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How can my daughter skip a grade

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  1. does eminem have a daughter?
    5 Family 15
  2. Do you know when grades come out
    Do you know when grades come out
    4 Education 37
  3. How can I deal with my teenage daughter?
    how can I deal with my teenage daughter
    18 Babies 361
  4. How can I change my daughters password?
    How can I change my daughters password?
    2 Family 82
  5. Does John Cena have a daughter?
    Does John Cena have a daughter?
    12 Entertainment 375
  6. What GCSE grade is a Pass?
    What GCSE grade is a pass?
    7 Education 258
  7. Why is it bad to skip breakfast?
    Why is it bad to skip breakfast?
    3 Health 47
  8. get better grades
    how do you get better grades??
    7 Education 36
  9. How do I delete my daughters myspace?
    How do I delete my daughter's myspace?
    10 Technology 63
  10. what to expect for 8th grade?
    13 Education 87
  11. How am I going to catch up with my grades?
    3 Education 49
  12. Help me get better Grades
    How can I get better Grades?
    3 Education 52
  13. Is it healthy to skip a menstrual period?
    Is it healthy to skip a menstrual period?
    4 Health 77
  14. What would be to me the daughter of my cousin's mother?
    What would be to me the daughter of my cousins mother.
    8 Family 78
  15. How are students graded in medical school?
    How are students graded in medical school?
    2 Education 35
  16. How to cope when your teen daughter is pregnant?
    How to cope when your teen daughter is pregnant?
    2 Health 52
  17. Is it a good thing to skip breakfast?
    is it a good thing to skip breakfast?
    7 Food 34
  18. Being a good daughter
    How can I be a good daughter to why parents wheter or not if they are good parents?
    4 Family 48
  19. Advice for 8th Grade?
    Anyone have any advice on being in 8th grade?
    19 Education 257
  20. How can I get along with my teenage daughter?
    How can I get along with my teenage daughter?
    17 Babies 232
  21. my daughter is up to it again, she is bugging me about joining FA
    17 Babies 40
  22. What grade would you give me?
    4 Funadvice 27
  23. Should I tell my daughter's biological father that he is her father?
    12 Family 49
  24. Who likes that song farmers daughter?
    3 Music 42
  25. How old are you when you are in 12th grade in UK?
    3 Education 84
  26. What are some indications your child should be in a higher grade?
    18 Education 28
  27. what can i do for my daughters 16th birthday party ?
    6 Entertainment 132
  28. How many non-seniors usually skip on senior skip day?
    How many usually skip on senior skip day even though your not a senior?
    5 Education 54
  29. What does "Total c.umulative grade" mean and does the current average or the total c.umulative grade go on report cards?
    5 Education 16
  30. Why does the grading thing goes A B C D F and it skips E?
    16 Education 58
  31. Can I rent mcleod's daughters at a video store?
    Can I rent mcleod's daughters at a video store?
    2 Technology 18
  32. When can my daughter legally leave school?
    When can my daughter legally laeve school
    9 Education 24
  33. what grade?
    In what grade or at what age do breast increase in size the most.
    8 Education 134
  34. Cheap things to do with my daughter for fun?
    What are some cheap things I can do with my daughter so she can have fun with her friends
    11 Babies 1277
  35. Should I keep my daughter home from school?
    Should I keep my daughter home from school if she is depressed ?
    8 Babies 39
  36. Grades
    What grade are you going to??? Any fellow juniors??lol
    6 Education 15
  37. Is it normal to skip periods?
    is it normal to skip a period if you're a virgin?
    3 Health 106
  38. How can I be popular in 8th grade?
    how can i be a little popular for the 8 grade?
    8 Education 88
  39. Ok is it bad if you skip a period?
    Ok is it bad if you skip a period? What does it mean if you do?
    7 Health 28
  40. How a bill becomes a law for grade 2?
    How a bill becomes a law for grade 2?
    2 Money 22
  41. How can I raise my grade in Spanish if I have no missing assignments?
    4 Education 50
  42. How do you convince a father to let you date his daughter?
    4 Family 62
  43. What grade level do I get to dissect things?
    11 Education 73
  44. How do I get my daughter's father to spend more time with her?
    2 Family 5
  45. Can I skip drivers ed if I am 17 and under a hardship?
    3 General 52
  46. is it normal for your mum to love a puppy more than her daughter ?
