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  1. What are internal assets?
    3 General 14
  2. How do you interpret internationalism?
    2 Politics 10
  3. Is there international programs to help you go to an international school?
    2 Education 17
  4. International Province / Territory
    What is an International Province / Territory
    2 Politics 237
  5. What is "socialized medicine" and what is a socialist?
    4 Politics 25
  6. Is "international" and "overseas" the same thing?
    5 Travel 112
  7. is laughter really the best medicine?
    is laughter really the best medicine?
    3 General 20
  8. Medicine for my itching vigina
    Give me medicine for my itching vigina
    3 Health 161
  9. is there any Medicine to increase confidence level ?>
    is there any Medicine to increase confidence level ?>
    6 Health 39
  10. What is the cheapest way to travel internationally?
    What is the cheapest way to travel internationally?
    2 Travel 40
  11. who thinks that herbs can be better then medicines?
    6 Health 21
  12. What are your opinions on using medicinal marijuana?
    10 Health 37
  13. Do doctors know more about medicine than nutrition?
    7 Health 52
  14. Why do poets use internal rhyme?
    4 Literature 144
  15. Is it true that urine can be used as medicine?
    3 Health 34
  16. where is a good place to find medicine???
    3 Shopping 12
  17. Physician question!
    How much does it cost to see a physician?
    4 Health 16
  18. How long do international bank transfers take?
    how long do international bank transfers take
    2 Money 54
  19. Medicine to became periods before..
    Is there any medicine to make periods before...
    2 Health 36
  20. What are high-paid jobs to do with medicine?
    6 Money 9
  21. Is having an international driving license valid for all countries?
    2 General 25
  22. What... Is there only one certian medicine that works for you when you have a headache?
    2 Health 29
  23. What kind of medicine will relieve the itching on your skin?
    6 Health 38
  24. What is Umbrella Corporation of International Biological Solutions?
    3 General 66
  25. How do you get over a cold if no medicine us helping?
    7 Health 33
  26. How do students succeed International Baccalaureate Program?
    2 Education 11
  27. What are some medical problems that qualify you for medicinal marijuana?
    8 Health 19
  28. Is the International Modelling Agency real or a scam?
    4 Money 18
  29. do scar removal medicine actually work?
    2 Style 34
  30. Is payday loan available for international members?
    4 Money 17
  31. What's good cough medicine?
    What is good cough medicine for coughing ans a stuffy nozE?
    4 Health 76
  32. Good allergy medicine?
    Does anyone know a good allergy medicine that helped them with allergies?
    5 Health 21
  33. Can I give 2month old baby cough medicine?
    Can I give 2month old baby cough medicine?
    2 Babies 15
  34. If you have a medicinal marijuana card, but move somewhere else, can you go back to the state and get more medicine?
    2 Health 14
  35. What international food is the best?
    What international food is the best? I'm refering to what's your favorite international foods? Just wondering.
    6 Food 14
  36. what should i be asking my surgeon about my hernia surgery?
    anything in particular I should be asking?
    2 Health 16
  37. Do you think that dating an international student would work out?
    22 Relationships 38
  38. Are police allowed to bring guns on international flights?
    5 Politics 14
  39. I have bad allergies, the medicine I am taking is not helping
    I have bad allergies and I take medcine and its not helping what should I do?
    2 Health 37
  40. How long do you have to study medicine before working in the medical field?
    9 Education 55
  41. What are conditions for a foreignerto study medicine in USA or Canada?
    2 Education 14
  42. Can I give 2 month old baby cough medicine?
    Can I give 2 month old baby cough medicine?
    2 Babies 131
  43. What medicine should I give a sick capuchin monkey?
    2 Pets 255
  44. How do I become an m.d. or surgeon
    what classes should I get into to become a m.d. or surgeon in orange county
    2 Health 34
  45. Where to buy cheaper heartworm and flea medicine?
    Where can I find my heartworm and flea medicine cheaper than at the doctor?
    4 Pets 14
  46. How to get an international credit card?
    How can I get an international credit card with which I can shop online...What will be the charges...
    3 Money 8
  47. what is the australian tertiary admission rank (atar) for medicine?
    (Australians should know what an atar is)
    3 Education 13
  48. Is there a medicine or vaccine so u don't get STD when ur young?
    15 Health 44
  49. Can I still Skype if my Android phone doesn't have an internal camera?
    3 Technology 9
  50. How to cure a dry throat and cold without any kind of medicine?
    3 Health 35
  51. What kind of medicine do you recommend to get rid of a cough fast?
    12 Health 44
  52. Why are poisons and medicines made of the same substance but given with different intentions?
    3 Health 14
  53. Can I walk into a store and go take pictures of medicine bottles?
    4 General 34
  54. ~which acne medicine is better~
    which acne medicin is better? salicylic acid, or benzoyl paroxide?
    5 Style 35
  55. Is there a job that requires traveling to collect plants for making medicine?
    if there is, what's it called?
    3 Money 19
  56. When looking through news articles, what would be considered global and what would be considered international?
    Is there a difference?
    3 General 34
  57. Does any one know the kind of wrestling tv show where all the international people wrestle each other?
    3 Entertainment 8
  58. What's a good way to get rid of menstrual cramps without medicine?
    12 Health 44
  59. Who believes grass is medicine for cats?
    My mum always tells me it is but, is she being silly?
    4 Pets 13
  60. Is there a way to move pictures from my camera's internal memory to my SD card?
    2 Technology 17
  61. international calling?
    does it cost extra to talk or text from California to Canada?
