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Gushing menstrual cycle

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  1. How do I postpone my menstrual cycle?
    3 Health 293
  2. How do you calaculate your menstrual cycle?
    2 Health 64
  3. What pill can I use to delay my menstrual cycle?
    what pill can I use to delay my menstrual cycle?
    3 Health 284
  4. how old does a girl have to be to start her menstrual cycle
    how old does a girl have to be to start her menstrual cycle
    4 Health 74
  5. Does Masturbation Affects menstrual cycle (Period)????
    4 Sex 209
  6. Cycle of addiction
    what is the cycle of addiction to drugs/alcohol???
    5 Health 64
  7. How to delay a menstrual cycle?
    How can you delay or make your menstrual cycle come early?
    6 Health 211
  8. How does the Calvin Cycle work?
    5 Science 56
  9. puppy menstrual cycle
    how old is a female puppy when she starts her first menstrual cycle
    2 Pets 170
  10. Is it healthy to skip a menstrual period?
    Is it healthy to skip a menstrual period?
    4 Health 77
  11. Pregnant on 4th day of menstrual cycle?
    is there a possibility of getting pregnant even if it was the 4th day of menstrual cycle?
    3 Health 73
  12. What if my cycle doesnt come for this month?
    What if my cycle doesnt come for this month?
    3 Health 1393
  13. Loestrin 24 and menstrual cycle?
    If my menstrual cycle is on when I start Loestrin 24 birth control, will it cut off?
    2 Health 195
  14. Global warming or just cycles
    Which do you believe in?
    18 Environment 40
  15. What female fish has a menstrual period?
    7 Pets 129
  16. Menstrual blood color?
    What color should menstrual blood be? Mine is a weird color
    6 Health 93
  17. How to stop your menstral cycle home remedy?
    How to stop your menstral cycle home remedy?
    2 Health 120
  18. Is Global Warming due to climate cycles?
    Is Global Warming due to Climate Cycles ?
    5 Environment 9
  19. Do twins have the same menstrual cycle?
    do twins have the same menstrual cycle.beace I know that twins share a lot of thing but do they have the same monthy pirod
    2 Health 204
  20. Do you believe there is any link between the lunar cycle and childbirths?
    2 Religion 14
  21. Is the repetitive motion when cycling bad for your knees/pelvis?
    8 Health 35
  22. Is it normal for teenagers to not have a regular menstual cycle?
    8 Health 13
  23. can I fall pregnant while on my mensrual cycle
    can I fall pregnat while on menstrual cycle
    4 Health 107
  24. What makes you have to pee more when you're about to start your cycle?
    3 Health 16
  25. does cycling help in regulating heart beat?
    2 Health 30
  26. How to get pregnant if my menstrual period is irregular?
    5 Health 27
  27. how many days between menstual cycles?
    How many days are between a woman's menstral cycle?
    3 Health 44
  28. Menstrual question
    Does birth control affect your menstrual clock?
    3 Health 26
  29. When in my yorkies cycle should I mate her?
    My yorkie is in her second cycle and I want to know what time in her cycle should I mate her
    2 Pets 28
  30. Why do I always get my menstrual cramps in the morning and night?
    3 Health 125
  31. how long is two hundred and six lunar cycles?
    2 General 14
  32. Irregular menstrual cycle
    I Get My Period At The First Of The Month And At The Middle Or End Of The Month? I am 22 years old
    4 Health 38
  33. How long is anoestrus (stage of the oestrus cycle) in a horse?
    2 Pets 74
  34. Do women's menstrual cramps change as they get older?
    6 Health 52
  35. menstrual bleeding
    dose reddish brown menstrual bleeding mean pregnancy
    2 Health 401
  36. How to stop my cycle?
    Want to have hot sex this weekend and my cycle has started. How do I stop it?
    3 Sex 42
  37. Can I get pregnant 1-2 days after my menstrual period?
    Can I get pregnant 1-2 days after my menstrual period?
    8 Health 107
  38. can I stop my mentrual cycle
    I want expert advice not opinion
    2 Health 23
  39. What does it mean by "days of flow" and "lengths of cycle"?
    its for my medical history?
    2 Health 63
  40. Do you crave any particular food while on your cycle?
    if so, what is it? i always crave cheese o.O
    4 Food 8
  41. When I have 2 menstrual cycles in one month?
    I had a menstrual cycle that ended jan. 4th. Then I started another cycle 18 days later, on jan. 22nd. Is this normal? What could this mean?
    2 Health 84
  42. How the menstrual cycle works?
    Ok I was wondering exactly how the menstrual cycle works. Because my friend had unprotected sex one week after her peroid ended. And while she was having sex the guy pulled out then came. Her and I both were wondering how the menstrual cycle works and ...
    5 Sex 58
  43. What's a good way to get rid of menstrual cramps without medicine?
    12 Health 44
  44. Where do the Light Reaction and the Calvin Cycle each take place in the chloroplast in photosynthesis?
    3 Science 36
  45. menstrual problems
    Is it normal to have another normal period after having one a week ago
    3 Health 13
  46. Which America's Next Top Model cycle do you think was the best?
    3 Entertainment 9
  47. when am i ovulating if i have a irregular 40 day cycle. can i still get pregnant?
    6 Health 25
  48. Is it true that girls should not eat any chocolate, drink any milk, or eat any spicy foods while on the cycle.
    14 Health 86
  49. I want to stop my period cycle for one month
    My date is with in 4 day I want to stop my period for one month
    2 Health 64
  50. What could cause this weird menstrual cycle?
    Ok so I'm 21 and I was supposed to start my menstrual cycle on 1st of August. But when the time came it was abnormal all I did was bleed brown and it only showed when I wiped.. What could cause this?
    2 Health 72
  51. Menstrual Dilemma
    Do any of you also find wearing pads annoying? and tampons make you bloat??
    2 Health 61
  52. My shih tzu missed her cycle
    Her cycle was suppost to be in late august early september and its november why won't she have it?
    7 Pets 12
  53. how do i beat the habit of watching porn and masturbating? i don't want to be in a cycle of sinning anymore. i want to change
    9 Sex 42
  54. What is my cycle?
    if I had a period on November 18, December 29 and January 29 what would my cycle be (28 days... 30 days...)?
    7 Health 18
  55. What are some ways to reduce bloating during your menstrual cycle?
    I have a job interview this afternoon and all of my dress pants are a bit tight since im so bloated. I cant use my rubberband butten trick because they use clasps to close not buttens.
