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  1. How to decorate a picture?
    How can I decorate a picture?
    5 Technology 131
  2. decorate the stage
    where is the stage and how do you decorate it
    3 Gaming 80
  3. what is interior photography?
    2 Money 23
  4. Is a childcare worker's hours more flexible than an Interior Decorator?
    3 Money 12
  5. How to decorate a corner bathtub?
    2 Homegarden 82
  6. how do i decorate my pictures on facebook??
    2 Technology 63
  7. How can I decorate my mirror with artificial flowers?
    How can I decorate my mirror with artificial flowers?
    2 Homegarden 34
  8. Science fair decoration
    What are some decoration for a science fair board
    3 Education 146
  9. How to decorate the stage on Urbz?
    How do I decorate the stage on Urbz DS?
    2 Gaming 211
  10. What are your first impressions of 'interior designer'?
    2 Education 26
  11. Who has ever been to a cake decorating class?
    12 Food 14
  12. Where is the stage to decorate in urbz?
    Where is the stage that you have to decorate please please please help me
    3 Gaming 55
  13. Decorating a Dorm
    What are some cute ways to decorate a dorm room?
    2 Homegarden 16
  14. How to decorate with tree branch for a wedding centerpiece?
    How to decorate with tree branch for a wedding centerpiece?
    2 Relationships 127
  15. What is the right name for an interior design shop?
    2 General 15
  16. What should I do to my lamp to decorate it?
    7 Homegarden 13
  17. What does interior and exterior angles on a shape mean?
    3 Education 53
  18. how can i decorate a gazebo for my 16th birthday party ?
    3 Entertainment 92
  19. Decorating my room?
    The best way to decorate a youth room?!?!any ideas ?
    3 Homegarden 122
  20. How do I decorate for a Dare-Devil themed party?
    5 Homegarden 58
  21. HOw would you decorate your room if you could do anyting you wanted?
    18 Homegarden 31
  22. What are some cute car decorations?
    carseats wheelcovers etc
    9 Cars 8
  23. What are good ways I can decorate my binder?
    12 Homegarden 54
  24. What are the best schools to go to for Interior Design and Graphic Design?
    3 Education 12
  25. Do you need to draw good to be a cake decorator?
    Do you have to know how to draw good to be a cake decorator because I cant draw at all?
    2 Money 58
  26. How do I decorate the play at Sims Urbz?
    How do I decorate the one play in Sims Urbz? Where do I get the stuff from??
    3 Gaming 148
  27. When decorating for Christmas, do you prefer the childlike decoration or do you decorate more sophisticatedly?
    Me and Chris were talking about this last night, i prefer the childlike decorations. Cartoonlike snowmen, reindeer, and santa clauses. Traditional red and green decorations, glitter, and anything that looks fun.
    31 Homegarden 36
  28. Can you help me decorate a room?
    Can you help me decorate a room? The room I am seeking to re-decorate is my masterbedroom and bathroom.
    2 Sex 37
  29. Interior design
    Is it ok to mix and match a loveseat and couch, or should they be the same.
    4 Homegarden 31
  30. where is the stage you have to decorate on the urbz sims in the ci
    where is the stage you have to decorate on the urbz sims in the city for nintendo ds
    2 Gaming 87
  31. Catalogs for home decor offline?
    does anyone know any good catalogs for home decor that I can oder offline?
    3 Homegarden 10
  32. masquerade decorations Quinceanera
    Does anybody know where they sell awsome masquerade decorations... Any 1 know?
    2 Entertainment 46
  33. What colors will your Christmas tree be decorated in this year?
    Mine will be blue and silver :)
    23 Homegarden 40
  34. How hard would it be to decorate a house to look like it's the 20th century?
    4 Homegarden 19
  35. Interior decorating idea for the house?
    Can anybody give me their favorite interior decorating idea for the house? The living room needs a bit of "work" and it'd be great if a few people could give me just one solid idea to improve it. Thanks!
    2 Homegarden 22
  36. Decorate notebooks
    I luv 2 decorate my notebooks does any body have any ideas? You know draw on them and glue stuff on them any ideas?
    5 General 58
  37. christmas decorating
    How do you decorate your tree? do you put decorations that are all one color or do you just do whatever on it ? how do you decorate the outside of your house ? one color or different ? just wondering. lol
    5 Homegarden 11
  38. Cupcake decorating idea for kids?
    One of the fun things we did with our kids at a recent party was deocrate cupcakes. Does anybody have a fun cupcake decorating idea for kids?
    5 Babies 57
  39. how can i decorate my room in a "paris theme"?
    i really want my room to feel like im in paris when i walk in it.
    2 Homegarden 66
  40. How can I decorate a small locker?
    My new locker is going to be really small, and only the inside can be done. Besides pictures and comics, how can I decorate my locker?
    12 Education 32
  41. Where can I get some really badass bathroom decor?
    My sister & I want to redo our bathroom and we want really badass and bright stuff!
    6 Homegarden 44
  42. Halloween Decorations
    I need some ideas for halloween decorations. I usually don't decorate for halloween but this year the kids really want to decorate the front yard. The only decoration I have right now is this skull lantern. Any cool ideas?
    3 Homegarden 12
  43. How do I find the items to decorate the stage in Urbz?
    how do i find the items to decorate the stage? have been stuck on this section for 3 months now getting frustrated help
    2 Gaming 61
  44. How to write a profile for an interior design company?
    do any buddy out there can give some advice; on how to generate a company profile for a interior design & renovation company? Any website for reference?
    3 Technology 117
  45. How much to paint an 1800 sg. Foot interior of a house?
    Price to paint an 1800 sguare foot interior of a home and pay for I supplys
    2 Homegarden 194
  46. How to decorate pics?
    Iwnat to knoee how to makee the pictures look pretty.who can help me decorate a picture.would yall acctually help.