    4 Technology 38
  62. what is better alternative medicine or regular medicine.
    what is better alternative medicine or regular medicine because regular doctors made you a lot appointments and told you to take a lot of pills and sometimes I think its only to charge the health insurance what do you think about it any answer is welco...
    2 Health 45
  63. International phonecalls
    See when irene (from texas) phones me(from england) Will it charge me aswell?
    2 General 14
  64. is weed medicine ?
    And if you haven't smoked in a few months will you get higher the next time ?
    9 Health 18
  65. Is it harmful for a pregnant woman to take medicine for a cold - all within the first few months?
    4 Health 20
  66. Why do people like to snoop through medicine cabinets?
    Why do people like to snoop through other people's medicine cabinets? Come on. You all know you've done it or thought about it.
    3 Health 40
  67. Burn fat with medicine?
    Is there any side effect fatal or abnormal if I use medicine to burn my extra fat from my belly. Should I use what type of medicine for this?
    2 Nutritionfitness 24
  68. High from medicine?
    is it true that you can get high from over dosing on cough medicine? or sleep medicine? my friend said so, and I don't think thats true, is it?
    4 Health 35
  69. What over the counter medicine will help me sleep?
    2 Health 11
  70. Would most universities expect you to take math as well as two sciences to study medicine?
    3 Education 12
  71. Does it really work to take medicine when you're upset?
    does it relieve the pain and how bad would it be to do that?
    8 Health 13
  72. What are you possibly interested in learning more about in the history of medicine?
    Just out of curiosity, I'd like to hear your opinions.
    2 Education 18
  73. Natural Medicines
    What are some Natural Remedies to getting rid of chronic migraines, etc? Wellness in general?
    3 Health 18
  74. How to make my breasts bigger without a plastic surgeon?
    I have small breast and I would like them to be bigger without a plastic surgeon...what do you think I can do about it ???be truthfulthannx :  ]lolz
    4 Style 97
  75. Could anyone suggest some medicine for stress relief?
    I mean mental stress, is there any happy pills exists?
    2 Health 7
  76. What can you get your doctorate in besides medicine
    What can you get your doctorate in besides medicine.I have been looking all over the place for a list ...can you guys please help.
    3 Education 7
  77. Do you think that teas and natural herbs can be just as effective (or even more effective) for treating certain illnesses than modern medicine?
    10 Health 44
  78. Where to find a really strong cold medicine?
    Where to find a really strong cold medicine? I've had a cold for a few days or so, and, I was just wondering where to find a really strong cold medicine. If anyone has any ideas, I would greatly appreciate some feedback.
    2 Health 170
  79. Is international investment smart for 2008?
    Do you think international companies is the way to invest for 2008? Many investors beleive that in 2008 those companies which have international revenue could be better off than just national company. What do you think about it?
    2 Money 17
  80. What schools offer medical scholarships for international students?
    Plz any idea of schools offer scholarships 4 international students n where can i get registered for their tests???
    4 Education 13
  81. Who knows if there a way to change physician?
    like say someone moved to a new town, could they get a new Physicians? or any others way
    6 Health 12
  82. What is the japanese internment about from a Canadian persepective?
    i hav to write an essay about it bout i hav no idea wat it is. help plse????
    4 Politics 15
  83. physician assisted suicide
    I don't really know much about the subject, but I was just listening to a few of my friends arguing about it and I was just wondering... what are your opinions?
    10 Politics 34
  84. give me an estimate on how much is a ticket to travel international?
    someone told me 2,600 for an adult O.O
    6 Travel 8
  85. International calling
    Ok I need 2 call china. How do I do it? I have the number but everytime I dial it, it says my call cant be completed as dialed =/
    6 General 24
  86. What are International Schools like?
    I'm from the U.S. and will soon be moving to an international school in Hamburg,,,I was wondering if anyone has been to an international school before and could tell me the difference between there and a public high school here in the U.S.
    3 Education 23
  87. Who's a good plastic surgeon for my ugliness?
    Please confirm that I am ugly and that all hope is lost for me. Please recommend plastic surgeons especially ones that have a monthly payment plan.
    11 Style 37
  88. could you practice medicine in another state
    If you got med school and get a license to practice in one state can you move to another and practice medicine like a Psychiatrist
    2 Education 8
  89. How many years of university would it take to become a successful cardiovascular surgeon?
    Just need an approximate guess..
    3 Education 14
  90. What brand of medicine has that commercial where a guy and a girl say "I blow my nose and nothing comes out..." and it's due to sinus inflammation?
    4 Health 80
  91. fankfurt hahn airport to frankfurt international airport(HHN-FRA)
    how do I get fron frankfurt hanh airport to frankfurt international airport HHN - FRA what is the easiest fastest and cheapest way?
    2 Travel 65
  92. International calling for free?
    Is there a way to call internationaly [like to the UK] without being charged from it, from your mobile phone? [through tmobile and no international calling plan] Help me please?
    4 Technology 20
  93. Are there any Federal grants or scholarships from the U.S. Gov for students studying internationally?
    i'm trying to study in Europe but i can't do it without help financially.
    2 Education 13
  94. FunAdvice Trivia: What are the international registration letters of a vehicle from Guyana?
    6 Funadvice 31
  95. What internal benefits is a company offered if they use a WACC (The weighted average cost of capital) offer?
    I think we need a "Business" category...
    8 Money 39
  96. When is the 2012 Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant?
    Does anyone know what Channel and time the pagaent will be on this year? Last year it was on Fuel TV.
