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How to choose a wedding venue

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  1. Do you choose magic or does magic choose you?
    Do you choose magic or does magic choose you?
    26 Religion 35
  2. What is your dream wedding?
    What is your dream wedding?
    3 Relationships 105
  3. How to Choose a Wedding Venue
    How to select the appropriate property at which to host your wedding.
    5 Relationships 76
  4. Choosing a crime
    if you would to choose a crime to do what would it be???
    12 General 27
  5. Why do people choose to be gay?
    Why do people choose to be gay?
    4 Relationships 28
  6. Can you choose the sex of the baby?
    Can you choose the sex of the baby? And how?
    8 Sex 22
  7. Wedding vows
    What do I say for a wedding vow?
    4 Music 44
  8. Which career should I choose to succeed in?
    Which career should I choose to succeed in?
    3 Money 46
  9. How to choose a LAN software ?
    How to choose a LAN software ?
    2 Technology 16
  10. Choose..Tupac or biggie?
    5 Music 17
  11. what do you think of the royal wedding?
    6 Entertainment 21
  12. what is a good theme for a wedding??
    6 Entertainment 30
  13. What's your opinon on this wedding dress?
    11 Style 14
  14. How do I figure out what major to choose?
    4 Education 44
  15. A wedding in las Vegas is a real wedding or not?
    A wedding in las Vegas is valid, or people just do it for fun.
    5 Relationships 35
  16. Wedding songs
    Whats the best wedding song to have at a wedding?
    5 Music 29
  17. How can I choose computer memory?
    How to choose the computer memory that is right for me?
    2 Technology 19
  18. What type of partner would you choose for yourself?
    What type of partner would you choose for yourself?
    3 Relationships 91
  19. Do you choose how you feel?
    Do you choose how you feel? I mean if your depressed do you choose to be depressed if your happy do you choose to be happy?
    2 General 15
  20. What would you choose
    Magnificint or magician
    3 General 10
  21. how to choose which boy and then get him hooked?
    5 Relationships 21
  22. What should I choose to drink monta or pepsi?
    What should I drink??
    5 Food 67
  23. why is that i am so terrfied of having a wedding? girls dream about there wedding..
    they fantasize about it and yet i am terrified..
    4 Relationships 12
  24. How do I choose a sport?
    8 Sports 31
  25. What would you choose for your last meal?
    12 Food 25
  26. How did the white wedding dress originate?
    7 Style 46
  27. How to decorate with tree branch for a wedding centerpiece?
    How to decorate with tree branch for a wedding centerpiece?
    2 Relationships 127
  28. How Much is a Wedding
    how much would a huge wedding cost?
    5 General 19
  29. Would you choose a burger or burrito?
    Which one would you choose?
    12 Food 129
  30. Should I choose Voodoo or my life?
    witch one should I choose???
    12 Religion 35
  31. How does the tv show overhauling choose their stories?
    How does the tv show overhauling choose their stories?
    4 Entertainment 142
  32. Can I wear a lacy gown if the wedding is contemporary?
    Can I wear a lacy gown if the wedding is contemporary?
    2 Relationships 13
  33. Sti or Evo Which one would you choose
    Which one would you choose and why.
    3 General 6
  34. Is it right that I have to choose between them?
    is it right for my boyfriend to let me choose between him or my bestfriend?
    5 Relationships 18
  35. How choose a sprocket setup for my motocross bikes?
    How choose a sprocket setup for my motocross bikes?
    2 General 41
  36. Who do you choose Ke$ha or lady gaga and why?
    15 Music 36
  37. Should your parents choose your friends?
    hey should your parents chose your friends
    5 Family 50
  38. What is the best dress for a wedding ceremony of a friend?
    5 Style 15
  39. which name to choose?
    which name do you like most Jake or Curt?
    6 Shopping 14
  40. What's the most tragic first dance wedding song?
    2 Music 32
  41. What would make a great wedding gift?
    11 Shopping 27
  42. When will the London Olympics venue open for tourists?
    2 Sports 9
  43. Where can you go to have a custom wedding dress made?
    3 Shopping 56
  44. How should i do my hair for an adoption party at a wedding hall ?
    3 Style 25
  45. What are good things to say for a wedding speech?
    4 Education 26
  46. What are some American wedding traditions, such as throwing the bouquet?
    8 General 18
  47. What kind of food is usually served at a wedding?
    7 Food 55
  48. Wedding Jewelry
    What is the basic difference between a wedding ring and a wedding band?
    3 Style 22
  49. What is the difference between weddings in these cultures?
    What is the difference between english weddings and asian muslim weddings?
    3 Religion 30
  50. What would you choose if you had to choose between tattooing or piercing your ENTIRE body?
    You cant say both or neither.. Choose one and why
    15 Style 35
  51. How many goth hairstyles can I choose from?
    how many goth hair styles can I choose from?
