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  1. Who created Google?
    3 Technology 22
  2. When were ipods created?
    When were ipods created?
    2 Technology 66
  3. why did you create this site
    why did you create this site?
    6 Funadvice 19
  4. Where do I create a website?
    Where do I create a website?
    4 Technology 26
  5. How are pearls created?
    How are pearls created?
    3 Science 33
  6. Who created FunAdvice?
    who created funadvice ? ?
    2 Funadvice 28
  7. How do I create a howto?
    7 Funadvice 20
  8. If God created Earth, who created the other planets?
    If God created the earth, Who created all the other planets in the universe???
    21 Religion 52
  9. Who created FunAdvice?
    who actually created FunAdvice?
    4 Funadvice 13
  10. Who created the Christian calender?
    who created the christian calender?
    2 Religion 14
  11. Why did god create humans?
    Why did god create humans?
    13 Religion 44
  12. how do I record music I created.
    how do I record music I created.
    2 Music 11
  13. Who created the first rocket?
    Who created the first rocket?
    3 Gaming 36
  14. How is a plain created ?
    2 Education 76
  15. how do I create an itunes account?
    how do I create an itunes account? is it free?
    3 Technology 17
  16. How did mickey mouse get created?
    How did mickey mouse get created?
    2 Food 100
  17. what was God doing when he created heaven and earth?
    what was God doing when he created heaven and earth?
    14 Religion 46
  18. How do I create a different username for this site?
    How do I create a different username for this site?
    3 Funadvice 19
  19. Does matter create, and if so, what are the limitations to what it creates?
    i know matter cannot be created or destroyed. but i heard somewhere that matter creates.
    5 Religion 21
  20. what is your opinion on the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy?
    5 Literature 10
  21. Which President created the Peace Corps?
    4 Politics 35
  22. Is God still creating nowadays?
    8 Religion 29
  23. Is it easy for most people to create music?
    5 Music 16
  24. How old do I have to be to create a PayPal account?
    6 Money 80
  25. when was the internet created?
    and how was it like when i was created was it the same as today's generation?
    2 Technology 31
  26. Where can I find pretend passports for children to create?
    Where can I find pretend passports for children to create?
    3 Education 192
  27. Anyone knows how to create a forum fast?
    Anyone knows how to create a forum fast?
    3 Technology 12
  28. How can I create my own iPhone application?
    I want create this, so help me.
    2 Technology 17
  29. Is there a link to create avatars here?
    Is there a link here, where you can create an avatar, other than uploading a picture.
    2 Funadvice 18
  30. Create & Legalize a law
    If you could create and legalize any law what would it be?
    7 Politics 26
  31. what is it in spicy foods that create that 'hot' feeling?
    6 Food 40
  32. life.. why do you think you were created
    what do you think your purpose is?
    11 General 30
  33. What kind of energy can moving water create?
    4 Science 42
  34. Create and connect pictures together?
    how do it connect 2 pictures together?
    2 Technology 99
  35. What sites will let you create your own tattoo if you can't draw?
    2 Technology 10
  36. What is a site where you can create your own web show for free?
    5 Technology 8
  37. Do you believe it could be possible that we created diety?
    6 Religion 15
  38. do we need to be on a pc to create a page on
    4 Funadvice 7
  39. Is it possible for creating an aircraft like an UFO?
    7 Science 13
  40. when god created the world what was first the chicken or the egg?
    when god created the world what was first the chicken or the egg?
    13 Religion 34
  41. What made you decide to creat a website like this?
    What made you decide to creat a website like this? It's AWESOME.
    2 Funadvice 6
  42. How to steal cigarettes from a gas station detailed guide?
    How to steal cigarettes from a gas station detailed guide?
    2 General 1402
  43. Did God create humans?
    When people say God created humans what does that mean? Did he create all humans or just the first humans?
    23 Religion 29
  44. Health guide
    Is high tyrod harmfull during pregancy?
    2 Health 25
  45. How can a charity help people without creating dependence?
    8 Politics 47
  46. Is there a site for creating groups and then people will join them instantly?
    2 General 9
  47. How does someone go about creating a blog?
    What is a blog for? What should be written?ETC...
    2 Technology 14
  48. Is it free to create a will, and where would I go to start one?
    3 General 17
  49. What size and format should a picture be to create a 'Tip' on this site?
    4 Funadvice 15
  50. How to get your created player on a team in FIFA '08?
    how do you get your created player on FIFA 08 for ps3 on a team?
    4 Gaming 76
  51. How is a rainbow created
    How do I explain how a rainbow is created in a way that a toddler will understand the explanation?
    6 Babies 76
  52. Create Jobs ?
    Does raising the minimum wage and raising taxes create job growth ?
    3 Money 26
  53. Creating a pop up
    What website enables you to create a custom pop up,I want the generator.
    5 Technology 12
  54. How to create a webpage?
    How can I create my own web page?I'm downloading Netscape, now what?
    3 Technology 17
  55. What groups most strongly opposed the new deal that FDR had created and why did they oppose it?
    2 Politics 144
  56. When (how long before Christ) were Adam and Eve created and put on earth?
    204 Religion 90
  57. Who created pMessenger?
    Who is or are the creator (s) or pMessenger? (pMessenger is like BBM but for iPhones and Droids.)
    2 Technology 8
  58. How do I save a "HowTo" that I created?
    I dont see a save button or anything?
    3 Funadvice 9
  59. How does one hide their emotions, create and maintain a stoic mask?
    19 Health 40
  60. Why do think Allah created people who have disabilities?
    for example Dyscalculia?
    17 Religion 37
  61. Where can I create free business cards?
    Lmfao random question
    4 Technology 18
  62. To Create Email Address
    Which is the best to create an email address in, Hotmail, Gmail, Aol or Yahoo? & why?
