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  1. Is it cool to have a twin?
    7 Babies 39
  2. how can some one act cool by not acting cool??
    i mean what there secret??
    18 General 21
  3. What music do they play at Hollister?
    What music do they play at Hollister???
    2 Shopping 73
  4. How to dress cool?
    8 Style 23
  5. Are Henna tattoos cool?
    Are henna tattoos cool?
    8 Style 36
  6. Cool picture
    Do you think this picture is cool?
    4 Music 18
  7. Why is Hollister so popular?
    Why is hollister clothing so popular?
    6 Style 82
  8. What is a cool nickname for Sarina?
    What is a cool nickname for Sarina?
    5 General 271
  9. is it cool to smoke yes or no
    is it cool to smoke yes or no
    14 Health 72
  10. Do you think of yourself as lame or cool?
    Do you think of yourself lame or cool?
    9 General 34
  11. What are some cool new songs?
    3 Music 60
  12. What music is played in Hollister?
    what music is played in hollister?
    3 Music 137
  13. What goth bands are cool?
    What goth bands are cool?
    39 Music 116
  14. do you think monkeys are cool?
    18 Pets 42
  15. What was the rule for matching skin tone to hair color, cool to warm, or cool to cool etc.?
    4 Style 284
  16. abercrombie or hollister?
    15 Shopping 51
  17. What are some cool facts on Russia?
    13 Travel 27
  18. cool chinese songs?
    4 Music 62
  19. Does anyone work at hollister?
    Does anyone work at hollister?!?! I dont
    6 Shopping 20
  20. what are some cool signatures for my phone?
    what are some cool signatures for my phone? thanks =]
    3 Technology 141
  21. Hollister website
    What is the website for hollister so I can see what clothing they have?
    4 Technology 20
  22. Cool long words?
    What are some really cool long words?
    3 Literature 160
  23. Why cant I be liked by the cool people ???
    Why cant I be liked by the cool people ???
    6 Relationships 41
  24. Where can i get cool music shirts?
    14 Shopping 15
  25. what is a cool nickname for the name mohammed ?
    20 Entertainment 1515
  26. Cool solitary activities
    What are some activities to do when your a lon ?
    3 Entertainment 328
  27. What are some cool things to do on my iPod touch?
    9 Technology 48
  28. Where should I get a peircing that is cool but not too outrageous?
    18 Style 33
  29. Hollister or american eagle
    17 Shopping 32
  30. What are some really cool games for a psp?
    2 Gaming 16
  31. Do you think using profanity is cool?
    18 General 42
  32. What are some cool bands that are similar to Sublime?
    3 Music 11
  33. What are some cool websites to customize pictures?
    9 Technology 7
  34. Which is better: Hot Topic or Hollister?
    which store is topic or hollister???
    51 Shopping 147
  35. Where can I find cool stuff for my AIM profile?
    Where can I find cool stuff for my AIM profile?
    3 Technology 46
  36. Cool website
    I want a cool website where I can download movies
    2 Entertainment 21
  37. Do youll thank that Town Managers are cool?
    Do youll thank that Town Managers are cool?
    2 General 19
  38. What are some cool sites to visit when your bored?
    What are some cool sites to visit when ut bored?
    5 Technology 25
  39. what are some really cool and cute girl names?
    what are some really cool and cute girl names???
    14 Babies 77
  40. any cool shapes for my happy trail?
    does anyone have any cool shapes I can do with my happy trail?
    2 Style 158
  41. Any cool Animes
    Does anyone know cool animes I can watch?
    3 Entertainment 16
  42. What is a cool color to paint your nails
    What is a cool color to paint your nails, that is noticable???
    12 Style 75
  43. How long to thaw out frozen cool whip?
    How long to thaw out frozen cool whip?
    2 General 477
  44. What are some cool ways to have a fohawk for long hair?
    11 Style 26
  45. What are some cool things to do in Amsterdam, other than going to the cafes?
    8 Travel 15
  46. How would i easily be cool in my new school?
    3 Style 14
  47. who knows of some really cool photography blogs?
    3 Technology 12
  48. How can I be part of the cool crowd without being fake?
    11 Relationships 81
  49. Is there any cool female horror punk songs?
    4 Music 78
  50. Abercrombie or Hollister?
    What one do you like better and why?