    6 Family 23
  47. How do you find density in 9th grade science?
    7 Education 27
  48. What was your 12th grade graduation theme song?
    9 Funadvice 64
  49. Do parents protect their daughters way more than their sons?
    12 Family 102
  50. Why does my daughter's breast hurt when it grows?
    my daugter's breast is growing but it hurt, what should I do?
    8 Health 290
  51. What color was your 8th grade graduation dress?
    14 Style 57
  52. How to plan my brother's daughter's first birthday?
    2 Babies 16
  53. what is a good way to get a coin graded?
    2 General 14
  54. is 9th grade a bad year?
    here we have just 9th grade in one school...
    3 Education 41
  55. What is the average grade to take calculas
    What is the avereage grade to take calcuals.
    5 Education 36
  56. What do you need to know by the end of 9th grade??
    What do you need to know by the end of 9th grade?? All subjects
    3 Education 102
  57. How do I get better grades in school?
    How do i get better grades in school??? Any good tecnicequies??
    5 Education 37
  58. My daughter doesn't act 18
    My daughter is 18 but never acts like this
    4 Babies 37
  59. What grade did you watch the movie about puberty?
    8 Sex 72
  60. Can teachers not give you the right grade just because some other person is his or her favorite?
    7 Education 9
  61. What are some really good father-daughter songs?
    19 Music 63
  62. My daughter is in 5th grade an running for historian.. Please help
    Please help I need some catchy slogans for historian poster
    2 Education 115
  63. how do i access my online grade nine science textbook?
    2 Science 7
  64. Daughter with braces an need to get them off
    How do you get braces off teeth at home
    10 Babies 35
  65. Do colleges look back on your 8th grade year?
    8 Education 103
  66. What's a good 9th grade science fair project?
    7 Education 25
  67. Can I skip pills on birth control to induce a period?
    7 Health 80
  68. What's the equation for photosynthesis for a 10th grade science class?
    6 Education 37
  69. How can I survive 8th grade when mostly everyone hates me?
    10 Education 37
  70. good way to write a 8th grade book report!?
    what is a good way to write a 8th grade book report!?!?
    3 Literature 128
  71. Math taks 8th grade
    how many question can you miss on the math taks in 8th grade?
    2 Education 67
  72. Do Tim McGraw's daughters sing in his "Fly Away" video?
    Is it Tim Mcgraw's daughters singing in his Fly Away video?
    4 Music 134
  73. Why dose the grades go a,b,c,d,and skip e to f?
    If school is so smart why dose the grades go a,b,c,d,and skip e to f??? Some one plzzz tell me why!!!
    5 Education 107
  74. Playing item for 2 years old grand daughter
    Playing item for 2 years old grand daughter
    2 Babies 10
  75. help my 3 month old daughters blocked nose
    what can I do to help my 3 month old daughters blocked nose
    2 Babies 16
  76. 8th. Grade
    What is 8th. Grade like... People tell me all this stuff but really what is it like.
    10 Education 22
  77. What do you do when you just stop caring about your grades?
    What do you do when you just stop caring about your grades family friends gossip etc?
    3 Education 68
  78. Daughter's aunt's husband's riddle?
    Candace is Jane's daughter's aunt's husband's daughter's sister. What is the relationship between Candace and Jane?
    3 General 125
  79. Do you think Casey Anothey killed her daughter, Caylee Marie Anothey?
    14 Politics 27
  80. who thinks after finishing 8th grade its possible to go to college?
    8 Education 50
  81. Would I be allowed to do online schooling if I'm in 10th grade?
    ... and what would i have to do?
    10 Education 18
  82. Is it true that eating breakfast before school helps improve your grades?
    5 Nutritionfitness 37
  83. How can I write my Grade 10 English Provisional with flare?
    2 Education 12
  84. How do I ask my daughter about her boyfriend?
    I dont know anything about my daugthers boyfriend what do I ask him
    4 Family 130
  85. What do colleges look at the most: GPA, SAT scores, or overall grades?
    3 Education 12
  86. How do you get better grades and be successful like Taylor Swift?
    12 Education 17
  87. What is a good product for my daughter to use for her dry eyes (she is 11)?
    11 Health 15
  88. Why are most 8th grade girls really cruel and mean?
    5 Education 18
  89. What was your favorite grade in middle school?
    6th, 7th, or 8th? .. and why? (:
    12 Education 41
  90. How can I get my 12 year old daughter to understand that I am a person too?
    11 Babies 148
  91. What is a good 8th grade graduation song; preferably country?
    4 Music 35
  92. What are some websites like Pandora without the skipping songs limit?
    3 Technology 9
  93. My 12 year old daughter.
    my 12 year old daughter is a sizes 44 D is that Normal.
