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How do i swallow a capsule

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  1. How to swallow a capsule easier?
    How to swallow a capsule easier?
    4 General 46
  2. Can you swallow
    Can you swallow Ejaculate ?
    7 Health 526
  3. Why can't we swallow toothpaste?
    4 Health 103
  4. Where can I learn how to swallow a sword?
    where can I learn how to sword swallow?
    2 Gaming 55
  5. How do I stop swallowing my saliva?
    4 Health 148
  6. How the heck do you swallow a pill?
    5 Health 23
  7. What happens If you swallow LISTERINE?
    2 Health 101
  8. if you think hard about swallowing and then you try 2 swallow you
    k is it true that if you think hard about swallowing and then you try 2 swallow you can't???
    4 General 33
  9. Is it wrong to swallow your own cum?
    Is it wrong 2 swallow your own cum?
    5 Relationships 309
  10. tounge possible to swallow it?
    is it possible to swallow your own toung to sufficate yourself
    2 Health 59
  11. What will happen if you swallow a penny?
    Do you know what will happen if you swallow a penny?
    19 Health 577
  12. How can I get over the fear of swallowing pills?
    5 Health 53
  13. Would you have to have surgery if you swallowed a ring?
    6 Health 64
  14. Why do guys want girls to swallow?!
    Why do guys like it when girls swallow?!
    8 Relationships 249
  15. Do girls swallow and how is the taste?
    do girls swallow cum and what does it taste like
    3 Relationships 1108
  16. Does biting your nails and swallowing them make you a cannibal?
    11 General 106
  17. Why does my stomach hurt whenever I swallow cum?
    2 Health 577
  18. Swallowing 10 aspirins?
    What would happen if someone swallowed 10 aspirins?
    3 Health 60
  19. What happens if you swallow chewing gum?
    Is it really indigestilble? What happens when you swallow it?
    8 Food 64
  20. Swallow gum stays in for a year?
    Is it true if you swallow gum does it stay in your bellyy for a year?
    3 General 32
  21. You swallow it could you have a baby?
    Cumms inside your mouth and you swallow it could you have a baby
    5 Relationships 174
  22. what are the consequencies of taking supplement capsules.....?
    Are they really effective?
    17 Health 32
  23. What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
    3 General 52
  24. do any of you swallow your own cum?
    ok do any of you swallow your own cum? its supposed to be healthy for you or sumtin like that
    4 Relationships 472
  25. r you suppose to swallow cum?
    are you suppose to swallow cum if he cums and your mouth after givin him head?
    8 Relationships 260
  26. is it dangerous to swallow your boyfriends cum? does it taste bad?
    is it dangerous to swallow your boyfriends cum? does it taste bad? thanks
    5 Relationships 1288
  27. Is it harmful to swallow ejaculate during pregnancy?
    Is it harmful for a female to swallow cum when she's pregnant?
    3 Health 211
  28. Cinnamon swallow
    why can't anyone swallow one whole spoon of cinnamon a one time?!
    5 General 45
  29. is it bad to swallow those soothers things that numb your throat ?
    4 Health 42
  30. Can you get pregnant from swallowing sperm?
    can you become pregnent when you swollow sperm ???
    9 Health 2067
  31. swallowing pills
    does anyone else have problems with swallowing pills/medicine?? any advice...thx
    7 Health 36
  32. Woman swallows semen often will it lower the chances of
    If a woman swallows semen often will it lower the chances of her getting pregnant?
    8 Health 147
  33. sucking of penis & swallowing the liquid
    pl advice me any affect will be there in swallowing the pennis liquid
    4 Relationships 241
  34. What Is Better Spit Or Swallow ?
    a lot of My Friends Spit When There boyfriend Cums In There Mouth But tHere Are A Few That Swallow Which Is Better ???
    5 Relationships 697
  35. What would happen to someone that swallowed a battery and didn't get help?
    8 Health 42
  36. Are there dangers when swallowing cum?
    are there any dangers to swallowing a dudes"s come? if there are could you please tell me:] thank you;]
    3 Health 1015
  37. How to stop swallowing a lot when I get nervous?
    I swallow a lot because I get nervus. ..anyone know how to stop it and why it happens?
    7 Health 2917
  38. What if I was to swallow cum?
    I know this is a really stupid question but if I was to swallow cum could I get pregnant??
    7 Health 491
  39. Swallowing without chewing?
    If you swallow your food without really chewing it, will this make you get bigger/gain weight???
    5 Nutritionfitness 46
  40. How can you act like you swallowed birth control ?
    My mom watches me take it how can I act like I swallowed it any ideas thanks
    7 Health 18
  41. Can you break out if you swallow?
    I been giving oral to my boyfriend ... and I have realized I have begin breakin out now that I swallow he's cum .. what do you guys think?
    4 Sex 184
  42. what happen if one swallow cum.
    dear, I want to know that if my wife swallow my cum, then what will be happen to her? is this good or harmfull or nothing?
    5 Relationships 603
  43. Swallowing is killing?
    If you swallow s*men are you technically killing or eating your child? Are you killing a life? Or is it not considered eating your child? Confused as to when it is considered an actual lifeform.
    10 Health 248
  44. What happens if I swallow one of these...???
    Flouride/ toothpaste/ mouth wash/ blood. Is it really bad???
    6 Health 74
  45. First time swallowers?
    I was wondering who here swallowed cum during their first blow job. Was it hard? Did you do cause he asked or you wanted to?
    3 Sex 166
  46. How healthy is it to swallow after giving oral to my guy?
    I always swallow after giving my boyfriend oral, I just want to know if it is healthy or shoud I stop?
    4 Sex 1216
  47. Is it true that swallowing sperm gives guys longer erections?
    is it true when a guy swallows other's guy semen he has harder and longer erections beacause of male hormones in the semen?
    2 Relationships 113
  48. Why do guys love it when girls swallow?
    Why do guys love it when a girl swallows? What drives them crazy about it? I've never givien head but I just want to know.
    2 Relationships 325
  49. How to stop swallowing so much?
    I swallow a lot even when I'm not nervous and its really starting to bother me. How can I prevent this from happening so much?
    2 Health 54
  50. Is it true that you can swallow your tongue?
    is it true that you can actually swallow your toung? if so how is it possible bcoz its stuck to your mouth ... please help lol
    5 General 81
  51. Should I tell my girlfriend to swallow my cum?
    My girlfriend offerend to give me a blowjob, and I dont know if I should tell her to swallow it. Some advice would be great.
    3 Sex 226
  52. What happens when you swallow bubble gum?
    its for a science project due in 3 days. we don't have enough information.
    3 Food 72
  53. What does it mean if you drink something and you get this random pain from your chest all the way down your side to your stomach after you swallow it?
    3 Health 23
  54. Why is it that when I try to swallow tablets they get stuck in my chest then I feel like I'm gonna be sick?
    7 Health 43
  55. Ah,What'll Happen If You Swallow a Battery??
    Agh, random thought. What'll happen if you swollow a battery?? ..Or would nothing happen?? Idunno, random thought.
