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  1. Will you invite me to be your friend?
    I have no friends on here. so invite me to be your friend. so I have some. k, thanks! ;)
    10 Funadvice 43
  2. Where can I find out about newly announced movies/videogames/etc?
    Where can I find out about newly announced movies/videogames/etc?
    2 Entertainment 42
  3. How do you say you are invited to our baby shower in spanish?
    How do you say you are invited to our baby shower in spanish?
    2 Babies 64
  4. How long before a party is best to send out invitations?
    2 Entertainment 16
  5. How many girls should invite to my sleepover party?
    9 Entertainment 135
  6. Which FunAdvicers would you invite to a dinner party?
    39 Funadvice 36
  7. How many invitations do you get for a dollar at Dollar Tree, or is there a better place to get cheap invitations?
    for like a baby shower
    2 Shopping 35
  8. When should invites to a New Years Eve party be sent out?
    7 Entertainment 66
  9. Why do we usually take notice of someone famous after their death is announced?
    10 Entertainment 23
  10. is it ok if i invite a friend on here cause hes having problems and needs help??
    9 Funadvice 16
  11. How do I invite friends to my Halo 3 Clan?
    I cant find out how to do it is there some method to do this?
    2 Gaming 35
  12. Invite or not???
    Should I invite my boyfriend to my graduation party??? My mom hates him but im in love with him.. What should I do???
    2 Relationships 31
  13. How can you invite non-members?
    They are not a member . I just need to know how to invite non members , please Happy Sunday . DD :)
    2 Funadvice 7
  14. How much does it cost to invite a famous person to your party?
    how much iz it 2 invite a famous person 2 your sweet 16 ( jsu 2 invite not 2 perform ) ...
    4 Entertainment 195
  15. What kind of invitations for an Arabian Nights party?
    I needa no what kinda invitations I need to have for ma sis party and it needa be perfect any guesses
    2 Shopping 46
  16. Why the first lady was announcing the best picture in the Oscar?
    This is not supposed to be a political thing just saying. What do you think?
    5 Entertainment 8
  17. John McCain announces his plan to end the housing sell off.
    He's going to buy all the houses that are for sale. :p
    5 Politics 33
  18. how can i invite my crush over text to hang out without being creepy or give t away that i like him(somthing flirty)?
    2 Relationships 70
  19. What to do as announcer for a talent show?
    Help! I really want to be an announcer for this year's talent show, but I'm not sure what to say or do. Any advice, reply ASAP!
    2 Entertainment 78
  20. How do you accept friend invites on here?
    how do you accept friend invites on this funadvice thingy O.o lmfao. :) please and thank you. uhm, thats werid. :P
    4 Funadvice 20
  21. birthday invitations
    Wheres a good place to get beach party birthday invitations that are low-priced, and nicely decorated?
    2 Shopping 25
  22. Why doesnt Eric Clapton invite Mark Knopfler to one of his "Cross roads" Music Festivals.
    Did they have a falling out?
    2 Music 12
  23. Why is it that parents don't like it when their daugher invites girls AND boys to a sleepover, and vice versa?
    Cause I was bored so I just wondered why this is..
    11 Family 35
  24. Any advice on announcing my girlfriend's pregnancy to our parents?
    hfghfjhbkjbnl lnlkjhnkjn jbnkk nkjhhnoi ihnohoih lhikugiu kjbhouh lihouihgujtf
    4 Family 46
  25. invitation to a birthday party
    Do I need to invite everyone in my daughter's class for her birthday party? I want it only girls (they are 10) and also some selective only because two of them are very mean to her at school s
    6 Babies 81
  26. Who are 5 famous people, dead or alive, that you would invite for dinner?
    So i have do a project for school, invite five famous people for dinner, dead or alive, i need inspiration, who would you guys choose?
    14 Entertainment 37
  27. Should we invite the whole class to a five year old bday party?
    Should we invite the whole class to a five year old bday party? It's going to be a lot of kids, as there are nearly thirty children in my son's kindergarten class. Should we invite them all to his birthday party?
    3 Babies 31
  28. B-day party invitations, when to hand them out?
    Im having my party on saturday and today is monday.should I hand them out on wednesday or thursday ?or tuesday?help me out here please!!!
    4 Entertainment 44
  29. What are some cool invitation ideas?
    I'm throwing a halloween party and I need some cool invitation ideas! It will be a costume party and I really want the invites to look fantastic! here are some pictures i am considering to do but i would like some cooler invites if thats possible (:
    3 General 34
  30. What should a teenage girl do if she isnt invited to parties?
    fun stuff to do with your friends that doesnt involve like playing board games, give each other facials, or stuff like that
    5 Entertainment 36
  31. What do you do if an alien invites you into their hovercraft?
    So this alein invited me to eat chocolate with him. So how do I say NO very politely and in his/her/what ever it is language. From my crazy friend who thought this would be funny to all you readers! ;) lol!
    4 Science 16
  32. im not invited to my own dads wedding?!
    I'm 15 and my dads getting married abroad and isn't inviting me to the wedding, I used to get on really well with him and this is his first marrage, im his only daughter. Do you think this out of order or am over reacting?
    6 Family 42
  33. Does anyone have any creative ideas for graduation invitations?
    I'm graduatiing in 2 months and instead of buying the school's expensive invitations. I'm looking for ideas on making my own invitations. It's a really big deal to me so I don't want anythign cheesy.
    4 Education 16
  34. what do you tel a friend that she cant go even when you invited her?
    mt friend invited me and my friend to a show and is was er mam who actuly asked my friend bu she didnt want er 2 go. so what could say to say she cant go (in a nice way)
    6 Babies 8
  35. Would you be annoyed if you invited a guest to your wedding and they chose to invite their children without your consent?
    I am having a smallish wedding. I've invited people i am close to, love and care about and know that they will enjoy celebrating this special day with me. All of my siblings are living, not married, with a bf/gf. All the bf/gf have kids of their own. E...
    2 Family 12
  36. Who would you invite?
    Ok lets say your going on holiday and you can only take 2 people with you because youve got 2 tickets but youve acidently invited 3, do you take your boyfriend, your bezzie mate who you havnt seen in a year or your other bezzie mate whos super nice??? ...
    3 Relationships 11
  37. Invite a friend!!!
    On my profile, it has the "Invite a Friend" box... I HATE THAT THING!!! It's getting on my last nerves!!! I don't have friends on here that I know in life or anything, I can't add anyone by email address!!! Can anyone tell me how to turn it off complet...
    4 Funadvice 10
  38. Is it bad to invite someone to your baby shower if...?
    Ok so there are a few people I would like to invite to my baby shower,WHEN I have one. Hallf because I would enjoy their company and would like to put the past behind me and 2,to piss them off and see how they react. I know I am crazy. LOL
    9 Babies 30
  39. Why doesn't my girlfriend ever invite me to things?
    My girlfriend doesn't invite me to her events like Brother's B-Day, Family Dinner Or anything else like that. What does this mean? Does this mean she is using me? what the f*ck is going on? SHould I call it quits? We have been going togeth...
    5 Relationships 213
  40. How do I get him to invite me to his house
    Ok... Me and my boyfriend have been together 2 weeks. I really like him, and have for ages. I want to a) get him to invite me to his house so that I can b) give him a handjob... I know it seems a bit rushed... but I think I love him and I get loike hor...
