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  1. Are you in favor of taxing people to give to people who pay no taxe
    Are you in favor of taxing people to give to people who pay no taxes ?
    7 Politics 24
  2. Can I claim my mother on my taxes?
    Can I claim my mother on my taxes?
    2 Money 31
  3. What does annual income mean?
    what does annual income mean?
    12 Money 10959
  4. How can I earn income online?
    How can I earn income online?
    4 Money 47
  5. What is the median income in California?
    What is the median income in California?
    2 Money 24
  6. how can i find someones income?
    2 Money 380
  7. What is the purpose of paying taxes?
    3 Politics 96
  8. What is California's sales tax?
    5 Money 21
  9. Which states have the lowest property taxes
    Which states have the lowest property taxes
    4 Homegarden 43
  10. Does a 13 year old in the United States have to pay income tax?
    Does a 13 year old in the United States have to pay income tax?
    5 Money 69
  11. Federal Income Tax
    Do you believe that a federally imposed income tax violates our constitutional rights?
    5 Politics 36
  12. What is an IRT (Income Reporting Threshold)?
    2 Money 138
  13. What to write in tax abatement letter?
    2 General 113
  14. What do you think of the new Tax in Texas, the Texas Margin Tax?
    This affects anyone in Texas or who trades with Texas.
    2 Politics 13
  15. Do you have to pay taxes if you're a stripper?
    6 Money 87
  16. do i have taxes on gifts and cash donations?
    2 Money 29
  17. Why are 'taxes' constantly pushed but not 'solutions'?
    4 Politics 35
  18. how do I block incoming numbers on my cellphone?
    4 Technology 70
  19. Tax Attorney Help
    What is the benefit of hiring a Tax Attorney
    2 Politics 14
  20. How does this tax season work?
    like what do you do on taxes day??
    5 Money 24
  21. How can a consultative examination prove you have an anxiety
    How can a consultative examination prove you have an anxiety disorder?
    2 General 13
  22. Can I get a car loan having welfare as income?
    Can I get a car loan having welfare as income?
    2 Money 294
  23. How much money is taken out of your check because of taxes?
    How much money is taken out of your check because of taxes?
    2 Money 73
  24. What percentage of taxes are taken out of your paycheck weekly?
    what % is taken out of your paycheck weekly
    2 Money 111
  25. Does job corps go by your income or your parents?
    3 Money 95
  26. HUD low income apartments
    where can I apply for HUD?
    3 Homegarden 49
  27. Where would you go to get help with your taxes?
    13 Money 27
  28. How would I pay taxes, I'm just a tutor?
    3 Money 23
  29. Is it easy to do your own taxes?
    Is it easy to do your own taxes? Like using turbo tax, etc.
    3 Money 17
  30. Can someone explain to me how the progressive tax is calculated?
    4 General 21
  31. How do you get expentive clothes w/ a low income?
    How do you get expentive clothes w/ a low income?
    7 Shopping 43
  32. How much would something that costs $498.00 be, AFTER tax?
    How much would something that costs $498.00 be, AFTER tax?
    12 Shopping 206
  33. how much tax is taken out of a settlement of $800,000.00?
    4 Money 29
  34. Do the funds we earn on Funadvice have to be claimed on our taxes or how does that work?
    7 Funadvice 18
  35. is it true investing in insurance companies is tax free?
    4 Money 42
  36. Cna annual income
    How much does a cna make annualy
    3 Money 90
  37. Why beggars are not made to pay tax as some of them do earn well?
    4 Money 155
  38. ca state tax %
    whats California's sales tax rate %
    2 Shopping 46
  39. capital gains tax rate
    what is the capital gains tax rate on the sale of rental property
    2 Money 46
  40. What percent of taxes are taken out of a check weekly?
    What % of taxes are taken out of a check weekly when claiming 0
    2 Money 100
  41. Is raising your taxes 'Patriotic' ?
    Biden has said raising your taxes is 'Patriotic' - Agree or Disagree ?
    10 Politics 39
  42. Raising taxes
    Should the goverment raise taxes on alcohol and cigarettes to eliminated raising taxes on everyday things?
    5 Politics 20
  43. Taxes on loan
    I recieved 37,000 from my grandmother as a loan . Do I have to report this as income? does she have to report this on her taxs?
    2 Money 13
  44. is it true that in 2010 dividend taxes are going to be raised to %15?
    3 Money 12
  45. Tax Stimulus Checks
    So what are you going to do with your refund check? When do we get them anyway?
    5 Money 12
  46. Blocked incomming calls
    How can you find a blocked number that calls your husbands cell number
    2 Technology 22
  47. Does Subway tax their $5.00 footlong subs or does it come out to be $5.00 even?
    4 Food 17
  48. Would lowering taxes help the economy, or make it worse?
    2 Money 42
  49. Are there any other days/weekends that are tax-free besides before school starts?
    5 Shopping 7
  50. What date did the tax deadline move to, because its not April 15th this year?
    7 Money 21
  51. IRS and Dead mothers income taxes
    IRS billed $8000 for dead mothers unpaid income taxes. She had no assets except $15000 in her bank that we paid for her funeral and medical bills. Don't know what I should do...
    2 Money 34
  52. If I receive a cash gift, do I have to pay taxes?
    If I receive a cash gift of $80,000, do I have to pay taxes on that amount?
    6 Money 733
  53. tax question
    I am paying for my daughters college tuition. Do I get to claim this on my taxes?
    3 Money 23
  54. No tax weekened ?
    Does the no tax weekend includee clothing stores like forever21 and stores like that ??
    4 Shopping 39
  55. Why do people use Microsoft Excel to handle budgets, taxes, etc.?
    2 Technology 11
  56. Buying something at 99.99 plus tax, what's the total?
    If I were to buy something that costs $99.99 Plus Tax, what would the approximate total be?
    3 Money 1648
  57. Do you pay back unemployment on taxes?
    if You claim unemployment for a week or any amount of time, when you file your taxes do you have to pay it back?
    3 Money 59
  58. sales tax?
    if your discount amount is $94.00 and you have to add 7% sales tax to that amount. how do you do that? can you show me step by step.
    3 General 38
  59. If i say i sold my car for $200, how much would the taxes be when we go to the tax, title, and license place to switch the title?
