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  1. What are internal assets?
    3 General 14
  2. How do you interpret internationalism?
    2 Politics 10
  3. Is there international programs to help you go to an international school?
    2 Education 17
  4. International Province / Territory
    What is an International Province / Territory
    2 Politics 237
  5. Is "international" and "overseas" the same thing?
    5 Travel 112
  6. What is the cheapest way to travel internationally?
    What is the cheapest way to travel internationally?
    2 Travel 40
  7. Why do poets use internal rhyme?
    4 Literature 144
  8. What is the average cost for movers in your area?
    3 Homegarden 17
  9. How long do international bank transfers take?
    how long do international bank transfers take
    2 Money 54
  10. What is Umbrella Corporation of International Biological Solutions?
    3 General 66
  11. Is payday loan available for international members?
    4 Money 17
  12. Is the International Modelling Agency real or a scam?
    4 Money 18
  13. How do students succeed International Baccalaureate Program?
    2 Education 34
  14. Is having an international driving license valid for all countries?
    2 General 25
  15. What international food is the best?
    What international food is the best? I'm refering to what's your favorite international foods? Just wondering.
    6 Food 14
  16. Do you think that dating an international student would work out?
    22 Relationships 38
  17. Are police allowed to bring guns on international flights?
    5 Politics 14
  18. How to get an international credit card?
    How can I get an international credit card with which I can shop online...What will be the charges...
    3 Money 8
  19. Can I still Skype if my Android phone doesn't have an internal camera?
    3 Technology 9
  20. Is there a way to move pictures from my camera's internal memory to my SD card?
    2 Technology 17
  21. When looking through news articles, what would be considered global and what would be considered international?
    Is there a difference?
    3 General 34
  22. Does any one know the kind of wrestling tv show where all the international people wrestle each other?
    3 Entertainment 8
  23. international calling?
    does it cost extra to talk or text from California to Canada?
    4 Technology 38
  24. International phonecalls
    See when irene (from texas) phones me(from england) Will it charge me aswell?
    2 General 14
  25. Is international investment smart for 2008?
    Do you think international companies is the way to invest for 2008? Many investors beleive that in 2008 those companies which have international revenue could be better off than just national company. What do you think about it?
    2 Money 17
  26. What schools offer medical scholarships for international students?
    Plz any idea of schools offer scholarships 4 international students n where can i get registered for their tests???
    4 Education 13
  27. Who provides good packers and movers service in Delhi?
    I want to shift my house from Delhi to Ludhiana.So can any one suggest me the best packers and movers in Delhi.
    3 Travel 27
  28. give me an estimate on how much is a ticket to travel international?
    someone told me 2,600 for an adult O.O
    6 Travel 8
  29. International calling
    Ok I need 2 call china. How do I do it? I have the number but everytime I dial it, it says my call cant be completed as dialed =/
    6 General 24
  30. What is the japanese internment about from a Canadian persepective?
    i hav to write an essay about it bout i hav no idea wat it is. help plse????
    4 Politics 15
  31. What are International Schools like?
    I'm from the U.S. and will soon be moving to an international school in Hamburg,,,I was wondering if anyone has been to an international school before and could tell me the difference between there and a public high school here in the U.S.
    3 Education 23
  32. International calling for free?
    Is there a way to call internationaly [like to the UK] without being charged from it, from your mobile phone? [through tmobile and no international calling plan] Help me please?
    4 Technology 20
  33. fankfurt hahn airport to frankfurt international airport(HHN-FRA)
    how do I get fron frankfurt hanh airport to frankfurt international airport HHN - FRA what is the easiest fastest and cheapest way?
    2 Travel 65
  34. What internal benefits is a company offered if they use a WACC (The weighted average cost of capital) offer?
    I think we need a "Business" category...
    8 Money 39
  35. Are there any Federal grants or scholarships from the U.S. Gov for students studying internationally?
    i'm trying to study in Europe but i can't do it without help financially.
    2 Education 13
  36. When is the 2012 Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant?
    Does anyone know what Channel and time the pagaent will be on this year? Last year it was on Fuel TV.
    5 Entertainment 14
  37. FunAdvice Trivia: What are the international registration letters of a vehicle from Guyana?
    6 Funadvice 31
  38. people to people international
    A few weeks ago I got a letter from some program called People to people international. they invited me on a trip to london and france for 18 days. Does anyone know about this program? Any tips?
    3 Travel 51
  39. HELP I'M WORRIED!!! Can internal organs repair themselves?
    Okay I know this is a weird but I need to know if the colon / bowel can repair itself. Like if you get a cut on your skin it heals ... does the same thing happen to internal organs?
