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  1. What is an advisor and what do they do?
    What is an advisor and what do they do?
    5 Funadvice 12
  2. How can I become an advisor?
    2 Funadvice 12
  3. Advisors
    How do you become an Advisor?
    4 Funadvice 14
  4. Am I not an advisor anymore?
    Am I not an advisor anymore?
    3 Funadvice 17
  5. How can I become an advisor?
    how can I become an advisor??
    2 Funadvice 8
  6. How do you become an advisor?
    How do you become an advisor?
    3 Funadvice 40
  7. How do you become an advisor?
    How do you become an advisor?
    4 Funadvice 9
  8. Advisor?
    Whats an advisor? And what do they do?
    3 Funadvice 12
  9. Is it illegal not to have insurance?
    4 Politics 39
  10. What do advisors do here on FA?
    4 Funadvice 10
  11. How are the advisors chosen?
    3 Funadvice 5
  12. How to become an advisor
    How do you become an advisor? And what eactly does an advisor do?
    3 Funadvice 36
  13. How many advisors are on this site?
    How many advisors are on this site?
    10 Funadvice 18
  14. How do you become an advisor and what does it entail
    How do you become an advisor??? And what does it entail
    2 Funadvice 15
  15. Are advisors locking questions?
    are advisors locking some questions?
    5 Funadvice 9
  16. How to become an advisor?
    I was just wonderin how you become an advisor?
    2 Funadvice 8
  17. Most Interactive Advisor
    Who do you think is the most interactive advisor and why?
    4 Funadvice 5
  18. How does funadvice decide on advisors?
    How does funadvice decide on advisors?
    4 Funadvice 16
  19. Becoming an Advisor
    How do you become an advisor on this site?
    2 Funadvice 14
  20. What is a advisor
    What is a advisor and how do you become 1
    4 Funadvice 17
  21. how do people become advisors??
    5 Funadvice 15
  22. How do you become an advisor?
    How do you become an advisor? I want to be one...
    3 Funadvice 33
  23. Do all advisors work for the site?
    So did you just make yourself an advisor because you work for the site?
    2 Funadvice 9
  24. How Do People Become Site Advisors ?
    How do people become site advisors on here?
    2 Funadvice 20
  25. Is there pet health insurance?
    Is there such a thing as Health Insurance for pets?
    3 Pets 39
  26. What to look for in health insurance coverage?
    What to look for in health insurance coverage?
    3 Money 11
  27. Do advisors ask questions too?
    So do advisors ask questions too? Or are they to smart?
    5 Funadvice 14
  28. What are the perks of being an advisor?
    what benefiets come from being an advisor?
    6 Funadvice 17
  29. How can I get liability car insurance?
    How can I get liability car insurance?
    2 Money 25
  30. Does homeowners insurance cover main water supply pipes? What about renter's insurance?
    2 Homegarden 29
  31. What are the requirements for becoming an advisor?
    4 Funadvice 9
  32. Why are people so obssessed with becoming an advisor?
    8 Funadvice 14
  33. What is the job description of a financial advisor?
    3 Money 23
  34. What would happen to health insurance companies if government takes over the health insurance system?
    3 Money 42
  35. what should I do to be an advisor?
    what should I do to be an advisor? xp just got curious..;-p
    8 Funadvice 9
  36. How can a consultative examination prove you have an anxiety
    How can a consultative examination prove you have an anxiety disorder?
    2 General 13
  37. How busy are Advisors?
    I have always wondered that,how busy are FunAdvice's Advisors?
    6 Funadvice 10
  38. What I need to know about insurance health coverage?
    What I need to know about insurance health coverage?
    2 Money 12
  39. What is hospital Insurance?
    Suggest me some good Hospital Insurance Plan ?
    2 Health 11
  40. How can I become an advisor?
    I want to be an advisor:D lol
    2 Funadvice 5
  41. advisors~how doo I be one?
    how do I become an advisor?
    5 Funadvice 16
  42. How to become an advisor?
    How do I become an Advisor I've met all all the standerds?
    2 Funadvice 4
  43. dog insurance
    what would be the best dog insurance in the U.S ?
    6 Pets 10
  44. How much would braces cost if you have no insurance?
    22 Health 36
  45. Do advisors get paid
    7 Funadvice 43
  46. whats it mean if your an advisor on fun advice?
    16 Funadvice 29
  47. Do you get payed alot when you become an Advisor?
    3 Funadvice 11
  48. How much do you pay each year for motorcycle insurance?
    2 Cars 9
  49. What car would be easy to insure in Ireland?
    5 Cars 14
  50. Is there a main advisor?
    is there 1 main advisor or is everybody an advisor to somebody elese ???
    4 Funadvice 23
  51. Do FunAdvice advisors get paid?
    3 Funadvice 4
  52. How can I become an Advisor?
    I want that cool "A" by name
    5 Funadvice 17
  53. What happens when you become an advisor?
    wht hppnd whn you becom an advisor?
    3 Funadvice 15
  54. Life Insurance
    what does the word contingent mean,pertaining to life insurance
    4 Money 39
  55. how did you get to be an advisor?
    who are you, really? how did you get to be an advisor? is this even a real job?
