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How religion can have an impact on marketing

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  1. What is your religion?
    What is your religion?
    19 Religion 60
  2. Religion
    What is your religion?
    21 Religion 63
  3. What religion are you, and more importantly, why are you of that religion/lack of religion?
    42 Religion 41
  4. what religion are u?
    22 Religion 44
  5. Anyone have no religion at all?
    Anyone have no religion at all?
    21 Religion 49
  6. What's business marketing?
    2 Money 81
  7. What religion is Judas in?
    13 Religion 48
  8. What religion is Aang?
    6 Religion 37
  9. How do you pick a religion if you believe some things in different religions?
    17 Religion 30
  10. What is the chief religion for Peru?
    What is the chief religion for Peru?
    2 Religion 107
  11. Why do you believe in your religion if you have one?
    Why do you believe in your religion if you have one?
    16 Religion 38
  12. What does the religion agnostic mean?
    what does the the religion agnostic mean or what is it?
    8 Religion 88
  13. What is up with the Wiccan religion?
    what is up with the religion of Wicca
    14 Religion 44
  14. What are the religions of some rappers?
    Do you know the religion of any rappers?
    9 Religion 36
  15. What religion is closest to christianity?
    What religion is closest to Christianity???
    12 Religion 1644
  16. Religion??
    What the hech is the Mormon religion ??
    5 Religion 51
  17. Is islam the wrong religion?
    Is islam the wrong religion?
    18 Religion 106
  18. Religion
    What is your religious faith?
    23 Religion 32
  19. What religion are you?
    27 Religion 20
  20. What do you think about religion?
    10 Religion 80
  21. What is the impact of journalism on society?
    6 Literature 35
  22. How do you feel about organized religion?
    29 Religion 82
  23. What is a movie that has impacted your life?
    14 Entertainment 49
  24. What's the dominant religion in Japan?
    5 Religion 12
  25. How did temples during the mayan civilization have an impact
    How did temples during the mayan civilization have an impact on the mayan civilization?
    2 Religion 40
  26. What religion has this symbol?
    What religion has the flaming wheel as their symbol?
    6 Religion 35
  27. How to gain high in the stock market?
    How to gain high in stock market?
    3 Money 16
  28. Why is hte stock market falling?
    Why is hte stock market falling?
    2 General 9
  29. Why are people so stereotypical about the wiccan religion?
    Why are people so stereotypical about the wiccan religion?
    11 Religion 51
  30. What religion are you?
    what religion are you, which one do you think is the right one???
    25 Religion 39
  31. What is the most followed religion in the world?
    What is the most followed religion in the world nowadays
    10 Religion 55
  32. Too many Religions
    How can you know that this religion is TRUE?
    27 Religion 24
  33. Parteners religion
    Should it matter what your partners religion should be?
    11 Religion 29
  34. What is the substitute for religion in modern world?
    What is the substitute for Religion in Modern World ?
    18 Religion 46
  35. Is religion just a label?
    I think..Religion is just a label..How about you guys?
    16 Religion 93
  36. What is obama's religion and is he black or from iraq?
    9 Politics 36
  37. When did other people started believing in other religions?
    15 Religion 23
  38. Whats the leading religion in the world?
    4 Religion 29
  39. what are Effect and Impact of viruses in IT environment?
    4 Technology 42
  40. What is "branding" in marketing?
    as detailed as you can pleease?
    6 Money 12
  41. Can you check your gmail on a pantech impact?
    2 Technology 13
  42. How does the stock market work?
    Do you invest in stocks?
    2 Money 16
  43. What is the best laptop on the market today?
    23 Technology 69
  44. What are your thoughts on Catholic & Christanity Religion?
    27 Religion 29
  45. One right religion?
    Is there one right religion? How do people know if their religion is the right one?
    27 Religion 24
  46. Which religion is this?
    what is the religion that believes we were put here by alien gods?
    6 Religion 32
  47. is sex forbiden in all of the religions?
    if you beliefe in any sex forbidden???