    2 Technology 23
  47. Any Pumpkin Decorating Ideas?
    I did this pumpkin last year, and a lady bug the year before. And garfield. I'm running out of ideas, HELP! :)
    3 General 36
  48. What website should I use to decorate pics?
    I was wondering what websites I should use to edit my pics...any website that edits pics will help end my search...thanxx a lot!
    4 Technology 49
  49. How do I decorate a room that is dark purple?
    Well my child is 13 and we just moved in but she wanted it dark purple so I painted it dark purple but I'm not sure how to decorate it. Any Tips?
    3 Homegarden 12
  50. Does anyone know where I can find 70's style bedding and room decor like Susie's room in "The Lovely Bones"?
    2 Homegarden 10
  51. Christmas decorations
    Christmas is the weirdest time of year, you can put up your decorations the day after Halloween and keep them up until after New years and people don't ask you why you havent taken your decorations down. Has anyone put up their christmas decorations al...
    5 Entertainment 42
  52. What are some good ideas for decorating a bedroom with a zombie theme?
    also, what are some websites/ stores that have some good decor/ bedding that would go with this theme that is reasonably priced?
    2 Homegarden 54
  53. What are some cheap ways to decorate walls in a home?
    We havent lived here too long, and havent had alot of money to decorate and plain walls drive me mad. What are ome cheap ideas to help decorate in here.
    8 Homegarden 28
  54. Home decorating crafts
    What are some crafts that are fun, but simple? Like painting a coffee cup or something. I don't know, can you please give me some ideas.
    2 Homegarden 14
  55. Decorating a small apartment
    K so I just got a new apartment and its small which is fine because its only for me, but I was just wondering if anyone had any websites (with photos) of very eligant nice decorating skills!!! thanks so much
    3 Homegarden 23
  56. what are some ideas for door decorating ideas for christmas?
    my grade 8 class is working on it tomorrow and i want some good ideas and i just know FA can help me :D
    2 Homegarden 5
  57. When you do you start putting up Christmas decorations and put up your tree?
    Weve already started buying things because this Christmas will be our first Christmas as a family alone in our own home. When do most people start putting up decorations, is it after Thanksgiving or do you wait later?
    9 General 40
  58. How...Interior designer qualifications??
    I am 13, and I was wondering what qualifications I would need to become a interior designer(A-levels, GCSE's) Also what subjects would I need to take in GCSE. Thanks. beth...x
    3 Money 19
  59. Which job do you like best from these three: Chocolatier, Pediatrician, Interior Designer (read more)?
    + please tell me what you want to be, what your studying for, or what career/job you have right now. Thanks! =)
    9 Money 21
  60. decorating ideas for baby boy bedroom
    does anybody have any websites that have cute baby boy bedroom setups & themes with pics? I looked on babysrus but nothing really caught my eye.
    2 Homegarden 48
  61. Bedroom Organizing and Decorating Ideas??
    okay so im trying to organize my bedroom and then I want to re-decorate it...I have knee-walls and only a small amout of wall space so if any of yall have ideas that would be great =]
    5 Homegarden 64
  62. Decorating pictures online
    Ok so I have tons of pic on my laptop and I was wondering like how can I decorate them like putting hearts and the word love on a pic of me and my man or putting funny stuff or boarders..thanks for the advice
    3 Technology 212
  63. How can I decorate my bedroom like the 70's or 80's?
    how and where can I get 70's and 80's bedroom accesories/ lighting/ beding for my bedroom? If anyone knows a store/ or know how to make something 70/ 80's style, I would really like to know. thanks a lot : )
    4 Shopping 100
  64. not sure how to decorate my room . Help ?! any ideas ?
    I want to redecorate my room . I want it like a "sneaker head" theme type , well since I am one . lol if anybody knows ideas let me know
    3 Homegarden 44
  65. Decorating My New Room
    I need some help picking out color I'm leaning towards a dark purple and a light purple my mom said I can only paint it 2 colors but I dont know which 2 colors to pick HELP!!!
    4 Homegarden 10
  66. bathroom decorating ideas
    My small bathroom is completely unpleasant to walk into. The landlord won't allow me to paint, but I decided I was going to do anything it takes to make that nasty room shine and be usable again. What are some good ideas for decorating a bathroom?
    2 Homegarden 41
  67. Cake decorating tips
    My daughter is having an 80's theme party for her 12th bday. She wants me to make her cake (it's kind of our tradition). I'm thinking of splatter painting it, but I'm not sure what to use for the paint. Any suggestions?
    2 Food 46
  68. Who approves of the new style of Christmas decorations?
    I'm not sure if you have them wherever you are, but I've noticed this year that there are a lot of black and brown decorations - black stockings, black garland, brown tree ornaments, etc...what's with that? That's not Christmas-y at all. What do you th...
    14 General 29
  69. How do I decorate with vaulted ceilings?
    I have just moved into a new apartment with angled, vaulted ceilings. I am only renting, so I don't want to do anything too drastic or remodel, but I would like to play them up and make them cute, any advice would help! Thanks!
    2 Homegarden 41
  70. What website do you go to put those pixel decorations on your pics?
    okay so my cuzin decorated her pics with these clear things that kinda look like pxels thingys and I reely want to know where to get themmm. HELPPP :l
    3 Technology 47
  71. What is a good name for a blog about decorating school supplies?
    I have so many ideas for decorating and personalizing school supplies/lockers and I want to start a blog! Ive been sitting here for an hour thinking of names but I'm stuck! I want it to be something cute and girly but to the point about the whole decor...
    12 General 11
  72. Pumpkin decorations, is your jack o lantern ready for halloween?
    Is your jack o lantern ready for halloween? We went to a school carnival with some friends today, and the kids did an incredible job decorating the pumpkins. Have you already decorated a pumpkin for hallloween? Any ideas on the best way to decorate a p...