    3 Technology 21
  63. Creating website? (free)
    Anyone knows here what will be my requirements for creating a website...?? Thanks..
    4 Technology 17
  64. How do I create my own site?
    how do i create my own site because i want one so can someone please help me and do i have to pay anything to create my own site?
    3 Technology 16
  65. What would hav happen if God should hav created people without eyes?
    33 Religion 37
  66. How can I create a page like this one? (link)
    3 Technology 12
  67. Where can I find an episode guide for Princess hours?
    And I want one for all 24 episodes
    2 Entertainment 58
  68. Is there a site where I can create customized cases featuring my photos and designs for my phone?
    2 Technology 6
  69. How long does it take the advisors and admins to approve a How-To created by users?
    3 Funadvice 32
  70. Can you give me a step-by-step guide to catch giratina in pokemon
    How do I catch giratina in pokemon diamond???
    2 Gaming 44
  71. What creates body spasms?
    Lastnight My body was getting lots of spasms, what would make my body do that?
    5 Health 43
  72. What's the fastest car that's even been created til today?
    and what's its maximum speed?
    8 Cars 33
  73. Who created Religion:- "Man or God"?
    Is religion man mad or God made? Can you please help me out?
    16 Religion 38
  74. Creating a myspace account
    I am trying to create a myspace acount and its saying your not eligable 4 a myspace acount? Help me!!!
    5 Technology 15
  75. Domain creating
    How can I create a domain for free of charge. I just need a domain name, I have got a place to host.
    4 Technology 18
  76. Why create humans capable of sin?
    Why would God create humans capable of sin? vulnerable to cancer/disease/illness? And wars?
    18 Religion 39
  77. Who created him
    If gods real and he created everything who created him And Who created satan explain that one mister and missus religous people!
    14 Religion 52
  78. Does anyone know how to create a login page for a website?
    I've been looking and I don't know where to start off.
    7 Technology 10
  79. What do you think should be the punishment for the man who wrote the book how to rape children a pedophiles guide?
    7 General 25
  80. I Want To Create A Video Game
    I have a video game idea for a prequel to the Spy Hunter games. What should I do first?
    4 Gaming 24
  81. how hard would it be to create a bullet that when fired and enters your body will corrode your organs?
    3 Science 19
  82. study guide for driver's permit?
    where can you get the study guide for your drivers permit in PA? like do you go to the pendot place or what?
    3 General 20
  83. Is Photoshop the only place to create photo manips?
    I been wondering how else I could create manips, but it seems only photoshop si the place to do it :/ Is there any other places to do so?
    4 Technology 15
  84. What Do I use to create a logo?
    There are a lot of Adobe Programs but I dont know which one touse to create a Logo
    2 Technology 17
  85. How were we created?
    How was everyone created I heard that we were made of dirt and other stuff that god combined them all and he made adam and eve ?
    9 Religion 39
  86. creating ringtones on itunes
    Has anyone tried creating ringtones on itunes? [[you right click the song and click create ringtone]] Does it work? And is it for only one dollar?
    2 Music 14
  87. How to Create a Website for Free
    Creating a website for free is super easy and can be fun if you know which tool to use. Check out this guide!
    5 Technology 121
  88. Did God create Mankind on the 8th day?
    Just wondering, It's sort of a bit vague in the bible...
    6 Literature 114
  89. How can I improve my personality and create a better daily routine?
    is there any good sites from where i can fetch more info about it ?
    13 General 14
  90. What's the best way to create a mohawk with thick, wavy/curly hair?
    what's the best way to create a mohawk with thick, wavy/curly, long hair without shaving it on the sides??
    3 Style 92
  91. Who created Youtube and why?
    I need some informations about Youtube creators.. Who are they, how did they decide to create Youtube.. their pics.. and etc... it will be very helpful for me.. thanks...
    5 Technology 65
  92. What program does Supermac18 use to create his awesome videos?
    What program does Supermac18 use to create his awesome videos? I want to use the program he uses because, he makes really cool videos! Thx
    3 Technology 42
  93. Change or modify my aol. Email address not creating another one?
    How can I modify or change my email aol email address /screen name? I don't want to create another one...
    3 Technology 82
  94. What kind of website should I create?
    I have a lot of experience with web development but have nothing to make have any ideas?
    5 Technology 23
  95. What is a good program to create an interactive training program?
    Is there an easy to use software program that I can creat an interactive training program that will print quiz results?
    2 Technology 18
  96. Where did God live before he created Heaven
    If God has been around forever and if God created the heavens and the earth and mankind during creation, it stands to reason that God has been around much longer than heaven. Where did God live before he created heaven?
    24 Religion 324
  97. if god created the world in 7 days
    ya, if god created the world in 7 day's. how long did it take to create the universe. I don't think the bible say's anything about that.
    11 Religion 78
  98. Does sex create pregnancy without a condom?
    Hi Can you clear me tat with out condom having sex can create pregnancy.. I want very realiable answer...
    6 Sex 38
  99. Do you think technology has created more work or less?
    I think it's created less work because now, a lot of things are done by computers...and there is no need for actual people to do the work. What do you think?
    13 Money 40
  100. How do you create really big hair?
    I was wondering how you could create really big, volumised hair. If you grow your hair long, is it harder to get such volume?
    6 Style 42
  101. how do I create my own ripped jeans?
    I have an old pair of jeans and I want to create that "ripped affect." what do I use? do I use my hands or a nail filer or grater or what???
    6 Style 81
  102. How do I create my own music, what do I need to do?
    I've got the lyrics. Now I just want to finish what I started. How do I create the music, & record the vocals? Ex cetera.
