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  1. Why should we have to learn history?
    Why we have to learn history?
    5 Education 14
  2. why is water clear?
    why is water clear???
    8 Science 104
  3. How to clear your google images history
    How can you clear your google images history?
    2 Technology 47
  4. Clear & clear blackhead remover
    2 Style 17
  5. WHat is my work history?
    2 Money 36
  6. How to clear all internet exsplorer history forever!
    2 Technology 55
  7. Why am I so obsessed by the clear flow of human history?
    7 General 22
  8. How do you clear history if you're signed in to YouTube?
    3 Technology 11
  9. How do you clear your cookies and history on Mozilla Firefox?
    2 Technology 15
  10. How to make skin clear?
    How to make skin clear?
    2 Style 27
  11. how I can I erase internet history
    how I can I erase internet history
    4 Technology 48
  12. history of 420
    whts the history about 420?
    3 Entertainment 26
  13. How do you get clear skin?
    How do you get clear skin?
    3 Style 31
  14. How do I retreive deleted history
    How do I retreive deleted history
    2 Technology 112
  15. Why do we learn history in school?
    Why do we learn history in school
    7 Education 92
  16. Why is it when I masterbate my cum is clear?
    Why is it when I masterbate my cum is clear???
    3 Sex 1236
  17. How do you check deleted history?
    4 Technology 27
  18. how do you delete your history on you laptop??
    9 Technology 44
  19. who are some of the best boxers through out history?
    15 Sports 19
  20. How can I view my history on messenger?
    2 Technology 51
  21. Are all pure gases clear?
    3 Science 49
  22. what is a UV clear piercing?
    7 Style 31
  23. How can I check my computers history if its been cleared?
    how can I check to see where someone has been (what websites) on my cumputer if the history has been cleared?
    5 Technology 194
  24. How do I erase my history in my address bar?
    How do I erase my history in my address bar?
    4 Technology 39
  25. how do I erase the history in my adress bar?
    how do I erase the history in my adress bar?
    2 Technology 42
  26. How to see websites visited after history has been cleared?
    how can i check to see where someone has been (what websites) on my cumputer if the history has been cleared?
    3 Technology 1953
  27. What is history and why is it important that people know U.S. History?
    why do you take history? (what makes you interested to it?
    9 Education 21
  28. Whats the main reason for history?
    10 Education 37
  29. How can I learn the history of my home for free?
    3 General 34
  30. Who is the oldest quarterback in NFL history?
    3 Sports 17
  31. How can you keep from having to clear your cache all the time?
    5 Technology 13
  32. how do I clear my google search history??!
    I need to clear my google search history but I have no idea how! can someone please help?!?!?!
    4 Technology 50
  33. Viewing history
    How do I view history on my computer after its already been cleared?
    2 Technology 73
  34. Actor and actress with the most movies in history?
    What actor and actress in history have made the most movies in history
    2 Entertainment 114
  35. How to find deleted history on my computer?
    How to find out deleted history on your computer? ...and what type of history?
    3 Technology 106
  36. is there any way to clear internet history and chat history?
    I want to clear my internet history and chat history permanently from my computer cause I share one. I'm not sure how to do it. any ideas?
    2 Technology 81
  37. I'm asked to clear my cache on clubpenguin
    I'm asked to clear my cache on clubpenguin
    3 Technology 41
  38. Does clean & clear blackhead eraser work?
    does Clean & clear's blackhead eraser work ?
    3 Style 77
  39. where can I find the history of my house online for free?
    where can I find the history of my house online for free?
    2 General 245
  40. How Do Your Clear Disk Space On A Laptop?
    How Do Your Clear Disk Space On A Laptop? Thank You
    4 Technology 45
  41. Does history really repeat it's self year after year?
    Does history really repeat it's self year after year?
    3 General 56
  42. History or science?
    In your opinion, what do you think is more important, history or science?
    13 Education 31
  43. Make blurred photo clear?
    how can I make a blurred picture clear?
    2 Technology 88
  44. who hit the most home runs in baseball history?
    who hit the most home runs in baseball history?
    2 Gaming 41
  45. How do I make my blurry picture clear?
    My picture is blurry and I want to make it clear. HOw do I do it?
    2 General 344
  46. Web history!!
    How do you delete your web history? PLEASE HELPPP!!!
