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  1. Which is the best: Organic SEO or PPC?
    Which is the Best - "Organic SEO or PPC"?
    8 Money 68
  2. what is a campaign speech?
    and how could i write it?
    2 General 34
  3. Does anybody know about "search engine optimization"?
    Does anybody know about "search engine optimization"?
    4 Technology 27
  4. Who is going to be running in the next presidential campaign?
    15 Politics 34
  5. Realism or optimism?
    Which do you think is "better"? What do you usually go with?
    6 General 26
  6. Is blog commenting for search engine optimization services spam?
    Is blog commenting for search engine optimization services spam?
    4 Technology 30
  7. What are some fun campaign slogans?
    running for Student Government vice president, any fun slogans
    3 Education 194
  8. How to Optimization Your PPC Campaign?
    Sometimes it may be overwhelming -- where should you start? There are numerous components of a PPC account that may help maneuver the needle into your direction. This post provides ideas to Boost your PPC campaigns but certainly isn't an off-beat list....
    7 Literature 171
  9. Does this mesothelioma mass tort campaign mean anything?
    does this mesothelioma mass tort campaign mean anything...or is it another crap mass tort fraud by lawyers?
    2 Politics 14
  10. Anyone want Hilary to campaign with Obama?
    I think that the should join forces and make further history
    2 Politics 15
  11. Whats a good advertising campaign: Theme/slogan for sneakers besides the ones thats already out?
    4 General 40
  12. What is a good catchy campaign slogan for a child?
    What is a good catchy campaign slogan for a child named austin (5th grader running for school president)?
    2 Literature 161
  13. Campaign for Obama
    Does anyone here(on this site) campaign? If so, maybe you and me and really help Obama go out there and ask people to please vote for Obama on the election day.
    12 Politics 39
  14. What is search engine optimization?
    What exactly is seo or search engine optimisation.Is it just link building or does it go to higher levels of website optimisation?
    7 Technology 37
  15. Help me with my campaign???
    Hey im running for my class rep. And I need some totally cool different awesome funny slogans, help???
    2 Education 38
  16. Can you guys give me anyideas on campaign slogans?
    I am running this monday and I need help quick. I need at least three good slogans. Any websites will be good too.
    2 Education 197
  17. How would you create an advertising campaign to target the Amish?
    I just had a they aren't using technology...would you spray paint a cart or do something else?
    6 Money 6
  18. What do you think of Romney suspending his Campaign?
    What do you think of Romney suspending his Campaign? I think it's smart for the republicans since most people are swaying towards Clinton or Obama. The Republican's could benefit from it, but we will see. What does everyone else think?
    10 Politics 12
  19. What is PPC and Its Benefits
    PPC means Pay Per Click also called internet marketing. In this advertisement will be paid and pay per click amount will be deducted. It is a best way to buy visit to your site.
    6 Technology 98
  20. Where can I get SEO optimized WordPress themes?
    I have been hearing a lot about this. I'm planning to move my blog to WordPress and would like to know where I can get a theme/layout/template that is already SEO optimized. I know they're out there, so please tell me where!
    2 Technology 17
  21. Student Council Campaign slogans?
    Hey plp, I'm running for student council at my middle school and I need some help. Anyone have any catchy and/or funny or totally awesome slogans from some posters?
    12 Education 4035
  22. Does anybody else agree with DOVE's campaign?
    I personally love the fact that they are starting to teach young girls to love themselves! I think what DOVE is doing is such a great thing. I recently started buying DOVE products to support them Does anybody else agree with me? Disagree, why?
    6 Style 17
  23. slogan for my campaign.
    alrighty, so I am running for secretary at my school and I need a slogan. the only thing that rhymes with my name is venezuela, and I pretty sure I cant use that. so the name of my school is north star academy. and my name is makayla maynard. help p...
    2 Education 107
  24. What are good ideas for a student government campaign?
    I am planning on running for the student elections at my school, in two weeks. I have two minutes during our 'election assembly' for a presentation (video/acting/etc.). Does anyone have any good suggestions for a video or presentation that people will ...
    11 Education 413
  25. What is your opinion on Rais Bhuiyans campaign (read description)?
    Mr. Rais Bhuiyan was shot in the face one of his eyes was blinded by a man named Mark Anthony Stroman who tried to avenge 9/11 by killing people who "looked Arabian". He actually killed two people. One man from India and one who was born in Pakistan. ...
