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  1. Why are whales important
    Why are whales important
    6 Pets 66
  2. What do I do when I suck in math?
    11 Education 50
  3. Math math and more math
    Do planes only contain exactly three points??
    2 Education 15
  4. What is the most important day to you?
    9 General 14
  5. How important is sex?
    How important is sex in a relationship?
    2 Sex 42
  6. What was important to David Crockett?
    What was important to David Crockett?
    2 Politics 7
  7. Math problems, percentages
    How do you do percentage math problems?
    3 Education 16
  8. Math fractions
    _ what is 0.8 as a FRACTION.
    9 Education 9
  9. Why are bees extremley important?
    4 Pets 14
  10. Why is it important to have free time?
    4 General 51
  11. How important is it to have a bank account?
    15 Money 15
  12. What branch of math did you hate the most?
    19 Education 41
  13. How is soil important to humans?
    7 General 68
  14. What religion are you, and more importantly, why are you of that religion/lack of religion?
    42 Religion 41
  15. Percentage math problems
    How do you do solve percentage math problems
    4 Education 11
  16. What is excretion and why is it important
    What is excretion and why is it important in living organisms?
    4 Science 1176
  17. Math help
    What does 5! Mean in math a?
    3 Education 16
  18. Why is Custermor Service important
    Why do you think Custermor Service is Important??..
    2 Money 17
  19. Why are carbohydrates important?
    why are carbohydrates important for living things
    2 Education 39
  20. How to solve percentage math problems?
    How to solve percentage math problems?
    7 Education 50
  21. What is more important to you: "who" you know, or "what" you know?
    Do you think what you know or who you know is more important in life?
    4 General 9
  22. What is the most important lesson you learned in 2010?
    11 General 16
  23. Hard math
    14 Science 21
  24. who know math really good...i need help quick...i need a math teacher.who can help me?
    11 Education 22
  25. What were some important cities in the industrial revolution?
    3 Education 42
  26. What is more important in a computer - hardware or software?
    4 Technology 12
  27. What is the sum of this math question?
    what is 14x14x14x14x14x14
    3 Education 88
  28. What's the most important - inner beauty or outer beauty?
    10 Style 65
  29. Why is it important to ask philosophical questions?
    3 General 13
  30. What is the importance of studying psychology in criminology?
    6 Education 131
  31. How important are lyrics to you for you to like a song?
    11 Music 11
  32. Why is replication of a research study important?
    2 Education 93
  33. Why is "play" the most important component for children?
    4 Babies 16
  34. How can I kill my phobia of maths?
    5 Education 32
  35. what are the most important qualities for trying to become a model?
    what are the most important qualities for trying to become a model?
    3 Money 36
  36. whats more important big butt or big boobs?
    whats more important? a big butt. or big boobs?
    8 Style 188
  37. Help on the math part of ged
    I need help on the math part of ged
    2 Education 17
  38. Is God important in your life?
    Is god important in you life??just asking for some opinions!if so how?if not why?
    14 Religion 63
  39. Bud math? are 2 bens' an 8th??
    Bud math? are 2 bens' an 8th??
    9 Health 46
  40. Why is it important for scientists to use the scientific method?
    Why is it important for scientists to use the scientific method?
    4 Science 49
  41. Processor speed or ram, which is more important?
    What is more important for a computer, processor speed or ram??
    3 Technology 51
  42. In shaving is the number of blades really important?
    In shaving is the number of blades really important?
    5 Style 32
  43. Which math is mainly about odds and chances?
    what type of math is mainly about odds and chances ?
    3 Education 38
  44. What's your idea of the most important thing in life to accomplish?
    8 General 33
  45. Important.
    How can I completely quit masturbating for good?
