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  1. Where are the groups?
    9 Funadvice 14
  2. what is a group of turkeys called
    what is a group of turkeys called
    6 Pets 115
  3. Is the group evanescence a gothic group
    Ok is the group evanescence a gothic group
    6 Music 20
  4. What happened to the groups?
    2 Funadvice 15
  5. What is a group of swans called?
    What is a group of swans called?
    2 Pets 81
  6. How do you add someone to your group?
    How do you add someone to your group ?
    2 Funadvice 42
  7. Can you make 2 groups on here?
    Can you make 2 groups on here?
    2 Funadvice 5
  8. How do you post things in the groups?
    how do you post things on the groups
    5 Funadvice 19
  9. What's a group of donkeys called?
    what is a group of donkeys called?
    5 Pets 295
  10. what is a group of snakes called?
    what is a group of snakes called
    2 Pets 180
  11. What are a bunch of turkeys called?
    what are a bunch of turkeys called?
    2 Pets 343
  12. what is a group of ducks called?
    what is a group of ducks called
    4 Pets 183
  13. Will you join my Politics group?
    will you join my politics group?
    2 Politics 20
  14. Why do we eat Turkey for Thanksgiving?
    4 Food 51
  15. Which is healthier for you - chicken or turkey?
    6 Nutritionfitness 20
  16. What is a group of soldiers called?
    4 General 100
  17. What is a group of turkeys called?
    What is a group of turkeys called? Every animal type seems to have a name for the group, so what's a group of turkeys called?
    13 Pets 5619
  18. What are some good older rock groups?
    What are some good older rock groups?
    7 Music 20
  19. Where can I find groups looking for a fundraiser?
    Where can I find groups looking for a fundraiser?
    2 Funadvice 109
  20. What are unique halloween costumes for groups
    What are unique halloween costumes for groups
    4 Style 36
  21. what is the editors group
    I dont understand what the editors group is
    8 Funadvice 8
  22. How long do you defrost a turkey before bakeing it?
    5 Food 43
  23. What's the average age group on FunAdvice?
    4 Funadvice 14
  24. How do I know what group I will fit in for highschool?
    5 Education 40
  25. Is anyone into this group?
    The Chemical Brothers.
    6 Music 7
  26. What 60s group sang it's all right?
    2 Music 397
  27. Pirate Group
    8 Entertainment 21
  28. how long is a frozen turkey good for?
    6 Food 43
  29. What happened to the groups? Are they still here and I just can't find them?
    3 Funadvice 8
  30. What it is ''herd'' Immunity in a group of people?
    3 General 13
  31. Are we ever putting the groups back?
    3 Music 10
  32. what something you can make with turkey burgers?
    What is something you can make with turkey burgers BESIDES turkey burgers.
    2 Food 24
  33. any ideas for a halloween costume for a group of four?
    any ideas for a halloween costume for a group of four?
    4 Style 45
  34. Why do you think the planets are grouped together?
    Why do you the inner planets are grouped together?
    5 General 12
  35. About turkey
    How many days is cooked turkey good for?
    4 Food 46
  36. What is the best wine to drink with a turkey?
    What is the best wine to drink with a turkey dinner?
    2 Food 46
  37. How many valence electrons are in the boron group?
    How many valence electrons are in the boron group?
    2 Science 95
  38. who knows who the group WOW is? if you do tell me what you think of them?
    7 Music 27
  39. Who is your favorite Contemporary Christian singer/artist or group?
    16 Music 48
  40. what is some good seasonings to put on turkey burgers?
    4 Food 30
  41. Who knows if the funadvice groups are still in the works?
    4 Funadvice 12
  42. Why dont people know about the Bilderberg group?
    3 Politics 13
  43. What allows hate groups to increase in membership?
    6 General 19
  44. The group-
    Why am I blue? Do I need a new- tatoo?
    2 Style 12
  45. Is the Group Styles Of Beyond Still Together?
    3 Music 11
  46. How do the year groups work at schools in America?
    4 Education 17
  47. Group Dinner
    What is an easy dinner to cook for a large group of people?
    4 Food 20
  48. Which rock group do you like?
    Which rock group do you like? What do you think which rock band is the best?
    9 Music 43
  49. What's a group of ducks called?
    What's a group of ducks called? Is it a flock or something else?
    2 Pets 139
  50. How do you barbeque a turkey?
    How do you barbeque a turkey? Is it possible to cook a whole turkey on the grill? Will it cook through? How do I season it?
    3 Homegarden 28
  51. Is there a site for creating groups and then people will join them instantly?
    2 General 9
  52. What is a good alternative for the holidays if you don't like ham and turkey?
    17 Food 59
  53. What is a pre-judging group of people known as?
    5 General 37
  54. What's your opinion on the rising "Brony" movement or the group in general?
    4 Politics 8
  55. Would a boxer dog be in the group of dogs that are good fighters?
    9 Pets 62
  56. What's a good question to use in an interview with a choir group?
    4 Money 50
  57. How is it that every ethnic group has a different texture in hair?
    2 Style 26
  58. How do you lead a group of young students to good morals?
    4 Sex 11
  59. are there never going to be anymore groups on here then? there's not even a tab anymore...
