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Hermaphrodite ejaculate

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  1. When I'm ejaculating it burns?
    When I'm ejaculating it burns?
    2 Health 50
  2. When I ejaculate it hurts and burns?
    When I ejaculate it hurts and burns?
    2 Health 148
  3. Can I be pregnant if he ejaculates on my panties?
    Can I be pregnant if he ejaculates on my panties?
    3 Health 287
  4. What are we going to do, or women to do to ejaculate during sex?
    2 Sex 67
  5. Does the smell of woman's ejaculation same as pee?
    6 Health 901
  6. what happens after a male ejaculates(cums)?
    6 Relationships 377
  7. when a girl has an orgasm, what are the fluids that she is ejaculating?
    2 Health 114
  8. Hermaphrodites???
    Can hermaphrodites get themselves pregnant? If they can, then what happens to the baby?
    6 Health 660
  9. can people ejaculate without having a hard erection?
    can people ejaculate without having a hard erection?
    2 Health 1051
  10. Can you get pregnant from Pre-Ejaculation?
    Can you get pregnant from Pre-Ejaculation?
    4 Health 1145
  11. What to do when he ejaculates in my mouth?
    what should I do if a guy blows his load in my mouth
    5 Relationships 301
  12. Why does it burn when he ejaculates in me?
    When my Boyfriend and i have Sex and he comes in me why does it burn?
    5 Sex 113
  13. How much sperm does a man eject after ejaculation?
    4 Health 193
  14. Guy A used condom and didnt ejaculate Guy B did not use condom and ejaculated. Should I be worries who the father to my unborn child is or am i j
    3 Health 133
  15. Why can't I feel when he ejaculates in me?
    Is it normal not to be able to feel when a guy cum's in you?
    6 Relationships 99
  16. Sperm ejaculation
    My lover's sperm is clear and it foams lol what is that.
    2 Health 776
  17. Can you wipe it out if he ejaculates in you?
    when your boyfriend cum in you can you wipe it out geting pregnant
    3 Relationships 81
  18. Can you get pregnant through ejaculating in the butt?
    can you get pregnant if they cum in the back [butt]
    6 Health 695
  19. Is it harmful to ejaculate daily?
    Is it not harmful to your body if you ejaculate everyday? I'm a male.
    2 Health 441
  20. Can hermaphrodite's get married to men or women or none at all?
    Can hermaphrodite's get married to men or women or none at all? Is that fair?
    3 General 177
  21. How many girlies can feel a male ejaculation inside their vagina ?
    3 Relationships 884
  22. Is it harmful to swallow ejaculate during pregnancy?
    Is it harmful for a female to swallow cum when she's pregnant?
    3 Health 211
  23. Can you get pregnant by non-ejaculation?
    Can you get pregnant if the guy doesn't ejaculate inside of you?
    6 Health 332
  24. Can you get pregnant if he ejaculates on your vagina?
    Can you get pregnant if your boyfriend ejaculates on your vagina and some of his semen drips onto or possibly into your vagina?
    2 Health 3085
  25. can you get pregnant off of pre ejaculation?
    can you get pregnant off of pre ejaculation? like the little bit that comes out before he busts
    6 Health 307
  26. How do I know whether I have pre-ejaculated?
    I know I have'nt entered her or ejaculated...but I dont know if I had pre-ejaculated..pls help me..pls???
    5 Health 320
  27. On the pill but can I still ejaculate inside her?
    My girlfriend is about to go on the pill and I was wondering can I ejaculate inside her? If so what are the chances of her getting pregnant?
    7 Health 8986
  28. Which gender prison would a hermaphrodite go to?
    If a hermaphrodite got sent to a certain gender prison, which one would it get sent to?
    6 General 225
  29. Why does ejaculation hurt a guy sometimes?
    Why does it hurt a guy somtimes when he ejaculates (like in American Pie) or when he is having s*x with a virgin?
    2 Relationships 1700
  30. Is it safe to ejaculate under your briefs and let it dry?
    Is it fine to ejaculate under your brief and let it go until it dries? is it not harmful to your penis or something?
    7 Relationships 115
  31. Am I pregnant if he didn't ejaculate?
    I had sex without a condom [I know it was dumb of me ] but he didnt come . am I pregnant?
    3 Sex 663
  32. What is ejaculation?
    that is what?? I need to know these types of probably retarded but please tell me.
    3 Relationships 16
  33. Can you still get pregnant if he doesn't ejaculate?
    If you have unprotected sex but the boy doesnt nut can you still get pregnant?
    16 Sex 4027
  34. Why didn't I ejaculate?
    My girlfriend was giving me oral and when I climaxed, she said nothing came out. What's wrong with me???
    3 Sex 113
  35. I Cant Ejaculate
    Im 14 but when I masturbate I never ejaculate. I have had a couple of wet dreams before but they are the only times I have ejaculated, can you help me I dont no what to do
    3 Sex 69
  36. how some men can have an orgasm without ejaculating?
    Hi all. I've recently heard somewhere that some men can have an orgasm without ejaculating. Is this true? If so, how is that possible? Does it feel the same???
    4 Health 46
  37. Why does it take a guy longer to ejaculate when receiving oral sex?
    Why is it that some guys ejaculate within 5 minutes during sex,but when they are receiving oral sex it takes 10 times longer??
    2 Sex 272
  38. Why was I ejaculating for no reason?
    ok so I was in the bathroom all is going good then I looked down and I was ejaculating mind you I wasnt masturbating or even hard I was just going to the bathroom
    3 Sex 93
  39. Is Jamie Lee Curtis a testicular hermaphrodite?
    Rumors have been circulating for years? Anyone know the truth?
    2 Entertainment 204
  40. Is it possible for a virgin to become pregnant from a penis being near her private area, and there may have been pre ejaculation?
    11 Health 684
  41. So he cannot be blamed for early ejaculation or for being weak?
    When must sperms comes out for the first time duing sex? So how many times must a guy ejaculate during sex? so he cannot be blamed for early ejaculation or for being weak?
    2 Sex 574
  42. Who knows if its good that a guy ejaculates quickly?
    If a guy ejaculates quickly is that a bad or good thing? Im curious because my friend wants to know. ASAP thank you.
    3 Relationships 42
  43. How to stop premature ejaculation?
    this is a really pervy question, but I want to know how to stop premature ejaculation, and how to c*m well... pervy I no, but I want an answer... please...
    4 Health 62
  44. Can I be pregnant if my boyfriend didn't ejaculate?
    Hello :). Is it possible to be pregnant if my boyfriend didn't ejaculate at all, previously he urinated and than the penis entered only once in my vagina without a condom?
    4 Relationships 504
  45. can hermaphrodites get prgenant
    can they. bc im pretty sure that they have a p!nis and a vag!na..
    5 Health 111
  46. I was ejaculated in 9 days ago..
    When will I be able to get an accurate answer to whether im pregnant or not?
    5 Family 31
  47. Cleaning and stop ejaculating in sleep
    My brother is circumcised should he clean his penis with soap every time he urinates also he ejaculates in his sleep once in 15 day how to stop it
    3 Relationships 63
  48. What will happen if she keeps giving me oral after I ejaculate?
    What will happen if I c*m and my girlfriend keeps giving me oral? what I meen is that will anything happen to me if I keep haveing intercourse or anything like that after I c*m?
