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  1. How a heart look's at heart attack?
    How a heart look's at heart attack?
    2 Health 24
  2. Heart on keyboard
    How to the heart on your keyboard
    2 Technology 79
  3. Do Ladybugs have hearts?
    6 Pets 165
  4. how to make a heart on computer
    how to make a heart on computer
    7 Technology 74
  5. Hearts on the keyboard?
    How do you make heart with the keyboard
    6 Technology 75
  6. why is the heart the symbol of love?
    why is the heart the symbol of love?
    4 Relationships 47
  7. Should I pick mind or heart?
    6 General 23
  8. Hearts on comments?
    How do you make hearts on your comments?
    7 Funadvice 21
  9. Have you had your heart broken?
    Have you ever your heart have been broken and if so , how ?
    7 Relationships 43
  10. What are some broken hearted quotes?
    16 Literature 54
  11. What do you do when your heart is in two places?
    13 Relationships 101
  12. What is the most harmful thing you can do to your heart?
    6 Health 46
  13. How many chambers is the heart divided into?
    How many chambers is the heart divided into?
    2 Health 79
  14. How do you make a heart on Myspace?
    How could you make a heart on your myspace?
    18 Technology 177
  15. how do you make a heart on your cell phone?
    how do you make a heart on your cell phone?
    2 Technology 76
  16. What to do with a broken heart?
    How do you deal with a broken heart? </3 ),:
    5 Relationships 8
  17. Making hearts with keypad?
    how do you make hearts with your keyporad???
    4 Technology 52
  18. How do you make a heart
    How do you make a heart using the keyboard
    9 Technology 80
  19. How do you make a heart with your keyboard?
    How do you make a heart with your keyboard on the computer?
    18 Technology 335
  20. What's the length of an adult heart?
    What is the length of the average adult heart?
    2 General 47
    3 Health 50
  22. Why are I Heart Boobies bracelets so popular?
    8 General 39
  23. why do play games with others hearts?
    15 Gaming 67
  24. what is the anatomical name for the nodes of the hearts?
    2 Health 12
  25. what does a heart attack feel like?
    3 Health 24
  26. What platforms does Kingdom Hearts run on?
    5 Gaming 32
  27. broken heart songs
    what are some good songs to listen to for the broken hearted??
    12 Music 83
  28. Purple heart meaning
    Does the symbol or a purple heart mean anything?
    2 General 62
  29. what qualities and things a man has to have to win your heart.
    what qualities and things a man has to have to win your heart.
    2 Relationships 21
  30. Who likes Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2?
    Who likes Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2?
    2 Gaming 20
  31. Keyboard symbols how do you make a love heart?
    How do you make a love heart
    5 Technology 197
  32. How does your heart work 24 hours a day
    How does your heart work 24 hours a day
    2 Health 73
  33. Has anyone here had heart conditions at a young age?
    Has anyone here had any heart conditions young ?
    9 Health 22
  34. Is it true that a piece of chocolate can be good for the heart?
    6 Health 20
  35. What are some heart healthy teas?
    What benefits would they have?
    3 Nutritionfitness 12
  36. What does it mean to have a leaking heart valve and how do you treat it?
    5 Health 36
  37. Why does my heart beat really fast all the time?
    13 Health 30
  38. What is the differance in haveing a heart attack and haveing a stroke?
    4 Health 15
  39. What should I do if I were to go into cardiac arrest (heart attack)?
    3 Health 12
  40. does cycling help in regulating heart beat?
    2 Health 30
  41. what to do when your heart and your brain cant agree on something?
    11 General 38
  42. What are some examples of being Inflexible and Cold-hearted?
    5 General 91
  43. Do you consider breaking one's heart a crime?
    11 Relationships 36
  44. Who plays kingdom hearts? Which game is your favorite?
    3 Gaming 12
  45. How do you cure a broken heart?
    How do you cure a brokenheart</3
    3 Relationships 28
  46. Listen to your heart or head?
    Wah do you do? Listen to wah yur head says over your heart? Or listen to wah your heart says over your head?
    3 Relationships 22
  47. When your tummy growls it means your hungry so what does it mean when your heart does it?
    2 Health 22
  48. how to make a heart
    how do you make a heart with your keyboard that will work on a social site?
    9 Technology 96
  49. How to get a dark crystal in kingdom hearts 2?
    How to get a dark crystal in kingdom hearts 2?
    3 Gaming 99
  50. boys love with their penis and girls with their heart??
    do you think that boys love with their penis and girls with their heart??
    26 Relationships 129
  51. Songs for a broken heart?
    I need songs for a broken heart, just broke up with me boyfriend ;(
    6 Music 23
  52. Tricky heart picture
    How many hearts do you see in the painting?
    17 General 404
  53. Is the sacred heart strictly a Catholic thing?
    Is the sacred heart strictly a Catholic thing or do non Catholics have sacred heart tattoos.
    2 Religion 12
  54. What are some good ways to remember the different sections of the heart?
    5 Health 23
  55. What is the whole saying of "Cross my heart, hope to die"?
    5 Literature 50
  56. Does anyone have the game Kingdom Hearts 258/2 Days?
    4 Gaming 35
  57. how can i deal with her ? she is playing my heart out help i really need help ?
    5 Relationships 35
  58. Why is my heart fast and missing beats when I'm only 16?
    6 Health 39
  59. I heart edward cullen
    just wondering...who else is in love with edward cullen?!?
    11 Entertainment 32
  60. What tests are conducted for Coronary Heart Disease (CHD)?
    3 Health 14
  61. How high does the heart rate have to be to need to go to the hospital?
    4 Health 51
  62. Broken heart rhyming quotes?
    What are some broken heart sad ryhming quotess?
    2 Literature 69
  63. Heart murmer.
    What is a heart mermer? I have one, but im not sure exactly what it is.
