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How to not kill yourself

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  1. Why some peoples are killing?
    Why some peoples are killing?
    3 General 18
  2. Can boogers kill you?
    Can boogers kill you?
    7 Health 186
  3. How to kill chipmunks?
    How to kill chipmunks?
    4 General 52
  4. Who killed 2pac?
    5 Entertainment 52
  5. Can pot kill you
    16 Health 144
  6. is it a crime to kill yourself?
    11 Health 204
  7. how to kill housenats?
    4 General 17
  8. What in this world can't kill you?
    79 General 229
  9. How do you stop yourself from killing yourself?
    14 Health 76
  10. Can a wisdom tooth kill you?
    can a wisdom tooth kill you
    2 Health 315
  11. What can I get to kill ants?
    What can I get to kill ants?
    3 Pets 27
  12. What's your opinion on mercy killing?
    10 Politics 59
  13. Can Graves disease kill you?
    5 Health 201
  14. Can drinking vinegar kill you?
    Can drinking vinegar kill you and what are the effects?
    11 Health 7655
  15. Which insect kill the most people in world??
    Which insect kill the most people in world??
    10 Science 341
  16. How can I kill my phobia of maths?
    5 Education 32
  17. How much vicodin will kill a dog?
    8 Pets 251
  18. What is an example of racism in To Kill A Mockinbird?
    10 Health 37
  19. who kills the women in juarez mexico?
    3 Politics 13
  20. Do cats kill mice for the fun of it?
    18 Pets 62
  21. Do soldiers who have killed go to heaven?
    21 Religion 54
  22. is it true that bullimia can actually kill you?
    6 Health 31
  23. Will ecstacy kill me?
    Will doing ex every day kill me?
    9 Health 120
  24. Could a cat ever kill you in your sleep?
    Could a cat ever kill you in your sleep?
    9 Pets 223
  25. can taking the pill while pregnant kill your baby?
    can taking the pill while pregnant kill your baby?
    4 Health 463
  26. How Do You Feel About I Killed The Prom Queen Splitting Up?
    How Do You Feel About I Killed The Prom Queen Splitting Up?
    2 Music 11
  27. What do you think killed my cat?
    my cat died while hissing what do you think killed it
    5 Pets 23
  28. How to kill boredom?
    what do I do to kill my boredom without waking my parents up?
    4 General 46
  29. If you kill...
    If you kill your clone, is it consider suicide or murder?
    5 General 46
  30. Can I trim some tree root with out killing my pine tree?
    Can I trim some tree root with out killing my pine tree?
    2 Homegarden 55
  31. is possible that someone can kill thor?
    is even possible that you can kill thor??
    7 General 13
  32. they would kill me
    how do you tell your parents that your pregnant?
    4 Family 58
  33. What happends if you try to kill your self when your pregnent?
    7 Health 42
  34. Is it true that 7 energy drink can kill you?
    13 Food 31
  35. Is it true this video made/makes kids kill themselves?
    7 Health 40
  36. why do dogs naturaly want to kill cats?
    9 Pets 74
  37. Do you think people should be arrested for killing a murderer?
    18 Politics 39
  38. Does anyone on here like Eyes set to kill? (:
    9 Music 11
  39. Who likes the band Eyes Set to Kill?
    7 Music 23
  40. Is it normal to have thoughts about killing someone, in detail?
    21 Health 69
  41. What's the fastest way to kill a zit?
    13 Style 66
  42. what is the wierdest place sum1 has ever been killed?
    6 General 11
  43. How do I kill a conifer tree?
    What's the best way to kill a giant conifer tree?
    3 Homegarden 218
  44. kill your dog
    would you kill your dog if they gave you $50,000,000 for doing so?
    30 Pets 39
  45. what does it mean when someone says curiosity killed the cat?
    what does it mean when someone says curiosity killed the cat?
    2 General 67
  46. Who killed Jesus?
    I pray jejus ... but can anyone tell who killed him?
    9 Religion 40
  47. If you cloned yourself then killed yourelf, suicide or murder?
    If you cloned yourself then killed yourelf. Would it be suicide or murder?
    12 Science 41
  48. Someone tried to kill Obama?
    Did someone really try 2 kill Obama??
    21 Politics 117
  49. If you kill your self would you go to heaven or hell
    If you kill your self would you go to heaven or hell
    38 Religion 326
  50. Killing Embryos?
    Does cloning mammals require the killing of a human embryo?
    5 Science 50
  51. best gun to use to shoot at a squirrel and not kill him?
    what is the best gun to use to shoot at a squirrel and not kill him?
    7 Pets 148
  52. How many believe that Michael Jackson was in the Illuminati, and it killed him?
    10 Entertainment 30
  53. what do you think about genetic engineering going to killing people?
    21 Health 43
  54. Why did they kill off kenny from south park forever?
    7 Entertainment 43
  55. Does coloring with sharpies kill your brain cells?
    8 Health 2321
  56. Does hot water/air or cold air/water kill germs?
    2 Health 57
  57. If a shot is fired in the air, can it come through the roof and kill you?
    13 General 83
  58. Can a wart on your vagina kill you if so how long would it take?
    3 Health 37
  59. can dust kill u overtime??
    from constant exposure???
    2 Health 29
  60. Is it true that air kills sperm?
    Is it true that when sperm reaches the air it will die?