    19 Shopping 33
  51. How to make cool things out of candy wrappers?
    2 Literature 98
  52. What are some good way of cooling down before i hit or punch?
    2 Health 17
  53. In your opinion, what would be a cool tattoo?
    What do you think would be a cool tattoo to get
    3 Style 15
  54. What's a cool hairstyle for school?
    what is a cool hairstyle for school that will make all the boys look
    3 Style 58
  55. How to make cool symbols on keyboard through control panel?
    How to make cool symbols on keyboard through control panel?
    12 Technology 114
  56. What's the best way to cool your tongue after a chili pepper?
    What's the best way to cool your tongue after a chili pepper?
    9 Food 115
  57. Cool facts?
    I just wanted to know if you guys have any fun cool facts!
    10 General 69
  58. Would this be cool
    do you think if power pangers where real will it be cool
    5 Entertainment 9
  59. How can I be cool?
    I want to be cool and popular but not be being rude or best dressed how can I?
    5 Style 35
  60. Does any body have any cool interests?
    Interesting thing or people some cool I know you all have them?
    9 General 158
  61. What are some cool glasses to get?
    I'm looking to get some cool glasses are there any suggestions?
    2 Shopping 12
  62. What is going to happen because they can't get the reactors to cool down in Japan?
    7 Environment 25
  63. How do you bake cookies so that they will stay soft even after they cool?
    4 Food 33
  64. why do people do stupid stuff to be cool?
    5 General 23
  65. What r some cool and different wayz to type "lol"?
    9 Music 13
  66. What are some cool facts about HIV?
    Also what bacteria causes it?
    12 Health 40
  67. What song would be cool to play on my violin for graduation?
    15 Music 38
  68. What are some cool facts, riddles, or quotes?
    Pls give some of each!!!
    2 Literature 52
  69. What's a good way to cool down when it's really hot in the house?
    12 Health 53
  70. Whats a cool site name for a site.
    Whats a cool site name for a site. One that is not yet taken=]
    3 Technology 59
  71. Does anyone here still like Cool-Aid?
    Does anyone here still like Cool-Aid? What flavor?
    7 Food 12
  72. Cool hair designs
    I need some cool hair designs I have brown, frizzy, wild hair
    2 Style 77
  73. Cool names for iguanas?
    I need some cool names for iguanas Im getting one!
    8 Pets 72
  74. Survay for hollister
    Who thinks hollister is a really lame and stupid store???
    4 Shopping 38
  75. How do I get a cool background?
    How do I get a cool background? Or put pics on my profile and not just in my pic folder
    2 Funadvice 30
  76. What are some cool and fun websites?
    hey there- im really bored so what are some cool, fun websites?
    4 Technology 114
  77. Whu here tinks the song Disturbia by Rihanna is pretty cool.
    Whu here tinks the song Disturbia by Rihanna is pretty cool... and if not why??
    6 Music 12
  78. Tatoo Designs that are really cool, how do I design original tatoos?
    What are some really cool tatoo ideas and how should I go about designing an original tatoo?
    3 Style 38
  79. What's so cool about this site?
    What's so cool about this site? I kind of joined for the fun of it, I was just kind of really bored.
    6 Funadvice 12
  80. What's a cool Screen Name?
    I need a cool screen name and my name is Stephy! Please Help!
    4 Technology 85
  81. Anyone else think loe is a cool name for a girl?
    Does anyone else think loe is a cool name for a girl?
    2 General 13
  82. Jai ho cool or lame?
    Jai ho by the pcd ft ar.rahman Cool or lame???
    7 Music 18
  83. What should I do if the guy I like is not cool?
    He is fun but not cool. He gets made fun of. I realy like him. He likes me but not cool. He is cute.
    2 Relationships 23
  84. How can I stay cool when I have a fever of over 100?
    i feel really hot : /
    13 Health 41
  85. How to be cool and make new friends
    How do I make new friends and be popular in my new high school
    9 Education 42
  86. how to make my itty-bitty room look so cool?
    4 Homegarden 17
  87. Is this Hollister bikini top adjustable?
    2 Shopping 9
  88. What are your favorite, or the easiest, or really cool school clubs to join?
    5 Education 14
  89. Does anybody got a list of great and cool victorian music?
    4 Music 8
  90. Is it better to use the cool or heat option on a blow dryer?
    9 Style 11
  91. What are two animals that would make a cool hybrid?
    What are two animals that would make an interesting hybrid?
