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How to screenshot on mac

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  1. Does Ares run on a mac?
    Does Ares run on a mac?
    2 Technology 45
  2. Microsoft or mac?
    what is better Microsoft or mac? why?
    4 Technology 10
  3. Is a Mac better than a Dell?
    Is a mac better than dell?
    9 Technology 30
  4. Mac or pc
    6 Technology 17
  5. Is MAC cheaper than Sephora?
    3 Style 48
  6. How do I take screenshots from videos?
    8 Technology 31
  7. Mac and Cheese
    How hot should you have your stove on for mac and cheese.
    3 Food 42
  8. What computers are better mac or microsoft?
    What computers are better mac or microsoft?
    9 Technology 18
  9. How to take screenshots with a dell computer??!
    How do you take screenshots on your computer.
    3 Technology 168
  10. is apple mac the BEST laptop?
    4 Technology 19
  11. How to get to emptied trash on a Mac?
    How do I get to emptied trash?
    2 Technology 17
  12. Does everyone with a computer have a MAC address?
    2 Technology 67
  13. mac or pc?
    and why?...just wondering:D
    4 Technology 20
  14. How to know if a laptop is a Mac or a pc?
    2 Technology 30
  15. Why aren't my screenshots im taking in World of Warcraft not saving in the screenshots folder?
    2 Gaming 119
  16. How do you take screenshots on a computer? :3
    5 Technology 55
  17. Where can I buy a mac game online?
    3 Gaming 13
  18. Can I use older programs on the intel macs?
    Can I use older programs on the intel macs?
    3 Technology 9
  19. Which one is bigger whopper or big mac.
    Which one is bigger whopper or big mac.
    5 Food 43
  20. Is there any software that boosts internet speed for Mac?
    4 Technology 23
  21. Mac sony or dell?`
    Which computer is the best?
    12 Technology 44
  22. how do i open the cd / dvd parrt on the mac ???
    3 Technology 10
  23. Do you know who Toby Mac is?
    do you no woo tobymac is?
    2 Music 39
  24. Sims For Mac?
    Is there a Sims game that is made for the Macintosh?
    2 Gaming 7
  25. How do I use the camera that is built into my laptop on my Mac?
    3 Technology 27
  26. MMOFPS for a Mac
    Does anyone know of any fun MMOFPS that I can use on a Mac?
    2 Gaming 32
  27. What's a good editing program for Macs?
    Is theere any good video editing program for mac??
    2 Technology 13
  28. Apple mac
    Is apple mac, by any chance, owned by paul mccartney?
    3 Technology 33
  29. Big Macs
    Who likes big macs? I had two today and its like heaven.
    14 Food 48
  30. Does anyone know how to take a screenshot with a Galaxy S3?
    4 Technology 9
  31. Do you find mac and cheese with ketchup delicious or gross?
    15 Food 50
  32. What's the new latest Apple laptop and Mac computer?
    3 Technology 11
  33. What is the software used to make pro videos on Mac?
    3 Technology 12
    How do I use the built in cam for stickam and such?
    2 Technology 19
  35. Should I get the Mac Book Air 13 inch?
    5 Technology 15
  36. Do Biometric Flash Drives work with macs?
    Do Biometric Flash Drives work with Macbooks?
    2 Technology 8
  37. How to take a screenshot on Windows XP?
    on my computer I have a windows xp - how do I take a screenshoot???
    8 Technology 104
  38. Where is mac makeup originally made, i.e. "made in china"?
    4 Style 52
  39. How does one Right-Click... if they're on a Mac??
    6 Technology 22
  40. why is MAC lip glasses called lip "glasses"?
    like why is it glass and not gloss?
    2 Style 50
  41. Why did my Mac shut down and then start beeping; I only tried to print?
    3 Technology 39
  42. Mac problems
    I have a new mac book and it keeps shutting down on me. Help!!!
    2 Technology 9
  43. Imac or Mac Mini?
    Which is better the Imac or the mac mini? Not sure which would be a better value.
    2 Technology 12
  44. download girly cursors for mac
    Where can I download girly cursors (eg. pink/hello kitty) for mac?
    2 Technology 75
  45. Who uses a Mac and can tell me if they support .ttf font files?
    2 Technology 17
  46. What is better - a Mac Laptop or the Ipad?
    What is best for for writing and games?
    7 Technology 18
  47. Can Mac computers get viruses?
    i was told they cant but idk. so can they or not?!
    12 Technology 30
  48. Are there any screen recording applications for Mac that don't lag when I try to record gameplay?
    5 Technology 44
  49. Mac Dre vs Too $hort
    whoz a better rapper?
    3 Music 38
  50. How do I add Counter-Strike Source Maps to Counter-Strike Source on Mac?
    4 Gaming 44
  51. What are the best games for mac?
    Like Sims or, COD or some other good games?
    4 Gaming 16
  52. who wears MAC makeup?
    who wears MAC maekup and if do you make your eyes smokey black?
    3 Style 20
  53. What's the best cheese for mac and cheese?
    what is the best cheese to use when making home made( baked)mac and cheese
    2 Food 49
  54. Is there anything I can download for my Mac that can substitute for Facetime?
    My mac is too old to download facetime so is there anything else I can use?
    3 Technology 11
  55. Are there any websites online who sell box versions of games for mac other than steam?
    2 Gaming 9
  56. how do I know if my mac brushes are real?
    ok so are there fake mac brushes out there and how can I tell the difference between them and the real ones?
    8 Style 85
  57. Why does my mac say no batteries available?
    My mac has an ex over where how much battery it usually says & it says no batteries availible. Did I screw it up againnn??
    2 Technology 35
  58. Mac Vs Pc?
    So I was wondering.. Is a Mac book better than a PC.. ( say a gateway) And how so?
    4 Technology 47
  59. Baked Mac And Cheese
    How do you make baked mac and cheese? I am using boxed mac and cheese. but how long and at what temp do I put it in the oven for?>
    2 Food 66
  60. Where can I get a new chain brake for my mac cat 838 chainsaw?
    8 Shopping 17
  61. Is Safari the main browser for the Apple Mac computer?
    it cant be removed right?
    4 Technology 29
  62. mac's and video games
    are mac's good for video games? for example could they play WoW good? How about CS? games like that
    6 Technology 17
  63. Show mouse in screenshot in vb .net?
    Show mouse in screenshot in vb .net??? Is there a way to show the mouse when making a screenshot using a form in vb .net? Please help.