    8 Health 16137
  61. What is a theme in the book Generation Kill by Evan Wright?
    3 Literature 82
  62. Could you kill a family member if they turned zombie?
    13 Family 51
  63. What is the tone in the first chapter of To Kill A Mocking Bird?
    2 Literature 36
  64. Did Ozzy Osbourne really kill puppies at his concerts?
    8 Music 674
  65. What do you think killed thousands of fish and birds in Arkansas?
    25 Environment 32
  66. rice on the ground and leting them eat it kill birds?
    can throwing rice on the ground and leting them eat it kill them???
    5 Pets 59
  67. Kill every thing you touch...?
    If you had the power to kill anything you touch, what would you do with your power?
    3 General 13
  68. Kfc tortures chickens before killing them?
    KFC tortures chickens before they kill them please answer if your agents KFC!!!
    5 Food 30
  69. What could kill plants on a massive level?
    what kills plant life? Is it common? what is it? and could it kill plant life on a mass level
    2 Homegarden 17
  70. How will Al Qaeda react to the killing of Osama Bin Laden?
    9 Politics 17
  71. Which clothing line do you prefer, Drop Dead or Glamour Kills?
    5 Style 25
  72. What house hold item would you use to kill zombies or a zombie?
    15 General 15
  73. Do you think Casey Anothey killed her daughter, Caylee Marie Anothey?
    14 Politics 27
  74. How does killers whales kill people?
    how do killer whales killl people when they don't have sharp teeth?
    4 Pets 45
  75. does inhaling perfume such as impulse , lynx , cool charm kill you ?
    5 Style 65
  76. Who do I contact if my friend is about to get killed?
    I need to contact anyone onine my friend is about to get killed who do I contact online
    7 Relationships 28
  77. I am killing my flowers
    My flowers seam to die... I heard that water sofner in the water is killing them is that true?
    3 Homegarden 102
  78. can steam kill you?
    random question but if you were stuck in a room with a lot of steam could it kill you?
    7 General 958
  79. Where can I find to kill a mockingbird online?
    I need to find "To Kill A Mockingbird" online. Not the book itself, just the story online so I can read it.
    2 Literature 26
  80. Slipknot song has the lyrics "the rain will kill us all"?
    What song has the lyrics "the rain will kill us all, throw ourselves against the wall..."
    6 Music 84
  81. What is the pet most likely to kill you between a lion, tiger, bear or Indian Elephant?
    6 Pets 45
  82. Will Crimping KILL my hair???
    Does crimping your hair damage it in any way? I don't do it very often... like once a month or so.
    3 Style 235
  83. Do you think that the queen planned it all out and then killed Diana because she was going to marry a Muslim?
    8 Politics 11
  84. do you still like akon even after he f-ing killed that girl?
    do you still like akon even after he f-ing killed that girl?
    11 Entertainment 57
  85. Will a SINGLE cigarette kill?
    My friends keep pressuring me to try cigarettes. Will it kill me if I try it one time?
    10 Health 66
  86. How to kill my appetite?
    Ok, I love to eat, but I keep gaining weight. what can I do 2 kill my appetite?
    10 Nutritionfitness 647
  87. What do you use to kill a demon???
    So I just need know how would you kill a demon lol I dono but I need to its for my book
    7 Literature 16
  88. Can a vinegar kill the sperm cell inside you ?
    Can a vinegar kill the sperm cell inside you before it reaches the egg cell ? What is plan b ?
    2 Health 1741
  89. Would you kill for the most important person in your life?
    Kk think about the person that means the most to you in your life would you kill yourself for honest!
    10 Relationships 18
  90. Meg the dog who sits on her puppies and then kills them
    How do you make the momma dog stop sitting on the puppies because she keeps killing them.
    7 Pets 1166
  91. Who killed Mahatma Gandhi?
    I was searching for the person who killed Gandhi ji...I need a quick help.
    5 General 122
  92. people wanting to kill themselves
    hey what happens when people say they want to kill themselves? I don't want to! I just want to know if anything happens..
    8 Health 81
  93. I want to tone and tighten my belly. But situps and crunches kill m
    how can I tone my belly without situps or crunches
    2 Nutritionfitness 21
  94. Why does the girl keep trying to kill the guy in the Maroon 5-Misery Video?
    6 Music 47
  95. Can Adderall make you hallucinate and kill you?
    what is the lethal dose of adderall and can it make you have hallucination I am asking because I had a friend who overdosed on it
    3 Health 220
  96. Who did Ramón Mercader kill in Mexico City with his pickaxe on August 21, 1940?
    2 Politics 56
  97. Does anyone know a website that has the answers to the questions at the back of To Kill A Mocking Bird?
    4 Literature 21
  98. Is it true that if a man kills his wife when he found out she cheated on him, he can get out of his charges because he was in a rage?
    11 Politics 32
  99. do dreams mean anything? because i keep having really scary dreams about people coming to kill me
    7 General 42
  100. Does anyone know the reason why Lee Harvey Oswald wanted to kill the president?
    6 Politics 37
  101. What is the story about "the girl who killed her self after her dad posted something on her wall" true?
    6 Family 37
  102. What if my boyfriend shot and killed someone?
    like to weeks ago my boyfriend shot and killed someone and I thought he was my everything help!!!
    4 Relationships 128
  103. How can I deal with my fear of bugs well killing them?
    I am terrified to kill anything to be in the same room with anything and to even just look at it.
