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  1. What is inflation?
    12 General 39
  2. How can I tell if my car tires are properly inflated?
    3 Cars 51
  3. Breast Inflation
    Anyone Know Where I Can Find Videos Of Inflation Or Expansion?
    2 General 314
  4. Why is that you're not supposed to let helium inflated balloons go?
    5 Environment 45
  5. Why are we printing more and more money causing inflation, and deflating the value of the dollar?
    12 Money 36
  6. Why The Government May Want To Tackle Different Causes Of Inflation?
    2 Politics 42
  7. Do you think the next huge trumped crisis will be 'Inflation, Infla
    Do you think the next huge trumped crisis will be 'Inflation, Inflation' and a demand for price controls ?
    3 Politics 16
  8. Why does my belly inflate halfway through the day but in morning and night it goes back to normal?
    3 Nutritionfitness 40
  9. How comfortable is an inflatable mattress?
    Im thinking to buy a new mattress, but i live on the 5th floor, and i dont have elevator, so i think i would buy and inflatable mattress its easier to carry and if i move to another place i can take it with me. What do you think? tell me please thank you.
    10 Homegarden 39
  10. hentai that has boob Inflation Expansion?
    I recently discovered some kind of hentai or p0rn that shows a nude females breasts (boobs... Whatever) Inflating or Expanding... Now I Cant Find Any And It Really Kinda Turns Me On (Dont Judge) 1.) Dose Anyone Know What Im Talking About? 2.) Is There...
    6 Entertainment 600
  11. Why does my vagina "inflate" during sex?
    Alright, so here is my problem. [almost] every time me and my boyfriend have sex, weather it be him on top or vagina tends to Inflate with air. I thought maybe it was because he was hitting a nerve someplace but I also noticed it does th...
    2 Sex 325
  12. Why is the fed most worried about inflation and not the poor?
    The fed wants to lower interest rates, again. Why isn't Bernake worried about the poor & next to poor? The lawmakers are fully invested overseas, they don't care about the dropping value of the dollar. However, over the last 4 years, it's continued ...
    8 Politics 42
  13. Giant Human Rolly-Balls?
    what are those balls called where they are like an inflatable cage, where a human can hop in it and roll down a hill?
    3 Entertainment 67
  14. My tampon wont fit!?!
    Ok my vagina is like all inflated and right now, I cant fit my finger even. I know its not my period, but is it only possible to put a tampon in when yor on your period? I have never done it before and I just want to pit one in to get it off my chest o...
    8 Health 416
  15. Huge nipple, is it normal?
    I have small boobs Im 14 My nipple... Its roundish and large, inflated kinda... Just looks like a lump... Not a normal adult nipple Is that normal? Like... Puberty or sth? Or is it bad...?
    2 Health 1449
  16. Helium filled sumo suit??
    you know those inflatable sumo wrestler suits? We me and my buddy were thinking bout filling one up with helium Not to like fly or anything but maybe we could jump high or fight in the air? Stupid or smart? Share your ideas with me
    2 General 229
  17. How long until the return of stagflation?
    With the government spending untold billions on 'stimulus', how long do you wager until all those wasted resources run up prices while having no real positive impact on the economy? My guess is about 1.5 years before we see a combination of high une...
    3 Money 9
  18. Why America is the modern Roman Empire. ?
    there are many parallels between the ancient roman empire and modern america. our foreign policy is hated, our military power is vast, we have enemies who will stop at nothing to see us fall and we are in many ways the entertainment and economic capit...
    7 Politics 23
  19. Fastest Universe Expansion and why?
    I know that the Universe has expanded many times faster than the speed of light exspecially during Cosmic Inflation 13.7 billion years ago, but I am wondering what the fastest speed that the Universe has ever expanded is, and what is the fastest theor...
    3 Science 57
  20. Does anyone agree?
    I was thinking and it has been said that if the government was to ever get out of debt they would o around 30,000 dollars to every citizen for inflation on there money. However since we are in debt to ourselves theoretically if the citizens were to agr...
    5 Politics 15
  21. This makes no sense??!!!
    male 909 posted this on one of my questions about how to get larger breasts... D "get a bicycle pump place the end of the bicycle pump on your nipple make sure it fits in nice and tight and the air cant escape from the side start pumping gently if...
    4 Nutritionfitness 31
  22. Futurama Inconsistencies
    From watching Futurama, I have noticed that there are a lot of inconsistencies. First of all inflation is not taken into account and all of the things in the year 3000 are the same price as the year 2000. In theory things would cost much more in the ...
    7 Entertainment 80
  23. Will the dollar be replaced?
    Several countries, like China, are worried about the massive and growing size of the US debt. There are calls to move away from the dollar as the international reserve currency (some already have) and go to some form of a global currency regulated by ...
    5 Politics 36
  24. What caused the Big Bang?
    I am just wondering what caused the Big Bang. How can an atom expand into a universe millions of light years wide (at that time) in a Decillionth of a second. How can one atom expand a Quattordecillion times the speed of light. I have learned that t...
    11 Science 33
  25. Anglo-saxon riddle
    My breast is inflated, my neck as well. A proud head I have and a lofty tail, Eyes and ears and just one foot, A back, a strong beak, a long neck, And two sides, with a pole in the middle. I dwell aloft over men. When he who stirs The forest move...
    4 Literature 194
  26. Am I being too strict?
    My husband and I found out that our daughter has had sex with her two boyfriends. With the first one when she was 14 and with the second one when she turned 15. As soon as we found out we took her to the doctor and fortunately the results for all the t...
    26 Sex 134
  27. Should private citizens be allowed to compete with the Federal Reserve?
    On March 18, Bernard Von Nothaus was convicted of counterfeiting for issuing Liberty Dollars from his Royal Hawaiian Mint Company. He is being called a "unique terrorist." The specie backed currency wasn't intended to be confused for the Federal Reser...
    9 Politics 23
  28. God exists 3- the metamorphosis
    Hey hi, again. well I just want my question answered, so come on guys lets try to keep it civil this time. let's debate like civilized people so this question doesn't get locked. Here is the question for semi 1900 and anyone else interested (if you ...
    35 Religion 34
  29. What can I do to improve this short story?
    I heard her breath, but i could not see. I wasn't able to see a soul, not even a glimpse in her eyes. I kept trying to remember her face but it was a black blur. Invisible. She was now invisible to the world. No one knows her name, the sound of her voi...
    8 Literature 18
  30. Oil from bug poo?
    What do you think of this? (from AMERICANS could one day be filling their tanks with the genetically modified excretions of tiny bugs if one Silicone Valley start-up has its way. LS9 says it is just one month away from beginning it...
    6 Science 54