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Get help with Hollister.

  1. What music do they play at Hollister?
    What music do they play at Hollister???
    2 Shopping 73
  2. Why is Hollister so popular?
    Why is hollister clothing so popular?
    6 Style 82
  3. What music is played in Hollister?
    what music is played in hollister?
    3 Music 137
  4. abercrombie or hollister?
    15 Shopping 51
  5. Hollister website
    What is the website for hollister so I can see what clothing they have?
    4 Technology 20
  6. Does anyone work at hollister?
    Does anyone work at hollister?!?! I dont
    6 Shopping 20
  7. Hollister or american eagle
    17 Shopping 32
  8. Which is better: Hot Topic or Hollister?
    which store is topic or hollister???
    51 Shopping 147
  9. Abercrombie or Hollister?
    What one do you like better and why?
    19 Shopping 33
  10. Survay for hollister
    Who thinks hollister is a really lame and stupid store???
    4 Shopping 38
  11. Is this Hollister bikini top adjustable?
    2 Shopping 9
  12. Are the clothes from Hollister expensive?
    Are the clothes from Hollister expensive? I usually just buy clothes from Target or Walmart so I don't know.
    11 Shopping 88
  13. Abercrombie or Hollister cologne?
    I need some new cologne and I just wondered which is better Thanks=)
    8 Style 58
  14. Hollister, abercrobie and fitch?
    What do they sell exactly in these shops? I heard hollister sells punky stuff but what do the exactly sell?
    12 Shopping 41
  15. Are there Hollister outlets in New York?
    I mean outletsss not normall storess, thnxx,.
    2 Shopping 40
  16. can some one tell me the songs they play in hollister???
    I heard a song today and it was kinda slow...
    3 Music 53
  17. What is this song that plays in Hollister?
    does anyone know that song that they play in the hollister stores... that says "miss you, I hope your doing well"
    4 Music 43
  18. What's the name of this song I heard in Hollister?
    So I heard this song in hollister. Its about a girl who likes metal shows and the band Slipknot. any takers?
    9 Music 159
  19. Hollister sessions anti-perspirant
    Has anyone smelled mission beach deoderant from hollister. How good does it smell?
    2 Shopping 16
  20. song in hollister
    I heard a song in hollister today at the mall and it was a girl singing about shutting the door or something and I was wondering what it might be...
    3 Music 40
  21. What music plays in Hollister?
    I'd like to know some bands that are played in Hollister, but more specifically, I would like to know some Jack Johnson songs that are played.
    2 Music 20
  22. How can I get some discounted Hollister clothes (preferably hoodies) in the UK, without having to pay postage (online)?
    3 Shopping 16
  23. is there hollister nearby??
    I live in yuma az...where is the nearest hollister store nearby...if you dont know where in the usa do they sell?? I've never seen a hollister store...
    2 Shopping 39
  24. How many items can a customer buy at hollister outlet stores ?
    I try 2 buy some stuff at the hollister store and the store associate refuse 2 sell me
    6 Shopping 32
  25. Hollister, why is it so popular?
    Why are hollister and american eagle and abercrombie so popular at first most ppple didn't even no what that was now every where I turn everyone is wearing it
    12 Shopping 120
  26. Why are Hollister, A&F, Aero targeted at teens?
    ok, I do not wear them but heard from a lot of people that those brands are targeted at teens...Can people who are over 21 wear them? do people who are over 21 wear them??
    4 Style 58
  27. should I be an abercrombie model or a hollister one?
    im 17 and I applied to be a hollister [and] an abercrombie model. today they called me [both of them] & they want to know if im still interested. should I be an abercrombie model or a hollister one? HELP ME. kthankyou.
    2 Money 28
  28. where do they sell Hollister shirts?
    okey I live in yuma arizona...where can I fin a Hollister store? please dont give me a internet website..I need a hollister shirt!!
    3 Shopping 65
  29. Aero, a&f, hollister, or american eagle?
    Do you guys like aeropostale, abercrombie and fitch, hollister, or american eagle best? And do you think aeropostale is becoming too juvenille?
    14 Style 60
  30. hollister page music
    I was just at the hollister page and I LOVE that song from the video in the lounge room. but I cant find that song anywhere. does anyone know the name of the song?
    2 Music 37
  31. How do you wear hollister sweat pants?
    ok I got a pair of sweat pants from hollister and they have a part on the bottom of the leg that is stiched up. what are you supposed to do to not show the white/grey part??
    3 Style 61
  32. 2009 hollister playlist
    I heard a song todya that was acoustic by a younger guy with a great beat anyone know what it is?