    2 Health 22
  104. Swallowing is killing?
    If you swallow s*men are you technically killing or eating your child? Are you killing a life? Or is it not considered eating your child? Confused as to when it is considered an actual lifeform.
    10 Health 248
  105. How do I get my dog to stop killing chickens?
    Does anyone know how to get a dog to stop killing chickens and I am not giving my dog or chickens away because I love them all and they are family, too!
    10 Pets 103
  106. How to stop wanting to kill myself?
    I dont know what to do I have tried everything I still feel like killing my self...
    17 Health 199
  107. My dog got into my fridge and ate the leftover mexican taquitos from dinner. Is this going to kill him and if not what will it do to him or what should i do?
    6 Pets 562
  108. Why is it that in fatal car accidents it is always the person sitting shotgun that gets killed and not the driver?
    7 Cars 11
  109. What/ Is it true smoking kills your tastebuds?
    I once was told that smoking kills your taste buds if this is true then do you regain your taste buds when you stop smoking? and why does smoking do this? and how bad can it get?
    9 Health 130
  110. What is the muslim religion Like why do people like Osama Bin Laden believe it s okay to kill?
    3 Politics 33
  111. how to NOT kill yourself
    some people want to hurt themselves and because they do that they die. i know this because i almost died from cutting myself because life is hard.
    4 Health 69
  112. How to kill grasshoppers
    I have a ton of grasshoppers in my garden and they are eating everything. Is there a home remedy that will get rid of them?
    5 Homegarden 96
  113. Was Selena pregnant when she was killed?
    Im watching it nw and that question always crossed my mind when i watch it.
    15 Entertainment 841
  114. Will a piece of dark chocolate kill my chihuahua?
    I have a chihuahua terrier mix and weighs 9 lbs, if he ate a piece of dark chocolate will it kill him?
    8 Pets 74
  115. which kills your hair more..straightening it or scrunching it?
    which kills your hair more..straightening it or scrunching it? my hair is like so dead so I switched to scrunching it but I want to make sure that scrunching it is healthier?
    4 Style 92
  116. What are three main points in To Kill A Mockingbird?
    ...where Jem and Scout show they are coming of age?
    5 Education 55
  117. Curiosity Killed the Cat...
    I don't think it's true^^^ I think I'd be dead by now.. I'm ashamed. :) What do you think?
    2 General 20
  118. What is up with people killing each other these days?
    smh it's a cold cold world. Can't wait to be out on the streets making a difference.
    15 Politics 23
  119. Why do kids kill?
    Why do kids kill? I am doing an essay at school and need some independant opinions on why they kill?thank you. Like do you think it is because of the parents/community/upbringing orr just the kids fault!??
    6 General 72
  120. Who killed Kenny?
    This is just for laughs! a lot of people have killed Kenny over the years in South Park. Can you name some of your fav ways :D!
    3 Entertainment 11
  121. I dont wanna kill my baby
    im 16 and my girl is pregnat she wants and arbortion what should I do? I dont want to kill the baby please help
    10 Health 114
  122. Who killed The Electric Car
    im doing an assignment on who I think killed the electric car. im really indecisive and wondering if anyone has their own opinion on who it truely was and why??
    8 Environment 152
  123. what is a good band like Eyes Set to Kill?
    I love the screamo band eyes set to kill and the male AND female singers but I can't find any more good bands like it
    6 Music 145
  124. Do you think Lizzie Borden killed her father and step-mom?
    wasn't she found not guilty?
    4 Politics 47
  125. If you had a genetic disease that would kill you later in life, would you want to know?
    would you want to know if you had the disease and what would you do if you found out you did? would you have kids, how would it change your life?
    6 Health 36
  126. Has weed killed anybody?
    My friend said that you could die if you smoke the weed. Did that happen to anyone here? Or did you heer about it?
    21 Money 47
  127. How do you usally kill tyme
    ummm im in my brothers apartment and I usally play around with the elevaters but now im bored
    5 General 9
  128. Is there any kind of food dye that you can put on your contacts to make your contacts turn colors that won't kill you eyes?
    7 Style 52
  129. Is there a possible way to kill laziness?
    A pill that helps against it? Some massage? Some magic tree root to chew that helps?
    15 General 29
  130. what do you think when when you kill a spider
    when you kill a spider do you feel guilty afterwards I mean its not a dog or cat but it helps the enviroment when it kills flys and other bad insects
    19 Pets 44
  131. How will salt water kill me?
    Is it ok to drink salt water, because I've heard that you can die when you drink it but other people have said it only makes you sick. How much makes you sick and how much kills you?
    3 Health 55
  132. Can you kill yourself in newer cars?
    I have heard with newer cars due to the catylytical converter there is not enough carbon monoxide produced to kill yourself, any one know more about this
    2 Technology 99
  133. What kills ants but doesnt harm the plants?
    im growing a pumpkin and there are all these ants on it and im afraid it mite eat my pumpkin. what could I do to kill the ants but not the pumpkin or the people
    6 Homegarden 289
  134. Killing my garden
    Help! something is eating my veggie plants from the root and killing the plant. First it was my cucumber, then zuchinni, then cantalope, they are all planted next to each other.
    4 Homegarden 24
  135. why do people rape,kill or steal kids teens and elders?
    ...i mean i think its sick and deppressing that people do that=\ u?
