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  1. Is there pet health insurance?
    Is there such a thing as Health Insurance for pets?
    3 Pets 39
  2. What to look for in health insurance coverage?
    What to look for in health insurance coverage?
    3 Money 11
  3. Who health definition?
    Who health definition?
    3 Health 40
  4. Is it illegal not to have insurance?
    4 Politics 39
  5. What would happen to health insurance companies if government takes over the health insurance system?
    3 Money 42
  6. What I need to know about insurance health coverage?
    What I need to know about insurance health coverage?
    2 Money 12
  7. How does masturbation affect health?
    how does masturbation affect health
    4 Sex 109
  8. What does the herb "ginger" do for your health?
    3 Health 45
  9. What are the health benefits on Wine?
    2 Health 27
  10. What is Universal Health Care ??
    2 Health 30
  11. What juice has the most health benefits?
    5 Health 108
  12. Do you believe "health is wealth"?
    9 Health 153
  13. Do you think people should be forced to get health insurance?
    8 Politics 23
  14. If I have 2 jobs can I have 2 health insurance
    I already have a health insurance but if I get another job in the afternoon and if they have health insurance can I have 2 health insurance from both jobs or not.
    2 Money 191
  15. Does health insurance cover braces or how much do they really cost??
    6 Health 23
  16. Which food is the most beneficial to your health?
    which of your favourite foods are the most beneficial to your health...? and why ?
    2 Health 49
  17. Is there a number that gives health advice?
    Is there a number that gives health advice?
    2 Health 10
  18. What is meant by health is wealth?
    What you means by health is wealth?
    2 Health 9
  19. Do you think smoking is bad for your health?
    Do you think smoking is bad for your health?
    8 Health 163
  20. Whats more inportant health or beauty?
    Whats more inportant health or beauty?
    16 Style 23
  21. How can I get liability car insurance?
    How can I get liability car insurance?
    2 Money 25
  22. Is playing cricket good for your health?
    Is play cricket good for health?
    5 Sports 18
  23. How did home health care start?
    How did home health care start?
    2 Health 279
  24. How are drain flies a health hazard?
    How are drain flies a health hazard?
    2 Health 1838
  25. Is drinking alcohol good for health?
    14 Food 41
  26. What other health issue or problem can there be for smoking?
    4 Health 33
  27. is smoking weed good for your health?
    51 Health 89
  28. What are some health risks of giving yourself a tattoo?
    19 Health 98
  29. Does homeowners insurance cover main water supply pipes? What about renter's insurance?
    2 Homegarden 29
  30. What kind of addiction is the most harmful to your health?
    13 Health 38
  31. is it bad for your health if you have sex while you have your period ?
    12 Sex 90
  32. Can you get life or health insurance if... have severe depression? eating disorder?
    7 Money 14
  33. How can I avoid passing out in health class?
    8 Health 74
  34. Why does your level of fitness relate to your health?
    3 Health 23
  35. What health benefits does pickle juice offer?
    What health benefits does pickle juice offer?
    20 Food 1897
  36. Is an air conditioner bad for your health?
    is an AC bad for health?
    3 Health 119
  37. What is hospital Insurance?
    Suggest me some good Hospital Insurance Plan ?
    2 Health 11
  38. dog insurance
    what would be the best dog insurance in the U.S ?
    6 Pets 10
  39. How can I get cigna health coverage as an individual?
    How can I get cigna health coverage as an individual?
    2 Health 14
  40. Is a*al sex dangerous to your health?
    does a*al s*x are dangerous for our health???
    5 Sex 20
  41. Health Insurance and Car Insurance
    uuummm...I'm not sure how this can anyone help me with this??? like...I'm concern about this. 1st...:) I wanna know how can you get health insurance??? 2nd...:) I wanna know how can you get car insurance???
    12 Health 30
  42. How much would braces cost if you have no insurance?
    22 Health 36
  43. Health insurance
    What hosital in jacksonville fl pays for a newborn to get circumcised after birth
    3 Health 19
  44. dogs health
    what foods are really bad for dogs?
    6 Pets 11
  45. What car would be easy to insure in Ireland?
    5 Cars 14
  46. What are some things I can add to my fitness & health blog?
    2 Nutritionfitness 17
  47. what are the health requirements for becoming a blue angel?
    3 Money 42
  48. How much do you pay each year for motorcycle insurance?
    2 Cars 9
  49. Red wine is really good for health?
    4 Health 19
  50. Is obesity a problem in Canada, and how does it affect the health?
    2 Health 12
  51. What are your thoughts on the US government making people get health insurance or face penalties?
    26 Politics 52
  52. Is sleeping for long hour bad for health?
    4 Health 18
  53. How can cellphone radiation cause health issues?
    4 Health 34
  54. How come it's not good for your health if you're stressed out?
    like what does being stressed out have to do with your health?
    10 Health 43
  55. What health benefits come from l-carnatine?
    What health benefits come from l-carnatine?
    2 Health 125
  56. Could a job offer life insurance to you an your family?
    Could a job offer life insurance to you an your family ?