    4 Relationships 42
  41. Funadvice should announce new picture comments.
    Like what myspace does because it would be so much more convenient instead of having to look through all your pictures to check which one have new comments. Don't you think? I feel all rude replying to people like 2 weeks late because I didn't k...
    3 Funadvice 5
  42. Is the seventh wedding anniversary a significant milestone worthy of an announcement in the local newspaper?
    (read more) I see them all the time for 5, 10, 20, 30 year ect., But wondered if placing one for the 7th year would be out of place or look stupid.
    25 Relationships 27
  43. why would he invite me to his house?
    im a sompmore dating a senior and we been dating for like a month and he's been asking me to go to his house and everytime I ask him why or be specific to what we are gonna do he ither tells me little or nuthing or ''beats around the bush'' can anyone ...
    3 Relationships 259
  44. Best friend chose somebody else over me to invite somewhere
    My Best friend since 5th grade is going up to her lake house this week and she invited this other girl over me and I dont know why its bothering me. I know I shouldnt let it because its not a big deal, so she invited somebody else, so what? but it just...
    4 Relationships 11
  45. What to do if my mom invites the guy she cheated with over dinner?
    Ok so to those of you who have been following my recent questions you already know my story. So my mom decided to invite the guy I saw her cheating with to dinner. ARE you KIDDING ME! I was so mad @ her, I embarrassed myself @ the dinner table, by gett...
    2 Family 12
  46. What witty cute statement should I put on a baby shower invitation?
    My wife's friend is having a baby shower, and she asked us to help with the invitations. Does anybody have any cute or clever baby shower invitation wording idea I could borrow? Eg, "may your child not have six toes" or similar. Yes, yes, I realize tha...
    3 Babies 160
  47. Who thinks I should go to a party my BFF isn't invited to?
    I got invited to a major house party but my bFF wasnt invited. Because of party crashers thers a list so she cant sneak in. Its my first major party and I really wanted her to come and shes upset about it too cause she though she was gunna be invited b...
    3 Entertainment 24
  48. Who thinks it's okay for teachers to make you announce your grades in front of the class?
    My biology teacher makes us say our quiz scores in front of the class. I mean, it doesn't bother me much but I think it's embarrassing for other students when they get below average scores. I guess it might show them to get higher scores so they won't ...
    17 Education 60
  49. How much is an appropriate amount to spend on a child's birthday present when you've been invited to their birthday?
    Im one of those people who are constantly worrying about spending too much and being innapropriate or not spending enough and looking cheap. My little cousin (hes turning 3) is having his birthday party tomorrow afternoon and we're going with Noah. Im ...
    7 Money 46
  50. My parents dont like my fiance, should I invite them to the wedding
    So im getting married next month and im not sure I want to bring my parents. My dad said that he WILL NOT Walk me down the isle. He doesnt like my feance because he smokes weed (he only does it every now and then not like religiously)so that automatica...
    11 Family 90
  51. How do I get out of this dinner invite?
    Hey guys. I have been invited to go out for dinner by a friend for her 21st birthday. It's at a really fancy restaurant. And by fancy I mean EXPENSIVE. I'm currently unemployed and literally have $3 in my bank account til next week when I get unemploym...
    2 Relationships 16
  52. Why didn't she invite me to her party?
    My best friend is turning 16 in Feburary, but she's having her party with her cousin this weekend. They wanted to have it together. They're going paintballing and mudding and all that stuff. I'm not into that stuff. Her cousin, which is a boy, texted m...
    3 Relationships 91
  53. Why would my mom invite my boyfriend camping?
    I have been with my "sweetie" lets call him that ...for almost 5 months day well my sweetie was over having supper with me and my family my mom...My mom started to talk about camping and that is when she said she thought it would be fun f...
    6 Family 44
  54. Power shortages
    Why do they announce power shortages on tv?
    4 Entertainment 10
  55. What if he might not invite me to his graduation?
    I've been with my boyfriend for 2 years. We are in a serious relationship that'll lead to marriage soon. We both graduate this june from university. He will attend my graduation because I'll give him a card. He has a big family and just said that if ca...
    2 Relationships 161
  56. Should I invite my parents to my LDS temple marriage?
    Hi, I'm wondering if in the future if I end up getting married and sealed in the temple, should I invite my parrents? Personally, I don't feel right because they're not lds and they don't treat me like I'm an adault. I'm 23 now and they better understa...
    4 Family 22
  57. How do I cancel a friend request on a social site?
    Ok so I accidently invited this girl on a social site but now I want to Cancel the invitation so how do I do that??? I can't find a way
    15 Technology 94
  58. How do check if you got an friend request
    How do check if you got an friend request Or been invited..ect
    2 Funadvice 15
  59. My Best Friend Isn't Invited to My Grad Party...NOT MY FAULT..
    There are just times when people can't control the situation. A ton of my mom's friends decided they are going to host a graduation party for me (for just the people that my parents were friends with when I was born), and they made a list of who to in...
    2 Relationships 85
  60. Justice of the peace?
    How many people can you invite to a jutice of the peace wedding?
    2 General 8
  61. When your friend is invited to more things than you?
    *Names have been changed because what if they read this...yikes I have an open personality, such as I do things that people wouldn't normally do, just because they'd might feel embarrassed or ashamed. My friend, *Adriana on the other hand say she'll...
    2 Funadvice 12
  62. Co-co-captain
    My bestfriend and co captain of our cheer squad just announced me co-co-captain. Is there such thing? What does a co-co-captain do?
    2 Relationships 50
  63. What are the CODiE awards?
    Certain technologies are announced to have won an award in a certain field. I was just wondering what these awards were about.
    3 Entertainment 37
  64. What does R.S.V.P mean?
    what does it mean..I got this invitation for a costume party && it said that..
    2 General 54
  65. how do I say it?
    ok well I have this friend named keri and weve been best friends since kindergarden.well her confirmation is coming up and she is having a sleep over. she didnt invite me. and I feel kind of hurt by it and confused. I want to ask her why she didnt invi...
    3 Relationships 70
  66. Should I go to my boyfriend's friend's house?
    what if my boyfriend's friend likes me and I like him back? he invited me 2 his house..what should I do? HELP!!!
    3 Relationships 24
  67. Friend requests for advice?
    Am I supposed to just friend request everyone for advice or am I supposed to invite people from my school or something.
    6 Funadvice 16
  68. What will make me feel better?
    help me I feel sh*t! What songs, food, movies will make me feel better :( please dont say go see friends they got invited to a party that I didnt get invited too :(
    9 Entertainment 82
  69. Baby Shower
    My mom is hosting a baby shower for me and is inviting my closest friends and family, however, my neighbor who lives across the street told my husband that she would like to be invited. How should we handle this situation?
    5 Entertainment 23
  70. Wedding worries
    My fiancee and his father don't get along. My fiancee says he was never there for him and feels like his father is more of a father to his step kids than his own (which is true). He never approved of me and thinks my fiancee is only marrying cause we h...
    2 Relationships 20
  71. Whats New Orleans like?
    I was invited to go on a church trip to new oreleans with my friend. Whats it like?
    2 Travel 10
  72. What websites for free electronics?
    Is there any website out there that you can get free electronics, and stuff like games without having to do surveys and polls? I only know this website name lockerz, it is an invitational site only if you want I can invite you. All you need to do is s...
    2 Technology 42
  73. What is Diwali
    What is Diwali? I know it's an Indian celebration of some kind and that its coming up but I have no idea what its about. A friend of a friend invited me to a Diwali party and I have no idea what to expect.