    4 Health 358
  40. How old are the Hooter's girls normally that compete in the International Swimsuit Pageant?
    I have been wondering how old are normally the hooters girls that compete in the swimsuit pageant every year? Like are they like 18? In their 20's? or 30's?? I know they must be pretty young.
    2 Entertainment 7
  41. How can I download videos from interne without any lose of quality?
    Hi, I'd like to have the videos I have on my account from a social site on my pc with the good way for downloading videos cause I'd like to have my files with good quality. Does anyone know which is the best way for doing that?
    3 Technology 38
  42. would i be considered an international student in canada?
    i know this may sound like a dumb question but i just want to be sure. i live in pennsylvania and i want to go to college in canada, but i need to know if i'd count as an international student because im from another country.
    2 Education 17
  43. FunAdvice Trivia: Which international airline carrier has never had a crash?
    A) British Airway B) Cathy Pacific C) Qantas D) Emirates Airlines Thanks to Samantha for submitting today's trivia question!
    10 Funadvice 9
  44. Traveling Internationally
    Wow that sucks. my old question about my site got deleted:( but my question today is I got a letter about traveling enternationaly. Its like what a teacher reccomends. But I want to know if you think its real and if I should do it. And its to go to eur...
    3 Travel 14
  45. why International Court of Justice is going after albashier ,president of sudan , and they dont care about what isreal have done in Ghazza ?
    this shows that they r and the (american government) not citizens .. are liars and it should be called the united states unfair court?
    3 Politics 42
  46. What do these errors mean - 500 ( Internal Server) and 503 (Service Not Available)?
    I've tried to get to a site, but a white screen with these words pop up. I've tried to type it in, click the link from a search engine, etc.
    2 Technology 8
  47. How do you masturbate for the very first time internally?
    I am 13 and I want to know how to masturbate. I've used a back massager but its really loud and my parents are always home. How do you use like a vibrater and like put it inside? I dont even use tampons. please help
    2 Sex 945
  48. International study finds US at 18th in reading and 28th in Math
    Education: A recent International comparison study found that the United States gets the least bang for the bucks it spends on education, putting the U.S. at 18th in reading (behind countries like Japan and Poland) and a dismal 28th in math - What is t...
    23 Education 36
  49. Is it possible to get an international driver's license with a British Columbia class 7 license?
    I was planning on going to Europe next summer, and wanted to rent a car. I know you need an international permit to drive, but I only have a class 7 license. Will I be able to get a permit with that? I looked at ICBC's website and they just said a vali...
    2 Cars 17
  50. Is American Sign Language international?
    Are there differences when dealing with different nationalities? Such as, in the English language, for the British we would call it 'crisp', while in America they would say 'chip'. For the American's 'jelly' is jam, while 'jelly' for the British is wh...
    3 General 44
  51. How do you send mail internationally?
    I have a letter i want to send to my boyfriend in the U.K. and i live in the USA. its just a four paged letter and it will fit into a regular envelope thats i want to assume is like a 3 by 6 or something like that. What do i do just put a stamp in the ...
    6 General 31
  52. Where to intern or work while in college?
    Hello guys, I'm a college student going for a bachelors in economics. I will graduate next year. However, I have no job experience or volunteer work. Do you guys have any advice on places to intern/work while in college? Also, what occupation will su...
    2 Money 27
  53. Is there an international scholarship?
    I once came here and asked on advice on how to get a scholarship. Someone refered me to my country"s government. Now my country has run out of money. All I need is for somebody to tell me if there is a worldwide organization that can meet my full tutio...
    3 Education 23
  54. Do I have internal bleeding?
    Hi everyone,well here's what's up, when I take a dump sometimes I bleed and it like changes the color of toilet water even wipes pure blood. I'm not constipated I don't think. I mean I crap like once even twice a day. It hurts to use the bathroom some...
    3 Health 29
  55. my major (very worried)
    What can you do with a B.A in international studies (focusing on international law and diplomacy) and a minors in Arabic?
    2 Education 10
  56. below the knee pain
    how do I stop pain thats right below my knee it is internal
    2 Health 35
  57. How to find a job as an international student?
    I am an international student studying in the US. I graduated from a top 10 university in the US with an economics major. I have a good GPA and good work/ internship experience, yet I can't seem to find a full time job! My visa expires in June so after...
    4 Money 11
  58. Internship weekly stipend
    What do they mean when they say Interns will receive a "weekly stipend of $300" ???
    3 Money 73
  59. Where can I get an RC plane that looks like a real airplane?
    where can I get an rc plane that looks like a real airplane from an international airport?
    2 Shopping 21
  60. Krishna Consciousness
    Does anyone belong to the Internation Society for Krishna Consciousness? Is anyone interested in Krishna Consciousness? I am trying to adopt a Krishna Conscious lifestyle.