    2 Health 39
  64. Do you burn calories everytime your heart pumps faster?
    do you burn calories everytime ur heart pumps faster?????
    2 Nutritionfitness 51
  65. Can the heart organ think?
    Can the Organ heart think??? Can it(heart) call as a another brain... Reply must...
    4 Health 16
  66. Dog heart worms
    My relatives dog just died of heart worms. Can I bring my dog into their home? My dog has not been treated for heart worms.
    2 Pets 64
  67. Broken hearted r&b songs :]
    3 Music 75
  68. Broken Hearted
    What is a good way to get over a girl that you love?
    3 Relationships 12
  69. What kind of damage can a 45 BPM heart rate cause?
    4 Health 18
  70. how do i make the heart symbol that is clear?
    not not the alt 3 one but the other one?
    4 Technology 17
  71. Hairstyles for a heart or oval face shape?
    What are some hairstyles 4 a heartface shape or oval!
    3 Style 32
  72. Heart broken
    hey its laci my boyfriend just broke up with me any advice on what I should do
    4 Relationships 24
  73. What does it mean if I'm shaking, feel very cold and have a racing heart?
    6 Health 131
  74. does sleeping in a infant bouncy chair put pressure on their heart?
    4 Babies 42
  75. WHO'S done the sacred heart or cabbage soup diet?
    how was it for you personally?
    2 Food 13
  76. heart symbol
    how kan I put a heart symbol on mah ipod?? any html codee?
    2 Technology 61
  77. Fast heart beat
    I'm only 14 and I have a resting heart beat of 100 Is this bad?
    2 Health 22
  78. How to get past Squall and Yuffie on Kingdom Hearts?
    does anyone know how to get past squall and yuffie on kingdom hearts?
    3 Gaming 40
  79. Why can I feel my heart beat in my butt?
    Whenever I sit down I have like my heart beat thing in my butt Why is that?
    3 Health 1157
  80. Making hearts on computer?
    How do you make a heart on the computer? I see people using hearts in their profiles/questions/answers and I wanted to know how to do it!! So??
    26 Technology 201
  81. Some time I feel my heart beat like clock ticking in my throat ? What is it?
    2 Health 100
  82. How many calories are in ONE cinnamon heart?
    Not one GRAM but legitimately just one. Thanks! :)
    3 Nutritionfitness 104
  83. Can you have heart (Chest) pain /burn due to lack of water intake ?
    4 Health 76
  84. What can a person do if they have a black dot in their heart but they already went to the doctor?
    what else you can do about it???
    6 Health 22
  85. What do you think of the Christina Perri song "Jar of hearts", and why do you like or dislike it?
    14 Music 41
  86. Music Notes and Hearts
    How do you make little symbols on here that are music notes and hearts? Can you use them anywhere else?
    5 Music 50
  87. Heart break/ love lyrics
    Heart break/ love lyrics :d? Good ones Or quotes. Ty/x
    2 Music 42
  88. Who thinks that its true that a broken heart never heals?
    some say that a broken heart never heals others dont belive in broken hearts what do YOU think?
    7 Relationships 37
  89. What would happen If a doctor suddenly had a heart attack while doing surgery, would the other doctors work on the doctor or the patient?
    8 Health 57
  90. i took tables for my tooth and now i feel ill and my heart is beating so fast should this happen ?
    12 Health 20
  91. Does your heart stop beating every time you sneeze?
    A friend of mine was wondering about this.
    6 Health 35
  92. Who has tried giving their dog Viagra for its heart and to maintain a healthy life yet?
    4 Pets 42
  93. How do you beat Ursula on Kingdom Hearts 1?
    ^ pretty much what the title says.
    4 Gaming 67
  94. Does anyone know of a website where I can buy a heart with a peace sign nose stud?
    8 Shopping 23
  95. What do you do when you want to leave someone but in your heart you know you cannot live without that person?
    10 General 17
  96. How do you beat day 171 on kingdom hearts 358/2 days?
    The mission with the beasts castle
    2 Gaming 11
  97. Where can i buy a clip on bowtie, a little bear holding a heart saying "i love you?"
    3 Shopping 8
  98. felt that your heart was going to like just rip out of your chest?
    Have you ever felt that your heart was going to like just rip out of your chest? Like just the pain is way to much?..
    8 Health 21
  99. Can your heart explode?
    Can someone please give me all the info you can on how a heart can explode or what its called or how it can happen. Legit answers please!
    3 Health 104
  100. What are the consequences of eating a VERY high sodium diet - doesn't it cause a lot of heart problems?
    4 Nutritionfitness 19
  101. Why do I feel my heart beat in my stomach?
    I can even physically see it and I feel it much better than I do in my neck
    2 Health 106
  102. Why do I keep having heart pains?
    i have pains like where my heart is, and also when i swallow something it hurts my chest and i have sharp rib pain too.
    7 Health 84
  103. why dose my heart broken twice
    my wish is that I find new girl'friend soon!
    2 Relationships 10
  104. Where can I get a Kingdom Hearts necklace?
    I really really want one... you know what stores sell them?
    2 Shopping 13
  105. Do you obey your HEART or your BRAIN?
    Hearts means FUN and DANGEROUS things ... Brain means HORRIBLE but GOOD AND USEFUL things... that is why there is a conflict between the heart and the brain... which one do you obey??? your heart or your soul?
    9 General 53
  106. Why do guys break girls hearts??
    Why do guys break girls hearts?? And they dont feel the paiin? I really need a answer why do only girls get hurt
    7 Relationships 110
  107. What are the symtoms of a heart attack?
    I gotta tell my dad some horrible stuff so I know that he is going to have a moment. What are the symtoms of a heart attack and what should I look out for?