    10 General 45
  136. How can i stop getting cramps in my leg, as i always get them in my foot at least 1-3 times a day. and they kill.
    5 Health 39
  137. How to get rid of the phobia that somebody is standing behind me and going to kill me while I close my eyes and lay on my side?
    15 Health 46
  138. Would you kill to save a life?
    A random question that popped into my head, but I'm curious as to what people think about that.
    10 General 25
  139. stomache has been killing me, I am cold, what is this?
    For he past 20 mins my stomache has been killing me it feels like someone is stabbing me over and over, and I am so cold. What is this??? Please help thnks Maddy
    4 Health 53
  140. Who knows who killed trudy monk?
    I really want to know who killed her because I know it must be somebody close but if anyone know please plese tell me so thankyou if you do tell me.
    4 Entertainment 49
  141. she threatend to kill me - answers asap please
    this 13 yr old girl threathend to kill me (I am also a 13 yr old girl). wot do I do? call the police? answers asap please
    2 General 15
  142. What should I do if my 14 yr old brother is physically pushing me and threatening to hurt and sometimes kill me when Im 18 yrs old?
    19 Family 56
  143. please help! boredom is killing me!!!
    what are some things you can do when you are bored and you dont have any way 2 get anywhere except for a bike??
    5 Entertainment 10
  144. can vinegar kill sperm?
    My boyfriend and I just had a baby 8 months ago ... I think I'm pregnant again... but I can't have it... I mean we're not ready for another... can vinegar kill sperm?
    3 Health 1067
  145. What should I do? Two best friends are dating and it's killing me.?
    My two best friends are dating me and it's killing me. I don't want to tell them and no one knows that they have kissed accept for me and them. And it's literally eating at my heart. But I don't know what I should do. Any help?
    3 Relationships 30
  146. How much calories do situps kill?
    I have been doing a lot of sit 200 something a day. Will it hurt me if I skip one day because my tailbone is killing me!!??
    5 Nutritionfitness 33
  147. a time to kill - the movie
    has anyone watched that movie before??? its called 'A Time To Kill' if so what happened at the end? I didnt get to finish watching it. it came on TV like Sunday.
    3 Entertainment 11
  148. Do bigger earthquakes kill more people?
    i have tons of homework and its school tmz =( i forgot bout it all sombody help meeeee :P
    6 Education 18
  149. Who thinks it's true that psychiatrist's and psychological profilers say that serial killers kill within their own social economic and ethnic bacground?
    8 Politics 9
  150. What: Is it true that if a guy puts laptop on his laps it can kill sperms and will cause a sterility in the future and they wont have kids thats scary.?
    11 Health 113
  151. Who thinks that, even though ten years after he saved his planet and became delegate to the Galactic Senate, that Jar Jar Binks should have been killed?
    3 General 4
  152. Will a bladder infection kill sperm?
    if one has a bladder infestion (if you have sex) would the sperm be able too live and fretilzie the egg or would it die becasue of the infection???
    4 Sex 379
  153. What happends to people who kill them selfs?
    What do you people think happends to people who kill them salfs? Do they becom ghousts do they go to hell or what? If a person had a very good reason to kill them self do you think god will forgive that person and let them in to haven?
    19 Religion 150
  154. Can saliva kill precum and or sperm?
    I heard people saying that saliva can kill sperm cus is so acidic. is that true?? and can it really kill precum more than sperm it self? also how effective is 1 month on BC?
    3 Health 1272
  155. Will my grandfather go to Hell for killing himself?
    My grandfather killed himself. Do you think he will go to heaven or hell? Is hell real? Does it say anything about going to hell in the bible? If so where? Does it tell what hell is like in the bible? please help me... I am so confussed, and I love m...
    27 Religion 211
  156. My bladder infection is Killing me
    Omg I havent got any sleep,and im tired..but My bladder infection is Killing me,I've been stuck For hours in the bathroom.can someone Please help me! =(
    2 Health 61
  157. Will birth control kill the baby?
    Ok say you had sex and the guy came in you. And a week later you statred taking birth control. Can you still be pregnant or will it kill the baby because It was so soon?
    3 Sex 260
  158. Is it possible to kill the Devil?
    throught the bible we see that the devil is given some sort of punishment.god never kills the devil.why is it like this.does the devil have a eternal life.please comment
    25 Religion 3507
  159. why is it not a sin to kill an animal?
    If it is a sin to kill a human why is it not a sin to kill an animal? Animals have feelings too. I sometimes here people say because animals are not as smart as humans. This is true, but we do not justify killing mentally retarded people, just becau...
    14 Religion 125
  160. How do I know whch apps I can kill on my lap top?
    I have like a hundred things going on start up, and it is really bogging my system down. heeeelp!
    5 Technology 17
  161. to kill a mockingbird help! :(
    I need to know the physical attributes of the main characters. but the bookdoesnt really like explain how they look? what should I put?
    3 Literature 180
  162. Why is Halal and Kosher meat still ritually killed in the sacrificial manner?
    ...when sheep are in plentiful supply and the element of sacrifice is therefore absent?
    7 Religion 29
  163. Can you kill people on Sims 2 Nightlife?
    I have the sims2 nightlife, celebration stuff, glamour life, and bon voyage. I want to know if you can kill a person by biting them. I know that they can fly, stalk, and bite people but can they kill?
