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  1. Who discovered electricity?
    Who discovered electricity?
    2 Science 59
  2. How to get contractor lisence?
    How to get contractor lisence?
    2 Money 54
  3. Do you own an electric pencil sharpener?
    Do you own an electric pencil sharpener?
    7 General 20
  4. How an electric generator works?
    How an electric generator works?
    2 Science 23
  5. How to get into the adult industry.
    How to get into the adult industry.
    8 Money 88
  6. What are some facts about electric circuits?
    2 Education 14
  7. Is bass guitar easier than electric guitar
    Is bass guitar easier than electric guitar
    2 Music 43
  8. The difference between Electronics and Electricals?
    According to you what's the difference between ELECTRONICS and ELECTRICALS?
    4 Science 24
  9. How do you make a electric worm shocker?
    How do you make a electric worm shocker?
    3 Pets 496
  10. What is the process of transforming garbage into electricity?
    What is the process of transforming garbage into electricity?
    2 Science 374
  11. Does Obama support the coal industry ?
    Does Obama support the coal industry ?
    7 Politics 15
  12. What were some important cities in the industrial revolution?
    3 Education 42
  13. What is the difference between electrical and mechanical engineering?
    3 Money 60
  14. What does the medical industry use microscopes for?
    8 Education 39
  15. Where can you get industrial bars?
    Where can you get industrial bars? It's not at Claire's. And can you get an industrial piercing at Claires?
    3 Style 260
  16. Electric probe for harvesting worms
    How do I build an electric probe for harvesting worms?
    3 Pets 114
  17. Five regulatory bodies for media industries?
    What is the five regulatory bodies for media industries
    2 Entertainment 70
  18. Can I make frogs jump with syatic electricity?
    Can I make frogs jump with syatic electricity?
    2 Pets 19
  19. Finding an electric guitar
    How can I purchase an electric guitar for my son?
    6 Music 35
  20. Where I can do industrial training for my mca?
    I want to know where I can do industrial training for my mca?
    4 Education 13
  21. What are the traits that chemists should have to enter the wine industry?
    3 Money 11
  22. How to build an electric generator?
    I want to build a small generator
    2 Science 37
  23. How do I know if I have an electric or gas heater for my home?
    4 Homegarden 13
  24. What are the advantages of distributing electricity at high voltages?
    2 Science 35
  25. How much does an ordinary electric guitar cost?
    4 Shopping 60
  26. What were the effects of industrialization on religion?
    what was the result of industrialization, and what impacted religion during that period.
    4 Religion 40
  27. How to play an electric guitar?
    What is the easiest way to learn how to play an electric guitar?
    4 Music 10
  28. industrial ear piercing
    where would you go to get an industrial ear piercing ?
    4 Style 78
  29. What should i play violin,electric guitar,or piano and which is easier?
    13 Music 48
  30. Industrial Metal
    What do you think of this type of metal,do you like it?Are there any bands you like?
    2 Music 12
  31. How to get an electrical license on Long Island NY?
    2 Money 101
  32. How much do you have to pay for electricity that comes from a wind farm?
    3 Environment 43
  33. Does your electricity bill increase if you put your laptops on sleep mode?
    4 Money 15
  34. Who hear thinks the electric car will ever take off in the US?
    8 Cars 44
  35. How much electricity does the average computer use and how is this compared to a television?
    3 General 16
  36. Is there a difference between an industrial piercing and just two cartilage piercings in about the same general area?
    3 Style 127
  37. What is the main industry and Major Urban Center in Brittish Columbia?
    4 Education 32
  38. Electric Shock
    How many of you have been electrocuted atleast once in your life?Was it serious?
    6 Health 18
  39. Which is easier piano,or electric guitar and which is more fun for a small teen?
    5 Music 39
  40. who thinks electric guitar is better than acoustic or vice versa?
    5 Music 32
  41. What does a white bump around the hole of my industrial peircing mean?
    9 Health 92
  42. How to convert solar power from the sun to electricity?
    how do you convert solar powar from the sun to electicity?
    3 Science 47
  43. Does items left plugged in gobble electricity even if it is not in use?
    3 Science 53
  44. Can anybody give me a list of female victorian industrial bands?
    ( only victorian industrial bands and experts)
    2 Music 11
  45. hows the best way to take care of yu industrial piercing ??
    hows the best way to take care of yu industrial piercing ??
    2 Style 64
  46. How much money can a girl make in the adult film industry on averag
    How much money can a girl make in the adult film industry [ average ] ?
    3 Money 81
  47. Should I get an electric Matress pad? or Electric Blanket?
    Should I get an electric Matress Pad? or an electric blanket? Since I found out Wal-Mart has them, what's your opinions? Which one would be better for my bed? Any prefrence would be great.
    4 Homegarden 45
  48. How do you go about using this electric razor?
    Which side do you swipe from? Do you gowith or against the hairs?
    3 Style 27
  49. why do i always seem to be full of static electric charge when i touch things?
    7 General 82
  50. How come the Dean QSE supreme acoustic electric guitar was discontinued?
    5 Music 11
  51. What are the behaviours of beams of protons, neutrons and electrons in both electric and magnetic fields?
    5 Science 190
  52. What are some good songs to play on the electric guitar
    If you have it tuned to drop c?
    8 Music 60
  53. Is it cheaper for a pizza place to make their own oven clay or to buy an industrial oven?
    2 Money 11
  54. What happend with the electric cars?
    Before the electric car was more seen and heard of, now you will rarely even hear about it. What gives?
    5 Science 15
  55. Should I get an electric or normal guitar?
    Should I get an electric or normal gutiar for my birthday and how hard is each one to play.
