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  1. How do you dress emo?
    how do you dress emo?-_-
    9 Style 26
  2. Do you dress up for homecoming??
    Do you dress up for homecoming??
    3 Style 47
  3. How do you dress "vintage"?
    3 Style 44
  4. How to dress "Bohemian"?
    2 Style 13
  5. Where can I wear this dress to?
    2 Style 20
  6. What do you think of a corset dress for a prom dress?
    4 Style 18
  7. Dresses!!?
    Where do I find cute dresses?
    3 Shopping 16
  8. How to dress like a slut?
    How to dress like a slut?
    10 Relationships 3156
  9. How can you dress preppy?
    How can you dress preppy? Or watever
    6 Style 36
  10. How did girls dress in the 80s?
    How did girls dress in the 80s?
    2 Relationships 43
  11. How can I hide my hips when I dress?
    How can I hide my hips when I dress?
    3 General 64
  12. How to dress like a goth?
    How to dress like a goth?
    5 Style 122
  13. Homecoming Dresses 2009
    Homecoming Dresses 2009
    2 Style 37
  14. How to dress punk rock?
    How to dress punk rock?
    7 Style 118
  15. What colors do you like to dress in?
    7 Style 39
  16. Where can I find this dress (photo)?
    2 Shopping 40
  17. Do you ever wear your dresses?
    8 Style 46
  18. What do you wear under a strapless dress?
    3 Style 27
  19. What's your opinon on this wedding dress?
    11 Style 14
  20. How to dress cool?
    8 Style 23
  21. How do girls dress grunge?
    4 Style 39
  22. What is the difference between when girls get married with a white dress or an ivory dress?
    5 Style 36
  23. What is the perfect prom dress - short, or the long gown type of dress?
    16 Style 41
  24. What do emo girls dress like?
    What do emo girls dress like?
    2 Relationships 20
  25. What is the best dress to wear for a party?
    What is the best dress to wear for a party?
    8 Style 22
  26. Do Prom Dresses have to be long?
    Do prom dresses have to be long or can they be short
    8 Style 222
  27. How to dress more punk?
    tell me if your into punk. how do I dress more punk? any ideas?
    10 Style 120
  28. How did the schoolmasters dress in colonial times?
    How did the schoolmasters dress in colonial times?
    2 Education 58
  29. How to convince my parents to dress goth?
    How can I convince my parents to dress Goth?
    9 Style 57
  30. How do I dress skater style for a girl?
    How do I dress Skater style for a girl ?
    5 Style 54
  31. What is resort casual dress code?
    What is resort casual dress code?
    2 General 74
  32. where can i find this dress?
    where can i find this dress online to buy?
    5 Shopping 28
  33. Short or long prom dresses?
    Short or long prom dresses?
    12 Style 84
  34. Dress up Games
    What's you favorite dress up games site?
    2 Technology 50
  35. Why do people judge you by the way you dress?
    14 General 95
  36. How to dress up a red checker shirt?
    6 Style 21
  37. Where can I buy cute dresses with hoodies?
    6 Shopping 18
  38. How did the white wedding dress originate?
    7 Style 46
  39. What are you dressing up like this Halloween?
    9 Style 12
  40. Is there a place where you can get a dress from for under $100?
    9 Shopping 30
  41. Where can I find floral dresses like this?
    2 Sex 14
  42. What are those dresses called with both shoulders covered?
    2 Style 27
  43. How to dress a boy shaped body?
    2 Style 55
  44. How much should I spend on a prom dress?
    12 Shopping 39
  45. What should i do if the dress i ordered doesnt fit?
    3 Style 7
  46. How can a girl dress skater?
    How can I dress sk8r but I'm a girl so how can I dress sk8r girl???
    5 Style 42
  47. What's your favorite salad dressing?
    What's your favorite salad dressing? Mine is ceasar...
    6 Food 16
  48. How do you figure out what dress size you are?
    Is the dress size the same as the size jeans you wear?
    2 Style 89
  49. Fancy dress
    What shall I wear to a fancy dress party?
    6 Style 64
  50. Do you think the Indian saree is a sexy dress?
    Do you think the Indian saree is a sexy dress? why?
    2 Sex 53
  51. Can I wear bone shoes with a lilac dress?
    can I wear bone shoes with lilac dress
    3 Style 26
  52. What do you think of my dress?
    what do you think of my dress- I like bright colors! =]
    10 Style 15
  53. should I wear a dress on the first day?
    should I wear a dress on the frist day??
