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  1. Where is Chinese spoken?
    3 General 10
  2. cool chinese songs?
    4 Music 62
  3. How is Chinese economy booming all of a sudden now?
    4 Money 35
  4. Fish or chinese
    Fish and chips or chinese takaway xxx
    7 Food 43
  5. Learn Chinese
    How can I learn Chinese? (speaking, reading, and writing)
    4 General 10
  6. Chinese or Dominos?
    Which is better chinese food or domino's pizza
    8 Food 212
  7. Who thinks chinese food is okay to eat?
    6 Food 56
  8. Chinese Water Torture
    Is there such a thing? What is it? What doe it do?
    4 General 35
  9. Where can you buy the Chinese candy "White Rabbit"?
    5 Food 13
  10. What makes chinese foods and packaged foods high in sodium?
    What makes chinese foods and packaged foods high in sodium?
    2 Food 52
  11. How many calories in chinese food beef and broccoli?
    How many calories in chinese food beef and broccoli?
    2 Food 108
  12. Chinese Money Trees
    Do chinese money trees really grow real money?
    6 Homegarden 108
  13. How did the Chinese travel to America?
    how did th chiness travel to ameica
    4 Travel 87
  14. How to learn chinese
    could you give me some tips how to learn chinese ? or some experiences how you were beginning ?
    6 General 19
  15. Favourite chinese dish
    Whats your favorite Chinese dish or stir fry?
    7 Food 40
  16. Chinese and japanese people
    Why is almost all chinese or japanes people are soo smart ??
    4 General 12
  17. Olympics who thought the Chinese girl under age?
    Who thought that the little chinese girl in the olympics was under age from the beginning? I DID
    13 Sports 36
  18. Resources to learn Chinese?
    Is there way to learn chinese. DO you have any resources? site? book names?
    2 Education 16
  19. Japanese or Chinese?
    Who would you rather date??? ---a japanese person?? ~~or~~ ---a chinese person?? japanese and chinese people rule
    8 Relationships 22
  20. Italian, American, Spanish, or Chinese food?
    which do you like best?
    17 Food 44
  21. What are your views on how the Chinese Government can control the weather?
    13 Politics 40
  22. Chinese food
    Who likes chinese food and what is your favorite kind(orange chicken for example)
    18 Food 41
  23. What are some good Japanese and Chinese stores?
    What are some good Japanese and chinese stores onlese stores online and offline?ine and offline?
    3 Shopping 12
  24. Which Chinese actresses do you love most?
    which Chinese actresses such as Gongli and Zhangziyi do you like most? can I get your answers?
    2 Entertainment 13
  25. How to say "true love never dies" in chinese pin yin?
    2 General 40
  26. Who's ever heard of the Chinese restaraunt, Tang Chai?
    It's a restaraunt with the best chinese food i've ever had!
    2 Food 9
  27. Chinese Food vs. Pizza..ect. ect.
    Is Chinese food really bad for you? If so, Why is it? Is it better than pizza, or mexican food?
    4 Food 131
  28. Chinese porn
    Which site can I download chinese or korean porn Where the story line is in the past (what they ware/
    4 Entertainment 120
  29. Help with chinese food! Immediatee
    How should I reheat my sesame chicken und rice?
    5 Food 136
  30. Chinese water?
    Do poor people in china only eat rice? What else do they eat and what about drink what do they drink?
    2 General 16
  31. How do you properly spell 'Kung he fa choi' for Happy New Year in Chinese?
    3 General 33
  32. Why do I get sick when eating Chinese?
    everytine I eat chineese I be sick but I can eate prawn crackers why is this I love chineese
    4 Food 227
  33. Is it true that Chinese eat babies?
    I saw some pictures on google and it has chinese people eating and cooking babies, but is it true??? :P
    7 Food 65
  34. food...PIZZA or CHINESE
    this is a dumb question, but, what sounds better because im going out to eat... PIZZA or CHINESE
    14 Food 73
  35. What's good chinese food?
    Anyone know any good chinese food? Like noodles? I love chinese food and haven't had it in years. Any good ideas?
    6 Food 121
  36. Chinese songs
    Anyone listens to Chinese / Asian songs around here? (Just asking. Im Chinese but I HATE Chinese songs they all sound the same and talk about the same crap)
    4 Music 12
  37. How to tell japanese writing from chinese?
    how can you tell the difference between Japanese and Chinese writing?? and can you tell if somebody is from Japan, Thailand, China, Taiwan, etc??
    3 General 100
  38. Where to find Chinese street fight classes?
    hey I was wonderin were you could find shoshu chinese street fight classes in sacramento plzzz
    3 General 8
  39. Chinese or japanese writing
    How does the phrase "one love" look like in chinese or japanese writing? Like as in a tattoo form... Thanks Meli
    2 Style 38
  40. Anyone else think the Chinese gymnastics girls team don't look 16?
    Their age?, they really don't look 16.
    9 Sports 97
  41. What does this chinese bracelet with inscription mean?
    I have a bracelet with a chinese inscription on it. Can someone translate it for me? Sorry if you can't understand it, I have never studied chinese before in my life and so can't copy down the characters very well at all.