    3 Money 15
  57. How can I get my ex girlfriend dropped from my car insurance?
    How can I get my ex girlfriend dropped from my car insurance?
    2 Relationships 205
  58. Why don't health questions get shown on the homepage?
    Just wondering, why don't health questions get shown on the homepage?
    3 Funadvice 10
  59. Life Insurance
    what does the word contingent mean,pertaining to life insurance
    4 Money 39
  60. Are Shitzu's prone to health problems and what are some of them?
    Are Shitzu's prone to health problems and if so what are some of the major ones?
    11 Pets 103
  61. Is health important or is money?
    Is health important or money? my brother told that money is important than money. What you think about it?
    2 Money 21
  62. Do any health insurance plans cover supplements?
    Does anyone know of a health insurance plan that covers supplements like CoQ10 and Alpha Lipoic Acid?
    4 Health 17
  63. What health problems can keep someone from the military?
    What health problems can keep someone from getting into the military?
    4 Health 30
  64. Should the government run and control health care?
    Should the government run and control healthcare?
    7 Politics 21
  65. How much does sleep affect your immune system and health?
    9 Health 20
  66. What are some public health issues?
    im not sure what the meaning is and what they are ?
    2 Health 13
  67. What do you call a person who is over-protective and obsessed about health?
    3 General 115
  68. Is there such a thing as pet insurance?
    you know like for an animal
    4 Pets 31
  69. Health guide
    Is high tyrod harmfull during pregancy?
    2 Health 25
  70. Why do some people hate obama's health plan ?
    19 Politics 63
  71. is it true investing in insurance companies is tax free?
    4 Money 42
  72. Health of dog
    My dog have lots of knots and sore on his body what is it
    3 Pets 17
  73. Who knows if their are any major health benefits to eating oatmeal?
    11 Health 33
  74. Why does the government not have a better health care plan for the elderly?
    3 Health 24
  75. Quick health question
    What is the differenve between crunches and a sit up?
    2 Nutritionfitness 17
  76. What health effects are caused by wave energy (wave power)?
    2 Science 40
  77. Why sonographer job involves risk of health problems?
    4 Money 15
  78. What health risks are there for someone who drinks nothing but coffee?
    4 Health 19
  79. How much does life insurance cost?
    How much does life insurance cost? How much averagly does it cost for a family of six?
    4 Money 27
  80. What are the moral, social, and health reasons for and against marijuana?
    What are the moral, social and health reasons for and against smoking marujana?
    4 Sex 22
  81. How long does it take for insurance companys to make settleme
    How long does it take for insurance companys to make settlements?
    2 Money 14
  82. What are the health benefits of yogurt?
    What are the health benefits of yogurt. I have always enjoyed eating yogurt but now I am hearing that there are special health benefits. What are these benefits.
    3 Food 47
  83. If my health insurance is not good can I change it for another one
    I have this health insurance from my job but dont cover anything and I need to do this therapy for my arm but my insurance dont cover, can I leave this insurance and apply for a better one.
    3 Money 13
  84. What should I do if I'm pregnant and dont have health insurance
    I really dont have health insurance right this moment and I really dont know how my babys doing do you think I should go to the hospital for an ultra sound.
    2 Health 18
  85. What do fish oil tablets do for your health?
    i know there good for you but in what ways and what does it do?
    4 Health 37
  86. love health
    How do I have orgasims. Im only 13! Advice please!
    3 Relationships 129
  87. How much do insurance companies like Safe Auto cost?
    5 Cars 13
  88. Is there any alternative for preserving food rather than using preservatives which is bad for health?
    6 Food 14
  89. What is the average price of car insurance for a 20 year old?
    3 Cars 8
  90. How can I move up from being an insurance secretary?
    I want more than this. I want to make more money. What are some opportunities?
    9 Money 41
  91. What health benefits come from putting flax seed in your food?
    4 Health 42
  92. Bit weirded out when they put health questions up???
    Does anyone else get a bit weirded out when they put health questions up???
    2 Health 11
  93. Do mental health counselors actually help?
    are mental health counslers just stupid and do they help any one?
    7 Health 22
  94. car insurance
    how much is monthly car insurance for a 16 year old guy
    4 General 17
  95. Would you buy Earthquake insurance living in Maryland?
    If you were staying in Maryland would you buy Earthquake insurance for your house?
    2 Homegarden 18
  96. Is insurance expensive for 2-door cars'?
    Is the insurance expensive for small cars compared to larger cars?
    3 General 34
  97. Why mastrubate injuries to health ?
    Is mastrubate injuries to health if I do 1 time in a week it ? I want to know about mastrubate
    7 Health 166
  98. How much would it cost me to get health insurance with the Obamacare?
    If i dont have a health insurance how much would cost me to get one and i will to have to pay for that every year, every month how that would be if you know tell me please thank you?
    3 Health 21
  99. Why should Teens be aware of health issues such as sexuality, dealing with confict and CPR?
    3 Sex 89
  100. Could there be any health risk or risk of disease with breast milk ice cream?
    12 Food 42
  101. could switching to geico realy save you 15% or more on car insurance?