    3 Style 42
  54. Why do people pick on you if you dress differently?
    why do people pick on you if you dress diffrently?
    9 Style 18
  55. How do girls like their boyfriends to dress?
    how do girls like there bfs to dress?
    10 Style 84
  56. Should a girl get dressed up everyday for her man
    Should a girl get dressed up everyday for her man?? ??
    8 General 31
  57. What color was your 8th grade graduation dress?
    14 Style 57
  58. Is there any way to get salad dressing out of a book?
    12 Homegarden 12
  59. What is the best dress for a wedding ceremony of a friend?
    5 Style 15
  60. How would you dress up a plain peach-coloured dress with a simple tan belt?
    6 Style 49
  61. Can I wear brown sandals with a pink dress?
    5 Style 28
  62. Where can you go to have a custom wedding dress made?
    3 Shopping 56
  63. Where can I find the perfect middle school dress up dance dress???
    I have a dress up dance at my middle school and I am dying to find the perfect dress!!! I don't know where to find it and I live in Washington where should I go???
    9 Shopping 64
  64. How to make a medieval dress or in what stores do they sell them?
    5 Shopping 12
  65. Where should I have a bohemian dress up party- outside or inside?
    3 Entertainment 12
  66. How to I get an black ink stain out of a silk dress
    How to I get an black ink stain out of a silk dress
    2 Style 122
  67. What color shoes do you wear with a navy blue dress?
    What color shoes do you wear with a navy blue dress?
    5 Style 66
  68. What color shoes should I wear with a teal and white dress?
    What color shoes should I wear with a teal and white dress
    5 Style 108
  69. What shoes with a bubble style dress?
    what style of shoes look the best with a bubble style dress?
    3 Style 23
  70. Dress & Shoes
    Dress colour for a dark chocolate brown shoe?
    4 Style 33
  71. Which dress would this bag match?
    so I have put my bag on my pics with my dress would they match?
    2 Style 15
  72. What shoes would go with this dress?
    What do you guys think of my dress? And what shoes would go with them?
    6 Style 15
  73. How do you dress like a gothic?
    how do you dress like a gothic..(and also is there such thing as GOTHIC JUGGALETTE)
    9 Style 53
  74. What are you dressing up as for halloween?
    I'm dressing up as a sort of vampire yeah I love halloween, but what are you's all dressing up as?
    11 Style 35
  75. Perfect dress
    What is the perfect dress? If you could have any dress, what would you pick. Pls describe it for me.
    4 Style 14
  76. How can I dress like ted mosby from How I Met Your Mother?
    5 Style 86
  77. what kind of dress would be good for military ball?
    2 Style 15
  78. How do you know when a dress fits your body type perfectly?
    5 Style 16
  79. How do you draw victorian dresses?
    Is there any good sites or anything?
    2 General 111
  80. Why do people dress up for Halloween especially in scary outfits?
    17 Entertainment 71
  81. what colour prom dresses suits dark skin?
    24 Style 90
  82. What is the most popular wedding dress price range nowadays?
    7 Shopping 51
  83. where is a good place to buy prom dresses in michigan?
    2 Shopping 56
  84. Does anyone know where I can find a dress (similar) like this?
    4 Shopping 13
  85. Why do people have to label others because they dress a certain way?
    11 Style 53
  86. School's Dress Policy
    Should we be able to wear what we want in schools?
    5 Education 24
  87. What are some of the restrictions in the Muslim faith concerning dress and diet?
    4 Religion 9
  88. How can I dress SCENE on winter?
    2 Style 36
  89. What website Can I find very sexy, short, teenage dresses?
    6 Sex 47
  90. why didnt google dress up for thanksgiving?
    google always does, but this thanksgiving google didnt.:( what happened??
    7 Technology 37
  91. Do you think this dress is too short for my girlfriend to wear out or is it ok?
    17 Style 82
  92. What's your dress sense?
    What type of clothes do you normally have in your wardrobe
    5 Style 18
  93. where are the best places to go shopping for a homecoming dress?
    4 Shopping 72
  94. Would it be alright to wear a short dress to prom?
    6 Style 22
  95. Does this prom dress look good on me?
    5 Style 24
  96. Why is it ok for Pilate to be portrayed as Gestapo, but not ok for someone to dress up as Hitler for a fancy dress party?
    well what is ur opinion on this?
