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  1. Information about olympic
    Information about olympic
    2 Sports 16
  2. Is it illegal not to have insurance?
    4 Politics 39
  3. How long should a church service be?
    How long should a church service be?
    2 Religion 63
  4. Do you know any useful information?
    Do you know any useful information?
    6 General 11
  5. How can I get information about my doctor?
    How can I get information about my doctor?
    2 Health 33
  6. What is good AMIE information?
    2 Education 13
  7. What is Management Information Systems?
    2 Money 12
  8. Do you have any information about University of Jordan?
    4 Education 14
  9. Why in the USA, if we are know as mainly surviving on service, then why are we outsourcing service?
    6 Money 16
  10. How can I get liability car insurance?
    How can I get liability car insurance?
    2 Money 25
  11. What to look for in health insurance coverage?
    What to look for in health insurance coverage?
    3 Money 11
  12. Is there pet health insurance?
    Is there such a thing as Health Insurance for pets?
    3 Pets 39
  13. Who let the dogs out dog walking service?
    Who let the dogs out dog walking service?
    2 Pets 22
  14. Informative essays
    Any topics to write on informative essays?
    2 Education 16
  15. which source of information is an example of a primary source?
    which source of information is an example of a primary source?
    2 General 14
  16. What's the best online dating service?
    What is the best online dating service?
    6 Technology 47
  17. Can I send money through postal service?
    can I send money through postal service
    2 Money 18
  18. Why is Custermor Service important
    Why do you think Custermor Service is Important??..
    2 Money 17
  19. What is your definition of great customer service?
    4 Money 65
  20. Is there any interesting information on Vancouver, Canada?
    7 Travel 9
  21. What services does planned parenthood provide?
    3 Health 26
  22. Is being a secret service agent exciting?
    6 Money 41
  23. What other personal information do you put down in your resume?
    5 Money 16
  24. Why can't I edit wrong information on my profile?
    4 Funadvice 10
  25. What is vagina tightening? Where I can get information about vagina tightening?
    2 Health 851
  26. Where can I find my referral link in funadvice?
    6 Funadvice 16
  27. Does homeowners insurance cover main water supply pipes? What about renter's insurance?
    2 Homegarden 29
  28. What would happen to health insurance companies if government takes over the health insurance system?
    3 Money 42
  29. dog insurance
    what would be the best dog insurance in the U.S ?
    6 Pets 10
  30. what can I do to get in the modeling services
    I need to know what can I do to get in the modeling services
    4 Money 19
  31. Can I use a qwest phone on sprint service?
    Can I use a qwest phone on sprint service?
    2 General 38
  32. What I need to know about insurance health coverage?
    What I need to know about insurance health coverage?
    2 Money 12
  33. information on how to loose weight
    where do I go to get information on how to loose weight
    2 Nutritionfitness 14
  34. What is hospital Insurance?
    Suggest me some good Hospital Insurance Plan ?
    2 Health 11
  35. Can I access emergency 911 services from my computer?
    Can I access emergency 911 services from my computer?
    3 Technology 21
  36. What is some information on gay bullying that leads to suicide?
    6 Health 12
  37. What are some good antivirus protection services?
    5 Technology 12
  38. How do you put photos, information, or videos on Google?
    2 Technology 14
  39. what is the prayer that is said during catholic church services?
    6 Religion 23
  40. How do you flag someone for giving false information on FunAdvice, I clicked flag, but I didn't see anything about false information?
    3 Funadvice 8
  41. Is there a suicide hotline with texting service set up?
    4 General 8
  42. What information is in a resume for a 16 year old?
    2 Money 22
  43. Where do you find the appropriate information on learning SQL?
    2 Technology 33
  44. How to get my Yahoo information back?
    What if i forgot my information for yahoo? I need to get that information!
    2 Technology 19
  45. How much would braces cost if you have no insurance?
    22 Health 36
    How many hours do we need for community service and working service???
    4 Money 26
  47. How much do you pay each year for motorcycle insurance?
    2 Cars 9
  48. Billing information
    copy of billing for the month of may.
    2 Money 18
  49. What car would be easy to insure in Ireland?
    5 Cars 14
  50. When a guy gives you a number and its no longer in service?
    When a guy gives you a number and its no longer in service what does it mean?
    3 Relationships 15
  51. Do anyone know any Quotes for Leadership, Friendship, and Service?
    Do anyone know any Quotes for Leadership, Friendship, and Service?
    2 General 85
  52. Has anyone attended a Jehovah Witness service?
    Has anyone attended a Jehovah Witness service? If so, how are they? Just curious.
    6 Religion 42
  53. Could a job offer life insurance to you an your family?
    Could a job offer life insurance to you an your family ?