    5 Health 78
  108. What are your favourite quotes about following your heart?
    I'm looking for short quotes about following your heart, possibly for a wrist tattoo! Thanks! :D
    5 Literature 13
  109. Kingdom Hearts III
    My nephew has Kingdom hearts III for playstation!!! I want it sooo bad!!! do they have it at Game Stop?!?! or where I want it more than anything right now!!! ^_^
    3 Gaming 8
  110. How do I get heart flipflops?
    They are from urban outfitters and they dont have them anymore. know anywhere else I can get them? HELP!!
    2 Shopping 9
  111. What are the music notes for Heart and Soul?
    I am great at playing the key board, but I cant find the notes anywhere.
    2 Music 60
  112. Why does my heart sometimes beat funny?
    Like it skips and then i have loss of breath. Does anyone else have this? Is it normal?
    9 Health 36
  113. How Do You Win A Boy's Heart?
    Just incase I need to for later life lol... + for in a fews days maybe lol
    4 Relationships 94
  114. FunAdvice Trivia: How long did the first heart transplant patient, Louis Washkansky, live with a new heart in 1967?
    A) He's still alive B) 13 hours C) 18 days D) 4 years
    6 Funadvice 55
  115. How to heal broken hearts :'( help please
    Can somone tell me the steps to heal a broken heart. I mena I'm cruched, and I still love him. But my heart is so broken from it, can somone help me, by telling me the steps to heal it? Thanks.
    2 Relationships 14
  116. Who has tried the sacred heart diet ?
    Has anybody tried the sacred heart diet ? Does it work ?! I need o lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks !! Does this diet work ?!
    2 Nutritionfitness 17
  117. What is the perfect hairstyle for a heart-shaped face?
    What's the perfect hairstyle for a heart-shaped face? (PREF. Blonde Hair) (MY Sister is in need of a new do. HELP ME)
    3 Style 40
  118. How do you know if your heart is write or wrong?
    ok, when you come into a problem and some say fallow your heart but others say do whats smarter, how do you know which is better?
    2 Relationships 13
  119. Does anyone ever see things in their dreams and then later on in life see the exact same thing and sit there and have a mini heart attack?
    9 Health 41
  120. Heart attack urgent please read
    Does anyone know the signs of a heart attack and if someone possibly had a heart attack last night would he be ok right now
    3 Health 24
  121. Can anyone suggest good love and heart-break songs?
    hi there! can anyone suggest a couple of good "love songs" and "heart-break songs" that would really make you cry?
    11 Music 385
  122. Heart Shaped Veins?
    OMG! on my right hand My Veins Make a heart. Like its Awesome. But its so but ummm, yea, Does that mean anything?
    5 Health 927
  123. Dog Poo, Heart Worms, & Paranoia
    I just touched dog poo today and I think that I am feeling a little funny in my chest. Could I have caught heart worms from touching the dog poo?
    2 Pets 54
  124. Heart break
    I was with a girl and she broke up with me for no reason and has a new man, But I still like her a lot and it hurts that she has moved on. I don't know what to do
    3 Relationships 8
  125. What is your heart-break story?
    Okay guys and girls, let me know your heart break stories. I want to know how your heart has been broken. Im the guru ;) Dont skip the details...
    3 Relationships 31
  126. Who knows how to do make this heart (♥)bigger?
    the heart thing ♥ does anyone know who to make it like its a BIG heart,lol. please I have tried using the text stuff but it wont work :[
    3 Technology 47
  127. my heart problem.. :'(
    I knew from my doctor last week that I have Myocardial Infarction, a heart disease that something is blocking the main artheries of my heart.. what should I do? any health advice about it?
    6 Health 24
  128. How does the heart and lungs work together?
    I know about veins and arteries and the chambers, but how does the blood get oxygen from the lungs. Does blood actually go into the lungs and if so, how does it get back out?
    5 Health 46
  129. Why don't the schools where i live let kids wear the "i heart boobies" bracelets ?
    It supports breast cancer, why shouldn't we be aloud to wear it. O.o
    14 Education 32
  130. What is the song wich has I'm only gona break break your heart ?
    I need help because I want to download this song helppp meee xxx plzz
    12 Music 39
  131. What is an average resting heart rate for women?
    I just got my resting heart rate taken at one of those blood pressure machines at Albertsons, and it was 102 bpm. Is this too high? What is a good range for resting heart rate for women?
    6 Nutritionfitness 84
  132. Can someone with heart problems do a protein diet?
    My bestfriend Wants to loose weight and she has heart problems can she do the diet thats only proteins? Like only meat and eggs and cheese and only that for 25 days??
    3 Nutritionfitness 16
  133. How do you make those hearts while using the keyboard?
    How do you make those hearts while using the keyboard someone told me you are supposed 2 hold down ctrl and then 3 then let go of the ctrl but I dn't see nthn. but 3's
    8 Technology 63
  134. How to put a love heart next to your name on msn?
    Hi, I was just wondering how to put a love heart etc to ure msn name. Cause al my fwnds doit but want tel me how. And I real want to put 2 love hearts to my name
    5 Technology 41
  135. Where can I get Kingdom Hearts jewelry?
    I found a lot of jewelry on ebay, but I'm not the kind of person to shop online. What stores do you think they might be in, if they are in any stores?
    2 Shopping 45
  136. Why do people turn evil after their heart is broken?
    This to me is very important because I feel rejection usaully hurts people so bad I don't know they go crazy why does it hurt? How can you fix it
    4 Relationships 195
  137. a heart transplant.
    im writing a story about an old woman who needs a heart transplant, and I have no idea how it works,,, like why would someone need a heart transplant ? what are the causes ? lease give me ANY information you have on the subject(:
    2 Education 20
  138. Is it normal that my heart is beating through my ribs?
    omg omg I just realized this... I am laying on my bed and my stomache was beating like my heart!!! I think it is my heart there but I don't know. it is like below my ribcage... is this ok or am I just stupid??? I thought your heart was sapost to be in ...
