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  1. Why do they call Walgreens, "Walgreens," if the walls in Walgreens ain't green?
    4 General 74
  2. Can I buy syringes from walgreens?
    Can I buy syringes from walgreens?
    3 Shopping 1052
  3. How to get over needle phobia?
    How to get over needle phobia?
    5 Health 75
  4. Can you die from getting insulin if you don't need it?
    can you die from getting not needed insulin?
    5 Health 51
  5. How do they pierce your nose with a needle?
    How do they pierce your nose with a needle?Just Curious!
    4 Style 106
  6. Can I take knitting needles on airplane?
    Can I take knitting needles on airplane?
    3 General 36
  7. Why do they sterilize needles for lethal injections?
    Why do they sterilize needles for lethal injections?
    3 General 91
  8. Does anyone here think needles hurt?
    18 Health 34
  9. What does it mean when somebody says a needle in a haystack?
    What does it mean when somebody says a needle in a haystack?
    3 General 21
  10. How big is a lip piercing needle thing?
    How big is a lip piercing needle thing?
    4 Style 104
  11. Insulin without a prescripition
    can you get insuiln without a prescripition?
    3 Health 12
  12. what time does walgreens open?
    what time does wlgreens open usally?
    2 Shopping 86
  13. Insulin Pumps
    Does anybody here have an insulin pump? What kind? Are you happy with it's performance?
    3 Health 22
  14. What are the different needle sizes in a hospital
    Needle sizes large to small?
    2 Health 26
  15. What would a vegan do if they became diabetic and needed insulin?
    7 Health 16
  16. What kind of needle should I use for a piercing?
    What kind of needle should I use for a cartilage piercing?.. Is there a specific type of needle for body piercings, or can you just use any kind if needle?
    7 Style 132
  17. How do you get pins and needles on your leg?
    How do you get pins and needles on your leg quick? I just love the feeling of it
    3 Health 20
  18. Lethal injection needle sterilization
    Why do they sterilize the needle for lethal injection? They are going to die anyways?
    5 General 45
  19. How do I get a needle for a belly piercing?
    There's a pecific type of needle for it, how do I get one?
    2 Style 86
  20. What is insulin resistance?
    What is it? and how can it be reduced? Someone was talking to me about it, but I have knowidea what they were going on about.
    3 Health 59
  21. Balloon & needle
    How do you stick a large needle thru a ballon without it popping?
    5 Science 19
  22. Piercing needles
    Um does anyone on here know where You can get a piercing needle at?? If so Please let me know
    3 Style 18
  23. Where could I find a set of multicolored crocheting needles that don't cost too much?
    2 Shopping 9
  24. Which size needle do they pierce noses with?
    do they pierce you wuth a 20 gauge or 18 gauge
    4 Style 159
  25. who knws if they sell india ink at walmart or walgreens?
    do dey sell india ink at walmart or maybe evn at walgreens
    3 Shopping 961
  26. Why are needles better than guns for piercing?
    why is it better to use a needle than a gun when getting a piercing? is there a lower chance of getting an infection or what?
    4 Style 306
  27. Doubts about taking insulin
    If a diabetic is also obese and he must take insuline, what are the problems he must face?
    3 Health 16
  28. when getting your nose peirced, how long does it take the peircer to get the needle through?
    how long does the pain last?
    8 Style 30
  29. Are there alternatives to testosterone shots for female to male transgenders(something not involving needles)?
    6 Health 16
  30. Piercing needle?
    Where the hell do you buy a piercing needle??? Somewhere thats easy to get it...or not. Doesn't matter.
    3 Style 23
  31. Needle thru lip what side
    What way do they put the needle in, ? Do they shuv the spikey bit thru the inside of your lip to the out or the outside of your lip in?
    4 Style 39
  32. Can you buy an 8 guage needle?+
    I want to give myself an industrial piercing on my ear and I need to know if, and if you can, where, can you buy an 8 guage needle?
    3 Shopping 42
  33. what happens if you numb a body part with ice then poke it with a hot needle?
    Will it be like a tattoo?
    6 Style 49
  34. What hurts more getting your nose pierced with a needle or gun?
    I really want to get my nose pierced . But im not sure if I should get it done with a gun or a needle
    8 Style 121
  35. Tragus piercing: Gun or needle?
    I've read that its best to go for needle for whatever reason? Would you advise gun or needle? and why?
    13 Style 2310
  36. what the hell is human proinsulin and insulin, antibody production, assy development and clinical application ?
    2 Health 20
  37. Piercing needle
    I need a piercig needle asap.I live in chicago and I need a piercing needle for a navel piercing. Is there a store in chicago and how much will it cost. I need help please xoxo
    8 Style 73
  38. where can i get a hollow needle, a clam and jewlery and for how much?
    do peircing places sell u the stuff if u ask?
    18 Shopping 76
  39. Is gun or needle better for a cartilage piercing?
    I am interested in getting my cartilage pierced and I was wondering whats better a gun or a needle? And also for how long is the pain really noticeable?
    5 Style 469
  40. Is this site is trustworthy to buy needles off of? Do u thin it would be stupid to buy piercing needles online and from this place?
    5 Health 23
  41. What are the normal needle gauges for certain piercings cuz i cant find a chart(as many as u can name plz)?
    9 Style 116
  42. Gun or needle
    Im14 & gettin my nse peirced 2marrow should I get it done with a gun or needle witch hurts more and by my picture do you thinkit would look good on me
    6 Style 93
  43. Does a piercing gun hurt more than the needle?
    I wanted to get my nose pierced but im not sure which way I should do it some people say the needle is better but some say the gun is easier...NEED HELP
    10 Style 263
  44. What's the difference between guns and needles?
    So what's the difference between getting your ear pierced with a gun (like at Wal-Mart) and getting it pierced with a needle (tattoo parlor)? A friend once told me that getting your cartilage pierced with a gun shatters your cartilage, and a needle doe...
    2 Style 95
  45. How can I get my tongue pierced with a needle phobia?
    I'm getting my tongue pierced in 2 days and I know the swelling is going to hurt but I don't like needles and I'm scared that when the needle goes in it will be an unbearable pain!!! please help me!!
    8 Style 138
  46. What places pierce your ears with parlors?
    do all tattoo parlours pierce ears as well or is just specific ones?..and do helix/cartilage piercings swell a lot after you get them pierced? how can you prevent it from swelling?thank you:)
    2 Style 64
  47. How much does it cost to print pictures at Walgreens i have 29 to print?
    I have 29 pictures to print and i have no idea how much it will cost and what size to put it on and can i bring it on a flash drive and how long do i have to wait? Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    3 Money 171
  48. How come I'm afraid of needles?
    Well.. I'm really scared of the needles the doctors take blood with. I even cry when they do that! But what's weird is that I'm perfectly fine with the piercing ones.
    5 Health 21
  49. How to get through a piercing when I hate needles?
    I want my belly button pierced but I am not allowed so me and my friend are going to pierce our own this weekend prob...but I freak out with needles or thing like that but I am not sure if I can do it myself...anyone have any ideas on how to get throug...
    8 Style 143
  50. Why are people so scared of needles?
    Ok, this might seem like a stupid question, but I am truly curious why some people are terrified of needles. I mean I don't like them, but I certainly don't recoil when I have to get an injection. So does anyone know and if you are scared of needles wh...