    9 Health 335
  94. how to deal with my 13 year old daughter
    how to deal with my 13 year old daughter that dont want to listen
    11 Babies 199
  95. What is 9th grade like?
    im going into 9th grade and i just want to know what to expect.
    7 Education 84
  96. how to tell my daughter about why women have periods?
    need some ideas on the best ways to tell my daughter about why women have periods
    4 Health 56
  97. Would anyone do a sexual act for a grade
    Would anyone do a sexual act for a grade...if it depended on you passing your year?
    10 Sex 16
  98. Should I allow my daughter to date or wear makeup?
    Should I allow my 12 year old daughter to date or wear makeup?
    14 Babies 92
  99. Why doesn't my husband give our daughter kisses?
    Why doesnt my husband feel comfortable with giving our daughter kisses?!
    10 Babies 49
  100. Will skipping a meal help me lose weight?
    will skipping dinner or lunch help me lose weight? explain.
    3 Nutritionfitness 42
  101. My crush since 5th grade thinks all my friends are hot
    My crush since 5th grade thinks all my friends are hot... And I can't get over him. What should I do?
    2 Relationships 59
  102. My daughter is almost 12 sore breasts
    My daughter has sore breasts is this common in puberty or should I be more concerned?
    9 Babies 3096
  103. meeting daughter's boyfriend's parents
    We are going out to dinner to meet my daughter's boyfriend's parents. Do we offer to pay?
    5 Family 942
  104. Is it normal that my daughter is very reluctant to go to the gyno?
    is it normal that my daughter is very reluctant to go to the gyno? and says she doesnt need to?
    3 Health 36
  105. Why is there a graduation after grade 8?
    There should be a grad after grade 12 not 8 becasue you still got school after grade 8.
    3 Education 46
  106. can i still graduate in 2 years if im currently doing 5th grade math,6th grade writing,reading,social studies,science?
    2 Education 22
  107. What kind of therapist would a mother and daughter get to work out there problems with?
    5 Family 22
  108. do you think someone is a bad parent just because they don't put their daughter on birth control?
    12 Family 55
  109. My dog, skip.
    Has anyone ever seen that movie? I think its the saddest movie I have ever seen.
    2 Entertainment 15
  110. Are two A's, eight B's, and four C's good grades for GCSE's?
    6 Education 19
  111. 14 year old Twyla. Daughter of the Boogey Man, photographed by me.
    10 Money 13
  112. does anyone know what "the memory keepers daughter" by kim edwards is about?
    3 Literature 15
  113. Why does my boxer dog seem to skip while running?
    2 Pets 13
  114. what school suplies are you going 2 need for 8th grade?
    what school suplies are you going 2 need for 8th grdae?
    4 Education 18
  115. Why son instead of daughter?
    if God loved us all equally, why did He send a son (Jesus) instead of a daughter to us?
    14 Religion 40
  116. What can I do to go from 8th to 11th grade?
    I'm in the 8th grade and im supposed to be in the 10th,What can I do to get there?
    5 Education 22
  117. daughter worry
    my 5 year old daughter sucks her thumb. what can I do to discontinue her habbit?
    12 Babies 34
  118. My daughter needs my support
    Is the marines a good option for my 18 year old daughter?
    4 Education 15
  119. What kind of grades do you need to get into the airforce?
    I really want to go to the airforce so what kind of grades do I need to get to be eligible
    3 Education 66
  120. Should I ask my 21-year-old daughter if she's gay?
    how can I go about asking my 21yr. old daughter if she's gay?
