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Get help with Irish restaurants.

  1. Are you Irish?
    15 General 49
  2. What's your favorite restaurant?
    27 Food 37
  3. What do you think about Irish people?
    what do you think about irish people?
    20 General 95
  4. What do you think of the Irish?
    Whats do you think of the irish?
    15 General 43
  5. What is the irish word for beauty?
    What is the irish word for beauty?
    2 General 81
  6. is there a stereotype for irish people?
    is there a stereotype for irish people?
    6 General 44
  7. Fancy restaurants
    What are fancy restaurants to eat at??
    2 Food 22
  8. Where can I find an Irish Wolfhound?
    2 Pets 8
  9. What is a list of you favorite restaurants?
    11 Food 14
  10. Is the name 'Alice' Irish?
    3 General 10
  11. What are the best restaurants in Maine?
    2 Food 11
  12. What is the best Chinese/Japanese restaurant?
    3 Food 13
  13. Do they have Pizza Express restaurants in Australia?
    Do they have Pizza Express restaurants in Australia?
    2 Food 100
  14. What do americans think of irish people
    People of the what you think of irish people
    15 Politics 45
  15. What do ya think of the irish?
    This is for every1 What do ya think Of the irish?
    6 General 12
  16. Who else loves ChowKing restaurant?
    3 Food 12
  17. What is the best fast food restaurant?
    21 Food 30
  18. What is your favorite restaurant?
    what's your fav restraunt.
    7 Nutritionfitness 42
  19. How many McDonald's restaurants are there in the USA?
    4 Food 35
  20. Do Irish people speak Irish, or just English, or some other language?
    Because when I was on google translator the other day, and it said there was an Irish language.
    9 General 48
  21. Favorite restaurant?
    What is your favorite restaurant? Mine is Ruby Tuesday
    6 Food 14
  22. How many irish people ar on dis
    How many irish people ar on dis
    8 Funadvice 28
  23. Is it true that the KFC restaurant is no longer in Ohio?
    4 Food 9
  24. What kind of restaurant would you want to open up and own?
    10 Food 40
  25. What are some nice names for a Vegetarian restaurant with a buffet?
    3 Food 14
  26. Why do americans think they are irish
    How you are irish if your great great great great great grandad was irish how are people from american than
    6 Politics 103
  27. Why is MSG added to some foods in restaurants?
    5 Food 25
  28. What do you think of the Irish?
    I'm not Irish, I'm American. But I love Ireland and Irish people! What do you think of them? (Or, are you Irish?)
    8 Entertainment 20
  29. what restaurants has shorts and skirts as the uniform?
    what restaurants besides hooters has shorts and skirts as the uniform?
    3 Money 14
  30. What are good restaurants in Beverly Hills?
    Does anyone know of a good restaurant in Beverly Hills?
    2 Food 13
  31. Irish dance
    Does anyone on here do irish dance??? I do and I know its not that common but was wondering if anyone did.
    4 Music 20
  32. Whats your general opinon on the irish
    What do think of irish people
    5 General 17
  33. Irish and proud
    Im irish and I just want to now do people like us irish people?
    7 Family 21
  34. What are basic things you want to see when you go to restaurants?
    12 Food 36
  35. Busiest day of year in the restaurant business?
    what is the busiest day of the year in the resturant business?
    5 Money 329
  36. Do you feel self conscious when signaling a waiter at a restaurant?
    15 Food 40
  37. What is the appropriate percentage to give someone for tip at a restaurant?
    3 Style 43
  38. Should we allow a fast food restaurant to operate in the college?
    2 Food 16
  39. What is the busiest day for restaurants?
    Which day of the year is the busiest one for people dining out in restaurants?
    6 Food 1038
  40. What would you do if your child was given an alcoholic drink at a restaurant by mistake?
    22 Food 46
  41. Who thinks restaurants should start putting calorie contents on their foods/drinks?
    16 Nutritionfitness 21
  42. Would you go to a restaurant that didn't have a menu and you just eat what they serve?
    13 Food 27
  43. Who actually stocks up on condiment packets from restaurants, and uses them at home?
    10 Food 25
  44. Cheap and good restaurant?
    Whats a good affordable restaurant that I should make my boyfriend take me to
    3 Food 11
  45. What kind of restaurant will hire a 16 year old?
    What kind of restaurant will hire a 16 year old as a bus boy?
    3 Money 62
  46. What's your favorite fast food restaurant?
    What's your favorite fast food restaurant? Mine's Chik-Fil-A.
    9 Food 49
  47. Why do american people think irish people are always drunk?
    Why do american people thing irish people are always drunk and lepracan
    17 General 126
  48. Irish language
    Any one on this site(except those who are irish) no any irish, I know it myself I just wonderin if anyone else does?
    3 General 12
  49. What do youll thank about the restaurant Applebee's?
    What do youll thank about the restaurant Applebee's?,for me thank that the restaurant is very cool place too go,but it is very very expensive too go though,what do youll thank?
    5 Food 27
  50. How much Irish do you know?
    1.Do you know how to speak Irish? 2.Are you Irish? 3.What is your favourite Irish phrase or word? ;)
    12 General 23
  51. Is $5 too cheap to leave as a tip at a restaurant?
    It's 2 adults and a todler.
    9 Food 14
  52. What would you do if you see this person in a restaurant got choked and seemed out of breath?
    9 General 10
  53. Better Restaurant
    Friday's; Apple Bees; ruby tuesdays; arby's; or chili's which is the better restaurant?
    6 Food 25
  54. What restaurants hire felons?
    Where can a felon in Virginia find a job workin in a restaurant as a cook or prep cook?
    2 Money 303
  55. Why is the government allowing more fast food restaurants to be built?
    is it so the employment rate can increase?
    5 Politics 8
  56. What can be a good title for my descriptive essay about my favorite restaurant, Buffalo Wild Wings?
    4 Literature 67
  57. Can u actually eat out all the time at fast food restaurants and still be healthy?
    7 Food 35
  58. is robert pattinson irish
    like I know that robert pattinson is english like me lol but 2 me he looks irish 2 so does anybody know.
    4 Entertainment 66
  59. Is dishwashing in a restaurant a bad job for a female
    Is dishwashing in a restaurant a bad job for a female with good looking hands and nails? Will it ruin my hands and nails?
    2 Money 9
  60. what do the english say about the irish?
    I realy want to know what the english say about the irish so please anwser my question if you can thank you
    3 General 42
  61. How do you show an Irish accent while typing?
    Hey... I am typeing a story, and a character has a Irish accent. I can have a Irish Accent, but, it is difficult typeing one out... Can anyone help me please?