    2 Homegarden 28
  73. What type of decor is my style? From what my room picture shows?
    I need to know what the specific style is that I like. for example: modern, country, Victorian, etc. It would be much easier to find decor I would like but I have no idea what to call it. I've added a picture of my bedroom to show you.
    3 Homegarden 8
  74. What can I do to decorate my kids room?
    My three kids share a room for now since they are young. I want to paint it and decorate it but its hard since its two boys and one girl. My boys like sonic and mario and my daughter likes princess/tinkerbell. I thought about having one side girly and ...
    7 Homegarden 41
  75. Decorate The Stage(((the Urbz))) (((the Bigbucks Players)))
    at the moement iam playing on the urbz gor game boy advance. and iam kinda stuck. iam on one of the last missions its called (the bigbucks players) it says I need to decorate a stage with things. I dont know what objects and were to find them
    5 Gaming 138
  76. How to decorate my new apartment?
    I am in my new apartment and don't know anything on how to decorate it . I go to the flea market for ideas but I think I need to step up on my standards . I am a combination of a gothic contemporary hippie with no style any suggestions. And I also have...
    5 Homegarden 51
  77. What could I use as a visual aid for my presentation about being an interior designer?
    We have to do a presentation with a visual ad about the career we want to do when we get older. What would i use thats not a poster, brochue, or power point. (ex. for a doc. scrubs, doctor equipement)
    3 Education 32
  78. How to decorate a child and teen's room?
    I share a room with my neice who is five. We want our bedroom done, trouble is we both want different things and we get nowhere because she changes her mind constantly or is stubborn about her one idea and i am apparently just as bad. how...?
    2 Homegarden 14
  79. How should I decorate my Bon Jovi Concert t-shirt?
    My friend and I are going to a Bon Jovi concert tomorrow night. We want to design our own shirts. We have iron on paper to print our designs on, but we don't know what we want to do. We thought about playing on the fact that its st patty's day, but ...
    3 Style 34
  80. How to decorate my room without ruining it?
    I'm renting an apartment but the owner said not to ruin anything like the paint on the walls for example. So how can I decorate my room under those conditions? I wanted to put hooks behing my door to hold clothes but that would leave a mark on the door...
    3 Homegarden 76
  81. What are home decorating trends this season?
    What are the decorating trends this year/or season for a home? What room scents are the most popular, candles, incense, etc. What flowers are popular for Fall and Winter(store bought of course)? What colors are in as far as wall color and general ro...
    2 Homegarden 16
  82. Do I take down my theme stuff for my rooms when I put up holiday decorations?
    This is my first time decorating my own place for the holidays. My living room is pirate themed, my sons room is star wars, my daughters room is winnie the pooh, my kitchen is fall colors, and me and my husbands room is wizard of oz. so do I take down ...
    3 Homegarden 45
  83. How can I decorate my new room???
    hey I am moving house soon and I want to decorate my room. I really like bright colours but the carpet is proberly going to be royal blue(dark blue) and I dont know which colours would look ok with the carpet. by the way I am a girl and I am 13. ...
    3 Homegarden 49
  84. How should I decorate my puppy's headstone?
    My puppy died and to do something nice for me, my dad made a headstone for him out of cement and a marble tile. It looks really nice, but the thing is, I can't figure out how to decorate it. I wanted to put pictures of him on there, but how do I do tha...
    3 General 31
  85. I want to decorate my room & make it funner!
    Helloo :] So I want to make my room funner :] I already have a bunch of posters hanging, and some fun pillows and stuff, but I want to decorate it more. I just have no clue what to do with my room. Do you guys have any fun ideas? You know---maybe som...
    2 Homegarden 36
  86. What are some ideas for how to decorate a spear?
    I basically have this project coming up that allows us to do whatever we want for the project. My idea right now involves decorating a spear in some way, but I'm not sure of how I would be able to go about doing this. Paint would probably look terrible...
    2 Literature 55
  87. Christmas decor
    We need some X-mas decorating ideas...ones that we can just create in the comfort of our own home. We don't want fluffy rodolph frosty kind of things. We want a "rustic' sort of thing, I guess you could say. Just a more "beautiful" X-mas, but we dont k...
    3 Entertainment 36
  88. Fun xmas decorating ideas for the inside of the house?
    I'm looking for some fun xmas decorating ideas for the inside of the house? Here's what we're doing so far: 1) Ceramic snowman on a shelf 2) Stockings on the mantle with kids pictures 3) Christmas tree & decorations, including a train that circles t...
    3 Gaming 40
  89. Decorating a boy/girl room
    My sons (17 months) room is divided, the top half is a sky blue and the bottom is white panel board. Now I have a baby girl (5 months) that I will be moving in with him. I dont want to repaint the top half so I need suggestions please. I want it to b...
    4 Homegarden 49
  90. What are some ideas for decorating my new bedroom?
    I don't know if I should keep doing my peace sign theme for my bedroom, or switch over to zebra print. My brother is leaving for college and I get to decorate his room and make it mine. The 1st and 3rd bedset is going to be centered around my theme. ...
    12 Homegarden 24
  91. Would these curtains suit my living room decor?
    My living room decor is made up of mostly black furniture. All our picture frames are black the couches are dark grey among other things. Our dining room is adjacent to the living room and the furniture there is brown. I saw these really nice curtains ...
    2 Homegarden 45
  92. What can I use to decorate my bedroom walls/bed?
    Well. My room is painted purple, with a magenta border, and I have purple carpet. I have a full size bed too. My walls seem pretty bland, and my bed doesn't even have a headboard! so until I get new furniture, how can I decorate my room, and bed. witho...
    3 Homegarden 71
  93. How to decorate my new house?
    So we just moved to a cute little house in Durham, NC. The colors are very bright...but are accented. One of the rooms has two bright orange walls...and I'm lost on how to decorate it. We're thinking of making it a 'gaming' room, and just putting in a ...
