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How do i recover my gmail account

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  1. How do you delete your account?
    How do you delete your account
    4 Funadvice 91
  2. How do I delete my account off of here?
    2 Funadvice 23
  3. What is gmail
    5 Technology 31
  4. How do you change your password on a Gmail account please?
    4 Technology 19
  5. Why isn't my Gmail account working on my iPad/iPod?
    4 Technology 51
  6. How do I unblock people on gmail?
    How do I unblock people on gmail?
    2 Technology 232
  7. how many runescape accounts do you have?
    how many runescape accounts do you have?
    10 Gaming 68
  8. How do I set up a paypal account?
    How do I set up a paypal account?
    3 Technology 43
  9. how do you recover from a quad strain ?
    2 Health 11
  10. Can you delete an eBay account and, if so, how?
    2 Technology 11
  11. How do you delete an HMV account?
    3 Technology 275
  12. How do inactivate your funadvice account?
    2 Technology 61
  13. How important is it to have a bank account?
    15 Money 15
  14. what is espin about? should i get an account with them??
    5 Technology 15
  15. how can i delete my picture from my account?
    2 Funadvice 20
  16. Can I close my paypal account?
    4 Money 14
  17. Does it cost to have a paypal account?
    6 Money 164
  18. how do I confirm my account?
    3 Funadvice 12
  19. Gmail?
    Can you create a gmail account for free?
    6 Technology 19
  20. Do you go to the bank in order to open up a savings account or a checking account?
    9 Money 43
  21. How to cancel this account?
    how do you cancel this fun advice account?
    3 Funadvice 19
  22. How long does it take to become an accountant?
    How long does it take to become an accountant?
    5 Money 53
  23. how do I create an itunes account?
    how do I create an itunes account? is it free?
    3 Technology 17
  24. Good websites to have a account
    What are some good websites which are worth having a account?
    2 Technology 17
  25. Can I add more people on my aol account?
    Can I add more people on my aol account?
    2 Technology 41
  26. Pacsun account
    when you make an account do they charge?
    2 Shopping 13
  27. How to cancel a myspace account?
    How do I cancle my myspace account?
    2 Technology 44
  28. How do I delete my email account on gmail?
    I just made an email account on google and I cant figure out how to delete it. What do I have to do??
    4 Technology 52
  29. What do you think of a career in chartered accounting?
    7 Money 38
  30. How do I delete an AIM account that has been hacked?
    3 Technology 30
  31. how do i get in someones facebook account?
    2 Technology 37
  32. How do you delete a FanFiction account?
    19 Technology 405
  33. How do i delete a suspended twitter account?
    5 Technology 134
  34. How many Funadvice accounts are there approximately?
    2 Funadvice 8
  35. Can an admin go on anyones account?
    9 Funadvice 16
  36. How do I recover my AOL screen name?
    11 Technology 290
  37. Is there any way to delete my FunAdvice account?
    10 Funadvice 58
  38. How do I change my account picture?
    How do I change my picture on my acount on here?
    2 Funadvice 9
  39. How do you make a Skype account?
    Can you do it with no camera?
    5 Technology 32
  40. how can my friend retrieve his funadvice account ?
    5 Funadvice 17
  41. Can you check your gmail on a pantech impact?
    2 Technology 13
  42. Can someone recover if they have poision in their blood?
    3 Health 11
  43. How old do I have to be to create a PayPal account?
    6 Money 80
  44. How old do you have to be to have a Bank of America bank account?
    2 Money 40
  45. Is Photobucket free and do you have to make an account?
    5 Technology 16
  46. How long can an account be inactive before it's removed?
    6 Funadvice 45
  47. How to recover lost data on a hard drive?
    How to recover lost data on a hard drive?
    2 Technology 70
  48. How to shop online using my checking account?
    How to shop online using my checking account?
    2 Technology 97
  49. How to delete a Hotmail or MSN account?
    How Do Yuu Delete A Hotmail - MSN Account ?
    3 Technology 75
  50. Setting up AT&T email account?
    how do I set up an att email account 2nite?
    2 Technology 63
  51. Will a Myspace account cause your computer to crash?
    Can having a myspace account cause your computer to crash?
