emancipated?
    Just wondering but is anyone else on this site legally emancipated?
    5 Family 15
  71. Is Hawaiian Gold bud really legal?
    is hawaiian gold bud realy legal?
    3 Politics 57
  72. Should they make marijuana legal?
    Why is marijuana legal in other countries but not the United States?
    26 Politics 47
  73. marriage laws
    in Australia what do you think the marriage law is intended to achieve?
    2 Religion 20
  74. Is it legal and should a 12 year old babysit
    Should 12 year olds be able to babysit and is it legal
    9 Money 90
  75. Tatoos legal age to get one?
    What is the legal at to get one. And how expensive are they?
    3 Style 41
  76. is it true that 50% of all 1st marriges, 67& of 2nd marriages and 74% of all 3rd marriages end in divorce?
    12 Relationships 37
  77. marriage men
    is ti ok to date a marry men?
    6 Relationships 21
  78. Are Shrooms Legal?
    are you alound to grow them in the united states?
    6 Politics 50
  79. What is the legal age to smoke cigarettes in New Jersey?
    4 Politics 44
  80. Can I legally move out at 16?
    Can I move out at 16 without my parent's approval?
    2 Family 35
  81. What are some way people have spiced up there marriage and love life?
    6 Relationships 21
  82. Is there a website where I can legally download free music to my iPod?
    6 Technology 26
  83. Marriage is why we are gathered here today
    how can I make my husband happy?
    4 Family 31
  84. Is there a "legal" way of getting rid of step parents?
    9 Family 31
  85. What are your opinions on forced marriages?
    12 Relationships 20
  86. Is it legal for a foreigner to bring his own business to the United States?
    4 Money 14
  87. Whats the legal age in Illinois to get a tattoo?
    6 Style 30
  88. What is the legal age you can travel to a different country on your own in America?
    10 Travel 45
  89. Where can I download tv shows free and legally in australia?
    Where can I downlaod tv shows free and legally in australia?
    2 Entertainment 10
  90. Can I legally move out of my parents' house at 17?
    I am 17. I want to know if I can legally move out of my parents house?
    4 Family 90
  91. Legal age for tragus piercing?
    Whats the legal age in va to get your tragus pierced??
    3 Style 834
  92. when will gay marriage come back???
    is gay marriage gonna come back to california and all the other states?
    2 Relationships 16
  93. Should marijuana be legal?
    should weed be legal in the states as most people smoke it anyways
    17 Health 36
  94. Are hedgehogs legal pets in australia?
    I am looking into geting a hedgehog as a pet, are they legal in queensland australia?
    3 Pets 585
  95. Can a creditor legally call and harrass you at your workplace?
    It is legal for creditors to call and harrass you at your work place?
    7 Money 187
  96. Would you have a problem supporting the legalization of Marijuana in your state or country?
    16 Politics 7
  97. looks and marriage
    my boyfriend loves me but he is too ugly. what shud i do?i know
    2 Relationships 23
  98. How can I get $300-$400 asap legally and without a job?
    7 Money 145
  99. What is the church's teaching on same sex marriage?
    What is it? What is your opinion? Please tell
    23 Sex 45
  100. Can parents/guardians legally open a minor's mail without their consent?
    7 Family 540
  101. Why is it that the legal age to drink is 21 but you can serve your country at age 18?
    19 Politics 41
  102. What do men think of women waiting until marriage?
    What do men think of women who will not have sex until they are married?
    4 Sex 56
  103. Marriage and babies
    Hi, I was just wondering why do some people want to have babies before they are married.
    6 Family 19
  104. Does it still count if you sign a legal document or contract when you are drunk?
    11 General 92
  105. How do you feel about the legal age to have sex being changed from 16 to 14?
    14 Sex 75
  106. How much would it cost to change your name legally in California?
    2 General 14
  107. Your own legal guardian at 17?
    can your parent sign you over to be your own legal gaurdian at the age of seventeen?
    4 Family 48
  108. Would the crime rate go down if weed was legal?
    Do you think if Marijuana was legal crime rate would go down??
    2 Politics 60
  109. se* before marriage
    how many of you guys are planning to wait til marriage I know I am
    2 Relationships 15
  110. legal age for a child to stop sleeping in their parents room?
    whats the legal age for a child to stop sleeping in their parents room?
    6 Babies 114
  111. How can a 17 year old boy legally move out ?
    How can a 17 year old boy legally move out with out getting emancipated?