    3 Style 37
  52. What is the average amount one should spend on a beautiful wedding?
    5 Relationships 28
  53. do u think you should rent ur wedding dress??
    9 Shopping 53
  54. How do i tell my parents i don't want to go to ryan's wedding?
    10 Family 22
  55. what would you choose: should i buy contacts or an instrument?(piano)
    11 Shopping 21
  56. Would you ever choose the love of your life over your family?
    22 Family 96
  57. How do I choose best answer for my question if I like more then one of them?
    2 Funadvice 21
  58. Choose one
    Who would you rather be with the person you love or the person that loves you? Why?
    4 Relationships 10
  59. What is the most popular wedding dress price range nowadays?
    7 Shopping 51
  60. Which would you choose New Zealand and Austrailia or orchestra & why?
    6 Travel 12
  61. If you could choose a country, where would you want to live?
    41 Travel 54
  62. who here plan's on watching the royal wedding on april 29th?
    7 Entertainment 12
  63. Why is it that when a woman chooses to have a child the man has to pay her support?
    52 Family 43
  64. If my parents are getting separated, can i choose what parent i want to live with?
    8 Family 16
  65. Would you choose trial by judge or jury if you had to go to trial, and why?
    9 Politics 44
  66. What is sexier updo, straight, or curly hair for a wedding?
    10 Sex 45
  67. I'm Yours Jason Miraz; Wedding?
    How would you combine the song "I'm Yours" by Jason Miraz, into a wedding?
    2 Music 55
  68. Songs for a wedding reception?
    Anybody know any good songs to play at a wedding reception?
    5 Music 35
  69. What's a unique wedding present for my best friend?
    what can I buy my best friend for her wedding that is unique and different ?
    4 Shopping 52
  70. How do I choose a piercing??
    How do I choose a piercing?? ii wanna know what will look good on me,,
    7 Style 16
  71. Should Bella choose Edward or Jacob?
    Should Bella choose Edward or Jacob? I like Edward so I was woundering if there were any Jacob fans out there.
    3 Entertainment 41
  72. What would you choose as a career if you could be anything you ever wanted?
    27 Money 39
  73. If you and I could exchange body parts, which would you choose?
    And why? (NOT perverted)
    6 General 32
  74. Which one would you choose?
    Average face and amazing body or amazing face and average body
    11 Nutritionfitness 34
  75. When do you know if your child needs vitamins and how do you choose which one is best?
    16 Babies 70
  76. What would you choose to be on your menu if it was the last thing meal you'd ever eat? I'd probably choose Pasta since it's my comfort food :)
    12 Food 18
  77. Do you know anyone who ever said I dont on their wedding day?
    6 General 43
  78. Could you get eloped and not have a wedding license?
    Could you get enloped and not have a wedding license but then get the license on the day that you do get married
    3 Relationships 32
  79. People I choose to talk to have a problem with the funmail?
    A lot of the people I choose to talk to have a problem with the funmail... They can only comment on my comments and it is very annyoing Why is that?
    4 Funadvice 16
  80. What career should I choose? Should I be a doctor/surgeon?
    I have to choose A levels soon. Do I really want to have a career in medicine?
    3 Money 20
  81. Do you believe that we can choose or is it up to god?
    Do you believe that you are able to choose the sex of your child or is it really up to god what you get?
    8 Sex 23
  82. What song to choose???
    Okay I have a weel to learn a dance to a song we have dance move just no song yet what song should I choose???
    2 Music 31
  83. What business would you choose, if you could own your own business?
    I would probably choose a small cafe, or restaurant...
    11 Money 36
  84. What are tips for planning a wedding on a budget?
    What are your tips for planning a wedding on a budget? What do you consider to be priorities for a wedding and what are excesses that can be cut out of the ceremony/reception?
    3 Money 57
  85. Can you still have a wedding if you already signed papers?
    Me & my husband just signed papers & now i really want a wedding is it okay to have wedding?
    9 Relationships 13
  86. What to wear at a wedding?
    My cousin is getting married in june so I was wondering what you all think I should wear...
    6 Style 106
  87. Which would you pick if you could choose your sibling, brother, sister, twin, or no siblings and why?
    20 Family 73
  88. What happens if I ask a question in the ask a person question box? How do I choose the category it goes to?
    3 Technology 10
  89. What college course can be taken if you wish to become a wedding planner someday?
    3 Education 15
  90. Why would a white person choose to go to an all-black college?
    13 Education 23
  91. what is the best way to sell my wedding dress and items?
    It is excellent condition
    5 Shopping 10
  92. Do you think the song "Us Against the World" by Christina Milian is a good wedding song?
    2 Music 23
  93. What's the best wedding processional music?
    What's the best music to play while the bride is marching down the aisle?
    11 Music 153
  94. Who Would You Choose for President?
    If you could pick anyone, anyone at all to be president of the United States who would it be?
