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  1. What are good stocks to invest in?
    what stocks is good to invest in?
    2 Money 24
  2. Where to invest in ecological companies?
    Where do you invest in ecological companies ??
    2 Money 27
  3. What does energy security mean?
    2 Politics 41
  4. Is gold good to invest in?
    2 Money 34
  5. How and why to get involved in timberland investment?
    How and why to get involved in timberland investment?
    2 Money 11
  6. What is the best internet security programme?
    What is the best internet security programme?
    2 Technology 27
  7. How can I reset aol security question?
    How can I reset aol security question?
    2 Technology 45
  8. Your weirdest investment
    What is the weirdest investment you've ever made?
    5 General 40
  9. Does emancipation mean no more social security benefits?
    8 Politics 115
  10. What are some careers/jobs that will usually always have a secured spot?
    2 Money 34
  11. How much should a person invest into buying a condo?
    5 Money 18
  12. What would be better to invest in, Gold or Sliver?
    3 Money 22
  13. Can I get a leased line for my security system with sbc?
    Can I get a leased line for my security system with sbc?
    2 General 34
  14. Can I get a new social security card over the internet?
    Can I get a new social security card over the internet?
    3 Technology 140
  15. Earn money without investment
    Do you know how to earn money from internet without investment?
    5 Money 141
  16. Why is it that some schools in one area have tight security , and the others in the same area don't?
    5 Education 27
  17. Can teachers apply for social security benefits during the summer?
    2 Money 27
  18. What are the best companies to invest in the stock-market?
    2 Money 47
  19. What do you think of security cameras in public high schools?
    23 Education 30
  20. is it true investing in insurance companies is tax free?
    4 Money 42
  21. Market investing
    If I were to invest a certain amount of cash into a market,what would happen?
    3 Money 18
  22. How to earn fast money online without investing?
    Any idea how to earn money fast online without investing money?
    4 Money 56
  23. How I earn lots of money without any investment?
    How I earn lots of money using this website without any investment.
    5 Money 27
  24. Should I invest in stocks or buy a house?
    Should I invest in stocks or buy a house? What's a better return for the money?
    3 Homegarden 36
  25. What is network security?
    I read so may times about network security but alway have confusion about it. what is the network security and how can it works?
    2 Technology 16
  26. Does Vons or Smiths or any store like that have cameras in a security room?
    4 Shopping 175
  27. Would raising the age for Social Security be beneficial for the program?
    5 Politics 12
  28. Would Social Security become obsolete in upcoming years?
    3 Politics 86
  29. How can I replace a lost Social Security card for free?
    how can I replace my lost social securtiy card for free??
    2 General 50
  30. Is there a way to get on your hotmail when you forget your password and security code?
    3 Technology 30
  31. Is a grandchild's social security number needed for a Will?
    If grandparents are making out a will, do they need their grandchild's social security number to include them in the will?
    2 Family 193
  32. How do you take computer security off of your computer?
    How do you figure out the password to my computer security? I have Trend Micro security. Are there any websites to hack the password?
    2 Technology 16
  33. Where do you find a security key when connecting to the internet?
    On the router? or is it one you make up yourself........?
    2 Technology 13
  34. What is the difference between a lobby assistant and a security guard?
    Tell me please thank you.
    3 Money 49
  35. How can I access my account in spite of forget security quest
    How can I access my account in spite of forget security question my favourit film?
    2 General 12
  36. can I get his password and security question
    If my son dies and I have power of attorney can I get his password and security question for his account
    4 Technology 13
  37. What jobs offer good secure financial benefits and what qualificati
    What jobs offer good secure financial benefits and what qualifications do you need for them?
    2 Money 128
  38. Investment on Wall Street
    I have heard that people can invest on wall street starting with just 10 dollars is that possible?
    2 Money 43
  39. What would be a good business to invest in?
    My marketing class is doing this project. We have to invest or create a business. What would be a good company to invest and/or create?
    5 Money 36
  40. How to help myself feel more secure?
    how do I help myself when very insecure about everything in my life from looks to losing friends
    5 Health 40
  41. How to Invest in an Apartment Building
    Here are the steps to understand what's involved in locating and purchasing your first apartment building.
    7 Money 79
  42. Is it necessary to have a CCTV security system?
    Is it necessary to have a CCTV security system within my home or does this just depend on the type of home and area in which I reside?
    5 Homegarden 14
  43. T or F: A nation without secure borders will not long be sovereign?
    Is this quote true or false - “A nation without secure borders will not long be a sovereign nation.” ?
    4 Politics 91
  44. Security code
    Does anyone know how to find your security code for your mobile I am on o2 and I couldnt get it on my previous phone
    2 Technology 42
  45. What can I invest in?
    Imagine me as a grown man for a second that has a lot of money. . What can I invest in? Please give me as many examples as you can!
    9 Money 32
  46. What internet security should I get ?
    I have kaspersky and the licence expires in only 2 days ...and will be un useful
    4 Technology 40
  47. Do you think buying properties is a good investment or saving money to earn interest in the bank?
    14 Money 20
  48. Social Security
    If someone is collecting Social Security Disability (SSD) and that is their only income, are they eligible to also qualify for Social Security Income (SSI)? Is it possible to collect both at the same time?
    2 Money 43
  49. What do you prefer privacy or security in the airport?
    What do you prefer privacy or security in the airport For example when they scan people and they can see even the underwear, I dont like it I prefer that to have more security, what do you think.
    8 Politics 42
  50. Is it in our own national security interests ?
    Is it in our own national security interests to stop Russia from continuing its aggressive actions against Georgia or threatening other countries in the region ?
    2 Politics 25
  51. What's the smallest investment available in the market?
    What is the smallest investment opportuniteis available in the market,including on the Net ? And how much is it ? Please give a link if possible !!
    2 Money 13
  52. How do I secure my internet connection?
    I need to know how do I block a wireless computer from hacking in to my belkin router to my internet
    3 Technology 67
  53. who knows what kind of microscope is good investment on?
    i want one like usuall high schools have
    2 Science 13
  54. How secure is my phone when I run it on wi-fi?
    Like can any hacking or info be taken when I use it
    3 Technology 12
  55. Do you think it would be beneficial for the government to invest into getting people to the gym?
    I think it should because it would cut the cost in healthcare
    9 Health 17
  56. Can security tags be removed by any shop?
    When you go to a clothes shop, you get like plastic security tags that the salesperson has to remove with a machine. Do you know if the security tags need specific machines to remove them or can they be removed by any machine in any shop?