    4 Family 54
  112. Gay marriage
    Why do people oppose of gay marriage if it doesn't have anything to do with them? Like why do they care?
    14 Entertainment 21
  113. Should gay marriage be legalized in Florida?
    Should gay marriage be legalized in Florida? Id like your opinion, be honest, and please just a yes, no, or undecided. I have a project on making a poll, so I just need the yes, no, or undecided lol.
    36 Politics 126
  114. What's the legal age I can move out in Texas?
    Is 17 the legal age in Texas to move out without your parents' consent?
    5 Family 200
  115. When can I legally move out?
    What is the legal age to move out of my mom's house with out being a run away child?
    4 Family 53
  116. Free Legal Music?
    Does anyone know how to download free legal music that is compatable with iPods?
    8 Music 14
  117. Is it possible to save a marriage after an affair?
    Is it possible to save a marriage after a affair. can you regain trust and can you really forgive.
    2 Relationships 38
  118. Weed legal?!
    I have heard people talking about how there trying to legalize weed in the us this true?? Where are some places where weed is legal?...
    6 Politics 25
  119. thoughts on marriage are?
    Weve been doing about differnt religions and marriage at school so im just wondering what everyones thoughts on marriage are?
    7 Relationships 13
  120. What are the legal issues affecting social networking sites and the new media?
    3 Politics 10
  121. How many hours can you legally work/week (under age 18) if it's during the school year?
    13 Money 55
  122. Can my mother legally kick me out of this house if my grandparents own it and they said I could stay?
    12 Family 188
  123. Is sex before marriage a sin?
    is that a sins if someone 've sex befor it gets married?
    19 Sex 83
  124. What's the word for marriage in the family?
    What's the word for when you marry someone in your family? Like your brother or your cousin?
    5 General 52
  125. What's the legal age to start smoking?
    Not to actually purchase cigars but to smoke one?
    59 Politics 66
  126. Is it legal for a lawyer who is not a licensed real estate agent to earn a real estate commission?
    2 Money 19
  127. is there anywhere in the United States where its legal for two girls to get married?
    14 Politics 10
  128. Legal age for tattoos?
    How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in texas is it 17 or 18?
    2 Style 70
  129. Hate my namee ! can I legally change ittt !
    Destiny is a dumb name to meee. (: can I change ittt ?
    4 General 14
  130. Are they legalizing marijuana?
    i heard two states are O.O isn't it bad?
    10 Politics 24
  131. Is it legal to get kicked out of a rental unit in the winter...
    When you have kids and pets?
    3 Homegarden 162
  132. Controversial Marriages
    What do you think of marrying someone from another religion, is it ok for you?
    27 Religion 55
  133. Is it legal to ride a motorbike over 125cc on your learners permit only in South Africa?
    3 Cars 19
  134. Does it make sense to issue a legal license to an illegal person?
    Please explain, what sense it makes to issue a 'legal' license to an 'illegal' person ?
    9 Politics 26
  135. What are some free and legal music websites?
    What are some good websites were you can listen to the newst music for free and legally? I don want to download, I just want to listen to it.
    2 Music 10
  136. Is cyberschooling legal in New Jersey?
    Does anyone here know if Cyberschooling is legal in New Jersey..if anyone knows please let me know..this is so important!!
    3 Education 25
  137. legal driving age in PA?
    What is the legal age that you make get your driver's permit in Pennsylvania?
    2 General 63
  138. How can I make $1500 fast and legally?
    what is the faster way to make money ($1500), legally... just for the record, I have no job
    2 Money 386
  139. Legally leaving home
    If I turn 18 in one month can I legally leave the house now before my birthday?
    2 Family 32
  140. Marriage: is it very compulsory?
    my parents are after me from marriage...I don want to to do right now. please suggest me some ideas how do I request my parents.
    6 Family 31
  141. Legal download sites please?
    Is there a website that I can download free songs for my mp3. Ps.websites that are legal
    6 Music 13
  142. What is legal bud?
    There are web sites that say they sell "legal bud" what makes what they sell different then illegal bud.
    10 Politics 58
  143. why is the legal age for sex and drinking so high in America compared to the rest of the world?
    5 Sex 30
  144. Intercourse Before or After Marriage
    Id like to hear some opinions about this...maybe with...reasons why and...why not. Thanks.
    4 Relationships 19
  145. how old do u think u shud legally b 2 drink and smoke?