    2 Religion 39
  74. Is Netlog a good place to have friends?
    My friend invites me to use it but I am not sure if it is fun enough to have one :D
    3 Technology 7
  75. Dating rejections.
    Because I've never really asked anyone out before, do boy's really hate it when a girl rejects an invite for going out?
    2 Relationships 13
  76. Getting out of marching band for a homecoming dance
    I need help I was invited to my girlfriends homecomming and its on a saturday and I am in marching band how can I get out of marching band to go with she pls pls help
    2 Education 49
  77. what to do on a friday when your a 14 yearold guy
    well what would you do? its too late to invite someone over. and I'm bored out of my mind. so? what should I do???
    6 General 71
  78. Would they like me?
    My boyfriend is british and he invited me to England and im so so afraid that his friends wont like me? so what do you guys think...
    2 Relationships 14
  79. What's the best place to download music and movies without downloading viruses?
    Whats the best place to download music and movies without downloading viruses? And how to get the best in a torrent and how to get in ? And can help me get in or invited?
    9 Technology 48
  80. How do you know if you have a friend request?
    This seems to be really silly but I only joined today but how do you know when someone has invited you to become a friend?xlol
    2 Funadvice 5
  81. Truman vs Dewey
    Wasn't that the presidential race where everyone thought Dewey won and the next morning it was announced that Truman was the President?
    2 Politics 12
  82. How to get your parents to let you go to a far away party
    Ir you were invite to go to a get together that was 40 minutes away how would you get your parents to let you go?
    5 Family 67
  83. I want to be confirmed
    I want to be confirmed into the Catholic Church. I live with my Grandma, and both of my real parents are still in the picture. Neither of them are very religious, should I tell them and invite them to my confirmation?
    4 Religion 51
  84. What is a good outfit to wear to a New Years party?
    I'm going to a New Years party, and I'm inviting a guy I like. What's a cute outfit to wear? And how should I fix my hair?
    2 Style 48
  85. Really really good jokes?
    I need some really really good jokes. For some reason everyday on the announcments at school they do a joke of the day and the ones the say are horrible!!! I need good ones. School apporpiate. Please good ones!
    3 Entertainment 45
  86. What can we do tomorrow night?
    any ideas on what I can do tomorrow night. Im in 9th grade. I was invited to 2 parties but I think im going to hang out with an old friend any ideas on what we can do
    3 Entertainment 72
  87. what's the best thing I can give?
    my ex boyfriend and his feonce invited me on their wedding.. what is the best thing I can give? they became close to me, so I wanna give 'em the best.. help?
    2 Relationships 12
  88. If a woman is a Jehova's witness where I can take her?
    I mean can I invite her to the movies or that is something forbidden to her. If anybody knows tell me please thank you.
    9 Relationships 36
  89. Juke party
    Im invited to a juke party I dont know whether I should go or not my mom says it alright I've never been to one :(
    6 Entertainment 57
  90. msn webcam is not working
    Recently for some reason my msn webcam is not working, when I send or invite to view it, it does not connect and just closes automatically , can anyone help on how to fix this ?
    3 Technology 38
  91. Presets concert
    I was wondering whether another show/concert can be announced if the band has already said that they are having concerts on specific dates? Can another date be added? The presets are set to perform on may 30th and 31st in sydney at hordern pavilion b...
    4 Music 29
  92. Have any avice
    I need help I go to a normal school where everyone is middle class and my parents are millionare's and I don't want anyone in school to find out but my parents sent out invitations inviting my friends for a huge party I'm afraid if they find out they w...
    3 Money 19
  93. How do I speel this?
    Im writing out my birthday invatations, and the party where you write your invited. What form do you put the your in? I think its you're but I just wanna make sure. Thanks
    5 Education 36
  94. Not sure if I should go to my school function
    I'm not sure if I should go to my school function. My crush invited me to go to it but im not into the whole school band and orchestra thing. Should I go just to see, and spend time with my crush?
    4 Education 18
  95. What if this girl at school hates me?
    a girl at school hates me and I dont know why and she throws big parties and im the only one not invited. when I ask her why she doesnt like me, she says she does, but she doesnt!
    2 Relationships 18
  96. What should I do: prom with the ex?
    So me & my boyfriend broke up like 3 months ago because tthings werent working out & we were having some hard times..and we recently started talking again & he invited me to go to his prom since I went with him to mines but that was because we were sti...
    3 Relationships 10
  97. Ima doing a bad thing??
    Well I been spending much more time with my boyfriend then friends, and when my friends invited me to go out..thats the time I have to go to the gym, but then after im done working out my boyfriend invites me to go out with him and I say yes so I show...
    2 Relationships 9
  98. How can a pagan go to a church gathering and not offend anyone?
    Well I am pagan and my mother invited me to a church gathering with her I politly said no thank you buit she kept on she does not know I am pagan. yet,.
    5 Religion 42
  99. What should I say to my friend about her party?
    my friends have been so mean to me. on the bus friday my friend was bragging about her party. and i wasnt invited! i felt terrible that day and i ignored her the rest of the weekend. what should i tell her?
    2 Relationships 15
  100. Birthday Party question
    im having a birthday party in my basement. I live in a good sized house with a spacious basement. Im inviting 37 people. Is that too many? will it be really crowded?
    2 Entertainment 13
  101. Am I retarded???
    I walked over to the boy that I likes house which is almost two miles uphill. Then invited him swiming, and now he is busy and I feel really sad about that. should I just forget it.
    4 Relationships 36
  102. Do you think I'm right to be a bit worried about my party being gatecrashed?
    I'm having a birthday party on Saturday night and last night my friend told me people were planning on gatecrashing it. I know this guy from high school and have become friends with him over Facebook. He had no previous knowledge of this party, I didn'...
    6 Entertainment 34
  103. Your Opinion about the pregnant transgendered man?
    ...about the transgendered man's announcement that he is six months pregnant. I came across this in the news and I'm curious about what you might think about this odd pregnancy.
    9 Health 25
  104. Which birthday party should I attend?
    if I was invited to two friends partys and they are on the same day whos should I go to? the one that I was friends with sense 4th grade or the one I met this year in seventh grade. from, ...
    4 Entertainment 72
  105. How can I get my life back?
    I used to be a popular, party girl at my old school. I always got invited to parties and I went to clubs and stuff, but here at my new school (in a new country) I dont do anything on the weekends or after school or anything. I have never been invited t...
    3 Relationships 19
  106. Ditch her or not?
    I got tickets to a concert for a band that I love. They are like 10th row! So this one REALLY rich girl I know invited me to a meet-and-greet for the band. I really want to go since this will be a once in a lifetime chance. But the only problem is that...
    12 Music 15
  107. Webcam site??
    Okay, I have a questiioon. I want to webcam chat with my friends, but I dont want to use msn. What is a webcam site that I can invite like 2 or more friends so we can chat? And I dont want a site that is like "live cams" with a bunch of strangers.
    3 Technology 40
  108. What is appropriate to wear to a wedding?
    I have been invited to a wedding which takes place in about 3 weeks. I have never been to a wedding before, so I'm new at this. What should I wear? I know the commonsense things like don't dress slutty, but does anyone have specific suggestions? Do I h...
    4 Shopping 51
  109. Disfunctional baby shower
    I wish to throw a baby shower for my niece. My nieces' father-(my brother in law), has a live in girl friend who wanted her to abort the baby. My niece is young but married and not living with her father and his girlfriend. The girlfriend has bucked li...