    5 General 1713
  62. Do American chicks dig Irish men?
    do american chicks dig irish men because im moving to l.a and going to high school
    11 Relationships 61
  63. The best restaurant, Wendy's or Burger King?
    The best restraunt Wendies? or Burger King? Lastly, which has better quality of food?
    11 Food 64
  64. How many people who aren't irish have heard of hurling?
    Hey how many people ere that are not irish hear of huring??? please respond
    3 Sports 28
  65. Where to find a dance school that teaches Irish dancing?
    does anyone know where I can find a dance school that teaches irish dancing because I would like to learn ? oh and is it fun to do???
    2 Music 42
  66. Who sells better food - food cart vendors or restaurants?
    To me foodcarts foods tastes better. What do you like more? tell me please thank you.
    5 Food 16
  67. What are interesting facts about the Irish Potato Famine?
    I would like some quick interesting facts for the potato famine in ireland, sources would be much appreciated.
    4 Politics 438
  68. What do restaurants use to make the breading for chicken or other meats?
    It tastes and its texture feels very different from when you buy a can of bread crumbs from a store and coat using that. What's the difference from what restaurants use or do?
    2 Food 6
  69. Best Restaurant in Tampa, FL?
    What's the best resturant in Tampa,Flordia? Im going there and need to find good resturants to go to. Please no bars
    4 Travel 17
  70. Is Sonic another fast food restaurant like McDonald's?
    They just opened one where i live, and no one is allowed to go there yet
    7 Food 10
  71. What are some good irish bands like the pogues or steve earle?
    Just trying to find some good music. Something like the songs in ps I love you. Has to have that irish sound to it.
    6 Music 57
  72. Is there any way to compare restaurants side by side online?
    like prices, type of food, location, if they take reservations,... that kind of stuff?
    3 Food 10
  73. How do you make those sweet tender carrots, just like a lot of Japanese/Chinese restaurants do?
    I can make sweet carrots, but they never taste like the ones at the restaurants. Does anyone know a good way to make them, so that they come out like the kind in the restaurants?
    5 Food 71
  74. Does everyone actualy think that all irish people are called paddy
    Does everyone actualy think that all irish people are called paddy and live in little cottages and spend all their time drinking 'guinness' or driving tractors??
    5 General 50
  75. Restaurants in a gym
    What do you think about putting restaurants in the gym? Would it make it unworth it worth it or convienient? We have to build a gym for tech class and mine is going to be ahigh rise and im trying to decide if I should put restaurants in there lol
    6 Food 32
  76. What do you think of this ad for a restaurant?
    Restaurant ad rice, salad and one kind of meat. I dont think its a good ad, because what if somebody opens another restaurant across the street, and put this ad rice, salad and two kind of meat lol. That would be cool. What do you think?
    2 Food 19
  77. Who researches restaurants before they go out to eat?
    I am trying to find new places to eat and so I've been looking at some restaurant reviews. I am trying to figure out how useful they really are. The restaurants I regularly eat at have fairly accurate reviews. Does anyone else look at reviews? How accu...
    4 Food 19
  78. Do you think restaurants should be allowed to automatically factor in a 20% tip on your bill?
    Two Toronto restaurants have begun doing this, but they say it's optional. What do you think? Is it really *optional* if the tip is already on your bill? Read about it:
    12 Food 17
  79. How many servings do restaurants usually give on one plate?
    poorly phrased question, but for example, if the nutrition facts for a restaurant say that one serving of fries is 150 calories, is one serving what they put on your plate? Or are there multiple servings on your plate?
    7 Food 24
  80. What food is better and healthier - the food sold in the food cart on the streets, or the food sold in fast food restaurants?
    To me the food that they sell in the food carts and the coffee is better than the food in the fast food restaurants like Mac donald or burger king. What do you think? Tell me please thank you.
    3 Food 27
  81. how much for tips when I go to a restaurant?
    do you know how much do I have to give when im in a restaurant I dont want the waiter think im a cheaper guy but im not a millonaire neither if anybody has an idea tell me please thank you.
    3 Money 12
  82. does anyone know the history of the irish Claddagh?
    I have a pair of earrings that are similar to that, but they only have the heart and crown - not the hands. I believe that they are meant to be an 18/19th century reproduction if that is helpful. are they still considered Claddagh earrings?
    4 General 21
  83. Who thinks the irish accent is cool?
    seriously... wenever I make a video and put it on youtube... epople are like way I love your accent... I want it... y seriously... someone explain... please?
    3 Relationships 40
  84. How many times can you eat when you go to an all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant?
    I only can eat twice and maybe a third time if i havent eaten anything during the day lol, when i go to this chinese restaurant buffet all you can eat for 7.99 lol. What do you think? Tell me please thank you.
    15 Food 23
  85. Eating out at restaurants
    We went to a nice restaurant for my friend's birthday a couple of weeks ago, and I was surprised to see that it was packed! Not cheap either. Are you eating out more or less than you did at this time last year? Has the economy made you go out to eat...
    3 Food 9
  86. What do you eat when you go to a Chinese restaurant?
    I have eaten shrimp lo mein because its the only thing i know with those names from the menu, but i bet they have other good dishes also in the chinese restaurant if anybody has a suggestion or has tried another dish from the menu in a chinese restaura...
    12 Food 17
  87. When I order in restaurants, people talk to me in spanish, why?
    I dont know if this only happen to me but sometimes when I ask for food in some restaurants, people talk to me in spanish, I mean why this happen to me do I look like a spanish guy tell me please I know some words in spanish, but this always makes me ...
    2 Food 42
  88. Irish dancing wigs?
    Is it better to get a wig the same colour as your hair or can you have any? I have a blonde wig but I have brown hair, but I'm thinking you can cover the front bit with a head band so you wouldn't see my natural colour?X
    2 Style 88
  89. How effective are restaurant reviews?
    Just wanted to know if reading restaurant reviews either online or in print, swayed you from eating at the restaurants based on their negative or good reviews? I'm asking this question as I am trying to organise a special dinner anniversary at a resta...
    3 Food 39
  90. What's your thought on this restaurant using live fish as a promotional tool?
    This is an ad for the Fisch Franke restaurant in Germany. It's a bus stop with an aquarium full of live trout. Is this a clever idea, or do you think it's inhumane to imprison live fish in a relatively small tank?