    5 General 44
  42. How is learning Chinese different from learning other languages?
    I am a translater and I can speak French, german, spanish, etc. I want to learn Chinese now, but my friend tell me Chinese is very difficult to learn because it is different from other languages. So who can tell me is it different from learning other ...
    4 Education 27
  43. How do you get a bull out of a Chinese shop?
    Hi my teacher asked me this question and I dont no the answer please tell me
    2 Pets 14
  44. what kind of food is healthier between this two a fast food burger king combo or chinese food?
    ilove both but i dont know what is healthier
    7 Food 12
  45. Where can I find the symbols for "soul" and "real" in Chinese?
    I had a question does anybody know what website to look at for the symbols in chinese "Soul" and "Real"? I looked many of time and can't seem to find a website. Thanks
    3 Religion 42
  46. FunAdvice Trivia: Where do Chinese Gooseberries originate from?
    A) Australia B) New Zealand C) Fiji D) China
    8 Funadvice 73
  47. How often to water a Chinese Money Plant?
    Hi, I recently purchased the above plant and was wondering how often I should water it ? It is kept indoors (office) Thanks
    2 Homegarden 96
  48. Why is it that chinese people never have spots or acne?
    Hi Why is it that chinese people never have spots or acne? I was walking home from work today and I saw a lot of chinese students and Lol it just crossed my mind!!
    11 Style 670
  49. What chinese food should I order?
    So im about to get some chinese food delivered. I usually get pepper steak with rice... But I want to try something new.. What should I order?
    9 Food 179
  50. How to learn Chinese Mandarin?
    ,My friends told me Chinese is so difficult? I tend to live in China,and work here for a long time,could anybody give me some advice in learning Chinese language.
    6 General 15
  51. Does Anyone Know Of Any Good Japanese, Chinese Music?
    I Like SMAP And S.H.E And Occasionally Anime Opening And Endings Any Good Songs To Reccommend?
    5 Music 5
  52. Got an interview for a waitress in job at a Chinese cafe by my house.
    I am terrified the interview will be in Chinese :/ then I'm screwed. I'm actually hoping I'll get bartending position though.
    4 Money 39
  53. Simple chinese words
    I'm taking chinese next year and would like to know some simple chinese words like movments how to say how are you and colors or shapes (I know hi its any-how((Thats not how its spelled but thats how its pronounced...))
    3 General 20
  54. Is it bad to be Catholic but like Buddha?
    I'm Roman Catholic but I have a lot of Buddha figures in my home and I really like Buddha quotes. He is just a peaceful element we keep in our home? I really don't practice (or believe) many things in my religion, I just have it. Is it bad to like Budd...
    6 Religion 51
  55. He's chinese and I'm a pacific islander
    Recently I've been developing feelings for this guy... He's chinese and I dont find that to be a problem but my friends do... I dont know if he likes me but I wanna find out... Should I go woth my feelings or listen to my friends???
    9 Relationships 12
  56. Is Chinese or Japanese food healthier than other foods?
    I like rice and fish so I was wondering if Chinese or Japanese food is healthier than other foods. I am trying to stay trim and I figured that changing my diet might help me keep the weight off without so much maintenance.
    12 Food 153
  57. FunAdvice Featured Recipe: Chinese Egg Noodles with Five-Spice Pork
    Celebrate the Chinese New Year right with an Asian-inspired pork and noodle dish!
    2 Food 9
  58. Why is it that in Chinese culture, or other Asian culture, kids, or young adults have to call people older than them ex: friend's parents, auntie or uncle?
    I'm Chinese, and I never understood this D:, it's just too weird for me to call some one else's parents auntie or uncle.
    8 Family 37
  59. What do you eat when you go to a Chinese restaurant?
    I have eaten shrimp lo mein because its the only thing i know with those names from the menu, but i bet they have other good dishes also in the chinese restaurant if anybody has a suggestion or has tried another dish from the menu in a chinese restaura...
    12 Food 17
  60. Why every time I eat chinese food I get soggy brown doo-doo?
    I went to this chinese place.. And ate some of their food... Now my stomach hurts and I have soggy doo-doo anyone has any ideas please answer please my stomach hurts like heck please answer please please
    4 Food 62
  61. What is Buddism
    3 Religion 32
  62. Should I invest in Chinese businesses?
    I have been seeing a lot of money going to China recently and I want to know if it is smart to invest in Chinese business right now. I need some details so I can make an informed decision. Does anyone know about any China-based businesses that I shou...
    4 Money 7
  63. Why are some things of my Nokia Lumia 520 in Chinese? And can I fix it?
    I recently got a Nokia Lumia 520, obviously it was manufactured in China. I set the language in English, but some things are still written in Chinese. Like the date on the lock screen, the calendar, and everything on the internet. How can I fix this?
    4 General 17
  64. Who can I email to translate chinese caligraphy?
    In my Geography class he has some Chinese calligraphy on his wall and if we can answer what it says than we get 50 extra credit points I really need them so please please tell me or help me find someone who can translate a picture I email them. HELP!!!
    2 Education 15
  65. What could be a good chinese symbol tattoo?
    I want to get a chinese symbol meaning like love, strength, fate, hope, or something like that or a quote about life or anything that has a good meaning towards life, but i dont know what exactly. any suggestions, plz help.