    3 Politics 19
  97. What are some good online dress shopping websites?
    any of you know any?
    11 Shopping 21
  98. What's the best way to tell someone that they don't dress very well?
    17 Style 32
  99. How do you get deoderant stains out of a black polyester dress?
    4 Style 47
  100. What color eyeshadow should I wear with my red prom dress?
    8 Style 38
  101. do u think you should rent ur wedding dress??
    9 Shopping 53
  102. what shoes go great with a sky blue prom dress?
    what shoes go great with a sky blue prom dress?
    9 Style 111
  103. are dresses in style for a freshmen in highschool?
    are dresses in style for a freshmen in highschool? 14 years of age
    9 Style 74
  104. How to dress up as Hello kitty ?
    I love hello kitty and wanted to dress up as it for halloween, What do you think I should do ? ♥
    5 Style 43
  105. Where should I buy punk/scene kid dresses?
    What are some cute punk dresses for scene kids???
    3 Shopping 56
  106. What shoes with a black and white dress?
    I want to wear a black and white dress what color shoe I should wear
    12 Style 190
  107. girls only(dress's)
    where is a nice Easter dress to get in new jersey
    2 Shopping 10
  108. Lol. Duct tape prom dress. Fun or stupid?
    Lol. Duct tape prom dress. Fun or stupid?
    10 Style 55
  109. Shoe color for gold dress
    Im wearing a gold dress for a wedding. What color shoes should I wear
    7 Style 25
  110. red and black dress
    I have a red and black dress, would whie shoes work?
    6 Style 47
  111. How could I dress up like a typical 60's teenager?
    6 Style 32
  112. Does anyone know where I can find a dress like this yellow one?
    5 Shopping 7
  113. Can you wear a dark brown shirt with dark grey dress pants?
    7 Style 124
  114. Where to buy a quinceanera dress (aka swwet sixteen in america)?
    3 Shopping 16
  115. What are your opinions of Lohan going to court in a short party dress?
    5 Entertainment 14
  116. What shop can make custom dresses and jewelry based on a picture?
    2 Style 11
  117. Where can I get an affordable homecoming dress?
    Under $100, closer to $60 and under.
    8 Shopping 40
  118. How do Juggalettes dress?
    I Really Need To Know The LIFESTYLES and WAYS Of A Juggalette
    15 Style 360
  119. How is a dress that reaches my knees considered "short"?
    6 Style 34
  120. Looking for Sweet16 Court Dresses for the upcoming from. Please suggest?
    2 Entertainment 12
  121. Where can I find a really nice corset dress that is appropriate for graduation?
    7 Shopping 43
  122. Do you put anything else on cheese potatoes, such as a dressing or something, if so what?
    5 Food 25
  123. Dressing punk with a school uniform
    how do I get through junior high being punk if the school is a uniform school
    6 Style 331
  124. How do you dress unexpectedly without getting into the goth and emo clothes?
    4 Style 39
  125. How can i dress a little girlier or mix my clothes into something cute?
    14 Style 29
  126. What color dress should I wear for my snow flake ball at school?
    8 Style 28
  127. American dress sizes
    What size would I be in american sizes? Im a 4/6 in uk sizes
    2 Style 41
  128. Is it fashionably wrong to wear brown shoes with black dress pants?
    Is it fashionably wrong to wear brown shoes with black dress pants?
    10 Style 259
  129. Dress code -- crazy contact lenses?
    Could wearing crazy contact lenses violate my dress code?
    2 Education 78
  130. What are some wacky dress ideas?
    Ideas like a dress made out out balloons or playing cards.
    7 Style 12
  131. Does this dress look nice on me?
    Does this dress look nice on me. It´s for a dance next year. Please be honest :)
    12 Style 63
  132. here can you buy a beautiful skater dress??
    where can you buy really beautiful but skater dresses cheap??? Like 30 and under???
    2 Shopping 12
  133. dresses for men?
    Ladies, should there be bras, panties, skirts, dresses and such for men? kilts don't count!!
    3 Shopping 45
  134. Dress shopping help
    Where is a good place to buy a nice formal dress?
    3 Shopping 14
  135. Do brown shoes go with a green dress?
    I would like to know if brown shoes go with a green dress?
    7 Style 106
  136. Paper Dolls and Dress Up Dolls
    Which one is better in developing kids' creativity, dress up dolls or paper dolls?