    13 Politics 55
  95. In winter what type of clothes you choose to get look of your Dog pretty ?
    Type of Clothe for Dog to getting pretty look ?
    2 Pets 9
  96. which portable game unit would you choose best for role playing?
    2 Gaming 15
  97. Why do criminals sentenced to the death penalty get to choose their last meal?
    8 Politics 53
  98. Did anyone watch Glee yesterday (Wed, Nov. 9, 2011)?
    5 Entertainment 10
  99. Who would you choose?
    The guy that you love & but acts like you dont matter Or... The guy that loves you but you dont love him?
    7 Relationships 15
  100. Do you think its appropriate to wear a corsage to a christening, or are they just for weddings and horse races?
    6 Style 84
  101. How can I lose 40 pounds before my wedding?
    I need help losing 40 pounds. Can anyone help me I need help losing this weight?
    8 Nutritionfitness 41
  102. Should I get a shellac french manicure for my brother's wedding or just cheap french manicures you can get at the drugstore?
    6 Drugs 27
  103. Is it possible to have a wedding somewhere else in The Sims 2, or does it always have to be in the backyard?
    and if you can have it somewhere else, how do i do it?
    2 Gaming 40
  104. What one would you choose hot climate or cold climate if u had a choice?
    9 General 40
  105. How do I choose a profile url?
    I'm real curious about this, and I can't find it under my profile settings.
    3 Funadvice 12
  106. Good hair styles for weddings?
    What is a good heirstyle for a close family wedding, for long thick hair?
    3 Style 16
  107. Why did you choose your username?
    Why did you choose your username? I have seen many strange ones on here, so if that is you(you know who you are), explain yourself please! :)
    30 Funadvice 28
  108. How to decide who to choose?
    I finally think I have feelings for a couple of girls Which should I choose? Can someone help?
    3 Relationships 28
  109. Maxxie or tony out of skins, who would you choose?
    If you had a choice to have Maxxie or tony out of skins Who would you choose? Xxxi would choose maxxie 110% Lol Hannahxxx
    2 Entertainment 11
  110. Do new users get to choose their UserName?
    because i noticed alot oftheirs are the same..
    6 Funadvice 12
  111. Do you think that, in the future, marriage will be practically abolished as more couples choose to just live together?
    16 Relationships 43
  112. Which country you will choose?
    What if you have a chance to live in another country, where would you prefer? and explain why. ^_^ thanks
    11 General 7
  113. Should I buy or rent a dress for my sister's wedding?
    well for my sisters wedding I want a dress.I think I schould rent but I think I schould buy.
    4 Style 44
  114. How do I choose between five guys?
    Ok welli have tochoose between five guys that I like, so how do i choose? give me some advice, please! :)
    6 Relationships 52
  115. How old can I choose to live with mom/dad?
    I am less than a month away from being 18. Can I choose when and where I want to stay?
    6 Family 15
  116. What do you usually choose when playing "Truth or Dare?"
    I find that most ppl choose truth instead of dare..... hmmmm why? lOl
    13 Gaming 53
  117. Where can I buy a used wedding dress online?
    Looking to buy a used wedding dress. I don't mind going online. -- Any suggestions? Thx.
    6 Shopping 32
  118. How are you supposed to choose which parent you want to live with when they decide to split up?
    I really sont wanna choose. -___-'
    17 Family 33
  119. Hairstyle and dress color for a wedding?
    Im going to a wedding and I dont know what hairstlye I should do or what color dress I should wear!!!
    3 Style 24
  120. choose a religion-EVERYONE
    choose a random religion that you think would be completely different to the religion you are now... I choose BUDHISM x
    11 Religion 38
  121. What Evanescence songs are good for music at a wedding reception?
    I want an Evanescence song to be played at my Wedding but I don't know which one I want or that sounds good.
    3 Music 136
  122. What do you think a Black and White theme is good for a wedding?
    some people say black is bad luck for a wedding but its just an idea.
    10 Style 11
  123. Wedding colors
    My mom is engaged and she has no ideas as to what her bridesmades dress are going to b. Any sugesstions
    3 Style 14
  124. Why do people choose to be ignorant and shallow, when the obvious choice for being truly happy and not confused is to be knowledgeable?
    12 General 73
  125. Make up help for a wedding.
    Ok, so I have to go to my brother's wedding. I attached a picture of my dress. I need help with some ideas for make up.
    3 Style 15
  126. Do you think a man needs to have any particular personality traits to choose to stay home with his children?
    3 Family 42
  127. Silver Wedding Anniversary
    Anyone got any good ideas for a silver wedding anniversary present for their parents? Thanks :)x
    3 Family 15
  128. survey on the person you choose.
    what out these 3 things do you like about a man or women? there body, personality, or their popularity?