    7 Health 47
  56. How can I adjust my menstrual cycle?
    Is there any way I can change my menstrual cycle? Like if I wanted to make the date later, I wanted to within a month or two, because I am going on a cruise for a week on the days I have my periods. So I was wondering if I could make it later in the m...
    2 Health 159
  57. when i am done with my cycle i have really bad oder
    when i have my period its normal and then when i am done with my cycle i have really bad oder and i want to no how you get rid of it besides doching
    2 Health 66
  58. How to stop my menstrual cycle for my vacation?
    Please help, I am going to hawaii, and its going to be hot, and im going to start my period, and is there any way to stop it? Or just stop it for a little while at least, my biggest concern, is because im going snorkeling with sharks, and I get sun str...
    18 Health 6934
  59. Is my ovulation cycle 30 days long?
    is my ovulation 30 days if my last period was aug 9? and the month before it was july 9 and so on?
    2 Health 40
  60. When is a good time in her cycle for unprotected sex?
    during wich of her days can we have sex with out worring about protection for pregnancy purposes,
    2 Sex 37
  61. When should I take my showers when on the "female cycle"?
    Morning or evening (like around 9...10 something)
    6 Health 21
  62. Really sick with menstrual cycle
    I have very heavy periods and they are very irregular. When I do have one I end up with a bad chest cold, pneumonia, or bronchitis. Is there something my doctor should be testing for to see why this is? Or is there a sight I can go to for information a...
    4 Health 44
  63. What exactly happens when a female dog gets her menstrual cycle?
    I'm planning on getting another dog, but this time I want a girl dog :] I've only had male dogs so I don't know how theyre mentrual cycle is. I want to know if they bleed every where?, and how long does it last? and excatly what happens when they get t...
    4 Pets 81
  64. Does the menstrual cycle begin on the first day of your period or after the last day of your period?
    I'm going to Vietnam on the 2nd of July, and I got my period yesterday (7th august) and I was just wandering if you think I'll get my period while I'm in Vietnam? Just so I need to know what to take and such. Thank you :)
    12 Health 67
  65. Menstrual.?
    I`m on the phone with my ex-girlfriend and she`s constantly saying that her stomach hurts and that she`s on. .. I already know about periods and all that, but why do they hurt them.?
    5 Health 31
  66. Adjust menstrual period
    Are there ways to either stop your period from coming in a certain month or even make it come earlier than usual?
    2 Health 62
  67. Two cycles a month, what is the cause
    I have had two cycles a month since Jan. 2008. I am bleeding at the beginning of the month into the following month. time between cycles in Jan. 23 days, Feb.22 days, and March 25 days. What causes this.
    6 Health 23
  68. When in the female cycle other than ovulation can you get pregnant?
    If a woman has a regular cycle, once a month, can she get pregnant while she is still on her period? On the last day of a 7 day period. The cycle is usually exactly one month.
    2 Health 34
  69. Is cycling a good way to lose weight around the legs?
    is cycling a good way to lose weight round the legs and to tone the legs and butt? I think it is but not overly sure so yeah ! thanks:)
    3 Nutritionfitness 44
  70. Menstrual depression?
    My depression seems to get way worse like a week before my period, like really bad to where I have had some close calls, is there a name for it?
    4 Health 50
  71. When a girl goes to the obgyn for the first time to get on birth control to help with menstrual problems does the doctor actually look "down there"?
    11 Health 67
  72. Do diet pills affect your menstrual cycle ?
    About 3 weeks ago I started taking diet pills to lose the extra weight I had gained during my pregnancy.. I only ended up taking them for about a week because I lost 5lbs && realized that there are better lose weight. My cycles are normally regular & I...
    2 Health 319
  73. Could get pregnant the close to your cycle?
    I had sex 3 days before my cycle was suppose to start. I didnt think you could gt pregnant the close to your cycle? My cycle is 6 days late, if I took a test would it come out right ,or is it to early???/
    4 Sex 38
  74. Do you count your cycle 28 days from the first day, or the last day?
    Does the 28 days cycle start on the day you START your period or the LAST day of your period? Just wondering because I'm trying to figure out what week would be best to go to camp so I can avoid it.
    3 Health 95
  75. Is there anything I could do to get rid of menstrual cramps?
    ugh is there anything I could do to get rid of cramps? Anything besides taking a Tylenol or motrin because I done relly like taking pills but I have suppperrr bad cramps =\
    7 Health 52
  76. Normal menstral cycle?
    I just got my period for the 1st time on aug. 5. It's sept. 8..and I still havent gotten it. What's wrong? Is something wrong with me? :( Emily ♥
    6 Health 21
  77. Should I get a Motor Cycle?
    I'm thinking about buying a motor cycle. No not a chopper or anything one of the speed bikes. Look at my pic, something like that. Should I get one? What do you guys think? (btw the bike won't be that colour)
    5 Shopping 24
  78. Today is day 6 that my cycle is late
    Today is day 6 that my cycle is late cramps on and off no blood just discharge and sore breast and I cant stay full for sum reason I need advice are similar experiences!
    3 Health 47
  79. Why am I having chest pains around my menstrual cycle?
    About 4 or 5 months ago I started having bad chest pains. It does not make me short of breathe, but does hurt if I take a deep breathe. It's as if a lot of pressure is being placed on my chest and at times it brings me to tears. I have had a few EKG...
    4 Health 193
  80. Menstrual Period
    My Period normally last 3-4 days, however they only lasted 1 day this month. Could this be implantation bleeding? Should I see a doctor to take a pregnacy test?
    3 Health 62
  81. What do I do with a cell phone that went through a wash cycle?
    My 12 year old grandson left his phone in his jeans and his Mom washed them without checking. He is heartsick. What can we do to see if it will ever work again?
    5 Technology 31
  82. Sex before menstrual cycle
    Yestrday I loss my virgintiy to my long time boyfriend. We had unprotected sex but he did not ejaculate in me. my period was suppose to start any day proir to us having sex. I was having little cramps before we had sex and now I havent gotten my peri...
    5 Sex 332
  83. Can menstrual blood attract sharks when you swim in the sea while on your period?
    Is it possible, since sharks can smell a single drop of blood a mile away? And is safe to go swimming/ snorkling/ scuba diving while on your period?
    19 Pets 134
  84. Menstrual dizziness
    A couple days before my cycle I experience dizziness and headaches. also very tired and moody. the main attention to my concern is the dizziness and feels like the room is spinning especially when I walk. Is it low iron?
    2 Health 16
  85. Menstral Cycles
    My last menstral cycle was Feb. 9th and normally they are about 6 week cycles so never really regular. I don't feel pregnant even though I would love to. What causes an irregular period and do I ovulate if it is irregular. What should I do? Thank...