    3 Technology 22
  64. What does this mean for Mac comps?
    whats it mean when there is a question mark over where a program should be, in the program bar at the bottom of the screen?
    2 Technology 17
  65. Does a regular printer work with mac computers?
    Could a hp psc 2410 work with a imac computer?
    3 Technology 56
  66. How do you save a screenshot?
    :L eg: print screen a convo to put on..err Facebook? ;L
    25 Technology 37
  67. What advertisement is free mac cosmetics?
    I keep seeing an ad for free mac cosmetics. I know mac is not cheap and I want to try it but is it really free??
    6 Style 8
  68. Mac computers
    The thing I hate most (well, almost) is mac computers. I dont see anything good whatsoever in them. can somebody explain to me what is at all good about macs?
    3 Technology 11
  69. How can you get (something like) powerpoint on a mac?
    I want to open a powerpoint presentation (not made on a mac) on my macbook. how would I do that? can I download powerpoint? would it work on a mac?
    2 Technology 68
  70. Mac troubles...again.
    I have a mac and when I hit the volume buttons on my keyboard it doesnt make "pop" sound anymore and I miss that sound.
    2 Technology 21
  71. hOw...can I make mac and cheese wid motzerella cleese?
    k so I wanna make mac and cheese but I only got motzerella cheese, would it taste/come out good?
    3 Food 61
  72. Mac makeup
    Well I wanted to buy mac makeup but I always used clinique I wanted to no if there good? and if there lipgloss last long?
    5 Style 25
  73. How come my pogo games well not play on my mac?
    Pogo site comes up I start a games then it says no appletts are in stalled?
    2 Gaming 48
  74. MP3 player but I have a mac
    ok so my grandparents gave me an mp3 but I have a macbook and only itunes how can I turn my itunes into files compatible with an mp3?
    4 Technology 17
  75. What are some really good make up products from MAC?
    I wanted to try some makeup from mac and urban decay but I don't know which products that are really good. Any suggestions? Thanks.
    2 Style 37
  76. How do you stop pop ups when you have a mac book?
    I don't have that much experience with mac books and I've had mine for a year now... I am now starting to have pop ups, how do i get writ of them?
    3 Technology 24
  77. Mac and Cheese wid American Cheese?
    Can you make mac and cheese with white american cheese cause thats all I got right now? would that b iight?
    2 Food 57
  78. Bernie Mac, true or false .
    I seen the story of Bernie Mac dying featured on the Yahoo website. I later on heard it was false. Is it really True, or is it just False ?
    17 Entertainment 32
  79. Which color of Mac eyeshadow would you choose?
    which one would you choose? shadowy lady on the left. or spiced chocolate on the right.
    4 Style 15
  80. How to turn my windows to MAC?
    I want to change the whole windows 7 to MAC... like a genuine copy of mac make sure its free.. THANKS
    6 Technology 22
  81. Is there anyway to get an AIM profile on a Mac?
    Okay so I just got a Mac and I have to use ichat for AIM, but the thing is I can't find anyway to make a profile with ichat. Is it just not possible? Is there some way to do it on ichat, or some other thing I can use on a Mac for AIM that will allow ...
    2 Technology 35
  82. Where can I get MAC makeup but not on the Internet?
    I really want to know where I can buy MAC makeup in like Pennsylvania or Maryland. But not off the Internet. Have any ideas on places? Thanks.
    2 Style 3
  83. How to make Mac and Cheese without milk?
    Any advice on making macaroni and cheese without using milk, or as much butter, but still making it taste as good ?
    22 Food 23985
  84. Where can I find a FREE Mac compatible sequence alignment editor?
    I'm looking for something along the lines of bioedit.
    4 Technology 18
  85. Is a MAC confusing? Better then a pc ?
    So Im gonna get a new laptop, and right now I have a MSI laptop with Windows on it. But I was thinking, should I get a MAC? Is it easier to use or not?
    5 Technology 54
  86. Mac or Windows ?
    Personally im a Mac user and I find my macbook to be much faster/better than any windows based laptop I own/owned . Which operating do you prefer and for what reason ?
    4 Technology 7
  87. How do I get the sound clicking back on my mac laptop?
    The actual sound is working, it's just that when I push the sound up and down buttons they have stopped making that clicky noise. How do I get the noise back?
    2 Technology 21
  88. How do I take a screenshot of my screen?
    the PRT SC button is on the same key as the HOME button; i can never make it work. Ive tried ALT PRT SC too, it just takes me to google.
    7 Technology 52
  89. Who knows about MAC make-up?
    I want to get some foundation and powder from MAC but I am not sure what color I am. if you look at my picture can anyone please tell me what color I may be? please thankx!
    2 Style 5
  90. Which makeup brand is better MAC or NP?
    hi I need to buy a new primer foundation and some new eyeshadows and I was wondering which brand is better MAC or Neapolian Perdis and why you think they are better/good.
    2 Shopping 53
  91. Is MAC makeup available in vietnam and is it cheaper?
    I'm in vietnam right now and want to go shopping for make-up and I was wondering if there are any over here & would it be cheaper compared to u.s.a.
    4 Shopping 398
  92. What(if any)are thenames of the virus protection software for macs?
    So my computers have been going extremely slow,and we think its a virus. So I was wondering if there was any type of virus protection software stuff or what ever its called. Thanks (:
    3 Technology 10
  93. Charger on a Mac?
    Is it good to let your mac book charge all the time.? I have a Mac..and when im using it at home I keep it on the charger.. even when its at 60%. Is that bad for the battery? Also how long does the battery normally last?
    3 Technology 15
  94. Who knows how to work with macs?
    I have randomly lost the ability to drag stuff (like click and move things). I cannot figure out what I did. Does anyone know what to do with the trackpad to fix this?
    2 Technology 12
  95. Screensavers download for a Mac
    Any sites where I can download movie screensavers that are mac friendly? I've tried downloading but some just doesn't work and I can't seem to find too many that are suitable for apple computers. I need help! Thanks.
    2 Technology 28
  96. bacon on mac and cheese problem
    iight so im making mac and cheece and I wanna put bacon on the top and then bake the mac and cheese but I wanna know if I gotta cut the bacon or juss put it juss like that since its going to go in the oven anyways
    2 General 24
  97. How do you restore deleted history on a Mac?
    I guess it's also a question of CAN you do it, but if anyone knows how to restore the history already deleted can you please tell me? :) Also, is there a way to make a password to GET to the history, so that it can't be deleted unless you use the passw...