    4 Health 399
  139. How long to get over a broken heart?
    How long does it take to get over a broken heart? Because I got mine broken badly. And now im just so depressed. How long is it going to be before im happy again. Any tips on getting over the love of my life would be great.
    3 Relationships 24
  140. On a box of heart candies, do I leave the tag on?
    I got my girlfriend a box of heart candies, do I leave the tag that says Harry London on or do I yltake it off? I don't know cause I've never given them before soo?
    2 Shopping 11
  141. Do you think the "continuous flow" heart replacement device will become successful enough to practically end death due to heart disease?
    The device basically keeps your blood flowing without a heartbeat or a pulse and a man was kept alive for a month with this device before his illness attacked other major organs. Read about it:
    5 Health 31
  142. Broken Heart
    -sigh- I just had the courage to tell my friend that I like him...and he doesn't like me at all. I'm so...upset. The way he acted...I always thought he liked me...any advice for this situation?
    4 Relationships 8
  143. How to win a girls heart through social networking?
    1) How to win a girls heart through social networking? (2nd largest socialnetwork) 2) How to win a girls heart through Instant messaging? 3) How to win a girls heart through Email? Pls I nee advice, tips, secrets, technique, hints.
    2 Relationships 77
  144. how can you try to mend a heart that gave its all & lost everything?
    just got dumped, I really dont wanna explain because then ill just burst into tears, but I need some tips on how to mend a broken heart
    2 Relationships 21
  145. What song goes"your the only one(or love)my heart beats for"?
    Ok I have a song stuck in my head and it goes like "your the only one(or love not sure)my heart beats for".. Or maybe its "your love is the only thing my heart beats for".. If some one could help it would be awesome cause its driving me crazy
    7 Music 147
  146. How is it against God's will to say "Cross my heart, hope to die"?
    my friend says that it is not good to say "cross my heart, hope to die" when promising someone something. I dont think it is, because it is not swearing, but is it? I am very confused. I said it when she was telling me a secret, and I said "cross my he...
    6 Religion 31
  147. Following my heart
    Okay... every one is telling me to follow my heart but my hearts wants both my boy friend I have which is long distance and I want my x. I love both so much. But I don't know which one. my x is closer to me and can be here when I need him but the long...
    2 Relationships 16
  148. Good hearted people never win
    Why is that when you pour your heart and soul out to everyone around you, that your the last person to be loved and looked upon? I thought it was a good thing to have a heart and give love. Why am I always the one left behind and heart broken?
    6 Relationships 32
  149. How can you calm your heart down from drinking coffee?
    It was so weird about a minute ago it just started beating so fast.i was drinking a mcdonalds frappe...but yet starbucks never does that...anyway what can i do lol?
    5 Health 11
  150. Does taking 2 baby aspirins a night before bed really help to reduce your chances of having a heart attack?
    I've heard this more than once, so I was just wondering how true it actually is?
    4 Health 21
  151. Riddle I have a heart that never beats,
    I have a heart that never beats, I have a home but I never sleep. I can take a mans house and build anothers, And I love to play games with my many brothers. I am a king among fools. Who am I?
    6 General 707
  152. Where can I find clarinet sheet music for "Jar of Hearts"?
    My printer isn't installed or anything yet, so i just mainly need something to where i can just read it off of my computer screen plz.
    5 Music 46
  153. Good heart-broken songss
    Whats a good love song that describes you being in love with a guy, that loves someone else?? I love alternative & rock, but I'm open to any suggestions. Thanks(=
    4 Music 38
  154. Why do guys break girls hearts?
    He lied to me. I thought I could trust him. He said he wld never hurt me. He was my first love. I want to hate him sooo badly.
    6 Relationships 70
  155. I feel like thiers 10 ppunds on my chest , like my heart area ?
    I feel like thiers 10 ppunds on my chest , like my heart area ? I havnt done any drugs, I just over dosed on pilLs the other day ? to fall asleep cause I didnt feel good ? what could it be ?
    2 Health 40
  156. Who should I pick, the one I love with my heart, or with my body?
    I'm meaningfully, and understandably attracted to a beatiful, smart girl who likes me back. Sexually, however I find myself watching other guys. What should I do? My heart is torn...
    5 Sex 9
  157. Can you cure a broken heart?
    Okay... I recentlyyy got my heart broken and now I dont know what to do! I've been crying myself to sleep and I've never felt this way... Can anyone give me some tips on how to feel better?! Pleasee
    2 Relationships 9
  158. Why are guys so cold hearted ?
    I've been through a lot with guys why can't I find some one to treat me rite I don't understand how guys can be so cold hearted and so. FAKE I hate it. Can ya gimmee some advice is it me I've been chested on so many time it ain't funny.
    11 Relationships 99
  159. Sacred Heart Medical Diet
    Anyone heard of this ? tried it ? I was thinking about giviing it a try , but dont want to waste a whole week for nothing . Any help is wanted/needed. Thanks in advance . =)
    5 Nutritionfitness 5
  160. When you feel like your heart can't take it anymore?
    what do you do when your in love but you dont think the one your in love with loves you back? it hurts sooo much... please any one know how I could figure out if he fells the same way?
    2 Relationships 21
  161. Heart that is about to be broken
    If someone ask you why do you love them am=and you say that you don't know and you really do love the person and yall have been talken for 1year 6months and 3 days and you can not answer them what should I do or do you think that I really love hem or i...
    2 Relationships 14
  162. What do I have to do to win her heart?
    How? What? I really like this girl.. And all my friends make fun of me for it.. But I don't care about what they say.. I want her and no one else.. And I can't ask my parents.. That'd be akward.. So can somebody tell me what I have to do.. In order to ...