    2 Pets 16
  92. I need a cool name and quick!!
    I need a name that no celeb has pleez help
    4 Entertainment 17
  93. What are some cool games and tricks to play with/teach pet mice?
    2 Pets 40
  94. does inhaling perfume such as impulse , lynx , cool charm kill you ?
    5 Style 65
  95. What are some cool indie/rock (or anything) pictures/designs that I could paint for my boyfriend?
    2 Literature 11
  96. What are some cool names for a soccer team?
    they should be original and "dope"..:) thanks!
    15 Sports 37
  97. Scene+Skinnies=Cool
    Where do all you scene peeps out there by your skinnies from? I buy mines from pacsun =]
    14 Shopping 37
  98. Why do people think they're cool if they pretend to be "country" or "redneck"?
    18 General 342
  99. what are some cool dance moves 2 do with soulji boy?
    2 General 55
  100. cool facts please ??
    any coool facts?? im bored :D
    13 General 49
  101. Cool band names
    I need a name 4 my band.anything well do.
    3 Music 57
  102. Why is there no "Art" or "Arts & Crafts" category for FunAdvice, do you think that would be cool?
    7 Funadvice 38
  103. What are some titles of anime series that would be so cool to watch online?
    16 Entertainment 26
  104. think it would be cool if Music Choice had a Slipknot Only channel?
    Do you guys think it would be cool if Music Choice had a Slipknot Only channel?
    2 Music 4
  105. Are the clothes from Hollister expensive?
    Are the clothes from Hollister expensive? I usually just buy clothes from Target or Walmart so I don't know.
    11 Shopping 89
  106. Any cool free stuff for iphones
    There any cool free ringtones, programs or anything I can put in my iphone for free?
    2 Technology 20
  107. How to make cool flyers or software that gives you ideas?
    Are there any websites that let you make cool flyers or give you ideas? I need to make cool flyers
    4 Money 60
  108. What is a cool website when you're bored?
    Hey what is a cool website to go on when your board, like something cool
    6 Technology 40
  109. Abercrombie or Hollister cologne?
    I need some new cologne and I just wondered which is better Thanks=)
    8 Style 58
  110. How do you make a cool freeweb?
    Yeah... Mine looks bad yo
    3 Technology 12
  111. dorritos cool ranch chips.
    are they really bad for you? or are they a tad better then some other chips?
    4 Food 15
  112. What are some websites/programs you use to add graphics and make your pics look cool?
    11 Technology 11
  113. What are some cool ideas to do for my final art project? particularly something with faces?
    2 Education 27
  114. What are some cool movies?
    What are some great movies under these categories: Horror Comedy Action/Adventure NO SCIFIS!
    4 Entertainment 47
  115. Want a twitter but I want a really cool username
    Ok so I want a twitter but I want a really cool username..anyone got any suggestions?
    3 Technology 100
  116. cool stuff that guys like that I can do with my hair.
    What are some cool stuff that guys like that I can do with my hair. And , do guys actually care about what a girls hair looks like?
    4 Style 16
  117. Hollister, abercrobie and fitch?
    What do they sell exactly in these shops? I heard hollister sells punky stuff but what do the exactly sell?
    12 Shopping 41
  118. What are some cool songs I should put on new phone?
    Soo.. New phone. Mp3 player's on it. What are some cool songs I should put on it?
    5 Music 45
  119. Cool names for a baby boy.
    We are expecting This coming June 17. Does anyone have any cool names for a baby boy?
    16 Babies 86
  120. Why are uggs sooo cool?
    Why are uggs sooo cool? They are somewhat ugly and wayyy to expensive!! Hat do you think??
    18 Style 43
  121. Acting cool
    Do you think acting distant and cool will make someone want you more if they really love you
    3 Relationships 54
  122. Any cool band names?
    Hey ijust wanted to ask if anybody had any cool band names they wanted to share
    4 Music 38
  123. What is a really cool username?
    I need a really cool username for this art website and I cant think of any got any cool ideas?
    2 Technology 93
  124. what stores or cool??
    whatt clothing stores are cool such as hollister? im getin bored of the same places... help?