    3 Religion 21
  61. Male Voice Change Ages
    What is the AVERAGE age for males in developed nations to begin voice change? Does it vary around the world or is there an international mean?
    2 General 139
  62. What fashion magazines and columns do you read?
    What fashion mags do you read? Who's your favorite advice columnist? (I'm an intern for E. Jean Carroll of Elle magazine...)
    2 Style 35
  63. How to start my organizing business?
    I am interest in starting my own orginizeing business and I would like to know if there are any places or people that are looking for a person like me to be an intern for there business or company?
    2 Money 38
  64. What do you think about welfare?
    Do you think America’s welfare system should stay the way it is, be changed, or be abolished? And why? (International members feel free to comment as well).
    3 Politics 23
  65. What magazines do you subscribe too?
    We get Cosmopolitan, Playboy, Hustler, Skin & Ink, International Tattoo, and i buy Bizzarre monthy only because i cant subscribe because its from the uk.
    15 Literature 11
  66. What is the name of this song?
    It has at the beginning different lanuages I know at least french and japanese it says "hello" in japanese. And it has to do with how this male singers girl is so international. What is the name?
    2 Music 5
  67. How sucking a puccy safe for boys?
    I generally used to suck my girlfriend vagina.I cant control myself. I just want to know that it is safe for me in terms of any internal infections...
    2 Relationships 238
  68. Why do Americans think they are the best?
    When they have so many internal issues of their own, are one of the top 3 polluters on this planet and own more WMD's than Iraq ever didn't have..etc etc
    45 Politics 85
  69. How do you clear out negative energy?
    Sometimes there is just too much stress everywhere and people fill the air with their negative comments and thoughts. I find myself at times adding on to that negativity. How do I clear it out? Both internally and externally?
    6 Health 14
  70. Can I Die from an internatl hemorrhoid?
    Can I Die From An Internal Hemroid? 0-0 B/C Like I Read This Thing That It Can Be A Serious Illness And Now Im Scared. V-v
    5 Health 8
  71. Survey for dancerrs :)
    -When did you start dancing? -what type of dance do you do? -done any competitions? -do you take dance lessons? -any international comps? -fave song to dance to? -ever sang to the song you dance to while dancing? -what do you like wearing for da...
    4 Nutritionfitness 20
  72. Riddle #3
    A train crossing from france to germany suffered a terrible accident exactly on the border according to international law in which country should the survivors be buried?
    2 General 43
  73. Broken Ribs
    Do you thin broken ribs could affect me seriously internally? thats because I didnt go 2 the doc's.. but I bandaged myself up and have painkillers which is what he wud do anyway sooo...
    6 Health 36
  74. Normal for boobs to continue growing at 17?
    Is it normal for your boobs to still be growing at the age of 17. And how would you know if you had some sort of medical problem... like something serious. How do you know if you have internal bleeding? I'm just curious to know...
    5 Health 37
  75. Terns used today
    I have history questions to do but I am a bit confused. It asks for some terms used today. Which of these terms are still used today: external trade duties tariffs colonial preference free trade reciprocity internal trade
    2 Entertainment 554
  76. What makes a better coffee creamer?
    whats better half nd half or whipping cream?also what is best to sweeten or flavor it.Im tired of international delight making my coffee tast bad.
    2 Food 13
  77. What are some important points to note for a really good Individual Oral Commentary(read more)?
    im i student of the international baccalaureate and i have started with the individual oral commentary. i have not been getting good grades. what are some good methods for a world class individual oral commentary?
    3 Sex 14
  78. In labour or not?
    I am 41weeks pregnant I have been on and off in labour for 3days now, I have had my internal exam and I am 1cm dialted, despite what my midwife says I am worried if this is normal to be having contractions and how long should it take now for me too dia...
    4 Health 22
  79. What you think understand this poem?
    (do you understand this poem?) Internal mirror Meaningless and unthought-of of is my life. No need to continue living. I make an effort to reach out to others. Yet I am unheard. I just stand compared and viewed as obsolete. Tired of tr...
    5 Literature 12
  80. Am I right that an*l sex is wrong and can make you bleed inside?
    my girlfriend wants me to have an*l s*x with her she has even bought lube for me to use on her but i dont want to do it anytime as i think that an*l s*x is wrong as it could lead to internal bleeding, am i right??
    3 Sex 23
  81. tweak to make my internet faster
    sir I have a adsl connection of internet, and my speed is very slow ! can you give some tip to make my interne tfaster during bwosing and downloading without using a software booster? or upgrading technology?
    2 Technology 58
  82. Book report help?
    I'm doing a book report on Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz, and I know the internal conflict is that Alex had to make a choice, whether he wanted to take the mission from British M16, or not. But im not sure what to write for it.. this is a part of wh...
