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How to prepare for cosmetic surgery

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  1. Where are Preparations A through G?
    Where are Preparations A through G?
    2 General 63
  2. Preparing for a parakeet
    How to prepare for a parakeet?!?!
    2 Pets 19
  3. How to prepare for cosmetic surgery
    Here we discussed important cheklist before you go for plastic surgery.
    4 Style 341
  4. How soon to travel after surgery?
    How soon to travel after surgery?
    2 Travel 45
  5. Did Aerosmith Had a plastic surgery
    Did Aerosmith Had a plastic surgery
    3 Music 202
  6. How to prepare calamari?
    how do you prepare kalamari?
    3 Food 44
  7. Can I take medication before surgery?
    Can I take medication before surgery?
    2 Health 11
  8. Do we not all live to prepare to die?
    14 Religion 37
  9. cosmetic surgery
    I am a dental student ...can I do cosmetic surgery now??? if yes how and from whr...and whats the scope???
    3 Money 9
  10. Can I take unisom the week before surgery?
    Can I take unisom the week before surgery?
    2 Health 341
  11. Would you have to have surgery if you swallowed a ring?
    6 Health 64
  12. Does surgery for a broken ankle hurt?
    7 Health 41
  13. What's a tasty way to prepare asparagus?
    3 Food 24
  14. what was your most painful trip to the hospital? and not for surgery
    32 Health 43
  15. How do you remove a small surgery scar?
    4 Style 27
  16. Is there a way to shrink your breast without have surgery?
    Is there a way to shrink your breast without have surgery?
    6 Style 469
  17. How can I make my boobs bigger without surgery?
    how do i make my boobs bigger without surgery??
    2 Health 300
  18. What is your favorite cosmetic brand?
    what is your favorite cosmetic brand? mine is avon
    5 Style 18
  19. Is there a surgery that can get rid of stretch marks?
    9 Style 36
  20. How can someone prepare for a trip around the world?
    7 Travel 17
  21. How to prepare for getting a navel piercing tomorrow?
    3 Style 46
  22. How can I better prepare myself for AP US History?
    5 Education 17
  23. What is the cost of surgery to get my virginity back?
    7 Health 156
  24. What is the most trusted cosmetic surgery company in the UK?
    Ignoring price, what is said to be the most trustworthy and best cosmetic surgery doctor?
    3 Health 10
  25. Are there any cures for trigger finger without surgery?
    12 Health 38
  26. How long will it take to train for a triathlon and how can I prepare myself for it?
    4 Sports 23
  27. What is a good way to prepare and cook shark?
    9 Food 38
  28. How can I get bigger boobs without pills or surgery?
    How can I get bigger boobs without pills or surgery?
    8 Style 75
  29. Can I avoid gall bladder surgery if I watch what I eat?
    Can I avoid gall bladder surgery if I watch what I eat?
    2 Food 38
  30. Preparations for a dog giving birth?
    How will I know if my dog is about to give birth and what are the preparations to be made?
    2 Pets 178
  31. How can i prepare for a septum piercing?
    how can I prepare myself for the pain of a septum piercing so I won't chicken out?
    12 Style 503
  32. What's you opinion on plastic surgery?
    Is it worthwhile to have cosmetic makeovers?
    17 Style 60
  33. How can I be prepared for school?
    What can I do to make sure im prepared for school this year?
    3 Education 22
  34. How do you rate Mary Kay cosmetics?
    How do you rate mary kay cosmetic? Is it worth the money?
    3 Style 43
  35. surgery to change your eye color?
    would you get that surgery to change your eye color
    16 Style 43
  36. Can I make my nose smaller without surgery?
    How do I get my nose to be smaller without surgery?
    17 Style 5818
  37. Increased Bust, possible without surgery?
    Is there an excercise that will increase your bust?
    2 Style 96
  38. When you have brain surgery to fix an aneurysm, do you have problems in the future?
    3 Health 19
  39. what should i be asking my surgeon about my hernia surgery?
    anything in particular I should be asking?
    2 Health 16
  40. how to make the best speech introduction for plactic surgery?
    9 Education 31
  41. What is a good way to get your bowels moving again after surgery?
    10 Health 57
  42. How long will the recovery time be for a meniscus tear surgery?
    4 Health 12
  43. How to make my breasts bigger without surgery?
    how to make the breast getting bigger without using any surgery?
    10 Style 65
  44. Preparations do you need to travel overseas with 2 children
    What preparations do you need to travel overseas for a year with 2 children ?
    3 Travel 30
  45. Is it possible to make someone's nose smaller without any surgery
    Is it possible to make someone's nose smaller without any surgery
    5 Style 90
  46. Why the news always are saying prepare your pockets.
    Why the news always are saying this prepare your pockets, thats so annoying.
    3 Entertainment 11
  47. What does a pornstar do to prepare for a scene?
    I just always wondered what are some things a pornstar does before a scene to prepare themselves for the filming.
    3 Money 549
  48. Cosmetic surgery in thailand
    Has anyone here done a cosmetic surgery in thailand? Heard it is a lot cheaper? Any idea how the services are? Please give your experiences..
    2 Style 13
  49. How good is Urban Decay cosmetics?
    how is urban decay cosmetic brand? is it really good? Any reviews?
    4 Style 11
  50. How do you make your nose smaller without surgery?
    How do you make your nose smaller without surgery??? because- mine it big and out there :(
    7 Style 160
  51. What would you do if your doctor tells you he thinks he may have messed you up when he did surgery?
    11 Health 14
  52. How much do Americans spend on plastic surgery per year?
    2 Style 71
  53. How should I prepare myself for Jr. year in high-school as a freshman?
    2 Education 21
  54. How much will it cost to get a sex change completely with hormones and the surgery, along with surgery on voice and face.
    Also changing your name and everything?
    7 Sex 20
  55. possible to get pregnant again after tubaligation without surgery
    Is it possible to get pregnant again after tubaligation without surgery, (home remedies).
