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Guinea pig don t mate

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  1. Can a rabbit mate with a guinea pig?
    can a rabbit mate with a ginnypig?
    13 Pets 1025
  2. snakes mateing?
    3 Pets 64
  3. What is the bay of pigs?
    What is the bay of pigs?
    4 Education 20
  4. Pigs and roaring?
    2 Pets 14
  5. How long do guinea pigs live?
    How long do guinea pigs live?
    2 Pets 61
  6. Do guinea pigs feel boney to the touch?
    Do guinea pigs feel boney to the touch?
    4 Pets 266
  7. girl guinea pig names
    what are cut girl guinea pig names
    3 Pets 48
  8. Guinea Pig Names?
    4 Pets 35
  9. Who did Caine and Abel mate with?
    Who did Caine and Abel mate with??
    16 Religion 222
  10. Can Bunnies have babbies with out a mate??
    Can Bunnies have babbies with out a mate???
    4 Pets 520
  11. Can a rabbit mate with a cat?
    can a rabbit mate with a cat
    9 Pets 97
  12. why do pigs have curly tails?
    why do pigs have curly tails?
    2 Pets 57
  13. how long does it take for a guinea pig to give birth?
    how long does it take for a guinea pig to give birth ?
    3 Pets 162
  14. How to please your mate in bed?
    How to please your mate in bed?
    2 Relationships 68
  15. Can rabbits and kangaroos mate?
    12 Pets 73
  16. Do rabbits and guinea pigs get along well?
    4 Pets 8
  17. How much does it cost to own a guinea pig and take care of it?
    7 Pets 65
  18. Why are piggy banks "pigs"?
    7 General 52
  19. Can you put a guinea pig in the same hutch as a rabbit?
    Is it ok 2 put a guinea pig and a rabbit in the same hutch??
    3 Pets 39
  20. Are all guinea pigs fat?
    Are all guinea pigs fat! My guiena pigs are fat,do I need to be worried about dis...are all guienas fat...I think they are,are they?
    2 Pets 45
  21. How long is the average life span for a guinea pig and a rabbit?
    4 Pets 22
  22. dog who eats guinea pig poop?
    I have to guinea pigs and a dog and when I play with them the poop and my dog eats it is that normal ?? and is it healthy for him ?
    3 Pets 617
  23. I am getting a guinea pig
    I am getting a guinea pig, and im not sure what to name it yet. any seggestions?
    3 Pets 33
  24. mate my yorkie
    I have a tea cup yorkie when can I mate her
    2 Pets 47
  25. How do you know when a dog wants a mate?
    How do you know when a dog wants a mate?
    5 Pets 266
  26. why do dog get stuck after mating?
    why do dog get stuck after mating?
    4 Pets 272
  27. Do stallions need help mating?
    Do stallions need help mating?
    4 Pets 22
  28. Why is my male guinea pig biting the babies?
    My male guinea pig is biting the babies why ? Di I have to take him out of the cage
    8 Pets 54
  29. how do you find a mate for your dog
    10 Pets 39
  30. should i mate my chihuahua after having a c section?
    2 Pets 14
  31. How hard is it to have a pet teacup pig?
    2 Pets 10
  32. what does it mean when my guinea pig runs fast, squeeks and jumps/twitchs? is he sick?
    3 Pets 57
  33. What's this thing on my guinea pig?
    Theres this circular thing coming through my guinea pig's skin and I just wanted to know what it is?
    3 Pets 15
  34. Do you know and teacup pig websites
    Do you now any websites that sell teacup pigs?
    2 Pets 36
  35. This Question is about Pigs?
    Did youll hard a pig talk before?
    4 Pets 6
  36. How Long do pitbulls stay stuck after mating?
    How Long do pitbulls stay stuck after mating?
    3 Pets 364
  37. what is the best way to mate a pit bull
    what is the best way to mate a pit bull
    2 Pets 42
  38. when is the right time to mate my dog
    my dog in season when is it the right time to mate her??
    5 Pets 46
  39. Bettas mating, how if they fight so much?
    How do bettas mate if they are always fighting
    2 Pets 37
  40. Can I feed baby pigs potato peels?
    Can I feed baby pigs potato peels?
    2 Pets 160
  41. What's the specific term for a female pig ?
    Give the specific term for a female pig ?
    3 Pets 59
  42. Guinea Pig Hair
    Do Guinea Pigs have the same sort of hair as a cat? We are thinking of buying a guinea pig, we were told if you are allergic to cats that a Guinea pig is not a good choice. Is that true?
    3 Pets 83
  43. Dog mating
    Where can I take my dog for mating?? And how can I find the best mating partner for him??
    5 Pets 52
  44. how are the nat west family pigs worth
    2 Pets 70
  45. I beileve my guinea pig is prego
    I believe that she is now but I need help on how far along she is so can you help please
    2 Pets 33
  46. what should i do i like a guy but his mate keeps asking me out?
    7 Relationships 12
  47. Why do people use the expression "When Pigs Fly"?
    2 General 57
  48. Where am I supposed to get a female guinea pig?
    where am I suposed to get a female guinea pig when all the store in my area only sell males (bores)
    4 Pets 15
  49. Guine pigs
    can you get a Guine pigs toe nails cliped
    3 Pets 34
  50. My Question is about Pigs Flying?
    Did youll hard off pigs flying the sky?
    3 Pets 13
  51. Guinea pigs eat?
    How often do I feed my two male guinea pigs and how much of it? They are 3 to 5 weeks old
    2 Pets 14
  52. How do snakes mate?
    Random question...but how do snakes mate? Are they asexual, or what? I have no idea!
    3 Sex 60
  53. Pig Latin?
    is there a place or country where their main language is Pig Latin?
    4 General 58
  54. What do I need for a guinea pig?
    I'm getting a guinea pig monday. What do I need for it? Food and stuff like that. Is it okay to hold it all the time?
    2 Pets 32
  55. Would it be okay to wipe down my rat, mice, and guinea pig with baby wipes ?
    They groom themselves, but they smell. It's not their cages, it's their fur.
