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  1. How can I stop being depressed?
    How do you stop being depressed?
    6 Health 52
  2. Overcome depression
    How can I overcome depression?
    5 Health 42
  3. do you know a few signs of depression?
    do you know a few signs of depression?
    4 Health 12
  4. How can teenage depression be prevented?
    How can teenage depression be prevented?
    2 Health 17
  5. cheating husband
    how do you catch a cheating husband
    2 Relationships 39
  6. How to identify depression?
    How can I tell if I have depression?
    2 Health 14
  7. How do you get over a cheating husband?
    How do you get over a cheating husband?
    2 Relationships 30
  8. What is post pardon depression?
    What is post pardon depression?
    2 Health 120
  9. How do you know if your husband is cheating?
    How do you know if your husband is cheating?
    2 Relationships 102
  10. How to know if you're depressed?
    how do you know if your depressed?
    3 Health 21
  11. What are some symptoms of postpartum depression?
    What are some symptoms of postpartum depression
    3 Health 22
  12. what is a trophy wife or trophy husband?
    3 General 38
  13. What are some ways to cheer up when your depressed?
    11 Health 38
  14. How to deal with depression?
    4 Health 18
  15. How do you know when you slip into depression?
    6 Health 41
  16. What can we do together to combat depression?
    4 Health 18
  17. How do you people deal with stubborn husband?
    How do you people deal with stubborn husband?
    4 Relationships 41
  18. What do you do if someones depressed?
    How can you help someone whose depressed
    3 Health 11
  19. How to write a sad letter to your husband?
    How to write a sad letter to your husband?
    2 Literature 192
  20. What can I do about extreme depression?
    I am extremely depressed and I dont know what to do.
    5 Health 20
  21. Do you think cutting solves depression?
    Do you think cutting solves depression?
    4 Health 22
  22. If my husband leaves me and I am not working what are my options?
    If my husband leaves me and I am not working what are my options?
    4 Relationships 139
  23. What makes a person depressed in life?
    What makes a person depressed in life?
    7 Health 75
  24. Going into depression?
    Is America going into a new depression?
    10 Politics 17
  25. Why wont my depression get better?
    6 Health 45
  26. Is America heading into another depression?
    18 Politics 42
  27. can new born babies have depression?
    13 Babies 34
  28. What is the best movie to watch when you are depressed?
    5 Entertainment 17
  29. Do headaches and fatigue have anything to do with depression?
    3 Health 28
  30. what are the symptoms of depression ?
    5 Health 30
  31. What can I give my husband for father's day?
    24 Shopping 28
  32. Is it normal to feel depressed ALL the time?
    13 Health 38
  33. Are there any mood disorders where you dont have to be depressed
    3 Health 8
  34. how many of you have been depressed for more than two weeks?
    7 Health 49
  35. How to stop depression?
    How do you feel undreppessed.?
    4 Health 59
  36. How do you know if you are depressed without having a therapist?
    7 Health 13
  37. How can I cheer myself up when I'm depressed?
    how do i cheer my self up again
    3 Health 39
  38. Do you think there are stupid reasons to be depressed?
    21 Health 33
  39. How credible are online depression tests?
    11 Health 29
  40. How can a depressed person be truly happy again?
    8 Health 13
  41. What are some signs of depression?
    What are some signs of depression and how do you know if you're depressed or just sad?
    5 Health 44
  42. How can I talk to my mom about depression?
    How do I tell my mom about a depression disorder?
    7 Family 40
  43. What are signs of being depressed?
    So I think I might be depressed I was wondering what are signs of it
    5 Health 10
  44. why does my puppy mount my husbands arm
    why does my female puppy mount my husbands arm
    3 Pets 100
  45. the great depression
    what happened to the retired workers during the great depression.
    2 Education 11
  46. Do you gain weight from anti-depressants?
    do you gain weight from anti-depressants??
    3 Health 19
  47. How do people actually let themselves go into depression?
    How do people actually let themselves go into depression?
    4 Health 36
  48. What would you say depression is?
    What would you say depression is... ? Is paranoia one ?