    17 Babies 337
  121. listen to classical music while you study you get a better grade?
    is it true if you listen to classical music while you study it help's you get A BETTER GRADE>
    7 Education 65
  122. Dick Cheneys daughter?
    I always wondered... If Dick Cheneys daughter is lesbian, and Bush was against Lesbians marrying, than was that an insult to Cheney? Or was he all for it too?
    4 Politics 34
  123. How can I learn to dunk by 9th grade?
    Does anybody have any exercises I can do to be able to dunk by the 9th grade. I don't have any equipment or a gym
    3 Sports 60
  124. why moms be distrespectful to daughters?
    why when somethig breaks or comes up missing do moms blame ther daughters
    5 Family 53
  125. Should my daughter read at the age of 4?
    Because my daughter spells her name and thats it am a curious mom.
    5 Babies 48
  126. Daughter's Birthday
    What birthday present suggestions do you have for my 15-year old daughter, who loves to draw.
    5 Babies 36
  127. What to say when my 8 year old daughter says she has a boyfriend?
    My daughter is only 8 years old. should I be worried about this? should I tell her its okay? should I tell her it is not okay?
    8 Babies 110
  128. Math Grades
    My math grade is kinda low right now, and my mom says I have to get it up. How can you get a math grade up? You can't really study for math.
    5 Education 27
  129. How can I take atest to get in my right grade?
    I want to get in my right grade cause im not in my right grade. Im in the 8th grade but I need to get in 9 th grade.
    2 Education 2914
  130. Is it easier for inlaws to accept a daughter-n-law than a son-n-law ?
    5 Family 38
  131. What would my major be if I wanted to be a 2nd grade teacher?
    child development or elementary teacher?
    5 Education 31
  132. How should i deal with starting 9th grade, when im from a different country and will not know anyone?
    4 Education 11
  133. Who's the girl who played Joey Fatones daughter on Hannah Montana?
    3 Entertainment 60
  134. Do you think I should go to my 8th grade dance?
    But i wouldnt beable to wear my hair down :-(
    10 Entertainment 153
  135. 16 year old daughter run off with older man
    how do I get her back
    4 Babies 43
  136. How can I help my 8 year-old daughter go to sleep after having a nightmare?
    3 Babies 18
  137. Is it better to have your kiss at (say ninth grade, for example) an "older age"?
    8 General 46
  138. should i be worried if i am going to community college and i don't even know 6th grade math???
    12 Education 18
  139. How important are school grades in life, when you're looking to attend college later on?
    10 Education 50
  140. Is there a bunch of balancing chemical equations I can work on that you know of for grade 10 science?
    3 Science 20
  141. My daughter and toilet paper
    How do I keep my daughter from unraveling the whole role of tp when I am not paying attention?
    9 Babies 30
  142. Gauge skipping
    I have my ears gauged to a size 6. I want to get to 00. How big can I skip gauges now? Thanks
    2 Style 65
  143. Is it healthy to skip meals?
    Is it healthy to skip eating the whole day and then eat in the evening? While also exercising twice a day?
    4 Nutritionfitness 34
  144. What fun things can I do with my 13mth old daughter?
    What are things or places I can take my 13mth old daughter to play and have fun but also learn?
    4 Babies 11
  145. Good thing to say to your teen daughter when she complains
    What would be a good thing to say to your teen daughter when she complains about being fat, when you know she is not. Thanks
    3 Family 55
  146. When is a rude disrespectful daughter too old for a spanking?
    My 10yr old daughter is rude and disrespectful. Scolding, grounding her means nothing to her. Is she too old for a spanking?
    22 Babies 5362
  147. I read my daughter cell text is that right?
    I read my teenage daughter texts from her this right to do as a parent? This is the only way I know what is happening with her
    27 Babies 240
  148. Daughter is 3 years old and when she has a poo there is blood
    My daughter is 3 years old and when she has a poo there is blood and she gets cramps. I been to the doctors and the is no change.
    5 Babies 309
  149. Did John Cena adopt a daughter?
    Did John cena adopt a daughter? If you answer me can you give the source or web site you got it from
    3 Entertainment 80
  150. Do you like the name Maya Lynn for our daughter?
    So my boyfriend and I decided to name our daughter Maya what do you guys think is it cute? :)
    7 Babies 56
  151. Is a 12th grader too old for a 10th grade girl?
    Do you think a grade 12 guy is to old to date a grade 10 girl?