    4 Music 45
  56. How to get into the adult industry?
    How do I get into the adult industry as a videographer or non linear editor? Who's doors do I knock on?
    2 Money 59
  57. Electric guitar lessons
    I want to learn to play electric guitar. Does anyone know where I can find guitar lessons?
    4 Music 12
  58. How many films must you make daily in the adult film industry?
    how many adult vedio you have to make a day in the adult industry?
    4 Money 43
  59. Who thinks that eventually we will only have electric cars?
    ...or cars powered by things other than gas, and cars that use gas will be illegal? Why or why not?
    6 Cars 25
  60. What is the best way to start learning about circuitry and electrical engineering?
    4 Education 14
  61. What kind of jobs could you do in the funeral industry?
    I know funeral directors, but are there any more? thanks x
    2 Money 24
  62. Would you be able to live without electricity?
    Would you be able to live without TV, Computer, Lights, etc…?
    8 General 42
  63. industrial bar piercing?
    eh, what side should I get it on? im not sure. haha.
    4 Style 33
  64. Industrial Revolution.
    What is it? I honestly don't know. is it an era? or a war? or what? okay, I know it's not a war. but I don't know what else it could be.
    8 Politics 14
  65. How does the whole electric and acoustic thing work on the guitars?
    i've heard that you can get guitars that are both?
    11 Music 17
  66. How hard is it to work in the adult film industry?
    I was just curious on the competition and job openings of the adult film industry. Is it hard to get a job in it?
    20 Money 14
  67. Electric guitars
    How do I put my hammer/whammy bar onto my electric guitar? I think I need some detailed instructions.
    2 Entertainment 42
  68. what are some good EBM or Industrial dance bands ?
    what are some good EBM or Industrial dance bands like die krupps rammstein combichrist
    2 Music 54
  69. What does "industrial" mean?
    I was reading somehting untril it say "he kiss her until his piercing got stuck on her industrial3 What does "industrial" mean?
    2 General 106
  70. Which should I get industrial or tragus?
    I'm deciding which one I want. I really like both but I don't want both. Help.?
    3 Style 21
  71. How do I make an electric tape bow ring?
    Please send a link or instructions thanks!
    3 Homegarden 22
  72. Good Electric Heater
    Can you suggest a really good electric heater (maybe with a blower) I could buy to for a bedroom ? TIA
    2 Shopping 35
  73. How do I get into the adult film industry?
    I was wandering if any1 knows how to get into the industry of being an adult film-entertainer. Let me know! Thanks.
    2 Entertainment 52
  74. How do you know what length and what gauge industrial bar to buy after you take out the one you were given after being pierced?
    2 Style 43
  75. How can large plants produce electrical energy? Is it possible to be done emission-free?
    3 Environment 18
  76. Got my industrial piercing yesterday but it still bleeds a tiny bit
    I got my industrial piercing yesterday but it still bleeds a tiny bit when I clean it? Its it nothing to worry about?
    3 Style 825
  77. how do I scan paintings onto electric format?
    I have painting that I need to get onto electric format, does anyone here know how I have to do it? thanks heaps!
    2 Technology 45
  78. When should I change my industrial barbell?
    My industrial piercing is 2 weeks old. How long are you supposed to wait before you can change the bar?
    5 Style 1558
  79. Will goodwill industries hire a felon?
    Will goodwill industries hire a felon that has rehabilitated and never served time..I need a second chance
    3 Money 180
  80. acoustic-electric or electric?
    So I'm buying a new guitar (just for the fun of it) and I'm really having troubles going back and forth between acoustic-electric and electric. I really like the sound of acoustic guitars but I already have one and as long as I'm getting something tha...
    3 Music 11
  81. How to save electricity from your air conditioner?
    Summer is approaching, and I'd like to get a head start with the summer's electricity bills...
    2 Money 13
  82. Who killed The Electric Car
    im doing an assignment on who I think killed the electric car. im really indecisive and wondering if anyone has their own opinion on who it truely was and why??
    8 Environment 152
  83. Why does my industrial piercing still hurt?
    I've had my industrial piercing for like 4 months now and it still hurts when I wash it or move it around...any advice??
    4 Style 2067
  84. what is the most ideal equipment for large stone crushing factory and mining industry?
    Hydraulic cone crusher
    4 General 23
  85. How come in movies before the man gets fried by the electric chair there is always a priest?
    What if your Jewish or Muslim?
    3 Religion 9
  86. How do I clean a swollen and infected industrial bar?
    Well I THINK it's infected or at least getting there, so at the very least, I want to prevent it.
    5 Style 64
  87. Best brand of electric shaver?
    What is the best brand of electric shaver? I am tired of shaving with a straight razor, and this year, am asking my wife for an electric shaver. So what's the best one? Norelco, braun, or?
    4 Shopping 145
  88. What is easier to learn, electric guitar or acoustic?
    hi well I want to learn to play electric and acoustic guitar but I was wondering which one was easier lol. is electric trickier? thanks!
    7 Music 15
  89. how do you hide a industrial piercing fr. parents?
    Help?!?! I dont want my industrial 2 close up because I already have it and only 4 a month
    2 Style 186
  90. What are some good industrial bands?
    does anyone know any good industrial bands I love nine inch nails and I wanted to know if anyone knew any simillar music?
    10 Music 172
  91. How can I learn to play an electric guitar the fastest?
    There's a talent show and I want to play my guitar and I just got it and I have no idea how to play all sites will help!!
    5 Music 29
  92. Is $80 a lot for an industrial piercing?
    Should I try elsewhere? Someone recommended this place to me, but I'm rather broke.