    8 Homegarden 44
  94. How to decorate your room without buying anything?
    this might sound wierd but what does your room look like? does it have posters on it? like how do you usually decorate your room? these are some things about me that might help with ideas of decorating: i'm 13, a girl, i love one direction, fall out bo...
    15 Homegarden 183
  95. Re-decorating my bedroom for a teen girl
    Im 13 and I need to re decorate my room. I have already chosen the bed cover, its from the company called I want to paint my walls but I dont know what to paint them. Im thinkin purple feature wall with random sized pink dots on it then ...
    7 Homegarden 68
  96. How can I do this?
    How can I decorate my pics so I can post them on myspace?
    3 Style 11
  97. how to do something
    how to decorate your myspace picture
    2 Entertainment 9
  98. What can I 'decorate' my tattoo with?
    Couldn't really think of a better word other than decorate lol. I'm getting a small tattoo of the numbers 7:7 . Its a phrase in the bible: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. I'm not actual...
    4 Style 44
  99. What are good things to do for an Easter party?
    And how should i decorate?
    5 Entertainment 17
  100. how do you decorate a 14 year old girl's room?
    ok. so I'm not a prep. I don't like pink. we're building a new house and I'm going to have my bedroom down in the basement so I'll be away from everybody. I want dark colors. or actually... red black and white. NO BUTTERFLIES OR ANY OF THAT CRAP. it's...
    4 Homegarden 91
  101. Bed Room
    I want to paint my room, and decorate the walls. Whats should I do?
    6 Homegarden 20
  102. Nursery ideas?
    How would you recommend decorating a nursery, for a baby of unknown sex.
    4 Sex 43
  103. Ideas (decorations, games) for a Candy Themed Bday Party?
    So, I'm turning 17 next month! Last year I had a huge Sweet Sixteen, so this time I'm only inviting about 15 people to my house, for a get-to-gether. BUT-since it's my last birthday at Curacao (the island where I live) because I'm moving to Holland nex...
    5 Entertainment 95
  104. What is the best job ever?
    So, I'm 16 and still trying to find the best job ever, well, what I say is the job that I'm gonna love, I want to become a nurse or an interior decorator because I'm very creative and I love taking care of people. And sometimes I wanna be a nurse, int...
    4 Money 32
  105. A really hard riddle
    A green house with a red interior and black house members.
    3 General 23
  106. How to make paper roses?
    I want to know how to make paper roses that we can use to decorate the wedding hall?
    3 Homegarden 102
  107. Where can I buy the most delicious carrot cake?
    Where can I buy a plain good carrot cake? I want to decorate it myself so thats why I want it plain.
    4 Food 43
  108. room 4 free
    how can I decorate my boring, shabby room into someting good with no money!?!?!
    2 Homegarden 16
  109. Do you have any special Halloween traditions?
    Other than decorating, trick or treating, or giving out candy, do you have a special tradition that your family likes to do for Halloween?
    19 General 27
  110. Piss test
    Are they piss test me the day of my interview. Im trying to get a job at floor decor
    2 Health 17
  111. What are some artistic things I can put on a poster to ask a guy to Sadie's?
    whether its something artistic i can say or just decorations i can put on it?
    3 Literature 15
  112. urbz ds sims in the city/ the play
    ok I've gotten to the part where you have 2 decorate the stage for the play how do I decorate it because I've tried everything I know 2 do and its so not working...... and how am I supposed 2 annoy daddy big bucks if hes not around any more.......
    2 Gaming 38
  113. birthday invitations
    Wheres a good place to get beach party birthday invitations that are low-priced, and nicely decorated?
    2 Shopping 25
  114. the urbz .. sims DS Please help ?!
    they say that I have to decorate the stage ? and attend the play ? I have looked every where and did not find it . please help
    8 Gaming 66
  115. What type of artwork sells the best?
    What is the trend lately? Are people buying more abstract, impressionism, realism? Or are they just buying something that matches their decor?
    4 Literature 61
  116. What are those big old televisions called?
    Remember the TV sets that were encased in a big decorative wooden thing? Was there a name for them or something? What were they called/referred to as?
    4 Homegarden 586
  117. What kind of orange cant you eat and how do they look?
    We have an orange tree that gives oranges but thelook rough and kind taste like a lemon is this a common tree or is it just a orange tree for decoration?
    2 Food 42
  118. What to do at a twilight party! Help
    Ok me and my friends are planning a twilight party for the release of the movie. What are some games, decorations, foods, etc that we could do?? Ideas needed!!!
    5 Entertainment 46
  119. Is Glen Peloso gay?
    Is Canadian interior designer Glen Peloso gay? He is on "Take this House and Sell It!", "Resturant Makevover", and "Renovate My Wardrobe" (which is about closet organization not fashion).
    3 General 60
  120. What do you call all of the silver or gold studs, chains, handles, etc... on a handbag?
    I am trying to sell a handbag, and I am trying to describe it. I am trying to say that all of the buttons, studs, chains, handles, etc... are silver, but I don't know how to say it. Would it be called the decor or what? I can't think of what it's called!
    4 Shopping 12
  121. How much are hermit crabs worth?
    For some weird reason, I'm wanting a hermit crab. You know the ones where the shells are decorated and colored? How much do they cost if you get them at Pet Land?
    5 Pets 84
  122. What does Demi Lovatos bedroom look like ?
    So I was just wondering what colours and what style demi lovato has in her bedroom, because im decorating my room soon, and I just thought she would have some cool colours and stuff. thanks :]
    5 Entertainment 76
  123. What stores can I go to to buy candle holders and vases?
    or what store are similiar like where i can buy things for the house? i need store similar to big lots, or walrmart where they sell like thins for the home to decorate.
    5 Shopping 15
  124. What are some good cake recipes that I can make with cake from a box?
    I have this picnic thing coming up and I need to bake a cake, but I don't want it to be a simple bake the cake, frost it, and go. I want it to actually be nice, decorative, and tasty. Any ideas?