    3 Relationships 11
  60. Which is better for a diet - white chicken meat or white turkey meat?
    3 Nutritionfitness 33
  61. Why do gnats fly around in groups not going anywhere?
    6 Pets 87
  62. How long to cook a turkey?
    How long do you cook a turkey for? It's based on weight, but how long per pound?
    2 Food 59
  63. Are we allowed to have more than one group?
    are we only allowed to have one group per person??? how can I make another?
    3 Funadvice 13
  64. What woman's support groups are out there?
    I need a group who will not judge me but suppot my efforts. ?
    4 General 25
  65. How to start a government funded active adult group home?
    How to start a government funded active adult group home?
    3 Homegarden 158
  66. What kind of meat do you like best on a turkey?
    What kind of meat do you like best on a Turkey? White, or dark?
    6 Food 21
  67. Do ya want to join my group?!
    Do ya want to join my group on funadvice?!thanks!later!
    3 Music 20
  68. Which group was a member decapitated in an accident?
    TLC or Destiny's Child?
    15 Entertainment 139
  69. Why are beef, chicken, turkey, and fish the most common meats and others not?
    3 Food 15
  70. How do you make a singing group, and get a meeting with a record producer?
    4 Music 38
  71. What are group 1,2,17 and 18 elements called?
    9 Science 70
  72. What groups most strongly opposed the new deal that FDR had created and why did they oppose it?
    2 Politics 142
  73. Who is going to be the 200th member of the weight loss goal group?
    7 Nutritionfitness 20
  74. Group about the joe bros?
    Should I make a group? Would you join if it were about the jonas brothers!
    6 Entertainment 16
  75. How does the group thing work?
    hey really tell me how a group- thing really wrks plezzz
    2 Funadvice 20
  76. How do you make a group singing sounds good?
    It's hard to hear yourself in a group, but how do you make it sounds decent?
    2 Music 35
  77. Good dance group names?
    Whats a good idea for a dance group name, its like street dancing?
    3 General 119
  78. why do women go to the bathroom as a group
    why do women go to the bathroom as a group and its perfectly alright but if men do it its creepy?
    8 Health 90
  79. My baby girl's blood group
    Do maby girls takes after their father's DNA or Blood group?.
    2 Family 10
  80. Rasing money for youth group
    What are some suggestions of ways you can raise money for youth groups at churches?
    5 Religion 50
  81. What are some prayer group sites?
    My uncle is sick. We need prayers. Will you send me prayer groups site/address/etc.?
    4 Religion 20
  82. What is a group interview?
    they called me from a job that i applied for and they said they were group interviews, what o they mean?:)
    4 Money 22
  83. so what is a good group on here?
    Alright so I never clicked on the group thing on here, so I just wanted to know what is a good group to get with on here?
    3 Funadvice 13
  84. How come people that join groups can't get along?
    How come people that join groups can't get along? I'm referring to groups on here. What's the reason for people to judge while in groups?
    3 Funadvice 29
  85. is chicken and turkey meat hard to digest like red meat is?
    2 Health 113
  86. What type of game can be played indoors for the age group of 30-35?
    4 Gaming 14
  87. Which group is better, green day or fall out boy?
    Green day or fall out boy? what you guys think?
    22 Music 50
  88. How can I keep myself calm when I'm surrounded by a group of angry, overreacting people?
    9 Health 28
  89. What are some good fund raising ideas for a small group of social workers?
    2 Money 14
  90. how would groups online affect the internet and communication in specific communites?
    2 General 12
  91. Do you always study alone or like to have group discussion during exam time?
    9 Education 45
  92. Why is it that it's not all that fun to watch scary movies alone, but it's wicked fun to watch them with a group of friends?
    6 Entertainment 9
  93. Has anyone ever heard of a group called jabbajaw?
    Has anyone ever heard of a group called jabbajaw aka albino gorillaz???
    3 Music 42
  94. Alpha Phi Omega National Service Group Fraternity Inc.
    Are there any Brothers of Alpha Phi Omega National Service Group Fraternity Inc. ?
    2 Education 28
  95. How to get into a group home
    How can I get into a group home or into the dfcs long will the process take if I am successful.
    4 Family 343
  96. What is a good name for a christian singing group?
    Well, I need help finding a name for a singing group. I need help finding a name for a christia singing group.
    5 Religion 212
  97. Delete my group
    Seeing that can't get in,I was wondering could someone delete it for me since I cant get in it
    2 Funadvice 36
  98. why when i was five i would love to put skittles or m&ms in color groups?
    4 General 20
  99. Why am I the only one in our group that he says goodbye to at the end of an evening?
    He always says my name as well.