    5 Relationships 11
  129. Wedding Reception songs
    I am maid of honor for my sister's wedding. I'm in charge of picking songs for the reception. What are some good love songs?
    3 Music 38
  130. Do you think if healthier foods cost less people would choose those foods over the unhealthy ones?
    10 Nutritionfitness 30
  131. Did you choose your religion or was it assigned?
    How many of you chose your religion through research and soul searching or were born into the religion you now worship ?
    19 Religion 36
  132. who would you choose?
    would you go out with a guy that is hot and smokes or would you go out with a guy that is not the most attractive guy but is clean and is funny and smart?
    3 Relationships 18
  133. Do you think wedding bells are in the near future for Lady Gaga and boyfriend Taylor Kinney?
    6 Music 33
  134. how should I celebrate my 1st wed anniversary with my husband?
    next week is our 1st anniversary.I want to celebrate it at home with my husband.
    2 Entertainment 21
  135. where is the best place to buy wedding dresses?
    i live in plant city, fl and im looking for a wedding dress for an outside wedding in october
    4 Shopping 13
  136. Wedding Gift
    A buddy of mine is getting married on the 16th of this month. Whats a good wedding present for him and the bride?
    7 Shopping 18
  137. Guys: Which would you choose to date?
    would you choose a rich snobby skinny girl or a sweet midleclass overweight girl ??? aqua
    4 Relationships 22
  138. Should I stop trying to get him to choose me?
    Should I stop chasing? My best friend/ my baby's father has yet to choose being with me or not. I'm lost.
    11 Relationships 14
  139. What is the best way to choose between things?
    I am applying for university, I am good in both industrial design and graphic design. The univ. only applies to one, how can you choose..?
    2 Education 48
  140. Which color of Mac eyeshadow would you choose?
    which one would you choose? shadowy lady on the left. or spiced chocolate on the right.
    4 Style 15
  141. If you have to choose a place to date which would you pick
    If you have to choose a place to date between a restaurant , movie theater or disco Which one would you think is better for dating.
    2 Relationships 31
  142. how do you choose what category your question goes into?
    Do you just have to go into the edit part after you ask it? Or is there a better way? This way is strange.
    4 Funadvice 7
  143. What would you choose if given one specific wish to be either wealthy, famous, attractive, or intelligent?
    14 General 23
  144. Is it bad to want a prom-themed wedding for your reception?
    It was a dream I always had but never got....
    4 Entertainment 104
  145. What hispanic or latin ethnicity would you choose to be from?
    (ex. Dominicano, mexicano, paraguayan, don't have to explain why if you don't want to)
    2 General 9
  146. Is it wrong or sinful if someone grew up Christian but wants to become a Wiccan or want to do a Wiccan wedding?
    Will they go to hell?
    23 Religion 53
  147. Who do I choose?
    What do I do if a guy likes me, but I like someone else, but I dont want to hurt that other person? Because they are both really sweet.
    3 Relationships 10
  148. Which power would you choose - light speed or the ability to fly?
    I rather be quick because nothing can stop me, what about you?
    13 General 41
  149. Do you think that once children have reached a certain age they should stop eating white bread and choose a more grown up bread?
    12 Babies 47
  150. Why women always choose the wrong guy
    Iam a nice guy I drink my soup and everything but women always choose the other guy who is not nice and usually is a jerk or something like that why women always Choose that guy over the nice guy.
    2 Relationships 73
  151. When making out dont you choose a lip?
    When your making out with someone dont you choose either their bottom lip or top lip then the tounge then another lip to end??? Poeple dont believe me!!!
    2 Relationships 57
  152. Will you choose college or university for your post-secondary education?
    If you choose College? What is the advantage and dis advantage? And why? Or University? What is the success rate either one of these ?
    2 Education 11
  153. Which famous people should I choose(school assignment)?
    I should choose some one famous to write about in my school assignment please people can you help me and tell me names of some famous good charcters
    4 Education 18
  154. What to choose, college or military boyfriend?
    I dont know what I should do go to college and be away from my army boyfriend who I've been dating for over a year or choose to move with him?
    2 Relationships 15
  155. two lives but can only choose one??
    My parents are divorced and I have to choose who I want to live with. I want to live with my mom but my dad had all these plans for me. . . Im soo confused. :(
    3 Family 14
  156. What to wear to a semi-casual wedding?
    I am going to be my guy friend's guest at his uncle's wedding. The dress is semi-casual, so any ideas on what to wear? Thanks!
    2 Style 80
  157. Who is responsible for paying for the brides wedding?
    Just curious if the brides parents still typically pick up the tab for the wedding. Thats the way it was when I grew up.
    4 Family 48
  158. Would this be a good wedding song?
    Do you think Rule The World by Take That would be a good song for someone to dance their first dance married?