    3 Relationships 31
  163. Listen to your heart
    A few nights ago my friend and me were talking and he told me to listen to my heart and I was wondering what he meant by that and how you do it because that's something I've'e never done before and also why would a guy tell me this because isn't that s...
    7 Relationships 12
  164. He Broke My Heart
    There's a boy that I really really like...But one day he tells me on msn that he likes one girl (my friend) and want to help him with her. He really really broke my heart. Btw he doesn't know I love him. What should I do? I really like him... :( (Im s...
    8 Relationships 80
  165. Broken hearted and I feel like I've lost my identity
    a laddy broke my heart some months back, just because of the way I feel, I tried to found another one, but this new one did the same thing to me am just like a mad man without identity.
    2 Relationships 22
  166. Is it normal for my heart to do this?
    My heart has been acting weird lately. Each day, out of nowhere, my heartbeat will randomly and dramatically slow down for few seconds until returning to normal. It repeats itself 2-3 times a day and I feel funny when it happens. Anyway, Is this a nor...
    2 Music 62
  167. kingdom hearts
    I just beat Kingdom hearts 2 and was wondering if Square Enix has released any new info on another possible game (kingdom hearts 3 maybe) I saw the secret ending in kingdom hearts 2 and it looks REALLY kool.. but I was wondering if they actually releas...
    6 Gaming 38
  168. Babies heart beat Theory, is it true?
    the theory on babies heart beat being higher than 140 means a girl? & lower than 140 means youre carrying a boy? has anyone ever heard of this, has it happened to you or anyone you know that was pregnant? also is it true that babies heart beat for boy...
    2 Health 60
  169. What sports could I play that would not put too much stress on my heart?
    I have a heart condition that restricts me from doing intense cardio activities but I would like to get involved in a sport in order to get in better shape, and make new friends, etc.
    3 Sports 18
  170. Should I be worried about my plaster sculpture heart cracking?
    I waited a little over 48 hours for it to dry before I painted it, I painted the last glitter coat on there while it was on a piece of paper last night, now when I took it off the paper, the paper was wet, is it going to eventually crack?
    2 Literature 15
  171. How can I fix my broken heart?
    I just went through a simply horrible breakup the guy was a Jerk... But I think I was in love with him... Well anyway now I feel like somethings missing... Like I don't have a reason to wake up in the morning anymore... How do I fix this?
    2 Relationships 58
  172. Stress depression anger and heart broken
    Im having deep stress deep depression anger cutting my arms getting my heaert broken torn apart inside and people dot know how it is for me and im sick and tierd of it help me please
    4 Health 40
  173. heart broken
    I was talkin to this guy I realy liked but somone told him that I was still involved with my ex I tried to tell him that im not but he wouldnt hear me out.. what do I do to get him back and to prove to him im ohnest
    2 Relationships 13
  174. Win Her Heart
    what can you say or to a girl, that you love SOOO much and she has a boyfriend, to win her over ?? I really apreciate your help here :/ btw im only 13 so dont say oooh f*ck her hard or anything like that...
    4 Relationships 19
  175. How can i fix a woman heart?
    I mean i know this girl, she is a very nice person, but she had a bad relationship with a guy, the guy cheated on her, and now she has closed her heart to any relationship, and i really liked her, i dont know why most women always pick the wrong guy. ...
    3 Relationships 23
  176. Low heart rate
    Im a long distance runner with a resting hr of 46bpm I keep getin told that its to low and that I need help but because of my sport my heart has grown stronger and more efficient can someone clarifiy if this is a good or a bad thing.
    2 Nutritionfitness 11
  177. how do you make hearts on the keyboard?!
    not the ones like this...<3 . like the ones that look like actual hearts...all I no is that you have 2hold down the alt button and push somethin else...I just dont no what. lol. thanks. but when I try 2do it...IT WILL NEVER WORK. please help. lol. thx!
    3 Technology 72
  178. Where can i buy heart shaped contacts?
    like the ones u dodnt need a percription for just to make my eyes look diffrent i want it to make my puple in the shape of a heart also looking for ones in the shape of cupcakes if u know of any please put name of store or link to it
    5 Shopping 132
  179. How can I tell her that I dont like her without breaking her heart?
    well there was this girl who likes me a lot and i guess we talked a little bit on the fone and stuff. the thing is, even though she likes me, im not really into her. i hate to break her heart, but how can i say it so it doenst really hurt her?
    4 Relationships 10
  180. broken heart
    I literally just broke up with my boyfriend..all my friends are all loved up and the last two years I was ok with it cause I was too..I have also been let go from my job..I feel empty and in a rut I just dont know what to do..
    4 Relationships 16
  181. Is it possible for my heart rate to be 255 beats per minute?
    Just went jogging 20min ago and sprinted the last 300m, according to to my Garmin forerunner 210 my heart rate was at a maximum of 255 beats per minute. Is that possible? and if it is possible, did i damage my heart? not feeling very well at the moment...
    6 Health 741
  182. Heart nurnur?
    I have a doctor's appoinment monday to get a heart murmur checked out. But I have a few questions for anyone who's ever had one. 1. What kind of things does the doctor do? 2. Does a family history of heart disease make me at more risk of it bein...
    3 Health 40
  183. how can i get over my dad having a heart attack ?
    in 2005 it was 3 days after my birthday and my dad called me in the bathroom and asked me to get his heart burn tablets i couldn't find them i got my mum and she did nothing so i got someone to ring the ambulance hes okay but now but after witnes...
    5 Health 38
  184. Why is my heart beating weird?
    My heart randomly starts beating really fast and hard... And idk y. I was sitting in class the other day and it felt like it was beating out of my chest.. I keep forgetting to ask my doctor about this but its happened a few times now over the year..any...