    4 Shopping 26
  57. How do I replace my Social Security card without my license?
    I just moved from WA to CA and I cannot find my license or birth certificate or my my social security card! what can I do?
    2 General 29
  58. Social security are we required to pay it?
    Are we required by law to pay it?? What if I dont plan on living long enough to collect anything from it.
    3 Money 27
  59. What's the future of Social Security?
    Do you think that Social Security will be around to pay you when you retire or do you feel the money taken from every paycheck for Social Security just wasted and you will never see it again.
    4 Politics 41
  60. I forgot my security answers on my yahoo?
    I know the first answer but as far as my afvorite team I for got what I put. how can I change my 2 security questions?
    3 Technology 78
  61. Is international investment smart for 2008?
    Do you think international companies is the way to invest for 2008? Many investors beleive that in 2008 those companies which have international revenue could be better off than just national company. What do you think about it?
    2 Money 17
  62. Do you think parents should teach their young children to memorize their social security number?
    just like they would memorize their address, and phone number?
    18 Babies 150
  63. Do you know if there are security guard jobs available on weekends?
    I have no idea if somebody can work as a security guard only on weekends because im looking for a part time, but i dont know if i can get a job as security guard only on weekends if you know tell me please thank you. i wonder if somebody can work as...
    2 Money 28
  64. Can anybody can become a security guard?
    I have seen many security guards, but for what i have seen these unarmed security guards are small women, fat guys or retired people in their sixties, so i was wondering anybody can become a security guard or not? Tell me please thank you.
    3 Money 23
  65. What do you think of the department of homeland security telling everyone to spy on thy neighbor?
    I think people need to get a life, and get out of mine.
    11 Politics 38
  66. How do I remove the "Win 7 Security 2012" virus?
    I found out that I have a virus that is pretending to be Windows security and it won't allow me on the Internet (I'm on an iPhone). Does anyone know how to remove it?
    3 Technology 53
  67. Security tags on clothes
    The stupid people at old navy did not take the security tag off this pair of pants the other day. Anyone know how one might get it off?
    2 General 136
  68. When I apply for a job online do I have to give them my social security number or not?
    How do i know if they are not going to steal my identity. What do you think tell me please thank you.
    3 Money 88
  69. What is the big deal with the security guards of the president in Colombia?
    I dont understand, but if the security guards of the president where in their break i think its their own business what they wanna do. Please tell me what do you think tell me if im wrong thank you.
    4 Politics 36
  70. When did you get the Security Tool virus?
    If you've ever gotten the Security Tool virus, how did you get rid of it? (Note, I DID NOT use the infected computer on this site since I got it) I can't believe how nasty it is...
    3 Technology 15
  71. is being a lawyer an enjoyable job worth the financial investment
    Trying to decide if i might want to go to law school.i want a job with prestige, good pay and that i enjoy
    3 Money 36
  72. Can I get a passport without a Social Security number?
    how I can get a passport without a social security number?because I have a ticket for august 2 ,t have to quit the usa.the passport is for my chil, I birth certificate but for the social secueity not yet.can I apply for the passport without the social...
    5 Travel 296
  73. If social security benefits end for one child will the next child receive the funds?
    Both children receive death benefits for there father but one child will stop because she's 18 will the amount pass on to the younger child?
    2 Money 14
  74. Will we be able to depend on Social Security?
    Will today's young adults be able to depend on Social Security as a source of retirement income, or is our payroll tax just another form of revenue for the government to spend as it sees fit?
    8 Politics 53
  75. Math of investment
    Accumulate 30,000 from january 31 to september 20,2000 at 7% simple interest. ..pls give me a solution.. Thanks..
    2 Education 25
  76. are there security devices in merchandise other than the ink tags?
    in stores such as macys and jc penny and department stores as those. because a lot of times after I pay, the alarm stil goes off even if tags are removed. are there any security devices concealed or something??
    2 Shopping 21
  77. What happens if you walk out a store and they didn't take off the security tag?
    ive heard of many people dat buy something from a store and they forgot to take off the security tag but wudnt the alarm beep when u walk out or somtehing...
    2 Shopping 69
  78. Online Stock investing sites for my needs?
    I want invest about 5000$ on stocks of couple of companies of my interest, I want to keep them for about 6 month before selling them off. Whats the best way of doing this? Any online websites that would help me accomplish what I want do?
    4 Money 39
  79. Is the tax break for Social Security a good idea?
    I read up on Obama's new tax cut plan, cutting off the taxes that go into Social Security. Here's the article I got it from in case you might need it to formulate your answer:
    10 Politics 27
  80. Should I invest in Chinese businesses?
    I have been seeing a lot of money going to China recently and I want to know if it is smart to invest in Chinese business right now. I need some details so I can make an informed decision. Does anyone know about any China-based businesses that I shou...
    4 Money 7
  81. Securing my port
    How do I secure a port to ensure only users of my software application can access my server? My server has been hacked by unscrupulous geeks. I can use only static IP addresses to allow entry but that would exclude people using laptops that use d...
    2 Technology 45
  82. Would you invest in elastic bricks, wireless chargers, or?
    Would you invest in; -elastic bricks -wireless battery recharger -plants that are nitrogen based? -wood stronger than titanium? -instant food( something this size->( ) would turn into a tripple wopper with water) -everlasting food
    4 Money 46
  83. How would I know if sombody has my social security #?
    How would I know if sombody has my social security #? because I been gettin magazines through the mail that I never ordered and they are "tv guide" does anybody else get those or any other kind of magazines without ordering them? Somebody help me plea...
    4 General 38
  84. How to I get rid of Internet Security 2010?
    It's on my other computer, I hooked this one up cause it wouldn't let me go to the Internet. What it is, is a fake anti spyware and it's trying to get us to buy it. I can't access internet on the computer it's on, so how can I get rid of it without hav...
    2 Technology 58
  85. How to earn money without investment?
    Hi I am Amit Kumar I want to earn money without investment and also I want to tell you that I want to save my time because I need more time for my self because I want to be a body builder but I want a job a job must be such so that I may fulfill my ...
    2 Money 13
  86. What can I do if somebody else (I don't know who) is using my social security number?
    im trying to get a service but when they told me to verify my info thy told me that my social links to anoher person, what does that mean? is somebody elsee usng my social? if yea what can i do?