    5 Technology 40
  47. Does clean & clear really work?
    Does clean & clear really work? lol
    5 Style 25
  48. history on computer
    how do I look up history on my computer from months ago.
    2 Technology 49
  49. How to obtain past work history if you have lost it?
    How to obtain past work history if you have lost it?
    2 Money 88
  50. Why is it I think way more clear at night then during the day?
    5 General 35
  51. how much does it cost to get your record cleared?
    6 General 56
  52. does clean and clear morning burst work?
    4 Style 76
  53. What are the little clear things in tapioca pudding?
    5 Food 90
  54. Why am i occasionally leaking a clear, sticky fluid?
    5 Health 313
  55. History
    What country was the eiffel tower given from?
    2 Politics 9
  56. Is Zeus a legend or real history of Greek?
    23 Religion 75
  57. How can I better prepare myself for AP US History?
    5 Education 17
  58. How to find out my work history?
    how do I find out the jobs I have had in the past
    6 Money 318
  59. How long does vicodin "opiods" to clear out of your body?
    2 Health 143
  60. do u know what happened on your birthday in history?
    6 General 41
  61. Does Krazy Glue dry clear on paper?
    4 Literature 30
  62. what was so good about the new world in early history?
    4 Education 13
  63. What are the 10 most influential people in American history?
    4 Politics 34
  64. How do I delete everything in my history without doing it individually?
    7 Technology 38
  65. How to delete history of sites
    How do you delete all history of internet sites from your computer completely?
    4 Technology 53
  66. Extremely large notification box because I can't it clear enough?
    Where is the extremely large notification box because I can't it clear enough?
    2 Funadvice 15
  67. How can I view my conversation history in windows live messenger ?
    How can I view my conversation history in windows live messenger ?
    5 Technology 105
  68. Was Edward Furlong on drugs during American History X?
    was edward furlong on drugs during american history x?
    8 Drugs 63
  69. How do I delete history on Firefox?
    Delete the browser history on fire fox ?
    7 Technology 26
  70. Can I stop my computer from saving my history?
    Can I stop my computer from saving my history on the internet or does it just keep saving
    4 Technology 44
  71. Get rid of the history of sites visited from your computer
    How do you get rid of the history of sites visited from your computer
    2 Technology 71
  72. How do I delete my own history on my computer
    How do I delete my own history on my computer with-out paying someone.
    6 Technology 52
  73. Delete your History on safari?
    How do you delete your history on safari? I really need your help!
    3 Technology 40
  74. How to deleat the history bar on your computer
    How to deleat the history bar on your computer. I need this info
    2 Technology 42
  75. How can I find deleted history on a computer?
    How can I get into my computer to locate the deleted history?
    9 Technology 192
  76. Is there an alternative to Clean&Clear?
    Something that is not used on animals.
    2 Style 24
  77. How to delete my internet history
    please somebody tell me
    3 Technology 82
  78. Who on here has seen the show on the History channel called Decoded?
    3 Entertainment 12
  79. Why is the top part of your nail white and the rest is clear?
    2 Style 29
  80. what classes do i need to take to become a history teacher?
    2 Education 38
  81. What's a good, inexpensive way to clear up acne and blackheads?
    11 Style 21
  82. Is it true that olive oil is good for clearing acne?
    5 Style 17
  83. Proactive or clean & clear??
    Which works best, or qukestt?
    7 Style 245
  84. How do I erase history on my address bar?
    4 Technology 49
  85. Would it be too hard to take both history and geography for GCSE?
    10 Education 37
  86. What are some good four year colleges with History Majors?
    2 Education 10
  87. How can deleted history be retrieved?
    How can websites that have been visited and then deleted from a computer's history be retrived?
    3 Technology 109
  88. Are freckles pretty or is clear skin prettier ?
    Are freckles pretty or is clear skin prettier ? I have freckles and all my friends dont, am I pretty ?
    7 Style 92
  89. does deleting what youve been on from your history completely delete it?
    if you delete what you been on from tools then history can you ever see what you have been on?
    9 Technology 34
  90. Does clean and clear facial scrub actully work?
    Does clean and clear facial scrub actully work? - thanx:)
    2 Style 49
  91. how do I erase all my history on the internet?
    how do I erase all my history on the internet? thanks, Belly Button Bandit
    7 Technology 44
  92. 15,000 worth of debt what is the best way of clearing this up?