    3 Family 39
  110. What do you do to pass the time on a weekend when you are grounded?
    my parents grounded me and i cant go to the mall or invite over my friends.. what should i do? its such a beautiful sunny day today and im at home..:(
    11 Entertainment 49
  111. What do you think about Adele giving the finger at an award show?
    I personally still love her and find her inspirational and I do think it was rude of the announcer to cut her off right as she was about to speak to the audience.
    11 General 28
  112. What should we do for my friend's party?
    ok so like my friend tylers party is comin up soon and we want to like plan it all out...and he came up with the idea that we should have it at my place which is cool but yea what should we do we want to invite some girls that are fine..not hoes...and ...
    2 Entertainment 20
  113. people to people international
    A few weeks ago I got a letter from some program called People to people international. they invited me on a trip to london and france for 18 days. Does anyone know about this program? Any tips?
    3 Travel 51
  114. Obama's Death Threats
    a friend told me that the news announce there were death threats circulating against Obama... I dont watch the news this friend has been known to lie 50% of the time. could you guys enlighten me?
    5 Politics 18
  115. Is it common not to have any friends at school?
    I dont seem to have any true friends at school. They seem to talk to me at school but when it comes to outside they dont talk at all. They dont invite me out anywhere. If I invite them out something always "comes up" at the last minute. If they do talk...
    3 Relationships 44
  116. What is a good salsa recipe?
    I am having a party tonight and inviting over some friends. It is a small gathering and I want to make my own appetizers. I have plenty of mexican food recipes that I can prepare, but my salsa has never been perfected. What is a good salsa recipe?
    4 Food 41
  117. Is this discrimination ?
    Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air have announced a new program that will charge heterosexuals 10 percent extra for their air travel to specific locations during the Christmas season - Discrimination ?
    7 Sex 29
  118. Riddle..What am I?
    My voice is tender, my waist is slender and I'm often invited to play. Yet wherever I go I must take my bow or else I have nothing to say.
    3 General 14
  119. How to make my friend include me more?
    Well we have this gang of 5 and one of the girls never include me. She has sleepovers and stuff and doesnt include me. How do I make her include me besides me having a sleepover or something and not invite her? answer quicklly please
    2 Relationships 7
  120. Is it illegal to film you and your partner having intercourse if they dont know that they are being filmed?
    like if u invite someone over to have sex and u set up a camera but u hide it so they dont know and its filming the hole time, can u get arrested?
    12 Sex 43
  121. Does anyone have any good tux ideas for me?
    I'm going to my friends sweet 16 and I kinda just realized that I was invited. I need some color ideas, not so much tux brands, so can you guys help me? :)
    8 Style 32
  122. Shopping with my guy friend
    I am going to go shopping with my guy friend, who I like, soon, and I'm wondering what should I do if I want to try something on, do I invite him in the room with me? Do I just have him hangout outside? We're really good friends.
    3 Relationships 72
  123. Gift for boyfriend's Grandma
    Hi, I just started dating a wonderful man, and I was invited to a family gathering to celebrate his grandma's birthday. I looking for gift ideas for her. I would appreciate any help.
    4 Shopping 837
  124. 18th birthday party!
    hey im having a 18th birthday party in august som time. im inviting heaps of people. I am saving up ova $300 for it. I need som ideas. please help!
    5 Entertainment 49
  125. I'm 14 going to a sweet 16
    okay so every year the the sophmore class has a sweet 16 for all of the girls in the grade. I was invited, and I really want to go, but im only in the eigth grade. Im new at the school and its really good that I have friends that are older than me, but...
    5 Relationships 27
  126. What does this mean?
    What does it mean if your best friend invited you over to hangout then her fiancés sister and her get into an argument and the best friend decides that she doesn't wanna be at the house anymore and calls a friend you introduced her to and she goes to t...
    4 Relationships 34
  127. What music video did KISS perform without their makeup?
    I remember watching a KISS vid I think it was with my parents when I was on a home visit. They showed me it and the band wasn't wearing their makeup. I remember liking the beat of the song, but I can't remember the words. I do remember a lot of girls,...
    3 Music 35
  128. How much does it cost to go on People to People Student Ambassador trips?
    I just got a letter today telling me I was invited to be a Student Ambassador and that I will be going on a trip around Europe. I was wonder how much it may cost to go and any other additional information you may know about this.
    4 Education 14
  129. How to tell if he is a player or not?
    I know that all guys want to have sex with girls they like but how can you tell if he actually likes you or just wanting strictly sex? We have texted each other almost every day and hang out almost every week. He invited me over to hang out with h...
    2 Sex 13
  130. 17 Bday party sleepover?
    for my 17th bday in feb I have decided 2 have a sleepover wiv some of my frirnds I cant decide who though, but I was wonderin wht is a good number of people 2 invite? x
    7 Entertainment 21
  131. What should I buy her for her Birthday?
    I have this friend at school. I know she has a thing for me and she has invited me to her Birthday I sead "yes I will go". So my problem is what should I get her? I don’t want to get her something that sees I Love You. I want it to say you’re a good fr...
    3 Shopping 44
  132. Who can tell me if what my teacher did is legal?
    So I just got my tonsil out and the doc. said I had to be out o school for 2 weeks... so I was... But when I was gone *My teacher announced my grade to my class mates and I was not there to stop it or have a say if I wanted him to OR not* !
    5 Education 42
  133. Grammar in automatic emails
    Has anyone else winced at the grammar contained in the automatically generated emails? Like this little gem: "[username] approve you to be her friend." Or maybe: "You can accept the invitation by visit [URL]"
    2 Funadvice 6
  134. How could I make living with strict, protective parents easier?
    Im a 16 year old boy living with strict asian parents. I've heard of pretty bad stories of asian parents being strict and i believe i have it easy but i would still like to know how i could make living with my parents easier other than it being a hassl...
    2 Family 30
  135. Well, I have these "friends"
    There are 4 of them, the prbolem is that they all love eachother more than me, you know? They dont invite me with them places ever, they always h/o with eachother evrryyy weekend, and there statusus will be like this "at the beach with my faves" when I...
    7 Relationships 32
  136. Please help?
    Alright. So I'm having this party. Just one I thought I'd have to hang out with friends and have some fun. My mom helped me put it together and pay for it. There are a lot of people going. But three of the girls I invited happen to be my best friend...
    2 Relationships 32
  137. Graduation Gifts
    Hi...I need help on buying graduation gifts. my bestest bestest friend is graduationg this year along with our other friend. So far I got 3 or now 4 invitations to graduaton parties...what do you think I should get each of them?
    2 Shopping 41
  138. How can I get my parents out of the house?
    My mom doesn't work, and doesn't like to go out much, but I want to invite my boyfriend over while she and my dad are out, but I never seem to be home alone!! Also, I need to get my sister out of the house too!
    9 Family 7545
  139. What to tell my boyfriend?
    okay, I got the whole "hiding" thing down, but my boyfriend is allowed to have a girlfriend and he always invites me to his house and I have to say no. I dont want to tell him because I don't know I just dont! HELP more tips and advice thanks* :)
    3 Relationships 10
  140. Who here has had experiences with Barbizon modeling company?
    Because I received a call from them today inviting me to an audition. I am completely aware of the fact that there are many modeling scams, but I am very curious about this one. Any info would be helpful! Thanks :)
    2 Style 12
  141. Who or has someone found justin bieber's golden ticket?
    Some chick at my school said she found it and she was inviting her friends over this weekend and stuff like that..I dont believe her, but im just making sure.c: thankss
    3 Entertainment 39
  142. What do you think? Should I go to my ex-boyfriend's b-day?
    Well, it is his bday tmrw and I'm invited. It's been only 1 week since we broke up. Should I join his party or make an excuse for not to go???