    10 Health 14
  146. Can I get a job as para-legal or medical secretary with a felony conviction?
    2 Money 62
  147. Marriage and pregnant
    In tennessee if im pregnant can I get married without a parental consent
    3 Relationships 15
  148. Moving out legally at 14
    Are there any ways for a 14year old could move out legaly in california.
    4 Family 37
  149. What are your thoughts about same sex marriage?
    just wanting to know what are your thoughts about it? Is it wrong/ or okay with you? What other things do you have problems with?
    10 Sex 57
  150. what is the legal drinking age in America?
    I was wondering what the leagel drinking age in America is. Because in Australia it is 18. If it is different in America WHY?
    7 Politics 36
  151. How would marijuana second hand smoke affect your health if it were made legal?
    32 Health 48
  152. Who knows if its forbidden for a Muslim girl to date or have sex with another religion before marriage?
    15 Sex 82
  153. Is it legal for a lecturer to marry his student in your country?
    He is 32 and she is 23 years old.
    9 Politics 27
  154. Why is marijuana illegal while cigarettes are legal?
    Can anyone tell me the difference between pot and everyday cigarettes? Why is it that pot is illegal?
    117 Politics 283
  155. When are you a legal age to move out of your parents house?
    What age do you have to be to move out of your parents house in arkansas if you have a new born baby
    2 Family 49
  156. Is there any country where roaming on the street nude is legal?
    i want to roam around naked in the street. But other people should be naked too
    9 Travel 338
  157. When you move somewhere else how long does the landlord have to legally wait before they can change the locks?
    3 Politics 8
  158. Do you think it should be legal that in order to become an eagle scout you are required to sign up for the draft?
    9 General 58
  159. What is the minimum legal age to SELL alcohol (as in a gas station) in the state of Minnesota?
    9 Money 87
  160. Do you think that, in the future, marriage will be practically abolished as more couples choose to just live together?
    16 Relationships 43
  161. What if an illegal immigrant became a US citizen by marriage, what would happen if they divorced?
    7 Politics 18
  162. your point of view on marriage
    whats your point of view? mine is kinda...scary... thanks to mom.
    3 Relationships 32
  163. Where can gays get married legally?
    I mean which states of USA or which country outside USA?
    10 Politics 34
  164. Is it legal to practice nudism at home, and do I need consent from other family members to do so?
    I would like to practice nudism at home. Is this legal ? Should I consent other members of the family to do so ?
    6 General 288
  165. is frostwire legal?
    all my friends tell me it is legal, but i dont know for sure. my dad says its illegal, and my friends say its legal. is frostwire REALLY legal or is it a scam??
    7 Technology 68
  166. When do you know your marriage is going fine?
    My husband says I have no intrest in him anymore what should I do to show him I am very interested an him?
    5 Relationships 13
  167. Is it legall to have a pet penguin???
    I really adore penguins and I want to own one but I don't know if its legall or not.and if it would be safe to have a pet penguin?
    4 Pets 61
  168. Is it legal for my ex's girlfriend to spank my son?
    I just found out that my son is being spanked bare butt by my x's girlfreind is that legal if it is not her child???
    12 Babies 1016
  169. Who should sell their house after marriage?
    When a person gets married should he stay at his house or move in with her. Should one of them sell their house, or should they keep both houses?
    3 Relationships 17
  170. When you get married in Las Vegas is it legal..?
    if you lived in Canada and ran off to Las Vegas to get married would you legally be married in Canada when you came back?
    3 Relationships 18
  171. When can I legally move out in Texas?
    Ok so I'm 15 about to be 16 in about 4 months and I live in the state of Texas. When can I legally move out ?
    7 Family 173
  172. when it comes down to marriage!
    when your looking at marriage, would you prefer a virgin or the love of your life who had a lot of sexual experiences??
    4 Sex 12
  173. Is it legal to voice record your counseling sessions?
    Do you have to ask the therapist for permissioon or can you just turn on the voice recorder from your phone?
    9 Politics 10
  174. Is it legal to give alcohol to an underage spouse?
    can a 21 yr old give alcohol to an 18 yr old spouse in georgia?
    4 Family 84
  175. Is it legal to feed my corn snake live mice?
    Is it legal to feed my corn snake live mice by throwing it in his cage to catch for his self I live in leeds.
    3 Pets 38
  176. think of legal prostitution how will it affect a countree.?
    What do you think of legal prostitution how will it affect a countree.? We are having this problem here in the S-A and I would just want to hear your thoughts on it.
