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How to minimize your closet

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  1. Which item in your closet do you love most?
    11 General 35
  2. Lips way too big, can I minimalize them?
    Is there any way to minimize them?
    3 Style 134
  3. What package were they talking about in "Trapped in the Closet"?
    3 Entertainment 15
  4. How do I make money with minimal work?
    4 Money 25
  5. How does madison adapt hobbesian minimalism to the minimalism
    How does madison adapt hobbesian minimalism to the minimalism he might have deemed requisite to constitution-making?
    2 Family 9
  6. Coming out of the furry closet
    How do I tell my mother that I am a furry?
    7 Family 83
  7. Has anyone seen Trapped in the Closet, the movie?
    If you did, what did you think if it?
    4 Entertainment 18
  8. where is platos closet and do they have a website that shows the stuff they sell?
    4 Shopping 37
  9. Does putting ice on a zit for a little while help minimize it?
    11 Style 79
  10. Do you thinks its wrong for a teahcer to lock you in a stoarge closet?
    44 Education 39
  11. How to Minimize Your Closet
    If you constantly deal with the annoyance of too much clothing, or beginning to run out is space in your closet for anything, it might be best to have a declutter.
    7 Homegarden 309
  12. What's the minimal age required for a child to be submitted to bootcamp?
    5 Babies 7
  13. What are some things I can suggest to my friend who is trying to come out of the closet with her children?
    6 Family 7
  14. When you give clothes to Plato's Closet, do they give you money after the item sells?
    2 Shopping 35
  15. How expensive is Platos Closet?
    is Platos closet expensive? I need some new shirts, but I only have 20$ to spend.
    6 Shopping 1060
  16. What do I do if Im trapped in a locked closet?
    What do I do if Im trapped in a locked closet and fed water and bread once a day?
    2 Funadvice 17
  17. Should I come out of the closet (no im not gayy)
    How do I tell my dad ima atheist
    12 Religion 32
  18. How to come out of the closet to my parents?
    Im gay an have been for the past 2 years an I was wondering how to come out to my parents
    4 Family 40
  19. Why was my closet making noises?
    Why was my closet making noises? As if someone/thing was hitting it or something...kinda like a bang. I used to have the mirror closets but i got now the ones that arent mirrors...
    12 Homegarden 15
  20. What are some good ways to minimize large pores and take care of oily skin?
    Home remedies would be nice :)
    8 Style 16
  21. How do you minimize a full screen GAME with the KEYBOARD ?
    just need to know :] plase do not tell me to click the little line becasue that is not there in a full screen game and yeah...
    3 General 46
  22. How do you hang up pants in a closet - do they sell pant hangers in stores?
    I don't like folding pants over onto a hanger or anything and I've never seen actual pant hangers in stores before?
    7 Homegarden 29
  23. What can I do to minimize chances of breast cancer?
    Today, my mother told me that my family has a high risk of breast cancer. Is there anything I can do/eat/drink/not do/ etc etc etc that might help minimize my chances of one day getting it?
    7 Health 31
  24. What are some good ways to organize a very small closet?
    I have a very small closet. Its 6 feet tall and about 4 feet across. I have one shelf. I keep my shoes on a shoe rack in a differant closet but am having a hard time fitting my clothes in the other. Any ideas on how to pack it all in without it being s...
    4 Homegarden 19
  25. what if you found a condom in your moms closet
    what if you found a condom in your moms closet do I tell them or do I like leave it alone because I kinda opened it 2 see what it was I thought it was a a lil towel :[ what do I do I cant trow it away I cant jind it in meh room meh mom will find it tel...
    9 Family 90
  26. How to convince my mom to let me turn the unused spare bedroom into a closet?
    She said she would think about it. But she seems against it. My sister moved out so the room next to mine is useless! If my sister comes home she can use the spare room in our basement.
    4 Family 15
  27. How can I minimize the orange in my bleached hair?
    I have been thinking of coloring my hair blonde. It has been blonde twice before in the past. I made a spur of the moment decision to go a head and bleach it...and now its bright orange! I realize that dramatically lightening dark hair can be a very gr...
    4 Style 1696
  28. skeletons in you closet?
    What kind of secrets do you have in your closet!?!?!? Me??? none! lol I dig graves for them... but I would like to expose one, because it has bothered me for a while... *I write skits and poems, but I am afraid to share thm with my friends b...
    5 General 38
  29. How to minimize tooth sensitivity from a chipped tooth...?
    nobody can even notice my tooth is chipped so why does it hurt like it was damaged badly?The dentist didn't even notice..and now im panicking..since i don't go to the dentist for another 9 days..and we can't move the appt up probably because of the hol...
    7 Health 13
  30. How can I minimize scars? Please help me I need your help?
    I use to cut my self on the top of my arm and it RUINED my life I can't wear t-shirts b/c of the scars !!! I have no idea what I'm going to do this summer ! Do any of you have any idea how to get rid of scars like a medicen or anything please help me...
    4 Style 33
  31. Is there way to get more cut and loose weight with minimal physical exercise?
    I work a lot and as of the last year haven't been able to get to the gym as much. I'm not out of shape but the pounds are starting to get past my comfort zone and want to know how to drop a little weight and cut up a little bit too with hardly any time...
    4 Nutritionfitness 9
  32. What is the best way to come out of the closet to my mom?
    I am currently 14 but know I have bee/ gay/bi for almost four years but have not told my mom and when I was in six grade this rumor had went aroumd saying I had sex with another girl but when my mom I had lied to about it but she was okay than I dont...
    5 Sex 37
  33. Minimizing pores
    Alright, So, When pores are dirty it makes pores appear bigger, I know that and when they are clean the look of poors aren't as bad and they will slowly get smaller but will always be there. I'm not expecting mine to "disappear" But I want t...
    7 Style 71
  34. How should I go about getting rid of the evil monkey in my closet?
    For weeks now, I've felt an evil presence in my room. At first, I didn't quite know what it was. But then, i would find droppings on my carpet and the big bowl of bananas I usually keep under my bed went missing! I hear evil laughs all the time, and it...