    2 Sex 86
  46. How important is college directly after high school?
    5 Education 55
  47. Which is more important in your opinion - senior prom or graduation?
    16 Education 92
  48. maths
    how many pound make a ton
    2 Education 59
  49. What are the chances of passing a math test by guessing?
    8 Education 124
  50. Why is it important to read the newspaper every day?
    3 Literature 15
  51. How important to you is the first impression of someones smile/teeth?
    4 Style 9
  52. What are five important features of the digestive system?
    5 Health 13
  53. Who else here has to go to extra math classes?
    7 Education 41
  54. Is health important or is money?
    Is health important or money? my brother told that money is important than money. What you think about it?
    2 Money 21
  55. Math question.
    In mathimatics what is scientific notation.
    3 Education 40
  56. Why is it important for children to know right from wrong?
    9 Babies 57
  57. how can i learn maths quickly?
    7 Education 21
  58. What importance do you find teaching young children?
    2 Babies 8
  59. what are the math levels starting from pre algebra?
    6 Education 49
  60. What are important events in the book Fever 1793?
    2 Literature 29
  61. Gcse math exam troday
    How was everyones Gcse math exam Today ?
    2 Education 16
  62. Maths jokes
    Anyone know any good, simple maths jokes?
    6 Entertainment 22
  63. Which is more important: the stamp act or the boson massacre?
    Which is more important: the stamp act or the boson massacre?? Pleasseee
    4 Education 11
  64. What is this type of math?
    What is the name of the type of math that deals with odds and chances?
    3 Education 13
  65. What is bussiness math in highschool?
    Um what is bussiness math in highschool is ita lower math class ?
    3 Education 24
  66. Do you believe it is important to take the initiative in a difficult situation?
    4 General 12
  67. Are there any websites whereby I can download all types of maths questions?
    3 Education 9
  68. What are some important current events from the past ten years?
    9 Politics 6
  69. What is more important to you, liking your job or making good money?
    11 Money 90
  70. can any1 tell me how math is related to soccer?
    4 Education 36
  71. is there a subject u can major in that doesn't include math?
    7 Education 14
  72. What would you do if you had 3 months to live? More importantly, what's stopping you from doing it now?
    26 General 22
  73. How do you prevent REGcure from deleting important system files?
    2 Technology 11
  74. What important papers should a 16 year old keep?
    4 General 11
  75. How important is a logo for a website?
    How much a Logo is important to a website? I am asking this because I am in need of a Logo template for my own website?
    3 Technology 32
  76. Math taks 8th grade
    how many question can you miss on the math taks in 8th grade?
    2 Education 67
  77. Is breakfast the most important meal of the day?
    How important, if at all, is breakfast to an overall healthful diet? They say it's the most important meal of the it?
    4 Food 29
  78. Maybe the most important question ever asked:
    How do you eat your Oreo's?
    4 Relationships 8
  79. What if I lost something important?
    What do you recommends Doing when you lost something you really need to find?
    6 Shopping 172
  80. Is it normal to fail physics when you're really good at math?
    3 Education 23
  81. Is there anyone here that loves math?
    Is there any possible way to make yourself enjoy it?
    12 Education 22
  82. Are there any math sites that will help you with a problem step-by-step for free?
    6 Education 12
  83. Math question-log how to?
    how do you find the inverse of 2ln3x?
    3 Science 41
  84. people that are good in math help (INEQUALITIES)
    2 Education 8
  85. Why is sex so important?
    What's so great about sex? Should I listen to my girlfriend and lose my verginity to her?
    5 Sex 37
  86. How come it takes a long time for a person to understand math?
    15 Education 26
  87. Why is making your bed so important, if your just giong to mess it up again in 8 hours?
    16 General 55
  88. Why is my iTunes taking almost an entire day just to import a cd?
    3 General 10
  89. What's the most important thing you should know about driving (DMV test related)?
    7 Cars 38
  90. Is MS-DOS still important?
    They say ms-dos is still important. So, do you use ms-dos every now and then? What for?
    4 Technology 205
  91. What are the important parts in the secret life of bees book?
    in the secret life of bees book, what are 5 of the most important events?