    9 Health 104
  185. Why does my heart hurt?
    Sometimes my heart like really starts hurting, like aching, and I dont know what it is. it only lasts like two minutes, but its been happening like, three times a week for the past two years and I dunno wht it is and its starting to freak me out.. any...
    8 Health 41
  186. Kingdom Hearts...gummi missions...
    in the last gummi missions in the 3rd mode for the flight thru the fortress...which of the floating fortresses do you hit? I'm so annoyed cause I can't beat it. I am so close to finishing all the missions ,but this one is giving me problems!! can anyon...
    2 Gaming 29
  187. Analog heart
    Does anyone know the album analog heart released in 2006 by david cook? I found it on the internet but I cant find it on itunes or anywhere else. it says under no record label so I don't know about it...wouldnt you have to have a recording contract to...
    2 Music 24
  188. How do you sooth a girls heart?
    My friend was staying at his girlfriends house and they were arguing one night. Since guys have a tendency to hit things when they get mad, he accidently hit her and got kicked out her house. Shes reallymad and he tried to explain. What should he do???
    4 Relationships 20
  189. How serious is congestive heart failure?
    Does anyone have or know anyone with this condition? I don't really need a textbook answer. I just kinda want to know how long someone will live with it etc. Oh and I am speaking of someone who isn't really willing to make any lifestyle changes.
    9 Health 17
  190. How can I win his heart back?
    Ok so theres this boy in my grade and he said that he wanted to makeout with me now he said that he doesnt like me anymore he told my friend that the joke was on me for ever likin you and now he wants to makeout witha slut in 6th grade when were in 7th...
    4 Relationships 56
  191. Supporting a broken-hearted friend?
    My friend went thru a rough break-up a few months ago his ex really broke his heart. What are some things I can say to try to be supportive to him? He's the biggest romantic and I'm a relationship pessimist so this is kinda hard for me. Any suggesti...
    2 Relationships 43
  192. Why is my chest or heart cramping up ?
    Lastnight my chest was hurting so bad, it felt like I was going to explode. :). Jk, but seriously it started hurting and I tried to breathe in but that made it worse. Then I drunk water which stop it for a little while the 30 minutes later it did it a...
    2 Health 54
  193. What do you do when your hearts in a million peices
    And the only one who can put it back together is the one who broke it ? When you love some one I mean truly love some one should it really matter weather or not you can see that person ? I am in love with my friends we r / where I don't know going to b...
    5 Relationships 10
  194. Light hearted movies
    Ok revision of my last q.. What is a good lite hearted movie. I guess you could say chick flick.. Like notting hill, you've got mail, about a boy, hocus pocus, north by north west, vertigo, love actually, and so on.
    2 Entertainment 70
  195. I don't want to break my boyfriend's heart
    ok there is this boy I really like and he likes me back!! but I have a boyfriend this loves me but I dont love him back I only like him and this guy that likes me liked me ever since he seen me!! but there is these girls he hangs out with and I hate t...
    3 Relationships 28
  196. Can you get a heart attack from stress?
    Ok my moms had two heart attacks that caused her to pass out.Well shes going to the doctor this friday to get thoroughly checked out but theres a problem.I MIGHT be pregnant.IT IS NOT MY MOMS FAULT.she is a good protective mother.I admitt It was my fau...
    2 Health 37
  197. What type of deaths permit an organ donor to donate their heart?
    Hey I am writing a story for english and I am assigned words and I decided to do a story about an organ donor and a donatee...I have a question though ( I like to be accurate) what type of deaths permit an organ donor to donate their heart? Also how l...
    2 Health 38
  198. Heart murmur
    How serious is a heart murmur I have been getting really bad nosebleeds and so I went 2 the doctor she said I had a heart murmur but it could be from stress. I got a hemogloben (sp?) test done and im not anemic. im going to the hospital to see an ear...
    5 Health 33
  199. How can you preserve sweethearts candy hearts?
    I have this coating stuff to put on clay sculptures and make it shiney and it hardens it. Would that work? I mean, those candies dont really start to smell or get moldy, but the phrases wear off, would a seal like the one I have prevent that?
    5 Literature 35
  200. Whats your thoughts on from the heart music
    I like linkin park because their songs come from the heart and talk about the struggles of everyday life. Their lyrics and music is also good. What makes them one of my favorite bands is they speak from the heart and arnt fake about the real world. It...
    5 Music 31
  201. how do you mend a broken heart
    :(( okay well recent breakup and I don't know how to deal with it.. I tried to be strong while it happened but now I feel kinda empty.. like the past 4 months were a huge waste.. my heart hurts and just I feel sore all over any ways how to not hurt s...
    3 Relationships 52
  202. What is the theory of a baby's heart rate determining the gender?
    Hi there, had my 1st check up today & babies heart beat was pretty fast, well not that fast but faster than my previous pregnancies, now what I want to know is, the theory of babies heart beat per minute about if its lower than 140 beats per minute i...
    2 Health 21
  203. Could I be having a heart attack?
    I was playing on the wii(boxing) on Saturday. Sunday night my chest started hurting and I do not think it hurted until Tuesday. It hurts to laugh, to take a deep breath. It hurts like I been punched or like I been laying down on my chest for too long. ...
    12 Health 56
  204. Please any one that knows about the heart area!!!@@@
    Well my left side has been hurting for awhile now right over my heart or is my heart. When it does happen its like a sharp pain and I hold my chest really tight for a minute and my heart rate goes crazy can anyone help me out to findout what it can be ...
    5 Health 34
  205. Who knows about pokemon soul silver and heart gold?
    My sister found heart gold online off a cheap site, it didn't come with a pokewalker though. I know you can buy a pokewalker seperate but I was wondering if you can just use it with any HG or SS game or if it had to be the exact one you brought it with...