    3 Music 14
  159. How do I stop my period for my wedding day?
    Just started my menstrual cycle and im getting married tomorrow how may I stop it
    5 Health 429
  160. Is it a bad sign when your boyfriend constantly chooses to stay home and play video games instead of hanging out with you?
    31 Relationships 210
  161. Who do I choose?
    Ok. I have been ask out before. Maybe by 1,2,even 3 guys at a time. 43 guys ask me out yesterday! What do I do???
    4 Relationships 14
  162. What do I wear to my teacher's wedding?
    I am going to my teachers wedding and I don't know what to wear. It is a March wedding. Would it be ok to wear a pastel floral knee length dress? What else would be appropriate?
    2 Sex 76
  163. Choosing which parent to live with
    Im turning17 next month and want to leave my mothers house... Do I have the right to choose to move in with my father?
    6 Family 35
  164. Wedding Gift For Mom!! :)
    My Mom Is Getting Married Soon (Oct) And I Am A Bridesmaid. I Want To Get Her Something Really Special As A Wedding Gift But I Dunno What. Any Ideas.
    3 Shopping 15
  165. Wedding gift??
    Im going to a wedding of a couple I dont know very well, what do I get them as a gift? I dont want to go empty handed... They are not registered anywhere : (
    3 Shopping 13
  166. Who should my friend choose?
    my friends ex-bf wants her to choose between him or her bf now. the ex wont date her but just to b friends. the ex doesnt want her to hav a bf but he already has a gf which is her cousin
    2 Relationships 17
  167. If you could pick a dance class, which would you choose?
    If you had te choice to do 1 dance class .///what would it be and PLEASE explain why you choice it PLEASSEEE
    3 Education 30
  168. How to choose a good life partner?
    I'm just looking for a life partner that can always love me and care for me please suggest me some of the nice ideas.
    2 Relationships 28
  169. What is the most funny pet name you know .. Or choose with me?
    Chunky Hulk Cezar Bambino Blotto Tiger Please which is the funniest name here
    11 General 27
  170. What subject can I choose to write for an extended essay (2000 words) on literature and language?
    I have absolutely no inspiration. please help!!
    5 Education 6
  171. What sense would you choose to live without?
    What do you think would be easiest to live without? (sight, hearing, smell, taste or touch) and why? random:)
    9 General 252
  172. Can a four-year-old child choose who he wants to live with when their parents get divorced or it is decided by the court?
    17 Babies 51
  173. Why do some women choose not to get a epidural when it could ease the pain?
    Are there possible negative health side-effects to it?
    10 Health 31
  174. choosing a person
    What are some things you should ask yourself when trying to decide what guy/girl is right for u? not just like do you have a conection, are they hot, like deeper things.
    2 Relationships 13
  175. If you could only choose one band...
    If could only choose one band to listen to and nothing else...What would you choose? I tell you mine after answers come in soo I dont persude your vote :)
    11 Music 21
  176. Wedding tomorrow, any idea's on how I can have my hair
    I'm going to my cousins wedding tomorrow, any idea's on how I can have my hair. Its just longer than my boobs and red. Any idea's welcome.. :d Thanks x
    2 Style 13
  177. Boy or Girl if you could choose for your child?
    If you could have only one child, and you could chose it’s gender, would you choose to have a girl or a boy? What reasons would you have for your choice? Please give suggestions. Thank You.
    16 Babies 37
  178. What Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dog
    When choosing a dog breed, there are several factors to contemplate. In this guide, we list some major considerations for you when selecting your new canine companion.
    8 Pets 94
  179. Why did they choose Julia Roberts to play Sarah Palin in a movie instead of Tina Fey?
    They are going to made a movie about Sarah Palin with Julia Robert playing Sarah Palin, they should choose Tina Fey for that role she is perfect for that role, what do you think?
    5 Entertainment 44
  180. In the future people will be able to choose their children's looks?
    Is it true that in the future people will be able to choose their children's looks before they are born ,, like blond hair ,, blue eyes ,, white skin??
    17 Science 74
  181. Which person would you choose?
    Would you go out with the person who is cute and show off their body parts on the Internet or the one who is not so cute but doesn't show their body parts and Do guys like sluts???
    3 Relationships 33
  182. What do you think about Kim Kardashian's ten million dollar wedding and now the marriage is being anulled?
    Was it just some kind of money motivated publicity thing?
    20 Entertainment 31
  183. Where does the ring bearer stand after walking down the aisle at a wedding ceremony waiting for the ring exchange?
    Is he in front of the couple? Between? Beside? I need some specifics.
    2 General 9
  184. Which Saint should I choose for my class project?
    I'm doing a saint project in religion class. I don't know which saint to do. Please help and soon. Please give details why I should pick the saint. please & thank you
    9 Religion 136
  185. my sisters wedding and My speech!
    OKay, so my sister is getting marride and 1 and a half months and I am a brides maid and I have to give a speech! Please help me !!