    5 Food 17
  125. How can I get a south park themed room?
    well im re doing my room and I want it south park theme. What are some ideas for the walls and what kinda stuff could I decorate with? also where can I get south park stuff that I dont have to order online???
    2 Entertainment 72
  126. How do tinted windows work?
    I've been in a limo a few times, and I've had tinted car windows before.. But can someone explain to me how it works? Just curious, by how insiders can look out and see things clearly, and outsiders are unable to see the interior.
    3 General 52
  127. Teen girl..15...bedroom
    Ok.. My bedroom is small. Im gonna paint it white trim and pink walls. What should I do? Like what furniture, Stuff, decor, and stuff should I use? What should I do?
    3 Homegarden 24
  128. What would represent abuse, racism, sexism, and poverty?
    I'm a freshman in highschool, so they are making us do stupid stuff on myths and what not. Well, we had to make our own 'Pandora's Box' and pick three evils that we would like to rid the world of. Mine was, abuse, racism/sexism, and poverty. So we pret...
    5 Sex 18
  129. What are good party favors?
    Im having a classic barbie sweet sixteen, im renting a hall, having it decorated and caterd, the maine colors are white and pink, what are good party favors to give to my guests at the end of the night?
    2 Entertainment 32
  130. What was your best job money wise that you have held and how much did you make?
    My last job was decorating cakes at a well known bakery in our town, by the time they closed i was at $20 an hour, but i was also their only decorater.
    4 Money 23
  131. What should I get my mom for her birthday?
    My mom's birthday is coming and I can never think of what to get her. She always says that she doesn't want anything, but I feel like I need to get her something or do something to tell her how awesome she is. My mom is really creative; she likes t...
    3 Family 41
  132. First time Halloween party, help?!?!
    hey I am planning on hosting a little halloween party at my house and I'm going to decorate my shed up for it and was wondering if any one had any ideas at all, including: Food Music Games Decorations or any other tips and ideas to throw a fun tee...
    3 Entertainment 17
  133. What can I do to reduce the symptoms and prevent my carpel tunnel from getting worse?
    I absolutely love my job and not doing it is not an option. I have been cake decorating for over 6 years now though and developed carpel tunnel about 3 years ago. I just started a new job and have been working long hours and its caused my carpel tun...
    2 Health 14
  134. What color for my bedroom?
    Ok what is a very good color for a 15 year old girls bed room? And do you know any good places or websites that have nice room decorations and stuff Nice bed things and decks or whatever Thank you!
    5 Homegarden 30
  135. Whats a good job for me?
    im an artist, but im only fifteen and don't want to be an artist for a job. I also do animation. im an art and graphics student. I design logos for companies. I was thinking illustrating? interior design? what do you think I should be? I want to consid...
    5 Money 45
  136. Whats up with ladybugs?
    The past few weeks as the weathers been getting warmer I've noticed these little ladybugs all over the interior of the house. I dont mind them, and I have no real issue with them being in here, im just curious as to why theyre all comming into the house.
    2 Homegarden 58
  137. Suggestion For my Beauty salon company name
    Hi I would like to open beauty salon. The whole decoration for my beauty salon is pink and white color. while the products that I going to use is from swisszerland. can you please advise me the best name for my beauty salon ?
    3 Style 79
  138. Iam Stuck On The (((urbz))) The Mission (((the Bigbucks Players)))
    iam playing on a game called the urbz on GBA. iam stuck on a mission called (the bigbucks players) it says i need to decorate a stage with objects. i dont know wot objects i need and were to find them. i hope you can help
    2 Health 42
  139. 1st Birthday etiquette
    My mother in law ran out and bought all the decorations for my daughter's first birthday...without permission...should I make a big fuss or deal with pink and magenta instead of purple and yellow?
    3 Entertainment 61
  140. How to keep a beta fishes tank warm aNd other questiobs?
    How do I keep a beta fishes bowl warm in the winter and how do I do it in the summer? I dont really want a heater as he is going to be a decoration as well as a companion. So sorry for the awful typing! I am using an ipod!
    3 Pets 39
  141. What are some creative things that i could do for my sons Mickey Mouse 2nd Birthday?
    Its in less than a month, im decorating his cakes and making mickey mouse cupcakes but i love doing hands on creative things, im just trying to think of some things that go along with his theme.
    10 Babies 40
  142. Why would just half a string Christmas lights work?
    Haha okay well we just got done pulling out all of our Christmas decorations. My mom was upset when like 5 strings of lights only half-way worked!! Why would just half a string of lights work? Is it the fuse? A loose bulb? Should we just trash them?
    2 Homegarden 220
  143. Where were all the genocides?
    I am doing a progect, and I am decorating a box with all the flags of each country that a genocide had occured in. Could domeone name all the countires. I have all of these. Rwanda, in turkey the Armenian Genocide happened, Yugoslavia, Nazi Germany, Gu...
    3 Politics 26
  144. my sister's turning 22, what should I get her?
    so my sister is turning 22 in about a week and I cant come up with a good gift to get her for her birthday. It's really hard even just to figure out what some of her interests are and shes not living at home right now so I cant really get her any decor...
    2 Shopping 71
  145. How do I get more involved with Halloween?
    I'm completely obsessed! I'm having a 7 Deadly Sins Halloween party this year and need ideas for what to put in each 7 Sins room. I want to know how to make homemade not cheesy decorations. I want to celebrate Halloween all month long what can I do?
    5 General 26
  146. How should I arrange my new room?
    My room is going to be greenn.. I'm a 14 year old girl and I love ice skating<3 and swimming. I also love my friends, family and animals. What decoration could I have for my bedroom etc.. ?
    6 Homegarden 45
  147. What can I put in my 5 gallon beta tank to eat the algea?
    my daughter has a 5 gallon beta tank and the algea is getting out of control! I put two snails in there but they are not eating enough and are not getting the algea off the fake plants and decor, I know algea eaters/sucker fish need filters but betas d...
