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  1. Where to invest in ecological companies?
    Where do you invest in ecological companies ??
    2 Money 27
  2. What are good stocks to invest in?
    what stocks is good to invest in?
    2 Money 24
  3. Is gold good to invest in?
    2 Money 34
  4. How and why to get involved in timberland investment?
    How and why to get involved in timberland investment?
    2 Money 11
  5. Your weirdest investment
    What is the weirdest investment you've ever made?
    5 General 40
  6. What would be better to invest in, Gold or Sliver?
    3 Money 22
  7. How much should a person invest into buying a condo?
    5 Money 18
  8. Earn money without investment
    Do you know how to earn money from internet without investment?
    5 Money 141
  9. What are the best companies to invest in the stock-market?
    2 Money 47
  10. is it true investing in insurance companies is tax free?
    4 Money 42
  11. How I earn lots of money without any investment?
    How I earn lots of money using this website without any investment.
    5 Money 27
  12. How to earn fast money online without investing?
    Any idea how to earn money fast online without investing money?
    4 Money 56
  13. Should I invest in stocks or buy a house?
    Should I invest in stocks or buy a house? What's a better return for the money?
    3 Homegarden 36
  14. Market investing
    If I were to invest a certain amount of cash into a market,what would happen?
    3 Money 18
  15. Investment on Wall Street
    I have heard that people can invest on wall street starting with just 10 dollars is that possible?
    2 Money 43
  16. What would be a good business to invest in?
    My marketing class is doing this project. We have to invest or create a business. What would be a good company to invest and/or create?
    5 Money 36
  17. How to Invest in an Apartment Building
    Here are the steps to understand what's involved in locating and purchasing your first apartment building.
    7 Money 75
  18. What can I invest in?
    Imagine me as a grown man for a second that has a lot of money. . What can I invest in? Please give me as many examples as you can!
    9 Money 32
  19. Do you think buying properties is a good investment or saving money to earn interest in the bank?
    14 Money 20
  20. What's the smallest investment available in the market?
    What is the smallest investment opportuniteis available in the market,including on the Net ? And how much is it ? Please give a link if possible !!
    2 Money 13
  21. who knows what kind of microscope is good investment on?
    i want one like usuall high schools have
    2 Science 13
  22. Do you think it would be beneficial for the government to invest into getting people to the gym?
    I think it should because it would cut the cost in healthcare
    9 Health 17
  23. Is international investment smart for 2008?
    Do you think international companies is the way to invest for 2008? Many investors beleive that in 2008 those companies which have international revenue could be better off than just national company. What do you think about it?
    2 Money 17
  24. is being a lawyer an enjoyable job worth the financial investment
    Trying to decide if i might want to go to law school.i want a job with prestige, good pay and that i enjoy
    3 Money 36
  25. Math of investment
    Accumulate 30,000 from january 31 to september 20,2000 at 7% simple interest. ..pls give me a solution.. Thanks..
    2 Education 25
  26. Online Stock investing sites for my needs?
    I want invest about 5000$ on stocks of couple of companies of my interest, I want to keep them for about 6 month before selling them off. Whats the best way of doing this? Any online websites that would help me accomplish what I want do?
    4 Money 39
  27. Should I invest in Chinese businesses?
    I have been seeing a lot of money going to China recently and I want to know if it is smart to invest in Chinese business right now. I need some details so I can make an informed decision. Does anyone know about any China-based businesses that I shou...
    4 Money 7
  28. Would you invest in elastic bricks, wireless chargers, or?
    Would you invest in; -elastic bricks -wireless battery recharger -plants that are nitrogen based? -wood stronger than titanium? -instant food( something this size->( ) would turn into a tripple wopper with water) -everlasting food
    4 Money 46
  29. How to earn money without investment?
    Hi I am Amit Kumar I want to earn money without investment and also I want to tell you that I want to save my time because I need more time for my self because I want to be a body builder but I want a job a job must be such so that I may fulfill my ...
