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  1. Is it the Governments business to get into private businesses ?
    Is it the Governments business to get into all private businesses ?
    7 Politics 18
  2. What's business marketing?
    2 Money 81
  3. Are you in favor of taxing people to give to people who pay no taxe
    Are you in favor of taxing people to give to people who pay no taxes ?
    7 Politics 24
  4. Business Degree
    What can I do with a BA degree in Business?
    6 Education 15
  5. Can I claim my mother on my taxes?
    Can I claim my mother on my taxes?
    2 Money 31
  6. Did Guitar Hero lose business due to another business?
    2 Gaming 10
  7. Getting into the business
    What can I do to get into porn
    8 Money 41
  8. What is the purpose of paying taxes?
    3 Politics 96
  9. Who should I go to, if I have a idea of an business?
    2 Money 11
  10. What is California's sales tax?
    5 Money 39
  11. what are the basic steps for starting up a business in the UK specifiacally a catering business?
    5 Money 19
  12. Which states have the lowest property taxes
    Which states have the lowest property taxes
    4 Homegarden 43
  13. How to start a chat line business?
    How to start a chat line business?
    2 Money 90
  14. How to stay focused on starting my business?
    what do I have to do to stay focus on only my business
    3 Money 47
  15. What to write in tax abatement letter?
    2 General 113
  16. do i have taxes on gifts and cash donations?
    2 Money 29
  17. What do you think of the new Tax in Texas, the Texas Margin Tax?
    This affects anyone in Texas or who trades with Texas.
    2 Politics 13
  18. Why are 'taxes' constantly pushed but not 'solutions'?
    4 Politics 35
  19. Why do businesses need to raise finance?
    4 Money 43
  20. Do you have to pay taxes if you're a stripper?
    6 Money 87
  21. How can I start in the baby sitting business?
    13 Money 42
  22. What business would you choose, if you could own your own business?
    I would probably choose a small cafe, or restaurant...
    11 Money 36
  23. Why do dogs go in circles before they do their business?
    5 Pets 42
  24. How do I start a small business with little money?
    How to start a Small Business with little money or no money at all?
    8 Money 58
  25. Tax Attorney Help
    What is the benefit of hiring a Tax Attorney
    2 Politics 14
  26. External factors that affect a business?
    What are examples of external factors that affect a business?
    2 Money 78
  27. How much money is taken out of your check because of taxes?
    How much money is taken out of your check because of taxes?
    2 Money 73
  28. How busy are Advisors?
    I have always wondered that,how busy are FunAdvice's Advisors?
    6 Funadvice 10
  29. How does this tax season work?
    like what do you do on taxes day??
    5 Money 24
  30. How would I pay taxes, I'm just a tutor?
    3 Money 23
  31. Would you major in Liberal Studies or Business and why?
    3 Education 20
  32. What percentage of taxes are taken out of your paycheck weekly?
    what % is taken out of your paycheck weekly
    2 Money 111
  33. Would an animal behaviorist have his/her own business?
    2 Money 10
  34. Where would you go to get help with your taxes?
    13 Money 27
  35. Is it easy to do your own taxes?
    Is it easy to do your own taxes? Like using turbo tax, etc.
    3 Money 17
  36. Can someone explain to me how the progressive tax is calculated?
    4 General 21
  37. Busiest day of year in the restaurant business?
    what is the busiest day of the year in the resturant business?
    5 Money 329
  38. Can I get a small business loan after filling bankruptcy?
    Can I get a small business loan after filling bankruptcy?
    3 Money 19
  39. do you know where can I get a loan to start a small business
    do you know where can I get a loan to start a small business.
    5 Money 30
  40. Where can you put up a business add?
    ??on ebay? Like when you have your own business and you put it on the internet where do you put it? and how?
    2 Money 15
  41. Which is the best home based business?
    Which is the best home based business for making money?
    3 Money 28
  42. Can I get a small business loan after filling banruptcy?
    Can I get a small business loan after filling banruptcy?
    3 Money 12
  43. How much would something that costs $498.00 be, AFTER tax?
    How much would something that costs $498.00 be, AFTER tax?
    12 Shopping 206
  44. What do you think of companies like Google paying 2.4% tax while the small business owner pays 40% or more?
    2 Money 16
  45. Why beggars are not made to pay tax as some of them do earn well?
    4 Money 155
  46. Turtle business
    A turtle loses it's shell. Is it naked or homeless?
    9 Pets 34
  47. how much tax is taken out of a settlement of $800,000.00?
    4 Money 29
  48. Is it legal for a foreigner to bring his own business to the United States?
    4 Money 34
  49. Where can you work if you majored in business and communications?
    can you work at a bank, be a teacher?
    6 Money 9
  50. When they ask you Type of Business in a job application what does it mean?
    3 Money 14107
  51. is it true investing in insurance companies is tax free?
    4 Money 42
  52. Do the funds we earn on Funadvice have to be claimed on our taxes or how does that work?
    7 Funadvice 18
  53. capital gains tax rate
    what is the capital gains tax rate on the sale of rental property
    2 Money 46
  54. Is raising your taxes 'Patriotic' ?
    Biden has said raising your taxes is 'Patriotic' - Agree or Disagree ?
    10 Politics 39
  55. What percent of taxes are taken out of a check weekly?
    What % of taxes are taken out of a check weekly when claiming 0
    2 Money 101
  56. ca state tax %
    whats California's sales tax rate %
    2 Shopping 46
  57. Should I take business or art?
    I cannot decide between 2 subjects. Should I take business or art?
    3 Education 37
  58. Raising taxes
    Should the goverment raise taxes on alcohol and cigarettes to eliminated raising taxes on everyday things?