    4 Health 26
  86. Who can help me with the personnel cycle for a hospital?
    Does anyone here work in a hospital and get paid? I need to know how the payments get processed and the actual way doing it i.e. do you get together in a room and get paid or is it via EFT? PLEASE help.
    4 Health 25
  87. Help with cycling!
    I'm trying to learn how to cycle but every time I try, I keep tilting to one side. What can I do to stop myself or overcome this? Should I turn my bike left when I tilt right and vice versa or should I push my whole body to the other side?
    3 Sports 41
  88. 1 year old pitbull mix just went through her first heat cycle
    my 1 year old pitbull mix just went through her first heat cycle about a month ago she has not went into her second yet but her nipples are sweeled up but one nipple is all red and twice the size as the others should I be concerned and what could cause...
    2 Pets 55
  89. Menstrual problem
    Well I dont know if this is normal but everytime I get my period.. I feel like im sick and always have diahrrea eww I know but why???.. This only happens when I getmy periood tho =(
    3 Health 113
  90. What does cycling do to your body ?
    Im a little bit underweight and trying to gain weight, and im thinking about biking every morning before school at about 6 in the morning. is this going to make me lose more weight ? What does it exactly do ? Thankyou :D
    6 Nutritionfitness 77
  91. Why are my food cravings so strange around my cycle?
    Usually for a week before I get my period, I Get real bad cramps,Bad Headaches,and even Worse food Cravings. I eat so much its insane. And then once I get my period,I dont eat like at all. Why is this? Is it normal?
    3 Health 49
  92. How can I find out how long my cycle is?
    I'm trying to get pregnant and I keep calculating my ovulation calendar and it asks how many days my cycle is. How am I supposed to know? The normal one is 28 days, but im not sure if thats what I am. Can someone please explain this to me.
    15 Health 391
  93. Mid cycle spotting
    I have a very regular 26 day cycle and I never spot in the middle of my cycle. My last period was a bit weird but I didn't give it much thought till now, the first 3 days of my last period was spotting (brown to almost black in color) then on the 4th d...
    2 Health 118
  94. Best time in cycle for unprotected sex?
    I have been reading about it and everything says something different. I just want to know when is the best time to have unprotected sex during your cycle? And I know "you shouldn't have unprotected sex" and yadayadayada but people make mistakes.. I hea...
    3 Sex 141
  95. My girl's menstrual cycle is late...What to do?
    My girlfriend and I had sex for the first time this past monday, and it was her first time, her being a virgin... I didn't cum in her, I used a condom, and the only time I put it in her without a rubber, was to see if it was going to fit in her at fir...
    4 Sex 931
  96. Is it true that if you're sexually active during the first times, the period cycle will stop for a little while?
    My friend told me that because i havnt had mines for 3 months already. I took a pregnancy test and said i. negative Please help..
    8 Sex 103
  97. Is there a time where rapid cycle bipolar people feel normal?
    Like not experiencing depression or mania? And is mania always like you feel unstoppable or can it be rage? Or is rage part of depression? Can bipolar people experience like one mood swing thats really bad a day? Or is it usually over a period of time?
    5 Health 46
  98. Is it good for a dog to get preagnate at the first cycle
    my dog is a year old.. im worried sick becasue I just turned my back for a while and I found now that she is having birth pretty soon I know how to help all that butthe problemis that I don't know what dangers there is going on..know that it is her fi...
    6 Pets 15
  99. I missed three pills during my cycle and im late . . . . . . . . .
    OK so I was stupid and missed 3 pills on the second week of my pill cycle and then had unprotected sex three days after I missed my last pill. I am now late for my period and haven't had any menstrural cramps which I usually get before I actually start...
    2 Sex 8
  100. My menstrual period
    Ok well I havent had my period in 3 months im sure im not preagnet what can be wrong with me im getting really worried is this bad I dont want to go to the docters I have no insurance and yes I do work but my work dosent ofer insurance I need help im w...
    2 Health 12
  101. Menstrual period
    I haven't gotten my period. Last month I was a week late and all the symthoms like eating a lot sore breasts and this month is the same. I know I'm not pregnant because I'm a virgin but I'm a very active person like I run a lot and exercize but lately ...
    2 Health 40
  102. When's the best time in your cycle to conceive?
    I've been trying to conceive for the past two months and I haven't got any answers yet I do smoke cigarettes but I know plenty of people who smoke and still got pregnant... I have a very normal cycle and 28 days and I have regular periods every month w...
    4 Health 48
  103. Will my period cycle go back to normal?
    I get my period every 2-3 weeks, not every 28 days, actally every 2 weeks and 3-4 days, I got a sonogram, nothings wrong... im 16 and got my period when I I was 13, nothing like this happend till like november, will it go away??? will I go bak to norma...
    5 Health 45
  104. Why am I so late for my cycle?
    hi mii name is kenneshia but I like 4 people 2 call me bunny me and my boyfriend have been knowin each other since 8th grade and we have been datin 4 7 months and 1 month after we got 2getha we had sexy wit a condum and soon we stop usin them and no...
    2 Sex 14
  105. How many days should a person has her cycle?
    My cycle now is almost 12 days...Jan 31st - Feb 11th. Am worried -- I never had my cycle for so many days in my life. I still have dark bld. and very little -- it shows when I finish #1 and wipe with tolet paper. I need help that normal or ...
    5 Health 18
  106. Who takes the pill for birth control? Am I protected all the cycle?
    I have been taking the pill for 5 years, but have only recently been using it for birth control. I am on Levlen AD. The active pills are 21 beige pills and there are 7 inactive pills are white. I finish the beige on the Friday, start the white on t...
    3 Sex 70
  107. Infertility
    Can women have a menstural cycle if they are infertile or does the monthly cycle end?
    6 Health 30
  108. Mid-cycle cramping?
    Ok so apparently I ovulated on the 11th (if I was on time). I've had unprotected sex on the 8th, 12th, 13th, and 14th. The past couple days I've had very tender nipples and a lot of random cramping in my lower abdomen. Is it too early for me to be feel...
    2 Sex 67
  109. What does it mean if clotting gets worse each menstrual cycle?
    Ever since I first started at age 12/13 (I am now 21 years old) I've always had a heavy bloodflow on my period...but the last few months I have noticed the usual clotting I use to experience has gotten worse,more frequent like now its all the time, and...
    2 Health 13
  110. Did not get periods, one week past the period cycle date
    Hi, My periods are due 23rd Aug and the cycle did not still start. I had a medical abortion in Feb. Till Apr(after the abortion) I had continuous spotting and then my cycle regulated and has been normal since. But last month I bled for only 3 days, w...
