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Is my husband cheating

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  1. How do you get over a cheating husband?
    How do you get over a cheating husband?
    2 Relationships 30
  2. How do you know if your husband is cheating?
    How do you know if your husband is cheating?
    2 Relationships 102
  3. cheating husband
    how do you catch a cheating husband
    2 Relationships 39
  4. How can I cheat at RuneScape?
    How can I cheat at RuneScape?
    5 Gaming 31
  5. what do you consider cheating
    what do you consider cheating?
    6 Relationships 75
  6. Why did my wife cheat on me?
    why my wife cheat on me?
    4 Relationships 105
  7. How to cheat at soccer?
    How to cheat at soccer?
    7 Sports 40
  8. How can I trust my boyfriend if he cheated on me?
    what can i do to trust my boyfriend that once cheated on me?
    3 Relationships 43
  9. Macbook cheats.
    What are some keyboard macbook cheats?
    2 Technology 63
  10. My dad is cheating on my mum
    My dad is cheating on my mum what do I do?
    5 Family 47
  11. cheated
    why being cheated hurts so much?
    4 Relationships 35
  12. How do you catch a cheating spouse?
    How to catch a cheating spouse?
    3 Relationships 76
  13. Is helping someone cheat the same as cheating?
    so if you help someone cheat? is that the same as cheating?? I want your feelings onthis
    4 Relationships 101
  14. How do you know if your girlfriend is cheating on you?
    How do you know if your girlfriend is cheating on you?
    2 Relationships 30
  15. what is a trophy wife or trophy husband?
    3 General 38
  16. What if your boyfriend cheated on you?
    7 Relationships 48
  17. Is there any guys out there that won't cheat?????
    21 Relationships 26
  18. Is there any guys out there that won't cheat?????
    24 Relationships 45
  19. Who here has been cheated on?
    Tell me your story...
    21 Relationships 42
  20. What if I think my friend's boyfriend is cheating?
    what do I do if I think my friends boyfriend is cheating on her what do I do
    4 Relationships 56
  21. If my husband leaves me and I am not working what are my options?
    If my husband leaves me and I am not working what are my options?
    4 Relationships 139
  22. How do you clone Pokemon without cheating?
    how do you clone pokemon without cheating
    5 Gaming 16
  23. How to write a sad letter to your husband?
    How to write a sad letter to your husband?
    2 Literature 192
  24. Cheating death
    Is there really such a thing as cheating death?
    12 Religion 36
  25. How do you people deal with stubborn husband?
    How do you people deal with stubborn husband?
    4 Relationships 41
  26. How to cheat accelerated reader tests?
    How to cheat accelerated reader tests?
    25 Education 84173
  27. Where can I find game cheats for playstation?
    Where can I find game cheats for playstation?
    2 Food 10
  28. Why guys always cheat on their girlfriends?
    Why guys always cheat on their girlfriends???
    2 Relationships 33
  29. signs to tell if hes cheating on you or not?
    What are some signs to tell if hes cheating on you or not?
    2 Relationships 28
  30. is he cheating or not?
    how to find out if your men is cheathing on you. Is he cheating or not?
    3 Relationships 13
  31. Is cheating good or bad?
    8 Relationships 64
  32. What can I give my husband for father's day?
    24 Shopping 28
  33. How to confront my boyfriend asking him if he is cheating on me?
    4 Gaming 23
  34. What causes students cheating during exam?
    18 Education 33
  35. How and where do you put in the cheat for money on sims?
    12 Gaming 24
  36. Why do I have this urge to cheat? Please help?
    4 Relationships 28
  37. How do I prove to my fiancee that I am NOT cheating (Which I am not) while he is in the Navy?
    4 Relationships 19
  38. Why do guys cheat on the good girls?
    19 Relationships 59
  39. Should I get back with my cheating ex?
    should I get back with my ex girlfriend who cheated on me?
    4 Relationships 39
  40. Bible question are there husbands and wives in heaven?
    are there husbands and wives in heaven?
    7 Religion 31
  41. Cheats for meez
    Please give me meez cheats for july
    3 Gaming 64
  42. Cheating??
    If you have an online boyfriend and a real boyfriend, do you think that's cheating??
    2 Relationships 16
  43. why does my puppy mount my husbands arm
    why does my female puppy mount my husbands arm
    3 Pets 100
  44. What drives a man into cheating whilst married?
    What drives a man into cheating whilst married?