    11 Pets 86
  56. is it bad for my dog to mate with his own mother?
    i mean is it natural?
    8 Pets 44
  57. What is wrong with my guinea pig?
    he is scratching most of his hair out and going bald!:o and he has dandruff or something :S do i take him to the vets
    2 Pets 41
  58. Do guinea pigs like people who talk to them a lot?
    i'm not a talker and i don't want them to feel they're not in attention.
    7 Pets 15
  59. What would happen if I gave the guinea pig hamster food?
    Ok so my friend is giving me one of her guinea pigs because she had two and now her mom only wants one. I don't have and guinea pig food, only hamster food. What would happen if I gave the guinea pig hamster food? Are their diets so different it would ...
    5 Pets 28
  60. Micro Pigs breeder
    can anyone tell me how I can contact the breeder of Micro Pigs? x
    4 Pets 38
  61. guine pigs? eh?
    do male guine pigs make good pets?
    3 Pets 9
  62. When in my yorkies cycle should I mate her?
    My yorkie is in her second cycle and I want to know what time in her cycle should I mate her
    2 Pets 28
  63. Why is my guinea pig really scared of me?
    When I open the hutch door my rabbit will come straight up to me but my guinea pig will run off into it's bed where I can't see him. How can I stop her from doing this ?
    3 Pets 78
  64. I ragged my best mates girlfriend
    I ragged my best mates girlfriend and now they have broken up because of it and now he is after me. he is a ametuer boxer. what do I do??
    4 Relationships 30
  65. Where can I get a loving, healthy, guinea pig for free?
    I had a guinea pig before and I loved it, but it died so I really want another one. But I want one for $10 or less. I mostly want it free though.
    7 Pets 21
  66. is there any specific cage size for parakeet to mate or lay egg?
    4 Pets 53
  67. How many religions can you name which involved the mating of human with deity?
    11 Religion 34
  68. What are your thoughts on Obamas new running mate?
    What are your thoughts on the democratic ticket?
    12 Politics 37
  69. Does a neutered male cat lose the urge to mate with a female?
    3 Pets 78
  70. Why do people call the police "pigs"?
    i mean that is so freaking bizzare why call them that?
    9 General 66
  71. do you put the doe in the bucks cage when mating?
    and how long do you leave her there
    3 Pets 17
  72. John McCain's running mate?
    Thoughts on why he picked someone he's talked to once before to be his running mate?
    24 Politics 46
  73. My dogs mated last night
    Dogs mated last night. Is there anything I can give my dog so she wouldnt have puppies?
    7 Pets 43
  74. How do Labradors and Poodles mate?
    im curious of how do labradors and poodles mate together. can anyone help me out
    4 Pets 46
  75. What should I name my female guinea pig?
    I just got her 2 days ago she is white with black on I hate the name cookie and Oreo know any other good names??
    2 Pets 28
  76. What does it mean when a guinea pig pops it's head up when you pet it ?
    Whenever my mom or my sister pet my guinea pig's head, he pops it up & squeals, i always make them stop because i think their hurting him or something. O.o
    7 Pets 213
  77. Ginnie Pigs?
    Are they good pets because I'm thinking about getting two of them.
    3 Pets 38
  78. Randomm from alex's matee :)
    Can lad's tell if hes shaggin a virgin or no a virgin :)
    3 Relationships 8
  79. what can I do to help my guinea pig with cancer???
    I've just found out today that my pet ginea pig has breast cancer, they can operate on him as it will just grow back, if the lumps get any bigger they will have to put him down...what should I do now???
    2 Pets 22
  80. what are the types of pigs called that dont grow big.
    what are the types of pigs called that dont grow big. they stay pretty small
    4 Pets 399
  81. What should I name my pet guinea pig?
    I'm getting a guinea pig and I'd like some name ideas!! I don't know if I'm getting a male or a female one so either gender names would be helpful!! Thanks (:
    5 Pets 86
  82. Dogs not getting stuck after mate
    Why is that my dog dont get stuck after mate he gos 1 or 2 times but dont get stuck
    5 Pets 328
  83. When to mate my dog
    I have a westhighland terrior I want to mate she is in season as been for 4 days now when is it the right time to mate my dog??
    5 Pets 120
  84. How to make my rabbit mate?
    How do they mate and why do they mate? I need to know becouse I wont to mate mine I think that you have to keep them in the same cage
    4 Pets 145
  85. How do chickens mate?
    How do they Its like Do they have sum kinda hole on der back Lol
    5 Pets 146
  86. what exactly is a "soul mate"?
    and how do you know if you've found them? i've always wondered that...:P
    17 Relationships 47
  87. Best mate a hooker
    ok my school relly sexualy active and I've just found out that my best mate if the school hooker what do I do ???
    3 Sex 20
  88. Who knows if pitbulls fight before mating?
    Does the female "test" the male's strength before allowing him to mate with her or is that a myth?
    3 Pets 65
  89. Drilled pipe burner for a pig roaster
    How do you make a 4 foot long, propane, drilled pipe burner for a pig roaster.
    2 Homegarden 522
  90. a mate needs help
    one of my mate has a girlfriend and lots of my friend think that his girlfriend's best friend like him I need to no if she does
    2 Relationships 14
  91. what sign would be my so called soul mate?
    So I was wondering what other zodiac sign would go with sag. Like what's their soul mate...?
    2 Relationships 16
  92. my mate wants me in a band
    My mate wants to make a band with her and I've told that I can't sing or play any instruments, but she still wants me to be in it what can I do ??
    3 Music 16
  93. Where do people have "mates?"
    I thought only Australians had "mates" instead of "friends" lol, but so does England...anywhere else?
    8 General 17
  94. Which is better, guinea pig or ferret?
    Money is not really an object for me, I want a cuddly cute pet. Nothing that screams at night, I want something cute and dosent need attention 24/7.
    6 Pets 136
  95. my guinea pig is lonley
    my guinea pig is almost 4 and her friend died a year 1/2 ago. I'm worried she's lonley and will need a friend but my parents wont let me. does she need a friend and if yes how will I convince my parents to let me get another one?