    7 Gaming 34
  206. Who is?
    Who is broken heart right now?
    2 Relationships 35
  207. What can I add to this plaster heart sculpture?
    It's a plaster heart, my handprint would not fit so now I have to improvise. Im going to paint it red and the outside black then put glitter paint over that, I'm putting on it, Corey's number that he wrote and gave to me, and a movie ticket stub from t...
    9 Literature 22
  208. Girl with no heart
    Ok, this girl I have liked this one girl for a while. She has never had a boyfriend before. Whenever I talk to her she kinda seems cold. When other dudes talk to her she kinda gives them a little cold shoulder. Apperntly she has had a rough life with f...
    2 Relationships 12
  209. How to learn a song by heart?
    I'm playing in a concert next week (I'm playing the flute) and I have to learn the song by heart. No matter how many times I run it through I can only remember the first line. I also tried making the notes into a song and spent 2 hours looking through ...
    2 Music 65
  210. Only about 1 in 4 Americans know the warning signs of a heart
    attack and what to do first, according to a new government report. That's a decline in knowledge since the last survey in 2001, which showed nearly 1 in 3 to be well informed. Is this something every American should know? Are you surprised by the fi...
    2 Health 11
  211. What do you think of my poem biggest heart?
    I still remember everything, That has happend in the past It kills me,it hurts It won't leave my mind. I will never be like her. I will never be good enough, I will never be skinny enough, Or pretty enough. But I'll be the one who always ca...
    3 Literature 33
  212. heart wrenching-fall to your knees-bawl your eyes out sad love son
    I need a song that is hopefully rock or something that talks about losing someone you loved. it doensn't have to mean dying just losing someone... ok??? hate me- blue october, is kind the idea we're going for. HURRY it's imporantei!!!
    9 Music 44
  213. how can I fix my heart?
    So theres this boy at my church and we WERE realy good friends. :( so I was talking to him when we were in the youth room. I came up to him to say hi and he told me that he coodnt talk to me anymore. That made me wanna cry (and im a cancer so im sensit...
    2 Relationships 26
  214. My heart aches for this girl
    I feel in love with my bestfriend after her and her boyfriend broke up. We were together 24/7 at that time but were not dating just being close friends and slept in the same bed and everything, then she decided to put an end to it all and she still lov...
    4 Relationships 61
  215. My body says yes but my heart says no
    Ok I've been thinking about sex lately,...and would like to lose it to a guy freind...we've know each other for years.. im 16.. my body feels so ready..but something tells me no..I cant resist urges,..and the pressure...could I be ready..or giving in t...
    4 Sex 54
  216. Problems of the Heart?
    I never really had problems with relationships, but lately I been having a problem. When I joined the Army I had a girlfriend of 2 and a half years. A few months after I left she broke up with me for another guy. I want to get over her and I am ready t...
    2 Relationships 16
  217. broken heart
    me and my ex where together for 21/2 years and we broke up and went back out but this time it is really over. I lost my verginity to him and i love him. How do i get him back? He is interested in this girl named jeniffer he said that he still loves me ...
    2 Relationships 14
  218. Kindness from your heart
    Why is it for some of us that when we help someone out we end up getting the shaft. I know I am tired of helping people out and being the person that I am end up regretting that I could help them. Example; Letting my sons girlfriend move in , I though...
    4 General 30
  219. Mind says yes Heart says No.
    I'm 16 and I have been dating the same girl for over 6 years, never had an argument or broke up. But the other day I was making out with her and she told me that she wants me to be her first. My mind was like 'HELL YEA!' but my heart is like 'SLOW DOW...
    3 Relationships 42
  220. How do I handle my only family having a heart attack?
    I'm almost reached the age of 15 and my dad just had a sever heartattack and has been having multiple minor heart attacks since then and the dr's said he doesn't have much time. he's my only family. I have no one but him. what do I do? the pain is so...
    4 Health 23
  221. Ouch! Bad heart pain... Should I go to a doctor?
    I'm having extreme pain in my chest, I can drink or eat anything or it'll make my insides sting, it's making my whole shoulder and chest throb, and there's sharp pain where my heart is... It's not heart burn, because I've had that before and this is no...
    4 Health 72
  222. How do I no to go with my gut or my heart?
    How do I no if there cheating well my girlfriend just moved away about 2 hours away she is at her friends house all the time like all the time going to the movies in stuff she is a lesbo like a dike and idkk she says no shes just a friend but how do I ...
    2 Relationships 39
  223. broken hearted
    will I feel down and lonly now. as my partner has just told me as I cannot get pregnant he dosent wont to be with me as he wants children so I just told him to take care have a good lfe and good bye I could of said something eals but wot is the p...
    2 Relationships 13
  224. My aunt had a heart attack and is now driving? What should I dooo?
    Alright I got a big problem... Ok my great aunt is like 66 I think her names marine... And she had a heart attack in her car as she was driving but she was at a gas station when it happened she wasnt moving. Well my other aunt judy is taken care of h...
    4 Family 58
  225. Should you follow your heart
    My x says the only reason why he wont break up with his new girl friend is beacuse thats not fair to her that theyve been going out for like two weeks but before they became boyfriend&girlfriend they were best friends . . But idkk where im going with ...
    2 Relationships 8
  226. Am I having little heart attacks?
    Ok so these past couple days I have been feeling really weird.. like I feel like I have been having heart attacks.. little ones.. like the other night I was getting so hot and then I had my fan blowing on me and I felt like I couldnt breath and my lun...
    3 Health 30
    sh0uld you f0ll0w your brain 0r your heart in a situati0n like this... this guy and I want to date but he lives in sweeden and he is a d0rmie, and in 8 m0nths he will be heading back h0me... s0 sh0uld we give it a try 0r n0 0urs hearts say: yes try ...