    7 Shopping 19
  125. what are sum cool jobs?
    not ovious ones like doctor or vet!thanks
    2 Money 16
  126. What are some cool pranks I can do to my sister's computer, like turning her screen upside down and stuff like that?
    14 General 48
  127. Where can I find some really cool belly bars and belly rings I might want to buy?
    9 Style 35
  128. Are there Hollister outlets in New York?
    I mean outletsss not normall storess, thnxx,.
    2 Shopping 40
  129. What does "ftw" mean..... is it like... someone trying to be cool by saying "wtf" backwards...?
    8 Literature 13
  130. What site can ii go to edit and customize photos for free.. cool sites??
    2 Technology 13
  131. can some one tell me the songs they play in hollister???
    I heard a song today and it was kinda slow...
    3 Music 53
  132. Playin it cool!!!
    Do you guys think sexiness and goofiness go well together??
    3 Sex 14
  133. they think its cool to smartmouth the teachers
    ok some guys at my school are totally lame and they think its cool to smartmouth the teachers... why are they doing this??? its so stupid...
    7 Education 21
  134. Funny. Cool videos to watch on youtube?
    Im bored and I want something funnt , cool to watch on youtube
    8 Entertainment 51
  135. How can I become cool?
    How can I become cool? I've tried everything but people still call me: kid. any advice?
    7 Babies 53
  136. Where can I find cute & cool profile quotes?
    Where can I find cute, amazing, cool AIM 6.0 profile quotes??? Help please!! :) :)
    2 Entertainment 37
  137. Where can you get cool webcam effects?
    where can you get cool webcam effects? do you know any websites? that are safe and doesn't give you virusees?
    3 Technology 44
  138. What is this song that plays in Hollister?
    does anyone know that song that they play in the hollister stores... that says "miss you, I hope your doing well"
    4 Music 43
  139. ringtones where to get free cool ones?
    were can I get cool, good, and free ringtones...give me websites please=))) thanks
    2 Technology 22
  140. I need some really cool hairstyles , ideas?
    I need some really cool hairstyles 4 when I go back 2 school!
    3 Style 46
  141. How do you do the cool backrounds?
    I was wondering how you do the cool backrounds like the chekered and other cool ones I dont see it in cuztamize pls help me
    2 Funadvice 25
  142. Cool ideas for presents?
    What are some cool ideas for presents??? I want to make presents for my friends as it's their birthday, any ideas?? Something unique but awesome! :) ty.
    2 Shopping 29
  143. Words for a cool knuckle tattoo
    what words would make a cool knuckle tattoo? nothing stupid like love & hate
    13 Style 160
  144. What's the name of this song I heard in Hollister?
    So I heard this song in hollister. Its about a girl who likes metal shows and the band Slipknot. any takers?
    9 Music 159
  145. cool nickname
    I want a not too girly and not too tomboy nickname my name is Megan so please guys help!!
    3 General 89
  146. Where can I find cool things for my AIM profile?
    Heyyy!!! I want some cool fun sayings and things to put in my AIM profile!!! Can you give me some?
    3 Technology 80
  147. Whats a cool band?
    Dont list anything that is country...everything else is fine :)
    12 Music 24
  148. Cool fonts for myspace?
    Can anyone give me a website that you can write text in and it will give you some really cool fonts to use on myspace? Thanks
    5 Technology 92
  149. What are some cool online gaming sites?
    Ok I enjoy gaming and don't exactly have the money to go and buy them all but what are some cool sites where I can play games?
    7 Gaming 12
  150. What are some cool fish names?
    I am making a Happy Aquarium on a social site, and I am wondering what some cool names for my fish might be. Thanks!
    13 Pets 42
  151. xbox 360 with cooling unit why wont it work
    I have a xbox 360 with cooling unit and it wont turn on what should I do? the power cord wont hook staright on the xbox what should I do
    3 Gaming 47
  152. Hollister sessions anti-perspirant
    Has anyone smelled mission beach deoderant from hollister. How good does it smell?
    2 Shopping 16
  153. Can anyone give me a movie that is cool to watch like GI JOe or matrix?
    6 Entertainment 35
  154. Why is Hollister so cool?
    my mom won't let me shop at hollister but I wanted to know why hollister is so cool I mean I love the little moose symbol or whatever but really isn't most of the stuff like really umm... tight or sexy? I don't know but please tell me what its like!!!