    2 Money 13
  30. Think Im going to invest in a blender to make smoothies with and get one of those big balls you do situps and pushups on.
    I really want to get myself together, Ive been wating to, but now Im going to. 'Bout time. Shut up, inner voice. What I say? Youre such an ass. -.-
    4 Food 16
  31. How does the stock market work?
    Do you invest in stocks?
    2 Money 16
  32. Is it mandatory to have a Demat account to share online?
    I am interested to invest some money in the share market. Because it is now safe and easy to invest money on the share market. I do not have a demat account. Is it possible to invest money on the market without a demat account?
    2 Money 26
  33. Investing at 16
    With the current colapse of the us economy stock prices have gone down very far, im 16 and I was wondering if I should buy stock now, I've looked into mutual fund before but never comited to anything, now that stock is cheap does anyone know a good com...
    5 Money 36
  34. What is Forex trading?
    What is forex trading, is there any benefits in making this investment?
    4 Money 72
  35. How to earn money online?
    how to earn money on net without any investment?
    7 Money 35
  36. Why do I invest so much time in cooking for my five year-old?
    His name is Lucian. I have a habit of cooking at least one meal a day. I spend a good amount on it and I'm constantly looking for new and exciting recopies and yet, I must wonder why I do it. Today, I wasn't home and my boyfriend was asleep so, rathe...
    6 Babies 36
  37. What would you do with extra capital you have?
    would you put more in your 401K, IRA, and investments, or would you put more toward unsecured debt?
    3 Money 12
  38. Can I find an at home typing job?
    Is there any legitimate work from home typing job without any investment. If any body have any idea please FM me.
    2 Money 23
  39. Should houses go up in value as they age or not??
    I think it's ridiculous that houses are a form of investment and the market shows, your opinions pleeze!!!
    5 Homegarden 7
  40. Friends techniques for making them and keeping them?
    What are your techniques for making them and keeping them? Do you basically have a few close ones you invest your time in or do you believe in lots who get a little of your attention from time to time?
    3 Relationships 14
  41. How long does it usually take to go to school for video game designing?
    i am thinking about going to school for video game design but i am not totally sure if it would be a solid investment for my future.
    7 Education 11
  42. What is a Hedge Fund?
    Is a Hedge Fund something legal or is it something I should learn about? I have heard of Hedge Funds in passing but I have never bothered to look . Is this a good way to invest your money or some boiler room scam?
    3 Money 19
  43. Is Eestor a fraud?
    I know that Zenn motor company in Canada made a 10% of their stock investment, which looks like it k!lled their company, and now there is no new news on Eestor.
    2 Cars 62
  44. Who knows about the stock market?
    I just got my tax returns and it's a nice chunk of change (for once) I want to invest it in the stock market, mutaul funds, and the money market but with the rise and fall of out economy...well I have know clue if it's a good idea, basically I don't wa...
    5 Money 27
  45. How can I earn money on clickbank?
    Can anybody provide some information on how to make money free from clickbank by selling digital products like ebook and useful software. Is there any free useful ebook available in the net which I can download and use to make money through click bank,...
    3 Money 37
  46. What do you think of the hollister/abercrombie steriotype?
    what do you think of hollister and abercrombie and the stereotype of people that are ubcessed with it and is it worth the money and why do kids thinik they need it I like to wearit but im trying to see should in invest in more
    5 Style 39
  47. Dyson Vacuum Cleaner
    Is the dyson vacuum cleaner really worth the money? The Dyson is one of the more expensive vacuum cleaners out there and I keep wondering if it will work better than the vacuums I have had in the past. My old one just stopped working so I need to get a...