    3 Health 48
  56. How to fix a crooked nose without surgery?
    fractured/crooked nose looking for a way to fix it without surgery.
    2 Style 207
  57. Can to many surgeries for the same thing be bad for you?
    I have endometriosis and about to have a 4th surgery for it, is it safe to keep getting the surgery
    15 Health 23
  58. Can a person get hernia surgery more than once?
    I got it as a child..just seeing..
    6 Health 25
  59. How can you get larger breasts without surgery?
    How can you make one's breasts larger without sugery?
    3 Style 70
  60. What would you do if a 4 year old refuses to eat the lunch you prepared?
    6 Babies 42
  61. Do you think that, if two teens prepare and fully think out the consequences of having a child, it is irresponsible?
    8 Family 18
  62. How can you prepare youself for medical school?
    Like the title says, and how do they grade you in medical school?
    3 Education 8
  63. How can i push my breasts in to make me look flat chested without surgery ?
    34 Style 63
  64. what are ways over the summe ri can prepare for highschool ? like both phsically and emotionally ?
    4 Relationships 23
  65. Are there any risks of skin cancer with plastic surgery of simple marks on body?
    3 Health 31
  66. Is cosmetic surgery a wise thing to do?
    I'm thinking at 47 years of age is to old for a nose surgery, the skin is really bad and has pick holes. I wonder if it's a wise thing to do?
    2 Style 12
  67. Birthmark should I have surgery cover it up or leave it.
    I have a small birthmark on my stomach should I have surgery cover it up or leave it. If you need a pic funmail me
    2 Style 29
  68. How do I make my breast bigger without surgery
    I really want to know how to make them bigger On my own insteasd of surgery
    3 Style 105
  69. How are Chris Farrel cosmetic products?
    how do you rate chris farrel cosmetic products? is it good? how about the value for money and product range?
    2 Style 9
  70. How do I prepare for my first kiss?
    My boyfriend said he wants to kiss me tomorrow but how do I prepare? I never kissed a boy before.
    4 Relationships 88
  71. What is plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery?
    Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery is the gift of our modern development of science. It has helped numorous men and women in fulfilling their dream to be true. Of course plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery is very costly affair. Everybody can not aff...
    3 Style 22
  72. How long do you wait after surgery to remove the clear film they put on the surgical incision?
    5 Health 24
  73. How fast would you say E.L.F. cosmetics shipping would take if I ordered tomorrow?
    4 Shopping 15
  74. How do you get up the courage to go get test results, knowing it could mean surgery?
    3 Health 9
  75. What would happen If a doctor suddenly had a heart attack while doing surgery, would the other doctors work on the doctor or the patient?
    8 Health 57
  76. Who had tried Mary Kay Cosmetics? What was your experience like and would you recommend it to your friends?
    7 Style 24
  77. how can individuals prepare for an earthquake?
    could you explain and discribe =) im no good at geography
    10 Environment 37
  78. Is there any such thing as dimple surgery?
    cause I heard about it and I didnt know if it was true, just curious.
    3 Health 65
  79. what can i use to get the sticky from the surgery tape off my skin?
    I have alot of that sticky residue I can't get off, any suggestions?
    2 Health 7
  80. What are good preparations for a cross-country road trip across the USA?
    10 Travel 17
  81. Can you get skin surgery to remove freckles?
    if so what's the name and around how much does it cost?
    13 Style 41
  82. How long does it approximatively take for a surgery scar to heal?
    I got my appendix removed
    5 Health 55
  83. Mole Removal No Surgery
    Is There Any Way That You Can Remove A Mole From The Skin Without Surgery Or Seeing A Doctor ? What Happens If You Just Cut It Off ?
    7 Health 27
  84. Does surgery hurt?
    does surgery hurt?!!? is it scaryy?!! please Help iam so scared, thank youu. I am 14.
    7 Health 54
  85. Always prepared for the worst
    If you're always prepared for the wost, does that mean you're not expecting anything good to happen?
    3 General 19
  86. Persuasive Essay on plastic surgery
    for a persuasive assignment, my topic is on plastic surgery. what should be my thesis??? I am going to be con, btw
    2 Education 108
  87. Knee surgery how long afterwards its supposed to hurt?
    Has anyone had knee surgery acl or miniscus. I just wondering how long afterwards its supposed to hurt?!
    2 Health 40
  88. Can anyone give me a list of animal testing free cosmetics + candy?
    Can someone give me a list of cosmetics with animal testing and a list of cosmetics animal testing free? Oh and a list of candy/snacks/softdrinks that have animal testing and a list that are animal testing free.
    7 Shopping 47
  89. How do I prepare myself for my dad's death?
    What steps can i take to handle the situation better when the time comes?
    5 Family 13
  90. What is your opinion on Lasic eye surgery?
    Is it safe to have it done? Is it true that we do not need to wear glass there after?
    7 Health 14
  91. what are some things i could try so i wont be so nervous before surgery?
    This will be my 4th surgery. I always have a fear of not waking up, any suggestions?
    8 Health 22
  92. How can I decrease the size of breast without surgery
    How can I decrease the size of breast without surgery or those pills. are there any exercise techniques that really work? Thanks
    3 Style 103
  93. How to prepare to be a makeup artist when I'm 13 now?
    What/ I'm only 13 years old, and i really want to be a makeup artist. Is there anything i can do now to help prepare for that?
    8 Money 61
  94. Can you prepare eggs a certain way for more nutrition?
    Like if you hard boil an egg does it have more protein than scrambled eggs?
    3 Nutritionfitness 11
  95. Should I go to an optician before I use cosmetic contacts?
    I only want to wear them to change my eye color.
    6 Health 14
  96. Are you prepared for when Jesus comes?
    who need help on god, jesus will soon come are you prepared.we are in the last days
    29 Religion 32
  97. What is the best way for exam preparation only in 15 days?
    I am doing my and exam start with in 20 days. I have no preparation for exam I am worry about it. Please tell me how can I prepare for exam with in 15 days?