    2 Funadvice 9
  56. Can advisors view our funmails?
    Can advisors view our individual funmail messages? just curious:)
    4 Funadvice 13
  57. can anybody be an advisor?
    hey, just wondering, how do you become an advisor? how can we become one?
    2 Funadvice 16
  58. Am I good enough to be an advisor
    Am I good enough to be an advisor by the way I love your site
    6 Funadvice 15
  59. How do I become an advisor?
    I really want to become an advisor! How do I go about doing this? Thanks!
    5 Funadvice 9
  60. How can I get my ex girlfriend dropped from my car insurance?
    How can I get my ex girlfriend dropped from my car insurance?
    2 Relationships 205
  61. Could a job offer life insurance to you an your family?
    Could a job offer life insurance to you an your family ?
    3 Money 15
  62. The youngest FA advisor
    Who's the youngest advisor on funadvice and how old is he/she?
    4 Funadvice 6
  63. is it true investing in insurance companies is tax free?
    4 Money 42
  64. How do you become an advisor.?
    Do you just have to answer a lot of questions well.?
    4 Funadvice 7
  65. How do I become an Advisor?
    Thats pretty much the question.
    2 Funadvice 11
  66. Do you think people should be forced to get health insurance?
    8 Politics 23
  67. Is there such a thing as pet insurance?
    you know like for an animal
    4 Pets 31
  68. hardest part of bein an advisor?
    what the hardest thing you guys have to do?
    3 Funadvice 17
  69. If I have 2 jobs can I have 2 health insurance
    I already have a health insurance but if I get another job in the afternoon and if they have health insurance can I have 2 health insurance from both jobs or not.
    2 Money 191
  70. How do you become an advisor?
    I wanted to know how did you become an advisor? because I want to become one. please answer
    2 Funadvice 27
  71. Reporting an advisor?
    If you report an advisor, would they know about it, or is it annomous for everyone.?? I am just wondering??
    3 Funadvice 15
  72. If you do good enough to become an advisor, then what?
    Does someone tell you that you are now an advisor or what happens?
    3 Funadvice 11
  73. How long does it take for insurance companys to make settleme
    How long does it take for insurance companys to make settlements?
    2 Money 14
  74. How much does life insurance cost?
    How much does life insurance cost? How much averagly does it cost for a family of six?
    4 Money 27
  75. How can I move up from being an insurance secretary?
    I want more than this. I want to make more money. What are some opportunities?
    9 Money 41
  76. Can the USA get oil from Uganda just from sending those military advisors?
    8 Politics 10
  77. What is the average price of car insurance for a 20 year old?
    3 Cars 8
  78. Is it possible for an Advisor to become a regular user again for whatever reason after a while?
    4 Funadvice 32
  79. Who would you nominate as an advisor here?
    I vote Mackenzie=D or myself tehehee
    14 Funadvice 8
  80. How much do insurance companies like Safe Auto cost?
    5 Cars 13
  81. What does the little blue "advisor" sign by some of the user's names mean?
    3 Funadvice 9
  82. Does health insurance cover braces or how much do they really cost??
    6 Health 23
  83. Wats so special bout being an advisor
    I saw a post of some girl wantin to be an advisor what so special bout them
    2 Funadvice 8
  84. how to become a Advisor
    How can you become a Advisor and what are some ways I can higher my chances of becoming one , Please Help
    6 Funadvice 7
  85. How do you get to be an advisor?
    If you want to be an advisor are there like, auditions or a test you have to pass, or do you just get picked?
    4 Funadvice 8
  86. Would you buy Earthquake insurance living in Maryland?
    If you were staying in Maryland would you buy Earthquake insurance for your house?
    2 Homegarden 18
  87. Can people who aren't advisors give advice?
    is it ok for someone who is not an advisor to give advice on this website?
    5 Funadvice 8
  88. Health Insurance and Car Insurance
    uuummm...I'm not sure how this can anyone help me with this??? like...I'm concern about this. 1st...:) I wanna know how can you get health insurance??? 2nd...:) I wanna know how can you get car insurance???
    12 Health 30
  89. car insurance
    how much is monthly car insurance for a 16 year old guy
    4 General 17
  90. What does an advisor do anyway?
    What does an advisor do anyway? I just came from yahoo answers and I have no idea whats going on.
    2 Funadvice 10
  91. Is insurance expensive for 2-door cars'?
    Is the insurance expensive for small cars compared to larger cars?
    3 General 34
  92. How to become an advisor on here?
    How can I become an advisor on here? I think it would be so much fun! Do you get paid?
    6 Funadvice 13
  93. What is an advisor?
    Next to a few peoples answers there is a gold medal with advisor on it. how do iget one of these
    3 Funadvice 6
  94. How long does it take the advisors and admins to approve a How-To created by users?
    3 Funadvice 32
  95. could switching to geico realy save you 15% or more on car insurance?
    8 Money 21
  96. Can you get life or health insurance if... have severe depression? eating disorder?
    7 Money 14
  97. What is the National Insurance number used for in the UK?
    and how old will i be when i get mine?
    7 Politics 36
  98. Do advisors know who you are if you mark as 'anonymous'?
    Do advisors know who you are even if you mark your question has been marked as 'anonymous'..? Because I heard they can read your Funmail.
    4 Funadvice 7
  99. Can you get dental insurance?
    i have medical but i want insurance that can help me cover if my sis gets braces?