    I have about 15,000 worth of debt what is the best way of clearing this up?
    6 Money 40
  93. When history has been deleted
    how do I check what websites someone visited on my computer when history has been deleted?
    3 Technology 236
  94. how can i delete my history or a transaction i made in my chase account online?
    2 Money 10584
  95. World
    Who made Rome a Christian nation?
    5 Education 18
  96. Does anyone know about the history of the Poarch Creek Indians in Alabama?
    2 Family 11
  97. what time should I go to bed? cuz i want to clear up my skin
    2 Relationships 19
  98. does youtube have a video history, if so where specifically?
    Because i saw this video and now i do not remember the title
    5 Technology 11
  99. What do you think this quote means: "if love is blind then my mentality is clear" ?
    2 Literature 27
  100. how do i make the heart symbol that is clear?
    not not the alt 3 one but the other one?
    4 Technology 17
  101. Goth history!
    Does the age the goth turned goth determine if he/she is a poseur?
    2 Style 49
  102. How can I delete photos in hotmail history?
    I have unwanted photos in my hotmail can I delete it permanently?
    2 Technology 447
  103. How do I find my work history to put on a resume for free online?
    2 Money 46
  104. Does salt and warm water really help clear up acne?
    3 Style 50
  105. who are the best wrestlers of wwe and smack down history which you guys like?
    13 Entertainment 15
  106. Is this clean and clear morning burst making my skin so dry?
    9 Style 98
  107. What free website can i try to find out the history of my property?
    NOT the house, the property...?
    4 General 39
  108. How can I clear up my face?
    How do I clear up my face? I have tried just about everything but nothing has please...
    8 Style 55
  109. How do I check history on the internet when it has been cleared?
    How do I check after my husband when he has cleared the history on internet explorer. Please tell me the steps. How do I check for a video file that has been deleted off the computer and empty out of the recycle bin.
    3 Technology 86
  110. what I can do to keep my face clear and healthy.
    My face gets all red and I have acne. I was wondering what I can do to keep my face clear and healthy.
    3 Style 42
  111. Clear Discharge, does it mean anything?
    Helloo..x I Keep Gettin Clear Discharge Does It Mean Anything?
    4 Health 225
  112. Recovering deleted internet history
    Can you loook up history of internet sites visited after it has been erased?
    2 Technology 104
  113. How can I delete history simply from my cache files?
    How can I delete history simply from my cache files? anyone know? any solutions?
    6 Technology 38
  114. History of my house???
    How can I find out the history of my house. Like say if any murders or deaths happened there
    5 Homegarden 90
  115. Can cat see things clearly at night time in total darkness?
    2 Pets 49
  116. United states history
    What new states were added to the union by the early 1800?
    2 Religion 12
  117. can you get the text message history from metro even if they have been deleted off your phone?
    3 Technology 84
  118. Who were some of the worst presidents in history going all the way back to George Washington?
    7 Politics 17
  119. What is the best way to clear a blocked nose with out blowing the heck outta it?
    17 Health 40
  120. Why didn't ancient people write their history down?
    is it because they didn't know how to write? even if they did , is there any other reasons ?
    5 Education 28
  121. History homework
    For history I have to write 20 laws and punishments for breaking those laws got any ideas?
    4 Money 8
  122. Why is there yellow and clear jelly like stuff after I had sex?
    Why is there yellow and clear jelly like stuff after I had sex? Is it something to be worried about :( x...
    2 Sex 269
  123. Can you be pregnant and that white clear discharge still comes out?
    I know the clear yellow discharge is normal but can you still be pregnant if it comes out?
    2 Health 880
  124. How long for my dog's infection to clear?
    my dog has a infection after having surgery and his currently taking antibiotics but how long does it take for the infection to totally clear
    3 Pets 41
  125. My houses history
    I'd like to know what the history of my house is weather or not it's haunted or someone died here
    2 Homegarden 82
  126. Clear stuff coming out of nipple
    Theres this clear stuff that is coming out of my right nipple. what is it? should I be worried? thanks xx
    5 Health 1819
  127. How to I keep my skin clear
    How to I keep my skin clear by this friday? My skin is sorta good now but I want absolutely no acne... How do I do this?