    7 Pets 26
  91. Do american ladies like irish guys?
    i'm hoping to travel to ny or boston for the summer to work before returning to study and would like some abvice before i head out! im 31 and hoping to meet some nice ppl out there! :) ?
    26 Relationships 40
  92. Do you think this sign in a restaurant its kind of rude?
    When you go to eat in a restaurant, and in the wall there is a sign that says time for food consuming its 30 minutes, We are rushed in our jobs, taking the train and everything and now we are rushed to eat too. Restaurants , and coffeshouses are suppo...
    5 Food 49
  93. Will waiters in France restaurants know English?
    ok im going to france with these people I know and basically everyday we are going to a restaurent and I cant understand french so the menu will be hard to understand.. there are a few people going who learn french but its unlikely theyll understand al...
    2 Travel 26
  94. British Indian restaurant question
    Why in Britain can one go into an indian restaraunt and see on the menu beef curry, chicken curry, prawn curry and 'meat' curry which on every occassion when asked, it turns out to be lamb. Why not have it on the menu as lamb curry? This question...
    2 Food 22
  95. Why Mac Donalds or other fast food restaurant dont make grilled nuggets?
    I dont believe anybody havent thought about this already why Mac Donald doesnt make grilled chicken macnuggets or Wendy or burger king make grilled chicken nuggets that would be good. What do you think?
    2 Food 16
  96. Would you eat at a restaurant that actually advertises how unhealthy their food is?
    A man suffered a heart attack while eating at the restaurant "Heart Attack Grill". With a business name like that, would you be more inclined to avoid the place, or would you still want to check out the fare? Read about it:
    15 Food 18
  97. What do the Irish think of Canadians?
    Well, I'm a Canadian and I'm planning on moving to Ireland to study art. I was just wondering before I go what Irish people think about Canadians. I'm a little nervous that they might not accept me because I'm a foreigner. Also, I'm shy and mostly ke...
    2 Travel 130
  98. Is it possible to ask for more shrimp instead of fries at Popeye's restaurant?
    I have always watched about this popeyes shrimps special about shrimps, french fries and a biscuit, i dont know but sometimes i would like to ask them to not give me french fries and add more shrimps instead. Do you think they could do that or have you...
    6 Food 23
  99. American irish
    Theres someone I know..over the internet but pretty sure il be meeting up with him sometime...hes from new york I heard but hes been here for least..7 years..maybe more.. What will his accent be like? Wil he be irish or stil have a american accen...
    4 Travel 39
  100. What restaurants let you order online (In America)?
    So I don't have a phone as of now, our pantry is empty, and my room mate is using my car so I'm stuck with ordering online. I know about Domino's and Jason's Deli but Jason's Deli is too expensive and I am so tired of pizza. Any one know of any others...
    5 Food 103
  101. Restaurant or buffet in manhattan ...
    im looking for a buffet that wont cost much (for my friends and I , were all 15-19) I want it to be like a girls night out. We eat anything as long as its good lol and im hoping to dress up since im going for my birthday... any suggestions ? please and...
    2 Food 40
  102. Is there anyway that restaurants who throw food can give that food to the people
    I used to work in a food factory and they sent me to throw a lot of good food like flour and beans and they were good, but for some reason that i would never understand they prefer to throw to the garbage instead of give it to somebody who need it. Sam...
    5 Food 30
  103. Did anyone listen to Alice's Restaurant by Arlo Guthrie today (Thanksgiving day - read more)?
    At one time in the not too distant past it was played on virtually every radio station in America at least once on Thanksgiving day. Kind of an off the beaten path tradition. I had to do some searching of the radio stations today but found it just in t...
    2 Music 17
  104. What happens if you go to a restaurant without money in the Sims 2?
    like if your sims already finished eating, then you go to pay the bill and have no money? will they take something of yours? cuz one time when i was playing, my sim had the maid come over and clean and there wasn't enough to pay her, so she got mad an...
    2 Gaming 42
  105. trivia A man in a restaurant asked a waiter for a juice glass
    A man in a restaurant asked a waiter for a juice glass, a dinner plate, water, a match, and a lemon wedge. The man poured enough water onto the plate to cover it. "If you can get the water on the plate into this glass without touching or moving this pl...
    7 General 91
  106. Where would you rather eat, an authentic Mexican restaurant, or Taco Bell?
    I like both. I like Taco Bell just for when we are driving around or something and we get a bit Hungary. It's fast food, and it's pretty darn good. lol. However, I would defiantly enjoy an authentic Mexican restaurant better, real recipes that have bee...
    16 Food 57
  107. How do I eat at restaurants without feeling uncomfortable?
    im really self concious and I hate eating out, I very rearly eat out, I feel like everybody is watchin me but I know there not, everyons out to eat obviously, it took me 5 months before I could eat infront of my fiance, and I still only pick at fruit a...
    9 Food 60
  108. What are some good restaurants, hotels, and attractions in New York?
    If so I need the names of (or addresses if possible or the city its in)or some kind of info of 1.)like 3 great places to eat 2.)one great hotel to stay at 3.)some great places to visit amusement park,statcue(spell error lol) of liberty etc. ...
    2 Travel 38
  109. Tapeworm from restaurant food
    A man from Chicago and probably his name is Franz has claimed that he has got a 9 foot tapeworm from his stool after eating fish from a Chicago restaurant. It is quite unbelievable. Of course research and study in the health and medical department expe...
    2 Food 49
  110. Does anyone have opinions on these Irish colleges?
    I would really enjoy to go to college in Ireland, I'm a junior in high school right now and I am starting to look at colleges. I would like to major in environmental science and minor in music. I would really like to go to school in Dublin, Limerick, o...
    2 Education 26
  111. Boondock saints?
    The boondock saints Irish theme ...who was it made by??
    2 General 15
  112. Which dog breed would you have either??...
    Hi I am a big fan of irish staff. But I would like to know which staff looks better. Irish Blue staff or Irish Red Staff?
    3 Pets 8
  113. healthy restaraunts
    anybody know of any healthy restaurants in Texas?
    3 Food 39
  114. What does it take
    What does it take to get a job at a fast food restaurant?
    3 Money 20
  115. Which do american girls like more
    Which accent do american girls like better irish or english?
    14 General 23
  116. Whats the greatst languge
    Whats the greatst languege aparts from irish and english?
    14 General 15
  117. Has any body ever taken grind
    Has any body ever taken grind because I suck at maths and irish ?
    2 Education 16
  118. How many times a month is it ok to eat out?
    how many times is ok to eat out in a fast food restaurant?
    4 Food 44
  119. Celtic music
    Does anybody know any fun celtic (irish) songs to look for?
