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Ice skating rinks and instruction

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  1. What is ice speed skating?
    What is ice speed skating?
    2 General 24
  2. skates!!!
    who all skate boards???
    2 General 13
  3. masterbate with ice
    how do you masterbate with ice?
    3 Sex 1488
  4. Skate 3
    Will their be a skate 3
    2 Gaming 16
  5. Vanilla ice cream or oreo ice cream
    Vanilla ice cream or oreo ice cream :) I love both
    9 Food 21
  6. Is it weird for a girl to skate?
    Is it weird for a girl to skate?
    21 Sports 55
  7. Can I have ice cream if I have an ulcer?
    Can I have ice cream if I have an ulcer?
    2 General 88
  8. what is the difference between an iced mocha and an ice latte.
    what is the difference between an iced mocha and an ice latte and which one likes you more.
    3 Food 88
  9. What are some good skate shoes?
    What are some good skate shoes
    9 Shopping 57
  10. how to tie hockey skates?
    how to tie hockey skates?
    2 Sports 126
  11. What is the differance between icing and frosting?
    What is the differance between icing and frosting?
    4 Food 77
  12. what do you think of girls skateing?
    3 Relationships 28
  13. What is an alternative for iceing on a german chocolate cake if you don't have coconut iceing?
    7 Food 42
  14. Is ice skating hard?
    Is ice skating hard???how long will it take you to learn to just skate around??
    6 Sports 13
  15. how to sharpen ice skates?
    I have my own ice skates and there getting worn out, so I need to sharpen them. where should I take them. or can I do it some how on my own
    2 Sports 35
  16. Is taking a girl ice skateing a good first date?
    Is taking a girl ice skateing a good first date
    4 Relationships 22
  17. Can I use figure ice skates to go general public ice skating when I don't figure skate?
    Okay, I wanna buy some ice skates and found some I really like. I can't figure skate, in fact, i'm not brilliant at ice skating in the first place. Can I still use figure skates to go ice skating a public rinks or is it weird? : )
    6 Sports 13
  18. What music is playing in the movie ronin ice skating practice
    What music is playing in the movie ronin ice skating practice scene?
    3 Music 1312
  19. Ice cream flavors
    What are the best ice cream flavors???
    16 Food 27
  20. Are Nike SB's good for skating?
    are nike sb's good for skating??
    12 Shopping 79
  21. Skate board designs
    What are some good skate board designs
    2 Sports 36
  22. What is so special about homemade ice cream?
    What is so special about homemade ice cream?
    4 Food 36
  23. what's your favorite ice cream flavor?
    what's your favorite ice cream flavor?
    21 Food 25
  24. ICE!!
    Who likes 2 eat ice??
    8 General 52
  25. Why is Iceland green and Greenland is ice?
    6 Travel 64
  26. What's easier to skate with - rollerskates or rollerblades?
    13 Sports 41
  27. how can i make light/baby blue icing???
    3 Food 291
  28. is figure skating consider a sport?
    12 Sports 12
  29. is arizona ice tea bad for you?
    5 Food 48
  30. Icee, snowcone, or slushee?
    6 Shopping 17
  31. Is powdered sugar and icing sugar the same thing?
    10 Food 26
  32. Skating Picture
    I edited this picture all by myself, what do you think?
    3 Gaming 28
  33. What do you think about figure skating?
    I love figure skating I figure skate simple but what do YOU think?
    11 Sports 65
  34. New ice skates, how to prevent them getting scratched?
    I just got new ice skates whats the best way to prevent them getting scratched and where do I get it ...?
    2 Shopping 25
  35. Who thinks skating is a good sport?
    Who thinks skateing is a good sport (like me)
    5 Sports 17
  36. If Instructions were included
    If YOU came with Instructions what would they say?
    10 General 14
  37. Do you like arizona iced tea ?
    Do you like arizona iced tea ? I love it!!
    5 Food 36
  38. How achievement test can help with classroom instruction?
    How achievement test can help with classroom instruction?
    2 Homegarden 11
  39. What are your favorite ice cream flavors?
    what are your favorite ice cream flavours?
    22 Food 38
  40. Skate shoes??
    Whats the best skate shoes to wear??
    5 Sports 20
  41. What are good smoothies with ice cream in them with no bananas?
    10 Food 28
  42. how many calories are in a chocolate iced donut?
    9 Food 18
  43. What has more calories in general - cake or ice cream?
    7 Food 173
  44. Can You Get Anemia By Eating To Much Ice?
    3 Health 101
  45. How can you make home made ice cream?
    8 Food 13
  46. Are sorbets a healthier alternative to ice cream?
    2 Food 18
  47. What do you like more frozen yogurt or ice cream?
    6 Food 17
  48. What do you like better - chocolate or ice cream?
    47 Food 60
  49. Who can tell me things about the fire and ice condom?
    6 Health 23
  50. How do you make fried ice-cream?
    2 Food 16
  51. How can you tell if an ice cream sandwich is fresh?
    3 Food 44
  52. Would you be able to skate down this huge ramp?
    12 Sports 14
  53. Favorite Ice Cream?
    What is your favorite??? chocolate or Vanilla?