    5 Entertainment 14
  97. How can I lose or gain weight on synthetic thyroid medicine?
    My thyroid hasn't worked for 3 years. I am on Synthroid but it doesn't help me lose weight. I don't gain either. What do I do?
    2 Health 29
  98. Can cold medicine be given to kids?
    Do you think that one can give cold medicines to kids below 6 years of age? There is so much going about them nowadays that I would avoid if possible.
    9 Babies 34
  99. When you get a tooth surgically removed by a dentist, do they give you a prescription for pain medicine afterwards?
    My fiance has an appointment tomorrow and hes terrified they wont give him medicine.
    9 Health 20
  100. Can I take these medicines?
    I am taking the anti biotic e-mycin (ethromycin) and I want to take bisolvon chesty 250ml oral suspension. Is it safe???
    2 Sex 10
  101. Is it safe to put different medicines for fish together?
    i bought a lot of medicine/support bottles for my new fishes and i have bought bottles for preventing the tank being dirty. should i put them all in the water?
    2 Pets 25
  102. What's a good slogal to get interest in medicine?
    what is a good slogan to encourage the youth to take up medical course? I really need help about this, thanks!
    4 General 36
  103. people to people international
    A few weeks ago I got a letter from some program called People to people international. they invited me on a trip to london and france for 18 days. Does anyone know about this program? Any tips?
    3 Travel 51
  104. Does this migraine medicine help you lose weight?
    2 Nutritionfitness 149
  105. Could taking pain medicine hurt the fetus if the Dad takes it?
    MoM's 25 weeks pregnant what could the effect on fetus be if husband regularly takes percocet for back pain?
    4 Health 61
  106. What the risk of taking Expired Medicine i got a headach and i only got some Expired Prednisolon, it expired on 5/11/10 so is it any risk of taking it?
    and it say take with food but i don't feel like cook so would a Popsicle be fine??
    32 Health 96
  107. Is this a sign of pregnancy or the medicine I'm taking?
    Hi. I have Urinary Tract Infection and the medicine mkes me throw up. But I don't think it's the medicine becuase everytime I eat I have to throw up. and I was suppose to have my period and I didn't get it. could this be a sign of pregnancy?
    3 Health 36
  108. What is the best allergy medicine for a 13 year old girl?
    I am allergic to dogs, cats, guinea pigs, pollen, dust and more! I need a medicine that is good for me and works for 24 hours
    3 Health 333
  109. What to take as over the counter depression medicine?
    I'm going through a really bad break up and I'm extremely depressed. I was wondering if there are any over the counter depression medicine? Ps" I can't go see a dr. I won't have health insurance until june 1st
    7 Health 34
  110. Are there pills or medicine that makes your hair grow strong?
    My hair is very curly and I dislike it, I'm tired of using conditioner, I wan't somethibg that make it straight out of it growth process. Something like pills or medicine.
    2 Style 19
  111. HELP I'M WORRIED!!! Can internal organs repair themselves?
    Okay I know this is a weird but I need to know if the colon / bowel can repair itself. Like if you get a cut on your skin it heals ... does the same thing happen to internal organs?
    4 Health 358
  112. How will Yaz birth control medicine help Acne?
    I have been concerned that my friends daughter is taking Yaz birth control pills for reasons other than Acne. She has convinced her Mom that she was advised to use the product Yaz for Acne. Can someone advise?
    5 Health 44
  113. The Best Physicians Formulas?
    Has Anyone experienced ANY of the Physicians Formula Items that work best for YOU? It could be anything that you've tried from powder or liners or mascaras. . Anything from that company that you've tried that works Best for you skin and looks? ...
    4 Style 24
  114. please suggest any medicine or remedy
    me and my girl friend had oral sex and I release my semen on her vagina but not inside ,how she had skip her period ,is she pregent if yes please sugest any medicine or remendy for the unwanted pregency
    2 Sex 38
  115. How old are the Hooter's girls normally that compete in the International Swimsuit Pageant?
    I have been wondering how old are normally the hooters girls that compete in the swimsuit pageant every year? Like are they like 18? In their 20's? or 30's?? I know they must be pretty young.
    2 Entertainment 7
  116. How much do you have to spend on medicines every month?
    I have three prescriptions that are $5 dollars each and one is $76. That is with health insurance. Without health insurance the $76 dollar one would cost me $246 every month and the other ones aroun $30 each.
    8 Money 53
  117. How can I download videos from interne without any lose of quality?
    Hi, I'd like to have the videos I have on my account from a social site on my pc with the good way for downloading videos cause I'd like to have my files with good quality. Does anyone know which is the best way for doing that?
    3 Technology 38
  118. would i be considered an international student in canada?
    i know this may sound like a dumb question but i just want to be sure. i live in pennsylvania and i want to go to college in canada, but i need to know if i'd count as an international student because im from another country.
    2 Education 17
  119. Conventional Medicine Advantages?
    I have a science case study for my GCSE, and I need some information about the advantages of conventional medicines.. if anyone could help I would be very grateful. I need a list of about 3-4 things and a few starter points for me to expand on. Thank...
    2 Science 125
  120. What are some good acne medicines and creams?
    I've been gettin a lot of acne lately and its rele getting annoying.. does anyone have any suggestions on what to use that you could buy at the store or somthing like that? thanks
    2 Style 13
  121. FunAdvice Trivia: Which international airline carrier has never had a crash?
    A) British Airway B) Cathy Pacific C) Qantas D) Emirates Airlines Thanks to Samantha for submitting today's trivia question!