    3 Relationships 13
  143. My Very First time throwing a sleep over!!Help!!
    Im hosting my very first sleep over and my house is small because we save money and were a small family but my friend im inviting has a big house and I feel weird abot her being over because she might think its too small and...well what do you think??
    6 Entertainment 55
  144. How to keep my best friend from coming to this concert?
    ok so my friend and me were going to go to this concert in february and I happened to mention it in front of my best friend because im stupid and cant keep my trap shut and then my best friend totally invited herself and the only thing is I always hang...
    7 Music 47
  145. How old do you have to be to get paid to perform at a bar?
    Is it a law or do different bars have different rules? Do you have to be invited or can you offer to perform, or are there flyers for auditions? Can't think of any other detailed questions, but if there's any outside info you wanna give me, go ahead.
    9 Money 86
  146. What happens if im not hungry?
    Im not hungry and my dads invited me for meal I havent ate yet all day I cant stomach food I just want to go out with my dad for a few hours but I havent stooped throwing up do you reakon they will let me out tonight??
    6 Health 15
  147. Wearing my formal dress to a wedding
    I just found out that I am invited to my boyfriend's cousin's wedding at the end of August and I was thinking maybe I should wear my formal dress instead of going out and buying something else because its just one day. Would this dress be wedding appr...
    4 Style 13
  148. What are good ideas for our slumberparty?
    My bestest friend (we're like sisters) is planning a sleepover and she is inviting like 10 people over. We are planning to stay up all night but we don't really know what we should do while we are up all night. BTW, we are in 7th grade and we are all c...
    2 Entertainment 18
  149. How will my ex react to me dating his friend?
    I'm in grade ten, and just broke up with my last boyfriend about a week ago. To be honest, I'm fine, but he didn't take it very well. And now I'm interested in this new guy. We've talked a few times, and he's gorgeous and sweet. He invited me over to h...
    4 Relationships 29
  150. Jumping on people
    Our dog likes to jump up on you when you get home. I don't let the dog jump up at all, but my husband will invite the dog to jump up by slapping his chest. But if the dog jumps up "uninvitied" he scolds him. I say this gives mixed signals to the dog a...
    8 Pets 23
  151. Trust/Love
    About 6 months ago my boyfriend decided to go camping with a bunch of girls behind my back and I wasnt invited, well when those girls couldnt go he invited me..I figured this out on my own but didnt say anything for awhile..well when I did finally conf...
    4 Relationships 7
  152. Anoying I guess I'll call her stepmom!
    Everytime my father gets married... The woman contacts me! My father never contacts me before these times and he usually never talks to me... Well his latest "wife" won't leave me alone... She invited me on myspace, and when I told her that I didn't wa...
    8 Family 35
  153. is she my friend?
    My best friend Tiffany, that I have known for 11 years is never there for me. When people are making fun of her I stand up for her. But when I ask for something it seems like shes too busy. Today I asked her if she wanted to come over, and she said ...
    3 Relationships 22
  154. My bff doesnt like concerts
    I just invited my bff to a concert w/ me but then I found out that she crys when they start playing because the musics 2 loud!!! I dont want to hurt her feelings by saying "I dont want you 2 come anymore" but b nice. Any suggestions?!
    3 Music 7
  155. S.A.T Question
    Once the principle ___ that the fire alarm had benn set off by accident the apoligized to the suspected students and announced that they have been ___ A.Relized,Exonerated B.Denied,Reprimanded C.Understood,Apprehended D.Confirmed,Obligated I t...
    5 Education 35
  156. What is your favorite Allen Iverson memory?
    Hey out there, my favorite basketball player of all time is Allen Iverson. As most of you probly know, he announced his retirmemt today and they just did a segment on NBA Fastbreak with this same question that I just asked. So I was just wondering what...
    2 Sports 10
  157. What should we do?
    Well I invited this girl over to my house tomorow. And I really like her. I dont know what we could do. I have a hot tub but its summer sooo that doesnt work. Haha. I was thinking maybe going swimming or going for a walk. What are some things that ...
    3 Relationships 8
  158. ideas for 16th b-day?
    My 15th birthday sucked, so I want my 16th to be really fun. I don't want it to be too exspensive, and I was planning on inviting only like 8 friends. What are some fun ideas? Oh yeah and I don't wanna have the party at home. Thanks (:
    2 Entertainment 92
  159. telling people about God
    I try and I try to tell people about God and help them get saved. I invite people to church using facebook. I ask in person. I ask about 150 a week. I always get one new person each week to hear the word. I am trying...what more can I do?...People need...
    26 Religion 178
  160. How can I deal with this?
    I just found out that my 2 best friends are going to the mall tomorrow to work on a project. They are going with my crush and another guy. They know it bothers me when my crush goes places with other girls without me, and they both know that it gives m...
    2 Relationships 13
  161. How can I solve the fight with my bestfriends?
    Help me please.: Okay. My BFFS (4 of them) always hang out with EACHOTHER and not me! I'm never invited! Right now they are all hanging out without me. Okay, so earlier this week we pla nned to have a HUGE party at MY house. With me and my 4 bffs and s...
    3 Relationships 43
  162. A quick homemade halloween costume!!!
    I just got invited to go trick or treating this weekend with a bunch of people and I have noo time or money to buy a costume so whats somthing I can make that can look decent but if possible kinda hot looking?
    4 Style 37
  163. Should I ask my crush to dance?
    ok. This Friday I am invited to one of the biggest dance parties of the skool yr. do u think i should ask my crush to dance with me? i love to dance, and I'm not afraid or shy to ask, it's just that i don't know what he'll think. Will he think I'm wei...
    2 Relationships 51
  164. My older brother and Sister
    When I go to my dad's house we never do much. I'm always really bored. But sometimes my brother who is 22 or my sister who is 21 invite me to do stuff with them. They are always seeing movies and things. How do I get them to ask me to come more often?
    9 Family 277
  165. Period will fall on a pool party
    right, I started my period a while ago and I was invited to my friends party and sleepover. I already cant go to her sleepover because of RIAT, but now im worried because my biological clock states that my next period will be on her party, and it makes...
    6 Health 60
  166. My mum wont let me have a real party for halloween
    I wanted a party for halloween and I asked my mum . SHE SAID YES !!! But when I started to say who I wanted to invited she daid I could only have 5 people including my self . :( How can I convince her to let me have a real onee ? Signed My mums bor...
    6 Family 37
  167. Differents points of view about work sexual harrasment.
    For women work sexual harrasment its a bad thing, but for men its different I havent Been in this situation but for men we have to be realistic what men will complain if They have a sexy boss buying him everything inviting him to eat and hugging hi...
    2 Sex 62
  168. What do I draw?
    I have an art competition in school and we are 2 draw any one of the follwing: a) a potrait b) the map of sierra leone with seeds c) a market square d) a poster or billboard inviting people for a basket ball competiton at our school. Which of ...
