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  1. Why do we call "french fries" french fries if they are not even French?
    Why do we call "french fries" french fries if they are not even French?!
    6 Food 86
  2. French braid?
    How do you do a french braid?
    2 Style 47
  3. What are some french foods??
    11 Food 33
  4. french horn
    why is a french horn callled a french horn?
    3 Music 44
  5. What does l` mean in french
    What does l` mean in french
    2 Education 327
  6. how do you say "hello" in french?
    how do you say "hello" in french?
    3 General 85
  7. Is escargo french for snails?
    Is escargo french for snails?
    2 Education 92
  8. how do you say i love you in french?? how do you say i love you in french spanish italien greek??
    4 General 36
  9. How to write a letter in french?
    2 Literature 45
  10. How do you say 'everyday' in French?
    6 Education 78
  11. Is JuPierre a french last name?
    Is JuPierre a french last name?
    2 General 13
  12. How to spell the french phrase tushay?
    How to spell the french phrase tushay?
    4 General 857
  13. How to spell hello and good by in french?
    How to spell hello and good by in french
    2 General 17
  14. How do you do a french braid?
    How do you do a french braid on long hair?
    2 Style 22
  15. A Joke, How do you say eat in French?
    How do you say eat in French???
    3 General 64
  16. How to write happy birthday in french?
    How to write happy birthday in french?
    3 General 70
  17. Does anyone speak fluent French?
    17 General 41
  18. How do you say "surround sound" in French?
    4 Education 82
  19. Is it hard to learn french or any other language?
    11 Education 23
  20. Should I get a shellac french manicure for my brother's wedding or just cheap french manicures you can get at the drugstore?
    6 Drugs 27
  21. How to type french accent marks on a laptop?
    How to type french accent marks on a laptop?
    2 General 49
  22. how do you say Hey my name is Carly in french?
    how do you say Hey my name is Carly in french?
    4 Literature 545
  23. jobs I can get with a french degree other than translation?
    what are the jobs I can get with a french degree other than translation?
    2 Money 66
  24. Is the French inch longer or shorter than the British inch?
    2 General 90
  25. who knows if the french won ww1 against british?
    9 Education 20
  26. How do you write 28th September 2010 in French?
    3 General 13
  27. Who played major roles in the French Revolution?
    3 Politics 9
  28. Who speaks french?
    7 General 18
  29. Why do Americans call chips "French Fries"?
    25 Food 160
  30. Does anyone here speak French?
    5 Education 35
  31. Does anyone want to talk in French?
    does anyone want to talk to me in french im in french2
    2 General 47
  32. how do you french kiss?
    how do french kisss? any one tell me pls
    6 Relationships 104
  33. What is French Kissing
    is french kissing like making out or what please explain!!
    2 Relationships 337
  34. Should I translate all the words to French online?
    The title french didn't fit so should I translate all the words to french?
    5 Education 36
  35. does any one know of a site that will teach you french for free?
    3 Literature 7
  36. Can anyone translate to French?
    I can't wait for your party on saturday
    5 General 25
  37. Is it true that French girls really don't shave their armpits?
    7 Style 104
  38. How do you say " Hi my name is _______, what's yours?" and "We should hang out some time" in french?
    10 General 91
  39. What does the French phrase 'Depeche-toi!' mean?
    2 General 705
  40. What does this mean: "Tu loges ou" (it's French, by the way)?
    7 Education 197
  41. French toasts and french fries are from France or somebody made that up?
    I have always called it like that, but i dont know why lol.
    2 Food 17
  42. How can you tell if someone's nails are fake if they don't have a French manicure?
    6 Style 70
  43. Can someone show or tell me how to do a french braid crown?
    2 Style 16
  44. French plaits?
    Rite anyone know how to do french plaits?:) Thankss:) xx
    2 Style 12
  45. Are There Any Good Websites That Will Help Me Learn French ?
    Are There Any Good Websites That Will Help Me Learn French ? Thanks x
    3 Education 41
  46. French Tip nails.
    what do you use to get a perfect straight french tip ?? any tips
    3 Style 104
  47. What are some easy words or sentences that I can learn in french or any other foreign language?
    16 General 32
  48. French money??
    whats a us doller worth in paris?
    2 Travel 14
  49. what does this mean in english ? French translation
    4 General 113
  50. Which do you think is better-french fries or tater tots?
    13 Food 47
  51. What are some good French or Spanish films to watch?
    You know, like films that are actually IN French or Spanish...
    7 Entertainment 21
  52. whats an easy way to learn french?
    i need to learn french before i go to paris.
    19 Education 37
  53. When do you use Reflechis Verbs for French???
    For french, when would you use the Reflechis verb thing? I know how to do it, but I dont know when to use it.
    2 Education 75
  54. What state's name comes from the French words for green and m
    What state's name comes from the French words for green and mountain?
    2 General 55
  55. I've got a french oral tomorrow, any advice?
    I've got a french oral tomorrow and I'm crap at french, any advice? x
    9 Sex 100
  56. How do you use the future tense in French?
    We're doing it and it makes NO sense :L
    2 Literature 36
  57. How hard is it to learn French?
    I am very intrested in the culture, and the language is just plain lovely.
    9 General 63
  58. Who can translate this French to English?
    what does j'attends l'amour mean?
    10 Education 42
  59. how do you jerk off your bf? and is it possible that if you french and make out too long that you can become preqqo?