    17 Music 126
  33. Abercrombie and Hollister
    Exactly why are they so expensive in the first place? And just how do people afford it. <<; It just looks really expensive from my point of view, no offense to A&F and Hollister lovers.
    6 Style 22
  34. hollister songs
    whats the song played at hollister that goes like "I can't get enough of you, and every little thing you do..." by a guy, has a nice voice, its not a really slow song
    3 Music 50
  35. whatz better brand hollister or aeropostal?
    whatz better brand hollister or aeropostal!!! I have 2 go to the mall tomorrow and pick out some clothes but me dad is only letting me pick oneof those stores to go to!!! so which one???
    14 Style 69
  36. song played at hollister
    I heard this song at hollister last time I was in there and it went something like "the truth hurts" or something and I think it was a guy and a girl singing. if you know what it is please let me know :)
    2 Music 58
  37. What clothing is more money friendly, aeropostale, hollister, Amercian Eagle or A&F?
    which is better,..and more "money friendly" aeropostale,hollister,Amercian Eagle,and A&F...because imma change up my style for next year..and id like to know lol
    8 Shopping 70
  38. Confessions of a Hollister gal
    Hi I am a modle at hollister. But everything I touch has 2 b from hollister. I evern have special h co gloves that I wear all the time so I dont touch anything else! how can I loosen up a bit?
    9 Style 28
  39. Is Hollister anywhere in England?
    I've heard some people talking about a shop called Hollister on here.. Soo I went on the website and they have really nice clothess :D Is Hollister anywhere in England? or can you order clothes from the website? :) Thankss xx
    4 Shopping 21
  40. what is this song that played in hollister
    it goes lady in the black dress its not don't trust meh ! its anotha song sounds somethin like panic at the disco but its not ! it goes lady in the black dress dont come over here somethin somethin else
    2 Music 37
  41. What songs play in Hollister stores?
    does anybody know some song names that are played in the store Hollister? I always here ones that I like. but dont ever look at what is playing? I love the beachy laid-back sound of their music
    46 Music 551
  42. why hollister???
    what the hell is the big deal with hollister there clothes (if you can call them that) are over priced and look horrible I can't understand why the hell anyone would purchase these ugly clothes and why the hell there so damn popular some one please exp...
    5 Style 15
  43. Why is Hollister so cool?
    my mom won't let me shop at hollister but I wanted to know why hollister is so cool I mean I love the little moose symbol or whatever but really isn't most of the stuff like really umm... tight or sexy? I don't know but please tell me what its like!!!
    7 Sex 60
  44. What size Hollister denim shorts am I?
    So i am about 5' 2" and around 105 pounds, im about 32" or 33" around the part where regular shorts would start, does anyone know what size i would be? (Im ordering online)
    2 Style 31
  45. Who sang in hollister ''sophie baby...give me one more chance''?
    I'm not too sure who sings it, or what it's called but the chorus starts like ''I know where I went wrong...sophie baby..give me one more chance'' am having real trouble trying to find it!
    3 Music 37
  46. What color hollister jacket should I get?
    Ok, I want a hollister jacket, there is 2 that I like, a navy one and a white one.. the white one will match more things, but the navy one is sooo pretty, it makes me mad that I have to decide lol... I already have a cream colored pullover from there b...
    3 Shopping 12
  47. What is the songs played in hollister store in december 2009?
    I want to know the songs or playlist that the store hollister played during the time of winter like [september-december 2009]...that was pretty much the time the songs were played. I just know one it is O.A.R - Something Coming Over. So if you know any...
    4 Music 91
  48. Why is Hollister such a big deal?
    Why is Hollister such a big deal? Everyone at my school is a Hollister zombie! There's like no originality. I think Hollister's nice but overrated! C'mon! 60 dollars for a hoodie?! I'm cheap... lol . Not only that but I like setting myself apart from...
    60 Shopping 842
  49. Who sings this song (hollister song)?
    I was in hollister today it is december 2009. I heard this super cute song it is sung by a woman it mentions happy in it often. It isn't rock or anything like that. It was super cute please try post all the songs you think are possible answers. Thanks!
    2 Music 75
  50. abercrombie,hollister,american eagle, prep sertotype
    whats up with all this hollister, abercrombie, aeropostal, and american eagle and stuff im a 8th grader and thats all preps wear and people upcess all over it...I do own things from the stores but I dont wear it cause of everyone else I just like ...
    5 Shopping 69
  51. Whats the name of this song that plays in hollister?
    What is the name of this song that play in hollister I know its a boy group and the chorus goes Lady in the black dress somethin somethin else Lady in the black dress Can yhu please tell meh the name because I have been looking for this song everywhere...