    2 Relationships 35
  45. Songs About Getting Cheated On
    What songs are there about getting cheated on? I need some for a project.
    5 Music 84
  46. how to use the boolprop cheat
    how do I use the boolprop cheat on my sims in sims 2?
    3 Gaming 16
  47. What to buy a husband for a Christmas present?
    What do I buy a husband for a Christmas present who has just about everything?
    4 Shopping 41
  48. Have you ever cheated or been cheated on?
    Yeah... I cheated on some one once :( while I was drunk. & it ended us... Oopss :( Never have been cheated on though. Have you?
    12 Relationships 24
  49. What is the point of homework if you cheat anyway?
    what is the point of homework when we just cheat off of some geek
    4 Education 26
  50. How to get my boyfriend to not cheat on me?
    how can I get my boyfriend to not cheat on me after just one month
    4 Relationships 71
  51. Looking for cheat
    Where can I fine bee movie cheat
    2 Education 28
  52. Boyfriend cheating
    my boyfriend been cheating on me over and over and it time I get even with him what should I do
    6 Relationships 19
  53. cheating or not
    is a kiss of any kind cheating. like wud a kiss on the cheek be cheating
    6 Relationships 13
  54. what are some money cheats for the sims 3 on the wii?
    2 Gaming 38
  55. What: Is it bad when my husband is pretty much the only friend I have?
    20 Relationships 253
  56. what can the doctors do if my husband doesn't think he is fertile?
    9 Health 96
  57. Can i wife charge her husband with rape if he raped her?
    5 Family 36
  58. What are some not so common signs of cheating if you are long distance?
    5 Health 33
  59. what if the husband drinks the breast milk?
    4 Health 1547
  60. What are some Sims 2 cheats to get more money?
    9 Gaming 7
  61. how do I cheat a lie detector test?
    how do I cheat a lie detector test? and how do I cheat a smoking pee test?
    5 General 135
  62. I love a girl but she has cheated on me and I have cheated on her and her parents hate me but every time I try to break up with her I cry I can't
    2 Relationships 19
  63. Would you ever stay with a guy or girl that cheated on you?
    Would you ever stay with a guy or girl that cheated on you??
    4 Relationships 42
  64. would you date a guy who cheated before?
    would you date a guy that you know has a history of cheating?
    8 Relationships 19
  65. Do you give a cheating boyfriend a second chance?
    if your boyfriend cheated on you do you give him a 2nd chance
    3 Relationships 59
  66. How can I get over my ex who cheated on me?
    What if my ex cheated on me and I can't get over it? Can someone give me some advice?
    4 Relationships 60
  67. Sims cheats
    Dose anyone know any sims cheats for pc
    7 Gaming 13
  68. if my husband is self employed would that work with welfare
    so what if my husband is self employed would that work with welfare
    3 Money 50
  69. Nose ring wearing husband
    My husband wear nose can I remove it
    5 Style 471
  70. Cheating guys
    When a guy cheats on you, and then text's you the next day do you respond to it?
    2 Relationships 17
  71. What do I do about my girl friend cheating?
    my girl friend cheated on me and told me about it, do I break up with her, or forgive her?
    3 Relationships 25
  72. Cheating advice
    Is it cheating to think about someone else while you have a boyfriend?
    4 Relationships 31
  73. Where can I find a San Andreas Superman cheat?
    are you no where can I found san andreas superman cheat???//
    2 Gaming 40
  74. What else can I do with with cheat engine?
    What else can I do with with cheat engine???/except with games or can I use it with only games???
    2 Technology 102
  75. Me and my husband are trying to concieve any advice?
    Me and my husband are trying to concieve. Any advice what did some of you guys do that helped?
    2 Health 14
  76. Why do people cheat?
    why do men and women cheat on there loved ones.
    5 Relationships 10
  77. my husband thinks i'm cheating
    my husband thinks i'm cheating on him. i'm not he gets mad when i talk to other men. but has a women friend. i never cheated on him his last wife did.
    2 Relationships 58
  78. Should I tell my husband about his friend?
    My husbands' best friend want to make love with me. What should I do? Should I tell my husband about his friend?
    4 Relationships 67
  79. How do I get my husband's password?
    how do I get a password if I want to know if my husband is cheating on me or want to know information about him?
    4 Technology 201
  80. What will my husband's name be?
    What will the name of the guy I'm going to marry be?
    4 Relationships 170
  81. Is my future husband taken?
    2 Entertainment 21
  82. How do you prevent being cheated on?
    Without being creepy? and stalker like.