    24 Health 85
  51. What size of needle should I have to pierce my bellybutton?
    I want my bellybutton pierced but I don't have money to get it done. My friend works in a piercing shop cleaning and stuff so he's watches it all the time. He knows how to do it and stuff but I Just need to know what size of needle do I need? And how m...
    6 Style 169
  52. What would happen if a non-diabetic took a shot of insulin ?
    My aunt is a diabetic, & i'm just curious of what would happen. Could it kill you ? Brain damage, heart problems, whaaaaaa ?
    8 Health 15
  53. Gun or needle???
    Omg today I am getting a nose piercing please help b/c people say that a gun can break or mess up the cartleage but the needle bleeds more and takes longer and hurts more should I be safe or take the risk?
    6 Style 51
  54. Why do my hands feel like pins and needles?
    I for some reason start to feel this tingling feeling like pins and needles in my fìngers randomly. it starts and ends at different times. i can't find any reason why it starts but it is in only my fìngers most powerful in the tip of the fingures from ...
    2 Health 76
  55. Why am I sooo scared of spiders and needles?
    Well I'm only and truly scared of spiders and needles. Whenever I see a spider I scream and freak out, I don't try to I just do. I'v tried not to but it doesn't work. And when ever I see a needle I get sooo nervous. I really want it to stop but I don't...
    2 Health 64
  56. How much does cartilage piercing hurt with a needle?
    ok, I know that using a gun is bad, and it is totally not going to happen for me, so how much does it hurt with a needle, people have said the pain is as much as a bee sting, and like a bee sting the pain comes back again and again every few seconds? s...
    4 Style 83
  57. What could be the reason for regular pins and needles in my legs?
    I have been getting pins and needles quite regularly in my legs, even sometimes when I'm just sitting normally and not restricting blood flow or lying on the couch. It's pretty annoying. Does anyone know why this could happen and how I could have it re...
    7 Health 14
  58. Gun vs Needle (Cartilage Piercing)
    Heyy! Once again I have a cartilage question. Hah. Okay so... I've been reading and so far I've only seen negative feedback about using a gun for a piercing... Is it that likely that you WILL get a disease or a shattered cartilage from using a gun? Las...
    10 Style 9839
  59. Fear of needles :(
    I have a MASSIVE fear of needles, and I have a very important blood test I need to have to make sure my liver and kidneys are OK. All I have to do is think of needles going into skin and I can physically not stop myself from crying and shaking :( I do...
    9 Health 58
  60. Where should I get peicing needles other then online?
    I don't want to order anything online. Is there any place that sells them in stores? I just want to peirce my lip right now *safely* myself. ahah. and I know how to! I've done it before but it got infected becasue I just used a peircing earing. but I ...
    4 Shopping 335
  61. What are the side affects of getting 5 needle shots in one day?
    So, the clinic sent my house a note stating that I will need all my 5 vaccines that I missed or else my school will suspend me. I went to the clincic and they gave me 2 needle shots with 5 doses, because im missing 5 vaccines. And I just want to know t...
    2 Health 33
  62. What can you tell me about depo needle?
    I'm going with a friend to get her depo needle and I'm going to try it myself what can you tell me about it... like side effects ect... from people who have had hands on experience I know why I'm going for it... because it can help sort out my p...
    5 Health 166
  63. Lethal injections
    Why do they sterilize needles for lethal Injections?
    2 General 25
  64. Needle Phobia
    Hi. I want to get my ears pierced and I think that they would look good pierced. However, I am afraid. I have a phobia of piercings, needles, shots, etc. Basically anything that pierces the skin. I really believe that this phobia is stupid. When I...
    4 Health 51
  65. Should I get a double ear piercing? Should I get a needle or a gun?
    I am now 13. I had gotten my first ear piercing at 11 and now one of my friends suggested we get double ear piercing.We are going to the mall on Saturday July 4th and I need help to see if I should get it with a needle or a gun. I also wanted to know w...
    5 Style 143
  66. Got stuck with a used needle at the thrift store?!
    I was at the thrift store about six months ago, and there was a used diabetic's needle, which at the time I did not realize that, as I thought it was a key chain lazer. Seeing as I am an idiot, I stuck my finger over the end to make it light up, but in...
    9 Health 44
  67. What causes long term pins and needles and turns into numbness?
    On Saturday morning I woke to find I had pins and needles in my left arm and leg. I also felt as if I had been hit on the left side of my head with something. I thought this was just the effect of sleeping on my side. This has gradually gotten worse un...
    3 Health 37
  68. D.I.Y piercing
    Does D.I.Y ear piercing hurt? How do you do it? with what needle?
    3 Style 56
  69. how old do you have to be work at publix?
    Or walgreens in ruskin florida?
    2 Money 65
  70. Cartilage Peirced
    When you get your cartilage peirced do they use a gun to do it or a needle?
    6 Style 42
  71. Is it bad to pierce yourself?
    Is it bad to pierce your cartliage yourself if you use a steralized needle and everything?
    11 Style 83
  72. Does Getting Snakebites Hurt?
    Does it hurt getting snakebite, because I'm getting them tomorrow and im terrified of needles??
    11 Style 1699
  73. Is it easy to pierce your own tongue?
    and if so where do you put the needle so it dosent hit any vains?
    11 Style 63
  74. How can I pierce my ears, I have had earing before?
    Ok, so I have had my ears pierced before, but I bought like spacers to put in, because all my friends have them, so, I took a needle, and I cant get the last layer of skin , and cant get the needle through, any tips?
    3 Style 38
  75. Do you need a clamp to pierce yourself at home?
    Do you need a clamp to pierce yourself at home? I'm going to be ordering piercing needles and was wondering whether it would be necessary. And has anyone been successful with piercing your bellybutton at home using a piercing needle?
    11 Style 1625
  76. Type One Diabetics!!!
    Anyone have type one diabetes? Do you have the pump or do you use insulin shots. Which do you think is better? I use insulin shots but its too much of a hassle and everyone tells me I should switch to using the pump, any suggestions?
    2 Health 7
  77. Is your lip numb when you get snakebite piercings?
    When you get you feel the needle going through your lip...or is it totally numb??
    6 Style 160
  78. How is the tragus suppose to be pierced?
    I got both of mine pierced about a month ago they did it with a gun not a needle, how is it suppose to be pierced?
    2 Style 42
  79. Should I do my belly button ring myself?
    what if my parents dont want me to get a belly button ring and I want too though should I do it on my own with a needle
    13 Style 53
  80. Bump-its!
    Does any store (like walgreens) sell bumpits? Or is it just an over the phone product
    7 Style 49
  81. What precautions to take before a cartilege piercing?
    Im hoping to get a cartilige pericign soon but I dont no the cautions I have to take like..What is the difference in needles and guns.Does The Needle hurt less..Becasue thats what I've heard...ANd where can you get youre peircing done wiith the needle ...
    5 Style 50
  82. How can I stop these night terrors?
    My extreme phobia of needles keeps me awake at night. I thought it was insomnia but I realized every night when I close my eyes and I'm teetering on the edge of sleep I see needles going into my eyes or my heart, et cetera. I am so terrified of needles...
    2 Health 16
  83. how is a hip piercing done?
    i want to know because i want some more knowledge on i before i have it done, what kind of needles will be used etc?