    3 Politics 16
  87. Dvd security advice- does anyone know how to unlock it?
    I bought this dvd of dirty dancing 20th addition at the supermarket. But when I got it home I couldnt get it open. It has a sticker on the front saying security device enclosed ct-29. Im wondering if anyone knows how to get it open? Thanks
    2 Technology 99
  88. Should i show my social security card if i go to an employment agency ?
    I dont want to carry my card with me, because it could get lost or something. I know my number by memory so i would like to know if i need to show my card or just give them my number What do you think? Tell me please thank you.
    2 Money 14
  89. Will I still get social security checks if I change my last name?
    I was wondering if it would be safe to change my last name if im getting social security checks for my dad dieing because Im sick of having the last name of of my dads family because they all are nothing but @ssholes and do nothing but blme my mom for ...
    2 Money 36
  90. is online shopping secured?
    I am planning to buy a laptop. I am kind of hesitant of purchasing it online because you know it entails a huge amount of money. I browsed ebay so many times already and found some best buy laptops.. Advise please.. Thanks
    6 Shopping 22
  91. Do you know if anybody can be a security guard?
    I always thought that security guards should be athletic and strong, but most security guard are old retired guys and in other cases fat guys or small women that anybody can beat no offense sorry. Sometimes security guards are watching movies in theri ...
    5 Money 50
  92. Think Im going to invest in a blender to make smoothies with and get one of those big balls you do situps and pushups on.
    I really want to get myself together, Ive been wating to, but now Im going to. 'Bout time. Shut up, inner voice. What I say? Youre such an ass. -.-
    4 Food 16
  93. How long will this fruit stay fresh if it's in a secure tub?
    So I have work today but ofc, I'm on my diet. I have a small little tub with clicky bits on the side to make the box secure. I have just cut up a carrot, banana and an apple and placed it in the tub but how long will it stay fresh if it's in my bag for...
    2 Food 15
  94. Can we just get her a new social security card or what?
    Well a couple days ago my sister Was applying for a jjob and she need her passport and her social secerity number Too but she lost it and now nobody can find it. She said she left it and the house, but we looked everywhere... Im scared for her also. B...
    3 Family 35
  95. Do you have a security blanket or stuffed animal from when you were small that you still own?
    Im talking about the one thing you wouldnt let go of when you were little that you were inseperable from. I still have my blankie and my son used it when he was an infant also, ive since put it up though so it wont be ruined and will be around for our ...
    17 General 28
  96. How can I open Port 443 (secure SSL)?
    would like to know how to open port 443 (secure ssl). i have a problem one of the software scottdale elite did not work, one of the scotdale tech adviser send me e-mail open port 443 to access this softeare. i tried many times but failed, please need h...
    3 Technology 184
  97. Do we need the US government to figure out how to make transactions secure?
    Apparently, the government is drafting a plan to help figure out how to make sure people can transact online knowing that their identity, and the other party, are both trustworthy...don't we already have this in the form of websites...? I know I trust ...
    5 Politics 11
  98. Was my computer security the issue?
    Yesterday I was up until 5:30am,for those wondering why I was on here for so long,uninstalling Norton Antivirus Security to just use Avast Antivirus,when I was using Norton,my computer was going SO slow on so many of my favorite websites including MySp...
    2 Technology 11
  99. Which internet security is better: Norton, AVG, or Avast?
    I know Norton uses up a lot of space and CPU usage, and has "VIRUS" pretty much written all over it. And AVG, it doesn't do full protection unless you buy the whole thing. And avast, well, I don't know. What are your opinions? I have a Windows XP, gate...
    13 Technology 52
  100. Security ideas to keep my neice out!
    okay,so I am a teen girl. I have an ANNOYING little niece and she always wants to see whats in my bedroom... so I got out my video camra and conected a long wire from it to a little green tv in my bedroom, and I put the camera by my door. so now I ...
    4 Technology 30
  101. How do I secure a loan quickly for $2-$3000 very important?
    The transmission in my car died and I need a car to keep going to work. No public transportation comes my way in time. I need to buy an inexpensive car right a way. Car loans will not approve me I have bad credit. Not with out large down payment. ...
    3 Money 56
  102. FBI loses lawsuit based on national security letter, then withdraws
    So, three times now the FBI has used a national security letter (NSL) to obtain information, and then was sued and the defendent one, under the grounds that the request was unconstitutional. And each time the FBI lost the lawsuit, they no longer bo...
    3 Literature 16
  103. Can I sue my parents for my social security checks?
    Both my parents say they never got any money and that the opposing parent got it. I want to know if there is a way I can take them to court and get the money that I never got. They never bought me clothing. I buy my own with babysitting and dog walking...
    3 Money 70
  104. Is it better to stay at a job you hate for secure pay, or leave it for a job you love with no guarantee?
    For example, if you worked in an office and you get paid regular wages every week without fail, but your boss treats you like garbage and the job stressed you out so much it made you sick, would you stay there just for the money? What if a job you real...
    11 Money 39
  105. Why is there no security for trains in London, Ontario?
    K in London Ontario people ar being shot up. One person last night got it in the head. Three others before that in the last two months have been shot and killed. They're all crack dealers/ pill dealers. Where do the cops think they're gettin guns ? The...
    2 Travel 47
  106. How does the stock market work?
    Do you invest in stocks?
    2 Money 16
  107. WinWeb Security 2008 REMOVAL!
    Okay so yeah I did a restore on my computer like a week ago and this new thing WinWeb Security 2008 has been on my computer. I know what it is. But I can't get it off of my computer. I go to the Start menu> Control Panel> Add/Remover Programs. And i...
    2 Technology 12
  108. Are credit card sites TOO secure?
    I use Paypal for a lot of things, including my rent and groceries. But the debit cards is made sooo poorly that my special secret ID number on the back as completely rubbed off. Now, I called Paypal and (even though I could provide my SS# and all of m...
    2 Money 21
  109. Is it mandatory to have a Demat account to share online?
    I am interested to invest some money in the share market. Because it is now safe and easy to invest money on the share market. I do not have a demat account. Is it possible to invest money on the market without a demat account?
    2 Money 26
  110. How can I get a job with no Social Security number?
    well im pretty screwed right now... I need a job, quick. I need to make at least 7 grand per year to pay off my high school tuition, im 14 , I am legal in the united states, but just not legal to work due to having no social security number. How can I ...
    5 Money 20266
  111. Do you think sites need to increase their security settings?
    I think they should and make it easier to contact them. There is currently a situation with one of my friend's who is a ms.goodygoodytwoshoes and there's this high school girl who doesn't like her and is causing unnecessary drama, and emotions to rise....