    10 Food 15
  54. How much does an ice cream maker cost?
    8 Shopping 49
  55. Where can I buy icing that isn't as sweet?
    6 Food 28
  56. Ice Hockey!
    When did ice hockey start and where? Thanks, C, x
    2 Sports 21
  57. We all scream for ice-cream
    What is you fav flavor of ice-cream?
    12 Food 11
  58. Are there any skate parks in new jersey or near paterson?
    Are there any skate parks in new jersey or near paterson?
    2 Sports 45
  59. Does ice-cream have a lot of calories?
    5 Nutritionfitness 77
  60. Can anyone recommend a good, cheap ice-cream maker that makes a substantial amount of ice-cream?
    6 Food 14
  61. how masterbation ice cubes?
    ok I been hearing about ice cube masterbation how to you do that do you stick the whole ice cube up there or what?
    2 Sex 2829
  62. Iced Coffee
    Is sugar or sweetners added to ice coffees? Ex: starbucks iced coffee.
    3 Food 14
  63. Why would an iPad come without an instruction booklet?
    2 Technology 8
  64. Can you buy Ben and Jerry's ice cream in Adelaide?
    3 Food 29
  65. How much does a small Smirnoff Ice cost in the UK?
    6 Food 34
  66. How can I make cake icing without powdered sugar?
    3 Food 22
  67. What's your favorite ice cream flavor?
    whats your fav flavor
    27 Food 39
  68. Whats Your Favorite Ice Cream?
    9 Food 27
  69. Is it true that chewing on ice means you want to have sex?
    13 Sex 79
  70. Why is ice said to bring down swelling and does that actually work?
    6 Health 60
  71. Does putting ice on a zit for a little while help minimize it?
    11 Style 79
  72. What cake mix and icing will go together well?
    2 Food 8
  73. What are good card games (with instructions) with 2 or more people?
    4 Gaming 11
  74. Why is vanilla ice cream so much easier to scoop out then chocolate?
    Why is vanilla ice cream so much easier to scoop out then chocolate?
    6 Food 264
  75. Ice and snow
    When do why ou put ice melt on a driveway, before or after the ice/or snow?
    4 Homegarden 249
  76. Ice doesn't always make water cold, does it?
    Ice doesn't always make water cold, does it? What other things does it do?
    4 Food 73
  77. Anybody ready to see the snow and ice go away ??
    Anybody ready to see the snow and ice go away ??
    9 General 18
  78. Ice cream sundae
    Describe how you would like your ice cream sunday?
    3 Food 11
  79. Ben and Jerrys Cherry Garcia Ice Cream?
    Who is Jerry Garcia and does he have anything to do with Ben and Jerrys Cherry Garcia Ice Cream?
    7 Food 82
  80. Do you think that figure skating is a real sport?
    Do you think that figure skating is a real sport? And what about ballet??? If so how difficult do you think they are?
    7 Sports 53
  81. what are the lyrics to Brittany spears' Break The Ice?
    what are the lyrics to the song by brittany spears called Break The Ice???
    4 Music 39
  82. Good songs to skate to?
    does any one know any good songs to skate to? preferable rock?
    4 Music 61
  83. Does ice get colder than freezing?
    does ice get colder than 32 degrees farinhight
    3 General 138
  84. Why does sugar free ice cream say sugar on the container?
    When ice cream is supposed to be sugar free why does the container say there is sugar
    2 Food 45
  85. Eating ice
    Does eating ice swells your stomach up or does it helps you loose weight?
    6 Food 120
  86. ice skating do they provide skates for you?
    when you go to an ice skating rink is it like when you go to a bowling alley and they give you the skates there? or do you have to buy them somewhere else? and is there an entry fee? because im planning on going with my sister and were not really sure ...
    2 Sports 11
  87. What to do when you got no skate spots in your city?
    Skateboarding skate spots being bored skateboards skating alone skating with friends hanging out
    2 Sports 13
  88. Whats the name of that song its goes meet me at the skating ring??
    2 Music 153
  89. Why do the ice cubes in my freezer taste like cheese?
    8 Food 35
  90. Is their a brand of ice cream that I can get in a chocolate strawberry flaor?
    9 Food 15
  91. Is ice tea worse than Pepsi?
    i heard it is full of sugar?
    4 Food 72
  92. How can I make bubble gum flavored popsicles or ice cubes?
    2 Food 108
  93. Do you eat ice cream with a fork?
    I was wondering if anyone else did.
    24 Food 233
  94. what can i put in a strawberry smoothie if i dont have ice cream or yogurt?
    8 Food 15
  95. how do i get the tm ice fang in pokemon soul silver?
