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  1. What is an individual?
    9 General 16
  2. Is Virginity related to the Character of an Individual?
    Is Virginity related to the Character of an Individual?
    3 Relationships 49
  3. What does the word "individuality" mean to you and how do you express it?
    6 General 40
  4. How can I get cigna health coverage as an individual?
    How can I get cigna health coverage as an individual?
    2 Health 14
  5. How do I delete everything in my history without doing it individually?
    7 Technology 38
  6. Why do people frown on the freedom of speech and individuality??
    16 Politics 37
  7. Should I force a child into counseling?
    Is it good to force a child into counseling if they really don't want it?
    8 Babies 799
  8. When is the board of education going to make education easy for individuals?
    10 Education 36
  9. How can I be sure if I have borderline disorder without talking to a counseler of some sort?
    3 Health 11
  10. Does anyone know of any online counseling sites that don't use chat?
    4 Health 9
  11. How much do counselling sessions cost?
    what is the cost of an average counsellor??? generally how long are sessions???
    6 Health 15
  12. Bimbos Or The Individual??
    Do guys like girls That are different, or do they only like bimbos with big boobs?
    3 Relationships 38
  13. Individualism vs. Collectivism
    In your own opinion, would you be considered as an individualist or a collectivist?
    2 General 30
  14. What kind of college classes would you take to become a counseling psych?
    10 Education 38
  15. how can individuals prepare for an earthquake?
    could you explain and discribe =) im no good at geography
    10 Environment 37
  16. Can you go to counseling to work on self esteem/confidence or is it just for things like depression and other problems like that?
    6 Health 13
  17. I was under the impression that this was an advice website. Why are so many individuals posting the most random useless things?
    7 Technology 30
  18. Do you think if Utopia where individualized, this would lead to the world as a whole being generally at peace?
    8 Politics 16
  19. Counseling how to ask???
    hello, I finally realize that I need counseling. how do I ask my mom?? without saying im hurting myself again and I need counseling...???
    5 Health 34
  20. Is it legal to voice record your counseling sessions?
    Do you have to ask the therapist for permissioon or can you just turn on the voice recorder from your phone?
    9 Politics 10
  21. Is there a limit to how many times you can sue a certain individual?
    I don't mean for the same thing, I mean suing them for different things that they do, that you can sue them for.
    6 Money 73
  22. how much on avg does it cost to get fake individual eyelashes done professionally?
    and where do i go to get them done ?
    3 Style 91
  23. How do I ask my mom to take me to counselling without her questioning me?
    How do I ask my mom to take me to counselling without her questioning me and saying no because its like a stupid reason or something like that
    4 Health 28
  24. longer jails terms vs counseling classes.
    what do you think would be better give to the criminals a longer jail term or give them counseling and classes meanwhile they are in jail what do you think.
    5 Education 37
  25. What does an individual in a population need to have in order for natural selection to work?
    Umm, pretty much the title says. What does an individual in a population must have in order for natural selection to work?
    2 Education 26
  26. What key function do we use on Window Vista to upload multiple photos in one go instead of each individual photos?
    9 Technology 20
  27. Can you wiggle your toes individually?
    Like hold 4 of them in your hand, and wiggle the free toe? o.O Strange question sorry. XD
    8 General 118
  28. Can I set different ringtones for phone calls for individual contacts on a Galaxy Nexus?
    I can when recieving text messages but cant figure out how for phone calls..
    2 Technology 10
  29. What career or profession requires an individual to know about imaginary numbers?
    Numbers like 5i or radical -25. I was thinking something like time and space.
    2 Money 13
  30. Do we penalise individuals who bring their nation or religion into disrepute?
    FIFA has a penalty for bringing the game into disrepute. Many corporations and industry associations have penalties for employees or companies doing the same.
    6 Politics 24
  31. Why does the majority hate individuals?
    I've noticed this pattern in school and global environments, such as race, religion, and class. Is this because the majority feels threatened by something?
    4 General 25
  32. What are some important points to note for a really good Individual Oral Commentary(read more)?
    im i student of the international baccalaureate and i have started with the individual oral commentary. i have not been getting good grades. what are some good methods for a world class individual oral commentary?
    3 Sex 14
  33. Can someone suggest some good free counselling by e-mail services?
    A cousin of mine needs it. Please help if you happen to have any info. :)
    2 Health 5
  34. special individual ways to tell close relatives that I'm pregnant
    So I'm trying to think of special individual ways to tell close relatives that I'm pregnant, when I get pregnant; including my husband! I have a few cute ideas but I need some more. Please help
    3 Family 17
  35. My 'mate' becca, todaii, shouted out I need to see a counseller
    Ok, so apparently I need to see a counseller but anyway, my 'mate' becca, todaii, shouted out infront of the whole of my history class that I need to see a counseller and I was going to kill myself! How can I get revenge? I am sooo angry with her!
    2 Relationships 29
  36. Why can't individual case / common sense be applied ?
    Bullying: in America, when two kids "fight", even when one kid is totally innocent and only defends himself or even does not throw a punch because he is being pummeled, they BOTH ARE SUSPENDED - Why can't individual case / common sense be applied ?
    2 Education 14
  37. counselling
    my friend really wants me to get some counselling, I"ve been cutting and other crap and I'm only getting worse. but I really don't want to. anyway, how much would it cost to see an average counsellor??? please help. xx thanx
    5 Health 11
  38. Counseling?
    I was cutting myself and apperently one of my friends saw the cuts and told the counselor. He called my mom and now my parents know. my dad wants me to do counseling but I don't want to. Did anyone ever do counseling?? does it help? I really don't wann...
    7 Health 30
  39. Drug and alcohol counseling
    I was just looking through courses to take in college for September - there was only one that really jumped out at me which was 'Drug and alcohol counseling'. I think I would really enjoy this course because there are so many drug/alcohol addicts in th...
    3 Drugs 18
  40. Is it possible to deliver one e-mail to mail server with its individuals.
    My hosting enable to send 750 e-mails per hour. I have about 800 subscribers. By PHP I filteringed system the emails addresses and group them by mail server.
    3 Technology 12
  41. My mom and dad want to put me back in counseling
    What can I do to try to get my parents to not get me to counseling again I tried that and it was a very long story!! But after my favorite teacher dragged me out of counseling because she didn't think I needed counseling I had a really good attitude an...
    6 Family 62
  42. Why do so many people in America get counselling?
    Ok, first off, I’m not trying to suggest any kind of weakness in anyone, so please don’t take offence to this genuine question. Why do so many people in America get counselling? I get the impression from the media (films, internet etc) that most...
    8 Health 60
  43. How do I get my parents to send me to counselling for depression?
    I have been cutting for more than a year now and I've tried to stop many times. I've been depressed for more than a year also. I've told them I was depressed and they did nothing. I told them I wanted to talk to a psychiatrist and they didn't do anythi...
    7 Family 51
  44. How to get my parents to allow me to have counseling?
    I k now I need counselling for depression. I've been told so by proffessionals. but my parents just said that going to see the professional was a waste of time. I know I cant see a professional outside school because my dad works too late to take me, b...
    4 Health 35
  45. Why do I need counseling just because my friend died?
    Okay, so my best friend died 6 months ago at the age of 13... and only a couple of weeks ago did my mother take me to the doctors against my will. My doctor and mother both agree that I need counseling, but since that visit I've been working on it. I r...