    3 Sex 70
  49. Why don't I have any ejaculation?
    each time i msturbte i get a good feeling that i can keep getting but no c*m...whats the problem also i have to stretch to get the feeling...???
    5 Health 64
  50. How to stop premature ejaculation?
    Is there anyway to make premature cum from coming out because everything me and my girlfriend do it it keeps coming out and it starts to make me go soft
    4 Relationships 52
  51. How do I know if I have premature ejaculation?
    How do I know if I have premature ejaculation? If I'm watching some porn I can get off real easily but if I'm laying in my bed thinking about tits and stuff I don't cum so easily.
    3 Health 77
  52. What about Female ejaculation?
    You see in on the web and in pornos, but is it real?? I'd like to know. I've been with a number of women and I've never encountered this.
    8 Relationships 33
  53. Why does it hurt to urinate after my man ejaculates inside of me?
    For the past two times my husband and I have had sex, and he ejaculated inside, my vagina stings very badly and it stings twice as bad when I urinate. Does anyone have an idea why?
    2 Sex 4017
  54. How much comes out when he ejaculates?
    soo my boyfriend likes when a girl sswallows his cum uhm.yeah how much about comes out. like how much will I be swallowing.. and if I dont want to swallow where do I spit it out
    7 Relationships 89
  55. What's the difference bettween peeing and ejaculating?
    I'm 14 and lastnite I jacked off and when stuff came out my dick I did not known if it was pee or sperm pls help me
    4 Health 690
  56. How to ejaculate
    I am 14 and when I masterbate, I get a feeling on my penis a ticili one is that a sign of egaculating or do I have to keep going longer to egaculate becouse I cant egaculate
    2 Sex 115
  57. Without ejaculate into body will cause pregnancy?
    Hi, I'm Jay.If I don't want to use condom to have sex with my girlfriend and I choose not to ejaculate into her body. Is it possible? Thanks for the advice...
    4 Sex 292
  58. Why can't I ejaculate?
    im a guy. and my problem is I cant cum.I've never cummed. I dont know y,so thats wy im askin yall
    3 Relationships 154
  59. Female ejaculation hot?
    my husband seems to be turned on by squirting aka female ejaculation, anyway I heard there is a way for any female to do this does anyone know how? I seen in porn its pretty crazy lol.
    5 Relationships 93
  60. ejaculation problem
    when I ejaculate it dosent shoot out just comes out slow,is this normal is there a trick to make it shoot out like I see in movies,I wanna be able to shoot my load but I cant please help
    7 Health 106
  61. What thing a person uses to stop his ejaculation?
    Normally when a person does sexual intercourse with a woman, he orgasms within minutes. But when we watch porn sex videos, it does not happen. What do they use to resist their ejaculation?
    3 Sex 92
  62. Burning feeling when you ejaculate?
    since last week I have not been able to ejaculate. Right when I feel like I can go, it burns slightly then makes me not able to orgasm. I also have been peeing a lot more and have slight burning. is this a bladder infection
    3 Health 58
  63. How long does sperm stay on a penis after ejaculating?
    Recently I had sexual intercourse with my boy friend, without a condom and he ejaculated, 20 minutes after this, we had sexual intercourse again, does this mean I could be a risk of being pregnant?
    5 Sex 7022
  64. Why do I ejaculate so quickly during m*sturbation?
    I need some help, why do I ejaculate so quickly while masturb*ting? is it normal? would it be the same while making love or it would be different? it will take time longer, because I ejaculate in about 2 to 3 minutes, please help help,
    2 Sex 328
  65. Am I suffering from premature ejaculation?
    Hi, I couldnt insert my penis fully into her vagina hole.her vagina hole is small. WHILE i try to insert my penis into her i ejaculate (WITHIN 5 MINUTES). Is this normal or iam i suffering from premature ejaculation. Appreciate the answers.
    4 Relationships 157
  66. pre cum vs. ejaculation
    is there sperm in pre cum? because I have heard that there is. but I also heard there isnt. and I was just curious because knowing the REAL answer might change my mind on the way I have sex.
    4 Sex 2038
  67. Can you get pregnant even if a guy doesn't ejaculate?
    So I gave my guy head and then later we had unprotected sex but he didn't ejaculate in my pussy ! so can I still get pregnant? Please don't tell me I should have protected sex! I already know all of that!
    3 Sex 134
  68. im a guy why does my stomach contract painfully after ejaculation?
    after my wife and I have sex every single time after I ejaculate my stomach cramps like is contracting and it hurts so much sometimes it takes me a min to get up again
    2 Sex 178
  69. Ejaculation help
    When I masturba*e all the sperm just pools on my knob instead of shooting out like in the movies and stuff. Does any one know how to make it shoot out or does any body have the same problem? Thanks
    2 Sex 181
  70. Fishy smell after my boyfriend ejaculates inside of me, why?
    Has anyone noticed a fishey sort of smell from your vagina after a man ejaculating inside you with no protection? This happens to me, and its most off putting. I know this is the reason for the scent as it always happens with my boyfriend. I just want ...
    3 Health 9724
  71. Pregnant if partner didn't ejaculate inside?
    Me and my boyfriend were in the mood and had sex without a condom but it was only a few thrusts like 3 or 4 in and out but then he put a condom and we kept going, so can I get pregnant just by doing that even if he didn't ejaculate? He ejaculated with ...
    3 Sex 182
  72. why does my vagina burn after my boyfriend ejaculates im me?
    me and my boyfriend are both std free but every time he cums in me I get this horrible burning sensation and sometimes my vagina gets really swollen. is this normal or can I be allergic to his sperm?
    4 Health 357
  73. Why do I feel a cramp in my lower stomach after I ejaculate?
    After I ejaculate I feel like a pain or a cramp in my lower stomach below the belt line but deep inside. The pain is only right after for a minute but is intense. I had a visecteme a little over a year ago but have had no problems.can any one help?
    2 Health 1939
  74. When you ejaculate, do you have to clean it off?
    When I masturbate, and ejaculate, I cba to clean it off; just too lazy to, so I just let the semen just settle or dry up on my skin. Is that okay or can I get some weird skin disease or infection from it? What is the composure of semen, whats it made u...
    3 Sex 96
  75. Can you swallow
    Can you swallow Ejaculate ?
    7 Health 526
  76. Can a woman get pregant with pre-ejaculate ?
    Can a woman get pregant with pre ejaulate ? Me and my girlfriend were messing about, and I think some of my pre ejac got on her fingers while she fingered herself, shes now 4 days overdues her period, could it just be late ?
    2 Health 558
  77. Does smoking cause premature ejaculation?
    it's been a while i started smoking, i have heard about the side effects of smoking of which this is the one. Last time i felt like i lost that stamina i used to have i am really worried about this.Suggest please.
    8 Health 55
  78. Why was my boyfriends ejaculation milky?
    I've got a odd question during sex last night my boyfriend cum and I notice that his cum was really milky and white. Now I've seen ejaculation before but never this color. Most of the time is been kinda white but mostly a cloudy clear color. Can you te...
    2 Sex 119
  79. How do I solve my ejaculation problems?
    Ok I masterbaited a while a go and I was just sitting doing my thing and I go to lean over to get it in the toilet and I feel the cum rushing and then do you pee it out cause I did that and I only got like a little bit out and then I was thinking how d...