    6 Education 68
  98. What can I do to prepare for my desired career of catching internet predators with Operation Blue Ridge Thunder?
    2 Money 45
  99. Does it matter if you've recently got a tattoo or piercing or had surgery when it comes to giving blood?
    2 Style 22
  100. What are some effective ways to study to prepare for exams that deal with memorization of dates and history, when all you have to study is a textbook?
    6 Education 10
  101. Stomach surgery
    Has anyone had any surgeries that involed an incision on the stomach? How long did it take you to heal? How long was it before you were able to work out again or have sex?
    2 Sex 18
  102. Who knows about the Pars defect surgery ?
    please help out any info on this would help...Cures, surgery tips to help the pain!!???
    2 Health 32
  103. Is it harmful to be carrying a baby after having back surgery?
    bc no one would pick up the screaming baby?
    13 Health 16
  104. If you could have plastic surgery, what would you get done?
    Say you could have one free plastic surgery done. What would you have done and why? or would you have to pass up this offer?
    4 Style 21
  105. Has anyone had problems with cosmetic contacts?
    I have been thinking about getting cosmetic contacts to change my eye color only are they good imean has anyone had problems with them??
    4 Style 7
  106. How much, on average, do the following cosmetic surgery procedures cost?
    1. a nosejob 2. inverted nipple correction 3. cheek fat injections 4. lip injections (botox, etc)
    5 Health 33
  107. Who has had major surgery?
    I had open heart surgery last spring. Now I have a plastic ring in one of my heart valves to make the valve smaller.
    2 Health 18
  108. What advertisement is free mac cosmetics?
    I keep seeing an ad for free mac cosmetics. I know mac is not cheap and I want to try it but is it really free??
    6 Style 8
  109. How much does it cost for laser eye surgery?
    how much does it cost for lazer eye surgery?and how old do you have to be in order to take it?( I heard you have to be at least in your 40's)
    3 Style 111
  110. who thinks heidi (the hills) looks better since her facial surgery?
    I just saw the commercial for the hills new you think heidi looked better before surgery or after?
    5 Entertainment 18
  111. Plastic Surgery digital imaging?
    Ok, so I would like to know where I can get free online plastic surgery digital imaging..
    2 Technology 48
  112. When having surgery (and yur put to sleep) is it possible yu could be aware of what's going on and feel everything there doing ?
    3 Health 22
  113. Does lazer eye surgery permanently cure myopia?
    I am nearsighted, and was thinking about taking lasik. I am just wondering, does this permanently cure myopia?
    2 Health 33
  114. Are nursing classes good preparation for vet school?
    Can a student take nursing as preparatory for veterinary medicine?
    2 Education 19
  115. What are some non-animal tested cosmetics?
    What are some non-animal tested cosmetics, like urban decay? Urban decay is practically vegan, is there any more make-up products that are like urban decay?
    2 Style 267
  116. How much will I grow after scoliosis surgery?
    I am having scoliosis surgery in a few months and I have a thoraic and lumbar curve of 62 and 43 degrees. How much do you think I will grow after surery??
    6 Health 67
  117. What's your opinion on cosmetic plastic surgery?
    What is your opinion about plastic surgery? COSMETIC plastic surgery, the kind one gets in order to fix "imperfections." (breast aug, lip aug) Reconstructive plastic surgery is needed to correct legitimate health problems (burn victims, the morbidly ...
    10 Style 77
  118. How do I prepare to be a bottom boy?
    I am bi, and in love with my boyfriend. We are going to make love, and this will be my first time as a bottom. He is very well endowed, what should I do?
    4 Relationships 831
  119. Can a doctor tell if you smoked before a surgery
    I am having a breast reduction done and my doctor told me not to smoke for atleast a month prior. Will they be able to tell if I have?
    3 Health 15
  120. Tattoos over surgery scars? Help
    I have really bad scars from a car crash I was in last year, surgery scars, does anyone no if I can get a tattoo done over the top of my surgery scars and will it hurt...???
    3 Style 88
  121. How can you get rid of a tattoo besides surgery?
    is there any way to get rid of a tattoo beside surgery my son has one cant seem to get or hold a job need help NOW.
    4 Style 66
  122. Breast lift with out surgery
    I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to make my breast perkier and give them a little lift with out having to get surgery.? Someone please help
    5 Style 42
  123. Is it normal to lose a lot of weight after having surgery?
    I just had my gall bladder removed and I'm losing a lot of weight so I was just curious if the two instances were related.
    3 Health 36
  124. How can I make my lips bigger without surgery?
    I'm 13 and my 11 year old friend has bigger lips than me! please help =)
    11 Style 283
  125. How do you feel about cosmetic surgery?
    I want to get a nose job cause my nose is broken and has been 4 a long I look like owen wilson lol anywayz I can only breathe thru one side and I think it looks ugly, what are your opinions on it anyone with experience?
    2 Health 28
  126. What do you feel about laser eye surgery for cosmetic reasons?
    I've been thinking about getting it done in a few years because I hate how I look with glasses, and I can't wear contacts. My mom thinks it's stupid though, for a reason like that and says that there can be a lot of bad side-effects.
    15 Health 24
  127. How do you prepare before going running, like what to eat?
    Ive been running for a while and I try to leave it an hour after I eat but sometimes it still gives me stitches, what should I be eating?
    6 Health 19
  128. How to prepare yourself for a big soccer game?
    I have a big soccer game tonight that i need to be ready mentally for how can i get my head where it needs to be so i am ready when it comes time to play?
    4 Sports 48
  129. How long should I wait to have sex after surgery?
    How long does it take before I can have sex?I just had my appendix and small overian cysts removed and I want to have long will it take before I can return to my sex life?
    2 Sex 118
  130. How can I prepare myself for an interview?
    Tomorrow I have an interview at Staples (for those who don't know, its an office supplies store). Anyways I'm always scared of interviews because I'm shy and never know what to wear. How can I prepare myself?