    8 Money 21
  102. Is it true that by eating raw food one will not get health problems?
    4 Health 12
  103. What is the National Insurance number used for in the UK?
    and how old will i be when i get mine?
    7 Politics 36
  104. Health & Training
    My Bischon has started scratching, and still isint toilet trained!!!
    2 Pets 10
  105. Money,Health and reputation...
    The loss of which of these three is the worst misery for a Person?
    8 General 12
  106. In what kind of health situation would someone be encouraged to go to a geneticist?
    2 Relationships 7
  107. What is a HRA health insurance?
    This year my employer is offering HRA, and then the standard high and low PPO. They where really pushing the HRA, offering $1250 in the account with a $2500 deductible.
    5 Money 18
  108. Meditation tips for health
    My moods want to kill me. I meditate. If anyone does, can you give me tips?
    2 Health 18
  109. What kinds of jobs/careers can one get in the field of public health promotion?
    5 Money 22
  110. is eating hotdogs bad for your health?
    I keep hearing hotdogs are bad and something bad is in them. what is wrong with them?
    9 Health 67
  111. Can you get dental insurance?
    i have medical but i want insurance that can help me cover if my sis gets braces?
    3 Health 10
  112. Do I have anything wrong with my health?
    do I have anything wrong with my health that may be bad for me and that I need to get taken care of
    4 Health 17
  113. Does Obama have a Health Care Solution?
    Has Obama proposed a specific solution to the Health Care Crisis? How does it stack up against the other candidates?
    3 Politics 26
  114. Can having your laptop on your stomach affect your health?
    I always lay down while on it and set it on my stomach. Could it affect my health? I am a girl.
    8 Health 15
  115. Any health risks in smoking Cigerette paper alone?
    is there any health problems from smoking cigerette paper without tobacco in it?
    3 Health 143
  116. Can a 14-year-old get a job in health care?
    Is there a job that a 14 year old person can do with health care?
    2 Health 120
  117. Is it bad for your health to use a tampon?
    My friends tell me that I shouldn't use tampons for you because they're bad for your health... Is this true? And if so how are they bad for you?
    13 Health 41
  118. What does grams mean in health?
    In health terms, what is a gram and what is its function? I need to know for my health class in high school.
    3 Health 45
  119. Is there a cheap way to get insurance
    Well, I no longer have health insurance! :( Is there a cheap way to get insurance. My job doesnt offer it anymore.
    2 Health 15
  120. Family and health
    My mom is a little heavy how should I tell her nicly to lose some weight?
    2 Family 11
  121. Where can I get a full copy of the health care reform bill/plan that Obama passed?
    2 Politics 21
  122. how can a employer pay national insuranceon behalf of a employee without a national insurance number?
    2 Money 20
  123. Milk for your health
    Is it true that milk can make your breasts grow bigger?Or is it at least beneficial to my breasts?
    3 Health 143
  124. How would marijuana second hand smoke affect your health if it were made legal?
    32 Health 48
  125. How does a home health care agency in michigan become medicai
    How does a home health care agency in michigan become medicaid and mecicare certifeid?
    2 Health 11
  126. how is sex good for your health?
    how is sex good for your health?.. Does it help to loose weight?...Does it live a stress free life?
    2 Sex 28
  127. Is Nationalized health care included ?
    The Stimulus Package passed the Senate today - Is it true that nationalized health care is included ?
    5 Politics 8
  128. Can being bored all the time cause health issues?
    can being bored all the time cause any health issues like depression or death? gosh im bored!
    3 Health 19
  129. Does having mono affect other parts of my health?
    After having mononucleosuis for a month my physical health is still not good. Does my poor health have any effect on the rest of my health and why.
    8 Health 113
  130. Should people go to jail for failure to buy health insurance?
    Th reason I ask, is because that's what the current "health care plan" basically does. It forces people buy health insurance. But if you are required to buy it, yet don't have the money to buy it, and can't afford the fine for failing to buy it, you...
    11 Politics 42
  131. Is there a grace period for Allstate Car Insurance Payments?
    My payment was due on the 4th but I can't pay it until tomorrow.
    7 Money 3331
  132. How do I get a wolf team health and super jump hack?
    How do I get a wolf team health and super jump hack? I can't find one. I had a hack but it got patched.
    5 Gaming 98
  133. Do you feel that sugar free products that contain aspartame is dangerous for your health and has side effects?
    20 Food 7
  134. Auto Insurance
    Does anyone know any good, cheap auto insurance companies in Ontario? It has to be personal insurance and good quotes for teenagers. Thanks!
    3 Money 12
  135. Can I get insurance for my g1 after I broke it
    Can I get insurance for my g1 after I broke it and pay the insurance and cuple. Days latter say it broke ?will they give me a new one or what?
    3 Technology 35
  136. Is wine and beer is good for health?
    Hello fnd... can you tell me wine and beer are good for health? and also pls tell me both advantages and disadvantages of both wine and beer...
    3 Food 31
  137. Do you like mental health workers???
    I guess it dependz on the person but I like some ...they can really help a lot!!!