    2 Health 78
  111. Can my dog have her heating cycle while being pregant?
    Shes not in her heating now at all, but my male dog has been trying to hump her to put it politely.but shes like chewing his head off when he tries and puts her tail between her hind legs. shAe has all the signs of being pregnant now. shes 3 wks pregna...
    2 Pets 17
  112. Can drinking vinegar effect your cycle?
    during ovulation me and my fiance had unprotected everyday but on the fourth day I drank 4oz of vinegar straight for drug test and I was nt sure if it affected me getting pregnant or not but when it came time for my period I was two days late or maybe ...
    4 Health 5376
  113. Science
    What is the definition of the water cycle?
    4 Science 10
    3 Health 26
  115. How can I relieve menstrual cramps?
    I get extremely bad cramps when I'm on that time of month. The cramps usually worsen on the second day. Is there a way I can lessen the pain? It gets to the point where I can't even walk right, get out of bed or do any type of extracurricular activity....
    5 Health 27
  116. Is it possible
    can I take a pregnany test while on menstrual cycle and get accurate result?
    4 Health 111
  117. How many days does it take for your cycle to begin again?
    My period started on the 4th of march and ended on the 10th. On the 10th I had protected sex with my boyfriend. We took the condom off and wiped his "part" to make sure he was dry. He went it for like a couple seconds and came back out. We had protecte...
    5 Sex 2592
  118. What are the chances of getting pregnant?
    what are the chances of getting pregnant 2 hours after your cycle stopped and you cycle only last 5 days?
    3 Health 32
  119. How can you stop your period?
    How can a women stop her monthly cycle?
    9 Health 51
  120. Why is this hard?! During Menstrual period?
    Okay sorry for the gross details but I started my peirod about 2 days ago. It's my third day and it's not as much blood as before. I have been very depressed I cry a lot. I hate how its so hard to go to the bathroom. I serously like cannot go -poo- (ye...
    3 Health 52
  121. can it happen?
    can you get pregnant if you had unprotected sex like 3 or 4 days after your menstrual cycle?
    2 Sex 40
  122. How do I stop my period for my wedding day?
    Just started my menstrual cycle and im getting married tomorrow how may I stop it
    5 Health 429
  123. Why do some girls have it easy?
    Okay question why do some girls have such an easy menstrual cycle? Then you have girls like me where its hell you get sick throw up can't eat,walk at all. Why is this?
    8 General 20
  124. Can I stop my period for my trip?
    I am going on a trip, and I need to know what can I do to stop my menstrual cycle during the days of my trip. I have a normal period, it usually last 4 days.
    3 Health 129
  125. Dark Brown Menstrual Blood
    Hi, I'm 22 years old and have been experiencing this dark brown almost black discharge between and during periods. I have been with my fiance for 3 years and he is my only sexual partner. As a matter of fact, him and I aren't even sexually active and h...
    5 Sex 351
  126. How do I stop myself from going back into a depressive cycle?
    Ok, over the past 3 years I've had to combat muliple streaks of depression. All of which where caused by either a ruined relationship or a total lack of any relationships. The problem being it caused self harm, and lowered my selfesteem greatly (whi...
    3 Health 33
  127. Could I be pregnant and still get a normal cycle?
    I'm jw. If I had sex the day before my period, is it possible that the sperm could've survived in the vaginal cavity until my period was over and then fertilized the egg? My period was regular and lasted about 3days. Me and my boyfriend had unprotected...
    4 Sex 196
  128. Why do I get dizzy??
    So last month I gave my mom a scare when I turned pale and got dizzy. It was during my menstrual cycle too. After that I threw up. What is wrong with me??
    4 Health 60
  129. Help Getting Pregnant
    I am 28 years old. My menstral cycle is not regular. Last year I had my cycle 4 or 5 times. This year, since February it hasn't stopped. I have had my cycle going on 2 months. Am I doomed?
    2 Health 33
  130. Can i be pregnant if i had sex right after my cycle ended?
    Ah ok so this might be long...sorry.. But ok sooo.. Me && my boyfriend had sex on new years eve. && he used a condom && everything but I know things could happen.. I haven't been showing symptoms or anything but then again it's only been 20 days..I ...
    2 Sex 156
  131. BAD Menstrual Cramps
    Ok so PLEASE help!! I started having my period at age 11 and at first they were very mild. Then, about a year later, had to start having to take Tylenols, about a year after that, they stopped working all together. They I started Midol...same effect. ...
    2 Health 39
  132. brown substance
    brown substance coming from my vagina? : ( I'm really worried, hope I didn't gross anyone out.. ps- its not the menstrual cycle.
    2 Health 507
  133. Could I be???
    Can you gt pregnant a few days before you start your cycle? I don't ovalate like most people. I cnt even tell when I do. My cycle was suppose to start on the 8th and now it's the 13th. What do you think???
    5 Family 7
  134. Pregnancy
    How likely is it to get pregnant 2 weeks after my cycle is over for the month?
    4 Health 19
  135. Been on my period for 14 days now!
    I am on my cycle for 4 to 5 days and it will skip a month. But this time I had skiped two months and I have been on my cycle for 14 days and still counting now. Can anyone tell me what is wrong ? What should I do?
    5 Health 120
  136. Birth control without a prescription?
    Is there a birth control pill one can use without a prescription, especially if its going to be used to regulate an irregular menstrual cycle? Or do I have to go to the doctor to get checked out?
    3 Health 110
  137. How do I stop this bloating?
    Ugh, my stomach is so bloated I look like I'm pregnant with twins. It's because of my menstrual cycle... but how do I get rid of is ASAP? I feel all icky.. =/
    2 Health 66
  138. Why hasn't my period come yet?
    So normally my cycle is 29 days. I've been off the pill for over 3 months now so it should have evened itself out...yet last cycle it was 25 days and this cycle still hasn't ended and I'm almost at day 32. My cycle has NEVER lasted more than 29 days s...
    2 Health 70
  139. Cramps during pregnancy
    I am 5 weeks pregnant and I have been getting menstrual like cramps should I be worried?
    2 Health 14
  140. How can I prevent my period coming next week?
    Im in my 2nd cycle and next week will be my third cycle but because I am irregular there is a possibility that my period will come next week. I would like to know what can help prevent it from coming/delaying.. I am not on the pill.