    2 General 29
  100. Would it be worrisome that the largest increasing age group is now 65 and up in the United States?
    6 Politics 43
  101. how to get rid of an annoying guy who sits with ur group and thinks hes "all that" ?
    9 Relationships 43
  102. Name of the group of elements
    What is the name of the group of elements that always have to have more than one atom with them? Ex: hyrdogen, helium ect. And what are they all?
    2 Education 31
  103. Is turkey fattening?
    does turkey make you thick , because im very skinny and want to get a liittle thick atleast ...
    3 Food 385
  104. How long roughly does it take to fly form virginia (US) to turkey?
    How long roughly does it take to fly a jet plane from Virginia (US) to Turkey?
    2 Travel 116
  105. Should I join a gymnastic group?
    I am not a gymnastic but can do more stuff like splits and all that. Should I join a gymnastic group or is it a little to late now as I'm 13.
    7 Sports 55
  106. Fave reggeaton group or singer??
    I love reggeaton,I was just wondering whos your fave reggeaton group or singer?? So many 2 choose!!
    11 Music 23
  107. Group issue again
    I need help with my group again,I accidentally re-switched my settings and can't get in AGAIN.
    2 Funadvice 13
  108. Group Ideas?
    "So I'm thinking of creating a group, but the problem is I have no idea what my group can be about, I am part psychic so that might help. Can you please help me?
    2 Funadvice 11
  109. I have started a group book
    I have startrd a group book I would love if people would join so that we can discuss literature my group is called gizoe's group
    2 Entertainment 17
  110. Are group members automatically added?
    Are group members added automatically? I created a new group, and within seconds it said I had 68 members, but I don't think any of them knew they were members! What is up with this?
    4 Funadvice 13
  111. How can I blend in with the group when im really shy?
    Well im not as good as blending with groups an I need a lot of help so ya :)
    7 General 11
  112. Has anyone heard of the group 5ive?
    Just wondering, has anyone heard of the group 5ive? They are an older band from when I grew up in the 90's. If so, do you like any of their songs?
    5 Music 36
  113. how do you know what group you are in?
    you know how there are different groups the sporty jocks the populars the geeks the punks the vegatarians and all the others if you are just a normal person how do you know which group your in?
    3 Funadvice 8
  114. Is it really dangerous to deep fry a turkey?
    Is it really dangerous to deep fry a turkey? I've heard stories about people burning down their houses because they were trying to deep fry a turkey. Why is that?
    5 Food 147
  115. Age group for club penguin?
    If you had to say, what would be the age group for cp? Like 7-17?? Etc?
    2 Gaming 108
  116. Groups section, what does it mean when it says: new replies?
    In the groups section, what does it mean when it says: new replies? I wasn't quite sure. thank you for answering!
    2 Funadvice 13
  117. Which continent has the countries with the largest diversity in ethnic groups?
    Which continent has the countries with the largest diversity in ethnic groups? Asia South America Africa North America
    5 Travel 55
  118. What would be a good group name?
    I am trying to start a group at my church for college students. Some group names we have at our church are "Collide" "Impact" "Fuel" "Ignite" "Thrive".......what would be a good group name?
    37 Education 33
  119. group house
    I live in a group house with my partner and 3 other teenages, how do I get every one to clean with out being the b*tch?
    3 General 9
  120. How do I know the different groups in highschool - lames, cools, populars, normals, nerds, goth, etc?
    7 General 37
  121. Why hasnt someone came forward with proof that they elect world leaders at these bilderberg group meetings?
    5 Politics 12
  122. what would be a cool idea for my sweet 16, that isnt expensive, fun, and for a small group of friends?
    2 Entertainment 16
  123. Groups on FunAdvice, are there rules?
    Are there any rules for groups usage on this site, as it doesnt look as though there's any moderation on groups? Can you ban/block users or flag their comments if they are abusive?
    2 Funadvice 7
  124. How can I get confirmed if my group doesn't like me?
    I really want to get confirmed, but I don't feel like the kids in my confirmation group like me. It makes me afraid to go, and I have to in order to get confirmed. What should I do?
    5 Religion 51
  125. What is the answer?:Group Male Masturbation?
    I've heard a lot about how guys group masturbate, is this true?? or normal?? me and my friends wanna know.
    2 Sex 240
  126. Can vegetarians eat beans? i've always wondered this. I know that beans are in the meat and poultry group...correct? are they aloud to eat them?
    7 Food 29
  127. Where can a person advertize web groups, or web links for free?
    And also get a site something like this one ?
    4 Technology 13
  128. Does anyone else on here lead a Christian prayer group?
    If so, do you have any tips? My best friend and I are debating if we should start one or not.