    21 Sex 90
  48. How did geography impact the development of culture in Asia?
    How did geography impact the development of culture in Asia?
    2 Politics 122
  49. what does the ram god represent in the hindu religion?
    what does the ram god represent in the hindu religion?
    2 Politics 44
  50. Web marketing and Designing
    Can you tell me How I start web marketing and designing ?
    5 Technology 51
  51. difference in religions
    whats the difference between Catholic and Christian Religions?
    8 Religion 38
  52. Should there only be one religion?
    Should there only be one religion? curious what people think
    17 Religion 47
  53. How much does a black market vicodine cost?
    How much does a black market vicodine cost?
    2 General 38
  54. Oldest religion?
    Which religion is the oldest? I read that it is hinduism. What do you think?
    10 Religion 47
  55. Why do people think the Wiccan religion is bad?
    Why do people think that the wiccan religion is bad?
    11 Religion 122
  56. anybody know what having the religion "Druid" entails?
    Does anybody know what having the religion "Druid" entails?
    8 Religion 20
  57. What is the best dog food on the market today?
    What is the best dog food on the market today?
    4 Pets 87
  58. Would you change your religion for money?
    Would you ever change your religion for money?
    8 Religion 148
  59. What is the best practiced religion in the world?
    What is the best practised religion in the world?
    9 Religion 43
  60. Religion vs science
    What do you guys belive in more and why??
    30 Religion 35
  61. why do girls not date guys that are a different religion?
    21 Religion 65
  62. What is a way to find a religion where u belong?
    40 Religion 65
  63. How were people were impacted of the nuclear disaster of Chernobyl?
    2 Politics 11
  64. Worid religion
    Islam and eightfold path
    2 Religion 6
  65. What is the weirdest religion out there?
    Stuff like scientology?
    10 Religion 37
  66. What were the effects of industrialization on religion?
    what was the result of industrialization, and what impacted religion during that period.
    4 Religion 40
  67. Which is the right religion
    How do we know which religion is right? Everyone thinks their religion is the right one!!!
    38 Religion 23
  68. Do you think religion is dying out as time goes by?
    10 Religion 27
  69. Is there a religion where you believe in God but refuse to worhip him?
    7 Religion 25
  70. What do you call a person that does not believe in any religion?
    17 Religion 63
  71. What are some good sites to learn about the Wiccan religion??
    2 Religion 11
  72. Should you buy fish at a fish market if it smells fishy?
    9 Food 103
  73. Are Jewish people allowed to skip out on their religion and date outside their religion and race?
    or would that be bad?
    4 Religion 58
  74. What is the name of the religion where you believe there is a God but you do not believe in his teachings?
    13 Religion 36
  75. Who in your life has made the absolute biggest impact on you and what did they do?
    9 General 14
  76. Religion from unsure person
    14 Religion 42
  77. Scientology: cult or religion?
    Is scientlogy a cult or a religion. (I am not part of just, just wondering if it's a cult or religion)
    16 Religion 22
  78. Is the world controlled by religion?
    is the world controlled by religeon? I think it is... what do you think?
    14 Religion 50
  79. What will happen to religion and believers when doomsday comes?
    What do you think will happen to religion and believers when doomsday comes??
    7 Religion 50
  80. No religion??
    When somebody says "I have no religion" does it mean that they're athiest??
    26 Religion 29
  81. Were there religions 4,001,200 years ago?
    Was there religion 4,001,200 years ago?
    9 Religion 45
  82. How much does the bible and your religion matter to you?
    How much does the bible and your religion matter to you? Do you like your religion/beleifs?
    18 Religion 34
  83. Should religion bring religious people together?
    Should religion bring religious people together or separate them and why?
    6 Religion 41
  84. Is it true that certain religions dont like other races??
    Is it true that certain religions dont like other races??
    10 Religion 43
  85. Religion in school
    Does anybody see the point in why we have to learn religion in school
    17 Education 43
  86. What are the six dimensions of religion?
    What are the six dimensions of religion? Please answer. Thanks!