    3 Music 38
  52. White Hollister shirt now blue! Help!
    My sister got blackberry juice on my new Hollister shirt. So, my mom washed it, and it didn't come out. She tried washing it again, but this time she washed it with one of the t-shirts we had tie-died last week. When she took the shirt out, my BRAND NE...
    5 Style 37
  53. The age old question... Why do teens shop hollister
    Why do teens shop at hollister, abercrombie, aeropostal, and wear sperrys and lacoste shoes Im 13 And I wear alll that jazz But im wondering why some of you think kids shop there I see 9 yr olds wearing aeropostal If you ask me abercrombie is ove...
    11 Shopping 116
  54. What's this song from Hollister?
    I was in hollister a few months ago and heard a song that im dying to know the name of so I can download it... the only lyrics that I remember are bong de de bong de dang de dang diggy... and it was a jamaican sounding guy singing.. it was fun and fast...
    4 Music 67
  55. preps wear hollister...?
    okay welp a few off my friends are really stuck up and dont like my other friends. which their kinda emoyyy. but they dont cutt. and im caught in the middle... I could A.] donate all my hollister and abericombie and fitch close and just keep all my...
    5 Style 67
  56. Does any one know the Song Played in Hollister Store??
    Hey...I am in Trouble, and need yo guys help..!!! I heard this Song in Hollister yesterday in Hollister Store at tysons mall, VA ... I can explain what was the song about, but couldn't exactly remember the please try to tell me the Song, as...
    2 Music 47
  57. Why I be able to exchange these Hollister jeans ( DETAILS INSIDE ]?
    I bought two pairs of Hollister Laguna Skinny jeans in a size 3 long but they are too big and I think I need either a 1 long or a 0 long , I wore 1 pair Saturday and 1 pair friday , and then I realized that they were WAY too big in the waist and legs s...
    5 Shopping 945
  58. What- should I buy hollister or abercrombie jeans?
    So, my bff is having her b day party really soon (June) and she ran out of ideas of what to do. I said let's make t shirts and go shopping at the mall, and she loved the idea so we are gunna each get to choose one or two stores to go to. I really wann...
    4 Shopping 25
  59. Should I wear Hollister anyway?
    okay so I'm black... well mixed mostly black or w/e and all the kids at my high school wear hollister and areopostal and stuff like that I wear stuff like south pole,coogi, rocawear and so do all the other black kids at my school and I have a lot of...
    9 Style 77
  60. Can't find lyrics for hollister song
    I work at hollister and I can never get away from the register in time to check song titles .. What's that one song that's really upbeat and is like "take another little piece of my heart"? .. And there's another one that's like "it's a shot in the dar...
    3 Music 5
  61. what clothin store do you like
    what clothin store do you like I like hollister and abercrombie
    7 Style 11
  62. Music in hollister
    Does anybody know what songs hollister played on june 14th 2008 in the montgomery mall??? Did anybody go? I am making a playlist for one of my co-cast members. We are extremely close. its for her ipod, for her birthday and we loved all the songs. ...
    2 Music 36
  63. What are some good pranks to play on people in the mall?
    What are some good pranks to play on people in the mall??? Generally Hollister...I shop at HoT ToPiC, and it is fun to bug the people in Hollister...what could I do
    12 Entertainment 1255
  64. What is better for clothes?
    Hollister,abercrombie,or american eagle? Or what other brand do you prefer?
    5 Shopping 36
  65. What is name of song with a line 'lady in the black dress'
    9 Music 75
  66. Does anyone like these stores?
    Does anyone like American Eagle, Hollister, and Abercrombie and Fitch
    9 Shopping 31
  67. What stores do you guys shop at?
    What stores do you guys shop at? I want to see if people sop the same, I shop at hollister and abercrombie
    7 Shopping 60
  68. Too old for prep stores
    Is a 24 year old too old for abercrombie, hollister, aeropostale (my FAV)
    4 Shopping 9
  69. Is it uncool not to wear brand name clothing?
    all mi friends wear abercrombie and hollister and i dont. is it too uncool
    5 Style 48
  70. what stores or cool??
    whatt clothing stores are cool such as hollister? im getin bored of the same places... help?
    7 Shopping 19
  71. Clothes survey
    who likes what store better??? abercrombie & fitch, hollister, or hot topic?
    8 Shopping 26
  72. Which brands do you prefer?
    which brands do you prefer?... TNA or Lululemon? Abercombie & fitch or Hollister? AE or aeropostale? Roxy or Billabong?
    4 Style 13
  73. Stores, any references?
    I love to shop. I shop at aeropostale american eagle and hollister. Ambercrombie is too expensive for me just so you know. So what are some other stores thike aero ae and hollister and mabe not as much money to buy things there. Anywhere? Just tell ple...