    2 Family 36
  186. what will I choose?
    im a non catholic and my boyfriend wants me to change my religion to catholic when we get married... since my religion is important to me... do I really need to change my religion?
    17 Religion 43
  187. What are some good wedding songs
    I need some father daughter songs Mother and son songs Halloween songs Upbeat songs Family song Prefer not much cussing...
    2 Music 21
  188. Any ideas for wedding favors?
    Do you have any good ideas for fun, different, and/or interesting wedding favors? I'm helping a friend plan her wedding. We aren't opposed to making things either!
    5 Relationships 16
  189. What color wedding dresses are in fashion nowadays?
    What color wedding dresses are in fashion nowadays? I want to get a white one..but I want to match with my wedding color themes...but I dont even know my theme colors!! =[ Help me please!!! What theme colors should I have??? And should I kinda match t...
    4 Style 45
  190. How do I choose what guy to ask out?
    I have a crush on 3 guys and don't know witch to choose. Should I choose the one that makes me laugh a lot. Or the one that is smart. Or the one wh is stupid but is really cute.but then again their all really cute.
    2 Relationships 17
  191. Wedding Gifts
    My brother is getting married and I dont know what to give him for a wedding gift. I am 16 and dont make very much money at all. So what should I give him for a gift. Oh and do you give gifts for engagement partys? If so like what
    2 Shopping 26
  192. What does the fourth wedding anniversary mean?
    its my 4 th wedding ann coming up soon does any body no what the fourth ann means and any ideas as t what t get him I want it t b something special
    5 Relationships 37
  193. what are ways to lower the cost of our wedding ceremony?
    My fiancee and I are starting to plan our wedding, we are having a small ceremony witn only relatives and close friends. However, our budgetis very limited.
    3 General 14
  194. What's the big deal about the Royal wedding?
    Everyone's crazy about this wedding these day, airing it on tv and stuff., people talking about the bride's dress. I don't see what's so special about it.
    32 Entertainment 52
  195. At what age can you choose where you want to live
    Ok so my mother and I don't really get along and a friend of mine told me that I can choose if I want to live with her or my dad with out having to have her consent. I just want to know if that's true.
    7 Babies 281
  196. Who should I choose between my two best friends?
    ok hi I have two best friends and they both hate each other they both want me to be ther friends but friend number 1 doesnt care who I choose and friend number 2 does care!!!aaahhh! HELP ME who do I choose friend 1 kristen or friend 2 mitzy!?
    2 Relationships 33
  197. How do I choose which one?
    I'm choosing my gcse choices and I know all the ones I want to do and this leaves me with one space empty Its either business studies or r.e. Which one would you choose? And if you've done one of them did you enjoy it?
    2 Education 11
  198. Choosing fish
    I'm going to get a fish tank (marine) and I'm wondering what fish I could keep. Interesting ones that I only have to feed twice a day.
    2 Pets 37
  199. What subject to choose for an extended essay (5000 words)?
    It has to have something to do with literature and language, like an example would be: Drama, The language in advertising, ... Help?
    2 Education 7
  200. Choose Your Headline.
    If you got to schoose a title for your life, adn had to wear it so people knwo who your are, what would it be. Mine would be : "Searching, But getting nowhere"
    5 General 9
  201. Wedding reception songs?
    What are some good love songs for a wedding reception? It can be rock; country; are nything basicly, new or old it doesnt matter, just give me some songs you think would go in a wedding reception, thanks!
    2 Music 41
  202. How much would you pay for a wedding photographer?
    I've done a few weddings (for free), and worked at a photography studio for years doing portraits. I'm thinking of photography as a side job. How much do you think I should charge to do a wedding?
    5 Money 11
  203. What hand should a guy's wedding ring be on?
    I've just been talking to a friend and she's confused me about something. I think a mans wedding ring should go on his rite hand but she thinks it should go on the left. Does any one know which hand is the rite one? Thanks
    6 Style 56
  204. Wedding Hairstyles
    my uncle is getting married next month and im getting my hair done up for the wedding I just got it cut and now its really short and thick but I want to curl it what should I do ?
    2 Style 9
  205. if you get to look like a celebrity who would you choose ?
    I would choose Kevin Zegers or zac efron or simon cowell but as teen probably Joe jonas or nick
    4 Entertainment 12
  206. How can you choose how many points you can give to an answer?
    i've noticed i receive 1 point sometimes or a 2 and even once a 5. yet, when i like someone's answer i don't have the option to choose how many points i can give.
    8 Funadvice 37
  207. Wedding plans...?
    Im getting married in march of 09. I am clueless on where to have the wedding. If you have any ideas please let me know...we realy would appreciate the help. Thanks :)
    6 Relationships 30
  208. choose certain numbers to show up normal how to do that?