    2 Gaming 45
  164. A meteoroid will kill us
    If the govenment knew a meteoroid was going to collide with earth, would they tell their people or keep it a secret like other things
    11 Politics 34
  165. FunAdvice Trivia: What god killed Python and established the Pythian Games?
    A) Mercury B) Apollo C) Neptune D) Cronos
    3 Funadvice 16
  166. Would you be able to kill a child to save the rest of the world and make everything better like all the world's problems solved for the next century?
    14 Politics 20
  167. Can a flu shot kill you?
    I was told that my grandma died from a flu shot but I have never heard of such a thing and they tell everyone to get a flu shot. Is this something to worry about or prevent?
    11 Health 418
  168. Comedown is killing me
    so 2 nights ago I took 2 red transformers. and the comedown is killing me. how long does it usually last? I've smacked aton of times. but this comedown is worse than the rest.
    3 Health 54
  169. Does anyone know who wrote the poem entitled: "Who Killed Cock Robin"?
    . ..... the one that begins: . "Who killed Cock Robin?" "I," said the Sparrow, "With my bow and arrow, I killed Cock Robin." "Who saw him die?" "I," said the Fly, "With my little eye, I saw him die." .
    2 Literature 55
  170. Why they had to kill the monkey.
    Did you see the news about the monkey that became crazy and the police had to kill him,the monkey was shot but I wonder why the police didnt shoot him with a sleeping dart or something like that they didnt have to kill the monkey what do you think any ...
    9 Pets 59
  171. What could it mean if I see my family being killed in my dreams?
    When i have scary dreams, it's usually about someone trying to kill me and usually i see my dad dead or being killed. Sometimes i see my mum, but if i don't i know that she and my brother are already dead somehow... jw what this could mean.
    16 General 168
  172. is it true that 10 days without sleep can kill you?!
    i seen on this website that you'll die from Sleep Deprivation quicker than food deprivation as you can survive weeks without food but only 10 days without sleep. is this really true?
    15 Health 146
  173. Why the writers killed bryan from family guy?
    The dog was a funny character, what happen to these writers tell me why i dont see a good reason to take out that character. What do you think?
    3 Entertainment 18
  174. What's the next stage of killing your wart if I have black dots?
    I have black dots on my wart and ive read it means its dieing to i just carry on what i am doing by putting this wart cream on? or do i have to get the black dots out by filing it or something?
    7 Health 57
  175. Is the fear of killing things a phobia?
    I don't like to kill anything. I don't care how big or small it is, I always go and find someone to kill it. I cover my ears because I'm always afraid of hearing the crunching or smushing sound of it being killed with a shoe.
    6 Health 242
  176. Do you think its right to kill animals?
    curious most of you are going to say no but I really don't care in my opinion I think all animals including humans should die if they can't defend themselfs its just they way the world is
    19 Pets 100
  177. Will listening to "Gloomy Sunday" make you kill yourself?
    Hey guys,did you guys heard before the song call "Gloomy Sunday"?Some say better dont listen to this song as it will lead you to commit suicide.Issit true?
    3 Music 100
  178. Where would you shoot a zombie to kill it faster, head of center of body mass?
    Im not talkng about a video game, but in real life when the zombie apocalypse comes.
    9 General 36
  179. What is parvo that kills puppies?
    I miss my chihuahua puppy mika who died last night of parvo. This is my first pet and I don't know what parvo is but shes gone and I miss her so much. I'm so depressed.
    5 Pets 64
  180. Does anyone else agree that Black Eyed Peas slightly killed the song "I've had the time of my life" from Dirty Dancing?
    (despite it being annoyingly catchy)?
    12 Music 36
  181. if you kill your clone whod it be called murder or suicide?
    Ok well im going to have a contest who ever will come up with the most random questions wins... Like for instance if you kill your clone whod it be called murder or sudide???
    5 General 71
  182. this girl wants to kill me
    so this girl wants to kill me. I have never sai a word to her in my life all I know is that she can hurt me. shes always yelling sh!t to me and I just egnore her. I dont know what to do I dont even look at her and she wants to fight me.she even said sh...
    6 Relationships 47
  183. FunAdvice Trivia: In the 1931 version of FRANKENSTEIN, who is the first person to be killed by the monster?
    A) Dr. Waldman B) Elizabeth C) Fritz D) A local villager
    9 Funadvice 12
  184. Will having scoliosis kill me while giving birth?
    I'm 14 and pregnant.. and I have scoliosis... what should I do?? I'm afraid of dying while having it... I'm about a week pregnant. I have a boyfriend of 7 months. This is what he wanted but what I was a little unsure of it and now I'm a little worried....
    5 Health 85
  185. How to kill infection in a lip piercing?
    Well I got my lip pierced a few weeks ago and I have a 16 gauge ring but I think my lip is infected ='[ advice on how to get rid of the infection would be awesome =dd
    7 Style 187
  186. How would you like to be killed?
    I mean abortion is not a big deal, it happens everyday. Assisted suicide is ok. But putting down a convict is something worth saving. WTH?
    11 Health 62
  187. Mother tried to kill herself about 30 minutes ago.
    She took some pills and now she is in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. Not sure if I'm asking for advice or not...I just wanted to put this somewhere.
    3 Health 32
  188. Kittens killed
    My cat had 5 kittens when I was on holiday. My mate was looking after them for me but 1 day after they were born my mate went in to feed them and found them all dead. They had all be killed in the same way but she founde the tom cat in are house was i...