    3 Money 15
  54. How can I get my ex girlfriend dropped from my car insurance?
    How can I get my ex girlfriend dropped from my car insurance?
    2 Relationships 205
  55. whats a better service AT&T | DISH or T.W cable?
    whats a better service AT&T | DISH or T.W cable?
    4 Technology 7
  56. Life Insurance
    what does the word contingent mean,pertaining to life insurance
    4 Money 39
  57. The service is activated in my airtel mobile. How can I de
    The service is activated in my airtel mobile. How can I deactivate service?
    3 Technology 46
  58. Does anybody know a good resume writing service?
    2 Money 17
  59. Do you think people should be forced to get health insurance?
    8 Politics 23
  60. What's the best airline service to travel all around the world?
    9 Travel 17
  61. Who can give me information about dyslexia?
    What causes people to be dyslexia? is it treatable?
    3 Health 41
  62. is it true investing in insurance companies is tax free?
    4 Money 42
  63. What site can I go to to get real information on politicians?
    9 Politics 38
  64. Is there such a thing as pet insurance?
    you know like for an animal
    4 Pets 31
  65. What information do you know that you would like to share with people?
    4 General 7
  66. frostwire information
    do you need to go on the internet to use frostwire ???
    2 Music 42
  67. Could someone give me some information on the muslum religion?
    13 Religion 41
  68. If I have 2 jobs can I have 2 health insurance
    I already have a health insurance but if I get another job in the afternoon and if they have health insurance can I have 2 health insurance from both jobs or not.
    2 Money 191
  69. What is some information about absent seizures?
    My daughter was just diagnosed with absence seizures, what information do you have on these type of seizures?
    2 Health 44
  70. How long does it take for insurance companys to make settleme
    How long does it take for insurance companys to make settlements?
    2 Money 14
  71. Does anyone work for Child Protective Services?
    does anyone here work for child protective services or do you have parents that might?
    6 Money 52
  72. Is blog commenting for search engine optimization services spam?
    Is blog commenting for search engine optimization services spam?
    4 Technology 30
  73. How much does life insurance cost?
    How much does life insurance cost? How much averagly does it cost for a family of six?
    4 Money 27
  74. Community service ideas?
    What are soem good Community Service ideas for college students?
    4 General 12
  75. Why we have to do jury service?
    Why we have to do jury service, I dont know anything about being a juror, we have some benefit for doing this or not.
    6 Politics 25
  76. How do I devolope a new information system for a fitness cent
    How do I devolope a new information system for a fitness center?
    2 Nutritionfitness 19
  77. What information do I need for student loan applications?
    What information do I need to fill out the student loan papers?
    4 Education 29
  78. What information can be visible to others when I connect to my neighbor's internet? (read more)
    when i try connecting to my neighbor internet it saying my information will be visible to others, what information?when i try connecting to my neighbor internet it saying my information will be visible to others, what information?
    5 Technology 15
  79. Why does it seem as though children's services goes where their not needed instead of where they are needed?
    7 General 22
  80. What is the average price of car insurance for a 20 year old?
    3 Cars 8
  81. Does health insurance cover braces or how much do they really cost??
    6 Health 23
  82. How much do insurance companies like Safe Auto cost?
    5 Cars 13
  83. Why do fast food joints have really bad service in everything?
    5 General 33
  84. How to emigrate to Australia all facts and information , i'm an accountant if that helps ?
    3 Politics 15
  85. What branch of the service should I join?
    I want to join the reserves next july. what should I join? And what should I do in the reserves?
    4 Money 26
  86. How can I move up from being an insurance secretary?
    I want more than this. I want to make more money. What are some opportunities?
    9 Money 41
  87. What are some main ideas I can point out on Tom Hanks for my informative speech?
    2 Literature 57
  88. Tennis information
    A serve clips the net but goes over. What is this called
    2 Sports 15
  89. whats the best email service that lets you have unlimited contacts??
    7 Technology 30
  90. Is Virgin Mobile a good service and how much is their unlimited plan?
    5 Technology 13
  91. Would you buy Earthquake insurance living in Maryland?
    If you were staying in Maryland would you buy Earthquake insurance for your house?
    2 Homegarden 18
  92. Why google do not have answer service?
    Why is google being such a good site do not provide question and answers services to its users?
    4 Technology 14
  93. Where I can get information about registering a nonprofit.
    Where I can get information about register a non profit and how can I create one.
    2 Money 11
  94. What animals are used for therapy and service?
    Can you tell me animals that are used for therapy, seach and rescue, service and protection?
    4 Pets 16
  95. Health Insurance and Car Insurance
    uuummm...I'm not sure how this can anyone help me with this??? like...I'm concern about this. 1st...:) I wanna know how can you get health insurance??? 2nd...:) I wanna know how can you get car insurance???