    4 Health 15
  46. counseling without parents knowing...
    im 16 years old and I kinda have some issues I need to deal with. im not at all close to my parents and I really need to talk to someone about everything going on. but my parents are against the whole therapy thing so I was wondering if anybody had som...
    5 Family 110
  47. What if I still think I'm fat after counseling?
    I was told that I was a bulimic 2 years ago, my weight decreased rapidly, I am 5ft7 and at one point I weighd 6 stone. Through the help of my nutritionist I am on the road to recovery my weight is now just under 8 stone, I still have cravings to make ...
    4 Health 43
  48. Does your Pastor counsel you?
    Does your Pastor counsel you? Well, I'm asking this question, because whenever I have problems or concerns, I go to my LDS Branch President for guidance and counsel. I also go to him to help me repent whenever I sinned. So, I was wondering, if your ...
    3 Religion 40
  49. How do I stop cutting without having to go to counseling?
    So I cut myself and I've tried to stop but I cant seem to. My boyfriend even said that if he saw me with cuts on my wrists again he would hurt himself and that would hopefully make me stop. he doesn't like to see me do that to myself. and I want to sto...
    11 Health 40
  50. How many individuals of any given species are required to create an entirely new population?
    My father is a biology professor and researcher, so he would know, but he is most likely sleeping at the moment. I need the information sooner than later as I am working on a personal project and I can't be certain I'll feel able to finish it up tomorr...
    4 Science 60
  51. How to get over depression without counseling?
    how do you get rid of depression with out the help of mental health counselors? also what can you do to get sleep in your house if everybody who lives there is making a lot of noise really late at night or coughing all night? I need some answers people...
    7 Health 42
  52. Should I have counseling following my friend's behavior?
    ok, so there's this girl named tanya. well, I was just on myspace and she sent me a message telling me to stop following her around; im not her dog and she doesnt really care about my problems. now I thought this girl was my friend. so I had to delete ...
    2 Relationships 5
  53. How long does it take to tattoo each individual letter of a word?
    I've always wanted a tattoo, and I've convinced my mum to let me get one if I still want it by the time I'm old enough. I was wondering how long each letter would take to do though. I wanna know how long I've gotta sit still for. Make sure I'm certain ...
    8 Style 154
  54. What are some icons that can be used to represent the word individual/individuality?
    I have to do a poster on  individuality. I have to use icons/pictures to represent the word "individual". Any ideas on what I could use?
    9 General 36
  55. physical and chemical changes
    what are the properties of physical and chemical changes individually
    3 Science 69
  56. Being a gay is it bad or good
    How do an individual know if he or she is gay
    2 Relationships 36
  57. Can advisors view our funmails?
    Can advisors view our individual funmail messages? just curious:)
    4 Funadvice 13
  58. How should I convince her it's good for her?
    How should I get my friend to think that counseling is good for her? My friend says she's had to go to counseling before but she won't say why. She has to go again but she doesn't want to. I have to go to. She cuts herself all up her arm to where it's ...
    3 Health 12
  59. Counseling
    Ok, so I have depression, and whatnot...Like 3 weeks ago I ended up in the emergency room for overdose, and since then everything has basically gone back to normal. I got off the antidepressants I was taking...and I really dont want to go to therapy an...
    4 Health 19
  60. Where and how does an individual get a permit to carry a 13 inch knife in Pennsylvania?
    I have recently gotten into the habit of exploring abandoned buildings within 20 miles or so of where I live. I admit that this isn't exactly the safest thing. Some homeless people live in places like that as well as some crazy people. I don't really c...
    20 General 32
  61. Suggest me electropop music
    Please suggest me any band or individual electropop performer.
    3 Music 11
  62. Walt disney legacies?
    How does walt disney relate to: the individual in history: actions and legacies
    2 Education 15
  63. Purpose of government
    Do you think the purpose of government is to protect the individual or the protection and advancement of the society as a whole?
    2 Education 23
  64. What is the meaning of life?
    What is the meaning of life? I guess it's different for each individual but ever response has its own validitys.
    9 Religion 29
  65. ten page government paper
    well, for my govt class ihave to write a TEN page paper about an individual in history as pertaining to government. ineed major help with picking out an individual. so please help !
    2 Education 8
  66. Why lot many people are afraid of death?
    Could you give the answer why many individuals are afraid of death?
    5 General 45
  67. What do you think of my portfolio?
    Here is a pic of my beginning portfolio pieces. These are all cross stitch pieces. I have some more individual pics on my profile. So... What do you think?
    3 Style 16
  68. Do you know anything about nutrition?
    does anyone know anything about nutrition if so message me I would like to talk to that individual
    4 Nutritionfitness 37
  69. GCSE results 2009
    Does anybody know a website which I can view all the gcse results for individual people for example my results?
    3 Education 38
  70. Can I find a therapist to aim?
    Can I find a therapist to aim? or talk back and forth to on funadvice? I'd like help, or counseling. and I dont have any kind of money. I'm only a kid. and im currently not in school so I can't exactly go to my school counseler.
    2 Health 24
  71. Stop Dog From Biting
    I have a 3 year old poodle who when he is punished he tends to bite after the individual. If you should play with his paws he bites at the individual. I have kids that are 4 years old and when they hug him he tends to growl as if he is getting mad.I wo...
    2 Pets 49
  72. Want to backup and restore my AD
    Want a Active Directory Backup software that will allows us to backup or snapshot of our AD and restore individual users/objects from that backup
    2 Technology 9
  73. Why is anyone special?
    In this world of such a mass of individuals why is anyone special or even significant? Everyone is unique but how is one special in a mass of billions of people.
    2 General 11
  74. How old do you have to be to buy a lighter?
    if I'm a 15 year old girl will I be able to purchase one of those little individual lighters?
    6 Shopping 235
  75. Do I need counseling?
    About 5 months have passed since the last time I spoke to a counsellor because I had an incident where I tried to hurt myself by drinking loads of pills all at once. I didn't stop conselling because I didn't need it anymore but just thought I didn't. M...
    5 Sex 48
  76. How can I stop feeling so depressed?
    how can I stop feeling depressed I have been depressed for a very long time and its getting severe any advice what do I do...I have gone to counsellers but it never seemed to work what should I do?
    5 Health 45
  77. How to unmask "no number" calls on cell phones?
    I know the person calling is a not a telemarketer. It's an individual, and when they call my cell it comes up "no number". How does it get masked to begin with and how do I unmask it?
    2 Technology 79
  78. Where do you buy stamps from?
    Where can you buy individual stamps from? I know you can get them from the post office. Can you buy just like 1 or 2 or do you have to pay for a whole pack?
    2 Shopping 41
  79. What are technologies that will help people with Cerebral Palsy?
    Hi, im working on an assignment and was wondering if anybody knows any assistive technology for an elderly individual with cerebral palsy. Dont worry im not asking you to do my homework, I only need three types of assistive technology and then I have ...
    2 Health 32
  80. Individuality Poem.
    No one, no one on this earth is 100% original. Ideas stole from ideas, Just because you found the coin first, doesn't make it yours. Stop trying to be so cool, because sweetie, it isn't going to work. For once you should decide who is in charge, Take c...
    2 Literature 57
  81. Help me please on my french!
    I need help on my french how what does this say? Tu aimes mieux les sports d'equipe ou les sports individuals? Please help me
    2 Education 58
  82. Should I stay or should I go?
    My boyfriend cheated on me for retaliation, when he assumed that I cheated on him. He found out I didnt cheat but its too late,she's pregnant. Do you think we should go to counseling or do you think that option is out the window?