    2 Technology 20
  98. Mac or PC?
    What kind of computer should I get? I mostly surf the web and deal with email. I don't play games or anything like that. I sometimes have to write papers as well.
    7 Technology 42
  99. How does Mac cosmetics cover acne scars?
    I am thinking about buying mac cosmetics foundation and i was wondering if they cover dark ache scars? Because it's expensive and i don't want to waste money on something that won't cover my ache scars. So does anyone know if it works? :)
    4 Style 27
  100. How do we insert an equation for a straight line graph in Excel 08 mac OSX?
    I know how to do it on windows but i can't figure it out on my mac. and I'm under a time any useful help would be highly appreciated!
    8 Technology 11
  101. How can I get my MAC camera to record with sound again?
    A few months ago I noticed that my MAC camera on my laptop will record videos as well as take pictures but it does not have any sound? Is there a way to troubleshoot or like re-install the sound maybe?
    3 Technology 10
  102. What is a good nickname for Mac?
    My Brother wants a really cool nickname like me. My name is Selena and my nickname is kool aid because my guy friend likes kool aid and me so he said I was his "kool aid" lol so yeah can you think of a name for my big bro?
    4 General 65
  103. Mac foundation
    Soii heard it werks veryy good is this true? As of right now iwear bare minerals but iwana try sumthing new.. And is liquid or or powder foundation beter
    2 Style 33
  104. Who knows of a good MP3 player that works for Macs?
    I am in complete and utter need of portable music! I want an MP3 thats under $50. Pleaseee, must work with Macs. and no Ipods or ipod shuffles! can be sorta ugly, doesnt matter. Help!
    2 Technology 12
  105. What's wrong with my mac, it won't turn back on?
    When I close my mac it turns off completely. It also won't turn back on, I have to take the power cord out, take the battery out, then hold the power button for a couple seconds, put the battery back in and then it will turn on. It didn't use to turn o...
    4 Technology 43
  106. Why Mac Donalds or other fast food restaurant dont make grilled nuggets?
    I dont believe anybody havent thought about this already why Mac Donald doesnt make grilled chicken macnuggets or Wendy or burger king make grilled chicken nuggets that would be good. What do you think?
    2 Food 16
  107. How do you feel about louis vuitton, chanel, coach and mac?
    I always wondered how people felt about their prices. Do you think the prices are worth the products? Because I get mac lipgloss for $16 bucks and its like a little container. But just wondering your opinion. Thanks in advance.
    4 Shopping 11
  108. Which is better, Mac or HP?
    I am looking for a good student computer to home school on. It needs to be fast and able to run a lot of programs at the same time. I'd also like it to have longevity, and not virus prone.
    3 Technology 11
  109. Buying a mac laptop
    I am buying a mac laptop(the oldest one for $999) and I just need some advice on it. 1.) how long does the laptop last?(years) 2.)should I buy the protective plan for $250? 3.)any idea if the recording on the laptop is good because I'm buying it s...
    2 Technology 13
  110. How do you take a screenshot?
    Ok I have a HP...I don't know very much about computers lol so I might aswell tell you everything I know.It's an HP,I have windows explorer 8..if there is anything more you need to know to take it please ask me I think I can figure it out. But what but...
    3 Technology 41
  111. How to get MSN Messenger on a Mac?
    well, I need to install msn messanger on my laptop, but whenever I try to, I little window pops up saying that I don't have any software to open this application. any1 know how 2 do this? im so bad at computers!
    3 Technology 104
  112. How can I compress my files on mac?
    I want to compress some movie files on my macbook, but when I tried the zip file was the same size as the original files, so I don't see the point. The original files are 1.37 GB all together and the zip file is 1.36 GB. Is this all it can compress i...
    2 Technology 12
  113. Should I get a Mac?
    Okay so I'm gonna go to college this fall and I'm gonna get a new laptop from my parents because this one is beat-up, slow and old :P Right now I just have this MSI laptop with Windows on it. But I was wondering..should I get a MAC? I heard the system...
    2 Technology 51
  114. Is there a Mac-style keyboard for pc's?
    I HAVE to use a pc computer a lot now and I hate the keyboards that they come with. I'm really used to a Mac keyboard (thin, low-profile, spaced buttons, etc.,). Is there any like that for a pc that is a FULL keyboard with the number pad and everything...
    5 Technology 44
  115. What are good programs for video editing on a MAC?
    I'm thinking about starting up videos, but like more complicated ones that are pretty awesome looking. However, I'm a sad little amateur and know nothing about video, so please recommend equipment and good video programs, preferably ones I can download...
    2 Technology 5
  116. Mac or Dell
    I'm going to college this year and I need to decide what laptop company would be best for me. I'm going inot a Graphic Design major and I needa lap top with a long life, fantastic memory and it needs to by fast and wireless. What would be best for me? ...
    2 Technology 17
  117. Why * are MAC cosmetics really worth the extra $ ?
    I've only every bought mac's myth lipstick because I love nude lips but I felt like foundation and lip gloss gave me the same effect because the actual lipstick for $14 still gave a drying effect. ): but what do you think ,? (I usually stick to drugst...
    6 Style 16
  118. Transferring photos from ipod to mac laptop
    Hi, I am starting to tear my hair out because I want to transfer some quite valuable photos off my ipod back onto my mac laptop and cannot find any step by step instructions to do this safely. the ipod is the photo ipod 40gb 4th generation. I am sur...
    5 Technology 31
  119. How do I know what shade of Mac foundation to get?
    ok i want to buy mac studio fix powder plus foundation but they are sooo many shades i have no idea which to buy, i cannot try on first as no where in my city sells it and i cannot travel to buy so i have to get it online, i usually get ivory but it go...
    3 Style 34
  120. Why won't my Mac register my memory stick?
    Why won't my Mac register my sony memory stick pro duo magicgate mark 2 4gb memory card connect with my mac? It worked fine in my old laptop which was an acer. I stick it in the thing in the side of my laptop meant for memory cards but nothing happens...
    2 Technology 16
  121. How to save a picture to my Mac?
    So I just got a mac book and im so lost because I am used to microsoft windows. so my question is how do I save a graphic to my mac. like you know using microsoft you right click on the picture you want to save, and then you click save as from the lis...