    3 Gaming 195
  96. Why when I open a frozen soda, the ice turns soft and mushy?
    2 Food 50
  97. What's your favorite Ben and Jerry's ice cream flavor?
    7 Food 17
  98. Is it true that drinking ice cold drinks makes your arteries harden?
    7 Health 175
  99. Why do some people give you unclear instructions, and then tell you off when you get it wrong?
    5 General 74
  100. How do you make a Homemade Icee?
    So you know Slushies/Icees? Well how do I make a homemade one?
    2 Food 53
  101. Skate shoes?
    does anyone know where I can buy a pair of skate shoes that arn't expensive?
    9 Shopping 24
  102. Does wearing vans make you a poser if you don't skate?
    I wear skate shoes (vans) but I dont skateboard, does that make me a poser?
    13 Style 1226
  103. Does iced tea contain caffeine?
    I've been drinking it lately and i know some teas contain caffeine, but does iced tea contain some?
    4 Food 13
  104. What's your favorite kind of Ice Cream at Dairy Queen?
    What's your favorite kind of Ice Cream at Dairy Queen? And, do you all order the Footlongs?
    6 Food 19
  105. Ice cream, who invented it?
    Does anyone know who invented ice cream lke its not like someones name was ice cream!!
    9 Food 17
  106. How much ice should I put into the blender if I am making a banana and raspberry smoothie?
    2 Food 19
  107. Can someone give me a link to Pink Ice's store locator?
    3 Shopping 27
  108. What is fried ice cream?
    How does it work? I tasted it once, but I still don't get the concept.
    2 Food 43
  109. What is the best red velvet cupcake & icing recipe that you personally use?
    2 Food 19
  110. Would an ice cream cone made with herbs taste good?
    8 Food 36
  111. Could there be any health risk or risk of disease with breast milk ice cream?
    12 Food 42
  112. FunAdvice Trivia: "Dry Ice" is not ice, but actually a compressed form of what gas?
    A) Neon B) Carbon Dioxide C) Carbon Monoxide D) Oxygen
    8 Science 40
  113. What sort of icing has a slight bitter aftertaste?
    5 Health 9
  114. Is it ok to kiss someone after eating ice cream?
    Or will it taste bad?
    21 Relationships 256
  115. who can eat icing or frosting by itself?
    can anybody eat frosting or icing by itself? it soo good. I love it to death cause I can(:
    6 Food 60
  116. How can I skate better?
    I love to skate and I am ok at it but I dont really have anywhere to practice it how do I get better?
    2 Sports 33
  117. Favorite ice cream flavor?
    What is your favorite flavor of ice cream (mine is peanutbutter and chocloate) by baskin robbins
    14 Food 39
  118. Ice Cold or Warm Water?
    Which is better to drink Ice Cold or Room Temp. water or does it matter?
    8 Food 32
  119. How to masturbate with ice??
    How do you masturbate with ice?? Like do you just stick it up there?? Or do you also rub your clit?? Please help!!
    5 Sex 129
  120. Eating ice...
    People have told me that eating ice will make you skinnier and have healthier teeth is that true?
    3 Health 226
  121. How to make colourful icing for cupcakes ?
    Please I need to know it before my birthday . I just want to know how to make icing for cupcakes .
    3 Food 47
  122. "Skate shoes"
    Do you have to skate board to wear "Skate Shoes"? I've seen some really cute shoes that are called T.U.K. Skate Shoes... but I don't skate board. So are those just for skate boarding people or can anyone who likes them wear them?
    6 Shopping 12
  123. Who wants to skate with me?
    I need some 13 to 15 year old skater friends any skaters out there
    2 General 18
  124. What's something good to put in between two layers of chocolate cake with icing on top?
    5 Food 10
  125. I do a 90 degree turn when im skating how can I make it straight
    I do like a 90 degree turn when I ollie how can I make it straight
    4 Sports 10
  126. do they fire and ice condoms from trojan really work (just seen the commercial lol) ?
    6 Shopping 86
  127. Ice Skating!
    Whats the first time of ice skatin like??? Im going for the 1st time with ma mates.. And one of the guys im going with I really like.. Im gonna embasess myself! LOL
    4 Sports 12
  128. Oral with Icecream and Ice with whipcream?
    is it Ok if a girl sucks me with icecream on ma penis? and is it ok if she sucks me with ice? and also whipcream?
    4 Sex 29
  129. Ice cream and brownies
    Eww has any one had ice cream and brownies before. Gross. Lol my fiance does all the time. Jw.
    8 Food 43
  130. Is 'A Song of Ice and Fire' an Alternate History story?
    Is George R.R. Martin's epic 'A Song of Ice and Fire' an Alternate History story?
    2 Literature 33
  131. what do I do when I need a new pair of skate shoes
    I need a new pair if skate shoes but I dont have money and my parents are tired of giving me money. What to do now??
    3 Sports 18
  132. Do you prefer chocolate or vanilla ice cream?
    Do you prefer chocolate or vanilla ice cream? I read somewhere that more people like chocolate, but I don't believe it!