    2 Style 21
  128. Is clear discharge from my breast cancer?
    I haven't missed my period, but clear fluid is flowing from my breast...
    2 Health 89
  129. find work history
    I lost my records and need to find my work history for new job applications
    2 Money 48
  130. History of april fool !
    Does any one knows the history of april fool? Who did first april fool of the world and how did it take place?
    2 Travel 9
  131. Why is my urine almost clear?
    yeah, why is it like almost clear? I have to go like every half hour...
    6 Health 184
  132. Can you put more of that clear paper stuff into a scrapbook or do you have to buy a whole new book?
    5 Literature 13
  133. Can I get a Masters in English with a Bachelors in History?
    3 Education 54
  134. What is the best way to clear pimples fast?
    Like the day before a big date?
    8 Style 134
  135. Where can I find my house history, I think it's haunted
    Title.. Self explanitory
    7 Homegarden 1573
  136. History of cussing
    What would the first "recorded" use of a cuss ie: f_ck
    3 Literature 16
  137. How long do you wait after surgery to remove the clear film they put on the surgical incision?
    5 Health 24
  138. How can I fix google crome so it doesn't show my history and closed tabs on the homepage?
    4 Technology 8
  139. What homemade products will clear up acne?
    I no that there are a lot of products out there but they don't work how do you get rid of acne using homemade products
    4 Style 26
  140. How can I clear an age scar from my leg?
    Am having an age scars on my legs, I got the scars when I was about 6year of age. How can I make it go away?
    3 Style 48
  141. does the color of a males cum acutally matter? like white = is good clear = is ??
    11 Health 1530
  142. How can I find out about inprivate browsing history?
    How can I see what was viewed in inprivate browing on internet explorer
    4 Technology 196
  143. Why is my cum clear
    hi I am 13 years old and my cum is clear when will my cum be white like all the porn stars
    3 Relationships 231
  144. delete history
    my husband is a porn addict and I would like to look at deleted history on a daily basis How do I do this
    3 Relationships 18
  145. What is the clear discharge on my underwear?
    What is the clear stuff that comes out of your vagina during the day because every time I look at my underwear its all over
    2 General 2344
  146. Is 'A Song of Ice and Fire' an Alternate History story?
    Is George R.R. Martin's epic 'A Song of Ice and Fire' an Alternate History story?
    2 Literature 33
  147. How is my cum thin and clear ?
    Evry time I wank a clear and runny liquid squrts out is it cum and why isit thin and runny
    2 Health 179
  148. Clean and clear acne advantage kit
    How is the clean and clear advantage kit? Would it work welll for sensitive skin?
    2 Style 45
  149. Why is my sperm clear?
    I am 14 years old and my sperm is still clear why hasnt it turned white yet?
    4 Health 1196
  150. How do you clear your cache on Mozilla Firefox?
    I just started using Firefox again, and I have no idea how to clear my cache on this browser. I only know how to clear the cache on Google Chrome.
    9 Technology 14
  151. History report on computer
    How do you get to the history report on the computer cause im grounded from myspace but I could get on then delete the history of it but I don't know how to get on it?
    2 Technology 45
  152. How do I check websites visited on compute if history is cleared?
    I want to be able to look at the web pages visited on my computer to see if someone has been on it and cleared the history through internet options. I recall there being something that displays thumbnails of pages visited...I just cannot recall how I ...
    2 Technology 189
  153. How can I clear up my face if nothing works?
    What are some remedies on how I can clear up my face!! I have tried every thing, BUT NOTHING WORKS!! Please I need help!
    5 Style 103
  154. does any know where i could buy CUTE (Colored not clear)laptop keyboard covers for a toshiba laptop?
    8 Technology 38
  155. What is the wet clear stuff in my underwear and will it go away?
    I have really wet clear stuff coming out of my has no odor,or color.
    3 Health 1999
  156. How to get in my computer's history?
    How do I get to the memory on my computer for information dated back to 11/ 21/07 to 12/10/07
    2 Technology 519
  157. What dose it mean when clear stuff comes out when you wipe?
    But dosent smell,burn or itch
    3 Health 785
  158. Where can I find american history information?
    Does anyone here know where I can find stuff on William Randolph Hearst?