    6 Style 29
  93. How much electricity (kWh) does the average family (living in a large house) use each day in Canada (Ontario)?
    2 Homegarden 8
  94. India electrical stuff
    When I go to india will I be able to use my hair dryer etc. In indian plug sockets?
    2 Shopping 17
  95. industrial ear piercing and hip piercings
    around how much do they cost? how long to they take to heal? how bad do they hurt?
    5 Style 393
  96. help/when no electric
    what to do when electric goes off:due storm and I have turtles aquatic, and fish the fish need oxygen also have tortises what to do for heat?thanks
    2 Pets 23
  97. South africa , how will we survive without electricity?
    How is our country going to survive without electricity? We are doing load shedding at the m0ment.does that mean we all have t0 m0ve 0verseas?
    2 Travel 9
  98. Electric cars
    So give me all the info you know about electic cars please. All the way up to their prices and how they are made evryybit counts thatnks!
    6 Cars 31
  99. electricity to process to get the hydrogen MORE efficent?
    How is using electricity to process to get the hydrogen MORE efficent than just powering a car with electricity? Why was the electric car killed? Why did the people who came up with this idea of "fuel cell vehicles" come up with it at the same time GM ...
    5 Science 29
  100. could someday be founded by someone in the music industry
    People have told me in many of the songs I have posted on FunAdvice that I could someday be founded by someone in the music industry because of my lyrics and how I write them,is this true and how?
    3 Music 15
  101. How can I lower my electric bill?
    How can I lower my electric bill? My girl wants it near like a sauna in the apartment from the heater and it is killing my electric bill with high rates and electrical service charges. I want to conserve but I don't want to lose any heat.
    4 Money 43
  102. Electric collars
    My aunt has to golden retrievers on the eletric collars and they mind really good and I was wondering if the had them for small dogs and how much the would be...
    2 Pets 17
  103. How do you pump gas if there is no electricity?
    I'm talking about if there is a massive power outage, for several days or more. I've always wondered what they would do.
    3 Science 217
  104. What do you like better stud or industrial piercing?
    What do you like better stud or industrial piercing? Im leaning toward the industrial but I dunno I cant choose and do they have like smallish bars because my ears a bit tiny..
    3 Style 487
  105. Which German university is not too expensive but good in electrical engineering?
    i want to study electrical engineering in germany can u pls help me with detailed information of the university you think is best for engineering? And not too expensive.
    4 Education 15
  106. How did the industrial revolution change the economy of america and the world?
    since culture was changed mostly because of technology and then how did the environment play a role in creating the new economy?
    2 Education 10
  107. Is there a way to make electric blue hair dye?
    I want to dye my hair electric blue, but i dont feel like goin out and having it done or buying hair dye... does anyone know and effective way to make electric blue hair dye out of household items??
    5 Style 74
  108. How/can I shave down there with an electric face shaver?
    Well the title says it all. I've shaved down there before, I know to trim first then all the rest. So can you use an electric face shaver? I heard you can't and I've heard you can. Help? Thankz
    3 Style 19
  109. Does it hurt get get your industrial bar peirced?
    Does it hurt get get yout industrial bar peirced? Im getting myine doen tomarrow and im not going to like im scared sooo bad ): Can some one help me >?
    6 Style 201
  110. How much money would it cost on my electricity bill to run an Xbox?
    How much money will playing an x box 4 an average of four hours a day put on my electric bill??
    3 Money 6
  111. How do you make it in the music industry?
    I have no idea how to start. If anyone could explain even a bit of how the whole thing works I'd appreciate it a lot =)
    2 Music 38
  112. Why with this all technology we can not have free electricity, dont have to use oil and cure all diseases
    I mean if we focus just in those things i think we can make it, but nobody wants to do it, or has thought about it. What do you think?
    3 Technology 12
  113. Why are there so many comparisons in the music industry?
    I mean some of the people look a like but original is far gone because just about everything has been done...yet people still compare
    2 Music 6
  114. What hurts more a monroe,belly button or industrial?
    So I want a monroe im only 13 but have my belly industrial and 4 lobe piercings none hurt so will a monroe??? Avrage cost$$ and what do you think of it...cute or sluty thx
    2 Style 102
  115. industrial piercing pain
    I want to get my industrial pierced for my birthday and I know everyone says it hurts really bad so I was wondering if there was anything I could do or take before I go get it pierced to help with the pain
    8 Style 203
  116. How exactly do you use an electric shaver?
    I've always either waxed or shaved, I've never used these before. Is there less chance for cuts? This is the one I have.
    3 Style 18
  117. Industrial piercing, how long does it take to heal?
    How long does it take to heal? Can I go swim 6 weeks after I got it? If not how long after I got it can I go swimming (by the way I would go swimming in a lake so it doesn't have all those chemicals and stuff if that matters at all)?
    6 Style 2951
  118. What is the name of the short, rotund, electric blue bird with the long, beautiful feathered tails that look like eyes that are commonly collected?
    For the life of me, I can't remember!
    9 Pets 12
  119. Is there a certain way to get industrial piercings?
    So, I want one (don't try & talk me out of it). Is there a certain way it's done, or can you just pierce two places in your cartilage yourself? If not, and I absolutely have to get it professionally done, where can I get it done & does my mom have to b...
    2 Style 102
  120. Industrial piercing jewelery?
    Ok im thinking of getting my industrial done and I was wondering does the jewelery have to be straight because I've seen curved ones and stuff but I wasnt sure if I could get a squiggly one or if it had to be straight
    2 Style 97
  121. What are electric beard shavers called?
    My friend and I just recently witnessed a gillette commercial advertising their great electric shaver. Only problem is: they did not call it that. We know there is a specific name for them, (not beard trimmer, electric beard trimmer, electric shaver, o...