    23 Food 156
  133. whatz your favorite type of ice cream??
    whatz your favorite type of ice cream??? mines I have no clue I like lotz!!!lol=]
    12 Food 10
  134. fav flavor of ice cream
    whats your fav flavor of ice cream? mines cookie dough! whatz urs???
    13 Food 15
  135. who likes to skate?
    I kinda got board so this question just popped into my head :) who likes to skate? please tell me if you like to or not:)
    5 Sports 13
  136. What is appropriate dress to visit an ice rink?
    I'm chaperoning a field trip and I don't know what to wear. :3 I've only gone to an ice rink for my practices so I'm dressed up in tights and a skirt. I'm not sure what a person just visiting would wear.
    9 Style 13
  137. How do you glide easily over the ice when skating?
    I love ice skating but when I watch people skate on youtube (like Sasha Cohen for example. Type her in) I notice that she seems to glide effortlessly over the ice. Is it down to practice or is it the speed and posture she has? :) Help would be apprecia...
    3 Sports 43
  138. Are Airwalks good skating shoes?
    are air walks bad skate shose I was just wandering and if you can can you recomend a type of skate shoe I should try
    4 Shopping 52
  139. What should I wear to go skating?
    Tomorrow I am going to this outdoor rink with a guy I like, and some friends. What is a good thing to wear?
    6 Style 53
  140. What shoe brand is better for skate boarding?
    I want a new pair of sneakers for skateboarding. What brand is better?
    9 Shopping 16
  141. What's your favorite kind of ice cream?
    Mine would either be cookies & cream or moose's tracks
    27 Food 21
  142. Sick from ice cream sandwich??
    My mom bought me and what I call neighbors some ice cream sandwiches and after I finished it,I felt sick. Why do I feel sick from it?
    4 Food 87
  143. ice cream ??? yummy
    what is your favorite kind of ice cream mix? mine is buttered pocorn with oreos... yummz
    6 Food 10
  144. Do tight jeans really make you skate better?
    Do tight jeans really make you skate better? I wear tight pants but I skate with loose fit jeans. Any advice =d
    3 Sports 56
  145. Does anyone else have ice on the inside of their car today even though there isn't any snow?
    2 General 25
  146. what happens if you numb a body part with ice then poke it with a hot needle?
    Will it be like a tattoo?
    6 Style 49
  147. Why is chewing ice bad?
    I was wondering, why is chewing ice bad? If ice is frozen WATER why is it not healthy to chew ice? I know it's a "pica" it tells you that your body is lacking in iron but what I don't get is, ice is frozen water so what's the difference?
    2 Health 32
  148. Melting ice question
    Say you have a container full of water, and a chunk of ice in there as well...when the ice melts, the water level/volume will be exactly the same as when the ice was initially placed into the container of this true?
    13 Science 92
  149. Why does ice cream make you thirsty?
    2 Food 114
  150. Skate shoes
    What is the best shoe you skated with? I skated with circa combats those were my best but now I do more stairs and I need a pair of shoes that has comfort,heel support,and a vulcanized feel.
    2 Sports 19
  151. My Mom and Skating
    My mom won`t let me go skating unless an adult is there and adults are never up there and she's always working and honestly I don`t want her up there with me. What Do I Do??
    3 Family 44
  152. Does anyone know the biscuit ice cream recipe from Nigella?
    did any body see nigella express when she made biscuit ice cream?anybody know the recipe???
    2 Food 9
  153. Does anyone have instructions on how to make Starburst necklaces?
    I cant figure out how to make starburst necklaces. I have so many wrappers saved but I cant do anything with them.. anyone have instructions on how to make these?
    2 General 57
  154. Skating the White House
    Did anybody hear about Tony Hawk skating the White House halls? I just found out,his craziest stunt yet.
    3 Politics 10
  155. Do most girls prefer skating dresses with or without snaps?
    When girls wear skating dresses, do they generally prefer them with or without snaps? Some have snaps under the crotch, and some have them down the back. Some even have both. Which kind do you prefer?
    2 Style 13
  156. What ar some good bands to skate to?
    I skateboard and need good music to skate to...I listen to a lot of rock/Screamo/emo...stuff like that
    7 Music 32
  157. What do I use to flavor icing?
    are extracts okay? I have a bottle of orange extract I'm wondering if it would work.
    5 Food 38
  158. Best ice cream?
    What is better on a dreary night.. cookies and cream or just plain old chocolate.???
    10 Food 13
  159. How does putting ice on a swollen body part make the swelling go down?
    I'm just curious as to how it works.
    2 Health 58
  160. DCs messin up my skating
    just got new DCs adn its kinda hard to do tricks on my board. Is it the shoe or is it me??
    5 Entertainment 34
  161. Who else thinks Ice-Cream sounds good right about now?
    I really want some ice cream so im asking other people if they are in the mood for some ice cream too.
    8 Food 51
  162. Are iced tea and sweet tea different?
    What is the difference between iced tea and sweet tea? My friend Brandon and I are fighting cause I say Iced tea an he says sweet tea... but I've never had 'sweet tea' I live in the noth he lives in the south.