    3 Health 10
  100. How do you know when an advisor has answered one of your questions?
    How do you know when an advisor has answered one of your questions? Do they post the answer on this forum? Do you get an email?
    4 Funadvice 13
  101. How can I be an advisor?
    how can I become a advisor on here please help me im really good at giving advice.
    4 Funadvice 9
  102. How long will I have to wait to be an advisor?
    Dear Fun Advice advisors,how long will I have to wait til I get access to be an advisor just like you?
    3 Funadvice 7
  103. how can a employer pay national insuranceon behalf of a employee without a national insurance number?
    2 Money 20
  104. How do I become a advisor ?
    Do I have to get my advice rated up or answer a certain amount of questions ?
    6 Funadvice 7
  105. How do you know that you became an advisor?
    I mean, when you're on your profile, do you see anything different that makes you know you're an advisor??
    2 Funadvice 5
  106. Do advisors get any site access privileges?
    Is it just a status thing to be a advisor?? I dont know what the difference is
    3 Funadvice 6
  107. Fun Advice Advisor
    When are they going to make me an advisor? I've helped so much with the people of this site.
    6 Funadvice 7
  108. Questions to people that aren't advisors
    You know how you can send a question to someone personally? Well, can you send a question to someone who isn't an advisor?
    3 Funadvice 13
  109. What do advisors do?
    Ummm what exactely do advisors do differently besides having a cool yellow border around their icon?
    5 Funadvice 8
  110. I want to become a Funadvice advisor
    I really enjoy giving advice to people on Funadvice and I would like to become an advisor on here. How can I become an advisor?
    3 Funadvice 14
  111. How do you get the advisor thing by your advice?
    how do you get that little "advisor" thing on the side of your advice when you give it to people. Is it just because people rate you really well, so you get an advisor thing there???
    2 Funadvice 22
  112. Is there a cheap way to get insurance
    Well, I no longer have health insurance! :( Is there a cheap way to get insurance. My job doesnt offer it anymore.
    2 Health 15
  113. How can I be an advisor?
    will you please answer my question on my page the new one please and how do I get to be an advisor I want to be one I have answered questions but not just because I answer them because I want to help make me an advisor please
    2 Funadvice 8
  114. Auto Insurance
    Does anyone know any good, cheap auto insurance companies in Ontario? It has to be personal insurance and good quotes for teenagers. Thanks!
    3 Money 12
  115. What is too much free service for consulting?
    I give my customers 2 hours of free consulting on each one of their new projects, am I giving to much?
    6 Money 15
  116. What are your thoughts on the US government making people get health insurance or face penalties?
    26 Politics 52
  117. Rating Advisors?
    Do advisors automatically get rated? I always see their answers rating, even if someone else had a better answer. why is that??
    5 Funadvice 12
  118. Is there a grace period for Allstate Car Insurance Payments?
    My payment was due on the 4th but I can't pay it until tomorrow.
    7 Money 3331
  119. How to become an "advisor"
    Some people like Phrannie have a gold icon by their name that says advisor under it. How do you get that, and what does it mean?
    2 Funadvice 7
  120. How far till im an advisor ?
    Can anyone out there tell me how far along the way to becoming an advisor ? 1%, 2% what ?
    5 Funadvice 9
  121. Health insurance
    What hosital in jacksonville fl pays for a newborn to get circumcised after birth
    3 Health 19
  122. Can I get insurance for my g1 after I broke it
    Can I get insurance for my g1 after I broke it and pay the insurance and cuple. Days latter say it broke ?will they give me a new one or what?
    3 Technology 35
  123. Do any health insurance plans cover supplements?
    Does anyone know of a health insurance plan that covers supplements like CoQ10 and Alpha Lipoic Acid?
    4 Health 17
  124. Where is a cheap car insurance in Ontario? speficially in Hamilton?
    My dad is just wondering where is a cheap car insurance company in Ontario? We live in Hamilton. Thank you very much.
    3 General 13
  125. Do you have a financial advisor?
    Does anyone have a financial advisor...I think it sounds like an awesome thing and I was wondering how many people are informed...
    3 Money 15
  126. do you think its stupid that tmobile is chargingg me $90 to get a new fone even though i have insurance on it?
    8 Technology 13
  127. What are the advantages of being an advisor?
    I'm just not that sure... I wouldn't mind the little yellow thing on all my answerss =D
    3 Funadvice 10
  128. Do us advisors not have our tools or abilities right now while the sites still changing or do i not have them because im using my phone?
    21 Funadvice 19
  129. Ranking of Advisor
    How highly do you have to be ranked to be an advisor. Also, my sister was on my page a few times and decided to post some really rude answers. Will that affect the transition to an advisor?
    2 Funadvice 10
  130. ummm.. Advisors?
    I think my friends account was just deleted... but I'm pretty sure he did nothing wrong... Why is that?
    27 Funadvice 24
  131. If my health insurance is not good can I change it for another one
    I have this health insurance from my job but dont cover anything and I need to do this therapy for my arm but my insurance dont cover, can I leave this insurance and apply for a better one.
    3 Money 13
  132. Advisor Question
    I just need to knwo before I actually become one,how long does it take to become an Advisor and whats teh easiest way to get there.