    2 General 16
  35. Is Plato's Closet a good place to shop for "scene" clothes?
    Ok, so, tomorrow is my one and only day I get to go shopping for school this year, and I don't want to waste my time on a store I'm no going to like..  So, guys, I was wondering If you could let me in on if the store Plato's Closet is right for me.  My...
    2 Shopping 79
  36. what do you wear to an interview?
    I have a job interview tomorrow and I have went through my closet and I have nothing to wear? what do you wear to an interview
    11 Money 52
  37. Where does the boogey man live??
    does he live in the closet or under the bed?? I have heard that he lives under the bed but have always believed he lives in the closet because that is what I was told. I know hes not real but where does this monster reside??
    4 General 178
  38. What's your opininion on having a lot of clothes and shoes?
    - like having a closet full and dressers full of clothes?
    11 Style 31
  39. What do you think that our government/epa can do
    What do you think that our government/epa can do to really enforce the laws to minimize the amount of polution that we give off?
    3 Environment 13
  40. Should I paint this?
    I just drew this picture and I think I'm going to paint it on my closet. Its a sketch so of course its not perfect. What do you think?
    6 General 9
  41. Question about bras
    Is it possible that a wired bra can stop the circulation of your breast or minimize its growth?
    5 Health 23
  42. Is this prom dress in style?
    I'm not sure whether or not to wear this dress to prom. I found it in my mom's closet.
    5 Style 30
  43. Why does my Firefox keep crashing when I play a video?
    everytime i play a video it crashes but once i minimize it and click on it again it unfreezes. does anyone know why?
    10 Technology 47
  44. what do you think of this kind of people ?
    what do you think of people who dont organize their room and make up their bed and organize their closet and leave them in a mess ?
    2 General 18
  45. How do I close the window?
    I was watching music videos and the window it was opened in won't show up on my taskbar.. so I still hear the music, but I can't close out or watch because I minimized it.. how do I close it?
    4 Technology 8
  46. ab workout
    whats a really killer ab workout I can do with minimal purchases? I have a few free weights for a dumbell sitting around if those are useful.
    3 Nutritionfitness 18
  47. Secret Treasures
    what do you have hidden in your closet? or what was the last thing in it besides your clothing? I have letters, pictures, and... an ice box with a penguin in it.. :D
    7 Entertainment 14
  48. What kind of eye makeup is hot?
    Is it the natural to minimal? Really dark and smokey? Colours? Or like pink and girly? Guys and girls opinions!
    2 Style 14
  49. Is Glen Peloso gay?
    Is Canadian interior designer Glen Peloso gay? He is on "Take this House and Sell It!", "Resturant Makevover", and "Renovate My Wardrobe" (which is about closet organization not fashion).
    3 General 60
  50. Platos closte
    Anyone here shops at platos closet..( the second hand store) but has enough money to buy brand knew clothes?? And chooses to shop there and y??
    3 Shopping 28
  51. What should I do about my bedroom?
    My bedroom isn't overly huge, its not too small, but it's very cluttered. I like being minimal but I just have too much clutter and stuff and it makes my room look messy. What can I do to hide all this clutter, but to not throw all of it away?
    4 Homegarden 27
  52. How to Fix your Dog's Obesity
    Is your dog pretty "curvy", considered a pile of chub, high on the chonk scale, or in simpler terms fat? Obese at minimal? Then this guide is for you and how to deal with dog obesity.
    6 Pets 88
  53. Why hate homo and bi people?
    Im 14 and I am bi I have some friends like me who are younger and older but no older than 16 why does she say we are to young to know who we are and if possible should I come out of the closet to her or not and how should I
    2 Relationships 29
  54. Room Colors??
    My room is bright yellow and some of the trim and my closet doors are a soft rosy pink, but I need a third color for my shelves and the rest of my trim, what color would look good?
    6 Homegarden 12
  55. Why wont he stop?
    Okay so one night I was home alone and my brother told me that his friend was coming over but he never told me a time so I got in the shower and then when I got out of the shower I remembered that I forgot a towel. I had to get to the closet and then t...
    14 Relationships 218
  56. What to do with my awesome new bedroom?
    I am a teen girl. im getting a new bedroom that has : 1. a main average size bedroom. 2. a office 3. a walk in closet 4. a small closet yeaah I know, very cool bedroom right!? I need to know what to do with it, I want it AWESOME and just coool and fu...
    5 Homegarden 43
  57. Cat Litter Everywhere!!!
    Does anyone have any ideas on how to minimize cat litter from getting tracked all over the place. The special rubber mats from the petstore don't work. Enclosed litterboxes don't work either. Thanks!:)
    6 Pets 14
  58. Someone explain what this dream means?
    I had a dream that my 29 y/o cousin that I am staying with was run over purposely and people chased after me to kill me. But, I ran and locked myself in the closet, which people were trying to bang down. Help?
    3 General 17
  59. What is your favourite Chuck Norris joke?
    A few of my favorites are: Eminem says "I'm not afraid" and Chuck Norris responds "I love the way you lie" . and When the Bogeyman goes to sleep at night, he checks the closet for Chuck Norris.
    6 Entertainment 16
  60. that wasnt funny.
    I was just down in my brother room. and I step in the closet for a second. and he going to try to close the closet door. I told him the last time he done it. dont do it no more. even if that door close for 1 second. ill freak out. so he close the door ...
    3 Family 7
  61. How do you get rid of bats?
    i have these doors that kinda slide into the wall and i left my closet door open and a huge bat flew out of from the empty space above it and i got it outside and shut the door so no more can get out tonight but i think there are more up in there. how ...
    4 Pets 23
  62. Clothes problem with my sister
    Ok my sister keeps taking my clothes out of my closet . She has autism & apparently doesnt know that the clothes wont fit her . Shes about 300lbs. While im 140lbs. See the difference ? Therefore she is ruining my clothes and & im getting really pisse...