    2 Gaming 13
  137. Is there a place where I can custom order a dress?
    Like I give them photos and they recreate it?
    3 Style 11
  138. Where can i get a short, VERY CUTE, homecoming dress, like what department stores??
    12 Shopping 42
  139. Is there anywhere I can find dresses like these?
    I've looked on eBay but there's none...
    2 Shopping 10
  140. is it true that ppl are more attracted to ppl that dress & keep their hair done nice??
    12 Style 14
  141. What's a good homemade salad dressing thats like kind of sweet?
    7 Food 17
  142. Do women generally wear the same size slacks or dress pants as they do jeans?
    7 Style 47
  143. What do you think about Lady Gagas meat dress?
    I think its amazing, & what it stands for is just incredible.
    26 Entertainment 45
  144. Do you think this is the perfect dress?
    I Just found it!!! What do yall think? Im so happy!!!(not really)
    4 Style 6
  145. I need to dress up like sporty spice...
    I need to have a sporty spice costume for tomorrow... ideas?
    2 Style 37
  146. what is the best way to sell my wedding dress and items?
    It is excellent condition
    5 Shopping 10
  147. Would it be ok to wear a long black dress to a military ball?
    3 Style 13
  148. What would be some good dresses for a winter formal?
    Websites with examples would be awesome
    5 Style 9
  149. Whats everyone dressing up as for Halloween?
    I need ideas! And it'll be funny to here some of your ideas. :)
    3 Style 9
  150. Which dress is better?
    I like the hotpink one I just wish the middle was more opened so which one do you like?
    14 Style 8
  151. What is name of song with a line 'lady in the black dress'
    9 Music 75
  152. Where can I find 30 small plush pink dress Hello Kittys?
    3 Shopping 10
  153. Wheres the best place to get summer dresses, ae? pacsun? aero?
    Wheres the best place to get summer dresses?
    7 Shopping 60
  154. Do you all dress modestly?
    Do you all dress modestly? If, yes, what kinds of clothing are you most comfortable in? And, if you go to church, are you reserved?
    6 Style 38
  155. Im a male who wants to dress up as elvira for halloween, thoughts?
    Im a regular guy who has been wanting to dress as elvira for a while now for halloween. Any thoughts on that?
    3 Style 150
  156. Store to buy prom dresses?
    Whats a good store (online store or mall store etc) to buy prom dresses...
    5 Shopping 70
  157. How to dress 90's, 80's or 60's?
    if you wanted to dress like they did in these era's, what would you wear???
    2 Style 59
  158. Can someone dress sexy but not slutty?
    Is it possible to dress s*xy and not slu**y? I am not sure
    9 Sex 77
  159. Could I wear a white dress with big black flowers to a funeral?
    Could I wear a white dress wit big black flowers on it to a funeral?
    9 General 111
  160. Where is a good place to buy a dress?
    Im trying to figure out were is a good place to buy a cheap cute dress
    4 Shopping 36
  161. prom dress color help !?
    what color looks nice on me ? [prom dress color ideas] I wanna be unique with my colors for it ... =\
    7 Style 17
  162. recipe for outback steakhouse's verson of honey mustard dressing?
    does anyone know the recipe for outback steakhouse's verson of honey mustard dressing?
    2 Food 28
  163. How can I make a t-shirt into a baby dress?
    I want to make a dress for my baby sister. Does any one know how to turn a shirt into a dress?
    2 Style 39
  164. How do I get my deoderant to stop rubbing off on my dress?
    How do I get my deoderant to stop rubbing off on my dress? its a tank top dress thing and I don't want the white to rub off on it
    6 Style 6
  165. What kind of person would I need that could show me how to dress and do my hair and makeup?
    4 Style 4
  166. What are some good stores that have 1st Communion dresses at a low price?
    6 Shopping 45
  167. Why does my 32 year old mom want to wear my dresses?
    Does she want to be younger? Opinions?
    13 Family 23
  168. What dress did you wear to prom (if you could provide pictures that would be greatly appreciated)?
    3 Style 28
  169. Is it okay for a 14-year-old girl to dress and dance sexy?
    15 Sex 260
  170. What kind of prom dresses do guys like?
    (color, fit, length, design)
    9 Style 728
  171. Why the fuck do I have the urge to start wearing dresses? This feeling had better go away.
    10 Health 27
  172. Why do people bother Miley Cyrus so much about the way she dresses, they should just leave her alone?
    9 Entertainment 28
  173. Which prom dress should I pick?
    I need help picking out a dress for prom?I have pictures of the ones I like.. help please
    9 Style 38
  174. How do you like girls to dress?
    like do ya like us 2 dress like slags or in jeans and stuff? x
    13 Style 47
  175. Is this prom dress in style?
    I'm not sure whether or not to wear this dress to prom. I found it in my mom's closet.