    5 Funadvice 9
  133. What's the best car insurance in the US?
    If I plan to go to the USA. What Car Insurance company do you recommend? Can someone please explain what I should look for when I choosing?
    5 Money 25
  134. Me be an Advisor? Yes, no? I don't know?
    I know it takes good judgement to become an Advisor, but can do you think I might have enough advice giving skill to become one?
    14 Funadvice 53
  135. How can I become an advisor?
    Hi! I was just wondering how I can become an adviser on here? I would really like to help out with answering people's questions. Thanks!
    3 Funadvice 9
  136. Who do you ask when you want to become an advisor?
    Title says it all really =] And how long do you have to have been on the site beforehand? Thanks for the help =] - Jess =]
    4 Funadvice 9
  137. What should I do if I'm pregnant and dont have health insurance
    I really dont have health insurance right this moment and I really dont know how my babys doing do you think I should go to the hospital for an ultra sound.
    2 Health 18
  138. Question for the advisors
    on an answer for a question where it asks "did you find this answer helpful?" and it only says YES to rate it well, there use to be a NO button to rate it what happend to the NO choice?
    2 Funadvice 6
  139. question for the advisor
    I just asked a question, and it didnt show up. I dont see how it could've been whoever did would you mind telling me why??
    3 Funadvice 6
  140. What's the subscriber name on the MassHealth insurance card?
    I'm filling out an insurance waiver for college and I need the subscribers name. I don't know what the subscribers name is, is it my name or my mothers? I tried calling the college and the insurance company and neither of them are answering.
    3 General 337
  141. Who thinks I would be a good advisor?
    I know I have only been on this site a day and a bit but from the advice I have gaven who thinks I would make a good advisor ? I was just woundering :) thank you. Yours truly Demika Ray
    3 General 12
  142. Pregnant and no insurance. Seeking for help.
    Pregnant and no insurance. I was wondering if anyone knows about a program or something that can help me. Im 5 months pregnant and still havent went to a doctor.
    5 Health 34
  143. Being an advisor?
    ok so I'd like to become an advisor, I've got 187 bits of advice and im 13, I was wondering who to send the answers to like it says on the page of how to become an advisor thanks :)
    4 Funadvice 13
  144. What do these words on an insurance form mean?
    i am updating my paper work for the dentist and on the papers it said PRIMARY INSURANCE: name of insured___ insured's birthdate____ employer___ dental insurance CO.____ Group #___ INS.CO. address___ then it says SECONDARY INSURANCE and then ...
    7 Money 33
  145. how much is the insurance on Pitbulls?
    so uh my parents are thinking about getting me a Pitbull, and don`t worry, I`ve done my research and work at an animal shelter and am getting to know the dog I want, know all I need to know is how much is the insurance on Pitbulls and what insurance co...
    11 Pets 139
  146. Can I apply for financial aid for myself or do I have to talk to the advisor?
    Last time i did that with the advisor, he was very busy with other students and didnt payme any attention, that is i want to do by myself this time, you know if i can do that or not , please tell me thank you.
    3 Education 10
  147. Can I drive my dad's car or do I have to buy and insure my own? (read more)
    Is it possible for me too have driving lessons & then use my dads car to get around in, or would I have to buy my own and then insure it and everything? I'm a little confused about all this, I don't understand cars (._.)
    8 Cars 40
  148. How much would it cost me to get health insurance with the Obamacare?
    If i dont have a health insurance how much would cost me to get one and i will to have to pay for that every year, every month how that would be if you know tell me please thank you?
    3 Health 21
  149. Can Advisors Tell??
    if I had two accounts on here (I don't, jw), would advisors be able to tell it was me if my second email was close to my first one? like the same words mixed around or something?
    6 Funadvice 12
  150. Is cruise travel insurance worth the cost?
    My family is planning a cruise later this year and the travel agent is recommending that we buy travel insurance. The prices for the cruise are not bad, but when you add on the cost of the insurance it starts to get a little pricey.
    4 Travel 21
  151. What is a HRA health insurance?
    This year my employer is offering HRA, and then the standard high and low PPO. They where really pushing the HRA, offering $1250 in the account with a $2500 deductible.
    5 Money 18
  152. where can you get QUAD BIKE insurance ?
    ive been looking for hours and cannot find cover for a quadzilla 500es can someone please help E
    13 Cars 49
  153. Being an Advisor
    How do you become an Advisor on FunAdvice? I love helping people and giving people advice and I've been doing it like crazy for the past 3 days and that's about how long I've been a member. Do you suddenly get an email saying your an Advisor or what? H...
    2 Funadvice 12
  154. Do advisors answer funmail?
    Do the advisors ever answer fun mail? I'm sure that they have a lot of messages and I was just curious. I really want to become an advisor so I thought that it would be helpful to get on a talking basis with some of the other advisors on here. Sam
    10 Funadvice 12
  155. What do you think about the advisors
    What is your opinion bout the advisors on here? (I hope this question doesn get anyone in trouble lol) the ones I know, they are nice and really helps out on here, whether its questions or bout the profiles.
    6 Funadvice 11
  156. Does anyone have a Good Car Insurance Plans?
    Or a website where I could compare rates, or just a plan that you have and like. Or any advice for buying car insurance on minimum wage in California. Thanks for the Help! ~~plainwhitets :)
    5 Money 13
  157. No insurance and sick
    what do I do when I have no insurance and have abdominal pain, lower pelvic region pain, hunry all the time, light headed, and just feel naushous. I dont know what to do because I get them pretty much all at the same time.