    5 Technology 326
  122. Sims 2 Nightlife - red flashing in game (mac user)
    I sure hope somebody can help me! I'm a Mac user. I've been to several forums and nobody knows what could be causing objects in my game to flash red or blue. Could it be that my card isn't up to date? If that's the case, what do I need to do? I in...
    3 Gaming 41
  123. mac question. the mysterious disappearing arrow
    hi. I have a mac and recently I noticed that when I take my thumb off of the mouse pad thing that controls the arrow (sorry not tech savvy) after about a second or so the arrow dissapears. its driving me nuts because once I put my finger back on the pa...
    4 Technology 17
  124. How to scan drawings into a mac computer?
    I am so freaking frustrated! My printer is a HP photosmart ePRINT wireless thing that comes with a built in scanner. I don't know what to do since all it tells me to do when I push the button to scan into a PC is to scan it from a PC or consult a manua...
    3 Technology 41
  125. windows to mac OS urgent!!
    hii... I just want to know if a normal HP lap top can have two Operating systems installed on it... as in have windows and mac and allow users to switch when required? please let me know fast!!! and if it is possible couuld some one tell me how I can c...
    3 Technology 10
  126. How can I get my mom to buy me mac makeup?
    I want this mac makeup palette, the one with the four colors, which is $47.50. It would be for my birthday, but I need a way to convince her to get it for me. She thinks I have enough makeup already. Im 13 years old, and I know you are going to say I d...
    3 Family 57
  127. Why are apple mac books so expensive?
    I really want a mac book. It will already have preinstalled features that would be really cool like imovie and entertainment stuff . If you hear about laptops other than mac book tell I dont think windows movie maker is all that!! So tell about a bet...
    4 Technology 52
  128. Can I run Mac OS by putting the hdd in a different Apple computer?
    Sorry if the title is rather random, but here goes. I have a ibook g3 12'' which has the video card problem but it has os x on the hdd. I also bought a powerbook g4 titanium onyx for 17.50GBP on ebay (works brilliantly even though it wasn't used for tw...
    2 Technology 6
  129. Snobby mac cosmetics sales persons
    My name is bella. I am from kitchener, ontario. I had an extreme issue with a woman from mac cosmetics in fairview mall. She told me and 2 other woman that we were too fat to be looking and or thinking about buying their products. She told us to never ...
    4 Shopping 54
  130. McDonald's argument...
    My teacher fusses with everyone over this!!! is it pronounced Mick Donald's or Mac Donald's?? he says Mac cause of the big Mac, but students disagree cause it's spelled different... McDonald's is different from Mac.. right? so what do you think?
    13 Food 74
  131. PC Laptop
    Other than a mac, what is the best brand laptop
    2 Technology 26
  132. What's the best laptop brand?
    Which is the best laptop available other than the macs? How are the dell laptops?
    8 Technology 210
  133. Which is better??
    Is Mac & Cheese good with pork chops
    2 Food 15
  134. How do you take a video off a DVD, and burn it to another (blank) DVD on a mac?
    My mother is a pianist and recently played in a performance somewhere, the man who hosted it had a video camera and made it into DVDs, one of which he gave to my mother. She wants to make copies of the DVD and I have tried a thousand times to do it but...
    7 Technology 15
  135. Blur on sims 2
    hi how do you take off that blur thing for the sims 2 ??? (for macs)
    2 Technology 31
  136. Macaroni and cheese
    Heres a random question just off the top of my head, what is better , box mac and cheese, or baked (homemade), or shell or elbow velveeta mac and cheese.?
    5 Food 47
  137. What do you think is the best OS?
    What do you think is the best operating system; windows, mac or linux?
    3 Technology 50
  138. How- getting stuff from my ipod onto my computer?
    I've synced my ipod with our main computer (a mac) and I want the songs on my ipod to be on my laptop (a mac). is there anyway I can like plug in my ipod to my laptop and click something and they will all go onto my laptop-itunes? I've tried putting...
    5 Technology 13
  139. Why doesn't Apple put HDMI connection on their laptops?
    Is it because they still try to sell that "Apple TV" crap? I know it's HDMI on the new iPad, but why not on the mac-book and mac-book pro?
    4 Technology 12
  140. What laptop to you think I should get?
    Do you think I should get a Mac, Vaio, Dell, etc? Mac seems really glamorous but is it incompatible with other programs? Vaio, would I be paying more for just the name? I'm new to this all, please help. I would prefer a Mac or Vaio (I have rich high-en...
    7 Technology 39
  141. Print screen button.
    You know how computers/laptops like acer (Windows) have the print screen button? Do apples (Mac) have that? Or any button that can print screen the screen?
    2 Technology 11
  142. What should I do? I lost the registration key!?
    Hey so I play the sims 3 on a windows computer, but now I have a mac and I decided to install it on my mac, but I lost my registration key booklet thing and I dont know what to there a way I could get it back?
    2 Technology 41
  143. Which would you recommend?
    I want to but a laptop what would you recommend [im leaning more towards macs but pcs are fine too]
    5 Technology 12
  144. What do you think the top OS is used by home users for surfing the web?
    For this week on one of my site this is the top six. 1. 512 36.7% Windows XP Windows 2. 273 19.6% Windows 7 Windows 3. 229 16.4% Windows Vista Windows 4. 101 7.2% Mac OS X Linux, Unix or Mac 5. 82 5.9% IPhone Linux, Unix or Mac 6. 4...
    7 Technology 11
  145. What is the best drugstore foundation?
    I've had a mac one before but it's just to expensive for me to buy. but what is a really good drugstore foundation?
    5 Drugs 14
  146. Why Macdonalds doesnt have fried chicken like in other countries?
    I watched a tv ad from Mac donalds in South America and they sell fried chicken there.I wish they would sell fried chicken too in Those Mac Donalds in United States that would be awesome. What do you think?
    6 Food 9
  147. Why does my computer mouse keep dying?
    I have the Apple mouse that comes with the mac and I keep replacing the batteries. But it keeps losing the connection.