    5 Music 10
  120. What business would you choose, if you could own your own business?
    I would probably choose a small cafe, or restaurant...
    11 Money 36
  121. Where can you find out the origin of a name
    Like what kind of name is woyshner like wilson is irish
    4 General 76
  122. What do you like about St. Paddy's Day?
    What is your favourite part of St. Patricks Day? F.Y.I St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. And im Irish so im a bit curious to what non-Irish people like/do on Paddy's day? And mine is NOT getting drunk. Just because your Irish don't mean we al...
    4 General 32
  123. What is the average price of a meal in DC?
    I just am curious so I know how much money to bring. There wouldn't be any super fancy restaurants. Or does anyone know how to get maps of restaurants in the area?
    5 Food 15
  124. Who works at In & Out Burger?
    So who else out there works at in && out burger? How do you like the job? Or even for those who dont work there, what are your opinions on the restaurant?
    4 Food 10
  125. is food included with the price of a cruise?
    when booking a cruise, is food included or do you have to pay for it as if you're at a real restaurant?
    4 Travel 31
  126. How can I learn to be a waiter?
    Where can I get the service training necessary to be a food server in a restaurant?
    2 Money 36
  127. Celtic Thunder?
    Has anyone here heard of the Irish band Celtic Thunder? If you have, what is your opinion of them? I think they are AWESOME!
    2 Entertainment 12
  128. PS I love you
    I just watched that movie and I want to marry an irish lad whos with me?
    6 Entertainment 6
  129. What sport do you think is better?
    What sport is better, Football (Soccer) or Gaelic? Gaelic is an Irish traditional sport played in my country.
    21 Sports 30
  130. Has anyone tried this beer?
    has anyone ever tried great lakes conways irish ale this shittt is great
    2 Food 9
  131. should I quit my job?
    is it wrong to work at a restaurant with a bar in it, if your one of Gods and filled with his spirit?
    9 Religion 72
  132. Food safe certificate
    Where do I go to get my food safe certificate thing. The one that you have to have like if you were to work at a fast food restaurant?
    4 Food 42
  133. Where can I find Whose line is it anyway songs?
    Where can I find the sheet music for the songs from whose line is it anyway? Like "the irish drinking song" or "hoedown"
    3 Music 77
  134. Could I get away without wearing a bra?
    I'm a dishwasher at a restaurant and it is pretty hot in there, could I get away without wearing a bra?
    5 Style 59
  135. Im a waitress Would you ever wait tables?
    I waitress at Ferguson's Country Store and Restaurant... and I love it! Would you ever wait tables???
    3 Money 9
  136. What is lard?
    What exactly is lard? I know more healthier restaurants don't use it, is it bad for you? Does it make food taste better?
    7 Food 59
  137. Boyfriend's Christmas present
    Mmkay so I have no idea what to get my boyfriend for Christmas. He gave me a hint. He loves swords and he said he wanted Irish celtic jewelry. I dont know what that is or where to get it. He is like REALLLY pround of his Irish heritage if that helps a...
    4 Shopping 116
  138. Jobs for 14 year olds?
    Does anyone know places where 14 year olds can work? any specific restaurants or stores, or just in general?
    8 Money 89
  139. Do most guys like pancakes?
    How many guys like pancakes? Wether made by your girl or at a restaurant. im a girl and want to know how many guys out there like pancakes! =D
    5 Food 72
  140. If you have to choose a place to date which would you pick
    If you have to choose a place to date between a restaurant , movie theater or disco Which one would you think is better for dating.
    2 Relationships 31
  141. Body Soap.
    what type of body soap do you use? I like the smell of irish spring but it irritates my skin. so I use Dove & it makes my skin soft.
    2 Style 32
  142. Is golden corral good?
    Hey nebody know?? If you dont like it tell me another good restaurant I could go to.
    6 Food 40
  143. Do you like to eat out or cook at home?
    Many people like to dine out on a regular basis. This can mean an upscale restaurant as well as a fast food restaurant. For the most part, it is quick and easy and there is no clean up. However, there is a cost on the wallet. On the other end of the s...
    15 Food 243
  144. What religion /culture are u?
    What religion /culture are u? Im a christian...and my culture is scottish,irish,english,french and much more...but I cant speak any of the languages...
    16 Religion 46
  145. Is it true that it isn't a "British" accent but an "English" accent?
    Where did the word "British" originate from? Just read a comment it said "There's no such thing as a British accent. Only English, Scottish, Irish, and Welsh."
    4 General 26
  146. Job, Gloves
    I've a dishwashing job at a restaurant, I don't like to wear those annoying rubber gloves that make my hands sweat. Is it really necessary to wear gloves?
    3 Money 20
  147. Job Openings For Minors
    Are 14 year olds (about to be 15 year olds) allowed to work in, let's say, a fast food restaurant? Are they allowed to work ANYWHERE?
    2 Money 55
  148. What's your opinion on Friday's?
    Not the restaurant, I'm talking about the actual day Friday (like Friday, Saturday, Sunday), screw the other days of the week for right now, they're not important, what do you think of Fridays?
    4 General 32
  149. why people and news are talking about immigrants?
    if almost everybody have some kind of heritage from other countries, if we check famous stars like lindsay lohan, Megan fox, Anne hattaway and so on, have some kind of irish, italian, polish or sweddish heritage, me for example im american but i have a...
    6 Politics 52
  150. Do you know what ethnicity this guy is?
    He is 1/4 ___ and 1/4 chinese from his father's side and 1/4 ___ and 1/4 malaysian on his mother's side. His mom told me hes 1/4 irish on his dads side and 1/4 french on his mom's side. Do you think so?
    3 Relationships 11
  151. How many different ways can a man cook shrimp?
    My friend told me to ask this on fun advice after he went to the bubba gump shrimp restaurant on San Fran.
    6 Food 85
  152. What sites can I go to study martial arts?
    what sites can i go to to study krav maga and other forms of martial arts? e.g.-british fighting styles,spanish,japanese,possibly irish,etc...
    2 Technology 45
  153. What is a site that costs little to no money that helps you trace your ancestry/heritage?
    I know im irish italian and french canadian. but i don't know how much so im interested in tracing back herritage.
    3 Family 15
  154. Which would have the least calories- a chicken Caesar wrap or sweet potato fries?
    Like just the normal-ish sized serving you would see in restaurants.