    5 Technology 19
  112. Does the US really care about security?
    Case in point: there are three democratic elections this year, one of which happened 12 hours ago, in a Muslim country, that's very close to Pakistan. The established government has been *proven* to have ties to Al Qaeda, AND has had the same president...
    6 Politics 19
  113. What do you think of body scanners as added security in airports?
    With the recent botched terrorist attack by the Nigerian guy (Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab) grabbing headlines there have been calls for airports to step up security and install quicker and most importantly more effective security technology. One of t...
    11 Politics 39
  114. Investing at 16
    With the current colapse of the us economy stock prices have gone down very far, im 16 and I was wondering if I should buy stock now, I've looked into mutual fund before but never comited to anything, now that stock is cheap does anyone know a good com...
    5 Money 36
  115. What is Forex trading?
    What is forex trading, is there any benefits in making this investment?
    4 Money 72
  116. How to earn money online?
    how to earn money on net without any investment?
    7 Money 35
  117. How can you get on Myspace at school?
    How do you break school computer security to get to Myspace?
    2 Technology 51
  118. Anti virus software query
    What is the difference between anti virus software and internet security software?
    2 Technology 17
  119. What's so great about Vista?
    What are other good thing about vista other than its annoying security questions?
    6 Technology 23
  120. Why do you girls like to be held all the time?
    Why do you girls like to be held all the time is it the sence of security or is it that you feel loved?
    9 Relationships 627
  121. So much for homeland security...What do you think?
    I know this isn't about international terrorists, yet it does effect the security of our nation as a whole. PROVIDENCE, R.I. - Lawmakers from California to Kentucky are trying to save money with a drastic and potentially dangerous budget-cutting p...
    5 Politics 14
  122. Am I feeling love or wanting security?
    I was engaged December of 2001 and I cheated on him while he was in the Navy October 2002. The reason I cheated was because I wanted HIM to break up with ME so that he wouldn't be as hurt. It made sense at the time...Well I married the guy I cheated on...
    5 Relationships 12
  123. Is it OK to use my neighbor's unsecure Wi Fi?
    Is it okay to use my neighbors wi fi if he doesnt secure it?
    7 Technology 49
  124. Why do I invest so much time in cooking for my five year-old?
    His name is Lucian. I have a habit of cooking at least one meal a day. I spend a good amount on it and I'm constantly looking for new and exciting recopies and yet, I must wonder why I do it. Today, I wasn't home and my boyfriend was asleep so, rathe...
    6 Babies 36
  125. viruses threat
    How to protect my computer from virus and what's the best way to secure my personal stuff and privacy
    3 Technology 24
  126. How do I get into my computer if I don't know the systems password?
    I have a security Password that is required as soon as I power up my Computer that I don't remember. How do I get into my computer ?
    3 Technology 46
  127. applying online
    are they suppost to ask fer yer social security number when you apply online for a job?
    3 General 10
  128. What would you do with extra capital you have?
    would you put more in your 401K, IRA, and investments, or would you put more toward unsecured debt?
    3 Money 12
  129. Why do people download illegal software?
    why cant they buy the real version of it where its safe and secure and no viruses
    23 Technology 39
  130. Battle of Britain
    Did the Battle of Britain actuallly change the course of the war? If it did, does this mean that it helped to secure victory for the allies?
    2 General 19
  131. How does airport scanners and xrays pick up weed in your crotch ?
    If you hide weed in your crotch as a woman do you think airport security will catch it with the xray or scanners ?
    4 Travel 396
  132. who is friends with wallstreet?
    Last September, The New York Times reported that individuals associated with the securities and investment industry had given $9.9 million to the Obama campaign, $7.4 million to the Hillary Clinton campaign and only $6.9 million to the McCain campaign.
    4 Politics 23
  133. Should houses go up in value as they age or not??
    I think it's ridiculous that houses are a form of investment and the market shows, your opinions pleeze!!!
    5 Homegarden 7
  134. What is the best Antivirus?
    What program do I need? I have F-Secure, but I think it fails sometimes to protect against Viruses!
    4 Technology 12
  135. Sites for free songs?
    Does anyone know of any secure, legal sites where I can download music onto my ipod? They also have to be free.
    8 Music 18
  136. McAfee registration
    I bought a toshiba laptop, and mcafee security came with it, the said it will expire in a week, I have the laptop for almost a month, what to do???
    2 Technology 24
  137. Can I find an at home typing job?
    Is there any legitimate work from home typing job without any investment. If any body have any idea please FM me.
    2 Money 23
  138. What do you think about Kim Kardashian with flour over her hair?
    What do you think about what happened to Kim Kardashian i dont know what is the big deal about it i used to play with my friends like that when i was in high school we throw each other flour raw eggs, but what i can see is that her security sucks where...
    5 Entertainment 14
  139. how do I know im mentally stable?
    im readin about Abraham Maslow and other phycologists, so that I could feel secure of my mentality. does that make me normal?
    3 Health 52
  140. How to get my email account back?
    Please help me; someone has hacked in to my email account? I dont know what to do as I forgot my security answer?
    3 Technology 22
  141. Computer weirdness
    Does anyone have any idea why a tracking cookie is on my computer every time that it does a security scan? Every time my computer does the scan, I have the cookie removed, but for some reason, it is there the next time.
    3 Technology 11
  142. Why are women so obsessed with jewelry?
    Why are women so obsessed with jewelery when it also poses a threat on their security? It is a physical hazard, speaking in Insurance jargon.
    3 Style 143
  143. Should the Guards have been armed ?
    Reference the recent Mall shooting in Omaha that killed 8 - the Mall Security Guards were not carrying guns - Should these Guards have been carrying guns, yes or no and why ?
    9 General 35
  144. Better xbox live connection?
    How do I get it? I use the wireless network adapter and use the network linksys But sumtimes it sux How do get a better no security signal
    9 Gaming 170
  145. Friends techniques for making them and keeping them?
    What are your techniques for making them and keeping them? Do you basically have a few close ones you invest your time in or do you believe in lots who get a little of your attention from time to time?
    3 Relationships 14
  146. After a bad break up . . . . .
    After a bad break up, is it normal for a girl to start to think shes bi because she might feel closer and more secure having a girlfriend then a boyfriend?
    2 Relationships 6
  147. online pregnancy test
    does anyone know of a secure site online where I could buy an inexpensive but accurate pregnancy test. any will my whold family know what it is when it shows up?