    5 Technology 82
  148. How do you upload videos on Funadvice?
    I have a mac but I tried everything it said. Help please. I really want to upload my video
    2 Funadvice 4
  149. How much does an Ipad (black) and the white one too (not together)?
    how much does a iphone cost? and how much would a mac cost? thx
    10 Technology 51
  150. What is a quick way to relieve constipation?
    What is a quick way to relieve constipation? I obviously dont agree with mac donalds haha :p
    4 Health 71
  151. Where to play free poker online?
    Hey I am looking for a online site to play poker for free on a mac...Anyone know of one???
    6 Technology 30
  152. How can I have multiple comment colors for my Word document?
    Without having to change users, I can change the comment color, but it changes all of them. I am using Word 2004 for Mac. Thank you!
    4 Technology 11
  153. computer help?
    If a movie is made on Windows Movie Maker from windows vista and is saved on a flash drive, will it play on a mac?
    2 Technology 11
  154. Spectral Tiger Mount
    In World of Warcraft how do you get the Spectral Tiger Mount? I saw someone with one in Stormwind so I took some screenshots.
    2 Gaming 49
  155. Where do I get antivirus software for free?
    4 Technology 14
  156. Mc. Donald's
    Mr. stands for "mister" Dr. stands for "doctor" then what does Mc. stand for? (eg: Mc.Donalds, Mc.Gonagall) If its just MAC then why did they bother to shorten it?
    2 Education 17
  157. What should I cook?
    I have to cook dinner tonight and its between steak and potatoes or steak and mac and cheese..// please help im hungry lls..
    3 Food 40
  158. Who is your favorite comedian?
    My favorite comedians are katt williams, martin lawrence, chris rock, benie mac, and cedric. Who are your favorite comedians. Or who do you think is the funniest.
    8 Entertainment 12
  159. How do I save Adobe Illustrator projects onto a CD?
    I need to put a poster I made on Adobe Illustrator onto a CD. I have a mac and it is very confusing. Please Help!
    3 Technology 114
  160. Inernet problems?
    I have a mac book, and it's about two years old. The internet started off fast, and great, but now it's really slow. Why is that, and how can I fix it?
    4 Technology 17
  161. Do you believe brand name equals good quality?
    I just want some opinions on what you think about brand name stuff. Can non brand name things be good quality do you think? Are the popular labels always better quality??? Examples??? What made me ask this question is that... I recently bought some ey...
    7 Style 46
  162. How to get the last bit of foundation out?
    Does anyone know how to get the very last bit of your foundation out of the bottle. I have some MAC foundation and there is still some in the bottle..but its caught up around the edges and down at the bottom..any tips on how to get it out?
    5 Style 871
  163. How can I stop my emoticons from disappearing?
    I'm using messenger for mac version 7 and all my emoticons have disappeared! Why is this happening? Is there a way I can get them back? And how do I prevent this from happening again?
    2 Technology 104
  164. What should be the other side dish?
    I'm making fried chicken fιngers and mac n cheese. For the other side should i do mashed potatoes, waffle fries, or a baked potato?
    4 Food 7
  165. Why cant I get iTunes to work?
    I recently wanted to download something from itunes, but when I tried to, a window popped up saying I needed to download the newest version of itunes to do so. So I did, but then, when I tried to connect to the itunes store it said I needed to install ...
    2 Technology 35
  166. My friend wants to know
    Ok well did anyone youst to watch the berrie mac show everywhere she goes people tell her she look like vanessa off berrie mac she wants to know if thats a good thing I think it is but she wants some other points of views If you watched the show before...
    3 Entertainment 8
  167. Why burger king employees eat at Macdonalds?
    I saw employees of burger king eating at mac donalds. I like burger king, so that means burger king employees dont like their own food lol. Just wondering What do you think?
    5 Food 41
  168. What is the best laptop?
    Regardless money, which would you say is the bestest laptop? Apple? Mac?sony vio? it doesn't have to be like the ones I mentioned...
    3 Technology 14
  169. Anyone in Congress responsible ?
    Is anyone in Congress responsible for the total collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac that nose-dived the economy very close to ruin ?
    3 Politics 9
  170. How do I get ClamXav to work?
    My mac has been making a weird noise. So I downloaded ClamXav to see if it has a virus. Well, I can’t seem to get it to work. So, if you know how to get it to work, please let me know.
    4 Technology 26
  171. Does anybody know what photoshop is good for a Macbook?
    I'm an Adobe Photoshop person, and I found out the photoshop I have on my PC won't work for a Mac so I'm looking for photoshop that would work, but I don't know of any. Help?
    3 Technology 18
  172. Which store have the best coffee among these 3?
    I have drunk coffee in Mac donalds, Burger King , and Wendys and i have to say that the coffee in Wendys is very good i think is better than Macdonalds and Burger King. What do you think?
    2 Food 27
  173. What is a 100% free website creater?
    like the one you can make on the new macs but on the internet and for a pc. please list some. but they must be 100% free! is not free please help
    2 Technology 26
  174. Which is better, laser or inkjet printers?
    I'm deciding which printer to buy for my new spiffy Mac. But some people say one is more expensive than the other -- in terms of upkeep. Which ones do you have, and what can you say about it?
    5 Technology 64
  175. What does it mean when my email address is automatically sending out messages to people?
    I have a mac. I just checked my sent messages, and there's a link being sent out to people I dont even know. Is it a virus and how do I stop it?
    8 Technology 14
  176. does WOW run okay on a iBook G4?
    just does World of Warcraft run on a cleaned out iBook G4 notebook? I know macs aren't the best for game,s but would it run okay?
    3 Gaming 14
  177. How do I get PhotoBooth on my computer?
    At my school we have these Mac computers and there's an application called photobooth. The problem is that I have a windows computer at home. So I was wondering if there was a way to get photobooth on a windows, or if there is another application like ...
    4 Technology 86
  178. thinking about creating like a youtube account Cool name?
    lol, I'm thinking about creating like a youtube account, and I wanna cool & creative name. lmao like something different. like mac has wastetimechasingcars? lol any help?
    3 Technology 59
  179. Case study, where to find an article about obesity?
    I have a case study due tomorrow and I cant find a article for it this is the question: The obesity epidemic, Fact or Fiction? Is America the Big Mac? I choose fiction blah :( dumb me
    2 Literature 40
  180. Download iMovie for windows?
    So I don't have a mac, but I want to download a free trial (so I don't have to pay :) lol) but supermac18 on youtube uses iMovie... So could someone please supply a link for a free trial iMovie for windows link? THANKS IF YOU DO :)
    2 Technology 39
  181. Should the administration approve more bonuses ?
    If Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac executives, the government-controlled companies that started the financial mess we are in, approach the government for $1 million bonuses to some of their executives, Should the bonuses be approved ?