    3 Health 99
  141. trying to get pregant
    can I steal concevie 5 days befor my cycle
    4 Health 32
  142. When is the best time to go 4 it??
    Hi there, I am on a 35 to 36 day cycle but I used to be on a 28 day cycle but since hubby & I have started trying for baby my periods have been late every month, so they are now on a 35 to 36 day cycle,, & periods only last for 3/4 days, I last had my...
    6 Health 18
  143. When should I start my peroid?
    The first day of my last period was on March 7th. I have a normal cycle. When should I start my period?
    4 Health 31
  144. Why do I have discharge before my period?
    I always experienced watery viginal discharge when getting closer to my menstrual period. What is the cause of it?
    2 Health 818
  145. Is watching porn and masturbating wrong?
    If it is how do i beat the habit? I don't want to get myself into the cycle of sinning, by watching porn and masturbating to it.
    3 Sex 98
  146. -- I think I have a UTI. Help? --
    I think I have a UTI. I've fooled around with my boyfriend, fingering and oral sex but no vaginal sex. Is there any other ways I could have gotten it? What are the symptoms? Does it affect my menstrual cycle? Any other information I should know?
    3 Sex 316
  147. my period
    im 16 and I was wondering if 7 days is a normal cycle because some people say theres is like 27 days or something like that so I was just wondering if 7 days is a normal cycle each month. oh and by the way I have had mey period since I was 10.
    4 Health 37
  148. Why am I always tired and sick?
    Why am I always tired and sick? And dizzy? And I have my menstraul cycle e like weeks straight!
    2 Health 76
  149. Whats causing these menstrual changes?
    Hello darlings:) Im in need of some help. I've been on depo provera birth control shot for about 10 mounths now and my boyfriend and I are sexually active :] but I've been fitting with my mom about getting me off the shot beacuse of the thousands of na...
    2 Sex 37
  150. Where is my period if I'm not pregnant?
    I know that I am not pregnant but my cycle has not came on in 2 months. Can you tell me whats wrong?
    2 Health 46
  151. Period && depression??
    I was just wondering can anit depressants affect your menstrual cycle? Because I just started taking anti depressants about two weeks ago and I havent gotten my period yet this month, its a week late... So im starting to get a little worried.
    2 Health 79
  152. Worried about my period
    Had unprotected sex on the 30th day of my menses (my usual cycle is 32-35 days long). he pre-cummed in me and withdrawed and shortly, ejaculated. it is now the 34th day of my cycle, my menses has not come yet. am I pregnant?
    3 Sex 23
  153. what is causeing me to miss my period
    i'm not haveing my menstrual periods each month ,maybe a year, or everyother month what is the problem
    3 Health 18
  154. calories burnt fron cyclin
    how many calories do you burn from bout 1hr 15 cycling? xxx
    3 Nutritionfitness 16
  155. Period is acting weird by coming early
    I had my last menstrual cycle on february 27th 2008, well then I always always have my next cycle 28days later. On march 20th *23 days later = 5 days early* I woke up spoting and I thought my period is acting weird by coming early but after that I didn...
    3 Health 464
  156. Best time to concieve?
    When is the best time to concieve if you have a 30 day cycle? And what can I due to boost my chances of becoming pregnant? Thank you
    2 Health 19
  157. How long do you usaully ovulate for?
    What is usaully the average amount of days that you usaully ovulate during your cycle? And how can you make your vagina smell better? Thanks(:
    3 Health 180
  158. Why am I having two periods a month?
    For the last five months I have had two periods a month, anywhere from 2 to three weeks apart. I am 35 and have always had a 30 day cycle. Should I be worried?? Could my cycle just be chaging. I am also tired all the time and have the wrost cramps. th...
    3 Health 76
  159. Is there a chance that I'm pregnant?
    I usually on top of things when it comes to keeping track of my cycle. but lately I have been slipping. I noticed that I received my last cycle on march 13,2008, and it is now April 23,2008 and I have not received a period. I have had some premenstrual...
    3 Health 23
  160. Is there a chance I'm pregnant?
    could I be pregnant I had sex the night my period had ended but it was still light during the day, it was my 5th day of my ovulation cycle then I had sex on my 10th,12th, and 13th day of my cycle :| I know its stupid and a dumb thing to do. I've learne...
    6 Sex 33
  161. Lungs are killing me.
    I've recently started cycling to get fit, The problem however is that I have a seasonal asthma and it is winter here now. And recently I started with this really annoying cough that just doesn't seem to be going away. I suspect it's because inhaling...
    5 Health 44
  162. How do I write a poem or a rap about water,carbon,and nitrogen?
    I need help writing a rap or poem about the water, carbon, and nitrogen cycle for school but I dont know how to write it I need help please.
    3 Literature 115
  163. Will I be safe from pregnancy?
    If im going to have intercourse after my period which means after my 28 cycle I have sex on the 2nd day, is it safe from pregnant?
    4 Sex 40
  164. Can you get pregnant a week after your period?
    Can you get pregnant a week after your period? I know there is no real safe time but arent most girl fertile halfway into their cycle??
    3 Health 264
  165. What are the odds of me concieving?
    I'm 24 and I had unprotected sex on day 14 of my cycle and I think I ovulated around day 17 what are the odds of me concieving?
    2 Sex 134
  166. am I pregnante
    I never been late for my period before I have a normal 28 days cycle and its been now 2 days I havent got them. is there any chances that I could be pregnante?
    5 Health 21
  167. am I going to be pregnant
    I recently had sex with my boyfriend while I was on ma menstruation cycle,we were using a condom but it happened that it I going to fall pregnant?
    3 Sex 19
  168. Is my chihuahua pregnant?
    So my chihuahua is only 9 months old and just went into her first heat cycle apox 2 weeks ago, and only bleed for 7 days. We watched her as closely as we could before, waiting for her first cycle, and we never thought that she could of gotten pregnant...
    4 Pets 179
  169. When will I ovulate?
    Im extremley confused about when I ovulate.I have a 23 day cycle and my periods last for 7 days. Anyone else have a cycle like this who can help me asap? As we're trying to conceieve. We have been for 5 months now and we're quite desperate lol x writeb...
    3 Health 24
  170. I took my first birth control pill before my period came on
    what will happen if I took my first birth control pill before my period came on... did I just mess up my cycle... or will it come on when I get to the end of the pack???
    3 Health 68
  171. Pregnancy cramps versus period cramps?
    is there a difference between menstrual cramps and preg cramps. is 18 days late to early to test and see if I am pregnant?
    3 Health 205
  172. How can I end this vicious cycle with my Mom?
    Ok, im not like super sensitive and im not Mr. Macho man but im feelin a bit unloved. My mom just had a baby and he is always sick and has alot of....problems, nothing too serious tho. My lil bro is very high maintinance and causes my mom a lot of stre...