    5 Politics 20
  59. Why people going to the messenger if they are busy.
    Why people going to the messenger if they are busy, thats nonsense, why are they going to the messenger in first place if they are busy .
    5 Technology 6
  60. How to get a business started using a webcam?
    What is the best way to get a business started using your webcam, and what type of business?
    3 Money 19
  61. Why don't parents take out much time for their kids in this busy world?
    8 Family 26
  62. What date did the tax deadline move to, because its not April 15th this year?
    7 Money 21
  63. How many days are business days?
    How many days are in a buisness day? I'm very confusd right now...
    7 General 117
  64. Who knows what businesses are going to be closed today the 5th of July?
    4 Shopping 27
  65. How does a good motorway system make it cheaper for a business to operate?
    3 Education 36
  66. Where can I create free business cards?
    Lmfao random question
    4 Technology 18
  67. Why might a business WANT to set up in an area with many competitiors?
    2 General 21
  68. is it true that in 2010 dividend taxes are going to be raised to %15?
    3 Money 12
  69. Does Subway tax their $5.00 footlong subs or does it come out to be $5.00 even?
    4 Food 17
  70. Tax Stimulus Checks
    So what are you going to do with your refund check? When do we get them anyway?
    5 Money 12
  71. Are there any other days/weekends that are tax-free besides before school starts?
    5 Shopping 7
  72. how does the world wide web influence on business and daily life?
    2 Technology 15
  73. Would lowering taxes help the economy, or make it worse?
    2 Money 42
  74. Taxes on loan
    I recieved 37,000 from my grandmother as a loan . Do I have to report this as income? does she have to report this on her taxs?
    2 Money 13
  75. No tax weekened ?
    Does the no tax weekend includee clothing stores like forever21 and stores like that ??
    4 Shopping 39
  76. Federal Income Tax
    Do you believe that a federally imposed income tax violates our constitutional rights?
    5 Politics 36
  77. What if I want to read but I'm busy?
    I am so busy this summer but I want to read a book that im interested in what should I do?
    5 Entertainment 18
  78. tax question
    I am paying for my daughters college tuition. Do I get to claim this on my taxes?
    3 Money 23
  79. If I receive a cash gift, do I have to pay taxes?
    If I receive a cash gift of $80,000, do I have to pay taxes on that amount?
    6 Money 733
  80. Does a 13 year old in the United States have to pay income tax?
    Does a 13 year old in the United States have to pay income tax?
    5 Money 69
  81. Why do people use Microsoft Excel to handle budgets, taxes, etc.?
    2 Technology 11
  82. When is the best date(s) to go christmas shopping without the business and with the sales?
    2 Shopping 41
  83. Can somebody give me a description of the economy and major businesses in the Columbia Plateau?
    2 Politics 42
  84. Who here done a degree in business management (read more)?
    if yes, how was it and what class degree did you achieved ?
    2 Education 10
  85. Who makes more money: a vet, a business owner, a doctor, or a journalist?
    7 Money 45
  86. Why is it important to display confidence without arrogance in business world or in any situation?
    5 Education 62
  87. What do you think of slackers, or people that try to make themselves look busy, but aren't?
    12 General 18
  88. What kinds of qualifications, education, etc, do you need to start your own business or store/shop?
    5 Money 16
  89. How to start my baby sitting business and facts to know about this kind of work?
    6 Money 21
  90. How do I deal with a breakup when I'm not busy?
    How does one deal with a break up without keeping oneself busy?
    2 Relationships 6
  91. Buying something at 99.99 plus tax, what's the total?
    If I were to buy something that costs $99.99 Plus Tax, what would the approximate total be?
    3 Money 1648
  92. sales tax?
    if your discount amount is $94.00 and you have to add 7% sales tax to that amount. how do you do that? can you show me step by step.
    3 General 38
  93. Do you pay back unemployment on taxes?
    if You claim unemployment for a week or any amount of time, when you file your taxes do you have to pay it back?
    3 Money 59
  94. How much does it cost to print business cards?
    How much does it cost to print business cards, and do you have a good company or website to refer me to?
    4 Technology 19
  95. If i say i sold my car for $200, how much would the taxes be when we go to the tax, title, and license place to switch the title?
    I know i should call....but im having a lazy moment.
    2 Money 38
  96. Where is a good place to start a new business (any type) in South West Florida?
    5 Money 43
  97. What are some specific examples of the government getting involved with business around the 19th century?
    3 Money 20
  98. Businesses and jobs for ex felons
    Can an ex felon own or work at a day care center in Texas?
    3 Money 119
  99. Ever walked in on your parents while they where getting busy?
    Have you ever walked in on your parents while they where getting busy?? I did and now I think im scarred for life..
    4 Family 18
  100. Property tax in NY and Penn?
    What are property tax on a 1 or 2 bedroom, 1 or more acres of land in NY or Penn? Thanks,
    2 Homegarden 46
  101. What would be a good business to invest in?
    My marketing class is doing this project. We have to invest or create a business. What would be a good company to invest and/or create?
    5 Money 36
  102. What types of business degrees are there?
    I am gettin a business degree, but I don't know what types there are? So I'm asking what types of degrees in business are there? Or are there any sites that I can go to and find out? Thanks
    3 Money 70
  103. What kind of business should I start
    I want to start a shop recently, but I don't know what kind of products should I sell. Any suggestions?
    2 Shopping 13
  104. What does this mean, "1-2 business days for order processing"?
    Please allow 1-2 business days for order processing prior to shipment
    6 Shopping 192
  105. What can I claim on my taxes?
    I bought a house in december of 07 what part of the money I put down can I claim on my taxes and what do I claim it under.does it have to be a certain amount before I can claim it?