    3 General 15
  49. What is the best thing to do when you're depressed?
    What is the best thing to do when you're depressed? XD
    7 Health 92
  50. Bible question are there husbands and wives in heaven?
    are there husbands and wives in heaven?
    7 Religion 31
  51. Depression, how to feel better?
    I feel like I suffer from depression? What can I do to not feel like this..?
    5 Health 26
  52. What to buy a husband for a Christmas present?
    What do I buy a husband for a Christmas present who has just about everything?
    4 Shopping 41
  53. What do you think of antidepressants for severely depressed people?
    26 Health 41
  54. How do you know if you are falling into depression?
    I mean what are the symptoms?
    5 Health 90
  55. How can I stop my depression?
    it has me so paranoid, i can not take it anymore?
    12 Health 8
  56. What stops you from feeling depressed?
    17 Health 27
  57. What are some depressing songs?
    Or just Songs you Would Sing To SomeOne .?
    14 Music 23
  58. how come some people use drugs when they are depressed??
    6 Drugs 14
  59. How can I stop being depressed without taking the pills?
    14 Health 30
  60. Are you depressed or happy?
    And how long have you felt this way?
    7 Health 21
  61. Is extreme weight loss a sign of depression?
    5 Health 18
  62. What are signs on Anorexia and depression?
    Also, could you have both?
    2 Health 17
  63. What: Is it bad when my husband is pretty much the only friend I have?
    20 Relationships 253
  64. Can i wife charge her husband with rape if he raped her?
    5 Family 36
  65. Where are some good depression orientated chat rooms?
    4 Health 18
  66. what if the husband drinks the breast milk?
    4 Health 1547
  67. what can the doctors do if my husband doesn't think he is fertile?
    9 Health 96
  68. depression pills
    how much do they cost?? do they work???
    5 Health 18
  69. What's some depressing movies and music?
    do you know any movies/music that are really depressing?
    8 Entertainment 33
  70. Songs that I can listen to about being depressed or down?
    What are some songs that I can listen to about being depressed or down? I need to cry this out. Thank you.
    12 Music 210
  71. What are some depressing, sad songs that make you want to cry?
    What are some depressing, sad songs that make you want to cry?
    11 Music 75
  72. Me and my husband are trying to concieve any advice?
    Me and my husband are trying to concieve. Any advice what did some of you guys do that helped?
    2 Health 14
  73. How do I get out of this depression?
    2much is going on!! How can I get out of this depression? Its ruining my life!
    6 Health 14
  74. How to not cut myself when I'm depressed?
    4 Health 41
  75. if my husband is self employed would that work with welfare
    so what if my husband is self employed would that work with welfare
    3 Money 50
  76. What do I do about my depression and suicidal thoughts?
    I have felt very depressed and I have felt like killing myself...what do I do?
    3 Health 14
  77. How do you get over being depressed?
    How do you get over being depressed? I just feel useless...have no talents...and can't change it...
    3 Health 35
  78. is our country going to have a depression?
    is our country going to have a depression?? that would be sooo scary!!!
    7 Politics 38
  79. Nose ring wearing husband
    My husband wear nose can I remove it
    5 Style 471
  80. What makes ya'll feel depressed?
    What makes yall feel depressed?
    5 Health 19
  81. Should I tell my husband about his friend?
    My husbands' best friend want to make love with me. What should I do? Should I tell my husband about his friend?
    4 Relationships 67
  82. Does citalopram (a depression medication) cause birth defects?
    2 Health 24
  83. What should I do if I'm depressed and almost don't enjoy what is going on around me?
    31 Health 35
  84. Is my future husband taken?
    2 Entertainment 21
  85. Why do people get depressed over love songs or break up songs?
    8 Music 30
  86. Is there a natural depression prevention/alleviation supplement that's not over-the-counter?
    7 Health 19
  87. Would it be wrong if I went out with my sister's husband's brother?
    6 Relationships 33
  88. Are there other ways to treat depression besides seeing a therapist?
    11 Health 44
  89. What causes the chemical imbalance in the brain that results in depression?
    8 Health 53
  90. How can I stop the littlest things from making me depressed and upset?
    17 Health 41
  91. How do I bring up the topic with my parents that I think I'm depressed?
    5 Family 50
  92. What will my husband's name be?
    What will the name of the guy I'm going to marry be?