    Ok well my house phone is set to say restricted number but the company said there is a way we can choose certain numbers to show up normal does anyone know how to do that?
    2 Technology 37
  209. Help me with etiquette of wedding rings!!
    My friend's getting married, and I was wondering what the etiquette for purchasing the wedding bands is. Please answer, as she is the first of my friends to get married, and I would like to know anyway.
    2 Relationships 13
  210. Is it possible that Romney could choose Ron Paul as vice president?
    I really think Ron Paul would be better as president, but I wouldn't mind having him at least as vicepresident. What do you think?
    4 Politics 7
  211. What would you choose if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life?
    I'd pick crawfish....i love living in the south, the crawfish here get huge.
    9 Food 11
  212. FunAdvice Trivia: What were ladies asked not to wear at Prince Edward's UK wedding?
    A) Perfume B) Gloves C) White D) Hats
    13 Style 75
  213. Does anybody know if there are job pathways for girls who choose woodwork as a subject at school?
    CAN GIRLS GET INTO CARPTENTRY? soz bout caps locks lolz
    2 Education 9
  214. What song to choose for video about college days memories?
    I have to make a video on college days and I need a very good english song about friendship .I should be emotional and should brings back memories.please suggest me few songs
    3 Music 75
  215. Which would you choose to be, blind or deaf?
    I know no one wants either. but its just a question to think bout. if you was going to be blind or deaf which one would you choose? why? I had this question in psychology and its was an interestin conversation so I thought id ask it here.
    6 General 65
  216. my 14 year old daughter choosing to live with her father
    How do I get over my 14 year old daughter choosing to live with her biological father, when he has never been a part of her life until now? I can't eat, or sleep or stop crying. I miss her so much.
    10 Babies 145
  217. what song should I choose?
    I think my vocal abilities are good im also taking vocal classes and voice training to better my performance I will be doing my very first talent show and I was wondering. what song should I choose?
    3 Music 73
  218. 2 Weddings - one more important than the other?
    I am getting married to a Chilean in May. We are having 2 weddings, one in the States and one here in Chile where we live, plus our civil wedding here. We are getting married first here in Chile with his family and we will also have our civil wedding...
    2 Relationships 31
  219. Compleletly lost trying to plan my wedding!!!
    I am about to plan my wedding and I need some ideas. I want a small wedding low budget. Were shooting for a june or july wedding, so when should I technically start planning it?? Also I need some ideas on how to plan a wedding obviously I have never pl...
    4 Relationships 38
  220. What guy should I choose if I like them both a lot?
    two guys asked me out and I dont know who to choose. they're both amazing guys, so this is really hard for me. one is funny and cute and sensitive . but the other is nice and gentle and caring and lovable. who do I choose??
    3 Relationships 11
  221. Is it selfish for a girl to be upset when her boyfriend chooses his mother over her every time she calls?
    My grandfather is in the hospital and i'd like him to be here for me, but his mother is upset and he wants to stay home instead...
    11 Family 36
  222. Which piercing should I choose ?
    Ok my question is which one sounds better to get my tongue pirced( I really want to get it done) or my nose pirced (I want it and it will also bug my grandma )?
    6 Style 16
  223. What should I wear to a Garden Wedding?
    my boyfriend's dad is getting married next week thursday at the botanical gardens I have no Idea what to wear, should I try something floral? btw it's summer here
    5 Sex 29
  224. What helped you choose the religion you have today?
    i find religion so facsinating and i'd luv to hear how you came to find yours. if theirs a long story behind it please share id love to hear. :)
    34 Religion 14
  225. Why did Noah choose a dove, rather than a homing pigeon, say?
    In pagan times, the dove was sacred to Venus (Deutsch 1874 p.439), the pagan icon of the eternal feminine.
    9 Religion 67
  226. what dog would you choose?
    im trying to talk my mom into letting me get a new puppy and i want just a small dog. like a really small dog. what kind would you recomend?
    5 Pets 21
  227. The Dilemma Regarding Entertainment At Your Wedding! – DJ Or A Live Band?
    Weddings are an important affair. Once you have decided to have a proper wedding party, particularly in this case the wedding reception there are several matters to consider from the venue to the number of guests, general style, cuisine.
    3 Entertainment 21
  228. Why do girls choose the jerks?
    in alota relationshipz I've seen a great chick cooses da asshole over da sweet 1 and I don't get it and that alwaz happenz? so why do gurlz alwaz choose da asshole over da sweet guy
    4 Relationships 22
  229. im not invited to my own dads wedding?!
    I'm 15 and my dads getting married abroad and isn't inviting me to the wedding, I used to get on really well with him and this is his first marrage, im his only daughter. Do you think this out of order or am over reacting?
    6 Family 42
  230. Which juice would you choose between these two? (read more)
    Lets say you find 2 juices same flavor, but one has 35 calories and 120 of sodium and the other has 120 calories, but has 15 of sodium. What juice would you choose? Tell me please thank you.