    5 General 69
  56. swallow cum will double chances of pregnancy?
    I want to know if my wife swallow my cum then what will be happen to her. is this good ,harmfull or nothing. some one told me that by swallowing this , her chances of pregnancy will be double, is this true?
    7 Relationships 1404
  57. How is swallowing cum good for you?
    Cum is good for you to swallow cause it has lots of protein but what exactly is good about it like does it help your skin in some type of way??? A Girl Who Is Curious.
    34 Health 11602
  58. My girlfriend won't swallow... girl and I have been out for almost ten months...the thing is, we're sexually active, but she wouldn't swallow my can I suggest her to do that?
    7 Sex 903
  59. Accidentially swallowed listerine
    I was just rinsing my mouth with listerine after brushing my teeth and my new kitten came up and clawed the back of my calf and I swallowed about 3/4 of a mouth full. Will I be ok?
    4 Health 157
  60. What should I do about him wanting me to swallow?
    well this guy is trying to get me to swallow his cum and I won't because it gags me and he knows that it does and it taste salty and I don't like it but he still wants me to take his cum in my mouth.
    7 Relationships 195
  61. Swallowing Gum... ?
    What exactly happens when you swallow gum? I don't do it, it's too freaky lol I'm scared of whats going to happen. I dont think it would make somebody die... ?
    19 Food 439
  62. Is it healthy to swallow cum?
    I'm NOT planning on ever giving head, but I'm just wondering is it healthy to swallow? And I heard that it takes like whatever the guy last ate? Is this true?
    13 Relationships 1513
  63. How big are the Ultra Nurishair capsules?
    I can't take big pills; just doesn't work haha. How big/thick are they? And how well do they work..i'm getting kind of mixed reviews.
    3 Nutritionfitness 13
  64. Why does it hurt when I swallow food?
    I went to have breakfast this morning and it was so painful to swallow..I can speak fine, move my neck good but when its time to eat food or drink it hurts. This has never happened to me before. What is wrong with me?
    3 Health 98
  65. cccan you get aids from swallowing cum
    cccan you get aids from swallowing cum, giving head, being eaten out? or anything else besides sex? help me please, I realy needa know thisss.
    5 Sex 248
  66. how do you get rid of a sore throat when u can't swallow anything?
    its not strep but it sure is painful, and i haven't been able to eat or barley drink for 3 days....
    19 Health 63
  67. How many bugs do people swallow at night?
    I read somewhere that you eat up to 8 spiders a year in your sleep. This being the era of junk food, that must be where we get our protein.
    4 Pets 189
  68. If we were at a party and you told us you could swallow people...
    Whole and alive, and I burst out laughing at you and called you a fool, then dared you to do it to me since you claimed you could, what would you do? What would be the reaction of the group?
    3 General 9
  69. What would happen to a child 12-15 years old that took 4 allergy pills when it said only take 1-2 and no more than 6 capsules in 24 hours?
    4 Health 26
  70. What do I do if my thrush capsule didn't stay in?
    - I inserted the thrush pill into the vigina around 2-3 hours ago but it come out when i went for a wee - its i dangerous, have i done something wrong and what should i do?
    9 Health 32
  71. Riddle!!<3
    What can be swallowed, but can also swallow you?
    6 General 13
  72. How do I swallow a really big pill?
    haha yea I have trouble with these things. I have a prescription for these HUGE allergy medication pills and I can barely swallow them. and everytime I do I start to choke lol. how do I get it down really quick and choke-free? xo
    8 Health 69
  73. What should I do, my cat swallowed a hair elastic?
    I had a small, really thin hair elastic sitting on the table, and my young cat (~6months) grabbed it and really quickly swallowed it! I didn't even have a chance to take it from him. He didn't choke or anything, he just swallowed it and kept playing wi...
    5 Pets 146
  74. How do I find "swallow it's rude to spit" tshirt?
    Ok. I have to find this t-shirt. Please please help me. I've tried to find it online but cant. Normally it's blue..and on it is written "swallow, it's rude to spit". If you know where I can find it, I'll love you till my death. Please help me?
    6 Shopping 72
  75. Can you get pregnant from swallowing?
    my friend gave her boyfriend a blowjob and he cumed obv. and she spat it out but still had some in her mouth and swalloed and she could taste it and she told me just this minuite and I was like omg I think you can get pregnet!!! so we rushed on here s...
    3 Sex 150
  76. Headache after swallowing c*m?
    Whenever I give oral to my boyfriend and swallow, I always get a really horrible headache, and it usually doesnt go away for a while. He's only had sex wiht me, so I really dont think hes got any stds, plus I dont have any other symptoms. Only the head...
    2 Sex 1748
  77. Do you think a giant snake could swallow me down to my ankles?
    I figure it couldn't get over my feet cause they're vertical and all compared to my legs...I'm a 5'9 165 pound guy...Is that at all possible?
    6 Pets 40
  78. swallowing cum
    ok im a magazine I saw this comic thing where there were 2 sperms and one asked are we there yet and the other one said no we just passes the tonsels. in other words can you get pregnant by giving someone a blow job?
    7 Sex 55
  79. Can you get pregnant from swallowing?
    okay .. I gave my boyfriend head tonight..and im freakin scared out of my mind.. can you get pregnant from swallowing cum.. I knew all the precutions but this... and I wasnt thinking.. it was in the heat of the moment.. I think im ovulating..[sp] and I...
    10 Health 606
  80. I swallowed a bone
    I swallowed a bone maybe 2 inches long, and half an inch wide. I'm actually not even sure if it was a bone...I wanted to spit it out but decided not to (I know now that I shouldn't do that). I did that on Friday, and since Saturday afternoon (for two d...
    2 Health 48
  81. My dog just swallowed a whole chicken leg with no meat on it
    My dog just swallowed a whole chicken leg with not meat on it and he dident even chew it!!! What do I do please help!! Also when he was a little puppy only like 3 months old he ate a bunch of chocolate! Would that affect him to? My mom keeps saying hes...
    13 Pets 123
  82. my puppy swallowed something!!
    this afternoon I found my puppy under the stairs, after looking for her everywhere, there is all sorts of junk under there, she came out coughing and splutering, she tried being sick but then swallowed it, she carried on trying to be sick, but stopped....
    4 Pets 38
  83. Have you ever been cummed on?
    Have you ever been cummed on? Where? Did you like it? Ever swallowed?
    3 Relationships 244
  84. What to do if my daughter may have swallowed a magnet?
    I have a question, my 16 month old was in my oldest daughter's room, we thought all the doors were shut, but it was left open. I was in my bedroom & husband was in the living room. My 16 month old walked into my room holding a handful of my daughters m...
    4 Babies 38
  85. Hurts to swallow
    I've been ill with a slight temperature, all the normal cold symptoms, but especially a sore throat. My glands have been up for about 3 weeks now. I can feel them, they feel massive! I had that checked out, they said it wasn't anything to worry about, ...