    5 Style 30
  176. What colour woud go with lime green dress apart from black/white?
    What colour woud go with lime green dress apart from black/white, I was thinking red.
    5 Style 55
  177. What are some stores that I can buy a prom dress at?
    Where can I buy short prom dresses ? Like stores that are like Dillards , JCpenny, Macy's ect.
    3 Shopping 23
  178. Dress up games?
    Does anyone know any websites where I can play dress up games? Good quality ones, not stupid ones!
    8 Gaming 169
  179. Where can I buy a used wedding dress online?
    Looking to buy a used wedding dress. I don't mind going online. -- Any suggestions? Thx.
    6 Shopping 32
  180. When a girl had back ofher dress in her panties would you tell her?
    If a girl just came out of the bathroom and she had the back of her dress stuck in her panties would you tell her?
    2 Style 43
  181. Hairstyle and dress color for a wedding?
    Im going to a wedding and I dont know what hairstlye I should do or what color dress I should wear!!!
    3 Style 24
  182. colour prom dress?
    what is a good colour for a prom dress? my hair is dark brown and my eyes are a greeny blue
    5 Style 39
  183. How should I dress up for MTV day?
    We have a spirit day tomorrow and its like MTV characters. But I have to be dressed appropriately for school. So what should I wear?
    6 Style 43
  184. When to stop dressing my kids up for Halloween?
    When is a good time for me to stop dressing my kids up for halloween? Do they get over the dressing part up or trick or treating? But at what age?
    11 Babies 135
  185. Going to a fancy dress party, any ideas?
    Hey so here the thing im going to a fancy dress party but I have to dress up as somthing starting with the letter s so any ideas ???
    6 Style 34
  186. dressing techno
    this week has been spirit week at my school and tomorrow is dressing up like your fav. rockstar/ artist and I want to dress up like a techno artist. how do you dress up like one??
    3 Style 55
  187. What are those silky skirt things called that go under the some dresses?
    like underneath the dress thats like more attached to your body?
    2 Style 43
  188. Dresses
    Hey, if uv ever been 2 the prom, what did your dress look like, and what are some sights that you can veiw pics?
    2 Style 16
  189. How should I dress for the first day of school?
    How should I dress for the first day of school? Should I be somewhat dressed up to impress my teachers or dress casual to remind everyone how crazy I can be?! [[This is my first year of high school!!]]
    8 Education 67
  190. Should I buy or rent a dress for my sister's wedding?
    well for my sisters wedding I want a dress.I think I schould rent but I think I schould buy.
    4 Style 44
  191. What should I wear with a fuschia dress?
    What color make-up, jewelry and shoes should I wear with a fuschia dress attending a wedding in the Caribbean?
    2 Style 146
  192. Where is a good website to look for a snowball dress?
    I am looking for a snowball dress, a fairly cheap one and I have less than a month to find one..Where should I look?
    2 Shopping 54
  193. How do you tell your girl your formal dress looks like a parachute
    How do you tell your girl your formal dress looks like a parachute lol in a nice way please
    4 Style 18
  194. How should I dress every day?
    Omg! I wanted to know if I should dress sweet, sassy, sexy, or just regular. For everyday?
    4 Sex 34
  195. Is it worth me buying a block dress?
    are they still in fashion and would they stay in for january+feb ???
    4 Shopping 19
  196. What type of shoes can you wear with a maxi-dress?
    preferably suitable for cold weather?
    9 Style 13
  197. Does anyone know where to get dresses that look designer for cheap prices?
    Maybe even similar to this dress?
    7 Shopping 10
  198. What era do you think this dress would belong in?
    I'm looking for a bridesmaids dress for my vintage inspired wedding? Do you like the dress?
    9 Style 29
  199. What kind of dress would look better on a 5"3 girl, short or long?
    8 Style 44
  200. what should I dress up as 4 bookweek?
    my school is having a book week and we all have to dress up. I really want to look good so what should I go as?