    3 Sex 42
  80. Why do I taste ejaculate when its bein let go inside of me
    This is the strangest question ever!! but I noticed that everytime in the past when my x husband would ejaculate in me I could taste it in my mouth,odd thing is that he went in me not my mouth,I still have that spell to this so what do you think
    3 Relationships 297
  81. Excesive squirting? (female ejaculation)
    So I'm a girl and when I masturbate I have sequential orgasims and squirt every time..a lot! I put down three towels on my matress the other night folded were my a*s was and I soaked all of the towels and my matress. How can I prevent soaking my matre...
    3 Sex 66
  82. Do hermaphrodites really exist?
    Hi I am curious to know whether true hermaphrodites do exist? As I understand they have both functioning p**sy and d!ck and they live normally. I happend to see clip where in there were ladies with both organs and at the end they ejculated also !! W...
    5 Health 1509
  83. Why is he ejaculating so fast?
    Ok, me and my boyfriend(were sorta young, but not too young) KINDA OF had sex today, well almost. He was in an everything, but he came after about 5 seconds. I said it was ok and that I didnt care, wich I dont. But I wanna know why he came so quickly, ...
    7 Sex 1737
  84. Why was his ejaculate red?
    My boyfriend and I were messing around and he ejackulated and it wasnt the regular creamy white color. It was red, like blood but a little faded. What does this mean? and is it something we should get checked out? Help please Loves Momo
    4 Health 45
  85. Are there problems besides pregnancy with ejaculating inside me?
    I have been on the pill for a year and for about the past 5 months my boyfriend of 3 years has cum in me everytime we have had sex. I have always gotten my period when I was suppose to. My question is what are some problems that I could be faced with b...
    3 Sex 23
  86. Who fathered my baby? LMP was 9/27-10/2 had unprotected sex an he ejaculated inside of me on the 10/7 10/8 10/13. Had sex with another
    Guy on 10/16, he had a condom on but it broke an he stopped after no more then the 3rd stroke. He didn't ejaculate inside of me. Today is 11/15 im 7 weeks but I'm nervous to who fathered my baby
    2 Sex 1217
  87. He ejaculated on my leg
    So today me and my boyfriend were naked[We didn't have sex because we had to get to our next class, we were in the] and we hugged and he cummed on my leg, kinda on the side of my leg, and I waited a little bit beforei wiped it off, but I...
    8 Sex 160
  88. Is it safe if he ejaculates on my breasts?
    hi there! Is it okay if He 'C*ms' on my breasts ? I mean if its safe... No I didnt go in my vag** as I was dressed up there. Pls help as I am new to all these things.. want to get expertids though ... Wish me gud luck. thx
    3 Health 102
  89. my cum doesn't really come out right after ejaculation?
    is this normal? if I'm really turned on, then it will come out almost instantly, I almost always pre-cum, but sometimes when im not as turned on, it won't come out as soon, like itll come out after a little while (like 10-15 seconds) and sometimes bare...
    3 Relationships 12
  90. How long does it take for a boy to ejaculate?
    roughly how long dose it take 4 a boy to cum when giving him a hand job? Lol and it realy aches my arm LOL! is there anyways to stop it from acheing ? Lol ( I guess if I keep doing it my muscles will get stronger, buh is the any other way ) PLEASE HE...
    4 Health 2163
  91. Is it my fault that he doesn't ejaculate?
    Okay, so me and my boyfriend have been together for almost a year. We have sex all the time, and trust me it's real good sex. Different positions almost every single day and oral sex! But why doesn't he c*m anymore? We would do it for hours a day! Am I...
    3 Sex 17
  92. when a man gets a vasectomy does he still ejaculate?
    ok, I know what a vasectomy is... but I have a few questions... when a man gets this procedure done, I understand that it IS reversable but I am wondering, does he still ejaculate? I know there will be no sperm.. just wondering about everything else ...
    2 Health 359
  93. Why can't I ejaculate?
    I'm 15 almost 16 and I can't cum, I have never been able to in my life. I wank myself off for hours sometimes but nothing ever happens. I think I've got a problem but daren't see a doctor, I'm too embarrassed. :( anybody got the same problem?/ what sho...
    4 Health 49
  94. Ejaculated in girlfriend 5 times on different days!!!
    What are the chances of her being pregnant it was 1 day before her period, then 5-6 days later her period was over and the next day I had sex again and ejaculated in her, then around 1 week later I did the same, then 3 days after that also and then jus...
    2 Sex 37
  95. Why did it burn toward the end of my ejaculation?
    the other day I was m*sturbating and when the sp*rm was coming out it was burning toward the end of it. Is something wrong or am I just paranoid. my other question was I have a girlfriend and she got fi*gered before and she said it hurt really bad , I ...
    2 Health 138
  96. When your 15 is it to erly to tell if you have premature ejaculation?
    If I guy is 15 is that to young to tell if he has premature ejackulation... my boyfriend who will be 16 in april duriing sex can only last not even a minute before he sperms, and its like that all the time, even tried jacking off before its worked a co...
    7 Sex 91
  97. How come it hurts after I ejaculate?
    How come after I ejaculate the head of my penis hurts? Not really bad to the point that I might need a doctor, just a bit. Like if I get a handjob, after I ejaculate around the head hurts, and if she starts to give me a handjob again right after it hur...
    19 Sex 3101
  98. Is stopping medication to blame for premature ejaculation?
    The guy I am dating was taking an anti-depressent drug, I think it was zoloft, for about 3 months. A week ago, he finished his prescription. Now, whenever we have s*x, he ejaculates too soon (after a few minutes). Sometimes he hasn't even realized he's...
    3 Health 23
  99. how can I keep my boyfriend from pre ejaculating?
    It's really annoying because he cums before a minute is even up...I know he's embarrased and angry about it too. he says it's because we had sex for the first time in november and then we didnt again until halfway through december, and if we do it more...
    3 Sex 63
  100. Ejaculating too early
    My names david and im 14,my question: Well, when im with my girlfriend and were in the mood we get up to things.. You know.. Lol, but the thing thats quite embarasing, even tho she says she doesnt mind is the fact that after 5 minutes of doing it I ca...
    4 Relationships 21
  101. Is being a hermaphrodite considered a sin?
    Many people believe that homosexuality is a choice and is an abomination in the eyes of god. Well, that topic is debatable enough as it is, but what if a person is born with both the male and female reproductive organs? If being homosexual is really a ...
    89 Sex 400
  102. Can I be pregnant from he touching me after ejaculating?
    Hi, Me and my boyfriend, Well ex now but at the time boyfriend were in bed and he f*ngered me after he w*anked himself off. Now I'm really worried because I've been feeling really sick, Getting really dizzy at times, Even fainting, everything which I n...
    6 Health 120
  103. what are the percents of me getting pregnant?
    what are the percents of me getting pregnant if I have sex and my boyfriend doesn't ejaculate in me? and if im on my period and he ejaculates inside me?
    5 Sex 158
  104. Can he really control when he ejaculates?
    well basicly I dunno if its possible to do it but he says he can control how long it takes him to cum while having sex, he said "unlike most people when they fell like there gna cum they do, but with me I can control it and go on for hours, I found out...