    5 Nutritionfitness 11
  155. Is this an eating disorder?
    i feel hungry but when i sit down and start to eat i feel disgusting and sick. like i'm gonna throw up. i despise restaurants because i feel like everyone is watching me eat. help please /:
    3 Health 16
  156. Song with sha la la
    There is this song I like and it has this sha la la part in it that keeps coming back. I dont know the name of the song. Does anybody know what im talking bout? It has a sort of irish feel to it.
    3 Music 46
  157. Simpsons question
    There is this simpsons episode about bart making a new friend at school but it turns out the friend is a snitch skinnner found at an orphanage...anyway lol there is this part in the episode where bart is trying to make all these pranks but mr skinner k...
    2 Entertainment 16
  158. Name of a song in a simpsons episode
    There is this simpsons episode about bart making a new friend at school but it turns out the friend is a snitch skinnner found at an orphanage...anyway lol there is this part in the episode where bart is trying to make all these pranks but mr skinner k...
    2 Music 36
  159. What are spirits (alcohol)?
    When looking at a menu at a restaurant, I came across the term spirits, I've heard it before, but I usually just thought it meant alcohol in general. So what would a beverage generally be when called say, a rum spirit?
    10 Food 30
  160. How do I look my age?
    I am going to be a sophomore in high school. I am short for my age. I am only 5'0. People think I am much younger. When I go out to restaurants, they ask me if I want a children's menu. How do I appear to be my age?
    11 Style 52
  161. is zac efron dating ashley tisdale or hes still dating vanessa??
    I saw a picture of him and ashley tisdale hugging and going to a restaurant but I thought he's dating vanessa please tell me who is he dating?!!?! its like bothering me ...
    10 Entertainment 96
  162. What is your favorite salad dressing?
    I want to try a new dressing, preferably not just plain mayonnaise, but I'm open to other suggestions! My current favorite would probably be miso salad dressing; I tried it at a Japanese restaurant, and I immediately loved it. (:
    11 Food 37
  163. Artifically Inseminated Dog
    My irish setter was AI by my male dog 2 weeks ago today. She had a test at the vet saying she was in heat. Yesterday there was some drops of blood. Is this a bad sign?
    2 Pets 38
  164. What are the best places to visit in New Mexico?
    I'll be visiting for a few months. What are some recommended places to go- tourist spots, places off the well-beaten path, great restaurants, great hotels, festival, you name it.
    6 Travel 229
  165. Are there such songs as country remixes?
    Cause when I went to a Texas Roadhouse restaurant last night I heard a song done with a little bit of trance sounding music in the background but the main focus was country. Can someone take a wild guess? This is the very first time I have heard a coun...
    4 Music 79
  166. What should i do I got fired from my job as a hostess today?
    Someone please help! im 17 and i have been working as a hostess at a Restaurant and i got fired today. im in las vegas! i live with my boyfriend and i really need an income fast! any advice please!!!
    3 Money 21
  167. How is miami nightlife on weeknights?
    My boyfriend and I are planning to go to miami in may. Do places like restaurants, bars in miami close late during weeknights? Any fun places you would recommend to go to in miami during weekdays/weeknights? Please let me know. Thanx!
    2 Travel 113
  168. Subway Application Help!!
    Ok it asks which is more important as far as the restaurant is concerned and gives me the choices Courteous Prompt Service or A Quality Product Which one is is because im SOO confused and REALLY need help!!!
    4 Money 101
  169. want to be a lepercon, and so if ou know how please tell me
    so I have been reading stuff, and I really want to be a lepercon, and so if ou know how please tell me, yes I am irish, and I really want to be one, weelll I wanna see whatit is like to be one, so please dont make fun of me, just tell me how to be one...
    3 General 33
  170. Going to the usa
    I was thinking about emigrating from ireland to the usa when im older but then I said what would I do for a job?my other plan was living in ireland and joing the army.(dont say join the us army I only want to join the irish one cause we are netural)
    5 Money 15
  171. How should I kiss him back on a first date?
    Well, this is in preparation for a first date. I like to be prepared. If he leans in to kiss me, what should I do? Should I lean in? And what if he starts to shift me? (for those of you that are not Irish, shift is making out, French kissing, snogging,...
    2 Relationships 42
  172. What's for dinner tonight?
    Usually Christmas dinner we make restaurant reservations but this year it's only my parents and I so we are just having something at home. We are having both ham and turkey because I don't like turkey and that's what they wanted, so we're having both. ...
    4 Food 23
  173. What to do when a creep is looking at you?
    Hai this is urgent! Ok so I am eating at a restaurant right now celebrating I got mah first communinon(I in dress and all) so anyways.I am sitting and a old guy is looking at me. Its creepy and he looks suspicious. What should I do. Answer quick time i...
    4 General 9
  174. Do you think if i ask the people who work in Dunkin donuts where they get the frozen yogurt machine they would tell me or not?
    I need to know where those restaurants get those frozen yogurt machines i wonder if i ask them to the people who works in dunkin donuts or Mac donalds they would tell me where they get those machines or not tell me please thank you. I need to find a s...
    3 Food 40
  175. Why is the beverage offered always the wrong one?
    Why is it that when you go to a restaurant and ask for say a Coke, they never have Coke, only Pepsi, or you ask for a Sprite and they only have 7UP? I just find it a little annoying, as different brand names taste wayyy different. Also, very amusing.
    5 Food 19
  176. Is my new job embarassing?
    Hi, I got accepted for my first job last week and I'm starting tomorrow. I'm going to be a dim-sum cart-pusher at a chinese restaurant. Do you think that's an embarassing job? It's better than nothing right?
    5 Money 22
  177. How Can I Make Money Online?
    How Can I Make Money Online? Most of the survey sites are only available to people from the US. I want to know is there any sites I can go on that can make money for me if I'm from Ireland.? I'm 14. I've already tried one website that offered it to Iri...
    5 Money 13
  178. Why won't the English get out of northern Ireland?
    Now I'm Irish and I've been learning about the history of Ireland and what I don't understand is why Ireland cannot be a united Ireland instead of a Ireland divided. I mean after all the violence there. I'm not trying to offend anyone I just want to kn...
    5 Politics 74
  179. St. Patrick's Day Drinks
    So I gotta work tonight (I'm a bartender) and I was wondering what some good green or Irish themed shots or drinks were? Also, do you use green food coloring to make beer green? Someone told me you use blue because the beer itself is yellow.
    2 Food 37
  180. What's your favorite kind of tea?
    Im not talking about the bagged ones, I mean the ones you have to buy in bulk. I personally like English and Chinese breakfast teas for the mornings. & Irish tea. I really like Black tea it seems. Of course I also like the pre-bagged ones, but their ...