    3 Health 13
  148. How can I support me and my baby?
    I am pregnant and I will have the father in the life and we want to get married but I want to know how can I support me and my baby? I know there is wic and there is social security. I just want to know what else there is to help?
    5 Family 10
  149. What are my chances of winning Social Security Disability?
    Thanks to all that Answer in Advance, iam a 41 Male but closer to 42 , but I look more like 32 to be honest, I was a tractor Trailer Driver, had a bad accident, Now iam Suffering From 5 Herniated Dics, Fatigue, Dizzyness, Server Lower back pain, and Se...
    2 Health 19
  150. How long does it usually take to go to school for video game designing?
    i am thinking about going to school for video game design but i am not totally sure if it would be a solid investment for my future.
    7 Education 11
  151. So how much is actually taken out of a paycheck for taxes?
    So how much is actually taken out of a paycheck for taxes? Federal-? Social security-? If its an estimate I just need ball park figure. Thanks, D
    3 Money 80
  152. Why does my 2 yr old grandson still need a bottle at bedtime?
    I obtained custody of my 2 yr old grandson four months ago (although I was his primary care taker since he has been 16mnths old) and he still 'needs' a bottle at night to go to bed, I thought it was because he needed some kind of security, fine; but no...
    2 Babies 44
  153. What antivirus program do you use?
    I use "Microsoft Security Essensials", wich is a free but good enough program if you keep it up to date all the time, and of course if you use common sense.
    20 General 29
  154. Why can't I buy games on my app store on my itouch?
    I try to install the game on my itouch but I type my password then it says this I'd has been disable for security reasons. Why? How do I fix this thanks
    2 Gaming 11
  155. Who agrees with this quote?
    "Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both" This was said by Benjamin Franklin and is one of my favorite quotes.
    8 Literature 18
  156. Karaoke english songs download??
    Are there any sites for mp3 karaoke english songs??? Where you can download karaoke "english" songs instead of the song itself,,, Other than limewire!! My stupid security system on the laptop is not letting me download the stupid program!!! I don't ...
    2 Music 75
  157. Help with itunes please
    I cant get my security code on my american express card to work, and I know that the number is on the front of the card above the main card number but it wont work. Someone help?
    3 Technology 12
  158. Is Eestor a fraud?
    I know that Zenn motor company in Canada made a 10% of their stock investment, which looks like it k!lled their company, and now there is no new news on Eestor.
    2 Cars 62
  159. What is a Hedge Fund?
    Is a Hedge Fund something legal or is it something I should learn about? I have heard of Hedge Funds in passing but I have never bothered to look . Is this a good way to invest your money or some boiler room scam?
    3 Money 19
  160. Who knows about the stock market?
    I just got my tax returns and it's a nice chunk of change (for once) I want to invest it in the stock market, mutaul funds, and the money market but with the rise and fall of out economy...well I have know clue if it's a good idea, basically I don't wa...
    5 Money 27
  161. Credit check
    I am 16 and my dad allowed my 32 year old cousin to take and use my social security can I check my credit report for free. And who do I tell if my credit is jacked up.
    6 Money 16
  162. Texas woman forced to remove nipple ring
    In news I just came to know that a Texas woman, Mandi Hamlin who was forced to remove her artificially fixed nipple ring piercing through her nipple. It was detected by the metal detector before an check carried out on her by the security staff of the ...
    5 Travel 41
  163. What do you think of the hollister/abercrombie steriotype?
    what do you think of hollister and abercrombie and the stereotype of people that are ubcessed with it and is it worth the money and why do kids thinik they need it I like to wearit but im trying to see should in invest in more
    5 Style 39
  164. How can I earn money on clickbank?
    Can anybody provide some information on how to make money free from clickbank by selling digital products like ebook and useful software. Is there any free useful ebook available in the net which I can download and use to make money through click bank,...
    3 Money 37
  165. Scam websites?
    Earlier I was about to apply for a pre-paid credit card and it asked for my SSN (Social Security Number). I asked my mom for it but she said they aren't suppose to ask for that. Is that true,is it a scam if they ask for my SSN?
    2 Technology 33
  166. How can I retrieve this from my Computer, please?
    My Computer was running so slowly that it took *forever* to come up to speed. I had downloaded some updates yesterday morning and these had seemed to slow the computer down. So I decided to do a System Restore to take the Computer back to early yeste...
    4 Technology 51
  167. Boss taking money
    I went and got my taxes done today. I work at a home day care, so my boss' husband does my payroll and whatnot. I had a feeling that they weren't taking out the correct amount, and when I did my taxes today (H&R Block), the lady told me that all year m...
    2 Money 31
  168. Reasonable request?
    I was on a recent job interview the other day, and they had me fill out a job application. one of the questions was: a request for my social security number. do you think it is appropriate to request this number if they have not offered you employme...
    3 Money 27
  169. Advice on how to deal with economic crisis
    All my savings are in investments and my investments are going down the drain because of the economic crisis. I know a lot of people are really worried about their savings, the future of their kids and their pension plans. I'm definitely feeling down a...
    4 Money 18
  170. Money for retirement?
    If I invest in a 401-k or an roth ira for the next 10 years, pay into the account every month at least 6%, approximately how much retirement money will be in the account? Thank you Pam
    3 Money 36
  171. Dyson Vacuum Cleaner
    Is the dyson vacuum cleaner really worth the money? The Dyson is one of the more expensive vacuum cleaners out there and I keep wondering if it will work better than the vacuums I have had in the past. My old one just stopped working so I need to get a...
    2 Homegarden 18
  172. Help for an inmate
    okay my sister rang me to ask what to do so I'm asking on her behalf...There was an inmate that escaped from maximum security here in new zealand, his mother has cancer and is dying, so his family picked him up down the road from the prison, he apparen...
    9 General 35
  173. How to get a replacement ss card?
    I need a new social security card because I lost mine (I don't need a new number, I lost my card in my house somewhere, I never took it out with me), I'm going to the ss office soon.. What documents do I need to get a replacement?
    2 General 43
  174. How do I delete cookies off my Macbook?
    I've googled this but most just say go to the safari tab then preferences then to security and delete cookies, but mine doesn't say anything about deleting cookies so if there another way to? My mac was bought last year in may.
    6 Technology 43
  175. What age do you think is good to start a child's checking account?
    This would be a account they have access to with limits to protect you and them from over drafting the account. My hopes would be that they could see how they can invest their money and make them smarter consumers in the future.