    3 Style 9
  201. are bridesmaids supposed to pay for their dresses or am i?
    i feel rude saying i'd love it if you were my fork over some cash for a dress.
    6 General 42
  202. Is it weird to dress differently everyday?
    is it weird to be dressing something different everyday?? for examplee tomorrow your dressed sofisticated then the next day your dressed gangster then the next punk.. so is it weird to dress like that for school??
    4 Style 94
  203. Wanting to dress pretty
    Is it alright for a man wanting to dress up as a woman and go out shopping to do so and wear a very pretty dress and lingerie while doing it, and go to a womans clothing store and try on new dresses.
    6 Shopping 41
  204. What type of dress should I wear to eight grade graduation?
    A pink dress? A red sparkly dress? A simple black dress? (your answer here) Or other please comment which___
    8 Style 101
  205. How can I dress up for this Nickleback song?
    For 4H we are doing Free Style reining and we have to choose a song and dress up to it. So I have decided to do the song Rockstar By Nickelback. I was wondering how i could dress up to that?
    2 Music 22
  206. Holly Willoughby dress
    Does anyone know where the dress that Holly Willoughby wore on xtra factor on 23/08/08 is from? Iy's a pink ,off the shoulder dress, thanks
    2 Style 51
  207. What dress should I wear to junior prom?
    What dress should I wear to junior prom? Long short ? Black & casual , red and sexy ? give me ideas
    4 Sex 154
  208. How do I dress more pirate-like?
    I really pirates like jack sparrow haha I wanna start dressing like a pirate,,, how would I go about doing that?
    7 Style 11
  209. dress shops in oakville ontario??
    okay so im looking for dress shops I oakville ontario for grade 8 grad please help me out!!
    2 Shopping 142
  210. How do you turn a summer dress into a fall outfit?
    just bought an expensive summer dress that i wana beable to wear all year around. how can i do this?
    6 Style 14
  211. How should I dress?
    Ok I like black and other colors too but mostly black I'm not goth or emo so how do you think I should dress in black without looking goth or emo
    4 Style 44
  212. what color dress is peferable for an interview?
    what color dress is peferable for an interview? Ca I wear meroon color chudidar for my interview tomorrow? Please help me with your suggestions...
    4 Money 28
  213. How can I dress emo without my parents getting all pissy?
    I want to dress emo but cant do it witout being grounded for the rest of my life!
    8 Style 102
  214. Do most girls prefer skating dresses with or without snaps?
    When girls wear skating dresses, do they generally prefer them with or without snaps? Some have snaps under the crotch, and some have them down the back. Some even have both. Which kind do you prefer?
    2 Style 13
  215. where do they sell dresses,?
    im looking for a short skinny dress with the bottom puffed up! please help me I need it before 11/15
    3 Shopping 11
  216. Where can I find scene/emo dresses?
    I have a dance and I need help to find a dress that's scene/emo,<ANY> sites will help. DO NOT say hottopic, I've been there. Please help!!! <33
    3 Style 15
  217. How do you dress like a tramp?
    Party 2 nite and I have clothes for it byt how to makes them look more trampest???
    2 Style 48
  218. Which dress should I get for homecoming/formal?
    Dress 1 - Dress 2 - Dress 3 - Dress 4 -
    6 Style 14
  219. Where to buy cute dresses?
    What are some brands that have cute comfy dresses? Not like dressy dresses but a casual pretty dress. Kinda like the ones they have at pac sun. Also where can I buy some cute flats?
    3 Shopping 33
  220. Is the way I dress okay?
    Just because you dress like a dude (not all the time just when I don't want to get all dressed up) does that mean I come of as "I like girls"? not trying to be rood but I only like guys.
    6 Style 16
  221. What style and color of shoes to wear with white halter dress?
    I have a white halter dress for a christmas party. It has a pearl/rhinestone buckle. What color and style of shoe would go best with the dress?
    4 Style 84
  222. Whats the best dress size?
    Guys what do you think is the best dress size for a girl? And girls what dress size would you like to be? Please say if this is a uk size or usa size. Thankyou
    6 Shopping 94
  223. Prom dress
    I need opinions what do you think of me wearing a short blueish aquaish colored poofy at the bottom dress with the same colored converse???