    3 Health 34
  158. Why am I required to use insurance money to replace roof?
    My insurance Company paid a claim to replace the roof after a hail storm. After experts told me that the roof is fine for now, do I have to use the money to replace the roof? They are saing that if I don't do that, they will cancel my policy. Thanks
    2 Homegarden 39
  159. Advisors vs God
    Ok, from some answers connected with questions about God, I can conclude that many advisors dont belive in God here. Not to enumerate now, but there are a lots... Why is that? Can't you feel God? He is all around us. Lately he has helped me a lot!
    12 Religion 38
  160. Why is medical insurance only for people 65 years and older?
    The goverment only gives medical insurances to older people why is that? Why they never have thougth in the young people. I mean young people get sick too. If you know why is that tell me please thank you.
    6 Health 32
  161. If you're a teenager and starting to drive, will your insurance rate be lower if you get good grades in school?
    I heard that if you get good grades in school the insurance company thinks that you'll be better on the road..
    2 Education 38
  162. Could I be considered for an advisor?
    Can I become an advisor? I have been on this site for a few months, have answered about 100 questions, and try to use good grammar and stuff. I really want to become an advisor so I would like to know if that is possible?! Please let me know if any adv...
    4 Funadvice 13
  163. Becoming an advisor.
    It says you need to proide highly rated answers. But what's considered highly rated? Would "1 person thought this was helpful" be considered highly rated? Or are they looking for more than one person to think it's helpful?
    3 Funadvice 9
  164. How much is car insurance for a first time driver in Lenoir, NC?
    Just a regular car, not a sports car... and I am just looking for a general idea on the price. I know it varies from company to company.
    4 Cars 41
  165. How to become an advisor?
    ok just a stupid question, how exactly do you become an advisor? someone told me you just write long and understandable answers but that seems to simple. just let me know asap please!!! thanks!!
    3 Funadvice 7
  166. Car insurance cancellation fees
    This morning I phoned to cancel my car insurance, only to get a shock that it was going to cost me 159 pounds. I was gob smaked.I can deal with having to pay a cancellation fee but not that much what can I do. Can someone help me please.
    2 Money 32
  167. Can I get an abortion using a friend's insurance?
    I DO NOT have medical which mean it will be super pricy to get an abortion. If I use a friend's medical, would they check like pictures and such to make sure it is my medical? [Please tell me if you know FOR SURE or JUST A GUESS]
    5 Health 158
  168. Apart from advisors, whos the most regular on here?
    I've noticed the regular faces on here. Who do you always notce is on here, and who actualy inputs most? Just curious, because there seems to be people who give advice and people who mainly ask it. What are you and who do you think?
    7 Funadvice 7
  169. how many advice do I have to give to become an advisor??
    I wonnnder, because I always see advisors' profiles they have like... 1-3/4, 999 advice!!! I'm in the 800's now, still too young to become an advisor and not too clear, but I would like to know it just for the sake of knowing it! tnx :)
    3 Funadvice 12
  170. Should people go to jail for failure to buy health insurance?
    Th reason I ask, is because that's what the current "health care plan" basically does. It forces people buy health insurance. But if you are required to buy it, yet don't have the money to buy it, and can't afford the fine for failing to buy it, you...
    11 Politics 42
  171. Car insurance claim
    The other day I bumped into another car. Her bumper was damaged but my car is fine. I really dont want to claim on my car insurance because my insurance will go up, so am trying to sort it out by cash, but the woman said that she wants all my insurance...
    4 Money 48
  172. Accident and insurance
    hmm, me and my dad were in a motercycle accident saturday the 9th. we were hit by an ambulince, and my dads plannin g on sewing. im 13 and I have to speek to a lawyer, and im reallly nervous. what are they like going to ask me?
    6 Health 35
  173. I lose my purse and i am freaking out what should i do? I have my whole family social, ID, credit cards, all doc papers. EVERYTHING
    I called the last place i went to and they dont have nothing. No surveillance either.
    3 Money 39
  174. How to become a freelance SEO consultant
    Regardless of the size of the industry today, it’s fair to say that there’s never been a better time to get started as a freelance SEO consultant, especially considering the way in which the search industry changes on a near-daily basis!
    5 Money 53
  175. Would like to be an advisor
    I would like to become an advisor . I have answered several questions on here tonight and I think I could be of some help. I work in a Montessori School as a Director of Extended Day. I am a MOm of one super 14 year old boy. Beautysblush
    2 Funadvice 16
  176. Health insurance (military benefits)
    I currently do not have health insurance but if me & my boyfriend decided to have a baby would his military benefits cover the baby even if we are not married and the doctors visit every month? I use to have military benefits but I lost them when I tu...
    3 Health 25
  177. What does that advisor symbol mean exactly?
    I hope this doesn't sound like a dumb question but I've noticed on some of the question pages that theres a gold symbol in the upper-right corners saying advisor. What does it mean exactly? That you work for this site? Or that you've been on this site ...
    2 Funadvice 46
  178. Is it possible for me to claim EI (employment insurance) while I go to school this winter?
    I live in Canada and will be a full time student without time for a full time job does anyone know if they will let me live off EI? or do I have to build houses for class and then work on the weekend?