    2 Health 48
  86. Can I get pregnant from swallowing c*m?
    I am 13 I will be 14 soon I been seeing this 20 year old & will last night when my mom & dad went to sleep he picked me up & we went back to his house & went down to his room & were maken out then I started to give him a hand job then he asked me to gi...
    39 Health 777
  87. getting a disease from oral?
    Can you get a disease if you swallow cum?
    4 Sex 192
  88. how does cum taste?
    how does cum taste? are you supposed to swallow it when you suck a dick or what?
    4 Relationships 164
  89. What soothes a sore throat?
    =/ Hurry.It hurts to swallow. ='[
    6 Health 55
  90. Can she be Pregnant if...
    Can a GIRL become Pregnant if she swallows SPERM while giving BLOWJOBS?
    3 Sex 48
  91. Can you chew the pill?
    Can you chew the contraceptive pill? instead of swallowing whole x
    2 Health 44
  92. How much comes out when he ejaculates?
    soo my boyfriend likes when a girl sswallows his cum uhm.yeah how much about comes out. like how much will I be swallowing.. and if I dont want to swallow where do I spit it out
    7 Relationships 89
  93. Question for the guys
    Do you guys like when a girl swallows your cum and then makes out with you or is it gross?
    3 Relationships 70
  94. Could I get pregnant by blowjob?
    I often swallow my boyfriend's cum after blowjob but could I get pregnant ?
    8 Sex 325
  95. Ever masturbate? Ever been caught masturbating?
    Ever masturbate? Ever been caught masturbating? Ever give head? Ever have anal? Ever have sex? Ever swallowed?
    13 Sex 193
  96. what would men like women to do after they cum?
    what would men like women to do after they cum? (swallow, spit, etc)
    5 Relationships 82
  97. Girls giving head
    Why do girls like to suck penis and swallow the cum?
    5 Relationships 462
  98. How many girls like the taste?
    How many girls like the taste of cum? Do you swallow it when you give a blow job?
    6 Sex 974
  99. Is cum really good for you?
    I've heard if you swallow cum from a guy's dick it gives you good skin and a few other things. Of course you'd probably have to swallow a good amount of it for a certain amount of days before it starts to work, but would it work?
    8 Health 401
  100. Advil overdose or not?
    If you take 3 of the advil liqui-gels capsules, what will happen? Because I took 3.
    4 Health 2533
  101. How would you make yourself throw up?
    Okay in science class were doing a lesson on poision and one of the question was you swallowed drug "x" and you need to induce vomiting. my question is how would you make urself throw up if you swallowed a posinious substince and your suppose to induce...
    4 Health 168
  102. Why do men only want blow jobs?
    Im seeing a guy that only wants blowed,he says when I swallow I will get screwed?
    5 Sex 400
  103. Pen ink poison?
    I got some pen ink in my mouth and I washed it out , but I am afraid that I might have swallowed some. Is this something I should worry about? Is pen ink poisonous?
    2 Homegarden 113
  104. Why do I keep having heart pains?
    i have pains like where my heart is, and also when i swallow something it hurts my chest and i have sharp rib pain too.
    7 Health 84
  105. when a guy cums...
    This might be a very stupid question, but I'm curious if a girl can get pregnant if she swallows the guys cum?
    3 Relationships 40
  106. a riddle When I go in I cause pain.
    im bored so here's a riddle. When I go in I cause pain. I cause you to spit and ask you not to swallow. I can fill your hole. what am I?
    8 General 123
  107. Why am I throwing up in my mouth?
    If I burp or yawn sometimes just a little throw up comes up and I swallow it but the taste is awful it happens everyday! why does that happen?
    4 Health 1848
  108. How do you give tablets to your dog?
    when you give your dog tablets do you put them in something your dog likes or do you just give them to them and hold their gob shut till they swallow them ??? E
    9 Pets 31
  109. What shall I bake today ?
    Hey, the weather finally cooled off a bit, so I thought I'd treat my hubby to something homemade and cheer him up some. He has to go into the hospital tomorrow for an uncomfortable procedure. Keep in mind he has difficulty swallowing, so what would yo...
    2 Food 17
  110. What should I tell her?
    I'm only asking this because one of my friends is afraid to post this online and I'm not sure why. Her boyfriend wants her to swallow and she's afraid about that taste. What should I tell her?
    3 Relationships 42
  111. What if a boy cums in your month ?
    If a boy cums in my mouth what do I do spit or swallow :s I dont want to do anything thats not normal , help please
    6 Health 263
  112. I swallowd plastic!
    okay I was laughing and I happend to be chewing a plasic cuase I have a habbit to and then a swallowed ( not on perpose) and now my stomach hurts. what do I do?
    2 Health 19
  113. If I bought an 18 foot python and it got my hand in its mouth...
    Do you think it could swallow my arm to the shoulder before it had to stop?
    4 Pets 17
  114. Drinking pool water
    Chlorine supposedly kills germs but there must be some that can survive? and if so what are the chances of getting sick if you accidentally swallowed some?
    2 Health 20
  115. Why does everyone I tell about me getting a giant snake think
    It's going to be able to eat me? They can't get past a humans shoulders. The only way it could eat me is if I was asleep, and it coiled around my legs and swallowed me from the feet up. So I'm perfectly fine, cause I'm pretty sure they don't often swal...
    6 Pets 25
  116. Am I allergic now or is it something else?
    I made a promise to myself that I would never again eat chicken,but on Saturday I told my mom that Saturday would be the VERY last day I eat it,so skip forward to where I took a bite,I started chewing it and at the last chew I did try swallowing but I ...
    3 Health 22
  117. could i be at risk?
    If i swallow my boyfriends semen, can i get any disease because of the meds hes taking? He takes ritilin (cant spell) for his ADD.
    2 Relationships 10
  118. Why do I have the urge to put water in my pop?
    When I drink coca cola it's kind of hard to swallow with all the stinging going on, but when I put water in there it's a sudden relief.
    4 Food 13
  119. Who sings this song and what is the name of it?
    who sings this song and what is the name of it I only have part of it here it is I'D SWALLOW MY PRIDE I'D CHOKE ON THE RINDS BUT THE LAUGHTER OF IT WOULD LEAVE ME EMPTY INSIDE SWALLOW MY DOUBT TURN IT INSIDE OUT FIND NOTHING BUT FAITH want to TUR...
    2 Music 37
  120. Do you need 2 have white things on your tonsils 2 have tonsilitis?
    I have swollen tonsils and it hurts 2 swallow, but I have no white things. Is it still a possibility that I have tonsilitis? 4 tonsilits, is it true that they take them out?
    5 Health 62
  121. Why does The Back Of My Mouth Hurt Like Where the dangling Ball Is?
    for some reason the back of my mouth where that dangling ball is it hurts all near there and I don't know why:( an it hurts to swallow an if I drink like soda it itrritates my mouth back there help!! :( :(
    4 Health 58
  122. Why is it that when trying to drink your daily 8 cups of water, juice and tea do not count?
    Doesn't everything just get mixed up together once you swallow?