    11 Pets 61
  148. FunAdvice Christmas Countdown (19 days) - December 6th, 2011
    Getting the home decorated and sharing time with friends and family are the fundamentals of wonderful holiday memories. Share some of your holiday photos and/or tell us what special holiday memories you treasure.
    3 Funadvice 20
  149. Tie dying shirts.. how long? please help =]
    ok so im going to the jonas brothers with my cousins on saturday... (its wednesday) we want to tie dye shirts and then decorate them after .. how long does the proscess of starting the tie dye to being able to wear the shirt take? thankss =] claire
    2 Style 253
  150. What are good birthday party ideas?
    My friend want's me to decorate her sweet sixteen birthday party for her. Right now i'm looking for a P.A. system but i'm not sure if i'll be able to do that. I know that we will be having dancing and music, but i'm not sure what else to do...any ideas...
    3 Entertainment 39
  151. Twilight Sleepover
    Okay ya Im having a twilight sleepover...And they sell lame stuff for like..Lil' kids and Im 14 and should do sumin different...What stuff should I use to make it look...TWILIGHTISH...I guess...I have games planned out I just need decoration ideas...He...
    6 Entertainment 52
  152. What is up with the Palm Treo phone?
    How come everyone keeps sporting the Treo and no one seems to use the little keyboard on it. I think that the Palm Treo should be marketed to teenage girls and men who Tivo decorating shows. Who really buys that phone and why do they sport it like ...
    2 Shopping 8
  153. Little pine tree
    I have this little pine tree in my yard. its so scrawny but I love it because I can remember it from when I was really little. at christmas and easter, we decorate it. its not dead, but its sooo scrawny!!! How can I help it grow? mom's giving it on...
    2 Homegarden 43
  154. Cake icing advice
    Just wondering what is the est type of icing to use for decorating a cake that is going to have one of those edible icing pictures on it I also need it so that I can pipe the icing in swirls on top of it.. thanks a heap:> p.s if you know simple re...
    3 Food 21
  155. Neon shirts for school dance
    I'm having a school dance , and me and my friends are decorating shirts. We don't know what saying to put on them! Help? Any like neon-glow in the dark related things? like song lyrics? Like we were thinking " we glow ;) " on the front and on the...
    2 Style 63
  156. Halloween ideas (homemade)
    Well we have this party coming up and me and my friend want to make up cool halloween decorations. We found a couple out of a magazine like make coffin and put food in it to feel like body parts but the festival is tomarrow and we dont have enough time...
    3 Style 35
  157. why is my vagina loose?
    im 16 and ive used a vibrator, but im a virgin. my vagina is kind of loose towards the opening and im afraid to do anything cause id be embarrassed. my interior muscles are really tight but i dont know if guys will find this attractive..
    3 Health 151
  158. 16th Birthday Party Ideas
    My younger girl cousin is having her 16th birthday coming up and she wants me to help plan it. What are some theme ideas that you think would be cool or you have tried? As many ideas and as in much detail as possible (I.e. food, decorations, location, ...
    5 Entertainment 64
  159. My son won't go poo in the toilet.
    How do I get my 3yr old son to go poo in the toilet. I have tried it all. The rewards, presents, praise, having him clean it himself, sitting him there for 30mins, decorating his own toilet, reading while going, singing, letting the water run. He still...
    2 Babies 66
  160. Where can I get some cool, colourful bedding?
    Heyy. Im looking to decorate my room. at the moment its really boring and im afterr some really cool and colourful bedding/cushions/throws etc but cant really find anything that nice. Do you have any ideas of WHERE I could get some from? Im a teenage g...
    3 Shopping 25
  161. What jobs have you had in the past, what job do you currently have, and what is your dream job?
    Me: Cashier, Str*p club door girl/bartender, cake decorater, waitress, secretary, cookie artist, tattoo shop shop hand/counter girl, and assisstant. I am currently a stay at home mom and my dream job would be cake decorating again, i love being creative.
    13 Money 38
  162. What are some things to do at like, a LITTLE kid party?
    Like, age 10 maybe? Because my friends going to be turning sixteen and he wants one if those little kid parties. I told him I'd help him plan it and such, but I really want to make it awesome because he's never had a birthday party before. Any suggesti...
    18 Entertainment 32
  163. Why do my parents do give me what I WANT!
    Why do my parents never give me what I WANT! all they do is give me what I NEED. got the idea? they always say you need this. but I always say but y? its not bad to give me something that I want like... xbox 360... scoo...
    4 Family 10
  164. What are some fun crafts a teenager would like?
    I like to do crafts that I will use in the future-LIKE room decoration. I get bored, so I eat, I need to do some crafts, so I can keep my mind off of food. If there is a craft website, please tell me! Thanks! These crafts would need to be for teenagers...
    5 General 21
  165. vs. the Home Depot
    I have heard bad things about shopping at Lowes as well as the Home Depot. I went online and visited both websites and seemed to paint a better picture of their store. My choices are limited but we want to hear about how dealing with these...
    10 Shopping 135
  166. What if I like these things but I'm a guy?
    Hi well im 15 and im a guy. I listen to girl music like kelly clarkson and hilary duff. I like to shop. I like to decorate and I like pink and purple. Im into guy stuff to but everyone makes fun of me cause most of my friends are girls and im into gir...
    11 General 13
  167. How shall I have my room,im a 13 year old girl with no fave colour?
    Well... Im 13 and I want my room decorating. My dad is picky and wont let me rewallpaper so it will have to be paint. I have no particular fave colours but no black or grey please. I need as much detail as poss because my dad is doing my room while I a...
    5 Style 38
  168. 1 Birthday Party Help.
    My son's 1st birthday is coming up (5 months, but I'm an early planner and like to buy things in advance), and I'm trying to get some ideas for foods, decorations, etc. We have decided that the theme is going to Pirates. Anyone have any good ideas to g...