    3 Religion 52
  87. Is religion the best way of making money?
    do you think religion is the best way of making money?
    7 Religion 47
  88. Which religion doesnt believe in divorce?
    Which country of people has the religion that doesnt believe in divorce ?
    6 Religion 182
  89. Are all athiests out to destroy religion?
    Do you believe that all atheists want to destroy religion? If so, why?
    63 Religion 95
  90. Is anyone here an affiliate marketer?
    I guess I want to ask if there are any affiliate marketers here and how do you do it?
    4 Money 24
  91. What religion should I convert to?
    Don't tell me it's my choice, should I convert to your religion and why? Open to any opinions.
    13 Religion 49
  92. What is religion for?
    what are all the religions for? why do people wish to follow religion? do they believe theres is true?
    12 Religion 28
  93. Can Muslims date outside their religion?
    If Muslim, can you date outside your religion? Is this a religions rule? Or possibly just a mother's?
    24 Religion 1349
  94. Is it your religion or your culture (society) that has been "shaping" you into your present personality?
    7 General 17
  95. Why do religions that support love cause so many wars?
    10 Religion 111
  96. What are your reasons to decide not to follow a religion or to become an atheist?
    62 Religion 23
  97. Violent parents, how will this impact me?
    Do you think I have more chance og being violent because my parents were?
    5 Family 9
  98. Is it a bad thing to not have a religion, but still beilive in god?
    36 Religion 48
  99. What are the best companies to invest in the stock-market?
    2 Money 47
  100. What religions apart from Islam don't allow alcohol consumption?
    7 Religion 4362
  101. What is the impact on the environment of the recent oil spill in the states?
    3 Environment 39
  102. Who believes that the world would be better off without religion?
    83 Religion 26
  103. mosquitoes and religion
    Why didn't Noah swat those two mosquitoes?
    18 Religion 79
  104. Why do people need proof that evolution is correct, when they don't need any proof that their religion is correct?
    29 Religion 38
  105. Is it true that Jewish people view themselves to be the more superior religion?
    10 Religion 45
  106. What will happen to those people who die without knowing any religion?
    16 Religion 22
  107. Is all religion worthless?
    solomon says all is worthless.what is your opinion about this?
    9 Religion 34
  108. What religion or beliefs have the Grim Reaper as the symbol of death?
    4 Religion 400
  109. How do you defend religion?
    What should I say to Those who want to Challenge My faith?
    20 Religion 54
  110. Could someone give me some information on the muslum religion?
    13 Religion 41
  111. Market investing
    If I were to invest a certain amount of cash into a market,what would happen?
    3 Money 18
  112. Do some people use their religion to judge others
    Do some people use their religion to judge others and do some want to convert you?
    15 Religion 69
  113. What is your religion!!!
    are you christian or jewish or what is your religion one word answer please
    16 Religion 23
  114. Are atheists against religion or just don't believe in god?
    I'm an atheist. Just don't believe in god. But is the definition of atheist being against religion, cause I'm not!
    12 Religion 68
  115. Is Buddhism more of a philosophy than a religion?
    It seems to me that Buddhism is more a philosophy than a religion. Am I wrong? Do Buddhists pray?
    3 Religion 49
  116. Where can I find pictures for media and marketing?
    Where can I find picture for media and marketing?? Please help!! Thanks :)
    3 Technology 14
  117. what is the diffrence between religion and spirituality
    what is the difference between religion and spirituality?that is my question please answer it =]
    11 Religion 30
  118. Is masturbating against the catholic religion?
    I need just a plain yes or no answer. Is masturbating against the catholic religion?
    13 Sex 331
  119. Is Internet marketing the best way to earn money at home?
    Is Internet marketing best way to earn more money at home?
    4 Money 25
  120. Which religion is better
    What does anyone thin is the most "sensable" religion is? hindu... others?
    17 Religion 60
  121. What's involved in Ancient Religions?
    What's involved in Ancient Religions? Would it have to do with Ancient Roam, greece, or other? Just curious.