    2 Style 39
  122. Who killed the electric car?
    Have you seen that movie.It's a shame that oil industries killed the electric car I hope somebody will make the electric car again, I wouldn't mind if another country like Canada or china make the electrical, if they made that car again people wouldn't...
    10 Cars 38
  123. how can I convince my parents to let me have industrial piercings
    yeah its basically what the title is. I really want industrial piercings they look reallly cook and I think that they would look really good on me. so how can I convince my parents to let me industrial piercings. oh and on a scale of 1-10 if you have h...
    3 Style 350
  124. What should I do about my new swollen industrial?
    I've had lots of piercings, but none of them ever got this swollen! It's more painful than when I got my corset piercing, my nape, my septum, my other cartilage, and snake bites... Is there anything I can do for the pain and swelling or do I wait it out?
    14 Style 106
  125. Electric guitar for a beginner
    What does it mean when you turn your guitar to drop c or your one-half step down or turned to drop d??? Im really new to guitar but I cant learn any songs til I no what these mean?
    5 Music 16
  126. What material would work best for a small electric boat?
    I am working on a project with my two boys over the winter to build a small 2 person electric boat. I want to keep it light and low in the water, has anyone done this?
    4 Cars 42
  127. What does anyone know about a Silvertone 1970's Electric Guitar?
    My boyfriends uncle gave him a 1976 Silvertone electric guitar. We both don't really know much about them, so does anyone know if they're worth anything? Or if it's even worth just keeping? Anyone with any advice let me know(: Thanks in advance
    2 Music 16
  128. How long until I can change my industrial?
    Got it pierced a few weeks ago. The lady told me I can change it after 4 weeks.. But my cousin is telling me two months.. One sounds too long and the other, too short. So which is right or what is the right time?
    3 Style 235
  129. why wont they pierce my industrial if im not 16?
    ok well I went into the piercing place and asked about getting my industrial pierced because my mom pretty much said yes but they said they wouldnt do it because im only fifteen and I would have to be 16 even with parental consent. why should I have to...
    7 Style 42
  130. Did the tsunami in Japan cause the video game industry to go down?
    did the tsunami even hit the game buildings or they didn't touch it? i'm scared now about my future because i was planning to be a video game designer and take courses in understanding Japanese so i can join the video game industry.
    6 Gaming 34
  131. How much do industrials hurt?
    So I want to get an industrial but I'm worried about it hurting so much. I can take pain, lots of pain, I'm just worried about the needle an whatnot. Is it possible to get it pierced where the bar would go. Then gauge it to a 14, the size of the bar. a...
    3 Style 65
  132. What would cause my car to stutter (electrically) and die?
    I was driving down the road and my radar detector went crazy, the radio shut off and all of my guages fluttered, then the car died. So I started it and turned the radio, air condition, radar detector, and everything electrical off. I have tried everyth...
    7 Cars 16
  133. Could the fashion/modeling industry want petite models?
    I really want to be a model so bad along with comic and actress . I messaged adriana lima on myspace & she said that the fashion industry is always looking for something new. So could my supermodel idol be right?
    2 Money 8
  134. How do I talk my mom into letting me get an industrial piercing?
    I really want to get an industrial but my mom always says let me think about it. I just turned 15 and I already have my eyebrow and nose pierced and I said I would pay for it myself but I just can seem to get her to make up her mind so how could I talk...
    2 Style 72
  135. Do something use electricity...
    when it's plugged into the wall, but not plugged into anything else, like a phone charger or computer charger. Does it still use energy even though its not in use? My guess would be no...the bill is higher though so I thought I would ask just for fun.
    5 Technology 43
  136. Possibilty of charging an electrical device with body heat?
    would if actually be technically possible to charge a mobile phone with your own body heat? I'm not a sciency type person so I wouldnt know, I just need to think up an invention! thanks
    2 Science 10
  137. Electric guitar players
    Hey, does anyone know anything about acoustic amplifiers? Someone told me that running a distortion effects pedal through it (along with an electric guitar) could possibly damage the electronics of the amp. My acoustic amp is huge compared to my elec...
    4 Music 14
  138. What do you think about people going into the porn industry?
    I ask this because a friend of mine, who is only 17 has just told me shes been speaking to someone whos going to get her into it. Thats child porn isnt it?! I think shes naive, but all she keeps telling me is about the money, it isnt worth it!
    6 Money 10
  139. Is there any way to fix my electric guitar?
    So when I was younger, my dad bought me an electic guitar. I didnt know I was supposed loosen the strings, so now the neck is bent. :/ So is there anyway I can fix it, without spanding too much money? Or do I just need a brand new guitar?
    2 Music 17
  140. Can jehovahs witnesses get industrial ear piecings
    My parents are jehovahs whittnesses and I really want a industrial ear piecing. But problem is I dont know if they would let me get might be against there beliefs or something.I don't know I am willing to pay for it . I just need to know if th...
    3 Style 165
  141. How can I make masterbating more intresting when I can not get a hold of a vibrator or electric tooth brush?
    what are some good tools you use & make you realy wet, Im sick of the old fingering and shower head I want somthign extreme :P
    8 Sex 106
  142. How can I get into the music industry?
    i cant spell but im a good singer and ive been told by alot of peps i should apply for ex-factor and try to get into the music indistry but i dunno how. do u know? is there a number or something or am i dreaming here...
    2 Money 53
  143. How much would it cost to take an electric guitar overseas?
    I love my guitar, his name is Axel and he has been mine since Forever lol. I dont wanna buy a guitar overseas cuz 1 dont need another and 2 I really love my baby lol
    3 Travel 17
  144. how do I put in my industrial?