    12 Health 30
  96. Is insurance expensive for 2-door cars'?
    Is the insurance expensive for small cars compared to larger cars?
    3 General 34
  97. best phone service
    what's the best phone service (altell, AT&T, Sprint, etc) and why?? thanks! maddie
    5 Technology 29
  98. car insurance
    how much is monthly car insurance for a 16 year old guy
    4 General 17
  99. Hip surface piercings information?
    Does anyone know any good websites for information on hip piercings?
    2 Style 96
  100. What online websites have some good information (and pictures) on them regarding Jacobs Syndrome?
    11 Health 18
  101. Do you think children's services should be able to take a child away from you because they are overweight?
    8 Babies 22
  102. Why can I have my phone in the exact same spot for an hour while holding it but then will at some point lose service?
    3 Technology 11
  103. How to hide this personal information on Myspace?
    How can I hide the "single""hometown" and stuff like that on myspace
    2 Technology 11
  104. Are there any websites or free magazine subscriptions with information on good, prestigious colleges/universities?
    3 Education 14
  105. What is the National Insurance number used for in the UK?
    and how old will i be when i get mine?
    7 Politics 36
  106. What kind of information would you like to see on a nutrition label but you don't usually see?
    6 Nutritionfitness 11
  107. Can you get life or health insurance if... have severe depression? eating disorder?
    7 Money 14
  108. could switching to geico realy save you 15% or more on car insurance?
    8 Money 21
  109. What is a good repair service for an iPhone 4 other then sending it back to apple?
    2 Technology 22
  110. Why don't people google their questions, then when they can't find the information they need, refer to this site?
    9 Funadvice 21
  111. Can a job agency get in trouble for giving out information about their employers to others?
    3 Money 6
  112. Can you get dental insurance?
    i have medical but i want insurance that can help me cover if my sis gets braces?
    3 Health 10
  113. Alpha Phi Omega National Service Group Fraternity Inc.
    Are there any Brothers of Alpha Phi Omega National Service Group Fraternity Inc. ?
    2 Education 28
  114. women fight in the army but can join and do other services?
    Why cant women fight in the army but can join and do other services? and why has there not been a women nfl coach lol
    2 Money 50
  115. Net10 cell phone service how to block a persons number
    I have the prepaid cellphone service net10 and I was wondering how to block a person's number with that service?
    2 Technology 1249
  116. When I send an email, how much personal information could the reciever potentially have acess too?
    7 Funadvice 15
  117. How do I contact POGO Game Club Customer Service. Unable to pull up game sites
    2 Gaming 85
  118. What is more rewarding: A 5% raise or volunteering 1 hour a week to community service??
    14 General 51
  119. Military Occupation-Which branch of Service?
    Which Branch of the Military would you enlist in if you was interested in going into the military?
    4 Money 46
  120. how can a employer pay national insuranceon behalf of a employee without a national insurance number?
    2 Money 20
  121. Community service
    Where can I get a non-profitable job for community service in garland, or dallas tx??
    2 Money 16
  122. Is Service Pack 3 released yet?
    has Microsoft released the official service pack 3 for windows xp? or is it due?
    2 Technology 12
  123. Site with animal information?
    3 Education 10
  124. Is there a cheap way to get insurance
    Well, I no longer have health insurance! :( Is there a cheap way to get insurance. My job doesnt offer it anymore.
    2 Health 15
  125. Is there a grace period for Allstate Car Insurance Payments?
    My payment was due on the 4th but I can't pay it until tomorrow.
    7 Money 3330
  126. Health insurance
    What hosital in jacksonville fl pays for a newborn to get circumcised after birth
    3 Health 19
  127. Why doesnt all my personal information show up ?
    It says updated but when I look ... Only some bits are showing ... =s Im confused
    6 Funadvice 43
  128. When you're using information directly from the text how do you cite the author's name and page number?
    2 Literature 9
  129. Can I get insurance for my g1 after I broke it
    Can I get insurance for my g1 after I broke it and pay the insurance and cuple. Days latter say it broke ?will they give me a new one or what?
    3 Technology 35
  130. Auto Insurance
    Does anyone know any good, cheap auto insurance companies in Ontario? It has to be personal insurance and good quotes for teenagers. Thanks!
    3 Money 12
  131. Whats a better club song sexy b!tch or hotel room service?
    3 Sex 40
  132. Do you have any information on a tongue web piercing?
    I've been thinking about getting the webbing of my tongue pierced [underneath]. can anyone who has it done give any information about it?
    2 Style 37
  133. Where can I find american history information?
    Does anyone here know where I can find stuff on William Randolph Hearst?
    3 Education 10
  134. What are your thoughts on the US government making people get health insurance or face penalties?
    26 Politics 52
  135. When the How-To's start working, are we allowed to get our information from a website, as long as we cite our source?