    9 Literature 29
  66. Will Chinese slim tea make me lose weight?
    Hey jess thanx for your advice , hey by taking Chinese slim tea will I lose weight? Cause it makes me go toilet a lot , or should I still make myself puke ? Please reply I'm so fat Jessi, nice name by the way.
    14 Nutritionfitness 1733
  67. Chinese Symbol
    OK so I've been looking for the chinese symbol for family. Every time I google it , it shows two different symbols. Does that mean both these symbols together mean family, or them separate both mean family meaning there's 2 symbols alone which mean fam...
    2 General 29
  68. How do I convince my mom to let me get rid of my chinese bangs?
    I really want side swept bangs but my mom says they look disgusting on me, but one timee for oppisite day and on facebook i wore side swept bangs and everyone loved it.... I really like it on me... I want this kind.
    9 Style 51
  69. Japanese or Chinese
    I am thinking of taking up one of these languages could you give me some advice ? I was learning arabic for some time, I can read and write, but it is very difficult learn new words cause sometimes you write syllabils and sometimes not so it is a mess...
    7 General 25
  70. What's different culture between united states and chinese?
    I am a new member from china,I don't know what's question I shall ask for a short while? I have never been abroad since I was born,but I am very much to have the chance for would be live in overseas and want to make more friends with now I...
    5 Politics 55
  71. Ancient chinese remedy for making boobs bigger..
    Ancient chinese remedy for making boobs bigger.. ok, so I have only got a 34A cup, and I've just turned 14, and I heard about this chinese massage that helps them grow bigger and faster, but only by a smidge, if anyone knows this please can you tell me...
    8 Style 184
  72. Chinese green tea?
    I been drinnking that for dee past month, its suppose to clean out your system and is all natural. everyday when I eat more than I feel I wuss suppose to I make some at night, and drink it. at first it would kind of help, and id go to the restroom...
    2 Food 14
  73. FunAdvice Featured Recipe: Chinese Fried Rice
    Fried rice can be simply prepared with a few seasonings, to elaborate dishes with a dozen and a half ingredients. The variety of fried rice is also limitless, as we can use almost every kind of meat and vegetables. Fried rice also can be served as a ve...
    2 Food 16
  74. How do I take care of a Chinese money tree plant?
    Recently, my wife & I bought a "money tree" - one of those Chinese plants that is supposed to bring you good luck. Unfortunately, I'm terrible with plants, an frequently end up losing the poor things soon after we buy them. So, does anybody have any t...
    11 Homegarden 847
  75. Can you help me with my english
    I am a chinese Can you help me with my english I am study in colleage
    2 Education 32
  76. Why are you hungry
    Why are you hungry an hour after you eat chinese food?
    4 Health 16
  77. What are good Asian metal bands?
    what are some good chinese and asian metal bands?
    4 Music 86
  78. What are some good sites for recipes?
    what are some good site for recipes for smoothies and chinese food?
    3 Food 12
  79. What's your fave food 2 eat?
    what's your fave food? mines is chinese.
    14 Food 25
  80. Where can I find russian massage center in dubai ?
    I want to know massage parlors of any nationality except chinese because there are many in dubai..?? Any other than chinese ?
    2 Style 278
  81. What?? Does this mean im racist?
    Ok so I like, am totally grossed out by chinese resteraunts. I wont eat anything from them and they just creep me out and like every chinese rsteraunt I've evr been to there's hair in the food and I really really hate it and so if theres a chinese rest...
    8 General 41
  82. How to find a girl teach me english?
    I'm a Chinese student?
    7 Education 7
  83. Chinese tea - does it help loose weight?
    Does Oolong tea help in loosing weight? Well first of all let me explain what Oolong tea is in fact. "A direct translation for Black Dragon, Oolong Tea's meaning is both mystifying and tempting. No other category of teas includes such a wide range ...
    3 Sex 345
  84. What's the latest fashion styles?
    how can I be updated in fashion? but I am a chinese, I want look cuter and cuter
    3 Shopping 13
  85. Ok I'm Starving And About To Order
    Ok between chinese,mexican,italian/pizza,what should I pick and order from it and why? lol
    5 Food 41
  86. Language
    who knowsz tha cheapest and fastest way 2 learn japanese and chinese ?
    3 General 8
  87. asian songs?
    what is your favorite korean, japanese, chinese, or anything asian songs. it can be rock, pop etc.
    6 Music 36
  88. What is your favorite nationality in terms of food?
    Ukranian, Mexican, American, Italian, Chinese, Indian, etc.
    26 Food 81
  89. How to improve my spoken English?
    I'm a chinese. I arrived in America a few monthes ago. My spoken and listening English is poor. How to improve my spoken English?
    5 Education 39
  90. What types of food are you a big fan of?
    More so like snacks, or Chinese, Italian, Greek, Mexican, etc.
    27 Food 34
  91. Which language to take up?
    I like languages, and think of taking up new one. Which one would be more useful for me in the future ? arabic, chinese or japanese ?
    12 General 25
  92. Evolution of Humanity
    Do you think black people evolved from monkeys? Do you think white people evolved from black people? Do you think Native Americans are Chinese in origin?
    6 Science 23
  93. Where Did Shuffling Originate?
    Where did hardstyle shuffling originate? just curious to know becasue I see people frm london and people that look chinese?