    2 Pets 33
  189. To Kill A MockingBird
    Need lots of help with the book "to kill a mocking bird" and I have to write an essay on why the book is so important to american history, I need some help plzplzplz, I have writers block and at the moment it appears that im screwed!
    8 Literature 41
  190. Why do Jem and Scout fight in To Kill A Mockingbird?
    I'm reading tha book To Kill a Mockingbird and I can't seem to put my finger on why they fought.. it's based on Ch14.. PLEASE HELP ME ! thanks I appreciate it.
    3 Literature 78
    5 Relationships 3235
  192. curiosity is killing me ladies
    what color of hair do you have on yur arms 1. blonde 2. brown 3. black 4. no armhair cant blame a guy for being curious
    4 Relationships 31
  193. my teeth really hurt my braces are killing help??
    so my teeth have been hurting i just got new colors 2 springs and my teeth really hurt and i cant go to sleep (trust me ive tried) so ya PLEASE HELP ME!!!
    5 Health 41
  194. Did the Crocodile Hunter really get killed?
    I heard a rumor from a friend today that Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter died today. I haven't read anything yet. Did a Croc eat him finally?
    3 Entertainment 27
  195. FunAdvice Trivia: The Norse God of Light, Baldur, could not be killed except by what?
    A) Yggdrasil, The Tree of Life B) Fire C) Mistletoe D) Poison Sumac
    6 Funadvice 15
  196. Are the 20 Motrins I took going to kill me?
    ok was wicked depressed and I overdosed I took liek 20 motirns what do I do I took it like an hour ago I had no side affects at all does that mean im alright
    6 Health 156
  197. Killed my phone
    I like, completely killed my phone a couple days ago and now I'm getting a new one. I have verizon and what are some pretty phones they carry that aren't too expensive. My mom has to get a new phone too, and she's getting a samsung gleam. Which phones ...
    2 Technology 10
  198. What does death penalty mean? Do they actually kill the person?
    Im doing a paper for my history class..and im kinda confused what is the death penalty?? Do they actually kill people?? does anyone know any good websites I could find info?? and the democrats are against the death penalty right??
    7 Politics 72
  199. How long does it take to kill yourself with Carbon Monoxide?
    I'm not going to kill myself so don't freak out. I'm just wondering how long it would take to die if you tried to kill yourself by leaving the car running in the garage? like how many hours, I just saw it on tv, and I'm just wondering. no worries =] bu...
    2 Health 1238
  200. I Know Who Killed Me.,,Lindsay Lohan movie,
    Its Lindsay Lohan movie, I've just watched it like twicenand I don't understand any of it.. are Audrey & Dakoto sisters? are they the same people? please help cause it's annoying me now lol. :(
    3 Entertainment 21
  201. What do you think killed Todd Whitworth?
    The CEO of Window World NASCAR sponsor was found dead today. The doctors haven't yet figured out the cause, but admit that he "died suddenly". What do you think it was?
    4 Entertainment 37
  202. Can you kill termites without chemicals?
    I want to know if there is a way to kil termites without the use of chemicles or use of a professional. I have heard rumurs that if you cover the colony with a plastic bag and put it in the sun they will dye. is this true? is there any other way?
    4 Homegarden 120
  203. Yes or no, withdrawal from alcohol "can" kill you
    I know the answer to this question, I just want to see how many other people know for a fact as well. I'll tell my story on why I know this(it's sad) after some people answer. So, yes or no; Can someone who is addicted to alcohol die from not having...
    11 Health 80
  204. Is Firefox killing anybody elses computer?
    So I have always been a fan of firefox above safari or internet explorer. But then I recently downloaded the newest version of firefox and it's just crap! it keeps crashing my computer and forcing me into forced reboots. has this happened to anyone else?
    3 Technology 12
  205. What do they do to people who want to kill themselves?
    What do they do to you if someone says you want to kill urself? Will they like arrest you? Or put you in a psych ward? I always kindof wondered what happened to people like that.. Like if your suicidal are they going to sign you up for a therapist or l...
    5 Health 108
  206. How did the attitudes about Southern women and poor whites complicate the Scottsboro Trials and the trial of Tom Robinson in To Kill a Mockingbird?
    I'm writing a paper on the parallels between the Scottsboro Trials and To Kill a Mockingbird. One of the parallels being that attitudes about Southern women and poor whites greatly complicated each. To an extent I understand that, I just need a little ...
    2 Education 8
  207. Who knows if Mountain Dew really kills sperm?
    is it true that mountain dew kills your thingy cells and makes your thing smaller I dont belive it but I cant finnd it or anything else so im turning to the help of the good people thanks
    3 Health 70
  208. my family doesn't love/trird to kill my self
    I'm always being picked on no one beleives me and I becoming more depressed because on it me and my sister used to me close but not any more and veryones on her side I trying to kill myself with 10 pills on ibephin and I'm still here what should I do t...
    5 Relationships 68
  209. What is the best way to kill a wild hog/s?
    There is a pack of wild hogs living not 20 yards from my house, and they are getting braver. I need a good defense. I don't have the time or money for guns, my coworker has a flamethrower, is that a good idea?
    7 General 54
  210. How can you kill the salmonella bacteria on your kitchen floors?
    i know hot water works but i cant get it hot enough. 3 of my dogs have already died from it and i've only cured one so far. would bleach work??