    3 Funadvice 12
  136. Is there some kind of service where you can pay a person to go to someone's house and knock on the door and sing to them?
    3 Money 19
  137. Any information on American degree transfer program?
    amyone know about american degree transfer program?I really want to knw
    2 Education 43
  138. UPS service has lost comm with UPS?
    UPS service has lost comm with UPS? my UPS is not giving back up to my computer,and when I check power options on control panel it says "ups service has lost comm with ups?".
    2 Technology 26
  139. Msn help, everytime I try to sign on it says service unavailable?
    I installed my msn about 6 times but everytime I try to sign in it says the service in unavailable what should I do? I miss msn
    3 Technology 58
  140. Community service for 14 year olds in rockford illinois
    What community service jobs are there for 14 year olds in rockford illinois because I need one and im desperate\
    2 Money 70
  141. Where is a cheap car insurance in Ontario? speficially in Hamilton?
    My dad is just wondering where is a cheap car insurance company in Ontario? We live in Hamilton. Thank you very much.
    3 General 13
  142. Do any health insurance plans cover supplements?
    Does anyone know of a health insurance plan that covers supplements like CoQ10 and Alpha Lipoic Acid?
    4 Health 17
  143. Will social services take my baby?
    Somebody told me if I qo to social services to qet help they'll take my baby away is that true ?
    6 Babies 72
  144. Should I call children services or can i call them if my baby;s mom is smoking pot around our 10 month old?
    8 Health 46
  145. What is too much free service for consulting?
    I give my customers 2 hours of free consulting on each one of their new projects, am I giving to much?
    6 Money 15
  146. do you think its stupid that tmobile is chargingg me $90 to get a new fone even though i have insurance on it?
    8 Technology 13
  147. How much does it cost to get wi-fi installed in my house if I have Verizon as my computer service?
    3 Technology 49
  148. Where can I find a good source for information on Wicca?
    I am looking for a website that has good information about Wicca, not some fluffy teenage witchcraft site. I need a site that has reliable information. Thanks
    3 Technology 19
  149. Is an escort service like prostitution?
    so, if you work for an escort service, are you required to sleep with the clients or do you just go on dates with them? and is it a well paying job?
    9 Money 49
  150. Where can I get information on mars
    Where can I get information on mars I need to describe it for science prodject I need a summery where can I find it or what you can tell me about it? Please it due tomorrow
    4 Science 36
  151. whats a good free web service?
    I want to make my own website to show my art, what is a good free service? For a real web page, not just a myspace,
    2 Technology 7
  152. How can I start a pet sitting service?
    I want 2 start a pet sitting service but there are 2 kids in my history class and they would laugh at me if I gave them a flier.
    2 Pets 20
  153. Can you tell me all the information I need about gauge piercing?
    can you give all the info of the gauge piercing im get it on my right ear & i wanna no more about it before i get it :]
    3 Style 80
  154. What is the difference between computing science and information science?
    These are specializations for the computer science major at my school, trying to decide which I would like more..
    2 Education 12
  155. What can be done if someone sold real-estate or a company with a tax lien on it without disclosing this information?
    8 Money 7
  156. Will 911 provide escort services if you're too drunk to drive?
    I saw this on reno 911 yesterday and i was wondering if it was possible.
    5 General 23
  157. What are some current issues you can inform me of so I can make some last minute studying to ease my anxiety for the act writing test?
    3 Education 17
  158. what is a good prepaid monthly cell phone service that works almost anywhere?
    I have metro PCS and it sucks.
    2 Technology 28
  159. Does anyone have information on the Virginia driver's license?
    things such as: are you required to turn in a driving log? do they offer a jr. license?
    4 Cars 21
  160. Blood donation information
    When you go in to donate blood, which arm do they take it from? And how long does it usually take to get all the blood they need? And what all "tests" do they have to do before they can actually take the blood?
    2 Health 22
  161. If my health insurance is not good can I change it for another one
    I have this health insurance from my job but dont cover anything and I need to do this therapy for my arm but my insurance dont cover, can I leave this insurance and apply for a better one.
    3 Money 13
  162. What's the best car insurance in the US?
    If I plan to go to the USA. What Car Insurance company do you recommend? Can someone please explain what I should look for when I choosing?
    5 Money 25
  163. How can I get better service on my cell?
    I have the HTC Droid Incredible from Verizon Wireless, and I don't have service in very many places. I especially don't at my house and that's where I want it most.
    5 Technology 19
  164. which service is best?
    im tired of my phone rite now so I want to know what phone service is best 4 me ? (sprint, alltel, verizon, cricket. . .etc.)?