    2 Health 22
  138. Why do people smoke or drink when they know it's bad for their health?
    Oh and my grandma recently quit smoking! :)
    10 Health 62
  139. What are health benefits of apple cider vinegar?
    Hey, I just got apple cider vinegar today, I heard it had really good health benefits, do any of you use it?
    9 Health 749
  140. Where is a cheap car insurance in Ontario? speficially in Hamilton?
    My dad is just wondering where is a cheap car insurance company in Ontario? We live in Hamilton. Thank you very much.
    3 General 13
  141. do you think its stupid that tmobile is chargingg me $90 to get a new fone even though i have insurance on it?
    8 Technology 13
  142. Is subwasy bad for your health?
    Do you consider subway sandwiches (minus the chips, cookies and drink) healthy?
    6 Food 15
  143. how often is it recommended you should you worm, flea and use a tick treatment on your cat to maintain optimum health?
    2 Pets 10
  144. How to subside zit pain?
    I have a zit and I don't care how it looks it just REALLY hurts a ton. Is there any way I can bring the pain down a little?
    6 Style 29
  145. Health insurance (military benefits)
    I currently do not have health insurance but if me & my boyfriend decided to have a baby would his military benefits cover the baby even if we are not married and the doctors visit every month? I use to have military benefits but I lost them when I tu...
    3 Health 25
  146. Woman's Health
    Does the thick sticky discharge just beford your period, then a very heavy period mean it could be the last one
    3 Health 13
  147. Does eating an apple a day really help your health?
    I have been eating a couple apples a day for about a week. I'd like to keep this up, what are the benefits?
    11 Health 27
  148. Does it affect your health if you smoke paper?
    because I caught my sister smoking paper not weed I mean like computer paper with nothing in it o_O?
    21 Health 1671
  149. Do you have to go to the health department in Salt Lake City, UT in order to get a food handler permit?
    2 Food 32
  150. Health Physical
    Okayyy so im 14 and I have to go have a physical done soon and I don't know what they are going to do! PLEASE TELL ME!! im so scared!
    5 Nutritionfitness 15
  151. Health related question
    Does the mouth of a male contain any amount of sperms?(unless taken from an external source)
    2 Health 14
  152. Are steroids a threat to athletes' health?
    I know that they are able to enhance there performance which is seen as being unfare but does it actually pose a negative threat on the athletes general health? If any, what are the health risks?
    6 Health 45
  153. What's the best car insurance in the US?
    If I plan to go to the USA. What Car Insurance company do you recommend? Can someone please explain what I should look for when I choosing?
    5 Money 25
  154. What, I want to go to medical school & i'm graduating with my associate, would it be better to major in Biology or in Health Sciences?
    5 Education 13
  155. Are there health risks if kids eat pencil erasers?
    Are there any heath risks in kids eating pencil erasers. If not, how can I get them to stop? Thank you for your time. Concerned, Amy S.
    9 Babies 7977
  156. What does it mean to be called 'high-risk' in regards to mental health?
    Just wondering, thats what my therapist and psychiatrist think.
    5 Health 31
  157. how come As soon as I walk into a spider web, I turn into a mental health patient?
    ..i mean im not afraid of them but that happens why?
    3 General 24
  158. How much sperm? Health question
    How much sperm is in a drop of the average man's semen? Can anyone give me a ruff number ? thanks =)
    2 Health 158
  159. Do they still teach sex ed and health in schools anymore?
    I remembered the last time I had a health class was in 4th grade and then all of a sudden we stopped learning about health. What's up with that?
    9 Sex 54
  160. question about U.S. federal government run health insurnace plan
    Do you thiink that a federal government run health insurance plan will be approved before midnight ET 31 Dec 2009
    8 Politics 20
  161. Why does my health go down in Megaman blue moon?
    I just added a 500+ HP to Megaman and now whenever I battle, my health goes down without being hit. Anyone have a answer?
    3 Gaming 13
  162. How can vinegar affect your health?
    Can drinking a shot glass full of vinegar daily affect your health? If so what positive attributes does it possess, and on the other end of the spectrum, what negative effects does it possess?
    2 Health 206
  163. When you chew with your mouth open, is it bad for your health??
    I need reason for why people shouldnt chew with their mouth's open, other that it is vile and disgusting, and indecent, and not polite. Th
    2 Food 65
  164. What kind of health effects does skin cancer have on the body?
    I know obviously, you have cancer so it's bad but I mean what does it do that weakens you. I hope that makes sense.
    5 Health 23
  165. The Ultimate Health Benefits of Amla Extract
    Amla or Indian Gooseberry is one of the main ingredients used in all the ayurvedic tonics and medicines.
    10 Health 33
  166. Does masturbating every night makes a man sick by health?
    like loss of base muscles and thinning of limbs and such..
    4 Sex 20
  167. How to clease my system for better health
    Im looking for ways to clean my system? And also need to now how to get rid of a bladder infection?