    5 Relationships 12
  83. I'm a pilot and still can't find anyone
    never had a girlfriend and I am 19 or a first kiss, am I weird or just a sad lonely individual?what can I do. I am a rather attractive individual but yet I sit in a dark hole that is my schoolwork. I live near the beach and I still can't find anyone to...
    3 Relationships 11
  84. Who has heard of U.S. District Court Judge Vaughn Walker and his ruling on Prop 8?
    What do you think about the ruling? What exactly does this mean for GLBT individuals?
    3 Politics 18
  85. Check all the songs on my itunes
    I want to add my itunes songs to my ipod but I dont want to click on them all individually is there a way I can just check them all it would save a lot of time thanks
    2 Music 47
  86. Who should I tell?
    My friend is cutting and I dont know who I should tell. She is not cutting bad, at all. But should I have a teacher who she trusts and looks up to talk to her and have her handle it from there? or should I go straight to the guidance counselers?
    4 Health 16
  87. Can someone get your personal email?
    I recently posted a picture on my site and I started to receive emails from individuals. I dont know if they got it from this site or not, but is it possible??
    3 Technology 14
  88. How many Calories are in these fruits?
    How many Calories is in an Apple, orange, and Banana? Not altogether but individually. I'd like to only eat a banana for Breakfast... Salad for Lunch.. And an orange for dinner.
    5 Nutritionfitness 57
  89. Being made fun of because of my punk rock style, what to do?
    what do I do if all the people at school think I am emo and gothic and im not. im being made fun of because of my punk rock style. I am an individual and I feel like I have to be like them and dress like them to fit in. what do I do?
    20 Style 37
  90. Where can I get counseling
    a little while ago I was like really depressed everything was going wrong it just seeemed like nothing would ever get better especially when I moved from one school to another it seemed like all the teachers hated me and the kids were so mean to me i...
    2 Family 15
  91. A user appalled at suicide advice
    hey, im not being abusive in any way, but I am apalled that you let some individuals give advice to others on how to commit suicide. do you realy think giving ways on how to kill your self is ''fun advice''? a litle positive sympathy and listening can...
    19 Funadvice 71
  92. How many times a day should you feed a small amount to a small dog?
    I have this dog food, that comes in 12 small individual packets. I have been feeding my small dog (under 10lbs.) half a packet in the morning, and half a pack at night. Is that enough?
    9 Pets 23
  93. Just depressed
    I'm feeling so overwhelemed and depressed right now...I know this isn't a counseling center, but what do you do when you're feeling so low all you want to do is cry? So much is going wrong in my life now and I feel like screaming...
    2 Relationships 29
  94. why does everything think that cutting takes a therapist to get ove
    ok why does everything think that cutting takes a therapist to get over? I havent cut in 5 months. im addicted but I dont do it so why do people keep telling me I need counseling
    3 Health 22
  95. How to find duplicate questions?
    Last question for now lol, but how do you know if you're asking a question that has been asked earlier? Tried searching, but search appears to only look at individual words, and isnt much help. Or dont they mind duplicate questions here?
    3 Funadvice 7
  96. How can I stop my self from self-harming and suicidal thoughts?
    How would i tell someone about it and i recently came out of counselling but i think i should go back in but how would i ask and would i get the same person? sorry if that is too much!
    14 Health 39
  97. Rape and Suicide...what would you advise?
    I have a friend who was raped 4 months ago. Its hard for her to talk about the incident but she needs help (she has horrible flashbacks.) When advised to try counseling she attempted suicide after the first session. What should I advise her to do?
    3 Relationships 11
  98. is this ethical or non-ethical? please
    A manager following the law of individual difference, allows her five employees to establish their own starting schedule for work everyday.. my question on that situation is,Is that an ethical or non-ethical??
    9 Education 35
  99. What am I suppose to do NOW!
    Ok, one of my counselors(college#1) contacted me on the courses that I need, she said if I go to the college she counsels in then she can help get me ready for my courses in Spring, but I wont be able to go for Fall semester there. Though my counselor ...
    2 Education 34
  100. Is there a way...
    to get counseling without your parents knowing in the USA? I am going through a rough time on various things, and I am not sure what to do... I would prefer it to be face to face but I know that would not be very likely to happen. My sister has a ther...
    14 Family 12
  101. How do I shut off my e-mail alerts?
    I recently ended my discussions in a thread, but I keep getting e-mail alerts from it due to an individuals incesant posting. How do I turn this off? I looked all over my profile and settings, and can't find them anywhere.
    5 Funadvice 17
  102. Why do people support others who show "attitude?"
    Not just on here, but in general. People seem to support those who seem angered by someone else and stand behind them. But my question is, does the whole anger factor play any role in how someone supports (or lack of) another individual on a contro...
    3 General 11
  103. When should I start applying for financial assistance for college?
    so if i want to attend university in febuary 2013 when should i start doing my ucas form and when do i start doing my student finance. also is it difficult to apply as an individual rather than with a school? i need help please thank you
    8 Education 48
  104. who is friends with wallstreet?
    Last September, The New York Times reported that individuals associated with the securities and investment industry had given $9.9 million to the Obama campaign, $7.4 million to the Hillary Clinton campaign and only $6.9 million to the McCain campaign.
    4 Politics 23
  105. Can I have dyslexia without a family record?
    I think I have dyslexia but my mom doesn't think so she won't even listen. I looked at the sympotoms I have a lot of them. I don't want to go to the counseler because they will tell my mom. I don't have a family history of it I don't think is there any...
    3 Health 24
  106. One more S.A.T :]
    Louis Edrich and Micheal Dorris Co-Wrote The Crown of Colombus a ___ effort succesfully mingling their individual styles as writers. A.Stratified B.Fitfull C.Collaborative D.Vicarious I thik its C
    3 Education 5
  107. Sad but I don't think I'm depressed
    okie heres the deal... im really sad but I dont think im depressed well I dont really think I need counseling just want someone to talk to, someone who will pay attention and actually care well I the other day I asked my mother if I could have counseli...
    5 Health 71
  108. What do you think of Dr. Kevorkian and his values?
    What do you think of what he was doing? Do you agree that people should be able to choose when to end their lives? For those who dont know much about it: He is most noted for publicly championing a terminal patient's right to die via euthanasia; he ...
    3 General 22
  109. Who knows the facts on Cannabis?
    Okay, I've been getting mixed facts on Cannabis, I've been wondering just how harmful it is to the average individual. Also, I've read that weed contains carcinogens, not the weed itself but the smoke produced from burning plant matter. So can so...
    3 Health 12
  110. Advice about rape
    Im 18yrs old and I went through being raped when I ws 7-8 by my cousin but sometimes I feel that itg is just a movie that plays inside my head,and im starting counselling next week but I dont know how to tell my mum
    2 Relationships 23
  111. Masters Degree vs Doctorates???
    I am contemplating between between graduate programs. Any advice??? I know the Doctorates would obviously take longer to complete whereas the Masters could be done in two years or so. I was thinking about either medical school (MD in Psychiatry), a ...
    7 Education 61
  112. Where can an ex-felon work?
    I have a 2003 felony conviction ; I just recently graduated from truck driving school. I did not know it would be this hard to find a job. Most companies are looking for individuals who have not had any convictions within five years or more (thats ...
    10 Money 203
  113. What kind of bullying do you think is worse, physical or mental (emotional) and why?
    A very interesting debate with a lot of back up facts on each side. Do you think physical (fighting) is worse (in terms of emotional scarring and just making the individual feel bad) or do you think mental bullying is worse? Eg: calling names, mind gam...