    3 Relationships 11
  83. Should I take back my ex who's cheated on me 4 times?
    64 Relationships 69
  84. When you cheat on a test online would they find out if it's from your house?
    6 Education 78
  85. What do you say when you think he's cheated?
    when you think that he already cheeted on you but your not shure what do you say to him
    2 Relationships 10
  86. What is the superman cheat on GTA?
    please answer this question
    2 Gaming 39
  87. What would you do if you caught someone cheating on a test?
    12 Babies 53
  88. Would it be wrong if I went out with my sister's husband's brother?
    6 Relationships 33
  89. Did your fiancee/spouse cheat on you?
    How did you find out What did you do What did he say Are you going to work it out? why...
    2 Relationships 17
  90. Starcraft Cheat Codes?
    I need them a soon as possible...
    2 Gaming 28
  91. Cheat engine?
    Is cheat engine legal and can you use it for offline games? Thanks.
    2 Technology 43
  92. Is there a money cheat for Grand Theft Auto Vice City?
    is there a money cheat for grand theft auto vice city
    2 Gaming 46
  93. Where can I find cheats for the game "Destroy All Humans! 2"?
    Where can I find cheats and unlockables for this game?
    2 Entertainment 20
  94. sims cheats
    I cant enter sims cheat codes on windows vista how do I
    3 Gaming 8
  95. What to do if your boyfriend is cheating on you?
    If your boyfriend is cheating on you, what should you do? If you finds out and he is still lying do you think that I should break up with him.
    6 Relationships 17
  96. The sims 2 Cheat codes?
    Is there a cheat code to make the sim have the best skills?
    4 Gaming 40
  97. do you know the superman cheat on gta San Andreas
    do you know the superman cheat on gta SanAndreas
    5 Gaming 97
  98. Why do boys alway try to play or cheat on a girl?
    Why do boys alway try 2 play or cheat on a girl
    5 Relationships 60
  99. cheat bar Sims 2 on laptop
    I lost my cheat bar on my laptop/vista for Sims 2
    2 Gaming 42
  100. How to know if he's cheating on me?
    i think my bf is cheating on me with his little bros friend
    3 Relationships 20
  101. How can I make our love better even though I cheated?
    Even htough i cheated on her, how can i make it better love?
    2 Relationships 16
  102. What are the latest Webkinz cheat codes?
    what are the latest webkinz cheat codes and how do you apply can I prevent being banned?
    3 Gaming 35
  103. What are awesome cheats for Sims 2 Deluxe?
    ♥ does anyone know any awesome cheats for sims 2 deluxe?
    6 Gaming 75
  104. What if I cheated and might be pregnant?
    Hi, I am 15 and possibly pregnant...and I cheated on my boyfriend what should I do?
    5 Health 30
  105. cheats any 1
    does any 1 know any cheats for vice city gta ps2
    4 Music 29
  106. How can I find ut abut my husbands pending dwi in florida?
    How can I find ut abut my husbands pending dwi in florida?
    2 Relationships 17
  107. Can you still use cheats in sims 3
    Can you still use cheats like on the sims 2 in sims 3?
    4 Gaming 50
  108. Cheating vs an Affair?
    Why is it that when you're just dating it's called cheating but when you're married it's called having an affair?
    2 Relationships 82
  109. Why do people cheat?
    Honestly have you cheated? what was your reason for doing it? do you regret it now? and are you still with that partner?
    2 Relationships 13
  110. What can i do? My husband still sending mails to his ex; saying that he still in love with her.
    11 Relationships 30
  111. What causes a man, or women to cheat, and how do mens reasons differ from the reasons women do?
    10 Relationships 120
  112. does anybody else get paranoid that their bf is cheating on you while their on vacation?
    14 Relationships 33
  113. What can happen to a student who is caught cheating (red handed) in your country?
    18 Education 26
  114. Ferrari cheats
    How to get a ferrari in gta san andreas xbox
    2 Gaming 56
  115. How do I explain to my husband that I would like him to masturbate me with his whole hand?
    4 Sex 99
  116. What are some cheat codes for money on Sims 2 pets on ps2?
    10 Gaming 54
  117. gta san andreas cheat
    how can I be a superman and batman or spiderman in gta san andreas?
    2 Gaming 44
  118. Does anyone have Super Mario cheats for 64?
    i need cheats and help for some of the stars
    3 Gaming 19
  119. Should you leave a boy who cheats when he drinks?
    if a boy cheats on you by a drinkin mistake on more than onw occasion...should you leave him???