    2 Health 20
  168. What's the subscriber name on the MassHealth insurance card?
    I'm filling out an insurance waiver for college and I need the subscribers name. I don't know what the subscribers name is, is it my name or my mothers? I tried calling the college and the insurance company and neither of them are answering.
    3 General 337
  169. Pregnant and no insurance. Seeking for help.
    Pregnant and no insurance. I was wondering if anyone knows about a program or something that can help me. Im 5 months pregnant and still havent went to a doctor.
    5 Health 34
  170. Who knows a creative and original slogan for my health project?
    Me and my friend are doing a health assignment on active lifestyle..we need a catchy and creative slogan for our ad...can anyone think of one? It needs to be creative and original
    5 Health 34
  171. How does your weight affect your health?
    What influence, if any, does weight have on a person’s overall health? I'd prefer more than a one line answer please, I would like details! Thanks.
    2 Health 18
  172. What are some health benefits of gluten-free products?
    I am not allergic to gluten, but I have heard from many people how good gluten free products can be for the body. What makes gluten free products so beneficial opposed to products with gluten?
    5 Health 22
  173. How does the American health care system work?
    I am curious, how does the American Health care system work. Overhere we have private hospitals which are for people with medical aid (or as some would say health insurance) and then public hospitals which are for people who cannot afford health care, ...
    12 Politics 37
  174. What is the best job in the health department, in your opinion?
    I wanna be a pediatrician btw..does anyone know how much they make on average per year?
    4 Money 22
  175. What do these words on an insurance form mean?
    i am updating my paper work for the dentist and on the papers it said PRIMARY INSURANCE: name of insured___ insured's birthdate____ employer___ dental insurance CO.____ Group #___ INS.CO. address___ then it says SECONDARY INSURANCE and then ...
    7 Money 33
  176. What are some health issues if you do your own tattoo?
    So I'm doing a paper on doing your own tattoo is there a name for that? But anyways I wanna no some bad things about it and how long it would last or so something . Will there be medical issues?
    3 Health 22
  177. how much is the insurance on Pitbulls?
    so uh my parents are thinking about getting me a Pitbull, and don`t worry, I`ve done my research and work at an animal shelter and am getting to know the dog I want, know all I need to know is how much is the insurance on Pitbulls and what insurance co...
    11 Pets 139
  178. Who thinks that the aging Baby Boomers is going to affect health care?
    With so many people reaching the age where they require additional care, do you think it will cause health care access and quality to decline?
    6 Health 12
  179. Can I drive my dad's car or do I have to buy and insure my own? (read more)
    Is it possible for me too have driving lessons & then use my dads car to get around in, or would I have to buy my own and then insure it and everything? I'm a little confused about all this, I don't understand cars (._.)
    8 Cars 40
  180. Is cruise travel insurance worth the cost?
    My family is planning a cruise later this year and the travel agent is recommending that we buy travel insurance. The prices for the cruise are not bad, but when you add on the cost of the insurance it starts to get a little pricey.
    4 Travel 21
  181. Are there any careers in the health field that don't require a ton of chemistry?
    I really want to go into Nutrition but I suck at chemistry. I'm struggling with my Intro to Chemistry class enough as it is.
    7 Education 46
  182. How to increase health and body?
    I am very lean... compare to others.. So now I am eating beef... Is its helps get more muscles in my body... And also tell me... any foods help to increase the weight and body muscles
    3 Nutritionfitness 14
  183. where can you get QUAD BIKE insurance ?
    ive been looking for hours and cannot find cover for a quadzilla 500es can someone please help E
    13 Cars 49
  184. Is it possible to sleep for 24 straight hours without any medication or health problems?
    That would be so funny waking up and you missed an entire day lmfao.
    14 Health 49
  185. Why is medical insurance only for people 65 years and older?
    The goverment only gives medical insurances to older people why is that? Why they never have thougth in the young people. I mean young people get sick too. If you know why is that tell me please thank you.
    6 Health 32
  186. If you're a teenager and starting to drive, will your insurance rate be lower if you get good grades in school?
    I heard that if you get good grades in school the insurance company thinks that you'll be better on the road..
    2 Education 38
  187. No insurance and sick
    what do I do when I have no insurance and have abdominal pain, lower pelvic region pain, hunry all the time, light headed, and just feel naushous. I dont know what to do because I get them pretty much all at the same time.
    3 Health 34
  188. Why am I required to use insurance money to replace roof?
    My insurance Company paid a claim to replace the roof after a hail storm. After experts told me that the roof is fine for now, do I have to use the money to replace the roof? They are saing that if I don't do that, they will cancel my policy. Thanks
    2 Homegarden 39
  189. Does anyone have a Good Car Insurance Plans?
    Or a website where I could compare rates, or just a plan that you have and like. Or any advice for buying car insurance on minimum wage in California. Thanks for the Help! ~~plainwhitets :)
    5 Money 13
  190. Running for health
    If I run every day for about 10 minutes with out stopping once I get up in the morning and in the evening and eat healthy and excersize with a lose weight pretty fast???