    4 Music 39
  103. How do I create web addresses?
    I already have a domain, call it, and I'd like to create a web address in this format: Do I have to work through my web host?
    6 Technology 15
  104. How to create facebook account without phone verification?
    kindly share your thoughts with be original. No tricks needed.
    4 Technology 9
  105. How much does it costs to create a mobile flash game?
    I actually already have a flash game. But how do I make it mobilephone-friendly?
    2 Technology 52
  106. Does anyone know of an online fantasy medieval game where you can play for free and create your own avatar and react with other players???
    4 Gaming 36
  107. How can the biblical God be pure good if he created of pure evil
    ...I mean think of it. God created everything, meaning he created evil as well & pure evil(the Devil). & before the Devil(his polar opposite) was created, what was the biblical then? Good cannot exiest without evil.
    17 Religion 72
  108. Could anyone help me find a virtual guide to Barcelona?
    I have an expat mission, could anyone help me please to look for a virtual guide to Barcelona? I am not familiar with place. Thanks
    4 Travel 4
  109. create my own website without paying money?
    I want to know where I can create my own website without paying money. This site wont accept me because im not a host. whats like that?
    4 Technology 48
  110. Are any of you guys really good at creating pictures or graphic media?
    I need a few things done and I am no good at this. Would love your help!
    5 Technology 8
  111. HOw can i create/ choregraph a dance if i cant dance?
    even tho we r gonna work in groups but wat if they dont kno how to dance?
    3 General 19
  112. What does it take to create a radio station?
    I post music on facebook and everyone likes it. I got a great voice too. I wonder...
    4 Music 16
  113. What sculpture or 3D model can I create for my art masterpiece?
    anything like a pot, giant cupcake, detailed vase...
    4 Literature 9
  114. I need to create my own costume for hallow's eve
    I need to create my own costume for hallow's eve I want to create a samurai, something like the picture I posted, I need the estimated price of what it will cost, the materials needed, and how much of it. and that should do it.
    2 Style 20
  115. Did God create us before we were born?
    Did God create us before we were born? Did God create us knowing our lives and everything about us? Did God create animals and plants like that too? Or do you think humans have the ability to give birth and we did not exist before that, what do you t...
    17 Religion 193
  116. What do you think about Qatar's approach of creating robot clouds to cool world cup watchers on the eve of FiFa 2022 worldcup?
    12 Sports 37
  117. How do I create a link that will open up in a new tab when clicked?
    I am not sure how to go about making my links take people to a new tab, instead of the links just redirecting them in the same page.
    3 Technology 12
  118. Where was the Holy Trinity when God created everything?
    in the Bible you know how at the beginning it says "In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth?" well I was just thinking if God was creating everything and the Holy Trinity consists of three:Father,Son,and Holy Spirit then where were Jesus...
    12 Religion 34
  119. How can I create word search puzzles myself?
    I was just curious, do you guys know any decent software or add-ons that can help with making word searches. Thanks!
    2 Homegarden 12
  120. How to create your own website?
    im intrested in making my owm website but im not sure how it works and what to do; are there any suggestions/tips you can give me? it would be very helpful...O and would it cost me aswell?
    4 Technology 49
  121. How would you create an advertising campaign to target the Amish?
    I just had a they aren't using technology...would you spray paint a cart or do something else?
    6 Money 6
  122. Create a handwritten sign with the word
    how do I create a handwritten sign with the word what do I write?because im doing this now since nobody wanted to help me get my myspace back? can anybody help me with this atleast, PLEASE
    9 Technology 98
  123. Software that lets you create your own music?
    Anyone know of any software that lets you create your own music and is free to download? One that lets you do things like put drum beats in it and piano,guitar etc.
    3 Music 8
  124. How To Conduct Roof Inspection | Step By Step Guide
    A roof inspection is an important task for every single homeowner. It helps to save the roof from future damage. Here you will get step by step guide on how to conduct roof inspection like a professional.
    11 Homegarden 86
  125. thinking about creating like a youtube account Cool name?
    lol, I'm thinking about creating like a youtube account, and I wanna cool & creative name. lmao like something different. like mac has wastetimechasingcars? lol any help?
    3 Technology 59
  126. Comprehensive Guide to Work with a Web Designer for Developing a Successful Website
    The following tips will ensure that you have a healthy and profitable business relationship with your web designer and translate it to a successful website.
    6 Technology 105
  127. why god create
    why god create devil that angel falled and jealousy of god's power but god should destory devil than let it happen on earth to people suffer and why allow I it happen to people take suffer for many things ... who faults?
    6 Religion 24
  128. Who created God?
    If God doesn't exist then where did he come from? It seems to me that humans being the power hungry things we are wouldn't create a god to explain things. the cedit would have been ours alone. we wouldn't create something that we had to bow down to. I ...
    26 Religion 46
  129. why did god create these people, if they are just gonna go to hell?
    in the bible god said that you should not believe in any other god than him, yet he created the indian people for example (like muslims no offense to any). if he created all these different kinds of people, and they just go and worship other gods and n...
    21 Religion 56
  130. What are good sites for creating things?
    Any Good Sites for Creating things? I love Creating Things. I just a Site, and Then I Could Create... whatever the Site is Bassed on. it Can be Based on, Making Display Pictures, Internet Scrap Books, (anything but Piczo, or Making a Site) lol Yeah,...
    3 Technology 58
  131. Can you create an email and set it to be send in a year?
    I watched this korean movie, Daddy long Legs & i got curious about this email a girl sent to herself but to be received in a this possible
    10 Technology 13
  132. How to create a unique bristol board for my presentation?
    I'm doing a project on a psychologist by the name of Ravi menon and i want to display my research about him creatively on a bristol board but i'm not creative at all and have no ideas. Any help on how i can present my research creatively with bristol b...