    14 General 44
  114. Where do I buy the dresses celebrities where on the red carpet?
    I have a prom coming up and I want an amazing dress. I dont care about the price. I have gone to blooming dales, saks, everywhere but their all just tacky bcbg! And I dont have time to go to all the individual disigner stores! Where do the celebreities...
    2 Shopping 103
  115. Any ideas for helping equality
    Im thirteen and supposed to do something for eaquality or else my grade is a F. Plus I'm outraged that many people will not appreciate differences in individuals. So what can a thirteen year old do to help Gay rights/eaquality?...(I hope I'm spellin...
    2 Politics 43
  116. Should I leave my boyfriend of 7 months?
    We live together and we can have a ton of fun together but we really arent that compatible... I consider myself to be an intelligent individual and he is a complete idiot, and totally lazy. It REALLY bothers me. I don't know if I should end this now be...
    2 Relationships 10
  117. Why do people think blondes look slutty?
    Okay, I'm blonde..My natural colour anyways.. And I was just wondering why people label blondes as: 1. look and dress the same 2. have no individuality 3. and slutty Because I'm not like that. a lot of my friends how are blonde are not. Theyre are s...
    12 Style 138
  118. What should I weigh?
    I'm about 5'11 and female..I don't know if age matters or not, but how much should I weigh? I'm very confused, nothing's accurate. Some things say I'm fine and some underweight. I need the most accurate thing I can find. And I can't go to a doctor beca...
    3 Nutritionfitness 25
  119. Is PayPal not paying PTC payments?
    Over the past few weeks I have read various postings and articles where individuals have said that PayPal has indicated that they will either be closing accounts that get paid with PTC programs or they will not be paying monies from PTC programs into P...
    2 Money 36
  120. Why do people have to give you a title?
    Just a simple question- but one that bugs me. I have an individual style- I mostly wear black and like rock music. As a ersult of this I have been given the title of an 'emo' I hate having a title- not that I have anything agaisnst emo's or anyth...
    3 Relationships 102
  121. What should I do about math class?
    I am getting tutored from 3 different sources: my math teacher, the other math teacher when mines not available and a website. I am taking algebra in 8th grade because I took 8th grade math in 7th grade and skipped 7th grade math completely should I as...
    3 Education 21
  122. How is it legal for my friends husband to do this?
    My friend found out today that her husband has been talking to this other girl that he knew in college for a while now. He even has an account with a dating site and a fake FB. (I know you don't like us mentioning FB but he does) Anyways she told hiim ...
    17 Relationships 28
  123. Do you believe a newborn child is born with certain traits or personalities or do you believe everything is taught (more)?
    do you believe a person is born with their own individuality or is it something they pick up through peers or taught through their parents? What about psychopaths or sociopaths; is it learned? or inborn? I've seen a similar question and most people ...
    8 Babies 48
  124. Why is he so angry?
    Maybe if I knew why my dad and brother get so angry I could try and fic it!!! My mom wants them to go to counselling, but their not going to like that! How can they calm their anger of the littlest things??? My grampa passed it down to my dad and my da...
    3 Family 42
  125. Persuasive essay
    Hey guyim writing a final essay for ela and I need some help , it has to be 2000 words too.:( , I have to write it on ideas based on individuality , independance and identity. I have to find a topic I can get the reader to beleive what I have to say su...
    5 Education 46
  126. How can I get my parents to let me dye my hair?
    I've asked and asked I just wanted to do like a blood redish color? is that to harsh? I need a way to convince them? they wont agree with any thing I've said so far. Any advice I really need some help on this. My hair is apparently really pretty but I ...
    3 Style 16
  127. So when do we get sound?
    Any ideas as to how and when we can upload sound/music to our profiles? It would be so fly and unique to each individual. Think of the fun visiting one another would be. It's already a gas, but greeting your friends with a blast from the past or an or...
    6 Funadvice 46
  128. How do I move my things to the other side of the country?
    I'm planning on moving out to Nevada within the next two months and yet I have no idea how I'm going to move my things out there. Should I ship each box out individually or is there a more efficient (and cost-effective) way of transporting my things? ...
    4 Travel 38
  129. Would I be able to see the school counselor without my parents knowing?
    Im going through a bit of a 'rough patch'. My parents think ive recovered from my previous issues and have stopped me from seeing a normal counsellor. I really want to talk to my school counsellor, but i dont want my parents to know im visiting her, no...
    7 Family 39
  130. How do you feel about the comeback of boy-bands?
    Would you like to see more girl groups? I like one boy band/groups of today, and that's One Direction. I LOVE Backstreet Boys, Boyz To Men, and others. I like that groups are starting to make a comeback period, just because sooo many people are trying...
    15 Music 40
  131. Would it be better to promote a company with your personal name, or the company brand name?
    For a new company in any case - or an established one...we've done both, and I think there are situations where it's more important to promote the name of the people in the company and less important to promote the company name. Likewise, for FunAdvice...
    5 Money 59
  132. What to be when I grow up
    I have no idea what to be when I grow up. Im a straight a student, so I figure I should use my gifted mind to do something. I was thinking doctor, but then you have those crazy hours, plus if you make a mistake, someone could die. I couldnt sleep at n...
    4 Education 18
  133. I think full lips are ugly?
    asians always see thin lips are pretty. but westerns see full lips are pretty. & of course, it depends on individual. & evryone can pretty by its own lip I got a friend, who desperate for full lip.. & I always wondering y.. I asked her & I got answer l...
    7 Sex 156
  134. Why isn't freedom "free"?
    I see all these bumper stickers saying freedom isn't free. I think that's ridiculous! If we would unite as a global mind and throw down our manipulators and oppressors, joining together in global harmony, freedom would have no price, it would be life. ...
    7 Politics 25
  135. When a female is described as a "hamster", what is meant?
    I know that is was meant as a derogatory term, and have seen it is many books, the latest being an old school novel "Ordinary People". It was used to describe a small, in no way fat, talkative and fast moving individual. Has anyone out there heard thi...
    10 General 52
  136. What should I get my friends who is turning 13?
    She is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to buy for! she is not like any of my other friends.. she is totally individual (in a good way) and she doesn't like things like purses, make-up, books or posters... nothing.. she also doesn't like it when people buy her clothe...
    8 Shopping 88
  137. How can I stop my friend self-harming?
    I don't know this person very well, but he told me he's self harming, and the reason why he's self harming because of just stupid stuff people have said to him that's really mean and that he's not what everybody thinks he is and he hates putting an act...
    4 Health 14
  138. Which class is affected the most ?
    During the campaign and even as president, Obama has promised not to raise taxes of any kind on families earning under $250,000 or individuals under $200,000 - The tobacco tax increase went into effect yesterday, raising the tobacco tax nearly 62 cents...
    9 Politics 22
  139. skared
    ok im i4 & I weigh like 90 pounds. all my friends & fam say im 2 thin but I still feel fat. im afraid 2 gain weight even though deep down I no I need 2. all my friends say ima die if I keep not eatin. im in counseling & evrything but it dont help. wha...
    8 Nutritionfitness 53
  140. What to do if your parents are forcing religion onto you?
    You can look at my status update for more info but I'm pretty much agnostic and my parents are super christian. After what has happened with my boyfriend and pot they are forcin me to go to church more and into Christian counseling and youth group. And...