    4 Family 46
  63. Trashy or classy?
    Guys what do you think makes a girl more attractive? If shes dressed really smart in a nice dress minimal make-up, or a girl in short skirts with loads of make-up? And girls would you go out with a guy who had a reputation?
    2 Style 25
  64. Should I come out to people at school?
    when school starts im going to be in my senior year so im worried that it could ruin what should be my best year of school, at the same time i really want a bf and i cant find one if im in the closet...
    11 Education 40
  65. No Appetite While on Med
    So about a week ago I started on concerta 36 mg for adhd. It works well, with minimal side effects, BUT I havent been eating more than 1 cup of food a day. I feel my stomach rumbling, but im not hungry. I really dont mind, im overweight anyway. But I n...
    2 Health 55
  66. What do you think of the Bachelor reality show on TV?
    My wife watches this so I see it in passing, and I pick on her about it, but he does not look right for any girl, I from the way it sounds he needs to come out of the closet and find him a guy.
    11 Entertainment 26
  67. What are you most scared of?
    ;o me:opened closets and doors at night Dx..scissors(terrified they're gnna stab my eye!!)..annnd mic!!and hearing someone sleep and breath SUPER lous :o .. (:
    26 General 57
  68. How do I eliminate pimples?
    How can I minimize the amount of spots i get, I use face cleansers and face washes but they don't seem to work? Will Eating More Fruits Help And Cutting Down On Junk Food? Will Wearing Less Makeup Prevent Them? Help
    3 Style 12
  69. Teen bedroom!!!s.o.s
    Ok so I have a middle sized bedroom. I have a desk ,mirror,chest of drawers ,a locker ,shelf, closet and double bed but I have no idea how to put everything to make my room look bigger.
    2 Homegarden 44
  70. What is wrong with her?
    Well my g/f and I had unprotected sex on monday, this is not our first time having sex. She had used spermicide on tuesday . On thursday she had minimal blood on her underwear but She had just ended her period last week. What could have caused the ble...
    2 Sex 14
  71. Microphone I can plug into my computer, any sites I can use it on?
    Hey well I just found a microphone I can plug into my computer in my closet. Haha. Well I was wondering if anybody knew any cool sights where I got to use it. Thanks! -maddie Lol I meant to put "sites" my bad!
    2 Technology 44
  72. Tips on how to take care of a child who is energetic?
    Please give some tips on how to take care of a child who is energetic but easily catches colds and even coughs. How could this be permanently eliminated or really be minimized? Id like him to grow up healthy and fit.
    4 Babies 57
  73. A simple guide to everyday prevention of the Coronavirus
    The world is in a panic over Covid-19 (Novel Corona Virus). While it does make sense to be careful, it does not make sense to panic. So with that in mind here is our simple guide to minimizing the risk of getting the virus. Funadvice has prepared th...
    8 Health 133
  74. Who thinks i should take the bigger room?
    ok so i recently had to help on some home improvements and not the spare bed room is bigger than mine, but there are some down sides no closet and i would have to re pain the room and in my pix there is a picture of my epic red and black room so what...
    2 Health 18
  75. Can anyone tell me which Toronto Maple Leaf player signed this jersey?
    This jersey has been in my friends closet for a long time and she has no idea which player signed it cause it belonged to her father who passed away. It's possible the signature is really old also.
    2 Sports 15
  76. How much is my Princess Diana Tribute Beanie Baby worth?
    So I found this beanie baby in my grandma's closet. I saw that it is a Princess Diana tribute bear and thought, "this might be worth something." I checked out some of the links that tell you that some things make it worth more, etc. How can I tell if i...
    5 General 47
  77. What should I wear to the club?
    I need help asap! I cant decide what to wear to the club tonight and I've been staring at everything in my closet for 2 hours. What would you guys wear??? Im going to a night club so I want to look hot. I am leaving in 3 hours!
    2 Style 45
  78. How do I show my stepdad I'm not Satan?
    My stepdad says I have a week to get out of his house, but I can't go to my real father's house anymore because I'm now out of the closet (Not by choice) and he's a homophobe. I need to show my stepdad that even thought I've been in trouble a few times...
    3 Family 43
  79. Why do I hear Miley Cyrus wherever I go?
    Okay... how come everywhere I go I hear somthing about Miley Cyrus.. I mean now she's even got her own barbie doll out.. and on music stations.. omg she's taking over... its attack of the lip singers *hides in closet*
    9 Entertainment 38
  80. How to give oral sex to a girl?
    im jus now coming out of tha closet wit be lesbian and I got a girlfriend and we been going out for a while and I dont know a dag on thing about how to eat out or finger a girl can sum 1 tell me help me out???
    3 Sex 132
  81. is it ok for a guy to were womens pants?
    ok so yesterday I was hanging up clothes in my closet when I saw a pair of jeans I didnt know werent mine. I tried them on and they fit perfectly well, they felt good. I took them off and they were my girlfriends. is it ok for a guy to were womens pant...
    2 Style 7
  82. I need a cute online clothing store
    I need a fast shipping, cheap, fashionable online clothing store :) Im tired of the same old stuff in my closet! and the closest mall is like 2 hours away, and my parents wouldnt drive all the way down there just to get clothes...
    5 Shopping 43
  83. brownish red discharge
    It's two days before my expected period yet I have noticed a minimal amount of brownish red discharge. It's accompanied with a very light pain at my lower back and short pain at the lower abdomen and my stomach looks a little bloated. Is it just the st...
    2 Health 458
  84. Guitar for a beginner?
    I was wondering what would be the best guitar for a beginner? And anything else that would help? Bc I want to learn how to play, I did have a guitar but long story short my dad had better things to do than to teach me... So my guitar sat in the bot...
    5 Music 16
  85. Am I moving too fast to be a beginner in computers?
    I just learn how to use a computer in august, 2007. I got my 1st computer & got on the internet in november, 2007.(which is now in the closet, the complete system) I got this computer system in january, 2008. (it's faster than the other one, not that t...