    7 Sex 60
  155. Cool hightops?
    where can I get some really cool hightops. like ones you wouldnt see anyone else wear. ...
    2 Shopping 18
  156. What are other cool sites?
    ok funadvice is a great website, do you guys know of any other websites I could go on??
    3 Technology 13
  157. What are some cool, free apps that are useful?
    i want some new apps for my ipod..can anyone suggest any games or any apps?
    5 Technology 21
  158. anyone help me find a cool scene name???
    hi my name is lacey and im scene..but lacey is not so exciting so can anyone help me find a cool scene name??? pleasssee
    4 General 47
  159. Are we starting global cooling?
    I've recently heard global warming is slowing down and we're going in to global cooling. Is this true?
    4 Environment 17
  160. How to go to this cool party without getting in trouble?
    hey what do I do how can I go to this really kool party an not get in trouble by my mom???
    4 Entertainment 46
  161. What are some really cool names that I could use
    What are some really cool names that I could use? Like a favorite rapper or something like that. Alright thanks
    4 General 28
  162. How should I do my hair for a cool party?
    hi.I am going to a cool party and ummm I need help with my hair.have any fun Advice?
    2 Style 38
  163. Cool teenager sayings/quotes
    So ummm do you guys know any cool teenager sayings/quotes for an msn name that makes me sound matture and cool but not gay. Thanx
    3 General 20
  164. Cheap cool cell phones?
    Anyone know what's a good cheap cell that is cool too, like cool colors or lots of features or slides out or something?
    3 Shopping 11
  165. song in hollister
    I heard a song in hollister today at the mall and it was a girl singing about shutting the door or something and I was wondering what it might be...
    3 Music 40
  166. What are some cool not like bad songs?
    what are some popular or like cool songs? nothin with a bad meaning or too many bad word none at all would be great!!
    2 Music 47
  167. What are some cool ways to conserve?
    I was wondering what some really cool ways to recycle and conserve.REUSE,REDUCE AND RECYCLE. When I say conserve I mean conseve anything.
    9 Environment 29
  168. What other piercings would be cool and look good on me?
    I have my septum, tongue, both ears and my cartiledge pierced. I will be getting my hips pierced very soon. What other piercings would be cool and look good on me? (:
    6 Style 47
  169. Cool online games that are fun and free?
    Hey, so im pretty bored. Anybody know any cool online games that are fun and free? Thanks!
    5 Gaming 51
  170. What's a cool instrument to play besides guitar?
    I want to play guitar but my finger aren't long enough. That's what my mom says! Are there any other cool instruments?
    10 Music 189
  171. What music plays in Hollister?
    I'd like to know some bands that are played in Hollister, but more specifically, I would like to know some Jack Johnson songs that are played.
    2 Music 20
  172. Who thinks Jack Black is cool??
    Who thinks Jack Black is cool?? ((not in a oohh-lets-do-him-way)) I find him pretty awsome. WHOA!!
    3 Entertainment 14
  173. Do you guys think it would be kinda cool if FunAdvice had a "Video of the Day/Week" feature?
    Just a thought. Opinions?
    2 Funadvice 22
  174. Is there a cool place in Phoenix, AZ for a newly married couple to go to if they don't have money for a real honeymoon?
    3 Travel 18
  175. Does anyone know any cool h-rock bands?
    I need to know some kewl japnanese rock bands. Does anyone know any kewl ones?
    9 Music 13
  176. How can I make old clothes look cool?
    how can I modify old clothing to make something really trendy in a cheap way?
    4 Style 172
  177. What are some cool xmass giftss I can get .?
    My bestfriend loves zebra print and I don't know what to get her lol .. Any ideas ?
    3 Shopping 22
  178. Wheres a place to get some cool girl ties??
    I LOVE ties but I cant find any that arent lame.
    2 Shopping 24
  179. How to feel cool during the summer days if I have no air-conditioner?
    ..can any one provide me some pracitcal ways?
    22 Health 32
  180. How do I know the different groups in highschool - lames, cools, populars, normals, nerds, goth, etc?
    7 General 37
  181. How can I get some discounted Hollister clothes (preferably hoodies) in the UK, without having to pay postage (online)?