    I have my industrail pierced and its time to shop for more. but I want to but some of the ones with jewels or words in the middle. so how am I supposed to put those in? I know.. or I hope that I dont put all of the stuff in the middle through the pier...
    2 Style 55
  145. Imperialism or Industrial revolution?
    Im supposed to write a in class essay but I can't decide which I should write on either Imperialism or the industrial revolution my essay questions are Was the long term impact that the industrial revolution had on the world positive or negative? Wa...
    5 Education 52
  146. What hurts more...nose,industrial,or bellybutton piercngs?
    Its cause I want the nose and I have the industrial and bellybutton and 4 lobe piercings but none hurt so will the nose? Does it hurt? Don't go on about that pain tolerence crap yes or no does it hurt I want a straight up answer please I havee a meduim...
    5 Style 156
  147. Electric fence on cats-good or bad?
    I live on a busy road but I have plenty of propery, but im afraid if I get a cat it will be squashed. If I get an electric fence, and put it on very low, do you think it would be ok?should I get vet advice? P.s-please, only truthful answers, I know a ...
    3 Pets 42
  148. How bad does an industrial ear piercing hurt and get infected?
    Okk im 13 and want an industrial ear piercing. I got my belly button and two lobe piercings already and they didn't hurt. So will this 1? How easily do they gey infected? Do you think their trashy or cute? Ohh and how do I get my mom to agree to let me...
    2 Style 181
  149. Nose or industrial piercing?
    Hi, I have a really low pain tolerance and I want to get a piercing. I am considering a nose or industrial piercing and I want some advice about the pain, healing, etc. I'm one of those people where I shake and hyperventilate whenever I am about to g...
    7 Style 2335
  150. Industrial bar im almost 16 and I really want to get an industrial bar in my ear. does anyone know how bad it hurts/how much it costs or how old you have to be to get it done without a parent? I want to go professionally but my mom wont let me, but one of m...
    2 Style 96
  151. Industrial bar(jewelry)
    Ok I just got my industrial bar piercing but I was looking on the net for a bar because the piercer I went to use two short barbells instead of one long one...but I noticed there are different lengths like 1 1/2 to 2 can I know which one w...
    2 Style 297
  152. What are some idea for a non electric powered lighthouse?
    Alright, so I've embarked on another story. There's going to be a lighthouse in it, but it's set in a time where there's no electricity, and I'm really unsure as to how lighthouses would have been run then. I've had a few ideas of my own, but I'd like ...
    4 Science 16
  153. How do you clean an electric toothbrush, like completely disinfect it and rid it of germs and bacteria?
    In a moment of madness I used it as a masturbation device (I'm female) and don't get me wrong it was a fantastic experience but now I feel it should be thouroughly cleaned before I can put it in my mouth and use it to clean my teeth. Any help would be ...
    8 Sex 61
  154. What do you think of hub motor, electric cars?
    I have been looking at alternative fuel cars for years now, and feel the electric drive train is a much better solution than the ICE "Internal Combustion Engine". There has also been talk of hub motor and this would remove the need for a transmission a...
    7 Cars 33
  155. What are steps I can take to prevent my industrial piercing from getting infected if I had to take the jewelry out?
    I've had the industrial bar for about three months. It's not healed yet, still hurts a bit especially when slept on or irritated. I bought two bio-flex retainers for helix piercings that I plan to use for a job interview. Thing is, I have to take it ou...
    9 Health 25
  156. What do think of the possibility of the bill that could help the music industry?
    the bill is suppose to be able to help the music industry and be able to fight against illegal file sharing. it would allow the US Justice Department to obtain court orders against sites that allow the illegal sharing continue and they would be able to...
    2 Music 13
  157. Which is better
    An electric or acoustic guitar && Why
    6 Music 15
  158. Bass or Electric Guitar
    wich 1 would you prefer. da Black Bass Guitar or da Electric guitar. I want the bass because I juss like the way it looks, thats all, and they sound great, but the electric guitars also sound excellent but I dont like like the way they look. and the ba...
    2 Music 36
  159. Acoustic v electric guitars
    Hi everyone! Please forgive my ignorance about this, but is it true that even if you know how to play acoustic guitar you'd still have to learn or take lessons on how to play electric guitar? Are they really that different from each other? What about ...
    3 Music 19
  160. How do i correctly clean my industrial piercing?
    I just got my industrial pierced yesterday. (to those of you who want it but are scared, do it, it barely hurts.) But anyways, i've been cleaning it by dipping a q-tip into some of the salt water i mixed together and going around the hole and the bar a...
    13 Style 171
  161. Any Main Street Electrical Parade fans?
    Guess what? it's coming back to Disneyland soon. just figured I'd let anyone who was interested know about it. If you've got any questions, feel free to ask. I'll try to keep everyone updated. I just heard today and I'm so excited cause I'm a huge f...
    2 Entertainment 11
  162. What to expect when getting an industrial?
    Im going to get an industrial piercing on wednesday but im wondering what to expect when im getting it done and the first few days like how much is it gonna hurt,how long should it take to do, will they use a clamp etc so if you have one I'd like to he...
    3 Style 93
  163. Belly button and industrial questions?
    I want to get my belly button pierced, I heard that sometimes if you get it on the top its more likley to rip. is this true or is the risk the same for top and bottom? Do you think one looks better than the other? how much force does it take for it to ...
    2 Style 9
  164. Industrial piercing help
    ahhh, okay so I periced my own industrial, and well the needle isn't that thick.. so I'm going to have to find an 18g industrial or 16g. does anyone know where I can buy one? and how long will it keep on hurting, I know it takes a year to heal and all,...