    27 Food 38
  181. What different combos of nationaities are you guys?
    U no how you can get people who are things like half scottishand half german, what are you guy out there, ill start. Im 1/2 scottish, 1/10 english, 1/10 irish or summat like that, sum american and 1/18 dutch. Noo you guys
    9 General 28
  182. Good place to go... I need to know by the end of the night...but if my friends and I [there'll be only 3 of us tomorrow]] wanna just talk and sort out some problems...where is a good place to do it?...we don't really want a busy restaurant..I wanted starbucks..but o...
    4 Entertainment 17
  183. Is a dress or jeans and a nice top more appropriate for a Bubba Gump's interview?
    Today I'm going to an interview at Bubba Gump's, but I'm not sure what to wear. Its not a super high class restaurant or anything so I'm not sure if a dress will be too fancy or if jeans and a nice top wouldn't be nice enough... I want to make a good i...
    3 Money 22
  184. What should my boyfriend and I talk about?
    I've been dating a guy for 4 years, we recently just got married and our relationship is really good but when we go out together to a restaurant or something we have a really hard time finding something to talk about, Im worried it will get boring, how...
    4 Relationships 44
  185. Why don't people tip appropriately?
    I work at a restaurant. Here is what I want to know. Do people not understand that servers make only 2.13 an hour, and we depend on our tips to survive? How is it that a family can come in and spend over 100 dollars on dinner, and not tip you approp...
    7 Money 33
  186. What do you think of women who belch loudly in public?
    What do you think of girls/women that belch out loud in public? What (if anything) do you say to them? I had some rude woman make loud comments because my son was coughing nonstop at a restaurant. She was so immature she pretended to be coughing too...
    8 General 340
  187. Do you like Coke or Pepsi better?
    This is one of those "perennial questions". My brother in law bought a few two liters of pepsi the other day, and I have to say I'm having a hard time with the taste, because I drink coke daily & flinch when I visit a new restaurant and they ask "is pe...
    22 Food 88
  188. Where and who do I need to contact to talk about the exchange program?
    I'd like to do the exchange program where you go to a different part of the world, and live with a family, and attend a school there. I'd really like to go to an Irish or school in Britain. How much would it cost? Is it all expenses except plane ticket...
    3 Education 18
  189. How can I figure out what I am?
    I want to no what I am cause my ma says shes half native american with some german and english in her and my dad part native american germen and irish but im wite with blond hair andblue eyes that change like from day to day can I like get a dna tes...
    2 General 48
  190. Not So Fun Advice 14 years Old I Weigh Abou 9 stone I need to loose weight.. I Used To Irish Dance But My Boobs Stopped Me As They Are A Size 36C ...Sports Bras Show No Support...Any Idea On What I Should Do to Loose Weight? x
    3 Nutritionfitness 19
  191. What are ideas for a new screen name?
    I want to get a new sn for AIM but I don't know what it should be. Im very unique so it should be something different. Any Ideas? I love anything having to do with wicked and rent(the musicals) and harry potter. MY last name is Smith and something with...
    3 Technology 67
  192. How to begin to lose weight?
    today I went into a takeaway restaurant to order some coffee . the waitron asked me where is your baby? I said I do not have one. then I realized they thought I was pregnant because of my size. it felt reaLLY BAD BAD BAD AND HURT INSIDE. WILL SOMEO...
    3 Nutritionfitness 25
  193. Any jobs for young people?
    Are there any jobs for young people?? Like I'm young so if there is can you help me out? Like I don't want to do babysitting or anything that has to do working in a restaurant or a grocery store!! I can't cause I'm not old enough! So I really don't car...
    3 Money 25
  194. What's the craziest thing you've asked your significant other to do?
    The craziest thing I've asked him to do is take my retainer out of my mouth in the middle of a restaurant. We were going to prom and I had fake nails on and so I couldn't pull my retainer(invisaline) out of my mouth with the fake nails. About 20 people...
    7 Relationships 36
  195. How can I feel like I belong if I have very mixed heritage?
    Im Half Greek,Some Black, Irish, Native American(Wampanog) I feel like I don't belong anywhere because I feel people don't like me because I don't fit it with a Race or with anyone. People try to tell me what race I am and Label me as anything. I mean...
    6 General 87
  196. How should I word this letter?
    My godfather and his wife have just recently moved from India to Ireland. When they got to Ireland my godfather left his wife and moved in with his parents. Now his wife is not an Irish citzen but she wants to stay in Ireland. So me and my parents s...
    7 Literature 30
  197. What would this job be called?
    Hi, I'm doing my resume right now, just need a little help. I work at this Chinese buffet restaurant and what I do is pick up delivery and pick-up phone calls and put them into the kitchen. There's about 40 phone calls a night so it's pretty busy. S...
    3 Money 30
  198. Real girls eat meat.
    So, Jessica Simpson wore a shirt that said that to a restaurant lately and got called a b1tch and a wh0re for it by Pam Anderson. Do you think it was wrong for her to say that about her, just because that's what she likes? Or do you agree that real gir...
    10 General 50
  199. Witty questions
    I have some questions for you, half of the time I ask these people get them wrong, what about you? 1. What do you put in a toaster? 2. If you dropped a ton of feathers and a ton of bricks which ones would hit the ground first? Say irish wrist watch ...
    5 General 53
  200. Pregnant and 19
    Im 19 years old and Im 2 mo pregnant. Im having a problem telling my Grandparents whom Im really close to because I know they will disapprove because of something. Im in a steady relationship, Im an assistant mgr of a restaurant and Im currently enro...
    3 Health 25
  201. Have you heard of the shocking and ridiculous Mississippi bill?
    Republican lawmakers want to make it illegal for restaurants in Mississippi to serve obese people. They do not want overweight people to eat in public. I saw this online (just google mississippi fat ban) and heard it on the news this morning. Pathetic...
    6 Politics 7
  202. What is with the ingredients in body wash?
    I was comparing the ingredients from my Old Spice body wash to my Irish Spring Body wash, and I noticed that they are both almost identical! Then only difference was the flavor (?) Like Red18, and Green 12 or something like that... So my question is...
    2 Style 8
  203. Funny and embarassing moments
    Anybody have any really funny or embarassing moments happen to them? I have quite a few stories but one of my favorites has to be when I was leaving denny's and slipped on a tater-tot onto a banana peel. it didnt hurt much but my side did after laugh...