    3 Literature 71
  92. What's the most important year of high school?
    What's the most important year of high school? FRESHMAN SOPHMORE JUNIOR SENIOR
    9 Education 94
  93. the importance of encouraging creativity and the scope of activitie
    the importance of encouraging childrens creativity and the scope of activities involved
    2 General 47
  94. What is the importance of algebra?
    Hawhat is the importance of solving an equation and why is it one of the min ideas of algebra
    3 Education 6
  95. Why is hitler important to the world?
    I am in school and I want to know why he is so important and what makes him significant.
    4 Education 32
  96. Are relationships or school more important?
    What is more important in highschool? Grades or having serious relationships? Opinion please?
    9 Relationships 19
  97. How do I learn to understand maths?
    I have this problem. I don't like and understsnd maths. I want to be a pedriatrictian but I hate maths. How do I learn to like and understand it?
    8 Education 19
  98. Best way to study for a math test?
    what's the best way to study for a math test? I know this sounds wierd but I don't know how to study and I suck at math.
    5 Education 41
  99. How to do well in maths exam?
    Im interested in maths and I do well in my homework But I always do bad in maths exam Please help me!! How to do well in maths exam???!!!
    3 Education 52
  100. Math Grades
    My math grade is kinda low right now, and my mom says I have to get it up. How can you get a math grade up? You can't really study for math.
    5 Education 27
  101. what do you think is more difficult, among these 3 math, accounting or stadistics?
    among these 3 what is the more difficult subject.
    6 Education 42
  102. please help me with my math test
    -5=t-4s solve for s
    3 Education 27
  103. Who else thinks their freshman math class was amazing?
    17 Education 28
  104. Do you think that young people have a stronger or weaker voice on important issues?
    9 Politics 44
  105. How do you import music into Digital Dj Pro?
    Like of iTunes & my desktop.
    3 Technology 46
  106. Why is it important to display confidence without arrogance in business world or in any situation?
    5 Education 62
  107. Another math equation
    Another one 61/3 minus 5 1/4
    5 Education 9
  108. Is virginity really important nowadays?
    Lets talk about some naught.. ^_^
    86 Relationships 1250
  109. Math!!! Ugh... Important
    Ok so this dude drives for 3hours and 45min. How far did this dude travel if she averaged 60miles per hour? Help please...
    2 Education 37
  110. why do people think it weird to like subjects like and maths english?
    9 Education 20
  111. Who played an important role in the spread of Spanish settlements throughout the U.S.?
    2 Education 134
  112. What is history and why is it important that people know U.S. History?
    why do you take history? (what makes you interested to it?
    9 Education 21
  113. important s3x question.
    I am a girl, how do I know when im cumming when im masterbating?
    3 Sex 281
  114. Simple math
    How do you convert 375.0 sf to yardage? (brain freeze)
    2 General 15
  115. What's more important - "my" happiness or the happiness of others?
    Should I be happy and hurt people with the decisions I make or should I sacrifice my own happiness for others to be happy?
    22 General 81
  116. What's a good way to decide a "yes or no" answer for something that's pretty important?
    10 General 55
  117. Have you reached an important goal that you're proud of?
    Have you reached an important Goal that you are proud of , please share if you would like to ?
    4 General 36
  118. What is an important thing to leave at a friends house?
    What is something important to leave at your friends house, besides a purse, wallet.
    3 General 16
  119. Is it important to love or be loved
    I sit more important that your parnter loves you? or you love your partner? I know that in an ideal world you should love eachother
    3 Relationships 15
  120. How did the opium wars affect China and what was the most important outcome?
    and some important facts would be nice too :]
    2 Politics 27
  121. Important death factor
    Does a person have to be important before they are considered assassinated instead of just plain murdered?
    3 General 16
  122. Why is it important to be beautiful to be acceptable in a society?
    I want to know whether it is really important to be fair, or be really beautiful to be acceptable???