    2 Family 42
  173. how to make myself ovulate
    my fiance and I would love a baby but I have REALLY crazy cycles-like months between periods. how in the world am I supposed to get myself in good baby makin workin order? I've got the strips for ovulation testing but with such a long cycle I go thru t...
    2 Health 86
  174. what now? is this just a never ending cycle of hurt?
    I know its a long one guys but I could really use some help right about now. what do I do?.. if you have read my previous questions you know my situation but ill try to sum it up and put my recent problems. okay, so ya im in an amazin...
    3 Relationships 34
  175. How to keep hunger on a leash even after disrupting eating cycles?
    I'm going to try and fully explain myself this time so people don't think I had worms. I am, and always have been an extremely "big eater". I would eat 2 large meals, 2 medium meals and a few snacks a day. I've been like this as far back as I can remem...
    3 Nutritionfitness 36
  176. Can I get pregnant after I end my period?
    Can I get pregant after I end my period I had sex 4 to 5 days after I end my period ? I have a 28 day cycle Please help Thank you , BabyLove18
    2 Sex 40
  177. why are my periods returning?
    i had my cycle like a week ago but they came bak y is it doing that i have started to get really worried.....helpp please! :(
    6 Health 14
  178. Which is the good time to abort?
    An unprotected intercourse after 8th day of my menstrual period ,if it is a chance to get pregnant or not? Today is 11th day after intercourse .but I don't want to get pregnant. What I want to do now?
    4 Health 59
  179. Can you stop your period from the pill?
    Can you skip your period by not taking the sugar pills at the end of your birth control cycle? And going straight onto another packet?
    4 Health 462
  180. Riddle: what is the ultimate question?
    This riddle is so confusing! It's driving me insane! The ultimate question is a question that cannot be answered because the answer is just another question. There will never be a real answer so this goes on forever in an endless cycle. What is the u...
    9 Entertainment 63
  181. Important question about Implantation Bl
    How soon does implantation bleeding occur? Does it happen before a cycle? What does it look like? Does light brown spotting relate to this?
    2 Health 658
  182. What if I took my first birth control pill before my period cameon?
    What will happen if I took my first birth control pill before my period came on... Did I just mess up my cycle... Or will it come on when I get to the end of the pack???
    2 Health 96
  183. abnormal period
    I was wondering, if someone hapens to have not stoped their period and they are going on it for 2 weeks, and that normally doesn't happen, if something is wrong? or if their cycle is just off?
    2 Health 15
  184. When to have intercourse to get pregnant?
    My period usually comes around the 4th of each month. I usually have about a 30 day cycle. What day(s) of the month are the best days for me to have sex, if I want to get pregnant?
    3 Sex 72
  185. Is my girlfriend pregnant?? helppp
    Me and my girlfriend had unprotected sex yesterday. It was the 15th day in her cycle. I pulled out before I came. Then after I came I cleaned myself off and went back in. Could my girlfriend be pregnant??
    4 Sex 61
  186. How to stop a period?
    I heard there is a way to stop a menstraul cycle if you drink vinegar but I need more details and info about it... Does anyone know more info, if so please help!
    3 Health 4154
  187. Why do I get horny when on my period?
    I don't have a strong sex drive and I am 32. I have been checked by an OBGYN and they just want to put me on hormons and I say no. However when I have my cycle (which are never regular) I get horny and have to have an orgasim rather by my husband or by...
    6 Sex 103
  188. Is birth control causing super sensitive skin?
    I started using birth control pills to regulate my menstrual cycle two months ago and scince then I am very sensitive to the sun and my face is really broken out with small bumps almost looks like a rash that comes and goes , I feel like my skin is bur...
    2 Health 410
  189. What do other couples do to have fun?
    My boyfriend and I have been in a relationship for about a year and we've hit a rut. We've run out of ideas on what to do with each other. We always do the same things and it's become a cycle. So, I was wondering, if you're in a relationship, wha...
    3 Relationships 53
  190. How early can you see you're pregnant?
    How early can you c if you are prengant if you check in the same month you have had sex .Say if you were to have sex on the 11th of march and your cycle came up the 16th of march can you still check in the same month
    3 Sex 30
  191. Pregnancy chances?
    I had unprotected sex last thursday and yesterday. my period is due in three days. what are the chances of being pregnant? I have a normal 28day cycle. please help me !!!
    2 Sex 51
  192. Would you ever use a Diva Cup (for the girls)?
    If youve never heard of this product it is the alternative to pads and tampons when dealing with your menstrual cycle. Its a small cup you place in your v@gina and remove and wash every couple of hours. Its supposed to be the new "green" thing to save ...
    10 Health 31
  193. Why is it short?
    Ok my period is usually a week long and a few days ago I got what I thought was my period but it was only two days... Me and my boyfriend are trying to have a bby, we have been having unprotectd sex for the past 3 months and well my periods keep on com...
    2 Sex 63
  194. Is it too early to have pregnancy signs?
    I had a cycle on the 12-15 of January. I have a 29 day cycle and today is 2 Feb. Well for the last 3 days I am going the bathroom very frequently my lower back hurts, and I have a pulling, craming pain that usually stays on my right side. I also have v...
    3 Health 57
  195. If you have sex on your period is there a possibility of pregnancy?
    So I had sex on the last day of my period, or I thought it was the last day atleast but it turns out im still on it. Is there still a possibiility im pregnant or would it have stopped even if it was in the middle of a cycle
    5 Sex 272
  196. When would be the best time to have sex to get pregnant?
    Ok so if I started my period on wednesday, and it stops like today or tomorrow, and I have a perfect 28 day cycle, when would be the best time to have sex to get pregnant?
    5 Sex 47
  197. Are ovulation calendars accurate?
    I found one online, it had me put in the date of the first day of my last period, and my cycle length.. after that it told me what days I was fertile... are online ovulation calendars accurate though?
    5 Health 64
  198. How can I get pregnant if I have irregular periods?
    I am trying to concieve however. I have a very irregular period. My last menstrual period took place around July 29th sometime and I havent had one since...however my boyfriend and I recently tried performing sexual intercourse August 15th.( sorry to b...
    2 Sex 32
  199. Bleeding between periods
    Hi... Since one year I m experiencing bleeding after my my menstrual cycle... This bleeding starts 3 to 4 days after my last date of periods and lasts 6 to7 days. And this happens everymonth.. I m really worried ... I had my Pap smear and blood tests a...