    2 Style 40
  84. Why.. Is it normal for a lip to bleed after piercing it?
    Me and my cousin were piercing our lips the other day like with a needle and the needle went inn and I took it out really fast and my lip started bleading and now iot is purple inside and out and it hurts. What should I do. Is it normal?
    4 Style 236
  85. how bad does getting your belly button peirced hurt?
    how bad does getting your belly button peirced hurt? my friend is wanting to do it with a long sewing needle.
    7 Style 100
  86. How to make your own tattoo?
    how do you use a needle and pen ink 2 do your own tattoos. and no safety or stupid talks alrit
    8 Style 123
  87. Can I pierce my labret at home?
    I was wondering if its safe for me to pierce my labret at home bymyself if I have the needles and stuff I need or is it not a good idea
    4 Style 41
  88. Find green tea and black tea in your local grocery shop?
    Can you find green tea and black tea in your local grocery shop? Like ralphs, albertsons, walgreens?
    2 Shopping 17
  89. Explain the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes in terms
    of pathophysiology including the production of insulin.
    3 Nutritionfitness 12
  90. what hurts worse getting pierced naval or nose?
    I am peterfied of needles! I still scream and cry when I go to the doctors to get a shot. when I was thirteen I got my belly button pierced. it was ok I was nervous but it was ok. the past year my needle phobia has gotton worse because I went to the do...
    14 Style 134
  91. How do you pierce your own lip ?
    I'm not going to do it, but what kind of stuff would you need, and what kind of needle, and how much does it hurt doing it yourself,. And where could you by the stuff
    6 Style 94
  92. Homemade tattoo
    I was thinking of giving myself a really small heart tattoo with just ink from a pen and a needle do you think this is a good idea?
    4 Style 59
  93. Hair Clear Gloss?
    Has anyone ever tried it? I'm thinking about getting it from walgreens + trying it. Would you suggest it? (:
    2 General 35
  94. Numbing before piercing
    Shall I numb myself before I go get my self pierced? I dont want to feel the pain, the pain is the only thing Thats Stopping me from geting my lip and tongue done I have a Fear of needles. Im not bothered about the swelling or the after bit its just th...
    7 Style 6290
  95. Piercing my lip with a kit?
    I'm 19 and I want to pierce my lip with a kit. I can't go to a professional for certain reasons. It comes with: - sterile needle - needle holder - small round forceps - H2Ocean, 1.5 oz cleaning and healing sea salt solution - captive bead rin...
    5 Style 48
  96. What is the pain level of a nose piercing?
    Im absolutely terrified of needles like im fricking scared out of my mind like I wouldnt even pierce my ears but I grew the balls and did them by myself, I want to know how bad is a nose piercing for people who have gotten them and are terrified of nee...
    3 Style 100
  97. Piercing problem
    Ok so I pierced my ear with an apolstry needle 2 days ago and its still kinda hurts and if I squeeze it hard enough puss comes out, 1 is it infected 2 how can I fix the infection 3 is it dangerous to use an apolstry needle in the firs...
    2 Style 19
  98. Would you rather
    have needles for leg hair, or have flares shoot out of your nose every time you say the word "the" (ouch).
    4 General 38
  99. Medical assistant vs Nurse
    whats the difference between a medical assistant and a nurse? Nurses give needles, take out blood, take vitals and assist in lab work, what do medical assistants do?
    3 Money 39
  100. Where can I buy clips
    where can I buy clips , the kind that I can make my own I have been looking on-line looking to see if I can find any on-line that sells them, I have needle and thread I just need the clips...
    3 Style 19
  101. What is the best way to pierce your ear?
    I think sterilize a needle and push it through ear with bit of cork behind ear then put a sterilized stud in.
    26 Style 56
  102. How . I pierced my carlage witha sewing neddle . Waht can happen ?
    A few days ago I pierced my cartliage myelf . With a sewing needle . My parents were fine with it but its red and sore and it hurts to touch it and sleep on it . I clean it 2 times a day with clairs ear care stuff . What can happen to my ear . Is it ba...
    8 Style 801
  103. Am I overweight at 5'6 and 154?
    I weigh 70kgs, 5'6 and have a BMI of 25. Am I overweight and if so how do I lose weight safely as an insulin dependent diabetic?
    3 Nutritionfitness 87
  104. Im having my nose pierced tomorrow
    Im having my nose pierced tomorrow, im 14 and im really scared because im not so great with needles, but really want it done, is it going to hurt? and will I faint at all?
    4 Style 18
  105. cartilige peircing
    I would love to get my cartilige peirced but out here in calgary I cant seem to find a place that alows 12 year olds to get it professionaly done with a needle!!! so I am thinking of getting it done with gun even though there are sooo many risks! if a...
    3 Style 14
  106. Why are piercing guns unsanitary?
    Why are piercing guns unsanitary? For ears only. Is the infection rate higher? I got my ears pierced at Claires with a gun and it got infected. Is that because its a stud? I thought piercing guns are more sanitary than using a needle.
    2 Style 147
  107. Where should I get my cartilaged pierced at?
    At my walmart they use needles but there also a piercing shop down the street from my house and I really need to know where to go
    3 Style 55
  108. Where can I convert my black and white picture into a colored one?
    Is there a place in the internet where I can convert my black and white picture into color that I don't have to download anything? Or do Walgreen's or CVS have a machine thingy to do that?
    4 Technology 12
  109. I feel like a little kid
    a few months ago, I noticed I was getting a cavity, so I wanted to get it filled... and I've gotten dozens of cavities filled, so my mum made the appointment and I went. I havent gotten I cavity filled in years, all they did then was stick a light in m...
    8 Health 80
  110. Does it hurt after you get your cartliege piecred?!?!
    Does it hurt after you get your cartliege piecred?!?! Whats the difference between a needle & gun I am having a pro do it so do I need to worry ?!?! Please help, only 14, and scared
    3 Style 26
  111. Pulling teeth?
    Next wednesday im going to get one of my teeth bad does it hurt??? Im scared, because I hate the dentist, and needles, and all that stuff
    7 Health 36
  112. Vagina tightening cream
    Can anyone please tell me how to get vagina tightening cream, or how I can tighten my vagina? And if I can get vagina cream is there any possible way its at a store like walgreens? Or any names? Thanks <3
    9 Health 451
  113. What all are you allowed to take on a plane?
    What all are you allowed to take on a plane? Im a insulin dependant diabetic so Id need that stuff. but what about shampoo/conditioner/deoderant/hair straighener/makeup? hair brush stuff like that?
    3 Travel 55
  114. Am I a diabetic and should I keep taking shots?
    My dad is a diabetic and the other day I got sick. My dad checked my sugars and they were 183 (the range for your sugars should be around 100) So he said they were a little high but thats because I was sick. I checked my sugars the next day and decided...
    4 Health 32
  115. Headache working out
    Been pushing a lot more then normal lately in the gym, and well getting head aches only when lifting heavy, when I put the weight down it fades away. I'm thinking it might be insulin getting low, because it only happens after being there for abit not w...
    3 Health 15
  116. I just pierced my own ear, but haven't put an earring in
    I just pierced my ear by myself with a sewing needle, by accident to be honest. It kills like a female dog, should I just leave it to heal or should I put another earing it in,
    9 Style 52
  117. Is there an oral form of growth hormone?
    Now, I know that the injected form gets into the body faster, but I HATE NEEDLES! Seriously, if there was an oral form, I would demand to be switched from injections to pills.