    2 Money 53
  106. Should I take the dog I'm watching over with me to my dad's for the weekend while I will be busy working?
    Should I take the dog I'm watching over with me to my dad's for the weekend while I will be busy working or leave her at my house with my mom looking after her?
    7 Pets 19
  107. What business should I start?
    Im 19 and low on cash. What would be a cheap easy business I could start up that would bring in the cash quick???
    2 Money 8
  108. What are the main risks a brand new business has to worry about?
    And what policies can be implemented to prevent whatever the risks are from happening?
    4 Money 11
  109. What business do you think haiti needs?
    What business do you think haiti needs for an overall profit/job increase? As a business entrepreneur determine the name you would give it, type of business, and what steps you would take to start this business? Why do you think this type of business...
    2 Money 130
  110. How to start my organizing business?
    I am interest in starting my own orginizeing business and I would like to know if there are any places or people that are looking for a person like me to be an intern for there business or company?
    2 Money 38
  111. What is "tax return"?
    i was applying for financial aid and my counselor said "does your dad file tax? whats that? please no mean comments
    8 Money 15
  112. Why would some of the tax-payer billions given to AIG end up going
    Why would some of the tax-payer billions given to AIG end up going to European Banks instead of American ?
    4 Politics 15
  113. Where can I get promotional pens for my business?
    I like the promotional pen very much. I want to buy this products for my business purpose. can you tall me where I find hues promotional pen?
    3 Shopping 21
  114. Whats the difference between BUSINESS days and regular days?.
    Whats the difference between BUSINESS days and regular days? because I just bought some clothes off the internet and it said the clothes will arive in 5-7 buisness days...
    2 Shopping 153
  115. Which is best to claim on student taxes?
    What is Ideal to claim on taxes so I do not end up owing the Gov more money? 1 for single not married or 0?
    2 Money 14
  116. Mormon church should lose tax exempt status?
    It was revealed that the Mormon church was one of the biggest donors behind Prop 8 in California that stripped gay / lesbian couples of the right to, now that they've gone & played politics, they should lose their tax excempt status, right?
    20 Politics 89
  117. What can be done if someone sold real-estate or a company with a tax lien on it without disclosing this information?
    8 Money 7
  118. Business studies
    Hii.. Please could anyone tell me what is meant by ' slowdown in ecomic growth ' ?
    2 Money 8
  119. How much is a 160 GB Playstation 3 at $299.99 in Canada plus tax?
    I need to calculate how much I need to save!
    3 Gaming 29
  120. What do you think of Global Warming and carbon taxing?
    Do you think this is a ploy to just make people money, or there may be a problem and global warming is an issue.
    7 Environment 28
  121. Who knows of a site other than the BBB where someone can post warnings about deceptive business practices , rip offs and other consumer warnings?
    5 Money 17
  122. Whas the point in buying something like a business, when you gonna have to keep payin it off, as in lights, property, etc.?
    2 Money 11
  123. What should you do if your boss doesn't tell you the business is closed ?
    What should you do when this happend ? My boss didn't tell me that the business was closing and now I need to chase them for my last payment . Why didn't they tell me that they were making big changes ?
    2 Money 10
  124. Why do I think my girlfriend cheating on me she saying she busy?
    well my girlfriend has not been talking to me for bout two days now and she be saying I am busy baby talk to you latter then she say I love u
    2 Relationships 28
  125. TN felons and business license
    can a convicted felon get auto dealer license?my offences did not pertain to car's or the auto industry in any way.
    8 Money 664
  126. what could i have as a business name including my first name, "Grace what"?
    .... i do music, makeup and design, i would have creatives but its too used these days
    5 Money 28
  127. How can I start my own cleaning business?
    I would like residental but can would also do small offices. Do I need a permit and how does it work out with the IRS?
    4 Money 9
  128. What if he's too busy to get together?
    OK so there is this senior that I like and he likes me but he goes to a different school. We both have jobs and he is busy with graduation stuff. He said that when he is not to busy we could get together but I hate waiting so what should I do
    2 Relationships 36
  129. What state has the lowest property tax?
    Is Oregon or Alaska the state with the lowest property tax? I am having a debate with my mom on the phone about this. She thinks it is Alaska, and I say that Oregon definitely has a lower tax rate for homes, school, and property.
    3 Homegarden 58
  130. So how much is actually taken out of a paycheck for taxes?
    So how much is actually taken out of a paycheck for taxes? Federal-? Social security-? If its an estimate I just need ball park figure. Thanks, D
    3 Money 80
  131. How do I get a childcare business started?
    How do I get a business started for kids to come have fun with their parent s or just be safely dropped off and cared for while they play and eat to there hearts delight?
    2 Money 11
  132. Are business and engineering some good courses to major in, in college?
    I definitely want to major in business, and I would also like to do engineering. I was wondering if these are two good courses to major in, when I get into college. Should I major/minor in other courses too?
    2 Education 5
  133. Online businesses
    I have seen on tv people that say they made like 5000 bucks in one day whit this online businesses is that true or only is a scam for the people.
    2 Money 23
  134. Could I legally start an Atheist meditation group, so that I wont have to pay taxes?
    You know, just like those corrupt religious organizations?
    2 Religion 26
  135. How do oil spills (like the recent BP spill and the Exxon-Valdez spill) affect the surrounding cities' local business and the economy?
    4 Environment 13
  136. What is the best method for starting a business?
    If I want to start a company online? What is the most important to think of? Can someone give me som tips about Online opportunities?
    3 Money 27
  137. I need a business plan
    I need a business plan that is going to benefit teenagers 14-18. examples are paintball business's, bowling alleys. you know something teenagers like but something that is not expensive. any ideas?