    3 Politics 36
  26. Athiest Bus Campaign?
    Recently an athiest lady got fed-up when she saw an add on a bus that read "Those Who Dont Believe In The Lord Will Burn In Hell." She decided to start her own campaign and now has ads on buses that say: "There is probley no God, so stop worrying an...
    30 Religion 46
  27. SEO readings
    What are the best reads for the field of SEO (search engine optimization)?
    3 Technology 15
  28. who is friends with wallstreet?
    Last September, The New York Times reported that individuals associated with the securities and investment industry had given $9.9 million to the Obama campaign, $7.4 million to the Hillary Clinton campaign and only $6.9 million to the McCain campaign.
    4 Politics 23
  29. palin on snl
    did you guys see sarah palin on snl??...if so what did you think? do you think it was a positive or negative influence on the campaign?
    5 Politics 14
  30. Mother Earth
    Who knows about the upcoming "Earth Hour" lights out campaign? When does it take place? Who is the founder?
    5 Environment 14
  31. Is Halo 3 worth the money?
    I read some reviews and they say that the campaign is really short. Is Halo 3 really worth the money, just for the multiplayer?
    7 Gaming 34
  32. Benefits Of Digital Marketing Consultant
    A digital marketing consultant can easily provide marketing strategies. That will help to overcome the competition. Also, provide the market campaigns on time.
    6 Technology 87
  33. I got a crush on obama
    does anybody else think that ''obama girl'' was paid to do that? as a campaign technique or something? or does she really just like the attention? what do you think?
    6 Politics 32
  34. What is a creative student counsil slogan?
    I really need really creative and unique slogans to use for my campaign as 10th Grade Representative. Anyone have any ideas?!
    3 Education 173
  35. Is Hillary a victim ?
    I just read this comment: What the (Clinton) campaign did (after Tuesday night's debate) was to claim that the seven male candidates, plus moderator Tim Russert, had ganged up on Hillary thus claiming that she was - once again - a female being victimiz...
    9 Politics 37
  36. How to get good at Halo 3?
    Okay, I've got 40 xp, 7 skill on lone wolves and completed the campaign on normal. Basically I would quite like to become a spartan officer (70 xp and 10 skill) which seems pretty daunting so could you give me some advice for matchmaking please. I woul...
    4 Gaming 47
  37. Pessimistic / optimistic?
    Pessimism is when you think negative and optimism is vice-versa, so what do you call it when a person determines an outcome to be either as opposed to assuming which way it will be?
    2 General 12
  38. Is the candidates hiding their tax returns good or bad?
    In a break with the tradition of recent presidential campaigns, most of the major presidential candidates aren't releasing their income-tax filings - good thing or bad thing ?
    2 Politics 19
  39. Obama's mole...
    Has anyone else noticed that large, mysterious mole on the right hand side of obama's nose? they almost always keep it in the shadowy-side of his campaign commercials...
    10 Politics 135
  40. Would you believe evidence or ignore ?
    The Obama campaign denies he is truely for the 'Redistribution of Wealth' - taking your money and giving it to someone else, determined by the Government - Would you believe audio evidence in his own words ?
    30 Politics 36
  41. Will the Repulicans stand for McCain asking Russians to fund him?
    Apparently, McCain's campaign asked a Russian ambassador for donations. I'm appalled. I would expect the US to *NOT* support any specific candidate in a foreign election, and I would expect BOTH candidates to fund themselves through Americans, not fore...
    9 Politics 79
  42. Call of duty 4 and 5
    How long does it take to finish call of duty 4-modern warfare and call of duty 5-world at war single player campaigns if I am playin call of duty or more exactly a war game for the first time...?
    3 Gaming 12
  43. What are Call of Duty Modern Warfare Reflex Edition cheats for wii?
    For the online wi-fi multiplayer games what are cheats I can use. I dont need campaign cheats just for the wi-fi version
    4 Gaming 35
  44. Should teachers have a say where their money goes?
    The NEA (National Educators Association) uses teachers paid dues to contribute to a national candidate campaign of their (union) choosing - the teacher is given no choice in this matter - Should a teacher have a say in where their money goes ?
    2 Education 17
  45. Can we say mandate?
    George Bush had two very close victories. Neither were clear mandates by the people. The country was very divided after each. Will people consider this overwhelming landslide victory a mandate for the policies Obama espoused during the campaign?
    16 Politics 22
  46. Bill steps in to take the blame or explain what she really meant
    It appears a pattern starting to emerge whereby when something doesn't go right in Hillary's campaign, Bill steps in to take the blame or explain what she really meant - Do you think this will continue ?