    4 Style 79
  123. Important person
    Can anyoen find out an important person that bellonged to the province of new brunswick for me please
    3 General 8
  124. What kind of math question do they ask you if you win the roll up the rim to win?
    And is it hard math because my math sucks lol
    5 General 36
  125. MAth!!! help Pleasee.
    How can you simlify this... 8x-4-3x+15
    8 Education 32
  126. Would you kill for the most important person in your life?
    Kk think about the person that means the most to you in your life would you kill yourself for honest!
    10 Relationships 18
  127. If religion is so important in our lives, why are acts of violence and cruelty sometimes done in it's name?
    13 Religion 20
  128. Math Help
    h(x)=1/2(5-6x) when x=2/3...please help me.
    5 Education 21
  129. should i be worried if i am going to community college and i don't even know 6th grade math???
    12 Education 18
  130. Are extra-curriculars that important?
    Is there too much emphasis on extra-curricular activities in college applications?
    5 Education 16
  131. Advanced math
    My friend calah and I are in advanced is hard and we dont understand any of it!!! any advice?
    7 Education 16
  132. Math formula help
    what are the formulas for area and circumference? all of them. its on our 8th grade test! and I forgot them
    4 Education 27
  133. is there any important muscle tissue in your hand?
    if you were shot throught your hands could there be perminant damage?
    3 Health 27
  134. How important are school grades in life, when you're looking to attend college later on?
    10 Education 50
  135. Maths final exam 2morrow! Help!
    I've got my final exam tommorow. Any tips?
    3 Education 46
  136. Math slope
    if you get a slope that has a zero above it like 0/2 would your answer be undifined???
    2 Education 39
  137. Math :(
    I got all the other questions but this one 0.5a-1=2+0.6a thanks
    3 Education 27
  138. Is it good to get 15th place in a math bowl
    is it good to get 15th place in state out of 80 schools in a math bowl competition?
    2 Education 7
  139. How important is it to keep track of your period each month?
    I was just wondering if its more important to keep track of when you get your period each month ... when your sexualy active?? or when you just want to keep track of it??
    2 Sex 58
  140. Is there a second-most important language?
    If English is the universal language, is there a language second to it? Or shall say, what language is important to learn next to English?
    10 General 38
  141. do you think first impression are the most important.
    do you think first impression are the most important because to me everybody is human and for that everybody make mistakes so nobody is perfect what do you think.
    5 General 17
  142. Why are complex carbs important for your body?
    I am doing a project and I need to know why complex carbs are important, why we need complex carbs, and what is the function of complex carbs? Thnx in advance :)
    2 Nutritionfitness 22
  143. What's a good first job for someone good at math and science?
    what is a good first job for a math and science oriented person? Good social skills
    2 Money 57
  144. math learning
    how you learn math? I am on college and iam not stupid but don`t know how to learn math...give me some ideas or tricks you use please
    3 Education 13
  145. I need help in math
    I need help in math because I get A's in everything except for math. for some reason, im always getting c+'s in math. what should I do to improve my grade?
    5 Education 44
  146. top tens important curosity
    name the top ten ugliest raices and then the top 10 prettiest please
    4 General 10
  147. Math!
    Okay so I this is the deal. each minutes is 6cents. I talked for 370minutes. How much would the total be?
    6 Education 12
  148. Math Homework
    I need a job list that uses the order of operations. What are some jobs in the real world that use order of operations?
    2 Education 9
  149. math problem
    what is 5x+2x= 2y+5y according to information does x=y
    6 Education 16
  150. How important is a muscular body for sex?
    how important is a muscular body for sex? Given a choice what would you prefer an ultra muscular or an ordinary person?
    3 Sex 50
  151. Would it be cocky if I were greatly happy for myself for achieving a whole math credit in 4 days?
    10 Education 33
  152. What's more important, nutrition or exercise?
    I'm curious. Say you had to choose between good nutrition or exercise for your health? Which is better?