    5 Politics 7
  177. Can a legal guardian sign forms for a name change even if the parents are still living?
    4 Family 36
  178. Why do married couples have alternative type relationship, like open marriage, swinging, etc?
    35 Relationships 65
  179. Are condoms legal to have at 15?
    Answer this Question: "Are condoms legal to have at 15?" I've herd some crazy stuff can you be younger than 15 and buy them?
    2 Relationships 22
  180. Can a 16 year old move out legally if married, pregnant, and gradua
    Can a 16 year old move out legally if married, pregnant, and graduated from high school?
    3 Family 66
  181. Options in my Proposed Marriage?
    Hi My marriage is proposed with my father's eldest brother's divorced wife I need opinions
    13 Relationships 19
  182. What website I can subscribe to download any movie legally?
    What website I can subscribe for a year to download any movie or song legally anybody knows please tell me thank you.
    6 Entertainment 59
  183. Why is cigarette production legal?
    why is it legal? since its addictive and it can cause many illness, it is very similar to illegal drugs.. so why?
    15 Politics 151
  184. Gay Marriage.
    do you think that it should be legal for the same gender to get married? I think it should be. its not fair that someone cant marry the person they love.
    2 Relationships 7
  185. Is it legal for a creditor to call and harrass you on your job?
    Is it legal for a creditor to call and harrass you on your job? My boss has told them it's illegal. Is this true. They have been told on several occasions to stop.
    3 Money 112
  186. Legal right for minors
    Its it legal for a 17 yr old to move out in illinois without parents getting in to trouble
    3 Family 64
  187. How much money per day is legal to earn?
    What is the average daily dollar earning that would seem legal or permissible?
    2 Money 16
  188. Home after marriage
    Where is your dream place to live after marriage? I dreamt of living in aspen or a house overviewing lake tahoe... C",) How about you?
    2 Relationships 11
  189. Can Parents legally take money away from their kids?
    I just want to know if it is legal for a parent to take their child's money away from them, either as a punishment or just to get it.
    3 Family 186
  190. What's the legal term for this?
    Whats the legal term called when people write statements but include their own version of events rather than the true version of events???
    2 General 15
  191. Marriage to someone my family doesn't like
    hey I have a question, what do I do if I want to marry a man that my family doesnt like?
    5 Family 13
  192. What's the legal drinking age in Rhodes, Greece?
    I'm going to Rhodes tomorrow:) and just wondered, not like I want to drink (¬_¬)
    3 Travel 231
  193. Are you waiting until marriage to move in with your husband?
    Im 16 and have the value and moral of waiting till im married to move in with a are you the same?
    6 Sex 38
  194. Who knows if plastic knuckle dusters are legal in canada???
    Does anyone know??? I know brass ones are illegal but I am unsure about plastic
    2 Politics 1829
  195. Is it legal for a cop to pull you over because you did not pull all the way up to the white line at a red light, and then give you a ticket for any reason?
    5 Relationships 12
  196. Arranged marriage
    Wtf?!! Arranged marrrage what are mi parents thinking? Are they trying to ruin my life what should I do? Help!
    8 Relationships 12
  197. Should we go through with our marriage?
    im 15 and engaged so take that over protective, other peoples parents!!! who thinks I shouldnt do it?
    2 Relationships 19
  198. Sex after marriage?
    What happens if you end up marrying the person you've had premarital sex with? Will you still go to hell?
    21 Sex 37
  199. Where is polygamy legal ?
    Where do they recognize polygamy marriage ? Even if it is legal there what would happend if you go to an other country? Will your marrage still be recognized or would they force you to choose one ?
    3 Religion 62
  200. When can you legally move out in Florida?
    If you live in FL, when can you LEGALLY move out from living with ur parents? Cuz I'm 15... and REALLY wanna move out..
    4 Family 60
  201. What kind of job can I get? That is legal...
    I am 16 and I am looking for job that has NOTHING to do with food. No Mcdonalds, Wendy's, Giant, Resturants, etc. Where can I get a job at? That is legal.
    4 Money 57
  202. Legal age to move out in Missouri?
    I'm 16 and now living in Missouri. I want to move to Texas when I'm 17, but can I legally do that without parental consent?
    6 Family 227
    does anyone know the legal age for smoking and buying cigarettes and cigars? is it 16? im not sure THANK YOU
    3 Relationships 13
  204. what is legal and illegal for debt collectors?