    5 Style 315
  165. US incidents and the game and movie industry
    this might be a stupid question but ill ask it anyway... whats the reason movie makers and/or game creators try to avoid a certain scene if it depicts something that could remind or look like the twin towers attack or the virginia tech massacre... I ...
    5 Entertainment 58
  166. Whats the best way to stop the logging industry?
    My thoughts is you have to have alternatives if that doesnt exist then stopping the logging industry. Has the potentional to do harm to a massive amount of industry. The possible changes could be adobes plastics and reuse the current wood. Fires can be...
    6 Environment 75
  167. wich hurts more
    a industrial piercing or a lip piercing???
    8 Style 997
  168. Basic research problem
    Who discovered electricity?
    2 Science 36
  169. What jobs are there to do with beauty?
    What kind of jobs are on offer in the beauty industry.
    2 Money 41
  170. What song should I learn to play?
    What song should I learn 2 play on my electric guitar
    12 Music 23
  171. Can a plain-jane kinda girl make any money in the web cam industry?
    Hey all! I am a full time college student, recently divorced, and low on options to pay for my tuition. I have been considering doing web cam modeling online to earn money for school and bills, etc. However, I am very average looking. people say I'm pr...
    4 Money 21
  172. Industrial Piercing Questions
    Hi! =] Right now I have both ears pierced once, with the right ear also having a cartlidge piercing. I'm getting an industrial piercing tomorrow (so just adding one piercing on the frontal cartlidge) and I'm curious about a few aspects of the proced...
    5 Style 619
  173. Does piercing your ear hurt a lot?
    Was thinking to get Misc,cartilage and industrials piercing.But was thinking whether does these piercing hurts a lot.I did pierced my tongue before.(By needle).Does piercing industrials hurts more than tongue?I did pierced my tragus and nose before(By ...
    10 Style 223
  174. How do I get into the fashion industry?
    I'm sick of my Boring hell life and want an exciting one! I am sooo0 ready for it. Well, Not right away but soon. I'm almost into college and finishing up my GED and want to be a fashion designer and hopefully work along by Rachel Zoe's Side. What ar...
    3 Money 41
  175. Typical Question
    if Electricity comes from Electrons... Does Morality come from Morons ?
    3 Sex 12
  176. which side should I get my eyebrow pierced on?
    I have an industrial piercing on my left ear.
    3 Style 80
  177. Whats the pleasure?
    What is the pleasure of using an electric toothbrush to masturbate? X
    3 Sex 94
  178. Tuning for guitar for heavy screamo bands
    which tuning for electric guitar is the best for heavy screamo such for bands such as Bring me the horizon
    2 Music 93
  179. ionic compounds?
    explain why a solid ionic compound does not conduct electricity, but the compound will do so when melted or dissolved in water.
    2 Science 59
  180. Guitars strings...
    Is there any real reason why I shouldn't use Electric Guitar strings on my acoustic? My D-string broke and I don't have time or money to get new strings but I have a pair of Electric strings in the package still. Should I just use those?
    4 Music 35
  181. What are your thoughts bout new kids on the block
    What do you think bout the new kids on the block coming back to the music industry??
    5 Music 11
  182. Christmas lights
    How can I light up some christmas tree lights withouth electrical conection? - I am trying to make a light suit for Halloween.
    2 Technology 15
  183. How do I know if my ear is okay for this piercing?
    I'm about to get an industrial piercing within the next week...and I've heard that some ears are not suitable for this type of piercing. How do can I make sure that my ears would be anatomically correct (and thus, suitable) for an industrial?
    3 Style 89
  184. What makes more money boat designing or car designing?
    I am an industrial designer, just graduated. I really love boat and car designing, and was wondering, what makes more money?
    3 Money 14
  185. Nail polish color
    What nail polish color would go well with an electric blue evening dress??
    5 Style 57
  186. when a person buys a home. is there other stuff to pay?
    like you just buy the house,just pay gas,heat,electricity right?
    4 Homegarden 30
  187. Being in a band and not singing??
    My friends and I are going to start a band I play electric and acoustic guitar Do all the members of a bandhave to sing because I can't sing at all
    5 Music 26
  188. Distortion and effects pedals
    Hey guys, What are some of your fav. distortion and/or effects pedals (brand & type) for electric guitar?
    4 Music 9
  189. how many people know the band psyclon nine?
    I know there not a well known band just wondering how many people know them? there industrial :D
    2 Music 16
  190. Which type of guitar to play?
    I'm thinking of playing a guitar, but I don't whether to go for BASE OR ELECTRIC (ruled out acoustic guitar) what do you think
    8 Music 22
  191. Can you buy an 8 guage needle?+
    I want to give myself an industrial piercing on my ear and I need to know if, and if you can, where, can you buy an 8 guage needle?
    3 Shopping 42
  192. How can I convince my parents for a piercing?
    Does anyone have any ideas on ways to convince your mom to let you get dahlias or an industrial?
    3 Family 50
  193. How to make a pig cooker from a 275 gallon drum ?
    2 General 297
  194. How do you guys like this guitar for my first guitar?
    and if i used the electric part what would i have to buy besides an amplifier and what amplifiers do you recommend within a good price range? and how do you like the sound of the non-electric acoustic when it's not plugged in? [link removed]
    12 Music 24
  195. Penis size for adult films...?
    What is the minimum penis size allowed for a mn in the adult film industry? I'm about 5 1/2 inches.
    4 Relationships 69
  196. What is the best way to choose between things?
    I am applying for university, I am good in both industrial design and graphic design. The univ. only applies to one, how can you choose..?
    2 Education 48
  197. Essay trouble
    I have to type a 5 paragraph essay about relying on industrialization and I have no clue what to write about help! Its due tomorrow!!!