    3 Education 10
  159. Viewing deleted history on my computer
    I would like to view the history on my computer from two days ago, but my husband has deleted it, can it be retrieved?
    2 Technology 100
  160. Is clear sperm normal for a 14 year old boy
    semen substance except its clear not white
    3 Health 902
  161. Can my mom go to Metro PCs and ask for printed history of my internet websites?
    can my mom go to metro pcs and ask for all the websites i went on? (;
    10 Technology 79
  162. Would it be the same thing to mix paint with clear nailpolish so it would be like regular nail polish?
    3 Style 21
  163. Who's good with history that can help me with some problems?
    Explain the significance of each of the following terms below in its relationship to the 1960s
    2 Education 7
  164. What are some effective ways to study to prepare for exams that deal with memorization of dates and history, when all you have to study is a textbook?
    6 Education 10
  165. Why am I a nerd because I have a passion for history and world culture?
    I want to be an archaeologist because of my love for history and world culture and when I tell people that they call me a nerd.
    2 General 18
  166. What do you take to clear your system of cocaineafter 24 hrs so you
    What do you take to clear your system of cocaineafter 24 hrs so you can take drug test within 5 days?
    3 Drugs 1500
  167. Why don't people in Massachusetts and Philadelphia have to fill out criminal history on applications?
    i want it to be like that in my City!!
    2 Money 11
  168. clearing search engine memory
    How do I clear my search engine memory? Like for example, when I type 'a' into google search, all my other searches previously starting with an a pops out.
    2 Technology 20
  169. when white clear stuff comes out of your vigena what this mean?
    like what does it mean when the clear stuff shows on your pantys I dont get it
    5 Health 1056
  170. How do you clear CD-R's ?
    I have a CD-R and a Game I want to burn, but the CD-R has things on it but the game I want to burn need an empty CD-R. How do I empty it?
    2 Technology 30
  171. What are you possibly interested in learning more about in the history of medicine?
    Just out of curiosity, I'd like to hear your opinions.
    2 Education 18
  172. Why are people from other countries constantly offended when (North) Americans don't know much about their country, history, etc.?
    69 General 49
  173. How can I find my family history?
    I need to find some good info on the history of my family but I don't know where to start. Can you show me some good websites??? Please I really want to know about my family history.
    3 Family 41
  174. How to have clear skin?
    ok so my face hahaha it pretty well clear but there still an occational blimish that shows up what can I do to help me have clear perfect skin!!
    5 Style 36
  175. What dose it mean when your urine is clear as water?
    I went to the bathroom and my urine was clear I was like what in the... I was used to yellow but it was clear was this good or bad sing?
    5 Health 181
  176. How can I keep my skin clear while im on birth control?
    Im on the depo provera shot and my skin is always a wreck. I was just wondering how I can keep my skin cleared up.
    3 Style 107
  177. clear liquid coming from nipple
    I recently noticed when there is pressure put on my breast, a clear/ milky liquid comes out of my nipple. What could it bo from?
    4 Health 3463
  178. how to delete history in your toolbar.
    How do I delete the sites I've visited from my toolbar? Even when I go to delete the history from my computer the sites are still on my toolbar. Please tell me how to delete them! :)
    3 Technology 46
  179. Do I have a history class phobia?
    I have a history class tomorro and the thought of going to it makes me not want to live, please help me xxx
    6 Health 35
  180. Can lemon juice clear weed out my system ?
    I have a drug test tomorrow I smoked some weed for a few days before will lemon juice clear my system I heard it flushes your system out
    4 Health 14212
  181. Clean & clear or neutrogena?
    I'm getting a new facial system and I can't choose between neutrogena and clean & clear so which one? Or any other suggestions? Thanks :)
    2 General 39
  182. Why do we need History Class?
    Why do we need History class?? If we're supposed to look at the future, we don't need it. Don't get me wrong, it's interesting, I just don't see the point.
    15 Education 691
  183. When a guy blames his gf for everything even when its clearly his fault is that a sign of mental abuse?
    if not what are signs of mental and verbal abuse.
    13 Relationships 64
  184. How can I get my acne to clear up?
    Ive tried everything from prescription, to eating healthier and nothing is helping.