    7 Food 389
  163. Does anyone know how to eat an ice cream cone?...
    Does anyone know how to eat an ice cream cone without getting your face covered in ice cream...I always make a mess. lol
    2 Food 33
  164. Does eating ice damage teeth?
    Does eating ice damage your teeth? Im beginning to worry because my friend told me it damages teeth and I chew ice all the time (dont ask why, its a habbit!) If so, how?
    7 Health 101
  165. how do i decide between figure skating and gymnastics?
    right i wanna start figure skating( i did it before but i wanna again)iv still got my skates and all that but i also realy wanna do gymnastics but i cant chose? do i have to chose???
    2 Sports 21
  166. sister hit her head on ice. now she feels dazy.
    okay my sister hit her head on ice. now she feels dazy. What are the signs of a harm? What should I do should I take her the hostpial or just keep an eye on her?
    5 Health 203
  167. Who has ever ate ice cream for breakfast?
    At the moment I am eatting ice cream and drinking sweet tea. Great combo lol.
    26 Food 35
  168. When you buy a rollerblade does it pay for both skates?
    When you buy a roller blade at a store or online when it says 59.99 are you paying for one of the skates or one whole pair
    2 Shopping 15
  169. Is ice cream bad for you?
    I dont have a clue about these things. I mean like, is it high in calories? Thanks X
    5 Food 51
  170. links for skate vids?
    Does any one know where to watch alien workshop:mine feild or flipmode:trife
    4 Sports 26
  171. Do you like my new skate shoes?
    so I got new shoes today. hopefully they will help me get down more tricks. anymone like themmm???
    4 General 10
  172. whats this song called "bottles in the ice like a blizard, wen we drink we do it right gettn slizerd"?
    3 Music 45
  173. should you use a junker skate board to practice tricks when your first learning so you don't mess up your good expensive one?
    4 Sports 14
  174. All about ice skatin
    What shall I were? How long does it take to get the hang of it? Anything else I should know? ily all x
    3 Sports 12
  175. Homemade Ice Cream
    Okay. So I am babysitting some kids and we want to make homemade ice cream. We don't have milk or ice cream and we only have one can of evaporated milk. Does anyone have any ingrediants on how to make it? Please share.
    3 Food 47
  176. What is your favourite flavour of ice cream?
    I dont eat ice-cream too often, but when I do I love banana ice-cream. Just plain with no toppings or syrups. What about you? Whats your favourite flavour, and what do you like with it?
    20 Food 44
  177. Will ice cold water help a sore muscle?
    ok so my claf muscel hurts. Will soaking my legs in ice cold water heal the pain?
    2 Nutritionfitness 78
  178. Where can I buy figure skates?
    I have been trying to find some figure skates for ages now and cant find a shop anywhere in the UK which sells them in a shop where you can actually try them on! Any ideas? x
    3 Sports 38
  179. Ice packs
    My husband is a fussy eater and he wants to take food on holiday to eygpt,is it ok to put ice packs in your suitcase ta
    2 Travel 22
  180. Help about the ice age theory, need info for a project.
    Does anyone know exactly what the ice age theory states? I can't find it anywhere!! Please help me if you can.
    2 Education 17
  181. Is it true that ice cream gives you a big butt?
    Ice cream gives you a bigg butt ? Or what can yu eat so it goes straight to your butt & upper thighs ? Thanks.
    6 Nutritionfitness 4164
  182. why is it that when skaters skate and theres a newbee round they call umm POSER??
    like that the Heck they were neewbes too then why be a hyprocrate and call others posers!?!?
    5 Sports 18
  183. Which one cookies and cream are cookie dough ice cream?
    I cant choose...I love them both buh everybody dosent eat both...which one would you eat
    6 Food 12
  184. What kind of icing is it that's usually used on sugar cookies?
    It dries really hard and flat, it's almost like a glaze.
    3 Food 24
  185. skates,what do they like
    do sk8erboys like sk8ergurls?? && do they usually go for loud or quiet gurls??? sk8erboys! what type of girl would you date??
    2 Relationships 29
  186. Whats your fav ice cream flavor?
    whatz your fav icecream flavor, and I dont mean the basic's (basic's- vinnla,coco,strawberry,)
    11 Food 41
  187. Raspberry Iced Tea &and Calories.?
    I drink raspberry iced tea all the many calories DOES it have.? I've cut out sodas and such but is raspberry iced tea just as bad...I heard iced tea was good so is the extra add-on of the raspberry calorie overload.?
    4 Nutritionfitness 46
  188. How to make icing for a cake?
    how do you make icing for a cake without wasting too much money? I made a cake and tried to make some icing, but it was too sweet and not as white as in the store.What can I do!? Does anybody know a good recipe?
    7 Food 181
  189. How would table salt work on ice?
    All the snow here has melted now, and I can't test this out for myself... but I was wondering something. When you have ice and snow on the ground and you put salt down it melts it... what would happen if you put table salt down on the ice/snow? Would i...