    3 Nutritionfitness 11
  153. Easy math equation, can you do it?
    Are you smart enuff?? [ eight and two thirds plus six and two thirds ]
    5 Education 25
  154. Math help needed
    Well I cant figure this out any help appreciated 8,100 / ___= 9 Help!!!
    7 Education 36
  155. How do I solve this math problem: For all real numbers x, sin(2x)=?
    Do I need a calculator? How do I solve this?
    2 Education 122
  156. Math Problem Help!
    two more than twice a number is equal to the number itself. Find the number. Please Explain.
    6 Education 9
  157. What are the most important parts of the Weimar period?
    I'm doing readings on it but I can't seem to figure out the main points in it.
    4 Education 17
  158. can anyone help me with this math problem please
    3 Education 7
  159. What is the most important decade from 1860 to now and why?
    Who's good with history that can help me with something that dont mind and who's good with powerpoint?
    2 Literature 13
  160. What's your lowest math test mark?
    what is the lowest mark you ever got? minei think is liek a 35%
    9 Education 41
  161. What's the most important position in a band?
    Out of the following Which position is the most important? Singer Guitarist Bassist Drummer I'd say a drummer of course
    11 Music 145
  162. What's a good calendar software that can notify you on important days?
    like Christmas, Halloween , events
    4 Technology 11
  163. What structures are important for reproduction?
    basically just answer the question in the title. I know the basics but I need a good answer for this question.
    2 Health 14
  164. How do you write expressions in maths?
    Need help in revising exam in just a weeks time :c
    4 Education 63
  165. is it important to have a hernia removed ASAP or?
    I want to postpone my hernia surgery until after the holidays, would that be dangrous?
    3 Health 15
  166. Is learning another language important to you?
    if so what languages do you know? i speak english, french, welsh and gaelic
    9 General 22
  167. Math circumference
    The cricumference of a circle is 100 cm. The measure of a side of the square inscribed in this circle is?
    3 Education 8
  168. how or will meh frend pass sixth grade if she flunked the math taks test and she passed the reading?
    6 Education 71
  169. What's a math family factor?
    What is a math family facter? And if im correct about it 4,14, and 5 can not be done, right?
    2 General 33
  170. Would most universities expect you to take math as well as two sciences to study medicine?
    3 Education 12
  171. I need help with math
    dose any one no what to do for Yis greater then or equle to X+2
    3 Education 45
  172. How important is the www
    If the internet died suddenly, would the effects be positive or negative, or a mix.
    2 Technology 14
  173. More important to see a black person or woman in office finally?
    I am an african american female.and personally it was more important for me to see a woman in office than a blsck person. My question to everyone is :was it more important to see a black person or woman in office finally?
    15 Politics 22
  174. Why is tightening your pores important to reduce pimples?
    why is tightening your pours (with things such as eggs and tooth paste ) important for reducing pimples... like what does tighening your pours do for you?
    3 Style 28
  175. What's the answer to this math problem?
    okay I'm doing this math problem! PLEASE HELP ME, I'm going crazy. -37-26=_? HELP<33333333333333
    7 Education 43
  176. Is getting married really that important?
    is getting married really important or is it some scheme for businesses and divorce lawyers to make money as someone told me?
    3 Relationships 58
  177. Why are negative signed numbers required in math?
    I need the question answered for my math homework. I dont need any examples just maybe the answer to the question
    2 Education 49
  178. Important letter to write.
    I love riddles. Especially silly ones. If you have an important letter to write, is it better to write it on an empty stomach or a full stomach?
    2 Literature 60
  179. Do you think dreams give people an important message?
    do you think dreams give people an important message or are just stupid things you think about when your awake that are transported to through your mind while your asleep?
    4 General 43
  180. When buying a new car what is the most important thing you look for?
    (price, style, dependability, size etc.)
    8 Cars 32
  181. Math Problems.
    I really can;t understand math.But I have the advanced math.I cant figure anything out in there!Advice?