    3 Education 42
  83. wacha think?
    if only I could hold you tight if only I could kiss you good night then we could walk into the light thus wining this internal fight the rarity of love such as the preciousness of a dove hurts so much more When yearning to score
    3 Relationships 10
  84. Help on psp internet setup x
    hey I kinda have an idea on how to set it up becoz I ave followed the internet thingys and when I done it it says An internal erroe has occurred. (80410A0B) what does this mean and can you please help on how to set it up thanks :) xx
    2 Technology 14
  85. Which website is best for travel tickets?
    Which travel site is best for travelling locally or internationally: Travelocity, Expedia, or Orbitz? I have used Expedia once and Orbitz once but I never really compared the two at the time. I have a vacation coming up from work and I thought I shou...
    2 Travel 12
  86. Where should I shop on vacation in Orlando, FL?
    Im going on holiday to orlando but staying on international drive. i was wondering if anybody could tell me where i could find great shopping. Big brand shops and small boutiques for one of things. Thanx
    2 Shopping 28
  87. Body Grip
    first off, its internal. .. it feels as if something or someone is gripping my ribs and as I breathe deeper, it stings more but it feels better the further I go.. like its letting go or something. I don't thnk im descibing it correctly but can you try ...
    4 Nutritionfitness 31
  88. Why am I getting this message on youtube?
    I go ton youtube and got this message... 500 Internal Server Error Sorry, something went wrong. A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation. If you see them, show them this information: am I hacked
    8 Technology 100
  89. Who knows any cool virtual games on the itouch?
    There are many games on the iPod touch. But what I want is a cool virtual game like cabal or perfect world international. One with attacks where you can level up and stuff. But an oline anime type theme. Please I need help
    3 Gaming 15
  90. What was this German dish?
    At an international food fair, I tried something from the German food stall. It was red, almost looked like raw meat, perhaps like raw beef or chicken. It had a bit of an herb taste and was salty. It was spread on toast. Does anyone have an idea what t...
    3 Food 29
  91. Why do many people on here seem to assume they're only addressing others within their own country when they post?
    This is an international community. It helps us gain insight as to why their local culture is what it is, but it tends to emphasise our differences. I like to think it is our similarities that make us interesting...
    7 Funadvice 14
  92. Coughing up red meucus?
    Is it ok to be coughing up red meucus? It just started today, and its only happened about 2 or 3 times, but I'm not so sure there should be blood in there. But also, a while ago when I had a really bad cold, when I blew my nose the snot was red-ish. ...
    2 Health 56
  93. Will my order be shipped to Canada?
    On the mailing site, I put my address and everything and I put Canada, dont worry. It showed me my shipping address and all that, which was all correct. Afterwards it told me to chose which type of shipping id want to use, so I clicked USPS First Class...
    2 General 38
  94. Who can make me laugh like hardcore???
    I'm bored. I wanna lmfao! Like hardcore.. that I almost pee on myself or it feels as if my kidney or internal organs are gunna explode! Shane Dawson usualy make me lmfao... buuut Youtube is acting stupid ATM. -.- Knock yourself out and make me laugh. :DDD
    4 Entertainment 11
  95. What did the decleration of independence do?
    Is the declaration of Independence a symbol or a government paper stating our formation into a nation? If the declaration of independence have no rights to give then whats the point of the declaration of the reason americans had the right to dissolve a...
    4 Politics 44
  96. How can I mute my microphone on yahoo?
    I just bought a new hp laptop. It has the internal web cam with microphone. I wanna know is there a way I can disable or mute my mic so when im doing video call in yahoo with my fiance, I can still hear him but he can't hear me. I just get wicked paran...
    3 Technology 98
  97. Do you believe the Book of Mormon?
    Can any Mormon help me understand how he or she can accept or believe a religion with so many internal contradictions and so much external evidence against it? I do not want to Mormon bash, but would like to understand how someone who considers himsel...
    5 Literature 44
  98. LG Voyager Texting NIghtmare!
    when im texting with the internal keyboard, its constantly finishing things for me, for exhample if I try to type quotations, ", I will get "o or (I instead of ( and several other symbol only oddities that are quite frankly making me really mad! how ...
    3 Technology 42
  99. How to make a good impression at my new school?
    Well basically, I have only lived in one place for my entire life, in a small town, and I have recently found out that we are moving to Germany. I will go to an international school in Hamburg. I will be switching mid-semester, and I was just wondering...
    8 Education 65
  100. How to tell if a girl likes you or if she is not interested in you?
    So their is this one girl in my class and she is not a student she is like a student intern and their are about 5 people in my class. Some have left, but anyways she helps people out except me and she laughs at students jokes if something is funny and ...