    2 Politics 14
  182. How do I rename my ipod shuffle?
    iTunes won't let me rename it, and I don't know how to do it elsewhere. (Is it significant that I named it on a mac computer and am now using it with a pc?) Lol, help me, I'm clueless!
    4 Technology 86
  183. mmorpg game problem
    ok I love playing mmorpg game but then one of my game keep on crashing so I decide to reinstall it...for whatever reason this is what happend to everygame I install now screenshot below
    4 Technology 32
  184. MP4 to MP3?
    Is there a way to convert an MP4 into an MP3? I wrote this garage band song on a Mac and sent it to my home computer (PC) but now I can't sync it to my MP3 Player. Anybody know how? Please help!
    3 Technology 41
  185. Rss. Thingy on my safari
    I have safari installed on my computer (even though its not a mac) and in the thing where I type web adresses there is a blue square and in it there is blue writing that says rss. Does anybody know what this means
    4 Technology 15
  186. Where's a website to post stories and get comments?
    Does any one know a website kind of like Like where I can publish storys and get comments on it? Because My stupid mac wont let me upload storys on fanfiction. PLEASE HELP
    9 Technology 127
  187. What food is better and healthier - the food sold in the food cart on the streets, or the food sold in fast food restaurants?
    To me the food that they sell in the food carts and the coffee is better than the food in the fast food restaurants like Mac donald or burger king. What do you think? Tell me please thank you.
    3 Food 27
  188. Where can I convert multiple YouTube links into audio mp3's online?
    Or an app (for mac) if not possible otherwise? I know but its pretty annoying because i can only download one song at a time.
    5 Music 41
  189. Why is it flashing?
    I have a Mac OS X and when I play video's from you tube, or scroll the page, I get black or white squares flashing on the screen, or when I play the video. When I play the video it doesn't flash the squares when it's in full screen mode. how can I fi...
    3 Technology 22
  190. Deleting iTune library that copied onto another computer
    Someone plugged their iPod into my computer and then plugged it back into their computer and now they have my whole iTunes library on their computer (I still have mine). Mine is a Mac, they have a PC. When highlighting the whole library, the option isn...
    3 Technology 41
  191. What program (preferably free) can I use to edit video, making it slow-motion or sped up?
    I'm using a Mac laptop. I know this Q has been asked before, but none of the other answers helped me.
    5 Technology 12
  192. How do I rip the recorded videos from my iPod Nano?
    I've been trying to think of ways over the past few months on how to do it but I've always come up empty handed. How do I take the videos I have recorded from my iPod Nano and put them on my computer? Note: I don't have a Mac
    2 Technology 29
  193. How do you get your toolbars back on Firefox?
    So like, I wanted to get rid of the toolbars so I could screenshot the full page, and I right clicked and unclicked the check on all the toolbars (Menu toolbar, Bookmarks toolbar, Navigation toolbar) but now I can't rightclick the menu toolbar to recli...
    2 Technology 47
  194. Rip movies from a DVD?
    So I made this video for my TV production class, but I want to put it on Youtube. it's on a store-bought blank DVD, and I'm using a Mac (with Firefox). is there any way to rip the movie from the DVD?
    4 Technology 46
  195. How do I delete cookies off my Macbook?
    I've googled this but most just say go to the safari tab then preferences then to security and delete cookies, but mine doesn't say anything about deleting cookies so if there another way to? My mac was bought last year in may.
    6 Technology 43
  196. What is a website that has michael jackson doing the moonwalk?
    So for my History Day project I'm doing the moonwalk. Does anyone know of a website or something that has screenshots of Michael Jackson doing the moonwalk? (preferably the Motown 25 moonwalk) I would love to have them lining the bottom of my display b...
    5 Entertainment 37
  197. Can I play GTA San Andreas on my MacBook?
    i hav mac os x 10.7.2 processor 2.16GHz Intel Core 2 Dou and the memory is 2 GB 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM
    4 Gaming 65
  198. What is going on with my webcam?
    What is going on with my webcam? I have a mac laptop and when I open Photo Booth it says that my camera is enabled and there is nothing blocking it, but on the screen, it comes up green! It won't show me even though I am right in front of it? What is g...
    6 Technology 31
  199. how I can set up my wireless network ?
    My computer crashedso I erased everything and downloaded ubuntu. I am trying to set up a wireless network using my friends internet but they dont know the SSID, Bssid or the Mac address and I have no idea how to find out. Does anyone know how I can se...
    2 Technology 26
  200. What special do you think is better this weekend - McDonald's or Burger King?
    Mac donald is selling spicy chicken bites for 1 dollar and Burger King is selling the classic chicken sandwich for one dollar this weekend too. What will you choose this weekend? Tell me please thank you.
    9 Food 16
  201. How do I play a game on my computer without needing the disc?
    I bought Age of Empires 3 and my sister has Sims 3. I want to be able to play these games without needing the disc in everytime. I'm not worried about taking up space. I have a Mac and a terabyte hard drive
    4 Technology 11
  202. What are some good receipes for those with milk allergies?
    Just found out that 2yr. grandson is allergic to milk and milk products. He loves cheese and yogurt. Mother needs help in finding receipes that does not require using milk. Read the blogs on mac and cheese...very helpful. He's a very picky eater.
    4 Food 52
  203. Which brands are good for eyeshadow?
    I have a lot of MAC eyeshadows and I was looking at tutorials on youtube and WOW NYX eyeshadows I was mistakening for MAC it looks awesome and really makes your eye pop. I didn't know such a cheap brand can really apply that well. IS IT REALLY??? If yo...
    4 Style 35
  204. What makeup line is a good to use?
    I love makeup and im a makeup artist.. But all I really use is mac and uban decay brands.. I want more choices.. Soes anyone no anything good.. Price dosent matter so you can tell me sum high up brands..
    5 Style 20
  205. How can you get somebody to try new foods?
    my friend only likes fries..fried chicken.. and mac and cheese. HELP ME! im trying to help her like more things but she REFUSES to eat anything that looks gross.. which is everything except those 3 things listed above
    8 Food 24
  206. What type of laptop should I get?
    I am saving up for a laptop. I want to get a macbook, but my friends( a few of them ) hate macs and say that they are really bad. However my computer savvy sister says that they are the best. Which one is true? Also what type of laptop would you recomm...