    2 General 102
  94. How long should I meditate?
    Okay so I just recently accepted buddha's teachings and the ways of buddhism and would like to know how long I should meditate for.
    6 Religion 28
  95. Korean or Chinese...
    I know this is a chinese song, but some of it looks like korean... does anyone know how I can tell?? or if anyone does know... please tell me?? Jie kai wo zui shen mi de deng dai Xing xing zhui luo feng zai chui dong Zhong yu zai jiang ni yong ru hua...
    5 General 152
  96. what's this youtube video...
    what's the youtube video where he like hits his head and he's like "chinese german french gay guy behind the wheel of a blue prius" ?
    3 Technology 8
  97. Is Taiwan a part of China?
    I am so pi$$ed off cuz I got into a fight with so many chinese people over this, I asked a valid question and all i got was baised answers. I need a 3rd parties anwer. Cuz I am getting nowhere >< and I am sick of Chinese people saying to me "you are br...
    8 Politics 40
  98. What is your favorite food?
    Mine is Chinese food. I like chicken broccoli with fried rice, Shrimp lo mien, and McDonald's mcchicken with coke.
    3 Food 12
  99. More questions for home work just two more
    1)the silk road was important to china because... 2)great inventions of the ancient chinese include
    2 Education 16
  100. Do money trees bring luck?
    Why are so many of you growing chinese money trees? Did it bring you luck? Please comment as I will try anything to attract luck and wealth! Thanks a million!
    2 Homegarden 164
  101. Ok I need help on homework please help me
    Ok so here is the question 1)the hue,the river along witch ancient chinese civilization grew,is called "china's sorrow"because??? 2) the center of early chinese society was the extended family,witch included... 3)comfucius believed the=at his...
    2 Education 15
  102. I love you in other languages?
    any different languages in which you know how to say "I love you," please submit them here! Spanish, french, greek, latin, khmer, japanese, chinese, german, etc.
    15 General 68
  103. Do you know what ethnicity this guy is?
    He is 1/4 ___ and 1/4 chinese from his father's side and 1/4 ___ and 1/4 malaysian on his mother's side. His mom told me hes 1/4 irish on his dads side and 1/4 french on his mom's side. Do you think so?
    3 Relationships 11
  104. What is the *exact* name of the lid for this Dell Inspiron 15r laptop (read more)?
    the chinese girl in the commercial was holding what looked like the northern lights?
    2 Technology 22
  105. Free tibet and boycott Bejing Olympics?
    Who here is against the bejing olympics due to the treatment of tibetans by the chinese? I am, so I'm not buying, watching or taking part in anything to do with the event. Who agrees?
    7 Politics 25
  106. Is that Keira Knightley charming?
    So bueaty the woman is, I have seen her several movies , Pride and Prejudice, The Pirate, The Duchess, King of Arthur , The woman is so bueaty ,LOL, Im a Chinese.
    5 Entertainment 12
  107. Who said the earth is only 6000 years old???
    I definitely believe the earth is around 4.5 billion years old, but christianity is only been around for 6000 years. so if christianity is 6000 years old, what about all that people who lived before christianity even excisted? did they believe in ano...
    10 Religion 103
  108. How to find the sex of a baby before delivery?
    Anyway to find sex of baby without usg scan?...I heard about a chinese calender to find sex of the baby...anyone tried that out.. please post any ideas you have or experiences you had..
    6 Sex 131
  109. What should I bring home from china?
    I have been teaching in china and I am going home for a few weeks to visit family. I need to bring gifts and I dont know what to bring. They have all the traditional chinese gifts, such as tea, fans,e tc...what should I bring them?
    2 Travel 17
  110. How were different races made?
    Okay sometimes I wonder how all the different "races" were made. Like for example: Adam was white and Eve was black. Well how are there chinese people then? I just wonder how is this possible then? Any ideas or anything? What do you think?
    9 General 45
  111. Special Foods
    Me and my friends go out every month to eat. We already went and had stake, pizza, hot pot and chinese what other special meal are there to go to? Meal that you could not get in a every week bases
    4 Food 21
  112. what's the meaning of masturbation?
    hi! I'm a chinese girl. I want to know the meaning of mastrbation? this is a indian guy said to me and he is my net friend, but I don't know the meaning. I hope somebody should answer the ...
    3 Sex 87
  113. Should I convert to Muslim for love?
    I come here Malaysia for work. But I fall in love with one of Muslim girl . I'm Buddha, should I covert Muslim? My mom also can accept that one. I only have my lovely mom. I always care my mom after I convert that she will hate me or not? How you all ...
    6 Religion 36
  114. Fave singer in a band?
    mine would be Axl Rose but then I heard Chinese democracy (n) so its David Draiman (Disturbed) Kurt Cobain (NIRVANA) Tim Mcllrath (Rise Against)
    3 Music 15
  115. Does serving tea in a proper tea set make it taste better?
    I'm not much around the house, and when I make tea, it's in a mug, not a chinese tea pot of porcelein. Does serving tea in better serveware make it taste better, or is it used just to make an experience or event out of the drinking of the tea?
    2 Food 17
  116. Are there porno like this out there?
    I was watching a porno with my boyfriend last week and it got me thinkinng about porno all week long, I try to google it or something but also didnt know what the key word is. I was wondering if there are these such porn 1- Porn about lesbian girls j...