    3 Religion 13
  129. FunAdvice Trivia: What are groups of starfish called?
    A) Mollusks B) Flocks C) Polverents D) Echinoderms
    13 Funadvice 126
  130. Will group therpay help me?
    at school 20 students have been chosen out of 300 to do group therapy, and I am one of them, I am very emotionaly unstable, and have dramamtic mood swings but will group therpay help me???
    2 Health 15
  131. What's up with the groups?
    When will we have them back? I miss checking in with the editor's group...will there be less problems and 'rule breaking' to look out for/report with the new version of FA
    2 Funadvice 30
  132. What is a good rap group name that anyone can give me??
    I want to start a rap group and I want to know of names people can suggest so anybody let me know what names please
    2 Music 45
  133. What do you think of the hacker group called "Anonymous"?
    What do you think of this annonymous group on the internet are they bad or good. I dont know.What do you think? Tellme please thank you.
    3 Technology 6
  134. Turkeys
    I have chickens about 12 and we just had chicks but I want to convince my dad to get a turkey and he says that we have to many chickens and I wont kill any chickens so I don't know how to convince him any advice?
    3 Pets 45
  135. Getting pregnant with a turkey baster
    I am due for my period in 4 days and I used a turkey baster to self insaminate myself could I fall preg
    4 Health 88
  136. Is FunAdvice ever going to bring back the group chat?
    I Think It Was Back In Like 2010? Or Such, But I Remember FunAddicts And What Not:P And Was Wondering If They Were Ever Going To Bring Back The Groups?
    7 Funadvice 46
  137. what are some good groups music anything?
    I need good any good ideas... I am trying to get music on ipod that I can dance to... please reply
    4 Music 14
  138. I miss msn groups
    are there any like them around today msn was my daily fun chat and meet people with the same likes and hobbys but they closed now
    2 Technology 27
  139. what's a good song for a group of girls??
    well me and my friends wanted to have a certain song to be our song, and we don't know what to do, it has to be a fast song, and we are all 13. so help please ???
    3 Music 39
  140. What is a cool group name that starts with a j?
    Okay so me, my best friend jillaine, jonathan, and josh want to start our own little group. We all start with the letter j and we want our group to begin with j. Can you help me find a cool name for our group?
    7 General 21
  141. Group Names... Help???
    OK so me and two of my best friends made a singing group but we don't know what our group name should be. My name is Geordayne and there's are Rikkia and Samia. Our sound is Rnb/pop/Hip-hop. Any ideas?
    3 Music 100
  142. Good support groups online for teens whose mom died
    My mom died april 5 2009 and I was wondering is their any counselars or groups online that will help any ideas?
    3 Health 14
  143. Could I legally start an Atheist meditation group, so that I wont have to pay taxes?
    You know, just like those corrupt religious organizations?
    2 Religion 26
  144. What age group is this site for, teenagers?
    I am 33 and new to my area, I would like a peer group, not school aged people. Just wondering if this site is primarily used by teens
    8 Funadvice 27
  145. do spider travel in groups
    do spider travel in groups bc I just killied a big one in my bedroom and was sso freaked I wont leave my bed well would touch her
    4 Pets 1036
  146. What is a good band name for a country/pop group?
    Me and my friend are trying to think of a good country/pop name for our band. We listen to taylor swift and we were thinking of 'fearless' Any ideas? Thanks :) X
    3 Music 97
  147. Is there a certain 'group' of people you have a sweet spot for?
    like i have a thing with english boys and korean boys lmfao just askinggg, not tryna be mean or anything
    8 General 13
  148. what the name of r&b group video of them singing on steps?
    its a video of a four or five r&b members sitting on steps of a apartment building singing a slow song
    2 Music 109
  149. How can I make my own group of friends?
    I would like to be able to completely fit in without people not liking me because I'm new to their "little group". I think I could be myself more if I was kind of like, 'the leader'.. What do you think?
    3 Relationships 24
  150. My Chemical Romance: Best group ever?
    My Chemical Romance: BEST GROUP EVER, no? my personal favs are welcome to the black parade, the sharpest lives, helena, mama, and famous last words
    8 Music 21
  151. How do I deep fry a turkey?
    How do I go about deep frying a turkey? I want to try it this year so I have to know everything about it to convince the family back home to let me do it. Are you a Turkey Fry Cook expert? I really need the Emeril of Fry Cooks here.
    2 Food 63
  152. How many places have the mysterious large groups of dead birds happened?
    I think I saw two places it's been reported in the media so far and no clues as to why yet.
    7 Pets 48
  153. Serving size for turkeys
    If it says 3.2ozs for the serving size and the total slices are 31 equal slices does anyone know how many slices to get to the serving size of 3.2ozs??? Please help :)
    2 Food 12
  154. FunAdvice Trivia: What group had its roots in a band called 'The Quarrymen'?
    A) Culture Club B) The Beatles C) The Monkees D) The Everley Brothers
    6 Funadvice 12
  155. Do you think that the current eruptions of volcanoes in Turkey and Japan are a sign of worse things to come?
    13 Environment 12
  156. Halloween costumes for a group of three?
    Myself and two of my friends are all going together to a party and we want to dress up as something together. What could our group go as? Any ideas would be appreciated. :) Thanks. -Shae-
    21 Style 64
  157. How to get put into a foster home or group home
    Ok my mom is a pot head my step dad does crack and coke how can I get put into a foster home or a group home until im 18 im 17 now and ill be 18 in jan.