    6 Money 13
  179. How much should my total be for this iPad with the insurance and iTunes card? (read more)
    So, I am getting an Ipad tomorrow, and am buying the insurance, and a $25 Itunes card. They charge me six cents per dollar, and the insurance cost $75. So, how much should it be? The Ipads at my walmart are $400. The Ipad and Insurance, I got $503.50....
    7 Shopping 37
  180. Paid for site
    Do you advisors get paid any money for being advisors to this site
    3 Funadvice 15
  181. I would like to become an advisor.
    I am really interested in becoming an advisor. I really like what you guys are doing, its a great place for teenagers to come and ask about love, life, and school. I have had my fair share of ups and downs in life and have a lot of advice to share......
    3 Funadvice 44
  182. Home owners insurance pit bulls ok?
    Ok I am going to ask this question again on pitbulls. my son has one that is 13 wks old and is already showing signs of dominating. I need all the feed back on this type of dog. also is this type of dog one that home owners insurance will not let yo...
    6 Pets 53
  183. Getting a Car do you need to insure body kit?
    Okay so I was talking to day with my dad about getting this Car because im getting one for my 16th, so I cna do it up.. I want a Vauxhall corsa Opel 1996. and I've told my dad that, and ii was showing him this body kit that im gonna buy for the car onc...
    2 General 36
  184. Advisor...
    I was wondering if I could get taken on as an advisor. I really do give a lot of good advice on this site. I just want to keep idiots in the world from ruining things for the people who enjoy this site on a daily basis. Like me. I know that I am supp...
    2 Funadvice 21
  185. What car insurance company offers the lowest rates?
    I am 19 years old and a guy, so that means my insurance is very expensive.. I live in Pennsylvania. And I am looking to get a small sedan. I want collision coverage under my plan and anything else can be basic or minimum. I don't want to spend more the...
    7 Cars 19
  186. How does one go about getting a medical card or other cheap forms of "insurance"?
    I live in Illinois. I have no health insurance because I can't afford anything that will take me. I applied for a medical card or something along those terms when I moved back home but was denied. I'm moving to a new county soon, so I'm going to try ...
    3 Money 15
  187. What do I have to do to be an advisor?
    I asked something like this before but,the advisors don't seem to understand my questions.When it says provide us with the answers,and yes I see the contact us link.I've always seen it and I'm not stupid.How do I provide the answer.Do I just go to my a...
    5 Funadvice 14
  188. What happens during a braces consultation ?
    I have been told by my doctor that I need to get braces because my jaw is giving me really bad ear pains and that's my only solution. So I did some research on local orthodontics and asked a lot of my friends who have braces and it was a clear decision...
    3 Style 85
  189. No insurance? What now?
    Okay, I will try to make this short. I had 2 types of insurance---cigna and medi-cal. I lost cigna a few months age b/because my dad lost his job. We called medi-cal to let them know I no longer have a second insurance. They said than my medi-cal was t...
    5 General 22
  190. I think I need therapy, but am poor (in college) and don't have insurance
    I feel that I am ugly. There's really only one thing to do: therapy. Every woman feels ugly from time to time, but the fact that I'm dwelling on it makes me think that talking to a professional will help. My self-esteem seems to be at an all-time low a...
    6 Health 36
  191. How can I be an advisor?
    Hey there, can anyone tell me how to become an advisor.. what do I have to do? To support my choices in being one are that I am studying A Levels (In the UK) in English, Media, Sociology and Psychology in order to become either a journalist or a social...
    2 Funadvice 14
  192. Would you consider me to become an advisor?
    I was just wondering whether you would counsider me to become an advisor? I always try to think about my answers to questions... and I often do a bit of research to make sure that I give accurate advice =] and I make a conscious effort to take the time...
    2 Funadvice 14
  193. Do you think my insurance would cover getting my teeth re-done?
    I don't like my teeth. I have a chipped tooth in the front, they're not white, I have a few cavities, etc... I basically screwed my teeth up from not taking care of them. I want to get them completely re-done...I don't know what it's called, or what...
    4 Health 22
  194. Advisory?
    What are the stats you must have to be an advisor here?
    2 Funadvice 12
  195. Advisors who are writing English as an additional language
    There are many good contributors on this site who speak English as a second or even third or fourth language! Congratulations to all you guys - I struggle in my second language (French) every day, and I could not do what you do here. Most of us here s...
    10 Literature 46
  196. Do I need a national insurance card for a job?
    hey, well I finally turn 16 in august so that means I can get a job..yes but I have to wait for that national insurance card thing? when does it come? because I wana work most of all summer and my birthday is towards the end. So like does the card come...
    2 Money 11
  197. What should people know when looking for health insurance?
    I've been asking my family for help with this for a long time and they don't seem to care, so seeking other sources. I'm a 25 year old college student with minor pre-existing conditions that basically make any health insurance impossible to get o affo...
    3 Money 29
  198. Good health insurance offer or not?
    I've been a good customer with my bank with service so they are offering me health insurance, I'm only 19 so I'm still on my parents but my boyfriend and I plan on having our first child within the next 2-3 years so I want to build my own life insuranc...