    10 Funadvice 9
  122. When a body part is severed from the body, how long do surgeons have to sew it back on if they can?
    Im watching the Ringer and on here he has a couple of weeks to reattach the fingers (i know its just a movie, thats why im curious as to what the real time limit is)?
    4 Health 30
  123. Do you believe someone could be a surgeon even if they can't handle the sight of a lot of blood and guts?
    It fascinates me and the only thing standing in my way is the quesy-ness. Pretty much, is it possible to get over the quesy-ness?
    3 Money 20
  124. Traveling Internationally
    Wow that sucks. my old question about my site got deleted:( but my question today is I got a letter about traveling enternationaly. Its like what a teacher reccomends. But I want to know if you think its real and if I should do it. And its to go to eur...
    3 Travel 14
  125. what kind of lotion or medicine can help my moms hand?
    her hands been tragically ill since 2006 and all the doctor does is recommend the same medicine for her since 2006, nothing seem to help:( her hands turn red, they itch her, she has cuts, and her hand is hard as a cactus..she cries sometime from them? ...
    26 Health 21
  126. S.A.T Question Life for Physician Susan La Fleshe
    Life for Physician Susan La Fleshe was quite ___ when she returned to her omaha people : She had to treat a widely dispersed population with little ___. A. Humdrum, Monotony B.Draining, Difficulty C.Frustrating, Hardship D.Challenging, Assistance
    3 Education 37
  127. What do these errors mean - 500 ( Internal Server) and 503 (Service Not Available)?
    I've tried to get to a site, but a white screen with these words pop up. I've tried to type it in, click the link from a search engine, etc.
    2 Technology 8
  128. What are some things that i can do to help with a uti until i can get some medicine?
    I feel like i starting to have a urinary tract infection because i feel like i have to pee every five seconds and when i do nothing but a few drops are coming out. I cant get any azos until tomorrow. Is there anything i can do to help it now.
    10 Health 41
  129. why International Court of Justice is going after albashier ,president of sudan , and they dont care about what isreal have done in Ghazza ?
    this shows that they r and the (american government) not citizens .. are liars and it should be called the united states unfair court?
    3 Politics 42
  130. What is the best medicine for sore throat, coughing, sneezing, runny nose, congestion in the bridge of my nose and in my chest?
    It's not quite a cold, but it's just the pollen in the air that's been bothering me really bad and I can't even get to work, anyone got ideas
    8 Health 59
  131. How do you masturbate for the very first time internally?
    I am 13 and I want to know how to masturbate. I've used a back massager but its really loud and my parents are always home. How do you use like a vibrater and like put it inside? I dont even use tampons. please help
    2 Sex 945
  132. International study finds US at 18th in reading and 28th in Math
    Education: A recent International comparison study found that the United States gets the least bang for the bucks it spends on education, putting the U.S. at 18th in reading (behind countries like Japan and Poland) and a dismal 28th in math - What is t...
    23 Education 36
  133. what does it mean when your doctor tells you your pregnancy test is negative so far and the medicine he prescribes you wont hurt the baby?
    My friend said it could be i have high hormones and im pregnant but it was too early to fully see it. idont know how true that is though
    2 Health 16
  134. Is it possible to get an international driver's license with a British Columbia class 7 license?
    I was planning on going to Europe next summer, and wanted to rent a car. I know you need an international permit to drive, but I only have a class 7 license. Will I be able to get a permit with that? I looked at ICBC's website and they just said a vali...
    2 Cars 17
  135. Is Over-the-Counter medicine okay when I'm pregnant?
    I'm 33 weeks pregnant and I'm getting a yeast infection... I tried to call my Dr and ask him what I should do but they are not open today (just my luck)... and I don't really think It's something I should have the answering service call him on. So I'm ...
    3 Health 12
  136. Is American Sign Language international?
    Are there differences when dealing with different nationalities? Such as, in the English language, for the British we would call it 'crisp', while in America they would say 'chip'. For the American's 'jelly' is jam, while 'jelly' for the British is wh...
    3 General 44
  137. should i use this medicine the doctor gave me?
    The doctor told me to take Symbicort ( which is a inhaler) 4 times a day, but i'm not sure if i want to use it cause it can increase the risk of a asthma related death, ( which would be a sucky way to die). So i don't think i want to risk my health or...
    10 Health 37
  138. What is gonna happen if you take twice the amount of cold medicine?
    Well about an hour ago I took some cold medicine that my grandma gave me and I completely forgot I took it so I just too two tablespoons of Nyquil.But I thought if you took one medicine your not supposed to take another one for about 6 hours after...So...
    2 Health 38
  139. expired medicine okay??
    k so I broke my arm and my dr prescribed hydrocodone but that was 2 weeks ago and I fell on it today and its hurting like crazy and the advil isnt working. im out of the hydrocodone he prescribed but I have some from 2002. if I took 2 (prescribed amoun...
    2 Health 37
  140. How do you send mail internationally?
    I have a letter i want to send to my boyfriend in the U.K. and i live in the USA. its just a four paged letter and it will fit into a regular envelope thats i want to assume is like a 3 by 6 or something like that. What do i do just put a stamp in the ...
    6 General 31
  141. Where to intern or work while in college?
    Hello guys, I'm a college student going for a bachelors in economics. I will graduate next year. However, I have no job experience or volunteer work. Do you guys have any advice on places to intern/work while in college? Also, what occupation will su...