    2 Shopping 19
  74. What brand name clothes line is the best ?
    List the brand name clothes line is the best from best to not the best. Abercrombie and fitch Hollister American eagle Areopostal
    3 Style 14
  75. Who makes the hottest cloths?
    lol just a random pull! who do YOU, think makes the hottest clothing? is is AE? Hollister? DC? whats your pic?
    12 Style 38
  76. When you go shopping, what are your favorite stores?
    Tell me here ! I like abercrombie and fitch, american eagle, hollister, juicy, and more (:
    15 Shopping 39
  77. any good stores?
    I wanna have an awesome wardrobe for next year. and places you recremmend like Hollister? (money is not an object :-) )
    2 Shopping 15
  78. Really cheap brand name polos?
    what aresome brands that make nice polo shirts. other than A.e. Hollister Abercrombie. Aero. Thanks :]
    8 Shopping 12
  79. Will I look good in a bikini
    I am wondering if I would look good in a bikini. I am 13 and I weigh 103 lbs. I love hollister and abercrombie and stores like that. But, all they have is bikinis! Would I look good in one?
    9 Style 44
  80. what does everyone want for christmas???
    what does everyone want for christmas? I want a new ipod(touch), new laptop, clothes(hollister, ruehl, abercrombie, and thats about it. so yea jw what everyone else wants.
    10 Babies 134
  81. views on preps and like brands of clothes like aeropostale and ?
    what are your views on preps and like brands of clothes like aeropostale and hollister! Please do not be afraid, tell me everything you think about them! I personally am I prep, so I think they are great and I also think brands are great too! so tell m...
    5 Style 63
  82. Where can I find matching "his and hers" shirts?
    its like for my dance they have to have a collar, there arent any ralph lauren ones and the ones on the abercrombie or hollister sites dont have the same one for girls and guys :/
    5 Shopping 15
  83. How to get 50 bucks in less then a day
    I need $50 for this really cool outfit I saw at hollister co and I really want it so please ansure this question.
    4 Money 59
  84. hollisterr stores
    omgg I love going to hollister stores I love the smelll ! ahhh :D I love the way it looks . ..I hate the price thoughhh . anyone else love the storee
    4 Shopping 19
  85. fleece jackets
    What is a good place that has really nice fleece jackets that has fur on the inside kind of like aeropostle jackets and abrecombie and hollister and AE and all those places but for a cheap price?
    2 Shopping 45
  86. mall in rhode island
    What is the name of the mall near brown and what stores are in it ex- ugg vctorias secrete hollister juicy couture any thing like that
    3 General 13
  87. Which is the best of the 7?
    Aeropostale, Abercrombie and Fitch, American Eagle Outfitters, Hollister Co., Pac Sun, or Forever 21, or Hot Topic
    7 Shopping 15
  88. most expensive prep store?
    whats's the most expensive prep store? theses are the ones I know of, in order of prices; Ruehl, then abercrombie, hollister, american eagle,and aeropostale being the most affordable.
    5 Shopping 27
  89. How good is holllister Cologne?
    I keep hearing from everyone I talk to that the best colonge to buy is Jake from Hollister. I just want to know if its the best. If not what is? Waht about it makes it smell so good?
    2 Shopping 27
  90. Where can I buy cheap designer clothes from?
    Does anyone know any good shops or online shops where I can buy cheap designer clothes from such as Jack Wills, Abercrombie and Fitch, Superdry., Hollister, etc. Thnx
    6 Shopping 21
  91. Survey!!
    THIS OR THAT?? 1. Hollister or American Eagle 2.Pancakes or Waffles 3.Coke or Pepsi 4.Baseball or Basketball 5.Dallas Cowboys or Denver Broncos(football teams)
    10 Entertainment 39
  92. Cheap name brand clothes?
    Any ideas of where to get cheap clothes from stores such as: Juicy couture Hollister Abercrombie and fitch American eagle Coach Victorias secret And tons more?
    6 Style 47
  93. Whats the song name and who sings it
    If the world tumbled over and everyone died and you and I were the only to survive... I would say im sorry that you made it its more than you deserve... Its a song played at hollister and a girl sings it
    8 Music 32
  94. What should I get my best friend for her birthday?
    What should I get my best friend for her birthday!!! I have already given her a scrapbook clothes and everything you can imagine. This year I already got her a hollister jacket but I want to give her something else too any advice
    14 Shopping 493
  95. What do you think of the hollister/abercrombie steriotype?
    what do you think of hollister and abercrombie and the stereotype of people that are ubcessed with it and is it worth the money and why do kids thinik they need it I like to wearit but im trying to see should in invest in more
    5 Style 39
  96. Where do they sell really good quality jeans at a reasonable price?
    Not AE, Hollister, Pacsun, Rue 21, Delia's, Target. I don't like stretchy material or really light colored jeans.