    4 Education 110
  60. Where can I take my French exchange in England around the north of England or just places in general?
    2 Travel 9
  61. have a big exam of french help me
    tomorow I have a big exam of french and I dont want to go to college,what can I do
    4 Education 31
  62. Is it true that French women don't get fat?
    I have never seen a fat french woman. Do women from France not get fat?
    4 Nutritionfitness 47
  63. Why is the french horn called the french horn?
    y is the french horn called the french horn even tho the english created it and why is the hornenglasia or sumthing like that in french with english on the end even tho the french created it I need 2 no or my music teacher wont give me a mars bar!!!
    3 Music 522
  64. What is a good romantic Francophone French movie?
    Please leave title name!
    2 Entertainment 10
  65. Can you give me a list of some good punk rock, pop punk, or alternative rock french bands?
    7 Music 20
  66. What do you dip your french fries into?
    I mix mayo, ketchup, tabasco, and tonys to dip mine into.
    32 Food 51
  67. Is learning the French language hard?
    I mean, for me who knows how to speak English and Filipino.
    7 General 44
  68. Why are Cajun French and English dying languages? the title says lol
    5 Education 52
  69. how do you make french toast?
    I want 2 make french toast please anwser I'm super hungry
    6 Food 43
  70. McDonalds french fries: soft or crunchy?
    Is a soft mcdonalds french fry better than a crunchy one? lol. seriously, though. is it?
    7 Food 24
  71. ather have potatoe chips or french fries???
    which tasty snack is your favorite or that you'd rather have potatoe chips or french fries???
    4 Food 46
  72. A Name translated to French
    Can anyone tell me what Louise is in french? I need it for my friend. Much appreciated!
    2 General 15
  73. French question.
    How would you say "I love to read books and spend time with my cat." in french?
    3 Education 10
  74. how do you like your french fries
    how do you like your french fries with cheese ,ranch,honey,cooked really crunchy,mushy. I just luv fries
    4 Food 28
  75. What do French people call the surrounding area of Paris?
    For my French homework. I can't find the answer anywere..
    13 Travel 100
  76. Who knows a good website on which i can read french books online?
    As a pdf file or something?
    3 Technology 14
  77. What kinds of French foods are good?
    my family is going to a french restraunt and I would really like to know what kind of foods are good.
    9 Food 33
  78. How do you say "School starts at eight thirty-five" in French?
    8 Education 217
  79. How do you French plait?
    ive watched tons of videos.. still cant do it.. tips?
    7 Style 38
  80. French songs?
    Does any body know any good french songs, I could use for my gcse daance? Thaanks xx
    2 Music 42
  81. What color of nail polish for a french tip would look good with a blue jewel?
    5 Style 31
  82. Why do guys like french girls?
    I have 2 friends that they go to this english school. And their is a lot of guys that like them. What do guys find so attracting of french girls?
    2 Relationships 87
  83. Need help with french project
    Hey if you know french can you please help how do you say I am smart. I have long hair, and I am thin
    4 Education 30
  84. Hi all - I need help to translate from italian to english or french
    Ti voglio bene cucciolina!
    2 General 14
  85. How to pronounce this french name, name is "courchinoux"
    Anyone whos french or can speak french...I wanna know how to pronounce a surname. The name is "courchinoux". If you can break down how to pronounce this, that would be amazing!!! Help??!!??
    7 General 41
  86. Can you speek french?
    I kind of do... Can you tell me a story like ( couple sentances)... In french. A little kid story! Please.. Thanx
    4 General 11
  87. How do you say "peace" in latin, german, italian, and french?
    I want to know how to say "peace" in german, italian, and french. And I am also wondering if pacis is the same as pacem? If not, then what's the difference?
    2 General 110
  88. How can I change my google from french back to english?
    Some how my google changed to french, and I dont know what to click to get it back to english cause whatever I type goes to french sites only and I speak no french whatsoever.
    10 Technology 294
  89. Are French people selfish?
    Are the french selfish. My mom read about the french and said that "they don't support americans. And they didn't help us in war when we suspect it and they suspect us to help"? Please answer.
    12 Politics 412
  90. How to revise for a French speaking exam on Friday?
    Hiyyya I've got a important french writing exam on Friday has any one got any tips for how to revise?? thanks :D
    2 Education 56
  91. Help me please on my french!
    I need help on my french how what does this say? Tu aimes mieux les sports d'equipe ou les sports individuals? Please help me
    2 Education 58
  92. Is there a way to practice French kissing?
    Hey I was just wondering I've never french kissed a guy before and I wanted to know is there anyway I could practise?
    10 Relationships 1167
  93. Can you make French Toast with out dipping it in beaten eggs?
    I LOVE French Toast but I have a food allergy to eggs. French Toast are Slices of bread dipped in a mixture of beaten eggs and milk, fried in butter. So is their a not to use eggs?
    4 Food 46
  94. Translate "sugar rush" into french?
    I know this sounds ramdom but does anyone knoe how you would translate "sugar rush" into french it's for a projest lol dont ask Thxx
    5 Education 261
  95. French or Japanese?
    Which is better? French: Sounds sexy, my parents 1st language, used more in canada. Japanese: More useful to me, cooler, kinda confusing. Yeah my pros/cons.
    9 Sex 40
  96. french tips :P
    how do you do french tipz or w/e? I dont like the preppy thing, so dont suggest I do it white, I want 2 do it black. but how do you do it in general?
    2 Style 13
  97. How long can French Onion dip last unopened?
    I was just wondering, how long can French Onion dip last unopened? I haven't opened the dip yet since I bought it not too long ago. Any ideas on how long it'll last before I open it?