    4 Relationships 170
  93. Can a parent get financial help with a child with depression and more?
    7 Money 45
  94. How Do You Stop Depression?
    What do you do when two of your closest friends die?
    4 Health 20
  95. Can depression make a person feel physically sick?
    8 Health 17
  96. Is it normal for an 18 year old to suffer from depression?
    24 Health 37
  97. Does anyone else get really depressed for no reason?
    13 Health 24
  98. Do I have to go to my GP to get anti-depressants?
    4 Health 9
  99. How can I find ut abut my husbands pending dwi in florida?
    How can I find ut abut my husbands pending dwi in florida?
    2 Relationships 17
  100. How do I get my husband's password?
    how do I get a password if I want to know if my husband is cheating on me or want to know information about him?
    4 Technology 201
  101. Is it my fault I'm depressed?
    Is it my fault I'm depressed??? Am I just being I wimp? I feel sooo guilty.
    6 Health 48
  102. depression, I don't know how to help it
    im a very depressed person and I don'st no how to help it. Please help
    2 Health 17
  103. Depressing songs about people changing?
    What are some...depressing...I guess you could say...songs that are about people changing?
    5 Music 1312
  104. Why do I hallucinate when I'm not depressed?
    I don't do drugs and I sleep good too. I do hallucinate when I'm depressed, but I don't hallucinate all the time.
    6 Health 47
  105. Is it normal to be depressed, then happy, then depressed again?
    Is it normal to feel depressed for a short period of time without a trigger, then feel happy after a while then feel depressed again? This has happend to me for a long time, and half the time i feel depressed there isn't like a 'trigger' for feeling ...
    6 Health 54
  106. How do I explain to my husband that I would like him to masturbate me with his whole hand?
    4 Sex 99
  107. What can i do? My husband still sending mails to his ex; saying that he still in love with her.
    11 Relationships 30
  108. What's the number one food category that’s depression-enhancing?
    7 Nutritionfitness 8
  109. Is it normal to feel depressed when you're alone and think about the past?
    13 Health 31
  110. Are depression tests accurate?
    or are they trying to get you to buy drugs?
    2 Health 36
  111. How to just come out that I'm depressed?
    That im depressed, hate life, and hate this one girl?
    2 Health 24
  112. Why is my friend depressed?
    he is depressed and not talking. and might be suicidal. he keeps talking to himself and talks no to one else.
    5 Health 7
  113. what do you do when depressed?
    what do you do when your depressed? I am rite now and need some tips!! please and thx u ~dena~
    9 Health 35
  114. Can someone help me im so depressed right now
    Can someone help me im so depressed right now I feel so bad please help me
    2 Health 19
  115. I'm 13 and sometimes I feel quite depressed
    I'm 13 and sometimes I feel quite depressed... Is that normal? thanx
    6 Health 32
  116. Daughter's aunt's husband's riddle?
    Candace is Jane's daughter's aunt's husband's daughter's sister. What is the relationship between Candace and Jane?
    3 General 125
  117. How to quietly deal with depression?
    What is your recomendation for dealing with depression without telling anyone close to you?
    4 Health 58
  118. Why doesn't my husband give our daughter kisses?
    Why doesnt my husband feel comfortable with giving our daughter kisses?!
    10 Babies 49
  119. Why have I suddenly become depressed?
    In recent days I have become depressed and I was wondering what could be reasons for this.
    3 Health 28
  120. Bipolar & Depression!!!
    How do I tell my family & friends that I am Bipolar & have a really bad case of Depression?
    11 Health 24
  121. The economy, are we headed toward a depression?
    Are we headed towards a depression and how the hell am I suppose to pay for gas??
    6 Money 31
  122. What is the most depressing song?
    Whats the most depressing song because I like them :) they not that bad and I hate judgemental people
    6 Music 13
  123. Why does music make me feel depressed?
    when ever I listen to music it always makes me feel depressed...y is this?
    7 Music 178
  124. Ways of not feeling depressed
    R there any tricks to get you out of feeling depressed? If there is please share!!!