    2 Sex 14
  117. suddenly sick after eating crawfish,what could it be.
    I ate out at a chinese restraunt and after I came home I started having flu-like symptoms.,diarrhea,body aches,headaches and throwing up..what could it be?
    6 General 1901
  118. How many times can you eat when you go to an all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant?
    I only can eat twice and maybe a third time if i havent eaten anything during the day lol, when i go to this chinese restaurant buffet all you can eat for 7.99 lol. What do you think? Tell me please thank you.
    15 Food 23
  119. Who sings this song?!
    Can someone please tell me who sings this song?! I really like it and my chinese is not that great soo! I gotta know! of course type the www part
    3 Music 35
  120. How many times do we grow a year?
    When I was born the my aunt told me the chinese doctor said I was going to be tall.. Right now im in the 9th grade at 5''5 1/2 this aint
    2 Health 190
  121. Where should I take him???
    Well am trying to take out my bofriend for his birthday next saturday!! We been together for 7 months and I want to take him out somewhee nice and not so expensive ... he love every type of food except chinese food... PLEASE TELL ME WHERE TO TAKE HIM
    2 Relationships 8
  122. Can my best friend from China go to Canada and back with me without a green card?
    my best friend is from china and shes been in the u.s. for 9 months and doesn't have a green card and i want to take her to canada with me and my family she has an a05 card and a chinese passport just not a green card could she still go?
    11 Travel 21
  123. When could I start eating regular foods with braces?
    I just got braces the day before yesterday and I wonder when can I start eating regular food such as rice meat(chicken, steak ect.)and beans,pizza,mc donalds,and chinese food? Please help
    3 Food 508
  124. Addiction to music
    I am addicted to music. I love rock, pop, jpop/jrock, anime music, a song in korean, a song in chinese, 2 songs in sweedish, a goth metal song, some are and b. pretty much anything that captures my ears. I love it and am addicted to music. Anyone else ...
    4 Music 30
  125. Where is your family from?
    I was sitting at my desk and I suddenly just got an idea of what to ask. For everyone that sees this question, What is your backround, meaning where is your family from For me, im half black and chinese. my father's family is from Bermuda Island an...
    8 Family 35
  126. How do I get a print copy of Zaobao, the Singapore newspaper?
    I live in California, however, an incredibly nice reporter from the Zaobao newspaper asked me some questions & said that the write up would appear in their Thursday newspaper. So...does anybody know how to get a copy of a Chinese newspaper from Singapo...
    4 General 35
  127. How long does it take for your stomach to digest food and be empty?
    So I had dinner yesterday around 6 PM but now is the morning after and I don't feel hungry. My stomach is kind of making all these noises and I keep burping the food I ate and feels gross in my mouth when I burp. It was Chinese food.
    3 Health 70
  128. Where did other races come from?
    If adam and eve created kids to reproduce and make the population of the human race, then how are there mexican,chinese,japanese, african american people if adam and ever were white? Not trying to be racist, I have nothing wrong with different races
    11 Religion 45
  129. What is blood infection?
    My teacher has got the blood infection. He is an American . But I m a Chinese . I don't know much about this disease in English . What does it mean ? Can be cured ? And he told me that vomit everytime when he ate . What kind of food can he have ? How c...
    7 Health 71
  130. What is this song fast!!!?
    My friend sent this wierd random message to me and it was music. Butit was this wierd random song. It was like ringitty ding ding ding ding... Ringity ding dong dong dong..or wingitty ding ding dong somethin like that! It was a guy singing and no it wa...
    3 Music 13
  131. Why Does My Hampster Bite?
    Every Time I Pick Up My Hampster, He Bites Me, How Can I Stop Him Doing This because It Propa Hurts, And I Dont Want To Stop Handeling Him because That Will Make Him Less Used to Being Handelled... Im Wondering If He Needs Something To Wear Down His T...
    3 Pets 12
  132. Is my new job embarassing?
    Hi, I got accepted for my first job last week and I'm starting tomorrow. I'm going to be a dim-sum cart-pusher at a chinese restaurant. Do you think that's an embarassing job? It's better than nothing right?
    5 Money 22
  133. What's your favorite kind of tea?
    Im not talking about the bagged ones, I mean the ones you have to buy in bulk. I personally like English and Chinese breakfast teas for the mornings. & Irish tea. I really like Black tea it seems. Of course I also like the pre-bagged ones, but their ...
    27 Food 38
  134. How can I improve a dialect?
    I'm taking a chinese subject...In this recent exam,I got only 35%... What is the best way to improve it? Especially as I'm not so good in the vocabulary...Plus,my memory's not good...I'm doomed!!!Next year I'll have to take a very important exam 4 it s...
    3 Education 17
  135. Why do people say stupid stuff like "ching chang chong" when there talking about or are around Asian people?
    that so retarded and makes no type of sense just because that's not actually what they say or sound like, i don't get it,like what does it even mean, and what are peoples intentions when they do it? are they trying to be funny or cool, or they really t...
    20 General 100
  136. Can i make a new email and delete my old email or just ignore my old email?
    Im trying to help my aunt because she asked me how to delete her email, because she have a lot of spam i told her to make a new one and ignore her old email that would be the same than delete her old email, or not tell me please. Im trying to explain h...