    8 Babies 22
  169. Homewrecker
    My ex boyfriend is on the float decorating thingy and so am I, we were kinda flirting, but he has a girlfriend. I dont want to be a homewrecker. I broke up with him cause I wanted to get to know him better. I still like him. All my friends said I made...
    4 Relationships 14
  170. Why did Palin hire her high school buddies to high paying jobs?
    The new dept of agriculture head got the job (a former high school classmate of Palin's) because she "loved cows", why couldn't Palin find more qualified candidates? The state (ANY state) is supposed to hire the most qualified candidates, not thos...
    11 Politics 14
  171. Who knows whether knitting is easier than crocheting
    I am interested in taking up one of these. Also, does anyone know if this can be done through a book or instructional video? And finally, I am not good with crafty stuff. I can't sew, I can't decorate, I can't wrap presents, I basically lack any sort o...
    8 General 31
  172. What would the Ultimate Man bathroom look like?
    In our new home, my husband gets his own bathroom. I want to surprise him by decorating it like a smoking room. I was thinking a velvet shower curtain and a leather toilet seat... lots of rich color and texture. Any creative souls care to share sugg...
    3 Homegarden 74
  173. Who can remember the name of this book about a mermaid?
    Can anybody remember that book, it's got beautiful drawings and it's about this boy and girl or somebody who finds a mermaid in a rock pool on a beach and they have to help her get back out to sea. There is also something in it about a little boy who l...
    4 Literature 19
  174. What is not wrong with my red 1990 ford mustang gt?
    The engine want start. It could be the fuel pump. The ex put cigars out on her dash. The seats are broken. Theres a cooler holding one of them up. The windows dont work. The speedothemeter dosent work. The hatch wont stay up. The interior is a ...
    2 Cars 39
  175. How should I do up my bedroom ?
    Ok well at the moment my bedroom is painted pink .. I love the colour pink but its sooo childish looking .. I've got like everything in it pink aswell !! its driving me mad !!! My dad has finaly agreed to let me decorate it so I want something totally ...
    8 Homegarden 25
  176. How much would I have to pay for this tattoo..?
    I live in Fort Wayne and I was wondering how much a small tattoo (about 3x3 inches, possibly a LITTLE bit larger) would cost around here? It would be on my left shoulder blade (or between both my shoulder blades, I haven't decided yet.) I want decorati...
    2 Style 156
  177. Gothic Party ideas
    ok so in about a months time (31st october) I am having a sweet 16 gothic themed party. I have most of the stuff planned such as invitation list, some decoration, music, etc. but all I need to know is what food should I serve and what other decorations...
    4 Entertainment 274
  178. Math questions I made..can you answer them?
    1] at a birthday party the girls ate 3 1/2 pizzas and the boys ate 7 1/4 pizzas. How many pizzas were eatin?? 2]a family bought 2 1/2 gallons of paint for a bedroom. They had 3/4 of a gallon left over after they painted the room. How much paint did th...
    5 Education 42
  179. FunAdvice Christmas Countdown (12 days) - December 13th, 2011
    Getting all geared up for Christmas? Iron out a few things with some helpful Christmas tips and tricks! Do your Christmas shopping on a Tuesday morning to beat the crowds
    2 Funadvice 30
  180. 14th b-day party!!!
    ok so my birthday is march 9th which is coming up pretty fast!! and my mom is getting me a wii for my b-day and we were thinking about inviting my friends and family and calling it a wii party! so people come and hang out and play the wii! but the prob...
    12 Shopping 35
  181. teenage girl bed room help !!!
    ok I need some help I am a teen of cource. but I need some help decorating my room! im moving and I want to get my bedroom in my new house ready.. so im not going to bother redecorateing my old room.. I will tell you what it looks like Its so you ca...
    2 Homegarden 41
  182. Who would...
    Its time to elect a new leader & only your vote counts.. Here are some facts about the candidates.. Candidate A. Associates wit crooked politicians and consults wih astrologers. He's had 2 mistresses He also chain smokes & drinks 8 to 10 martinis a d...
    7 Politics 53
  183. How can I be in a better mood on my birthday?
    My birthday is tomorrow,and Im turning 15. I had all kinds of plans,but none of them went rhrough, Due to my dad being on EMT call,And My mom having to work. I hvant done anything for my birthday,All weekend, And mY parents arnt even really acknowl...
    2 General 25
  184. What are some ways I can help my little sister go to sleep?
    She's 10 years old, and she has been having problems with sleeping for 3 years. Every night she struggles to get in a room by herself. She's terrified of everything. My room is right across from hers, and she still refuses to sleep in her room. She cri...
    14 Babies 44
  185. Does this sound like a good car to you?
    Price: $3,995 Year: 1995 Make: Pontiac Model: Firebird Trim: Base Engine: 6-Cylinder Trans: Automatic Fuel: Gasoline Color: White Interior: Gray Miles: 128626 VIN: 2G2FS32S6S2225257 Stock #: 225257 Body Style: Conve...
    3 Cars 35
  186. If you were a car, what kind would it be?
    Would it be new and in good running condition or older and more like a klunker? What would it look like? Does it have all it's hubcaps? Is it sporty or a more economical type? Are there any rips in the interior? etc... Personally, I think I am exact...
    2 Entertainment 45
  187. What should I wear to church with him..and is this a date?
    Okay so my friend has been asking me for weeks to go to church w/ him since the first day he met my dad he said we all should go and we made plans for that sunday but my dad went out of town so we couldnt a few weeks later he asked again and I s...
    9 Style 20
  188. Picking schools.
    I have a problem... I cant pick between two school...will yall help me... Im havin a problem picking between SCAD or UGA...I would go to scad to be either an interior designer, or a song writer/writer. UGA...I could be anything really, but id p...
    2 Education 26
  189. what are you guys doing on this holiday?