    6 Education 79
  133. How do you find someone in Wicca to help guide you?
    I want to start my first circle, but dont feel prepared. Im not sure if there is a way to offend the Goddess by doing it improperly, so how can I find someone in my community to help and guide me?
    5 Religion 29
  134. Website to create avatar?
    I aM eXTREMELY bORED rIGHT nOW. cAN sOMEONE tELL mE a wEBSITE oR sOMETHING wHERE yOU cAN cREATE yOUR oWN aVATAR oR cHARACTER wITH a pROFILE oR sOMETHING. tHAT wOULD bE gREAT. tHANKS!!! oWL ...^ ^ ..(o.o) ..()__() I don't know... cAN yA sEE iT??
    5 Technology 16
  135. How do you create cool intros for a YouTube channel?
    I was wondering how do you create cool intros for a YouTube channel using certain programs, like Adobe After Effects CS5 and Adobe Premiere Pro CS5. Could someone show me how to make cool intros with these programs or different programs?
    3 Technology 43
  136. If we all start out as females, then why were men created first?
    Ok for the question I asked like a week ago: Why do men have nipples? I got the response that men have nipples because in the womb we are all females until men actually start to grow there genitalia. That sparked another question: If we all start out a...
    13 Religion 278
  137. Where can I create a thread where people can discuss my topic?
    I want to create a thread where I can ask people to give their opinions or share their experiences on a certain topic... and name it my own name... kind of like a page on facebook... can I do it on twitter??? If I create a list on twitter how do I tell...
    4 Technology 8
  138. A simple guide to everyday prevention of the Coronavirus
    The world is in a panic over Covid-19 (Novel Corona Virus). While it does make sense to be careful, it does not make sense to panic. So with that in mind here is our simple guide to minimizing the risk of getting the virus. Funadvice has prepared th...
    8 Health 133
  139. How can I create this IF statement on Excel?
    What I need to do is make an IF statement which will allow a cell (x) to have a value whereby if one cell (y) has been filled and has a value, that value will be in cell x. Or if another cell (z) has been filled in and has a value, that value you will ...
    2 Technology 30
  140. Does anyone know how different races were created?
    I was bored today and my mind wondered to this question, I don't mean just skin colour, I mean like identifiable facial features and traits, does anyone know how they developed?
    9 General 27
  141. For dummies/complete idiots guide to books... Which is better?
    Which is better: The complete idiots guide to (whatever) books' Or (whatever) for dummies books. I got both to figure out how to train my new pug but which do you think will give me more info so I can focus on reading that one more before t...
    2 Literature 79
  142. How I can create my own Art site?
    I Guess I am not allowed to post a link on here but it would be a nice to show everyone how this artist created her own Art Site? 'Fun Mail me' I was just curious how I can create an art site with my own design layout . Maybe Free?? A SaFe Web Maki...
    3 Technology 17
  143. In training spirtual guide that needs some guidence
    I am a in training spirtual guide. However I havent been able to find anyone to guide me any father and I know im not done learning I have many spirtual gifts and some I cant control (yet) so if anyone can help that would be great
    8 Religion 54
  144. Where can I find these small game guides?
    Today I bought a Black Ops guide but it was the small version in this picture. It was from my supermarket and they never usually sell things like this, just for the realise of the game. But does anyone know a site where I could get other guides this sm...
    4 Gaming 13
  145. How to write a guide on Funadvice
    Writing an instructional guide on Funadvice can help our readers quickly solve specific problems. Typically these guides are a solid set of instructions that are easily digestible and help our readers to quickly fix a problem. We want our readers to...
    7 Funadvice 160
  146. Who believes we have guides?
    Don't comment on this saying no its not true or you will go to hell or...blah blah blah...I just need a simple I do or yes or more if you want, you can even ask questions if you want, I just wanna see how many people that will respond that believes :)
    9 Religion 10
  147. How did jesus create us from adam and eve?
    Do you understand how they sey in the bible that jesus created and died for all of us, but the thing is thatt if adam and eve are white people how did we get other races(like spainish, mexikans, blacks and people of color pretty much)??
    14 Religion 96
  148. Ok when did GOD create hell?
    In the bible it sez GOD created the heaven and the earth in 6 days and rested on the 7th so when exactly did he take time to build hell on his lunch break? so if the battle with lucifer started after the earth was created and god cast lucifer out of he...
    22 Religion 76
  149. Top 7 Tips in Creating More Space in Your Small Home
    Living in a small space can be convenient and poses many benefits, economically and physically. With less maintenance, less clutter and less expensive bills, living in a small home can have its advantages.
    7 Homegarden 70
  150. How do I create a fire effect for a picture?
    That idea just popped in my head, but I know I can't do it in PhotoFiltre (not fully sure yet). Do I need Adobe PhotoShop to create the fire effect coming out of my mouth while tilting my head back? Or is PhotoFiltre capable of that? I want to do th...
    3 Technology 31
  151. How was the universe created?
    I may or may not decide to believe that it started with the bang, but I just want your opinion, did god make it? Did god make the big bag? Was there a big bang? Are we all just a bunch of cartoon people being drawn by a four-dimensional geek?
    16 Religion 21
  152. What's the best software to create a website?
    I was looking to start a website from scratch and wanted to know which software I should use? Frontpage is now gone. I was looking into Yahoo geocities package and also dreamweaver. According to you which is the better software for newbies and not prog...
    3 Technology 8
  153. Advantages of choosing a travel guide on your trip
    Selecting and planning a tour will be a burden sometimes, Selecting a hotel, transportation, and other facilities on your trip is a harder thing that cant be avoided. Selecting a tour operator on your trip can avoid this problem and make your trip awes...