    3 Pets 55
  96. Where can I get a girl guinea pig?
    I love my guinea pigs I've got 7 at the mo ones 4 fors not even one yet ones a bit older and the other ones a bit older than that one I love my guinea pigs 2 died tho very upset about that :'( :'( I was wondering where I can get a girl guinea pig about...
    2 Pets 34
  97. When me and my mates go what can we do?
    Im out a lot of the time most of the time with my girlfriend but what the hell do me and mates do when we go out ??? With no money ?and I mean out with out going in anyones house?
    3 Entertainment 13
  98. When is my rotweiler ready to mate is bleeding?
    When is my 4 year old rotwieler ready to breed does she have to be on her period
    2 Pets 35
  99. Why is my female dog and female cat trying to mate?
    My female dog and female cat are trying to mate. My dog is always humping my cat and my cat seem to like it. The are both the same size so it not like she pined down.
    4 Pets 258
  100. Best mate wants to go swimming tomorrow but I dont want to go ?
    My best mate wants to go swimming tomorrow but I dont wnaa go ? :s What should I tell her ? =/ Pleasee help, its tomorrow. ):
    5 Sports 41
  101. my mate has just said she thinks she is going into labour
    my mate has just said she thinks she is going into labour but is only 5 and 1/2 months. What type of pains is it!?? xx
    5 Health 10
  102. Why do guinea pigs make funny noises?
    See, I always go on Youtube and watch guinea pig videos but I've always noticed something... they squeak constantly! My hamster, Lilly doesnt do that. Can somebody give me answers!
    3 Pets 63
  103. How do you get rid of a pig nose?
    I have a really upturned pigs nose, so bad that people can see up my nostrils just by looking at me...what can I do?
    9 Style 2354
  104. How do I take care of guinea pig babies?
    im almost positive that shes pregnant I cant wait till the babies come but im concered about what am I suppose to do with them or how do I take care of them ? like can I hold them the next day or what ?
    2 Pets 31
  105. How to make a pig cooker from a 275 gallon drum ?
    2 General 298
  106. Can a 6 week old male kitten mate and get another cat pregnant?
    5 Pets 93
  107. guinea pig with crust in lher eye.
    I just got another guinea pig and I've noticed that she has some crust in her eye but its not a lot and its not in both eyes its onley in the right , if you say go to the vet I knoe my mom would take her to the vet because it cost to much but what does...
    2 Pets 20
  108. Is my guinea pig the only one that eats 24/7?
    He doesnt do anything but eat im not going to feed him for a week!! Not only is he costing me $60 a week but hes also gainin weight, hes so chubby tho, its cute XD
    7 Pets 36
  109. When do you know your guinea pig is going to pass away?
    In the past 3 to 4 hours, my male guinea pig (2 years old) has rapidly lost weight. He refuses to eat or drink and is hiding from me. What's wrong? Is he going to die? What are symptoms of a dying guinea pig? Please Help!!!
    3 Pets 165
  110. What should I do about my male guinea pig?
    Should I get him a friend or is he going to be ok alone? I had two males, but had to give the other one back. He was being mean and wouldn't share. He would fight and chase him. He even bit him. I gave the black pig back and kept the brown pig.
    3 Pets 10
  111. mating chihuahuas
    if the two dogs mate and get stuck several times does this mean they will have more puppies than if they would of only done it once
    5 Pets 114
  112. Mating a male poodle and female schnauzer
    The male is a minature poodle which is half the size of the female. She is in heat and the male can not reach her. What can I do to help him?
    2 Pets 38
  113. What else is needed for a guinea pig?
    I might get one... if I do, get two so one wont be lonely right? I know you need food, cage, a little thing that they hook on the cage so provide water, what else? advice please... Thanks :)
    3 Pets 24
  114. Is this cage too small for my guinea pig?
    I just bought a new guinea pig and he is pretty big. I'm worried his cage is maybe too small for him :/ ok. so he is about 20cm long and quite chubby and hiis cage is 90cm by 60cm. Do you think I should get him a bigger cage. I am such a big animal lo...
    6 Pets 49
  115. When does my mate become a man?
    My friend keeps pestering me about this. He had meningitus and now his penis dont grow even when he is on his tablets
    5 Health 14
  116. Guinea Pig Sick?
    My guinea pig hasnt been drinking much...I read that it could be because I feed her lots of veggies and fruits with water in them and it will make them drink less but then I thought she may be sick but im not sure, she has sneezed but not like a lot an...
    2 Pets 39
  117. How do I stop myself from pigging out on biscuits?
    How do I stop myself from pigging out on biscuits? I have tried asking my mum not to buy them, but my sis eats them so she can't just stop, but she can limit herself. I can, but it's hard. Is there any more effective methods of limiting biscuit consum...
    3 Nutritionfitness 51
  118. Female Dog Mating..mebbe?
    my female dog that is in heat got out the door, been gone for about 2hrs finally got her back, how do I tell if she has mated? thanks! =D
    2 Pets 70
  119. Canine mating
    Can dogs get pprego without a tie...I know they breed many times but I never seen a tie???
    3 Pets 31
  120. Pig for a pet
    I see many celebs having pigs as pets, well I like pigs, I think they are unfairly pictured in society, and they are as loyal loving and smarter than dogs, so is it as easy to keep a pig as a dog ?
    4 Pets 16
  121. Is it normal for your guinea pig to be very timid and jumpy when yo
    Is it normal for your guinea pig to be very timid and jumpy when you first get one? I got him on saturday and he is very jumpy. When ever you enter the room he legs it and hides in his bed. When you stroke him he seems tense for a few seconds. He also...
    5 Pets 54
  122. when I finger myself I think of a girl mate do I fancy her?
    when I get in to a position I know I like I finger but when my eyes are closed and im enjoying it I think of this girl and pretend she's doing it to me, do I fancy her?
    6 Relationships 157
  123. Why call pig meat pork?
    and cow meat beef? yet lamb is called exactly what it is? weird huh.. maybe not but riddle me that.