    7 Relationships 49
  152. Eighth grade, wanting to skip ninth grade.
    I am in eighth grade right now. And I'm supposed to be going into nith grade next year. But I'm smart enough to be going into tenth grade, and my dad says it's a smart descision to go ahead a grade. But I need to know what do over the summer. I wan...
    3 Education 130
  153. what did you do in 9th and 10th grades?
    give full explanations of what you did in 9th and 10th grade. have you ever got into a fight and why? how was your grades? you basically telling me what you did in 9th and 10th grades with full explanations and why you did such things
    10 Education 43
  154. How can I improve my art grade?
    I always practice and i get As but the mark is always 91% any other way i could bump up my grades?
    6 Education 16
  155. how or will meh frend pass sixth grade if she flunked the math taks test and she passed the reading?
    6 Education 71
  156. Do you think moms know that their daughters masturbate?
    I mean she found out I was having sex, so she probably knows right?
    3 Sex 62
  157. Are Jewish people allowed to skip out on their religion and date outside their religion and race?
    or would that be bad?
    4 Religion 58
  158. can i still be in early college even if didnt pass the fcat write in 9th grade?
    3 Education 37
  159. American grades and english years -school
    ok, in america they call each school year a 'grade', but in england we call them 'year'. I am in year 8, what grade would that be im america?
    4 Education 155
  160. How to make conversation with a 11th grade boy if you're in 9th grade?
    we talked a few times, except I'm really bad at making conversation. what are some ways to start a convo/ keep it going? p.s, i really like him
    6 Relationships 39
  161. How do you get your 11 year old daughter to act a little more more mature instead of acting so childish?
    13 Babies 67
  162. Would it be considered cheating if I dropped some of my classes with lower (not failing) grades to raise my GPA?
    3 Education 18
  163. how can a sheriff in wa. state pull my daughter over in my car with the reason being that i have a suspended license which was a lie?
    6 General 43
  164. Does anyone know how much an E.O.C. Exam effects your grade?
    Please help,Thankks.(:
    8 Education 13
  165. What would you think if someone named their daughter Stefani?
    Like on Baby Mama how Angie named her daughter Stefani like Gwen Stefani.
    11 Entertainment 16
  166. step daughter
    I am wondering what to do I think I have fallen in love with my step daughter and have very littleor no feelings for her mother now and I am very troubled on what I should do do you have any suggestions
    12 Family 162
  167. Why wont parents let their young teen daughters have boyfriends?
    Why are some parents so protective and don't let their kids have boyfriends when their young teens? What's the harm?
    10 Family 129
  168. Can you skip out of high school?
    like skip senior year... and if you can would you still get like your diploma or whatever...
    15 Education 54
  169. how can i make my parents understand that i am not an A grade student as my sister?
    .that i will never be able to get a scholarship based on my grades?
    2 Family 23
  170. RH(D) O positive blood my husband is O my daughter was born with A+
    I have a RH(D) O positive blood my husband is O my daughter was born with A+ I did not mess around how did that happen.
    6 Family 87
  171. is it bad if i skip my period every 2 months?
    and is it bad if i dnt get cramps BUT get them after my period somtimes?
    15 Health 60
  172. How many are skipping school or having a late start tomorrow because the midnight showing of Harry Potter?
    3 Education 74
  173. How can I get my grades up?
    My grades have went down this year and I'm a freshman. I need to know how I can keep a C average.
    4 Education 39
  174. Is skipping good for losing weight?
    Hello.Can skipping helps to lose weight?Heard that it is a good exercise as it is a full body exercise..
    8 Nutritionfitness 71
  175. what are some good scary 6th or 7th grade novels?
    What are some interesting and scary 6th\7th grade novels? because I really need to start readin :)
    2 Literature 42
  176. how I take the pill like skip periods and stuff
    can some one please explane how I take the pill like skip periods and stuff im so confussed!
    4 Health 29
  177. Should I skip class?
    I skip all the time but I never got caught till today and I was wonderin if I should skip in high school ? I just need some help
    11 Education 46
  178. Starting 11th grade tomorrow
    I'm pretty nervous cause I'm starting 11th grade tomorrow and I need tips or help on how NOT to be nervous. It's the same school but new grade.