    5 Sex 41
  118. Where can you buy a syringe?
    so, does anyone know were I can buy a seringe?? (needle the doctor uses for shots) its not for drugs I swear to god and all that is holy im clean, but im just wondering...
    2 Health 55
  119. How to make the hole I pierced bigger?
    Hello. I've just pierced labret myself.. But I use sewing needle.. The hole is just too small for mii to put in ear sticks... How to make the hole bigger?
    4 Style 401
  120. How do I get rid of a fear of shots?
    I have to get my h1n1 shot tomorrow and I am terrified!!I ve tried thinking of something else and not looking at the needle, but none of them work!
    4 Health 88
  121. Diagnosed with pre diabetes, how do I know what type it is?
    I was diagnosed with pre diabetes and the doctor said that the insulin in my body would not absorb so this leads to my question do I fall under which category type 1 or type2
    2 Health 22
  122. pencil tip stuck in my foot
    I got a pencil tip stuck way down into the side of me foot, and I can't get it out. I've tried using a needle, but 2 no avail. how can I get it out!? it hurts like hell!
    4 Health 223
  123. belly button diy
    why do I pass out everytime I pierce my belly button by myself at home? I want it done really bad but everytime I pass out and the needle rips out. anyone know what I can do t make myself not passout?
    7 Style 15
  124. What type of dog?
    What type of dog is Mr. Needles from George Lopez? I'm pretty sure he could be a mix, but if anyone knows, it wud help. Thanx!=D
    3 Pets 28
  125. Stepped on a little piece of glass how to remove it?
    I stepped on a little piece of glass and cant find a pair of tweezers so im using a needle but it hurts like hell, how do I get it out without it hurting so much???
    4 Health 25
  126. Getting fingered && G spot
    What is it supposed to feel like to a girl when the guy hits the g spot? I felt really fuzzy and numb kind of like pins and needles, is that normal?
    3 Relationships 280
  127. Cartilge pirceing
    Cartilge pirceing! How bad does that one hurt on a scale from 1-10? How long does it take to heal (or, I mean, how long until I can change the earring)? How long can't I sleep on it for? Which hurts more, with a needle, or with a gun? Thanks :)
    8 Style 46
  128. How do you take care of a home done tounge ring?
    how do you take care of a home done tounge piercing... io burned the needle and the tounge ring and iced my tounge and just did it... so now I was just looking for some tips on taking care of it... and like what have to do... like not eat cirtain thin...
    7 Style 37
  129. how can i remove foreign material from my skin?
    """skip to bottom if you don't want to do a lot of reading""" i slammed my hand on unexpected small glass and it shoved into my wrist and i believe deep and broke in many many places so it is not easy getting it out. i got the top part out (could actua...
    3 Health 22
  130. How to attach a synthetic hair extension?
    So i bought some synthetic hair extensions and i do not kno how to attach them to my hair. They came with a little needle looking thing and a little bead type of thing... i really want to wear them but i just don't know how to attach them. any advice?
    3 Style 41
  131. Re-pierce a tragus piercing.
    So I used to have a tragus piercing not so long ago, I got it in may 2008 and I had to take my barbell out because I had to have an operation and various scans and I spent some time in hospital and so the hole filled up. Im just wondering if I had it p...
    3 Style 546
  132. How do I sew clipin hair extensions?
    I just got all the supplies to make hair extension clips. I bought hair, clips, a needle, and the "wig thread", But I have no idea how to sew hair to the clips! I have searched the internet and cant find anything! Any suggestions?
    12 Style 91
  133. natural remeady for kidney stones
    my husband has a kidney stone and a great fear of needles so surgery is not an option we are looking for something natural that he can take or drink to help him pass this stone he is in a great deal of pain can you please help.
    2 Health 60
  134. Lip piercing to morrow
    Okay, well I've decided to get my lip pierced to morrow, does it hurt when the needle goes thru? Is the needle really thick? Do all places have numbing stuff just incase somebody wnts numbing?, how can I pick the guts up to walk in there, I always seem...
    4 Style 102
  135. How can I pierce my belly button without getting an infection?
    So I want to get my belly button peirced...but...I can't get it professionally done so I would be doing it myself. I don't want to get any infections so any tips on what to do to the needle? there anything for the pain? I'm not really worried ...
    2 Style 126
  136. Is it normal to have a big bruise after getting blood work?
    i got blood drawn yesterday and there's a big blue bruis, and around where the needle was its blood red. it's still a bit sore. is it supposed to be like that?
    2 Health 25
  137. Does it hurt too get your tounge done?
    Im turning 14 on August 21st. And on August 23 im going too get my tounge done. But im really scared. What do I do? So far I have had ... My ears. My cartiladge and a needle through my belly button.
    7 Style 46
  138. Why do I get these pinpricks of pain across my shoulders and chest while brushing my teeth?
    this has been happening for years and i never know what its from, the pain only last for a few seconds, but it feels like a needle is like stabbing into me. :/ anyone know?
    7 Health 55
  139. Where can I find hair thinning shears?
    Ok so I already cut my own hair but now I want to thin it I cant find hair thinning shears any where? I already tried Wal Mart- Meijers, Cvs , Walgreens you name it. where do you think I could get some
    4 Style 774
  140. Blood Tests... Painful...?... Nah
    I had a blood test the other day for the first time, and I had heard how loads of people were afraid of injectiions and stuff, so I thought that it would be really painful or something. We went in, no fasting or anything, my mum had to leave because sh...
    3 Health 74
  141. How will taking a new piercing out effect me?
    I got my navel/belly button pierced a few weeks ago with a hallow needle and the jewlry is a 12 gauge. I think it might be infected, should I take it out or what? Infections there can be fatal, so Im worried.
    2 Health 37
  142. How to pierce my nose safely at home?
    I wanted to pierce my nose and I was wondering how I can do a safe home piercing I have piercing needles and a nose screw and earing studs and all I need to do it but I heard you need a cork or somthing and I dont have one what can I do .. and how bad ...
    2 Style 77
  143. Does piercing your ear hurt a lot?
    Was thinking to get Misc,cartilage and industrials piercing.But was thinking whether does these piercing hurts a lot.I did pierced my tongue before.(By needle).Does piercing industrials hurts more than tongue?I did pierced my tragus and nose before(By ...
    10 Style 223
  144. How to do my own tattoo?
    I was thinkin about makin my own tattoo, before you say anything about how dangereous it is to do it and how itll look bad well im already an artist who sold a paintin for 20,000. but im only 15 so my parents wouldnt let me buy a tattoo gun so I'll pro...
    10 Style 253
  145. Eyebrow piercings hurt?
    I really want to get a eyebrow or side lip piercing but I have a monroe type beauty mark so a lip piercing might look weird lol ... Does eyebrow piercings hurt bad because im afraid of needles
    2 Style 1425
  146. Pink underneath?
    So I bought pink hair dye from walgreens the other day. and I was wondering since it came with a bleach kit should I use it? I'm only doing underneath my hair and maybe my tips. I dye my hair black all the time, so thats why I'm wondering, or just I ju...