    9 Education 27
  101. peom
    can someone write a 20 line minimum poem for me with using atleast 5 of these literary devices: rhyme scheme, free verse, concrete peotry, imagery, simile, metaphor, figurative language, alliteration, onomatopeia, hyperbole, internal rhyme, and narrati...
    5 Education 37
  102. What can I put in badly damaged hair?
    Hello.I've badly damaged hair..I use pantene hair fall control..My hair was like..straight but there's still some hair which curled up.What can I do or apply?If you wants to recommend me some products,please recommend me international brand.As I scare ...
    2 Style 34
  103. Problems with the sun?
    yeah a while back I heard this info on the sun having serious issues...wish I recalled more...I heard it was something along the lines that a load (hundreds) of international scientists grouped together trying to solve/figure out this "Issue" with the...
    7 Environment 11
  104. Grad school advice needed..
    Before I begin, let me give insight to my situation. Im 19 and currently attending UNT; majoring in international studies with a focus on international law and diplomacy and a minors in arabic. I obtained my associates at the age of 17 so im a bit ahea...
    2 Education 18
  105. Should there be charges laid against people who fail to follow the rules when packing luggage for flight?
    Recently, the Miami International Airport had to be evacuated and flights delayed because a man had an object in his luggage that resembled a pipe bomb. The object, which proved to be harmless, caused the airport and surrounding roads to be shut down f...
    6 Politics 22
  106. How do I get a work holiday visa for Germany?
    I'm in Canada right now but going to Europe in October. I'm hoping to b e in Germany by the beginning of September and maybe working/living there for a year. But I can't find exact details on how to go about applying for a holiday work visa. Canada in...
    4 Money 16
  107. Do people really like "Die antwoord" band from South Africa?
    I have seen a few interviews where people say how much they love Die antwoord but I mean seriously? People in SA hate them and see them as Trailer trash. My opinion is that they give SA a really bad name by touring international and saying this is Sout...
    2 Music 12
  108. What majors should I get to be a pastry chef?
    (Like Buddy Valastro if you may lol) For years now I've wanted to have my own bakery and make custom cakes, bake bread, sweets, etc, but I'm not sure what major/minor I should get..I looked on the International Art Institute of Chicago website and saw ...
    3 Education 14
  109. How to deal with a rude boss?
    So, I am quitting my job--found something better, and my last day is Friday. Yea! However, I think one of my supervisors has been quite rude to one of our student interns, unfairly singling her out and isolating her from the rest of the office. I do...
    2 Money 43
  110. Who's right, the media or Biden ?
    Democrat vice presidential candidate Joe Biden on Sunday guaranteed that if Barack Obama is elected president, there will be an international crisis within six months - From the majority of television and print media I've seen and read for months, Obam...
    10 Politics 18
  111. Pc problem help!
    My pc starts but doesn't have output to monitor, keyboard and mouse... However there is output to my external hdd. I just added 2gb ram a few months ago. A geforce 8600 graphics card since december, internal 160gb hdd. Xp home edition. Hp compaq dx7300...
    3 Technology 42
  112. What's a quick/easy way to keep up on world events?
    What's the quickest way to keep up with current events? I'm so busy, but others expect me to know about world news! Is there a cheat sheet sheet web site or something similar? I know this sounds stupid and shallow, but I don't have time to read all abo...
    2 Politics 42
  113. What happens when a gas is heated?
    This question seems obvious but the real meaning I am trying to exploit is difficult (for me). I was asked this question in advanced chemistry. It seems easy but I don't remember this covered material. Can anyone help me? Thanks, help is much apprecia...
    6 Science 88
  114. Is the "n" word a bad word?
    Yeah, I'm asking fa for their own opinion... All my life I have been called the "n" word in school. So people are just so mean too me. Make fun of me all my life, I wanted to quit school at time. But now that I'm in college, everyone calls the...
    2 General 137
  115. What do you think of my poem
    The stars are out, shining bright But the monster lurks, in the night Wherever I look, the monster’s there Haunting my thoughts- his lair There is no rest, no reprieve I can’t be happy, I only grieve He taints my feelings, turns them blue ...
    3 Literature 10
  116. How much boost should I be pushing for my '01 2.5L RS Imprezza? (read more)
    i was wondering how much boost i should be pushing for my 01 2.5L RS imprezza thats twin turboed, im currently set at 4lbs because it is my daily driver and i dont want to burn much gas, but once i get a toggle switch in i should be able to switch betw...
    4 Technology 27
  117. What do you think of hub motor, electric cars?
    I have been looking at alternative fuel cars for years now, and feel the electric drive train is a much better solution than the ICE "Internal Combustion Engine". There has also been talk of hub motor and this would remove the need for a transmission a...