    3 Shopping 16
  182. What should be a cool and mast nickname for jyoti?
    I want a nickname for jyoti...its feels gud 2 call somebody with his or her nickname.thats why...
    2 General 1596
  183. what would be a cool idea for my sweet 16, that isnt expensive, fun, and for a small group of friends?
    2 Entertainment 16
  184. Why are people not cool, are cool?
    Ok so there's a shy girl in my class and she's cool. I m shy too but I am not as cool as her. I M NOT SAYING I WANNA BE HER but is it because she has a boyfriend and is a natural dancer and stuff? What can I do for people to trust me and treat me wel...
    3 Relationships 57
  185. What are some cool party ideas?
    What are some really cool ideas for a party with fourteen year old girls. I have a pool and a big room, so any cool ideas like games or stuff like that?
    4 Entertainment 41
  186. is there hollister nearby??
    I live in yuma az...where is the nearest hollister store nearby...if you dont know where in the usa do they sell?? I've never seen a hollister store...
    2 Shopping 39
  187. cooling vs heating your conditioner
    ok, I've heard two different things about your conditioner. first I heard that you should cool your conditioner. then I heard that you hould heat your conditioner. which is true?
    2 Style 9
  188. What are some cool things to do with your hair on a flat iron???
    I have layers and I just want something cool to do with it;other than the usual straight. Thanks, and answers will be appreciated!!!:)
    4 Style 81
  189. Are there any cool websites with games?
    hi, everyone is there any cool sites I can play??? please answer any sites you no of that have gamesszzzszszszszszszszssszzz thanxxx a heap whit
    3 Gaming 47
  190. How many items can a customer buy at hollister outlet stores ?
    I try 2 buy some stuff at the hollister store and the store associate refuse 2 sell me
    6 Shopping 32
  191. What are some cool made out funny names?
    Well I just wanted to know some cool names EXAMPLE:choclate chip cookie or something like that
    2 General 10
  192. Tre Cool's Girlfriend/Wife?
    could somebody find me a picture of Tre Cool and his girlfriend or one of his ex-wives? thanks.
    2 Entertainment 162
  193. Hollister, why is it so popular?
    Why are hollister and american eagle and abercrombie so popular at first most ppple didn't even no what that was now every where I turn everyone is wearing it
    12 Shopping 120
  194. Cool places to have a 14th birthday party
    Where are some cool places to have a14th birthday party because im not aloud to have one in my house this year I have 50 people.
    5 Entertainment 1799
  195. I found a cool surprise at!
    There is a reader's digest surprise that I think people don't know as much about on You gotta check it out!
    5 Entertainment 159
  196. What cellphones are cool?
    I am getin a cell nomatter how much it cost cause my familyu is rich as sh**. Ideas??
    2 Technology 11
  197. does anyone know anywhere to find really cool pictures of tattoos?
    like the really artsy and creative ones
    2 Style 8
  198. What are some cool emo usernames?
    I need a username 4 imvu please make them emo. And dont let them have the word emo in them. Thankies
    5 General 1869
  199. What are some cool bands like PowerSpace, Boyslikegirls, and Dan Black?
    Like pop-rock type stuff..?
    9 Music 10
  200. Cool unused grunge band names?
    Me and my friends are starting a grunge/punk band but we cant think of a good name can you help?
    9 Music 641
  201. Why are Hollister, A&F, Aero targeted at teens?
    ok, I do not wear them but heard from a lot of people that those brands are targeted at teens...Can people who are over 21 wear them? do people who are over 21 wear them??
    4 Style 58
  202. should I be an abercrombie model or a hollister one?
    im 17 and I applied to be a hollister [and] an abercrombie model. today they called me [both of them] & they want to know if im still interested. should I be an abercrombie model or a hollister one? HELP ME. kthankyou.
    2 Money 28
  203. where do they sell Hollister shirts?
    okey I live in yuma arizona...where can I fin a Hollister store? please dont give me a internet website..I need a hollister shirt!!
    3 Shopping 65
  204. What are some cool sites I can go to in Montreal, Canada?
    Ok, so this summer we'e going to montreal and what are some cool places we can go to there? Shops, cool views, mueseums, monuments, cities, etc.