    7 Family 257
  158. My tool bar and my groups got deleted!
    Hey what happened here? My groups was deleted and the funadvice toolbar(home, ask, questions, etc) become doubled and not in proper alignment..
    5 Funadvice 15
  159. What wud be good songs to sing at youth group?
    I need some good christian songs that can be played on the guitar. The youth group said they always like new songs so I was wondering if you knew any good ones. Thanx:)
    2 Music 55
  160. What groups sound like RBD?
    I really like RBD's songs and would like to find other bands that play the same kind of music in Spanish. If you don't know who they are, please don't reply. Thank you.
    4 Music 157
  161. Picture frame grouping hanging
    On devine design, candice had a pattern to hang pictures on a wall and custom frames made of black to hang a families pictures, how do I find this system?, she did say was available.
    2 Homegarden 49
  162. What's a good name for a group of recovering self-harmers?
    I'm starting a self harm recovering group but I need a good name for it. Any ideas? And if you have a facebook and do or used to self harm let me know and I can send you a request or something.
    6 Health 16
  163. Group dance of 20 lil kids to a fast easy beat hip hop songs
    I need help I need to find like a fast beat hip hop music to dance to but like in a group of 20 young adults please help
    2 Music 56
  164. FunAdvice Featured Recipe: Turkey Macaroni Salad
    Start the new year right by using up some of that leftover holiday turkey in this light, delicious pasta salad.
    5 Funadvice 18
  165. What are some dirty games for a group of bi girls?
    What are some dirty games that me and my friends can play at my sleepover and p.s. were 15 going on 16.Were girls and all bi lol haha yeah I know.Please and thank you!:D
    10 Gaming 539
  166. How to start a child group home?
    I would like to open a home for children that does not have a home or a foster home they can go to. I want to know what I need to do to open a house for the pupose of providing a place for them to live
    2 Money 64
  167. what songs are good for a group in the talent show?
    me and my group (theres 3 of us) are trying to find a good talent show song to sing but we just cant find the right song thats fun and meaningful. I sing saprano and they both sing alto so its kind of hard to find the right song.
    3 Music 723
  168. Other words for groups of people?
    I'm doing an essaч and I need to think of other names for groups of people but informal waчs? Like "kiddas" or "babes" or "babчs" if чour catching on. Please come in with suggestions essaч has to be in soon!
    2 General 60
  169. who knows any good metal groups?
    I love metallica I know all there songs or almsot all on guitar and some on drums/bass. and I want to expand my Thrash Metal knowledge and playing ablity...any good thrash bands? new or old?
    10 Music 11
  170. How do you quit Hydromorph cold turkey?
    I got cut off of methadone. So i need some help as to how im supposed to go about quitting. Ive been injecting 16mg about 5-8 times a day.
    6 Health 70
  171. How can I group songs by different composers into one album on itunes?
    I imported my Plastic Beach by gorillaz CD onto iTunes and it broke a majority of the songs into their own seperate albums. How do i put them all together to be more organized?
    3 Music 33
  172. Riddle give you a group of three, what are these things?
    I give you a group of three. One is sitting down, and will never get up. The second eats as much as is given to him, yet is always hungry. The third goes away and never returns what are theese three things???
    4 General 129
  173. what is the best tasting way to cook turkey legs?
    so im having turkey leg (drumsticks) whatever youw ant to call it..tonight..and im not sure how to cook them.i've heard of deep frying and regular frying..which way is best?..bake, fry or deep fry?
    2 Food 36
  174. What is a good name for our group?
    Hey guys! My two BEST friends and I are planning on starting a singing group! It's mainly going to be an all girl country music group. We're just having a really hard time thinking of a name. If you could help that would be great! So... what is a good ...
    4 Music 45
  175. Can I keep a frozen turkey in my garage until Christmas?
    (There are some great sales on turkeys right now and I need one for Christmas dinner but i don't have a big freezer. Can I keep it in the garage in a cooler or something till Christmas? The weather channel is calling for temperatures around freezing an...
    7 Food 27
  176. What's Thant Rap Group's Name ???
    I need to know the name of a rap group.. I heard them the other day.. They (he) was great.. SLOW.. somewhat atonal with a strange mix of background musical support.. Excellent slow bump tracks.. HELP !!!
    2 Music 54
  177. Is it better to work out only one muscle group a day, or to work out two or more?
    ive been experimenting, and im not getting fast results either way.. im in my bulking cycle, and i want to make the most of it,,
    8 Nutritionfitness 70
  178. What is best group like tea party good to join?
    We need term limits on those in is time for washington to be rebuilt and get those out that live on us and only look out for what can get them paid.where to go?