    7 Religion 20
  122. Is fighting over religion just like...
    Fighting Over Religion Is Just Like Fighting Over Who Has The Best Imaginary Friend Yes?
    13 Religion 74
  123. Did god want us to fight for religion?
    Who created religiin? Did god wanted us to fight for religion?
    10 Religion 34
  124. If islam is a peace religion why is...
    If Islam naturally a peace religion, why are Christians scared of the spread of Islam.
    16 Religion 43
  125. Do you think the U.S. stock market is headed south?
    Do you think that US stock market is headed south?
    2 Money 39
  126. Which is the best cell phone on the market?
    I wanted to know which cell phone is the best available in market.
    2 Technology 23
  127. How does discrimination and prejudice impact our world today?
    3 Politics 669
  128. is bad religion..a christian band?
    dude...I'm so confused.
    3 Music 58
  129. The LDS (mormon) Religion...
    I was wondering why do people have such a problem with people of the LDS faith?
    36 Religion 65
  130. How many religions can you name which involved the mating of human with deity?
    11 Religion 34
  131. Do instances or situations only impact us emotionally or intellectually when they are relevant to us?
    11 General 22
  132. Why do people get so freaked out,when you bring up religion or the end of time?
    8 Religion 30
  133. whats the diff in religion?
    whats the diffrence bttween being a cristian and being cathloc?
    11 Religion 27
  134. What tv preacher is known for saying "christianity is not a religion, it's a reallity"?
    4 Religion 17
  135. Who has the bigger share of the world market of shavers- panasonic or braun?
    2 General 12
  136. What is the cheapest guitar on the market with EMG active or passive pickups?
    3 Music 26
  137. What solutions has the world tried to solve the freedom of religion issue?
    10 Religion 41
  138. What is the religion in which you don't believe in heaven, God, the devil, or hell?
    37 Religion 76
  139. Are there any other countries that have freedom of religion and/or speech besides the US?
    11 Politics 59
  140. How far would a bullet go if it never makes any impact?
    8 General 33
  141. What is Buddhism, I know it is a religion, but what are the beliefs and everything...?
    How is it different from Christianity?
    9 Religion 37
  142. What is the spiritual religion?
    Can anyone tell me about what the religion "Spirital" is? does it have something to do with asking spirits for guidence?
    3 Religion 43
  143. Is it possible to be a feminist in your religion?
    Is it possible to be a feminist in your religion? Please stay civilised on this thread! Thanks.
    6 Religion 32
  144. best religion
    Which religion is better? Islam, judiasim, or christianity?Please answer
    31 Religion 55
  145. What kind of religion can't celebrate holidays?
    What kind of religion can't celebrate holidays(christmas,halloween,thankgiving,ect)
    3 Religion 207
  146. religion doesnt cause war
    does religion cuase war? if you think so.. explain.
    17 Religion 68
  147. What religions promote peace?
    What religions promote peace? Would like to know what people think
    8 Religion 14
  148. Marketing products
    whats the best and cheapst way get fitness product on the market ?
    3 Money 15
  149. Full size truck on the market is the most fuel eficient ?
    To buy a new truck,which full size truck on the market is the most fuel eficient ??
    4 Shopping 14
  150. What is affiliate marketing?
    What exactly is affiliate marketing.Can you make a lot of money from affiliate marketing in the net?
    4 Money 31
  151. Who created Religion:- "Man or God"?
    Is religion man mad or God made? Can you please help me out?
    16 Religion 38
  152. How many different religions believe in the true presence of
    How many different religions believe in the true presence of christ in communion?
    2 Religion 57
  153. What's with religion
    I don't think Christianity is the right religion, but every one gets mad at me because of that so why, why should I be a christian there are a lot of religions out there why should I have to be christian?
    21 Religion 11
  154. What religion are you and why??
    There's a lot of religions out there and of course only one of them is right so wich one are u? And y? Can you back up your religion?