    4 Nutritionfitness 17
  123. If you came into your room and saw me bent in half in a snakes coil
    And I was swallowed halfway, so my head was sticking out, and I was forced to stare at my own socks, what would you do?
    5 General 20
  124. what do I do if a boy cums in my mouth?
    I want to give my boyfriend head and its my first time and im scared I will do it wrong and im just wondering what I do if he cums in my mouth and whether to swallow it or not?
    6 Relationships 928
  125. What am I allergic to
    I'm not sure what it is but I was just eating a sandwich with mayo on it,out of nowhere my throat starting hurting every time I swallow a bite. What's the problem?
    3 Food 14
  126. Mucus
    how do I get rid of the mucus in my throatm I been suffering from this for over 15 years and. I feel like everyting I swallow mucus all day long and feel mucus clogging my throat.
    3 Health 34
  127. What works faster with pills?
    Okay so my ex boyfriend told me he snorted pills... I slipped on him and asked him why he would do something so stupid!! And he said that is you snort them they work faster. So do pills work faster if you swallow them or if you snort them?
    4 Health 60
  128. Cuum.
    My boyfriend likes when I give him a blow job and then swallow the cum. But I do not like doing that at all because it tastes just sooo bad. And I was just wondering is there anything that I can do to lessen the gross taste?
    5 Sex 253
  129. Would it be okay if I sleep with my lip piercings, with just the post and no ball?
    I'm assuming it'll be fine, but i'm scared i'll end up swallowing it. o.o
    5 Style 664
  130. I need help! Cum - EWE!
    OK, women...I asked my boyfriend of 6 months to show me what really turns him on, so he shows me porn videos of women giving blow jobs and the guys cumming in their mouths...a lot and then swallowing! All I could do was gag and look away quickly for f...
    7 Sex 195
  131. I gave head to a guy that wasnt my boyfriend and have questions.
    I gave head to this guy that I ahve liked for age but he doesnt like me and we have discussed just having fun together but I gave hom head and wouldn't swallow and he sed it wud have been better if I swallowed. I did want to but, will it taste bad? am ...
    9 Sex 513
  132. Just wonderin lolz
    Ok so I keep hearing that guys love it when you swallow their cum.. I was wondering what does cum taste like? And don't answer: it taste bad or anythin like that.. Like describe it because I might give my boyfriend of a long time some oral sex but im n...
    3 Sex 87
  133. fish stuck in my throat
    I have a fish bone stuck in my throat and I can feel it everytime I swallow but when I luyk in the mirrior I see nutthing but I know its a fish bone because when I swallowed the fish it felt like I a pointy thing..I started to cough to see if it can co...
    5 Health 44
  134. Is coughing up mucus dangerous during pregnancy?
    I was wondering if you have a really bad cold where you are coughting up the mucus and it doesnt come all the way up and you end up swallowing it, is that bad for your baby if you are pregnant?
    3 Health 160
  135. If you and I were hanging out and a giant snake coiled around me
    And started swallowing me, from the feet up, what would you do? (I'm aware it's not like it's going to happen. Just bored...and weird.)
    4 Pets 21
  136. Chiuhauha eating a bone
    My 4 pound chuihuaha ate a quarter size lamb bone just swallowed it now she is panting not eating and looks sick uncomfortable should I worry
    4 Pets 41
  137. Is there anything like Pepto Bismol in pill form?
    I have frequent stomach aches and always carry Pepto Bismol chewable tablets with me. But I can not stand the taste. Is there anything like it that I can just swallow??
    8 Health 17
  138. Trouble singing
    I have trouble singing, since I have a little mucous type thing in my throat(it is not bad mucous nothing infected..very normal kind of mucous(like thick saliva), ... WHile singing if I swallow a little saliva, I'm unable to sing, since the mucous mak...
    3 Music 56
  139. How do I dislodge a piece of sharp popcorn in my throat?
    It is sharp and in my throat. Whenever I swallow it hurts SO bad. I'm scared. How do I get rid of it? I already tried drinking.
    7 Food 144
  140. If we were at a party and a giant snake slithered in and coiled me
    And started swallowing me alive in front of everyone, do you think anyone would help, or be too drunk and just cheer the snake on?
    3 General 16
  141. Your advise for Gonoherra
    What does it mean 3 gram of amoxicillin in single dose. Is it 3000Mg ? or one can take a capsule of 6 cap 250mg asa single dose
    2 Health 16
  142. Is it possible to choke on Jello?
    So I was talking about jello since i'm consuming it, right? Jello is slippery and wobbley. Its easy to swallow, slurpy, right? So can you choke on it? And could it like, choke you to death?
    8 Food 1316
  143. What could this be?
    My throat has been hurting for about 2 weeks now and it feels like there is something stuck in there and it hurts so bad to swallow...what could this be? I was thining maybe my tonsils needed to come out but I don't know
    2 Health 34
  144. Does anyone like Kraft Dinner?
    hey deos anyone like Kraft Dinner? I love it, especially when its so hot and I dont even have to chew , I just swallow, and it goes down. and its the easiest thing to make.
    3 Food 13
  145. Dog emergency
    I brought my friends' dog over, like she does several times a week, and while she was here, I gave her some peanut butter with a plastic knife. She swallowed not even an inch. She didn't choke or anything so she clearly swallowed it out with an issue. ...
    12 Pets 35
  146. How to reduce tonils swelling and pain fasttt?
    I have already tried so many methods and I can hardly swallow and its very painful.I already went to the dr and he prescribed antibiotics,but they are working slowly and don't reduce pain.
    2 Health 23
  147. I have mono and I'm hungry.
    well I just found out that I had it yesterday and yesterday I could swallow foods it just hurt. today the biggest thing I can swallow are my pills, and im really hungry. I cant eat anything but popsicles and sherbert but im hungry for some REAL food. I...
    3 Health 217
  148. giving head (BJ)
    do most people let the boy cum in your mouth? if so do most people spit or swallow? I've never let my boyfriend come in my mouth but apparently they go crazy ova it..
    4 Relationships 112
  149. ow...ow...ow... Tonsillitis!
    Ok the past couple of days I have been really ill, and now I have a really sore throat and it is really hard to swallow. I have taken strepsils and soother sweets, but it is not really helping, any suggestions? Thanks
    5 Health 19
  150. What to do if I just broke a piece of my tooth?
    I just now broke a tooth. A quarter of a back molar is gone - swallowed actually. I called up and left a message for my dentist, but it will probably be tues. before I can go in. There is no pain. Is there anything I should do in the meantime?
    6 Health 243
  151. What does semen taste like?
    I have a question! Me and my boyfriend have been talking about me giving him a blowjob and well he asked me if I wanted him to cum in my mouth and if I would swallow or spit! Well what I wanted to know is what does it taste like??? Is it good or bad???