    7 Cars 33
  118. Would hate me if I did the following?
    Would you hate me if I diod all of the following chorus select chorus band honors band student council newspaper cross country basketball scorekeeper internal basketball yearbook track the morning announce ossaconally track volunteered youth group lea...
    4 Education 29
  119. What are some good sources for this history term paper?
    So i am witting a 3 page paper on international trade, but how it would have changed history up to the 1500 hundreds if it never happened or occurred, and all things it would effect. I also, am having to display it on a poster board creatively. NO im n...
    3 Education 16
  120. How to convince my parents im not talking to 'strangers'?
    I'm 13 and go go on a social site and msn a lot but everytime I talk to my friends or just people I know, especially boys my mum and dad want to know who it is and how old they are and how I know them and loadsa stuff about them and it gets really anno...
    2 Family 30
  121. iPOP desicion... MONEY HELP
    Ok so I got a call back from something called iPOP (international presentation of preformers) and its something that is a once in a lifetime opportunity, literally. Well I sung and act and only like 100 out of 2000 get to go, I got a callback and I get...
    2 Money 20
  122. Why does the GOP leadership want to see the PATRIOT Act made permanent?
    I keep thinking...ultimately, it came out that the internal sharing of information in the FBI (as they were warned, twice about the attacks) was the reason that our intelligence agenies didn't prevent the tragedy. However, the Republican leadership thi...
    2 Politics 13
  123. FBI obtained phone records against policy, and tried to cover it up
    So the very least that the FBI has done is obtained phone records without proper internal justification. And, potentially, it was illegally obtaining phone records. Why is this kind of thing not bigger news? The government (Federal) massively abusin...
    9 Politics 19
  124. Cat Pooping on Bathroom Rug??
    Here recently, my 7 year old cat has been using the bathroom rug as the cat litter box. He does it 95% of the time on our bathroom rugs (both bathrooms) and the other 5% on my parent's carpet by the bathroom. We started noticing this after my mom got a...
    6 Pets 135
  125. I don't know what career I want?
    I'm in my senior year and I have no idea what I want to do in the future. I'm sure that I want to go to university but I have no idea what to study. I hate maths and all sciences. I'm interested in hiostory, performing arts, writing, politics. I have c...
    3 Education 59
  126. what. does the United States need?
    I'm an American and I'm aware of much anti-Americanism in the world. I also realize there are intelligent people outside of the US who know that not all Americans are fat, stupid and ignorant war mongers. but my question is pretty broad. what does the ...
    7 Politics 40
  127. Will the dollar be replaced?
    Several countries, like China, are worried about the massive and growing size of the US debt. There are calls to move away from the dollar as the international reserve currency (some already have) and go to some form of a global currency regulated by ...
    5 Politics 36
  128. What is your favorite microbrew?
    I live in Germany, and I'm originally from Germany, so a lot of Americans ask me how I can stand to drink American beer after drinking the brews that come from my ancestral homeland. I always find this funny, because many Europeans have very high ...
    3 Food 11
  129. Is my vagina odour normal?
    I take a shower EVERY SINGLE NIGHT sometimes I shave sometimes I dont depends on how im feeling but no matter what I do or how I wash my vagina smells not too long after my shower. its not fishy or anything...its allmost like B.O. but not strong but I ...
    4 Sex 293
  130. Can you Prove God?
    Without using any sacred scriptures can you prove there is a God? Is it possible? Can a person prove to mee that there is a God without depending on the scriptures?I have asked many people this question and I am still at a loss for an answer as noone h...
    161 Religion 119
  131. Can I get into Boston University?
    I have a 3.77 GPA. got a 27 on my ACT. i have a really good work experience worked every summer at factories as an intern/experience. international food club 3 years (3 year vice prez), soccer 2 years (varsity sophomore year), band 1 year (solo...
    4 Education 59
  132. Can You Express Your Faith In Your OWN Words?
    Can you express your faith, WITHOUT religious or scientific texts, references, quotes, et cetera? I want YOU to think about it, I want YOU to post what makes sense IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Be it an emotional bond with some mystical spiritual energy, your ...
    39 Religion 77
  133. black discharge
    I'm a 29 yr unmarried girl. I'm having blackish discharge for the past 5 days. My period is cyclic and i had my last period on 12.06.06. I consulted a gyn today and she gave me oinment called "Candid" and asked me to do a scan if it doesn't stops ...
    2 Sex 160
  134. How to speed my boyfriend up about marriage?
    My boyfriend and I have been together 2 1/2 years. I'm in law school, he is in med school 2 hours away. We have an amazing relationship even with our busy lives - we see each other almost every single weekend and are very much in love. However, I ...
    5 Relationships 34
  135. What do you think of partyboy corey?
    This question is 4 all pplz all ova the world since this guy went worldwide... Ok if you have lost memory of corey or actually dont know who he is well he was that melbo 16 yr old guy that held that party @ his house and it gt advertised on the net an...