    I have a collection agency that leaves nasty messages on my home phone so that anyone can hear, is this legal?
    2 General 10
  205. When) is it legal for a parent to take something from their kid?
    Is it legal for a parent to take away something from their kid if they don't want to get a haircut and don't need one but their parents are trying to force it.
    5 Family 13
  206. legally move out of your parents house at the age of 17
    So is it true that you can legally move out of your parents house at the age of 17 in the state of texas? Im not 17 nor do I live in texas... but I saw this..and wondering if its true
    4 Family 93
  207. Downloading music legally
    Where can I download unlimited music and movies by paying a fee.. (I dont want free music websites)
    3 Music 14
  208. how do you know when your ready for marriage?
    How do you know when your in a relationship and are ready to get married?Is it the way you feel. Is it just natural. someone help me find out.
    3 Relationships 45
  209. What age is it legal where you are to get your license?
    It's your 15th bday here, and I've heard some things about having to wait until you are 16 in the US?
    16 Cars 33
  210. Why do family members get humiliated if their daughter is pregnant with out marriage and she's young?
    is it like scaring your family and shaming them all life?
    7 Family 25
  211. How Legal is Blubster?
    I want to know if it is safe to download albums from (especially expensive and hard to find ones)
    2 Music 77
  212. Marriage or modeling?
    Hi how are I hv plain 2 get marry.but now I hv a very big modeling offer...wht I hv 2 do
    2 Relationships 20
  213. marriage validity
    if you're gay and live in a state where same-sex marriage is illegal, then get married in a state where it is legal, then go back to your home state is your same-sex marriage still valid in that state?
    2 Sex 12
  214. Traveling to jamaica, what's the legal drinking age there?
    A friend of mine is traveling to Jamaica, and wanted to know what's the legal drinking age there. He's only 20 now, so not legal to drink in the US, but wanted to find out what the age is in Jamaica to be able to drink alcohol. Any ideas?
    2 Travel 226
  215. Do you think the liberals are harming or helping their popularity by voting to legalize marijuana?
    Do you think the percentage of those for legalization outnumber those who are against it? Read about it:
    13 Politics 11
  216. When is a download of movie or music ilegal and when is it legal ?
    When is a download of movie or music ilegal and when is it legal ? Is torrents ilegal ? Which country has this download law ? Is it only the rich county's ? like USA, UK, CHINA ?
    2 Technology 39
  217. limewire really totally legal?
    I want the free music, but could due without jail time. Is it actually legal though?
    7 Technology 13
  218. Is it legal to smoke an electronic cigarette in school?
    Since these things do not give off odors, and aren't harmful to others in any way, is it legal? o:
    6 Education 31
  219. What is the legal age for this piercing in New Jersey?
    What is the legal age I can get my lip pierced in NJ?Mine I need it pierced it again! And how much it would cost?
    2 Style 78
  220. Can I legally stop my 17-year-old from moving out?
    My 17 year old daughter wants to move in with her boyfriend. I am totally against this! Can I legally stop her in New York State??
    10 Babies 671
  221. Legal age to work in u.k.
    What's the minimum age that a 15years old can work in u.k. Do the offices make exceptions so younger people than 16 can work there ??
    4 Money 62
  222. If a guy talks marriage, does that mean he's in love?
    does it mean he really was in love with you? cause not alot og guys would talk about that, most guys stay away from the subject
    3 Relationships 888
  223. Where is it legal to own a Canadian?
    haha, I saw a question that said 'why cant I own a canadian' and I wanted to post this randomly...what do you guys think??? lol
    5 Religion 19
  224. Family Marriage
    is it okey to marry your cousin? like if a man married his cousin from his mother side of the family It is proven that you only carry the gene of your father side
    3 Family 21
  225. For the legal age beer drinkers an ?
    Whats your Favorite Beer Company?Which one do you prefer the most?/ or are you a Wuss an drink wine/wine coolers?
    3 General 12
  226. Is there a problem with this marriage plan?
    Me and my girlfriend have been dating for a month now and we want to get married. We are going to have a two year engagement and then get married. Is their a problem with this??
    3 Relationships 24
  227. When is the right time to bring up marriage?
    Being together for three years?Is it okay to start talking about some day marrying eachother?
    5 Relationships 32
  228. Is it true that, by the age of 18, if you are under 5 feet you are legally considered a midget?
    Every where i look says its true! But i don't wanna believe it!
    10 Health 99
  229. legal age to move out!!