    2 Politics 13
  179. If you like electronic music, join my group!
    Hello my name is Mike I started a group for electronic music lovers. Whether it be House,Techno,Trance,D&B,Breaks,Hardcore,Top 40 w/e I wanted to know if you would like to join my group & discuss.
    5 Music 11
  180. Can you text many people in one group conversation on your phone?
    so, say, 4 people want to have a conversation in texting on a phone, can you send the same text to say, 3 people, and have another person send a response to the other 3, and have it be like a 4-way-group-text? idk if that makes any sense but thats the ...
    9 Technology 16
  181. How do you let a guy know you like him, while with a group?
    K, im going out with a group of friends one of those friends I realy like. What hints can I give him that the others wont pick up on, chances are we wont get to be alone together. Im kinda shy but im pretty normal around friends.
    3 Relationships 16
  182. What are some quick and simple lunches with ground turkey to bring to school?
    I'm trying to find something that would not be completely ruined being packed in a box then microwaved (some stuff just tastes absolutely horrid left in a box then microwaved). I'm out of ideas with what to do with my left over extra-lean ground turkey.
    4 Food 10
  183. What happened to the group called Play?
    hey does nyt1 remeber that group called Play it was a alll grl groupie they sung wit that guy from dreamstreet in 1 song I no they sang Cinderella that cheetah grls song or w/e nywaiis just wonderin where they went lol thnks =]
    2 Music 46
  184. What's the average weight for my age group?
    whats the normal/adverage weight for a 14 year old who's 5'2-3? i need to no so i can stop my friends always watching wat im eating telling me im way to skinny for my age bla bla bla.
    2 Health 440
  185. What should my Pagan group do for our last full moon?
    The university we are attending gets out for the summer soon and our last full moon is tomorrow. We are going to spend the whole day together but we have no idea what to do up until our ceremony (and even that could use some last-full-moon fun). Any su...
    4 Religion 19
  186. Groups of Things
    I will give you 15 groups of things, and you will write down the thing from that group that comes into your mind first Girls name Singer Book Color Vegetable Alcohol Beverage European Country Fruit White coloured stuff Chocolate Brand Actor A piece...
    7 General 120
  187. What are good songs I could dance to with a group?
    Something like cascada's songs . I really want songs like cascada's.. Where I can sing, dance, relate to the lyrics, and have fun :d Well I dont "have" to relate to the lyrics, but whatever lol So if you have any cool songs, please tell me :d Th...
    4 Music 15
  188. Is it possible to renew a tourist visa for Turkey from within the country itself?
    I was wondering if i'd have to leave the country and return to get a new visa or if it's possible to just renew it from within. I have one set to expire in early July but I'll be there longer and yeah, sorry I'm confused. Any help much appreciated :)
    7 Travel 14
  189. What is it like to live in Turkey?
    I just got back from a holiday there and it was immense. The entertainers at the hotel I stayed at seem to really love their jobs and they come from all over - like one of them was originally from Swansea and another from Scotland. I just wondered if a...
    7 Travel 124
  190. How are the classes for ages and year groups split up in American schools?
    Ok in england: Age 11-12=start high school year 7 Age 12-13= year 8 Age 13-14=year 9 Age14-15=year 10 Age 15-16=year 11 Age 16-18=college/ sixth form How are the classes for Ages and year Groups split up in American schools?
    3 Education 16
  191. How do you approach a group of people you don't know at a party?
    I was at a family friend's party last week and I didn't know half the people there, but most of the others seemed to know each other. While everyone one occupied I was just sitting there looking at my phone. I wanted to go up to some people and start a...
    2 General 10
  192. What you all think bout this group?
    Hey everybody I found a cool band on you tube called "mgmt" it is real cool go check it out..I like the song "electric feel" I even put it as my myspace background song..its kinda strange but I like it..just want to know what everyone else thnks bout it
    3 Music 15
  193. Why are people saying there is an AIDS group injecting people?
    So I've been hearing that there are groups of kids walking around in raves injecting innocent people with needles/syringes full of HIV positive blood. I'm not sure if this is true or not and by the way, I AM NOT A RAVER, I'm just curious about this. If...
    2 Health 47
  194. What is the name of this group?
    This group was formed in 1987 and is engaged in an armed rebellion against the Ugandan government in what is now one of Africa's longest-running conflicts.this group is accused of widespread human rights violations, including murder, abduction, mutilat...
    3 Sex 42
  195. can anyone tell me who scene people are
    K so can anyone tell me who scene people are, they are a group just like there is an emo, punk, and gothic group. But what is there group about? Oh and is there any other group LIKE EMO GOTH PUNK SCENE?