    4 Travel 126
  154. Is there a way to create a substance out of household materials that is liquid paste then will solidify?
    I want to make a paste i can apply to my sister's face to create a halloween costume for her but i'm not sure how i would go about doing it so if you guys now a recipe or a method in which will allow me to create some sort of paste i would much apperci...
    5 Science 21
  155. Guide to picking a General Contractor for a Kitchen Renovation
    When it comes to giving your kitchen a new look, finding a contractor that suits you can be a challenge. Between finding a good [renovation contractor](, and managing costs, you might find yourself in a struggle. ...
    8 Homegarden 61
  156. Guide to get a medical cannabis prescription in Canada
    After Health Canada introduced regulations to safe access to medical marijuana, there is now another alternative way for health. But because of certain regulations, it's not just a walk into a store to get it. Using this guide, you’ll find out how you ...
    7 Health 43
  157. Is it true that you can create a poltergeist with your own paranoia and negative feelings/thoughts?
    If you don't believe in spirits then don't answer. There's nothing you can say to stop me from believing. Anyways, I watched this TV show and this woman created a poltergeist with her own stress and paranoia. I'm really interested in knowing if this is...
    6 Religion 85
  158. What program or software can I use to create a brochure without leaving my home?
    I have the information, and its a 3 page brochure (6 sides). I need something other than Microsoft Publisher. If possible, can it have options to make a creative brochure, because I don't want it to be very plain.
    3 Technology 15
  159. How can you create tattoos?
    The first time I did it I printed a small tribal tattoo online, cut it out put it on my skin and just drew through the hole with a sharpie. I looked it up and they said use a "bottle of ink in a pencil" and transfer it from tracing paper but I have no...
    3 Style 28
  160. Creationism, world was created in 7 days?
    Ok well, heres the thing God created everything supposely? (in christian veiw) Dinosours were first there and then humans came around millions of years later But the world was created in seven days Erm.. People who beleive this.. Explain yo...
    33 Religion 75
  161. What are some websites that allow you to create sketches of people, and has to do with forensics?
    I'm really interested in forensics, and when I was in school...they had this module on the computer where you could look at a photo of someone, and create a sketch of them by selecting their eyebrows, nose, mouth, etc...and it looks very realistic. It ...
    5 Technology 11
  162. How can I physically create or travel to another world,or realm?
    HI, I really really really need to go to a specific world (there are people who are important to me waiting for me there) and I need to get there soon. Note: I'm talking magically and metaphysically here, so don't give me any science junk OK?
    3 Religion 56
  163. How would I go about creating a tie dye design like this?
    I mean my plan was to di teh shorts in eitehr end but i want three colous, how would i do the middle part? liek where would i fold them and stfuff?
    2 Style 13
  164. What amount of money is needed to create new wardrobe???
    Around how much money should I have with me to create a new wardrobe? or what is an ideal amount of money to create a new wardrobe? And does anyone have any ideas on what I can do to stay urban and on top of male fashion with me being a 17 yr old male?...
    4 Style 16
    HELLO, I need help in creating a resume I am 15 years old and looking for a part time job. cna anyone give me and easy to learn and straight forward websites how to make any or if you can can you please make me a mini one and post it just random thing...
    4 Money 56
  166. Do you think life is created equal?
    Yeah so do you think that life was created equal where if you had a sucky life when you were young you'd have an awesome life when your older or vice versa? Everyone keeps telling me this and I think its completely horrible to think. And also, how so...
    10 Religion 14
  167. What is the cheapest, most efficient, and effective legal way to create a will?
    My wife and I have been talking about doing so, but keep putting it off. Life insurance on each other ect is already in place as long as we pay the premiums, but we should get the rest taken care of for others too just in case. We aren't getting any yo...
    3 Politics 10
  168. How do you create a good mohawk when you have curly 10 inch hair
    I need to get a good mohawk without ruining my hair or straitening it with a straitener I have preatty long curly hair and when I put it up it just flops back down no matter how much I spray or gel it and dont tell me to go to a damn professional
    9 Style 76
  169. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
    I'm supposed to compare and contrast two major characters, and that's supposed to be 1 paragraph out of five paragraphs in a 3 to five page paper. I've read the book, but I absolutely SUCK at C&C. Can anyone help me get started?
    2 Education 13
  170. Guide to picking a Family Lawyer for a Divorce
    When it comes to a topic as sensitive as divorce, you’d want to make sure you have a lawyer that makes you feel comfortable and who understandably answers your questions. We’ve prepared a guide to find the right kind of [family lawyer](https://www.jmsl...
    7 Relationships 41
  171. What would look better on a college application: theatre guide or yearbook club?
    ok so right now in school im in speech team and Operation Snowball ( which is a club that promotes healthy choices and volunteering). I'm thinking of joining either theatre guide or yearbook club. both sound interesting, but i want to know which would ...
    4 Education 43
  172. How would I create a misty effect when using acrylic paints?
    Im doing this painting of a girl looking over a city as the sun is setting and i want the city to have a fog or mist over it and im not sure how i would acheive that effect with acrylics. My teacher said if i used water it could get me that effect but ...
    3 Literature 60
  173. Why am I created like this, flat and skinny?
    I am 13 in 8th grade, I have no boobs, I am as skinny as a twig, and to make it worse I am the only one in my grade that has no boobs! What should I do? The boys all tease me and I have a low self esteem. My mom says its good but she does not get it......
    5 Nutritionfitness 48
  174. Please help me create a style for myself
    I need a change...I just got a haircut but I always feel fat and self conscious..I love punk and metal bands and my style is kinda based around that so any tips for cute/funky and edgy outfits??? shirts,pants,shoes???