    5 Style 89
  147. WHY DOES IT ITCH? I started shaving and now my vagina itches?
    I started shaving my vagina and now it itches and feels like little needles are pokking my Vajj aka vagina lol and it really is uncomfortable! is this normal? and what can I do to stop the itchyness? and will it ever go away? should I stop shaving? or ...
    6 Health 865
  148. best liquid foundation ?
    Is their any good liquid foundation I can use that doesnt leave your face oily , last long , and has good coverge for pores or acne scars.One that I can find at walmart or walgreens .Please help .
    2 Style 16
  149. Where's the best place in San Diego county to get my cartilage pierced?
    I am going to get the cartilage on the top of my ear pierced, and I have heard not to get it done with a gun, but with a needle. I got my earlobes done at Clares, but they used a gun. So where in San Diego county are the best places to get it done? th...
    10 Style 127
  150. Why do I have stabbing pains in my stomach?
    ok every once in a while i get this sharp pain on my stumach it feels like somebody keeps jabbing me with a needle i lift up my shirt and nothings there some one please help?
    3 Health 295
  151. Should I be afraid of getting a tongue piercing?
    I really want my tongue done but I am scared of the paiin. My mum saiid she wiill take me butt I dontt knoww I want to know iif the needle goiing through is paiinful :|
    9 Style 46
  152. Is it normal to laugh at the Doctors?
    Ok when I go to the doctor's and I need a shot I start crackin up when the needle's in my arm and giving me anythingi need I like die's funny to me it doesnt is that normal?
    8 Health 26
  153. Is my ear piercing infected? Please HELPME!?
    I pierced my cartilage at home with a sewing needle(yes I know, but my mom wouldn't let me get it done...) and now its like warm and red and it hurts A LOT...Is it infected?
    8 Style 548
  154. cartilage piercing?
    im thinking of getting a cartilage piercing im going to get it done with a needle not a gun... how much would it cost to get it done and does the price include an earing that they put in? AND im elergic to fake earings so would it cost extra if I pu...
    6 Style 110
  155. milk spots
    how do yu stop getting them and get rid of milk spots!!! I ahve inherited them from my dad and I hate them!! they look like zits!!! I have tried piercing the skin with a sharp needle then removing them that way but it hurts. is there any way to stop them?
    2 Style 42
  156. Yeast Infection?
    Missy L here... Great, I probably have a yeast infection, but I'm not sure. And I hate going to the doctor's strickly because they give me needles. If I go to get a check up to make sure I don't have a yeast infection, will they stab me to find out?...
    2 Health 26
  157. How can you cure a peircing infection without having to take the ring out?
    I peirced my own lip a couple days ago, but I didn't starilize the needle first. Stupid I know. Now its infected. I want to get the infection gone, but I wanna keep the peircing. Any Remidees?
    7 Health 41
  158. Why could my male cat have white liquid in his urine and have orange diarreah?
    he isn't neutered and he's about 9 months old. He's up to date with all his needles, and I just want to know possible causes before getting it checked out. Thanks!
    2 Pets 40
  159. How should I home peirce my lip for snakebites?
    Ok when I tried to peirce my bottom lip yesterday for snakebites, it don't wrk really well, lol. But then needle got through and the stud wldnt fit ): the whole is stl ther on my lip but I don't know what to do... Any advice?
    6 Style 48
  160. Intelligender test... Boy or girl
    So today at walgreens I saw this thiung called the intelligender prediction test. I was wondering if anyone has used it before. It was on sale for 7 dollars instead of 40. So me being curious I bought it. Has anyone ever used it and was it accurate?
    2 Health 18
  161. does having your tragus pierced hurt?
    does having your tragus pierced hurt because I really want mine done. I have my nose pierced, my cartaliage in my right ear and 3 lobe piercings but I had them all done with a gun. please can you tell me weather it hurts or not because I rele dont like...
    20 Style 176
  162. Cat with diabetes
    Hi. I think my cat has diabetes. Has anyone had a pet with diabetes? Can you tell me what your experience was like? Are they still happy even with the insulin shots? Is it better to put them to sleep? I need help and I am very upset. Thank you -emma
    5 Pets 55
  163. What should I be when I grow upp ?
    I d k What I wanna be when I grow up , can you give me career choices ? Like fun, exiting , like a firefighter? Or a lawyer ? Just not too boring. And I LOVE sience ? But I HATE blood and needles lol. Yes im complicated .
    3 Science 13
  164. What can happen if you stab urself in the hand with an EpiPen?
    [for sever allergic reaction] IT WAS NOT ON PERPOSE lol, omgoodness so I thought it was the fake one, so I stabbed my hand thinking there was no meds and no needle in it, I know ima ditz haha I just want to know it its bad?
    5 Health 38
  165. How much do industrials hurt?
    So I want to get an industrial but I'm worried about it hurting so much. I can take pain, lots of pain, I'm just worried about the needle an whatnot. Is it possible to get it pierced where the bar would go. Then gauge it to a 14, the size of the bar. a...
    3 Style 65
  166. Do angel bites hurt??
    Ok so I might be getting angel bites. And I mean obviously its going to hurt I mean how can you not feel a needle going through your skin!!! But anywho I was just wondering what it feels like how long does it last that kinda stuff?? :) Please Respon...
    9 Style 461
  167. Does this look like a safe piercing kit (link)?
    Me and my sister often pierce ourselves, we use clean, sterilised, hollow needles and wear gloves as well, do you think it is worth buying this and does this site look safe?
    8 Style 36
  168. Does getting your lip peirced hurt?
    I wanna get ither snake or spider bites witch is two peircings an I was jw does it hurt and do they numb it because its two needls going through your lip..I also am wondering if it hurts more because im half black an my bottem lip is kinda thick???
    2 Style 70
  169. Poked a hole in the condom
    So me and my boyfriend wan 2 have a baby so I poked a hole in the condom with a needle and had him cum inside me. He don know if he wan 2 have a baby rite now so I didn tell him rite away. I dunt think ill tell him at all unles I am preggo. Wot do you...
    10 Relationships 588
  170. How can I keep my blood sugar from going low while I'm on a diet?
    I'm a 14 year old girl with Type 1 diabetes. I always had high A1c's since I was first diagnosed at age 7. I decided about a week ago to stop eating so much because I always forget to give myself my insulin (In denial. I always forget I have diabetes o...
    3 Nutritionfitness 18
  171. How long does a cartilage piercing take to heal?
    *cough* I'm also going to get a cartilage piercing.. how bad does that one hurt on a scale from 1-10, how long does it take to heal (or, I mean, how long until I can change the earring), how long can't I sleep on it for, and which hurts more, with a ne...
    45 Style 52268
  172. When is the best time to get pregnant?
    Embarrassing as it may sound, I have been on the Depo-Provera as of 2007 and I stopped getting the shot April 15th 2008. I have been trying to conceive since I have been off the needle and it hasn't yet worked. My boyfriend and I have been trying to co...
    6 Sex 56
  173. How can I talk to my doctor about putting me on the pill ?
    Well,me and my boyfriend have been together for over a year,and we are not ready to have sex yet but I would rather be already on it and be on the safe side! My doctor has brought it up before, and the three shots that I have to have before ,but I HAT...
    3 Sex 38
  174. I want snakebites BUT I DONT WANT IT GAUGED what size do I need?
    My 19th birthday is comming up and I want to get snakebites but im NOT into gauging. so what size do I need to get to make sure it dosnt gauge. because if at any time if I decided to take them out I not want to have scars or anything. :] Im also having...