    2 Health 34
  200. bred dog before bleeding
    my dog has been in her heat for about 2 weeks now. this past monday, they tied,and again on wednesday. All of this was done with only 'spotting'. and today(friday) she began the full bleeding cycle. Could she be pregnant or not ?
    8 Pets 54
  201. Do you think romance is for everyone?
    I know I'm only 16, but I don't think I was meant to ever fall for someone. It's a whole cycle, I fall for someone, they use me, I get hurt. I don't think everyone was born for the whole fairy tale romance. Do you think everyone can fall in love?
    5 Relationships 36
  202. S.o.s fat needs to die!
    How do I get slik and slim I mean I do got a cycle but its boring!! I want somthing fun to loose my weight and ill try anything
    2 Nutritionfitness 51
  203. When is a woman most and least fertile?
    Is there a certain time during a woman's cycle in which she is least likely to get pregnant? Isn't she most likely to get pregnant 12-17 days after her last she got it last that is? When is a woman least likely and most likely to get pre...
    5 Health 55
  204. Why does my washing machine take so long?
    My washing machine will tell me that a wash cycle will take fifty minutes, however, it reality it always takes several hours. Anybody know whats wrong with it? Its quite a new machine
    5 Homegarden 43
  205. Is it better to work out only one muscle group a day, or to work out two or more?
    ive been experimenting, and im not getting fast results either way.. im in my bulking cycle, and i want to make the most of it,,
    8 Nutritionfitness 70
  206. What can happen when the condom tears during intercourse?
    im seventeen and Me and my boyfriend had sex yesterday, which was the nov 29th. while we did the condom tore. I've had my last cycle about a week ago. what are my chances of getting pregnant?
    7 Sex 34
  207. Is binging and then starving myself an eating disorder?
    Ill like pig out on food, and then i feel guilty and fat so i will starve myself while eating as little as possible, and then i feel guilty about that and so the cycle restarts. Sometimes, very seldom i will make myself throw up..
    7 Health 108
  208. Can having a lot of sex affect your period
    I've been having a lot of sex with my boyfriend this past week. I'm cramping , gassy, and I feel like I'm gonna start my period but I haven't. Does having too much sex cause this? And can having a lot of sex affect your menstural cycle ?
    2 Sex 1689
  209. How can I increase chances of getting pregnant?
    I did it for 2 months and nothing happen yet. In the middle of my cycle but i don't know yet till next month. I had caught my period April 9th and this week was my week for ovulation but I don't know because i did it for 2 months and nothing happen yet...
    2 Health 50
  210. Birth control and missing pill.
    I've been on Birth Contol for 9 months. I started in Jan 09 and it's now Sept 09. Do you think the chances of me getting pregnant are pretty low even if I miss a pill once in a cycle?
    4 Health 78
  211. Contraception Pill Problems
    I started taking Levlen Ed (contraception pill) on the first day of my cycle. My period then as lighter and went for the same time. About 6 days later I started having my period again, it has now been 12 days and I still have my period. What';s wrong w...
    2 Health 28
  212. What is my fertile last period was jan 1?
    Hi I am 19 year old have a one last menstruation was dec 24 and it finished jan 1 until now I dont have menstrual period?what should I I going pregnant?
    2 Health 32
  213. chi heat
    my chi just finished her heat cycle about a month ago yet it seems her symptoms that began her perios are starting again...slight fishy smell, enlarged nipples...can she get her period again so quickly after she just had it???
    2 Pets 24
  214. Can sex on the last day of my period make me pregnant?
    i had sex the last day of my period (actually its the day where i had a few drops of blood) anyway my cycle is usually between 28 days to 31 days. no its about week late... can that make me pregnant? i had a pregnancy test and it was negative, but i st...
    5 Sex 190
  215. Will my young Shih Tzu be a good mother?
    4 Pets 22
  216. shoud we remain friends?
    I've accepted the fact that we are never going to be official...but should me and the guy remain friends or will the cycle just keep going on of us trying to be friends and then messing around? Im trying to move on with a new person--will me being frie...
    2 Relationships 29
  217. Can sudden spots be a sign of pregnancy
    My contraception failed me. Its likely im pregnant as im in the middle of, my cycle. I will be getting a pregenacy test soon. Are a sudden outburts in spots a symptom of pregnancy.??? My periods should be due in a week ox
    2 Health 31
  218. When can I except this?
    At at what age should you start having normal, regular periods? I am 17 and have been having a period since I was about 13. Well I still have irregular periods. They skip between a month and 3 months at a time. I just had one September 2 - September 9....
    7 Health 13
  219. What do I do about my extra period on the Ortho Evra patch?
    I was a day late putting it on and now I have an extra period this month. Will I still have one next week? And what am I suppose to do about my patches ?? do I restart my cycle after this period or keep going like normal??? Thanks so much
    2 Health 55
  220. Best time to get prego
    MY girlfriend and I are going to try and get pregnant. This is the second time we have tried. What is the best time to get pregnant based on her cycle. I've heard the first days after her period, and I've heard middle of the month... Like I said we tri...
    7 Health 11
  221. Why have my periods stopped??
    I'm 14 and I got my period when I was 11. After about 6 months of really irregular cycles it just stopped. I haven't had it since and it's been almost 3 years. What is wrong? Oh, and I'm not sexually active, still a virgin.
    5 Sex 42
  222. Should I get an abortion? (Read more)
    So I know this is going to sound horrible but in the past 2 weeks I've had unprotected sex with 2 different guys. I know they don't have STDs or anything but I'm more worried about the pregnancy aspect of it. The first guy and I had sex the day before ...
    9 Sex 39
  223. itchy, red, and puffy vagina
    I am 17 years old.. and I had just got off my period.. this was my first time using tampons and the day I finished my cycle my vagina was itchy.. and about two days later I notcied the lips are puffy.. and swollen.. what could it be?
    2 Health 1193
  224. I need help can I be pregnant or its something else
    cani be pregnant I had the depo shot a year ago an been trying ever since I been having forty day cycles for about three months but this month I got it three days early an I only had it for two days spotting very lightly an that was it so can I be preg...
    2 Health 59
  225. What is this a sign of?
    I had sex two nights ago this week of the 23 and I spotted blood when I went to the bathroom. but I just finished a cycle two weeks ago. The next night I ate something and a few hours later my stomach started hurting and sent me to the bathroom twice w...
    2 Sex 12
  226. Will I be able to have a baby?
    Ok I took my last orth tri cyclen lo yesterday and I was on the pill because I had irregular cycles. I been on it for 5 months now and I am ready to have a baby I wanted to know will it happen for me? Has anyone experienced this before and got pregnant?