    5 Nutritionfitness 38
  231. Wedding dress really cheap where can I get one?
    Okay so I just got a wedding dress and relized that it is to small, about two sizes to small, I need help im getting married in two weeks and three days, I need a dress really cheap where can I get one
    9 Shopping 36
  232. which actress would you choose to play a she hulk or she wolf movie
    which actress would you choose to play a she hulk or she wolf movie between these three Anne hattaway, Rachel nichols or Katie holmes which of these tree actress would you like to play a she hulk or she wolf movie any answer is welcome thank you.
    3 Entertainment 39
  233. Suggestions for a wedding menu?
    Hey, So I need some help with this. Right I've gotta choose menu for wedding and im stuck with either giving poeple 2 or 3 different choices. What do you think?? Pooratty
    3 Food 8
  234. Wearing my formal dress to a wedding
    I just found out that I am invited to my boyfriend's cousin's wedding at the end of August and I was thinking maybe I should wear my formal dress instead of going out and buying something else because its just one day. Would this dress be wedding appr...
    4 Style 13
  235. Choose some good songs for me please
    I want good songs to practice singing and make my voice better, I want good ones, easy and hard ones, tell me the name of the Artist, Song, and the album thank you :)
    4 Music 49
  236. Which superpower would you choose?
    If you had 2 have 1 super power what would it be , not like "oh id save the world if I say ASBESTUS" like something you culd see on a comic
    7 Entertainment 35
  237. Where would you go (country wise) to have your wedding if you could?
    Me: would love to get married at Santorini (Greece), followed by the reception on a big boat or yacht with friends and families.
    21 Travel 24
  238. how would youreact if your ex kept your wedding ring and lets your daughter where it every day.?
    The ring does not mean anything to me.But it has diamonds that my mother gave me. please help.
    9 Family 14
  239. Which name should I choose?
    Earlier I finally came up with a name for myself in Metal,which should I go by: Demonic Angel - Devious kid most of the time or Raven - Dark child but can still be nice when it needs to be
    8 Music 22
  240. Help me lose weight before my Wedding Day!
    I want to know how I can lose 25 pounds in 3 months before my Wedding Day on Aug 2, 2008. I also want to know how I can get apple-bottom butt too.
    8 Nutritionfitness 37
  241. Who would you choose?
    ok (girls and gay or bi guys)) who would you prefer "David Tennant" "John Borrowman" "Daniel Radcliffe" or "Orlando Bloom"? (I choose DAVID TENNANT!!! haha hes sexy!! lol)
    4 Sex 11
  242. Girl puppy names you choose some
    Choose a name/names you like for my border collie girl. Don't have her yet. Here are the names you can choose from. Bella, Crystal, Kiki, Lily, Molly, Ruby, Roxy, Lucy, Layla, Sophie, Shelby, Delilah, Nala.
    11 Pets 33
  243. mom reunion wedding
    my mom wont let me have my wedding the way I want it and thank god she dont live with me. My wedding is on the 27th of Sept and she wants me to have a flower girl, ring barrer, and singers but I dont. she has always ruined my life. what am I suppose to...
    4 Family 9
  244. which would you choose?
    so everybody know that heaven is the place you want to go to when you die.. but would you really want to live FOREVER!!! in heaven NEVERENDING!!! or would you want to repeat life. but of course a different one.
    11 Religion 29
  245. I'm getting a new phone and i'm a bit confused which one to choose
    Is the iphone 5 better or Samsung Galaxy S4? I checked them out and couldnt decide. :/ which one has better features and stuff?
    11 Technology 12
  246. What souvenir is pretty yet useful to be given to wedding party guests?
    My friend is going to get married and she needs advice in picking the souvenir for the guests since most souvenir here is not that useful like key hanger.
    14 General 19
  247. What sign would you choose for your house?
    We see many signs each day that say No Smoking, No Trespassing, No Pets, etc. If you could put an original “No ___” sign on your front door, what would it say? Mine would say "No Drama!"
    10 Homegarden 15
  248. Wedding dilemma
    hiyar im 16 years old and have a wedding reception party in september. However I havent been too one since I was little so I have no idea what to wear. help would be appreciated. x
    5 Style 18
  249. Brother in Laws wedding...
    Well in Two days it's my brother in law's wedding.I had got a Car for $25,000 as a wedding gift for him but my wife thinks its too expensive for him.What else could I get for him as a GIFT eventhough its expensive but my wife should like it too?
    3 General 13
  250. Would "Dreaming of You" by Selena be a good wedding song?
    Would the song Dreaming of you be the perfect wedding song? And my second part to this is, is normal to pick this song for sweetheart? The reason why I'm asking this, I have a man which is my boyfriend, and I've been dreaming of him every night. So aga...
    3 Music 45