    11 Religion 65
  141. Where can I get therapy/counseling?
    hi. soo. me and a friend want to go to like a counseler or therapy thingy. I want to go because I have some relle big problems that I relle do need help in(even tho im very stubborn and relle I can handle it on my own even tho I cant) we want to at lea...
    5 Health 29
  142. What type of counselor is this?
    Hi, I am Richard and am 33 years old.I want to be a swicth careers and become a counselor. I want to be a counselor but I've found out there are so many different types. I want to counsel and you know motivate and talk indivually with someone helping t...
    4 Money 26
  143. College applications
    Do colleges look at individual semesters? I think they have access to transcripts, but do they care if I didn't do so great in one term of one year? I usually have like really good grades-95% and stuff, all A's and A-'s. But this term, I don't know...I...
    2 Education 40
  144. Could it actually be the real deal?
    I like to think of myself as a sensible person, you know turning away e-mails for supposed heiresses. But one of my faveoute bands on myspace (has a fairly small following compared to most bands) has put there number up on there page, obviously not in...
    2 General 10
  145. What should I do about harrassment at school?
    There's this girl, and shes the prettiest girl in school and I always come in 2nd to her. Even though I'm 2nd prettiest, I'm not too popular. I talk to everyone from dorks, to mid-popular to high-end popular. Her and her friends have been harrassing me...
    4 Education 23
  146. Why is her choice not respected ?
    Some feminist groups are trying to keep CBS from running a Super-Bowl ad that features Tim Tebow and his mother and her story of 'choice' on the abortion issue. During her pregnancy, she was advised she should have an abortion. She made the choice of l...
    5 General 38
  147. how do I handle all my emotions?
    I was raped by 6 police officers in the woods...I got pregnant...then I had a misscairage...I cant handle all my differing emotions and dont even say counseling!!! and no I didnt tell my parents and dont even tell me to cause I wont. I told a couple of...
    6 Health 9
  148. 7-yr old parakeet laying eggs
    We have a single parakeet who has begun laying eggs for the first time at the age of 7. we are worried about her as she spends an inordinate amount of time on the floor of her cage as she is laying the egg. she sits on the egg as if trying to await i...
    3 Pets 91
  149. What's the permanant damage from excessive laxative use?
    Hi, I recently discoverd on the internet that the majority of bullimic individuals consume laxatives which can vary in the amount consumed. I am also aware that they can cause damage to the Bowels if taken on a regualr basis, but what would be the long...
    3 Health 119
  150. How many years do I have to be in collage to become a therapist?
    How many years do I have to be in collage to become a therpaist, like not a school counseler but a real therapist that you can come make apointments too and stuff, because im good at figureing out peoples problems and giving advice and im already plann...
    2 Education 54
  151. Mental Illness
    ok so I was talking with my counseller today and we came round to the idea that I dont have depression. it was just me putting a label on myself and using it as an excuse for my very faulty thought processes and general messed up ness. does that me...
    4 Health 36
  152. Dreaming of my Dad Dying
    When I was five my mom died and my half-sister and I both had to go to counseling. In counseling we both admitted that we had had a dream that our mother was burning in a car. There was a tree in both of our dreams and an electric fence. We had not ...
    3 Family 63
  153. I'm Suicidal, But Scared Of It
    I have been feeling depressed since I first started dating my boyfriend of more than a year, because my parents and my boyfriend clash. I don't know if I am being eccentric, but I just feel sad most of the time. I cry at least once a day and sometim...
    6 Health 69
  154. How can I increase storage space on S.D cards, or U.S.B sticks?
    We use S.D. cards, or U.S.B. sticks here to store Digital Photographs for display upon Digital Photo Frames. I've noticed, however, that even 2GB cards/sticks can only store a very limited number of photos. I've also noticed that, when viewing the ...
    2 Technology 37
  155. You want to destroy me?
    Why do you want to destroy me? Have we done something wrong? I wouldn't hurt you. What was with your question of hatred towards us? Why don't you study? Why are people so ingnorant? I am not used to seeing such ignorance that I've seen today right...
    28 Religion 46
  156. How many military victories can be traced to the army members believing they would go straight to (their) Heaven if they died?
    To start you off, I'm thinking the Vikings, Judas Maccabeus, the Umayyads, Ottomans, Agincourt and a host of medieval battles as well as individual battles in Iraq and Afghanistan. WWI and II are more complicated, so you can ignore those is you like. F...
    2 Politics 10
  157. when should I tell my friend how I feel?
    Well, my friend is nice, but the thing is that at school she talks bad about me. She always takes over my life and is always making me look bad in front of everybody. I really want to tell her to stop, but I've seen how she is with her other friends th...
    3 Relationships 37
  158. Hateful no christian!!!
    Why is it that when christians don't advocate homosexuality we are portrayed as judgemental hypocritical intollerant homophobes? I think that it is perfectly fine to go along with the teachings of god and the church. I am christian. I dont agree wit...
    66 Sex 39
  159. Why are scumbags scumbagss???
    K, so you know yourr average scumbags in school, either fat, smelly, dont shower, have no friends... Why are they like that??? I mean... Its not hard 2 take ashowerrr!!! Youknow? Please help me. Cause loike theyre soo gross and smelll!.. And like I wi...
    4 General 39
  160. Why is it that new governments or administrations always blame the previous one for 'economic mismanagement'?
    The implication is that no individual administration really knows what it is doing. Why do we seem to accept this? It would be nice if an incoming administration could build on something they agreed that the last group did well, instead of wasting your...
    5 Politics 27
  161. Protecting a small network
    We have a network of four computers in one room at our mobile home park. Three of us have admin rights via a password, and everyone else logs on as guest. How do we prevent unknown individuals (underage, we believe) from d/l objectionable images? We...
    3 Technology 56
  162. my over reacting mom
    okay any suggestions ill leave like a sock on the fu*king floor and shell go ape sh*t its ridulos im 13 , and its not stop I think she over reacts no im postive she over reacts and she said like if I died right now you woulndt care or when im 85 you ca...
    3 Family 16
  163. what can I get my sister for christmas?
    She's pretty much like me. Girly, but not TOO girly. Pretty much has her own style too. Individual/rocker type thing I think you'd call it? It's hard to explain but shes pretty individual. She likes girly stuff, but I don't really want to get ...
    4 Shopping 137
  164. Why Does God get the credit?
    I don't understand why when something goes well, or is in good favor, God gets the credit. Why people say "Oh, thank God" or "Bless HIM". Then, on the other hand, when something doesn't go well, or one's prayers aren't answered, they say "Oh well, your...
    9 Religion 40
  165. What to do about a stalker ExGirlfriend?
    I have a stalker Ex she is younger than me annd wants me back. I dont want her. I try to be civil about the matter so shes not as hurt as she could be. she refuses to give-in. its been a month or so and she is still on about me. (im not that great or a...
    3 Relationships 40
  166. How can I get out of this? (continued)
    I was the one who wrote about her husband always hiding things and lying. We have been through marriage counseling and the truth is you can't have a relationship without trust. No I don't trust him and it breaks my heart because I do love him so much a...
    3 Relationships 12
  167. Should we help to get you arrested in your home country?
    I'm not going to name names, but one of the sites out there which people routinely use helped put somebody in jail. Turned over their personal info so the authorities in that country could track them down and arrest them. This wasn't in the US. Pers...
    11 Funadvice 24
  168. getting abused? I don't know what to do
    my friend has recently told me that she has been gettng slightly abused by her father. it concerns me because she is a nice person, and seems happy most the time. and she is like a close friend to me. I dont know what would hurt her worse. me telling a...