    2 Education 20
  138. Business help!
    Ok so is anyone out there good in Business work...such as retail and stock and all that stupid crap...if so please answer so I can put some homework questions up here and get help!!!
    2 Education 10
  139. Tax Payer Rights
    do we have a right to chose which school to send our kids if we pay taxes to both schools? our property is divided btwn both districts and one is denying us access.
    3 Education 25
  140. Do you think it is important to take business classes in order to set up a small business?
    A lot of clinicians (mental health care workers) will set up on their own and see clients. Are there particular things that are important when setting up a business? I mean apart from basic bookkeeping? Do you need to know about accounting, taxes, laws...
    22 Money 41
  141. Tax and Money
    I remember learning in econ back in hs that they (the government I guess) taxes you on money over a certain amount. What is that amount? Is it $10,000 or do you have to file that amount or more if you receive it as a gift?
    2 Money 13
  142. IRS and Dead mothers income taxes
    IRS billed $8000 for dead mothers unpaid income taxes. She had no assets except $15000 in her bank that we paid for her funeral and medical bills. Don't know what I should do...
    2 Money 34
  143. What are your thoughts on the carbon tax?
    The carbon tax was proposed by Al Gore and it is to be switched out with the payroll tax. Do you guys feel that this tax should be accepted or not? I say no, this is taxing one of the elements on earth that is needed to sustain life. How much sense doe...
    9 Politics 38
  144. Do I have to pay taxes if I'm working at 16?
    I recently began working and when I got my pay stub it said I had money with held for federal w/h. Is this normal if I'm 16?
    5 Money 48
  145. What do you think of the Tax Free Weekend (Texas)?
    I think it's a great time for Texas to have such an event - just in time for back to school shopping. Do you think this will have an adverse effect on the Texan economy?
    5 Politics 33
  146. How do i start an online selling business?
    i want to start an online selling business. how do i begin and what practical advice can you give me. I'm interested in selling African handmade products from clothing to beaded jewelry.
    4 Money 10
  147. Why is tax not included in American prices?
    This is something I often wondered when living in or visiting the US, especially now living in Germany, where the valued added tax is figured into the price, so what you see is what you will pay.
    6 Shopping 36
  148. who My step dad came into my room last night and grabbed my boobs and touched my vagina he is 43 and im 14 my mom is on a business trip what should i do?
    5 Health 201
  149. What kind of documents do I need to get a loan to start a small business and where can I ask for that loan?
    I would like to know what kind of documents do i need to show to get a loan and where i can get that loan. If you know tell me please thank you.
    3 Money 13
  150. How do I launch a dog walking business?
    I wanna getr a part time job so I can have extra $. I'm trying to launch a dog walking busseness.does anyone know how??? help!!!
    3 Money 46
  151. Do you feel religious institutions should remain tax exempt?
    From the Philly D Show, skip to the 7 minute mark: The University of Tampa analysed that the U.S. apparently forgoes 71 billion dollars when exempting religious institutions from taxes from things like Property tax, donations, business enterprises,...
    16 Politics 26
  152. What to do if a girl is too busy to see you?
    Ok, is it possible to be too running around all day doing things constantly and not knowing how to just relaxing and sit and be calm. is it possiblt to be like that and have a committed relationship?
    3 Relationships 43
  153. How to start a business?
    Hello, I'm a 19 year old college student. I have a great business idea and I would like to know how can I start it? I have no money and I do not have a job. Please help.
    3 Money 36
  154. Antivirus/AntiSpyware: Safety first Or Business first?
    Why is it that Powerful AntiVirus/AntiSpyware is/are not free? Why are they making business of the Safety of the people on the internet? As if you're giving a vaccine to african people while they pay you? Can't Just Microsoft Make a powerful f...
    3 Technology 9
  155. Ethics in business is that true.
    In my class told me to read an article about ethics in business, but I think these ethics is all lies because most of the companies dont have ethics at all, they pay less than the minimun wage and who knows what else they do, so to me read that articl...
    2 Money 16
  156. how much taxes are taken out of my check
    I work on a farm in michigan, I claimed my self as a dependent, and I get paid $8 an hour, what is the % of tax that is taken out of my check, btw, I get paid every two weeks
    2 Money 119
  157. WEBSITE: Is it compulsory for a business?
    I have just started a business of my own and now i want to upgrade it to multinational level. Till now i did'nt even thought of making website but now i really serious about it. so i need good advices...
    2 Money 11
  158. Is the candidates hiding their tax returns good or bad?
    In a break with the tradition of recent presidential campaigns, most of the major presidential candidates aren't releasing their income-tax filings - good thing or bad thing ?
    2 Politics 19
  159. Does anyone know how much zebra finches from PetSmart cost without tax?
    I tried to look at it on their website but they aren't on there. They have them in store though but I cant go for a while
    5 Shopping 81
  160. Anyone know of a good hobby for a busy lifestyle?
    Im busy with work and school but I still want something to do that I could enjoy. I'll take any suggestions. ANYTHING! Anybody...
    6 Entertainment 15
  161. Thinking about starting a small landscaping business
    Some of my freinds and I are thinking about starting a small landscaping business in the summer, im making the flyer right now and can't think of any slogans for such a any of you creative enough to think of a good one? The only one I co...
    5 Money 58
  162. Haircut tax
    I've seen this in a barbershop the haircut is 15 plus tax is the first time that I see this in a barber shop I didnt know they charge tax for a haircut I was thinking this guy have nerve but maybe im wrong I mean is that allowed to charge taxes for the...
    2 General 104
  163. I need help with my business name
    I just recently became a certified personal trainer. Next step is to come up with a name. I want something catchy, informaive, and very reconizable. Please help!!!