    2 Education 19
  179. My 5 month Old Daughter, thinking of getting her ears pierced
    I have a 5 1.2 month old daughter. Im thinking about having her ears pierced. What is your opinion on this topic?
    26 Babies 82
  180. Father-daughter and mother-son breeding
    Father-daughter and mother-son breeding... I would like to know what the big deal is...
    2 Pets 1357
  181. What's a good excuse for skipping a class?
    if you skip a class what is the best excuse to use? lol please tell meh much love
    8 Education 1975
  182. What if no one in my grade likes me?
    nobody in my grade likes me because they all think that im ugly and that they hate me and my best friend is going out with the guy that I like
    2 Relationships 7
  183. What grade is Year 11 in America?
    please tell me wht grade you wud b in if you were in america and if your in yr 11 in the uk?? please hurry up and tell me!!!
    3 Education 227
  184. Rumor going around that lil waynes daughter died?
    Did anyone hear the rumor going around that lil waynes daughter died??? I personally don't think its true...
    8 Entertainment 47
  185. How distant is a 3rd grade cousin?
    I mean a 3rd grade cousin still counts as a close relative or not. Tell me please thank you.
    7 Family 41
  186. Dad daughter and his bestmate <3
    What would you do if you was a dad and found out that your daughter was textin your best mate I need help (: x
    5 Relationships 41
  187. If Im In The 9th Grade...
    Ok so I live in Pakistan and we dont have the Junior or High School System here.If Im in the 9th grade,then am I in Junior High or am I in some other school??
    3 Education 49
  188. Will skipping some meals make me lose weight?
    Ok... how about skipping a meal or two... or drinking LOTS of water?? does that help with anything?
    3 Nutritionfitness 39
  189. american grades and british years, what am I in?.
    im 14. 15 this year and I'm in year 3 at school at the moment, and I was wondering what american grade am I in?
    6 Education 142
  190. How many f's to fail 7th grade???
    I was in 7th grade and I got 1 f in the end but I dont know if I failed??? I hope I didnt =(
    6 Education 8738
  191. What can I say or do to stop my 12 year old daughter from wanting to look like she's 15 or 16 years old?
    25 Babies 57
  192. What course of action would you take if your son molested both your daughters?
    Raped/molested both your daughters/his younger sisters more than once, what would you do?
    15 Family 11
  193. 8th grade science fair ideas
    does anyone have any gud I ideas for a project. something out there but doable or something that has to do with pychology.
    2 Education 75
  194. MATH QUESTION. easy for anyone older than 8th grade. or a smarty.
    what's 0.8 (repeating!) as a decimal?
    6 Education 46
  195. What are some ways I can help my grieving daughters sleep tonight?
    They lost their grandfather today and can't stop crying.
    10 Babies 16
  196. What happens if you eat a full breakfast, skip lunch and eat a full dinner with a glass of milk right before bed?
    8 Nutritionfitness 50
  197. Why am I behind my grade?
    I'm studying 5th grade math,6th grade writing and reading,6th grade science,6th grade social studies?can I get into college within 2 years?
    2 Education 64
  198. low grades
    how could I get high grades? I always get low grades even though I study very hard.. I even study all night when exams are near
    2 Education 19
  199. Would your cousin's daughter be like your second cousin?
    I have this cousin who has a daughter named Ashlee and I don't really know what cousin she is, like a first cousin or second cousin cause, her father is my first cousin. So, would that make her my second cousin?
    6 Family 49
  200. My daughter and daycare
    my daughter doesnt like to go to daycare and she cries every morning. she doesnt like to go to bed cause she doesnt want it to be morning cause she knows she'll have to go.
    8 Babies 15
  201. Do I have to take all classes in academic level in grade 10 if I want to go to university?
    Im planning to take all classes on academic level in grade 11 and 12.
    4 Education 14
  202. How do I stop my grades from going down?
    what should I do?! I used to be the top 1 now I think my grades are going down. I don't know what I should do!!! a lot want to be me and now they are having the chance! please help me!!!
    2 Education 37
  203. what can my daughters therapist tell me?
    So my daughter started therapy about 6 weeks ago and her therapist really won't tell me anything, so what all can her therapist reveal to me about what is troubling her?