    3 Health 16
  125. Which works better anti depressants or cognitive therapy?
    Which works better anti depressants or cognitive therapy for curing depression? Is there really a cure for depression? Are these treatments safe?
    2 Health 26
  126. How do you know when you have depression?
    I'm wondering how you know when you have depression because for the last 3 weeks or so I have been feeling depressed. I also think I have depression.
    3 Health 38
  127. Is there an easy way for someone to get out of depression without seeing a professional?
    14 Health 23
  128. How to just come out with my depression?
    is there a way to just come out with the way I feel? I try but I have a mental block about it any tips?
    2 Health 14
  129. How do you deal with someone who's bipolar and manic depressive?
    Talking to them doesn't help.
    4 Health 10
  130. Could a person with depression develop bi-polar disorder?
    5 Health 28
  131. How do you feel about girls/women trying to trap their boyfriend or husband by getting pregnant?
    20 Relationships 70
  132. Can being depressed cause sickness?
    You know how you can puke from being upset, where your not actually sick. That concept.
    8 Health 35
  133. how do i know if its ok to be next door neighbors to my husbands ex girlfriend ?
    19 Relationships 74
  134. How do I talk dirty to my husband?
    I try and talk dirty to my husband but I never make any sence to sound sexy
    3 Sex 151
  135. Can I go into depression from being pushed on a guy
    Can I go into depression from being pushed on a guy by so many people when he's only my friend, and he even wants to go further?
    3 Health 12
  136. I'm on anti-depressants, but I'm afraid to not be depressed anymore
    so im taking some, but im kinda afraid for some reason, I've been depressed since I was 7 and I dont know what it will be like without depression, is this normal?
    5 Health 163
  137. Can stress and depression delay a period?
    if u'v been depressed or stressed can it make you're periods late?
    4 Health 988
  138. Definition of depression?
    Does any one know what depression is? ( these are questions I need responses to for my assessment.) thanks
    2 Health 12
  139. How do you know if you suffer from depression?
    I already know that I'm bipolar, but is it just that acting up that's making me think I'm depressed?
    3 Health 12
  140. Bipolar Depression
    Can someone(who knows what their talking about) explain to me symptoms and what bipolar depression is. I tihnk I might have it.
    7 Health 10
  141. My dog is shy and seems depressed
    he is very shy and has a hard time making friends with other dogs and seems depressed what can I do to help him?
    4 Pets 56
  142. What to do if I'm so depressed I want to die?
    I am so depressed right now what do I do I just want to die HELP ME.. please I need your help what do I do
    11 Health 500
  143. How can I stop being depressed I have been depressed all week?
    I have been depressed all week I got some things from the past (meaning from sept 09 till now) and and hurts to think about it .I wanna know some way to stop feeling soo horible
    2 Health 8
  144. What can be done if my husband gets piles only a few times per year?
    is surgery nessasary, as he had it done once?
    2 Health 10
  145. sad depressing love songs.
    I really need a song I can play for the guy I love :( :( pleassseee.
    3 Music 46
  146. Is there a cure or dru!g for Post Paycheck Depression?
    I am sure with all the other elements they have made up, this has to be out there.
    5 Health 12
  147. Do anti-depressants cause hallucinations? hallusinations and paranoid delusions?
    3 Health 34
  148. How long should you be depressed before thinking pills, like Zoloft that the doctor prescribed, are the answer?
    17 Health 27
  149. Does a doctor have to confirm that one has been diagnosed with depression or can a person know themselves when they get the symptoms?
    7 Health 42
  150. Depression Or Stress?
    What is hte difference between D or S? How do you know if you have one or botth [if possible]¿
    6 Health 10
  151. How do I get my husband to want me?
    So I went through the "don't touch me" phase but now I want it all the time. How can one satisfy themselves?
    2 Relationships 18
  152. Does anybody know a virtual game that you can play were you have a husband and raise kids LoL?
    10 Technology 65
  153. How to stop depression?
    I often just feel unhappy, I smetimes cut myself or do bad things, what should I do?
    3 Health 14
  154. How do I block my ex husbands texts?
    It costs me my minutes when he texts and I dont want any text frim him.