    2 Health 10
  199. Michigan car accident (no insurance)
    I was moving through an apartment complex when someone backed into my car. He was clearly at fault, however I hace no car insurance at this point in time. We exchanged information, but did not call the cops (at least not yet). My question is, if the...
    8 Money 62
  200. Advisors, cops and law people
    I have a guy who is quite older than me. I use to be friends with him, untill he got creepy and harrassing me. I am 14, and live in Illinois, he is 26, lives in Alabama, with his parents, no job and talks to younger girls such as my age maybe younger. ...
    3 Relationships 21
  201. Can an executor make you get home insurance?
    I recently inherited a home (the one I have been living in my whole life). The executor of the will, who is also the lawyer is trying to make me get home insurance. I cant afford it right now and Im moving in a couple months anyways. Can he do this? He...
    3 Politics 22
  202. What do I do when I have 50 peices of advice?
    If I want to be an advisor and I have 50 peices of advice what do I do (I dont have that many yet) but once I do where do I go to, to become an advisor?
    3 Funadvice 10
  203. Friend of mine says suicide related insurance claims are up?
    So a friend of mine yesterday said that they are seeing an increase in suicide related insurance claims, after the market crash. Now, with the AIG quarter million dollar bender the other week & the lack of jail time for these crooks...if the poor peopl...
    2 Money 9
  204. Should I call the police, can I claim insurance?
    I worked at a place called zenith, manager didnt pay me and my friend me and my friend went down there I argued with the manager, and told my other old school friend you dont get paid so dont work here a lady come out [heavily pregnant] started screwin...
    3 Money 19
  205. someone just crashed my car
    what should I do should I call the insurance or what please help me!
    2 General 32
  206. How would I go about getting treated for bi-polar depression without any medical insurance?
    I'm not for sure if I have it or not, but I know that from what I learned in my Psychology class I seem to match some of the symptoms: Mood swings, inspired ideas at times, and depressing lows, lack of sleep, fatigue, and abnormal sleep habits, etc....
    7 Health 21
  207. Laws now in effect for owning a pitbull?
    What are the laws now in effect for owning a pitbull? Do you have to have insurance? How much? And where can I get it?
    3 Pets 34
  208. If you ask a question anonymously
    If you ask a question anonymously, do the funadvice advisors still know who you are?
    3 Funadvice 37
  209. How many
    How many answers of questions have to have good ratings before you can become an advisor?
    4 Funadvice 8
  210. Favorite people for advice?
    who on this site are your favorite people for advice that aren't actually advisors?
    12 Funadvice 9
  211. Why can't I ask any questions?
    I just tried to ask a question and it didnt even go up. Can an advisor pls tell me?
    6 Funadvice 8
  212. What does 'locked for review' mean?
    I went to a question somebody asked and an advisor put "locked for review". what does that mean??
    5 Funadvice 26
  213. how can I cure bacterial vignosis
    I dont have insurance. and I really dont know how I can get rid of it.
    3 Health 77
  214. uninsured family
    I have been struggling to pay the bills so far and I had to cut some bills, one including my health insurance. My job cut the pay, and no longer provide health insurance. I am worried because I have a wife(who is injuried), mother with type 2 diabetes,...
    2 Family 25
  215. How much do you have to spend on medicines every month?
    I have three prescriptions that are $5 dollars each and one is $76. That is with health insurance. Without health insurance the $76 dollar one would cost me $246 every month and the other ones aroun $30 each.
    8 Money 53
  216. Where can I find the best rates and quotes for car inurance?
    Where can I find the best rates and quotes for car inurance? The auto insurance company I am currently using is not good at all. I took my second car off the policy and the rate stayed the same for just one car. I really need to find a new auto insuran...
    5 Shopping 18
  217. how much do I pay for coverage?
    if I make 8000 dollars a year how much insurance will be taken away from that
    3 Money 42
  218. About how much do contacts cost?
    I'm thinking about asking for contacts from my parent. He has insurance, but how much, on average would it cost?
    6 Shopping 57
  219. Confused
    I am currently majoring in Business, but I want to be a Financial Advisor. I wanted to know if I should keep majoring in Business; or major in Finance??
    2 Education 11
  220. My wife and my 2years old daughter are taking a flight to India next month.
    I already own travel insurance. Do I need to buy a separate health insurance policy to get medical coverage for my pregnant wife?
    4 Travel 9
  221. What is this small mole when I shave?
    Whenever I shave my underarms a small mole develops there and it pains also. What is the reason? Should I consult a doctor?
    5 Health 59
  222. What are the cheapest and the expensive car colors?
    When it comes to auto insurance, what are the cheapest and the most expensive color? And does automatic or manual make a difference?
    4 Shopping 273
  223. How do I stop being too sensitive?
    My ex jamie and fa advisor colleen and I think so anyone else thinks so. How do I stop being 2 sensitive?
    4 General 44
  224. Question locked, why?
    I wrote a poem, and it was locked. If your an advisor or whatever, could you check that out? Cause I really don't know why it was locked. Thanks
    3 Funadvice 14
  225. What does Dogma mean?
    What does Dogma mean?...Dogma and Carma... explain the differences...please... much too lazy to google it...or consult a dictionary... thanks!
    7 Religion 80
  226. College registration
    I'm meeting with my academic advisor for college and I'm starting registation tomorrow can anyone tell me what happens at college registration?