    2 Homegarden 18
  48. Money for retirement?
    If I invest in a 401-k or an roth ira for the next 10 years, pay into the account every month at least 6%, approximately how much retirement money will be in the account? Thank you Pam
    3 Money 36
  49. Advice on how to deal with economic crisis
    All my savings are in investments and my investments are going down the drain because of the economic crisis. I know a lot of people are really worried about their savings, the future of their kids and their pension plans. I'm definitely feeling down a...
    4 Money 18
  50. What age do you think is good to start a child's checking account?
    This would be a account they have access to with limits to protect you and them from over drafting the account. My hopes would be that they could see how they can invest their money and make them smarter consumers in the future.
    12 Money 27
  51. who is friends with wallstreet?
    Last September, The New York Times reported that individuals associated with the securities and investment industry had given $9.9 million to the Obama campaign, $7.4 million to the Hillary Clinton campaign and only $6.9 million to the McCain campaign.
    4 Politics 23
  52. Which is the best SLR camera, Nikon or Canon?
    I want to buy a digital SLR camera and am considering either a low end Nikon or Canon with the idea I'll invest in quality lenses first and upgrade the camera later. Any advice on which is the better brand.
    5 Technology 42
  53. buying shares for microsoft... need advice asap
    hello I am thinking of buying some shares for microsoft and I was wondering how does it work do I buy one share and what happens do I get money or anything or do I have to invest or.. if someone could give me advice on how it work that wud b awsum thx
    3 Technology 15
  54. Stock advice?
    Currently im thinking of investing money in my fathers/uncles co. They have an impressive setup, for a brand new company. The thing is that these stocks are not set up to be publicly traded. I am going to get them at .10 a share.(The real selling price...
    3 Money 13
  55. What is the best type of deal in a timeshare opportunity?
    I got suckered into going to a timeshare sales pitch that had me wondering which deal they tried to sell me was the best deal? They showed me a "no money down" option that had tons of interest, a half down option, and a paid at once option. I also got...
    2 Homegarden 25
  56. Should I consider a massage for my shoulder?
    I'm not sure if it's how I'm sleeping or whatever, but my right shoulder has this constant mild pain, and it gets pretty annoying sometimes. I have invested in one of those memory foam pillows, but it's still quite tense. It's not agony, but it's unc...
    4 Health 34
  57. How long till every house has a solar array?
    I've been reading a bit on solar energy investments and efficiency (35% for some of the technology)...eventually it seems we will be using solar arrays or panels, or something, on our houses to power lights and electronics. How long till this happen...
    3 Homegarden 14
  58. What's the best RPG or shooter game for XBOX 360?
    5 Gaming 71
  59. Government Auctions on Foreclosed Real Estate?
    I am sick of this whole real estate bust talk and i want to find something to invest in that may actually make some money through this turbulent time. I know that there are foreclosed houses that go up for auction and I know that some of those are con...
    2 Homegarden 9
  60. pixi cut?side swept bangs?
    I don't know if I shold get this cut but my hair is long and has split ends but I want short hair,w/ side swept bangs because I see people wear it all the time,and I want it,I do not have a straightener,and I gess I mite need 2 invest in 1 in order 2 s...
    2 Style 44
  61. Should the Fed be shuttered?
    The Federal reserve is an unellected organization with no Constitutional charter. They exist by mere legislative act. Today, we found out that not only has the Fed dispensed 2 TRILLION dollars worth of bailouts (more than what was authorized by the ...
    8 Politics 31
  62. Planning for Future: College
    I need some help deciding with my college decisions...does it make a difference whether a person goes to community or University? I plan to go to the tech. first...but then I'm trying to choose between a college and university. I plan to go into anythi...
    3 Education 27
  63. Overhouling please help
    My name is ed I leave in las vegas. I'm 78 years old & up-side down in my real estate investment, to old to get a job.filing for bankrupcy my wife's car is a 1995lincoln mark viii in poor condition can't afford to buy her another car or get it...