    5 Style 78
  175. Is there a quicker way to reduce numbness after filling?
    Well I just got my first ever filling because of where my brace was sticking in my gum : ) And I have to say It doesn't hurt as much as people say it does, but the only thing I find annoying is the numbness after the needle : ( Is there a way to help g...
    3 Health 99
  176. Do I have AIDS?
    I recently realised how scary AIDs is. My Dad is trying to convince me I dont have aids. I have never had sex. No contact with anybodies blood. And no needles. BUT I have a brown ring on my penis. I read about the symptoms and discolored skin is one. D...
    4 Sex 20
  177. How bad is it beng anemic?
    My dad just found out today that he is anemic, he also has diabetes, the type where you take insulin. He hasn't had a conversation about it with his doctor yet but will be beginning of next month. I just wanted to know a little more about it because lo...
    6 Health 32
  178. Fade creams...
    Okay so I want to buy a fade cream/skin lightener/skin whitener to help diminish the brown spots/scars left from pimples...what is the best kind for oily acne prone and available at cvs or walgreens please!
    3 Style 43
  179. Piercing gauges
    I love piercings and I thought itd be way cheaper doin my own with a kit of needles I know how just I dont realy know what gauges I shud get I want a normal gauge thats good for basicaly every piercing on your body can any one suggest any thing?
    2 Style 24
  180. Really need some help with a diet...
    Hellooo I have type 2 diabetes and I have insulin twice a day, when I was first diagnosed I completley cut out sugary foods and lost quite a lot of weight and was down to an ideal weight. But its been about 2 years and im not so strict with my diet and...
    4 Nutritionfitness 50
  181. What happens (physically) when you drink alcohol night before you take a blood test?
    I dont mean about influencing my blood test(coz it wont,i checked),but like is it going to be harder to find a vein or blood will come out faster and more ?lol im so paranoid coz i have needle phobia.
    2 Health 30
  182. What can I do to get rid of all these tiny bumps on my forehead?
    They aren't red. They're leftover from acne i hae before. I've tried scrubs, creams, cleansers, peels,going to facials, thething with the needle. Nothing will get ridof them. Can someone recomend something for me to try?
    6 Style 22
  183. How can you get rid of phobias without DOING it?
    i'm nervous about going under. like when you get drugged up and put to sleep, mostly i'm afraid of this because everyone is like staring down at you like O.O is she asleep yet? its so weird... i really think its just needles but i'm not so much afraid ...
    4 Health 23
  184. Questions about getting braces
    Okay so I'm getting a retainer in a few weeks, but after that I need two teeth taken out. I'm SO nervous, I have a massive phobia of needles. Can someone tell me what happens and if there's any pain? Also I need fixed braces in a few months, does it ...
    10 Health 105
  185. I'm getting my top ear pierced today, does it hurt?
    I'm gettin my top ear pierced today !! does it hurt? I already have my nose pierced & that didn't hurt like outta a 1-10 how much does it hurt ?? (1-bein nothin, 10-omggg) edit;; it's going to be done w. a needle professionally.
    7 Style 64
  186. How to help my ear that I tried to pierce?
    ok, I've always wanted my cartlige peirced on my ear, so a few wdays ago I tried peircing it. but the needle wouldnt go all the way through, so I took it out. now, my ear hurts like HELL!!! my whole ear is rilly red, and where I peirced it, theres a bi...
    7 Style 69
  187. How bad does a tragus piercing hurt?
    haha.. well, along with getting my nose pierced I want to get my tragus pierced. anyone have experiences? on e a scale of one to ten, how bad does it hurt while they put the needle in and how about afterward? and how much did it cost? (: thannks. t...
    4 Style 59
  188. Is it bad that I don't really feel pain?
    I had to get some blood work done today, and I didn't feel the needle at all.. not a pinch or a tickle, nothing! Sometimes I'll be bleeding and won't know I am or how/when it happened. It kind of creeps me out. I smashed my finger and nothing.. What's ...
    6 Health 46
  189. Industrial piercing help
    ahhh, okay so I periced my own industrial, and well the needle isn't that thick.. so I'm going to have to find an 18g industrial or 16g. does anyone know where I can buy one? and how long will it keep on hurting, I know it takes a year to heal and all,...
    5 Style 315
  190. Cartalige piercing! HELP!!
    ok, so I was reading some questions on here and one girl wanted her cartalige pierced and was asking questions about it and so heres mine! is it better to use a needle or a gun? how bad does it hurt(1-10, 1 being not bad, 10 being horrible pain)? How d...
    8 Style 67
  191. Is it worth it to get pierced?
    So I used to want to pierce my lip but my dad wouldn't let me go get it done. And I can't buy the right types of needles or rings so I just stopped. And now I'm thinking is it worth it, I mean later it'll be wounded maybe. And gauging my ears is taht s...
    4 Style 27
  192. How to Optimization Your PPC Campaign?
    Sometimes it may be overwhelming -- where should you start? There are numerous components of a PPC account that may help maneuver the needle into your direction. This post provides ideas to Boost your PPC campaigns but certainly isn't an off-beat list....
    7 Literature 49
  193. Can a rabbit be safe with cedar chips or cypress?
    I know, I know, I shouldn't have a rabbit outdoors, but I do! The pen area is huge, with a 3 story condo, 2 shelters, a tree, surrounded on 3 sides by my me, it's all good! My question is whether or not a rabbit can be safe with cedar c...
    2 Pets 186
  194. Why I may ask can I get my lip pierced even though I have a keliod?
    I had a bad biking exceddent in 07 and a keloid grew on my left shoulder I been wanting a piercing this weekend and id like to know if I will get one if I get my lip pierced.and my friend she is a professional at it always have clean needles and everyt...
    2 Style 44
  195. Why do I constantly feel lethargic and struggle to wake up?
    Okay so recently for about a month i constantly feel lazy, tired and i can never be bothered to do anything, i also constantly feel cold and i get pins and needles very often. I use to go to bed at like 3 in the morning and now i go to bed at about 11...
    11 Health 24
  196. How to treat pcos?
    Hi I feel so embarassed because I suffer from pcos and have a lot of excess hair growing on my stomach,thighs,between my breast and face.the dr put me on glucophage xr because my insulin levels are 38 -I am overweight and have acanthosis nigricans- my ...
    2 Health 29
  197. how do i get rid of black hair ?
    ive dyed it black a couple of times . & now i wanna go back to my normal hair color which is brown . i thought of getting this thing @ walgreens called " color oops" but im not suree . what if its a waste of money . i tried dying it a lighter color but...
    14 Style 37
  198. Do you get a flu shot each year?
    I have been getting flu shots for about the past five years, and I think they have really helped. (may have gotten lucky because there are so many varieties of the virus) The worldwide centers for disease control are highly recommending them again this...
    20 Health 37
  199. What do you think getting my 3rd earlobe piercing done with a gun?
    Hey, I've got 8 piercings and I'm gonna get my 3rd piercing done again. I've gotten all of my ear lobe piercings done with guns, so I was wondering wether I should try getting it done with a needle this time. Does it hurt more? Ouhh, and do you know an...