    2 Travel 14
  205. Picture: creepy or cool??
    What do you think of this?? Do you think it's creepy or cool?? The woman pierced her back and put a lace-like thing through it. I think it's cool with a dash of extreme. :D
    12 Style 18
  206. How 2 make cool Duct Tape crafts?
    Trying to find some cool duct tape crafts. I can make some pretty cool stuff, and I also have a ton of colors, I just need some ideas.
    3 General 36
  207. What are new and cool hairstyles for guys?
    What should I do with my hair? I'm looking for cool, new styles. My hair is light black, and med length, and curls if I don't straighten it.
    6 Style 36
  208. How to cool down my little sister's fever?
    my little sister is burning up. How do I cool her down quickly while shes asleep? her throat is almost completely closed. I need quick help!
    4 Health 68
  209. hollister page music
    I was just at the hollister page and I LOVE that song from the video in the lounge room. but I cant find that song anywhere. does anyone know the name of the song?
    2 Music 37
  210. What's a cool profile name for me?
    What is a cool name for a profile? My nickname is Buttons, I love horses and pasta. I'm a singer, and perofrmer in middle school. so... what's a good profile name?
    2 General 229
  211. Is it cool in egypt?
    So uhhh im 13 and live and ohio I love egypt and australia, so I was wwondering if its cool in any of those places? Please answer, thankz
    6 Travel 56
  212. Cool hairstyles for school?
    What are some cool styles I can do with my hair for school. I'm tired of straighten it and putting gel in it, or putting it up in a pony tail..blahh helppp?!?!
    5 Style 46
  213. Cool guy names for a story?
    Any names for a girl and a guy character in my story I can use I want cool more unique names from like the 1800 or early 1900 any help???
    10 Literature 201
  214. Why are cool downs important?
    Why should you always cool down after a workout? Stupid "Try to type at least a few sentences in your details." Psh! Anyway, yeah.
    2 Nutritionfitness 48
  215. How do you wear hollister sweat pants?
    ok I got a pair of sweat pants from hollister and they have a part on the bottom of the leg that is stiched up. what are you supposed to do to not show the white/grey part??
    3 Style 61
  216. Myspace advice, what's a cool display name?
    Okay I want a really cool display name. For "victoria" I want one such as: -mariah,myth -lexiilust -wyatwrath
    4 Technology 41
  217. Cool things to write in yearbooks
    What are some cool things to write in year books? I like to write good messages and have fun. I want to original and now do something like have a good summer, or something like that.
    3 Education 187
  218. What are some cool pics to put as your profile pic on Facebook?
    I'm having trouble finding some pics (I don't take pics of myself) so I was wondering if anyone knew of some cool profile pics or something... Thanks!
    5 General 20
  219. Aero, a&f, hollister, or american eagle?
    Do you guys like aeropostale, abercrombie and fitch, hollister, or american eagle best? And do you think aeropostale is becoming too juvenille?
    14 Style 60
  220. What are some cool stores that sell clothes that are fashionable but affordable?
    Ex. shirts that are less than $12 a shirt, and pants that are less than $20 a pair.
    8 Shopping 12
  221. Do you think this is a cool design?
    I edited this DC shoe while on the phone with a friend,original color is orange - brown - and beige. What do you think of it?
    3 Style 13
  222. What are some cool recent pop songs to sing in alto range for my vocal class?
    Our new project is too sing a pop song, and i am in alto range for singing. Any ideas! Share! Share! Share!
    2 Music 245
  223. 2009 hollister playlist
    I heard a song todya that was acoustic by a younger guy with a great beat anyone know what it is?
    17 Music 126
  224. what are some cool things to do with a scarf?
    I am two levels under popular. I want to be popular. Make up tricks and dressing tips could help too.
    4 Style 38
    i am going to be 14 and i want to have a sleep over but i dont know what to do i am having about 7 people coming and they are going to be at my hous for two days what can i don
    6 Entertainment 31
  226. Can someone pls tell me some rlly cool movie character costumes for me?
    No wonder woman or catwomanm. My frnds took them.