    2 Health 48
  227. When should I try to get pregnant?
    okay I wan to know the best day to try and get pregnant people told me the 11 12 13 day of my cycle I should try because thats when im ovulating I think and now im confussed please help =] nothing rude please
    3 Health 28
  228. NTLDR anyone got any knowledge on this ?
    hey , I just did a system restore on my old laptop, I get "NTLDR is compressed,press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart" when I do press ctrl alt del , it just completes the cycle again! I dont know how to sort this anyone got any knowledge on this ?? helpful if...
    2 Technology 41
  229. Who can give me some friendship advice? I really to talk...?
    I have this best friend, and she is always gushing over how amazing of a photographer I am, but I took some senior photos for her and she was texting her ex-boyfriend saying how bad they were, while she was gushing to me about how much she loved them! ...
    2 Relationships 41
  230. regaring pregnancy
    I got my period before 2 mths last perod was 21 st dec 2008 and now I got 22nd feb 2009 and all my last 4 mths perods were on 30 days cycle can I be pregnant ? and stil get period but it is not heavy flow.
    2 Health 17
  231. Is Sales a tough job?
    hi I am working as a sales manager for one IT firm. I was doing well in one city. Post marriage I shifted to another city. Here I am struggling to generate sales, cracking accounts. The whole cycle starts with cold calling here. I am not enjoying sales...
    2 Money 15
  232. Missed period and still getting negative tests?
    I am now 3weeks late from my period but getting slight cramping pains, I have always had a regular 28week cycle also my nipples have becum very itchy. I have done 3 test but they have all cum up negative. does anyone have any ideas??
    2 Health 57
  233. Even though Im 22 I have a dumb ?
    What does a 28 day cycle mean,trying to possibly conceive a baby :) My period started Feb 9 2009 and I think it lasted for like 3-4 days,so when would I ovulate.
    5 Health 11
  234. half babys?
    alright so this question "spawned" on me (dumb pun) if christians believe a fertilized egg is a whole baby, why do they not scream and shout about the menstrual cycle... I mean the egg's are all half a baby right??? and why dont they try to limit ...
    12 Religion 36
  235. can I get pregnant on the last day of my period?
    I had sex the last day of my period. I have a 28 days cycle. however my boyfriend did not come on me completly he was able to pull out before he finished but im scared that even a small amount went inside me. Is it possible that I might be pregnant. p...
    4 Sex 79
  236. How soon should I test for pregnancy?
    I am was wondering if someone could tell me, how soon through a home pregncay test can a pregancy be detected? I did a test on oct 2 and it was negative. I have not had a period in 28 days and I am pretty regular on my cycles. I normally go anywhere be...
    2 Health 73
  237. How:no sex but no period for a week after due?
    Aright, this has happened before too. I have had no sex or any other sexual activity either. Have got a swollen stomach but usually get bloated when it is my time of the month anyway. What could be the oer causes for a missed/late period, or could my c...
    2 Sex 46
  238. Has anyone ever had aPolycystic Ovarien Cyst?
    I Have Polycystic (pol-ee-SISS-tik) ovaries. These cysts are caused when eggs mature within the sacs but are not released. The cycle then repeats. The sacs continue to grow and many cysts form. For more information about polycystic ovaries,has anyone e...
    2 Health 8
  239. Clothes dryer won't dry.
    My gas dryer only puts out heat for the first couple of minutes then it is cold air. It takes about 4 cycles to dry a load of clothes. The lint filter and exhaust hose are clean. We can see flames in the back with the back cover off. What could it be?
    2 Homegarden 51
  240. To clear up errors with atheists
    Hey, I am trey, I have no problems with atheist, I just want to clear things with them ( this is optional) I made a list of proof that god exist 1. "god" means "creator of the physical universe." 2. Time passes, from the past, into the p...
    16 Religion 45
  241. How can I lose weight without exercise ?
    Can you lose weight without excersize because I cant afford the gym and I cant afford a treadmill etc and its too cold now to go out jogging or cycling I need to do a workout or something but my house is just to small there must be some way I could do ...
    3 Nutritionfitness 36
  242. could I be pregnant
    me and my boyfriend had sex about 3 weeks ago, it was protected but the condom came off and we didnt notice it was gone, so we didnt stop. well later on that night I started my period and it lasted the whole cycle 7 days. well is there any chance I cou...
    4 Sex 25
  243. boxer breeding
    Hello!! my Boxer has been in her heat cycle for about 2 weeks now. she has spotted off and on,so we brought the stud over on monday. On monday they tied, and again on Wednesday. Today(friday) she began to bleed. Could this complicate the pregnancy or c...
    6 Pets 89
  244. Light spotting period = meaning?
    My period is like clockwork and usually really heavy, even when stressed out. But this month when I went to have my period all that happened was a bunch of really light spotting. Only for one day. I took a pregnancy test the day after the spotting stop...
    2 Health 829
  245. What are the chances of pregnancy?
    Its been 10 days since I had unprotected sex with my partner (we're trying for a baby) I took a pregnancy test and it came back negative, my menstral cycle is unpredicatable so I never know when it is coming! Have any of you had this experience and the...
    3 Sex 13
  246. Who here is a fan of Mandy Moore?
    I mean may not be her biggest fan, but I am the best.. who else is a fan of great mandy here.. if so, tell me and gush about it.. I know the hot celebz ryt now are the jobros miley cyrus demi lovato and selena gomez but they ddint even reached what man...
    3 Entertainment 18
  247. Can you get pregnant 4 days after your period?
    My longtime boyfriend and I had unprotected sex four days after my period ended. He ejaculated inside of me. I am on a 28 day cycle and my periods are always regular so I know that usually means I would be ovulating on day 14. But is it possible to get...
    2 Sex 76
  248. Will tampons help the gross feeling from pads?
    I am a 15 yr old. whenevr I have my period, I use pads. but I hate them because if I sit or lay down for a while and then stand up, I feel a GROSS gushing feeling. I was wondering if tampons would stop this. I have tried to use them, but it wont go in ...
    3 Health 40
  249. No periods from 2 months, HPT negative.
    Hi, I am 29 yr old and have not got my periods from last 2 months, my last cycle was in may' we are planning for pregnancy so it gets highly frustating to get negative HPT and not to get periods for 1-2 months continuously. In May my OBGYN g...
    3 Health 53
  250. Why is my chihuahua's abdomen is still looks normal?
    My chi was bred during the 2nd week of heat cycle..She is for 40days since she was mated..And her abdomen looks normal,a little bigger than usual(just a little),still looks like normal, seems she was full but her teats are swollen.I don't know if she s...
    3 Pets 21