    7 Relationships 20
  120. What is the mini-gun cheat 4 gta sa on ps2???
    What is the mini-gun cheat 4 gta sa on ps2???
    3 Gaming 52
  121. Can you cheat on spouses in the sims 3?
    Can you cheat on spouses in the sims 3?? What are the differences between sims 2 and sims 3?? Other than you can walk different places
    3 Gaming 71
  122. What is the superman cheat for gta san andreas?
    I want the cheat code of superman on gta sanandreas?
    3 Gaming 112
  123. In what Robert B Parker book does Susan cheat?
    does any know in what robert b parker spencer book does susan cheat on spencer
    2 Literature 26
  124. Why do women and men cheat if they say their in love?
    Why do women and men cheat on one another when the claim that they love each other?
    2 Relationships 11
  125. Who considers this cheating?
    Is it cheating if you play strip poker with someone other then your boyfriend or girlfriend?
    6 Relationships 29
  126. What's a cheat code for Need for Speed?
    what is the correct master cheat code for need for speed hot pursuit?
    2 Gaming 14
  127. banjo kazooie cheat
    when you use cheats on banjo kazooie without the game shark , will it effect the game ?
    2 Gaming 46
  128. Do you know cheats for Need For Speed:Most Wanted?
    does anyone know any codes or cheats for Need For Speed:Most Wanted .5.1.0??
    2 Gaming 52
  129. Daughter's aunt's husband's riddle?
    Candace is Jane's daughter's aunt's husband's daughter's sister. What is the relationship between Candace and Jane?
    3 General 125
  130. Sims 2 cheats?
    Does anyone know any sims2 cheats ? Thankies oxox
    7 Gaming 42
  131. how can I enter cheats on windows vista
    I cant get the cheat bar to come up how do I do it
    2 Technology 17
  132. Why doesn't my husband give our daughter kisses?
    Why doesnt my husband feel comfortable with giving our daughter kisses?!
    10 Babies 49
  133. How do you feel about girls/women trying to trap their boyfriend or husband by getting pregnant?
    20 Relationships 70
  134. What if I think my man is cheating?
    what do I do if I think my man is cheatin but I dont know for sure how do I find out
    4 Relationships 11
  135. how do i know if its ok to be next door neighbors to my husbands ex girlfriend ?
    19 Relationships 74
  136. why did my boyfrend cheat on me?
    why does my boyfrend like beef and I dont so what the hell init?srthhh
    3 Relationships 34
  137. Does disinterest in sex mean cheating?
    My partner has been off you think he is seeing others?
    3 Sex 12
  138. Superman or spiderman Cheat for ps2
    How Do I Become Superman or Spiderman On GTA San Andreas The Cheat For PS2 Easy
    9 Gaming 211
  139. Sims cheats
    Does anybody know some cheat codes for the sims two game or a website I can get some from
    8 Gaming 44
  140. What to say to my boyfriend to make sure hes not cheating on me?
    Im not sure if he is cheating on me or not so I wanna make sure before I break up with him
    3 Relationships 62
  141. Are there any cheats for Sims Bustin Out?
    Does anybody have ANY tips, hints or cheats to Sims Bustin out For Game Boy Advance???
    3 Gaming 22
  142. Do you think the song "cheat again" is good?
    Well, only give me an answer if you know this song! Do you think the song "cheat again" is good? Because I wanna know!
    5 Music 34
  143. How do I talk dirty to my husband?
    I try and talk dirty to my husband but I never make any sence to sound sexy
    3 Sex 151
  144. Who wud you cheat on your girlfriend or boyfriend with?
    If you could have a one night stand with any celebrity who wud it be? and why wud you cheat one your girlfriend or boyfriend
    2 Relationships 17
  145. cheated =[
    yeah so I have an amazing girlfriend but im an idiot and I cheated on her enough said..tell her or no???
    13 Relationships 18
  146. GTA: San Andreas cheats?
    I need that batman cheat for PS2... ...and superman... ...and spiderman.
    7 Gaming 251
  147. Where can I find cheat codes for PlayStation games?
    Where can I find all the best cheat codes for PlayStation games? I'd like to know.
    2 Gaming 18
  148. Cheating or not??
    Is flirting while committed cheating??? I mean like talking going out a peck here or there a touch here or there
    4 Relationships 30
  149. Is this cheating or not?
    If you are married and your spouse is having phone sex with another man would you consider that cheating???