    3 Technology 22
  52. How to recover deleted messages form inbox
    How to recover deleted messages form inbox
    2 Technology 61
  53. account getting dissabled
    how can yur account get deleated
    3 Funadvice 11
  54. How do you change your account name on this web site
    How do you change your account name on this web site
    3 Funadvice 14
  55. Why can't I verify my account on here on my email?
    3 Technology 9
  56. how to delete an inactive face book account?
    4 Technology 37
  57. how do i do a password recovery for my windows live account?
    3 Technology 10
  58. Is there a way to find out who hacked your account on a site??
    4 Technology 35
  59. Delete an email account?
    It is possible to delete your email address??
    2 Technology 63
  60. How do I recover or find "My Favorites" on aol if I am using internet explorer to view my account?
    2 Technology 148
  61. Can you delete a msn messenger account?
    I want to delete my msn hotmail account and messenger account
    3 Technology 60
  62. Can you convert money from PSN to a paypal account?
    3 Money 14
  63. Is a debit card a sorting or checking account?
    3 Money 17
  64. Delete account here?
    I have to delete this account here, but when I click yes delete my account its still here. Whats with that?
    2 Technology 19
  65. Can you take money off of a PayPal account and use it?
    5 Money 20
  66. How to check my verizon email account from another computer?
    How to check my verizon email account from another computer?
    2 Technology 343
  67. How do you delete an IMVU account?
    hi pplz I was wondering how you delete an IMVU account?
    4 Technology 168
  68. How do I make a peace sign on gmail?
    How do I make a peace sign on gmail when I am sending an email?
    6 Technology 376
  69. Do you prefer MSN or Gmail?
    Which email do you prefer...msn hotmail or google gmail?
    9 Technology 69
  70. How do I add an AOL screen name to an account?
    How do I add a new screen name to my AOL account?
    2 Technology 72
  71. Why are my stumbleupon account and facebook accounts linked?
    Does anyone know how all that works? When I went to my stumbleupon account, it said i was signed up under my facebook account. Is there no privacy left!
    5 Technology 10
  72. How to recover deleted a social site messages?
    how can I recover deleted messages from a social site {mine}
    3 Technology 194
  73. How can I get onto my parents' internet account?
    how can I hack into my parents internet account
    3 Technology 17
  74. What does it mean when an account is disabled?
    What does it mean when an account has been disabled? I looked at a question and it said that
    4 Funadvice 54
  75. How do you cash out a check if you don't have a bank account?
    Can my mom cash it out for me? Does it have to be under her name?
    9 Money 54
  76. What exactly is a high-risk bank account?
    3 Money 16
  77. Is FunAdvice going to recover everything they lost yesterday?
    10 Funadvice 16
  78. Is it ok to have mutiple accounts on youtube?
    3 Technology 19
  79. AIM Accounts!!!
    I have an aim but no one on it!! if you have 1 can I add u???
    6 Technology 25
  80. How to recover typed text from 1 year ago?
    4 Technology 34
  81. How old do you have to be to get a bank account, so you can get Google Adsense?
    6 Money 69
  82. Why can't I log out of my account?
    I press the log out button and nothing is happening.
    4 Funadvice 6
  83. How do i find the blog link to put on my WindowsLive account?
    2 Technology 12
  84. What is i wanna make an account, but dont know what it is:)
    2 Technology 12
  85. How much interest can you earn on your money in your paypal account?
    7 Money 15
  86. How do you deleate your account
    How do you delete a acount because I don't whant mine any more
    8 Funadvice 12
  87. What is the faster way to recover from a severely sprained ankle?
    2 Health 31
  88. how do you activate your account I tried activating it but it never s
    how do you activate your account I tried activating it but it never sends me the code to my email
    2 General 22
  89. Gmail and Yahoo Messenger from mobile?
    how can I use gmail and yahoo messenger from mobile? my os is symbian
    4 Technology 44
  90. How do you close this account???
    How do you close this account??? I dont want this funadvice thing anymore???
    2 Funadvice 18
  91. I set up a new account and don't have the comfirmation email yet?
    I set up a new account and don't have the comfirmation email yet? What's going on?
    3 Funadvice 16
  92. Does anyone have a Neopets account?
    2 Technology 35
  93. E-mail account and cellphones
    How do I download pictures from my cellphone to my e-mail account?
    3 Technology 56
  94. How to access my account if it's been hacked?
    how do I access my accont when somebody has changed my password and account?