    4 Technology 52
  155. Whats a good song for a 15-year-old girl with depression?
    21 Music 44
  156. depressed or is it me?
    Have any of you ever been so overwellembed/depressed that you just wanted to sit alone in a corner and cry all night? or is it me?
    6 Health 31
  157. Can you go to counseling to work on self esteem/confidence or is it just for things like depression and other problems like that?
    6 Health 13
  158. what should i expect from an anxiety and depression assesment?
    i have one coming up next month and i have no clue what it is
    7 Health 15
  159. Is it possible to have time off college because of depression?
    How does it work exactly? Any information will be really helpful.
    4 Education 12
  160. my dad has been really depressed lately
    my dad has been really depressed lately. he wants to commit suicide. (tomorrow) what should I do to prevent this from happening?
    5 Family 29
  161. If someone self-harms does that mean they're depressed?
    if someone self-harms like cut does that mean there depressed? and is self-harm legal?
    4 Health 19
  162. how should I celebrate my 1st wed anniversary with my husband?
    next week is our 1st anniversary.I want to celebrate it at home with my husband.
    2 Entertainment 21
  163. husbands credit card debts
    In new york is a wife responsible for her husbands credit card debts if she doesnt hold a card?
    2 Money 32
  164. How to tell my parents I think I'm depressed?
    how to tell my parents I think im depressed please help all answers are welcomed
    6 Family 25
  165. can this be my departed husband
    twice my radio came on by its self thjen my gps that had been turned off for weeks came on by its self can this be my departed husband
    3 Relationships 42
  166. Can Ritalin lead to abuse and depression?
    I just received a prescription for ritalin and I have heared a lot about it. Can it really lead you 2 abuse and depression ?
    2 Health 39
  167. What could help with depression while high?
    I get depressed when im high ,I dont want to stop smoking ,what should I do?
    8 Health 27
  168. my husband to want to have sex with me and someone else
    my husband wants a threesome with me and ahot young chic. is this normal
    9 Sex 295
  169. Are Scene Kids happy or Depressed?
    Are Scene Kids happy or Depressed? are they nice or not nice?. P.S Pleasee reply backii..
    2 Style 26
  170. How to get my husband to spend more time with the kids?
    4 Family 59
  171. Depressed parakeet
    Hi, I have a parakeet and he seems depressed because he doesn't have a friend. I'm in the prosess of becoming his friend, but hes really depressed. What should I do?
    3 Pets 81
  172. what jobs can't you get if you have suffered from clinical depression (or any other type of depression)?
    I wanted to know if anybody could please tell me what jobs you wouldn't be able to do if you suffered from depression (any sort), so if you have any answers, they would be very much appreciated =) thnx
    5 Money 28
  173. When you feel depressed, is listenIng to sad music good or bad?
    When you feel depresses, is listening to sad music good or bad? I always do but I don't know if it helps the situation or not
    14 Music 83
  174. What kind of depression is it where you are happy for a few days but then, one day you are completely sad and negative about yourself?
    and has gone on over a year?
    4 Health 33
  175. How do I ask my husband for another baby?
    I would like to have an other baby. How should I tell my husband because he thinks I dont want any more kids
    5 Family 15
  176. why it is painful when me and my husband are having sex?
    it was not like that before. when he's trying to go inside me it hurts and after the intercourse. but while doing it - its not that painful but uncomfortable.
    2 Sex 21
  177. I am depressed... what can I do to make my life happier?
    I am Depressed... what can I do to make my life more fulfilling, happier than it is now...? I am always sad, or upset. I cry over everything, and anything... =[
    9 Health 62
  178. RH(D) O positive blood my husband is O my daughter was born with A+
    I have a RH(D) O positive blood my husband is O my daughter was born with A+ I did not mess around how did that happen.
    6 Family 87
  179. Why do people think us gothic people are depressed?
    People never belive me that gothic people are not depressed. Gothic people are free spirited, and open minded
    7 Style 50
  180. How do I cure my masked depression?
    My friend diagnosed me with masked depression and we went online and the symptoms match. It kind of scares me.