    6 Technology 42
  207. Do you think if i ask the people who work in Dunkin donuts where they get the frozen yogurt machine they would tell me or not?
    I need to know where those restaurants get those frozen yogurt machines i wonder if i ask them to the people who works in dunkin donuts or Mac donalds they would tell me where they get those machines or not tell me please thank you. I need to find a s...
    3 Food 40
  208. Talk me into buying an apple! Please : )
    I've been using a PC for ever and really like Macs software and applications. I'm thinking about finally making the switch but am still a little hesitant. Can someone please make a case for making the switch? Please talk me into it : ) Scott
    3 Technology 16
  209. How do I paint walls to resemble an 8-Bit video game?
    I'm a college student with my own place, but my mother lives nearby, so I spend weekends at her house (because my apartment is cramped and she just moved, so she needs help for the next year or so as she settles in and redoes the house to her liking). ...
    4 Homegarden 15
  210. hello...x
    hey sugar you gave me infomation on my psp internet set up I have the wireless router in front of me now and there is the SSID the NETWORK KEY the CHANNEL , MAC?, SERIAL And a few on the bottom which ones do I attually need? sorry and thankyou fo...
    2 Gaming 24
  211. Is there a PC version of Final Cut Pro?
    I would really love to start making and editing videos like I do at school, but I don't have a Mac, and they are WAY to expensive for me to buy, so is there any good editing software that has the same tools and layout of final cut pro, and if so is the...
    4 Technology 21
  212. How can I fix the malfunctioning keys on my keyboard?
    I have a macbook, and while cleaning it I accidently must have gotten some cleaning solution down the keys. The capslock is backwards and when typing some letters they type other letters at the same time and it's really annoying. Some of my punctuation...
    3 Technology 20
  213. Why do other brand name computer get virus than the other brand?
    Here are some brand name ones: Dell, hp, toshiba, sony, gateway, acer, mac, samsung... And names What im saying is does it matter what brand you get and if you do get that brand will you ctach a computer virus.? Or you will only catch it from going ...
    5 Technology 9
  214. How to make sure Wine is in function on Ubuntu?
    It seems like I have Wine installed on Ubuntu Mint, though for some reason it doesn't seem to be functioning properly. Since I try to download games, some sites need windows or Mac provided. and Wine cooperates with Windows XP. So How should I find ou...
    2 Technology 11
  215. Is black eyeshadow for green eyes a good or bad idea?
    I noticed that Mac has this great black eyeshadow with sparkles in it, and I'm thinking of getting it. Before I do I just wanted to get some advice. I have dark green/olive eyes, I have heard that dark colours can enhance the green but I also heard tha...
    4 Style 47
  216. Gaming for old school guys
    What's kind of games can a older guy like myself play? The last important thing I played was Quake 2, since then everything else has just been too much. Some of my challenges? * not enough time * don't have a PC (use Macs) I'm willing to buy a consol...
    7 Gaming 36
  217. Where can I download TV shows for free?
    Where can I download TV shows (mainly bones episodes) onto my computer for free? I've tried limewire and frostwire but they don't really have anything. I cant seem to figure out how to use torrentz either so if someone could explain that to me it would...
    2 Technology 17
  218. How do I burn quicktime video to a dvd so it plays on a dvd player?
    I made a graduation video for my brother last year and my grandma wants to see it cause she never got a chance, so I want to burn it to a dvd so she can watch it on her dvd player. I have a mac and a windows computer so I can convert from either one. M...
    3 Technology 33
  219. Longer & thicker eyelashes
    I want really long and thick eyelashes! (like the movie stars) but I do not want to go through the trouble of putting on fake lashes everyday! Any one know of any good mascara? I have tried - 'two faced' lash injection - bad gal - big f...
    6 Style 102
  220. How do you get eyeshadow pigments to stay on?
    I own a couple mac eyeshadow pigments and it'll apply on very well at first and the color pops it looks brilliant but after a while, it just falls off. I've tried this with primer potion on the bottom. Colored eye shadow pencil for the base. And I've e...
    6 Style 73
  221. How do I get my 1 yr old to eat properly?
    My daughter is 1 yr old. When she was born she did not get any breast milk because I produced none. She only weights 25lbs and does not want anything prpoper to eat. I try hear with solids, porridge, mac an cheese but all she craves is icicle which is ...
    6 Babies 73
  222. Ipod touch movie help.
    I have an ipod touch, first gen, and an apple mac laptop. Does anyone know how to put movies and it from quicktime movies? I have some movies on my desktop of my laptop and want to get them on my ipod. I've tried dragging the files onto the 'mov...
    4 Technology 48
  223. Whopper Virgins? What???
    Does anyone else think that this moronic "Whopper Virgins" thing that Burger King is doing is completely ridiculous and kind of offensive to other cultures? I just saw the commercial, and they're taking villagers from some remote nation that have never...
    9 Entertainment 28
  224. Economy fundamentally sound?
    I read that Leahman Brothers filed the largest bankruptcy in history. Our nation's largest insurer AIG is struggling to come up with funds to stay solvent. Our government had to bail out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac recently. With all of this hittin...
    7 Politics 29
  225. The Program I cant get rid of
    computer geeks only please... Im trying to uninstall this program... Windows Movie Maker... and it wont even appear on the Add or Remove programs list... (see screenshot) When I try removing it manually (by deleting the folder) it gives me another me...
    11 Technology 39
  226. What is a good laptop to buy for a 13 year old who likes sims etc?
    My sister's laptop broke (ughhhhhh..) and we are getting her a new one. She doesn't like macs (I have no idea why because I think they are amazing). What laptop would you think we should look into? I'm really bad with computers so please talk to me nic...
    5 Technology 38
  227. Why has the ability to cook well decreased in teens and young adults?
    I know people who can barely make Top Raman or heat up a cup-o-noodles. Some don't know how to even make mac and cheese, or spaghetti..Even my friends Moms make most thinkgs from boxes. Most kids can make like, cereal and Top Raman nowadays..I think i...
    14 Food 49
  228. Ipod Syncing Trouble
    Anybody else having troublr with their ipods. I have the 80gb classic. Everytime I try to copy music onto it using itunes or just the hard drive it freezes. I have to reset it loosing all my music but it doesn't fix it. It just keeps freezing. I've tr...