    12 Money 27
  176. How can I feel secure with him?
    Well I guess I should start from the beginning, I started seeing this guy in Jan and he asked me from the start where is this going because he didn't want to be led on. I knew I should have said I don't know yet we are just getting to know each other ...
    2 Relationships 38
  177. No insurance? What now?
    Okay, I will try to make this short. I had 2 types of insurance---cigna and medi-cal. I lost cigna a few months age b/because my dad lost his job. We called medi-cal to let them know I no longer have a second insurance. They said than my medi-cal was t...
    5 General 22
  178. My bad, Bush's younger brother Marvin hasn't been investigated
    'The often-overlooked Bush family member held a key security role during the apparent false flag attack on the United States-- he was on the board of directors for Stratasec, the security firm in charge of the World Trade Center at the time of the atta...
    8 Politics 27
  179. Is the 'North American Union' coming?
    Leaders of the United States, Canada, and Mexico on Tuesday downplayed fears that their trilateral Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) is setting the foundation for a 'North American Union' - do you think such a plan is in the works ?
    8 Politics 51
  180. How can I update my email address on Myspace?
    I deleted my old email account but forgot to change my email log in on myspace BEFORE deleting the email account. Is it possible to update my new mail without having to enter the security code that myspace emails to your current email address which wou...
    3 Technology 47
  181. Is it good to be jealous?
    I just want to hear what everyone thinks :) Would you rather be with someone a little insecure or someone who's totally not jealous? Remember jealousy can sometimes be annoying but people who are too secure can appear like they don't care. A...
    5 Relationships 61
  182. iTunes Problem
    Ok I ahven't used iTunes in such a long time,before I got on here I tried redownloading it,but it keeps saying that Norton Security Centere whatever is suspened and well I am having issues trying to get iTunes back.Help me out if you understand me.
    2 Entertainment 13
  183. Virus/Spyware Question
    I have tried everything possible to my knowledge to get rid of this virus. But have had no good outcome, the virus changes the time and also blocks my windows security. Please anyone with more knowledge about viruses then me please help me defend and d...
    2 Technology 14
  184. Who wants to get paid while on Funadvice?
    I make 12 dollars an hour at my job and I spend 5 hours a day surfing the internet. You know how. Im a security guard. Recommended for anyone who likes free time and likes to surf the internet
    5 Money 22
  185. I want a baby, my wife doesn't!
    Hi, my wife and I are in our mid thirties, financially secure (or as secure as anyone can be in this crazy world) and have been taking steps to start a family. After a couple of months of trying I got home from work tonight and my wife told me that sh...
    2 Family 146
  186. Can 15 yr old work?
    Im a 15 yr old that livz in ca btda ding is I waznt born here so I aint got no paperz,social security # or a im tryinto get a job bt I need a socialsecrity #...what should I do
    2 Money 36
  187. Which is the best SLR camera, Nikon or Canon?
    I want to buy a digital SLR camera and am considering either a low end Nikon or Canon with the idea I'll invest in quality lenses first and upgrade the camera later. Any advice on which is the better brand.
    5 Technology 42
  188. How do I unlock my online banking account?
    so my brother tried to hack my bank account and now when i try to check my balance i can't because its locked, the reason being he answered the security questions wrong 3 times in a row and now i can't even get on it without it saying that my account c...
    4 Money 57
  189. Do you have a dream that you know you can't achieve?
    My ultimate dream is to be a performer, especially singing and acting. I write songs a lot but I do this secretly and nobody knows this dream of mine. The thing is I'm pretty sure I won't ever be able to be a successful singer, because I know that so m...
    5 General 40
  190. buying shares for microsoft... need advice asap
    hello I am thinking of buying some shares for microsoft and I was wondering how does it work do I buy one share and what happens do I get money or anything or do I have to invest or.. if someone could give me advice on how it work that wud b awsum thx
    3 Technology 15
  191. Any places that sell tanning goggles?
    are there any other places that sell tanning goggle things w/ straps other than the actual tanning place? the tanning place I go to has them, but they dont have the strap or stringy things that go around your head to make sure theyre secure, and I d...
    3 Style 162
  192. how can i get my mom to stop stealing?
    she knows my whole family social security and she has been taking money from my family. every time i talk to her she yells at me and im underage but my either family knows she steals but they haven't lock her up because of my sake but i just want her t...
    3 Family 32
  193. How can I find other people in my area that share interests?
    I enjoy grey hat hacking and generally messing with my computer's security but i know more about it than most of the people I know except for one other who doesn t know about anyone else either. There aren t exactly official clubs for this stuff.
    5 Technology 24
  194. how do I get my ssid?
    how do I get my ssid?like I go to my browser type in my ip address ..log in with the password admin..but find not wireless security for my brother is soo disaapointed in me that I cant put internet in his psp..haha.. but yeah plss.. :(
    2 Technology 67
  195. How to rewrite these sentences?
    Rewrite the sentences with the necessary corrections 1- He did not knew the way to the station 2- the security of the prime minister need to be improved. 3- why is it that there are very little women cricket players in our country. 4- attractive prices...
    4 Education 35
  196. Government fraud/or just plain waste!
    I am a convicted felon! That said let me paint a picture for you. I had a job a short time back working for a company that sub-contracted their services to the railroad and I was required to submit to a background check, supossedly to allow me to wor...
    3 Politics 20
  197. Financial assistance
    My husband recently lost his sight as a result of a stroke. I am waiting for social security disability. we have applied for everything and I fear the only option is begging to survive in the months it will take before receiving any benefits. we hav...
    3 Money 28
  198. How to get money back from my stolen wallet?
    ok so yesterday I accidentally left my wallet in a store, they called me to pick it up because I left an id card in it. when I picked it up today, my credit cards were there, but all of my cash was gone. is there a way to get my money back? or is it ju...
    10 Shopping 40
  199. Is being blunt and direct classified as being rude?
    no i dont think it is, just cuz someone doesnt sugar coat something dosesnt make it rude in my opinion. If people interprate it as being rude than, isint thier fault? I think being direct and blunt is good as it doesnt make people feel a faulse sen...
    13 General 79
  200. Why go on living ?
    I'd like to start off by stating, this is a serious question. If you don't intend on giving a serious answer, please refrain from giving one at all... If you wake up and have nothing to look forward to, no dreams, no wishes, no will, no hope... If...