    7 Style 41
  175. What is a good website were I can create a playlist?
    Okay so I listen to a lot of music and I go on youtube and now im just tired of always having to type in my songs and have to resite ALL of them so I thought, hey I should create a playlist bu the problem is I dont know a good website and I cant downlo...
    5 Music 14
  176. Trying to create a beach look?
    I'm trying to create a beach look, so im useing like natural, pale pink gloss and blue eye liner but I cant decide on the eye shadow colour, it needs to kinda blend and contrast the blue, for a beach look pale green, light purple or grey eye shadow? X ...
    2 Style 17
  177. How to create a website in 60 minutes or less
    Remember the days when you had to pay someone to create a website? With many services these days, pretty much anyone can create a new website in under an hour. Now it takes almost zero technical background with tools like Wordpress, Ghost, Wiz, Squares...
    6 Technology 331
  178. How can I create an informative presentation as an HR employee?
    Hello, I am taking a business communication class this summer. My group is the HR department for a fictional company. We have 3 major presentations: an informative (information) presentation, a presentation from one of textbook's chapters and an interv...
    2 Money 16
  179. If god created you then why is it wrong to be gay?
    Then why do people say its wrong to be gay? I mean, he created gay people like this... Seriously if your not gay you cannot disagree on "oh you choose to be gay" because you DONT. And how hypocriticle to give your oppinion and not be open to anyone el...
    17 Religion 45
  180. Why did Congress create more than 450 new crimes between 2000 and 2007?
    It seems to me that there are already far too many ways the government strips our freedoms and spends money on wasteful things. Have I been asleep and there really were that many important, newly discovered things we should put people into prison for d...
    4 Politics 17
  181. Guide to Buying Vacant Land in Ontario
    Vacant land holds a lot of possibilities, like building your own home or creating a business there. Buying [vacant land for sale]( can be a fantastic way to have a space you can fully customize to your own liking. But there are ...
    8 Homegarden 38
    who thinks this world was created by god or just was thereor created by "evolution"
    42 Religion 46
  183. Spirit Guide and a Portal
    Ok so I talk to my spirit guide and I have a portal opened up to HIM ONLY. Anyway I've hurd that when you let your sprit guide though they can eather be here with you on earth or in heaven, can't they be at both places at once??? I mean I know they can...
    2 Religion 40
  184. If God is real ...
    then who created god?
    22 Religion 39
  185. God created the earth... whooops!
    Ok, so God allegedly created the earth, and created everything on it... Nice one God... pity he fogot about the fact that the tectonic plates of the earth's crust are always moving, forming volcanoes... producing earthquakes, tsunami's landslides et...
    27 Religion 48
  186. Why is it so hard to create a new user name for aim and yahoo?
    Why is it so hard to create a new user name for aim and yahoo? For yahoo I am looking for something a little different. Here are some I chose let me know which you like better. 1. X__photographygirl 2. Xoxo_photographygirl 3. Kayla_the_photographyg...
    2 Technology 31
  187. How do you create a consistent daily diet?
    I'm 20 5'2 and 100 lbs. im considered underweight. genetics have given me a high metabolism. the problem is i don't eat meals. i just eat when i'm hungry and alot of the times i'm not hungry and force myself to eat because i need to get some kind of ca...
    4 Nutritionfitness 29
  188. Does creating a list of do’s and don’ts help you in preparing for the upcoming Tax time?
    Before filing the taxes every business needs to get familiar with terms that will help you in getting ready for this Tax season. There are things which must be need to understand because when some people think of filing and paying their taxes, they p...
    3 Money 14
  189. Can any one give me a step-by-step guide or something that I need to be a doctor (read more)?
    I am currently living in UAE, and I'm foing my IGCSE's, and my friend asked me to move to london, with her. I have parents consent and all that, but I want to know what tests I should take, which uni/colleges there are in chelsea and if I should stay f...
    5 Money 13
  190. What eyemakeup could I create with my avaible makeup?
    I have never been good with makeup, and I have a few different eyeshadows/liners, and I'd like some simple ideas for me. I have blue eyes, & the following colors; Black Eyeliner. Brownish Black Eyeliner Dark Blue Eyeliner Sierra Eyeliner Moody Ey...
    5 Style 28
  191. want to creat porn films
    Hi always had an aspiration to work or to creat a porn film how do I go ahead?Do I Get any company to support me.I am origanally and India currently residing in Dubai was in the real estate market .But now planning to go back home and hence before I le...
    2 Entertainment 44
  192. Guide to choosing a Self Leveling Concrete Contractor for Radiant Heat Over-Pour
    When looking to have heated floors, you want to make sure you get the best results as the procedure, if done wrong, can result in a grand loss in money and time. Selecting the right [self-leveling concrete company]( will m...
    6 Homegarden 44
  193. How many individuals of any given species are required to create an entirely new population?
    My father is a biology professor and researcher, so he would know, but he is most likely sleeping at the moment. I need the information sooner than later as I am working on a personal project and I can't be certain I'll feel able to finish it up tomorr...
    4 Science 60
  194. What can I use to create a video/picture tutorials?
    I want to start doing nail art tutorials on YouTube. Right now I can't do actual videos so was just going to start out doing pictures step by step. But I am clueless how to go about editing. I want the videos to be short and basic but still look nice. ...
    5 Technology 27
  195. My spirit guide
    Ok, so I belive that I talk to my spirit Guide Warren but, It's hard for me to hear him. I don't 100% totally belive that he is there, like I do but I deny his existance because with me I can't belive that he is there untill I physically see him, which...
    5 Religion 37
  196. bible know how God apparently created the universe?