    34 Religion 30
  155. What was the religion of abraham?
    Abrahamic religions are judaism, chrisianity and islam as abraham is a common ancestor and prophet. My question is what was the religion of abraham?
    35 Religion 22
  156. is religion ruining the world
    is religion ruining the world? what is your opinion? do you think the world is better off without religion expecially the western christian religion?
    22 Religion 85
  157. How many pagan religions involve a man (or god) sacrificed on a tree?
    3 Religion 42
  158. Is there any difference between the sensation/emotions of being 'saved' whether you are a fulfilled follower of Christianity or any other religion?
    5 Religion 41
  159. A question of religions
    Just wondered if there's any Raelians out there! Hope so, message back please!
    6 Religion 14
  160. Do you think that happiness could have a direct impact on how well someone does in school?
    5 Health 23
  161. could someone list me some social and economic impacts with appropriate examples?
    2 Politics 21
  162. Should law or religion be an instrument of global social change?
    Should law be an instrument of global social change and human rights, or should we leave that up to religion?
    13 Religion 90
  163. Can I change my religion as much times as I want??
    I dont if I could, I was just wondering. because I dont want to be my own religion anymore.
    8 Religion 85
  164. Wicca and other religions
    Why do people believe that Wiccans are going to hell? or other bad things having to do with their religion.
    35 Religion 60
  165. What makes people think that Islam isn't the right religion?
    What makes you people think that Islam isnt the correct religion?
    64 Religion 129
  166. What is the relion of islam.and the religion of budhism
    CAn you please help me wiht those 2 questio what are there religions.
    2 Religion 39
  167. Is there a religion that allows you to do this?
    Is there a religion that allows you 2 have sex wheneva you want except you cant have any alcohol?if so what is the name of that religion?
    8 Sex 56
  168. what religion is a Jehovahs witness?
    what religion is a Jehovahs witness if I spelled it right and do jehovas witness think they know more about god that the other religions that worship?
    4 Religion 46
  169. Who wants to discuss with me about definations of religion?
    So yeah, for my religion homework I need to discuss the strengths & weaknesses of some definations about religion... so who wants to discuss them with me? There are 14 of these definations.
    8 Religion 72
  170. which religion would you say is most oppressed and why?
    So, which religion would you say is most oppressed and why? Or in the case of Athiests, which non religion I guess. Please explain.
    13 Religion 69
  171. Did you choose your religion or was it assigned?
    How many of you chose your religion through research and soul searching or were born into the religion you now worship ?
    19 Religion 36
  172. Why do people try to convert others to their religion?
    what is it with religions trying to convert people? if they wanted to be in that religion surely they would have chosen the religion in the first place.
    11 Religion 338
  173. Bond Market
    Is it on the brink of disaster too? I say it's coming thanks to our governments intervention
    2 Money 11
  174. Is there a yoga-type activity that is not tied to a religion (Buddhism, Hinduism, etc.)?
    5 Nutritionfitness 40
  175. Are you protected by the First Amendment if the use of cannabis is in your religion?
    Even if cannabis is illegal where you live? If not, why?
    4 Religion 18
  176. Religion assignment
    how has jewish tradditons experienced diversity and changed through the sorrounding culture?
    5 Religion 38
  177. If religion is so important in our lives, why are acts of violence and cruelty sometimes done in it's name?
    13 Religion 20
  178. How do you guys feel when you watch movies and see the same ROADS,MARKETS,STREETS and BUILDINGS that you have been to?
    5 Entertainment 21
  179. Sex and religion!! Wtf
    is it bad to lose your virginity if me and her are both Christians!!!??? please answer!!!
    9 Sex 30
  180. Is the Baptist Religion the same as the Mormon religion?
    I am confused about the different sects of Christianity and I would like to know if the Mormons are anything similar to the baptists, and where do the born-again Christians fiit into the whole scheme of things?
    60 Religion 152
  181. Are the five religions (Islam, Catholic, Christian, Hindu and Buddhism) coming from the same God?
    56 Religion 68
  182. Spirituality, morality, and religion?
    Just wondering if anyone thinks there is a difference. And if so, what do you lean toward?