    5 Sex 27
  105. wtf does this mean?
    what does ejaculate mean? I've been wanting to know?
    5 General 160
  106. How do you make yourself cum while masturbating?
    I dont know hoe to make myself ejaculate. I masturbate when im horny,but I want an intense orgasm that makes me ejaculate.
    2 Sex 523
  107. Does semen become infertile?
    Does semen become infertile after ejaculating for any period of time? Or does it ever become infertile, and if so when?
    3 Health 78
  108. Can I re-use a condom?
    I just ejacul*ted into a condom, is it bad if I clean it out and use it again?
    13 Health 249
  109. CUM WHERE...?
    What do you do with the cum when your giving a blow job and it got ejaculated in your mouth? do you spit it or what?
    8 Sex 333
  110. Ejaculaton on stomach?
    Could I be pregnant if my boyfriend ejaculated on my stomach, and it ran down to my labia?
    3 Health 189
  111. Why so long even with sexy female?
    Why does it take a man sooo long to ejaculate even with a sexy female?
    2 Sex 49
  112. Cumming While Having Anal Sex
    My fiance and I like to have anal sex and he wants to cum in me while doing so is it safe if he ejaculates in my butt?
    3 Sex 608
  113. sex with out a condom
    can a women gt pregnant if your having sex with out a condom but you pull out befor the male ejaculates?
    4 Sex 1667
  114. Can I be pregnant if we had sex on my period?
    what are my chacnes of being pregnant ifi had sex during my period . & my boyfriend ejaculated in me on my last day?
    3 Sex 47
  115. What is the best way to get to your G-Spot?
    How is the best way to get to it so you can ejaculate? Other than sex, is fingers the only way to do it?
    2 Sex 113
  116. What colour is girls cum?
    What colour is it when a woman ejaculate When having sex with a man is it white or clear
    2 Sex 3709
  117. Sex with out a condom
    Can a female get pregnant if the male does not have a condom on..but the male pulls out befor he ejaculates???
    6 Sex 801
  118. I Can't Ejackulate
    I am 13 and when I masterbate and reach climax I dont ejaculate. is there something wrong with me?
    5 Sex 75
  119. How long after unprotected sex, will I know if im pregnant?
    Its been almost two weeks since my boyfriend first ejaculated in me, and it was within that week that I was supposed to get my period. And we also had sex a week right after that and he ejaculated again.
    2 Sex 35
  120. what can a man take to make more cum ?
    what can I do to ejaculate more ,I only cum a little bit about a teaspoon full at a time.??
    2 Relationships 109
  121. How long does sperm stay in your body?
    I was wondering how long sperm stays in your body and if he ejaculate in me today and yesturday does them amount of sperm double up in me or what
    5 Health 1769
  122. Listen Men
    How many of you admit the fact that masturbation and ejaculation is the pleasurable thing ever?
    4 Sex 64
  123. Multiple orgasms in men?
    I have been doing a hold technique masturbation for almost a year, to have my dick hard for a long time during intercourse, even though I still havent made out with a girl and still a virgin. well now, when I masturbate, it now take a long time to have...
    2 Sex 145
  124. Where do they cum ?
    Do guys ejaculate on their bellies if their not with a girl?? Like, their penis us up pointed towards their stomach so do they? ...…
    3 Relationships 175
  125. Do sperm have brains?
    When a male ejaculates into a female does his sperm know where to go by insticts or does the male have to like shoot it into the direction
    5 Science 1204
  126. Can you get pregnant from precum?
    can you get pregnant on pre cum when he is still far from ejaculating and how many days before your ovulation day can you have sex and still get pregnant
    6 Sex 449
  127. Not erected atfer orgasm, is this right??
    I, I loose my erection after ejaculating, is this normal?? please help me, I'd be very gratefull!! Xx
    4 Relationships 32
  128. Can you get pregnant from this?
    Can you get pregnant if the male masturbates and has ejaculated and it went on his on his hands and fingers you straight after??? Need to know asap!!!
    8 Sex 42
  129. Why does it hurt when sperm enters vagina?
    I accidently spilled some ejaculate in my girlfriend's vagina and she is scraming with pain . Suggestions please
    5 Health 426
  130. what happens if Condom split but on Pill..Please help?
    Please a genuine response we are very worried. She uses the Pill regularly every day The condom split but we removed it carefully right away. No ejaculation, only some pre-ejaculation, had urinated several times before intercourse
    3 Relationships 52
  131. I have a female chihuahua and a male beagle...
    if dogs are stuck together do they still get pregnant? Like the male dog still ejaculates, or what?
    3 Pets 160
  132. What are the chances she is pregnant from pre-cum on pill?
    Me and my girlfriend recently had unprotected sex for the first time. She is on the pill (microlite) and takes it at the same time everyday. She asked her doctor if it would be ok to have sex without a condom whilst o the pill and her doctor said that ...
    4 Sex 2065
  133. How does one become infutile for a brief time?
    Okay I had to say INFUTILE because it kept saying to reword the question, and then the rewording would give me (already asked question) which did NOT answer my question. im not asking how long semen can live within the female body, or how long it can s...
    2 Health 83
  134. Pragnancy Question
    I'm sorry to say this bt I'm seriuosly getting too much confused,I missed my periods on the 10th/11th of this month,aftre having unprotected sex with my boyfrnd.if I recall verywell he ejaculated in me more than once that day&I wasn't on a safe per...
    3 Sex 28
  135. Odds of pregnancy?
    I got this friend and she wants to know whats the odds of getting pregnant when the guy ejaculates in you and your not on any type of birth control
    4 Health 17
  136. Is this true, ladies?
    I've heard that women can ejaculate kinda where a cum without sperm is released.. Is that true? If so whats it like?
    2 Relationships 211
  137. When I had my first sex,I did not enter her and also did not ?
    I had my sex with my gfriend a few days back...I know that I did not enter her and also did not ejaculate..I kept movin up and down her abdomen...will she become pregnant?
    3 Sex 44
  138. How possible for a guys precum to stay on him after he pulls out?
    My boyfriend and I had sex around the time of my ovulation. He hadnt ejaculated that day or the day before that, that I know of. So if precum got into my vagina is it possible for me to be pregnant? He had a shower and went to the bathroom plenty of ti...
    6 Sex 556
  139. Is it possible that I'm pregnant if he pulled out?
    He didn't really stick his penis in all the way but he still ejaculated. He wiped it off and I was supposed to have my period yesterday I pregnant?
    3 Health 105
  140. Am I gay?
    Ok so whenever I masterbate I think of girls but right when I start to ejaculate hot sexy boys come into my head. Ami gay?
    5 Sex 55
  141. What tips is there on how to make yer fella cum quicker?
    My fella lasts ages during sex so I'm looking for tips,positions or techniques on how to make him ejaculate quicker so we can both enjoy.
    2 Sex 323
  142. When you have sex and you start to spot after what does that mean?
    When your having intercourse and the condom breaks but the guy didn't ejaculate yet then a couple days after you start spotting what does that mean? Can that lead to pregnancy?