    2 Food 1285
  98. French translate a sentance
    Important need tranlated fast Je veut dire que tu peut me tutoyer me dire tu
    5 Education 10
  99. How to french kiss?
    Okay it's not that I havent made out before it's that I need help doing it right. I was told im not that good at making out, any insight on how to help me other than practice?
    2 Relationships 63
  100. What does "french looking" mean?
    today the french teacher told me that I look very French to him (he is from France). I know you cannot categorize a general population completely accurately, but on the whole, should I take that as a compliment?
    6 Style 89
  101. How much does a french poodle cost?
    Well I've been thinking of getting a full bred french poodle but I dont know how much they cost o where can I get one. So can anyone help?
    2 Pets 196
  102. French help !!
    I want to use asentecnce in my project its just I've been trying to translate it to french its just not working so can you please help me !! ( jena gets an a in her project ) Asap !! Thanx <3
    2 Education 13
  103. How would I say one cup of orange juice in french?
    The translator says: 1 tasse de just d'orange but there are two 'de' 's in there... Id that right?
    2 General 62
  104. What was the significance of the French and Indian War of 1754 – 1761 for the North American British colonies?
    What were the key changes experienced and brought forth by the war?
    3 Politics 34
  105. Why is it that in french, some objects are considered female?
    others male? how does that classification happen? Another example would be when people call a car a she, or a boat a she, how does that happen?
    3 Literature 43
  106. What could I write to my French teacher as an apology for skipping class?
    I skipped a french class with my friends and we have to write an apology letter to the teacher. What are some phrases or things I could say that sound sincere (I do not regret skipping that class I learn nothing!)
    8 Education 131
  107. French Test
    another french qs. if I want to say that Max is a german boy will I be; Max est un garcon allemand or MAx est un garcon de allemand or neither Please help!
    5 Education 14
  108. Physical characteristics of French people?
    so many people think im white... and I don't know what to say to them please help me find out what the characteristics of french people are like how indians have high cheek bones... what do the french have??? plzandthnkyouuu
    14 General 17285
  109. French test
    Hey, for you french knowing people out there! I have a french test tomorrow and I have a qs. Well you know the "verb combo" être assis - how will I conjugate it if it was ils sont... - I cant figure out how to conjugate assis! Please help!
    3 Education 47
  110. Do Americans owe their freedom to the French?
    Is it fair to say that America to a certain extent owes its freedom to the French? As an example, would the American colonists had the courage to revolt against England had the French Revolution failed? Moreover, it was the French who supported the col...
    7 Politics 149
  111. French + German - help ?
    I'm in year 11 and am doing both french and german for gcse. I'm finding doing both languages quite hard and I was wondering if anyone had any revision techniques that could help .. ? thanks x
    2 Education 20
  112. Does anyone know where I can extend my French?
    I'm going to Paris in July and I already know a fair bit of French but I was wondering if anyone knows any good online websites where I can learn even more French? And if the websites can be free to use as well...
    6 Education 16
  113. Another french question??
    What does this one meen! Je suis coulant dans le francais un autre de mes trucs ??? what does it meen in English
    2 General 15
  114. French, HELP
    What do these sentences mean? Un peu plus tard A suive I've looked everywhere, and I can't find the difinitions. If you can answer any of these, please do. Thank You :)
    3 General 10
  115. What's the next move after a French kiss?
    I really like this girl and she likes me. we are both virgins but this is my first relationship and her 6th relationship. I mad the first move witih a hug, she made the next move with a kiss, then she made the next move with a french kiss. I want to ma...
    7 Relationships 4153
  116. Why must I learn French at school?
    ...I stuck so badly at it, i just struggle to learn languages :( why do we have to learn it.. it won't benefit me in the future plus its making me stressed so not focusing on other subjects :l
    6 Education 35
  117. How much French would I need to know in order to travel there?
    I may be going to France this summer, & I was wondering, how much French would I need to know to travel there for about a week? I know pretty much all the colors and lots of kinds of food, but that's pretty much all. What else do I need to know? Thanks
    6 Travel 37
  118. Is it possible to live comfortably in France without being fluent in French?
    Like, in terms of getting around, going to work, etc. Can you have a non-confusing life there without knowing much French?
    7 Travel 37
  119. I suck at french heeelp!
    the only things in french I know is numbers, colors, and animals. Nothing else, not even the easy stuff like what, is, to, a, like. Can someone giveme a list of french words with the english word of it beside it? thanks - Lafonzie
    3 Education 38
  120. Anyone speak French?
    Need a translation. "Sont les mots qui vont tres bien ensemble. Tres bien ensemble." It's from the Grmmy Award winning song "Michelle" by The Beatles
    4 General 44
  121. How do you say, "have a wonderful day" in french?
    If you give it to me in the improper format, that would be great. But the proper format is fine, too. :) and remember: don't use a translating website. that doesn't put it in the proper format... it just gives you word for word thanks :)
    2 Literature 195
  122. French to english Translation ???
    my mate just said to me mon petit choe floer and he wont tell me what it means I dont know if its spelt right but can you tell me what it means pleaseee ?? Lizziee <3
    6 General 109
  123. Helping my friend study her French homework
    Ok. My friend emoheart is getting freaky wit her homework. You want to know why? Because she is studing French and she has homework. She is strugglin. She has so many mood swings durin all this. What can she/I do to make her calm down?
    3 Education 44
  124. I need to learn french
    right basically im in year 9 at school, and I need to learn french cause I got choises next your and I dont know what to do cause they might make us do french but im no good so is there anyway I can learn french faster. because im in a class with all m...