    6 Health 63
  211. Did the Kennedy's have Marilyn Monroe killed?
    Were the Kennedy's involved, apparently she had an affair with JFK and after threatening to make the affair public, her history of faking suicide attempts was used and she was encouraged to attempt again but was left to die, it's no secret JFK was a wo...
    2 Entertainment 38
  212. Acne is killing me
    Ok I have had acne for awhile about a year or 2 what is a natural why to get rid opf it not proctiv or any o that I used almost everything out there ont he commercails I want a naturall way Thanks if you help me =]
    3 Style 45
  213. Ever had a friend killed by a drunk driver?
    Have you ever had a friend killed by a drunk driver? Well I have his name was aron and he was only 16 years old and in july it will be a year. we wasn't close but if I needed him he would be their for me. He also had a twin brother and he will never be...
    6 General 39
  214. Should I kill this girl talking about me in school?
    Well I had sex wit my boyfriend now every one in school knows. He said he didn't say anything to anyone.He said the gurl Angel told people. I am cool wit her but if she putting my bi out I am going 2 kill her .should i?
    4 Sex 17
  215. Will being anorexic kill you?
    is it bad to be? that IZ when you dont eat isnt it? well, I was wondering if it was a bad thing and will it kill u? mi best friend is anorexic and I was wondering if it was really dangerous. im worried. she doesnt ever eat and when she does she barely...
    8 Health 55
  216. One of my hamsters killed the other, why?
    I had two robo dwarf hamsters for a while, and we were doing everything perfectly, and now one has killed the other, and the one doesn't want to eat anything. It was sitting on top of the other one, I'm not sure if there was a fight or anything. Can so...
    2 Pets 110
  217. My friend wants to kill herself, what should I do?
    Ok my friend today was talking about ways to die without pain. She then told me she cut herself and hated her life. Last week she said these exact words "I swear I'm gonna killmyself." What should I do?
    6 Health 138
  218. what fantasy creature would fight,hunt, or kill?
    Now i do not mean like unicorn and fairies! (unless you would like to do that then go ahead) i am talk dragons, werewolf's, goblins and witches! what every you think of I need help with an idea!
    4 Pets 19
  219. How do I get my brother to stop trying to kill me?
    My brother is 6'2 and all he does is study and workout. I'm only 5'6 I have muscle but no neary brother. So obviously my brother can crush me in his fist. Please, do not say "tell your parents" my brother will find some excuse to blame it all on me.
    6 Family 67
  220. High heels are killing my feet!
    I recently bought a pair of heels that are 3 3/4 inches. They don't rub my heel but they make my little toes bleed. I've tried simply putting a plaster on my toes but it doesn't seem to help at all. What can I do?
    4 Style 39
  221. anyone know how i can kill my boredom?
    merry x-mas everyone!! anyone know how i could kill my boredom since i absolutely got nothing to do during the break ._. yeah sure i could hangout with friends and all but even that gets boring after a while. It would be great help! thanks :)
    3 General 14
  222. To Kill a Mockingbird
    For my English calss we have to read To Kill a Mockingbird. Our teacher wants us to look ofr certain themes in the book and give examples. One of the themes doesnt really make sense to me, the balance between good and evil. Does anyone know what she me...
    2 Literature 13
  223. I dreamt that I kill someone.what does it mean
    I dont remember much of the dream but I remember I was attacking someone and I slowly pushed a long knife into there heart. then I felt bad because I imagined what it would be like if it happened to me. wht could it mean. just curious
    6 General 91
  224. What should I get since I just killed my mp3?
    ok well I had an mp3 that I really liked but I broke it like the other 4 cause im kinda clumsy with the things sometimes. so I wanna know if I should get the same one because it was really great and it had a button that spun which I liked or should I g...
    3 Technology 9
  225. how to kill that feeling??
    my girl friend is not a virgin...she had sex with 3 people before me...well I am also not good .my number is more than that,,,but its getting hard for me to take it,,,but she loves me...I love her too but sometimes I hate her for this and everytime I ...
    3 Sex 44
  226. Who killed the electric car?
    Have you seen that movie.It's a shame that oil industries killed the electric car I hope somebody will make the electric car again, I wouldn't mind if another country like Canada or china make the electrical, if they made that car again people wouldn't...
    10 Cars 38
  227. What to do if my dogs got into a fight and almost killed each other?
    OK. So, I come home and my dog (younger one) has a swollen eye, cuts around his eye, and a big bump on his head.. From fighting and he started it. I can't take him to the vet, but what can I do to help him? Please hurry and answer.
    15 Pets 51
  228. FunAdvice Trivia: Which son of Antiope and Zeus, along with his twin brother Zethus, killed King Lycus and built a wall around Thebes with his lyre's melody?
    A) Argus B) Linus C) Amphion D) Philemon
    6 Funadvice 25
  229. Gematria (The Killing Nmae)/Gehenna Questions.
    I know a lot of songs have odd titles,especially slipknot's but 'Gematria (The Killing Name' and 'Gehenna' caught my attention.I've heard or seen the words Gematria & Gehenna somewhere but I cannot remember where. What I want to know is what is Gema...
    4 Music 50
  230. Can this kill my baby?
    I am about 4 weeks pregnant, and also nearly 18. I have been on birth control for about a month, but I never take them. But my mother watches me take the pills, so I just hold it under my tongue, and the spit it out about 30 seconds to 1 minute later...
    7 Health 86
  231. does KY jelly really kill sperm?