    I know i should call....but im having a lazy moment.
    2 Money 38
  60. Why cant low income people get low cost apartments if you don"t have children in the home?
    2 Homegarden 17
  61. Property tax in NY and Penn?
    What are property tax on a 1 or 2 bedroom, 1 or more acres of land in NY or Penn? Thanks,
    2 Homegarden 46
  62. What buttons do I push to block the incomeing call from my cell?
    What sequence of buttons do I push to block the incoming calls on my cellular phone by t mobile
    2 Technology 180
  63. Would you prefer a high paying job you dislike or a game with less income but you enjoy?
    9 Money 32
  64. What is too much free service for consulting?
    I give my customers 2 hours of free consulting on each one of their new projects, am I giving to much?
    6 Money 15
  65. How do the IRS and income tax work?
    hello! I have to know how IRS \ income tax work..okay this my problem I have a 7 yr old daughter and her father pay childsupport and he claims her on taxes but the thing is she live with me so I'm wonder if he was to claim then, I claim her also who w...
    2 Money 24
  66. How do you make a small amount of income online?
    How to make a small income online? I would like to make an extra income surveys...or gimmicky know! Any ideas?
    4 Money 18
  67. What can I claim on my taxes?
    I bought a house in december of 07 what part of the money I put down can I claim on my taxes and what do I claim it under.does it have to be a certain amount before I can claim it?
    2 Money 53
  68. How do you trace or unblock an incoming blocked call?
    I recieved a restricted call on my cell. How can I trace that call back to the original caller?
    2 Technology 71
  69. What do you think of companies like Google paying 2.4% tax while the small business owner pays 40% or more?
    2 Money 16
  70. how to generate income by installing nitendo games in malls in my c
    I have a vision to install nitendo games in some malls in my country how can I do this and can I have it with coin slots?
    2 Gaming 12
  71. PErsonal question how much is your household income
    HOw much is your house hold income? If you do not want to answer don't. Mine is 160,000. We are loaded.
    5 Money 18
  72. What is "tax return"?
    i was applying for financial aid and my counselor said "does your dad file tax? whats that? please no mean comments
    8 Money 15
  73. Which is best to claim on student taxes?
    What is Ideal to claim on taxes so I do not end up owing the Gov more money? 1 for single not married or 0?
    2 Money 14
  74. Why would some of the tax-payer billions given to AIG end up going
    Why would some of the tax-payer billions given to AIG end up going to European Banks instead of American ?
    4 Politics 15
  75. Would you pay federal income tax if it was not written law?
    Bare in mind I'm not asking if taxes are bad or if they are necessary...just would you pay THAT particular tax be it optional. Replace "federal" with the applicable term. A lot of people in the US claim that there is no such law. I have not done th...
    9 Money 24
  76. How much is a 160 GB Playstation 3 at $299.99 in Canada plus tax?
    I need to calculate how much I need to save!
    3 Gaming 29
  77. What do you think of Global Warming and carbon taxing?
    Do you think this is a ploy to just make people money, or there may be a problem and global warming is an issue.
    7 Environment 28
  78. What's the easiest way to generate AdSense income?
    Is there an easier way to market my AdSense ads other than creating unque niche websites?
    2 Technology 13
  79. What can be done if someone sold real-estate or a company with a tax lien on it without disclosing this information?
    8 Money 7
  80. What state has the lowest property tax?
    Is Oregon or Alaska the state with the lowest property tax? I am having a debate with my mom on the phone about this. She thinks it is Alaska, and I say that Oregon definitely has a lower tax rate for homes, school, and property.
    3 Homegarden 58
  81. Why 44 house republicans want to eliminate income taxes?
    The "replacement" is a tax on the poor & middle class for the income tax. Think about it: poor people don't save money, they spend it all. So does the bulk of the middle class. So when you replace the income tax (which the rich pay more than poor) with...
    4 Politics 11
  82. What is meant when speaking of notional income?
    I'm busy studying (once again) and came across a term called notional income in taxation i.e. it is said that notional income is not included in your gross income. Can anyone explain to me what the term notional income means?
    3 Money 67
  83. How is income made up?
    Hi, I need to give a detailed description of how income is made up ? Iknow what it means , its what money you recieve in the family etc Helppp x
    2 Money 74
  84. So how much is actually taken out of a paycheck for taxes?
    So how much is actually taken out of a paycheck for taxes? Federal-? Social security-? If its an estimate I just need ball park figure. Thanks, D
    3 Money 80
  85. Can a company garnish your federal income tax return or state tax return if you owe them money?
    What happened was I went on a personal "unpaid" leave from a company and they failed to take me off their payroll (I worked as a salary employee) I notified the payroll department and they said that it was the way the system was set up. They told me no...
    7 Money 40
  86. What do I put under "source of income" for my mom who's a housewife?
    i am filling a paper for my mom (doesn't speak english) and she gets money from my dad do i put from husband?
    2 Money 36
  87. Could I legally start an Atheist meditation group, so that I wont have to pay taxes?
    You know, just like those corrupt religious organizations?
    2 Religion 26
  88. Tax and Money
    I remember learning in econ back in hs that they (the government I guess) taxes you on money over a certain amount. What is that amount? Is it $10,000 or do you have to file that amount or more if you receive it as a gift?
    2 Money 13
  89. Tax Payer Rights
    do we have a right to chose which school to send our kids if we pay taxes to both schools? our property is divided btwn both districts and one is denying us access.
    3 Education 25
  90. What are your thoughts on the carbon tax?
    The carbon tax was proposed by Al Gore and it is to be switched out with the payroll tax. Do you guys feel that this tax should be accepted or not? I say no, this is taxing one of the elements on earth that is needed to sustain life. How much sense doe...
    9 Politics 38
  91. What do you think of the Tax Free Weekend (Texas)?
    I think it's a great time for Texas to have such an event - just in time for back to school shopping. Do you think this will have an adverse effect on the Texan economy?
    5 Politics 33
  92. Is the candidates hiding their tax returns good or bad?
    In a break with the tradition of recent presidential campaigns, most of the major presidential candidates aren't releasing their income-tax filings - good thing or bad thing ?