    2 Technology 91
  95. How many people have accounts here?
    have an account on this, I mean, 500, 600, 700?
    6 Funadvice 22
  96. How can I put a layout on my Myspace account?
    I have a myspace account but I don't know how to use layouts. I have one I just don't know how to put it up.
    3 Technology 63
  97. When my hard drive is corrupt how I recover my data?
    My hard drive is corrupt but its detect can you advice me how to recover my data?
    2 Technology 45
  98. can you find out weather FB account is fake. This girl talks to my boy friend alot so i made a fake account just getting to know the girl and we
    2 Technology 31
  99. Why are there so many funadvice accounts?
    Why are there multiple funadvice accounts with the same username 'funadvice'? or is it just one account and different people answer under that same account? and why?
    4 Funadvice 6
  100. How much do I need to keep an account at Wells Fargo open?
    5 Money 40
  101. Can I earn money from Myspace account?
    just thinking about ways to earn money online.
    3 Money 42
  102. Do I have to have an iTunes account to download music to my phone, does it cost anything?
    3 Technology 33
  103. what things do i need to know about when i open my first banking account?
    3 Money 16
  104. Can I hack my boyfriend's account?
    I think he is ceating on me ab you help ?
    3 Technology 35
  105. Do you think celebrities actually tweet from their twitter accounts or do they have assistants do it for them?
    4 Technology 13
  106. How can I make an account on without putting a card on file?
    4 Gaming 17
  107. Do I need an account for a Myspace?
    how do I set up a my space page do I have to set up a acocunt
    2 Technology 13
  108. how can i delete my history or a transaction i made in my chase account online?
    2 Money 10584
  109. How to emigrate to Australia all facts and information , i'm an accountant if that helps ?
    3 Politics 15
  110. Can I receive money with an unverified PayPal account
    If my PayPal account is not verified, can I still receive payments?
    3 Money 70
  111. How do I confirm my account?
    How did you guys activate you accounts I sent the confirmation to my email but it doesnt show up!!!
    3 Technology 24
  112. Where do you recover from anorexia??
    when you are recovering from anorexia do you have to go to a rehab? or an eating disorder centre or something or can you be recovering at home???
    2 Health 12
  113. How to transfer money from a Standard account to PNB?
    How can i transfer money from my Standard charted account to my father's PNB account. He needs money urgently.
    3 Technology 10
  114. What happens if you want to have more than one account on here?
    What would happen if I wanted another account on here? Just asking. I wanted to know what would happen if I created another account.
    10 Funadvice 32
  115. How come most Americans don't have Friendster accounts?
    How come most Americans don't have Friendster accounts? I have searched the accounts of Americans but the results are always 0(zero)
    9 Technology 11
  116. My MySpace account was hacked into, what to do?
    My MySpace account was hacked into, as well as my friend's. Someone sent messages from our accounts to some of our friends. How can we find out who hacked into them?
    2 Technology 72
  117. how do u know if ur account on FA, twitter or any other site has been hacked?
    3 Technology 45
  118. what do you think is more difficult, among these 3 math, accounting or stadistics?
    among these 3 what is the more difficult subject.
    6 Education 42
  119. How can I get into my son's Facebook account?
    I need to know asap! thanks
    9 Technology 309
  120. Recovering deleted internet history
    Can you loook up history of internet sites visited after it has been erased?
    2 Technology 104
  121. Can you go to jail for hacking someone's accounts online?
    If so, how long... and under what circumstances?
    5 Technology 248
  122. Does anyone know Colleen's account url?
    I need to ask her something.
    9 Funadvice 19
  123. Should I Major In Accountancy Or Quantity Surveying?
    3 Education 9
  124. Can I make two Gaia accounts with one email?
    how do u make another gaia with only one email?
    3 Gaming 76
  125. Can I play on my friend's WoW account for free?
    if I buy world of warcaft can I login to my friends account and play for free?
    3 Gaming 136
  126. whats the best program to recover deleted files ?
    i want to recover my videos from 2008 i deleted
    3 Technology 10
  127. How do you enable funadvice account ?
    How do you enable funadvice account ? one of my friends told me about this site and told me to ask this question
    2 Funadvice 11
  128. How can I access my account in spite of forget security quest
    How can I access my account in spite of forget security question my favourit film?
    2 General 12
  129. How do I erase my master account on PS3?
    like, i erased the user person. but it still says that the master account is there?