    2 Money 37
  164. Is this tax disproportionate ?
    Will the upcoming Obama tax raise on cigarettes April 1 of .62 per pack (bringing it to around $5 per pack in Indiana) disproportionately hit low-income workers ?
    8 Politics 48
  165. what things I can put when I do my taxes?
    what things I can put when I do my taxes for example can I put that I bought an ipod and lcd tv and give him the receipt to my accountant, what I really want to know is if they give me some money back for what I bought if anybody knows tell me please, ...
    4 Money 76
  166. Cut consumption with a added gas tax of 50 cents per gallon
    Rep. John dingell, d-mich., wants to help cut consumption with a added gas tax of 50 cents per gallon - good idea or bad idea ?
    12 Politics 19
  167. Is the tax break for Social Security a good idea?
    I read up on Obama's new tax cut plan, cutting off the taxes that go into Social Security. Here's the article I got it from in case you might need it to formulate your answer:
    10 Politics 27
  168. Can anyone tell me how to start my own fashion clothing business?
    Can anyone tell me how to start my own fashion clothing business? I'm 16 and I want to start my own business, where I design the outfits and have my own store, any advice on how to do this? I know im young but im so ambitious lol and I've got a plan x
    6 Money 42
  169. Should I invest in Chinese businesses?
    I have been seeing a lot of money going to China recently and I want to know if it is smart to invest in Chinese business right now. I need some details so I can make an informed decision. Does anyone know about any China-based businesses that I shou...
    4 Money 7
  170. An american citizen who has worked abroad for a whole year has to file taxes or not?
    Im not sure about this, i need info please what if an american citizen has made his income outside the united states for a year, he still have to file taxes or not tell me please thank you for example, if i have a small business outside the united stat...
    3 Money 29
  171. Does creating a list of do’s and don’ts help you in preparing for the upcoming Tax time?
    Before filing the taxes every business needs to get familiar with terms that will help you in getting ready for this Tax season. There are things which must be need to understand because when some people think of filing and paying their taxes, they p...
    3 Money 14
  172. advise on an ideal to help kids in new orleans for a business
    I need true advise on an ideal to help kids in new orleans,and it's bussiness also if you can talk to me iwould appreciate that I dont trust every one with this idea.
    2 Money 30
  173. What business trend do you think is having the biggest impact on the economy?
    And for those who think (despite the news the recession ended in July...) that the economy is still in bad shape, how can this trend be put towards fixing things...OR is there a way to fix it?
    5 Money 8
  174. How do the IRS and income tax work?
    hello! I have to know how IRS \ income tax work..okay this my problem I have a 7 yr old daughter and her father pay childsupport and he claims her on taxes but the thing is she live with me so I'm wonder if he was to claim then, I claim her also who w...
    2 Money 24
  175. What's your business or professional goal for 2008?
    This year, I'd love it if FunAdvice gets 5 million visitors a month by the end of the year. This month, we're on track to generating about 1.3 million, and with a bit of luck,I think we might make it. That's my business goal for this year. Do you ha...
    9 Money 50
  176. Can a company garnish your federal income tax return or state tax return if you owe them money?
    What happened was I went on a personal "unpaid" leave from a company and they failed to take me off their payroll (I worked as a salary employee) I notified the payroll department and they said that it was the way the system was set up. They told me no...
    7 Money 40
  177. What does "give me the business" mean?
    You know the song the business by casha ft. Young berg? What does it mean in the song? Lol does it mean to like have sex ? Here's the lyrics: If you know exactly what I want to do Then I'ma give the businees to you See I ain't neva met a girl That...
    4 Sex 286
  178. Should I start my own cleaning business or..
    Go back to making ballet costumes and baby things from home? I really love to sew but the cleaning brings in more money ?? Sugestions would be great !
    16 Money 34
  179. Do People Ever Mind Their Own Business?!
    On the news people are always talking about Michael Jackson and how much pills he took and stuff like that. Shouldn't they shut up because they didn't even know the guy!
    2 Relationships 33
  180. Im going to attempt to do my own taxes online. :( Ugh.
    I had to wait forever for one of my forms to come, well actually I had to call my old employer and have them send it to me via email -_- Losers.
    3 Money 17
  181. Can adding three legit dependents to my tax return cause an audit?
    I have been helping my sister with her 3 kids since Feb. I have been paying all the bills and rent. She told me that I can claim them as she hasn't worked at all this year. I normally only claim myself. Will the three dependents cause a tax audit?
    6 General 10
  182. Why can't the US just mind its own business like Canada?
    why usa has to be in everywhere why cannot be like canada they are a big country too but they live in peace and they dont have to solve every problem of every country. Canadians live happily and no terrorist want to attack them .
    15 Politics 172
  183. Can I have tattoos in the cosmetology business?
    I know it's different for every salon, but are tattoos generally 'accepted'? I'll be working in a salon next year and i've always wanted tattoos, but I don't want a wrist tattoo be the reason why i didn't get a job.
    3 Money 240
  184. Would you pay federal income tax if it was not written law?
    Bare in mind I'm not asking if taxes are bad or if they are necessary...just would you pay THAT particular tax be it optional. Replace "federal" with the applicable term. A lot of people in the US claim that there is no such law. I have not done th...
    9 Money 24
  185. How to talk with an older business person and persuade him?
    I mean what should i do to persuade this older business guys i mean they think they know everything and maybe they know all the tricks on the book. I wanna close the deal with this guy but he is like a shark you know how can i persuade him of my idea i...
    5 Money 15
  186. What would be a good name for a small business?
    I'm thinking about opening a little shop and I have no idea what to name it but it needs to be cute. I'm going to be selling clothes, bags, jewelry, and maybe shoes. Please help!!