    2 Politics 19
  93. Do I have to pay taxes if I'm working at 16?
    I recently began working and when I got my pay stub it said I had money with held for federal w/h. Is this normal if I'm 16?
    5 Money 48
  94. Why is tax not included in American prices?
    This is something I often wondered when living in or visiting the US, especially now living in Germany, where the valued added tax is figured into the price, so what you see is what you will pay.
    6 Shopping 36
  95. Who knows about how real estate agents earn income?
    It was my understanding that their commission was paid by the person selling the place. If you are buying, is there also a fee you have to pay?
    2 Money 13
  96. how much taxes are taken out of my check
    I work on a farm in michigan, I claimed my self as a dependent, and I get paid $8 an hour, what is the % of tax that is taken out of my check, btw, I get paid every two weeks
    2 Money 119
  97. Is this tax disproportionate ?
    Will the upcoming Obama tax raise on cigarettes April 1 of .62 per pack (bringing it to around $5 per pack in Indiana) disproportionately hit low-income workers ?
    8 Politics 48
  98. Does anyone know how much zebra finches from PetSmart cost without tax?
    I tried to look at it on their website but they aren't on there. They have them in store though but I cant go for a while
    5 Shopping 81
  99. Which are the best residual income affiliate programs?
    Some affiliate programs keep paying you every month after someone signs up through your link. Which are the best paying? How much do they pay? Which ones are easiest to get people to sign up for?
    2 Money 41
  100. What does maximum income mean (apartments)?
    I'm trying to find an apartment, and everywhere has a "maximum income" limit. Does that mean I have to make at least that much, or does it mean I have to make -less- then that much? I have never had to get an apartment on my own, so I never needed to k...
    2 Money 47
  101. Haircut tax
    I've seen this in a barbershop the haircut is 15 plus tax is the first time that I see this in a barber shop I didnt know they charge tax for a haircut I was thinking this guy have nerve but maybe im wrong I mean is that allowed to charge taxes for the...
    2 General 104
  102. Cut consumption with a added gas tax of 50 cents per gallon
    Rep. John dingell, d-mich., wants to help cut consumption with a added gas tax of 50 cents per gallon - good idea or bad idea ?
    12 Politics 19
  103. what things I can put when I do my taxes?
    what things I can put when I do my taxes for example can I put that I bought an ipod and lcd tv and give him the receipt to my accountant, what I really want to know is if they give me some money back for what I bought if anybody knows tell me please, ...
    4 Money 76
  104. Is the tax break for Social Security a good idea?
    I read up on Obama's new tax cut plan, cutting off the taxes that go into Social Security. Here's the article I got it from in case you might need it to formulate your answer:
    10 Politics 27
  105. An american citizen who has worked abroad for a whole year has to file taxes or not?
    Im not sure about this, i need info please what if an american citizen has made his income outside the united states for a year, he still have to file taxes or not tell me please thank you for example, if i have a small business outside the united stat...
    3 Money 29
  106. Im going to attempt to do my own taxes online. :( Ugh.
    I had to wait forever for one of my forms to come, well actually I had to call my old employer and have them send it to me via email -_- Losers.
    3 Money 17
  107. Can adding three legit dependents to my tax return cause an audit?
    I have been helping my sister with her 3 kids since Feb. I have been paying all the bills and rent. She told me that I can claim them as she hasn't worked at all this year. I normally only claim myself. Will the three dependents cause a tax audit?
    6 General 10
  108. Would you support an end to taxes on wages?
    I'm not talking about income tax in general, or even Social Security/Medicare, but strictly federal taxes on wages. By my estimates, taxes on wages represent only 16% of the total tax receipts. Surely that could be accomodated by other means. Income...
    26 Politics 32
  109. Who should bear the burden of the taxes?
    Here's some things to consider before answering: 10% of the tax payers with the highest income pay for 2/3's of the income taxes. They also pay a higher rate of taxes, above paying for just a high tax itself. (Rich included.) Social Insurance taxes ...
    5 Politics 48
  110. Does creating a list of do’s and don’ts help you in preparing for the upcoming Tax time?
    Before filing the taxes every business needs to get familiar with terms that will help you in getting ready for this Tax season. There are things which must be need to understand because when some people think of filing and paying their taxes, they p...
    3 Money 14
  111. Whats up with income taxes
    I want my paycheck all of it but before I even can get it I lose like 40% to taxes. Im not a wealthy person so it makes no sense to me for me to lose so much. I look at some of the taxes social security,medicare,disabilities federal and other junk. ...
    4 Politics 33
  112. Mormon church should lose tax exempt status?
    It was revealed that the Mormon church was one of the biggest donors behind Prop 8 in California that stripped gay / lesbian couples of the right to, now that they've gone & played politics, they should lose their tax excempt status, right?
    20 Politics 89
  113. When you file taxes would you recieve more money back as a single parent or as a married couple with a child?
    Me and chris were planning on getting married next april but are thinking about moving it up to this year if we get more money back because we desperatly need a new vehicle.
    2 Money 38
  114. How much percentage of tax is taken out of my paycheck?
    .. I am 15 years old, i work at Mcdonalds, i get paid student minimum wage 9.60 an hour, i work part time, around 4 hours a day ..
    2 Money 89
  115. How do I file for taxes?
    I'm twenty and I have no idea how to do my taxes. I'd like to be able to do it on my own instead of having to spend money at H&R Block having someone do it for me. Is there a website that'll give me a rundown or a checklist on what I should be doing, o...
    3 Money 31
  116. What's a way to make passive income online?
    a lot of people are always researching ways to make money online. Most people like if they can make money on automatic by doing very little work except to market and promote. Do you think that purchasing domains and creating websites are the absolute ...
    3 Money 16
  117. Disclosing income.
    I really would like to hear from some of you guys out there. Here's my problem. I start seeing someone, everything is going great, as soon as I get asked what I do and my income( +/- 100K-120k a year)...never to hear form them again. Why is that su...
    4 Money 33
  118. Is it legal for Native Indians to sell tax-free cigarettes to non-Indians?
    (I was just out with a friend and they stopped at a store on a Native Indian reservation to buy a cartoon of smokes. They were tax free, so half the price of what is normally charged. Is this legal? I didn't know they could do that. I live in Canada)
    6 General 48
  119. How do you block incoming calls from your cell phone??
    I have a big problem with the father of my child and his 'girl' friend... I need to know how to block her cell phone number for free so he can't contact me. Ignoring the call never works, because I always want to know what he wants... I just don't want...