    2 Homegarden 21
  64. What companies are doin well at the moment??
    well at school were doin this market thing, where we buy shares into diff companies and at the end of 3 months we see who gained most profit :P. Well I was doing pretty well until last week I had to leave to italy for my christmas holiday and had no w...
    3 Money 34
  65. What types of businesses are successful?
    When I grow up I want to start my own busniss to make my own money..But,I also would like to do something useful to the envoirment and to play my good-part on this planet..So are there any types of busnisses that people make profit of and at the same t...
    4 Money 11
  66. How to learn arabic online free?
    I am interested to learn Arabic including holy Quran through internet, online. I am interested to learn the language in such a way that I should be able to speak Arabic and at the same time I should be able to understand the meaning of the article or b...
    2 Education 32
  67. Will Kevin Costner's machine really clean up the oil spill do you think?
    Apparently, BP ordered more than a dozen of the machines from his brother's company (that Costner invested in after the Valdez oil spill)...I think it'd be more than a bit cool if he came through...after spending so much money on Waterworld to bring en...
    4 Environment 17
  68. Think VP Cheney will go to jail?
    Now that our outgoing Vice President's been indicted (it's on reuters & other news outlets) do you think he'll go to jail? I find his investments in privatized prisons fascinating,'s like you profit from finding excuses to take money aw...
    3 Politics 14
  69. Windows live QnA / MSN Answers closes, thoughts?
    Personally, I'm kind of less major competitor to us is around. However, for those who invested their time, effort and knowledge into the site...I feel bad. It'd suck, for me, if something I'd been helping to build, grow and make friends on ...
    4 Technology 8
  70. Which should come first?
    Hi, My husband and I are planning to built our own house and stop friend thinks this is not a smart choice and she believes that we should instead build houses to rent others.the house I have rented is not spacious enough .the land we own ...
    4 General 36
  71. What's suitable for a rat? mom has this 29 gallon fish tank in the garage that she's allowing me to use, because she just recently got a bigger tank for actual fish.I'd like to get a pet rat or two,but I'm not sure what to do about it.I've seen several conflicting websi...
    2 Pets 14
  72. How do I stop smoking when I dont have the desire to stop?
    I smoke quite a lot of RIchmond ciggarettes and have done for a long time, my boyfriend's stopped, and I know it would be a great investment in my future to stop but im afraid to confess but I enjoy smoking!! :-( But I know its detremental to my whole...
    3 Health 21
  73. lacrosse stick question.
    softmore in hs, big into lax, varsity and elite team. I've been using the same stick for a few years.. like 2 and a half.. the netting is starting to rip but the stick is so broken in well and im so use to it I dont want to get a new one. should I j...
    2 Sports 11
  74. Shouldn't he have asked me out by now?
    ive been seeing this guy who is actually 10yrs older then me(plz dont critize, he doesnt act it).. we arent dating and we're not together. but we do everything a couple does we go out to eat see movies and hang out every single day! i mean i practicall...
    4 Relationships 8
  75. Cat Fleas
    I have a rental property, the previous tenants had cats, kept the litter box in the unfinished basement, however the cats had the run of the house. The house was vacated 4-5 weeks ago to include cats. We cleaned house top to bottom to include basemen...
    2 Pets 23
  76. What business can I open given the location?
    what kind of business can i start with minimum cash and get profit fast ? the location that i have now is a 3 floor building, the first floor i cant use, thats why i am breaking my head on what kind of business to start. its usually better to use the ...
    4 Money 50
  77. Need a class "a" or "b" truck driving job
    I am a convicted felon still on parole. I recently completed a 8 week commercial truck driving course at a technical college and I cannot find a job anywhere with my class "a" cdl. and I have all the endorsements (except hazmat). large trucking comp...
    2 Money 52
  78. What do you think of my special song 'The Wish'?
    Everyday you hear on the news about a big family losing their stocks and even their money Some always wonder what the heck they do with it other than investing to help a deserving community I always wonder if they ever think about lower families strugg...