    4 Style 48
  224. What can I use on salads as dressing that is low in calories and low in fat?
    Im tired of using ranch but id like to have some sort of dressing on my salad that's healthy
    15 Food 35
  225. What shoes to wear with a yellow dress?
    What kind of shoes do I wear with a yellow dress? It has a silk inside slip with yellow shiffon over it with a bow below the chest. It's not bright yellow by the way. What do I wear?
    8 Style 70
  226. where is the best place to buy wedding dresses?
    i live in plant city, fl and im looking for a wedding dress for an outside wedding in october
    4 Shopping 13
  227. What is the best way for a boy to dress?
    So what is the best way for a boy to dress up gently or cool that the people should not behave him badly about his clothes shoes or anything more about his outlook?
    2 Style 35
  228. What dress do I wear to make my thin legs look fuller?
    I have very thin legs, more like chicken legs. Any style dress or skirt or anything to make them look thicker?
    8 Style 235
  229. Prom dress color?
    I have olive skin, brown hair and bluey-greeny eyes. what colour and style prom dress should I have ?
    3 Style 18
  230. Should i wear this dress to my holiday ball?
    Our holiday ball at school is our winter semi, and idk if i should wear this or not! It's indoors so dont worry about it being too cold
    7 Style 25
  231. How do you dress 80's style?
    So my bff is having an 80s bday party n I need some help wit what to wear for an 80s style
    4 Style 40
  232. What color homecoming dress should i get?
    i have medium brown hair, blue eyes, and im a little pale but i do have some color.
    6 Style 37
  233. how can you keep skin pale even durring the summer without dressing warm and wearing much sunscrean?
    2 Style 12
  234. What are good salad dressings that don't taste like Hidden Valley Ranch!?
    Something from like Target that are less than $5.00?
    4 Food 11
  235. What websites sell cheap club dresses?
    Cheap as in avg $20. Both Jr and Plus sizes. Fast Shipping.
    8 Shopping 14
  236. Whats the name of the thing designers always use to make a dress and such on?
    It looks like a chest of a body...
    6 Style 28
  237. Would a dress of this shape, length, and skirt, look good on me?
    I really want one but i can only find them online...
    6 Style 8
  238. What shoes should I wear with my black and pink dress?
    My dress is black with a layer of pink underneath. It's silky on the top of the dress and the bottom is almost like fishnet with little flowers.
    4 Style 22
  239. Is this dress worth anything? Can i still sell it?
    Blue dress has large stains (wasn't my dress) Am i able to sell this? I wouldnt expect anything over 50 for it. But is the damage too grand?
    2 Money 27
  240. How I should dress my 8 month old daughter for my wife's graduation
    My wife is graduating from fresno state on saturday. Does anyone have any unique ideas on how I should dress my 8 month old daughter for the ceremony?
    3 Style 36
  241. How can I make my dress stylish?
    hey, I've got a long black dress with long arms for halloween. and I just wanted to know how can I make it stylish and not childish. x
    2 Style 12
  242. How Could I Dress Sexy But Rocker?
    okay, my boyfriend is coming over and he's a total rocker guy and I want to dress like a sexy rock chick, any ideas?
    4 Sex 49
  243. How come everytime I dress cute I feel insecure?
    Ok so when I dress really nice and cute, I look in the mirror and I get a weird feeling in my stomatch. Why?
    8 Style 34
  244. What websites sell gorgeous party dresses in the uk?
    What are some different clothes website, available in the uk for some gorgeous dresses, without a laaarge price tag? x
    2 Shopping 48
  245. red brown aubunish hair with a blue dress?
    Hey soo would a red brown auburnish hair color clash badly with a light blue dress?
    3 Style 50
  246. Semi Dress?
    I have a long, dark green dress that crosses in the back...but people are saying that it is too long. So instead of cutting it or buying a new one, what should I do?
    4 Style 18
  247. Sweet 16 dress
    I'm going to a sweet 16 in a few weeks. The theme is Candyland. Does anybody have any links to a website/stores that would have good "Candyland" dresses? Thank you!
    3 Shopping 50
  248. What should profession should I dress up as for school spirit day?
    In a few weeks my school is having a spirit week for the sports teams. Monday is dress up as a profession like a doctor or something. Any great ideas?
    2 Education 48
  249. Dress code
    What's more cool??--knee length cargo sort of pants[ for girls] or denim shorts?? Which 1 do you prefer?
    6 Style 24
  250. Where can I find an inexpensive plain red dress?
    I don't want anything fancy, just to wear during the summer. I've looked everywhere.
    4 Shopping 18