    6 Sex 52
  150. Cheating
    If you hook up with a guy that has a girlfriend. Whats it called?? Like you would say the guy cheated on his girlfriend
    3 Relationships 25
  151. Are there any gold cheats for WoW?
    Are there any good cheats for World of Warcraft or any easy ways of making gold?
    6 Gaming 116
  152. Do any cheats to get Gaia Gold work?
    um does anyone know of a cheat that worked to get you gold on gaia or of any generators?
    11 Technology 179
  153. Any songs that have to do with cheating?
    Do you guys know any songs that have to do with cheating. Couples fighting. Unhealthy relationships. Thankss :)
    4 Music 55
  154. Why are people cheating?
    why people are cheating on their wives and husbands??I really dont understand???does anyone knows the answer
    6 Relationships 16
  155. How does it feel to be cheated on ..only females anwser this
    How does it feel 2 b cheated on ...because I cheat a lot dis iz just 4 females
    26 Relationships 287
  156. cheated on
    why are boys so freakin' dumb? do they not understand how they treat girls? do boys think its ohk to cheat on girls?because I just got cheated on.
    3 Relationships 12
  157. i am not cheating on my boyfriend
    i am not cheating on my boyfriend! how to prove to him that i am not cheating? in the past i have shown the signs of someone who cheats. i regret it now,but i want to know how to show him i am not cheating on him or that i never have.
    2 Relationships 35
  158. Is it true that if a man kills his wife when he found out she cheated on him, he can get out of his charges because he was in a rage?
    11 Politics 32
  159. What can be done if my husband gets piles only a few times per year?
    is surgery nessasary, as he had it done once?
    2 Health 10
  160. How do I block my ex husbands texts?
    It costs me my minutes when he texts and I dont want any text frim him.
    4 Technology 52
  161. How do I get my husband to want me?
    So I went through the "don't touch me" phase but now I want it all the time. How can one satisfy themselves?
    2 Relationships 18
  162. Does anybody know a virtual game that you can play were you have a husband and raise kids LoL?
    10 Technology 65
  163. Whats the "coffee" cheat on san andreas?
    How do you get the sex scene on san andreas? Lol
    2 Sex 14
  164. can this be my departed husband
    twice my radio came on by its self thjen my gps that had been turned off for weeks came on by its self can this be my departed husband
    3 Relationships 42
  165. How to find out if my baby's Daddy is cheating?
    my babys dad is cheating on do I get his myspace password and email address...
    4 Relationships 107
  166. Why do you think people cheat on their spouses?
    I'm curious. (My dad had been cheating on my mom... so curiosity rose.)
    20 Relationships 48
  167. Habbo coins Cheats
    any one know any cheats or maybe now some ways 2 get coins or furniture???
    18 Gaming 109
  168. How can you tell when your guy is cheating u?
    Well I think my guy is cheating on me because he's not the same person as before and he doesn't call's me that often
    2 Relationships 26
  169. How to get my husband to spend more time with the kids?
    4 Family 59
  170. What are some Sims 2 cheats?
    What are some good sims 2 cheats that arnt really motherlode or maxmotives...
    4 Gaming 46
  171. my husband to want to have sex with me and someone else
    my husband wants a threesome with me and ahot young chic. is this normal
    9 Sex 295
  172. husbands credit card debts
    In new york is a wife responsible for her husbands credit card debts if she doesnt hold a card?
    2 Money 32
  173. Guitar Hero 3 cheats and secret achievements?
    Does anyone have any Guitar Hero 3 cheats? Or ways to unlock the secret achievements? Thanks if you do.
    4 Gaming 46
  174. cheat code for GTA San Andreas?
    what is the cheat code for lamborghini in gta sa andreas for computer not for PS2-3
    8 Gaming 245
  175. Have you ever been cheated on?
    have you ever been cheated on?? I have and it really hurts especially when you thought it was someone you thought loved you what were you reactions and are you still with them?
    3 Relationships 23
  176. how should I celebrate my 1st wed anniversary with my husband?
    next week is our 1st anniversary.I want to celebrate it at home with my husband.
    2 Entertainment 21
  177. Would you cheat if he'd never know?
    Honeslty,how many of you would cheat your partner if you knew he would never find out?
    8 Relationships 26
  178. Anyone have cheats or tips for sims 2?
    I have the sims 2 for my computer, and the nightlife exp.I already have the cheat "motherlode", but does anyone have any awesome cheats??