    3 Technology 12
  130. How to logon to a Windows admin account without a password?
    how can I log onto a windows administrator account without a password
    8 Technology 56
  131. It won't let me on my other fun advice account help?
    Why can't I log onto my other funadvice account?
    8 Funadvice 22
  132. Deleting account?
    So if I deleted my account and created a new funadvice will it let me use the same email address?
    4 Funadvice 72
  133. Why can't I sign onto my Myspace account?
    I put in my email and password and it atuomatically signs me on than off. Why cant I sign onto my myspace account?
    2 Technology 48
  134. What if the bank account I listed and verified on my PayPal account is now closed?
    I used to have a bank account, and then I signed up for PayPal. I verified my bank account with PayPal and everything. Now, the bank account I had is closed, but it still shows up on my PayPal account as verified. Can I still use my PayPal accou...
    4 Money 42
  135. How to delete FunAdvice pages from an old account?
    How do you delet some old funadvice pages that you have created because you forgot your password? HELP ME!!!
    2 Funadvice 19
  136. How many people have an account on FunAdvice?
    like 144, 712,923 ect
    4 Funadvice 7
  137. Do you think it's weird that on they can have 4 year olds with an account?
    5 Entertainment 12
  138. is it true that chase*the bank* will give u 100 dollars just to open an account their!!!??
    2 Money 69
  139. Did you make a FunAdvice account to give advice, or to to ask questions?
    19 Funadvice 11
  140. How do I get my hacked IMVU account back?
    someone hacked my imvu acount and changed my email how do I get it back
    7 Technology 380
  141. Can you leave money in a PayPal account for as long as you want, or is there a time period where you have to take it out?
    3 Money 63
  142. Creating a myspace account
    I am trying to create a myspace acount and its saying your not eligable 4 a myspace acount? Help me!!!
    5 Technology 15
  143. Can I open up a bank account using the money from uncashed checks?
    Sorry for all the money questions.
    3 Money 29
  144. My account got deleted on yahoo answers
    My account got deleted on yahoo answers and I would like to make a new one, how do that?
    5 Technology 50
  145. How do I get my accounts back?
    I need to get the password to my myspace and gmail accounts. My ex hacked into them and pretended to be me advertising myself as a prostitute. How can I get the accounts back?
    4 Technology 53
  146. Do jobs now require a person to have a bank account and his own cell phone number?
    that's my what teacher said.
    6 Money 48
  147. Recover passwords have results sent to current email
    If I don't remember password to my old email how to get results sent to different email?
    2 Technology 49
  148. When are Victor Valdes, Carles Puyol and Xavi coming back to Barcelona after recovering from their injuries?
    5 Sports 39
  149. Why doesn't my account always take me to the sign in page when I use Mozilla Firefox?
    6 Funadvice 6
  150. How can I hack back my Gaia account?
    I had this one account and it got hacked I want to be a hacker and steal back my account can someone show me a way to where I can hack into accounts so I can be cruel?
    10 Technology 315
  151. How to get a stolen account back?
    My account was stolen and I have clicked on forgotten password and it sent my password to my email but I think my email was something made up so how can I get my account back?
    2 Technology 38
  152. Youtube account
    I was trying to sign up for a youtube account and it said I was too young! I am over 13! And then I tried a different age and it still said that. Why cant I sign up?
    3 Entertainment 29
  153. How do I find old chats that I had on gmail?
    I just remembered about my gmail account and I want to look back and laugh at the stupid conversations I had on chat :]
    2 Technology 31
  154. How do you delete a Gaia account?
    Well I want to make a new one but I dont want my old one.
    2 Gaming 78
  155. How do I delete a Yahoo account?
    Like I'm trying to find it and I cant... Can anybody help me ?
    5 Technology 49
  156. Deleting a gmail account
    Hey. Apparently my friend created a gmail account that he no longer wants...(don't ask, b/c I don't know...yes, he's pretty much the weirdo, if that's what you're thinking.) he asked me how to delete it, and that got me wondering: how exactly are you s...
    3 Technology 16
  157. Can I use my sister's cell phone to validate my account?
    (she also has a funadvice and validated hers with the same number)? or should i use my moms..?
    6 Funadvice 17
  158. Can my Yahoo email account have a virus?
    My Yahoo email keeps sending emails to my contacts without me even doing it. How can I stop this?