    5 Money 16
  187. How to start a business and get money?
    I'm 18. I have a lot of big plans for my problem :to make my dreams come true I need money.I want to start business.but I don't know what it should be connected with?what people need?
    3 Money 48
  188. Jewelry Business Name?
    I'm starting a jewelry business. I want a cute name for it, as short as possible. Nothing with my name, but I'd like a cute and catchy name for it. I was thinking something like "blank and the beads" (like birds and the bees) but nothing really works i...
    2 Money 71
  189. When you file taxes would you recieve more money back as a single parent or as a married couple with a child?
    Me and chris were planning on getting married next april but are thinking about moving it up to this year if we get more money back because we desperatly need a new vehicle.
    2 Money 38
  190. How much percentage of tax is taken out of my paycheck?
    .. I am 15 years old, i work at Mcdonalds, i get paid student minimum wage 9.60 an hour, i work part time, around 4 hours a day ..
    2 Money 90
  191. What are two primary goals of any business?
    I know one goal is making profit but I can't seem to figure out what the other goal is and the teacher is bent on TWO goals not one. In fact, i can't seem to find any other goal besides profit in books. Usually people open businesses for profit making....
    4 Money 38
  192. What kind of business should I open?
    I would like to open up my own business some day ( I am in college right now getting aa associate's degree) I have a baby girl and I need to do this from home, as I am a stay at home mom. I want your advice on what the business could be...what sells ri...
    3 Money 44
  193. Why 44 house republicans want to eliminate income taxes?
    The "replacement" is a tax on the poor & middle class for the income tax. Think about it: poor people don't save money, they spend it all. So does the bulk of the middle class. So when you replace the income tax (which the rich pay more than poor) with...
    4 Politics 11
  194. What are some business that hired 16 year olds?
    well im looking for my first job, and I'm very very nervous, i probably won't get the job anyway cause ill probably mess up in the interview,, but anyone know some business that hire 16 year olds, In peoria Iliinois? ( im not talking about odd jobs)
    5 Money 31
  195. How do I file for taxes?
    I'm twenty and I have no idea how to do my taxes. I'd like to be able to do it on my own instead of having to spend money at H&R Block having someone do it for me. Is there a website that'll give me a rundown or a checklist on what I should be doing, o...
    3 Money 31
  196. Is it legal for Native Indians to sell tax-free cigarettes to non-Indians?
    (I was just out with a friend and they stopped at a store on a Native Indian reservation to buy a cartoon of smokes. They were tax free, so half the price of what is normally charged. Is this legal? I didn't know they could do that. I live in Canada)
    6 General 48
  197. Would you support an end to taxes on wages?
    I'm not talking about income tax in general, or even Social Security/Medicare, but strictly federal taxes on wages. By my estimates, taxes on wages represent only 16% of the total tax receipts. Surely that could be accomodated by other means. Income...
    26 Politics 32
  198. Who should bear the burden of the taxes?
    Here's some things to consider before answering: 10% of the tax payers with the highest income pay for 2/3's of the income taxes. They also pay a higher rate of taxes, above paying for just a high tax itself. (Rich included.) Social Insurance taxes ...
    5 Politics 48
  199. What should I do fake business?
    For school I have to come up with a business id like to own but I cant think of one any ideas Im into guitar, reading, writing, motocross, hockey, shooting and editing movies (also adding effects and everything), wolves, the jonas brothers and twilight
    3 Education 10
  200. What's the best business field to enter?
    Alright so I know that a business degree branches out into a million fields. My question is what types of degrees are out there and what would be the best way to pin point my minor thereafter. Im been racking my brain over it and cant find good sites t...
    2 Education 11
  201. Do you know anyone who makes extra money with an online business or online sales?
    What do they do? I want to look into something "extra". in addition to my already 80 hour work week. Trying to get my house paid for in half the time and out of debt = freedom!!!!
    8 Money 21
  202. Do internet businesses have to be registered with the Government?
    I want to run an e-commerce bussiness on the internet.But i wanna know one thing,do i have to register the bussines with the government like any other bussiness.If you have any contacts for bussiness advisors you may write them down as well -that will ...
    2 Technology 32
  203. Where do I get a tax code/UK?
    I've just recently started a new job. I got my first wage slip today and I had to pay tax. I got told I'll get it back eventually in a tax rebate but do I just wait for it? Does it come in the mail? Do I ask for it? Do I have to tell the council? I don...
    6 Money 20
  204. Does anyone in here have a lawn mowing business?
    So my boyfriend and I are starting a lawn mowing business and I was wondering if there is anyone out there that can offer some advice. We are both in highschool but sense it's summer and neither of us can find a job we decided to do this because we nee...
    5 Money 162
  205. What's the best business advice you've ever read?
    For me, ironically, I'd say the best business advice I've ever read was in "From Good to Great" which had some amazing business case studies. One of the things that struck me was about getting the model "right" of how you expect your business to operat...
    2 Money 26
  206. How to reduce import taxes?
    I have bought some machine from Canada.for my business. i heard it was possible (not sure if it work for everywhere, but i want to give it a shot) I'm also a student, which when a little bit tax reduction would help me out a lot. I need a letter o...
    3 Money 16
  207. Would you agree with this quote about the rich and taxes?
    I read this: "Every time some in Washington raise taxes, they think the people they want to help will feel better because somebody's being gotten even with. The rich are going to suffer like you are? No. The rich will keep their jobs. You're going to g...
    8 Politics 24
  208. What will I be taxed on the sale of property?
    I sold my rental property in 2006 and made $120,000 profit from the sale. Since I have never lived there am I eligible to exclude up to $250,000 of the gain on the sale of the property? If not, I assume and understand my profit will be taxed (capital...