    3 Technology 20
  86. I got good news :D
    I've officially got my gun license :D And now bought three semi automatic pistols. But I put gun locks on them and hid the bullets so my two little brothers won't get near them and put triple locks on my closet and put them in a safe :)
    12 Entertainment 21
  87. How to wear Vans high tops?
    So today, I saw a really cute pair of Vans (light blue) high tops and they were on sale and on impulse I decided to buy them. Unfortunately, I don't know what to wear them with and I'm not the punk type so I don't have too many punk clothing in my clos...
    3 Style 247
  88. Where can I find a modelling agency that doesn't request payment upfront?
    I just went to onesource talent's place outside of detroit and they wanted 500 dollars up front. I want to earn money not spend it. Does anyone know of a place that doesnt have an upfront cost, or a minimal one at that?
    3 Money 61
  89. What can i do to my new car, to customise it abit?
    its a white car and i want to go with a green look, but only minimal adjustments, what ive done so car is sprayed my licence plate frame green, any ideas? inside and outside, i have also thought of little diamonte sticker decals.
    6 Cars 14
  90. Should parents have a choice of schools?
    School choice: Parents ask only for schools that are safe, teachers who are competent and diplomas that open doors of opportunity. When a public system fails, repeatedly, to meet these minimal objectives, parents ask only for a choice in the education...
    3 Education 19
  91. What is an easy beach hairstyle?
    ok so im going to PCB(panama city beach) thursday and I wanna know some cute easy hairstyles. BESIDES STRAIGHTENING! that I can do that wont take long for after the pool/beach and before me and my friend go out. and also I wanna know some cute clothes ...
    2 Style 39
  92. What are some cheap meals that can be made in under 50 minutes?
    I'm cooking in school next Wednesday, and the lesson lasts 50 minutes. I need some ideas for things to cook in under 50 minutes, as I need to prep and wash up. Minimal ingredients would be preferred, but I don't want something that is stupidly easy to ...
    3 Food 12
  93. Do you think that today's culture thinks about suicide too much?
    You always see suicide depicted in music and TV. And music and TV controls lives in todays multimedia culture. I think it's gotten o the point where it has been so widely accepted that if something as minimal as a stubbed toe happens to a depressed per...
    6 Health 29
  94. life or death
    hi my grandma gave me 2000 dollards for my 15 I have search everywhere under the bed cabinets closet everywhere what scould I do ? I have to tell her tomoroow bt I seriously need to find that money because she worked 2 years of her saving please anwser...
    9 General 16
  95. how to lose weight fast
    so, I've got a family reunion thingy coming up, and everyone else has been losing weight, while I was skinny but gained 25 pounds in the last year and a half. how can I lose that in say . . .about 3 months? I've tried but became completely obsessed. ...
    2 Nutritionfitness 66
  96. What do you think of this idea for cat litter?
    Kay so I just did the cat litter..eww, it was discusting!!! An idea for a little box would be; When the litter box gets a few pounds heaver(when the cat jumps in), it triggers a scent spray. So when the litter box gets lighter(cats hops out), it relea...
    6 Pets 20
  97. I have a green discharge
    I have a green discharge coming out of my vagina it leads to blood abit but then the blood stops the bloods very minimal and not a lot comes out I have no pain or anything I can just feel it coming out because its liquid...I've only had it for a week a...
    2 Sex 90
  98. Do you pull weeds or spray to get rid of them?
    Some people don't mind the menial task of pulling out those pesky weeds on a regular basis. Ok, now imagine you would have to do it on almost 2 acres of land. AAARRRGGGHHH I myself do use Roundup on certain spots on our land to minimize the extra work...
    3 Homegarden 310
  99. Red Trenchcoat
    I got a really cute red trenchcoat a few months ago which is now collecting dust in my closet. I only wore it once during the winter, but since it is a lightweight trench...would a red trench look out of the place for this spring's color palette? And...
    3 Style 18
  100. My puppy
    Ok, so I have this puppy and he likes to pee a lot, I mean, I left him out of his cage one night and in the morning I find a spot of pee and tonight he was in my room and all of a sudden he runs into my closet and starts to pee right on my shoe. So I h...
    10 Pets 55
  101. Where do you do your homework?
    i can't stay in one place more than a week like i've down my hw in the pool, jacuzzi, breakfast table, kitchen countertop, dinning table, living room sofa, on the floor, balconies, at the beach, on the roof top, my bed, my closet, the foyer, or i lea...
    17 Education 57
  102. How do I find out if I am a natural Domme?
    So, I met this amazing guy. We've already established our mutal intrest in the BDSM lifestyle, but I am still feeling nervous about the whole thing. I need to know how I can make myself seem like a natural, as if I've assumed this posistion before, ...
    2 Relationships 95
  103. How to be a Good Person
    I fought with my brother ,,yesterday actually we fight a lot and yesterday my mom was very sad and angry from me , I wished I would die that moment . I dont know what to do he just makes me mad then we fight also ,, I dont take care of my room an...
    3 Family 33
  104. Howdo I find my diamond necklace?
    So it was the other morning I went to the bathroom to get my diamond necklace. I keep it in the closet in there. I opened the door and it was not there. I don't remember the last place I had it, or when the last time it was when I had it on. My boyfrie...
    2 Style 10
  105. Do you think girls read books faster than guys?
    Just a random question, I think girls tend to read books faster than guys can(well, the minimal amounts of guys that enjoy reading). like there's girls in my school that read a lengthy book like twilight or LOTR in one or two days, but for me, if I I'm...
    8 Literature 108
  106. this is so humiliatting
    im in 4th grade and I went to a party the other night we were playing spin the bottle 2nd base. if the guy landed on you they had to go in the closet and feel you up. I was exited cause im always horny and looking for some action yo. so this hot guy th...
    9 Relationships 39
  107. Homecoming dresses
    Ok so I went to homecoming my 9th and 10th grade year both dresses were very expensive and know I have graduated had a kid and dont want them anymore...I live in texas and im trying to find a store that will buy the dresses from me I have only wore th...