    3 Sex 118
  143. Can I become pregnant
    Can I become pregnant if I dont have intercourse but I try to and it doesnt happen. Like if the penis is close to being in the vagina but it is not but it may have ejaculated? Please help?? Thanks
    5 Health 431
  144. Do I masturbate too much?
    I masturbate daily, sometimes twice a day till I ejaculate. Now, I have a mark on the bottom of my penis that is lighter than my skin colour. is this from masturbating or is this from something else?
    9 Sex 133
  145. can my girlfriend get pregnant by...
    is it possible for my girlfriend to get pregnant by me rubbing my penis against her clitoris just after I ejaculate in her mouth? I'm worried b/c she sucks my dick and I love to rub it on her face.
    3 Health 474
  146. Worried that I'm never going to get pregnant?
    I'm 29 years old and I've been trying to get pregnant for the past year and half. Every time me and my fiance have sex he ejaculates inside but once were done everything comes out. I've been told to put my feet up once he ejaculates for 15 to 20 min...
    4 Sex 79
  147. 13 and no development!
    ok im a guy and I've been 13 for a while and I've got pubic hair armpit hair stomach hair and I can ejaculate but my penis hasnt grown! is this normal???
    2 Relationships 372
  148. How can I help my husband last longer in bed?
    I want to know what can help my husband to stop early ejaculation please help i want to enjoy sex again i really love him but our s*x is troubleing.
    2 Sex 51
  149. Can you get HIV from sperm touching a cut?
    ok my friend wants to find this answer: when you ejaculate sperm and it touches your own blood from some cut ANYWHERE (finger, leg etc.) do you get AIDS/HIV ?
    4 Health 244
  150. sex before my period???
    I just lost my virginity to my boyfriend and we used a condom and he didn't ejaculate inside me. but I'm close to my period. and I think I might have just been ovulating. whats the chance?/
    3 Sex 194
  151. if this is too long im sorry, but me n my guy have been together a while we have been sleeping together for about 2 months and in all the time we have, which
    can be quite often, hes only ever ejaculated 3 times, is this normal?
    5 Relationships 49
  152. Private Area
    since friday my vagina has been ejaculating non stop and its really irritaing and it becoming kind of uncomfortable does anyone know whats wrong with me
    2 Health 132
  153. Should I take a pregnancy test soon?
    My boyfriend and I have bein trying so I can get pregnant but I havent had my periond for a while and he has ejaculated four times is there a higher risk for me to get pregnant and should I take a pregnantcy test soon?
    4 Health 16
  154. Can you get pregnant from playing?
    I recently played around with my boyfriend we didnt have sex but he ejaculated on my vagina is there anychance I could be pregnant? and how long can sperm last ouside the body?
    3 Sex 150
  155. What if I have chlamydia and miss my birth control can I get prego?
    Okay, so I have chlamydia and I missed 4 of my birth control pills and I had unprotected sex 3 days after my period was over and he ejaculated in me more than once, could I get pregnant even with having chlamydia?
    7 Sex 52
  156. Who is most likely the father of my baby?
    I am 28 weeks pregnant and before I became pregnant, for about 3 weeks, I had cheated on my boyfriend with another guy. I confronted him about it and he knew why I did it and forgave me. He knows about what I am going to ask on here and doesn't really ...
    5 Sex 65
  157. having unprotected sex a day after period
    my period started on may 6 and ended may 10 I had unprotected sex a day after my period he ejaculated but not in me we also had unprotected sex 5 days after that and we did the same thing could there still be a chance that I can get pregnant?
    2 Sex 67
  158. Is there any possibility that I'm pregnant?
    Me and my fiance are trying to get pregnant so we have had unprotectd sex 4 times and he has ejaculated in me around 6 time around the time I am suppose to ovulate is there a good chance that I maybe pregnant
    2 Sex 158
  159. Chances of pregnancy
    I am only 15 I haven't had sex. But the other day me and my girlfriend were lying naked and kinda simulating sex. After a while I ejaculated near but not on her vagina. I was wondering what the chances if any of sex were? As I am not experienced and I ...
    4 Sex 31
  160. If I'm a virgin and have no symptoms, can I be pregnant?
    My boyfriend and I were fooling around and he ejaculated on me. He made sure it wasn't too close... but I still want to make sure. My period is late... Help?
    2 Health 24
  161. Can this cause a pregnacy?
    if a male ejaculates on you...but its not really all the way in...can you still get pregnant? I have all the symptoms..which scares me...but I mean..I don't know..does the penIs have to be like alll the way inside for you to get pregnant...what if only...
    10 Health 31
  162. I need to know if im pregnant
    if my boyfriend ejaculates on my stomach, and it drips to my labia, whats the possibility I'm pregnant? if we had sex on the 15th of october and my period is due the 28.
    2 Sex 24
  163. Pregnancy
    If a man ejaculates on a women's body near her vagina (like her inner thighs or her stomach) is there a chance that she could get pregnant? Or will the sperm not make it that far to impregnate the women?
    5 Health 708
  164. Will pulling out with a condom protect against pregnancy?
    Is it sex safe from pregnancy if one is wearing a condom and insert in the vagina and when about to ejaculate the guy bring out his jewel and lets it out in open air with the condom still intact?
    3 Sex 725
  165. Does female cum look different?
    Me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex and after he pulled out there was whitish looking stuff on my vagina. He said he pulled out before he started ejaculating, and said that stuff came out after we finished when I started shaking, so it was mine. Do...
    14 Sex 37652
  166. How am I masturbating wrong?
    I read in a health magazine that when you ejaculate it should shoot out like a stream of urine. When I ejaculate a big drop of semen just kind of squirts a tiny bit, and then I get some small drops of it that fall out. When I'm masturbating I'm laying ...
    3 Sex 75
  167. How many days after sex can you tell if your pregnant?
    I had sex saturday night and my boy friend ejaculate in me and I forgat to take my pills which I had never missed in my life the whole day sunday I felt different.
    2 Sex 124
  168. Can she get pregnant from the condom popping?h
    I had sex with a girl and yeah when iw as changing position my condom got dry and I didnt have a lube but anyway I put it back in slowly because she told me to, and when I put it in I heard a pop noise and my condom blew up in there or rather the tip r...
    6 Sex 1330
  169. Possibility that I could be pregnant?
    Is there a possibility that I could be pregnant? Im on birth control and forgot to take it for like 2 days. And my boyfriend ejaculated inside of me. How long do I wait to take a test? When do I start feeling symptoms?
    3 Health 559
  170. Just asking part 2
    So if your boyfriend uses a condom and pulls out before he ejaculates its kinda impossible too get pregnant right? theres like a .1% too get pregnant because doesn't the sperm have to meet the egg?
    4 Relationships 48
  171. Could I be pregnant with spotting?
    My boyfriend and I had sex on Friday we didn't use protection and he ejaculated into me about 4 times. It's now Sunday and I started to spot a little from my period. This is normally the time my period comes on. Could I still be pregnant? I mean it is ...
    2 Sex 18
  172. Last day of menses and chances of pregnancy?
    I had sex with my girl friend.. It was the last day of her menses..she said she had no blood since morning that day but during sex she had condom broke and I ejaculated a little inside her vagina...the same night she did bleed a little..w...
    4 Sex 70
  173. Who is my child's father?
    I recently found out I was pregnant. THe first day of my last mestrual period was 5/18/06. I slept with my boyfriend on 5/30 and 6/1 which I have calculated as my day of ovulation. I slept with my ex on 6/4. But there was no ejaculation. What are the c...