    11 Shopping 16
  97. Skaters or Preps?
    Do girls find guys that wear Pacsun crap or Abercrombie, Hollister, American Eagle etc. atractive it seems my entire school is split down the middle
    4 Relationships 17
  98. wht screen name?
    what screen name should I have for aim??? I like abercrombie and hollister, I love monkeys(animals),my name is GABBY, and I like to go to the mall a lot.And I also like to hang out with my friends!!! ♥♥ Ö Ü ♥♥ lol!!
    6 Shopping 14
  99. A lil sumthing extra!
    I got my friend a gift card to hollister, her sweet sixteen is this weekend, but id like to get her a lil sumthing extra, like a stuffed animal or sumthing, but I don't know what, any ideas?? Btw, we are friends, not bestties
    2 Shopping 28
  100. Help on buying things from USA
    I live in the uk and I want to buy stuff from like hollister and stuff but my friend did and got charged like an extra £30 for tax or something Is there anywhere where you can buy stuff from america without paying so much?
    2 Shopping 12
  101. Etnies! Emo or Flirty ?
    I wouldnt call myself too girley but im no tomboy ither. I wear hollister tshirts and aero t shirts and 100% of the time I wear flared jeans. are etnies rite for mee? im a blondee. so what colour?
    3 Style 38
  102. School starts on sep19
    What are some cute stores I can buy new clothes at?:) Moneyyy iss not an isscue, I already have sooo many hollister,abercrombie,ae,clothes.. And I want to have a new style. Preferabally where selena gomez buys her clothes!!! Hellpp:)
    5 Shopping 35
  103. I just dunno
    Ok Im 13 and I want to be stylish. I like hollister and aero, stuff like that. But I feel like such a follower wearing this stuff. I want to change my style now. I was thinking a more cutie,prep thing with a lil tomboy. What in tha ferggle derggle shou...
    3 Style 24
  104. What type of girl do guys look for?
    At my school the guys go for the preppy, kind of snobby, girls. They don't notice any girl who isn't decked out in tight abercrombie shirts and hollister jeans. I want to know what most guys actually look for because it's like personality doesn't matte...
    3 Relationships 26
  105. What should my new screenname be?
    I need help with creating a new screenname I cant think of one. Well actually I did but it was taken. I love pink and I play volleyball, basketball and lacrosse. I like the stores Hollister and Abercrombie and Victoria Secret. Please help me and soon!
    3 Technology 56
  106. Vintage store names?
    Name me all different types of stores, do not tell me abercrombie and fitch, hollister,american eagle, or aeropostle, charlotte russe, wet seal, hot topic, mandees, forever 21 or juicy. Anything but those! Or urban outfitters!
    3 Shopping 119
  107. Miss wannabe?
    Uhm... I'm like the typical asian.. I don't wear American Eagle, Hollister.. that type of thing... but a few days ago my cousin took me to American Eagle.. I got some clothes from there... If I wear it to school.. will people think I'm trying to be lik...
    7 Style 11
  108. What should I buy tomorrow?
    I'm going to the mall tomorrow, where should I go? what should I buy? I'm scene//preppy . I LOVE bright colors, but I pretty much love everything my favorite stores are:: aeropostale american eagle abercrombie&fitch hollister rue 21 wet seal.
    3 Shopping 44
  109. What was that song ??neeed help?
    I was at hollister the other day and I was wondering if anyone could tell me the songs that they play??? Theres this one im obbsesed with and it goes something like... We could do much better, baby dont you ever wonder whyyy I was never by your si...
    3 Music 33
  110. Why do they do this?
    why is there always one group of Aeropostale(sp?), Hollister, sporty, populars who hang out 2gether (guys and girls, around 10-12) and like one girl and guy date, then when they break up, the guy and girl go out with another girl and guy from the same ...
    3 Relationships 16
  111. How can I lose weight when im 13?
    I want a boyfriend. but im a bit fat. I dont like it. I have gym with this hot guy and we have to swim sometime and I dont want him to see my stomach. I am sick and tired of carrying this fat around I want to fit in clothes like hollister, aero, and ot...
    5 Nutritionfitness 79
  112. Gift Giving Problems!
    hello! I have a problem, I have a wealthy friend who got me a great christmas gift (2 hollister shirts and some lip gloss!) but she rily wanted 2 keep it 4 her self but shes just 2 nice! im not that wealthy and I want 2 make her somethin kool 4 a l8 ch...