    3 Relationships 36
  136. How should I distract myself?
    My dream is to be a singer, and it's something I want more than anything. I'm talking like international success, which is why, since I live in the Philippines at the moment, I have to wait til I go to Australia before pursuing it (because I don't want...
    3 Music 50
  137. Song that describes Anne Frank?
    if youve ever read anne frank this will be easier... wats a song that describes the book? if you havent read it... shes a girl who is a jew and is in hiding in an attic from the nazis in constant fear of being discovered. she lives in the "secret anne...
    4 Music 872
  138. what are the athletic effects on your body of being on the pill?
    hi there! here is my situation: I want to go on the pill, BUT I am a pretty involved athlete in taekwondo, and compete nationally at the moment, and internationally (hopefully) next year. taekwondo is a weight orientated sport (mostly) and every little...
    3 Health 34
  139. How do I handle the fact I had a miscarriage?
    hello..I just recently started dating this guy..he's a great guy. He's always been there for me whenever I need him. He's a really busy guy he works and goes to school and has a kid but he still finds time to talk to me..well recently I just found out ...
    2 Health 8
  140. What's it going to take to put you into a new war today? (read more)
    The global media cartel has decided on a hard sell for Syrian intervention. Following the so called Houla massacre... major media outlets have renewed their chorus for Americans to dig themselves deeper into debt, dropping bombs to free the Syrian peop...
    4 Politics 48
  141. why the heck is the customer representative suspicious?
    so my friend called the international airport to check the status update and wasnt sure about the spelling cause her daughters last name was huge and they were giving her a hard time considering her husband is overseas and she speaks little English th...
    2 Travel 12
  142. My period is starting to really get me down
    I started my period hen I was 12 im now 19, I've had bad periods since, I've bled for 6 weeks straight, im now anemic because of it, I've been the hospital and the docors, I've had internal and external scans, the doc has changed my pil 5 times! I've t...
    7 Health 60
  143. Why america and europe are so racist
    Why america and europe are so racist that they prevent farouk honey from winning I unesco elections inspite he was the best one and it was a conspiracy from europe and america and the prove is the austrian candidate withdrawd from the election to make...
    3 Politics 51
  144. Was former President Carter correct to speak with Hamas?
    KUWAIT CITY - Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Tuesday the Bush administration explicitly warned former President Jimmy Carter against meeting with members of Hamas, the Palestinian faction that controls the Gaza Strip and which is regarded by ...
    5 Politics 26
  145. When to know the guy I like is a complete douche?
    I met a guy just recently, and we have been having good conversations. He tells me he likes me and that my personality is really cool. Since I am international he thinks that when my accent pops out its really cute. The problem I have is that I am VER...
    2 Relationships 39
  146. poetry I felt like shareing read if you want,
    I just didn't know where else to write this This is something new if only this where true but I fear it well make me feel blue should I stay or should I go? please soul I have to know! I think I should give it a go! I never back down from a ...
    2 Literature 12
  147. I'm not so sure if my friend appreciates me... what should I do??
    I'm not so sure if my friend appreciates me... what should I do?? I was an intern and I met her on the first day of my job. Despite, the fact she was my superior, she was very kind and friendly towards me. And, I kind of liked looking at the fact I ...
    2 Relationships 34
  148. What is this plant that caused a rash?
    I am taking a floriculture class, which is responsible for managing the FFA greenhouse. We found a plant that was interesting looking, and nobody knew what it was, so we disected it today. The leaves looked like corn leaves, but there were bulbs below ...
    2 Homegarden 31
  149. Suture reaction
    I have a 14 month old black lab female who had a spay surgery 7 weeks ago. Her surgery went great and the incision healed well and looked great up until a week ago when we noticed a dime size blister looking area at the base of the healed incision and ...
    2 Pets 142
  150. How can I learn to run again?
    Im recovering from ACL reconstruction and internal fixation of a tibial fracture, the surgery was in October. Before the ACL surgery, I sat around 6 weeks due to my fracture, so lost a lot of muscle.I have now been given clearance to start running, an...
    3 Nutritionfitness 90
  151. Please help me, I really have to have these done
    1. What role did the expanding middle class play in art? how did their role in art compare to the role of the modern middle class in art? 2. How did a greater emphasis on the physical world change art in this period? how might it be regarded as co...
    2 Education 28
  152. Is it normal to be afraid after a car wreck?
    Is it normal to be scared to fall asleep when it is dark after you have been in a wreck? Let me tell you the story. I went up into the city for my b-day. It was just a normal Saturday. Well at 8:00 we left the city and started to head home, well it is ...