    4 Education 36
  125. 3 french braids...
    If my ymom does 3 french braids tonight with wet hair, and when I wake up in the morining, will my hair be wavy? But I've done it before and I have shorter hair so it won't be nice it will probaly just puff out becuase it's short right? do the french ...
    4 Style 48
  126. How can I get better at speaking French?
    I have been learning French for 4 years but I have only took it seriously for about a year now. I have a reading exam in a week and I'm pretty nervous about it. I also finish school at the end of next week so Tuesday is my last French lesson in high sc...
    4 Education 43
  127. What university is better for me to study French or History?
    Ive just finished my standard grades(nearly 16 years old) and i want to either study french or history after i leave school. I want to go to either St Andrews or Edinburgh and want to know which ones better?
    3 Education 7
  128. What does this french sentence mean in English?
    This is in french. Is this correct spelling, word order, make sence etc... Je n'ai pas du tout aimé ce travail parce que... Xx
    2 General 53
  129. How do you use vous, nous, and tu when doing l'imperatif in french?
    My french exam is in a couple of days and I still don't understand how you know which one to us (tu, nous, vous) when doing l'imperatif for a sentence. Can someone please help I'm desperate. thanks xoxoxox <3
    2 Education 71
  130. How can I get better in the French vocabulary?
    I want to get better in French Vocabulary , i know i can cause i want to . I'm not perfect at French and not too bad . When it's up to make an Written Production in a French Test, i always have no words , can't make nice , meaningful sentences . I k...
    3 Education 22
  131. anyone speak french?
    hey I'm pretty decend at speaking french but its hard to find other people that know some and thes hard to keep up witht he language without having people to alk to sooo does anyone on here know french good enough to talk a little bit id love to find s...
    4 General 21
  132. Does anyone know how to improve "listening" in French?
    Like for our exam we have to listen to a conversation between 2 people and there is a question sheet and we have to answer in english and I'm always the person with the lowest score - I just can't understand what the heck theyre saying :/
    5 Education 14
  133. Can I get an STD from french-kissing a guy with an STD?
    i broke up with my BF after finding out he cheated on me and also discovered he has STD since i couldn't havve sex (personal) when we were going out.. we did alot of tongue action..should i be worried.
    5 Sex 41
  134. Has anyone seen Love Me If You Dare, the french movie?
    Has anyone seen Love Me If You Dare, the french movie? It's like a total mindf*ck. At the end they get like, buried in cement in a well thing. I don't know really :S Anyone who's seen it: what did you think? I love the movie, soo soo sooo much. It's on...
    3 Entertainment 39
  135. What do you think of fake plain French Nails?
    I'm tried of my nails polish coming off on the first day I put on & when I don't where nail polish my mama bugs me about. So I'm thinking about going to CVS or somewhere to get PLAIN French Nails. I do sometime see girls walking about with these long a...
    2 Style 20
    well we have been going out for like a month and im plannin to make out htis weekend but I get nervouse so I dont know. but I want to make out and I think she does so I was jsut wonderin if anyone has some tips for me im not sure if I should french ki...
    8 Relationships 170
  137. Anyone know French? :)
    I want to say "...because it was 20 minutes away from my house" I've got this so far.. "Parce que c'etait vingt minute ... ma maison" Anyone know how to say 'away from' in that context? (And if some of that sentence is wrong, please tell m...
    3 General 12
  138. Who can help me with some quick french translations?
    I am teaching myself French, and would very much appreciate it if somebody who speaks French could help me with a few things. (Please no translation-box websites as they do not give accurate translations.) I would like to know how to pronounce this ...
    2 General 21
  139. Is my french classroom haunted?
    There's this classroom in my school, where I have french class, and I'm always really cold in there, sometimes shivering. This has even happened during summer! No-one else I know has this reaction to this room, and this has never happened in any other ...
    3 Religion 13
  140. French Vovray wine, how to find other white, sweet wines?
    So, I've been trying to find wine I enjoy drinking with dinner, and my friend James recently had me try out a wine from France, called Vovray. I think that may be the vineyard. Anyway, I've had all 3 from Whole Foods and they are great, but a bit price...
    2 Food 43
  141. Spanish? French? AHHH
    In school, we have to pick one elective. The choices are : Wood shop, Art, French, Spanish, German, and Computers. French, Spanish, and German are alike, and all sound so pretty, and the Art class really helps you improve your art skills, and you lea...
    11 Education 54
  142. Which language should I learn - French, Spanish, or Mandarin?
    I am looking to focus my spare time on learning a language. However, I am not sure which is best to learn. I studied French at school for 4 years, so already have a moderate fluency in French. However, I worry that it is not the most useful language...
    15 Education 43
  143. How. I got exempted from grade 9 french last year.. Can I graduate?
    Alright well, I'm in grade 10 right now and I got exempted from grade 9 french but you need a french credit that to graduate high school. I don't really remember but I remember someone told me that it's okay that I'll get some special thing to graduate...
    3 Education 45
  144. The nightmare before Christmas
    Where can I get the nightmare before Christmas in French?
    2 Shopping 15
  145. What course to take?
    I can't decide between French or Spanish. I have a bit of trouble in French so is Spanish easier. Thnx :)
    5 Education 11
  146. How do you remember an essay in a week's time?
    4 Education 19
  147. Where can I listen to this French Christmas Carol?
    Where can I listen to this? I think it's called either C'est Noel or Joyeux Noel. "La neige tombe , Le village est tout blanc , La lune est ronde , Dormez, petits enfants ! Les cloches sonnent, Embrasse ta maman , Un train glisse , G...