    2 Technology 8
  159. How can I delete my account on SexSearch?
    ok so I signed up to this website called sexsearch and now I wanna delete my account and I cant can someone help me???
    3 Sex 1513
  160. How do you make a fantasy football account on yahoo?
    How do you make a fantasy football account on yahoo, because I already have a yahoo account and ya...could someone help me please Tks
    2 Gaming 30
  161. How can I recover deleted txt messages
    My wife has a lg voyager with verizon mine and hers are on my plan how can I recover deleted txt messages or intercept them
    4 Technology 68
  162. Just so you know my cousin has been on my account
    my cousin keeps getting on here and making it sound like im a slut!!!
    2 Funadvice 21
  163. Can YouTube delete an account for swearing?
    Im new to youtube and I was wondering if they could delete your account for swearing on your channel and/or in your videos?
    5 Technology 1047
  164. How do you add friends to your account on this site???
    Some wants me to fun mail him on here but I need to add him as a friend first how do I add him? Xo
    3 Funadvice 13
  165. What to do if someone hacked onto my AIM account?
    What do I do if someone hacked onto my aol instant messenger screen name?
    4 Technology 72
  166. Account problem
    How can I activate my account in this site??? Im using a smart prepaid in the philippines/??/ thanks..
    2 Funadvice 16
  167. How can I persuade my parents to let me have Facebook? I asked my parents if I could get an account and they simply said NO.
    8 Technology 128
  168. Why don't respective governments take action to recover all the black money to improve countries economy?
    2 Money 14
  169. How can I hack my own Myspace account?
    hey, i was just wonderin if u could help me....see, someone hacked into mah account and changed mah i was wonderin how could i hack mah own account?
    2 Technology 71
  170. Is it mandatory to have a Demat account to share online?
    I am interested to invest some money in the share market. Because it is now safe and easy to invest money on the share market. I do not have a demat account. Is it possible to invest money on the market without a demat account?
    2 Money 26
  171. Upload an exe file to gmail?
    How to upload a .exe file in gmail account(email) Or to email it to someone ? Size =250 mb Or how to send by other method through net?
    3 Technology 39
  172. What does that mean if u cant log into ur funadvice account.
    does funadvice delete or make it so u cant log into ur account if u havent been on in a long time????
    4 Funadvice 6
  173. Will Changing Your Account Type To Guru On Youtube Affect You?
    I was going to change my account type to guru, but will they delete any of my videos that are non-guru related?
    2 Technology 51
  174. What can a Google account be used for, besides blogging?
    I want to sign up for one, as I'm thinking of starting my own blog. In what ways can I use this account and what can I use it for?
    4 Technology 19
  175. How to delete a facebook account?
    omg noones helping. this is rellle important. how do you deltet facebooks? and also how do you delete myyearbook accounts??? PLEASE HELP ME!
    3 Technology 103
  176. How to delete my imvu account
    Because I forgot my password and I deleted my e-mail I put it under so I have no way to find out how to delete it...
    3 Technology 128
  177. Why does my account on FunAdvice not let me stay logged in?
    After a while (like 10 or 20 mins) FunAdvice will just automatically log me out... Why is that? and How can I get it to not do that?
    4 Funadvice 28
  178. what is the best bank to get a bank account at that I CAN trust..that WONT charge u fees or stuff like that??
    2 Money 12
  179. How can I bring up the topic of opening a bank account to my parents without them thinking I'm ridiculous or too young?
    12 Family 14
  180. Can purchases be made with a student Paypal account?
    And also can payments be recieved from sites like gpts?
    3 Shopping 13
  181. How long does it generally take to recover from a hysterectomy?
    As well, what are the immediate side effects after getting one?
    8 Health 45
  182. Why wont my AOL email account let me in?
    it wants me to do this "word things" where you hae to read but i CANT read them
    3 Technology 38
  183. Way to find out all the sites I have an account with?
    Is there a way to find out all the sites I have an acount with of by entering my email address in somewhere? Do you know what I mean?
    2 Technology 12
  184. is it possible with itunes to change my account from an old ipod to a new one and regain all the songs and apps i had on the old one?
    2 Technology 9
  185. Recovering Task Manager on Windows?
    Is there a way you can recover the Task Manager (except of re-installing windows) on windows after it was disabled or overwrite by a certain virus?