    6 Technology 8
  165. How can I get birth information if parents are deceased
    Is there any way to find out information such as what time I was born, if I was breastfed, pounds & ounces, how long I was in the hospital ?
    2 Health 20
  166. Information about drug use please
    How can you tell if someone recently smoked dope. Or how would they be acting while "high" and what are some after reactions.
    3 Drugs 13
  167. What is the # 4 sony vio computer service?
    What is the name for customer support for the laptops (sony vio) anyone know? Please and thnx
    2 Technology 140
  168. Who provides good packers and movers service in Delhi?
    I want to shift my house from Delhi to Ludhiana.So can any one suggest me the best packers and movers in Delhi.
    3 Travel 27
  169. What does it mean when your new cell phone has service bars but wont let you make a call, or text?
    4 Technology 39
  170. How can someone connect to XboX live with just a laptop, and a ethernet cable. btw i also have AOL internet service wirelessly?
    2 Gaming 38
  171. Hi, I'm working as a service desk engineer and I'm from India, is there any way I could get a job in USA or UK?
    I want to get a job as a service desk engineer or any other job relevant to it in USA or UK, is there any way?
    3 Money 10
  172. How do you clear online information off your computer?
    How do you delete online information and clear it off your computer Like You type in 2 letters of your e-mail and it shows up ? Please help
    2 Technology 38
  173. Does anyone have information about clitoris piercings?
    I am considering getting my Clitoral hood pierced, Does anyone have this , how have they found it, what about the possibility of desensitisation, Any Information or facts ,about this would be really helpful.
    8 Sex 186
  174. What should I do if I'm pregnant and dont have health insurance
    I really dont have health insurance right this moment and I really dont know how my babys doing do you think I should go to the hospital for an ultra sound.
    2 Health 18
  175. violating any youtube terms of service if I leave them up?
    I have posted videos on youtube of myself and others which were posted over a year ago and consented by the other party. Now he is mad at me and demands that I remove them. Am I violating any youtube terms of service if I leave them up?
    2 Technology 16
  176. How do they normally inform users if the site has changed?
    Like I just found out they don't give points for askin questions anymore, I'm just curious
    8 Funadvice 18
  177. What's the subscriber name on the MassHealth insurance card?
    I'm filling out an insurance waiver for college and I need the subscribers name. I don't know what the subscribers name is, is it my name or my mothers? I tried calling the college and the insurance company and neither of them are answering.
    3 General 337
  178. How can I get this temp service to pay what they owe me?
    I have worked for a year through a temp service they have bounced several of my checks now I am 1,000 in debt and having a hard time getting them to fix this. I worked for them... What do I do?
    2 Money 41
  179. Pregnant and no insurance. Seeking for help.
    Pregnant and no insurance. I was wondering if anyone knows about a program or something that can help me. Im 5 months pregnant and still havent went to a doctor.
    5 Health 34
  180. Why cant I get financial aid I didnt apply to selective service?
    Need federal grant but never applyed to selective service can I still get money to go to gollege
    2 Politics 65
  181. What information can you give me about N-Gage on phones?
    guys i what to use n-gage in my phone. So if you can help me out by telling me more about it, how it works and how to install it on my phone... Pls try to be meaningful.
    2 Technology 29
  182. Is anyone else here losing information like status updates from their FunAdvice profile page?
    Can anyone explain why this is happening. Everything I had on my page before this morning just disappeared
    13 Funadvice 9
  183. home phone /cell phone service
    is there such thing as has free home phone service?or free long distance?what about a free cell phone-with some kind free service?like u can earn your minutes either way.i was told there was.
    2 Shopping 23
  184. I need information about sex
    I had sex on sunday its now thursday it really hurt and the penis wouldnt go in it still hurts now and is still bleeding slightly also it smells down there ???
    4 Sex 63
  185. Branch of the Military Service.
    If you was gonna go into the Military after school? Would it be.(A) The Marine Corps. or (B) The Navy. or (C) The Army. or (D) The Airforce.???
    14 Money 90
  186. What do these words on an insurance form mean?
    i am updating my paper work for the dentist and on the papers it said PRIMARY INSURANCE: name of insured___ insured's birthdate____ employer___ dental insurance CO.____ Group #___ INS.CO. address___ then it says SECONDARY INSURANCE and then ...
    7 Money 33
  187. if someone gets there hands on my personal info like name, birthday, parents and sibilings information and my social secuirty number along with t
    7 Money 21
  188. how much is the insurance on Pitbulls?
    so uh my parents are thinking about getting me a Pitbull, and don`t worry, I`ve done my research and work at an animal shelter and am getting to know the dog I want, know all I need to know is how much is the insurance on Pitbulls and what insurance co...