    4 Education 8
  182. What is the most important thing in this world?
    If a great power comes and this power is capable of giving you any thing, what thing would you ask him? (only one thing)
    6 Religion 9
  183. Math school
    I buy a shirt for $21.99 which is on sale for 30% off. If tax is 7%, what is the final cost?
    3 Education 38
  184. What do you think are the most important factors in successfully reversing traditional gender roles concerning child care?
    2 Babies 93
  185. $$$math
    You have 2 pencils, a good one and a cheap one. The good one cost $1.00 more than the cheap one. You spent $1.10 for both. How much did the cheap one cost?
    2 Shopping 16
  186. Why does my math techer hate me ?
    I get annoy my techer hate me !!! Do your techers hate you _ tell your name and tell the story I like I not thr only one who techer hate
    3 Education 59
  187. MATH QUESTION. easy for anyone older than 8th grade. or a smarty.
    what's 0.8 (repeating!) as a decimal?
    6 Education 46
  188. why is class and social position so dramatically important to Romeo and Juliet meeting in Act I scene V?
    4 Literature 25
  189. What are important checklist for possession of apartment?
    Can you suggest me checklist for the possession of apartment? Please suggest me some tips that we should check while buying or getting possession of flat or apartment.
    2 Homegarden 44
  190. How would you solve thiis math equation?
    The equation is, x/3 -4 = x/5 ? Thank you very much :D
    6 Education 10
  191. Can you explain this math question?
    p= a(b+c) and your trying to solve for a. and can you also show how you did this.Thanks
    11 Education 38
  192. Math exam question
    Okay, I have an exam tommorow, and im getting a 51 in math, what is the lowest thing I can get but still pass Thank you!
    3 Education 16
  193. Please!!! Need help on math homework!!!
    What is a set model? My math work book has a problem that says: Draw a set model for the fraction.
    2 Education 42
  194. Maths & science
    Can anybody help? I have a maths test coming up and 2 science gcse's Does anyone know any good websites that will help me ? Thankyouu :)
    2 Education 18
  195. Can you solve this tricky math question?
    Lets go with some maths: ;) Compute: 3 + 4 times 5 + 2 Answer ??
    25 Education 99
  196. Can you help me with my math problem?
    I need a math problem where the roots are imaginary ... algebra 2 trig!!! I am doing a project and this determines if I pass or fail help me!!!
    2 Education 41
  197. is breakfast really important ?
    is breakfast really that important ? I skip it everyday , people who used to skip it and started to have breakfast ,, do you think it changed your life and eating habits >
    5 Food 10
  198. Why are exams important?
    Give me 3 reasons why we should abolish exams, and 3 reasons not to? It's my debate homework, and I can't seem to come up with any reasons. Help please
    3 Education 410
  199. How do you use the table of values in math?
    Like how would you use it to put it into a graph or equation, or and equation/graph into the table of values? (Table of values is the x and y values)
    2 Education 13
  200. math help
    what is 2% of 19 this is not homework,I just forgot some algebra answering this would really make my day
    2 Education 16
  201. Math problem
    As review for school, I was asked this question for homework. 58-d=38 How do you isolate the variable?
    4 Education 30
  202. Is there anything more important than love?
    I dont know... im bored. answer the question! I love hearing what people respond.
    5 Relationships 33
  203. What is box method used to get in math?
    I kno u use it when factoring quadtratic equations but does it give you the zeros after u factor it?
    3 Education 30
  204. how do i put up a new pic? important! please answer!
    hi how do i put up a new picture?theres no uplode what happen help!
    2 Technology 39
  205. Do you know the answers to these math questions?
    n+18=21 n= n+34=45 n= n * 4=24 n= do you know the answers? x
    9 Education 17
  206. Importance of Sceince
    how is solubility, malleability, ductility, permeability, boiling point, melting point, electrical conductivity, and specific heat important in the world?
    2 Science 35
  207. Is it OK to be taking Math A in 11th Grade?
    my friend wants to know if its ok that she is going to the eleven grade and is still taking math a and living enviorment what do i tell her?