    6 Technology 20
  186. How to get my email account back?
    Please help me; someone has hacked in to my email account? I dont know what to do as I forgot my security answer?
    3 Technology 22
  187. Problem with my account.
    It says I need to activate my account from an email. But it has never sent it to me. I have tried to resend it but it never came. What should I do about it? Also what dose it activate?
    4 Funadvice 12
  188. How Come this site keeps disabling my account?
    How come you people keep disabling my account? Then I have to log in again everytime? You never sent the email so I can confirm my new email.
    2 Funadvice 7
  189. Are you still able to sell IMVU accounts?
    I really dont need my IMVU account anymore and I've been wanting to sell it for months, but are you still allowed to do that?
    2 Technology 99
  190. Are you allowed to have two running, current accounts on this site?
    Are you allowed to have two running, current accounts on this site? I think I know someone who does, unless they're twins or something...
    8 Funadvice 14
  191. Account being disabled
    My cousin emohater her account got disabeled but if you type in emohater she comes up but when she tries 2 log in she cant Help!!!
    2 Funadvice 23
  192. How do I un-link my Twitter account from FunAdvice?
    I clicked the twitter button, but i want to undo that if that makes any sense
    2 Funadvice 6
  193. Which University and place is Ideal for taking an M.B.A degree in accounting?
    I would like to know which university is ideal for taking a M.B.A degree. What would be the expense and how should i apply?
    2 Education 12
  194. Are we allowed to post the usernames of our other social network accounts on the status update wall?
    can we give our usernames (twitter, etc) on the status update wall? or no?
    5 Funadvice 19
  195. How to create facebook account without phone verification?
    kindly share your thoughts with be original. No tricks needed.
    4 Technology 9
  196. How do you upload your pics onto your funadvice account?
    Just wondering how I do it because I felt like uploading some of my pics and I'm getting bored of my boring picture now
    2 Funadvice 13
  197. How to apply a password on my personal accounts & client info folder for privacy on a common use office computer?
    3 Technology 18
  198. Why is FunAdvice asking me to validate my account with my cell phone number if I want to view my FunMail?
    I don't want to get texts from them!
    7 Funadvice 6
  199. How can I delete my past account?
    OKAY. so I clicked the delete account button on my old account and I got the email HOWEVER the "Click here to activate your account" button did not work. fun advice people! help!!!
    3 Funadvice 50
  200. What do you think about couples sharing bank accounts?
    What do you think about couples sharing bank accounts? I know some couples who share and other who keep everything separate. Personally, my husband and I have joint accounts. I can see both sides of the issue, but what do you think?
    4 Relationships 57
  201. Do I recover
    I have the habit of mastrubating 5 times a week. Now I find , I am very week. I can't concentrate in my studies . I want to leave this habit and will iget recover . Pls help me.
    4 Health 44
  202. Can i get my yahoo email account back?
    Some one i don't know theft me and fooled me to give my password, and i lost my account. Any help if i can get it back. Tan,
    3 Technology 13
  203. dissabled account
    hi. if you lose your account, is there any way to get it back, becauze my friend lost hers, and now is asking me, so im asking u. is three any way to get it back?
    2 Funadvice 12
  204. I am having trouble validating my account?
    I have given my phone number and email to try to validate my FA account but i never received any messages. Please help ?
    10 Funadvice 11
  205. how do I transfer moni on a account for runescape
    4 Gaming 60
  206. How to get my stolen Myspace account back?
    Someone got into my myspace account change the e-mail address and password of both of the accounts. Now I can't get into my account. Do you know of a way of getting my account back? Please let me know. KRUZ
    3 Technology 43
  207. How can I delete my myspace account?
    I never told my myspace page were I love and now it says exaxtly were I live. How can I lie and change were I live? Or how can I delete my myspace accouny
    4 Technology 19
  208. What banks allow you to start a savings account when you're only 14?
    I would like to go with Chase, but I don't know their system.
    5 Money 48
  209. I waana delete my account from here
    how can I remove myself from dis site. I chose da option delete my profile in da customize my profile option, but its stil der?
    2 Technology 21
  210. How can I recover lost data on my video camera?
    I have a sony handycam, and it had all my memories on it. I accidentally formated it and it lost all its data.. Can I get it back?