    3 Style 276
  200. Snake bite piercingsss.
    im allowed to and all, but seriously going and getten em done is a waste of money when I can d.I.y im pretty good at taking pain, so I dont care about that (I've pierced my belly button myself) I just need to know what kind of needle ill need an...
    3 Style 39
  201. Lobe Piercing
    I pierced my own lobe (the second hole spot) with a safety pin needle that I only sterlized with rubbing alcohol and not with a flame or some other sterlizing liquid. Without the flame, am I prone to a greater infection? Should I just take it out now a...
    7 Style 41
  202. How do you push in an earing through your cartilage?
    If I do a DIY piercing myself, is it ok to push in an earing through my cartilage? I tried it, it hurt like Sugar Honey Ice Tea. How can I do it with less pain? Or can I penetrate my cartilage with a sewing needle? which way cause less pain? Did you do...
    3 Style 794
  203. Can I can pierce my hips safely without purchasing the equiptment?
    Im dying to get my hips pierced! buut my parents WILL NOT let me get ANY piercings. I dont have a job. So I dont wanna have to spend too much money. im also underage so I cant have someone sign for me. Do I have to use a hollow needle? and where could ...
    8 Style 194
  204. How do you pierce your conch or hip?
    I've been thinking about doing them myself (yes I know this can be risky and I should get it done by a professional, but I'm not 18 and my mom is a stubborn one). I've done several piercings by myself and they've been fine. Such as my cartilage- I'd i...
    5 Style 217
  205. Why is it so awkward now that I told my Mom?
    I just figured out I got my period yesterday. I never wanted my mom to come home, I had told her on the phone so she went to went Walgreen's and got pads for me. today she asked me if I was having cramps, I said no she said lucky, I was walking back to...
    3 Family 19
  206. Euthanasia at home.
    I have wanted to keep my cats in their own home for euthansia, instead of going for a traumatic car ride, and then into the vet. I'd rather hold them as they pass instead of watching the vet insert the needle, and waiting to hold them until they have a...
    3 Pets 53
  207. Where can I get a gel eyeliner (The kind that you dip your angled brush into)?
    I've seen girls use it in there makeup tutorial YouTube videos, but I've never seen it in stores,(but I've never actually looked when I'm there, usually i look for liquid eyeliner but i just never happened to come across it in that section). do they ha...
    10 Style 28
  208. Im gonna pierce my bellybutton can I do it with what I have?
    ok so im gonna pierce my own belly button! and please dont tell me that its not a good idea and I need to see a pro because im just gonna do it anyway! So I have a straight barbell and a curved barbell. And I have a sewing needle is that ok to use??? a...
    8 Style 5000
  209. What is the easiest way to go to Heaven?
    The church is the biggest commercial organization, & the only way they can earn, is by brainwashing your mind with fear & guilt, heaven and hell etc. The Bible says that it is easier for a camel to enter into the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to...
    10 Religion 60
  210. What's the process of a tattoo?
    whats the process of a tattoo ima get one soon like by my ppelvic bone I guess ha ha I have no clue what to call that part of my body... by my va jj I guess.. but not really I don't know!? . well I know they prick you with the needle but I mean sum pee...
    6 Style 38
  211. Where can you get snakebites and btw I live in london?
    I want to have snakebites and can you ask for the piercer to numb your lips?On how much does it hurt on the scale of 1/10, and by the way im not fragile and I dont deal with pain really well so im in the middle kinda.When the needle actually goes throu...
    2 Style 15
  212. What should I do for my nose peircing?
    I'm getting my nostril peirced on my 14th birthday, which is this July 24th, because you have to wait till your 14 at the place im going to.& I was just wonderingg if you guys had any advice fer me & If theres like a certain side to get it done on. Lik...
    3 Relationships 27
  213. What will happen when I get my nose done?
    Im getting my nose pierced soon, and I've always wondered if some of these rumours are as true as they seem. If the needle hits a nerve: #1 Will the whole side of my face become paralysed? #2 If it does hit a nerve, then if I take out the nose stud, ...
    6 Style 2226
  214. A lot of piercings are safe? Or no?
    My friend, helena, wants to get some peircings. Well, a lot. She has listed them all and it was like 'whoa! That's a lot!'. So for her safety I would like to know if she went to a professonal with steril (sorry my english sucks; I don't know if that's ...
    4 Health 54
  215. Missed my depo jag?
    forgot to make an appointment to get my depo jag, it was due about 3 weeks ago. When can I make an appointment to get it again? depo is my only choice. I can't get the pill as my mum had breast cancer and the mini pill I just bleed for weeks on. ...
    2 Health 49
  216. Why is this happening? (Does anyone know))
    I am gaining so much weight for no reason, I have put on 2 kilos in 2 weeks, I'm bloated, pains in tummy, sensations in tummy, I have pins & needles, having broken sleep, always hungry, I'm always tired, my breasts are more tender, I'm snappy, I have a...
    7 General 37
  217. How to remove an ear cartillage piercing?
    Hiyaa, well basically I got my helix pierced (with a gun, so the stud is just like any old ear stud. Probably wasn't the best idea - I know, I should I have got it done with a needle. But that's in the past) :) but yeah, I went to go change it and I c...
    3 Style 1979
  218. Lump in my boob
    I really need someone 2 give me advice ! I have a lump it moves and hurts. I went 2 the doctor he said its probably a glan seeing as I havent had ma period in a year. Now a week after both boobs are hurting and still havent had ma period, becaused I us...
    2 Health 37
  219. 80 foot pine tees roots
    I have 11 80 foot tall pine trees and the roots are out of control. They are all over this yard making it impossible to cut grass. Can I fill in the yard with 12" topsoil and re plant grass? Some roots are 4-5" in diamiter and completely on top of the ...
    3 Homegarden 54
  220. Why are my periods not occuring??
    Hi I have been only having my period 2-4 times a year, for quite a long time . This started after I went on BC called Depo the needle when I was 16, I had a child when I was 19 and only had my period for 4 days after birth then it started to lessen to ...
    2 Health 24
  221. No feeling?
    on friday I had surgery, I had all four wisdom teeth cut out =/ Well its been 3 days now, and my whole bottom lip & chin is still numb.. sometimes it does itch, and it feels like pins & needles, a tingly feeling.. I read that it could be nerve dama...
    4 Health 14
  222. How to reduce the pain?
    I havent got a cavity in 10 years and after going to the dentist today....i have a little one so if that wasnt heartbreaking enough I'm getting it filled, i want to know if there is any way to reduce the pain of the needle they give you before they sta...
    5 Health 30
  223. why are my questions doing this?
    i asked a question about a hollow needle and shadowtheheadghog was all like, look it up idk and i said i cant and that its best not to say anything if u dont know and i got and then i logged off and got an alert saying that he replied and that patb als...
    9 Funadvice 42
  224. Cartlidge piercings- infection
    My cartlidge piercing is infected and swollen shortly after getting it pierced. Is the redness and swelling normal? I have cleaned it well I think. I did play tennis and sweat a bit, but cleaned it that night. also, I didnt realize you should wear you...
    3 Health 69
  225. How bad does a root canal hurt?
    Ahhh so I am a girl & I am 13 years old & I have to get a root canal monday after school:| All the nerves in my tooth are dead, so basicly my tooth is dead. I'm extremly scared for this root canal ! Especially 'cause I'm not great with pain. The specia...