    Incase you don't know(any bible thumpers who wondered on to this question) Samhain is the original name for Halloween, not All Hallows Eve & Not All saints Day. In ancient times(& still carried over till today in some cases) the barriers between t...
    8 Religion 22
  190. Our Moms won't leave us alone
    Me and my boyfriend of five years have finally got our own place, we moved in last week, but the problem is, my mom and his mom will not leave us alone! Don't get me wrong, I love my mom, she's my best friend, and I love dylans mom, but we just want at...
    8 Family 59
  191. Need Help on Birthday Ideas
    I have one coming up. My 20th and I'd want it to be very special. I haven't had a real party since I was 12 or so. . I'm not sure how or where I want it to be. . someplace mystical and Outstandingly Beautiful. I have no friends here. . but I do have ...
    3 Entertainment 20
  192. How to make xmas day nice/fun?
    Hi, My extended family are not very nice to us, and we always try to make Christmas day nice but there is always tension in the air and they always say mean things about our decoration/gifts/food. What we do is actually really nice and its not like we ...
    5 Entertainment 27
  193. Is this funny or offensive???
    Would you find this potential commercial funny or offensive? My sister said the yelling at people would be degrading and not laughed at by women over 40... The product is replaced by the word product to protect the innocent in case this is not funny....
    5 General 41
  194. Are you a hunter or a gatherer?
    A bit of both? At one end of the spectrum, I take hunters to range from actual hunters and people for whom active use of guns is a big deal, through to ambitious executives, salespeople and anyone fairly fearless who likes living on the edge or explori...
    8 General 125
  195. Hamster babies and You
    Ihave two hamsters: Demitri (boy) and Hazel (girl) Demitri is gray and fat with black eyes and Hazel is white, brown, black and skinny with red eyes. I put them together in a a giant box thats only about 10 in. high and they mate every time shes in hea...
    6 Pets 34
  196. What should I do when my fiance won't include me in her family's life?
    today my fiances dad is coming into town me and my fiance is geting marride in 7 mons we had the whole day plande I was going to make her dinner and we were sposed to go chritmas shoping. at about 5 today we put up our decorations and started dinner w...
    2 Relationships 43
  197. I have never thrown a party... HELP
    Ok here's my problem, I am 24 and my fiancee is 38 his b-day is in 2 weeks and I had already invited 20 people to our little apartment when finances suddenly got low, I lost my job and he got sick and missed a lot of work, it was supposed to be surpris...
    5 Entertainment 47
  198. What is she trying to do?
    I share a room with my girl cousin. I completely dislike her. Maybe a little more than dislike. When she first moved in, she was pretty cool but kinda strange. As days went by she became a bi*ch, she'd like act like everything is hers. She tells me my ...
    7 Family 32
  199. FunAdvice Christmas Countdown (24 days) - December 1st, 2011
    The final days towards Christmas have officially started. Make sure you're ready to meet the holidays head on with some help from our wide selection of Christmas tutorials: How to start a holiday tradition
    8 Funadvice 36
  200. What should I name my poem?
    ok I've been writing poetry and this is my newest one. I need help picking a title. some feed back would be nice! thanks... Note: this is copywritten... do not take my work or I will take legal action if I find out... thanks =D You broke my heart, s...
    4 Literature 102
    I THINK THIS IS ONE OF THE NASTEST THINGS I've EVER SEEN..LOL.. Natural Harvest - A Collection of Semen-Based Recipes by Fotie Photenhauer Read Reviews Share This Report this item Preview This Book View Back Cover Copyright: © 2008 Standa...
    10 General 29
  202. My Cookies suck!
    I got a sugar cookie recipe off the internet yesterday. I don't know what happened but.. they didn't exactly brown when I baked them... it should've taken about 6-8 minutes to cook but they didn't brown till 15 minutes later. They tasted so bad !! the...
    2 Food 104
  203. How do i get her to stop?
    One of my best friends copies pretty much everything i do. It's almost like she wants to be just like me, but why ? She's more popular than i am at school, & if she continues wif this & when school starts people are going to think i'm copying her & the...
    27 Relationships 48
  204. How to make a woman happy
    How to Make a Woman Happy It's not difficult to make a woman happy. A man only needs to be: 1. a friend 2. a companion 3. a lover 4. a brother 5. a father 6. a master 7. a chef 8. an electrician 9. a carpenter 10. a plumber 11. a mechanic 12. a d...
    6 Sex 15
  205. Don't get along with my mom
    I am 16. I do not get along with my mom. She will sometimes act all nice, and then go on a rampage calling me all sorts of nasty names, making me feel like crap, and that I'm worthless. And when I told her what career I want to have, which is art, s...
    4 Family 126
  206. Engine might you think will be best for the 91 accord 4 door?
    I have a 1991 accord Minor exterior and interior damages But I can fix those up for dirt cheap. My main concern is the engine Shitty f22 in there right now Engine sucks more than paris hilton But it's like terminator in a way that it just won...
    3 Cars 31
  207. How different people have sex,
    How they have sex, think of more? Post it:) Accountants are good with figures. Actors do it on cue. Advertisers use the "new, improved" method. Ambulance drivers come quicker. Ansi does it in the standard way Archeologists like it old...
    6 Sex 42
  208. 99 TRUTH ABOUT U
    WOULD you MIND ANSWERING 1. Real name →pixie corpse 002. Nickname(s)→ pixie, dusty ,loabx 003. Zodiac sign → capricon 004. Male or female→female 005. Elementary → done 006. Middle School→done 007. High School →done 008. Hair color →black 009. Long or...
    8 Sex 68
  209. New and improved version of GCSE essay
    Hi, I just improved my gcse creative writing essay, actually finished it. please read and give me advice on any ways I can improve it, any help is appreciated, I need it. Thanks --- Dear Diary, I was once a person filled with dreams that I wanted to p...
    2 Literature 18