    4 Shopping 22
  113. Boutiques
    Does anyone know any really cute boutiques that have reasonably priced clothes? I don't want any suggestions to try Forever 21 or Hollister or DEB or whatever. I already shop in those places. I'm looking for a less-known online only boutique or somethi...
    4 Shopping 34
  114. Guys and fancy clothing
    Do you think it is weird when guys shop at hollister and american eagle and abercrombi. Those stores were originaly for girls until a gay guy came in bought one of the shirts and all the guys liked iit and they asked these stores to make loser fitting...
    3 Style 14
  115. What are some good work out tips for your tommy and thighs ?
    I'd like some workout tips please! I went shopping right and I was in hollister I was about to buy some distressed jeans they were sooo cute but I could not fit them because of my thights and tommy...I buy my jeans from areopostle in size 11/12,they ha...
    2 Nutritionfitness 40
  116. Shopping list, am I asking for too much?
    Does this sound like I am asking for to much? Ipod touch Camera Chi Roller skates Lava lamp $ for Shopping spree Hair products Boots American and hollister jeans Black flannel and other flats Ed Hardy perfume Jacket from Victoria secrets and Ipod acce...
    11 Shopping 16
  117. What are some AIM screenname ideas?
    My name is amy. I want a screena name that says my name in it mabe. Like something preppy w/ like some words cute hott crunck grrr. I love hollister and abercrombie! I have blonde hair, and blue eyes. I love the beach and of course shopping! PLease hel...
    4 Technology 55
  118. What is the name of this song and whos the artist?
    I heard this song in hollister today and it said something like "she picks fights over nothing but I still love her" it was sung by a guy and sounded like the friday night boys and that sort of genreish type of song. Would really appreciate it if anyon...
    2 Music 61
  119. My soft shirt turned rough after washing...
    Hi everyone, I recently got a soft Hollister shirt. It was soft and I loved it. But then one of my family members, already washing a load of clothes and wanting to be nice, washed mine also and it's rougher now. It's not super rough, but not as soft...
    2 Style 68
  120. Where is the best place to buy flats?
    I look everywhere but I can never find some cute flats. Hot Topic, AE, A&F, Hollister, Journeys, Any shoe place around me, and others. None of them have any cute flats. I want to find some with polka dots. I wear converse, and they are love. But als...
    6 Shopping 43
  121. How can I convince people I'm not a prep?
    well in elementary skool i have to idmit i thought i was the best thing ever and yea i was a prep and like i was friends with everyone and all i wore was abercrombie everything!! but now yea i wear abercrombie and some hollister all the time but i dont...
    2 Style 9
  122. looking the same.
    okay well, I've always gone to a small school where nobody had the same clothes as me, but now I'm going to a different school with a lot more people, and I'm getting tired of so many people having the same clothes as me. Like A&F, hollister, etc. I'...
    3 Shopping 8
  123. How to make $40 in 2 days?
    I need to make forty dollars in like 2 days, I want this Hollister jacket really really really bad and it is on sale and it will probably only be that cheap 4 a couple of days, and my mom said that she is tired of giving me money, and if I want it ill...
    7 Money 270
  124. Where can I get super cute clothes for cheap?
    My family doesn't have a lot of money and I just turned 13. All my friends can afford a bunch of clothes from abercrombie, hollister, designers, any where they want. They can also get juicy couture jewelry and stuff like that, and I cant afford that st...
    5 Shopping 42
  125. Colored Skinny Jeans in size 00?
    I've wanted skinny jeans for the longest. BUT!there has to be a problem.. I'm wayyy too friggin small for them. I've looked every effing place and I never find the perfect fit. in kids I wear size 12 slim in juniors I wear size 00. that's the ONLY size...
    11 Style 170
  126. Cute Dress Shops?
    Im going shopping probably next week..I am going out to a resturant so I need to look good..I dont want nothing fancy..last time I over did it and embarrased the crap out of myself because I fell in my heels O_o Orr some nice blouses & capris besides a...
    2 Shopping 45
  127. Cute clothes
    I'm tired of A&F, hollister and stuff. I wanna take a break from it for a while. where can I find cheap cute gladiator sandals? I love them! I like the style A&F etc. has to offer, but I just wanna take a break. I took a look at wetseal & charlot...
    6 Shopping 41
  128. Is it good to be different?
    Do you think it is good to be different or do you think people do it for attention? I normally dress sterotypically in american eagle, hollister and abercrombie and fitch.I would like to expand my horizons into the more different clothes at delais and ...