    2 Technology 47
  229. Why do I keep throwing up?
    i got my tonsils taken out :( and i keep throwin up i ate KFC mac an chesse and then i threw up then i tried takin my liquid pain medication an i threw tht up an then i ate a popsicle an threw tht up i rly want to stop throwin up cuz it rly hurts my ...
    2 Health 59
  230. Funding for my future!
    like OMG ok so I want to be a make up artist right but I either want to work for MAC or Nepoleon Perdis but to train in those brands you have to buy a whole list of beauty products that could add up to like well at least a few thousand dollars maybe li...
    2 Money 10
  231. How can I loose 30 lbs by february 2010?
    Help me loose weight so I can look hot on my vacation to florida! =] Im 15 years old and weigh 150 lbs...with 30 or 25 lbs off..I would look better and feel better!!! Give me any advice, im wondering what to do! Because I have no control! My favori...
    5 Nutritionfitness 23
  232. Do I have a gland disorder making me need to eat?
    I think I have a gland disorder, for some reason my body's utmost desire is to consume food 24/7 I've woken up in the middle of the night out of hunger. I don't even gain a an ounce. I ate 3 big mac's THREE and still wanted more and yet im a twig this ...
    4 Health 11
  233. What MacBook Should I Buy?
    So recently I have gotten 3 offers for University that are unconditional so I know I'm going there in September, it's just to choose what school... But now I KNOW that I NEED a laptop. & my heart is set on a MacBook. Both my parents are IT's and recom...
    8 Technology 36
  234. When is the best time to buy a MacBook Pro?
    I am hoping to get a MacBook Pro sometime in this next year. Right now I have a Dell laptop, and have never used a Mac before. Is it better to buy sometime in early June, when I have time to learn how to use it? Or is it better to get it on Black Frida...
    3 Technology 35
  235. Why won't my newly restored iPod sync?
    Hi - I recently bought an HP laptop and had to reconfigure my iPod for the new computer, since it had originally been configured for a Mac. I was told that I needed to restore my iPod to its factory settings, so I did. (I had already backed up my music...
    2 Technology 73
  236. Which powder foundation will be best?
    I am going on a school retreat and I was a fairly uneven skin tone and I get oily SO quickly. I also have a few healing pimples (aren't too noticeable) I was wondering wich powder foundation will be quickest and easiest to apply, All in One Face Base b...
    2 Style 20
  237. What are some recipies for someone who doesnt cook?
    Ok well I am 13 and my whole life most of the things I wanted was handed to me on a silver plate. Expecially food! My dad is the best cook in the whole fammily and my mom is so skilled that she has a secret recipe for chocolate. But sadly, the cooking ...
    6 Food 25
  238. Getting parents to let me go to camp
    Okay. this summer I want to go to camp. its a christian rock music camp and im extremely inclined to pursue both subjects. im 14 and my friend who also wants to go are really responsible. good grades, nice people, that stuff. but two problems. it...
    2 Family 10
  239. should i or should i not get highlights?
    and what color would you recomend ecause i have had the same hair style haircolor for about 3 years and im getting tired of it, i have kind of dark brown eyes, i don't really know what my skin color is in my mac studio fix i use an NC 42? and i t...
    7 Style 41
  240. How can I sneak my peircing?
    Ugh ook now - ihave been wanting my belly peirced since omg forever but inever got permision everytime iask its :ashley noo you are tew young ! Blah blah blah anyway irealy realy realy want it &* iplann tew'sneak it &* just get a retainer because iwoul...
    4 Family 38
  241. What should I do eat or stop?
    Hi happy thankgiving ok here the problem I'm on a diet my kind of diet I eat whateva that don't fill me up and healthy today I ate oatmeal for breakfast to packs because 1 is like feedin a newborn and 2 packs like feeding a 3 yr lol so I ain't the 1 fr...
    2 Nutritionfitness 15
  242. How to start with make up?
    Hi, I just turned 15. I never really thought much about make up but recently I've been looking around in drugstores and I want to start wearing make up. I have NO clue where to start, I don't know what primer is or what it's used for, totally cluele...
    5 Style 38
  243. How ; baby sitting 3 and 4 year old... Help?
    I need help. I have never babysat before. I think babysitting will be diffucult seeing as I really dislike being hit by plastic swords, being lead around the house, playing "thomas will attack your head" and I don't know how nap-time will work. I kn...
    4 Babies 83
  244. Why can't I install Linux on my PowerBook G4 Onyx 550?
    Basically, I have tried every type of installation for ubuntu, and it hasn't worked! either I burn a disc, and it wont boot; or I use the gui live installer and that doesn't work either :( All i get is a black screen boot! I've even tried slackintosh. ...
    8 Technology 26
  245. Does he deserve a second chance?
    I got a random message from a complete stranger yesterday letting me know that my boyfriend had been messaging her asking to take her to the movies, and sent me the screenshots. I confronted him immediately and of course he couldn't deny it; I have the...
    4 Relationships 14
  246. Should I Be Worried? Really need guys opinion.
    Ok so my boyfriend and I have been going out for a while now, and we have known each other for a long time. We love each other very much and he's coming up to see me in April ( we are dating long distance) and that time he is also going to take my virg...
    6 Relationships 36
  247. (A Joke Tell me what you think) Walmart
    ( First off this is just a Joke no disrespect to walmart it A great place ^_^ Please tell me what you think If you could rate from 1-10 ) Have ya ever Heard of Walmart being the best place to buy things. no. I went there last week. never again. wha...
    17 General 60
  248. Is It Wrong To Be Dating A 21 Yaer Old
    I love this man then again some times I don't.Such a good man thereis no weakness in his heart he stays strong I care too much for this man. "What is so wrong with this picture.When I first saw him he was so cute I did not Know his age yet.some one at ...
    3 Relationships 17
  249. How can I start trusting my boyfriend again?
    I just broke up with my boyfriend because he's lied many times, went back on his word and did stuff behind my back that he knew would upset me. He says he's very sorry and will be honest with me from now on, but he said that before and that's why we b...
    4 Sex 64
  250. My funest survey yet!! =)
    Okay... So I've made up 2 fun questions/suveys in the past... And people have told me to make better/longer ones... So if you're it is =) enjoy! 1. What are you thinking right now? 2. What about now? 3. For a million bucks would you ca...
    60 Sex 105