    2 Technology 62
  120. Should we raise taxes to pay for the war?
    So far the war has been funded through deficit spending. If the war cost Americans real money from the beginning would there be as much support? So far the only people who have had to sacrifice has been soldiers and their families. Two Democrats p...
    7 Politics 47
  121. Where do I get a tax code/UK?
    I've just recently started a new job. I got my first wage slip today and I had to pay tax. I got told I'll get it back eventually in a tax rebate but do I just wait for it? Does it come in the mail? Do I ask for it? Do I have to tell the council? I don...
    6 Money 20
  122. What is the best brand of backpack for an incoming freshman in high school?
    I want to make sure I have a comfortable bag with lots of room for my things. I would also like my backpack to actually look stylish... Any good brands or suggestions? Even stores to shop at for a backpack?
    12 Style 51
  123. Would you agree with this quote about the rich and taxes?
    I read this: "Every time some in Washington raise taxes, they think the people they want to help will feel better because somebody's being gotten even with. The rich are going to suffer like you are? No. The rich will keep their jobs. You're going to g...
    8 Politics 24
  124. What will I be taxed on the sale of property?
    I sold my rental property in 2006 and made $120,000 profit from the sale. Since I have never lived there am I eligible to exclude up to $250,000 of the gain on the sale of the property? If not, I assume and understand my profit will be taxed (capital...
    3 Money 27
  125. Why do we pay at tax time?
    Okay maybe I missed it some where, but why do people have to pay at tax time? I honestly dont get it. I dont have to pay this year but my parents do, and a huge amount too. its rediculous, dont we pay enough during the year? I dont know about everyon...
    3 Money 25
  126. What should I do with my tax return?
    My husband and I have a few options on what to do with our tax return. 1. Buy a second vehicle so I can leave the house when he's at work. 2. Pay off apartment debts on our credit so we can move to a nicer, closer to work home this summer. 3. Sock it a...
    3 Money 28
  127. How to reduce import taxes?
    I have bought some machine from Canada.for my business. i heard it was possible (not sure if it work for everywhere, but i want to give it a shot) I'm also a student, which when a little bit tax reduction would help me out a lot. I need a letter o...
    3 Money 16
  128. Should financial aid from college be considered part of your income (in your opinion)?
    I've noticed that while I live off a lot of the money that I get back from school every semester, I can't claim it as income for a loan or anything of the lending nature. While I understand that the money is temporary and a lot of it isn't taxed yet, i...
    13 Money 26
  129. Can i turn off my disability income and get a real job?
    I was wondering if i am able to turn off my SSI, and get a real job. Because i feel like i dont wanna live my life like that, i wanna experience the real world, you know get a job, meet new friends, go hang out and stuff like that. my grandma ...
    2 Money 15
  130. Tax refund
    I'm only 14 but I think I have a really good idea. I know about these tax refunds and stuff. My idea is they should give money to the kids. Because many adults would save and not spent the money but kids would go and buy stuff right away. Example: if s...
    6 Politics 21
  131. How much taxes will be taken out?
    Okay So I just got a new job and I want to get an idea of how much taxes will be taken out of my check each pay period. I get paid every 2 weeks. I am getting paid $12.50 per hour and I claimed Single 3 on my W-4. Can anyone give me an idea of how much...
    5 Money 1393
  132. Did anyone here quit because of these added taxes ?
    When the federal tax on a pack of cigarettes went up almost threefold, the American Cancer Society's national smoking quit line had about 13 times more calls than on a normal day. "On April 1st, the day of the federal excise tax increase on tobacco pro...
    2 General 10
  133. Taxes because I am in school we can claim anything like computers?
    Its just me and my husband...we never get very much money back each year. I am curious to find out if what I have herd is true. A lady I was talking to told me that we can claim our food, clothes and gas if we save the receipts and that we will get mon...
    3 Money 43
  134. Do you feel religious institutions should remain tax exempt?
    From the Philly D Show, skip to the 7 minute mark: The University of Tampa analysed that the U.S. apparently forgoes 71 billion dollars when exempting religious institutions from taxes from things like Property tax, donations, business enterprises,...
    16 Politics 26
  135. What happens during a braces consultation ?
    I have been told by my doctor that I need to get braces because my jaw is giving me really bad ear pains and that's my only solution. So I did some research on local orthodontics and asked a lot of my friends who have braces and it was a clear decision...
    3 Style 85
  136. Should I confront my Mom about stealing money during taxes?
    My mom claimed me on her taxes and she said that I owe the government money but I don't even make enough- I should be getting money back. i talked to my sister who is an accountant and she agreed so did my boyfriend but its too late to do anything sinc...
    2 Family 44
  137. Why did McCain skip on the vote to tax the oil companies?
    His vote essentially doomed the legislation, just last week. He had the chance to pass it along, and create taxes for the oil companies (which are making the biggest quarterly profits of any company in world history), and provide for that extra tax rev...
    12 Politics 112
  138. When is it considered over taxation
    I think the government need to to live within its limits but we end up paying for all these massive loans the government does. Second I think its wrong to not have a way to determine where your taxes go. I find out about stuff my taxes support that I...
    3 Money 13
  139. can you claim 3 kids?
    can you now claim 3 kids on you income taxes and get credit for it instead of only being able to claim 2?
    2 Money 95
  140. Does anyone have any tips on saving money with little income?
    When I say low income, I mean low. We manage to make around $140 every 2 weeks. So far, what I have done is made a "savings" jar, and a "fun" jar. Most of the money we get goes into the savings jar, and a small portion goes into the fun jar. So, ...
    21 Money 19
  141. Personal Finance
    If we define "pass-through taxation" as the situation where businesses are taxed via the income tax forms of its owner(s), why would I put the "s" in parentheses?
    2 Money 8
  142. A 5 cent tax on each round?
    So Obama wants to put a 5 cent tax on each round of ammo. So... if I buy a value pack of 1000 9mm bullets that runs about $350... it'll cost me an EXTRA $50 in taxes??? So what is this tax for? For an encoded ammunition tax legislation. That is... e...