    3 Relationships 11
  129. What to wear the first day of High Shcool?!
    Okay, so I'm going into the 9th grade this year and I need some help. I have brown skater-ish hair but I'm not a skater. I have bright blue eyes. I'm not obese. I have little to no self confidence. I hate Hollister, AE, Abercrombie, and every other sto...
    6 Education 43
  130. I dont want to be labeled as a poser in high school, what to do?
    ok I asked this a few times. I dont want to be labeled as a poser. I hate hollister and im not a skater, punk, or any of that. I simply just want to incorporate them with my style next year in HS. is THAT considered posing??? and my one friend said th...
    6 Education 14
  131. Is Abercrombie and Fitch overrated?
    ok, im just bored rite now, but I want to no waht other peple think of af?? I personally dont get the point in it, I mean spending tons of money just 2 have a special logo on your shirt that society says is cool. sometimes it seems like there are just ...
    31 Shopping 135
  132. What would you do to talk your dad into spending this? Please read?
    well tommarow me and my 2 besties are going to da mall. were going to have SO much fun. we like to shop at hot topic, tillys, aero, hollister, journeys, claires, and sometimes victoria secret (to goof off). well my dad said I can spend up to 200$. but ...
    5 Money 12
  133. Where can I find cute preppy clothes without paying to much?
    I need to go shopping for the spring but I want to cute preppy outfits my limit is 500, I'd like some shoes,assories,pants,shirts,shorts I want a very preppy look but I really dont wanna pay that much where I could go shopping at. I know hollister duh ...
    3 Shopping 80
  134. What are good ideas for a new screenname?
    okayyy so I have a question duhhh haha. well I want a new screen name for aim. and these are my choices: krissykrunk krissykrankd krissy x3 RAWR hco krissy hot if you have any suggestions here's what I want in my screen name: I'm really preppy so any...
    9 Technology 63
  135. What should I do regarding school?
    Last October, I started homeschooling because everyone was making fun of me and being really cruel, just because I like to wear band shirts and vans. Everyone said I'm 'emo,' even though I shop at Hollister too, I just don't wear stuff from there as mu...
    6 Education 17
  136. Am I fake???
    I go to a public middle school but its not like a normal school. Its not drama filled, nothing hppens, kinda a quiet nerdy school. Lets just say the weirdest thing is someone haveing a blue streak in there hair. K so I need your opinion on wheter or n...
    16 Style 45
  137. Do I push my little sister too hard?
    I have a sister a grade below me named Kate. I always pushed her to be a good dancer and take a bunch of dance classes and I pushed her to become a cheerleader and dress only from abercrombie and hollister and american eagle. she is just like me now an...
    6 Family 30
  138. Why don't they talk to me?
    I'm not all that popular at school.I used to be friends with almost all of the popular kids at my school at some point in elementary.Now,we're in middle school and every thing is different.More people are getting a girlfriends or boyfriends,you need to...
    3 Relationships 18
  139. Mall Scavenger Hunt
    If we run out of time at my birthday party, instead of going bowling we are planning on going on a mall scavenger hunt. I was planning on having clues to go places and buy stuff (It's just me and my two friends and my sister, so I have some $ to spend)...
    3 Entertainment 111
  140. If I have the charmed life, why do I have depression?
    Okay, so everybody thinks I have the "perfect life." I am my parents only child. My parents have a little bit more money than the average family around here, and I get all kinds of cool stuff every Christmas, Birthday, etc. I can afford to get all of m...
    8 Health 32
  141. Where can I get cute, nice and fairly cheap clothing?
    Ok so im 14 and im looking for new places to shop. I currently shop at aeropostale, american eagle, hollister, abercrombie, blue anchor, rue 21, forever 21, wetseal, victoria secret and I find that they all get really expensive. I never end up finding ...
    5 Shopping 62
  142. Why am I so ugly?
    I'm so ugly.:/ I'm 13, I'm 5'4 and I weigh 116 (since my depression) Well I have low self esteem and I look like a guy more than a girl. Well I know this because since 3rd grade almost ALL the kids in my grade treats me like crap. Oh yeah and I burst i...
    20 Style 155
  143. Emo and Goth people???
    Fer sum weird reason mii bff Jennifer thinks I'm turning goth...just because I paint mii nails black once and awhile only because I like changing it upp and because I listen tew rock music and I had an idea of dying mii hair Black and getting the tips...
    6 Style 37
  144. What kind of man do you prefer quiz?
    1)funny, quiet, or sensible? funny :) 2)flirt,jerk,or loyal? loyal ;D 3)lame, emo/goth/punk, jock,or prep? jock/prep 4)prefer a man 2 wear: cheap clothes, emo/punk/goth stuff, gym clothes, or abercombie,aero, hollister,american eagle? abercombie...