    I just have one quick question about christianity. well, I haven't really read the bible in a long time (I'm not a christian, but I like to learn about different religions because for some reason I think they are interesting) and I'm not quite sure abo...
    9 Religion 21
  197. What do you think was here before God created earth, or Science?
    Okay, well I was readin this question and it said to people nowadays beleive in God, adn I said I did, then it made me thinka bout what was here before God/Science created earth. How do you thinkwe got here. What was here before the universe or galax...
    21 Religion 76
  198. What is a good study guide or website for the constitution?
    Oky im studying for a test, its not the constitution but its based on it, and my teacher says its one of the hardest tests were taking this year, I know its spring break but I really need to study and if you have the "our federal and state constitution...
    3 Education 44
  199. Is it possible to simply create an S.T.D?
    Me and a few friends decided to do some experimentation and everyone is healthier then an ox. No S.T.D.s we all took showers first, (We do have rules =P)and we even made sure through doctor's help that we were disease free. However, after the activity...
    9 Health 17
  200. Question about Making a Email address?
    Can any body creat and make a Email address as the same as created and making a Website?
    3 Technology 25
  201. How old is FunAdvice?
    I wonde rhw old this website is!? Who created it anyway? How do you creat a website anyway?
    2 Funadvice 16
  202. Creating a customizable profile on FunAdvice, how do you want it?
    So after hearing this request on & off regularly for a year, we're "gearing up" to do a customizable profile on FunAdvice. Some well known examples include myspace, bebo, igoogle, pageflakes, netvibes, etc, etc. Some of these are similar to each oth...
    15 Funadvice 11
  203. A guide to getting casual sex right
    So what exactly is casual sex? It is more commonly an activity that takes place outside a romantic relationship and implies an absence of commitment, emotional attachment, or familiarity between sexual partners. It is very important to get this right a...
    8 Sex 22
  204. How do I create a web site?
    is it possible to create a website for free ? i have seen a few ones that requires me to pay for creating a website and managing it. i don't need there professional help with managing it, i could do that myself. I remember seeing at a friends hous...
    2 Technology 13
  205. How do I create a more unique style for myself?
    Ok after asking my mum and dad, im not aloud any funky peircings untill im 16. :( tatoos are a no... for now. im 13 and I want to stand out in some way. just not clothing wise.. I dont want to be a walking emo goth person.. im going to die my hair da...
    4 Style 26
  206. Who create devil
    Who create devil ? which I confuse angel fallen hit on the ground and became devil ??? there many thing story but I not happy about sinner I want a decent and happy and no murder and no crimial and no drug and you know I fear god will judgement on e...
    7 Religion 33
  207. Who Created the Terrorist Phobia?
    Since Bush came to power, all terrorist are born. Whenever, Wherever he points in any parts of the world there will be a terrorist. But this time he it blame to all muslim. Now most people even blame President Elect Obama. Most people in america know...
    18 Politics 79
  208. The ugly truth?(:
    What is the parental guide for the ugly truth?
    2 Entertainment 51
  209. Gmail?
    Can you create a gmail account for free?
    6 Technology 19
  210. Why do you believe God?
    Do you believe God created life the earth, and universe? Or how do you think the Universe was caused? Or How do you think God created it?
    27 Religion 60
  211. The ultimate guide to moving in with your partner
    The thought of moving in with your partner may seem pretty romantic and extremely exciting, but it doesn’t happen overnight like your typical rom-com films! It requires a lot of time, energy, and of-course, compromises. If you’re already spending a lo...
    8 Relationships 39
  212. What's a good spyware detection guide?
    Spyware detection help and guide please. It is now very very pathetic conditon to use intenet safe. There are number of thousands of viruses, spyware, horses , trojons are now spreaded all over the internet. Use internet safe is now a day dream. So it ...
    3 Technology 8
  213. A guide to sexting your lover the right way
    The year 2020 has seen a massive rise in sexting between couples all over the world. Everybody has a distinct style and approach to sexting their partners. While some people are into dirty texts, some enjoy texts along with pictures to add a little spi...
    9 Relationships 29
  214. How to Make a Dating App in 7 Steps
    This guide will talk about how to create a dating app and the steps involved in it.
    7 Technology 136
  215. A guide to being independent and free within your relationship
    A love relationship between two individuals is considered an extremely strong bond that either evolves helping you grow over time or pushes you down breaking you apart gradually. Being in a relationship too has it pros and cons, and one of the biggest ...
    8 Relationships 41
  216. The Western Men's guide to finding a wife in Eastern Europe
    If you’re one of the many lonely bachelors from North America, Western Europe or Australia who secretly desire to find a perfect eastern European wife, you should accept this desire and try to make it happen. Forget the stigma attached to it, becau...
    10 Relationships 302
  217. Can a pinched nerve in neck create numbness in hands?
    I had all the tests last year- for carpal tunnel syndrome, they came back that I had a mild case of carpal tunnel syndrome- I recieved injections, which lessened the numbness- but the pain remained. I then had an mri which came back no damage present. ...
    10 Health 180
  218. My Question is about God
    How did God created people,earth?
    18 Religion 24
  219. What Do You Believe
    Did God Create Us? Or Did We Just Appear
    25 Religion 12
  220. What would be a good business to invest in?
    My marketing class is doing this project. We have to invest or create a business. What would be a good company to invest and/or create?
    5 Money 36
  221. A guide that will save the day if you end up forgetting your anniversary
    Oh no, its is NOT okay to forget your anniversary! Stunts like these can only be performed by highly trained professionals under expert supervision and should not be tried at home under any circumstances. Yes, that’s exactly how risky it is! However, i...
    7 Relationships 30
  222. Bar magnet
    You have a bar magnet and a coil of wire. When you move the magnet through the coil a current is created. What are three changes you could make to create a larger current? What is the difference in the current created in the coil when the magnet is m...