    2 Money 27
  142. Why don't many doctors enforce the dangers of potential hearing loss from medicines?
    Many medications are ototoxics. I told two of my doctors that medicine literature and complains online point out how you will potentially become deaf or develop uncurable tinnitus and both kind of laugh at me. One told me to stop reading online medical...
    3 Health 16
  143. Is there an international scholarship?
    I once came here and asked on advice on how to get a scholarship. Someone refered me to my country"s government. Now my country has run out of money. All I need is for somebody to tell me if there is a worldwide organization that can meet my full tutio...
    3 Education 23
  144. How long does it take for these medicines to work?
    I just got on concerta 36 mg for adhd and lamictal (not sure how many mg but I think it's high because the tablet is really big) for my mood swings and bad temper... can somebody please tell me how long it takes for the medicines to actually work becau...
    2 Health 69
  145. When mixing medicine and alcohol?
    Okay, so years friend had mixxed a bottle of fruit punch & just one shot of could barely taste the I've been sick for a few days now..just a later that night..nine hours later..I took two tyenol....
    2 Health 19
  146. Can cold medicine cause you to fail a urine analysis?
    I had to go take a urine test last thursday for a job that has just hired me. I do not use any dr.ugs however, i have been using wal-phed (walgreens version of sudafed) to fight a cold since last tuesday. I have been waiting for them to call and let ...
    8 Education 94
  147. Do I have internal bleeding?
    Hi everyone,well here's what's up, when I take a dump sometimes I bleed and it like changes the color of toilet water even wipes pure blood. I'm not constipated I don't think. I mean I crap like once even twice a day. It hurts to use the bathroom some...
    3 Health 29
  148. Am I going to get sick for taking too much medicine on accident?
    I had a really bad sore throat,but all we had was childen's only went up to about 95 pounds,which was 2 teaspoons,so I took 3 teaspoons of it. Then about 10 minutes later,when I went to put it back,I noticed that I had tylenol cough and sor...
    3 Health 17
  149. Which surgical specialty intrigues you the most, if you were to have one of these careers?
    Cardio,(Heart surgeon) Nuero,(Brain surgeon) Peds,(Children surgeon) Plastics,(Face/Skin Surgeon) Ortho,(Bones surgeon person) General,(Bit of everything) For me I think Cardio or Nuero.
    9 Money 9
  150. Which is the best career?
    whatd do you think is a better job ♥veterinarian ♥surgeon ♥plastic surgeon
    3 Money 9
  151. Should I stop taking my medicine so I can join the Army?
    ok see I want to join the army but I have no clue right now what I should do. see they say im not qualified right now at the age 17 because im on medications but I was thinking when I turn 18 to stop all my meds and then join after a couple months what...
    5 Health 52
  152. does anyone do anything for cramps?
    what do I do for cramps? Besides medicine??
    2 Health 13
  153. Is there any good medication for binging?
    Is there any medicine for me to stop binging?
    3 Health 11
  154. Emergency!!!
    what's like being any er physician or a paramedic?
    5 Health 24
  155. my major (very worried)
    What can you do with a B.A in international studies (focusing on international law and diplomacy) and a minors in Arabic?
    2 Education 10
  156. bladders!
    if I have a bladder problem and I am allergic 2 the medicine what do I do??
    3 Health 16
  157. STD / how do I know if I have a sex transmited disease?
    How can you feel / know that you have sex transmited disease... is there a medicine can cure this kind of deases? and the medicine is expensive?
    9 Sex 144
  158. Mixing drugs
    Can I take cold medicine like nyquil or alka seltzer plus cold medicine while I am taking zoloft?
    2 Drugs 28
  159. below the knee pain
    how do I stop pain thats right below my knee it is internal
    2 Health 35
  160. Best allergy medicine
    I think Im allergic to my boyfriend's dog. Which is strange because I have 2 dogs myself and I always have done ever since I was little. Everytime his dog gets near my face I come up in big red patches on my face and neck. When the dog put his claws o...
    3 Health 37
  161. How to find a job as an international student?
    I am an international student studying in the US. I graduated from a top 10 university in the US with an economics major. I have a good GPA and good work/ internship experience, yet I can't seem to find a full time job! My visa expires in June so after...
    4 Money 11
  162. how to cure pimples(scraps) on the top of head(in hair)
    I got pimples on the top of the head(in between the hair) how to cure it? is there any medicine to cure it? if so will you please give details of that medicine and what things should I do daily.
    4 Style 127
  163. restless leg syndrome
    I have restless leg syndrome but do you thnk I shuld take medicine for it?
    3 Health 16
  164. What's the difference between these fields in Forensics?
    What's the difference btwn Forensic Medicine and Forensci Science?
    2 Education 15
  165. Died Laughing?
    If laughter is the best medicine, who's the idiot who said they 'died laughing'?
    6 General 12
  166. Depression in children.
    Im 13 and Im really depressed. Im not depressed all the time but when I am Im really depressed. I think I should take medicine. What medicine can a child take for depression? Do I have to go to the docter or theripist. I dont feel comfortable talking a...
    13 Babies 25
  167. Wet tail in my hamster
    My hamster has wet tail and hasn't been very active. How do I give her the medicine?
    3 Pets 41
  168. Getting rid of headaches without medication?
    how can you get rid of headaches without taking medicine?
    6 Health 35
  169. How can I get rid of a headache?
    My mother suffer from head ac problem daily. she also take medicines for it but no any effect of medicines. Can you tell me any other idea to get rid of head ac problem?