    11 Pets 139
  189. How much would it cost me to get health insurance with the Obamacare?
    If i dont have a health insurance how much would cost me to get one and i will to have to pay for that every year, every month how that would be if you know tell me please thank you?
    3 Health 21
  190. I need help with information on Heath Ledgers death!
    I need as much information on heath ledgers death. Like how exactly did he did...I know it was an overdose. But why was he so depressed? If you could answer my questions that would help me out tremendously=)
    6 Entertainment 24
  191. Can I drive my dad's car or do I have to buy and insure my own? (read more)
    Is it possible for me too have driving lessons & then use my dads car to get around in, or would I have to buy my own and then insure it and everything? I'm a little confused about all this, I don't understand cars (._.)
    8 Cars 40
  192. Where to get information about anorexia for a report?
    I need some information about anorexica ..i am doing a report for my english/psychology class and i need some info. from some anorexics..or past anorexics..And if you know of any websites*support* groups..please let me know
    3 Health 15
  193. Is cruise travel insurance worth the cost?
    My family is planning a cruise later this year and the travel agent is recommending that we buy travel insurance. The prices for the cruise are not bad, but when you add on the cost of the insurance it starts to get a little pricey.
    4 Travel 21
  194. What is a HRA health insurance?
    This year my employer is offering HRA, and then the standard high and low PPO. They where really pushing the HRA, offering $1250 in the account with a $2500 deductible.
    5 Money 18
  195. where can you get QUAD BIKE insurance ?
    ive been looking for hours and cannot find cover for a quadzilla 500es can someone please help E
    13 Cars 49
  196. Can someone suggest some good free counselling by e-mail services?
    A cousin of mine needs it. Please help if you happen to have any info. :)
    2 Health 5
  197. Community service ideas?
    Iam a long term kid and for me to get back into school I have to do 25 hours in commuity service I need ideas I have to have this finnsh soon Pleace help me
    4 Education 42
  198. Which phone service is best - AT&T, Sprint, or T-Mobile?
    Based on their phone, prices, and service??? Im looking to buy one with my bf but we dont know which company is best. Any suggestions can help :)
    9 Technology 23
  199. Why is medical insurance only for people 65 years and older?
    The goverment only gives medical insurances to older people why is that? Why they never have thougth in the young people. I mean young people get sick too. If you know why is that tell me please thank you.
    6 Health 32
  200. If you're a teenager and starting to drive, will your insurance rate be lower if you get good grades in school?
    I heard that if you get good grades in school the insurance company thinks that you'll be better on the road..
    2 Education 38
  201. Why am I required to use insurance money to replace roof?
    My insurance Company paid a claim to replace the roof after a hail storm. After experts told me that the roof is fine for now, do I have to use the money to replace the roof? They are saing that if I don't do that, they will cancel my policy. Thanks
    2 Homegarden 39
  202. Does anyone have a Good Car Insurance Plans?
    Or a website where I could compare rates, or just a plan that you have and like. Or any advice for buying car insurance on minimum wage in California. Thanks for the Help! ~~plainwhitets :)
    5 Money 13
  203. No insurance and sick
    what do I do when I have no insurance and have abdominal pain, lower pelvic region pain, hunry all the time, light headed, and just feel naushous. I dont know what to do because I get them pretty much all at the same time.
    3 Health 34
  204. The Triangle of Solomon Information
    are any of you experts or know a lot about the triangle of solomon? have any of you attemted performing the triangle of solomon, is so I am currently studying this, so I would love to hear personal knowlage or experience thank you
    5 Religion 53
  205. How much is car insurance for a first time driver in Lenoir, NC?
    Just a regular car, not a sports car... and I am just looking for a general idea on the price. I know it varies from company to company.
    4 Cars 41
  206. How would you feel if your best friend goes to your family members to find out information about you that you have already told them?
    That them going to the family member was a way in seeing if you were truthful or not. Personally it would offend me.
    7 Relationships 15
  207. How to email a college for information?
    I won't be applying for a while; I have three years to go. But I want to get to know things about this college, and I have theit email and all but I'm not sure how to introduce myself, if I should at all. What to ask.
    2 Education 11
  208. What other service can I get instead of Netflix?
    I have heard that netflix dont have Dexter and also they wont have starz so i think there is nothing good to watch there do you any other service better than netflix that you can suggest me tell me please thank you.
    4 Entertainment 11
  209. Who thinks Google's new "Calls from Gmail" service will profoundly improve their users statistics?
    The service has started rolling out - if you don't have a Gmail account, do you plan to get one now? If you already have one, do you think you'll use the service? What do you think this will mean for other similar services like Skype?
    4 Technology 13
  210. How can I completely and successfully delete ALL files/folders and information from my laptop?
    I'm no computer genius so the less complicated the steps you're suggesting, the more beneficial it'd be. Thank you in advance.