    4 General 19
  204. Birthday yesterday felt like another regular day
    Well yesterday was my 18th birthday but it was unlike any other year before usually I used to be all happy and excited when my birthday was comming up, but now its like just a regular day for me, my family celebrated my b-day took me to my fav restaura...
    6 Entertainment 50
  205. Cheer?
    Im a freshman in high school and no extra cirriculars sound fun-except cheerleading.I was an irish dancer for 6 years but I dont know how to do even a cartwheel.but I do have enough pep and I can do a herky and varsity.but im also not one of the popula...
    9 Sports 48
  206. Could Ashley Greene be related to Channing Tatum?
    reason why i'm asking is because Ashley Greene's last name before her mom married her Dad which his last name is Greene..was originally Tatum and Channing has the same last name as Ashley's so could they be related ethnicity wise..Channing I think is I...
    7 Entertainment 217
  207. Who should i believe if they have it in the menu it must be true?
    I went to burger king to buy a chicken sandwich to get the other one free, like it says in the menu but the women told me that her manager told her that the offer is from jan 28 but the tv ads and the menu in the restaurant say the offers starts today ...
    2 Food 14
  208. How can I give her an advice to my friend?
    I have a friend who works in a pizza restaurant, and shes is very beautiful and I think she could do it better as a model, I would like to tell her that but I dont want her to get mad or offended but to me she could even be and actress, she is really b...
    2 Money 16
  209. Teen Summer Jobs?
    I'm trying to find a job for my 15 yr. old son. I know it's hard out there for everyone but teenagers especially are having a rough time. What type of jobs other than baysitting and so on is my son qualified for? I thought that fast food restaurants li...
    2 Money 36
  210. OCD ?
    Am I suffering from a mild case of OCD? I can't drink from a bottle that someone else has drunk out of, or a glass, anything like that. Before I make myself a drink I have make sure the glass is completely clean. I can't let anyone touch my food and I...
    12 Health 47
  211. What site can I find any cities ethnic groups or what type of diverse backgrounds they have in their city?
    Just curious I am trying to look up a city and then try to find what kind of ethncities they have in their city you know like Irish,Italian,etc? Like the percentages..does anyone know of a site? Like how many Bi-Racial people are in a city of mixed bac...
    2 Technology 9
  212. First date with my ex?
    I havent seen my ex for 8 months [dated him for 11 months], and I was wondering where we should go for tonight. Hes kind of difficult of where to go for things like this, but he usually agrees to go where I want. I wanted to go out somewhere where we c...
    4 Relationships 58
  213. Can someone help me please?
    I am bored and lonely most of the time. I don't have much friends and have a hard time making friends. Most of the time I'll go everywhere by myself and end up sitting in a fast food restaurant alone for hours just fooling around on my tablet. My life ...
    6 General 12
  214. What should I do on my trip to NYC this September?
    Going to NYC with 3 friends and 2 adults for my 16th birthday. We plan on getting dinner than dessert, and walking around. But I do not know what else to do. I love the city and everything it offers, but we are on a major budget. Any ideas on some fun ...
    7 Travel 16
  215. Disney park suggestions??
    I'm going to Disney in late November, just in time for the Christmas celebration!! Any suggestions on what order of parks I should go to? I have to go to Magic Kindom first, though because that 's the first day of the celebration. Also, is there any o...
    3 Travel 16
  216. Service
    I ate at tgi fridays in new jersey a little over a year ago. my family and I just got seated and got our drink/appetizer orders taken. our waiter appeared anxious and uninterested in serving us. after a few minutes we saw our waiter come from the ba...
    3 Money 51
  217. Do boys find the Australian accent annoying or flattering??
    Do boys find the Australian accent flattering or annoying on a girl?? hahaha...I personally don't mind if you do find it annoying, but keep in mind the crocodile Dundee or Steve Irwin impersonation is practically a stereotype...I'm from Sydney so we...
    6 Relationships 73
  218. What's a good gift to give in this case?
    What is a good gift to give a girl when - 1. you don't really know her very well 2. you don't want to come off as being too forward I am interested in her, but I really don't know her feelings. She seems to like me when I see her. I would like to hav...
    4 Shopping 28
  219. Why are some people like this
    Ok. today in a restaurant. I've notice a pregnant woman drinking a glass wine. In my opinion is none of business if that woman wants to drink while being pregnant or not. I think it no one place to tell her not to. But yet we get ego hungry people tha...
    5 General 7
  220. I can't seem to find a good paying job
    I have always worked in restaurants as a waitress, And I come to find it's not what I like, it just doesn't work out for me. I try to find good jobs but no one hires me, I feel like something is wrong with me. I am smart and I deserve a lot better than...
    4 Money 45
  221. Who knows if there is ever a good reason for a 5 year old to be using a pacifier?
    I was at a restaurant and this kid (about 5 or 6 years old) had a pacifier in his mouth. I looked around, no babies with the family, so it was his pacifier. He wasn't mentally retarded or visibly developmentally delayed in any way. There was no unusual...
    12 Babies 36
  222. How can I steam rice without an actual steamer?
    Tonight, I am making chicken teriyaki with rice and vegetables. I want to steam my rice, because usually, when I cook the rice in a pot... it either comes out not done enough or over-cooked and mushy. Also, Japanese restaurants tend to steam their r...
    19 Food 49
  223. Why do I start shaking when I eat or drink anything in public?
    Every time I eat out, I always start to shake whenever I eat or drink anything. It's so strange because it doesn't happen when I'm at home or school, just when I go to restaurant. Today I went to a pizza place and just after having about half a gla...
    2 Health 150
  224. What should I do for this story competition?
    My local shop is doing a competition I got a sheet in the shop saying what you have to do,it said: There is no better way to celebrate Irish community life than through the eyes of our young people.We want young people from all over Ireland to bring...
    3 Literature 30
  225. Where is a good place to have a deep conversation with someone?
    I'm seeing my mum this weekend for the second time in seven months. I've got an appointment I need her to be at but afterwards we might go somewhere. We can't go to her house, or mine. And I don't really think a restaurant is right; we did that last ti...
    16 General 51
  226. How to talk to parents?
    So my boyfriend and I were forbidded to see eachother for pretty much no reason. Long Story...But any way, we decided that we are going to *sit down* and talk to my dad face to face to convince him thqat we are really in love.. The only problem is I d...
    7 Family 31
  227. How much money would I need for a week in Los Angeles?
    How much money would I need for a week or two in Los Angeles? I'm not thinking to go to any fancy, expensive restaurants or anything like that... just wanna get a decent hotel and have a walk down to a beach and visit famous locations etc. Basically I ...