    2 Technology 29
  137. Races/raciest
    ok so you know how theres like an african american day, hispanic people day, chinese day and all those races. First of all how come there isnt a caucaisn day and if there was wouldnt people consiter it raciest. Like for example Soak City had a day whe...
    10 Politics 36
  138. What is this growing on the tree in my friend's yard?
    It feels fuzzy, like a peach. Some are getting orange/red in spots, others are still mostly green. They are small and smell like nothing, really. Someone said they were Chinese plum. I'm in NC on vacation. What is this tree and these fruits?
    3 Homegarden 23
  139. Why do we called Caucasian people white,and African/African American people black?
    Caucasians are pale not white(even though they are some VERY plae people)And Africans aren't Black there Brown and some are a VERY dark brown but not black? Why Every Latino people are seen as Mexican? Why do people think Chinese and Japanese people lo...
    5 Politics 69
  140. how to look like a Manga Anime girl
    what does chinese manga girls wear. how can I dress up as one. my boyfriend likes then as he ses I luk like one cus I got cute big eyes and short blond spikey hair. is there anyway I can eccencuate my eyes manga style??? what shud I wear??? what colour...
    3 Style 30
  141. What are some really good songs to dance to but no techno?
    Hi, I'm looking for songs from different backgrounds that sound catchy and anyone would dance to, but no techno... & no full on rap... Something like truth hurts..? It can be in chinese, indian, french, arabic...etc... R&b is good... Can anyone suggest?
    3 Music 42
  142. Korean girls can't be popular in high school?
    Im in high school, and I feel like in Australia, Koreans can not be popular like Australian/france/etc girls... I get really sad about my culture. People expect aussies to party, go to a sleep over and do things, but they never expect a Korean or a Chi...
    7 Education 19
  143. How do I get my smaller dog to mate with bigger bitch?
    My chihauaha dog and Chinese crested are ready and willing to mate. Prob is he's quit small tried all sorts to help lowing her. Putting him on pillow even tried to help with insertion but that seemed to put my boy of his stroke so to say.. At a lose t...
    2 Pets 52
  144. How do I tame my hamster?
    Ok, so I have a chinese dwarf named fifi, she is about a year old and she doesn't like me or my mom. Everytime me or my mom go up to her cage to see her, she immidiatley starts biting the bars of the cage. but when my brother see's her, she doesn't do...
    5 Pets 41
  145. What would this job be called?
    Hi, I'm doing my resume right now, just need a little help. I work at this Chinese buffet restaurant and what I do is pick up delivery and pick-up phone calls and put them into the kitchen. There's about 40 phone calls a night so it's pretty busy. S...
    3 Money 30
  146. Why, My Girlfriend will not let me cum or climax?
    I love my girlfriend she is Chinese I am Australian, she is very good in many things Clean and loving, but what I am trying to understand is this we can have grate sex For many hours and I control my self not to climax, so we can do it for a long t...
    4 Sex 1032
  147. Any good Asian music?
    Hey there! =D I was just wondering if there are any good Asian music that you would like to recommend. I'm leaning more towards Korean and Japanese..and some Chinese but anything other than those are wouldn't hurt to try anything new. An...
    15 Music 43
  148. What are some good places to take your girlfriend to eat?
    Ok so, today was my girlfriends birthday right, so everywhere I took her she wanted it to be a suprise so, I blind folded her. So I take her to my favorite chinese restaraunt and when I removed her blind fold after we've been seated, she says quite lou...
    7 Food 1561
  149. Another language for my daughter
    My daughter is currently bilingual in English and Spanish, but I feel bad that I do not know any other languages myself to teach her. I would like to know how to add at least one other language into her repitua. I would really love for her to learn F...
    5 Family 51
  150. Have you ever?
    have you ever... been so drunk you passed out or vommited: taken drugs: dyed your hair: threatened to kill someone: swore at your mum and dad: stayed up for 48 hours: who do you pick, friends or family? dogs or cats? laptop or phone? coke o...
    12 General 21
  151. How to approach learning Mandarin?
    I am in 9th grade and as many of you probably know, homework starts coming in by the truckload. At my old school, hebrew was the only language taught there and I already knew it fluently so it was a breeze. Thing is, now and and doing bad in mandarin...
    3 Education 19
  152. Help!! my money tree is not doing well
    I just bought a chinese money tree about two months ago for my tanning salon. its still growing new leaves but some of the older leaves are turning brown and falling off and some are droopy. I try not to water it to frequently. Im worried that its goi...
    3 Homegarden 176
  153. Which language should I learn - French, Spanish, or Mandarin?
    I am looking to focus my spare time on learning a language. However, I am not sure which is best to learn. I studied French at school for 4 years, so already have a moderate fluency in French. However, I worry that it is not the most useful language...
    15 Education 43
  154. Where can I buy an iPhone 4?
    im sorry i am not from america, but i am going to miami next month, i wa wondering what an iphone 4 (16GB) cost with out any provider plans, and in which shop should i got for the lowest rate, and i dont want a crappy chinese knock-off iphone, i want t...