    5 Shopping 18
  108. Kaylee and the doll
    Ok, heres another question about my neice. I have this doll that is very special to me. I've had her since I was really little. Shes always on the top shelf in my closet, and one day my neice came over (the cussing one) and she saw the doll in the clos...
    4 Babies 36
  109. What to expect at a catholic school interview?
    I applied for a preschool program at a catholic school near me and I recieved a call for an interview. I've never gone on a job interview at all so i really have no clue what to expect, especialy for a catholic school. I know to dress nice, black slack...
    3 Education 76
  110. Puppy cry :(
    My neighbor just handed me a little puppy told me that the owner doesn't want it anymore and because I pity for it I accepted it though I have two other dogs already. Im planning to search another home for it. However, his first night with us was awful...
    7 Pets 66
  111. A girl is in love with me
    There is this girl...she used to be a really good friend of mine until she started saying that she liked me liked me...I didn't know what to do...I didn't want to lose her as a friend. So I told her I liked her too and that didn't go so well...our frie...
    4 Relationships 18
  112. What is this on Microsoft Word and how do I sort it?
    I am on Microsoft word and go to click off it and a box comes up saying "You cannot close Microsoft Word because a Dialog is active. Switch to Microsoft Word first then close the dialog" What does this mean? also it wont let me click on any of the tab...
    3 Technology 20
  113. How long can you keep perfume stored for and what's the best way to store it?
    I've recently received a pretty big perfume gift set which I want to store because I have many opened perfume bottles already. How long can I store it until it starts going off? I've stored it up in the back of my closet still wrapped. Is this a good p...
    6 Style 64
  114. Hair Color: How many 'shades' different?
    Can anyone tell me how to figure out how many "shades" difference there are between different hair colors? Is there some sort of color wheel or key somewhere I can look at? I have (dyed) medium brunette hair with dark blond roots. I'm getting it dy...
    2 Style 55
  115. HELP how to get rid of fruit flies!??!
    I was away for 3 days,I came home,and My room is COVERED in fruit flies,Its rediculous. I just got done super cleaning my room,I took out all the dirty dishes,the dirty laundry,everything,and Im about to vaccuum the floor. but all the flies all landed ...
    5 Homegarden 105
  116. How can I move on from my memories?
    About 2 months ago I lost one of the closest friends I had eve had, She committed suicide because her home life was bad, She was found hanging in her closet. I have hardly smiled since then and I don't think I will ever get out of my depression.My gran...
    3 General 14
  117. Is the desire to assimilate gone?
    Is it just me or does it seem to you that immigrants in the past usually came here to be Americans - There were organized efforts within their communities, as well as in the larger society around them, to help them assimilate - But today, there are act...
    5 Politics 45
  118. animation ideas?
    so im taking a computer science class and I have to make an animation that lasts at least 200 frames. I have no idea what to do!! we have about a week or two to make it and I really need an idea. im new at using computers to draw so it cant be really i...
    2 Sex 51
  119. What does this shirt mean?
    I went to spencer's.. and they had a 'beach special' like tank tops, flip flops, towels, etc. They had this cute tank top, it's supposed to go over your bikini... anyway, it's white, with a rainbow going from the left to the right, and it says ''Come o...
    9 Style 41
  120. Why won't my Mom tell the truth about her dating?
    my mom is dating someone and she thinks I dont now but I've found so many things that lead to it. plus I know who he is because I've met him twice and I dont really like him. I've found his clothes in closets, after shave,sex toys and his msn was onli...
    5 Sex 40
  121. How do I help an anorexic friend?
    My friend has been losing weight fast. and at lunch I see that she dosent eat anything, also when she comes over. She just drinks water. I went to her house and I was grabbing a shirt out of her closet and saw a paper that said my diet and had all the ...
    4 Health 44
  122. My chihuahua won't pee or poop. AT ALL
    I just got a 6 month old chihuahua who has peed and pooped only twice since I got her 36 hours ago. She was pooping blood but we got Albon in case it was parasites and not stress. She eats when we hand feed her and drinks (minimally) on her own. I take...
    3 Pets 227
  123. How to have a more LGBTQ Inclusive Workplace
    Would you believe that in 2020, there are about 46% of LGBTQ workers who are closeted in the workplace? While work is for work, you definitely want to create an inclusive space where everyone looks forward to coming to work and contributing every day. ...
    7 Money 31
  124. Why wont my computer let me click on things?
    My computer wont let me click on the icons like internet explorer msn also wont let me click on the desktop. Also sometimes it will completely lock up on me. The only time I can get on the internet is if I logoff my computer by pressing ctrl a...
    3 Technology 102
  125. Is there a way to promote hair growth even though my hair always seems to stop growing several inches below my shoulders?
    My hair has always been this way. It would always seem to stop growing after reaching a few inches below my shoulders. Two summers ago I cut my hair really short, now it's reached that length, a few inches below my shoulders. It was growing rather fast...
    9 Style 65
  126. How can I help my 5-year-old nephew?
    ok, just to start off. today I went over to my sisters house to visit. she has a 5 yr old and one on the way. but today I saw the most horrible thing that I could see. my sister yells a lot at my nephew and is just really mean to him. today when I was ...
    8 Family 47
  127. What are some gud video games to get 4 mi ps2?
    Um I have a playstation 2 and its juss wasting space in my closet. So I need too play it but I dont have any good games. Nor money because I always buy candy or clothes :) The games I like are the 1's That let me take mii time 4 ex; sims and someti...
    2 Gaming 46
  128. How to tell if your teacher is hitting on you?
    Well, when my gym teacher was absent for a month the sub was selected from a college to help him learn to be a better teacher. Me and my friend were the most popular and the loudest girlies in the class. When it was time to stretch he would walk around...
    11 Relationships 68
  129. Was this really sexual harrassment?
    ...sorry I know this is a lot just for one question but you have to know the whole story to understand what im feeling... you see I moved to this small town last year and my parent finally let me go to public school but not just any school, it was hig...