    2 Relationships 26
  174. Is pregnancy causing my brown discharge?
    I had sex some days after my period and he ejaculated in me. I have been having discharge. It looks like mucous. Now I'm having brown discharges and my breast are sore. My side been hurting. My lower back been hurting could I be pregnant? The reason I'...
    23 Sex 10245
  175. Do you think we should be having a baby?
    I came off my period on the 24th because during my period it was real light. So on the 26 I had sex with my bf and he ejaculated in me 2 times. This was after my period. He wants a baby. He is twenty and I'm 19. We really are trying to have a baby. W...
    3 Sex 20
  176. Why is this happening?
    Me and my boyfriend had sex right after my period went off and it was only 2 days that it was on and he ejaculated inside of me and about a week later I been sleeping a lot and eatting a lot my tittes are getting bigger and my nipples was hurting when ...
    3 Sex 54
  177. Erectial Dysfunction?
    I have been wondering whether I may have this problem or not. In September, when my girlfriend and I (not together anymore) had sex and foreplay, I was unable to ejaculate at all. No matter what we did I wasn't able to, but she was. And recently,...
    2 Sex 72
  178. Can I trick myself into thinking I am pregnant?
    Can I trick myself into thinking I am pregnant? My boyfriend fingered me and he said he is 100 % sure he had nothing on his hands and he knows he has never ejaculated when he was with me. Would he know this? I have mono right now and have been tired an...
    2 Health 968
  179. Need to know really bad!
    If your boyfriend uses a condom and pulls out before he ejaculates its kinda impossible too get pregnant right? Theres like a .1% too get pregnant because doesn't the sperm have to meet the egg? Im I right?
    6 General 641
  180. Could I be pregnant?
    About a month ago, I took my birth control pill about five hours later than I'm supposed to then about an hour and a half later my boyfriend and I had sex. That was the first and only time he has ejaculated inside of me but we have had sex many other t...
    2 Sex 49
  181. Worried about my period
    Had unprotected sex on the 30th day of my menses (my usual cycle is 32-35 days long). he pre-cummed in me and withdrawed and shortly, ejaculated. it is now the 34th day of my cycle, my menses has not come yet. am I pregnant?
    3 Sex 23
  182. is it posible that im pergnant if I had unprotected sex?
    I have had sex with another guy without protection none of us were on any medication..and I never became pregnant because he never ejaculated in me...but recently I had sex with another guy without protection...would it be the same case with him? Can s...
    7 Sex 58
  183. Pregnancy advice.
    If you and your boyfriend have sex and the condom breaks way before he is ready to go off and he pulls out as soon as it breaks. Is there a possibility that pre ejaculation can get inside of you and should you be worried about being pregnant? Your answ...
    5 Sex 32
  184. Why did I bleed so much?
    The other day I lost my virginity to my boyfriend. The thing is he didnt wear any protection, but he didnt ejaculate! So there isnt any chance to get pregnant? Before he did, he put a condom on. It hurt a bit too, and I was saw afterwards. And I was ...
    2 Health 178
  185. why does my girlfriend stomach hurt after sex?
    me and my girlfriend had intercourse 4 days ago and she told me today her stomach was hurting really bad to the point where it hurts to stand and sit. it was unprotected but we did it for less that 5 min then stopped. I didnt ejaculate in her. so why i...
    2 Sex 17626
  186. Are IUD's safe?
    My girlfriend is getting an IUD and I would like to know is it safe enough to have sex without a condom or to ejaculate inside her with little risk of pregnancy. I have no problem wearing a condom but I was just curious. We are both STD free so thats n...
    3 Sex 60
  187. Dangerous handjobs
    Yesterday, my girlfriend and I were fooling around. She gave me a handjob, and I ejaculated into her hand. In order to take precaution, we both washed our hands with soap, and watched an hour and a half movie. After the movie, I fingered her. My concer...
    9 Health 3402
  188. How can I make my girlfreind cum quicker?
    I can make my girlfriend ejaculate by the usual sexual intercourse, and foreplay methods such as oral and fingering. No matter how I finger her, or how I have sex with her, she doesn't seem to ejaculate soon, but always ages after I have turned her on....
    8 Sex 290
  189. the condom burst...can I be pregnant??
    well, my boyfriend and I had sex 2 days ago and the condom bust. but the thing is that we don't know if he ejaculated before or while he was pulling out. im very paranoid about the fact that I might be pregnant. my stomach feels upset and im starting t...
    5 Sex 136
  190. Can one be pregnant having sexual intercouse through the anus?
    I have a friend that really need an urgent reply..yesterday she had a sexual intercourse through her anus with her boy friend...and the guy had ejaculated through her you think she can be pregnant she is not sure if that sperm entered in her ...
    4 Sex 56
  191. Is it possible to become pregnant from this?
    My little sister is sexually active and has already had a baby. She is afraid that she may be pregnant again, only this time she didn't have intercourse, the guy ejaculated on her butt while masterbating. She's afraid that some of it could have ran dow...
    4 Sex 45
  192. Ball inside vagina
    I was feeling inside my vagina with my finger and noticed a ball shaped thing in it. I'm a virgin, so I don't know how it's supposed to feel. I'm just worried that it might be something bad or (this might sound extremely stupid) if I'm a hermaphrodite ...
    2 Health 245
  193. Is there a chance I could get pregnant?
    I had sex with a condom, but used it twice and im afraid I may have put it on in reverse. My partner did not ejaculate in the condom at all. We are very careful , and we make sure that theres no way we can get pregnant. Im afraid if a small amount of p...
    3 Sex 113
  194. Condom slips off...pregnant?
    I was having vaginal sex with a condom with my girlfreind. While behind her during intercourse I ejaculated and proceeded to pull out. While doing so the condom slipped of when I had my penis about 95% out and half of the condom remained inside of her....
    4 Sex 1075
  195. Saliva and sperm
    Hi... I suck on my boyfriend's then I spat it out... Bt it was all over he place... If it had rubbed off on anywere near my vagina, cud I get pregnant? I had it in my mouth fr over 10 seconds... Bt my vagina was nt covered... Bt even if...
    2 Health 540
  196. Period 6 times in 3 months
    Ok so I got off the depo shot about 3 months ago since then I have had my period about 6 times and in between I have this kinda smelly bownish discharge. My boyfriend and I did have sex w/o a condom and he would ejaculate inside me when I was on the sh...
    2 Sex 28
  197. What: guys, is this healthy for a teenage guy?
    My boyfriend just told me that he has trouble getting erections now because he's been holding back around me a while. He also says whenever he holds back he gets really bad stomach aches. And then he also said he's never ejaculated in his life. He is a...
    6 Health 24
  198. Can you get pregnant with your boxers on
    My boyfriend ejaculated from oral sex. He put his boxers on and slightly penetrated my vaginia. There was a wet spot afterwards on his boxers, it has been two weeks and my breasts are sore, I seem sorta more hundgry. I am 16 could pain in breasts be fr...
    3 Sex 21
  199. What was this brown stuff on my rabbit?
    Okay,its kind of funny,but Im babysititng a friend's rabbit while shes in Manhattan,and Him and my bunny like to play.They are both boys,but this morning her rabbit was humping mine.When I pulled them apart,there was brown stuff all over the backside o...