    27 Money 64
  143. Do you have to pay capital gain from pre-foreclosures?
    If you start a real estate business buying and selling pre-foreclosures, will you have to pay capital gains tax even though the houses are your inventory? Or will you just pay income tax?
    3 Homegarden 120
  144. Cigarette tax in new york
    allright, now im pissed. the new smoke tax started today so I bought a pack to see what there at, almost 8$ for a pack of smokes, highest in the nation. they say that there trying to encourage people to quite by raising the tax. who the hell is th...
    7 Politics 16
  145. Social Security
    If someone is collecting Social Security Disability (SSD) and that is their only income, are they eligible to also qualify for Social Security Income (SSI)? Is it possible to collect both at the same time?
    2 Money 43
  146. How can I lose weight on a low income?
    I'm 13 and 160 lbs. I want to be 115 by the end of the summer. How do I do it? I've tried eating healthy and all of that, but my mom (I don't live with anybody else) isn't very supportive of it and buys a bunch of junk food, plus healthy stuff is more ...
    10 Nutritionfitness 275
  147. Create Jobs ?
    Does raising the minimum wage and raising taxes create job growth ?
    3 Money 26
  148. How to claim someone as a dependant?
    I was wonderin what the rules are about claiming someone on your taxes. Is there an age cut off or income limits? Im completely clueless on this subject
    2 Money 67
  149. possible to read text messaging you sent to person
    Is it possible to read text messaging you sent to person or incoming texting
    5 Technology 56
  150. India project
    Any one know what the india's main source of income is? It's for a project :(
    3 Education 97
  151. Freshman this year
    Hey I am a incoming freshmen I need help any advice
    7 Education 20
  152. Democrats want change what kinda change
    The real question is will that change improve everyone or just special interest groups I'm for helping minority groups but sometimes it seems they become the special interest group when some policies benefit them exclusively giving them special rights ...
    4 Politics 18
  153. Do you think exotic dancing should be considered an art form?
    NY is trying to get out of paying taxes on the exotic clubs there saying that it falls under a tax exempt law sayin its an art form, what do you think
    7 Money 32
  154. Where do I apply for section 8?
    where do I apply for section 8 in south florida and can I if I have no kids and its just me (im male). if not where can I go to qualify for low to moderate income housing. or find a decent low income apartment in a decent area.
    3 Homegarden 46
  155. Liberal vs libertarian.
    I'm not really sure where I would be. I don't like taxes . What would I be? Or both?
    7 Politics 16
  156. Will we be able to depend on Social Security?
    Will today's young adults be able to depend on Social Security as a source of retirement income, or is our payroll tax just another form of revenue for the government to spend as it sees fit?
    8 Politics 53
  157. sale of rental property
    What are my tax consequences if I sell a rental property? Where can I find additional information on this subject?
    4 Homegarden 47
  158. How can I make some money quickly?
    Looking for ideas to quickly supplement my income easily, legally and morally.
    3 Sex 38
  159. Best tides
    What is the best time to catch fish on the incoming or outgoing tide or dead low or dead high tide?
    2 Sports 11
  160. Which class is affected the most ?
    During the campaign and even as president, Obama has promised not to raise taxes of any kind on families earning under $250,000 or individuals under $200,000 - The tobacco tax increase went into effect yesterday, raising the tobacco tax nearly 62 cents...
    9 Politics 22
  161. who can explain this economics statement ASAP?
    estate tax may reduce savings, and the reduction in savings and capital accumulation will lead to a lower ratio of capital to labor); this greater scarcity of capital will increase the return to capital and, under certain assumptions, increase the shar...
    7 Money 19
  162. Still a good president?
    How you feel about him now? He is going to impose a MASSIVE tax hike on energy which will force small buisness to go under that make over 75k a year. These tax hikes will cause gas prices break records and electric cost will be virtually impossible f...
    6 Politics 8
  163. Math school
    I buy a shirt for $21.99 which is on sale for 30% off. If tax is 7%, what is the final cost?
    3 Education 38
  164. Why is he outraged when he set it up to happen ?
    Why is Sen. Chris Dodd acting shocked and outraged at the AIG bonuses and wanting to tax them to be taxed at a 90% rate, when HE was the one who specifically added 'an exception for contractually obligated bonuses' into the stimulus bill ?
    5 Politics 18
  165. What is this small mole when I shave?
    Whenever I shave my underarms a small mole develops there and it pains also. What is the reason? Should I consult a doctor?
    5 Health 59
  166. Change last name
    How can I change my kid last name? She have her father name but he don't c her or call like he don't care 4 her but I'm married and I want her to have the name also but father won't agree because that the only way he get income tax if I file it to chan...
    2 Family 20
  167. Does anyone else think our government is corrupt?
    If we are paying taxes and some of our taxes are going toward area 51 and stuff dont you think we have a right to know some information about it and not kept secretive we should know where our money is going. who knows what they could be spending it ...
    13 Politics 66
  168. Should the media do a better job ?
    The media has had a devastating lack of curiosity about not only Barack Obama's associates, but also about Barack Obama's views. The media has failed to take a look at the punishing tax increases, about his desire to take away the right of a secret bal...
    17 Politics 31
  169. Allow me to rephrase, Obama's plan.
    1. Tax cuts for the lower income and hike the higher income. What will stop them from moving overseas or charging more for goods and services? (Note: Calling the author of this question a moron without providing even a less then adequate answer onl...
    11 Politics 43
  170. Should lump sum payments for injured Canadian soldiers be taxable?
    Canada's maximum lump sum payment for soldiers injured during a tour of duty is roughly 200, 000 less than the British benefits. The excuse for this is that taxes are being taken out. Is that fair? Should injury benefits be tax exempt?
    4 Politics 17
  171. How can I get my boyfriend to get another job since his income now will not support us?
    I am 20 weeks pregnant and stopped contributing 3 weeks ago, since my job was not suitable for a pregnant woman. He promised 4 months ago he'd get a second job and keeps stringing me along promising he will get a second job but has yet to get one. I ...