    4 Sex 38
  169. Should men really have a vote in abortion???
    I was just wondering if the laws about abortion would be different if only women were allowed vote? I mean isnt the right to HAVE an abortion only relevent to women? I know that individual husbands/boyfriends should 100% get a say in whether their wif...
    9 Sex 52
  170. Should a corporation have the same rights as a person?
    A Supreme Court ruling last week struck down campaign finance laws designed to protect the integrity of our election process. In this ruling the conservative majority on the court basically said that the free speech rights of a corporation are no diff...
    7 Politics 21
  171. Haters of emo/scene kids.
    Ok, so what is with people making fun or judging emo/scene kids? Usually the people who stereotype emo kids don't even know what they are. We don't all cut, some preps do, so what the f*ck? Why aren't we stereotyping you? We aren't all depressed. We...
    13 Style 72
  172. cutting
    I dont think cutting yourself is wrong. I think everybody has theirown ways of dealing with things, let it be writing, crying, talkng to counselers, ETC. And take my word, 95 percent of people who do cut release pain in other ways too, but cutting ccom...
    30 Health 62
  173. Should a warrant be required for police to use GPS to track people's movements?
    MADISON, Wis. - Wisconsin police can attach GPS to cars to secretly track anybody's movements without obtaining search warrants, an appeals court ruled Thursday. However, the District 4 Court of Appeals said it was "more than a little troubled" by that...
    17 Politics 37
  174. How to get over my friend's death?
    About a year and a half ago. A friend of mine killed herself her name was Tess Eisenminger She was a brilliant actress. And could light up a room just by walking in. She had a smile and a familiarity about her that would make everybody feel like he...
    4 Relationships 40
  175. I would like to call my mother, I'm afraid too, what to expect?
    I would like to call my mother I'm afraid too what to expect? Well, Since I've had a rough life growing up, and I have a PPO against my father, I would like to call my mother but, I'm afraid too since she's been hostile toward me, and, verbally abuesi...
    3 Family 39
  176. How to backup files to reformat the harddrive?
    Ok so my mom's computer got a virus, and we dont really have the money to take it to somewhere to get it I can just reformat the hard drive...btu the problem is she needs her schoolwork off of it so hse can get a job...and shes got tons o...
    3 Technology 42
  177. I just want to be happy
    I just want to be happy. That's all I want, I'm sick of constantly thinking of suicide and I don't even know why I'm sad in the first the place! But I tried to talk to my mom about it, she won't give me counseling! I just feel like alone and I can bare...
    4 Health 29
  178. Will my order be shipped to Canada?
    On the mailing site, I put my address and everything and I put Canada, dont worry. It showed me my shipping address and all that, which was all correct. Afterwards it told me to chose which type of shipping id want to use, so I clicked USPS First Class...
    2 General 38
  179. physcology&anthropology of monogamy/orientation
    Historically, we can say that we only mate for the purpose of creation; to get your genes to survive. Throughout time, pologyny was dominant but somehow monogamy became the idealistic way of living. How was this possible?is religion responsible for thi...
    4 Science 61
  180. Sealing records
    I am a 33 yr old convicted felon with 4 kids. I am not sure if your criminology touches this subject but anyway I have been inquiring about getting my record sealed so that I can move forward and I have been trying to find out if im even eligible for h...
    2 General 16
  181. Is this a bad way to eat?
    Hi like I have an ed but im going to try to eat rite. So monday I thinki ate rite? Not rellle. Tuesday I didnt eat anything at all, wednsday I ate tomato suop, and a burrito. And today I ate one hard boiled egg with ketchup and I ate a spoonful o...
    4 Food 24
  182. Is it true that if you get a rat you have to get two or more?
    I'm going to get a new baby dumbo rat, but our friend who has a rat company ( said she would only give us rats if we would keep two together because they are very social animals. But I was going to get a rat because i ...
    6 Pets 20
  183. Teenagers, what do you think about the future?
    I'm doing a project about what teens think of the future and it would be REALLY helpful if you could answer a few questions: Food packaging is pretty bad right now. Things are individually wrapped and it causes a lot of trash. Do you think this will g...
    3 Education 161
  184. Who should bear the burden of the taxes?
    Here's some things to consider before answering: 10% of the tax payers with the highest income pay for 2/3's of the income taxes. They also pay a higher rate of taxes, above paying for just a high tax itself. (Rich included.) Social Insurance taxes ...
    5 Politics 48
  185. What age is a good age for taking kids to the theaters?
    I think it personally depends on each individual child but for me I have been very fortunate enough that I have waited till the right age my sons first movie was the cat in the hat and he was 4 and my daughters first movie was meet the robinsons and sh...
    2 Entertainment 20
  186. How do I act more positive around family and school?
    Oky im a happy person...around my friends but when it comes to family im kinda act depressed or p.oed b.c. I dont like my family that much, I dont get along with my mom...att all, I stoped seeing my dad and my brother is awsome but at the moment hes ki...
    2 Family 16
  187. Should this lovestruck girl ask him if he likes her?
    Okay so I will try to make this as brief as humanely possible. I have been friends with this guy, Ben, for a couple years now through summer camp counseling. At first we were more acquaintances, but lately we have become good friends. Recently, we de...
    3 Relationships 22
  188. "save the rave"
    Ok so third times a charm right? Let see if the all powerful ty removes this one as well. If you know any one who raves or if you've ever been to a rave you know about how much fun they can be. The "make you move" music, strobe lights and lasers, crazy...
    7 Music 50
  189. What should I do if I don't like my friend anymore?
    well I have this friend who I used to be really reallu close to. we used to be tight. but nowadays.. since about 1 year ago.. she really changed.. -we hardly ever talk anymore -we talk to everyone in our group besides each other -shes turned into a ki...
    2 Relationships 38
  190. Why doesn't age matter?
    I have seen may questions where the questioner says something like "I was a Christian but now I have become an atheist because Christianity does not make any sense to me any more?" We see them take a position in life - from Christianity to atheism, fro...
    73 Religion 53
  191. My life is falling apart
    My sister is in the hospital for many different reasons. she tried commiting suiside last night and just all this differnt crap has happened. its gone on for the last five years and I don't know what to do. I feel like I need to talk to someone but I d...
    5 Family 17
  192. im 16,having a breakdown like my uncle help
    im going to explode,this is not depression or me over reacting..and I know you cant give me proper help but the smallest things are making me go noodle,im having some intense thought's,I have a big RAGE in my head my uncle has mental health.. and the d...
    2 Health 23
  193. Opinions on the new profile color schemes
    Individualism is wonderful, but it seems to me to have been going a bit too far. Let me explain... Whenever I go to answer a question, I usually check the persons profile. Where they live, their age, and facts revealed in their earlier questions ......
    4 Funadvice 12
  194. I dont know what to do
    im really sad it seems l get blamed for everything now its to the point when I just dont want to live tonight I went to go eat with my mom just because I was sad and I just wanted to spend time with her which I never do she got mad at me cause I wo...
    3 Health 14
  195. Intervention and I am Pissed- HELP
    I cant find an appropriate category for this... My roommates and I do not get along anymore, but we used to. We all used to be best friends until another friend and I got in a fight in December and then everyone else went behind my back and talked ...