    14 Health 20
  181. Emo, Angry, and Depressing, songs please list them
    If you can list all the emo and depressing or angry songs, that you know that would be nice please and thank u.
    12 Music 741
  182. Who should I see about my depression?
    I talked to my mom about how depressed I am, and she wants me to go see our family doctor about medication...but I don't want to go see him, who else could I go see?
    4 Health 45
  183. I already Have 5 Kids And My Husband Wants More
    How Do I Tell My Husbsnd I Cant Handle Anymore Kids?
    6 Family 53
  184. Do you believe the internet can make you depressed?
    My mum said she saw on the news that being on the internet too long can make you depressed. Do you think this is true?
    12 Health 20
  185. Am I depressed?
    I heard my parents say that they were thinking about moving and I had no appitite for about a week now. P.S. I have a lover here
    3 Health 21
  186. How can I stop feeling so depressed?
    how can I stop feeling depressed I have been depressed for a very long time and its getting severe any advice what do I do...I have gone to counsellers but it never seemed to work what should I do?
    5 Health 45
  187. How do I help my husband to stop lying?
    My husband tells small lies all the time he is a pathalogical liar and we have separated beacuse of it so I want help to help him to stop it
    3 Relationships 67
  188. What to buy my husband for xmas?
    We've been together nearly seven years, and he keeps saying "I don't want anything" this year. What to buy my husband for xmas?
    2 Shopping 67
  189. what should I do to get breast milk to feed my husband?
    I am 20 years old I want to give milk to my husband before my pregnancy is it possible
    3 Relationships 747
  190. Please help im really depressed
    I am really depressed I have realy low confedience and really low selfestem how do I get over dpression and how do I get my confidence and selfestem up
    2 Health 9
  191. How old would a person born during the depression be today?
    It's Geography. How old would a person born during the depression be today. Also how old would someone born in the Baby Boomer generation be today?
    4 Education 848
  192. How can I look beautiful for my husband?
    how can I look beatiful I am 35 and just want to look pretty for my husband as I am scared he will stray again which he has done and it broke my heart
    12 Style 377
  193. r we going into another depression?
    my s.s teacher told us that we might go into a deep depression. are we? and what gonan happen if we do?
    5 Environment 52
  194. examples of freezing point depression
    What are some examples of freezing point depression that we use in everyday life besides and please don't say ice cream
    2 Science 620
  195. Depressing music?
    Do you know any depressing songs? If so wats da title and the artist. Im feelin low rite now
    13 Music 23
  196. Sad depressed worried
    How to get over thinkin bout to think me please... I'm depressed
    8 General 20
  197. Why must I have chronic depression?
    Why must I have chronic depression? it ruins my relationships every damn time!!! Does anyone Have any idea how I get help for it?
    2 Health 8
  198. What can I do to make my husband happy in bed?
    I will like to know how to make my husband fee good in bed?I m talking about haveing sex.
    4 Sex 168
  199. Depression Prohibited
    Why is it that if someone asks for help with depression or something, their question gets locked? Don't you think its kind of rude?
    9 Funadvice 19
  200. kinda depression? Kinda not/ help for a friend
    How can a person not be depressed when they know they're mom gave them away but not two of her other kids?
    2 Health 10
  201. Why do I get depressed more often at night?
    I know its when im alone and have more time to think, but its to the point of thinking suicidal.
    12 Health 54
  202. Depressed thoughts
    What do you think is going thru the minds of people who commit suicide? Is it planned or spontanious?
    3 Health 22
  203. sex when you are depressed
    does it help you feel better.. because usually after sex people notice how wonderful this planet is..
    2 Sex 23
  204. Are you waiting until marriage to move in with your husband?
    Im 16 and have the value and moral of waiting till im married to move in with a are you the same?
    6 Sex 38
  205. how is a way to determine if you're depressed or not?
    I've been feeling very down and angry lately..and I was wondering if im depressed. I dont think I am, but some people have been thinking that. what are some ways to know if your depressed or not..?
    3 Health 21
  206. Are there any over the counter anti-depressants?
    I don't want to go to my doctor or tell my rents im depressed, so I was wondering if there are any over-the-counter anti-depressants so no one has to know...