    3 Food 13
  124. Does anyone think these are good names for a guinea pig?
    I shall be getting one soon! Give me some views and your favourite name maybe? Rolo poh simba guppy marmite sock jelly baby elmo domino any other ideas you can add if you like! :) thankyou! xxx
    7 Pets 41
  125. How do I stop eating like a pig?
    How can I make myself stop eating so much? I want to lose at least 40 pounds but I eat like a pig at EVERY meal?! Please give me some advice!!!
    7 Nutritionfitness 296
  126. Should I let my Yorkie mate?
    my yorkie is a year old. my friend is asking if I want to let my yorkie mate with her year old yorkie boy which is much smaller than my dog. should I say yes or is she to young. HELLLPP
    13 Pets 99
  127. Guinea pigs!
    Im looking at getting a couple of guinea pigs but I spend 8months of the yr in one city and the remaining four months in another so im wondering, how would they cope with travelling for six hours? I dont really have anyone to leave them with for four m...
    2 Pets 14
  128. I Want A Guinea Pig
    Ok, so I have a dog, but I want MORE responsiblity. I want a guinea pig. Maybe two. I have enough money for everything it takes to buy one, I said that I would do everything that needs to be done for it. I said that I would love it and play with it and...
    9 Pets 35
  129. When you're 14 and straight, is it ok to give your mate a blowjob?
    I was just wandering this because I know im not gay but I had no problem with doing it to him. Please answer my question
    6 Sex 250
  130. Guinea pig gone crazy
    Ok well I have to boys and a girl but 1 of my boys has changed he used to be fine but when I had bought my girl I believe a month ago hes gone pyhco no joke when I pick him up he goes crazy and wont sit still and he will bit me but when I put him in h...
    2 Pets 40
  131. Where's my soul mate?
    For the last 2 years I'v gone on dates with guys. But they never come back. Why I'm not ugly and this never happened before to me?
    2 Relationships 17
  132. My dog had mated last month on october 22
    My dog mated on october 22 and she was still bleeding after that day and then she stop like on october 30 now she driping but its pink wats does that mean is she preganate or what??
    4 Pets 40
  133. How to tell my mate she should lose weight?
    ma mate is over weight and I don't know what to do to tell her.. it seems so hurtful and when ever she wears anything she looks really quite large?? I can't tell her about how she looks really.. it seems so tight..
    8 Nutritionfitness 9
  134. baby guinea pig
    I have just bought my little girl a baby guinea pig about 16 weeks old, she loves him but the trouble is he wont come out of his hutch without a fight and I was told that they love to be handled and cuddled and stroked , how do I get him out of his hut...
    3 Pets 43
  135. Are ginnie pigs more like...?
    rabbits dogs hamsters I'm getting two ginnie pigs tomorrow and I need to know which one of those pets dose ginnie pigs act more like. So I would know what I'm dealing with. Thank you
    6 Pets 40
  136. how do I make my pig less slick?
    My pig is so slick! Does anyone know how I could maybe make it a bit less slick? It would really help when I try to round him/her up! Also, how can you tell if a pig is male or female?
    2 Pets 43
  137. help I think my guinea pig is blind
    ok I think my guinea pig is blind she always is acting scared and making a noise every time I touch her and when I go to put grapes in her cage she goes in her house and stay usually she comes out and greets me but now she just stays in her house and I...
    2 Pets 26
  138. what to get my 14 yr old matee?
    she is turning 14, and I have no idea what to get her for her birthday? shes a funny girl she doesnt want money.. so got any ideas?
    3 Shopping 53
  139. Help? I'm becoming a pig!!
    Ok. Lately, I've been stuffing myself and I can't stop!! I try but when I get bored I tend to eat. What are some ways to keep myself from eating?
    5 Food 31
  140. How much are the piggy banks that are a family of pigs worth?
    I know theyre worth something but just unsure, and how much would they be worth without the baby as my sister smashed it lol?
    5 Shopping 57
  141. What age does a Chihuahua have to be to mate?
    My Chihuahua is 61/2 mos old & the runt of the liter weighing 51/2 lbs. I just would like to know what age is safe for him to breed?
    4 Pets 180
  142. Who believes in "Soul Mates"?
    Hey!-x, lots of people have told me different things :\, and I just want to no how many people believe in sould mates and the perfect person for eveyone!. So just let me no please :) x
    4 Relationships 21
  143. Me & my best mate
    Me & my best freind...(whos a girl) wanted 2 have a sleepover but my mum & dad think we want 2 have sex ...and we really dont..(she has a boy freind) Were just mates.. How do I convince them that were not going to have sex ...
    3 Sex 37
  144. How to lead my dogs to mate?
    I believe my dog is in heat her vagina is swollen,but my male isn't showing any interest in mating.What can I do since I really would love some puppies from them?
    9 Pets 165
  145. I like My Boyfriends Mate
    Hi All, Need some advice if any lol? I've knew my boyfriends mate for about 8 month now and im really starting to like him, I cant stop thinking about him sometimes..what will I do! HELP!
    3 Relationships 26
  146. One of my best mate is getting closer to my crush
    what should I do? one of my best friends is getting closer 2 my crush than me and I've nown him for years were gd friends and my best mate nows that I like him what do I do I feel a little jelos! :S :'( please help
    2 Relationships 29
  147. Guinea pig names please!!
    I need your help!!! I just bought a guinea pig! She has brown spot around his right eye and the rest is white! Her eyes are reddd, btw what is that supposed to mean?? But yeah, its a she and still a baby I think.. Sooo pleasee give me ideas on what ...
    4 Pets 43
  148. mate date or slate help?
    I want to write into a magasine and to be entered into a mate date or slate contest but it askes for 100 words why I should be picked but im not sure what to put does anyone have any ideas?? x
    2 General 12
  149. best mate like boy but had a girlfriend
    one of my bestfriend like this guy but he had girlfrined and I want her to be happy because she said she cant live with out him aid I dont know what to do help!
    3 Relationships 19
  150. My 'mate' becca, todaii, shouted out I need to see a counseller
    Ok, so apparently I need to see a counseller but anyway, my 'mate' becca, todaii, shouted out infront of the whole of my history class that I need to see a counseller and I was going to kill myself! How can I get revenge? I am sooo angry with her!