    I am 17 and in the military. I can already financialy support myself. I want to know if I can move out of my parents house.(WV)
    4 Family 49
  230. babysitting legal age for a kid to babysit?
    does any one know the legal age for a kid to babysit? I have a very responsible 101/2 year old who babysits my 2 and 3 year old while I work. does anyone know if thats legally too young?
    3 Babies 56
  231. legal to move out in one place like perhaps at the age of 17
    If you are legal to move out in one place like perhaps at the age of 17. Would you able to live in other states of the U.S., the ones that the age to live legally is 18 by yourself? or would you just be banned from living there by yourself at that age ...
    2 Family 36
  232. Legal Question
    Can you nail someone with slander if they use your full name on a legal blog, so people can find it when searching your name on google or yahoo. Or is there any legal action I can take
    4 Politics 5
  233. What do you think of gay marriage
    What are your thoughts on gay marriage.. I am for gay marriage... I'm straight .. I think if you love someone no one should be able to say you cant get married if you want to .. What are your thoughts
    9 Relationships 51
  234. What age do you have to be to legally move out of the country?
    I live in canada.. How old do I have to be to legally move to the us? I want to leave home when I can and I want to go into the us.. Help? Thanks.
    2 Travel 71
  235. Which, if any, states is it legal to hunt/kill a bear?
    So me and my buddy made a list of things to do before we die, and one of them is bear hunting. So we looked it up, and it's illegal in our state. Are there any states where it is legal? What are the limitations and restrictions?
    7 Pets 12
  236. How do you legally change your name?
    My name is ghastly, and im still 17, but i want to legally change it sometime(i turn 18 in January) How would i go about such endeavors
    4 General 10
  237. Using Limewire Legally
    When you download limewire, you agree to the terms. One of the things you must agree to is not to use limewire illegally. I only know how to use it illegally. I know using a paid version would be legal but the free version is still allowed if you use i...
    3 Technology 41
  238. What do you think about Kim Kardashian's ten million dollar wedding and now the marriage is being anulled?
    Was it just some kind of money motivated publicity thing?
    20 Entertainment 31
  239. im 17 but i turn 18 in 98 days i want to move out of my parents house. we live in tennessee i was wanting to know if its legal?
    7 Family 15
  240. Could I legally start an Atheist meditation group, so that I wont have to pay taxes?
    You know, just like those corrupt religious organizations?
    2 Religion 26
  241. Can I tare apart my car in front of my house legally?
    I live in Yuma, AZ & we are taking apart my car in front of my house & I need to know if it is legal to take it apart on my property or do I have to go somewhere else?
    3 Environment 12
  242. Can my girlfriend legally move out of her house at 17?
    my girlfriend really needs to move out of her parents house they treat her and me both like crap and she wants to get away from then can she legally move out of her parents house and in with me and my parents at the age of 17 and a half?
    6 Family 126
  243. Is it legal to tattoo my friends at home in N.S.W
    I am disabled for life from car accident. And I would love to learn how to tattoo for a hobby is this legal. thank you for your time. TATTOO LOVER.
    2 Money 35
  244. Can I legally move in with my aunt?
    I'm currently 14 years old because I don't like my parents and I was just wondering if I could move out of my mom and dad's house to legally live with my aunt?
    3 Babies 51
  245. Can this marriage survive?
    I love my husband but love him more as a friend, we have been together a total of 13 years married 3 years out of the 13 years and have 3 children, I don’t want to have sex with him because I am not physically attracted to him. Can this marriage sur...
    2 Sex 15
  246. The Legality Of Stripping
    I am so bad at web searches and I'm in a debate with someone about when stripping was illegal and when it became legal. Does anyone know of any good websites that would have that info for me?
    3 Politics 39
  247. Would buying or renting out a warehouse and building within it and then charging people to use what's in it illegal or legal?
    I'm just having a mad idea xD
    3 Politics 10
  248. Why do I wait for marriage to have sex?
    im 18 years and im still a virgin. I am a christian and I believe that there is nothing more precious to give your husband than your innocence.
    4 Sex 43
  249. Should I take this big step to marriage?
    Me and my boyfriend have been together for about 3 years and he asked me to marry him. I'm 16 and his is 19. Should I take this next big step yet?
    9 Relationships 34
  250. Is it legal to sell snacks/drinks in a salon?
    Do you need any kind of liscense for it or can you just do so? Drinks like sodas and juice. Snacks like candy bars and chips.
    2 Money 75