    7 Style 41
  196. What is a good name for a small youth group?
    Ok so at my church we have a drop in centre and there is like 10 children and teenages who go we used to be called the believers but some people dont understand the true meaning of the story of god so we have to change it and I cant think of a single t...
    5 Religion 39
  197. What to do about being in classes with an older age group?
    I dont make friends that great. And like i do have friends in there grade, but im not friends with the girls that im guessing will be in Art and Drama with me. Any tips on how to be friends with them and not just say hi then sit there quietly like i us...
    3 Education 7
  198. Which affect Government more, interest groups or political parties?
    well...the title is my question. I'm researching for a debate I'm going to have soon and I'm on the side of the interest groups. I did a bit of research but most of it just tells me HOW interest groups can influence gov't. [I.e. lobbying] personally...
    2 Politics 45
  199. Why don't white people interact with a black person in a group?
    How come in a conversation where there is a group of white folks and maybe one black person,the whites never interact with the black person,only amongst themselves.I'm not a prejudice person.I 've just experienced it a lot like at my jobs,at school,in ...
    5 General 73
  200. Good movie for this kind of group
    I'm getting together (soon) with my cousins. We're all girls (2 of us are 15 and 2 of us are 12) We need a good movie to watch. Any suggestions? One of the twelve year olds is sorta picky. She doesn't like too much kissing and nothing scary. Help?
    2 Entertainment 24
  201. costume ideas for group a capella bowling tournament?
    OK sooo every year my choir does this A Capella bowling tournament. And each group dresses up in costume. The costumes have to be VERY distinctive. I know one gorup is doing The Jabbowockeez and another group did our choir teacher (which was hilarious)...
    2 Style 100
  202. What site can I find any cities ethnic groups or what type of diverse backgrounds they have in their city?
    Just curious I am trying to look up a city and then try to find what kind of ethncities they have in their city you know like Irish,Italian,etc? Like the percentages..does anyone know of a site? Like how many Bi-Racial people are in a city of mixed bac...
    2 Technology 9
  203. Should I make a group about sharing religious beliefs?
    Hi everyone, I was just wondering, is anybody intrested in learning about Islam? because I love teaching peple what I know and also love to listen about their religion or cultural beliefs. In addition I thought I could create another group instead of t...
    10 Religion 33
  204. What is a good but moderately cheap main course meal to serve a group of 15-20 people?
    (We are hosting a Celebration in a couple of weeks and I just can't decide what to make for the main course. Usually we make a turkey or pot roast, but I wanted to do something different this time. We cannot do pork as my husband is deathly allergic an...
    15 Food 62
  205. Who thinks my group should have an "oragy"?
    Okay so Me and some friends thought about having an oragy. 3 guys and 3 girls. were all 15 and in 9th grade. none of us wants to accualy have sex but just kiss touch and have fun with one another. It is me and 2 guys and my girl friend and 2 girls. wer...
    13 Sex 87
  206. What would you do if nobody in your group is cooperating?
    I have this group project I have to do, but nobody else in my group is cooperating. I know I can't talk to them because they'd just keep saying I need to loosen up. I think they know deep inside that I'll end up doing all the work anyway, so why bother...
    2 Education 60
  207. Good Group Talent Show Ideas?
    okay, me and my friends are doing the talent show as a group, and these are our ideas: -Sing & Dance to Green Day's Holiday (in three sections, Billie Joe Babes, Mike Dirnt Misses, and Tre Cool Tantalizers, I know, they're stupid) -Cheerleading (we ar...
    2 General 364
  208. What are your feelings on the Islam extremist group that burned a giant poppy today, Rememberence Day?
    Well today, at Hyde Park, in London, a group of around 35 Muslim extremeists, in a group named "Muslims against the Crusades" gathered. They carried banners and chanted slogans such as "British soldiers: terrorists". Posters bore slogans including "Han...
    12 Politics 32
  209. 2 Groups Of Mates :(
    Well I Used 2 Have 3 Bezzie Mates They Were Ded Nice And that But They Werent In Any Of My Classes So I Started Hanging Around Wid 2 Other Girls And So They Were Now My 2 Best Mates And They Were In All My Classes.But Your 2 New Best Mates Just Bit** A...
    2 Education 12
  210. Are there more supportive groups than AA?
    Why do I feel like the people in AA are shoving their beliefs down my throat? why do I feel like it's not okay to just stand up and say, "No, I haven't read the big book. I'm just here because I know I'm a drunk and I need the presence of other...
    6 General 27
  211. How to really be apart of this group
    Im going to be a sophmore next year. I go to a school where there are more guys then there are girls. I dont really have a best friend thats a girl, so I hang out with gurls from a school of all girls. They're all really close and when we hang out I a...
    4 Education 26
  212. Why is it adults or really all people group entire population 2geth
    Why is people will group entire populations together? I mean a few kids do drugs so all are doing them... my generation is called the RX generation because more of us are popping pills that we dont need.. well I've never popped a pill that wasnt prescr...