    16 Sex 4127
  152. Strange neck issues.
    I feel like I got punched in the neck. My voice is different, kinda softer, and it hurts to swallow. My glands along my jawline are tender and inflamed too... Any ideas what this is?
    2 Health 17
  153. Do you like peanut butter ?
    Do you prefer crunchy or smooth peanut butter ? when I spread it on the piece of bread, I find it too "dry" and I swallow it just hardly I like to eat peanut butter itself with a big spoon :D what would you advice me? and how do you like eating pe...
    4 Food 39
  154. Can cum cause pregnancy?
    I looked at a question That said Cum can cause pregnancy, is that true???!!! I thought only Sperm could cause pregnancy!!! I swallowed a little of my boyfriends cum today and need reassurance I'm safe!!! *Becomes nervous*
    11 Health 1028
  155. Do I wear my retainer when I sleep?
    I just got my retainers. I somehow remember that my doctor told me to take out my retainer when I eat and sleep but my mom and my sister are telling me to keep them in. I once heard a story that someone swallowed their retainer while sleeping. someone ...
    8 Style 5795
  156. How to get my parents' trust back?
    Ok, well I recently had an incident that involved swallowing pills and cutting my wrists and now my parents dont trust me to go out or anything. I always have parties to go to and now they wont let me out. What can I do?
    6 Family 51
  157. Is this a true way to tell if a guy smokes pot ?
    Ok so theres a lot of people who say their boyfriend smokes pot and if they swallow his cum they will get sick within a few mins or the next morning. Well my boyfriend dont smoke pot or anything im 100% sure, he only drinks. Well a couple of guys that...
    4 Relationships 23
  158. Can you get a tattoo over scars?
    When I was 12 years only I went through a traumatic event that made me very depressed. I began cutting myself, I have about 17 visable scars on my left wrist, I want to get them covered with a swallow bird tattoo. Does anyone know if you can tattoo ove...
    3 Style 46
  159. what is that gunk that comes up your throat?
    so I've heard of a loogie, or whatever, but what is it? it has been comming up my throat because I'm so sick, and I want to know what it is and where it comes from. also, should I spit it out? or should I send it back to where it came from. (swallow...
    3 Health 96
  160. Anybody know if somethings wrong?
    Ok so on june 25 my friend was in the hospital for swallowing a bunch of stuff, after she had chest pain which was normal but she said she still gets it..Would it be from then or is it just heart burn or w.e
    7 Health 20
  161. Is it normal to have extra saliva while pregnant?
    I am 20 years old and my and my husband are expecting kinda a surprise not going to lie, but we are very excited for the new arrival. I am just scared I was told that every woman has different side affects from pregnancy, I have been having a problem m...
    3 Health 44
  162. How am I ever going to convince myself to eat more?
    I went through a break up almost a week ago and since then I haven't really been eating much, but haven't been getting hungry either. I'm not starving myself- I eat when food is put in front of me, which has only been three times since then, but I'v...
    7 Health 109
  163. Why, after showering, do I smell the guy I had sex with on me?
    I hooked up with a friend of mine, and have showered multiple times since, but I still smell him on me sometimes. I gave him head and swallowed. He is a foreigner, and I notice that now I smell like him too. Is this permanent?? if not, how long should ...
    3 Sex 161
  164. How can I spit out cum without making it akward for him?
    I have only given three bj's and I've always swallowed but I think that its just disgusting and I want to spit it out but I dont know how to tell him. it just seems like it would be akward if I just did. help please? thanks
    3 Relationships 92
  165. What if i dont have mono, or strep.
    What do i have then? sore throat but i have swallow & eat, Stomach pains but when i poke my stomach it doesnt hurt. dizzy, & weak here & there. & alittle headaches here & there. Im not tired alot tho. i still might have strep but Idk.
    2 Health 18
  166. Things you do when you have a cold
    Hello, I started getting a cold on Friday of last week, on Saturday I started to swallow allot, when I don't, my mouth gets this funny feeling inside.. I don't know why I'm doing this Maybe it will go away when I stop having my cold Any answers?
    3 Health 49
  167. How do I get my lip piercing out help needed right now
    I got my lip pierced on tuesday & I cleaned it like I was told but the back is like swallowing my piercing. Its really swollen & I can only see a bit of the stud at the back. It wont twist out & im really scared please help me get it out
    10 Style 449
  168. How can I get this phlem out of meh?
    I've been sick for 2 weeks now coughing up yellow phlegm. Sometimes I just swallow it by accident... My mother thinks I've developed asthma. What do I have? How can I get rid of it? What medicane shud I take? How can I get rid of this fast?! Please he...
    5 Health 47
  169. Swollen throat?
    My throat seems slightly swollen, I think. Its a little hard to breath and swallow food. I may be imagining it... It feels like, if you throw your head back, how the skin is tight and its slightly harder to breathe.. Any idea what might be wrong?
    3 Health 43
  170. freaky ideas
    Can anyone tell me some freaky ideas that is like really freaky and so sexual. I have already talked about the whip cream on the body, the ice cubes, shower, swallowing his cum, strapping him down, lap dance, and hott wax. I need more ideas. it gets ol...
    3 Sex 226
  171. Deeper-a poem...
    ~Deeper~ I'm swallowed in a deep blue darkness I cannot escape the darkness comes over me, swallowing up the white other days your treatment puts me in gray it takes away the sharpness and happy those days my life has been a constant white,blue,g...
    2 Literature 43
  172. When I give my boyfriend a bj can I scratch my tonsils?
    THe other day I was giving my boyfriend head. (He enjoyedd himselff so muchh) I putt his penis in my mouth as far as I could. When he came, I swallowed. Later that day and The next day it seemed like I was losing my voice and I had a cold. but I don...
    3 Relationships 412
  173. Bj tips .
    I`m giving my first blow job wednesday, and I was looking for what to expect. Like if the taste of cum is strong, what he`ll be doing during it, etc. Also, I told him I would swallow; is this okay for my first time or should I tell him I`ll spit since ...
    3 Sex 71
  174. What are some home remedies for treating a really bad dry cough?
    It's bad to the point every time I breathe or swallow it hurts and I feel like I'm going to puke. And I cough rather violently. :/ I've taken some cold medicine for dry cough but they seem to have no effect.
    3 Health 16
  175. What is wrong with me ? Lots of problems ?
    I dont know what is wr4ong with me but since yesterday I have had a migraine, I've been really cold I feel like I've cut the inside of my throat everytime I have a drink or swallow and my throat feels all clogged up and I was sick lastnight please help...
    3 Health 24
  176. problems after swimming.
    when I go swimming everytime I get out I always feel sick and it lasts a day or two also I get a serious cold where I can hardly breath and my nose is awful. do you think I just swallow too much water? mum thinks it might be an allergy??? thankyou....