    4 Education 19
  169. How do I get out of this?
    Ok so I found out that my boyfriend is planning on having a suprise party 4 me on my bday 2 morow, and theres gona b a bunch of people that I dont like there. He and his friends invited there friends that I really dont like and my bff wasnt even invite...
    2 Relationships 15
  170. Why can't I fit in??? With the other girls???
    Ok, so I really don't fit in at school with the other girls. I have about two best friends and one regular friend but that is about it. I always try to talk with the other girls at luch and everything but they kinda just leave me out, not on purpose bu...
    9 Relationships 47
  171. How do we tell our families that we're getting married?
    I black and my boyfriend white and our families are always cursin.I'm pregnant and my boyfriend and I want to get married in december but we dont know how to tell our boyfriend thinks we should just send them invitations to the weeding.I'm...
    3 Family 111
  172. What's a fun thing for guys and girls to do at my party?
    I am in 8th grade and turning 13 and I want to have a b-day party and I want to invite my guy friends and my boyfriend to the party to. so a sleepover is out of the picture. What is a fun thing to go and do that both guys and girls would enjoy but isn;...
    3 Entertainment 57
  173. 80's theme party
    Alright so heres the dealio, I was invited to this 80's party next week and im super stoked, but I have no clue what to wear? I have some ideas but I'm not quite sure Any ideas suggestions anything would be great! Thxs
    6 Style 86
  174. What would be a great Sweet 16?
    I really need some cool party ideas for my sweet 16, I want to invite a lot of people but im on a budget. and the partys going to be in the winter time. or should I wait till the summer so I can have a beach party? ahh im so confused! <3
    5 Entertainment 31
  175. 15th birthday party ideas
    I'm turning 15 in early December. I have absolutly no idea what to do. I live about an hour away from New York City so I was thinking about doing something in the city. It can't be too expensive. I only want to invite a couple of friends. Does anybody ...
    3 Entertainment 44
  176. What do you do when you want to get away but your mom says no?
    What do you do when you want to get away, but your mom won't let you go anywhere? And your friend (who is like your cousin) invited you to her cousin's birthday party, but your mom isn't gonna let you go because she says she to out there. And you've...
    2 Family 47
  177. What do you think of this song?
    Me and my band wrote this song and want to know if you like it. If you want to edit it, tell me what we should do. Be honest! You kissed my best friend Hey you, out of the blue. I just found someone new. Just because I never felt anything, ...
    3 Music 35
  178. Continue or Quit?
    Should I continue going after this girl I've been talking to all summer, since she's going to my college, now that she has a high school boyfriend? She's shown interest, by inviting to meet me for a movie, and we've talked all summer. We have not hung ...
    4 Relationships 10
  179. What are some ideas for my sixteenth birthday?
    well..I'm gonna be turning sixteen this summer, but I don't wanna do a huge party(mainly because I don't want my parents to go through all the trouble of doing so). I want to invite only my close friends. it doesn't have to be anything really big, but ...
    3 Entertainment 34
  180. USA omg! How annoying are you Walmart!! Really?
    So I was shopping today at Walmart when suddenly "Attention shoppers and associates, we would like to announce that Kate Middleton just gave birth to a baby boy!!" ______WTF!!!! Can somebody please tell me how is that relevant or have any importance?
    5 Shopping 23
  181. Scary board games
    I have a question ; my friends have invited me to their house to see them play the ouija board game. I heard so many things about it that I dont even know if its real or not .. I really would like to see whats this about but im not sure if it would be ...
    9 Religion 57
  182. How to get rid of a fat lip?
    kaaay so, I bite my lip a lottt, but this is the fiirst timee thaat it kinda swelled up and now one side of my uppper lip is huge! and I have a partty a guy invited me too tomorrow, does anyone know how to get rid of it asap? please&thaankyou<3
    6 Style 212
  183. B-Day Party Suggestions?
    K well im turning 14 on December 29 and I was wondering what kind of party should I have I need to come up with 1 quick because my mom is making invations please help I can invit like 12 friends HeLp PlEaSe!!!
    4 Entertainment 11
  184. 17th birthday party ideas
    I dont like having big parties...and I only plan on inviting my 3 closest friends...any ideas for what we could do??? plus...I've already done the whole dinner, movie and walking aimlessly around target thing...please help!!!
    5 Entertainment 92
  185. How can I quickly build confidence?
    My boyfriend invited me to his cousins 18th birthday party and really wants me to come, ive never met that side of his family before so im slightly scared,, im extreamly shy so when i talk to strangers it always goes wrong :s
    5 General 25
  186. Hunting for that perfect position...
    Get your mind outta the gutter...heh. How did you deal with figuring out want you really wanted to do in life? I'm going back to school for Computer Science because I excel at it, before that I was a public relation major. Thoughts Questions and Commen...
    2 Education 11
  187. Which birthday meal to go to?
    Its ma dads birthday tonight as well as ma mates joshes!!! ma dad's girlfriend is takin him out 4 a meal and I am invited too but da problem is ma mate josh is havein a meal too and I dunno which one to go to! please help which one wud yhu go to. This...
    3 Entertainment 22
  188. Who saw the Grammys?
    Oh my gosh. Worst performance EVER Taylor Swift && Miley cyrus TOGETHER!!! Taylor did a wonderful job BUT miley??!?! She sounded like a dieing cat! I swear I was so disguisted by her. I cant believe Taylor invited her to sing. Ugh. Who else a...
    4 Music 10
  189. Is Sarkozy right to ban the burga (head covering) in France?
    I'm you guys think that the head covering is a symbol of sexism and supression of women's rights? Seemingly, that's the message from Sarkozy, the president of France, as he announced that France would have a ban on burgas. What do you thi...
    17 Sex 51
  190. Leroi Moore from Dave Matthews Band died, any fans?
    Anyone a fan of Dave Matthews Band? It was just announced on Larry King Live that the saxophone player, Leroi Moore, died. Of complications from a lung puncture he got from an ATV accident. Sad news. I like many of their songs, anyone else liste...
    4 Music 13
  191. Can they sink any lower?
    A reporter embedded with the U.S. military in Iraq reports a government official has recounted a new atrocity by al-Qaida: several instances in which terrorists baked a young boy, then invited his family to lunch with the victim as the main course - Ca...
    3 Politics 11
  192. Unusual situation
    Yesterday I was at borders the bookstore I was sitting when a woman asked me the time and then she want to invite me a coffee and she was with 2 girlfriends waiting for her this surprise me so I said I have to go and I didnt drink coffee with her and ...
    6 Funadvice 23
  193. Commercial for funadvice
    We've never run any advertising before. Well, that changes today. 1) Watch this video: 2) Tell your friends (use the "invite a friend" link just below my question) 3) Let us know what you think! Thanks all.
    4 Funadvice 5
  194. Please help nocks me sick when she goes out.
    May sound a little stupid this but here it goes. I work away every week from my wife and family and every week I miss them more and more. Its starting to depress me. But the worst part is when I go home at the weekend and my girl goes out with her mat...
    3 Relationships 43
  195. How to get my head straight about this celebrity?
    hi, I saw this one woman named Natasha Bedingfield on TV ,and I cant stop thinking about her. I feel like I'm missing out on something, like a party that I was the only one not invited I cant stop thinking about this person. She drives me crazy. please...
    2 Relationships 27
  196. Caught smoking at 17, what happens?
    So my video crew is making a public service announcement and we actaully had a real smoker in our video... I feel kind of worry we actaully have real footage since were only 17. Whats the worst that can happen if they catch us smoking for a good cause...