    9 Health 140
  207. my husband thinks i'm cheating
    my husband thinks i'm cheating on him. i'm not he gets mad when i talk to other men. but has a women friend. i never cheated on him his last wife did.
    2 Relationships 58
  208. How can I be depressed on New Year's?
    It is new year's around 12:30 and I am depressed. I thought I'd be happy but when hey yelled Happy New Year I started crying. Why is this?
    2 Health 15
  209. Why am I scared to tell my parents that im depressed?
    Why is it im too scared to tell my parents im depressed. I've tried to hint around that something is wrong but they just dont get it.
    2 Health 82
  210. Husband's female friend
    My husband has a female best friend who happens to be his ex. I know he used to love her like bad. Should I allow this friendship?
    2 Relationships 11
  211. My husband
    What can I do with my husband when we have relations at night he to lovely with me but the next day he's mad and like nothing happen and starts treating me bad???
    5 Relationships 34
  212. What's a good birthday party idea for my husband?
    What are some good ideas for a man's birthday party in November? I'm planning a party for my husband (he doesn't like sports, so that's not a good theme).
    2 Entertainment 90
  213. Will depressed and anxious feelings ever pass?
    ok so atm im feeling kinda gloomy and depressed because of anxiety it will pass evenchully on its own wont it?
    2 Health 15
  214. Trish Stratus, who is her husband?
    does anyone know who trish stratus's husband is? I love TRISH STRATUS SHE ROCKS!!! sorrry this isn't the catagory for this king of qestion but it's my favorite!
    3 Entertainment 68
  215. Bible verses for depression?
    Does anyone know some good bible verses for: Eating disorders, Self harm, Depression.. Stuff like that?
    10 Religion 85
  216. So depressed
    Why me?why dosnt it just go *poof* problem gone? I mean seriously how could anyone be happy in this world?
    3 Health 18
  217. What is it about that one really depressing song in your music library that brings you down every time you listen to it that makes it so irresistable to listen to?
    13 Music 20
  218. I'm really depressed
    All my friends have boy friends...and I never had 1 before!!! Sometimes I think the problem is from me?? What do you think I'm really getting out of my head :(:(:(:(
    6 Health 23
  219. What could cause me to go from extremely happy to depressed for basically no reason?
    it seems to be happening a lot recently.
    10 Health 28
  220. What are some of the most depressing songs you know?
    Hey my counselor says that I have to force my energy through anything, I chose song. Wanna help?
    10 Music 53
  221. What are some really slow depressing songs?
    I love slow, sad, depressing songs because I just feel they have so much meaning and truth in them. does anyone know any really depressing/ sad songs? anything is much apreciated :) x
    12 Music 48
  222. pills I can take cause depressed?
    ya know pills or something that makes me happy and not depressed... if so were can I get them? or what are they called ? PLEASE HELP ME I HATE MY SELF AND AM DEPRESSED
    4 Health 14
  223. How do I tell my parents I'm depressed?
    how do I tell my parents im depressed? I think im depressed im sad all the time I cry a lot and a lot of other things im scared to tell them cause im not sure how they will react
    6 Health 42
  224. I feel depressed , I was emo, but my family found out
    I feel depressed and I want to start drinking and smoking I just feel like dying... I always fight with my family I was emo for a while but now I am not because my family found out..
    7 Health 48
  225. Menstrual depression?
    My depression seems to get way worse like a week before my period, like really bad to where I have had some close calls, is there a name for it?
    4 Health 50
  226. Is it normal for older people to be depressed?
    Someone told me that it is normal for people to become depressed as they get older. Is this true? I mean, it can't be true for all people, don't you think it's too much of a "blanket" statement?
    5 Health 18
  227. What are some depressed emo screamo sad quotes?
    Question says it all... What are some depressed emo screamo sad quotes? I really want to know some to put as captions or stuff like that
    4 Music 150
  228. How to tell my mom I am depressed
    How do I tell my mom I am depressed and I cut, see my mom lives in another state so I don't really know how to tell her this or the fact that I am now in counceling Please help
    3 Health 39
  229. Do I need help for this depression?
    My friend and sister's boss just died and mine and my sister's friend's mother just died and I have been depressed for about two days now. Is this normal or do I need help from a doctor or psychiatrist?