    2 Money 7
  172. Are people who have "more" obligated to help those with "less"?
    (outside of the ways we are already required to help them by paying taxes)? Please explain...
    10 Politics 38
  173. Monthly payment?
    Ok say you're condo is more than 500,000 dollars. what will your monthly payment be and what would your property taxes be?
    4 Money 12
  174. What does Dogma mean?
    What does Dogma mean?...Dogma and Carma... explain the differences...please... much too lazy to google it...or consult a dictionary... thanks!
    7 Religion 80
  175. why they dont stop to make cigarretes?
    if ismoking is bad to people and raise taxes to the cigarretes to make them more expensive, why they dont just stop to make cigarretes and then nobody has to smoke anymore.
    23 Money 43
  176. Why do you like Obama??
    Why do people like Obama? I like McCain and I think he is the better choice because Obama wants to tax the upper-class...the ones who are working the hardest..That is really not fair especially because my family is considered upperclass and my parents ...
    28 Politics 44
  177. 14 year old job?
    I'm 14 years old living in uckfield and trying to find a job with a good income can some one help me out
    2 Money 36
  178. Financial assistance
    My husband recently lost his sight as a result of a stroke. I am waiting for social security disability. we have applied for everything and I fear the only option is begging to survive in the months it will take before receiving any benefits. we hav...
    3 Money 28
  179. Should he be approved and why ?
    Nominee to be treasury secretary Timothy Geithner failed to pay taxes in his past - not everybody fails to keep up with their taxes, surely a competent one could have been found - people are in jail right now for not paying - next time, we can use his ...
    8 Politics 52
  180. garnish of pensions
    if a defined company pension can be garnished from a civil lawsuit arising from a auto accident in the state of florida and it is the only source of income at what percentage
    2 Money 222
  181. Mutual dating, can this be carried out?
    I am a 22 years old boy. My friend,a 27 years old boy has agreed to date my mother ( 48 ) if I accept to date his mother ( 52 ).he had consulted his mother and she is ready to date me. I have consulted my mother and she is ready to date my friend. Can...
    3 Relationships 27
  182. Bike Buying
    My mom just now said next week with her tax refund shes buying us bikes,what kidn should I get between a Mongoose or a Mountain Bike.
    4 Shopping 22
  183. Do you think Obama will keep his promises once he gets in office?
    Do you think Obama will keep his promises once he gets in office? Or, do you think that'll change? Is he going to keep his promise to cut taxes for the middle class? Or, raise them?
    4 Politics 16
  184. can endowment funds be cunningly disguised as bribes?
    You could make a bequest in your will to their endowment fund. The donation becomes a bribe when it is made in cash, and it is strictly confidential and shall remain anonymous. Basically, the foundation inherits a legacy of cash from the person wishing...
    3 Politics 11
  185. Example of duties?
    This is part of a history question, and I do not know and real situations in which duties is used, or how to explain an example of how duties works Duties/Tariffs: Taxes on imported goods
    2 Education 19
  186. I want to live with my dad, but how?
    I am 15 1/2 and I have told my mom that I want to live with my dad, and she took the news as a personal attack. Now she is telling me I will never see her again if I live with my dad. She also keeps saying he will take all of her child support away and...
    6 Family 81
  187. What do I really get out of my hourly wage after all the deductions?
    So, my friend and I both got hired at Target (lucky us!). Haha. Anyways, they are starting me off at $8.50 and hour. And when they made me sign up for um.. what was it called, i dont even know, taxes im guessing... anyways i chose the "Single 0" select...
    4 Money 33
  188. Nadya Suleman: Mom of 14 kids
    Why are Americans complainging about their taxe$ supporting 14 kids when our taxe$ support millions of children born to illegal immigrants? Seems like the Americans are going crazy of this Nayda Suleman lady with all the kids and I do share in some ...
    3 Politics 41
  189. do you have to take photos or do they take pics over at the immigration office?
    i heard its 675 plus 80 fingerprints is there tax to? plus do they grade the test at the office and hand you the us citizenship?
    2 General 4
  190. April 15th coming, if you don't pay will you also get a pass ?
    Does America have leaders that don't pay their taxes, but expect the little people to ante up or go to jail?
    3 Politics 12
  191. what is better being an american or not being american?
    i dont know much about this but i have heard that americans like us work hard and pay taxes, and the illegals dont pay taxes and get free health care from the state, and free rent, is that true, why americans dont get that too, but is also true that we...
    10 Politics 39
  192. Rich People and Oil Prices
    Should we raise the taxes for citizens who make more than 100k so we could afford to buy more oil and cause a decrease in gas prices for the common folks?
    5 Politics 33
  193. Working Moms
    So where and how did you moms out there juggle work and children. I have a 1 year old and I've stayed at hom with him since he's been alive but I think it's time to have an extra income... any suggestions?
    3 Money 15
  194. Should I accept this job at this store?
    The pay Is 1,500 with taxes cut It's 1k a month. They liked my resume and the skills I have on It. They called me and said we wanted to hire you.
    3 Money 17
  195. Can you make a living from Adsense?
    I see a lot of websites offering free service but they use adsense as a means of income. Is there enough money to be made going that route?
    2 Technology 12
  196. How will Obamas plan benefit America?
    1. If he raises taxes on buisnesses then what is to keep the buisnesses from moving overseas? 2. Why does he believe that the rich paying 96 percent of the governments income isnt enough? 3. If he is such a great leader why did he refuse to vote 130 ...
    10 Politics 36
  197. Can Stride be sued for lying that their gum lasts long?
    stride just tastes awesome is the company allowed to lie like that? will they get sued? if so they can burn in hell waste of my $1.29 (included tax)
    9 General 43
  198. Recovering deleted pictures from memory card
    I accidentally deleted pictures from my memory card(sd card 512mb).Infact it was formatted.Is there any way I can get back those pictures without consulting any expert firm? Any tips?
    3 Technology 30
  199. Child support
    Hey ya ok my daughter collect every 2 weeks I want to no when income take come around do they take money out of that to or just employment check?
    3 Money 19
  200. How to treat naval when it is secreting puss for 7 days?
    My naval is secreting puss for a week. I am 25 years old and dont' have any piercing done near my naval. How to treat at home without consulting a doctor?