    3 Health 53
  197. Any Ideas that wont cost too too much money for 18th bday?
    im turning 18 in four months, and my first idea was to get a hotel room, and invite all my friends, but then I got to thinking what would we do. becuase lets face it, there isnt much to do in a hotel for an 18 year old and her friends. does anyone have...
    6 Entertainment 47
  198. How can I register a cheap domain name with Yahoo?
    Earlier yahoo was providing domain name registration very cheap for the first year. When I go to yahoo I could not find ther any of yahoo's cheap domain name register either free or cheap or any offer. Is there any announcements from yahoo regarding ya...
    3 Technology 34
  199. How do I convince my mom to allow me to go on a trip with my boyfriend this Christmas?
    I will be turning 18 very soon, me and my boyfriend are very serious about our relationship. His dad invited me to go with them to Portugal and Spain! My mother, is a Christian and I know she will be afraid we will have sex and such (which we havent ye...
    8 Sex 51
  200. Vote of thanks
    I have to give a vote of thanks speech at the end of our harvest thanks giving sunday. The church has invited guests to donate funds, items for auction etc. The congregation will bring their conntribution in cash and or farm produce. Various choirs wi...
    4 Literature 525
  201. How can I prove she stole my stuff?
    Okay, so my ex-best-friend stole my shirt and my lipgloss from my grandma's house when I had invited her there a while ago. I know because I saw them at her house, and they are the exact same things as mine were. Well, I asked her about it, and she d...
    4 Family 42
  202. Who can tell me if these meats are kosher and/or halaal?
    I'm inviting friends an I want to cook for them. But some of them are Muslim and some of them are Jews. Can somebody tell me, which meat is kosher (so the Jews can eat it) and halal (so the Muslims can eat it). I know that sheep and goat are OK for bot...
    22 Food 46
  203. What should I do for my 15th birthday?
    I turned 15 december 4th 2007 and am going to have my birthday party some time in january because im too busy getting ready for chirstmas to do it in december. the point is, I dont know what to do for my party. I dont want to have a pool party. and it...
    4 Entertainment 403
  204. Spend night in an empty house?
    Me And My Friends Sneakout, a lot. Anyways, A Few Nights Ago We Found An Empty House And Went In The Window And Then We Unlocked The Backdoor, We Go In Everynight, Because Were Sneaking Out Everynight Til School Starts. Well We Want To Spend The Night ...
    9 Entertainment 159
  205. what is going on with mi mom?
    shes been acting very mean lately and nagging at me. she also critisizes me about mi weight which makes me worthless. i cant trust her now, becsuse when i tell her something she announces it to everyone. she even makes fun of me because i am emo and ve...
    2 Family 15
  206. Not out cheating!
    I invited a friend to go bar hoping tomorrow night after work. I just found out that she's going to lie to her long-time b/f that she's just working late. I don't want to cause their relationship any trouble. We're going to be out pretty late so I know...
    2 Relationships 10
  207. Should I put no gift required?
    my guests are going to have to pay $10 for parking and $5 for each person to enter the swimming pool. plus the drive is an hour long. DO you think they would mind paying all that? Also in the invitation should I put "gift isn't required"? & do you thin...
    3 Entertainment 46
  208. What is she thinking?
    My parents are out of town and so is my brother. I have the house to myself. I invited a girl over. I told her my parents are gone. She agreed to come over, maybe play a drinking game, watch a movie. My question is, when a guy ask a girl to come to his...
    3 Sex 9
  209. This is SUCH a horrible bedtime prayer!
    Here: Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take. And if He should give me one more day, I pray I will walk in His Way. And when my days are at an end, I pray at Heaven's...
    14 Religion 21
  210. Do you have to have someone walk you down the isle?
    Seriously..I pray someday I find someone, some guy that I can look to as an older-brother sort of guy, and that HE can walk be down the isle--because if I have anything to do with it, my father is not coming to the wedding. Not right now. Sure, maybe h...
    7 Family 26
  211. Why won't msn stop going straight to video call when I try to use just cam?
    If I click on someone's webcam icon it starts a video call instead of inviting them to send cam. It's really annoying 'cause it means you can only be on webcam to one person at a time and I like being able to be on with more than one person. Why is ...
    2 Technology 8
  212. Everybodys mad! Whos fault was it really?
    Okay so me adn my best frined were suppost to go to a jonas brothers concert fer my bday and her mom was suppost to drive us.. But then she worried about money so my gma decided it would be a lot easier if she took me adn my friend instead of her mom. ...
    3 Relationships 17
  213. Is Fox news guilty of shenanigans?
    Ron Paul, the Texas congressman and 2008 Presidential candidate won the 2011 CPAC straw poll of conservative voters for the 2nd year running. Fox News' America's Newsroom invited Paul to interview him following the win. The anchor, Bill Hemmer, set ...
    11 Politics 31
  214. Why im ready for sex?
    I've been with my boyfriend for about 3months. But we've been on and off for over 6 months. We are sure we are in love. Hes invited me to stay around his for the day. I think im ready to have sex with him, we will of course use protection. ...
    2 Sex 11
  215. which gift should I buy?
    hiii,I m 17 .I like a girl very much in my college,she is in my class itself.we both are friends like normal friends. she has throen a party this weekend for her 17th birthday.I thought I may not be invted in that party.but she personaly invited
    2 Relationships 12
  216. Do guys care how popular you are?
    Hey so I'm crushing on my brothers friend and he has seen how popular I am at the club and how many parties I've been getting invited too. Like this weekend I have 2 parties and I just told him about them, I'm wondering if he thinks thats cool. Does a ...
    2 Relationships 52
  217. 17 years old
    My nephew is turning 17 in 2 wks and I thought to give him a surprise party. But I'm not sure that at this age, it's a good idea? Of course, I will invite all of his friends or at least his closest ones and a few females to help bring on the party. But...
    2 Family 50
  218. im feeling really depressed over a lot of things help?
    I've been felling depressed lately I asked my friend if I looked depressd he said I looked normal.I've had a lot of things that I've been dealing with does anyone know how to cheer your self up like right now im alone on halloween I wasnt invited to do...
    10 Health 22
  219. How do I have the best party ever?
    ok, so.. i want to have the best party ever, and i want to invite my best friends.. now, most of my friends are stoners, and some of them are punk/ goths and some are normal people... does anyone know any cool things we can do at my party? also, does ...
    2 Entertainment 44
  220. Is it a banshee or a ghost; It can't be both?
    I am watching TV with my parents and they are advertising a show for St. Patty's Day, search for the Banshee Ghost but I always thought there was a difference being that banshees announces the death of someone with their wailing but a ghost is the impr...
    2 Entertainment 13
  221. How do I / should I ask her out?
    I really want to ask out this girl that I had a crush on in high school but I'm not sure how. I haven't seen her in 2 1/2 years but she's single again and I've been thinking about her lately. Should I just go ahead and ask her out or should I maybe inv...
    2 Relationships 34
  222. How do I make it up to my friend?
    Okay so my friend and I have been planning this vacation for a long time now. Not to long, but at least a week. I really screwed up and I feel horrible. We were suppose to go to Philadelphia yesterday , spend the night , and go to the museum. It was al...
    8 Relationships 19
  223. left out! but why?
    Im 20. im an only child, my parents are divorced. I have no cousins and sometimes even no friends I have a boyfriend whom I love very much but he always goes out with his friends and never spends time with me. Even if we make plans he cancels with m...