    3 Relationships 12
  228. Broken heart
    I waited to long to tell I guy I really like how I felt... I was just getting to tell him when I read his status on myspace and it said she was amazing... He got a new girl... He told his bestfriend that he didnt want to hurt anymore and that I didnt l...
    2 Relationships 9
  229. How can I get over this broken heart?
    My boyfriend (well ex now) of one month ( which is the longest relationship I have ever had) dumped me two days ago right on our anniversary and I also found out that I was the other woman, which is also very sad. I have never felt sad over a guy cause...
    2 Relationships 31
  230. Why won't my heart stop hurting?
    I feel like my heart literally hearts. I've been thinking about someone imparticular lately and knowing that he now HATES me basically is just like killing me inside..because I miss him sooo much and I just don't get why I can't get over him. I reeall...
    3 Relationships 95
  231. How do you mend a broken heart after your first cheated on you?
    ok so me and my ex meet at a step show in march of last year. we were just friends for awhile...later aound may and june we started dating...we fell in love...we both did...we broke up right before the next school year started...didnt get bac together ...
    2 Sex 14
  232. What can I do, my daughters first heart break?
    My 14 year old daughter just had her first heart break. I feel awful seeing my baby girl this upset. I know its something she needs to experience but id really like to help ease some of the pain. Im a widowed father so no wife to help out. She has no a...
    15 Family 158
  233. Heart beats... Iregular... Help...
    So, once in a while when im just doin normal activities (even just sittin doin nothing), it feels as if my heart skips a beat or two... It feels like my heart is being pushed into my chest.. Its like.. A painless pain.. Like ... You like "omg" *puts ha...
    3 Health 29
  234. How to fix my broken heart from not being able to carry a child?
    Okay, here is the problem. I have been pregnant 3 times. Twice with singles, and once with twins. I can not carry them past 8 weeeks, which really breaks my heart. More so.. I want to make a real family with my husband. I have ablood clotting disorder,...
    2 Health 33
  235. Is it normal to shake, and have your heart beat accelerate?
    Whenever I'm around my crush, I can't help but get that heated throat feeling but if I'm around him for a long period of time it only intensifies, and my heartbeat grows faster [I've had many of my friends feel my chest] their eyes grow wide and the...
    2 Health 35
  236. How do you make signs on a social site?
    There are signs that you can make like little hearts or music notes, how do you make a little heart on a social site?
    2 Technology 46
  237. Unique Heart Condition
    After having injected a lot of foreign substances (very few of which were drugs) into my body, I have a serious heart problem. The doctors haven't seen anything exactly like it, so they're not sure as to how long I have left. We know that I'm inevitabl...
    12 Health 30
  238. Should I be playing tuba with heart palpatations?
    This one takes a little bit of a backstory. I'm a girl, I'm a junior in HS, and I play tuba. And I have heart palpitations, a few times a day (but not every day, only a few days a week). They really just started-which is to say I started noticing them-...
    2 Health 52
  239. Did I really break his heart?
    Okay I was with my boyfriend because he invited me to a party so I went then I meet hes cuzin in a way I felt that it was love at first sight Okay so 2 weeks passed and I talked to him threw myspace but my boyfriend did't know Until I saw him and his ...
    6 Sex 42
  240. How do I break it off without breaking his heart?
    Well, I'm in a relationship, but I don't know if I really like my b/f as much as I had thought...I think I've confused feelings of loneliness for those of lust. There are also some factors that stand in the way like the fact that we live about 20 mins ...
    3 Relationships 40
  241. Who to choose.Confused heart..HELP?
    Okay so I like two boys they are both totally different.. prose and cons about each one Boy1: Pros- drives, lives close to me, cute boy Cons- Parents aren't aloud to let me date him and he does things that I don't like Boy2: Pros- cutte, drives...
    2 Relationships 17
  242. newest poem: broken heart
    remember that you can post any comment you like BROKEN HEART I thought that I loved you with all of my heart, But then I found out that you lied since the start. All of my feelings melted away, And because of you, I can no longer stay. You asked if ...
    6 Literature 30
  243. Heart-Broken Big Guy in Oklahoma
    Hello, I am 22yrs old, about 6'5, and I weight about 400lbs. And I am in desprite need of help, I can't seem to do anything right , My wife doesn't want to make love to me anymore, and she don't have another man. After we had our son she just don't re...
    3 Relationships 11
  244. Write a speach or speak from heart at candle light vigil?
    Yesterday an incredible man who touched the lives of many was killed, he was a father of 3 and a husband. He has been teaching for 25 years and road his bike home everyday or those 25 years. While riding home like usual he was ran over and killed by a ...
    3 Literature 160
  245. chest hurting
    my chest has been hurting my blood pres goes high and low heart beat to high is it a heart act
    2 Health 15
  246. What does this mean?
    Whats it mean to wear your heart on your sleeve?
    4 General 40
  247. how do you. . .
    how do you break up with your boyfriend that you don't love anymore, with out breaking his heart?
    4 Relationships 10
  248. he broke my heart
    I was going out with this guy and he was the best!!! then I found out he was gonna dump me for another girl and I asked him and he said he was confused but I figured if hes going out with me then he shouldnt be confused!!! so I dumped him...then he got...
    2 Relationships 22
  249. My heart hurts
    My bestfriends mom doesn't like it when me and her hangout everyday. I asked miley if her mom hates me and she said no but I always get this awkward vibe and it makes me feel really really uncomfortable. When miley tells me this I get sad and stuff bec...
    2 Relationships 37
  250. How to win her heart again
    I had started friendship with a girl two years back and it went well for first six months. She was used to me call regularly and I was sure that she was attracted to me. But unfortunately everything was changed once we met. Our first dating was very si...
    2 Relationships 34