    2 Relationships 29
  151. What is the smallest pig in the world/uk called?
    someone told me about a pig that is like tiny and when its fully gown its no bigger than a cat and you can get them as pets and house train them. I have a feeling it begins with a H but im not sure?
    3 Pets 83
  152. Mates house.
    Tomorrow I said I'd go round my mates house, but I dont want to becausee she annoys me big time "/ I havent been round hers much because of that, but I see her everyday anyway. Does anyone know what I can say to her ?
    2 Relationships 14
  153. How do I tell my mates I'm a fashion queen??
    My freinds know me as a girl who dosen't care what I look like, but actully, I do! I love to dress fancy and strut my stuff, but to my mates, I'm a tomboy. I don't know how to strut my stuff infront of then, they may not like me then....... WHAT DO I D...
    3 Style 5
  154. You know how some animals mate for life? What do they base their at
    You know how some animals mate for life? What do they base their attraction on? Are they like us and take into account looks, personality and all those other things? Or do they just find someone as soon as they're old enough, procreate, and just live t...
    7 Pets 70
  155. fishes
    3 Pets 16
  156. What's your opinion about recent disaster in Japan and coming alerts to New Zealand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Hawaii, and others?
    Tsunami Alert for New Zealand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Hawaii, and others. Waves expected over the next few hours, caused by 8.9 earthquake in Japan.
    6 Environment 40
  157. all about about birds
    2 Pets 6
  158. Are they just playing around or mating?
    We have a tank of 10 goldfishes in all different sizes. We have two that are about the same size, I don't know if they are female or male. But one of them as been constantly chasing the other one real close to where its mouth is right next to the other...
    3 Pets 42
  159. How to react after my ex and best mate had a thing?
    When I was with this guy we started having problems then we broke up, and I found out that the whole time him and my best mate had, had a "thing" going on and i don't know how to react cause I am a bitch and I really don't want to lose them as friends ...
    2 Relationships 16
  160. Is there something wrong with my sister's Guinea Pig?
    Basically my sister and I have a Guinea Pig each, they are both 2 years old and will be 3 in August. Quite recently we've noticed that my sister's Guinea Pig is a lot larger around the stomach area particually on one side. I have gently felt around the...
    4 Pets 90
  161. Are you loyal to your mate,or your bff?
    if you wer stranded on an island,and th onli person as your companion can be... -your best friend fr life[cannot be your boifren or grrlfren] -or your husband/boifren whoo woold you choose,and y?
    4 Relationships 21
  162. Dogs and Pigs
    Here in Kenya there have been confirmed reports of stray dogs mating with pigs (sow's) viz. the Nyahururu case in 2004. Here in my home town we witnessed similar occurrence at a garbage dumping site. Is it possible for piglets to be sired out of it wit...
    4 Pets 14
  163. Can Ginnie Pigs travel
    We are moving to Oklahoma City, OK from Saint Louis, MO its about 10 hours in driving. Is it safe for the Ginnie Pig to travel or not we have had her for about 8 months now My daughter got her after her birds had passed away after 10 years. And I cant...
    2 Travel 13
  164. Should I mate my dog?
    You know me. Im about to get a new puppy, and when I do I was wondering when she is about 3 years old if I should mate her or not. I haven't bred dogs in a while, but I have before. And I'll have the help of my parents. My parents are experienced, al...
    9 Pets 56
  165. Its about my best mate
    Ok her names jade, and shes in my class and been best mates for like 2 years now been throught a lot, but recently she has started going of with other girls in another class at breaks then expects us to hang around with her in lessons? And when the gir...
    2 Relationships 30
  166. How can I get my male guinea pig to stop humping my rabbit?
    I just got a new rabbit from a owner who did not want her anymore, she is 3 years old, I caged her with my male guinea pig, and they get along great but he keeps trying to mount her, how do I make it stop? I can not cage them separately, as there is no...
    2 Pets 142
  167. Chinchillas or Guinea Pigs?
    So I went to Petsmart or Petco the other day and saw these little furballs and OH MY GOD THEY ARE SO CUTE. So what I'm wondering is... WHICH ONE TO GET? How are they like [are they boring like rabbits or more interesting like at least a cat] ??? I...
    14 Pets 697
  168. does my mate weigh too much?
    my bestmate keeps moaning to me that she is too big, shes 16 and like 10 and a half 10, but shes proper curvy, and I think she looks perfect! everyone tells her she is skinny and that but she wont get that into her head, is that weight fat?
    3 Nutritionfitness 23
  169. Chihuahua spooked during mating
    A thunder storm scared my male & female chihuahuas while they were stuck together , there was a lot of blood and 2 membrane looking thing that came out of her, can someone PLEASE tell me what just happened? She seems fine now & wants the male agian?
    6 Pets 26
  170. My guinea pig refuse to move his legs
    My piggy is bout 5 months.He recently got his right leg injured.It swelled up and therefore I noticed he stopped eating. I took him to the vet a day or two after I saw his swelled up foot. The vet proscribed me antibiotics and a painkiller. After a wee...
    2 Pets 39
  171. do you belive in soul mates ?
    I like this really hot girl and I think she likes me too because whenever she thinks Im not looking she stares at me with a look that is more than a crush yet not pure ectacy and me and a other guy fought and she actually got hit by him so he was expe...
    7 Relationships 30
  172. Going to see crush, do I bring my mate with me?
    I'm 16 and im going to see my crush (hes 17) but I dont know whether to bring my mate with me (shes 14) the thing is I get majorly nervous round him because hes gorgous and sweet, so like without my mate being there I mite freaze :( but she is younger ...
    2 Relationships 52
  173. How can I fix my huge round pig nose?
    how can I fix my huge round pig nose?! dont tell me any compliments I've heard them but they arent trrue im freaking so ugly its not even funny guys wont go out with me because of my nose. they say I have "extra nose skin" please help me make it look b...
    6 Style 409
  174. Telling my best mate I have feelings for him?
    should I mention to my best mate that I still have feelings for him. I mean We flirt a lot, talk a lot and text a lot. He sometimes calles me baby and we can talk about pratically anything and I feel100% confotabel around him and we are always on the s...