    10 Health 50
  196. How to apologize to a unforgiving mother?
    My mom and I have been having intense arguments since I graduated out of middle school, im a junior now. As I got older, the more intense it got. Yesterday we had a big argument and I overheard her on the phone telling others how she feel like I don't ...
    7 Family 129
  197. More than one way to heavan?
    Ok heres a question for you religious guys. IS there more than one way to heavan? I sort of understand that there is only 1 sure way and thats through Jesus Christ but does that mean that only Chrisitians who believe and follow the bible word for wor...
    23 Religion 50
  198. How can I help my friend with drugs?
    I became friends with a girl who has drugs as a crutch in her life. I've known her for about six months now, and I've been trying to help her understand that her life is going downhill and that she needs to change. Well, it finally clicked about 3 week...
    2 Drugs 17
  199. I still love her. Does she still love me?
    I started dating the girl of my dreamsd 6 months ago. And then out of the blue one night a week ago she dumped me. She told me that she still wants to be best friends, and that maybe after my mission we could get together. But then when we had a normal...
    8 Relationships 85
  200. what do I do when my family is falling apart?
    today is probably one of the worst days of my life, school was fine then when im walking inside I smell somthing wierd and my mom came inside too but she ussually dosnt b.c. she needs to go to work. but then I asked do you smell that? and then I relize...
    8 Family 58
  201. Any advice on finding a part-time job that can be a stepping stone for future?
    For future career? I'm not talking about a cashier job, or a job at Mcdonald's. Anything from working in an office, secretary, or answering phone calls, or even in a film or art studio. I've always dreamed of working in the film industry, video edit...
    14 Money 25
  202. How to deal with a verbally abusive father when mother won't get a divorce?
    He's horrible. I was sobbing last night because of the way they were fighting, and hyperventalating. I can't deal with his crap anymore, I can't do it. I want them to split..I feel I'll never be able to have a good relationship with anyone because I'm...
    6 Family 16
  203. How long does a person have to pay for their mistakes?
    Dear sir or madam, I am writing because I have found an injustice that it seems no one else has noticed. I know that I am only one person, but they say one voice can make a difference. I know many people who have made their share of mistakes and hav...
    2 Money 20
  204. Is being involved negatively affecting my life?
    I have always been really busy. I constantly run around to do the various things I am involved in, such as tennis, school, choir, band, and volunteering. Of course, I also have to spend time with my family, which cuts out even more of my time. With all...
    6 General 24
  205. Why do I always feel lost?
    hi eeryone. ugh I have no clue wats wrong with me. well I kinda do but not rely. I always feel like im lost and dont belong. I feel like im always pt down. im scared of what I say and do because in my past all my opinions were silenced and my actions w...
    2 Health 68
  206. Do you follow the moral or written law?
    Those that constitute the majority of our society would probably consent that written law is a necessity for the public, and that written law is a good basis for justice due to its democratic roots-it is made by the people, for the people. However, ...
    9 Sex 28
  207. problem with america is, what do you think?
    This was my answer to what someone said to me as well as my coworkers (keep in mind this individual does not even live in the united states, he is just visiting). what do you think of my answer: Number one: haven't you heard the united states is in...
    3 Politics 27
  208. What are your thoughts on the U.S. and U.K. military ban of EA's new game?
    Recently, EA has announced a new game in the Medal of Honor series that have been popular for the last 11 years or so. Unlike most of the previous games, this one takes place in Afghanistan where you play a team of highly elite U.S., U.K., and NATO tro...
    8 Politics 36
  209. Homework help.. please!
    I'm doing English 20-1 (which is grade 11 ELA) and I had to read a short story. I'm confused and need help with this question, somebody please help. Okay the question is: The red dress acts as a type of symbol in this story. Just as the narrator tr...
    2 Education 64
  210. How do I get confident enough to leave the house?
    I'm 15 years old, i already know the answer your going to give me, looks dont matter or inner beauty blah blah blah.. but its more than that- i have been housebound for 4 months because i don't want to be seen in the outside world by anyone. looking th...
    6 Style 20
  211. How can public schools discriminate for religion?
    So, I have this group that I sorta hang out with at school and one of my friends sisters is wiccan. People were mocking it so she started to kinda explain what she believed and the principal actually BANNED her from saying anything about wicca at scho...
    13 Religion 27
  212. Should I stand up to my mom?
    I'm afraid to stand up to my mom & she cannot talk to me about deep things especially if it has anything to do with my dad. she's making me go to counseling again so I can talk to the lady. Then the lady tells my mom. Then my mom tells the lady to tel...
    2 Family 55
  213. Communication Skills
    Iam 35+ and working as software professioanl from past ten years. In this period I have worked for many organizations and I have never make a good career in any of the company due to lack of problems. I have never worked in any of the company for more ...
    4 Money 21
  214. Am I worth being saved?
    I hate myself, and I feel like everyone around me hates me. I have no friends and I've tried to end my life 8 times, but I have always "chickened out" or something ended up failing. I kind of want help, but I don't want my family to get even MORE overp...
    9 Health 44
  215. Depression problem? And what to do if it is?
    Hi I'm 15 right now, and lately I haven't been feeling happy. I sorta just feel, empty and lonely all the time even when im with friends. A lot of stuff (like my ex boyfriend dumping me after chosing friends and weed over me, guy I know leading me on ...
    2 Health 17
  216. I like to sulk on a regular basis am I emo?
    I brood a lot, I think I am really dark even though everyone thinks of me as this happy rey of sunshine I'm really not. My mom gets drunk a whole lot, I have had to deal with that practically everyday when I come back from school. I hate her for doing ...
    4 Style 36
  217. My Parents Really Need to Back Off!!
    I'd like to point out first of all that I'm 19 and I'm in Grade 12b I have this Hamlet essay due really soon, I really am working on it, but I suffer with Asperger's Syndrome, and A.D.D. and sometimes I just find it slightly hard to concentrate and ...
    6 Family 13
  218. Marijuana Education
    Here's my interpretation of marijuana. Please let me know if you agree/disagree (please have something to back it up with, otherwise I'll perceive it as empty and ignorant): 1) The health effects of smoking pot recreationally are no worse than those...
    7 Politics 30
  219. Trinity, Hellfire, Immortality Of The Soul, Christmas, Easter
    Question For Christendom: Why do you try so hard to deny that many or your key doctrines and celebrations are so steeped in paganism that the first-century Christians didn't even adhere to them. Many of Christendom's ways of thinking are heavily...
    13 Religion 66
  220. Can I be fired for almost getting into a fight?
    Hi, I work for a company and I organised an event for 25 winners at a racecourse on Saturday - there was a free bar and towards the end and for reasons unknown to me I ended up trying to pick a fight with no less than 3 individuals. I had taken every p...
    2 Money 35
  221. Am I being charged with a Misdemeanor?
    Ok, so here's the deal. Yesterday I was given a citation for leaving my dog in my car for about 15 minutes. The windows were cracked...and the officer told me at first that she wasn't going to give me a ticket but after meeting her at my car handed m...
    6 Pets 49
  222. Gender identity problems?
    First of all, I'm not a lesbian. Sure, I admire pretty girls now and then; but I also do the same for handsome guys. Also, I've never been in a relationship with a girl either. I accept my sexuality and I also once developed a crush on a guy friend. H...
    4 Sex 16
  223. Why are some athiests "sinking to the bible thumpers level"?
    Perhaps my favorite group of people to hang out with and share ideas with were the athiests. The ones I personally know are the most amazing people I know. However, it seems that in a lot of other places (such as fact...especially funadv...