    3 Health 44
  226. A phobia of injections, but having to get them. What do I do?
    Ok, well lemme start from the beggining, sorry if its long, and this is kinda hard for me to ask... So.. When I was about 11, maybe a bit younger, I had a problem with my stomach, and the hospital had to do all these tests. And at one point they had to...
    4 Health 38
  227. Who knows anything about snake bite piercings?
    ok so I really want to get snake bites but I am really scared that it will erode my teeth. and I also have a huge fear of needles, though I can stand a lot of pain. And I know my mom will never let me get them. But if I do them myself or have a friend ...
    27 Style 234
  228. Should I (ever) get back with my ex-boyfriend?
    I took a quiz on this and it said "Absolutely! Run to his/her house NOW and tell them that you need em back in your life because you know you can't live without him/her. You guys are meant to be." Have you ever had a gut in feeling in life? I get th...
    6 Sex 29
  229. Cartilage piercing with a gun..good or bad?
    So, I got my cartilage pierced about 3 years ago. It was done with a gun. I was told that if someone pierces they cartilage with a gun it will shatter the ear and I might have to get some of my ear removed.. I don't know if thats true. I just want to ...
    2 Style 308
  230. 10 questions about belly button piercings
    I have a lot of questions about belly button piercings 1. how bad is the pain 1-10 (10 being really bad)? 2. does it hurt more if your really skinny or bigger or does it matter? 3. how much does it usually cost? 4. is there an age limit? 5. how fast i...
    73 Style 14633
  231. how does it feel to get your lip, tougne & belly botton pierced?
    okay well I'm 13. I have my nose & ears peirced (4 on each ear) I want to get my lip done next year. & my belly done this holidays. then my tounge done when I'm 17. & sometime soon, or whenever I'm not really to fussed, but I want to get that ...
    7 Style 71
  232. Can I pierce my Monroe at home safely?
    can I pierce my monroe at home myself if I have the right needles and things? I pierced my own nose and I was wondering if it is safe to pierce my monore. friends are telling me no because they heard somewhere from someones friend...(that whole grape v...
    12 Style 2341
  233. I think I'm anemic?
    I have ALL of the symptoms for anemia, and I'm really scared I have it. I am extremely pale, I get abdominal pain, I have little bouts where I have difficulty breathing(and its not athsma..), I am extremely moody and irritable, Trouble breathing when ...
    10 Health 164
  234. What is more painful?
    I have 9 piercings...6 ear piercings,1navel,eyebrow,and labret piercing. I want sum tattoos soon but wanna know if it hurts more then piercings? none of my piercings actually really hurt but kinda like flenched when I got my labret done. So idkk but I...
    7 Style 23
  235. Girls: Why does it hurt after shaving there?
    pk please people I need you to be mature about this question, its an embarresing question for me to ask so please don't be rude!! ok here it goes... yesterday I was just hanging around as usual and my hairs \/ down there \/ (if you know what I mean) re...
    5 Style 592
  236. Is this the right way to pierce my cartilage?
    I've been wanting to get my cartilage pierced but my parents are like omg thats so gay looking so they wont let me get it done by a professional. I was thinking about doing it myself ,but im not sure how to do it safely. my friend told me just to clean...
    3 Style 68
  237. Can cold medicine cause you to fail a urine analysis?
    I had to go take a urine test last thursday for a job that has just hired me. I do not use any dr.ugs however, i have been using wal-phed (walgreens version of sudafed) to fight a cold since last tuesday. I have been waiting for them to call and let ...
    8 Education 94
  238. How can an active person lose weight?
    I have been on swimteam my whole life and workout 1-2 hours a day.. but.. I am 5'7' 160lbs. and a size 8. I was thinking about trying NV. Has anyone tried it? I am going to Florida April 1-4 and would like to be "bikini ready" by then. I would mainly l...
    3 Nutritionfitness 30
  239. Piercer messed up on my nose!!! Help!
    So I just got my nose peirced and when the needle went thru it didn't hurt.. But screwing the nose screw in did. And it was really hard for the piercer to do it and I didn't know y. I get to my car and look at it and it's so far up my nose no wonder he...
    2 Style 138
  240. How to deal with getting shots?
    I have to get a um..some kind of Shot that Girls are required to get-meningitist. :( I am so freaked about it, and I keep crying. My mom told me I could get it on my butt instead of th muscle in my arm, because my arm's very sensitive. Would it hurt mo...
    4 Health 78
  241. Need some info on lip piercings please
    Ok soo I really really want a lip ring... I have a lot of friends who have them, but I still don't know too much about them. Do they hurt a lot? If they do..what hurts more, Spider Bite or Venombite? How much do they usually cost? Do they use a diffe...
    6 Style 46
  242. Can you still hurt??
    After you have a miscarriage do your boobs still hurt?? because I had a miscarriage a few days ago and my boobs still hurt really bad... Well see heres the thing.. I started bleeding the 28th.. I didnt have cramps or anything.. I was pregnant and blee...
    10 Health 85
  243. What is going on with my heath?!
    Okay iam 19 years old and weird stuff has been going on. It all started a couple months ago i have a ringing in my ears that won't go away, and i am having "snow" and "visual halo" with my vision the halo happens around lights and objects, and i have a...
    4 Health 32
  244. How do I make diabetic desserts that tastes good?
    My boyfriends brother is an insulin dependant diabetic and we are having dinner with him tomorrow night. I got the task of making dessert so I made a blueberry cheesecake. It was pretty easy to make a diabetic version of that, only hard part was no one...
    4 Food 77
  245. Does a cartilage piercing hurt?
    Ok, I am probably gonna get my cartilage pierced today. My mom said she didn't wanna drive very far, so we gotta just go to claires. Is that a good place to go? people say needles are better, but I HATE THEM!:( Also, aren't guns faster? ok, um, im 12-1...
    10 Style 2058
  246. Should I get my nose and ear piercings done at once?
    my birthday is commin up inna bit and I REALLY want a nose stud, cartilage peircing (stud), and a regular ear lobe peircing all done at once. I'm really scared of needles and even cry when I get shots at the doctors! but I really want them. I got my re...
    12 Style 118
  247. What is this bubble thing on my gums, above my tooth?
    Okay, So about a year ago, my tooth broke and the dentist told me I need to have a root canal. (still hasnt happened) and about a month ago, this hardish bubble thing appeard above the tooth on my gums. and my teeth hurt everyday. sensitive to warm AN...
    2 Health 518
  248. I pierced my ears myself, and they may be infected.
    I pierced my own ears for all 4 of my piercing. The first two (in the middle of the ear lobes) I did a few months ago. I used a needle that I barely sterilized and then did not use a silver or gold earring. I think it is sterling silver, but I'm not su...
    4 Style 96
  249. Hip Piercing
    Ok, so I do my own piercings. I did my own snakebites, except for the one my friend did to make it even, my own septum, and I jsut did my own hip, jsut one side. I'm going to use saline solution (contact solution) to clean it so it stay moist. Plea...
    2 Style 41
  250. the boy of my DREAMS`
    haven`t been on for a LONG time but yes =] . I need some advice on a guy that I really like. well he`s my type of guy like big lips & chinky eyes . hes 17 & im 13 but he thinks im 14 =] ; doesnt really matter to be honest. but anyways likee the first t...
    2 Sex 48