    2 Education 7
  227. Getting your tubes tied...
    How old do you have to be to get your tubes tied in the state of Colorado? How much does it cost? Would medicade insurance cover the cost?
    2 Health 131
  228. How can I memorize a speech in a day?
    Ok so I have to do a speech for a club and I am doing a 6 paragraph speech. I need to memorize it for my advisor to hear it all in one day. How can I memorize a speech in one day? Please I need help
    3 Education 84
  229. Stop taking my question down??
    Why do you keep deleting my question?? It was legit. I asked the opinion of the funadvice community, looking for advice. so why do you advisors keep taking it down?
    11 Funadvice 20
  230. Why are women so obsessed with jewelry?
    Why are women so obsessed with jewelery when it also poses a threat on their security? It is a physical hazard, speaking in Insurance jargon.
    3 Style 143
  231. Can someone help me with uploading photos?
    can one of the advisors please fix my homepage? it wont let let me put pics on.
    2 Funadvice 8
  232. My menstrual period
    Ok well I havent had my period in 3 months im sure im not preagnet what can be wrong with me im getting really worried is this bad I dont want to go to the docters I have no insurance and yes I do work but my work dosent ofer insurance I need help im w...
    2 Health 12
  233. What happens if your probation gets revoked?
    I had a car wreck about 3 months ago and had a ticket for inatentive driving and no insurance. I have yet to pay the ticket which was due a week ago. and about a month ago I got pulled over and got a ticket for no insurance and no tail light. I went in...
    4 General 68
  234. Locking/deleting questions
    Totally random thought.. You know how advisors can either lock or delete questions How do you choose.. Why do you lock some questions, and just delete questions all together on others??
    2 Funadvice 19
  235. what happen if somebody finds the cures to all diseases?
    do you think if somebody finds the cures to all diseases the goverment will kill this guy only to keep the business of the healthcare insurance and doctors.
    2 Money 8
  236. Why is my own question locked so I can't type on it?
    Why does my own question locked I asked if im an anerexic and then one advisor asked my question and now I cant write back on my questoin so why is my question locked and what doed it mean
    10 Funadvice 46
  237. Ask me questions about anything
    Well im not a advisor but yooh can ask me questions about anything and ill help yooh as best as I can so hit me up wit thoses q's
    2 Funadvice 50
  238. Mutual dating, can this be carried out?
    I am a 22 years old boy. My friend,a 27 years old boy has agreed to date my mother ( 48 ) if I accept to date his mother ( 52 ).he had consulted his mother and she is ready to date me. I have consulted my mother and she is ready to date my friend. Can...
    3 Relationships 27
  239. Is this enough advice?
    Hey, So I've only been a member here for about two weeks. I have been coming on here regulary. And I have quite a bit of advice. So, is that enough to become an advisor? What else would I have to do?
    7 Funadvice 20
  240. Should Funadvice have moderators?
    In my opinion, FunAdvice should have moderators along with advisors, these moderators, should be allowed to re-direct questions, and also delete questions that are deemed innapropriate. -Phil2611
    4 Funadvice 12
  241. Ranking advice
    This is for the advisors, how can you tell what is your lowest advice score and which is are highest? I found out my highest was 100 bt when I clicked on my lowest there was no score. Does that mean the rest of my advice besides the 100 was bad?
    3 Funadvice 12
  242. reposting repeatedly-annoying!
    I dont get how if someone posts the same question twice, they get it from advisors but the advisors have yet to say anything to "cgllr" when she has basically posted the questions around ten times? I'm getting quite irritated with the repeated que...
    3 Gaming 8
  243. What about the 2010 health care bill?
    does any one know about the 2010 new health care bill that was just past? I heard if you don't have health insurance the first fine is $500 is this true? I am under 26 and it was rumored to me that I can go back under my mothers insurance, she asked h...
    10 Politics 20
  244. Online Surveys
    Is there any online surveys that pay you? I checked out a lot of them and all I get is offers for baby stuff or car insurance and stuff and I just want to take they surveys and stop wasting my time...
    2 Money 51
  245. question about U.S. federal government run health insurnace plan
    Do you thiink that a federal government run health insurance plan will be approved before midnight ET 31 Dec 2009
    8 Politics 20
  246. Striving for pitbull freedom
    Living in Ohio, there are strick pitbull laws. He has to wear a mussle in public, and I need $100,000 liability insurance. does this happen in any other states???
    4 Pets 22
  247. Do you ever get jealous of other answers?
    Like for example, there's this woman who's an advisor and she always has an excellent answer and then I can't answer the question because the perfect answer is already there so what's the point, anyways I'm jealous, do you ever get that feeling?
    3 Funadvice 8
  248. Who is that progressive commercial girl?
    well everytime I watch t.v. that progressive car insurance commercial comes up and that cute girl is always on there! Who is she? and does anyone else think she is hot?? because I sure do!
    4 Entertainment 97
  249. Is there a site online that you can do practice questions for PA driving permit?
    i am studying the manual and such i just want to know how well i know it and do some practice questions to insure i know the information before take the actual test.
    6 Education 11
  250. Anyone named beth?
    I hope this is not bad to say but is any one here named beth? I would like to use the nickname bethlehem with you if it would be fine advisors? I am pre I am sorrying this question if its bad!
    4 General 34