    4 Health 23
  204. What should I name my daughter?
    I can't decide on a name for my daughter. I have some that I really like but I just can't decide on which one. Here they are: marisa, vanesa, yesenia, or andreya? The last name is palma. Which one do you think?
    13 Babies 40
  205. Are classes without grades a good idea?
    At New College of Florida students take classes without grades and design their own curriculum - good idea or bad idea, and why ?
    2 Education 48
  206. Can we produce a brown-eyed daughter?
    is it possible for a blue eyed mother and a green eyed father to produce a dark brown, alomost black eyed daughter?
    6 Style 53
  207. weight is around 80-85 pounds, and im in 7th grade
    ok, personal question: ok so my weight is around 80-85 pounds, and im in 7th grade! what do you guys think about that?
    10 Nutritionfitness 156
  208. My graduation 8th grade
    I graduate next year in may I weigh 250 how much can I lose within this time
    4 Nutritionfitness 21
  209. Why do family members get humiliated if their daughter is pregnant with out marriage and she's young?
    is it like scaring your family and shaming them all life?
    7 Family 25
  210. FunAdvice Trivia: Who was not a son or daughter of Zeus?
    A) Ares B) Athena C) Demeter D) Herakles
    15 Funadvice 32
  211. How do you get good grades?
    I know this sounds like a dumb question, but if anyone here gets straight A's and B's, I'd like to know how they do it.
    14 Education 56
  212. Is it okay if you're on a diet but skip one day to eat fatty foods, then go right back to your diet?
    6 Nutritionfitness 21
  213. My daughter hates the idea of a bra
    She refueses to wear one but she is 12 and NEEDS one! I bought her some, but she ignores them HELP
    10 Babies 191
  214. What are some tactics I can use to get better control of my five year daughter?
    She is very bright but extremely load, she is very misbehaved. What can we do?
    28 Babies 34
  215. How do you tell your parents about a bad grade if they're strict?
    I got a 40% on a project and my parents are strict and I need to get it signed how do I tell them?
    6 Family 132
  216. Should students get paid for good grades?
    Do you think that students should get paid for receiving good grades? this isnt for a homework assignment or anything. I just want to know what people think. I think we should!
    8 Education 105
  217. Is it OK to be taking Math A in 11th Grade?
    my friend wants to know if its ok that she is going to the eleven grade and is still taking math a and living enviorment what do i tell her?
    2 Education 29
  218. daughter loves Selena's clothes where to buy them?
    On wizards of waverly place my 11 year old daughter loves Selena's clothes does anyone know where I can get them at?
    7 Shopping 41
  219. How I should dress my 8 month old daughter for my wife's graduation
    My wife is graduating from fresno state on saturday. Does anyone have any unique ideas on how I should dress my 8 month old daughter for the ceremony?
    3 Style 36
  220. Does Weed Effect Your Grades?
    I am 13 and I smoke weed. Does it have a dramatic effect on the brain like bad grades? Because I want to know if im putting my brain at risk.
    12 Health 95
  221. How to get better grades?
    12 Education 26
  222. Is 8th grade graduation a big deal?
    I couldn't make it to my cousin and her mom started giving me attitude..
    5 Education 96
  223. what would you do if your daughter got pregnant at 16?
    would you help her and her boyfriend out (with money and watching the baby) or make them do [mostly] everything themselves?
    10 Family 69
  224. What can I do to get better grades in school?
    Lol teachers say I talk to much & get easily distracted or lose focus ...
    11 Education 17
  225. How do I know if my teen daughter is doing drugs or having sex?
    I want to know if she is having sex or doing drugs. I dont want her to know that I am wondering about this yet. I just need some clues to help me figure it out.
    106 Sex 421
  226. is slapping your daughter against the law
    my mom told me to be quiet yesterday and she had to tell me so many times that my dad slapped me and iwas mad
    10 Babies 216
  227. Do you think the Texas judge who was caught beating his daughter on video should be criminally charged?
    Read about it:
    23 Money 68
  228. Is there a specific type of therapist I should take my daughter to?
    After the other night she can't sleep cause she dreams about and I think she needs a professional to talk to
    3 Babies 26
  229. Will I go to the 11th grade with these grades
    I'm very worried because this whole semester I have worked extremely hard to get my grades up,do you think I'll pass to the 11th grade with these grades: C+ ->English B ->PE (due to injuries) A+ ->High School Prep F ->Algebra 1 F- ->Modern Wor...