    2 Health 39
  201. Could I afford and should I purchase this townhouse?
    I want to purchase a townhouse which costs $550,000. I own my condo outright which I could probably sell for $200k. my monthly income is 5500net and I have about 350k in savings. could I afford and should I purchase this townhouse
    3 Homegarden 25
  202. How long do savings bonds earn interest?
    Found some old E-Series Savings Bonds in storage and was unsure as to how long they would continue to gain interest income. Does anyone know how long savings bonds earn interest?
    2 Money 66
  203. What Senator said this ?
    “Make no mistake, tax cheaters cheat us all, and the IRS should enforce our laws to the letter. ” Congressional Record, May 7, 1998, p. S4507 - What Senator said this ?
    3 Politics 6
  204. Nude in front of Family Members
    I am a 20 years old Boy. I live with my Mom,Dad and two elder sisters. I love to stay nude in front of my family members, Should I consult them all before I start doinf it ?
    19 Family 3081
  205. How will they be funded ?
    Obama says 'I will cut 95% of the people's taxes', yet proposes to grow numerous Government programs and create new ones like 'Health Care for all !' - How will they be funded ?
    16 Politics 28
  206. How would i sell my artwork?
    Also, I really want to do custom orders as well, but i don't know how to go about that. any tips on how much i should charge, what i should do to get customers/clients, and if i should meet the client for a consultation?
    2 Literature 20
  207. How to become rich.
    I am sick of being poor and I want to know how to become rich. I have tried so many different MLM scams and have not gotten rich or even gained any income. How do I really make some good money?
    2 Money 46
  208. When can I move out legally if I am a foster child?
    So I am sixteen and I want to move out. I am a foster child but I have a steady job with a steady income and I do a self study schooling. Would I be able to move out anytime soon without having to go through all the programs.
    4 Family 47
  209. Should the churches be shut down that kicked out members?
    Recently, one church in my area booted two members (an interracial couple) for voting for Obama. Another required members to go to communion for voting for Obama, as they said it was a "sin". So, given the Church's clear direct interference in polit...
    21 Religion 65
  210. Boss taking money
    I went and got my taxes done today. I work at a home day care, so my boss' husband does my payroll and whatnot. I had a feeling that they weren't taking out the correct amount, and when I did my taxes today (H&R Block), the lady told me that all year m...
    2 Money 31
  211. Is there a loophole so I can move out at 17?
    Is it possible to move out at 17? I have a job and go to school and wish to keep going to school and on to college! Is it possible to move out when 17 if I have a steady income , a house to live in and still going to school? I really hope that there i...
    3 Family 73
  212. What is hair glaze?
    Is hair glaze just hair dye with a fancy name to it or am I missing out on hair euphymisms? My salon said I should glaze my hair and had me consult with the colorist. I couldn't tell what it was that she was talking about and I was too embarrassed to a...
    3 Style 310
  213. Online poker, is it illegal?
    I'm terrible but learning, so I'm actually winnning a little bit, will I be sent to jail by the irs or the fbi or the cia? I won $100. Is that income? I'm totally confused.
    10 Gaming 14
  214. What happens to my benefits over Christmas?
    I get paid income support into my bank every 2 wks. I would usually get my next pay on the 26th, but that's boxing day. when do you think I would get paid instead?
    5 Money 261
  215. Christmas lists..yes, already. :)
    Well, I like to start my Christmas lists early.. :) I'm thirteen and very girly. We're average/high in income. I need some ideas on what to ask for though! Thanks!
    2 Shopping 21
  216. Loan from China?
    I keep hearing the story from people that The Tax relief is actually Money given to us by china. . . Does anyone have any hard / without a doubt proof of this or is it just another Email gossip story?
    6 Politics 39
  217. Is weed going to get legalized?
    who thinks that weed is going to get legalized depending on who wins the presidential election...I think that if obama wins, weed will get legalized because he used to do drugs, and I bet most of the other canidates did it to when they were younger, so...
    12 Politics 51
  218. a lil math quiz. can you do it??
    Stevens score on Algebra tests are 91, 89, 86, and 93. What is the minimum score Steven can receive on the fifth test so that the average of the five tests will be 90? A music system was sold for $318.75 that includes sales tax. If the price of the ...
    2 General 10
  219. Bend over and brace yourself.
    Federal tax revenue dropped 34% since last year. Federal income tax revenue dropped 44% since last year. Jim Rogers: Food Prices Will Skyrocket Obama: “Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.” “whatev...
    28 Politics 62
  220. What should i do I got fired from my job as a hostess today?
    Someone please help! im 17 and i have been working as a hostess at a Restaurant and i got fired today. im in las vegas! i live with my boyfriend and i really need an income fast! any advice please!!!
    3 Money 21
  221. Why would a loving God ...
    Why would a loving God: Answer a mans prayer to obtain a better job, better income and better life, to live an above average life WHEN... So many people pray for relieve and a better life in Ethiopia and other country's which they dont get???
    33 Religion 29
  222. Immigrating to ireland
    Anyone immigrated to ireland or know how to go about doing it? We want to move there legally and begin working. What are the taxes like? Can my son go to school or do we have to wait until we are citizens? Any advice??? We are really serious about goin...
    3 Politics 21
  223. Need someone help, about math
    Montmorency puppies sells puppies. The demand for their puppies is given by the following demand equation: qd = 180 – 6pp + 3pk + 0.007m + 2a, where qd is the quantity of puppies demanded, pp is the price of puppies, pk is the price of kittens, m is in...
    3 Education 39
  224. Summer jobs
    Im going to have my first job over the summer at burger king. I will be working part-time, and they pay $8.00 an hour. Adults, would they take out taxes on my paycheck, or will I have $8 exact in my pocket?
    6 Money 30
  225. Help on buying things from USA
    I live in the uk and I want to buy stuff from like hollister and stuff but my friend did and got charged like an extra £30 for tax or something Is there anywhere where you can buy stuff from america without paying so much?
    2 Shopping 12
  226. Should weed be legal
    Should weed be legal , ok I love weed and am a firm beliver that it should be legal its less harmfull than alcohol and less harmfull than cigerettes , and in these harsh economic times we could tax it and get some much needed money back into the econom...