    2 Pets 43
  200. What should I do? I have no idea if I could be pregnant or not?
    On January 9th I got really drunk and I fooled around with this guy. There wasn't any penetration I think but I do know he ejaculated on my vagina. I've missed a couple days of my period and I'm afraid I might be pregnant. Is it a possibility that I co...
    4 Health 79
  201. Pregnancy from sex last night?
    Me and my boyfriend had sex lastnight and when he ejaculated a little sperrm came out of the condom and got on the outside of my vagina. I don't think he got any inside me though. But I started my period today and it wasn't supposed to come for roughly...
    4 Sex 70
  202. When can I find out if I'm pregnant?
    Me and my boyfriend have been having unprotected sex almost everyday since I've been off my period I got off my period dec. 14 and he ejaculated in me on the 15 one time and twice the 17, twice the 23 twice the 25, twice the 26, once on the 28, and on...
    4 Sex 160
  203. Are IUD's effective as birth control?
    My girlfriend is getting an IUD and I would like to know is it safe enough to have sex without a condom or to ejaculate inside her with little risk of pregnancy. I have no problem wearing a condom but I was just curious. We are both STD free so thats n...
    3 Sex 32
  204. I need to know if this case could be a pregnancy case
    Hello, my thing is that I had sex on October 2nd protected sex first then almost at the end he took the condom off and did it like that for a minute unprotected, then he took his penis out and after a while he ejaculated outside, he still took like 1 ...
    5 Sex 44
  205. Can you get pregnant 4 days after your period?
    My longtime boyfriend and I had unprotected sex four days after my period ended. He ejaculated inside of me. I am on a 28 day cycle and my periods are always regular so I know that usually means I would be ovulating on day 14. But is it possible to get...
    2 Sex 76
  206. Can you get pregnant from having protected sex on your period
    I had sex on june 10th and my period came on june 6th and see I had sex while my period was on and my sex partner had use two condoms when we had sex and my period has been on over more than 10 days and see my back has been hurting and I've been crampi...
    4 Sex 100
  207. How long does Sperm last
    How long would sperm last in a female body before dying? (her vagina at least) I didn't ejaculate or anything, but I'm just wondering. We only had intercourse for about 45 seconds or less. mm.. 3 times in.. 3 times out to be really specific. I highl...
    15 Health 1301
  208. Where am I supposed to cum?
    When I'm in my car with my girlfriend things get pretty heated and I know eventually she's going to go down on me. I don't want to cum in her mouth, so where should I bust? I was thinking about keeping tissues in my glove box. But what happens if we...
    3 Sex 284
  209. Can my gilrfriend get pregnant?
    My girlfriend and I had sex last night and the condom fell off and I ejaculated inside of her. It is her 4th day on her period. She immediately took 2 birth control pills and she took Plan B (morning after pill) within 6 hours. What are the chances ...
    4 Sex 51
  210. Can you trick your body into thinking you're pregnant?
    I am really worried I am pregnant. I have never had sex before and my boyfriend SWEARS he has never ejaculated while around me. I am a hypochondriac and have been stressing about this for about a month or so. I had my period this month and at the begin...
    10 Sex 1010
  211. Will I conceive this way?h
    If my husband ejaculates on my stomach and then I wipe it up with my fingers and put in my vagina (during ovulation) can I get pregnant? What are the chances I will conceive this way? Has this happened to anyone?Please no answers telling me not to do i...
    7 Health 13
  212. Is it too early for a pregnancy test?
    so i had unprotected sex 5days after my period. and my bf ejaculated [bust, let go] inside of me. i went to my doctor and they said that it was too early for a test i have to wait for my period. wht are some early symptoms? ive been feeling really tire...
    2 Sex 32
  213. 3 periods in 2 months?
    hi :) alright so on july 1st I got my period which was a normal one, tho this one was not extreamly painful like the few before, sometime before I got it I had unprotected sex but I got my period. then on july 24th I got another period, that I asumed ...
    2 Sex 157
  214. If I don't dream of giving myself a handjob, do I not love me?
    After an ordeal of "fire and water" I stopped dreaming for over six years. Then a girl finally showed some interest in me and I offered her my dick. Then I dreamed of self felatio. Then she stopped showing interest in me and I haven't dreamed since. I ...
    2 Relationships 82
  215. What should I do, my mom caught me giving head?
    My boyfriend came over and we were both horny I though I would take my chances, we were both naked and I gave him a blowjob, as he was ejaculating in my mouth my mom walked in. after that we even never spoke I've went to my dad's house for the week, bu...
    3 Sex 2680
  216. What should I do if I was raped?
    On MLK day I went to see my boyfriend with my best friend. She had to leave early because she had to pack for Italy. I went inside to give him a goodbye kiss. He pulled me by my waist and kissed me feircly. He tore my clothes of and raped me. I pushed ...
    2 Relationships 175
  217. Scared of getting pregnant
    Please help me!!! Can a women get pregnant without having any kind of intercourse. I have not had any kind physical sexual relationship with my girlfriend, she has not lost her virginity or anything like that, but I had ejaculate near her vagina . On...
    5 Sex 110
  218. I need help 4real
    Ok I lost my virginaty yesterday..but we didnt use a condom but he didnt ejaculate in me at all...I've looked around and it say that there is such thing as pre-cum or wuteva..I didnt know that but how are we supposed 2 know that that came out during us...
    6 Sex 115
  219. anticipating getting pregnant
    Ok so I got my period on april 16th. Me and my boyfriend decided we are ready to have a baby, the computer gave me an estimated ovulation date of april 23rd. My boyfriend had ejaculated in me pretty much everyday since april 22nd, I have been getting s...
    3 Health 21
  220. Could these symptoms be pregnancy?
    I'm 19 years old and I think I'm pregnant. It's not time for my period yet but I think I'm pregnant. I've been feeling sick lately, I've been constantly having headaches. Me and him had sex last month like four days before my period. I came on my perio...
    59 Sex 195
  221. Could I be pregnant with a light period and pains?
    I'm 19 years old and every time me and my boyfriend have sex he ejaculates in me. I came on my period this month. It started out really light pink then it got heavy then it got back light. Now I'm having sharp pains in my side and my stomach feel like...
    5 Sex 360
  222. I cant masturbate help me!!!
    at my teenage days I considered sex as wrong as a result I was afraid of masturbating but now whenever I try doin that I fail nothing comes out and I have no feelings but during my sleep when I have some wet dreams ejaculation there somethi...
    7 Sex 97
  223. Doctors today and scared
    Okay.. so my boyfriend and I had sex about three weeks ago now. He used a condom and as he was pulling out, he ejaculated in me. I know that sounds like no big deal but then when my 'period started' it was not like normal. It started on the right day a...
    3 Sex 18
  224. How soon after sex can you tell you're pregnant?
    Ok. So I've been having sex for the past 2 days. My boyfriend has been ejaculating in me but the problem is, my vagina is hurting and it burns/hurts when I go pee. Whats up with that?..And another ? is ...How many days after sex could I be able to tell...