    8 Style 49
  185. What's your favourite line in all of movie history?
    Mine Is when Gandlaf says "Run you fools" Just after he says "You shall not pass!"
    5 Entertainment 11
  186. Do I really need a clear coat/top coat when making nail art?
    what's so important about putting on top coat when making nail art? do i need to put on top coat?
    5 Style 6
  187. Would meth clear in 3 or 4 days?
    would you be able to get meth out of your system say within 3 or 4 days?
    3 Health 462
  188. Clear like jelly.???
    Ok I went to the bathroom to pee lmao. But when I did it was clear like I did nothing.?? So when I look down I seen this clear like thick stuff.?? Whut is that.!?
    6 Health 192
  189. Having trouble with history, what should I do?
    I just started school and im having trouble wit my history tests. I study so hard for them, but I always fail them. on my grades for the grading period, I have an F in history. what should I do?
    2 Education 20
  190. What birth control pill is best for clearing acne?
    Okay so I want to start taking birth control pills to help clear up my acne and to regulate my period, but the question is what pill has been most helpful to clearing acne?
    6 Health 22
  191. How to clear pimples quick?
    please help me beacuse im breaking out a lot lately? tell me how you may have cleared your acne?
    4 Style 11
  192. Clear Skin?
    whats a good way to get clear skin that is cheap, nothing has really worked for me as in the facial washes or anything
    5 Style 10
  193. How do I set my history on my computer to store everything again...?
    I set my history on my computer to where it didn't keep track of all the websites I went on and everything. Now, I don't know how to undo that. Does anyone know how?
    5 Technology 45
  194. what is this clear liquid from my vagina after I fingered?
    ok so I am new to the whole fingering junk and I was fingering myself and this clear liquid came out and I have no clue what in the f*** it is. anybody know
    2 Relationships 1056
  195. What's a good way to get your mind completely clear?
    i keep just thinking about the bad things in my life or the scary things and i just want to clear my mind
    18 Health 39
  196. What are some books I could get to help teach my children about African American history?
    They are ages 7 and 10
    6 Education 10
  197. Can drinking a lot of water clear your urine for drugs?
    Can drinkin a lot of water clean your piss for a drug test? if so, how much and how often?
    6 Drugs 740
  198. Who knows a good facial cream I can use that removes dirt and leaves the face clear?
    I apperciate any help?
    6 Style 14
  199. Hair Clear Gloss?
    Has anyone ever tried it? I'm thinking about getting it from walgreens + trying it. Would you suggest it? (:
    2 General 35
  200. What jobs can I get with my ancient history and archaeology degree?
    I've just finished uni and looking for a job that could be relevant to my degree
    2 Money 58
  201. How long will it take for the niacin to clear out your system ?
    If I smoke weed/dro today will the drugs be out of my system in two days? How many niacin should I take if so?
    3 Drugs 1145
  202. How do I clear all the stuff on my computer?
    I am planning on selling my iMac and I need to clear all the files and memory from it before I sell it. Can someone tell me how to restore the settings or clear the stuff or whatever? I have no idea what to do.
    5 Technology 49
  203. How to clear up a stye?
    I think I may have a stye on my eye. It's not serious, and from what I've read, it's something that will probably clear up all on it's own. Do any of you have any advice on how to make it clear up faster and less painfully?
    3 Health 125
  204. Would putting a top coat of clear nail polish stop sweets/candy from going off?
    Like sticking the sweets down with glue and then putting a clear top coat on top.
    3 Style 28
  205. How to clear up blackheads on my nose?
    Helppp!!! My skins reasonably okay but I keep on getting blackheads on my nose and they just won't clear up. Anyone know of any products that work??
    3 Style 51
  206. Clear tongue ring?
    my parents REALLY HATE peircings and I want a tongue ring so bad!!! is there anywhere I can buy a clear one in houston texas
    4 Style 46
  207. How do I hack into a computer's deleted history?
    how do I hack into deleted history on a computer? I really need to know it's for nothing bad other than a piece of mind. please help thnks
    2 Technology 180
  208. What does it mean if I am peeing a lot and it is clear?
    Lately I have been peeing a lot and it has been clear. About twice an hour maybe. Is it possible I could be pregnant or something. Let me know.
    6 Health 4322
  209. tea-tree oil to clear my face, how do I use it?