    2 Politics 20
  47. What are good ideas for a fund raiser??
    My mom went to school with this one girl and they have remained friends their whole life. Well this girl had a kid named Carly, who was diagnosed with brain cancer nearly a year ago. My mom and a group of her friends and I pulled together a campaign th...
    4 Money 45
  48. Help with fundraising ideas
    I need money money money money money money $$$ In our history class we're doing this presidential campaign thing And our group has to do some fundraising so that we can buy materials for advertising What are some good and cheap fundraising ideas yo...
    6 Education 13
  49. Why is McCain giving up on Michigan? (ALREADY)
    McCain stopped his campaigning recently in Michigan. (thank the lord) I'm just wondering why he would do that? (Although, not complaining) Is it because he has no chance to win Michigan? (There are FAR more Obama/Biden signs in peoples front yards...
    6 Politics 29
  50. What Change?
    So basically obama's whole campaign revolved around the promise of change in america. which is probably why he won I mean its exactly what america needs, but was it just a lie? when does he plan on changing america for real? all he has done is bail out...
    11 Politics 30
  51. Should a corporation have the same rights as a person?
    A Supreme Court ruling last week struck down campaign finance laws designed to protect the integrity of our election process. In this ruling the conservative majority on the court basically said that the free speech rights of a corporation are no diff...
    7 Politics 21
  52. Why is John McCain trying to postpone the debate?
    John McCain is suspending his campaign and wants to postpone the debate friday because of the financial situation. Does anyone really buy this? I think he is actually afraid to debate Obama, especially in light of recent events. He knows he will not...
    14 Politics 43
  53. Obama while in the Illinois senate voted to with-hold life
    It's been acknowledged that Obama while in the Illinois senate voted to with-hold life saving measures to a newly, fully born, viable baby. His reasoning, 'it was originally intended that the baby be aborted' - yet, he in the campaign he stated 'no-one...
    8 Politics 21
  54. What are you most thankful for?
    just another random positive question. just spreading optimism :) hopefully. my answer: this must be weird for some but im thankful for my parents because they raised me as they see fit. although we may not always get along, I am still thankful tha...
    7 General 14
  55. Neverwinter Nights 2
    anyone play this GREAT game? if so im looking for like... 3 people (who have absolutly nothing better to do today that would want to maybe run through the campaign! ( not the entire thing of course that would take days) anwyas... anyone interested?
    2 Gaming 26
  56. Could this plan work?
    Rumor Mill: Armstrong Williams reports that the Obama campaign and New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg have devised a plan in the event that Hillary gets the nomination. Bloomberg would give $1 billion to Obama to run as an independent with Bloomberg as...
    3 Politics 16
  57. Eric de la cruz and nin
    So heres the deal.. Eric de la cruz is dying and needs a heart transplant. He keeps getting turned down for a transplant list because he's on nevada medicaid, and there are no transplant centers in nevada. His sister veronica (former anchor and inte...
    4 General 39
  58. Which class is affected the most ?
    During the campaign and even as president, Obama has promised not to raise taxes of any kind on families earning under $250,000 or individuals under $200,000 - The tobacco tax increase went into effect yesterday, raising the tobacco tax nearly 62 cents...
    9 Politics 22
  59. The eventuality for the date of December 21, 2012
    The majority of the people I discuss this question with stand strong in the belief that something religious is going to take place on December 21, 2012. Myself, I'm not so sure, yet I seem to stay fascinated about others optimisms towards the subject,...
    11 Religion 38
  60. ASB President & I need Help
    I am really involved in student government and I run a lot of our activites, but I want to be pres. and I think my opponents have a chance. im running for ASB (all student body) President of my school and I need some AWESOME campaign ideas. What do peo...
    2 Education 84
  61. Original fundraising ideas for school?
    ok, so for those who have read my campaign slogans question, I ran for student council. and anyone who has recently seen that question, I updated it to tell every1 that I am now a member of student council. ok, my question is: what are some aweso...
    3 Education 74
  62. Can you play Resident Evil 6 completely solo?
    Can you play Resident Evil 6 without any partner of any kind? Not even an AI partner? On all campaigns? Or do we at least have a setting that lets us make our partner not help us at all? Or make it so that they cannot kιll enemies? I really wanna know,...
    7 Gaming 65
  63. Is there a "Do not send political crap to me via email" list that I can get on?
    For some reason my Yahoo mail spam filter is not taking care of this problem... I hate the emails asking for money and all that! Is there a "Do not email" list? Personally I have nothing against politics, except the bullcrap, but not in my email!!!!!!!...