    2 Education 14
  198. What is...
    Your favorite instrument? I have two; The guitar (electric or acoustic, doesnt matter) and the violin. They both sound beautiful! So whats yours?!
    7 Music 15
  199. Techno song? Same beat as "We will rock you"
    It has the same beat with "We will rock you" in the beginning, and a female voice saying "das electric" anyone know?
    2 Music 169
  200. Need advice from electrician
    Alright, so I climbed an electric tower this weekend, dared, won money. Anyways, it was rather easy and everyone I've talked to said it was dangerous, which I won't lie. It was. But... Aside from falling, is there any other hazzard? Aka = electric s...
    3 General 10
  201. how do i make my own music?
    im working my way up into the rap industry and some software to make my own music so if anyone knows of anything about this let me know plz?
    3 Music 39
  202. Why do Jewish people walk alot?
    I have alot if Jewish people in my neighborhood. I know it's Saturday so they don't use any electric things ( I think) in honor of their God
    14 Religion 50
  203. TN felons and business license
    can a convicted felon get auto dealer license?my offences did not pertain to car's or the auto industry in any way.
    8 Money 664
  204. Who knows Pokemon?
    what beats manectric-electric what beats medicham-fighting-psychic what beats absol-dark
    4 Gaming 48
  205. expierinced in manufacturing/producion
    Can I as a felon( 4th degree state jail felon) get a job in Austin Texas in the manufacturing industry
    4 Technology 43
  206. What should my song be about?
    It is a alt. Rock song, with 4 crotchet beats in a bar. It will be accompanied by an electric guitar, a bass guitar and a drum kit.
    3 Music 28
  207. What's a good band name?
    I was going to name it Electric Zoo, but that's been used in other music-related instances. Then I was going to name it Animal Arcade, but that too has been taken. What should it be?
    11 Music 43
  208. Ear piercings in the workplace
    I have 6 piercings in each ear. Do anybody think it would be a problem working in the hospitality industry. Will they make me take my earrings out.
    4 Style 53
  209. Guitar Freak
    Im interested in learning to play guitar. Does anyone know how I should get started? And do I have to learn to play acoustic before electric or can it be in any order? Thanx!!!
    5 Music 14
  210. Importance of Sceince
    how is solubility, malleability, ductility, permeability, boiling point, melting point, electrical conductivity, and specific heat important in the world?
    2 Science 35
  211. Why in the sims life stories my sim has shockwaves around her?
    In the sims life stories my sim tried to fix an electric thing and now she has shockwaves around her will they ever go away and is there a way to make them go?
    2 Gaming 69
  212. male shaving pubic hair
    how does a male shave their pubic hair? can you use an electric razor? what can you do to prevent itchiness and irritation or lessen the symptoms? I need info
    4 Style 481
  213. How much should I sell my guitars for?
    I have a basic acoustic and electric guitar, only used both of them once before so there in perfect condition, I'm moving out of my parents house and there is no room for them in the new house so I thought it would be better to sell them rather than th...
    2 Music 45
  214. Masterbation . .. What to use???
    I like to masterbate but I have goten too tired to use my fingers so bought two toothbrushes 'cause I have already asked this question they told me to but a normal toothbrush and a electric toothbrush they told me to use the normal insise me and the ...
    3 Sex 67
  215. I need a love song
    can any one think of good love songs that are metal, goth, industrial,hard rock, 80s pop... no emo, no matelica, no 80s metal. I want goth or industrial. but I realize that is not popular. and the songs im looking for are love songs not break up songs....
    5 Music 14
  216. Where do I go from here?
    I don't know what to do with my appearance. I have never been at a loss before because I have worked in the beauty industry or else had people around me with feedback. I am tired, stressed and look it.
    16 Style 23
  217. What are cables and conductors and their difference?
    pls guys help me with the difference between cable and conductor, it should be base electrical engineering. Pls i need it now cos im going to submit it tomorrow.
    2 Technology 16
  218. How to be an air hostess?
    Whats the best way to get into the cabin crew industry? I have applied to do a travel and tourism course already? X
    2 Travel 32
  219. Do we penalise individuals who bring their nation or religion into disrepute?
    FIFA has a penalty for bringing the game into disrepute. Many corporations and industry associations have penalties for employees or companies doing the same.
    6 Politics 24
  220. Get ready 2 rokk!
    How do yew ply the song get ready 2 rokk by freeze pop on the electric guitar,,, Strings plze! Haha lol
    3 Music 13
  221. guitarrr
    ok, well I really want to learn how to play guitar. Which is better. Acoustic, or Electric. or any tips for a beginner. ? haha :P
    7 Music 41
  222. What will look better against jet black hair?
    This is not for me exactly butt what would look better against jet black hair... electric blue highlights... hot pink highlights ... or bright red highlights ... Hmmm
    5 Style 21
  223. Is carbon sequestration real?
    Big debate about carbon sequestration. Is it real? Can I really buy and trade carbon credits or is it paper trading? Research and see for yourself what the farmer is up against if big industry can buy carbon out of thin air!
    2 Technology 15
  224. Do androids dream of electric sheeple?
    In an initiative Philip K. D!ck could have penned describing some near future technocratic dystopia... U.S. Information Czar Cass Sunstein seems to have gotten his wish in having paid U.S. agents fight dissent on forums, blogs, and social networking si...
    4 Technology 31
  225. Does deregulation ever work?
    Savings & Loans were deregulated in the 1980's and many went under costing taxpayers over $100 billion. Airlines were deregulated which lead to airlines flying fewer routes, congested airports, most flights are late, and most of the major airlines n...
    3 Politics 124
  226. Taking pictures of lightning?
    What happens if you take pictures of lightning or thunder?? I've heard that the flash develops into some kind of electrical force that can attract the lighning and you can get struck by taking a picture of it, is that true??