    6 Money 23
  131. How to make myself beautiful with plastic surgery?
    What can I do to make myself beautiful.? I'm so unhappy with my looks. can anyone recommend a plastic surgeon who can do facial reconstruction and body contouring?
    6 Style 23
  132. Can guys have surgery on there pe*is to make it larger, etc?
    I mean like, girls can have breast implants and stuff, so I am just wondering if they could. Can they?
    14 Style 21
  133. How can my friend ask her Mom for labia surgery?
    My friends vagina sticks out heaps and she was wondering how to ask her mum for the labia surgery? she feels embarrassed but she is in discomfort and depressed about her little issue!
    9 Family 42
  134. Elf ears, is surgery necessary?
    I have the most abnormal ears ever and they look like an elfs with pointy edges.I really dont like how people think its funny sometimes when its not. Is it necessary to have surgery?
    10 Style 45
  135. Who here has had plastic surgery of any kind and were you happy with the results?
    I was watching a documentary and it is shocking to see how many people actually go in for plastic surgery and these are ALREADY beautiful. So I am curious are there anyone here who has had plastic surgery? Also what were your reasons and how did the su...
    6 Style 16
  136. Lasik eye surgery side effects
    Is there any side effect or prolong and future side effects or bad output on health specially on eyes of lasik eye surgery. As lasik eye surgery now has taken the position of normal contact lenses. Many are going for lasik surgery to their eyes in plac...
    2 Health 33
  137. How can I diminish scars without surgery?
    I have a 6 inch scar on my arm and I was wondering if there is a non-surgical and relatively inexpensive way of diminishing or treating it.
    2 Style 39
  138. Do you prepare for Halloween now?
    I am searching on the internet to find some interesting things for Halloween. And found something interesting: a wig site says the "PRE HALLOWEEN SALE Is it necessary to have the pre sale, but not the Halloween sale?
    4 General 13
  139. How much should you pay a CPA by the hour to prepare your financial statements?
    Asking for my Mom, of course. hmmm maybe we should have a "Business and Finance" category...
    2 Money 29
  140. What should I do to prepare for a marathon?
    What are some exercises routines and things i should do since i am preparing for a marathon? Also what are some foods i should eat to keep my energy levels up? I already can run up to nine miles no problem
    4 Nutritionfitness 11
  141. My puppy's Surgery
    My dog max just got some surgery and he was suppost to not move or walk for three days but almost as soon as we got home he started walking. Is that a good thing or bad???
    5 Pets 29
  142. I've had my nose peirced for a month and am getting surgery...
    so I have to switchit out with a plastic retainer during the process, does anyone know if I'll be able to do this, considering its such a new peircing?
    2 Style 28
  143. Plastic Surgery
    Ok right now I am feeling a little bit insecure about my look, I don't feel unattractive, just feel that I need a little change, can anybody give me advice if plastic surgery is the right thing, or is it a safe procedure to do?
    7 Health 33
  144. What are the chances of complications after my surgery?
    It's only getting my wisdom teeth out (they're infected ): ) but I keep reading about teens that have died during, or after the surgery. ): I have anxiety, so you can imagine how I'm feeling at the moment T_T . What are the chances I could die?
    4 Religion 17
  145. What do you think about plastic surgery?
    I was just wandering what people's oppinoins on plastic surger are, do you support it.. Or hate that people get it. I was also wandering if stars like Lindsay Lohan, and Kim Kardashian had plastic surgery?
    10 Style 1997
  146. what is the name of the surgery to get your tubes tied?
    what is the name of the surgery to get your tubes tied? for animals its neutering but i am pretty sure it is called something else for people. can you just go to my normal doctor and ask to get this done? or what is the doctor you go to for this?
    9 Health 74
  147. What's good about M.A.C cosmetics?
    Magazines and people are always raving about how good this brand of makeup is, but what are their top products that are really good, and is it just because they come in lots of colours, or are they made with good ingredients?
    3 Style 23
  148. Will my chiihuahua survive the surgery
    I'm worried about getting my chihuahua fixed because it will be so small. I'm not even sure on wether to get a male or female yet. I wonna know will it survive?
    5 Pets 47
  149. Wrist surgery
    I am going to have wrist arthroscopy to repair a torn ligament. What should I expect??? If anyone knows anything, about any part of this process and/or recovery, please answer.
    2 Health 17
  150. How do I grow my boobs without surgery and and medication?
    I am trying to grow my boobs without surgery and any medcine. I am in high school and I still am a size 30a!!! I want to be atleast a size 39a!!! If you have any ideas thank you!!! Please help me if you can
    4 Style 115
  151. Do you wear contact lenses, have laser eye surgery?
    Do any body here have used contact lenses or any body gone with laser eye surgery any time. Will you share your good or bad experience with use of contact lenses or do you have any problem so other can be precarious about those things in advance. Pleas...
    4 Style 46
  152. Plastic surgery
    Where can I find someone who will perform plastic surgery on a 14yr old I really whant to get laser lipo also how much does it cost$. Please dont comment on my age this is my decision.
    2 Style 32
  153. How does Mac cosmetics cover acne scars?
    I am thinking about buying mac cosmetics foundation and i was wondering if they cover dark ache scars? Because it's expensive and i don't want to waste money on something that won't cover my ache scars. So does anyone know if it works? :)
    4 Style 27
  154. is there any way you could fix an inverted nipple without surgery?
    i lost a lot of weight last year and now one of my nipples have become inverted due to the weight loss,so i was wondering if anyone could tell me of a way i could fix the nipple without surgery or putting on weight again?
    4 Health 49
  155. anyone thats had surgery on the Boobs?
    Hiyaa am 16 an have small boobs am a 32a :( an am unhappy with it I want to have surgery when am 18 to make them bigger if any one ever had it done could you tell me how long the surgery lasts for & how much about does it cost
    2 Health 32
  156. Thinking about getting surgery for my nose when I'm 18?
    I don't think I'm pretty at all? I hate the fact that I have my dad's nose that even he doesn't like! I really wish I could be a model but I can't: Not tall enough or pretty enough!