    35 Politics 57
  227. What is your opinion on the government now giving out free cellphones and service to people on welfare and foodstamps?
    They have started a new program where people who are on welfare and foodstamps can qualify to recieve a free cellphone and free service...its ridiculous to me. I have no problem with tax dollars going to help people in need with nessacities, but cellph...
    18 Politics 33
  228. Jobs? Where?
    To those seeking employment, who is having a tough time? I went to a job fair and it was dismal to say the least. What happened to this country? What are people supposed to do for a job that pays enough to pay the school taxes? Who's upset about all ...
    3 Money 7
  229. Account activity
    I want to recieve a detailed summary of the usage of my phone as well as incomming and out going messages, I need all numbers and all text to be in the summary how do I do thius or can I have it all sent to my email on boost mobile monthly unlimited pl...
    2 Technology 55
  230. Bipolar Disease?
    I've been researching the symptoms and stuff on the net and have seen that I fit most of the criteria. I was just wondering has anyone here have bipolar, I think that if I could talk to someone who has it, I would be able to determine whether I should ...
    4 Health 50
  231. Is it the bush administration to blame for whats going
    Do you think is the bush administrations and the republicans fault for whats going on in America like the war in Iraq,gas prices, higher taxes, and recentley the bankrupt of one of Americas greatest bank the Lehman Brothers Holding Inc. ?
    7 Politics 28
  232. Can america afford free healthcare?
    Can America afford health care for everyone? How would we pay for it? If you have to pay higher taxes or have your health care taxed- do you think you'll be able to afford it? If employers have to provide it, do you think it will put added stress on t...
    11 Politics 132
  233. Should he be allowed to serve ?
    President Obama stated the Daschle situation made it appear there were 2 sets of rules - one for privileged, one for normal Americans - Why should treasury secretary Timothy Geithner, having the same Ethical problem, failing to pay taxes, be allowed to...
    6 Politics 15
  234. Where do I receive money for college?
    I'm a senior in highschool. And I really want to go to college. But the problem is that I don't have any income coming in right now. I have been living with my cousin for over a month now. My mother died in November of last year. And im determined to g...
    2 Money 10
  235. Should we move in together?
    My boyfriend is 22 and im 19. I am currently a freshman at college and we want to move in next fall together. As of right now, we have been dating over 6 months but by the time we actually move in it will be over a year(started dating in april of t...
    4 Relationships 16
  236. What is the best way to make more money from adsense?
    Since this site is here to help people with their adsense exposure I have to ask... What is the best way to get exposure for your adsense code? I am in need of improving my adsense income and need to know some tips. I already have sever blogs and I j...
    3 Money 18
  237. Why do the dinos roar?
    Why do the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park movies always roar when they attack? No predator roars when it attacks. It would startle the prey. Wolves, pumas, lions, owls, eagles--they all rely on silence when they attack. Who did they consult that suggested ...
    9 Entertainment 58
  238. Why do people hate the rich?
    If you ask me I think the rich show a future that someone can achieve with hard work. The question iswhy do democrats oppose tax cuts to the rich example barack obama speechs where to find this info on the web please do your own research
    7 Politics 30
  239. How to become a lawyer?
    Im 14 and going into high school next year. I've decieded that I want to be a lawyer when I get older. But I wanna know more about the career. Does anybody know anything about the school needed, how long it takes to become one, the income, and how to ...
    3 Money 15
  240. How can I get another bank account, and not have to deal with BS?
    I had a bank account with a local bank. It was my first time having a bank account, and I was excited to have one... as it can come in handy. However, I had to close my account because they made me mad. Since I had an account there... I was taking ...
    11 Money 52
  241. Has anyone ordered Carlton's Course?
    I have seen this infomercial on late night television for years and I was wondering if anyone has tried it and if so, is it working well for you? How hard is it to get started in property management? Is it complicated? Is there really good support with...
    4 Homegarden 20
  242. who knows of any legitimate,work from home jobs?
    i.e direct selling,drop-shipping etc? I am a stay at home young mummy looking to make a part time income and would love to have my own biz!! if you know of anying please do let me know,thanks :)
    3 Money 29
  243. How many niche sites does a person need to make good money online?
    I have been thinking of starting a few niche sites, but I am not sure how many I would need in order to make a good online income. It seems to me it would be hard to maintain more than maybe ten of them. How does one maintain more than that? Do they ou...
    3 Money 25
  244. Car/Relationship Problems
    How would you feel. You are engaged with a baby. You are the one who worked for the past year, and you are the one who claimed your baby on your taxes. When your money came in, you spent half of it on a car for your fiance. Would you be upset if the...
    10 Technology 17
  245. What should I do about my living situation?
    I am 19 and I live at home with my mom.. I plan on going back to college but need to pay for it myself. I can't stand being at home with my mom. I hate drugs and alcohol and that is all that goes on at my house. I have no one else I can go live wi...
    3 Family 46
  246. Do I have to pay capital gains on triplex homestead/rental property
    I lived in a house for the 11 years I owned the property. It was a house with a small duplex attached. I completely remodeled the house and put minor work into the rentals, now I am paying capital gains tax on all when the value of the house is what m...
    2 Homegarden 39
  247. Why is my spayed female dog licking her private parts?
    My 13 yr. old schnauzer started licking her privates more then usual over the last several days. She is spayed and has been since she was a pup. Any ideas what might be going on? Trying to avoid an expensive trip to the vet... I'm on a limited income.
    2 Pets 286
  248. Is obama nuts?
    I try to keep up to date with the current events.. I feel obama is driving us to our next depression! The last thing america needs is a bigger government! Obama's stimmulous plan will cost 850 billion?! where is he getting the money? .. I know most com...
    12 Politics 87
  249. Quantity or quality ?
    Hi - after an illness that ran me down I am now starting to do weight training to build myself up. at present I do 100 bench presses with a 20kg bar in one session, and am about to progress to something more taxing. My question is - for maximum benef...
    4 Nutritionfitness 17
  250. How to put an ad in the newspaper? Does it cost?
    Okay so I want to do some babysitting as a summer job because I am really needing to pay dig money to my mum and I just finished college so I am thinking about putting an AD into the newspapers about helping babysit but what do I write? would this b...
    2 Money 62