    2 Nutritionfitness 23
  177. I have the flu HELP !
    I have a fever,headache,runny nose,body aches,and a sore throat what should I take 4 it. the last time I had the flu I went to the doctor and they prescribed me to some capsules. but this time I cant go because I cant miss any days of school. what can ...
    3 Health 19
  178. How do i get people to stop calling me anorexic?
    I have stomach problems and problems swallowing (which i am seeing a doctor for) which causes me to not eat whole meals a lot. sometimes i can barely finish half my dinner. my mom keeps accusing me of being anorexic and trying to force me to eat, and n...
    12 Health 53
  179. Baby's feeding
    My 9 months old daughter don't like taking her food (rice cereal) so I had to force her by putting the food in her mouth and covering her nose with my fingers, that way she'll want to choke and then swallow the food so she can breath. But I don't to kn...
    8 Babies 32
  180. Why won't my iPod sync anymore?
    My ipod nano wont synch any songs or videos.When I drag the music from itunes to my ipod it wont sync the song.It worked perfectly before but now it doesnt.Normally what I would do is click the song and drag it to my ipod sign and it would like swallow...
    11 Technology 613
  181. It's stuck in my throat!
    Ok last night and tonight I had to take my medicine, and I can feel the pill stuck in my throat, and eating something and drinking something wont put it down!!! I can swallow large pills though and im going insane help!! I even ate like 10 crackers an...
    7 Health 553
  182. My friend and I watched a snake show...
    And he said one could swallow me whole. I laughed, and called him a fool. But, for his sake: A) If a giant snake attacked me, what would it do? B) If it DID try to eat me, and my buddy walked in and he just saw my toes sticking out of its mouth, wh...
    2 Pets 24
  183. A cut on my throat?
    I have this mad pain when i swallow food, drinks or just saliva.. I think it's toward the top left of my mouth, next too my tonsils but its a little hard too tell.. It's not just a sore throat because I know what that is like and this is completely dif...
    2 Health 48
  184. What kind of illness do I have (read more)?
    I am in so much pain, i woke up from my non-sleep almost crying. My tong feels to big for my mouth, i have a headache, i am cold, and my right tonsle is like white from the puss and is huge, i cant swallow at all, i barley can open my mouth. It hurts j...
    4 Health 44
  185. Is it Herpes?
    omg...ok so my throat started hurting last sunday but only when I swallow food. the next day, didnt hurt much...but today its hurting like last sunday! im scared! could it b herpes? I kissed someone after my sore throat. im really freakn out and my pa...
    6 Health 106
  186. Cum being healthy...
    Ok so my boyfriend just showed me this article saying that swallowing a guys cum will reduce there chances of breast cancer by like 40-50 % and yes its a real article its supose to be on cnn but I don't understand how this is true and has anyone else h...
    13 Health 2643
  187. Major headache
    I've had a headache since wednesday and there will be times when it hurts so much I couldnt walk , but then there would be times when its just minor but still hurts ., and wednesday when I had dance I got soo dizy I couldnt dance I don't know what to d...
    5 Health 60
  188. How can I protect against STDs when giving oral sex?
    okay well im 14 and this would be the first time me giving a guy head. i watched this show degrassi and the girl got goneria from giving head. how can i prevent that from happening to me? and do you kno wat it taste like if you swallow? and i need hel...
    4 Sex 58
  189. Swollen thyroid
    I've been sick with cold/flu symptoms for about a week now. Most of my symptoms have subsided but my thyroid is swollen. It hurts, and it's caused pressure on my throat so it makes it hard to swallow anything. Is a swollen thyroid common with a cold/...
    3 Health 77
  190. Why does it feel like there's something stuck in my throat?
    Alright, so here is the issue, I was at taco bell eating lunch with a friend and she made me laugh as I was chewing up a bit of crunchy taco (it was only about half way chewed up) anyways me laughing caused me to involuntarily swallow the bite, it didn...
    2 Health 402
  191. Can puppies eat (actually eat) sticks?
    Our puppy is turning out to be a real mouthy dog.. He used his mouth for EVERYTHING. We have trained him not to bite people which he's being really good at but he just wants to eat everything else around him. We have puppy-proofed the house but if he g...
    9 Pets 43
  192. feels like theres juice in my head, is this okay?
    Okay I had the hiccups, so I drank juice upside down... It usually works because I dont liek drinking water... Well this time it wouldnt swallow and it went up, some of it went out my nose, and my eyes started watering... Now 6 minutes after, it feels ...
    4 Health 39
  193. New lump in my neck
    I have a lump in my neck. Only found it tonight, and not sure if it has been there for a while. It is next to the trachea, quite central and high up (where my neck starts under my jaw) Can it be a lymph node? It is solid hard and pain (but could be ...
    2 Health 73
  194. How long will it take my tongue piercing to close ?
    Ok well I accidently swallowed the ball from my tongue ring tonight and my friend is going to give me her extra tomorrow morning... Do you think it will be closed in about 9 hours ?! Please help I really dont want it to close I've had it a little over ...
    2 Health 232
  195. Could I sue my mom when I turn 18 ?
    Could I sue my mom for some thing that happened when I was little ? I don't want to do it now cause I need a place to stay and sh*t but like when I turn 18 could I sue her for like making me put soup in my mouth and swallowing it when I would swear cau...
    35 Babies 86
  196. Should I tell a doctor about this?
    I'm 5"2 and 120 pounds. I've really been pigging out lately :( In the summer, I used to feel so good about myself. Now I feel like I swallowed ten trucks (I might as well have because of all the food I've been eating. I'm not fat, but I was 107 ...
    4 Health 51
  197. Name of the song
    Okay I have heard of THREE different names for this song it goes I would swallow my pride, I would choke on the rhines, But the lack there of would leave me empty inside. Swallow my doubt turn it inside out, Find nothin but faith in nothing. wa...
    4 Music 27
  198. Why would my throat hurt, I havent done anything difftent?
    I havent had a first kiss yet, so it cant be that I havent ate anything wierd, so it cant be that My throat hurt when I swallow food or drinks. I looked at my uvula(isn't that the thing thats in the back of your throat that makes you trow up when y...
    2 Health 42
  199. What do I do about this monroe piercing problem?
    I understand that swelling could be the problem, but I was looking up some stuff on the internet and it was said that the barbell could be too short and actually start to grow into my lip. I dont want this:) Anyways, well now my lip seems swollen and ...
    2 Health 212
  200. Why cant i stop chewing my lips, tongue, or cheeks?
    Ive been having this problem the last week or so. I have this horrible need to keep my mouth constantly moving, by rubbing my tongue on my teetch, biting my tongue or lips or swallowing. AGH its driving me nuts, i have so many sores on my tongue and th...
    8 Health 60
  201. nosebleeds =\
    I had a horrible nose bleed yesterday and today =\ yesterday was worse though, blood was everywhere in the sink(you know how blood can clot up and its alll ewwwy when you have to swallow ...) on the mirror and wash cloths. I want to...