    2 Health 15
  170. What career should I choose? Should I be a doctor/surgeon?
    I have to choose A levels soon. Do I really want to have a career in medicine?
    3 Money 20
  171. Internship weekly stipend
    What do they mean when they say Interns will receive a "weekly stipend of $300" ???
    3 Money 73
  172. Do you use drugs?
    Do you use drugs? If so, which kind? And why? (doesn't include medicine pills or prescription).
    7 Drugs 30
  173. what kind of make up is tested on animals?
    I know they test make up on animals and medicine and other stuff but what kind of make up? does it harm the animal?
    4 Pets 24
  174. Marijuana is it worse than cigarettes?
    Is Marijuana bad for you? If its used for medicinal purposes? Is it honestly worse for you then cigarettes?
    11 Health 93
  175. What medication would help my rat's wound?
    My rat, Coco has a small wound (I think from scratching herself), and I was reading about how you should apply medicine to it. What I read didn't exactly say what medicine to use, but what do you think would be the best?
    4 Pets 42
  176. Are you taking life too seriously?
    There ain't much fun in medicine, but there's a heck of a lot of medicine in fun. - Josh Billings, 19th Century Humorist How could you start taking life less seriously?
    8 Entertainment 57
  177. What do nurses in hospitals do exactly, and what do you have to know to be one?
    like what kind of schooling, knowing about medicine or what?
    7 Money 44
  178. EachAches
    my son has an earache,and besides the typical medicine what other ways are there to help it pass?
    8 Babies 17
  179. Where can I get an RC plane that looks like a real airplane?
    where can I get an rc plane that looks like a real airplane from an international airport?
    2 Shopping 21
  180. Why do people do Drugs?
    no, not medicine, you know what I mean!! but why? and why do people think they're good for you cause there's nothing good about them?
    15 Drugs 32
  181. How to naturally get rid of a headache?
    anyone know how to get rid of a head ache without medicine
    10 Health 54
  182. Kitten with worms
    My kitten has roundworms, we bought and gave him otc medicine yesterday. He went a few times .. No worms, but today he went and .. There were several in side his feces. Is this a result of them dying b/c of the medicine .. Or do they typically com...
    2 Pets 19
  183. Krishna Consciousness
    Does anyone belong to the Internation Society for Krishna Consciousness? Is anyone interested in Krishna Consciousness? I am trying to adopt a Krishna Conscious lifestyle.
    3 Religion 21
  184. What are some standard medical supplies that are good to have?
    what are some standard medical supplies you should keep in your house in case of injury?(not including medicine)
    2 Health 44
  185. how can I make my period comes regular?
    I am not sexually active but my period is irregular, how can I make my period comes regular? what kind of medicine I should take?
    6 Sex 303
  186. Why do I have this headache that nothing helps?
    what dou you do when you have a headache every 3 hours and over the counter medicines don't work for you anymore?
    3 Health 19
  187. How can I get rid of stomach pain?
    How can I get rid of stomach pain??? I get a lot of medicine but how about home made antibiotics or something please!!
    6 Health 106
  188. Are nursing classes good preparation for vet school?
    Can a student take nursing as preparatory for veterinary medicine?
    2 Education 19
  189. How to treat yellow Teeth naturally ?
    i have yellow Teeth,i have tried many OTC medicines but it is not working.tell me some natural remedies for curing yellow teeth.
    4 Style 27
  190. Help me get to sleep.
    so im homeschooled; I don't really have a certain time to go to sleep or wake up; but id love to go to sleep at a descent time. what can I do besides take medicine. I once od on medicine an just thinking of taking it makes me really sick. but is there ...
    2 Health 30
  191. What can I do if I burnt my tounge?
    What can I do if I burnt my tounge? I can't put aloe or burn medicine on it. Can I? I split open a taste bud and it really hurts
    8 Health 37
  192. What are some home remedies for getting rid of headaches?
    i already took medicine and im drinking lots of water
    14 Health 29
  193. Why do famous people get paid more than heroes?
    Why do famous people get paid more then the people who save lives? Like cops, paramedics, surgeons, etc.
    16 Entertainment 326
  194. Male Voice Change Ages
    What is the AVERAGE age for males in developed nations to begin voice change? Does it vary around the world or is there an international mean?
    2 General 139
  195. How can I stop excessive flatulence?
    I have flatulence and cannot stop passing gas. I've been to the doctors and the medicine doesn't work. Whatever shall I do?
    2 Health 59
  196. Sore throat, how to make it better?
    So I've got a sore throat Any ways to help it get better without having to take very unpleasant medicine?
    7 Health 56
  197. What do I do to make my penis larger?
    I want to make my penis bigger and want to do it for free without buying any drugs or medicines or anything like there something I can do??
    7 Health 79
  198. New born kittens mom was picked up what to do?
    I've got several new born kittens mom was picked up by pound and fixed and got a medicine to drain her of milk what do I do???
    5 Pets 49
  199. How do I slow down my matabalisom?
    Im 15 an I weigh 117 an I wanna no how do I gain weight is there medicine or any food that I can eat to gain more pounds
    4 Nutritionfitness 62
  200. Fever that doesn't go away.
    Recently, I got a serious flu. Usually, I recover from flu and fever within a day. This time, I took Tylenol for fever and everything. My symptoms just got worse. My fever just fluctuate between 99 to 103. I went to emergency room. The doctor pre...