    7 Sex 45
  130. Need to lose a bit of weight by summer
    Hi, I'm 14, I'm about 5"7 I'd guess and I weigh 11 stone. I go rowing twice a week and play about half an hours football at school every day. In summer I wanna have minimal stomach fat - what exercises/diet wud you reccomend. Btw I eat small b...
    4 Nutritionfitness 19
  131. Muscle and Fat
    I have always felt fat. I am 13 about 150-157cm tall and weigh 44.4 kilograms. My top half is sortof skinny but my thighs are to me, really big. I have muscle in my arms and calves but because my stomach is skinny but has a little bulge and my thinghs ...
    4 Nutritionfitness 37
  132. Why is my female cat suddenly skittish of me?
    I was wondering where my cat was, and looked in the closet where she normally likes to be since it's cool in there. When I went to pat her, she moved away from me, and when I was able to pick her up, she acted skittish. This is the first time she's don...
    8 Pets 85
  133. Bedroom makeover... Bad idea?
    I was thinking about getting rid of my bedframe and just leaving my mattress on the floor and then I would get rid of my dresser and get a coffee table and possibly finding bins to put under it for my clothers or just put shelves in my closet. Would th...
    3 Homegarden 17
  134. What do guys like?
    Okay, so hey! I was wondering about couple things - What do guys like when it comes to: - Cute / fun girls or sexy / serious girls? - Public hair? Or not? - Virgin? Or not? - Girls make the first move? Or not? - Laid back girls? Or up tight gir...
    2 Sex 33
  135. how can i fix this?............
    so today i made mah bro mad.i ran into my parents closet and hid. my bro didint come after me so i relaxed. i heard my mom getting out of the i was like hehe lets creeps her i slowly opened the dór.and shes like get out do you wanna ...
    3 Family 10
  136. I cheated on mt boyfriend but I still want to be w/ him
    I have been with my boyfriend for about a year and 1/2 and it's a long distance relationship. I love him so much and think that I may want to spend the rest of my life w/ him! he's perfect for me at least thats what all my friends say and what I think!...
    6 Relationships 17
  137. How to make my pores look smaller?
    I noticed my pores are looking a bit "off" skin seems a bit weather beaten if though I use sun screen on a regular basis and clean my skin very well...I also only use bare Minerals make up and I can't figure out the age of 24, have...
    4 Style 42
  138. Gay dad
    my parents have been divorced for about 4 years now. And about 2 years ago my dad came out of the closet and introduced us to his partner. Ever since then me and my two lil sisters have lived with my dad and geoff (his partner) every Wednesday and ever...
    3 Family 14
  139. Will a full size bed fit in my bedroom?
    2 Homegarden 538
  140. Trouble with my dad
    Last year my dad cheated on my mum and left us. He didnt abandon us..he pays and everything, but I still havent really talked to him since then. He comes to my house when my moms at work sometimes for my sister, but I have only exchanged minimal words ...
    3 Family 42
  141. Name that scary movie!
    It was awhile ago, the killer was a young man who would take these girls out and then kill them. He always kept one of their earings and that was what got him busted when someone opened up a box he had in his room and noticed all these unmatched earing...
    5 Entertainment 14
  142. Abusive parents?
    Okay.. I have been worrying about my friend for about 2 days ago. Okay monday she told me that she had to tell me a secret and I said okay what is it? She said that she gets abused and I was like in shock because I met her parents befor and so I kind o...
    2 Family 21
  143. How do I make a move on my gay friend?
    First of all, I am a curious guy who has had plenty of experience with girls. I have always been attracted to girls and I never thought about me being with a guy until now. There is this guy in our neighborhood who has a really nice body, great pers...
    2 Relationships 387
  144. What Do You Think of My Book So Far?
    This is a part of a book I'm writing. It's about this guy in high school, Jordan Redder. He's a senior this year. His girlfriend- Abbey Viscioni- died over the summer. She was in a car accident and it was her dad's fault. Jordan used to be on the socce...
    4 Sex 36
  145. Paranoid when home alone
    I'm 16 years old. So this is kind of embarrassing. But here it is. I hate being home alone. Especially at night. I have to go through the house checking if the doors are locked. Then I have to look in my closet sometimes because it's pretty big and I t...
    4 Health 127
  146. Why is it more socially "acceptable" for women to try "batting for the other team", yet men are not allowed to?
    I identify myself as a predominatly straight male, but I've tried guys before in an experimental stage. And for some reason, that seems to get me into trouble and get me strange looks when I admit it to anyone. There seems to be a double-standard t...
    4 Relationships 43
  147. Does the Slim Fast diet work?
    Do you think that slim fast diets work.. I tried to eat well today lol. but it didnt work.. I really want to be a size 2. This is what I ate. peunut butter and apples Cerial Breakfast pizza. Egg Plant Slim fast Shake Rice crispie Treat Ham San...
    3 Nutritionfitness 48
  148. Could my roommate sue me over his "derivative work" on my photos?
    I paid a former roommate the cost of ink and photo paper to quickly scan in an old family photograph that I wanted to have fixed up and framed for a relative. He spent less than two minutes on Photoshop doing it, simply adjusting the black levels and...
    2 Politics 26
  149. Why am I getting the same re-occurring nightmare over again about rape?
    For the past few nights I have been having a bad dream that I was at my boyfriend's house sleeping and it's night time and people break into the house and we wake up and he tells me to hide in the closet. Every time I've had this dream they find me the...
    3 Health 19
  150. gifts for a girl turning 14?
    I'm turning 14 this year, and I don't know what I want. I have a cell-phone, lap-top, digital camera, flat screen T.V., three iPod nano chromatics, a Zune, all the skinny jeans I can fit in my closet, designer shoes/dresses/purses/swimsuits/clothing, a...
    18 Babies 173
  151. What do you think of my poem, honestly?
    A diary under the mattress drugs beneath the bed a body on the bedroom floor one gunshot to the head black clothes in the closet depressing pictures on the wall letters written to a special someone begging him to call a mother who was crying a...