    I just bought a bottle of pure tea tree oil because a friend recommended it to me to clear my acne how do I use it though?
    6 Style 45
  210. Clearing history?
    Is there any really quick and easy way to erase any history after I've closed my window and finished on the computer, ie pressing a few buttons and its erased? I have a shared computer with my whole family (yes, all 9 of us) unfortuanately, so make it ...
    3 Technology 39
  211. What is this thick clear sticky gel like discharge? i just ended my period 2 weeks ago, an im getting this now?
    2 Health 59
  212. what my houses/ road/streets history going back to 15th century ?
    i live worthing, west suses and on buckingham road, ?
    2 General 26
  213. How can I get my parents to talk about our history?
    how can I get my parents to talk to me about history our history ? I've tried asking but they just ignore me ! And right now I just wanna really know! Please ! help me what should I do to make em talk to me about our family history??
    5 Family 10
  214. Why do they water down history?
    Why do they water down history to please people... Don't we need to know the real history so that we dont repeat the mistakes of our ancestors? And if you don't understand by water down history then funmail me and I'll explain I just dont feel like doi...
    6 Politics 25
  215. why do I get clear jelly stuff in my pants?
    Why do I get clear jelly stuff in my pants? everytime I go to toilet or something I notice clear jelly stuff always there why is this happening and what is this? anybody helpp? thankkkyouuu :):)x
    5 Relationships 397
  216. Will clean and clear black head earser work?
    I have couple of black heads on my cheeks, and nose..I can't stand them I bought netruogena duo and clear products and the clean and clear black head earser..does it work?
    3 Style 49
  217. How to clear up acne?
    Does anyone know an effective and fast way to clear acne? If you so please tell me because id love to know...oh and id love to know where I can buy it as well thanks :-)
    6 Style 26
  218. How do you clear online information off your computer?
    How do you delete online information and clear it off your computer Like You type in 2 letters of your e-mail and it shows up ? Please help
    2 Technology 38
    2 Education 33
  220. How do I clear up my skin?
    how do I clear up my skin in a matter of like... days!! I have nice skin but I get these little out breaks every now and then and I know that they are normal but I really don't want them... HELP!!!
    5 Style 40
  221. How to erase an entire computer history?
    I know how to erase stuff from my computers history but only one by one. I have hundereds that I want to delete but how do I do it in one step or a few steps without spending hours by deleting 1 by 1?
    3 Technology 52
  222. How do you delete your history in search engines?
    How do you delete search history in google and sites like that? As I don't want my little sister to be exposed to what sites I go onto. Does anyone know?
    3 Technology 11
  223. How to clear up a pimple
    Look. My face is usually clear. but around my period it breaks out. this is very embarassing. is there anything you can sugest to get fid of them really fast?
    5 Style 51
  224. Tips for clearing face
    Does anybody have any tips to clearing your face up? Im 16 years old and im just now recieving acne not bad just a few here and there but I would rather not have them :) Please help
    4 Style 16
  225. Clear skin
    Im in 7th grade and just about every girl has really clear skin...or at least it looks like they do. Whats a way to get clear skin fast or how do you use makeup to make it look like you have clear skin?
    3 Style 11
  226. Proactive for clearing small pimples?
    Isn't Proactive for acne? I just have small pimples around my face that I don't like. Would proactive work on that too or do you know another medicine?
    3 Style 38
  227. Clean & Clear Acne Control Kit
    I'm getting ready to was my face, but there is 3 bottles. Do I use all three of them on after another?
    2 Style 16
  228. How do you clear up cafe au lait birthmarks?
    Does anyone know any natural remedies to get rid of cafe au lait birthmarks without laser surgery??
    2 Health 85
  229. How to clear all visted websites?
    I'm wondering how we can clear every website we've ever been to on this computer, like everything we've searched and all. We want to erase everything but not sure now. (Firefox)
    8 Technology 50
  230. History and the bible
    Why do people see Alexander the Great as a legitimate historical figure, yet the figures mentioned in the bible somehow are viewed as Fairy Tales?
    19 Religion 40
  231. Does anyone know the history of Borders Bookstore?
    I am doing power point for a class about Border Bookstore and it's franchise and I cannot find all the information I need. Can somebody help me!