    10 Sex 26
  183. Who knows if its forbidden for a Muslim girl to date or have sex with another religion before marriage?
    15 Sex 82
  184. When do camel crushes go off the market?
    I know that they're going to take them off the shelves soon but when?
    3 General 50
  185. Should I worry about the impact violent video games have on children?
    I'm enjoying this project!
    6 Gaming 16
  186. Who do you think has made the biggest impact on funadvice?
    Not including the creators and editors etc.
    14 Funadvice 12
  187. What is Catholic religion
    my friend is catholic and I do ot know anything about the catholic religion and beliefs. can you please explain thist to me???
    9 Religion 40
  188. Marketing
    Currently studying Marketing at University. Has anyone else done so? Jack, 19, UK
    3 Education 10
  189. How would you solve the religion love barrier?
    How would you like to solve the love problem between a boy and a girl of different religions?
    4 Relationships 10
  190. Puberty in the Islamic religion?
    Can someone tell me about the rituals of going through puberty in girls in the Islamic religion (Muslims)? Thanks :)
    2 Religion 60
  191. Can I change my religion for money?
    Now I am a sri lankan muslim. but i have no money and i have problems in my life. So I want to change my religion for money.can i do it?
    7 Religion 1613
  192. I want to be closer with my religion
    how do I become closer with my religion being a christian ...??? I want to love god and be apart of him..he has helped me through so much
    8 Religion 38
  193. Do other religions besides Christianity heal people?
    Is there any other religion besides christianity that predicts when the world is coming to an end? Is there and other religio besides christianity that heals people?
    6 Religion 55
  194. What religion are you and why.
    What religion are you and why did you pick it. Im unitarion because it welcomes all people all religions and all lifestyles.and I respect everybody so being unitarian is perfect for me.
    17 Religion 30
  195. true religion jeans?
    What the heck is with the "true religion jeans" comments and questions? What exactly is the problem finding true religion jeans using google?
    2 Shopping 9
  196. choose a religion-EVERYONE
    choose a random religion that you think would be completely different to the religion you are now... I choose BUDHISM x
    11 Religion 38
  197. Tna impact
    Who do you guyz sport in tna I sport kurt angle and smoa joe What about you guyz answer please
    3 Entertainment 11
  198. Should we get rid of the Religion thread on funadvice?
    It seems like all that thread is is people argueing over opinion
    9 Funadvice 43
  199. Religion Split?
    I've noticed some of the Religion questions are set out to a certain religion for the past 2-3 weeks. Has FunAdvice been religion-split?
    8 Religion 29
  200. Religion? What the piont?
    Why is it if your athiest everyone thinks your mean and full of evil... Im athiest but im not mean and im deffinatly not evil... What do you think?
    12 Religion 36
  201. If you weren't your current religion, which one would you be?
    If you weren't your current religion, which one would you be? For the sake of this question, Buddism, athism and agnostisism all count.
    20 Religion 36
  202. Has global warming become a religion?
    From what I read and hear, one dare not say anything against 'Global Warming' - Has it become a Religion and not just a theory ?
    27 Environment 48
  203. What is your religion?
    I am a christian and I like to learn about religion and I want to know your religion.are you a...athiest a satanist or some thing else
    30 Religion 52
  204. Which video game on the market is the scariest?
    For all of you gamers, which video game out there do you think is the scariest? For me it’s between Silent Hill and Resident Evil.
    9 Gaming 26
  205. Was confident in my religion, now starting to have doubts
    I used to be really confident in my religion as a Christian but am begging to doubt it . do you think it is because of my Pagon Boyfriend .
    13 Religion 56
  206. What is the name of the religion below?
    People who wear black, dont belive in doctors, originated from pennsylvania
    4 Religion 10
  207. Why do you think women cannot compete with men in competitive market when you see so many women in top now?
    3 Money 40
  208. Changed Religion
    Hey ... I am a Hindu ...I want to change my Religion hindu to christian. how its possible...I am from india...can any one pls tell me how is it possible ???