    5 Literature 27
  152. How do I create a workspace in a small room?
    Okay. So I have a small room and on one wall, is my bed, an across is a window so I can't put anything there. On the wall the Edge of my bed is facing, there is a bookshelf, and on the wall with a window, there is my desk, then the window, then next to...
    3 Homegarden 38
  153. How to lose some weight for good?
    I've tried everything. All the diets out there. I even went to fat camp for a month where I lost 25 pounds. unfourtunatley I gained 10 lbs back. im 190 pounds and only 15! my sweet 16 is 3 months away and I want to get to be at max 140 pounds. I carry ...
    2 Nutritionfitness 15
  154. Evil spirit/demon or ghost/spirit
    -My closet door makes banging type noises usually early in the morning. - My bed shakes a lil but stops early in the morning like 1 am-. Its possibly just my heart beating. -When i fall half asleep,i hear voices. Last night when i was alimost fell ...
    5 Religion 45
  155. Shouldn't Bush finally acknowledge his grandfather's actions?
    George Bush's grandfather, the late US senator Prescott Bush, was a director and shareholder of companies that profited from their involvement with the financial backers of Nazi Germany. His business dealings, which continued until his company's asse...
    8 Politics 27
  156. Boogeyman 2
    Me and my bff saw this movie boogeyman2 and I am scared outta my wits!!! Help me! If my mom or dad or sister finds out that I watched this movie ill b toast! My mom will kill me! I once saw this movie aboout bloody mary, and I got nightmares for 3 mont...
    2 Entertainment 34
  157. How to forget my boyfriend's suicide attempt?
    My boyfriend is on a Anti-Depresent Pill. He hasnt been on it but maybe going on 2 weeks now. Well when he first started it he was with me at my house. He was getting really mad. & I had promised him I will always take care of him. he was breathing ...
    4 Relationships 50
  158. Favourite Simpsons quote?
    What is your favourite quote/s from The Simpsons? I have many, some are as follows: Ralph Wiggum: Your toys are fun to touch. Mine are all sticky. Homer: [drunk] Look, the thing about my family is there's five of us. Marge, Bart, Girl Bart, the one...
    5 Sex 89
  159. Do I still need to cut my hair if I have no split ends?
    Hey guys. I had my last hair cut in May of this year and my hairdresser told me I should be coming in every 3-4 months for a trim. However, I have taken care of my hair very well - I have been doing weekly deep conditions and I have only straightened m...
    3 Style 69
  160. Am I reading into my mothers comments about the yellow blouse?
    Two days ago me, my mom my two nieces, my sister and brother-in-law went out to celebrate the moms birthday. I wore one of the blouses I purchased. It was a yellow blouse with a lace collar. Then the next day in the morning I showed my mom two other bl...
    6 Family 22
  161. Survey
    What did you have for breakfast? What did you have for lunch? What is your favorite girl name? What is your favorite boy name? Who is your favorite Twilight character? If you were an animal what would you want to be? What's your biggest fear? Wh...
    25 General 51
  162. How can I convince him I didn't cheat?
    Ok.... This happened last Saturday night... We had friends over... yes we were drinking, But it was getting late and I was pretty buzzed up.. My man had left to the store with some friends to get more beer.. I stayed , so I figure I better go to sleep...
    2 Relationships 86
  163. My Mom is doing something suspicious but I don't know what?
    My Mom is doing something Suspisious but I don't know what? ok about since I was 7 or 8 my mom came out of the bathroom and it smelled kinda like skunk and smoke. I when I was younger I thought was just the way it smelled from her going to the bathroom...
    24 Family 113
  164. What do you think about my masterbation technique?
    Ok, this is a bit strange, but I want everyones opinion. I've been masterbating for YEARSSS and nothings really DONE IT for me, ya know?? I've never really orgasmed, until recently. I used a brush handle once when I was desperate for some pleasure, and...
    3 Sex 93
  165. Why are all the cute clothes made for teeny-breasted or big women?
    I mean, whenever I find something I like, such as a sexy top or dress, it fits me okay on the abdominal area, but my boobs are always either halfway pushed out or they feel like they are being cut in half inside the top. So I either have to get a size ...
    4 Sex 188
  166. My secrets survey
    1 What's in your wallet? 2 What's under your bed? 3What's on that way top shelf or in the very far back of your closet? 4What's in your underware drawer? 5What's in the trunk of your car? 6What's in your desk or locker? 7D...
    7 General 46
  167. How to achieve a small waist!
    I really want to get a smaller waist, especially the area around the belly button. I'm slim and dont have fat, but the shape of my hip bone or whatever makes me look like I have a big waist. I want to know what exactly what and how I need to do this t...
    6 Nutritionfitness 726
  168. My Mom Is Hurting Me
    Im 13 I dont have a dad he left 4 years ago. Im not close with my family no matter how hard I try to be. Things are getting bad with my mom. Shes compulsive. Shes obsessed with her house. For example if I need something (clothes, things for school and ...
    4 Family 48
  169. Everyone post a joke
    alright every1 post a joke A man and woman had been married for more than 60 years. They had shared everything. They had talked about everything. They had kept no secrets from each other except that the little old woman had a shoebox in the top of h...
    7 Entertainment 36
  170. My life just sucks.
    Im always worrying about everything. I worry about what is gunna happen to my mommy when she dies. I have no dad because he died when I was little and I never saw him. My mom smokes and I tell her to stop it and SHE YELLS. I try to calm her down but NO...
    4 General 48
  171. What should I do about my moms live in boyfriend?
    Ok my mom has a mexican boyfriend that has been living with us for 2 and 1/2 years and im tiered of it I hate him!!! Im olny 13 so I cant leave the house. One time I told my mom that I didnt like him and she needed to chose me or him or I would just le...
    3 Family 56
  172. Break up or Resolve Issues?
    Hello, I have been in a long distance relationship (1500 miles) for about 3 months now. We both fell head over heels in love during the first 2 months and we met in person for 4 days about a month ago and it went absolutely beautiful. We both enjoye...