    29 Religion 95
  201. How can I get rid of trojan virus ?
    4 Technology 24
  202. Should Taxpayers know the details on this 2 Trillion ?
    The Federal Reserve is refusing to identify the recipients of almost $2 trillion of emergency loans from American taxpayers or the troubled assets the central bank is accepting as collateral. Americans have no idea where their money is going or what se...
    8 Politics 25
  203. What would you call it ?
    Do you miss the days when we called a spade a spade instead of today where the government makes it a no-no to refer to a terrorist action, as an act of "terrorism" ? The official term released is '“man-caused disasters" according to Homeland Security,...
    5 Politics 8
  204. Do you think TSA went too far when they detained a pregnant teen because her purse had a design of a handgun on it?
    The Transportation Security Administration caused a pregnant teen to miss her flight because they were concerned that her purse had a design of a gun on it - apparently a federal offence. Too far, or within rights? Read about it: http://funadvic...
    4 Family 20
  205. Does anyone else out there feel alone on this planet?
    I recently embarked on a project which turned out to be a little beyond my economic and psychological means. I investigated it however because I wanted to invest in skills which could have paid dividends later on. The thing which came home to me at th...
    2 Family 20
  206. How can I prevent my parents from getting a divorce?
    My mom and dad have been fighting a lot lately and my mom keeps saying how she would like to leave my dad/ her husband because she does not feel 'financially secure'. We live in a great house, and are financially functioning normally. My dad and mom bo...
    5 Family 48
  207. How come the Democratic Party is ruined?
    How come the Democratic Party is ruined? What I mean is, why couldn't the Democratic Party stay in the JFK and FDR era? We have allot of ratticle left wingers ruining the party. At least JFK and FDR cared about our countries national security and oth...
    3 Politics 29
  208. Stock advice?
    Currently im thinking of investing money in my fathers/uncles co. They have an impressive setup, for a brand new company. The thing is that these stocks are not set up to be publicly traded. I am going to get them at .10 a share.(The real selling price...
    3 Money 13
  209. Should I consider a massage for my shoulder?
    I'm not sure if it's how I'm sleeping or whatever, but my right shoulder has this constant mild pain, and it gets pretty annoying sometimes. I have invested in one of those memory foam pillows, but it's still quite tense. It's not agony, but it's unc...
    4 Health 34
  210. What could happen?
    Ok so me and my friend were messing around after school throwing stuff at each other ( bread pens pencils ect.) so we got a piece of sheet metal ( really thin metal) and I threw it towards him I missed on purpose he threw it at me he missed...
    4 Education 14
  211. What is the best type of deal in a timeshare opportunity?
    I got suckered into going to a timeshare sales pitch that had me wondering which deal they tried to sell me was the best deal? They showed me a "no money down" option that had tons of interest, a half down option, and a paid at once option. I also got...
    2 Homegarden 25
  212. Ideas for curbing piracy off the coast of Somalia
    After this latest incident off the coast of Somalia its even obvious that some thing needs to be done about these pirates. Its clear in my mind that country's that have heavy shipping that passes through the area have the responsibility to protect the...
    5 Politics 10
  213. Is it possible for me to get a job if I hate school?
    I do well in school but I don't like it at all. Not a single subject. So how can I have a career? Because people say that you should pursue what you love to do in a career to make life most enjoyable but things that I do enjoy such as sports or acting ...
    3 Education 8
  214. free tuition with death of a parent?
    my dad died when I was mom said she thought for some reason that since a parent died before the time I turned 18, that I got free college for any college in the doesnt sound right to me..she said its part of social security or somethhing,...
    4 Education 154
  215. I want to move out when I am 16
    I want to move out, when I am 16...I am 13 now, and dont know how long the process is to get everything done. Me and my friend both want to move out. We will have around 1600 coming in every month from Social Security, and we both plan on getting jobs....
    9 Family 95
  216. Has anyone ever given to locks of love?
    I think it's a great oganizatioin. I'm nervous though - I'm going get my hair cut and colored 2morrow. In order to donate to Locks of Love - you have to cut off 10 inches. My hair is almost down to my waist - so it's not like I'm going to have extr...
    7 General 31
  217. How do I get rid of this so called virus?
    So recently yesteday, my computer I guess got a virus, so I checked my anti virus and it said out of date I guess, so I reinstalled it and did a virus scan, and yet the virus is still there. Keeps popping up a "Windows Security Alert" balloon in my too...
    4 Technology 14
  218. Driving at Night - Crimes
    The other day I almost got my car stolen. Messed up situation, two cars blocked my way at 1 am in the morning and I escaped driving two tires on the sidewalk two on the road. If the safest road that I take to my place is becoming dangerous, what's the ...
    4 General 11
  219. I need $3000 dollars and do not know where to go
    I need to secure a $3000 loan I have really bad credit because I have had to take care of my sick(very) mom. I have tried everything I can think of. I am on the very edge of losing my car and house. If anyone can direct me to a place of help you would ...
    4 Money 151
  220. How much time should I give to take a urine test.
    I smoke weed on sept 11 wit another person we save the clip and finsh it on 12th and that was the last time we done it so I went to find a security job not knowing they want a drug test so it b 3 week this friday the 3rd how much time should I give to ...
    5 Health 186
  221. What's the best RPG or shooter game for XBOX 360?
    5 Gaming 71
  222. Can you bring cigarettes on a plane?
    Security regulations keep changing so im confused about what exactly you can and can't do. Lots of people say that you can take it as carry-on or checked luggage, but last time i was told that my mum had to pay for the carton she had in her checked lug...
    5 Travel 64
  223. How long till every house has a solar array?
    I've been reading a bit on solar energy investments and efficiency (35% for some of the technology)...eventually it seems we will be using solar arrays or panels, or something, on our houses to power lights and electronics. How long till this happen...
    3 Homegarden 14
  224. Government Auctions on Foreclosed Real Estate?
    I am sick of this whole real estate bust talk and i want to find something to invest in that may actually make some money through this turbulent time. I know that there are foreclosed houses that go up for auction and I know that some of those are con...
    2 Homegarden 9
  225. What do you all think of this idea in regard to the recent school shootings?:
    We have alot of veterans coming home who can't find a job (which is very sad) Many of them are partially disabled. I would support giving them a job (if they wanted it) as school security. They are already highly trained, and their pay wouldn't come ...
    2 Money 11
  226. pixi cut?side swept bangs?
    I don't know if I shold get this cut but my hair is long and has split ends but I want short hair,w/ side swept bangs because I see people wear it all the time,and I want it,I do not have a straightener,and I gess I mite need 2 invest in 1 in order 2 s...