    2 Style 20
  157. Does laser eye surgery hurt?
    I have to get laser eye surgery. My optometrist said it doesn't hurt, but I was just still wondering if it eve hurts a bit, like during recovery time or anything? Has anybody here had it? Or do you know somebody that has had it? Can you share your expe...
    5 Health 20
  158. Ear Surgery
    I got my ears pierced a while ago, and my friend gave me this adive: "Just take your ears off. It's not like they have a use. Not the inside part. Just remove the outside." And I was wondering if there is a name for this surgery, and the aproximate cos...
    3 Health 20
  159. Should I have surgery to make myself larger?
    ok here's the thing, im thinking of having surgery on pen*s as my girlfriend is complaining that im not big enough for her, would you think surgery is the right thing to do?? I dont want to loose her and im going gto see the doctors ton friday about ...
    10 Relationships 47
  160. What are the best GED preparation books?
    i have recently quit highschool and want to get a GED as soon as possible. what are some good books that you have used or someone else you know has used? preferbally one that has had a successful outcome :)
    6 Education 58
  161. How do I get a big butt without surgery?
    In skinny with big breast help please.I dont want to do much exersise.and also im scared to eat because I have a nice stomach and dont want to lose it
    2 Nutritionfitness 55
  162. How to get rid of bump in my nose without surgery or botox?
    I have a big, ugly, crooked nose. it makes me so ugly! and I hate it! how do I fix it?!?!?! without surgery or injection?!?!?! I have zero confidence thanks to this ugly sniffer so please help me be pretty and not ugly cause of my ugly nose
    2 Style 2663
  163. How Do I Make My Boobs Bigger Without Surgery Or Pills Or Exercise?
    well im 13 years old and I have the smallest boobs in my year at school and all the boys make fun of me can you please help me find a cure :)
    12 Style 85
  164. what should I do to be prepared for cheerleading?
    so when 10-11 school year starts I want to try out for cheerleading..I used to do gymnastics when I was like 10 but kinda lost my flexibility.. what should I do in order to prepare for tryouts? (this is highschool cheering.. its my last year in highsch...
    4 Sports 25
  165. Getting pregnant after having bypass surgery
    I had a gastric bypass on january 2007. Currently planning to have a baby. Would it be easy to loose weight after having the baby? I'm so afraid of gaining weighjt again? Can someone give me an advise?
    3 Nutritionfitness 17
  166. Is it true that after getting laser eye surgery, many see things blurry at night?
    I've heard from several people that at night, it's a bit harder to see. I hear that it often gets blurry, especially with looking at lights.
    3 Health 13
  167. Should I consider plastic surgery for my looks?
    Ok, this has been bothering me like all day, I got a facebook message from this chick Hillary and she said " Alana, you are so disgustingly ugly. You look like shrek." People, am I ugly? I need to know...should I seriously consider plastic surgery to m...
    14 Style 61
  168. How expensive is plastic surgery.
    How expensive is plastic surgery? Would be it under hundreds of dollars or thousands of dollars. I am Canadian. I have a really ugly face and I am tired of people making fun of me for it. People always bark at me and tell me I look more like a guy tha...
    8 Health 52
  169. how can you get bigger boobs(without surgery)
    well im only a B cup and would like to have bigger boobs, does anyone know of eny creams or herbs or pills that increase the breast size. thakyou for anyone who answers.
    6 Style 102
  170. How to get a big butt without surgery?
    how can I get a big brazilian butt without having to go under knife? and all natural,exercize? what type?I dont have a way to make it to the gym so I hope home exercize work? but what kind of exercize? if not brazilian then like beyonce or j.lo
    7 Style 99
  171. How can I help my friend prepare for his speech?
    I am helping my friend to prepare his speech fr tomorrow.. its very urgent!... it is about >> he is contesting for election for the post of assistance sports Capitan in my school and he is of 11th grade!.. I would be very pleased and very much thankfu...
    3 Literature 65
  172. How to deal with my upcoming surgery?
    okay, so im 13. and I have to get this surgery in a few days. im deadly scared and I cant stop crying no matter how much my family tells me that I wont feel a thing. please tell me how to be less afraid. its really stressful.
    3 Health 71
  173. preparing for phone sex???
    Hi. me and my boyfriend have been going out for about 2 weeks and he wants to try phone sex. I'm really nervous about it but I wanna try it. We tried to have it but I chickened out. He said it was okay but I feel bad. Anyway I just need help not being ...
    2 Sex 49
  174. How can I make my boobs smaller without surgery?
    I want to find non-surgical ways to reduce breast size like maybe lipo or something. And yes, I have tried exercise etc. and am not fat.
    4 Health 94
  175. How to get rid of fatty face without surgery??????????
    Hello Guys, I am looking here for best alternative of face surgery. I weigh 165 & I’m 5’9 n I am on a diet too, But its doesn’t affect my face. My face is gaining weight regularly .Is it possible without surgery to get a slim and thin face? Please hel...
    4 Style 55
  176. How do I prepare for field hockey tryouts?
    So my field hockey practice starts in two days and I am not fit at all but we are going to start with heavy fitness training! I really want to make the team and would like to know how to prepare to not be huffing and puffing after the first five minute...
    3 Sports 66
  177. Has anyone had surgery on their labia?
    well... about 2 years ago I noticed adramatic change in the size of my labia. I am now 16 and its still pretty bad. my exboyfriend went around telling people I have a weird vagina and I am sooo embarassed. I want surgery so bad, labioplasty and clitor...
    4 Health 143
  178. Has anyone had Lasik eye surgery?
    can anyone tell me anything about lasik eye surgery . I need it when im 18. My eye sight is so bad I cant even see a foot in front of me its all blurred. Does it hurt? How do they do it, I know they open a top layer of your eye. but what do they do aft...