    3 Shopping 13
  155. my 5 months sons have mucus in his throat!
    please help! my first child he is 5 months old he just got over from a cold and mucus still remain in his throat. He breath heavily and from the breathing I can hear the roaring of the mucus in his throat. I went to the Dr he said its nothing and did ...
    3 Health 87
  156. What kind of eye makeup is good for asian eyes?
    I'm chinese and I love dark makeup. My eyes arent the stereotypical squinty eyes, people tell me they're pretty big for an asian's eyes. Also, I have that fold on the eyelid? (not sure the term for it), but I still have the upturned asian eye. I love t...
    2 Style 24
  157. What are some ways I can get even with someone?
    I have this guy friend and it's gotten really ugly between us, this doesn't bother me infact I'm doing my share to contribute to the uglyness. What I've got so far is to suscribe to about a hundren differnt magazines in his name with the bill me later...
    7 Relationships 77
  158. Being 'ASIAN"
    Man, im sooo pissed right now .. I had a class trip today, things were so great & fun, until when I got back to school .. my friends that are in my boyfriends class, told me .. that how my boyfriend was trying to make fun of this mixed guy in his class...
    11 Relationships 39
  159. does anyone share my belief?
    I believe in a one religion , we all come from the same energy, all gods are the same thing with many faces. jah,god, buddha,ala, etc,they are all the same, just the words of men are different, thats why religious wars are so brainless, their only fig...
    14 Religion 21
  160. Why is my girlfriend's period irregular?
    hey. hope u still can remember me. well, i had ask my gf to went for a pregtest n the result is negative..she went to a chinese traditional doctor n he said that her digestion system is preventing her to have her period..well she eventually finished al...
    5 Health 61
  161. Do you think "tiger parenting" is abusive?
    A viral video showing a 4 year old boy wearing nothing but shoes and his underwear crying as he ran through the snow has a lot of people's dander up, but apparently the exercise is meant to build up the child's immunity and repair ill health. It's not ...
    8 Babies 18
  162. What would be suitable, makeup wise, for a family dinner party?
    Any suggestions? I'm wearing a beige top with a humming-bird on it and his wings are sparkly and red-ish brown skinny jeans and brown boots. If it helps, my eyes are blue and I recently dyed my hair a chestnut brown. The dinner party is at a Chines...
    10 Style 30
  163. How can I convince my boyfriend to eat healthier?
    I've been best friends with him since kindergarten and we've started dating since August and I helped him out of his Kidney infection, I told him to stay away from caffeine related drinks for a while and he has..Now I want to help his eating habits . H...
    16 Health 61
  164. Skin tones and products.
    Hi, im african american and I use to love my skin tone. It was a rich lightish carmel. I want it back but with band and cheer im always in the sun and I use sun block and screen. I really would like to know any skin lightening products that work for re...
    6 Style 46
  165. How can I make my second date better?
    Omg today was my first date with a chick! and omg it was so akward when we were eating Chinese food!! It was like omg.. So akward.. and wile we were walking I had long silence moment untill she had to say.."sooo yeah what now" and I'll say I don't kn...
    2 Relationships 15
  166. How do I use this Iphone 3g that is from China?
    ok so my parents got me an iphone 3g for christmas. like its nice and all but why couldn't they just get it from our country?!??!! They got it in China. and when I first turned on the phone it was all in chinese I figure out how to change it to english...
    2 Technology 12
  167. Intellectual Black girls...where are they?
    These days I rarely see intellectual black girls'. Most of them are so stuck on being in love, dropping out of school and being baby mamas. Why is that? The numbers are so big when I see that amount. It's really heartbreaking. Thing is there needs to b...
    4 General 47
  168. How can I lose weight I've put on recently?
    well im 5'1/2" and im sometimes 125 lbs or 130 lbs. idk why b/c i barely do eat and my dad always gets mad at me when i say im fat b/c i am. this is depressing. i used to be stick thin when i was a little girl b/c i had a fast metabolism and it started...
    8 Nutritionfitness 28
  169. Do you think this might be true when you die?
    im catholic by blood. I believe in God and I believe in most of catholic beliefs. But I also believe in reincarnation and karma and Buddha and I also belive that suicide is not a sin and the only way you go to hell is if you rape, murder (unless for se...
    5 Religion 43
  170. Does she just not want a boyfriend?
    After my last post, (I asked this girl if we can go out and all.) She said no, I asked her why, she says it a long story and retelling it does not leave her happy. But I really like her and don't feel like giving up yet. What can I do? please people! T...
    5 Relationships 34
  171. Do you think that Asian girls are pretty?
    Do you think that Asian girls are pretty? I mean, compared to other races. and please, don't say "everyone is beautiful in their own special way", I want to hear what you REALLY think, not what you would say if you were on a T.V. show, trying to soun...
    11 Style 392
  172. Do you want your country to boycott the 2008 Olympics?
    While China has made huge economic strides in the last couple decades, the government still keeps a tight lid on media activity. And while hosting the summer Olympics helps bring China onto the world stage, it also brings thousands of journalists and ...
    6 Politics 29
  173. What is your favorite place to eat buffet?
    Do you have a favorite buffet restaurant? My boyfriend loves, not so much. The reason? I had gastric bypass on March 31, 2009. Right now, I can eat about 4 to 6 ounces of food at a time (a little more than the palm of my hand). So, buffets ar...