    4 Health 41
  202. Is it possible to get pregnant without having sex?
    I recently had oral sex with this guy. I performed oral sex on him first. ( it was my first time and can I say didnt like it) well he came and I didnt swallow so it was everywhere. Then put his boxers back on and I still had on my underwear I got up an...
    4 Sex 216
  203. What is the name of this song?
    Ok I have two question one of the songs go like this I put my hands up on your hip, and when I dip you dip we dip, I put my hands up on your hip and when I dip you dip we dip. I've hear it on the radio so many times put they never give the name...
    4 Music 12
  204. I'm getting a giant 25 foot green anaconda. What can I feed it?
    People say since I'm a smaller guy it could feasibly somehow swallow me, which I think is a complete lie. I'm 5'8, I think I'm good. I don't have a big enough cage, so I'm going to let it roam free in my bedroom at night, but I'm keeping the door close...
    9 Pets 23
  205. Why do I find everyone intolerable without justification and being mean?
    For some reason lately, i just find it hard to be nice to people without being nasty or sarcastic, its come from no where and its really hard, it isn't just with the really pretty girls like usual lately its been with everyone and i get annoyed super e...
    17 General 36
  206. What are the symptoms of mono?
    I think I have mono. & please dont reply to this question calling me a slxt or anything like that because I didnt get it from kissing anyone. I havent kissed anyone since april. But, I have drank after a lot of people - my throat is sore *everytim...
    2 Health 93
  207. Can rattlesnake skin cure stomach cancer?
    i was reading a book on cancer and in it said that if i were to go out and buy a rattle snake cut the head and the rattle off skin it and then let the meat dry out in the sun then grind it into powder put the powder in capsules and take take them every...
    5 Health 325
  208. How to find your voice again?
    I lost my voice a couple days ago, when I got like a normal flu. It really hurts to swallow and cough D= And since Tomorrows Christmas, I want to be able to wake up in the morning and laugh/yell and have fun! I can talk when I clear my throat and co...
    3 Health 35
  209. Pregnant ever since I found out I can hardly eat
    K. Im pregnant [one month] and ever since I found out I can hardly eat like when I eat I feel so sick, like I wanna throw up for 2 weeks now, buti never throw up. I dont have any taste for any food or anything. Is there anything I can take that can mak...
    3 Health 40
  210. What do I have to do to have a happy sex life?
    I'm married to a lady who has been married more than once before. when we first got together, sex was great and she wouldn't let me go down on her with giving me head as well. she even once said that she swallows and did it once just to prove it. ...
    2 Sex 17
  211. Brushing my teeth
    Sooo yea. I havnt Brush my teeth in a Super long time (3 year+). But am going to start brushing Again tomorrow. so is this the Proper way to brush my teeth. Wake up Drink Coffee. then Brush. and how long do I gotta way before Eating after I brush my te...
    3 Health 25
  212. Does my cat have cancer or a tumor?
    She is about 12 years old. We found her when she what about 2 years old & she is not fixed & does not have her shots for all I know. She acts healthy still running around & eats normal. The way she acts is normal & healthy. I know she is not gassy beca...
    4 Pets 60
  213. My dog in heat
    Can you help me my dog was in heat and her and my male did it all the time but didnt lock but last time they breed they had no problem is there a chance that she can still be pregnant without getting stuck and the reason my male just had surgery like 3...
    2 Pets 45
  214. slow piano rock songs
    I would like to get really slow rock song mainly based on piano the likes of lost - coldplay, natalie walker - colorblind, empty road, A fine frenzy - ashes and wine, almost lover, the cramberries - dreaming my dreams, Evenescence - my immortal, the pr...
    2 Music 56
  215. is my mouse pregnant?
    I have a pet mouse named coa coa and I have been hearing from almost everyone that she is prego. when I lift her up by her tail it looks like she swallowed a golfball. there has been now blood in her bedding. every 2 dy for the padt wekk or so her bell...
    7 Pets 38
  216. Mother forcing me to take huge vitamins.
    I do not believe in vitamins, I think people just sell them to make money. When I was younger I took kid vitamins, did they work? No. I was constantly sick and ill, I didn't see any improvement in my health. Now my mother wants me to take these huge...
    5 Health 155
  217. Why do I have red spots at the back of my throat?
    Recently I've had cold/flu-like symptoms. My bones have been aching (particularly my ankle bone for some bizarre reason) and I've had a sore throat and coughing up green mucus. Over the past 48 hours the pain in my throat has worsened and my right ton...
    2 Health 104
  218. how can I give amazing head
    I would like to know how to give better head. I do the essentails.. switch possision, teeth(because my baby likes it), variation of speed ect, I know he gets stone when I look him in the eyes, I can go all the way down, I swallow when he cums, I suck a...
    3 Relationships 63
  219. Lip ring ball fell out, no spare
    Ok a few minutes ago I was watching tv and my lip ring ball at the front fell out, I saw it fall and went to pick it up but it slipped under the arm of the chair & now I cant find it. I've looked in under the couch, under it, beside it and all round th...
    6 Style 3475
  220. How can I survive this horrible day?
    K,So,After 8 tubes of blood,and about 10 throat cultures,they sitll dont know whats wrong with me. I've got White Patches on my Throat. Theyre testing me for Strep,Mono,and Some other thing. They didnt give me ANYTHING for the pain. My Glands are all s...
    5 Health 61
  221. How long does it take you to get ready for school in the morning?
    It takes me a few minutes to get ready for school because it takes me 1 1/4 hours?... I have more randomness!!! Do you have or are you getting braces I am on Feb 11? Are you a Virgin? I am! What was the last thing you ate? Mine was a piece of gum I sw...
    5 Education 81
  222. Would this be just the flu?
    On Friday, I woke up and my tongue was aching. It hurt me to swallow anything, and the lining(?, I don't know that it's called, but the white fluffy stuff on your tongue) seemed to disappear, and is now all dark pink. Just little patches, my ears also ...
    2 Health 42
  223. Would you let your girlfriend have a 3sum with a guy?
    Hey everyone I have a huge question. Recently my girlfriend...former fiance... asked me about a mmf 3sum... I told her no because I dont think I can handle her having sex with another guy... but heres the twisted part to this relationship... see I chea...
    6 Sex 204
  224. Here's a short poem I wrote to ponder on destiny, thoughts?
    Here's a short poem I wrote to ponder on... Destiny is where we are bound, Is it surreal, Or just a fantasy that... Lingers on the edge of the earth, As sure as the dolphin... Swims in the sea, Or a joke of paradox, Going around swallowing, Up all of ...
    2 Literature 19
  225. i want to give better head
    i would like to know how to give better head. i do the essentails.. switch possision, teeth(cuz my baby likes it), variation of speed ect, i know he gets stone when i look him in the eyes, i can go all the way down, i swallow when he cums, i suck as ha...