    2 Education 29
  208. Why is water so important to losing weight?
    Just wanted to know: Why is water so important to losing weight? Just curious, I've read a lot of tips on weight loss and they all emphisize drinking water. WHY?
    4 Nutritionfitness 46
  209. Teacher tracking email, it's very important
    I am trying to tell her something Something very very important but I cant bring myself to say it in peroson so this is my only option. I wouldnt do that to someone
    2 Technology 11
  210. Why is Oprah winfrey important?
    Some kids in my school are doing Oprah for there black history month report. Im doing mine on that guy who invented peuntbutter. :) but why is Oprah important?
    4 Education 151
  211. What will I do if I failed a Math class in College?
    I'm a freshman college student and I failed in a Math Class.. I had to pass it because it was a prerequisite for another class which I have to take next year. What do I do?
    7 Education 24
  212. Who can help me with this math probelem??
    Liz bought a box of 15 cookies. If she ate of the box and kelly ate of the box, how many cookies did they eat all together?
    6 Education 23
  213. Maths question, equations!!
    I'm a bit stuck... How do you rearrange v/3x = w/y to make x the subject? Thanks
    3 Education 78
  214. What common traits are important for a long-lasting successful relationship?
    I'd like to pick your brains a bit.
    24 Relationships 58
  215. Math fun
    The scale of a map is given as 1 : 400000 if the distance between two points in the map is 4 cm, what is the actual distance between the two points?
    2 Education 21
  216. Math question, can you solve it?
    Of the students polled at Hillcrest H.S, 41% preferred McCain over Obama. If 328 students preferred McCain, how many preferred Obama?
    4 Education 30
  217. Math Question3
    How many terms are in this expression? 3a^2 - 4a + 5ab - 6a^2b^2 4 right?
    2 Education 25
  218. Answer this math question...
    Stephanie has $300, she puts it in the bank that gives 7.5% intrest how much will she have in 3 months?
    4 Education 25
  219. Math students
    Classify The Triangle By Its Angles And Sides :Its a triangle w/a box at the top I dont understand this can somebody help me?
    2 Education 15
  220. Math how help
    The ratio of the length of a rectangle to its width is 4:5. The perimeter of the rectangle is 84 feet. Find the dementions of the rectangle.
    4 Education 20
  221. When eating out, what's more important to you…the way the food looks or tastes?
    I only care about the taste. It doesn’t have to be plated fancy or handed to me on a silver platter. Food is food. What about you?
    17 Food 111
  222. How important is sex
    Does good sex makes relationship stronger??. How do you know the guy is using you just to get laid??, or he really cares about you.
    3 Sex 17
  223. Why anything that happen in Israel its so important for the United States? I mean its not like we see another country worried about them like Ca
    11 Politics 16
  224. Who knows if Psychology has math in it?
    okay so I am interested in Psychology.Now that I thought about it I might go to college to study Psychology. Does it contain math? I HATE math.. have anyone to it and did you have math in that class? Ashely,
    6 Education 44
  225. How do you study for math tests?
    im getting a D in math right now, I no how 2 study 4 every ubject EXCEPT 4 math. study tips? (if you have just general study tips that wood be cool 2)
    2 Education 8
  226. Do you find it sexist my school has a math tutoring center strictly for women since "women dont succeed in math as much as men"?
    I was quite insulted when my teacher was speaking about how in higher math classes there aren't any women because it's to hard for them so theres a specific tutoring place just for women. I dont have a problem that theres a center just for women but th...
    10 Sex 18
  227. How do I get math up to at least a B?
    I use to love math and get good grades in it but now l just flat out hate it when l have homework in math it's a fight to get it done help!!! Sadie
    4 Education 12
  228. Math Homework
    Okay. If your answer to a math problem is .07 and you have to round to the nearest hundreth, would it be 0 or 100.. I"m confused!