    6 Travel 18
  228. What will confirm that he likes me since he's taken?
    I have a crush on a really nice and respectable guy. He took me to the restaurant, he paid for me and well we had a really good time together talking about everything trying to know each other better. But the problem is that he has a girlfriend. Wel...
    2 Relationships 29
  229. How many words is this?
    One of the biggest changes I have ever experienced is moving to Florida from New Jersey. I have new friends and also new weather. It is a lot warmer in Florida than it is in New Jersey. I was closer to my cousins so I got to see them a lot more than I...
    3 General 7
  230. How do I get out of this dinner invite?
    Hey guys. I have been invited to go out for dinner by a friend for her 21st birthday. It's at a really fancy restaurant. And by fancy I mean EXPENSIVE. I'm currently unemployed and literally have $3 in my bank account til next week when I get unemploym...
    2 Relationships 16
  231. I should have worked two jobs instead of college
    My college graduation is about a week and a hlf away, and I've just realized something? I really hated college, I wish I hadn't gone, I wish I had worked 2 jobs for the 4 years I spent there. By now, I could have had a lot of money saved up and I could...
    2 Education 18
  232. What was your worst travel experience ever?
    My partner and I are in Switzerland for the holidays- on a long train ride yesterday, my partner's bag was swiped by someone getting of the train. The bag contained his new Macbook pro, a rather expensive new watch, but most importantly his passport an...
    4 Travel 65
  233. How much money would I need to convert for a week in Thailand?
    Hey guys, so I'm travelling to Thailand (Phuket island and Bangkok) in January for a week... i need to know about the money issue mainly... how much American dollars i should convert into Baht for a week (spending money). I'm not looking to eat at the...
    3 Travel 39
  234. Job for felon in minneapolis
    Hey y'all. I know this kind of questions has been asked million times,and I have been looking each of the advice here but still nothing help us.oh well.let me tell you,my boyfriend is a felon with 4 times dwi in minnesota,still on probation for another...
    2 Money 71
  235. How can I look hot on the dance floor?
    k, so this might sound kind of pathetic but I cant dance. I mean I can do ballet and irish step, and salsa but I cant...grind...don't laugh cause it makes me really self conscience when I go out dancing with my friends. I want to learn how dance in a S...
    24 Sex 203
  236. Can I get unemployment benefits if I got laid off after a month?
    In August, I got a job at BK only to get laid off shortly after. I got this job from BK through an employment agency and BK told the employment agency that they were laying off workers bc they're suffering financially. BK also said that I'm one of ...
    4 Money 72
  237. How can I get a job?
    Hi I hope you can help. I am 44 years old. I have been in the restaurant business for 12 + years,and customer service for 8 + years. Last year 2006 August My 77 yr old Mother, called me to say older brother was yelling at her & giving her a hard time.I...
    2 Money 17
  238. What would be suitable, makeup wise, for a family dinner party?
    Any suggestions? I'm wearing a beige top with a humming-bird on it and his wings are sparkly and red-ish brown skinny jeans and brown boots. If it helps, my eyes are blue and I recently dyed my hair a chestnut brown. The dinner party is at a Chines...
    10 Style 30
  239. What is the cutest thing a little kid has ever said to you?
    I was at a pizza restaurant with my friends, and I kept noticing this little boy around 4 or 5 years old that kept staring at me. When him and his dad were done eating, he whispered something to his dad, who then glanced over at me. After a couple of m...
    17 Babies 38
  240. Summer job, where can I get one?
    I'm 14 and I want to get a job for the summer and maybe part-time during the next school year. many places dont hire 14 year olds and I dont turn 15 until 2009 next year. where can I get a job in my area? I'm hoping for a store like CVS will they hire ...
    3 Money 19
  241. Valentine's day gift ideas for my wife?
    It's six weeks away now, but if I don't start dreaming up some valentine's day gift ideas for my wife, I know I'm going to suffer for it. What I know she might like: an expensive ring with a large stone, dinner at a nice, high class french restaurant (...
    7 Shopping 102
  242. What should I do on my trip to New York?
    Hey, I'm vistiting NYC next month. I'm from England and it's my 1st time there so i'm just wondering has anyone got any tips on where to go and what to see? Theres the obvious- Statue of Liberty, Empire state building etc.. But if anyone could tell me...
    4 Travel 21
  243. Funniest dining experiences
    A funny/crazy situation happened when I was at the outback steakhouse a few years back. An angry employee was in a verbal dispute with the manager and stormed off. All the sudden we heard this sound like an engine revving. The waiter got his motorcycle...
    4 Food 21
  244. waiter are feeding me first!
    okay, I'm big in size however dont look obese. my friend and family are all smaller than me on size. this is my situation: whenever I go out with them to a restaurant, I always try to choose the smallest thing for I dont like to pig out at all...
    5 Food 11
  245. What? Am I overreacting about this situation with my friends?
    I have been talking to my friends all day through text messages. I've asked if they can hang out or if they wanna do stuff. They reminded me that they had a Great Pretenders show tonight. I didn't want to go so I just said "Ok, well just let me know if...
    4 Relationships 27
  246. Bring soliders home now!
    What everyones opinions of bringing home all the troops in Iraq?? Im scottish and have been brought up with almost every male in my family joining the blackwatch. I think that there wouldnt have been a war in iraq if it hadnt of been for tony blair an...
    31 Politics 48
  247. What should I wear to my interview?
    I'm 18 and I have an interview at Steak N' Shake (A restaurant with a 50's theme known for steak burgers and hand-dipped milkshakes). I've only had 2 jobs before and I've only been to three interviews. None of my jobs before have been very professional...
    3 Style 145
  248. I just a new job but I don't know how to tell my mom?
    Before anyone thinks evil things, I'm 21 years old and I just got a job at my friend's mom restaurant. I had no previous experience except for one job when I was 16. The reason I never had a job since then, my mom was against me working while in colleg...
    2 Family 24
  249. Does the cast from Jersey Shore have fake tans?
    Specifically, Snooki,Ronnie,J-Woww,Sammi Sweetheart,and Mike Reason why I ask this is because I find it hard to believe that the Jersey Shore cast members I listed above..have their tans sprayed on or fake baked self tanner or something, ya know ethni...
    11 Style 77
  250. when Google and your radio betray you
    I first heard three songs on a radio program (I dont know it) in a restaurant by the sea It was 2003 ... I liked these three songs , and I wanted to know what were thir titles and artists... The first one was in english... Google helped me and as mmuc...
    2 Music 5