    3 Money 27
  209. Why do we pay at tax time?
    Okay maybe I missed it some where, but why do people have to pay at tax time? I honestly dont get it. I dont have to pay this year but my parents do, and a huge amount too. its rediculous, dont we pay enough during the year? I dont know about everyon...
    3 Money 25
  210. Should we raise taxes to pay for the war?
    So far the war has been funded through deficit spending. If the war cost Americans real money from the beginning would there be as much support? So far the only people who have had to sacrifice has been soldiers and their families. Two Democrats p...
    7 Politics 47
  211. What should I do with my tax return?
    My husband and I have a few options on what to do with our tax return. 1. Buy a second vehicle so I can leave the house when he's at work. 2. Pay off apartment debts on our credit so we can move to a nicer, closer to work home this summer. 3. Sock it a...
    3 Money 28
  212. What's a good name / slogan for the new side business I'm launching?
    I'm about to launch a new side business, where I'll freelance copy edit things for people. I'll edit everything from articles to blogs to student essays to PhD dissertations (just finished my second freelance dissertation, and I loved editing it!). But...
    7 Money 35
  213. Are consignment thrift shops evil businesses?
    I'd like to know if consignment thrift shops are considered evil businesses? I mean, they seem to only prey on people who are too poor and or foolish enough to use their services, and on top of that, they take a huge percentage of the sale price. Would...
    2 Money 18
  214. Tax refund
    I'm only 14 but I think I have a really good idea. I know about these tax refunds and stuff. My idea is they should give money to the kids. Because many adults would save and not spent the money but kids would go and buy stuff right away. Example: if s...
    6 Politics 21
  215. How much taxes will be taken out?
    Okay So I just got a new job and I want to get an idea of how much taxes will be taken out of my check each pay period. I get paid every 2 weeks. I am getting paid $12.50 per hour and I claimed Single 3 on my W-4. Can anyone give me an idea of how much...
    5 Money 1393
  216. How To Be Great and Nice Big Brother When You Are So Busy With Your Study,Job, Hanging Out With Friends and Dating Your Girl Friend?
    i was so busy in these months and am big brother,after Alex.and since i began doing job,i dont find enough time to spend it with my little brothers and sisters,few months ago i was joking with them and i used to play with them,coz i was so busy,they ar...
    10 Family 33
  217. Did anyone here quit because of these added taxes ?
    When the federal tax on a pack of cigarettes went up almost threefold, the American Cancer Society's national smoking quit line had about 13 times more calls than on a normal day. "On April 1st, the day of the federal excise tax increase on tobacco pro...
    2 General 10
  218. How do I keep my mind busy?
    How do I keep my mind busy and not think about my ex all the time? my ex says she loves me and wants me to get better (I have depression) and said once I get better we'll talk about us.. but I worry about everything and last night on her a social site ...
    3 Relationships 46
  219. have you ever felt that all your relatives are busy to you.
    have you ever felt that all your relatives are busy to you, I feel that all the time and I dont like it I would like to have a closer relationship with them but when they call me is just to tell me that they are going out and to come to visit them next...
    2 Family 6
  220. The sims 2 Installation problem- open for business and Seasons
    TSData\Res\Sound\NewAge.package, problem it stoped at 27 % while I was installing the sims 2 seasons expanision pack and the same problem with the sims 2 open for business.,all my expansion pack was installed properly except for this two expansion pack...
    2 Gaming 96
  221. I want to start my own business but what shall I sell?
    I would really like to set one up. but I really dont know what to sell and how to get some profit. what I really want is to get lots of money via this. so when im older I will have more money stored away. like I've heard of a 14 year old making mill...
    3 Money 73
  222. work with a guy who has a remodeling business
    I work with a guy who has a remodeling business. to hide money from his wife (and probably the irs), I allow him to put his money in my check. if I make 1500 he pays himself 1500 and puts it in my check which makes it 3000 and he tells me to hold back ...
    2 Money 18
  223. Help with a business name!?
    I am too young to work somewhere, so I'm going to post up advertisements at my church to get helping people clean their house, or walk their dogs, etc. I just need money.. My question is, can someone come up with a creative business typ...
    4 Money 43
  224. Taxes because I am in school we can claim anything like computers?
    Its just me and my husband...we never get very much money back each year. I am curious to find out if what I have herd is true. A lady I was talking to told me that we can claim our food, clothes and gas if we save the receipts and that we will get mon...
    3 Money 43
  225. How did you keep your kids busy over winter vacation?
    Our older son was off from kindergarten for a couple weeks over the holidays, and my wife kept him busy with work sheets, activities, coloring pages, handwriting practice, etc. Despite all that, he kept getting "bored" at home. How do you entertain you...
    4 Babies 22
  226. Should I confront my Mom about stealing money during taxes?
    My mom claimed me on her taxes and she said that I owe the government money but I don't even make enough- I should be getting money back. i talked to my sister who is an accountant and she agreed so did my boyfriend but its too late to do anything sinc...
    2 Family 44
  227. How can i start my own babysitting business?
    well idk if id call it a business id be the only employee haha. i have training with 3-5 year olds, and id like to have a little extra cash so what are good ways for me to let people know about my babysitting? i havent actualy gone over a persons house...
    7 Money 46
  228. How to start a small business
    How can I start a small business which is based on selling memory cards !!! I know I'm still young... But I saved some money just for this and I found some really small prices so I can buy the items and sell them with a £5 or +++ . I already sold some ...
    3 Money 11
  229. Advertising a new business
    Okay, so my dad just opened his new business and I am his office manager. Well there are sooo many people in town who know my dad from his past experience but we are having a really hard time getting the business going! We printed up fliers, we paid th...