    2 Music 66
  148. Nadal v Federer
    who will win the French open?
    3 Sports 8
  149. What is this in french?
    what does : disparaissent la baise un chien. personne n`est permis au foutu contact mon compagnon d`ame a moins que cette personne soit moi. si vous la baisiez vous payerez. si vous allez pres de elle encore, vous payerez. si vous lui parlez, je battra...
    2 Education 43
  150. Would I have an accent to them ?
    Soo... I was lyin' in bed and I started thinkin' bout' french people. Soo... If someone had a french accent and I talkin' to them, would I have an accent to them ? Lol
    10 General 42
  151. How to say these things, or sentences in French and Spanish?
    The top says it all 1. I miss you 2. Shut up 3. Go away 4. What do you want 5. You know I'm better than you 6. I want to become a pilot when I grow up 7. That was so romantic 8. Sweetheart, honey, and baby 9. I love to sing 10. Just forget ...
    3 General 66
  152. What's your favorite flavour of coffee?
    I enjoy french vanilla flavoured coffee most of the time. What's your favorite flavour of coffee?
    8 Food 16
  153. What if you don't like the taste of your partners tongue?
    when your french kissing what if you dont like the taste of your partners tongue
    2 Relationships 95
  154. whats your favorite kinda cream for coffee!
    whats your favorite kinda cream for coffee!!!..mine is french vanilla!!!
    3 Food 47
  155. What is this - a concidence or irony? (read more)
    I'm searching for a black and white film that is in french and has subtitles. Then I listen to the tv and Jim says "Ellie likes french movies with subtitles.."
    4 General 24
  156. Is it possible to ask for more shrimp instead of fries at Popeye's restaurant?
    I have always watched about this popeyes shrimps special about shrimps, french fries and a biscuit, i dont know but sometimes i would like to ask them to not give me french fries and add more shrimps instead. Do you think they could do that or have you...
    6 Food 23
  157. English Bull Dog, French Bull dog or Pug?
    For my graduation gift to myself i'm looking to get (most likely rescue) a new member to my family. I'm originally from the northern part of Florida so we do get a lot of heat and humidity which I know can be a health hazard. I do plan to travel a lot ...
    7 Pets 21
  158. What should we name our town?
    my friend and i need a name for our imaginary town for french class, it has a halloween theme so needs to be a name that has to do with halloween
    11 General 35
  159. Does anyone admire classic art work?
    I like monet the french painter.
    7 Literature 13
  160. why when I kiss my hand for practice it feels stupid?
    when I kiss my hand to practice french kissing it feels stupid and wierd to do so anyone have the same problemo?
    3 Relationships 107
  161. What language to take next year?
    I can't decide between French or Spanish. I am Portuguese and people have told me that Spanish will be easier to follow, but I live in Canada so learning French might open more doors for me in the future.
    3 Education 18
  162. What is the second language that people have to learn in the UK?
    Like, Canada is French, America is Spanish, what do they learn in the UK?
    17 Education 42
  163. What kind of last name is debow?
    By what kind of last name I mean what ethnicity/heritige (that's probably the wrong word)Is this last name French: DeBow
    2 General 78
    does anyone know where I can find information on traditional techniques of french furnishings?
    2 General 20
  165. What// Does bing have a translator?
    just working on some french, and I was wondering if bing had a translator. didnt want to use google anymore.
    2 Technology 63
  166. Is there a diff???
    Wats the difference b-tween making out and French kissing? Or is there 1?
    2 Relationships 37
  167. How to kiss a guy for the first time?
    Well I'm 14 and he's 16, so he's obviously already french kissed and such, and I asked him what kind of kiss he was expecting, and he said french. And I haven't had my first kiss yet. I'm so nervous. But I really like him.
    4 Relationships 49
  168. What is the healthiest meal at McDonalds?
    Just curious. What is the healthiest meal at McDonalds. And I am talking about their Medium French Fries to their Burgers to the Beverage.
    4 Nutritionfitness 18
  169. Is it wrong that I like certain types of accents?
    - I like the German accent, Russian accent, French accent, Italian accent, and Spanish accent.
    12 General 32
  170. Lost in translation
    How come everytime im on the lanugage translater I write something in english then translate it into french then I translate it from french into english but it always turn my words around? Is their a propa translater that dosent turn my words around?...
    5 General 19
  171. Where can I watch tennis matches online?
    where can I watch tennis matches (us open, french open etc.) online?? is there a website that I can visit??
    4 Entertainment 76
  172. Is learning another language important to you?
    if so what languages do you know? i speak english, french, welsh and gaelic
    9 General 22
  173. Franch Class?
    Is french class hard? I'm takin it the year my freshman year an I was wondering if that was a good choise.
    4 Education 18
  174. Best way to learn language?
    What's the best way to learn a new language also without forgetting the others? I know a bit of french & Spanish I would like to learn them both fully also a few other languages too but when I tried to learn french & Spanish for some reason I kept f...
    4 General 21
  175. Mcdonalds breakfast?
    Does anyone know if mcdonald serves french toast sticks for breakfast or is that burger king lol just wondering
    7 Food 2008
  176. Is this a good photo of me?
    I need a good black and white photo of me ( it can be edited ) for a french project. I just want an opinion if this is good enough! thanks!(:
    7 Style 20
  177. who knows a lot about Marie Antoinette
    I need to know what her role in the french revolution was. like how did she cause it? help pleaseee
    2 Education 10
  178. Are there sign language classes that I can take in high school?
    Would it count as as language class like (french, italian, etc)?