    4 Health 39
  153. How would you reach out to Pete Cashmore of Mashable?
    So, I've been trying (without success) to get a write up about on Mashable which is the largest social networking blog out there. Given our unique one click photo integration, the recently launched http://www.funa...
    3 Money 19
  154. How to Cancel my Wu-Yi Tea subscription and free trial membership?
    Hi im located in Singapore and just make a big mistake of signing up for the Wu-Yi Tea 1 month trial weight loss tea bags yesterday on! Before I even received my tea bags and stuff, I decided its best for me to cancel the order immediat...
    8 Nutritionfitness 53
  155. What could be wrong with me, if anything?
    Hi. I'm 14, and I had my first period about 4 months ago. Since then, I've been masturbating quite a lot, but had nothing. For the last three weeks, my digestion has been a bit messed; I had a cold, and then I started having quite bad diarrhea. That we...
    3 Sex 24
  156. Funny, apparently my former employer is deleting references to us
    For those who didn't know, I was a faithful Yahoo employee for almost two years, and a contractor after that for a year. I count many (now former) Yahoo employees as friends, several of which I've continued to work with since leaving. Out of curiousit...
    7 Funadvice 42
  157. What are my chances? Is it Worth it?
    What are my chances? im only 14 and I want to model, mostly when I get older internationally, but thats a slim chance. hhmm lets see in the past 2 weeks I've lost 5 pounds, so im like 110. is it worth most of the troubles? I know im young, so 5'6" is s...
    2 Money 20
  158. So much for homeland security...What do you think?
    I know this isn't about international terrorists, yet it does effect the security of our nation as a whole. PROVIDENCE, R.I. - Lawmakers from California to Kentucky are trying to save money with a drastic and potentially dangerous budget-cutting p...
    5 Politics 14
  159. Is this a good gaming PC?
    I am about to buy a gaming desktop pc and I want to make sure I buy one worth while. I plan is to have one custom build for best performance and graphics. So I want to know if these system components excel in both of those areas. Here`s the list... S...
    4 Gaming 27
  160. Fearful agnostic with religious pressure...?
    I'm in a bit of a position. My family and society are uber-religious- and it's not like they're Christians, whose members at least live in (generally) normal society. No, my family are such that they live in like a 'bubble' of orthodox life. Consequent...
    12 Religion 56
  161. Is there anything besides Heaven & Hell?
    This question is for all those of you who continually blast Christianity, for the teachings that one goes to Hell, if they are not saved. It does seem to me, that there should be another category... Oblivion. However, Gods word is the dividing ...
    15 Religion 119
  162. Read this and tell me if its okay as an article
    When our world produces enough food to feed everyone, how can it be possible that every five seconds a child dies from hunger? “Abundance, not scarcity, best describes the world’s food supply,” states Food First, the Institute for Food and Development ...
    3 Literature 24
  163. Do I give up the trip of a lifetime to please my father?
    I've known my ex-boyfriend for 10 years. I often think he may be the one. He lives abroad, in the same country (let's say Poland) that my father is from. Recently my ex (for the 3rd or 4th time) offered to pay for me to come visit him.I just needed to ...
    4 Relationships 27
  164. What do you think of this mini story?
    Yesterday I was really bored so I decided to make up a mini story or whatever you wanna call it, so tell me what you think of this As the the anestesia wears off the victim the victim slowly regains consciousness and looks down and shocked to see that...
    3 Literature 30
  165. What do you Think about the Latest Admission by Bush
    One year ago... "This Government does not torture people. We stick to US law and our international obligations," Mr Bush said as he defended his war on terror launched after the September 11 attacks of 2001. Mr Bush said that "when we find somebody ...
    6 Politics 24
  166. For soccer playersss. (:
    Name? - Ali. Age? - Sixteeen. (: How old were you when you started playing? - I started when I was young and quit for a while until like freshman or sophmore year. How many seasons have you played? - I don't know. Is soccer your fav...
    6 Sports 44
  167. Who thinks I should get this Toshiba laptop, I really like it?
    From Toshiba comes a portable powerhouse you can take with you anywhere you go. The 14.0" Satellite L645D laptop PC comes to you loaded with all the advanced features you expect from Toshiba. An AMD Athlon II P320 processor and 3GB of memory keep your ...
    13 Technology 35
  168. For all who have or want an eating disorder
    this isnt a question. this is some advice to all of the young people out there constantly asking advice for learning to develop an eating disorder. why on earth would you want to do that to yourself? I can understand pain. I can understand hurt I can u...
    2 Sex 33
  169. To clear up errors with atheists
    Hey, I am trey, I have no problems with atheist, I just want to clear things with them ( this is optional) I made a list of proof that god exist 1. "god" means "creator of the physical universe." 2. Time passes, from the past, into the p...
    16 Religion 45