    5 Health 21
  179. When do I need to start preparing for my cats pregnancy
    When is it necesary to put my cat in a large cage I purchased. I will put towels and blankets for them to stay warm. A litter box and food and water. Anything else I should put in there? Since it is almost summer should I put a heat lamp over the cage ...
    4 Pets 45
  180. How should I prepare myself physically for the military?
    So I really want to join the military after high school. But I don't want to go into boot camp totally out of shape. Do you know a exercising schedule with the food to eat, exercising, and just anything that will help me out? If so.. can you help me ou...
    5 Nutritionfitness 63
  181. What ways could I prepare for highschool ?
    okay so next year ill be in highschool and im unsure about it . Will me and all my friends really seperate ? does highschool change people ? and is there anything I should watch put for or tips ? please and thank you . p.s I know probally over dramatiz...
    7 Education 25
  182. Will it be ok to cook a cake tomorrow I prepared today?
    I was making a cinnamon custard cake before. I got it all ready to bake, when my oven decides to explode and stop functioning. Does anyone know if it will be ok to cook it tomorrow after I get my landlord to sort out my oven situation? I was really loo...
    4 Food 19
  183. help with getting prepared and ready for grad?
    hi, I am girl graduating elementary school on monday and I was wondering if there are any tips that could help me look my best, such as perfecting skin, getting rid of pimples, and other things, that you think would help me out. I cant really come
    2 Style 7
  184. Cosmetic surgery
    So, I'm overweight and I need to lose weight fast. I've lost about 50 already, but it's not enough and I'm not losing anymore. I have poor self esteem and I'm depressed most of the time, because I'm exlcuded in almost everything and have no friends or ...
    3 Health 23
  185. What is the appropriate age to get a tattoo, a tongue piercing, and laser eye surgery?
    because though some parents may agree to it at a young age what years the safest based on age life style ex. toddler... rough careless bound to get hurt a lot = UNSAFE AGE!!!
    6 Style 72
  186. Are cosmetic contact lenses safe?
    I have blue eye but they turn a baby bluey-grey-ish color when I have eyeliner on.. I want to make them POP by using really blue contacts.. Are they: a) Safe? b) Cheap? c) Healthy for your eyes? and d) Do they slip from your eyeballs?
    3 Style 7
  187. Is plastic surgery stupid or worth it?
    I'm 19, and for the past 2 years I've been seriously considering getting plastic surgery for weight loss. The only problem is that its sorta expensive and I know that it would be smarter, healthier, and safer if I lost the weight naturally- rather than...
    8 Style 32
  188. Can you get rid of a second chin without surgery or liposuction?
    I've got this second chin that is very unflattering-especially in photos and I hate it! I ndont want liposuction (im only 16 so I cant anyway) and I want to avoid botox. Is there some sort of exercise I can do to get rid of it or like something that ta...
    2 Style 62
  189. Should I have breast reduction surgery so I can model?
    Hey everyone! I am an aspiring model. I want to do coverspreads in magazines like elle and seventeen. I've been to a few go-sees but the only magazine that wants me is maxim. I'm not sure im right for that kind of modeling. What do you think? The other...
    8 Money 25
  190. How do you deal with a doctor who is trying to push you to have surgery that you don't feel is needed?
    My ob doc wants me to get a hysterectomy because I have Endometriosis, I know the surgery may be needed, but I feel he should try other alternatives first. He has me on the Depot Lupron shot and that is supposed to maybe cure it but its like he's not g...
    13 Health 36
  191. plastic surgery on the NHS?
    hi basically I just want to know will I be able to get a rhinoplasty on the NHS? I'm 16 but I have absolutely no confidence whatsoever and I despise the way I look I will seriously do anything to change it, but more than anything I hate my nose. Can ...
    6 Health 18
  192. (Help appreciated) About how much does scar removal surgery cost?
    Okay, I had cystic acne on my face about a year ago. It's gone but I still have two purple and blue scars the size of a quarter and four little scars. They won't go fade away with any prescription my dermatologist prescribes me. So I am getting surgery...
    2 Style 57
  193. How can I be prepared?
    I have a new boyfriend, and this weekend we're going to be doing...things that are sexual. I have never experienced anything like this before, and I am very nervous because he is very much experienced. I have never even fingered myself to be honest, an...
    2 Sex 79
  194. How do I prepare myself physically to loose my virginity?
    I am going to have sex with my boyfriend this weekend for the first time, I am ready and can't wait, I am a virgin but he isn't and I've made him go for all STI checks before hand. and now were both ready, I want it to be special so how should I prepar...
    5 Sex 632
  195. How do I prepare for a baby?
    I am pregnant and i am so worried that i will not do everything right when the baby is born. The doctor and books have told me a lot but is there anything else I should know from a mom's point of view? Also what do you think of these names? Gabriella ...
    2 Relationships 14
  196. Do you think people are prepared for online profiles to do away with resumes?
    When an employer is looking to hire someone, they can easily do a Google search to see what this person does online (Myspace, Facebook, etc)....considering some of the stuff people put on their profiles, do you think people, in general, are ready for t...
    4 Money 12
  197. how long does torn bicep surgery take
    I just found out i tore my bicep tendon which is attached to my shoulder, well not anymore, and i possibly tore my labrum but they wont know until i am in surgery. I was wondering how long the actual procedure takes, i know my recovery is 6-8 weeks in ...
    2 Health 48
  198. Surgery question
    Ok so I got the ingrown toenail surgery today. And everything went ok. But my numbness went away real quick so it was painful but right now I have no pain. But it is still bleeding.. I mean not like pouring out of the bandaid just like little spots eve...
    2 Health 25
  199. How to prepare for a career in (music) photography?
    I am interested in becoming a professional music photographer. (also wildlife, fashion, ect. but music being my main interest). How would I prepare for a career in this, and succed in getting it? Also, if you know, what are some good colleges in new yo...
    3 Money 17
  200. how can you make your lips plumer w/o surgery or those lip glosses?
    im reallyyyy insecure about my lips..and when i talk i took a video of myself talking..i look so lips are not that bad but when i talk they get so thin wtf..idk what to do..and dont tell me to use some lip gloss lol..cus ive tried many thing...