    5 Education 17
  229. Most important traits in girls? (question for guys)
    what do guys think are the most important features in girls that make you want to date them? i know they will be different for different guys but i'm just curious? thanks :)
    11 Relationships 24
  230. why do they put teachers who can barely speak English to teach us the important things?
    Subjects we need in school like math,etc.?
    11 Education 64
  231. Who thinks knowing 2 or more languages is important?
    I know spanish as a second language of my culture and I think its important 4 everyone to know. So tell me should a second language ,no matter what it is, be mandatory. Because I think so...y tu?(and you?)
    8 General 20
  232. ???math requirements for track and field???
    Ok im doing this math project and our teacher said we need to make a poster board telling what are some math requirements for doing the job you picked And I picked track and field So does anyone know what are some math requirements for track and field
    2 Education 27
  233. How important is a tan to guys?
    I used to go tanning, but I don't want to continue with that. The thing is if I don't go tanning I'm really white. I like having tan skin, but I don't want to do it in a tanning bed.
    8 Style 26
  234. What is more important to colleges: class rank or SAT/ACT scores?
    Ok so I was wondering what would help me get into an Ivy League school more; class rank or SAT/ACT scores?
    6 Education 40
  235. Maths Problem!
    What is the biggest number you can make using any mathematical processes with four 2's? Bet you can't work it out! I know the answer!
    9 Education 41
  236. Does it count to say you skipped breakfast if you woke up at lunch time and ate right away(considering breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal)?
    3 Health 15
  237. Who done statistics (math lol)?
    Is it hard? Is it like this Algebra 1 Geometry Trigonometry Algebra 2 Calculus Statistics Or the other was around haha?
    4 Education 45
  238. Math homework help
    plzs I have been working on thin for an hour can you plzs tell meh what are the factors of these numbers 88 318 123
    4 Education 24
  239. Maths, simple.
    During a one hour tv programme 10 minutes were lost due to adverts, what fraction of the time were given to adverts?
    2 Education 8
  240. Why are cool downs important?
    Why should you always cool down after a workout? Stupid "Try to type at least a few sentences in your details." Psh! Anyway, yeah.
    2 Nutritionfitness 48
  241. Vietnam what made it important to the USA during the 1960s
    Well what was the stragic and resource importance of vietnam? Since the withdrawal has the US suffered any significant loss do to the inability to controll the Vietnam conflict? what made vietnam important?
    3 Politics 15
  242. D in math
    I have a D in math I usually have a's and b's and my parents will find out in like one of the next two days, how do I "soften the blow" and make them less mad
    7 Education 24
  243. Math Help
    I'm having the slowest day today, and I can't help my sister with her math problems, can anyone tell me what why is in this equation. 6y - 7 - 13y +21 = 0
    6 Education 27
  244. the age its important even if he or she looks younger than his age.
    would you have a boyfriend or girlfriend 10 years older than you if he or she looks younger than his or her real age any answer is welcome thank you.
    2 Relationships 42
  245. I need help with math!
    Factoring Polynomials (2)= square ex. 3(2)= 9 hope you understand =] #2 x(2) - 7x +10
    2 Education 11
  246. Math Question
    -10(9)/4+(-1) I keep getting a decimal for the answer so is the answer a decimal? btw, use PEMDAS to solve the problem
    3 Education 10
  247. can i still graduate in 2 years if im currently doing 5th grade math,6th grade writing,reading,social studies,science?
    2 Education 22
  248. Who is good at written math problems?
    You need to make 500 pizzas. You can only carry 28. You burn 1 pizza per 28, how many pizzas would you burn?
    3 Education 45
  249. Math I need help please help
    How do I find the answer to 2mn x 9mn if m=2 and n=4. I need help I dont get it
    8 Education 45
  250. anyone good with math?
    A football player ate 100 pizzas in 5 days, each day eating 6 more than on the previous day. How many pizzas did he eat on the fourth day?
    3 Education 12