    4 Politics 38
  64. Pc games
    Guys...I need some good first person shooter games with great graphics and realistic gaming...I heard call of duty 4 is a short game in campaign...I m not in to pc config is core 2 duo with 1gb RAM,WIN XP,nvidia 9400gt 1gb...and due to...
    2 Gaming 33
  65. Study Help - Test
    I had a chemistry test today that I had to study for, I cant study for two things at once I get confused. Im a freshman in college so there is no study guides. Tomorrow I have a political science test. I dont like the class and dont know how to study. ...
    2 Education 13
  66. Why is the Republican state platform plan focusing on outlawing "oral"?
    I have a hard time believing that they're not campaigning based on the roots of the party I grew up with - you know, state rights, small federal government, fighting for the little guy against massive federal cr@ptacular programs, etc. Now they're redu...
    6 Sex 25
  67. Can I use WD-40 to lubricate an airsoft gun?
    So, I know it's a sub-optimal alternative to silicon spray but it's all I'll have for a while. Also, it's going into a really cheap Crosman AEG SMG that I only use as my side weapon. The gun needs lubed pretty badly, but I don't have silicon. I only...
    4 General 92
  68. Has Gov. Palin been treated fairly ?
    Input from some Hillary supporters on how Palin has been treated: Hillary Clinton supporters and Women for McCain leadership are slamming Barack Obama’s new ad, titled “His Choice,” as sexist and demeaning to women for its depiction of running mate Sar...
    10 Sex 48
  69. Child Words Please? Lol
    Definition of Political Partys::: •A political party is a political organization that seeks to attain and maintain political power within government, usually by participating in electoral campaigns. Please.. What does this mean? lol. I am doing a...
    3 Sex 48
  70. Should Bob Barr enter the Presidential race ?
    Former Georgia Congressman Bob Barr speaking on the possibility of making a presidential run, said: “There’s been a tremendous interest expressed to me both directly and indirectly on the Internet. I take that support very seriously, and I think it als...
    6 Politics 22
  71. Is it just me or is there something odd here?
    I read this and just thought it was odd...Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and John McCain were scheduled to take part in the anniversary day events that were to include a "recommitment march" through Memphis and the laying of wreaths at the sit...
    4 Politics 16
  72. Lobbyist Stephen Bassett says Obama needs to release alien science?
    Amazing...apparently, Stephen Bassett who founded a research group called PRG is attempting to organize a campaign to force the US governemnt to release the flying saucers, alien technology and scientific know how that we've obtained from martians into...
    8 Science 22
  73. Should the religious slaughter of animals be banned?
    Animal welfare activists campaign for only the most ‘humane’ methods of slaughter to be used when killing animals for meat. Switzerland and Sweden – already restrict the practice of religious slaughter. The UK’s Farm Animal Welfare Council recently...
    18 Religion 90
  74. Good policy or Bad ?
    Starting in the fall, public schools across Massachusetts will send reports home to parents alerting them if their child weighs too much or too little - the centerpiece of a campaign to shrink bulging waistlines and halt obesity-related diseases once r...
    7 Education 25
  75. Who's wearing pink tomorrow to support Anti-bullying day?
    The Vancouver Sun newspaper states that tomorrow is "Anti-bullying day", and Education Minister Shirley Bond, is encouraging everyone to wear pink for the occasion. "As part of the awareness campaign, Bond also urged people across the province to we...
    10 Education 67
  76. Are republicans trying to prove Obama was foreign born because...?
    I'm sure if you follow politics you've read about the Birther scandal, which started during the campaign. Now, I personally think the whole thing is our political system so broken that a foreign born person can become president? However.....
    17 Politics 33
  77. Why did McCain skip on the vote to tax the oil companies?
    His vote essentially doomed the legislation, just last week. He had the chance to pass it along, and create taxes for the oil companies (which are making the biggest quarterly profits of any company in world history), and provide for that extra tax rev...
    12 Politics 112
  78. I'm so sick of republicans attacking Obama.
    I mean seriously, McCain and Palin both said their supporters wanted bigger and dominant attacks on Obama to hurt his campaign. Calling him names such as "socialist" "Communist", Now I want to talk about those two words. Communism is when things are ra...
    6 Politics 7
  79. Did you all hear Obama went to Iraq?
    Did you all hear Obama went to Iraq? He went to the war zone to praise our troops and all that, and, you know, he was in for a big surprise. He thought that the surge wasn't working but, he was wrong!! He'll always be wrong and, no matter what happens...