    11 Entertainment 32
  227. What are some new/or diferent ways to say cool?
    okay so saying "thats so cool!" is getting too played out so I need some new ways to say some thing is "cool" NOT in a different language though Thankss
    4 General 77
  228. Where can I get cool things for BB Curve 8900 ?
    do you guys know any cool webs to get themes and games for BB Curve 8900 ? helpies =P thnx =D
    2 Technology 17
  229. Nameeess cool word that starts with a
    Okay I need a cool word that starts with a. My name is angel and I've already used angelatrocity and angel ate yo' face
    2 General 42
  230. what are some cool sayings?
    what are some cool sayings? like "friendship is like peeing your pants- everyone can c it, but only you can feel its warmth." I really like those sayings. please tell me some you know. thx. :)
    2 General 14
  231. What's a cool song name for this band?
    Can anyone think of a cool name for a song, for a made up band called White Dragons!! If anyone could help it would be much appreciated
    6 Music 18
  232. Abercrombie and Hollister
    Exactly why are they so expensive in the first place? And just how do people afford it. <<; It just looks really expensive from my point of view, no offense to A&F and Hollister lovers.
    6 Style 22
  233. What are some cool, awesome codenames?
    I mean things that are kind of vicious yet cool sounding like Blackthorne or Venom or Viper or something. Thanks!
    3 General 14
  234. Do you know any cool hairstyles?
    My hair goes to my shoulders. I'm a female and I need a great tip for it. All I do is straighten it for school, that is it. Need a tip fast
    7 Style 51
  235. What do you think about Qatar's approach of creating robot clouds to cool world cup watchers on the eve of FiFa 2022 worldcup?
    12 Sports 37
  236. What are some cool and fun things to do in a limo for my 15th birthday party?
    im having the limo for 4 hours and i dont want things to get boring
    3 Entertainment 61
  237. What cool games can I play with my boyfriend over the phone?
    Cood, fun , and Not too dirty Games=) Please give me examples If yu answer my question.
    2 Relationships 322
  238. Cool thing I could do with my hair?
    I have long straight brown boring hair and I was wondering what I could do to it to spice it up alittle? No cutting or dying please...
    5 Style 19
  239. What is another word for 'cool'?
    I find myself saying the word 'cool' a lot when im acknowledging something or just talking to people. I say it all the time and it's getting repetetive. What else could I say instead of 'cool'.
    15 General 135
  240. Everyone staying cool?
    Is everyone staying cool? In allot of places in the country, it's real hot and humid out. In Michigan, it's muggy and humid. I don't know about you all, but, I'm waiting for cooler weather. Hope you all stay cool.
    3 General 11
  241. hollister songs
    whats the song played at hollister that goes like "I can't get enough of you, and every little thing you do..." by a guy, has a nice voice, its not a really slow song
    3 Music 50
  242. whatz better brand hollister or aeropostal?
    whatz better brand hollister or aeropostal!!! I have 2 go to the mall tomorrow and pick out some clothes but me dad is only letting me pick oneof those stores to go to!!! so which one???
    14 Style 69
  243. what stores are cool for emos?
    im emo and I love shopping but once in a while, hot topic gets boring. not the stuff it has, but the prices and everything :/ Does any one know what other cool stores I can shop at? Thanks!!!
    9 Shopping 29
  244. Cool names for a boy?
    what are some really cool cute name for a boy that start with the letter A ,C ,E ,I ,J ,K ,Q ,R ,W ,Y , Z
    8 Babies 47
  245. cool words that start with A & definition?
    okay im trying to think of a new name, something that starts with an A because I like Angelatrocity but im using that already, any other names? just some cool words that start with A and the defenition.
    3 Literature 61
  246. What is a cool profile name for AIM?
    hey im trying to get a profile on aim but like every name is taken can anyone give me some out there names with #'z at the end?
    4 Technology 56
  247. What is a cool flower that would look nice in black and white other than a rose or a lily?
    Something not too cutsey, though, if that makes sense. A flower that looks good by itself too.
    4 Homegarden 12
  248. How do you cool yourself down from a burning up house so you can sl
    It is burning up in my house and my grandma wont tell me get it cool so I have fans on me windows open and I still cant cool so tired but cant sleep bc im burning up...any advice???
    3 General 54
  249. cool ways to display my art?
    I'm really into drawing and stuff and I have a few really cool drawings I'd like to display in my room, but I don't know how to display them so it looks nice. What are some ways to display them in an area low in space?
    2 Literature 36
  250. thinking about creating like a youtube account Cool name?
    lol, I'm thinking about creating like a youtube account, and I wanna cool & creative name. lmao like something different. like mac has wastetimechasingcars? lol any help?
    3 Technology 59