    3 Relationships 89
  226. Family problems-hubbys family is waste of time
    I cannot stand my hubbys family. They exclude us from family get-togethers-they never ring up or contact my husband or daughter,they never visit-although will visit everyone else in the family or friends.we just have no rel;ationship with them at all-d...
    7 Family 19
  227. Cruel "old school" parents
    I looked up some advice about accidently swallowing soap.(I clean out water bottles and reuse them). I forgot to dump the soapy water and refrigerated it, hubby took a sip (yikes!), anyhow it lead me here where I read about kids having there mouths was...
    4 Family 38
  228. What is this white stuff during sex (with a condom!)?
    So, me and my boyfriend were having sex with a trojan her pleasure condom and like, 2 minutes into it, he slipped out of me because I was really wet, and when I went to put it back in I felt around and when I looked at my fingers there was this white s...
    2 Sex 2417
  229. How to keep holding back the tears?
    I have been so sad lately..I hide my sadness from everyone,If only I wasnt so alone,my dad hasnt called me in 1o confused about boys,and I am self conscious,I need help ,whats can I do to not burst in tears in front of my freinds at school or...
    3 Health 61
  230. Was this a form of rape??
    This is something that happened to me when I was 12 and I still think about it and I want to know if its a form of rape. I was friends with this guy who was 17 at the time. I have never done anything with anyone at that time. Well he asked me if I h...
    5 Sex 11
  231. Why does this hurt so bad & what's the cause ?
    My right ear has like, a weird burning,an aching feeling & it's kinda red, the tip of the right side of my head gets these really short little pains, the pains aren't like little either, they hurt a lot, but it only lasts like 5 seconds ? My right jaw ...
    3 Health 49
  232. S.T.D problem
    okay im 19 years old and have been dating my boyfreind for about 3 months untill one night I was out with a few girlfreinds when I found out he had an S.T.D my friend had heard this one night and obviously came back and told me and when I went over to ...
    3 Relationships 32
  233. What do you think of these two poems?
    What do you think of these two poems? They are both very different, but I want opinions, please and thanks. Mr. Perfect I'll call you Mr. Perfect You're in my favourite class I see you in the halls and blush every time you pass And when you smile my ...
    2 Literature 5
  234. Kay guys i know i haven't been on in a while... things have gotten BAD.
    Okay mom has now threatened to make me swallow dawn dish soap (which i know can kill you because it dehydrates you horribly) all because i said a small cuss word (dammit isn't that bad of a word is it?) because i had slammed my hand on the wall by acci...
    3 Health 30
  235. so called pregnanat mouse!? PLEASE HELP!!!
    I have had this mouse for about 6-7 months. for the past 3-4 weeks people have been saying she looks pregnant. she has been getting bigger & bigger every day. every time you touch her sides she squeaks really loud. my other mice dont do that.she has be...
    2 Pets 19
  236. What is this world coming to?
    I feel that the majority of people today are in a spiral of horrific trances. This may be just me, but I feel that everywhere I look everyone are obsessed about their weight, their looks, their boyfriends. What about the more important things like get...
    8 Politics 8
  237. What could this weird illness be?
    Hey, I am very young yet I am experiencing severe joint pain as well as whole body pain. It is very hard to swallow and I find that my head hurts, particularly when I lift it. One of the strangest symptoms as if they are not all strange is shaking and ...
    4 Health 20
  238. I regret letting my boyfriend eat me out, is he grossed out by me now?
    So last night my boyfriend told me that he wanted to eat me out, and I was like I don't know... about it because I didn't want him to be grossed out by me, and I'm really shy about down there because I'm a virgin. So we made out for a while, and then I...
    4 Relationships 1177
  239. What Am I Sick With And How Do I Treat It?
    Right now I'm not feeling the greatest. Everyone thinks I've caught another bug but we don't know what it is. I've been sick at least twice (with loads of bile), going hot and cold, eyes watering and stinging, stomach pain (which might just be my IBS...
    3 Health 21
  240. Could you rate my poem from 1 to 5???...
    Could you rate my poem from 1 to 5???... 1 would be,the lowest And 5 would be the highest... Just want to know if it is good... So I could present it 2 d class...??? Youve sang my agonizing harmony, Youve painted colors on my sight, Youv...
    7 Literature 20
  241. What do you think of my poem?
    days pass timε gosε , know its thε timε for mε to rεally go, I said I lovεd you I said it oncε, just incasε you got borεd , I told you, you was my world I triεd to make it short but as I go along I fall in lovε with you εvεn morε , I triεd to εxplain t...
    3 Literature 8
  242. Babymother vs babydaddy
    Okaie im 16 and I have a 1 year old baby and im 2 months pregnant by the same guy. Everythingg was okaie untill a couple weeks ago me and him are constanly arugin but this last time it got serious make things short I foundd out about another girl andd...
    3 Relationships 25
  243. Red and sore vagina, what is it from?
    ok, so I had really irregular periods, and I didnt have one for 3 months. so the doctor told me to take some hormone balancing capsules, which I did, and I ended up having like 3 all in one month, so I was on my period for around 3 weeks. I've been off...
    3 Health 66
  244. Dumb/random survey!!!
    Another crazy survey of mine. 1. Given a hickey? 2. Had a one night stand? 3. Made someone cry? 4. Opened your christmas presents early? 5. Been online for more than 10 hours in a row? 6. Pretended to be someone you weren't online? 7. Eaten fo...
    5 General 72
  245. I can't tell my parents im pregnant
    I am 21 years old, 4 months pregnant, and a correctional officer at a maximum security prison. I make good money and am in a committed relationship with the father of my unborn child and we live together. Although I am on my own and making my own money...
    2 Health 51
  246. Could i be pregnant somehow?
    Okay so ive only made my boyfriend cum twice.. ever. both times were like a month and two months ago. he came in my mouth and i swallowed.. but some always came out onto his pen** and onto my hand. i was wondering if there was any way if i wiped and st...
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  247. My bff became a backstabber
    Well my best friend In the whole world just stabbed me in the back!!! She made a bet with some chick that she could get a cute guy to go out with her and that she could be able to gout with him for 4 days and then break up with him. Well she did. But I...
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  248. Do YOU Know What Triskaidekaphobia is?
    Well if you dont please learn! Its a neat name... and it is the fear of...Triskaidekaphobia is the fear of the number 13. Long word, eh? SO are you glad you know? Want to know more? Try these: Globaphobia -the fear of ballons Olfactophobia- Fear of sme...
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  249. Symptoms, what's wrong with me?
    I don't want to go to the doctors over something little, so I decided to look up the symtoms online and I didnt get anything. My friend is hounding me to go to Urgent Care but I dont think I need to right now 1)for the past month I've felt like I want...
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  250. How, if possible, can i stop being obsessed with numbers?
    I think i have OCD to the numbers 3 and 7. For example, like right now- i'll be chewing gum and i have to put it in the middle of my mouth chew 1,2,3 move it to the right side chew 1,2,3 then the left 1,2,3 see- so basically there are THREE 1,2,3's i...
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