    3 Environment 52
  190. slipping on ice.
    Isn't it funny when you see someone walking on ice but they slip on it almost busting their asss but then they try to play it off like nothin happen?
    14 General 64
  191. Where can I buy Umbro Ice cologne?
    I'm from America, and I can't seem to find Umbro ice cologne anywhere. I tried online but all the sites won't ship out of the UK.
    8 Shopping 13
  192. What's your favorite ice cream flavor?
    alright im just wondering alright every1 post your faverite ice cream flaver=) mine cookie dough yearrgh!
    10 Food 25
  193. What are some songs like Sex Instructions by Borgore?
    I really like dub and techno...but I'm open to most anything :) so give me some suggestions please.
    3 Sex 27
  194. Does driking ice water make one lose weight?
    I've heard that if one drinks ice water one loses weight because the body uses energy which burns carbs to heat ones body up again.
    4 Nutritionfitness 10
  195. How much should I use ice cubes and vinegar?
    I used ice cubes to help my acne scars and it works but should I use it twice a day or just at night? and I use Apple Cider Vinegar for my back acne, should I use that twice a day also?
    2 Style 63
  196. why ice dont get freezer burnt.
    ok well my friend just asked me why ice dont get freezer burnt. lol so I told her that I would try to figure it out!! any help? please? lol
    3 Science 17
  197. Instructions on how to make faux drinks and pastries?
    Where do you find instructions on how to make faux drinks and pastries... I need a recipe on how to make a faux choco caramel apple covered in nuts.. Can anyone help
    2 Food 53
  198. Anyone else here feel like eating ice cream?
    So I know this is a random question. But for me its 10:22 pm and I really feel like eating some cookies and cream ice cream. Anyone else? what kind?
    8 Food 56
  199. Will I have trouble using hockey skates?
    I have had figure skates for about 9 moths now, but am getting Hockey skates tomorrow, am I going to have a lot of trouble learning how to use them, or will I be ok? anyone got any tips on learning quickly? x
    2 Sports 11
  200. Going skating :S
    Alright well I got skates for christmas and my dads apperently taking me skating tomorrow :S Thing is I have never skated before(I'm 16) and have no clue what I should do what I should wear... Any advice will help just please answer
    5 Sports 36
  201. What is your favorite Ice Cream flavor?
    What is your favorite Ice cream flavor AND What flavor would you invent if you could? Mine:Peanu tbutter chocolate chip inventtive flavor:Krispy creme donut flavor!!! :P
    8 Food 42
  202. Who thinks that global warming is ironic as its an ice age?
    I think that its quite ironic that scientists call this issue global warming when it leads to an ice age so shouldn't it be called global freezing as thats whats going to happen?
    2 Environment 15
  203. Ice cold water and calories
    How many calories would you burn by drinking ice cold water? I've heard different things mainly between 50-100 calories per cup.
    3 Nutritionfitness 51
  204. What is a cute outfit to wear when I go skating on Saturday???
    I have outfits I can wear on a regular day but im not sure what to wear when I go skating. wats cute but also easy to skate with??? I was thinking skinny jeans but im not sure. Or how bout tna pants?
    5 Style 112
  205. Skate board shops in montreal?
    I want to get a good sksteboard like a 50-60$ one not some nock off zellers or sears one =P
    2 Shopping 65
  206. Skate artist job?
    has anyone sold any of their art to a sk8 company for cash? If any has I need help I want to get a job as a sk8 artist but don't know how to get started need help please.
    3 Money 36
  207. Do you prefer ice cream or chocolate?
    Which do you prefer. I go for chocolate, you can get more type of things with them. Sure that there are many different flavours of icream, but I mean, chocolate eggs, not icecream eggs.
    11 Food 55
  208. What kind of icing should I put on my chocolate peanut butter cake?
    I have never made chocolate peanut butter cake so I'm not sure what flavor would be best, any suggestions will be appreciated
    9 Food 16
  209. Can you lose weight on the "ice diet" ?
    So I've heard that there Is a diet called an ice diet. Where you drink ice cold water all the time, and for when you get hungry, you eat like a block of ice. And that If you keep this up, It helps to loose a few pounds. Is this true?
    15 Nutritionfitness 176
  210. Should I apply Ice or Heat?
    My knee's are always in pain, and always feel like they are swollen. It is 2am and I am about to cry because my one hurts so badly.... I need to sleep. Which would be best for it? Ice or heat?
    4 Health 24
  211. FunAdvice Featured Recipe: Iced Cappuccino
    Here’s a super chilled java flavour for coffee lovers. Put a few ingredients into the blender and voilà … Iced Cappuccino!
    2 Food 4
  212. Who has instructions to a disney magic oven?
    My daughter has a disney princess cool bake magic oven and we seem to have lost the instructions. Can anyone help with where to find them online or if you have this and can post them here that would be great!! Thanks all!