    7 Technology 31
  211. Information On Bleach Rock Musical
    Im Looking For Any Website Or Anything On The Bleach Rock Musical... Japanese Or English Websites... I have to do a report on a musical for school soo any help possible would be much appreciated.
    3 Music 14
  212. What are some good community services that a person can do by there self?
    It needs to be something I can do by myself and get alot of hours for it and still be able to have an adult signature saying I did it, it's for NHS. It also needs to be creative.
    7 General 18
  213. Car insurance cancellation fees
    This morning I phoned to cancel my car insurance, only to get a shock that it was going to cost me 159 pounds. I was gob smaked.I can deal with having to pay a cancellation fee but not that much what can I do. Can someone help me please.
    2 Money 32
  214. Come to me for fish information
    Everybody just ask me for fish advice I have a degree in marine and freshwater biology and I could tell you cool facts please just come to me everybodys giving usless information I also worked at petco
    5 Pets 15
  215. Why the news tell me that i can lose my cable service if im paying for it?
    I have to wait until eleven tonight to know, but if im paying for that service, why they will cut my cable the news never say something good to hear like there would be a better service. News are always bad news.
    3 Technology 25
  216. where can I go for community service recognition???
    hi, im going to be a sophmore in highschool and I did 30 hours of community service this summer. my school does not provide any recognition and im wondering does anybody know where I can go to get a certificate proving I did community service??? I ...
    3 Education 26
  217. Coustody Information
    My sister in law got our nephew taken away and CPS on her. She placed him with a ex boyfriend of hers. Me and my husband (her brother) want to know if we can get him since we are his family?
    2 Family 9
  218. Why do I need to mail my personal information out to verify my credit card?
    i tried to activate my credit card but it said i need to provide more info like mailing them more info of my self oh im also 18 why do they require this info?
    3 General 12
  219. Is it true that once your 16 social services cant get involved with you anymore, or is it till 18?
    This girl told me that once your 16 they stop and they dont take you away from your perents and stuff like that, is it true?
    14 Family 48
  220. Can I get an abortion using a friend's insurance?
    I DO NOT have medical which mean it will be super pricy to get an abortion. If I use a friend's medical, would they check like pictures and such to make sure it is my medical? [Please tell me if you know FOR SURE or JUST A GUESS]
    5 Health 158
  221. Michael jacksons funeral service
    Hi, you guys just wondering am I the only one who realised that during michael jackson's memorial thats his dad joe was the only family member who didnt show any remorse whatsoever...
    3 Entertainment 37
  222. How do I know which processes to end in "currently running services" in Win Vista?
    My freakin laptop is working way to hard right now. I just did a factory reset and now it is runing slower than before. Help!!!
    2 Technology 5
  223. Legal information on harboring minors?
    My son's girlfriend is 16 (17 in 3 mos). Her mother said she can move out , but since my son is 18 I want to make sure he would not be 'harboring a minor'
    5 Family 20
  224. Web designer or information technology specialist
    Hi I just graduated form high school and I'm debating between becoming a web designer or an information technology specialist Give me some advice, which pays more, is easier, more complex, job environment, opportunity
    2 Technology 11
  225. Should people go to jail for failure to buy health insurance?
    Th reason I ask, is because that's what the current "health care plan" basically does. It forces people buy health insurance. But if you are required to buy it, yet don't have the money to buy it, and can't afford the fine for failing to buy it, you...
    11 Politics 42
  226. What are some good websites to get information about Western Europe?
    I'm sat with one line, on a wiki page I have to do for seminar. I don't know anything about the religion, culture, foods, climate etc of Western Europe.
    5 Travel 10
  227. FunAdvice Trivia: The American news organization AP celebrated how many years of service on May 14, 1998?
    A) 75 B) 100 C) 125 D) 150
    11 Funadvice 12
  228. Does anyone know where I can find information on the rapid change in vocabulary since 1980?
    For example, with the improvement in technology and culture and stuff? Please help, i have to write an extended essay on this subject.
    2 Education 6
  229. FunAdvice Trivia: On December 26, 1917 the U.S. Government took over what services during World War I?
    A) The coal mines B) The salt mines C) The gold trade D) The railroads
    5 Funadvice 11
  230. FunAdvice Trivia: The American news organization AP celebrated how many years of service on May 14, 1998?
    A) 75 B) 100 C) 125 D) 150
    3 Funadvice 10
  231. Are there any reliable websites that have information on Adolf Hitler and the Nazis?
    I need a reliable web source on hitler and nazis, mainly how they justified what they did with religion. I'm writing a critical essay and I just cant seem to find any reliable sources with this info.
    7 Technology 60
  232. Anyone have information on hair extensions?
    Hii! Okayy so I was finkin bout gettin extentions but I was wondering how muc they cost. And also how long do they last& wah different types can you get??