    2 Relationships 17
  175. My best mate leaves me.
    My best girl-mate keeps ditching me for this guy, he's 19 and she's only 16. She's been talking to him for like... a month, if that. And everytime we plan to meet up, she either leaves me half way through the day to meet him, or doesn't meet me at all....
    4 Relationships 21
  176. my male german shepher will not mate with my female german shepherd
    my male gs will not mate with my female gs last night he got on her 2 times only for about 10 seconds he is about 2 ft longer than her and bigger he will just get off she is at her peak and will accept a male we have tried using my fixed male to mat...
    3 Pets 66
  177. Should the zoo owner of two liger cubs in Taiwan be held accountable for their parents mating?
    The cross breeding of protected species is illegal in Taiwan, but a lion and a tiger were kept in the same pen. The owner denies that we was trying to make them breed. Do you think that this counts as allowing two protected species to breed, or do you ...
    4 Pets 34
  178. Mating Cockatiel's
    I have a pair of Cockatiel's whom are so much in love it is just beautiful :-). She has just laid an egg (more perhaps). He is so vicious towards me now. Even when I change their water & feed them every day,he wants to attack me? Is this normal??? Befo...
    2 Pets 14
  179. why does my mate keep feeling dizzy/faint?
    Hi, m friend recently keeps on feeling faint/dizzy. it isnt because she standing up quick because she doesnt. Can it be a cause of stress Or not eat just drink water I'm really worried for her and she wont go to the doctors:/ please help xx
    3 Health 41
  180. What should I do my big bros best mate keeps chatting me up ?
    Hey well here the thing I have known my bros mates since I was about 5 and they have always been like big bros to me but I moved away for 9 months and resently moved back home and know they are chatting me up and touch my arse and trying to kiss me whe...
    2 Relationships 19
  181. Help me pleasee im very jelous with my bfs mates
    This is what happens too me I wanna be with my boyfriend all the time and I do see him sometimes but whenever I wanna he always says I havent seen my mates in ages or some siht like that and I get pissed off to and then he knows im pissed and makes...
    2 Relationships 18
  182. My mates moving
    I cant belive what has just hapened of my best friends just asked 2 meet me but I said I cnt at the moment but at 2.00 I can but anyway thats nt the point... She just told me that she moving way down south. I cant belive it and I feel way sad !...
    2 Relationships 10
  183. How do I get my smaller dog to mate with bigger bitch?
    My chihauaha dog and Chinese crested are ready and willing to mate. Prob is he's quit small tried all sorts to help lowing her. Putting him on pillow even tried to help with insertion but that seemed to put my boy of his stroke so to say.. At a lose t...
    2 Pets 52
  184. How can I be more of a good friend to my best mate?
    Ok so my best friend moved up a set from the change in year7 to year 8 and ever since the end of year 8 we haven't seemed that close anymore. He is still my best friend and I really want to be as good friends as we were. If you know what I am talking a...
    2 Relationships 14
  185. is it possible to have to different animals as pets and mate them?
    i wanted to do this like get a dog and a cat and make them have sex. even if they dont have an offspring , would they have sex with eachother or is it something they just dont do. i heard some animals do have babies like lions and tigers have ligers. b...
    7 Sex 15
  186. Dog mating
    Could it take 3-5 days after mating for the female to conceive? My boxer is showing all signs of pregnancy and tied with the male for 15 min twice around the 14th and 16th day of heat. The vet is seeing no signs of puppies on an xray but wants to reche...
    4 Pets 48
  187. How do I stop pigging out?
    I always do so good at first. I eat healthy, then I feel good enough to eat something else. Then I just pig out! I always eat 3000-4000 calories. And I'm not that fat, so I have a smaller stomach, and it fills me up too quickly! I want to go on ...
    5 Nutritionfitness 151
  188. Pet bedding?
    What is the best bedding for a guinea pig cage?
    3 Pets 8
  189. Best mate likes my girlfriend (need help)
    Me and my girlfriend love eachother sooo much and I've trusted her all the way through and we have been dating for 5 months. My best mate has just admitted to her that he likes her and then 4 weeks later they decide to tell me. So they have been liei...
    2 Relationships 30
  190. what does the song ci ci my play mate mean?
    well the song gose like this Cici, my playmate Come out and play with me And bring your dollies, three Climb up my apple tree Slide down my rainbow Into my cellar door And we'll be jolly friends Forever more More, shut the door! im ...
    2 Literature 224
  191. Will the law let me move in with my mate at 16?
    i live at home with mi mum and step dad but i am gonna be 16 in october and i h8 living at home with my parents and my mum and i keep having arugements and she dosent let me go anywhere she is dead protective and wont let me see some of my friends ,,,,...
    2 Family 33
  192. Why is it that females give better gifts to their mates?
    Well I got him a big screen TV and he got me a betty Boop gift set. With Slippers,pajamas,watch,nite cap, blind fold,necklace and charm bracelet. I mean I love Betty Boop but wow I could have bought that stuff myself. And I already have most of it anyway.
    3 Relationships 20
  193. Where and how can I find band mates?
    I've tried online band/musician seeking website but their just bullshitting me for money. Or if non-pay, nobody uses it. Keep in mind, I'm a New Yorker. Anything in Suffolk, where could I find people? Anything in the real world, how can I find people? ...
    6 Music 37
  194. Miniature Pot belly pig
    ok I looked every were for a miniature pot belly pig that grows up to 30lbs everywhere in want ads and internet I can find one any where in the new england area. if you know where there is one to buy for cheap in the Ct Mass or Ri area please tell me!!...
    2 Pets 21
  195. Need help with our dogs mating
    I have a two year old rat terrier, and the male is a 4 yr old same. I have tried for a week to get them mated. He gets on, starts his feet dance, gets going good in her and then instead of them getting stuck together is gets off and he ejaculates on th...
    2 Pets 45
  196. How to leave a cheating mate
    My boyfriend of 6 years , I feel is cheating on me. I do not have any proof but he's hardly around anymore, we don't go out, and sex has definitely come to a halt. He says he's going thru some things and that he loves me oh yea he also lives with me. ...