    2 Relationships 14
  224. how do I break it to my friend that she's being overruled...
    ok so here's the story... a lot of people are goiog out and she kinda starting planning it but we wanted to get a limo tha t seats 10 so I invited this one chickk.. my friend doesn't like her and wants me to tel her no.. but everyone else is ok with th...
    3 Relationships 7
  225. Which of these things does my dream mean?
    The other night I had a strange dream. Well, I was hanging out with some friends. Orlando Bloom and Keira Nightly ran past with their POTC clothes on. Then I saw Zack Efron, then Dean Geyer and Dean announced he was gay. And I said, "Why don't you go o...
    11 General 19
  226. Does he want his space?
    Ok. So my boyfriend im pretty sure wants to break up soon. I don't know why, weve been good the past few weeks but now hes all distant and not wanting to be around me. So what I want to know is, should I invite him over so we can just chill and maybey ...
    5 Relationships 25
  227. What if we're going to Six Flags and I hate rollercoasters?
    2 Entertainment 62
  228. Why are people I don't know adding me as friends?
    how come people outta no where just keep asking random people to be there friend? like they dont realy know any thing about the person but they still send a friend invite? aint that fake? I can see if uv read there profile and like them for a person bu...
    10 Funadvice 98
  229. When should I tell my boyfriend about my eating disorder ?
    I met a guy few weeks ago and he seems to really like me. The problem is I suffer from an eating disorder, I go on long fasts and if I eat anything I throw it up or sometimes I go into binging and then throwing up. Anyway I was just wondering; when sho...
    12 Relationships 153
  230. Sixteenth birthday
    Okay so my bday is coming up really soon, but I have no clue what to do, im not really the kinda person with a trillion billion friends, I have a few close friends but thats it... I was thinking of inviting 5 girls to dinner, but I dont want that to be...
    6 Entertainment 23
  231. What should I do for my fifteenth birthday?!!?
    I'm inviting about 10 people and it'll be pretty casual.. I'm probably having it at my house, but im open to suggestions.. Well actually in DESPERATE for answers!! I was thinking about just getting some snacks and watching movies, but I'd rather do som...
    5 Entertainment 34
  232. What will make my flat chest into nice boobs?
    Hi I am like 13 and I have a total flat chest. I don't know why. All my girls in my class have boobs. But I'm like the odd ball I have a flat chest. When I go to school I where a cuped bra with padding and in the summer my friends invite me to swim pa...
    9 Style 122
  233. So-called friends?
    At school there were girls who are popular and they seemed to be nice to me yesterday and they included me in their conversation. 2day I tried talking to them, but they were ignoring and avoiding me because they said things like, "that girl over there ...
    2 Education 10
  234. Any other suggestions for my party?
    This summer I want to have a pool party. So my mom might rent out the local pool! I'll probably invite 30 girls/boys. Were also having a bonfire at night.. Does anyone have any other suggestions to make this party fun!? Im also letting Kool-Aid fe...
    3 Entertainment 17
  235. Does it hurt to use a tampon?
    Okay I know most of you when you read this you were thinking of something Else but no I mean to put to put tampons it because with in this 2 years I've had my period I have never wore a tompon because iam scared it might hurt but this time it and emerg...
    6 Health 36
  236. sweeet 16
    im turning 16 in december but I wanna start planning. my moms not letting me have the kind of party I want with everyone dancing and a dj because my mom doesnt like the music I listen to and she doesnt want all of me and my friends grinding on top of e...
    3 Entertainment 22
  237. Why? Have I done something wrong?
    My friend had this sleepover on new year, all my friends were invited apart from me. I find out the next day when I saw pics on a social site. When I asked her she said she forgot and I havent spoken to her until today, when I tried to take the first s...
    4 Relationships 37
  238. Should I attend Church?
    I have been invited by a friend to attend church this sunday. I mean, Im not atheist, but I have never practiced religion. I mean, it's just not something my family really does. I. I need some advice. Will I like religion if I attend? I want to...but t...
    8 Religion 44
  239. Do you plan to get in line for your bailout or handout ?
    LOS ANGELES — In an announcement that launched a thousand unprintable puns, adult-entertainment moguls Larry Flynt and Joe Francis said Wednesday that they are asking Washington for a $5 billion federal bailout, claiming that the porn business is suffe...
    5 Politics 17
  240. When is Ryan Higa going to be on Supah Ninjas?
    I watched Ryan's latest video on youtube and he said that he's gonna be on the fairly new AWESOME show on disney xd called Supah Ninjas! he said he's gonna announce when but im really excited and i wanna know when he's gonna be on supah ninjas! i watch...
    6 Entertainment 44
  241. My 15th b-day party
    My 15th party is coming up soon...I dont want to have anything big just invite 2 of my friends to the movies or something. But idont want anything childish to be like hey you want to come to the movies with me for my b-day party...I mean that kinda sou...
    2 Entertainment 16
  242. What does my horoscope mean?
    What does my horoscope mean? This is it: It's okay to start out the day slowly. Be very careful about what you say to people, and be forgiving if a friend or classmate is late for a meeting. They're not doing it to upset you -- stuff just happens somet...
    3 Religion 36
  243. Don't like my friends much
    hey I really dont like the friends iam hanging out with them now they used to be my bff but then we had small missunderstood stuff soo I started hanging out with 2 other friends and now one of my old bff calls me and tells me to start hanging out with...
    6 Relationships 15
  244. Yorkie party
    My yorkie who turned one two weeks ago im throwing him a party(dont laugh)im inviting my other two dogs and a couple of his dog friends im making a pizza also for them I bought him a nice party outfit. I just cant think of what to buy him and I dont kn...
    6 Pets 45
  245. What if I'm embarrassed of my family?
    I live with my grandma, and her son (my uncle lives there as well) how fuc** ***awkward..well im like soo embarrassed to invite people over cuz thats kind of awkward and abnormal! TOTALLY! MY LIFE IS SOO MESSED UP!! WHAT The hell do I do? when people a...
    2 Family 17
  246. Why am I feeling so lonely and scared?
    Lately I've been feeling kinda low. Just sad. It got worse the other day when my friend had a sleepover, invited everyone except me, because she forgot about me! I don't know why but it really got to me and I started having weird thoughts! If I'm that ...
    4 Health 44
  247. What should I wear to his party?
    Ok. So I was invited to this New Years party at a friends house and this boy I really like is going to be there so I want to look cute. But the thing is, its like a really casual things, like a bunch of people just chillin at a house hangin out and its...
    6 Style 63
  248. Am I attractive or just an idiot who thinks so?
    Hey guys. I was wondering if I'm actually attractive towards the females. I never get invited to any parties, however I do have loads of Friends. It seems the kids who go to these parties get with 50 girls. I'm not in that group does this make me...
    5 Style 35
  249. Why wasn't the court system used ?
    The Cradle of Liberty Council of the Boy Scouts of America had been paying $1 a year rent to Philadelphia since 1928. But recently the city announced that the Scouts must pay $200,000 a year to remain in the current location, because they allegedly "di...
    7 Sex 47
  250. Why was I sidelined at my own party?
    I had my birthday party yesterday and everyone who I invited came which I was so thrilled about because I didnt expect them to. There was only 12 of us as it was a themed party. Everyone seemed to enjoy it but I was ignored the majority of the time. We...
    2 Relationships 28