    4 Shopping 98
  213. How can I learn to roller skate online?
    I was at the skating rink tonight and I relazied..jeez compared to these other people I SUCK xD lol (quad skates btw) is there any website or specific youtube vids that could show me how to skate better? roller skate,grapvine, backwards, etc
    4 Sports 53
  214. is there anywhere that makes extra wide inline or roller skates?
    if not how many sizes bigger would i need to get a 2-4e feet
    2 Sports 14
  215. What are some good things to talk about to break the ice?
    I want to break the ice with this girl I like but I dont really know what to talk about shes older than me too. I dont know if she likes me so I wanna start to flirt with her so she might gain interest in me
    2 Relationships 42
  216. ice cream vs. popsicles
    why is it that I cant eat popsicles when my throat is gettin sore/sick and it hurts yet I am able to eat ice cream? lots of people have told me that one..but why? I dont see the difference.
    5 Food 66
  217. I want to be a skate-chick!
    HOW can you easily balance on a skateboard.. it's so anoying , because every time I try to stand up and move on one, the board flips out because I loose my BALANCE!
    8 Sports 26
  218. Where can I get CHEAP DC Skate Shoes (Their site's too expensive!)?
    I really want some DC Skate shoes but they're too expensive. I'm a girl and my shoe size is 5 - 6. I'm 15 so I don't want to spend like £50 on them. Help!!!
    2 Shopping 10
  219. The flavor stuff you put on shaved ice?
    My friend said that if you put some of that flavor stuff that you put on shaved ice, like the cotton candy or blueberry, you know stuff like that...well she said if you put some of that stuff down there everyday that it will start smelling and tasting ...
    2 Health 52
  220. Whats the funnest thing that you can think of to do for an ice cream sundae?
    I'm making a menu and i don' have any unique or cool dessert ideas. I know i want to do ice cream but if anybody has any other ideas then feel free to tell me.
    7 Food 27
  221. What happens if you only eat ice cream for one whole day?
    My friend went a whole day and only ate two bowls of ice cream and I want to know how your body takes it when you do this cause I am getting scared for my friend and I don't want her to hurt herself! So, what happens when you do this?
    5 Food 215
  222. PETA asking ben & jerry's to use breast milk in ice cream?
    Ok, I think PETA has gone too far...I read on this morning that they are asking Ben and Jerry's ( the ice cream company) to start using human milk instead of cows milk to make the ice cream...what do you think of that!!!???
    17 Politics 34
  223. Why is ice less dense than water?
    Well, my chemistry teacher gave a website link to a website that was supposed to help answer this but it only showed diagrams, but I didn't really know why it's less dense, help's appreciated!
    5 Science 74
  224. Where can I order skate ramps and rails?
    ok I want to have like ramps and rails in my back yard my mom said I can get it {yay} but uhm like is there like a website that I can go on to order the stuff or like a type of business that we can call =)
    5 Shopping 32
  225. Cake icing advice
    Just wondering what is the est type of icing to use for decorating a cake that is going to have one of those edible icing pictures on it I also need it so that I can pipe the icing in swirls on top of it.. thanks a heap:> p.s if you know simple re...
    3 Food 21
  226. Fire and Ice
    I have to say I love this poem, Fire and Ice, by Robert Frost. What do you think of it? How would you interpet its true meaning? Fire and Ice Some say the world will end in fire, Some say in ice. From what I’ve tasted of desire I hold with tho...
    2 Literature 37
  227. Does anyone on here who skates ride kryptonics?
    Does anyone on here who skates Ride kryptonics I just found out about them and I want a board from them But I don't know if there good. Im just sick of the regular brands. I want to be different. Lol So if you have even heard of tem tell me and tel...
    2 Sports 22
  228. Global warming Ice Age?
    I have heard that burning fossil fuels is contributing to Global Waming. I have heard that Global Warming is bad because it will lead to an Ice Age. I find this contradictory. If The world heats up how will it get colder? I don't understand. Please...
    6 Environment 21
  229. What are the benefits of taking an ice bath?
    So Ive taken two these past few days cause some of the guys on the team recommended it for soreness and stuf like that. But how long are you supposed to be in thers for exactly? And what exactlymdoes it do?
    4 Health 19
  230. How to get icing out of your hair when you can't have a shower to get it out?
    Don't worry, it was from my friend with a knife wiped it in me at a bday party lol soo is there any way? Cuz I tried a wet cloth but it's still sticky and I brushed. I just can't have a shower where I am right now.
    2 Style 445
  231. What is your favorite ice-cream OR popsicle?
    I looove MOCHIS. Especially "mocha" and "mango" flavored. If you haven't tried it, go to a nearby asian market or japanese resturaunts, or sushi place and get it!!!
    4 Entertainment 9
  232. What is a good manga instructional book?
    I want to get a book to help my manga drawing, but I want one that focuses on eyes, hair, cloths (wrinkles) and shading. I already know about the body structure and heads. What would you recommend?