    2 Health 694
  201. What do you think about Animal Testing for scientific research?
    What are your views on using animals to experiment on? Do you think that it's a neccasary evil to help the human race find medicine's and cure's for diseases, or do you think it should be stopped completely? Also, I'm not talking about using animals...
    13 Science 66
  202. What fashion magazines and columns do you read?
    What fashion mags do you read? Who's your favorite advice columnist? (I'm an intern for E. Jean Carroll of Elle magazine...)
    2 Style 35
  203. Proactive for clearing small pimples?
    Isn't Proactive for acne? I just have small pimples around my face that I don't like. Would proactive work on that too or do you know another medicine?
    3 Style 38
  204. I smoke weed a few times a week
    For all of you people who are knowledgeable in the field of medicine, please explain to me how bad smoking mary jane about twice a week can be.
    7 Health 66
  205. whats the greatest invention ever?
    whats the greatest invention ever? I think the discovery of penicillin because it led it becoming one of the worlds most widely used medicines.
    3 General 37
  206. How to strengthen my breasts?
    I have pretty ok size of breast but it is so lossey.. Its not tight..the muscles are flowing here and there...tell me any medicines please
    4 Nutritionfitness 230
  207. How to make myself beautiful with plastic surgery?
    What can I do to make myself beautiful.? I'm so unhappy with my looks. can anyone recommend a plastic surgeon who can do facial reconstruction and body contouring?
    6 Style 23
  208. What do you think about welfare?
    Do you think America’s welfare system should stay the way it is, be changed, or be abolished? And why? (International members feel free to comment as well).
    3 Politics 23
  209. How can I stop my coughing without medication?
    I plan on going to the doctor... but in the meantime... I would like to be able to breathe. I can't stop coughing and I can't sleep at all. What can I do? I don't have any medicine. :(
    5 Health 51
  210. How to start my organizing business?
    I am interest in starting my own orginizeing business and I would like to know if there are any places or people that are looking for a person like me to be an intern for there business or company?
    2 Money 38
  211. How sucking a puccy safe for boys?
    I generally used to suck my girlfriend vagina.I cant control myself. I just want to know that it is safe for me in terms of any internal infections...
    2 Relationships 238
  212. What is the name of this song?
    It has at the beginning different lanuages I know at least french and japanese it says "hello" in japanese. And it has to do with how this male singers girl is so international. What is the name?
    2 Music 5
  213. What magazines do you subscribe too?
    We get Cosmopolitan, Playboy, Hustler, Skin & Ink, International Tattoo, and i buy Bizzarre monthy only because i cant subscribe because its from the uk.
    15 Literature 11
  214. Want to know how to increase weight
    I want to increase my weight in 3 months is there any medicine like that to increase the weight which should not cause harm to health?will you please reply me as quickly as possible
    3 Nutritionfitness 25
  215. How can I get better for christmas?
    .my friend got me sick and now she keeps denying it -.- but i have a sore throat and taking medicine...but still.
    5 Health 17
  216. How do you feel about medicinal marijuana for people who have hypoglycemia?
    Earlier this month I got a head cold and ever since I haven't been finishing my meals. At first I chalked it up to being sick, and after that I just said as long as I can get a quick snack I should be fine, but a few days ago at tryouts I nearly fainte...
    10 Health 31
  217. How to lose 10 kgs in 10-20 days...please help..advice something??
    Tell me some medicines..or some exercise.. I am fat.. I feel very embarrasing
    3 Nutritionfitness 68
  218. Why do Americans think they are the best?
    When they have so many internal issues of their own, are one of the top 3 polluters on this planet and own more WMD's than Iraq ever didn't have..etc etc
    45 Politics 85
  219. Brain Teaser
    A man and his son were in an car accident. The man died on the way to the hospital, but the boy was rushed into surgery. The surgeon said "I can't operate, that's my son!" How is this possible?
    8 General 26
  220. What helps a sore throat?
    I can tell im startin to get sick cause im gettin a sore throat =/ Besides going to the doctor for medicine, what you think would help?
    4 Health 61
  221. How can I stop coughing without cough meds?
    Well I have pneumonia! I was in the hospital for 4 days. The doctor sent me home with antibiotics, pain medicine, and albuterol inhalers. Well the inhalers and coughing already have my pulse up pretty high can you give me any home remedies to stop coug...
    3 Health 33
  222. abt having s baby
    hi i want a baby but my husband sperm count % 40. we have a many more problem what no any medicin for increase in sperm count as soon as. plzzzzz hepl us
    3 Babies 15
  223. How do Doctors know if you're depressed?
    When you tell your doctor you think you are depressed, how do they decide weather it is true or not, and how do they decide what medicine is best for you to take, Like, what kind of tests are done?
    3 Health 33
  224. How to get well by tomorrow?
    okay, I have a cold that is related to my allergies with croup. it really sucks and I want to get well by tomorrow. please help me. what medicine should I take? or what should I do? thank you
    3 Health 62
  225. What helps with pain from a broken ankle that doesn't need a prescription?
    They don't let me have refills for my medicine because supposely some people like to abuse it and use it for other purposes that doesn't have to do with pain, but I have really bad pain with my broken ankle, and Im running out because I don't take it o...
    4 Health 28
  226. Should I quit nursing for medical school?
    This is my first question, so please be nice! Ok. Doing my nursing degree, but wondering if I should do medicine instead? At uni in brighton, so still the same site... I don't know, five years is a long time...I'd also like to do psychology as th...