    9 Education 419
  230. My step daughter 5 1/2 months old Chihuahua
    my step daughter has a Chihuahua that is 5 1/2 months old & he mite have parvo what can we do to help him? untel she can get some money to take him to the vet?
    7 Pets 33
  231. What should I do, I skipped school and got caught?
    I skipped school and went and hung out with my friends. They school called my parents and I wasent at home so they couldnt find me... There gonna be home at 5!!! What do I do???
    11 Family 1349
  232. What are some good 8th grade graduation quotes?
    I need to write a speech for my 8th grade promotion but can't find a good quote to put in. Would it be better if I didn't put 1 in?
    4 Literature 52
  233. How much weight will I lose if I skip Lunch ??
    I am trying to lose weight how much will I lose if I eat a small breakfast, skip lunch and have a small dinner ??? How much will I lose in a week eating this? I know it isnt healthy but how much will I probebly lose ??
    10 Nutritionfitness 198
  234. What episode of Supernatural involved the Hookman and the reverend's daughter?
    If so did anyone watch the hookman part About the reverend's daughter? If so please tell me what episode that is?? :P I'm just too bored right now!!?
    7 Entertainment 28
  235. What are the worst grades you've ever gotten?
    tell me your stories about the point in your education where your grades were at there lowest,and how your parents reacted,and how you got back on track.
    13 Education 308
  236. How do I catch my daughter sneaking boys in her bedroom?
    I think my daughter is sneaking boys through bedroom her window. I see footprints leading to her window. She keeps her door shut sometimes. But I cant't catch her.
    14 Family 813
  237. What do I do when I'm in 8th grade and people call me gay?
    I just need help and I don't want to kill myself. How do I get pepple in school to stop calling me gay!!??
    6 Health 33
  238. How do I keep good grades up in school?
    Im having a hard time trying to balance my fmily life, my boyfriend, my friends, snd school all at the same time.
    4 Education 19
  239. What type of dress should I wear to eight grade graduation?
    A pink dress? A red sparkly dress? A simple black dress? (your answer here) Or other please comment which___
    8 Style 101
  240. What is the worst punishment in junior high can you get from skipping class?
    A couple of my friends plan on doing it, and I just want to know what's gonna happen to them.
    6 Education 23
  241. Does it count to say you skipped breakfast if you woke up at lunch time and ate right away(considering breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal)?
    3 Health 15
  242. What could I do for my daughter's 12th birthday?
    Her birthday is next month and I'm not sure what kind of party to throw her, she is a girly girl, any ideas
    8 Babies 23
  243. Anyone got advice for 9th grade?
    Im going into it next year and want to know if there's anything hard or new about it?
    8 Education 109
  244. How many people have bad grades in school
    I have ok grades in school but I want to get better grades and I need to no the best way to do that help me plzzz I really want to succeed in life and in school
    8 Education 71
  245. What could I write to my French teacher as an apology for skipping class?
    I skipped a french class with my friends and we have to write an apology letter to the teacher. What are some phrases or things I could say that sound sincere (I do not regret skipping that class I learn nothing!)
    8 Education 131
  246. Grade Shocks, Need *die*
    I got really bad grades and I dont know what to do, no matter what I do I get average/bad grades and my dad wont settle for C's what do I do!!
    2 Education 16
  247. Can my son wear my daughters clothes?
    I do not have much money and I cannot aford boys clothes for my two year old I have loads of clothes from my four year old daughter but they are all dresses and skirts can he wear them
    5 Babies 72
  248. What can I do with my daughter today?
    My daughter is 7yro;she's an only child and getts Lonely sometimes. Money is low so I'm looking for Some cheap but fun ways to keep her happy.
    5 Babies 258
  249. Why don't my friends share my happiness with good grades?
    I get good grades and I try not to brag about them but I just get so happy. And I always support mt friends when they are failing. So why arent they returning my happines??? HELP???
    3 Education 32
  250. What to get my daughter for her 8th birthday?
    My daughter is turning 8yrs old this month and I have no clue what to get her, because she is her father's only child and he gets her whatever she wants. Can someone HELP ME? PLEASE!!??
    3 Shopping 156