    4 Literature 39
  233. What are your thoughts on the new "breast milk" ice-cream?
    I recently heard that they wanted to invent an ice cream using breast milk in London, rather than cows milk. Just wanted to hear everyones thoughts on this. I honestly don't know what to think of it. The thought of "breast-milk" ice-cream doesn't soun...
    23 Food 22
  234. Ice cube masturbation?
    I've always wanted to use an ice cube to masterbate. You know? Stick an ice cube up there. I've read in many places it feel amazing and fingering just isnt dong it for me anymore. Also I dont have access to a vib. So does anyone know if its safe? And h...
    2 Sex 1947
  235. Should I have chosen chocolate or strawberry ice cream?
    omg so I was at Stop and Shop and I had a dilemma between chocolate icecream and strawberry icecream. it was so intense!!!omg, then in the end I couldn't choose so my mom left and I was like >:O and then I had to walk home and you know the ice cream wo...
    16 Food 32
  236. completely new to skating
    hey I just got a skateboard today and my friend told me to get a plan b or almost (he has a plan b) so I got a plan b and I have no idea how to go about doing an ollie I mean of course I know everything to do it but I know im going to screw it up, any ...
    3 Sports 18
  237. How to create an instructional guide on Funadvice
    Writing an instructional guide on Funadvice can help our readers quickly solve specific problems. Typically these guides are a solid set of instructions that are easily digestible and help our readers to quickly fix a problem. We want our readers to...
    7 Funadvice 76
  238. Is it ok that for one time i have an ice cappachino and freezie in the same night cuz im grounded so im bored and iv been having cravings for both, or would it
    be too fatening cuz im trying to look good in this shirt i bought for this party coming up and i wanna look good. thxxxxxxxx
    3 Nutritionfitness 15
  239. What type of milk(whole,1%,2%) do you use when making cake icing?
    I have been using 2% milk and my icing is very thin and I don't know how to thicken the consistency then. Does is matter what type of milk you use or am I doing something else wrong? I use the same basic ingredients-powder sugar,butter,shortening,vani...
    5 Food 98
  240. What if I told you theres ice cream flavored cereal?
    It looks as if it's dippin dots, & Tastes just like it. It's a project we have to do for business class. Make up or own cereal, I need a good name to call this cereal, I want it to be fun & creative ? any ideas? you'd help a bunch :)
    2 Food 15
  241. Full instructions on head??
    Ok soo my boyfriend wants me to give him head for valentines day...and I agreed. but I havent ever given it before and im clueless on I don't want it to be just "ok" I want it to be amazzinggg!!! I need like full details...not just "use ...
    2 Relationships 303
  242. What are some of your favorite dunkin donuts iced coffees?
    I normally have a starkbucks carmel frappachino, but my mom said its too expensive to go there all the time, and that dunkin donuts is cheaper and tastes the same. I was wondering what your favorite dunkin donuts iced coffees are? Like maybe a vanilla...
    2 Food 18
  243. Is eating ice cream or anyting cold bad for your period?
    like from what I heard, my mom said that I shouldn't eat anything cold when I'm on my period because if I d, it'll hurt my reproductive system and I may not have a child later and in life if I eat to much of it. I just want to know if its true.
    11 Health 2710
  244. Who are your favorite snowboarders, surfer, skate pro,etc..?
    I luv guys who are snowboarders!!! Who's your favorite athlete?(dont talk about nfl,nba) Diferent sports... Ex; shaun white, kelly slater, kevin pearce(I luv him) et cetera... Tell me about some rising teens in these sports
    3 Sports 40
  245. All Night Skate
    hey everyone... why wont my mom let me stay at a all night skate??? they last from 7pm-6am she will let me stay until 2 am but then she comes to get me and doesnt let me stay all night!!! IM 16 YEARS OLD and I know midldle schoolers ( 12 and 13 ...
    4 Family 19
  246. Skating, Cheer leading, pressure:(
    Ok so its a small, but important conflict, I figure skate, but my mom wants me to try out in cheerleading at school. I want to dedicate all of my time and effort into one sport, not be so-so in both. Because I'm starting this new jump, the hardest o...
    5 Sports 24
  247. What is the best thing to melt ice off of the driveway?
    My grandma called me after recently moving up to montana and she has never dealt with snow or ice before. She just asked me what the best product was to put down to melt ice. I told her just to use rock salt. Is there something better that she could...
    8 Homegarden 437
  248. Can someone give me instructions on how to do guitar chords?
    I'm having troube reading the simplest of tabs and I feel really stupid :L But, I've found that if someone writes something like 'Put your 3rd finger on the 3rd fret of the 2nd string' ect then I can do it. Can someone be awesome and just put in a few...
    2 Music 14
  249. Should I buy a skateboard from Target or Skate Shop?
    Beginner skater questions I've been really interested in skateboarding for a while now. But don't know anyone who skates. I was wondering if it's wise to get the cheap skateboard at target rather than getting the $100+ skateboards for a beginner. And...
    5 Shopping 114
  250. Icecream!!
    Wats your favorite kind of ice cream? =) I scream for ice cream!!
    6 Food 15