    9 Education 19
  179. Why does orange sound so similar in most different languages?
    For example: Orange - English Orenji - Japanese Orange - French ...etc :O
    3 General 44
  180. Will waiters in France restaurants know English?
    ok im going to france with these people I know and basically everyday we are going to a restaurent and I cant understand french so the menu will be hard to understand.. there are a few people going who learn french but its unlikely theyll understand al...
    2 Travel 26
  181. B!tch (:
    How do you say "b!tch" in different languages? Like Scottish Chineese French Etc.. Thanks :D
    6 General 69
  182. What would happen if I eat 20 bags of fries?
    What will happen to me if I eat 20 bags of french fries in one hour(from mickey d.s) will I die or live?
    18 Food 45
  183. Dogs and cats
    My friend has four dogs, two english bulldogs, a french bulldog, and a pug. The pug and french bully have lived with a cat before, but the english bulldogs have probably never even seen a cat before. She wants to adopt one of the kittens I have been fo...
    3 Pets 25
  184. product for spots
    does anyone know the name of that product you can get in chemists its for getting rid of spots and I think it is a french name ? pose something? or rose something?Lol
    2 Style 11
  185. what's this youtube video...
    what's the youtube video where he like hits his head and he's like "chinese german french gay guy behind the wheel of a blue prius" ?
    3 Technology 8
  186. How is learning Chinese different from learning other languages?
    I am a translater and I can speak French, german, spanish, etc. I want to learn Chinese now, but my friend tell me Chinese is very difficult to learn because it is different from other languages. So who can tell me is it different from learning other ...
    4 Education 27
  187. who agrees
    ok this might sound nasty to you but I love Wendys french fries dipped in their vanilla frostys who also likes that
    5 Music 13
  188. How can I deal with my dad abusing me?
    my father abused me. he is 39 and im 14. he abused me because I missed an assignment and I have a d in that class. its french. please help.
    9 Family 36
  189. What religion /culture are u?
    What religion /culture are u? Im a christian...and my culture is scottish,irish,english,french and much more...but I cant speak any of the languages...
    16 Religion 46
  190. Rosetta Stone
    I was wondering if Rosetta Stone really works. Because I wanted to learn French, Japanese, & Italian(and maybe some others...), and I was wondering if it's worth what the costs are.
    4 General 10
  191. What can I say about the song "Family Portrait" by P!nk?
    I have to get the lyrics for a song and talk about them in French, but I don't know what I'd say about it.. help?
    2 Music 46
  192. Interesting nail ideas
    Anyone know of interesting ways and ideas of painting my nails? I'm sick of just painting them in french manicures and plain colours. Thanks!
    4 Style 42
  193. Does this look okay for a formal email to a middle school teacher?
    Mrs [name of teacher] I am a language student at [name of my college] and was informed by [teacher's name] that you are looking for asѕistants for French lessons. I am very interested in this opportunity as I am hoping to study French and Spanish at u...
    2 Education 11
  194. what are some examples of mistakes that cannot be forgiven?
    I need some examples of mistakes that cannot be forgiven , its for an essay I'm writing in french and im only looking for some ideas thank you for your help
    5 Literature 73
  195. Am I the only who has 7 senses?
    I have 7 senses, I'm sure you seen the question. Am I the only person? I can sense Things before they happen. For say, On my way to school, I get a feeling my teacher wont be there. I get to the school, And look she's not there. It happens all throught...
    8 Religion 34
  196. What is the name of this song?
    It has at the beginning different lanuages I know at least french and japanese it says "hello" in japanese. And it has to do with how this male singers girl is so international. What is the name?
    2 Music 5
  197. Disgustingly good food mixtures
    Foods that sounds gross together sometimes taste REALLY good! What are your disgustingly good food mixtures? (Mine is french fries and a choclate shake)
    15 Food 128
  198. I love you in other languages?
    any different languages in which you know how to say "I love you," please submit them here! Spanish, french, greek, latin, khmer, japanese, chinese, german, etc.
    15 General 68
  199. Do you know what ethnicity this guy is?
    He is 1/4 ___ and 1/4 chinese from his father's side and 1/4 ___ and 1/4 malaysian on his mother's side. His mom told me hes 1/4 irish on his dads side and 1/4 french on his mom's side. Do you think so?
    3 Relationships 11
  200. What is the name of the fake nails I see everywhere?
    What is the name of the fake nails I see everywhere??? I know its not a french tip one, its like a nail with a random bright color close to the tip of your nail but slanted to the side and such . :s
    3 Style 50
  201. Why does it hurt me to see him kissing someone else?
    2 Relationships 27
  202. What are fun things to do during class?
    Are there actually any fun things to do in class??? If so tell me please! Because im not the smartest type and I don't get things very easily so I was wondering are there any fun things I can do during class? (especially French, English and maths!)
    7 Education 53
  203. What small phrase should I get tattoo'd on my ankle/stomach?
    I would like it to be in french because it is a beautiful and poetic language. I'de like the meaning to be lovely both in English and French. So I've thought of "J'adore la Vie" (I love life) But I'd like other ideas to compare it to. I would h...
    5 Style 34
  204. Whats The best way to learn spanish?
    I really need to learn spanish im 15 and my school policy changed so we could only pick 2 choices for GCSEs. I picked french and music, later regretted pickin french and wanted to learn spanish, they didnt let me. so I need some advice on how to get fo...
    4 General 13
  205. Do Americans hate France?
    I am wondering what Americans think of France. There is a lot of media here in Europe that says Americans hate France for the government policies and because of other reasons. I would like to know what American people think of all this. You must...