    5 Relationships 88
  145. What are your favorite books, tv stations and stuff?
    Book - Televison. MTV - BET Sun - Moon Daytime - Night time Shorts - Skirts Bare foot - Flip-flops Hollister - American Eagle Rich and sad - Poor and happy Relationshop - Single Laguna Beach - The hills End world hunger - World peace Catholic - Christi...
    6 Literature 42
  146. How Can I become more popular?
    Hello, I'm 13 years old, and in 7th grade. I want to truly be popular, so don't answer with " It doesn't matter " , only answer if you are going to give me real advice! I wear Hollister, Abercrombie, and American Eagle, I am trying to wear lip gloss, e...
    18 Relationships 19
  147. First day of school outfit?
    Ok I know a few people have already asked this question but What should I wear on the first day of school? Im a preppy girl. I like Hollister, American Eagle, Aeropostale, Wet Seal, Agaci, etc. I want to make a lot of friends this year and so I dont...
    18 Style 180
  148. Should I switch schools if it strands my best friend?
    Ok, well i go to a small high school that is all about wealth, sports, and being very smart. Its a public school and they dont allow unnatural hair colors, certain piercings, holes in jeans, and well lets just say TONS of other things. So in this schoo...
    5 Education 46
  149. Why are they so mean in school?
    girls in school thinks im stuck up and ugly...I have a REALLLYYY low self esteem issue its sooo bad that I cant look in poeple eyes when poeple are talkign to me I dont look at them so they think im rude.they dont even no me and they just see...
    2 Relationships 36
  150. What are my chances? Is it Worth it?
    What are my chances? im only 14 and I want to model, mostly when I get older internationally, but thats a slim chance. hhmm lets see in the past 2 weeks I've lost 5 pounds, so im like 110. is it worth most of the troubles? I know im young, so 5'6" is s...
    2 Money 20
  151. Girl confessions for girls only
    1. Do you sleep in your bra? 2. Have you kissed any one from your friends list? 3. Are you happy with your looks? Honestly? 4. Do you enjoy drama? 5. Are you a girly girl? 6. Who was the last person you hugged? 7. Small or large handbags? 8. Do ...
    40 Sex 80
  152. How should I feel about this?
    Last night was my school dance..and as usual I didn't have a date, but whatever, I like going with friends anyway. Once the slow songs would come on, me and my friends would be all crazy and start swinging around in a circle (lol), while my ex was runn...
    2 Relationships 11
  153. 20 Q's =]]
    ONE: Spell your name without vowels: What are vowels again?? TWO. What is the date 2 days after your birthday?: -Sept24 THREE. How many pairs of jeans do you own: Ohh like im really gonna go count? B!tch please FOUR. What color(s) do you wear most?:...
    8 General 35
  154. random nesss yoo
    clothing line -- only two ! you can only pickk two . hollister . am. eagle coogie . aeropastale . ed hardy . pink ( victorias secret ] shoes -- only two ! ajf ( air forces mixed with jordans ] jordans forces nike boots pastries ugg...
    5 General 36
  155. This or that?
    Food/drink Mcdonalds or burger king? Pepsi or coke? Sierra mist or sprite? Dominos or pizza hut? Fridays or ruby tuesdays? Pancakes or waffles? Hamburgers or cheeseburgers? Meat or veggies? Vanilla or chocolate? Clothing Abercrombie or hol...
    7 Sex 67
  156. Random xd rather be questions?
    You rather be: Gay or straight Eyeliner or eyeshadow Umbrella or rain on me Doctor or die of cancer Choker or diamond necklace Aeropostale or hollister Nike or dc's Converse or vans Green day or poison Fast or slow Purple or black Big or small Skinny ...
    2 Sex 18
  157. Can we please drop the label talk?
    I'm asking nicely, I'm not trying to judge people or anything, but I think the whole label thing needs to be dropped. I don't think people should sterotype. Putting people into categories because of; what they look like, their religion, their hobbies, ...
    7 Sex 29
  158. 50 question survey
    Take this survey 1. First off, what's your name? ASHLEY 2. Okay, but what does your best friend call you? ASHLEY OR JUST ASH 3. Have you ever kissed someone with braces? NO 4. Who is the fourth received call on your call log? MY MOM ...
    14 General 46
  159. Who wants to complete this?
    1red rose or white? 2salt or pepper? 3pink or blue? 4hamburgers or hot dogs? 5music or movies? 6comedy or horror? 7action or adventure? 8summer or winter? 9sun or stars? 10hott or cute? 11walk or run? 12funny or romantic? 13crun...
    8 General 55