    76 Sex 32074
  225. What are the chances that I'm pregnant?
    so I had unprotected sex 5days after my period and my boyfriend of 1yr ejaculated in me completely. so what are the chances that I am pregnant? I went to the doctor but they said its too soon to tell, so im not one of those gurls who post a million que...
    6 Sex 91
  226. How do you get pregnant
    If you have sex with a condom. How do you get pregnant if A. It doesnt slip B. It doesnt rip C. He Pulls out (& doesnt spill it.) D. He doesnt even ejaculate at all (I already know about pre cum & how it can get you pregnant.) I just dont understand ...
    4 Sex 227
  227. How long after you have sex, can you pregnant with that sperm?
    The first day of my last period was 3/2, which only lasted a day or two. I had protected sex on 3/7. I had unprotected sex about a week later with a regular partner who has a very low sperm count. He has ejaculated in me many times over the years with ...
    3 Sex 97
  228. Is there a possibility of me being pregnant?
    I'm really confused here...can someone please give me some answers fast. Me and my boyfriend did not have sex, but we tried, he tried to put his penis into my vagina but he didn't succeed because I didn't wanna go any further...however we did not use a...
    4 Sex 95
  229. I think my girlfriend is pregnant. Someone help!
    Im 16 and my girlfriend is 14. We had sex 5 days after her period. I forgot a condom. I started to ejaculate before I could pull out in time. Lately she has been having to pee about 5-7 times a day. Whenever I go inside her vagina(may it be a finger o...
    10 Sex 71
  230. Condom broke after I came, shes on the pill, should I be worried???
    Ok, me and my girlfriend had sex, I used a condom, and she has been on the birth control pill tri-sprintec for over 4 months I think, we were having sex and I ejaculated inside the condom but when I went inside of her one last time the condom broke and...
    8 Sex 2360
  231. How pre cum world work?
    My boyfriend and I had unprotected sx and he had pre ejaculated a little bit we wiped it off... when we were done I inserted isopropyl alcohol 50% and water on a cloth into my vigina I also put water soap and that alcohol on the cloth and re inserted i...
    2 Health 424
  232. Why am I peeing during sex?
    I peed during a finger session with my boyfriend and then we had sex and I did it again... He didn't mind, he thought it was hot. I am afraid to have sex again because I think I will pee. I thought it was impossible to pee during sex. Maybe because I a...
    7 Sex 1100
  233. Guys: My boyfriend showed me something
    I was making my boyfriend ejaculate last night, and he started to have sperms come out, like normal, bu it was thicker then normal, then he stopped me and sayed he could make some squirt out, but not orgasm all the this possible? After a lot c...
    2 Relationships 459
  234. Sex before menstrual cycle
    Yestrday I loss my virgintiy to my long time boyfriend. We had unprotected sex but he did not ejaculate in me. my period was suppose to start any day proir to us having sex. I was having little cramps before we had sex and now I havent gotten my peri...
    5 Sex 332
  235. forgot to take the pill Saturday, Sunday we had sex
    I am on birth control, and this weekend I stayed at my boyfriend's house. he had a party, friday and saturday night, I took my pill on friday. but im not sure if it worked, cause of the alcohol, however I forgot to take it Saturday and Sunday. and we h...
    2 Sex 82
  236. Sperm coming out with urine and burning
    I was peeing just a few moments ago and when I was almost finished, I noticed that another substance was coming out and fell in the toliet in drops. It was not the normal cum that comes out with ejaculation, but slightly different. I noticed that it ...
    10 Health 2810
  237. if I have sex, with a condom, and he doesn't cum..can I get prego
    okayyy. sooo my boyfriend and I have been together for along time. Him and I decided to have sex..For periods have been irregular for about a year now..I dont have one every month. He had a condom on..he also said he didn't ejaculate// ...
    3 Sex 535
  238. Am I infertile
    I was playing soccer with my friends on a field near my appartment when one of my friends went to kick the ball really hard but accidentally kicked me in the balls, I was in soo much pain and felt sick for about 3minutes or so, there was no bleeding an...
    3 Health 41
  239. Uhh..Water Out of Vagina.. ???
    it's like a very watery liquidy clear fluid coming from me almost everyday. I know that female ejaculate has that same consistency but that comes out of the urethra [pee hole] and I don't think it's coming from there. I usually know everything about th...
    3 Health 218
  240. Do my symptoms mean I'm pregnant?
    I don't even know if my boyfriend had ejaculated into me, because he only went a few times in without a condom, and before that, the tip of his member was rubbing against "me". Afterwards, a few days later, my breasts had been hurting, very sore and it...
    3 Health 252
  241. Can you become pregnant without intercourse?
    Hi I really hope you could help me with some advice. Me and my girlfriend are really concerned about and issue. Can a women get pregnant without losing her virginity, I mean without having the full intercourse. I have not had any kind physical sexu...
    18 Sex 2935
  242. Do you think I'm pregnant?
    Okay, so i finally got a pregnancy test..and it came out negative. Is there any way it could be inaccurate??? By the way we had protected s*x, and he didn't ejaculate. In case you didn't read my other question, here it is. Okay, so around the ending of...
    4 Health 23
  243. how likely is it?
    me and my boyfriend have been together a while but not having sex yet. we have been doin sexual stuff stuch as oral sex. a few nights ago me and him were basically standing there naked together kissing and he unnexpectedly ejaculated up my vagina! how ...
    5 Sex 23
  244. what can I do with this horny girl !
    my mom has a friend and one day she traveled and she asked my mom to let her daughter she is 16 to stay with us till she comes back from her trip... okay every night when we are go to bed (wedont sleep on a same bed) duhh I am not sleepin with
    3 Sex 43
  245. Need help with our dogs mating
    I have a two year old rat terrier, and the male is a 4 yr old same. I have tried for a week to get them mated. He gets on, starts his feet dance, gets going good in her and then instead of them getting stuck together is gets off and he ejaculates on th...
    2 Pets 45
  246. If me and my girl had sex and she has her period could she be pregg
    Well me and my girlfriend had sex last night and she was just on it and I guess I was too and we were in a situation where we could do it but I didn't have protection. So we did I didn't cum in her well at least I don't think I did. My question is if s...
    7 Sex 58
  247. My girlfriend pregnant?
    Last week, well, a week and a day ago, my girlfriend and I had sex for a total of 20 seconds, without a condom. I wanted to be sure I didn't pre-ejaculate, seeing as how I didn't have a condom on. We just wanted to do it for a second. Anyway, it's been...
    5 Sex 21
  248. Are my chances of pregnancy great?
    Ok, so the only signs of pregnancy that I got is EXTREME mood swings, nauseua (it gets worse as the days go on, but I dont throw up, I just feel like it) really tired, and I dont know if this is a sign, but decreased appetite. Is it Pregnancy? I had a ...
    3 Sex 65
  249. What in the world does this means?
    Ok so I went to the clinic today and I got my meds 2day (for chlamydia)but afterwards my stomach started to hurt and I mean I had uprotected sex on fri wit my boyfriend and he ejaculated on my bed(and I dont know if he did inside me )..but I mean I tex...
    3 Sex 12
  250. Is my erection problem psychological or physiological?
    I have not been able to get proper erections for the past two started vn I failed once to get a full erection..I have been smoking for the past three years..used to drink but quit..when I excite myself I get semi erections..but penis get ful...
    3 Health 60