    13 Religion 54
  209. What is the Jamicans religion Called?
    I really need help what is the Jamicans religion Called? I need it for my Home work if you no please tell me thank you!!
    8 Religion 20
  210. Religion a scam?
    Im totally confused... Why is there no real evidence of a god? Is religion just a scam to keep people in order?
    46 Religion 48
  211. Why do some religions feel the need to "convert" people?
    Such as knocking on doors or stopping peole in the street. Why do that?
    25 Religion 121
  212. How is Scientology different than other religions?
    How can you become a Scientologist? What's your personal opinion of Scientology? I'm just really curious about it.
    17 Religion 78
  213. What is the muslim religion Like why do people like Osama Bin Laden believe it s okay to kill?
    3 Politics 33
  214. Can someone show proof that religion is unprovable?
    Well I've heard it said nows the test can you show that religion is unprovable?
    21 Religion 74
  215. Why does religion cause problems
    There are many historical conflicts caused by religion. What ever happened to "thou shall not kill"?
    18 Religion 40
  216. Funny points in religion?
    im doing this report thing about religion. and I'm trying to find funny points in religion. what do you think is funny about religion? it doesnt have to be a negative thing, it could be a positive thing about religion that you think is funny. so yeah w...
    6 Religion 41
  217. Religion men/women not equal
    Is there any religion on earth which consider men and women to be equal? Many religions claim men are superior to women. Is there any religion which states women are greater than men. At least that they are equal. Why do you think many religions con...
    15 Religion 214
  218. All religions in Heaven?
    Does anybody beleive that people of all religions will go to heaven, or do people have to beleive in a certain god or a certain religion to go to heaven? can all people of all religions no matter who they worship as god go to heaven? please give sugg...
    20 Religion 95
  219. What if you don't believe all the beliefs of your religion?
    If you a member of a religion but don't believe some of the things people in that religion are ''supposed'' to believe in..are you still really part of that religion? or are you sinful ? or is it blasphemy or something? O.o
    3 Religion 17
  220. Is it true some religions don't believe in going to the doctors?
    Is it true some religions don't believe in going to the doctors? I'm talking about if you come down with an illness. I hear some religions believe in self healing and don't go to the doctors. I was just wondering if that's true or not.
    7 Religion 581
  221. if you don't mind answering. what religion are you?
    okay. so there are a lot of religions out there. so I'm just gonna ask, if you don't mind answering. what religion are you? this includes atheism and being agnostic (and jashinism. XD)
    27 Religion 28
  222. What religion belives in evolution?
    I whant to know if there is a religion that has to do with there a religion that belives in evolution and if so what is it called and give me a basic undersatnding of it maybe a website can help me to thanks
    4 Religion 77
  223. What's the difference between religion itself? and Scientology?
    Hi, I'm curious to find out from all of you what's the difference between religion itself? and Scientology? Are they the same topic? Or, are they different? positive feedback would be great.
    7 Religion 36
  224. What's the smallest investment available in the market?
    What is the smallest investment opportuniteis available in the market,including on the Net ? And how much is it ? Please give a link if possible !!
    2 Money 13
  225. What is the reason behind the Global stock market crash?
    Nowadays in most of the countries stock market is crashing more often. What do you think what is the main reason behind this global crisis
    7 Money 15
  226. combining religions
    why couldn't they just combine every religion somehow that would be great but that would probally never happen. what do you think of the idea?
    18 Religion 63
  227. WHat points can I use debate that religion is unecessary?
    for a debate I have to argue the point that religion is unecessary. What points can I use??? I got terrorism and crime but there must be others?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Thanx
    7 Religion 15
  228. What's a good summer project for an MBA in Marketing?
    As I am studing MBA Marketing as my subject, What is the best topics for summer project related to mutual fund?
    3 Education 23
  229. Why would someone "support" equality and then turn around and have serious issues with religion (especially Christianity)?