    3 Gaming 7
  179. is it good to keep on convicing you boyfriend that he is cheating
    I say that a lot to my boyfriend but he is like that he is not cheating so do you think if I keep on saying that then he is going to cheat or that does not matter
    3 Relationships 19
  180. Should I get back with him so I can cheat on him?
    I just found out that my boyfriend was cheating on me,so I broke up with him and my question is should I get back with him and cheat on him ?Give msome good advice!!! what should I do?
    5 Relationships 138
  181. cheats for gh3 xbox 360
    I need cheats I beat the game 4 times and I want to beat it with cheats HELP!!! Please
    3 Gaming 41
  182. Cheating, why do you do it?
    I was just curious on the reason that people cheat. If you have ever cheated, could you please tell me why? I have been cheated on before, and also have heard a lot of people telling about their experiences with there no good cheating ex's. Please tell...
    5 Relationships 13
  183. What are awesome cheats for the sims 2 double deluxe?
    What are some awsome cheats for the game the sims 2 double deluxe edition? Some cool car cheats or something.
    3 Gaming 55
  184. RH(D) O positive blood my husband is O my daughter was born with A+
    I have a RH(D) O positive blood my husband is O my daughter was born with A+ I did not mess around how did that happen.
    6 Family 87
  185. Cheat codes for Zelda or Resident Evil 4 on Wii?
    hey does anyone have cheat codes for resident evil 4 and legend of zelda on wii? thanks!
    4 Gaming 61
  186. Before he cheats vs. Picture to burn
    Which video do you like better before he cheats or picture to burn? I love before he cheats the best it's awesome how she wrecks the truck
    2 Music 47
  187. my boyfriend might be cheating on me
    my boyfriend don't have time to talk to me and I have to follow his rules but he don't follow my rules and he breaks my heart a lot what should I do
    3 Relationships 9
  188. I saw her cheat on him
    I told my friend his girlfriend cheated on him and he doesnt believe me, how do I prove to him imnot the one lying?
    6 Relationships 11
  189. Does anyone here like the song "Before He Cheats" by Carrie Underwood?
    thats one of my all time fav songs(:
    10 Music 9
  190. How do I catch a cheating girlfriend?
    My best friend is being cheated on by his sociopath girlfriend!!! I need hard evidence to show him that its true.
    2 Relationships 33
  191. What is the GTA superman cheat code?
    how do I get superman cheat code for grand theft auto San Andreas for ps2
    6 Gaming 164
  192. why it is painful when me and my husband are having sex?
    it was not like that before. when he's trying to go inside me it hurts and after the intercourse. but while doing it - its not that painful but uncomfortable.
    2 Sex 21
  193. What's the cheat for a Ferrari on GTA San Andreas?
    On gta san andres for playstation 2 whats the cheat code to get a ferrari?
    18 Gaming 1799
  194. Flying car cheats for grandtheft auto vice city stories
    Is their any for that game it is for ps2
    5 Gaming 103
  195. who wonders that someday humans will try to cheat death and then all become zombies?gosh its creepy
    6 General 11
  196. How do I ask my husband for another baby?
    I would like to have an other baby. How should I tell my husband because he thinks I dont want any more kids
    5 Family 15
  197. I already Have 5 Kids And My Husband Wants More
    How Do I Tell My Husbsnd I Cant Handle Anymore Kids?
    6 Family 53
  198. Would it be considered cheating if I dropped some of my classes with lower (not failing) grades to raise my GPA?
    3 Education 18
  199. Why do people cheat on others?
    Why do people cheat on others? I know it depends, but what is the number one reason that everyday young couples face cheating issues?
    8 Relationships 26
  200. Cheating wife
    I am married but is currently cheating. My husband has fund my boyfriend phone number in my phone and is now asking question . Whart do I say
    6 Relationships 56
  201. Sims 3 cheats
    how can I get my cheats to work I cant figure it out. oh and does anyone know the cheat to turn of the aging thing?
    2 Gaming 47
  202. Why does she think im cheating on her?
    Im with the love of my life rite now I never did anything wrong with her I love her so much but sometimes she think im cheating on her what can I do to convince her im not and I do love her?
    2 Relationships 36
  203. My brothers girl is cheating on him
    I found out that my brothers girl is cheating on him.and I don't know how to tell Him because he really loves her and I don't want to hurt his feelings. So what should I do
    3 Relationships 18
  204. What to buy my husband for xmas?
    We've been together nearly seven years, and he keeps saying "I don't want anything" this year. What to buy my husband for xmas?