    3 Relationships 49
  173. Should I believe in God?
    I've never been to church in my life before I dated this guy Michael. (well... actually I went after homecoming with my friends) but anyways... my boyfriend wanted to take me to church. and this is like.. 10 months ago. anyways. I went... and I liked ...
    35 Religion 18
  174. Haunted house
    Ok, for the past few months I thought my house was haunted. Ok so ill tell you whats going on, and you tell me if you think it is. Well, first of all I've lived in this house for 6 years, and we moved in right when it was done being built. So, in last ...
    16 Homegarden 40
  175. Read this one instead about stacy
    Is stacy reading into her mothers comment about needing a place to wear the clothes? This is what is bothering stacy: stacy is upset because she feels that people should buy clothes for themselves and not because you necessarily have to wear them so...
    4 Style 31
  176. Controlling boyfriend
    My 20 yr old daughter has been going with a young man for over a year. For the last 6 months, they have been in a long distance relationship. She is in WI and he is in CT. She has been plannning to move there in a month. Since they been going toget...
    3 Relationships 83
  177. How can I control my wild daughter?
    Yikes! My 15-year old daughter is totally wild. This kid is fearless! She refuses to go to school (does it online now), totally refuses to help around the house and when she does, it's as minimal as possible, refuses curfew, stays gone for days at a...
    20 Babies 125
  178. Being kicked out!
    Ok so im 18 now and Me and my step mom got into a fight of monday. My birthday was on saturday and my friend had this nice shirt and I wanted one. So I asked my dad if I culd have like $5-$10 so I culd get one and he said yes, he said he'll give it to ...
    3 Family 33
  179. What do you think ?
    Roseanne Barr said today in her Blog: Obama is an empty suit selling "hope" in lieu of Truth. Oprah Winfrey helped to elect Arnold Swartzenegger. I have no doubt that she voted her purse by doing this, as she is a large land owner in California, and th...
    7 Politics 19
  180. Should I leave my current job, or wait for a promotion (cont'd)?
    I started off at a new job 2 years ago working in a team of 4 plus 1 supervisor. Over time I have been given additional responsibilities, taught new things etc. I am the sort of person who takes pride in my work and enjoys helping others to make th...
    3 Money 35
  181. My friends acting freaky.Again! PLEASE tell me what you think
    I know I typed a lot but please read and tell me what you think. This has been going on for a few month and only to me!! Ight we were watching Degrassi of all things and it was the episode were one dude on their came out of the closet, and she kept s...
    2 Relationships 16
  182. Finding "substance" in Moms purse
    Sorry I wrote a lot but please read it. Hey everyone. I'm actually not new to the site, I have another account on here but did not feel comfortable asking this question on that account. Alright here it goes... Tonight I was just sitting downstairs wa...
    10 Family 43
  183. Fun survey
    Post your answers, It's fun hearing what people put. 1. What are you thinking RIGHT NOW? 2. What about NOW? 3. For $100 would you call 911 and tell them you were being abducted by aliens? What is under your bed right now? 4. Do you sing along to ...
    9 Sex 41
  184. Issues after my xboyfriend tried to commit suicide in my apartment
    Ok so this is kind of long. I had a boyfriend of 4 years who moved across the country to go to school, I at the time was still in high school. We did the long distance thing for a year and it went great so after my full ride to school fell thru I mov...
    2 Relationships 47
  185. How can I live with these strict and overprotective parents?
    I'm 16 years old, living with strict, overprotective immigrant asian parents. They are very strict with me and rarely allow me freedom, only wanting me to study. I have no social life at all and the only friend I have moved away a few years back in mid...
    24 Sex 258
  186. Sweet 16 Sleepover
    In 4 weeks I'm turning 16 so I'm going to have a sleep over with my best friend and I'm stuck with ideas on stuff we could do, I have some ideas but my friend might not be comfortable with some (such as climbing on the roof- my brother does it all the ...
    2 Sex 219
  187. Should the music you listen to define who you are?
    Excuse me for this, I guess this is more like a venting thing than a question. You can add your feelings on it if you wish. So lets start from the beginning. on myspace profile my song it is INDEED a "RAP" song. According to a single mind framed, igno...
    7 Sex 10
  188. Why cant I stop thinking about my cat that died 2 days ago?
    My wonderful cat of only 1 1/2 years old that I have had since she was 4 weeks old had to be put down 2 days ago. She went into her first heat and got pregnant. Everything seemed to be going good and finally 5 days ago she went into labor. She had 2 ...
    12 Pets 107
  189. Random Servey.
    Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed? closed Do you take the shampoo and conditioner bottles from hotel? who doesn't?? Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out? out Have you ever stolen a street sign before? nope Do you like...
    12 General 47
  190. How can I clear out my entire criminal background with money???
    I am so tired of being looked at negatively because of my past. I was an emt, and used to save the lives of kids that overdosed, and I had a big attitude, with my "patch" and "siren" and ambulance, I thought I was all that. Then I got hooked on drugs, ...
    6 Sex 61
  191. Share 100 fun facts about you!!!
    1. Real name → 002. Nickname(s)→ 003. Zodiac sign → 004. Male or female→ 005. Elementary → 006. Middle School→ 007. High School → 008. Hair color → 009. Long or short → 010. Loud or Quiet → 011. Sweats or Jeans → 012. Phone or Camera → 013. Hea...
    28 Sex 329
  192. 99 TRUTH ABOUT U
    WOULD you MIND ANSWERING 1. Real name →pixie corpse 002. Nickname(s)→ pixie, dusty ,loabx 003. Zodiac sign → capricon 004. Male or female→female 005. Elementary → done 006. Middle School→done 007. High School →done 008. Hair color →black 009. Long or...
    8 Sex 68
  193. Should I move out to keep my sanity, or stay and go nuts?
    Hey Everyone, Being the scape goat in the family I have been tormented, abused (physically, mentally, emotionally and any other way possible) and ripped to pieces inside over the years of my life. I am 18 very soon to be 19 and I am losing my sanity h...
    31 Sex 167