    9 Money 28
  230. Whats up with income taxes
    I want my paycheck all of it but before I even can get it I lose like 40% to taxes. Im not a wealthy person so it makes no sense to me for me to lose so much. I look at some of the taxes social security,medicare,disabilities federal and other junk. ...
    4 Politics 33
  231. How does a foreigner do business with America?
    i am from south america Suriname, i would like to purchase several machines from america, and some excipients, but can seem to find any of it in Miami Florida, or anywhere close to Miami Is the a number i can call of some one i can mail ? i have be...
    3 Money 26
  232. What types of businesses are successful?
    When I grow up I want to start my own busniss to make my own money..But,I also would like to do something useful to the envoirment and to play my good-part on this planet..So are there any types of busnisses that people make profit of and at the same t...
    4 Money 11
  233. Why did McCain skip on the vote to tax the oil companies?
    His vote essentially doomed the legislation, just last week. He had the chance to pass it along, and create taxes for the oil companies (which are making the biggest quarterly profits of any company in world history), and provide for that extra tax rev...
    12 Politics 112
  234. Anyone know any business risks?
    Hi I am doing a project at university and am struggling finding the precise information anywhere on google. I have just been searching for about 2 hours and all the articles/blogs/websites are very vague. So this is the question. I need to identi...
    6 Money 35
  235. Can I still be in business if I am a depressed person?
    I have never been truly "depressed" at which point most people start drinking and everything, but I am feeling 'depressed' and down most of the time, almost 14 hours out of 24 hours. The reason I have come up with is that I think everything is so VULNE...
    10 Money 19
  236. Do you think starting a Slurpee cart is a good business?
    There is no a 7 11 store near where i live and i have to walk like 30 blocks to go there, and i like slurpees very much, so i was thinking to buy a machine to make slurpees and sell it to the people in my neighborhood im thinking to put a slurppee cart...
    4 Money 20
  237. What would you do if you had the chance to have your own business in a small South American country?
    I mean we have seen how big companies send the jobs to china or small southamerican countries,to get cheaper and everything is getting worst in United States, if by any chance you could open your smallbusiness in a southamerican country you will do it ...
    2 Money 10
  238. Should I stay in college or start my business?
    im in college , ill be done in a year and a half with my bachelors in human resources... the school im going to screwed me over so im taking more classes than I what I needed - which is kind of my fault because I stopped going. so anyways , im intere...
    5 Education 19
  239. How do I manage to do my homework with a busy schedule?
    Heres how a normal day goes for me: Get up, go to school. I either have volleyball practice after school, or an hour after. Or I have an away/home game. & if its an away game, I have to sit & watch my varsity team play too, & then I've got to ride ...
    4 Education 41
  240. Is this acceptable business behavior?
    A while back, we setup a mutually beneficial arrangement with another company. Then last week, I found out they didn't uphold their end of the bargain. I contacted them, and they gave me a list of excuses, saying that it wasn't fair, etc, when they sug...
    3 Money 20
  241. Where can I get high-quality but cheap business cards as fast as possible (Not Vistaprint)?
    Thanks to @thedude and @esconsult1 helping me learn SEO, now that I am healthy and happy (been a year now), I have had EXTREME interest in SEO. They were vital in laying the foundation, but I am now an offical SEO consultant--with a handful of satisfie...
    3 Money 12
  242. How would i go about starting up a phone sex business?
    See, i watched this tv programme today about girls that have made a business and making money through sex phonelines. I think its harmless and i'm really considering it but i'm not quite sure how to go about starting it? It would be for extra money as ...
    9 Sex 26
  243. Flight of the conchords.
    Anyone ever heard their stuff ? Ahhahahah. Just read the whole thing. Its hillarious. "business time" "iaww yeah That`s right baby. Girl, tonight we`re going to make love. You know how I know, baby? `cause it`s wednesday. And wednesday night is the...
    2 Sex 17
  244. how do i get into the Comedy business?
    i always wanted to do stand up Comedy like Dave Chappelle, Kevin Hart ( which is some of my favorite peoples to listen to). Ever since i was younger i always joked around even till this day i joke around all the time i barly ever be serious, but still...
    6 Money 68
  245. What business can I open given the location?
    what kind of business can i start with minimum cash and get profit fast ? the location that i have now is a 3 floor building, the first floor i cant use, thats why i am breaking my head on what kind of business to start. its usually better to use the ...
    4 Money 50
  246. How can I get $10k to buy a business?
    My boss just told me that coming sunday , he is shutting down his recording studio that I work at, it came as a shock , its not to big of a studio , he has it in the mall, but now that he is going to stut it down, he told me if I could put $10,000 down...
    2 Money 28
  247. How could I start off my own little business?
    So I already have a job, but at the moment I'm only working 16 hours, weekends and minimum pat which is about £3.60. I was thinking about trying to mate set up my own little job as say cleaning peoples houses for them, doing their gardens for them or w...
    2 Money 13
  248. Orgasams are tricky business
    My girlfriend gave me a handjob for about 4-5 min and I didn't cum. She didn't mind as she said I would last longer when/if we had sex. But I want to. How can I cum more quickly. Also I am trying to find her clit and I having problems. I was told it is...
    5 Sex 1026
  249. When is it considered over taxation
    I think the government need to to live within its limits but we end up paying for all these massive loans the government does. Second I think its wrong to not have a way to determine where your taxes go. I find out about stuff my taxes support that I...
    3 Money 13
  250. How. I got exempted from grade 9 french last year.. Can I graduate?
    Alright well, I'm in grade 10 right now and I got exempted from grade 9 french but you need a french credit that to graduate high school. I don't really remember but I remember someone told me that it's okay that I'll get some special thing to graduate...
    3 Education 44