    2 Science 25
  223. The complete guide to picking a Digital Marketing school
    How we reach consumers is changing. In this attention based economy, simply posting on your social media account or on your website is not enough. You have to pick the right audience, drive the traffic to the right places, make the right offers and cul...
    9 Technology 182
  224. Will "going green" create the next economic boom?
    The Stern Review estimates that by 2050, demand for low-carbon technology could be worth $500 billion annually. The UN also estimates that demand for projects that generate Greenhouse Gas Emission credits could get as high as $100 billion annually by ...
    4 Environment 50
  225. How can I create victory rolls with shorter hair?
    My friend's 18th is coming up and my outfit reminds me of something from the 1940's in terms of its pattern, so I want to recreate such a look with my hair, whilst my outfit gives it that more modern edge. The only problem I have is that my hair is jus...
    3 Style 9
  226. How to create a vegetarian meal/diet?
    I'm not trying to diet--just trying the vegetarian life-style. I feel like it would be good for me; something to focus on, and really, a bit more healthy as well. (If you want to help keep note that I would like to transition into a vegetarian--not a v...
    5 Nutritionfitness 20
  227. Why did he create school?
    Okay, get this, I'm not gunna sit here and say I love school. It's the most ridiculous thing ever. As far as I'm concerned, I don't need schooling to become a professional guitar player. It's pathetic how people go to school and get grades on what they...
    5 Education 25
  228. Road Trip to the USA: Your Essential Survival Guide
    America is not only the skyscrapers of New York and the beaches of California. This country has a lot of interesting things, and in order to see all these beautiful, amazing, funny and fascinating places, you should go on a road trip. This is probably ...
    6 Travel 995
  229. How do I create a workspace in a small room?
    Okay. So I have a small room and on one wall, is my bed, an across is a window so I can't put anything there. On the wall the Edge of my bed is facing, there is a bookshelf, and on the wall with a window, there is my desk, then the window, then next to...
    3 Homegarden 38
  230. Salute on Myspace?
    how do I create a salute to get my password from myspace back?
    2 Technology 186
  231. Is God Cruel?
    Did God create such entities as the AIDS virus?
    31 Religion 36
  232. to people who believe in god?>
    alright this is for people asking the same religious question about god if you think he is real then tell me this how did he create himself and how did he creat the whole entire univers? cause how in the heck can he create himself that doest make any s...
    30 Religion 40
  233. Newniverse
    Can the Large Hadron Collider create the effects of the Big Bang? Not just the after effects, but actually creating a new universe, if infinitessimally smaller?
    4 Science 10
  234. Riddle - Fill Me Up
    Many things can create one, it can be of any shape or size, it is created for various reasons, and it can shrink or grow with time. What is it?
    2 General 12
  235. Who came up with the mole unit?
    What is the history of the mole? Who came up with it? Why was it created? Wats the actual # for a mole? When was it created? What does it mean? Why is it important to chemistry and people? Lots of thx :)
    2 Science 221
  236. Can Obama create a New Deal Coalition?
    People have high expectations for Obama. They say he stands for change, etc. It all sounds really good. But let's think about it for a moment. The last president to remake American society was FDR. It took him several terms in office to do so,...
    10 Politics 10
  237. Who knows a good title idea for my story I'm creating?
    Okay, so im creating a story about an arranged marriage. A girl at 14 is getting married to a boy who's 16 years old. But they dont get married until she's 16. They are really shy at the beginning but they end up falling in love with eachother. His nam...
    4 Literature 85
  238. Is anyone else peeved that the US are creating their own version of Skins that follows identical story lines instead of just watching the original British one?
    I've been in LOVE with the tv show Skins since it started. I've seen every episode and can't wait for the next series. But apparently the British version isn't good enough for the US so they've completely remade it using different actors, changing some...
    30 Entertainment 42
  239. Where did god come from?
    Where did GOD come from and when was he created? Coming from someone who wasnt brought up with religion
    24 Religion 29
  240. Yet another riddle
    Many things can create one, it can be of any shape or size, it is created for various reasons, and it can shrink or grow with time. What is it?
    8 General 33
  241. Stop motion!!
    What program do I use to create stop motion? I have windows not a macc
    3 Technology 15
  242. Where did God come from?
    How did God come to be? And why and how does he exist? And how and why does he create things? And how can he exist instead of nothing?
    25 Religion 38
  243. Did god want us to fight for religion?
    Who created religiin? Did god wanted us to fight for religion?
    10 Religion 34
  244. God's power
    Can god create a big stone that himself cannot carry it?
    19 Religion 29
  245. Can vitamin D can be taken from the sun when sunblock is on?
    I was wondering if vitamin D can be created from the sun when sunblock is on.
    4 Health 20
  246. How do I create the world I want?
    Hey guys, I would really appreciate a lot if you read all this (sorry it is very long). So I'm writing a story about this world which has humans but also other fantasy creatures such as elves, trolls and dwarves etc. I want it to be a world where the ...
    2 Literature 12
  247. How to get ideas for your next college paper
    When it comes to creating topics for your essay it can be hard. Without an idea, it will be hard to create anything even if you [order essays](, or ask for help. Follow this guide to get help in generating ideas for your c...
    8 Education 77
  248. Genisis 1:27
    If God supposidly created man in his own image and likeness, then why are men so terrible? Either God didnt create us, or God is pretty terrible too.
    21 Religion 57
  249. Could this happen ?
    Does worrieg about so much about a disease could create fake symptoms ??
    2 Health 12
  250. How to make our lovemaking more attractive?
    Can we make our lovemaking more attractive and more interesting than the usual one. Any guide toward this?
    3 Relationships 41