    18 Politics 34
  80. Should they apologize?
    When Obama announced in October he was taking a few days off from campaigning to visit his ailing grandmother in Hawaii, many conservatives questioned Obama's real reason for going to Hawaii, including Limbaugh, Michael Savage, and Obama Nation author ...
    9 Politics 22
  81. Does anyone have any good ideas for a homecoming theme?
    I found out today that my the teacher in charge of student council has hand picked me (going to be a junior) as the person she hopes to be the student council president for the next 2 years. She wants me to start working on campaign posters, researchin...
    33 Education 70
  82. Is Scott McClellan Lying?
    Scott McClellan just released his memoirs titled What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington's Culture of Deception. It is a scathing indictment of the bush administration, and the methods they used to manipulate the truth. He said Bush...
    3 Politics 21
  83. Gays in the Military.
    In Obama's campaign, he said that he would make it so that the military welcomed gay men and women into their ranks with open arms... There is an articlein Newsweek about this. Asking "should gays be allowed to serve openly?" My personal opinio...
    28 Sex 64
  84. Is Clinton the "new" Rocky?
    PHILADELPHIA - Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton says she has something in common with legendary film boxer Rocky Balboa — she's not a quitter. Recalling a famous scene on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art from the 1976 Oscar-winning film "Ro...
    10 Politics 20
  85. Is the feeling of betrayal justified ?
    NY TIMES atricle: Muslims in the U.S. feel “betrayed” by Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, who spent his childhood years in Muslim Indonesia and is still thought by some Americans to be a Muslim himself. Obama has visited churches and syn...
    10 Politics 53
  86. Why? (Mostly goes to republicans)
    I never got this in the first place? Why did everyone make a big deal about all of the Democratic candidates this year? They're all equal American citizens that should deserve as many rights as any other person in this country. People said obama was...
    3 Politics 11
  87. What's your most lame addiction?
    Just a question before I go to sleep. :) Might be serious/not serious addictions. If its serious, hope you get help. If its all in the name of fun, well then haha :d Okay, dont laugh at me :) My lamest addiction was back in american idol seas...
    8 Entertainment 31
  88. Does the media toy with the Democratic nomination?
    By early 2004, it was clear to me that the media coverage of John Kerry was more favorable and extensive than that of Howard Dean and the other Democratic candidates. Now, four years later, I would have to agree with Hillary Clinton's campaign that Ba...
    2 Politics 22
  89. "what do you want to be when you grow up?"
    Ok so for most of my life I have thought I wanted to be a campaign manager and take poli sci classes and all that kinda stuff...I did allright in high school but never great cause I didnt want to do my homework Well now im in a good college but I hate...
    17 Education 25
  90. Things I bet you've never heard in church
    TOP TEN THINGS YOU NEVER HEAR IN CHURCH... 10. Hey! It's my turn to sit in the front pew. 9. I was so enthralled, I never noticed your sermon went 25 minutes over time. 8. Personally I find witnessing much more enjoyable than golf. 7. I've decided ...
    7 Religion 68
  91. Is Fox news guilty of shenanigans?
    Ron Paul, the Texas congressman and 2008 Presidential candidate won the 2011 CPAC straw poll of conservative voters for the 2nd year running. Fox News' America's Newsroom invited Paul to interview him following the win. The anchor, Bill Hemmer, set ...
    11 Politics 31
  92. Which joke is funniest?
    Which one of these Jay Leno jokes, strikes you Funniest ? "It was so hot today I was sweating like a Chinese toy salesman." "It was so hot in North Carolina even John Edwards had a bad hair day." "This week, the government announced a new operation t...
    7 Politics 15
  93. Why do people believe in global warming so blindly?
    As it stands there are far more ways to disprove global warming than there are to prove it. So why do people, especially many scientists, believe so whole heartidly in something that relies on, well, faith! Why are we told that there is a consensus in ...
    42 Environment 93
  94. How can anyone ignore the benefits?
    I know I'm beating a dead horse here, for some people, but how can anyone ignore the benefits of marijuana legalization? Marijuana is California's largest cash crop, illegal or not. It's estimated that marijuana accounts for $14 billion of revenue ...
    3 Politics 53
  95. Palin supported Buchanan. What does this say about McCain's choice?
    It turns out that Sarah Palin supported Pat Buchanan's 2000 presidential campaign. (Earlier today, Buchanan stated 'It's great for the base. She's a Buchananite!') Pat Buchanan is an outspoken opponent of Israel. It's one thing to criticize Israel, bu...
    5 Sex 35