    2 Sex 19
  197. 2 Groups Of Mates :(
    Well I Used 2 Have 3 Bezzie Mates They Were Ded Nice And that But They Werent In Any Of My Classes So I Started Hanging Around Wid 2 Other Girls And So They Were Now My 2 Best Mates And They Were In All My Classes.But Your 2 New Best Mates Just Bit** A...
    2 Education 12
  198. My mate is breaking down
    ok so these are a few questions from a mate of mine that im asking for him: 1st question:he says that when he masturbates he doesnt cum. he orgasms but nothing comes out.why isnt he cuming? 2nd question:when he is having sex with his girlfriend he do...
    2 Sex 16
  199. Is my mate pregnant?
    She had sex with her boyfriend they used protection But she think shes pregnet as stuff has been happing to her like. She keep getting huge pains and keep feeling sick eating loads and loosing loads off blood and its coming out like in clotts and its b...
    2 Sex 16
  200. Is it slutty to kiss and maybe more with a guy your mates with?
    Basicly I dont want a relationship, even if there was a guy I liked I doubt hed go out wit me anyways I havnt had a boyfriend for months, majorly horny and I was chatting to this guy I've known for a while, we go to the same college and he sed he want...
    2 Relationships 12
  201. Pissed off with my Gym mates
    Okay. I have very large breasts and I am barely 13. I get it from my mom. Whenever I take my shirt off to change, I always am self-consious. Everyone in my class is a 32B or smaller, and they keep on staring at me like I am a freakin' D-Cup or had a bo...
    5 Health 62
  202. How do I know is my mated pug pregnant or not?
    My almost 3 yr old pug was mated february 8, 10, and 12, 2010. Her nipples became bigger after 2 weeks and we hoped and treated her as pregnant. However, it's already over 30 days now but there's still no increase in the size of her belly. Her appetite...
    3 Pets 76
  203. My Mates Nan Died I feel useless
    My best friend Nan died!.. I dont know wot to doo I live 2hours away!!. and her funrel Is friday, I didnt no her nan, but I dno how I can be there for my best friend, I just want to be there for her but I ent good iwit this stuff, I've said im sorry to...
    4 Family 35
  204. Why do christains eat pork if...
    Why do christains eat pork if in the bible it says you should not eat pig? Some body told me it says in the bible you shouldnt eat pig
    10 Religion 62
  205. BrokeNCYDE
    okay why is a pig their mascot? and what is bc13?
    2 Music 10
  206. compatiablity
    what are someways to find a compatabe mate
    3 Relationships 6
  207. I like my best mates girlfriend
    Basically, whats happened is I've got 2 mates that I count as my best mates, and id do anything for em. J.S (one of my 2 best mates) was going through a pretty messy break up, so I tried helping him and his ex-girlfriend, BJD, sort out their shit, to h...
    2 Relationships 39
  208. do I help girl or keep my mates?
    my mum and dad are millionaires. they won the lottery 3 months ago(23.6 million). I wear designer jeans and heels like the ones at the side. people at school are all my friends. there is a girl who is oorand she has been asking me for help to raise mon...
    6 General 10
  209. What are your thoughts on room-mates (read more)?
    My bf and i decided it would be easier to get a place and pay the bills with roommates. I don't know how i feel about this cuz i've only ever lived with just him or my family. Needless to say my bf has a friend and his gf in mind. I'm a little concerne...
    7 Relationships 31
  210. My best mate - and HIM
    Heres how it goes .. my best mate is like my sister we argue fight but love each other... now I don't like to see her hurt :( but right now I can tell shes hurting bad and I dno how to help... I mean its like she feels ugly and not good enough because ...
    4 Relationships 36
  211. Whats the odds of a dog being pregnant after mating?
    Hi, does anyone know what the odds/chances are of a staffordshire bull terrier being pregnant after 1 mating (they tied) while on the 14 day on heat! The dogs was also put together on the 10th and 12th day of her heat, but she would not stand for the d...
    3 Pets 495
  212. What word is right...DINNER...Or...SUPPER?
    Ok so my mate says its supper, after the last supper...but isnt supper after dinner when you have a snack! who is right...My mate...or ME :D?
    7 General 57
  213. my mates gotten me into fighting (like boxing etc) how to start?
    well as I said,a mate of mine, (who I don't really know, but hes like a best mate) has said about all the fighting he does, like jujitsu, mhai thai, stuff like that, and I really want to start doing that. but where I live I can't because it aint availa...
    4 Sports 13
  214. How are puppies going to come out?
    If a rott. and a chihuhua mate how will the puppies look like? Or is that even possible for such a big dog mate with such a little dog? They are both 6 months can they mate at such early age?
    3 Pets 22
  215. how can I get my mom and my dad to get me a ferret?
    I have a guinea pig but it`s not working out.I need a good idea to get my mom and mostly my dad to get a me a ferret
    2 Pets 42
  216. Parakeets
    What does it mean when a male parakeet bobs his head up and down in front of a female? or when he chirps to her a lot? Does it mean he wants to mate or it's apart of mating?
    2 Pets 30
  217. GED What Is It?
    My bessie mate moved to america and she said she was doing a GED what is a GED?
    4 Education 48
  218. Why does my 5 yr old male shih-tzu not want to mate?
    Last night we had a very pretty female shih-tzu stay over so they can get to know each other a little better. She showed a lot of interest, but he just didn't want anything to do with her. He seemed a bit nervous having her around. I also don't usually...
    3 Pets 157
  219. How can I get rid of premature wrinkles and a pig nose?
    Ok well i am 15, i don't wear a lot of make up because i don't want to look tacky like some of the other girls at my school plus i like my eyes and i just wear mascara to show them off. But anyway i have really bad skin. It's leathery and i have wrinkl...
    2 Style 103
  220. Mates with benifits
    Hey ya im 14years old and me and this guy at school his in gr11 im in gr9 we've known each other for 2yearand we've been in this relashionship well its more of mates with benifits for like mouth now. But he is giving me dares like fingerign me self but...