    5 Nutritionfitness 33
  191. Shitzu health problem
    I have a shitzu dog and over the past few days his tail has been hanging down aroung his back end and he seems out of sorts please could you tell me what could be the cause of this
    8 Pets 58
  192. How much is car insurance for a first time driver in Lenoir, NC?
    Just a regular car, not a sports car... and I am just looking for a general idea on the price. I know it varies from company to company.
    4 Cars 41
  193. What common mental health problems are experienced by people with a physical disability?
    I need a link between mental health problems and physical disability...I can't be 4rsed anymore...please give us a website chaps and chappetts! so I need to know what common mental health problems ar eexperianced by people with a physical disability...
    3 Health 26
  194. Why do people always worry more about the health of their pets than their own health?
    I just saw a question regarding salt that should not be added to a pet's food. Now as the vet said, it is bad for pets, but its not like its going to kill your pet immediately. It will also just weaken some things in its body and make it more likely to...
    4 Health 42
  195. Health diagnosis
    I have lost 20% of my body weight,I've had swollen lymph nodes,my face ahes,I have severe dental problems,and I am always tired, what diagnosis can you give me?
    2 Health 14
  196. Car insurance cancellation fees
    This morning I phoned to cancel my car insurance, only to get a shock that it was going to cost me 159 pounds. I was gob smaked.I can deal with having to pay a cancellation fee but not that much what can I do. Can someone help me please.
    2 Money 32
  197. How do governments monitor public health trends?
    I see some great public health statistics and reports in the news and on national statistic websites, but I really do wonder how an earth they conduct their research? Can anyone tell me? Thanks
    4 Politics 10
  198. What Do Mental Health Workers Do?
    Hi...I have to see a mental health worker in school some time this month and im really worried. What do they do? What sort of things do they do/ask to help me with my problems? and do they work? Do they have to tell my mum/doctor about what is...
    3 Health 62
  199. Can I get an abortion using a friend's insurance?
    I DO NOT have medical which mean it will be super pricy to get an abortion. If I use a friend's medical, would they check like pictures and such to make sure it is my medical? [Please tell me if you know FOR SURE or JUST A GUESS]
    5 Health 158
  200. Are there any long-term health effects of drinking NeuroSleep® once a week?
    Are there any ingredients in it that aren't good for you? Also, I have heard that melatonin, which neurosleep has, isn't good to take for long periods of time, why and would taking it once a week be alright?
    4 Health 17
  201. Fitter
    How can I be fitter as in health?
    2 Nutritionfitness 8
  202. about best health o fish in a tank
    I have 5 tiger fish one large orange parrot fish and one small white parrot fish three molly fish one angel fish,,are they compatable with each other ?what can I do to keep them alive and and at their best performance?
    2 Pets 29
  203. Best Greens Drink for overall Health?
    <p> Any recommendations on which greens drink is the best for drinking throughout the day instead of just water? I am looking for something that I can supplement water with as I need to get on a serious health kick. Anyone using anything that they th...
    4 Health 13
  204. Car insurance claim
    The other day I bumped into another car. Her bumper was damaged but my car is fine. I really dont want to claim on my car insurance because my insurance will go up, so am trying to sort it out by cash, but the woman said that she wants all my insurance...
    4 Money 48
  205. What are the potental health effects of wind turbines?
    There's been a ton of debate lately, if these things are actually healthy for the people and animals that are living near them, but yet the hydro companies still keep putting them up.
    4 Environment 18
  206. Accident and insurance
    hmm, me and my dad were in a motercycle accident saturday the 9th. we were hit by an ambulince, and my dads plannin g on sewing. im 13 and I have to speek to a lawyer, and im reallly nervous. what are they like going to ask me?
    6 Health 35
  207. I lose my purse and i am freaking out what should i do? I have my whole family social, ID, credit cards, all doc papers. EVERYTHING
    I called the last place i went to and they dont have nothing. No surveillance either.
    3 Money 39
  208. IMPORTANT Eye health question
    Is there any exercises I can do to improve my vision. I am 16 and I am losing my vision. I have a fear of becoming blind when I am older and need to prevent it. If anyone can help me please tell me something I can do from home to improve my vision.
    4 Health 14
  209. health tips
    hi frnds, I am naresh. I am working in ngt shift. my body is slim. I want to increase my weight and make a good structure. I am 50 kg. please say some ideas to get me good structure.
    2 Health 11
  210. Does a lip piercing effect your health?
    I was thinking of getting my lip pierced again. When I first got it done I had to take it out because I got a job. Well I no longer have enough time for a job so I want it done again. I hear that it can be bad for your health. Or sometimes your teeth. ...
    2 Health 57
  211. health and period swings depressed a lot why?
    My friends have been saying I will be getting my period soon like and I keep getting angry sad happy for no reason? and I get sad and cry I know thats hormones and moodswings but does this mean I wil be getting period and I have all symptoms to have a ...
    3 Health 131
  212. Is it possible for me to claim EI (employment insurance) while I go to school this winter?
    I live in Canada and will be a full time student without time for a full time job does anyone know if they will let me live off EI? or do I have to build houses for class and then work on the weekend?