    10 Food 48
  174. anyone ever have a crush on a fictional character from anime/manga?
    Hey, random question...Has any of you ever had a crush on a fictional character from an anime or manga? I have, once or twice...I actually harbored feelings for Tenten (the chinese- looking girl from Naruto, in case you don't know), 'because she remind...
    17 Entertainment 44
  175. What if we're BOTH wrong?
    For the longest time I've heard people quote Pascal's Wager "You should believe in God for if you're wrong and I'm right you're go to H3ll. But if you're Right and I'm Wrong, nothing will happen to me". That's such an ignorant statement. What if we're ...
    22 Religion 41
  176. Who thinks this is a good idea?
    Okay, my one year anniversary is on February 6th. What do you think about this idea I have for me and my boyfriend? I'm going to get a box fill it with 150 reasons why I love him, 150 love quotes, 30 wishes I have for us, and 30 things I would like ...
    6 Relationships 18
  177. Why the complaining of people of other faith celebrating "Christmas"?
    Christmas was placed on a pagan festival to gain more converts, the original celebration was held on Jan 6th. Why are there so many people complaining about those who are not part of the Christian or biblical creed celebrating this festival when it's n...
    10 Religion 49
  178. Rice/Sushi questions...
    I've never eaten rice... I've never eaten sushi... latley I've been wanting to try it... but I dont want to get sushi from the foodcourt at the mall... because maybe they dont make it right so it dont taste good and make me not want to eat it... ...
    3 Food 19
  179. What - Could I get diabetes if I keep eating like this?
    This is what I'd usually eat on a weekend... Breakfast - Toast or bacon sarnies Lunch - Ham sandwich & orange squash Snacks - Rich tea biscuits/shortbread biscuits/choc hob nob biscuts or 1/2 packets of crisps & water, sometimes scrambled egg or a ban...
    2 Health 30
  180. How to deal with my overbearing cousin?
    I just wrote the whole thing. And it didn't post. Ughh. I guess I'll shorten it. My girl czn has been sleeping on the floor. Today she pushed all my stuff over and like put her stuff on my bed. I suppose she'll be sleeping on the bed tonight. For the l...
    5 Family 74
  181. What do you think of that young boy who was been meditating without eating/drinking for like 2 years?
    I just watched a documentary on a 15 year old boy who people believe to be a reincarnation of Buddha himself. The boy had been meditating in a trance for like 10 months without eating or drinking anything which according to science is impossible. In th...
    8 General 37
  182. Job problems
    K well I just got a job a few weeks ago at a jewelery booth and im working hard etc... But I dont think my manager likes me. She has no reason to not like me im always nice and hard working but I feel like she accuses me everytime something goes wrong....
    3 Money 33
  183. Introduce your home country/state!
    Alright here's a little game I love to play when Im bored Introduce to us in a few lines the defining characteristics of the country you live in, or if you live in the States, the state you live in I will start. Im from Singapore. You will have ...
    4 Funadvice 82
  184. Have you ever had a hard time talking to someone?
    So there was this girl I used to call my mei mei, "little sister" in chinese, and we use to be so close like true siblings. So what happened was that I got into a relationship with this other girl who was very close friends to my mei mei. We'll...
    2 Relationships 39
  185. I hate my race, can you please help?
    okay, so I'm Chinese, and I'm kind of ashamed of admitting this; but I really hate my race. I'd always wish I'm some other race...ANY race. just not asian. this chick came up to me today (god, this was so random) and she was like "hey you look really a...
    16 General 179
  186. Which joke is funniest?
    Which one of these Jay Leno jokes, strikes you Funniest ? "It was so hot today I was sweating like a Chinese toy salesman." "It was so hot in North Carolina even John Edwards had a bad hair day." "This week, the government announced a new operation t...
    7 Politics 15
  187. fun servey. can you handle the funnes (;
    Were you sad when you heard about michael jacksons death? yeahh Have you ever kissed an ex after you broke up? yeappp. Where is the person you gave your heart to for the first time? probably homeee. Do you have someone of the opposite sex you can te...
    3 Sex 34
  188. corrupting my body!
    sooo...I def want indian feathers behind my right ear and the chinese symbol for crazy behind my left ear [kind of a family thing...long story]! I can't wait! I'm getting a tattoo on my right side of an octopus and it's gonna have a lil seahorse and...
    4 Style 21
  189. Sirr-vayy #2
    Are you looking for a boyfriend/​girlfriend?​ Nope. but... hehe(: Do you live alone? Nope Do you wish you were somewhere else right now? Kinda. Do you love where you live? Yeshh Do you believe in love at first sight? Like at first sight;...
    6 Sex 38
  190. I hate my Stepdad, What now?
    Hope the length of this won't scare any potential commentators away. lol. I'll try to keep it to a reasonable length] I've had my stepdad since I was 8. I was basically taken away by my dad and that left me scarred and after meeting my Caucasian stepf...
    6 Family 60
  191. Family conflicts with friends and boyfriend
    Um this story will be long, really long, if you have sometime to spare please read my story, I mean real life story about me Well ok im 15 and I am in love with my boyfriend and my boyfriend loves me too, and were both serious about each other, we hav...
    8 Sex 48