    27 Religion 22
  230. Why is it...Religion
    Why is it that many people can't tolerate other people's religion?Why is it that when questions like 'Does God exist?' are asked, people will taunt you and your religion and these are people who don't believe in God!I'm fed up of this thing!
    28 Religion 28
  231. what religion do you believe in?& what does it mainly believe in?
    um... I know it's a strange question but really I wanna know about other religions so can you please tell me what's your religion & what does it believe in and why?(a prove I mean) thnx :):)
    16 Religion 21
  232. Music as a religion
    Duz anyone beleive music can b a religion??I do!=) (lol sry for the stupid question im just kinda bored!lol)=b
    5 Religion 13
  233. To change religion
    Hey ... I am a hindu ...I want to change my religion hindu to christian. I dont know how its possible...I am from india...can any one pls tell me how is it possible ???
    6 Religion 35
  234. How does having more than one test a day impact students' learning?
    My son needs quotes for an editorial assignment. Thank you!
    3 Education 31
  235. Catholic religion
    who else is catholic . & I would appreciate it if I didnt recieve any LECTURES OR THEORY ANSWers. please! thank You . =]
    5 Religion 27
  236. im confused about religion
    ok so my family is christian but I feel like its not for me I feel like an outsider I want to be one for them but I don't know
    6 Religion 41
  237. Do you think two people with different religions would work out, and be able to spend the rest of their lives together?
    15 Relationships 59
  238. Are Christians afraid of the beliefs of other religions?
    Why do Christians insist everyone study and convert to their faith, but consider it blasphemous for Christians to study the faith of others?
    19 Religion 99
  239. who can explain religion to me?
    i go when im forced i believe you dont have to go to church to be a christian am i right or wrong what is your opinion?
    24 Religion 38
  240. Religion and tattoos
    It says in the bible that you cant get tattoos because your body is the temple of the holy spirit. Who believes this is true?
    12 Religion 22
  241. What do I do if I like a guy that is against my family's religion?
    I really like this guy, but my mom doesn't approve because he is Catholic and we're Christians. I don't know what to do about it.
    9 Religion 49
  242. religion and dating
    I wanted to know if it is wrong for a Christian to date a Muslim. I am divorced with a child and wasn't sure to pursue this or not.
    6 Religion 23
  243. What is Agnostic(religion)
    What is the Religion of Agostic and what do they believe and pratic in their worship. Do they believe in Jesus God the Holy spirit and the bible and have a church they worship thay worship at. What is some of the Denominations that believe in Agnositic...
    9 Religion 48
  244. Who thinks Old Spice is doing good marketing by replying to tweets with videos?
    Who uses Old Spice? And do you think their marketing tactic of replying to Tweets with video will work? Here's a video made and produced by Old Spice in response to some Tweets.
    2 Style 9
  245. How do you know if any religion is a 100 perecent stable
    how do you know if any religion is a 100 percent stabaly true like is wicca better, more stable and realistic than chistionanity [pentacostal]?!
    11 Religion 46
  246. How come I'm mixing politics with religion?
    How come I'm mixing politics with religion? I'm christian and living Mormon Life but, lately, I've been mixing politics with Mormonism together. Is that normal? What are your thoughts on this?
    4 Religion 14
  247. What religion /culture are u?
    What religion /culture are u? Im a christian...and my culture is scottish,irish,english,french and much more...but I cant speak any of the languages...
    16 Religion 46
  248. Change religion from Hindu to Christian?
    Hey ... I am a Hindu ...I want to change my Religion hindu to christian for money...I dont know how its possible...I am from india...can any one pls tell me how is it possible ???
    14 Religion 1351
  249. What was tourism's impact on Dubai?
    hi, I am doing a piece of work in geography and was woundering if anyone could help me. here is the question : how has tourism had an impact on dubai. thank you x
    2 Education 43
  250. How do you relate to another person who has a different religion?
    I am having trouble with handling another persons religous differences. Most of my friends are Jews and one of them is muslim and I am the only christian.
    9 Religion 38