    6 Money 13
  213. Body & health
    If your period does not come on for about 2 months and you are not sexually ative because I am a virgin is this normal I dont have sex never have just been sick like coughs common cold and stressed out becaus of school anyone can you help me?
    2 Sex 20
  214. How much should my total be for this iPad with the insurance and iTunes card? (read more)
    So, I am getting an Ipad tomorrow, and am buying the insurance, and a $25 Itunes card. They charge me six cents per dollar, and the insurance cost $75. So, how much should it be? The Ipads at my walmart are $400. The Ipad and Insurance, I got $503.50....
    7 Shopping 37
  215. What should people know when looking for health insurance?
    I've been asking my family for help with this for a long time and they don't seem to care, so seeking other sources. I'm a 25 year old college student with minor pre-existing conditions that basically make any health insurance impossible to get o affo...
    3 Money 29
  216. How can I lose weight after my health problems?
    5 Health 10
  217. How do lose a lot of weight for the sake of my health?
    I'm 15 years old and 5'5. I weigh 225 pounds and have for about a year now. nothing I do to try and loose it seems to work. I need help because it's affecting my health. I used to exercise a lot but it didn't change a thing. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
    3 Nutritionfitness 42
  218. Could pent up excitement have the same affect on your health as pent up stress?
    As far as I know stress is basically adrenaline that is built up in your body over a long period and not "used" quickly as it would be when running away from the bear trying to attack you. So could lots of excitement built up over a long time that ...
    5 Health 24
  219. Good health insurance offer or not?
    I've been a good customer with my bank with service so they are offering me health insurance, I'm only 19 so I'm still on my parents but my boyfriend and I plan on having our first child within the next 2-3 years so I want to build my own life insuranc...
    2 Health 10
  220. My health is slipping, for no reason
    I have been told I have a low white blood count. What causes that? I have had major intestenal problems and just lately my heart has been going crazy. The Dr. said I am having anxieity. Why would my white bloodcell count be low, if there isn't somethin...
    2 Health 47
  221. How can I control masturbation to get my health back?
    Hi...I am 20yrs old....I almost masturbate 3-4 times a day....coz of this I am so weak and skinny....i really wanna control this habit of mine...can you suggest some solutions and help me plzz??
    2 Sex 26
  222. Advice on shots and health for my puppy
    Hi I live in Downer's Grove any place's near by I can take my puppie what's the cost also what shot's are the most imporant ones also I want to have a pet Dr check her out just to make sure she's healthy see if she has anything what dose that cost
    5 Pets 39
  223. 4 year old boys health
    4 year old boy with recurring colds, long periods of night time coughing following each cold (2-3 weeks) , pale in colour and recent diagnosis of low blood iron. Also a poor eater.I am worried about his health. Any ideas
    2 Health 10
  224. How much does it generally cost to see a psychologist in Canada or is it covered by our health care?
    I am thinking I need to see one, soon. But I don't know how to go about it. I do not want to tell my parents about it because they have no idea what is going on whatsoever, and they don't seem to understand the concept either. but I feel like I do need...
    6 Health 20
  225. Home owners insurance pit bulls ok?
    Ok I am going to ask this question again on pitbulls. my son has one that is 13 wks old and is already showing signs of dominating. I need all the feed back on this type of dog. also is this type of dog one that home owners insurance will not let yo...
    6 Pets 53
  226. What about the 2010 health care bill?
    does any one know about the 2010 new health care bill that was just past? I heard if you don't have health insurance the first fine is $500 is this true? I am under 26 and it was rumored to me that I can go back under my mothers insurance, she asked h...
    10 Politics 20
  227. Getting a Car do you need to insure body kit?
    Okay so I was talking to day with my dad about getting this Car because im getting one for my 16th, so I cna do it up.. I want a Vauxhall corsa Opel 1996. and I've told my dad that, and ii was showing him this body kit that im gonna buy for the car onc...
    2 General 36
  228. Is there any health risks to eating an entire box of cheerios every other day?
    Lol, this may sound stupid, but ive been craving cheerios like crazy and am currently eating a big box every two still eating healthy normal just wondering if eating that many cheerios could be bad....
    4 Health 58
  229. What does our health teacher want us to write about?
    he said.. "This first chapter is very much about making the connection between the personal choices that you make and your overall health. Your job is to explore that for three days. I want you pick a behavior that you think you could do to get healthi...
    3 Education 11
  230. Health Clubs/Fitness Centers
    RE: Fitness & Health I'd like to know would you visit my (proposed) health club to come eat chocolate, hang out, (listen to live music on the weekends) have a coffee, work out, have a snack, etc, the personal training is free! , and be at an outdoo...
    2 Nutritionfitness 23
  231. What can i do for my health project?
    I have a health project due tomorrow, i should of been working on it yesterday & friday but i was lazy & i have a tendancy to procrastinate. It's about phobias, the phobia that i have to do is phasmophobia,the fear of ghosts, i've looked it up & there'...
    2 Education 53
  232. How does one go about getting a medical card or other cheap forms of "insurance"?
    I live in Illinois. I have no health insurance because I can't afford anything that will take me. I applied for a medical card or something along those terms when I moved back home but was denied. I'm moving to a new county soon, so I'm going to try ...