    15 Style 45
  201. What should I do to prepare myself for enlisting into the Navy?
    I am interested in attaining the SEAL contract. Would it help me any if I started maybe going to the shooting range,getting certified in scuba diving, and or skydiving? I am aware of everything else I need done in order to getting into the training, I ...
    6 Education 37
  202. How can I get BIGGER breast without surgery?
    I can't afford it, I feel very insecure about myself most of the time, I was trying to model, right now my hopes went down in trying to model, there's too much competition and my husband stopped supporting me on it, he was kinda jealous and telling me ...
    8 Style 135
  203. What can I do to make my boobs grow w/out surgery?
    I'm 21 and have always been thin and I think this is why I didn't develop breast. I feel like my body looks like a 13 year old girl. Is there anything I can do to make them grow more. I heard rubbing them or even thinking about them getting bigger will...
    7 Style 64
  204. What are some things I can start doing to prepare for grad school?
    If anyone who's been to grad school can give me some advice, it would be greatly appreciated. I'll be a senior in college next year and I've already begun looking at programs and schools, and I know I'm going to need recommendation letters and such. In...
    4 Education 12
  205. Why * are MAC cosmetics really worth the extra $ ?
    I've only every bought mac's myth lipstick because I love nude lips but I felt like foundation and lip gloss gave me the same effect because the actual lipstick for $14 still gave a drying effect. ): but what do you think ,? (I usually stick to drugst...
    6 Style 16
  206. How to prepare for puppies?
    Should I build a puppy box for her to give birth in? What should I have on hand? I just need to know what to do. I'm talking to the vet later today about all the possibilities and what to do if this or that happens, but any advice would be apriciated. ...
    7 Pets 55
  207. Does creating a list of do’s and don’ts help you in preparing for the upcoming Tax time?
    Before filing the taxes every business needs to get familiar with terms that will help you in getting ready for this Tax season. There are things which must be need to understand because when some people think of filing and paying their taxes, they p...
    3 Money 14
  208. What sort of things can better prepare us, and help us move out together sooner?
    We've been going out over three years and we both see a future together. Of course we know we need money, we both are saving up, but it doesn't really seem to be going anywhere. We sleep over at each other's place often so we do have an idea of what li...
    4 Money 17
  209. Is there any way to stunt the growth of your breasts without surgery?
    I spent $200 on a bra 5 months ago only to find it is already getting too small. Doctors won't look at me for a reduction for another 4 years minimum. And before you say lose weight I have lost 30lbs in the past 5 months and they have still gotten bigg...
    6 Health 29
  210. Why won't my dog eat after surgery?
    It has been 2 days now, and she still won't eat. All she does is turn her head when we try to give her something. She will drink water, occasionally, but not nearly enough. The vet gave her a fluid shot and a anti nausea shot yesterday so I was wonderi...
    3 Pets 92
  211. How do I physically prepare for a baby?
    I am planning to have a baby but I wanted to know if there was anything I could to physically prepare for a baby. I want to make sure I'm completely healthy. Also I'm a smoker and but I only smoke every once in a while because I'm trying to quit. I hav...
    5 Health 51
  212. what can I do to prepare me for baseball
    I am a senior and unfortunatly my grades have never been good however.. I now go to a technical school through my regular school still making me able to participate in atheltics... I wanna play baseball, and I've never been much of an athlete but I wan...
    3 Sports 13
  213. During neck surgery... Sue?
    During neck surgery a month ago the dr. Was screwing in a screw and broke my neck. it took the dr. A extra hour to try to fuse the broken vertabrate and when I came to he never told me what he did. He told everyone in the waiting room, but not me. Whe...
    7 Health 27
  214. I want bigger boobs with no surgery!!
    I am a 13 yr old girl with really tiny boobs. My mum has gotten me B cup bras, but the thing is they dont even sag!!! I am quite skinny and both sides of my faimly are early developers and end up with massive boobs!!! Do I need to gain weight??? Or do ...
    6 Style 60
  215. Who knows how to make your bust bigger without pills and surgery?
    Please help me on this. Dont give me bogus azz answers like just wait or its impossible, because they are called miracles for a reason. Please give me real answers that can help me. I am not askn this so I can impress boys. I am asking this because I w...
    4 Style 26
  216. recovery after surgery?
    im having a lump removed in my armpit the size of a plum. im having it removed the reconstruction surgery after to make it look the same as the other arm pit . Unfortunately my work doesnt pay you when off sick so I was wondering how long will it take...
    2 Health 54
  217. How many people are prepared for a natural disaster?
    So after our crazy earthquake last week, the rest of the country decided it was a good idea to go out and put together emergency kits in their house (the entire country has pretty much sold out of bottled water!). Just wondering how many people here wo...
    20 General 37
  218. Can anybody suggest a workout timetable or something to prepare me for Police college?
    I'm going to Police training college (still not sure exactly when...) But I was wondering if there are any ex navy/marines/police or just anybody that can suggest to me some kind of daily workout. I have an Ab machine, an Exercise bike, Boxing equip...
    3 Nutritionfitness 12
  219. Has anyone had gastric bypass surgery?
    I'm thinking about asking my mom if I can get gastric bypass. I'm 17 ( will be 18 in about 60 days) and I weigh 320ish pounds. I've tried everything else to lose weight and now I feel this is the only way I can truly lose weight and be happy, finally. ...
    3 Health 23
  220. Marriage
    As a man how to prepare your body before marriage
    2 Health 24
  221. Does anyone have any good recipes to prepare artichokes?
    This needs to be easy and no funny ingredients please. I had my first artichoke tonight and we already have the plant at my boyfriends house, so hopefully we'll be eating one or two again and I enjoyed it, but we were wondering if we could find some co...
    13 Food 27
  222. Snobby mac cosmetics sales persons
    My name is bella. I am from kitchener, ontario. I had an extreme issue with a woman from mac cosmetics in fairview mall. She told me and 2 other woman that we were too fat to be looking and or thinking about buying their products. She told us to never ...