    2 Sex 44
  221. When will her mates see her for what she really is?
    Ok so there is this girl from my course who I cannot stand. She is just a bully and I had to be partners with her . I heard her I talking bout me in the toilets then the next day she was b**ching bout her mate georgia calling her a twofaced sl**. and ...
    3 Education 18
  222. is it common to have a period and still be pregnant ?
    is it common to have a period but still be pregnant at the same time, my mate asked me to ask .
    9 Health 326
  223. What do you think does she really like me?
    This is for my matee - What do you think of it all? She says she loves me... But she lies all the time. She spends more time with her mates than she does me and she always lets me down. She also likes to play with my emotions.
    4 Relationships 53
  224. Is this unnatural?
    I have 2 Guinea Pigs, mother and daughter. The mom is called Tina and the baby is called Toffee. Toffee, when I used to pick her up would bite me all the time. I didn't pick her up for about a year, till I went away for a week and took them with me. I...
    3 Pets 19
  225. piniature pinschers
    how do you start to mate 2 dogs? I have 2 min pins and I want them to mate but I dont want the female preg by and e other min pin! do I not let her out of the house?
    2 Pets 41
  226. What if I don't like going out with his mates?
    Well I've been with this boy for a week and sum days, and friday he took me to the pieamear, and he was showin me all his mates, and there was loads, lke 40 of them and he kept tellin me to talk to some of them and me and my materach were bored at the ...
    3 Relationships 13
  227. Catch him out
    I need to track someones mobile any ideas he been cheating on my mate and we need to catch him ?
    2 Relationships 52
  228. stupid thing !
    yo aight, wats up with my guinea pig it looks at me like it wants to eat me ! I wanna get rid of the thing, its sooo annoying want it ?
    2 Entertainment 7
  229. Moving things around the cage?
    Every night when I go to bed my guinea pig move everything around his cage. He sometimes knocks his food out the plate. Should I take everything out the cage before I go to bed or should I just take his plate of food out?
    2 Pets 19
  230. should I keep my friends
    my mates take the piss out of my girlfriend saying she has downsyndrome and shes thick but she hasnt I dont no what to do should I stay mates with them or just move on because I really dont want my girlfriend being upset
    4 Relationships 11
  231. dog breeding
    well its not exactly dog and my neighbor are going to mate our dogs next year. my dog is the male. how are supposed to do it...I do you put my dog in my neighbors dog yard so they can mate or the female in my dogs yard or put ...
    9 Pets 27
  232. how should I trust? how's friend should I be?
    I don't now who to trust my best mate nicole told my mate jess who I liked when I told her not to I found out last week so I thought I would tell my other mate a secret because I thought she could keep it but I was wrong amy told jess and nicole and ch...
    2 Relationships 15
  233. I REALLY want a Puggle!
    I am 13 and in 7th grade and I really want a puggle puppy! I already have to guinea pigs, and I absolutlly HATE them! And I am trying to get rid of them! I need help on making my parents trust me and making them be more willing to get me one!! what...
    3 Pets 35
  234. How can a women get pregnant if had sex with monkey,ape,dog ?
    can a women get pregnant if had sex with dog,bear ape or monkey or pigs ?
    9 Sex 1070
  235. Is it possible for me to be in heat?
    Like a female cat around mating season. I am in heat. Is this possible and what is happening???
    2 Health 35
    Why do men give more importance to his mates and not his girlfriend???
    5 Relationships 67
  237. What if my friend and I like the same guy?
    me and my best mate rachel fancy the same boy what should I do xxx???
    5 Relationships 11
  238. Best weapon against zombies?
    What is the best weapon to use against Zombies, I think its a crossbow but my mate says its a sword.
    11 General 31
  239. What is the best allergy medicine for a 13 year old girl?
    I am allergic to dogs, cats, guinea pigs, pollen, dust and more! I need a medicine that is good for me and works for 24 hours
    3 Health 333
  240. Dog breeding
    How do you get a male boxer to mate or mount with a female boxer thats in heat?
    3 Pets 23
  241. What's so good about Canada?
    I've seen a lot of my mates from the Uk. and my parents Mate all Wanting to Move to Canada. like Even my Nan lived out der for some time. Why do people want to visit Canada? or even move der :S wot so good about itt?
    7 Travel 213
  242. What are the tastiest meats?
    Ive already had pig, cow, chicken, and lamb. What are some other meat you would recommend?
    18 Food 35
  243. nice, healthy treats? eh?
    what are good treats to feed to hermit crabs, mice, guinea pigs, dogs, and cats that are healthy? sorry so many pets lol. anyone got any ideas?
    4 Pets 17
  244. love crisis
    im 13 years old and I am in love with my sisters boyfriend`s ex-best mate who is 21,all my mates at school think im going out wid him and I really like him but I don't no what to do should I tell my sister?
    3 Relationships 24
  245. Parents = party poopers
    I want to go to partys!! I really want to go to house partys and raves with my best mate but my parents would never let me go! My mate tells me about them and they sound amazing her parents dont no she goes but she has never been court going to on...
    18 Family 50
  246. Kittens killed
    My cat had 5 kittens when I was on holiday. My mate was looking after them for me but 1 day after they were born my mate went in to feed them and found them all dead. They had all be killed in the same way but she founde the tom cat in are house was i...
    2 Pets 33
  247. How do you Start A Convo?
    When My Mates Or Boyfriend Sign In On Msn, I Never No What To Talk ABout ? Any Ideas ? :S x
    6 Relationships 40
  248. Horderve
    How to cook a horderve? I like the pigs in the blanket ones, but I am also having a couple vegetarian guests.
    2 Food 18
  249. Who would be the best runningmate for Obama or MCain?
    Who would be the best running mate for Obama or MCaine? I would like some choices for both sides.
    4 Politics 15
  250. My boyfriend was refused bail and is in jail
    Can someone help me My boyfriend was under the influence of a lot of drugs with a older mate of his. His mate drove him 2 a sex shop while he waited in the car my boyfriend had to go in and grab the til. He had a knife but didnt hold it against the sho...
    2 Sex 29