    2 Education 7
  232. Are there cleansers that will help keep my open pores clear?
    I naturally have open pores so i usally get pimples here and there can anyone suggest some decent clensers to keep this under control?
    2 Style 47
  233. Does ProActive really work to clear your face?
    I've got a lot of magazines, and it's in there like everywhere! So I'm wondering, is it worth it to buy it?
    11 Style 56
  234. History on my computer
    I have a teenage son and I am concerened about him looking on web sights that he should not be on but he keeps deleting information but surely there is somewhere else I can look. Thank you
    6 Technology 46
  235. clear discharge?
    I know some clear discharge is normal, but for the last two days I have been having a lot of clear discharge. It seems like there is something in it too. It's kind of stringy. Well, I don't know if that is the right word. It is hard to describe.
    6 Health 204
  236. How do you restore deleted history on a Mac?
    I guess it's also a question of CAN you do it, but if anyone knows how to restore the history already deleted can you please tell me? :) Also, is there a way to make a password to GET to the history, so that it can't be deleted unless you use the passw...
    2 Technology 20
  237. Clear stringy discharge when masturbating or having sex?
    Well what is this? Like if you have a discharge thats kind of stringy, gooey, and sticky, it's a clearish whitish color. And you only have it when masturbating or having sex or something like that.
    2 Sex 302
  238. What can I do to have twins, if there is no family history?
    Me and my husband are planning a pregnancy, but we both want twins, but twins doesn't runin either of our families. Please give me facts and not fiction. Thanx!!!
    5 Family 56
  239. How is history beneficial in our lives?
    I'm taking a college level history class next year but I'm beginning to have second thoughts because I'm not sure how history will be beneficial later on. What types of careers or jobs require you to be good in history?
    7 Education 19
  240. How do I clear my breathing?
    Hello, Once in a while, when I breathe, I can hear my own breathing. It seems that something in the path. How do I clear it? Sometimes, I use Sinus Rinse. Sometimes, it doesn't help. Thanks for your answer. Regards, BillChow
    5 Health 50
  241. Tiny clear bump inside my mouth
    K so I got this really tiny clear bump inside my mouth. It's on my right cheek but all the way in the back. It doesn't really hurt but I have no idea what it is. Do any of you know what it might be?
    2 Health 476
  242. how to make sure no one sees your computer history?
    when a computer sets up wireless internet is has a home computer which it runs off of, if you have your own laptop and are in your wireless server is there anyway the home computer can look at your history using the wireless connection?
    3 Technology 76
  243. How do you clear out negative energy?
    Sometimes there is just too much stress everywhere and people fill the air with their negative comments and thoughts. I find myself at times adding on to that negativity. How do I clear it out? Both internally and externally?
    6 Health 14
  244. How can I clear user names and passwords on Firefox?
    I use Firefox and I'm wondering how I can clear user names/passwords that are saved on sites but clear nothing else? Because for a site I use it has my old user name automatically come up and I always have to clear it and type my new one it and ther...
    6 Technology 121
  245. How you do delete the history in your search bar?
    How you do delete the history in your search bar? Like when you click your google search bar on the top of your screen, all the past things youve looked up come up. How do you delete that? Its not the history I dont think because I tried that. Thanks x
    3 Technology 56
  246. Is there a website that you can use to find the history of a house?
    I am trying to research my Grandparents home that was built in the 1800's, and was tore down in 1998. I think it was built around 1860 or so.
    2 Homegarden 109
  247. Would you bathe in a bathroom with clear glass walls showing outside?
    This is just one of a few designs listed as "Extreme", Read about it :
    16 Homegarden 21
  248. Is there any way to view your AIM conversation history?
    Any place I can go to, login my AIM (AOL INSTANT MESSENGER) account and look up all the conversations I've ever had with people???
    7 Technology 4776
  249. How do i delet my history of websearches on my computer?
    i accdently clicked a site and it took me to some porn site i clicked out but it stilled showed up on my computer history i dont want to have to explain it to my dad what can i do to delet it? theres no clear history button and theres no little x i can...
    9 General 39
  250. How do I make it clear I wont tolerate being cheated on?
    I've been with my boyfriend for about 5 1/2 years. I know he cheated on my about a year ago, but I'm afraid he might be again. How do I make it clear to him I'm not going to stick around if he is?
    14 Relationships 70