    4 Shopping 54
  223. What to do to remove keloid?
    4 Health 26
  224. Who knows a GOOD website that I- a freshman in high school this year- can be prepared into the becoming of a Psychologist?
    I need to know if there is some sort of training facility online, so I can be prepared and gradually learn new things. I also need to know what classes I should take that would help, like maybe give me some essential knowledge of Psychology. I'm ver...
    2 Education 14
  225. How to deal with mom having surgery?
    Well my mom just had surgery. She got her gallbladder taken out. It is a regular procedure. It's just hard because she can't walk she is in so much pain. I'm trying to stay strong because I feel like I'm the only one making an effort to help. She ...
    7 Family 83
  226. Top 10 Things You Don't Want to Hear During Surgery
    Top 10 Things You Don't Want to Hear During Surgery:). Post more? Things you don't want to hear during surgery: Better save that. We'll need it for the autopsy. "Accept this sacrifice, O Great Lord of Darkness." Bo! Bo! Come back with that. Ba...
    4 Health 29
  227. how do I increase my cup size with out surgery?!?!
    okay I am 16 about 5'1 and 110 pounds... I am a softball player, track runner, soccer defender and club softball player... in 8th grade I had a 36B cup and now as a sophomore they have decreased to a 34B and they keep getting smaller...w...
    4 Style 85
  228. Why do so many people care about when a celeb gets plastic surgery?
    like Megan Fox? I was at walmart the other day waiting in line and i see this mag about Megan Fox and her new boob job and nose job and whatever. For one thing,i think she is just gorgeous! And it showed before and after pictures. She used to be flat a...
    13 Entertainment 33
  229. Prepared for the responsibility
    I graduated college this past year as a Vet Tech and at the moment I do not have a job in this town that I recently moved to. The vet clinics around here aren't looking for a tech so I've applied at a few places and today I recieved a call from an orga...
    3 Money 36
  230. Post Oral Surgery, Please help!
    Last year I've got an Oral Surgery on my teeth to push back my overbite. After 6 weeks when I fully healed and had my mouth unwired I had to take pictures to see the inside of my mouth. So, I have just went to the dentist this past Thursday and when I ...
    4 Sex 33
  231. shitz zu won't eat after spine surgery
    My friend came back from vacation and found her dog dragging her two back feet , dunno what happened to her , took her to the vet and had to go into surgery something about a disc on her spine , surgery was succesful and vet kept her for about 4 days ...
    2 Pets 51
  232. How overweight must one be to get the gastric bypass surgery?
    How much does it cost? I recently found out that due to excess dieting in my younger years, my metabolism is screwed up for good, and now no matter how much I restrict or even just exercise and eat healthy, there is no chance of any of my current weigh...
    2 Health 9
  233. Is there a way to tighten your skin naturally without laser surgeries or having to spend multiple years doing lotions and treatments?
    I've recently lost a LOT of weight (over 70lbs), and the problem is that I barely look any smaller unless I wear extremely tight clothing underneath my regular clothes to "hold myself in". Also, I'd like to finally get back into swimming, dancing and...
    2 Style 27
  234. Pregnant and back problems
    What happens if you are pregnant and you have back problems and have to have surgery?
    2 Health 26
  235. Kidney stone operation alternative
    Are there any alternatives to surgery for kidney stones?
    2 Health 25
  236. Cat Scans
    What do they give you to prepare for a catscan?
    2 Health 19
  237. What should a teen preparing for pregnancy know?
    Hmm..I don't know what I'm asking. Though I do know that within a year I am going to try and get pregnant. I guess I just want all the information I can get from current mothers-to-be and mothers. It sounds ridiculous to get preggo at my age, indeed, b...
    4 Health 10
  238. How do I prepare myself to move out next January?
    Ok so I want to move out January of 2011..I'm turning 17 next month on the 24th..I've been trying to get a job .but non yet ..I would move out now but I wouldn't really have no where to go ..I want to to mv out because me and my. Mom never got along a...
    2 Family 38
  239. What to do for my dog after her surgery...
    Alright, as a lot of you may know from reading my previous questions, my dog recently had to have surgery. Well now I've got another question concerning her. She hasn't ate in 5 days. She wasn't eating before we took her to the vet which is why we took...
    7 Pets 177
  240. My first time preparations
    ok so im turning 15 this year and well everyone is talking about when they want to have sex and everything and I think I want to start when I turn 16 if im with the right guy and all, but I want to know some things first like im getting 3 needles to pr...
    3 Sex 8
  241. How to get larger breast?
    With out surgery, pills? excercises?
    8 Style 49
  242. is that true that most women want to look like angelina jolie.
    is that true that most women want to look like angelina jolie and they have cosmetic surgery to look like angelina jolie any answer is welcome thank you.
    13 Style 24
  243. hat do you do if you have uneven boobs?
    What can you do (without surgery) about uneven breasts??
    2 Style 54
  244. what is a helpful to to practice kissing on
    I want to be prepared for my first kiss what should I practice on
    4 Relationships 42
  245. Heavy period after surgery?
    On the 18th of this month I had tubal ligation. Everything went great except I got a small infection from one of the outer incisions. No worries. However I just started getting spotting about 2 days ago and today full on got my period. The cramps hav...
    3 Health 38
  246. How can I increase my boob size?
    how to increase my boobs without surgery and treatments
    3 Style 355
  247. perfect meal for a date
    what is the perfect meal I can prepare for a date, like if both me and my date are on a diet?
    5 Food 17
  248. What to do if a boy goes to finger me?
    Does it hurt when a boy fingers you, and what should the girl to too prepare for it?
    4 Relationships 147
  249. I want bigger boobs
    how do I get bigger boobs without surgery?
    10 Style 85
  250. Is there a way to tighten up down there?
    is there any way to tighten up "down there" with out surgery. like is there an exercise or something???
    8 Health 112