    2 Shopping 67
  205. How can I tell my baby father I cheated on him and gave him trich?
    I cheated on my baby father, and caught trich...I didnt know I had it and now he has it too... How can I tell him without him going crazy on me?
    4 Relationships 56
  206. what should I do to get breast milk to feed my husband?
    I am 20 years old I want to give milk to my husband before my pregnancy is it possible
    3 Relationships 747
  207. Got Any Cheats In Pokemon Battle Arena??
    Damn I got SO addicted to pokemon battle arena that I need cheats!!! Pls Help me... XD LOL
    5 Gaming 79
  208. What can I do to make my husband happy in bed?
    I will like to know how to make my husband fee good in bed?I m talking about haveing sex.
    4 Sex 168
  209. How do I help my husband to stop lying?
    My husband tells small lies all the time he is a pathalogical liar and we have separated beacuse of it so I want help to help him to stop it
    3 Relationships 67
  210. how do I keep my boyfriend from cheating on me?
    how do I keep my boyfriend from cheating on me?? I like him way to much to let him go, and he says he likes me a lot to!! what could I do to keep this from happening again!!
    2 Relationships 75
  211. Cheat for cricket 07 and bully
    Plzzz give these cheats of these 2 ps2 games and gta superman pc
    2 Gaming 29
  212. Umm ...Cheating???
    is it cheating if you have a boyfriend and you like and talk to someone else...even tho youve tried to break up with your boyfriend?
    3 Relationships 40
  213. How can I look beautiful for my husband?
    how can I look beatiful I am 35 and just want to look pretty for my husband as I am scared he will stray again which he has done and it broke my heart
    12 Style 377
  214. What do you think about people that cheat in their relationship, and do you think it would be a good ideal to put them on the TV show "Cheaters"?
    18 Relationships 43
  215. Why won't it work when I attempt to enter the money cheat in Medieval Total War 2 for my computer?
    5 Gaming 12
  216. How do i cheat on tests?
    This sounds shallow but i need to or ill get kicked out of my school. what are good tricks?
    15 Education 80
  217. Are you waiting until marriage to move in with your husband?
    Im 16 and have the value and moral of waiting till im married to move in with a are you the same?
    6 Sex 38
  218. sims2 cheat
    k like I have all the expansion pack because I love sims2. But I need a cheat for how to get teens pregnant, I do not want hacks I want a cheat do you know where I could get that cheat?
    2 Gaming 83
  219. Is my boyfriend cheating?
    Me and my boyfriend has been dating for 2 years and now that I'm out of town on vacation he isn't calling me nor answering my phone calls. Do this mean he is cheating me?
    2 Relationships 34
  220. Sims 2 cheats
    What are the cheats for custom skins and hair I want to know how to make a vampire sim Can anyone help ma
    2 Gaming 54
    2 Relationships 20
  222. Is it kalled cheating???
    If you have a boyfriend and your talking to some guy who also has a grlfrend... And your kaling da guy bby and teling him that you like him... Is that considerd cheating???
    6 Relationships 17
  223. What's a good birthday party idea for my husband?
    What are some good ideas for a man's birthday party in November? I'm planning a party for my husband (he doesn't like sports, so that's not a good theme).
    2 Entertainment 90
  224. Husband's female friend
    My husband has a female best friend who happens to be his ex. I know he used to love her like bad. Should I allow this friendship?
    2 Relationships 11
  225. Trish Stratus, who is her husband?
    does anyone know who trish stratus's husband is? I love TRISH STRATUS SHE ROCKS!!! sorrry this isn't the catagory for this king of qestion but it's my favorite!
    3 Entertainment 68
  226. What are some good cheats for Sims 3?
    Hey! Does any one know good cheats for sims 3,can you get vampires,wearwolfs,plant people e.g?
    3 Gaming 38
  227. My husband
    What can I do with my husband when we have relations at night he to lovely with me but the next day he's mad and like nothing happen and starts treating me bad???
    5 Relationships 34
  228. What if he cheats on me?
    Me and my boyfriend are both virgins and one night he tells me he loves me then said that he had sex with someone he hardly knew.what do I do now???
    4 Sex 12
  229. If no one will ever know, would you cheat?
    Sooo... today at lunch I over heard the guys talking about cheating and then somehitng hit me... if NO ONE would ever know, would you cheat??? BE 100% HONEST!!!