    3 Money 15
  233. Piercing - Health Risks?!
    I've been thinking about what piercing to choose and I've (finally) chosen a Labret piercing (centre bottom lip) but is there any health risks I should be aware of before I go threw with this? If so, then what? I know this seems silly, but can I be aff...
    3 Style 34
  234. What car insurance company offers the lowest rates?
    I am 19 years old and a guy, so that means my insurance is very expensive.. I live in Pennsylvania. And I am looking to get a small sedan. I want collision coverage under my plan and anything else can be basic or minimum. I don't want to spend more the...
    7 Cars 19
  235. Why not national health care?
    It seems to me, if we can come up with untold trillions to bail out billionaires, and our taxes are about as high as anywhere else, why can we not afford a real natioal health care system? I guess I've given up hope in the idea of limited government...
    7 Politics 46
  236. Is my sexual health clinic completely private?
    i am currently on the pill at a s3xual health clinic and not my doctors and i was wondering if i get ill and need to go to the doctors will the history or data be revealed/ be accessed at my docotors or is it completely private like they said? im not ...
    7 Sex 8
  237. Who can answer this skin health question?
    So I read on this website that putting cooked, cooled oatmeal on your face can help with acne and such because it pulls out oils (it said it may take a week or two but should have good results) so here is my question for anyone who has done this or ma...
    2 Style 9
  238. Bush wants war, not health care for poor children
    President Bush wants to stop giving health care to poor children. Is it just me, or is that the worst kind of disgusting? His family is full of murderers (his daughter & wife are both guilty of manslaughter) and he's personally authorized war in two co...
    7 Politics 30
  239. health nut fanatics
    My brother and his wife have gone out of their minds! They buy all kinds of health food at the health food stores. Okay, I think it's good to buy some things there. But they go on these crazy "diets". For a few months, they drank a lot of carro...
    3 Nutritionfitness 18
  240. Health Care Professions
    Hi. I'm graduating high school this year and I'm trying to decide what I want to go to college to be. I've pretty much decided that I would be best suited for a health care profession but the question is which one. I know there are tons out there an...
    2 Money 45
  241. No insurance? What now?
    Okay, I will try to make this short. I had 2 types of insurance---cigna and medi-cal. I lost cigna a few months age b/because my dad lost his job. We called medi-cal to let them know I no longer have a second insurance. They said than my medi-cal was t...
    5 General 22
  242. I think I need therapy, but am poor (in college) and don't have insurance
    I feel that I am ugly. There's really only one thing to do: therapy. Every woman feels ugly from time to time, but the fact that I'm dwelling on it makes me think that talking to a professional will help. My self-esteem seems to be at an all-time low a...
    6 Health 36
  243. What is the worst that mental health can do for eating disorders?
    the school nurse said that if i don't let her weigh me or anything, then she feels like we cant make "progress" then she is going to have to transfer me to mental health, though she told me she don't want to (yh ryt) - so my question is really , what i...
    10 Health 20
  244. what can I use to sleep that wont be so bad for my health?
    So lately, even if I dont have a cough I've been taking nyquill to sleep! and a pretty unhealthy amount too like half the bottle or like 5x as much as it says to take because otherwise it takes HOURS to get to sleep!! I know this is probably unhealthy...
    4 Health 20
  245. Is it bad for my health to drink lots of coffee?
    I just started drinking coffee recently. I tried iced coffee a while ago and i liked the taste and i've recently started drinking regular coffee like in the mornings and stuff. I love the taste and i use a lot less sugar in my coffee than when i used t...
    5 Health 31
  246. Does anyone here work in the mental health profession and can help me?
    It is a serious question that I need an answer to today. I have no where else to turn right now, but I really need answers. I AM NOT SUICIDAL but I really need some help right now. You wont be making a long term commitment to my issues, just a quick a...
    5 Health 12
  247. What could I sue the oregon health and science university for?
    first of all I want to warn people if you need any kind of eye surgery do not go to oregon health and science university in portland oregon they dont care about the patients I went their 4 months ago I found out I need buckle surgery any way its been n...
    3 Health 22
  248. MENTAL health.
    I have been feeling very depressed lately for a number of reasons. My "friends" don't like me because I'm not scene and bitch about me behind my back, I get badly bullied, I have low self esteem, I don't know if I even LIKE my boyfriend, my only real f...
    3 Health 13
  249. President Bush veto on the kids health care bill
    Great news: he's willing to fund Iraq, BUT, he draws the line on poor kids. Fact: 61% of Republicans liked the bill, and wanted to see it pass. However, Bush can't stand the thought of helping people in the US, if he's not personally making money on th...
    2 Politics 16
  250. Do you think my insurance would cover getting my teeth re-done?
    I don't like my teeth. I have a chipped tooth in the front, they're not white, I have a few cavities, etc... I basically screwed my teeth up from not taking care of them. I want to get them completely re-done...I don't know what it's called, or what...
    4 Health 22