    18 Politics 136
  206. What is a site that costs little to no money that helps you trace your ancestry/heritage?
    I know im irish italian and french canadian. but i don't know how much so im interested in tracing back herritage.
    3 Family 15
  207. FunAdvice Trivia: What is a 'conure'?
    A) A type of raft used in the Philippines B) A type of French cheese C) An instrument used in medical laboratories D) A tropical bird
    5 Funadvice 13
  208. Social question
    Ok so im at school and I need help with a question did the first nations, french canadian and english candian dislike or like jacques cartier
    2 Education 7
  209. Does anyone know how long it would take to learn a second language for the average person, and what is the difficulty level?
    (such as French, Polish, Swedish, German, Norwegian, etc.)
    7 Education 7
  210. hmmm...what shuld I name it??
    hey I just got a male french bulldog and he is a puppy...he is so what shuld I name him??? I was thinking of tazz but I need help naming him so please give me some options..
    8 Pets 15
  211. Best fighter of the world
    If every nation chose their best fighter to compete against one another, who do you think the last man standing would be. lol, we all know he wouldn't be french.
    10 General 14
  212. FunAdvice Trivia: What kind of an animal is a cheviot?
    A) A British breed of sheep B) A southern African horse C) An Indian breed of tiger D) A French breed of cat
    4 Funadvice 7
  213. What amount of people speak English in Toulouse, France?
    I plan to travel there this summer, possibly, and I'm trying to learn French. :) But just in case I'm not very good by summer, about how many people in Toulouse, France speak English? Thanks.
    2 Travel 587
  214. What is a good program to type out an itinerary?
    I am writing out a 5 day itinerary trip for my French class to the Olympics. I wanted to know what would be the best program and a FAST way to type it out. like a good program/.
    2 Technology 11
  215. Does Europe not support Americans?
    Are we both against each other cause' people keep saying eurpeans don't support americans. I know, I know. This is so familar as the french question. I like the british and they seem kind when I saw them on this site.
    5 Politics 12
  216. "A" names
    I'm having trouble picking names for my twins. ( nto sure on the gender) I already have a daughter name Alexie Joel (french)... And my husband and I would prefer a name starting with the letter "a" or have an "x" in the name.
    8 Family 50
  217. how to say bad funny things in frech?
    do you know how to say bitc* or any other swears or bad things in french! I can say.. oh flame la lo bush that means shut your mouth! .lol
    5 General 88
  218. Songs about the circus
    I have this play that I have to prepare for, I wanted it to be about a story in a circus I have nice ideas for dances and coustumes but I need ideas for the script and the story itself , oh and some some songs as well :) and its preferable in french, b...
    2 Music 12
  219. What your Favorite Breakfast?
    what your favorite healthy and non healthy breakfast?? like pancakes, eggs, cereals, bagels with cream cheese etc. I like oatmeal or cheerios as healthy. and french toast and ihop pancakes and crepes as not so good for me.
    10 Food 21
  220. How do you force a kiss ??
    We wer playing a really interesting game of dare... And I ended up french kissing my guy friend, and he said "try not 2 force it as much"... He was nice when he said it ... But I have no clue what he means :/
    3 Relationships 67
  221. What will be the consequences from damaging planet earth?
    I have to write this essay in french about the causes and consequences of damaging planet earth , I need 3 of each, so far I have global warming and rise in the water level for the consequences . I need help with the rest . Thank you :d
    4 Environment 11
  222. Where can I learn a new language?
    I wanna learn french and spanish. But I want something that will help me learn but its free and I dont have to go to school and I dont have to download it. Oh did I meantion that I need it to be free? lol please please please please please please pleas...
    6 General 14
  223. name this song and artist
    okayy..I really want this song on my ipod but I cant figure out who its by. the lyrics go: "f*ck you this is for the hoes that hate, pardon my french but I just have to say f*ck you" do you know what its called and who its by?
    2 Music 5
  224. How can I start a conversation with this girl I like?
    Hello, I'm a student in a French High School in North Africa, and there's a girl I like. Like me, she's a fan of Marilyn Manson. Please, can you tell Me how to start a conversation with her, or simply talk with her? Thanks
    4 Relationships 21
  225. When you first tried coffee how did you react to the taste?
    When I was younger and my mom asked me to hold her coffee and she went to a different room I'd try a sip and think it was disgusting. It smelt so good French vanilla.
    15 Food 17
  226. Is it weird not 2 like tongue kissing?
    ok, is it weird 2 feel grossed out when you french kiss guys you dont reeeally like? because I cant bare having their tongues violating my mouth unless I really like the person lol...
    2 Relationships 55
  227. Is it something or nothing?
    my family went in Palawan for a vacation this summer. then i met a french guy but wasn't able to talk to him though i found myself liking him the next day. we both stayed in the same resort but when my parents decided to move in another much 'worth it'...
    2 Relationships 22
  228. Prom Hair.
    So my Senior prom is 16 days away, I have no idea what to do with my hair. I was thinking a french twist, but I am just so confused and stressing myself over all of this. I have a strapless sweetheart dress. Plus I have medium hair, so when I curl it, ...
    2 Style 10
  229. memorizing a poem
    I have to memorize a poem in french in one week. its about two paragraphs long. how do I memorize it fast?? I have to recite it in front of my class without looking at anything. does anybody have any tips on this? espiecially since its in another langu...