    13 Relationships 51
  230. Anyone know any cheats for Tony Hawk Underground 2?
    Hey I Was wondering if anyone knew any Cheats for Tony Hawk Underground 2? Thanks for answering ! lol..
    2 Gaming 11
  231. Should I tell my cousin my friend is cheating on him?
    well my friend is going out with my cousin. the other day I saw her kissing a differnt boy. everyone comes up to me and tells me shes cheating on my cousin should I tell him.
    4 Relationships 28
  232. Why does he cheat?
    Why is it that you will basically be the perfect girlfriend you stay faithful, cook, clean, and stay up with your man when he is sick but the second he can he goes out and cheats?? and then wants you to be ok with him and stay??
    2 Relationships 35
  233. Answers on your thighs cheating?
    Hmm just interesting to see what methods innovative methods people used to cheat of their tests exams etc... any thoughts ?
    10 Education 203
  234. How to stop nagging to my husband?
    How should I stop the nagging, recently if noticed my husband has been contacting his ex girl, we wrote some letters which is really bothering me..please help.
    2 Relationships 26
  235. Why is there no decent cheats for the sims 3?
    I mean on the sims 2 the was cheats that could make you have an alien baby, and have it with your neighbour! sorry im just curious?
    2 Gaming 42
  236. Cheating boyfriend
    We have been to geather for almost a year he has cheated 2 times that I know of is because im not doing something he wants what should I do I realy love this guy
    2 Relationships 21
  237. When my husband comes inside of me it comes out right after
    My husbad and I are trying to get pregnet but when we try and he comes insede of me it comes right out or if a go to pee it just comes out the seemes. is this normal how can I get pregnet if just all of it comes out.
    4 Health 310
  238. Why do people use cheat codes on video games?
    Why can't they beat the game without them? Why does it have to spread? Why should people even make them in the first place?
    5 Gaming 66
  239. What are good cheats for the Sims 2 on PC?
    I just got the Game thought I might need a few tips =P xxxthankyouxxx
    3 Gaming 58
  240. What would be a nice christmas gift to give my husband?
    Whats a prefect give to give my boyfriend/husband? But he don't now what he wants either and I not sure what to get him?
    4 Shopping 48
  241. Where can I find a cheat sheet?
    I can not solve the ringing of the bells does anyone know how to? (magicians hand book blacklore 2
    5 Gaming 12
  242. If we have a woman as president how do we call her husband?
    We call him man in charge, or the first man or first knight. I dont have any idea, just wondering lol. What do you think?
    3 Politics 58
  243. Why does my husband lie all the time ?
    My husband lies to me all the time. His lies seem like little white lies that make no sense. I don't understand why it he can't seem to tell the truth. It is very frustrating for me and only makes me suspicious that he is cheating on me. I don't know w...
    2 Relationships 35
  244. Is this cheating on a test?
    Is it cheating if...: You've found a really helpful set of notes, and you memorize them, and right before the test you right them down on the desk? So for instance: A+b=c. Would it be cheating if I wrote that down on my desk?
    12 Education 269
  245. Why do people cheat
    Why do people cheat like if you have a good boyfriend/girlfriend why will you cheat I hate people like that one time I had a friend he cheated on all the girls he loved I told him to stop he did not stop so I stoped talking to him. Why do peple need t...
    2 Relationships 37
  246. I need to go on a trip with my husband where should we go
    kings island or florida but we have there a bout 19 time s and kings island only once so help out besides we are not in very good shape me and my husband arent
    3 Travel 42
  247. What should I do for my husband for Valentine's Day?
    what should I do for my husband for valentine's day? something cheap but meaningful. does anyone know of any good craft sites I could go to and get ideas?
    4 Shopping 104
  248. How to know if he's cheating?
    How to know if my boyfriend is cheating and how to catch him!?!?! All the signs point to it but he doesnt seem like that type... And trust me I know the type!!! Help!!! How do I catch him and ugh I'm just so frustrated.,,,
    6 Relationships 56
  249. Doesn anyone know cheats for Grand theft auto?
    Does anyone know cheat code things for grand theft auto 4? Or whatever the new one is? :) Thanks for your help!
    3 Gaming 40
  250. Why does my boyfriend accuse me of cheating? Is he cheating?
    My boyfriend constantly accuses me of cheating on him. we've been together for 5 years and I have been completely faithful. I love him and want only him but no matter what I do or say, or how hard I try 2 convince him, he just doesn't trust. he call...
    3 Relationships 544