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How to have a more lgbtq inclusive workplace

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  1. Can a creditor legally call and harrass you at your workplace?
    It is legal for creditors to call and harrass you at your work place?
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  2. Can creditors come to the workplace in Texas?
    According to Texas laws, what is one to do about crerditors coming to the workplace?
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  3. Would you be able to work properly at your job if you didn’t get along with anyone at your workplace?
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  4. How to have a more LGBTQ Inclusive Workplace
    Would you believe that in 2020, there are about 46% of LGBTQ workers who are closeted in the workplace? While work is for work, you definitely want to create an inclusive space where everyone looks forward to coming to work and contributing every day. ...
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  5. Cannot move up in my workplace
    I asked my boss if I could move after doing my job for 5 years and he said no he's not moving me up should I quit and find another job.
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  6. Ear piercings in the workplace
    I have 6 piercings in each ear. Do anybody think it would be a problem working in the hospitality industry. Will they make me take my earrings out.
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  7. Can I sue my workplace?
    I have a summer job, one day as I was finishing up for the day, I was called up to the practice manager's office. She told me this would be my last day from this day forth as the doctors do not need my help anymore. She didnt actually hire me for the j...
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  8. Just started falling in love with a married man in the workplace
    I've worked with this married man for 9 months and never thought more than a great guy. (I'm single) Well, just recently with some innocent flirting (I thought) I am starting to see it take a major turn for him and myself. I see him in a whole diffe...
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  9. Dominican rep
    Any views on it? Been there? Going in october 5* all inclusive!!!
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  10. What can I do about workplace bullying?
    So I done my trial at McDonalds and luckily enough, I got the job. The person that was training me on my trial didn't really help at all and then on the next again day I got told she was talking about me and saying I didn't even want to work and that I...
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  11. Will I qualify for unemployment if I quit?
    I hate my job and they don't fire people at my job. They like to make people want to quit so they don't have to pay unemployment I think. However, if my workplace is hostile will I be able to qualify for unemployment if I quit?
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  12. Holiday advice
    Hello there I am just wondering which is cheaper: Buying a last minute holiday ALL INCLUSIVE OR Buying a last minute holiday either self catering or half board and then upgrade to ALL INCLUSIVE at the hotel desk upon arrival All advice welc...
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  13. Where should we go for our second Honeymoon?
    where to go on a second honeymoon? I need a place and where to book it? I want some where we are at some island I also like all inclusive and activities too are involved.. need help to find a place we are planning on going in summer this summer
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  14. many of you have a workplace that would allow men to work in bras, panties, stockings, high heels, skirts and dresses? Let me know what you hr rep says!!! :>)
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  15. How might a stereotype hinder equality of opportunities in the work place?
    I'm on a course at college and where doing about the workplace at the moment and this is a question I have to answer and I don't understand it and I am not at college to ask the tutor. I understand what stereotyping is and about equality but can't ...
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  16. How would you feel?
    How would you feel if the person in charge of you in a workplace was younger than you? I've never been in the situation but my boyfriend was saying if that was ever the case he'd actually quit the job! I think that's quite extensive just because of ...
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  17. Creditor calling me about someone else in my work place
    What are the legalities surrounding creditors (specifically Partners in Credit) calling my workplace on a day to day basis about someone that works in my office? I've given him the messages and asked them to stop calling, but they are rude to me and c...
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  18. What sort of questions can you ask a colleague about their personal life?
    Someone recently started working at my workplace, and she told me a little bit of her background including the fact that her son is sick and has had a transplant. Is it appropriate to ask how her son is doing every so often, or should I just let her ta...
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  19. What spa to send my parents to for their anniversary?
    Okay for my parents 20th Anniversary me and my brother and sister want to send my parents to a spa for the weekend of April 18-21. We don't really know where to start, though. It has to be affordable, all inclusive and good for couples. We live in Colo...
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  20. Old woman dating advice
    I'm a 52 yr.old single female-so ladies this ? Is one for ya'll. Where do I go to meet men my age {or even a little younger}? I'm not a bar-hopper nor an avid church-goer-I fall somewhere in between. My workplace is a corner in my living room. On-line ...
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  21. More questions
    I'm bored and I don't really do this but here are some Questions to answer :] if your bored too. >< - In which way would you want to be killed (if you were going to be killed, inevitably)? - Do you prefer communicating through phone, internet or face-...
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  22. Is it wrong to not accept all of Judaism?
    Is it wrong to not accept all of Judaism? I am Jewish, and yes, I LOVE being Jewish! It is such a huge part of me, and I not at all interested in converting. However, there are some things I don't agree with. I sometimes wonder if there is a God, but I...
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  23. I have had a migraine for 6 days, help?
    I hurt my back (specifically those wee vertebrae things down my spine) while lifting boxes last Wednesday. I went to the physio and she confirmed what I'd done, gave me some treatment and massage which was great but it left me with a headache which the...
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  24. Is my co-worker flirting or just bening nice?
    Okay, I have a question; I start it my new job about a month ago. So far it’s been great my coworkers are nice and helpful. They have been very welcoming. Everything was find until about a week ago, one of my co-workers has started to get more comforta...
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  25. Find my real daddy?
    Okay so here is the dealz. Well right now I have a mom and a dad. Right? But the thing is he is not my real dad. My real dad basically got my mom pregnant and left. He saw me once when I was 3 weeks old and then never again. He did ask my mom to marry ...
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  26. She shoulda stuck up for me!
    I used to work as a sales associate in ladies wear at wal-mart and was productive, sometimes more than other dept, where I help out occasionally. I work hard as hell. The asst mgr said I was doing fine in late dec. But then justified the canning by ano...
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  27. I want to find my real father
    Okay so here is the dealz. Well right now I have a mom and a dad. Right? But the thing is he is not my real dad. My real dad basically got my mom pregnant and left. He saw me once when I was 3 weeks old and then never again. He did ask my mom to marry...
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  28. The asst. mgrs. totally humiliated me!
    When the Wal-Mart mgrs were firing me, they were pissed as hell and I don't understand why. Told me I ain't fit to work and that I lack people skills to be working. All I did was curse out a coworker who pissed me off and punch the pole in the fitting ...
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  29. Haha surveyyy. (dirty) lol
    Ever had sex in a public place? yes Ever laugh during sex? no Ever cry during sex? If so, why? The first time, cause it hurt. Do you like to cuddle after sex? yes Ever regret sex with someone? no Ever faked an orgasm? no Ever h...
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  30. Do I deserve to be fired for this?
    My anger problems had completely ruined my entire life. I'd go through long phases where I explode over the smallest thing. It got me suspended during high school, restricted to online courses in college, lost me some friends, and recently got me fired...
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  31. What a surveyy ?(nasty)??
    Ever had sex in a public place? Yes Ever laugh during sex? Yes Ever cry during sex? If so, why? The first time, cause it hurt. Do you like to cuddle after sex? Yes Ever regret sex with someone? Yes Ever faked an orgasm? Kinda Ever have unprot...
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  32. How to tell my parents I want to move out?
    I'm 20 years old so I realise I'm not really as young as the 18 year olds nor am I quite there at the 21 'oh you're an adult' stage. My parents don't like me spending time outside of the house - it really bugs them that I'm not home once it turns dar...
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  33. What do you think of the growing power of gay activists?
    the growing of power of gay activists, is it good to do that? ANYWAY I WANT TO KNOW? please read this now I LOVE IT;We Reap what we Sow The following was written by Ben Stein and recited by him on CBS Sunday Morning Commentary. My confession: I am a...
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