    4 Style 23
  233. What- information on nz student loans etc?
    Hi, im leaving school, and any information on student loans and student allowance would be greatly appreciated. Like, just about what they are etc. Most websites dont say much unless you create an account. Thankyou.
    3 Money 12
  234. Car insurance claim
    The other day I bumped into another car. Her bumper was damaged but my car is fine. I really dont want to claim on my car insurance because my insurance will go up, so am trying to sort it out by cash, but the woman said that she wants all my insurance...
    4 Money 48
  235. What is a good cellphone service virgin mobile or boostmobile?
    I talk hmm I cant say im a HUGE talker but I do talk & I love texting...but I don't know which is a better uh service and what type of plan to get... any ideas..please?!?!?!
    3 Technology 40
  236. What is your opinion on the government now giving out free cellphones and service to people on welfare and foodstamps?
    They have started a new program where people who are on welfare and foodstamps can qualify to recieve a free cellphone and free service...its ridiculous to me. I have no problem with tax dollars going to help people in need with nessacities, but cellph...
    18 Politics 33
  237. Accident and insurance
    hmm, me and my dad were in a motercycle accident saturday the 9th. we were hit by an ambulince, and my dads plannin g on sewing. im 13 and I have to speek to a lawyer, and im reallly nervous. what are they like going to ask me?
    6 Health 35
  238. How can I get my sister's Myspace information back?
    please tell me how to hack into someone's myspace account because my sister is in the hospital and she asked me to check her myspace for her since she wont be out for a long while.... but she has an invalid email address and she forgot her password...h...
    2 Technology 52
  239. I lose my purse and i am freaking out what should i do? I have my whole family social, ID, credit cards, all doc papers. EVERYTHING
    I called the last place i went to and they dont have nothing. No surveillance either.
    3 Money 39
  240. Should all military veterans be treated equal regardless of time in service, location of duty station, and deployed or not?
    I have received a lot of greif on the fact that I was never actually deployed over seas, and the fact that I was only in for 2 years. What is your opinion?
    8 General 47
  241. How can I create an informative presentation as an HR employee?
    Hello, I am taking a business communication class this summer. My group is the HR department for a fictional company. We have 3 major presentations: an informative (information) presentation, a presentation from one of textbook's chapters and an interv...
    2 Money 16
  242. Will social services and WIC help me at 14?
    ok well im 14 & preqnant & I'll still be 14 when I have my baby but the thinq im worried about is can I qet help from social services & wic ? I could qet a job & thats what im doinq but im scared what if im too younq too qet help from wic & social seri...
    3 Money 40
  243. Who is that person that takes information in the emergency room?
    Who is that person who takes your temp and blood pressure when you first get to the emergancy room. That ask what happen and all that good stuff. Because thats what I want to be so I was worndering wht you have to do to become one and how much they make.
    2 Health 106
  244. Who has any information on the Jersey devil?
    Also known as the Leeds Devil. I want to go on a hunt for it sometime this summer, and want to read up on it as much as I can before anything. Anyone got any websites, Details, Personal stories? Anything will do. I'd appreciate it very very much.
    3 Travel 59
  245. Can someone give me information about dreadlocks?
    I kind of want to get some put into my hair but I'm not sure how to take care of them and if they will be nasty. Also some pictures of white girls with dreads would be awesome so I can take it to a stylist.
    9 Style 28
  246. What do these errors mean - 500 ( Internal Server) and 503 (Service Not Available)?
    I've tried to get to a site, but a white screen with these words pop up. I've tried to type it in, click the link from a search engine, etc.
    2 Technology 8
  247. Health insurance (military benefits)
    I currently do not have health insurance but if me & my boyfriend decided to have a baby would his military benefits cover the baby even if we are not married and the doctors visit every month? I use to have military benefits but I lost them when I tu...
    3 Health 25
  248. I added the extra information.
    I am 5 feet exactly, I weigh 110 pounds.if thats not enough information, then if I run one mile ona tredmille [if thats how you spell it] with the speed number being 2 or 3 how many calories would I burn?
    2 Nutritionfitness 34
  249. Is it possible for me to claim EI (employment insurance) while I go to school this winter?
    I live in Canada and will be a full time student without time for a full time job does anyone know if they will let me live off EI? or do I have to build houses for class and then work on the weekend?
    6 Money 13
  250. How much should my total be for this iPad with the insurance and iTunes card? (read more)
    So, I am getting an Ipad tomorrow, and am buying the insurance, and a $25 Itunes card. They charge me six cents per dollar, and the insurance cost $75. So, how much should it be? The Ipads at my walmart are $400. The Ipad and Insurance, I got $503.50....
    7 Shopping 37