    3 Technology 14
  211. Why was my account deleted from here?
    Yeah, I might have been a little harsh on some people but I didnt cross the line. Would it be because I didnt have pics here or what? Enlighten me.
    3 Funadvice 17
  212. Can a recovering bulimic become pregnant safely?
    I am a recoving bulimic for over ten years. I am doing great, eating better, and take vitamins. I am trying to get pregnant. Any suggestions???
    2 Health 62
  213. Can I recover an unsaved file?
    I was editing a picture on my computer, but then all of a sudden the program just shut down and I hadn't saved the picture yet. So can I recover the picture or is it gone for good? Thanks [:
    2 Technology 42
  214. Disable accounts!
    Why did you disable wintermichelleiero's account? I am her family member and this is her email address! Her email mailbox does not work so she can not send or recieve emails! You are making me fustrated cause she is innocent!
    2 Funadvice 11
  215. How do I cancel my son's Myspace account?
    how can I cancel my sons myspace account if they ask more the emai confirmation and he said he gave the wrong email adress so now we cannot confirm it and cancel it does someone knows how I can cancel it ?
    7 Technology 55
  216. What should I do if my Facebook account keeps getting hacked?
    I have a facebook account but it keeps getting hacked.. i have no idea what to do .. i can't delete it because i have to keep it deactivated for 14 days but someone keeps hacking it even if i change the passwords=/
    18 Technology 59
  217. How do I hack into my boyfriend's Myspace account?
    How do I hack into someone's myspace account. I think my boyfriend is cheating on me..i'm sure that is a question that no one can really answer but I wanted to put it out there!
    2 Technology 89
  218. how can I get Maria to get an account here?
    I really want my friend Maria to get an account on here but she says people wouldnt understand her and what not or that you guys wont be any help how can I get her to atleast try it?
    2 Relationships 14
  219. How do I design a site that supports accounts?
    Pls help... How can I desing a website where people can sign up.. what software or resources do I need
    2 Technology 11
  220. Is there anyway to find out what to tell people to text to if they want to text your aim account on yur computer?
    Like, when you text an Ipod, there is an sms number. Is it the same with aim?
    3 Technology 8
  221. i opened up a saving and a checking accounts.. help?
    i know it sounds stupid but this is my first time...what should i know is there a monthly fee i shoud know about?
    3 Money 14
  222. New feature on my funadvice account
    I have this feauture that I think is new it like "ask xfashionfreakx for advice" so I wanted to know does everyone else have it too??? And why do I have it??
    4 Funadvice 8
  223. Why doesn't Colleen delete accounts that no one logs on to anymore?
    Like the ones they last logged on 3-6 years ago..
    11 Funadvice 7
  224. Who can help me with this accounting Question...please!!?
    How is any balance remaining in a suspense account , which is not sufficiently material to warrant any delay in the publishing of a company's financial statements, should be dealt with in its books of account?
    3 Education 35
  225. Delete Administrator account on PC?
    I bought a PC from a friend and want to delete her account and make me administrator. I can't even open control panel to go to user accounts to change it.Any advice?
    2 Technology 64
  226. Playstation Network account won't work
    why wont my account work. I am new and am trying to make a new account on the playstation netowork but it always says the combination of sighin id and password is incorrect...what do I do??
    3 Gaming 76
  227. Can I pay cheques into my savings account?
    I was wondering if I can pay cheques into my savings account. Like if somebody gave me a cheque, could I get the money into my savings account, or do I need a credit card? PS: I'm 13 so I can't get a credit card.
    2 Money 6
  228. Someone Hacked My Imvu Account
    How do I recieve my imvu account back? My username was Inulover12 and I guess my password was real easy whe nsomeone hacked it! Please help me :'(
    4 Technology 1522
  229. Computer account
    My mom or sister put a password on the computer which I don't know,now if I turn this thing off I won't be able to get in cause well I don't know it,should I make my own account right now.
    3 Technology 30
  230. my 10 days free account on WoW
    I was wondering am making me the 10 day free account after that 10 days run out what will happen? and is it anyway I could upgrade thta 10 day free to a month with paying the fee?
    3 Gaming 10
  231. Why won't both my Myspace accounts work?
    Okay. I have two myspace accounts. One of them works when I go on it. Then when I log out of that one to go on my other one, the second one wont work. It says something about a technical error. But its letting me on the other one. Why wont it work???