    4 Health 10
  230. How to stop nagging to my husband?
    How should I stop the nagging, recently if noticed my husband has been contacting his ex girl, we wrote some letters which is really bothering me..please help.
    2 Relationships 26
  231. The only good thing I've got out of my anti depressants is weight loss.
    I was 128 when I started it, now I'm 119. Woohooo.
    2 Health 14
  232. Do you ever feel so depressed that nothing helps?
    hmmm what can I ask, ok do you ever feel soo down that you'r tears don't even omfort you?
    5 Health 11
  233. Diagnosed Depressed..
    They want me to go to a phychiatrist. Do they help? :/ Have you ever been to one? :/ Whats it like? I'm scared..
    7 Health 33
  234. When my husband comes inside of me it comes out right after
    My husbad and I are trying to get pregnet but when we try and he comes insede of me it comes right out or if a go to pee it just comes out the seemes. is this normal how can I get pregnet if just all of it comes out.
    4 Health 310
  235. How do I help heal my girlfriend of her depression?
    I need to know ways to help keep her from committing suicide. Got any ideas that will work?
    2 Health 43
  236. How can I help my best friend who is extremely depressed, but hides it and refuses to talk to someone about it?
    :( I'm really worried about him, but I don't know how I can help?
    7 Health 12
  237. What would be a nice christmas gift to give my husband?
    Whats a prefect give to give my boyfriend/husband? But he don't now what he wants either and I not sure what to get him?
    4 Shopping 48
  238. Is it bad to talk to the sky *God* when I feel depressed?
    cuz it makes me alot better because i think my grandpas listening?
    21 Religion 26
  239. How can I help myself from this depression?
    I want to kill myself...please help, I attempted so much, I am a cutter, a junkie and I don't know how I can save myself now, I am only 13 as well
    4 Health 23
  240. Where, if possible, can I get off-the counter pills that have the same effect as the ones for depression?
    Or even similar? Or would I have to go to a doctor for that?
    15 Health 23
  241. If we have a woman as president how do we call her husband?
    We call him man in charge, or the first man or first knight. I dont have any idea, just wondering lol. What do you think?
    3 Politics 58
  242. How can I get help for my depression?
    im depressed. I have been showing the sign of depression since age 5. but over the past few days the pressure has been too much. I dont know what to do to get rid of it!!
    5 Health 8
  243. Am I depressed?
    Lately I have been feeling really down on myself and just wanting to be alone. Not only that I lost 12 pounds in one week. Could it be from so much stress I'm under? I'm I depressed?
    5 Health 27
  244. How can I find in patient care for depression in my area?
    I keep searching to find in patient care for depression in my area, and have so far only found one that is out of pocket only. I am having a hard time finding any online. Help?
    5 Health 19
  245. What should I do for my husband for Valentine's Day?
    what should I do for my husband for valentine's day? something cheap but meaningful. does anyone know of any good craft sites I could go to and get ideas?
    4 Shopping 104
  246. Should I have checked with husband before I got my nipples pierced?
    Hey, I just got my nipples pierced. My husband thinks I am supposed to ask if I get pierced or tattooed. I think that is way wrong! did'nt ask by the way. what do you think? Thanx
    5 Style 219
  247. Why does my husband's penis go down when we are about to get it on?
    well my husband at first is hard we start fooling around but when it comes down to have sex it all of a sudden goes down when he is about to enter me.
    4 Sex 49
  248. I need to go on a trip with my husband where should we go
    kings island or florida but we have there a bout 19 time s and kings island only once so help out besides we are not in very good shape me and my husband arent
    3 Travel 42
  249. doe anyone ever feel depressed after going on the computor
    when im on the computor too much ..I start to feel depressed. im not sure why I do tho. doess this happen to anyone else or is it just me?
    4 Health 11
  250. how to tell my mother I have depression?
    I am so depressed and think I have psychotic depression. I want to see a doctor and maybe have anti depressants but I need to tell my mother first but I dont know how.. help please xxx
    4 Health 29