    5 Literature 18
  79. Why is the fed most worried about inflation and not the poor?
    The fed wants to lower interest rates, again. Why isn't Bernake worried about the poor & next to poor? The lawmakers are fully invested overseas, they don't care about the dropping value of the dollar. However, over the last 4 years, it's continued ...
    8 Politics 42
  80. He says he doesn't want me... I don't believe him
    I'd been dating the same guy for 7 years... and we were friends for 4 years before that. Everyone said what a nice couple we made... we were discussing buying a house to gether and and making tentative plans for hhe future. Then everything changed abru...
    2 Sex 25
  81. Have you ever wondered...?
    If you can think of any more, post them:). EVER WONDER... Why the sun lightens our hair, but darkens our skin? Why women can't put on mascara with their mouth closed? Why you don't ever see the headline "Psychic Wins Lottery"? Why "abb...
    2 General 20
  82. Does anyone else out there feel alone on this planet?
    I recently embarked on a project which turned out to be a little beyond my economic and psychological means. I investigated it however because I wanted to invest in skills which could have paid dividends later on. The thing which came home to me at th...
    2 Family 20
  83. Is this normal?
    I am 13, and I feel I don't have much freedom. Only makeup I can wear is lip gloss, and foundation on very special occasions. I am finally allowed to shave, but don't regularly. I have NEVER gone to a spa or done any of that - that means never...
    14 Family 28
  84. US car giant saved by Fiat
    It's curious, how Americans like to berate the wonderful Europeans, how they boast about the dynamism of their economy, with low regulation and suchlike. Hasn't this whole episode served to demonstrate how much hogwash that really is. The US isn't dyna...
    3 Politics 14
  85. Did he just lose interest?
    A couple years ago their was this guy I liked. We just had some fun together sometimes... kissing and me giving him a blowjob was the extent of it. I did get emotionally invested in him though as I found it hard back then to seperate our physical time ...
    3 Sex 42
  86. Is my ex-boyfriend over me?
    I broke up with my exboyfriend about 41/2months ago. We were together 6 years and we spent a year apart before this last break because I felt the relationship wasn't going anywhere. After 3years he was talking marriage and was even looking at engageme...
    2 Relationships 92
  87. How can I get more traffic to my home-based business site?
    I own a home based business. Over 45 days ago, I invested in a business opportunity, that involves connecting customers to Loan authorities; regarding Mortgages, First time Home Loans, Refinancing, & Debit Consolidation. I have my web site up & running...
    2 Money 23
  88. Video I-pod or PSP?
    Ok so as you might know..a lot of people prob post comments about this subject. ok well right now im torn between buying a video ipod or psp...I mean in the long run I think I'd get my moneys worth from the ipod but the psp has some cool things too and...
    3 Technology 8
  89. Should I fight my speeding ticket?
    I was driving to work and not in any particular hurry since I left in plenty of time. I observed a police car with a speed camera in a parking lot where they occasionally are. As soon as I saw the car I glanced at my speedometer. It read just a tad ...
    14 Politics 34
  90. Isn't this a good Poem ?
    MY NAME iS C0CAiNE: Beware my friend ;my name is cocaine. coke for short. I enterd this country without a passport. Ever since then I've been hunted & sought; By Junkies and Pushers and plain clothes d*cks. Mostly users who need a quick fix. Im more ...
    11 Literature 156
  91. Fixing a relationship?
    Hello there, so i need some help here, so i've been dating this wonderful girl for 10 months now and everything was good until about 2 months ago, we both would get in arguments/fights for foolish reasons but we would make up like the next week or so a...
    10 Relationships 25
  92. Help to draft the below english letter
    I need help in drafting the below email: ___- Below are the details of issue(I am not very good at writing long emails so kindly overlook any mistakes): Since we have moved to au in 2007, I have been observing and it has become a daily routine th...
    10 Literature 43