    21 Religion 37
  224. Can anyone lead a felon in the direction of a trucking company?
    I have been to so many sites and blogs and forums my eyes are blood-shot. I keep reading the same thing over and over and not one person has offered where to go or a company that they KNOW has hired and trained an individual like myself. What really g...
    2 Money 26
  225. Why should I respect your religion?
    I respect my fellow humans; I respect their rights and their individuality. I respect their right to free speech, and their right to believe whatever they find compelling. I respect Constitutional rights as well. Let there be no confusion. I am not...
    27 Religion 147
  226. How to convince my parents to let me get snake bites
    Ok, so I'm 16 and in the 11th grade. I'm an only child and a little bit spoiled, but the thing is my parents are strict..very strict. I'm just starting to get some freedom, like going to the mall with friends by myself(something everyone else has proba...
    11 Family 359
  227. Should I (ever) get back with my ex-boyfriend?
    I took a quiz on this and it said "Absolutely! Run to his/her house NOW and tell them that you need em back in your life because you know you can't live without him/her. You guys are meant to be." Have you ever had a gut in feeling in life? I get th...
    6 Sex 29
  228. Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED Destiny
    Are there any fans out there? IF so, how much do you like the show? Me, personally, I think GSD is one of the best animes out there. Story line was a little less though out than Gundam SEED, but they managed to balance that out pretty well with epic...
    2 Entertainment 10
  229. Should private citizens be allowed to compete with the Federal Reserve?
    On March 18, Bernard Von Nothaus was convicted of counterfeiting for issuing Liberty Dollars from his Royal Hawaiian Mint Company. He is being called a "unique terrorist." The specie backed currency wasn't intended to be confused for the Federal Reser...
    9 Politics 23
  230. Is god alone?
    Dwyfach, sagarmatha, isis, mina, jupiter, shiva, allah, zeus, miyolangsangma, jesus of nazareth, rongo, wandjina, cai chen, sarpanitum, khan bhogda, daikoku, thor, hiiakawawahilani, jhvh, inti huayna capac, eeyeekaldu and al-lat are a small and random ...
    11 Religion 44
  231. Sister=Crazy?
    Ok, so I am 16 and my sister is 17, yet I think that she is crazy. Here's why... Basically, my mom dated this guy three or four years ago who had a son that was 7 years older than my sister. well, when my mom and her boyfriend broke up, my sister sta...
    2 Family 17
  232. She want's a baby & I don't
    We used to talk about having a family when we dated. Two years later, we got married and thought we should wait. This year will be our 19th wedding anniversary. The desire is great with her now (almost all of a sudden) and almost non-existent with me...
    18 Health 77
  233. I want to be with my ex boyfriend but he doesn't feel the same way
    I met this guy in January and we were friends for about six months we ended up dated and everything was going great. we had our first breakup around Christmas but only lasted a couple of days. from then on we would argue about little things like where ...
    3 Relationships 74
  234. in my science class...
    Pop some popcorn, this is gonna be long. Ok, I'm now in a science class where there are only 8 people, and the teacher isn't a rule enforcer. 4 of the guys that I'm in there with just keep picking on a girl who is new and is in the grade below us; I'm ...
    3 Education 9
  235. Why are there no REAL role models for teens out there?
    I recently decided to do some serious assessment of the media and it makes me want to barf. Let's see, the "role models" for girls are people like The Pussycat Dolls and Jessica Simpson and for guys, we've got all these rappers like Chamillionaire and ...
    3 Sex 24
  236. My dad raped me when I was younger
    When I was younger my dad raped me. He'd come into my room at night. I have been out of his house and on my own living with my boyfriend for about 6 year's now. I went and did a clinical trail for PTSD at the University of Washington, and it seemed to ...
    2 Relationships 186
  237. I want an affair--I think...
    My entire life I have always been as loyal as the day is long. I might be having a mid-life crisis (I'm 47), but my mind has been consumed the past few weeks of having a passionate love affair. My husband loves me desperately, but more and more ...
    5 Sex 54
  238. Does this make Sense?
    A lot of people on this site have been saying stuff like,'There seem to be more Muslim extremists out there and every terrorist is a Muslim'. I found this article.Does it change your opinion or smthin?It makes sense 2 me. V iolence by extrem...
    12 Religion 54
  239. Question On Love
    I am curious in kniowing my peeps what is your defintion of love? What tells you when a person is in love with you? How do you show that your in love with someone? Well in regards to myself to these question, I believe love is this monumental feeling...
    3 Relationships 6
  240. The Friend? or The Duplicate?
    Okay, so I have this friend, And we have been friends for years now. But theres a problem. Everything I do, she seems to do also; I try to have my OWN individuality, but I dont think she gets that, I dress in my own fashions, she sees it, she b...
    2 Relationships 11
  241. Religion Interviews..
    I thought this place was pretty interesting so I guess I'll seek what I need I am unsure as to whether this is appropriate for this website, feel free to inform me if it is not. Thank you. I am a student of Axia College of University of Phoe...
    2 Religion 36
  242. Chinese tea - does it help loose weight?
    Does Oolong tea help in loosing weight? Well first of all let me explain what Oolong tea is in fact. "A direct translation for Black Dragon, Oolong Tea's meaning is both mystifying and tempting. No other category of teas includes such a wide range ...
    3 Sex 345
  243. Vicious killing?
    Quote: Virginia Keppler, Beeld, South-Africa Pretoria - A Grade 11 pupil died on her way to Garsfontein High School in Pretoria on Monday morning after a taxi first incessantly hooted at her before hitting her scooter from behind and driving over her...
    3 General 41
  244. How do I deal with being bi-polar?
    I've had trouble with depression since I was 4 years old and gradually over the years its got worse, as a kid I went to the doctors many times but my mum refused to have me put on medication. Now im 17 and over the last 3 years my depression has caused...
    2 Health 16
  245. How to deal with Mom issues about living with my boyfriend?
    hi.. well, basically, I am 17 (18 in Feb.) and a senior in highschool about to attend college in august (yay!).. I have been dating my boyfriend since freshmen year of highschool.. our plan is to get an apartment together our first year of college.. we...
    6 Sex 45
  246. How does my essay sound so far?
    The question was supposed to be "How does my essay sounds so far" Buuut... FA wouldn't let me do it. But here it is. I need 500 words. Almost done. So how does it sound? Do I need to fix anything? It's about AVID: "Hello class of 2013. I am a former...
    2 Literature 41
  247. What to do when my boyfriend is tearing my family apart?
    After being divorced with two children for the past 5 years, and dating numerous, numerous, people, I think I have finally found the one that I want to be wtih for the rest of my life. Although he can be controlling and jealous, I love the relationshi...
    4 Relationships 93
  248. How do I stop feeling like this towards the world (read more)?
    For several months I've spent hours a day, thinking, and watching the world and the people in it. I don't mean to offend anyone at this point so just ignore this question now because I am going deep into my own thoughts. Alright so yeah, I've bee...
    6 General 25
  249. My life is turining into fml history ..good advice needed :(
    kk this ones long im sorry for the inconvienienec but I have a ton of problems and they are all making me feel like im snapping in 2 I've probably asked questions about individual problems but theis one pretty much sums it all up. I am feeling so dam...
    3 General 43
  250. is this good...
    okay so I wrote this thing about suicide, tell me what you think about it. please! Suicide is on the rise in the United States of America. Suicide is the 11th leading cause of death in the United States, its the 8th leading cause in males, and t...
    5 Literature 30