    2 Style 44
  227. Should the Fed be shuttered?
    The Federal reserve is an unellected organization with no Constitutional charter. They exist by mere legislative act. Today, we found out that not only has the Fed dispensed 2 TRILLION dollars worth of bailouts (more than what was authorized by the ...
    8 Politics 31
  228. How to get my finances back on track?
    I've been dealing with some tough times financially. My cell phone bill was costly and I still owe them money when my social security check comes in. My closest friend whoes like grandma is helping me with the finances since I have the visual impairme...
    4 Money 19
  229. modem settings
    oklast question I promis ok now how do I get to my modem settgs and security settings from my computer.. I think ok ell f you havent read any of my other questions I need help with x box live I can connect to the internety becouse I need to go...
    4 Technology 69
  230. Reporting someone to the irs
    Okay my dad allowed my 32 year old cousin to use me and my sister's social security numbers. I am mad and also worried about my credit.I want to report them but if they go to jail what would happen to us. I just want to know is it better to report them...
    2 Money 53
  231. Planning for Future: College
    I need some help deciding with my college decisions...does it make a difference whether a person goes to community or University? I plan to go to the tech. first...but then I'm trying to choose between a college and university. I plan to go into anythi...
    3 Education 27
  232. Trying to get off the bottle
    My daughter is 3 this year and im trying so hard to get her bottle from her, see heres the thing its become a security blanket for her even if she dont need to drink it she wants it with milk in it and hold it to sleep. Im trying to take it from her bu...
    6 Babies 99
  233. I wrote this about a year or two ago, but i'd still like to know what you think?
    Who am I to you? Could I be the one, That fills your heart with affection? Or is it already filled with sorrow and pain? Do i mean anything to you? Would it be possible That i could feel safe And secure here? What am I to you? Lover, Al...
    2 Literature 5
  234. Riddle Polly Perkins was after a talking parrot,
    Polly Perkins was after a talking parrot, so she went to the local pet shop in the hope of securing such a find. She was in luck. The shop assistant assured her that the parrot would learn and repeat any word or phrase it heard. Polly was delighted. Ho...
    5 General 118
  235. What should I do if im hacked?
    K so someone hacked my fricken gmail account and I guessing its someone nosey because people do that to read all the conversations they have and I don't know if I have anything private on there and im really mad!! They chnaged my security question and ...
    3 Technology 31
  236. How to cure my fear of heights?
    Well a few months ago me and my friends where rock climbing,all was fine.Untill me and my friend attached ourselves to a zip wire,the instructers didn't secure the wie properly and me and my friend fell 3 metersstraight onto another rock.Now i hae heig...
    3 Health 35
  237. What types of businesses are successful?
    When I grow up I want to start my own busniss to make my own money..But,I also would like to do something useful to the envoirment and to play my good-part on this planet..So are there any types of busnisses that people make profit of and at the same t...
    4 Money 11
  238. How to get the neighbor to stop shooting my dogs?
    I have a neighbor that shoots my dogs with a B.B. gun. I have called and an officer came out. He said there wasn't anything he could do because no one saw him do it. He also said to buy security cameras and put them up. I am on disabilty, and can't aff...
    16 Pets 147
  239. Overhouling please help
    My name is ed I leave in las vegas. I'm 78 years old & up-side down in my real estate investment, to old to get a job.filing for bankrupcy my wife's car is a 1995lincoln mark viii in poor condition can't afford to buy her another car or get it...
    2 Homegarden 21
  240. What companies are doin well at the moment??
    well at school were doin this market thing, where we buy shares into diff companies and at the end of 3 months we see who gained most profit :P. Well I was doing pretty well until last week I had to leave to italy for my christmas holiday and had no w...
    3 Money 34
  241. Virus overload
    My sister in laws computer is absolutely infested with viruses. She bought it used, but she paid a good price for it. When she bought it, it was already infected with viruses. I'm trying to fix it for her, but I'm beyond knowing what to do at this poin...
    9 Technology 58
  242. How come there's so much christianity in USA?
    The more I read questions in here, I find that there's very many religious people here. How come? To me, coming from Norway this is very strange. And also it seems that many of you christians are afraid of God and "what will my church say about this an...
    22 Religion 22
  243. Do You Give In To Pascal's Wager?
    If there is no God, then when a believer dies, they lose nothing. But if there is a God, and you do not believe, you spend eternity in hell. Now I ask, do you claim to believe in God, simply because you want to secure your spot in the (possible) he...
    12 Religion 37
  244. How to learn arabic online free?
    I am interested to learn Arabic including holy Quran through internet, online. I am interested to learn the language in such a way that I should be able to speak Arabic and at the same time I should be able to understand the meaning of the article or b...
    2 Education 32
  245. Is it normal to get scared of love?
    ok well I love my boyfriend an awful lot, im just so scared that he wil hurt me mentally , I dont know why hes been nothing but really nice to me but im still scared, im going through deppression and all that so im guessing that might be why im feeling...
    4 Relationships 39
  246. how to change dogs microchip info?
    I had a question about my pitbull puppy I bought her from a good friend of mine. My friend adopted her from the indianapolis humane society and so they inserted her info on the pups microchip, but now she belongs to me and I live in georgia and I want ...
    2 Pets 75
  247. Fraudulent use of credit card
    My ex girlfriend took out 7 credit cards using my social security number (which she memorized) and had the bills mailed to her grandparents home and contact number her cell phone. She now has me $5000.00 in debt and since I reported it to the credit ca...
    5 Money 19
  248. Snow storm!!!
    =0 major snow storm coming are way tmrw!! They already cancelled skewl because last yr a bus of little children were stuck in snow and skewls didn't let out til 11 at night !!! There tryna keep eryone safe and secure so they cancelled schools for tmrw!...
    10 Environment 37
  249. Can you get in trouble for being with friends who are shoplifting?
    Today I went with some friends to the grocery store and they started putting things into their bags and asking me to "cover them" I didn't know what they were doing, I was so stupid and in denial, I thought they would pay later for some ridiculous reas...
    9 Politics 514
  250. Will Kevin Costner's machine really clean up the oil spill do you think?
    Apparently, BP ordered more than a dozen of the machines from his brother's company (that Costner invested in after the Valdez oil spill)...I think it'd be more than a bit cool if he came through...after spending so much money on Waterworld to bring en...
    4 Environment 17