    I've been trying 2 get pregnet 4 the longest time but nuthin ever happened. me &and my boyfriend always used KY jelly on eachother but I recently heard that it actually kills the sperm and reduces the chance of pregnancy. is this true? how else get I g...
    5 Health 178
  232. Does salt kill sperm cells?!
    Does salt kill sperm cells?! I was talking to my friend and said I just can't stand things that kill my sperm(mountaindew myth lol) I just happened to be eating pretzels and I mentioned I was eating them for about a half hour a little less a little mor...
    11 Health 309
  233. When I was younger my dad tried to kill himself twice
    When I was younger my dad tried to kill himself twice and my mom once. My dad now has to take a lot of pills and is not his regular self because the pills he took messed something up. I was just recently thinking that it could be my fault. I did fig...
    2 Family 21
  234. Why do was as human kind kill wildlifes beauty?
    Why do we kill and hunt so many wonderful creatures, like the elephant for its tusks, and why do we have to cut down nature and damage so much, we are killing our world with pollution and yet we carry on. So many dont seem to care. Also if we kill tho...
    23 Environment 43
  235. Killing animals for meat
    I am very against killing animals for meat and I became a vegetarian because it. What I would see about the animals and how they were slaughtered in such a barbaric way disgusted me because of how cruel it was. But the fact that the many people don't ...
    12 Food 64
  236. 5 reasons why someone shouldnt kill themselves?
    Yes, I know a dumb question... But, im trying to convince somone not to do it who's life is full of problems so please don't write because it's krazy I need to know how to explain why life is wonderful and precious? 5 or more would be great thanks.. ...
    6 General 335
  237. Has the mp3 player killed FM radio?
    Most people these days have an iPod, Zune, Zen, or some other mp3 playing device. You can listen to an mp3 player in the car, while you're jogging, while you're in your office, and also plug it into your home audio system. Does anybody listen to ...
    6 Music 30
  238. time has killed me
    my life has come my life has gone I need you here so I am not alone this time it took the time I look the time I need its all in the books well time has killed me and lies have hurt me I need to know can you free me I hurt I cry I ...
    6 Relationships 9
  239. Can anxiety kill you?
    I had an anxiety attack at the mall last night, it continued through the rest of the night til I went to sleep, and now it has woken me up. The reason being is 'cause of this girl I like, she's the first one I ever liked that plays with her guy friends...
    2 Health 34
  240. How do you remove a bee hive without killing the bees?
    I have some bushes allong the fence in my back yard. Every year bees return and expand on that hive. I've tried taking it down during the winter, but by mid-spring, it's back. I love bees, but my lil' brother is allergic to them. How can i remove th...
    3 Pets 39
  241. How do you kill the magic pot in Final Fantasy 12?
    ok every time I hit it it dose 0 but it has to be killable cause I have everything in my beastery exept the magic pot and omega ohh and magic dosnt hurt it either so any ideas on how to kill it or do I need the zodiach spear? ps if any of you have kil...
    5 Gaming 512
  242. How strange is it that I find killing intersting?
    Okay I was just wondering if anyone else thinks I am insane/psychopathic for finding killing (e.g.murders, stuff like lots of blood and gore, ect...)? It started when I realized I had a love for Joker (Heath Ledgers) and Michael Myers. And ahead of tim...
    6 General 12
  243. Why do I have nightmares about my mom killing me?
    I dont know why but when ever I dream my mom kills me I mean I love my mom we are best friends and we joke around all the time and im 16 and I dont hate my mom or anything like I said we are best friends and I wake up all the time in the middle of the ...
    6 Religion 101
  244. I think my friend might have killed himself, help?
    I think he did I don't know why I mean there is this whole thing where he has an ex girlfriend but is still madly in luv with her and its very confussing!!but I don't know he couldnt promise me that he wouldnt kill him self and im like in luv with the ...
    3 Relationships 119
  245. Temptation kills...
    Man so there is this guy at work and he likes me he is always telling me im pretty and that im his lady and he gets so super jealous when I talk to other guys and when he is like that im not that into him but when he ignores me and is demanding me to ...
    2 Relationships 29
  246. Kill it keep it or sex?
    So me and my boyfriend were talking and stuff and we got onto the topic of if he ever made me pregnant. I was like id kill it and he said no id wanna raise it after I stopped freakin out. Then I was like nooo im not having a kid at this age and he stil...
    2 Sex 18
  247. He said he would kill me...
    Okay, well first of all I love my boyfriend to death I really do but not that long ago we had a conversation because hes leaving for a awhile so I promised not to do anything behind his back he said okay good because if you did I would get someone to k...
    6 Relationships 45
  248. My girlfriend's dad wants to kill me?
    My gfs dad wants to kill me? I have never even met the guy before and he already told my girl that if I come near there house and he is there he was going to kill me and burry me in the back yard...he beats my girlfriend and she wont let me get a littl...
    3 Relationships 193
  249. Is killing yourself a sin?
    Because I was watching this show last night by these crazy full on christians and it was about this boy who was depressed and got abused and raped by hes family and stuff and it was really sad, and then at the end he kills himself and then 'god' is lik...
    19 Religion 232
  250. How can mothers kill their own children?
    Im watching hln right now and they are talking about the 5 yr old little girl they found dead in north carolina. They charged her mom with human trafficing and other things can anyone out there tell me how a mother can make her own child be a prostitut...
    8 Babies 37