    6 Education 9
  227. How to get rid of headaches
    How can I get rid of my headache ?! I've had one for a couple of days now, I get them all the time but they usually go away, this one won't! And I can't take anymore medicine till tomorrow
    5 Health 13
  228. Survey for dancerrs :)
    -When did you start dancing? -what type of dance do you do? -done any competitions? -do you take dance lessons? -any international comps? -fave song to dance to? -ever sang to the song you dance to while dancing? -what do you like wearing for da...
    4 Nutritionfitness 20
  229. Sick and can't sleep...
    Okay, I have a fever. My throat hurts extremely bad. I've tried medicine, cough drops and tea with honey but nothing works! What can I do? I can't sleep.
    4 Health 146
  230. How do I get rid of nighttime anxiety?
    I am diagnosed with anxiety and take medicine every morning but when I go to bed I get really really anxious and have short breaths. What are some techniques I can do so I can just go to sleep?!
    2 Health 120
  231. How to get rid of the naval puss staying at home?
    My naval is secreting a white yellowish puss since 7 days.I want to treat at home.can you refer some medicines?
    2 Health 46
  232. how 2 become healthy
    um 22 years old & only weight 50 I want 2 be a healthy person.what medicines should I tak?pls you giv ans.
    2 Health 34
  233. How do you clear out negative energy?
    Sometimes there is just too much stress everywhere and people fill the air with their negative comments and thoughts. I find myself at times adding on to that negativity. How do I clear it out? Both internally and externally?
    6 Health 14
  234. Can I Die from an internatl hemorrhoid?
    Can I Die From An Internal Hemroid? 0-0 B/C Like I Read This Thing That It Can Be A Serious Illness And Now Im Scared. V-v
    5 Health 8
  235. Hydroxycut and vyvanse
    I'm wanting to try a diet product called hydroxycut but I have medicine for my ADD called vyvanse. Can I mix both or would it be bad for me. Witch hydroxycut product works best? Thanks:)
    3 Nutritionfitness 585
  236. What is 1/4 mL in decimal?
    my 4 month old is sick and te doctor saidtogive him 1/4 mL but the medicine i bought has a little cup instead of the othe thing.
    3 Education 270
  237. Will anti-biotics make me gain weight?
    Hello. im starting to eat anti-biotics very soon. But will it make me gain weight? Cause heard that some of the medicine will make people gain weight. Thanks in advance.
    7 Health 131
  238. Riddle #3
    A train crossing from france to germany suffered a terrible accident exactly on the border according to international law in which country should the survivors be buried?
    2 General 43
  239. Feeling sick and groggy?
    Ever since I had the coughing going on, I've been feeling sick and groggy. Besides taking Theraflu, are there any other medicines that you all would recommend? I Would appreciate some feedback if possible. Thanks.
    2 Health 32
  240. Broken Ribs
    Do you thin broken ribs could affect me seriously internally? thats because I didnt go 2 the doc's.. but I bandaged myself up and have painkillers which is what he wud do anyway sooo...
    6 Health 36
  241. Antibotics and Birth Control.
    I've been told Antibiotics wipe out birth control, then I've also heard it only lowers the effectiveness rate. Which is true? And if it lowers the effectiveness, for how long - just while taking the medicine? or completely to 0% effective?
    5 Health 162
  242. How do I get rid of my headaches?
    I get headaches quite frequently and medicine doesn't really help any there anything I can do to make them better..I've seen a doctor and there is nothing "wrong" with me so I don't really know what to do...
    3 Health 21
  243. Have scientists found a cure for the common cold?
    Have scientists found a cure for the common cold? I know that medicines are much further advanced than when I was a kid , but I know that the common cold was also a mystery to th world of the pharmecutical companies. So is there a cure for the comm...
    3 Health 45
  244. I found a lump my my underarm
    Well I have a lump on my underarm and its real big. I've been to the doctors before and she gave me medicine . It happened twice. But this time its bigger and it hurts really bad. Help!
    2 Health 43
  245. Ways to not be allergic to a cat?
    Is there some way or medicine I can take so I am not allergic to cats? I am not very badly allergic, but my eyes get watery and swollen and my nose gets stuffy whenever I am around a cat. But this is a problem because lots of my friends have cats. Is t...
    5 Pets 12
  246. Why does vicodin always make me throw up?
    I rarely take it.. maybe every few months when my cramps are unbearable. But it gives me a bad stomachache and I eventually throw up.. why am I like this with vicodin and not with any other medicine?
    7 Health 68
  247. Coughing up mucus what's the cause?
    Since I'm taking cough medicine, I've been coughing up mucus. What's the cause? Is it the sign of feeling better? Or is the coughing loosening up? I've been taking robatussan which has been helping quite allot. Could that cause mucus? I'm just wonder...
    3 Health 93
  248. Why did I have hives while pregnant?
    While I was pregnant I broke out in itchy hives all over my body. I took medicine, but after I was done taking the medicine the hives came back. However, I had an abortion. After I was no longer pregnant the hives went away. I'm just curious why I w...
    2 Health 63
  249. How can I clear up my skin?
    Well I regularly Have Very CLEAR SKIN but like a week ago I broke out on my forehead. I tried so much acne medicines and it doesn't help. What Do I USE? I FEEL SO UGLY!!!!!!!
    4 Style 15
  250. What are some important points to note for a really good Individual Oral Commentary(read more)?
    im i student of the international baccalaureate and i have started with the individual oral commentary. i have not been getting good grades. what are some good methods for a world class individual oral commentary?
    3 Sex 14