    6 Environment 89
  227. How to Protect Water Faucet in Winter
    I covered my faucets with electrics tape is that good? I bought a cover from Home Depot but it always not completely covered because it is not the same shape of the faucet. Please let me know.
    2 Homegarden 43
  228. What is the easiest way to bleach hair?
    My hair is dark brown, but I have electric blue bangs. ha! but I've decided to go blonde. and I wanna know the easiest and cheapest way to do so.
    5 Style 43
  229. Its really hard for me to cum when I masturbate
    I masturbate regularly and have tried many different approaches from electric toothbrushes to fingering myself to stimulating my clit, but I can't seem to make myself cum. Help?!?
    4 Sex 141
  230. In need to save a buck
    What kind of things can I do to my house to consever electricity, water, and gas. I live in the desert valleys so it's very humid out there and well over 100 degress
    2 Homegarden 30
  231. Singing career?
    ok I'm a really good singer... like really good. and I want to actually try to get into the music industry. or just do a show or something...any help?
    3 Music 13
  232. What do you think are reasonable punishments for people who commit environmental crimes?
    Such as killing an endangered animal, being responsible for a major industrial accident, polluting a river, etc…
    4 Politics 21
  233. How can I become an adult movie actor?
    i really want a job in "that" industry if you know what i mean. i know im too young for it but im just thinking for my future. do i need to contact some person? and how?
    7 Money 62
  234. Who thinks lightning can make glass out of soil?
    Since an electrical current can cause some molecules to fuse together, do you figure it would be enough to actually turn the soil into glass?
    3 Science 18
  235. Living costs
    Can someone tell me how the rent system is? So I rent an apartment, and I pay in the deposit, but isn't there any Realtor fees? And what about monthly bills-water, electricity? They come separately? I know there are some apartments where the costs are ...
    3 Money 25
  236. LTD HYbrid 400 Guitar
    Does anyone else have an LTD Hybrid 400 electric guitar? it seems like im the only one that has it. Oh, and if you do its like a collecters item. they stopped making them. Cool,Right?
    2 Music 80
  237. I just got braces today
    okay I just got braces today any advice on anything? thankies, duckies! ps. I got electic lime as my color! a-a-a-a-and they didnt have any black :( but the electric works on me without the black
    7 Health 67
  238. What do models do when they are over the standard weight and told to lose it in 5 days?
    Say they go to an industry and they seem to be over weight or at least not to the model standards and tell them be back in 5 days, weight much less. What kinda diet do they do?
    4 Nutritionfitness 524
  239. How do I get meringue to stiffen?
    No matter how much I whip it with an electric mixer, it won't seem to form peaks, it just stays watery slightly gooey. How can I make it stiffen easier.
    2 Music 53
  240. Type Art
    how do you do type art ---*/.)--- ---*/.l--- *PUT ---*/o\--- ---*(o_)--- **THIS ---.l__l--- ***ON YOUR --- .lol--- ---lol--- ***CHANNEL ---lol--- ***IF YOU ---/#\___.lol_--/ll\--- ---(##(_,,,lol,__)))--- ***PLAY ...
    3 Technology 13
  241. What kind of a turn will the economy make if wind turbines were put to use?
    Let's say there's a sucessfull company in...the USA(let's also say there's no corruption there).And the company is rich enaugh to provide every house there is with a WIND TURBINE.The company provides wind turbines for every house that cover most of th...
    3 Politics 22
  242. What can I use in place of a vibrator?
    I love masterbating & I usually use mi dads electric razor but I want something else is there anything else I cud use in place of a vibrator because im too young to get onee ??? :)
    4 Sex 577
  243. Does the type of piercing hurt?
    I was thinking about getting a industrial piercing and I'm a little scared does it hurt and if it does how bad?? I have my ears pierced, but don't remember how it feels. I have a very low tollerance of pain so do you think that I should still be able t...
    6 Style 60
  244. Who sings this song?
    I don't know the lyrics or anything...but I'm almost positive it's called Shake It. It's NOT BY METRO STATION. It's sort of electric sounding I think? Can ANYONE help? I'm desperate :(
    9 Music 15
  245. What acoustic guitar for indie music?
    Ok last question I asked about this I should have specified that I play indie, and I am looking to buy an acoustic guitar. I don't want an electric one, nor do I play metal. Maybe my picture looks like I would since everyone assumed that's what I want...
    3 Music 29
  246. I want to get into modeling, but where do I start?
    Okay so Im 17 years old and want to get involved in the modeling industry but I don't know how. Im 5'2 and the best for me out there due to my height is commercial or catalog modeling. I live in Austin Tx and is really hard to get involved in the model...
    4 Money 122
  247. Remove mortar stains from pavers
    I recently had a paver walkway installed, and after they dried and the contractor left we saw many many mortar stains. It is just a dirty stained mess. Can someone please give me some ideas on how to make this better.
    2 Homegarden 106
  248. Mohawk Dye Hard
    what color to choose for my mohawk??? its going platinum first since I have black hair and need to strip it. and I was looking at lime green, electric blue, and hot pink?? ^_^
    4 Style 48
  249. What songs are good for rough sounding singers?
    my friend is from georgia, and he plays guitare and sings, he has a rough southern voice, and can't do high notes but he is really good, he plays acoustic and electric, what are some good songs he can learn and play, they dont have to be popular
    8 Music 64
  250. What are some fun line dances?
    I'm going to a lot of rodeo and need to learn more thsn just the two step and electric slide...sooo i was wondering what are some more fun line dances i can learn so i don't look silly on the dance floor! lol
    8 Entertainment 12