    11 Technology 60
  232. Well is there anyway to get my question back into my account?
    I accidentally marked one of my questions anonymous, lol I know how do you do that accidentally? I'm just dumb like that. Well is there anyway to get it back?
    3 Funadvice 18
  233. Why can I log into my account on my phone but not my laptop?
    When I try to log in on my laptop and when I click "sign in" it goes back to the sign in page. And it doesn't say my email or password is wrong
    12 Funadvice 64
  234. How do I link up my adsense account here at funadvice?
    I can't seem to find a place to place my adsense code. I read go to settings but I don't seem to have that either. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
    3 Funadvice 13
  235. thinking about creating like a youtube account Cool name?
    lol, I'm thinking about creating like a youtube account, and I wanna cool & creative name. lmao like something different. like mac has wastetimechasingcars? lol any help?
    3 Technology 59
  236. Can someones account get deleted by...
    Saying that she want s obama to be assasinated??? She didnt mean she was gonnna do it, or she didnt mean it literally...but its not fair that the personnn... Took it to literally and disabled her account. Can she get it back?!?!?!?
    5 Funadvice 38
  237. How can I get into my Myspace account without my password?
    How do I hack into my own myspace account if my password suddenly doesn't work and i don't know what to do? Someone else is getting on it and its not pretty if u know what i mean .. so please help!
    2 Technology 186
  238. What are the pros and cons of having a PayPal account?
    Is there any down side to it? Cani open one under the age of 18? Are there any fees or is it like a bank account? Can someone please explain the paypal basics to me.
    7 General 70
  239. How can someone steal my e-mail account?
    I was signing into a dating chat line. When I entered my e-mail adress,I was told someone else was using my account and I am new to computers.
    2 Technology 74
  240. What gcse's and A levels do you need to be a Accountant ?
    I want to be an accountant and I think I know what to take for GCSE but im not so sure about A level,also any tips would be helpfull and do you have to go to university and for how long?
    2 Education 41
  241. Is my PSN account name stupid?
    I made my PSN account name and I wasn't really thinking when I did it, It's SamuraiSamJay and I really do not like it, but we cant change it, is it worth me making a new account or should i just ignore what i think others may think and leave it?
    2 Gaming 6
  242. Why do I need to sign in to Google to watch my YouTube account?
    Anybody know why when i sign out of google i can not check my youtube account i have to sign in on google to check my youtube account thats weird i hope that never happen with fun advice if you know tell me please thank you.
    10 Technology 28
  243. Windows live messenger (MSN), How to get a new account?
    My msn dosent work...I stopped using it for a year and now it wont work. How do I create a new acount. This is about the windowns live messenger
    4 Technology 58
  244. Wisdom teeth how long does it take you to recover?
    I got my wisdom teeth out 2 days ago and my cheeks are big and my mouth is really sore!! If youve had yours out too...when did your swelling go down and how long did it take you to recover??? Thanks!
    4 Health 40
  245. what can you do to recover photos?
    I was uploading photos this morning, wiped my camera's memory.. and my computer broke down and restarted... I don't think the photos were saved as I can't find them anywhere, but I edited them in Picasa before it broke down.. Is there anything I can do...
    4 Technology 28
  246. Does anyone want to give me a Gaia account?
    Does anyone have an account they dont want anymore on Gaia because I'll take it off your hands :) ,if so send me your username and password to my email: pri_pri_sony(at) thank you!!!
    3 Gaming 42
  247. My kids yahoo account
    Is there anyway to look at my daughters yahoo mail. She always is on yahoo and when she sees me or my wife she rushes and gets off. I need to know what my child is looking at or who she is talking to. I have talked to her and she will not give my wife ...
    2 Technology 24
  248. What to do to recover after wresling?
    I just started wresling and its probly the hardest condisioning ever in a tiny like over 90 degree room. and after I am in pain. so what can I do to help recover quicker? also I have practice everyday.
    5 Sports 14
  249. How to set up my online bank account to accept online payments from customers?
    Well I wanted to sell my handmade jewelry online but I don't know how to setup my bank account and my website to accept payments. Could anyone tell me how to do that?
    5 Money 11
  250. How teens can open a bank account
    Bank accounts are not easy to open for teenagers. And in fact, it's getting harder and harder every day to do it because of global fraud. But with the help of your parents or a guardian you can actually get an account and even a debit card.
    5 Money 19