    5 Education 35
  230. Is anyone on here portuguese?
    Ok im a really weird mix Im ghanaian, portuguese, french, dutch, camoroonian and some other races Ok sorry about that my question is: Is anyone on here portuguese? Because I'm really bored and I need to brush up on my portuguese before I go away.x. Chl...
    3 Funadvice 16
  231. What is something that you eat or a combination of things that others think is weird?
    Some of mine: I dip my catfish in mashed potatos and i dip mmy french fries in ranch dressing mixed with tonys (its a creole seasoning).
    21 Food 41
  232. Who knows any good Lloyd Banks tracks?
    Looking for something with a sick beat to it, any goof French Montana would be nice also. I just heard "check me out" by lb and it gets me so pumped, I need more Haha
    4 Music 10
  233. Why do girls need time with everything?
    hey well I've been dating my girlfriend for 4 months now and we still haven't made out but we've french kissed a few times. I've asked her why she pulls away so often but she says she needs time. That is what I don't understand. why does she need time?
    4 Relationships 18
  234. How can I leave him wanting more?
    Okay so me and my boyfriend have been going out for 2 weeks and stuff I've only been giving him little pecks on the lips but thats it I want to know how I can french kiss him or something that will leave him wanting more any advice?? Please hurry were ...
    3 Relationships 58
  235. Is it right for my high school to take out all language classes except Spanish?
    Apparently my school is taking German, French, and Sign Language out of the school all together because "they're useless and will be no good for you in life." and then forcing everyone to take Spanish. Do you think this is fair to the students?
    7 Education 13
  236. Marion Cotillard comments on Twin Tower Collaps, was she right?
    The 32 year old French star,Marilon cotillard , oscar winning actress has sparked controversy after throwing her opinion on American Twin Tower collapse. Is she right in her comment?
    9 Politics 56
  237. Removing acrylic nails yourself?
    I got acrylic french nails done yesterday for the first time and I hate them - they are sore, like my fingers are sore on the edge of the nails. They are getting in the way of me doing stuff - how can I effectively and safely get them off myself? They ...
    7 Style 42
  238. What do you do after kissing?
    ok so I've never kissed a guy but I had this dream that I was sitting on a log hanging over water with a guy and we kissed but after that we just sat there looking at each other.. so what do you do if your like looking at each other and you kiss but af...
    3 Relationships 48
  239. How to cure midnight cravings?
    it is midnight... I am starving... I know im just bored... and I have school in the morning, and have to be up in 5 hours... but im crazy for some fried chicken, onion rings, chocolate icecream, french fries and mashed potatoes... what do I do? I cant ...
    5 Food 24
  240. What do you think about American food?
    Some people say it’s nothing but unhealthy food, and it’s all easy to cook because we are lazy. We don’t have “fancy” food, and when we do want to take the time and cook “fancy” food…it’s something from another country, like French food, Japanese, Ital...
    16 Food 64
  241. How should I kiss him back on a first date?
    Well, this is in preparation for a first date. I like to be prepared. If he leans in to kiss me, what should I do? Should I lean in? And what if he starts to shift me? (for those of you that are not Irish, shift is making out, French kissing, snogging,...
    2 Relationships 42
  242. where are good spots to kiss a girl
    okay what spots should I kiss a girl like her neck and ears?? do usually all gurls like that?? also would I french kiss down the neck?? I need some help please and I would like gurls to answer this becasue you know they know what feels good and what th...
    15 Relationships 7625
  243. stuck on urdu in gcse languages?
    I'm english and for my gcse in languages in the higher tier I have learn: german french spanish italien urdu but I'm stuck on urdu does anyone have any useful phrases like hello- that is good- bye- what is your name- and loads more all you ...
    2 General 34
  244. is grade 8 scary?
    I'm going to grade 8 this year, and I'm not sure how its going to be...I go to L.H.F public school, its a french emersion... what do you learn in grade 8? will I have trouble understanding? is it usually fun? I'm also really scared that not all of my f...
    8 Education 34
  245. How it ok to kiss with elastics?
    I know about kissing with braces, that its ok... but I have recently got elastics to go on my braces and was wonering if it is ok/comfortable to kiss with them. My orthodontist has told me to wear them constantly so if I stick to that rule wil it work...
    3 Relationships 185
  246. FunAdvice Trivia: Pilots say 'mayday, mayday' in case of distress. Why?
    A) To honor of the first avoided crash in May 1904 B) It is just something one pilot had come up with C) It is 'm'aidez' in French, meaning 'help me' D) None of the above
    7 Funadvice 12
  247. What were they singing in Lady Marmalade?
    You know that songback in 2002 with P!nk, Christina Aguilara, Lil' Kim and Mya? (Lady Marmalade) Well I couldnt exactly catch what they were saying so I looked up the lyrics and I was like they were speaking French. Can anyone translate the lyrics?
    4 Music 41
  248. Funniest things done in a lesson
    Like omg, I have so many, Like in french our teacher left the class and we all moved the tables, and swapped seats. And today in re. our teacher said 'I'm hear because...' And I shouted out, because your mum and dad love each other. brb dinner
    14 Entertainment 19
  249. Rosetta Stone Activation
    Hey! I need help with activating my Rosseta Stone(French V3). I don't know where to find this code or... what. I've seen websites where you can donload codes, but I'm not sure what I would do with them once I got it, and if they're safe too put on my c...
    2 Technology 80
  250. Is dating based off/affected by actives that your in?
    Does being in a certain active(s) effect if you'll date a person or not. Why does this affect this topic? For example I'm in band color guard art Spanish French Italian german volleyball basketball baseball football cheerleading dance ballet
    2 Relationships 15