    2 General 21
  213. What is the story behind Thanksgiving Day?
    3 General 17
  214. Nature Animals
    What is a group of chickens called?
    2 Pets 17
  215. What is your culture?
    What is your race, ethnic group, and culture? Im doing an interview and I want to findout as much as I can on different races, ethnic groups, and culture, thanks (:
    5 General 14
  216. How does child abuse happen?
    what age group are most likely to to sexual abused ? what age group sexual abuse children/ teens ? how do they get them into the place to sexual abuse them ?
    17 Sex 37
  217. What ethnic groups tend to get more tanned than sunburned, and can get a tan naturally?
    I know this may sound strange but what ethnicities of course African Americans have the darkest skin of any race but just curious what ethnic groups are more likely to tan rather than sunburn..and what ethnic groups tend to sunburn mostly? It sounds st...
    5 Style 1584
  218. granddaddy long legs
    why do granddaddy long legs group together in bunches?
    2 Science 71
  219. How do I talk to the guy I like?
    How do I talk to the guy that I like that's in my group in a science project?
    2 Relationships 38
  220. Who loves r&b a lot?
    Who loves r&b over all of the other music groups?
    11 Music 36
  221. What is a good theme for a group of four kittens?
    Good news!! So we found five kitties born two days ago. They were in critical condition because the mother left them and unfortunatly one died on the way to the vet. However, the other four are fine and I get to name them! I wanted to name them after s...
    6 Pets 30
  222. Need of a boyfriend
    I am the only one in my group that doesnt have a boyfriend and I want one
    3 Relationships 13
  223. basshunter and eiffel 65
    I love basshunter and eiffel 65, what other groups are similar?
    3 Music 15
  224. Performers or dancers?
    Any of you lot dancers or performers? If so join my group :) x
    6 Entertainment 15
  225. Do you idolize anyone
    Do you idolize anyone or like a group of people or something?
    8 General 10
  226. Help with diet ~ is this healthy/
    So is this a good diet? Only having: Water Nuts Turkey sausage or turkey bacon for breakfast. Sald Carrots Celery
    4 Health 21
  227. What can I do about my group?
    Pain and simple: I dont feel part of my group in high school Lets put some more detail into it. In primary school I was a popular kid, everyone was so nice and caring. Everyone respected each other. well, thats not true. I remember one boy who was t...
    3 Education 12
  228. what do you think turkish people?
    I am turkish and I wondering what you know turkish people. and have you been ever in turkey?
    2 General 12
  229. Who here is a Brokencyde fan?
    who here likes brokencyde?? I have a group and its totally dead haha
    10 Music 8
  230. Maths - mean please help in 4 2mora!!
    A group of 12 boys has a mean age of 10.75 years. One of them, aged 13.5 leaves the group. What is the the mean age of the remaining group? please show me how to work it out aswell not just the answer fanx
    2 Education 17
  231. freezing questions
    How long can a turkey stay frozen before cooking it?
    3 Food 16
  232. Who do you think is the counterculture of today?
    In the 60s, the counterculture group were the hippies. Who do you think is the counterculture of today in 2010?
    6 Style 45
  233. scorpions, as in the animal
    what is a group of them called? (I.e. gaggle of geese)
    2 Pets 8
  234. Can an 18 year old go to a foster home?
    5 Family 55
  235. Anyone heard of Genesis?
    Anyone heard of Genesis? They are a music group that does allot of light hits. I'm not referring to the bible. This group sounds like Phil Colins.
    5 Music 29
  236. explorin music
    I'm looking for some new groups to listen to. I don't really know of any new groups or anything, so if you can tell me a band you like, I might try them out myself.
    8 Music 25
  237. Who hates abercrombie?
    anybody else here hate abercrombie? because I do. if you do also then join my group. anti-abercrombie group. =P love you guys. (go hot topic!!)
    7 Entertainment 11
  238. Why would anyone join a polygamous group?
    I was just reading a book on people in polygamous groups. Any way its about a girl who is forced to become a teenage bride, to her first cousin! In the beginning the author writes about how her fathers first, wife( of the three had had ( at the same ti...
    4 Religion 68
  239. Beyonce or Destiny's Child?
    Which do you prefer Beyonce or Destiny's Child? Beyonce is a good artist, but Destiny's Child was a good group. That's just my opinion!
    5 Music 10
  240. FunAdvice Mafia!!
    Anyone up for a game of mafia?!? If so join the group to play. Just search for FunAdvice Mafia.
    3 Funadvice 17
  241. have you heard this song???
    has anybody heard of this group called unladylike???...I just love their song bartender
    3 Music 10
  242. Would do you think is considard a double standard?
    I think when a group of men are talking about naked women everyone will say their pigs and all they think about is sex, But if it were a group of women no one would really say anything?
    4 Sex 22
  243. Is there an "Occupy" movement in your city and, if so, have you participated?
    Where are the groups settling and what strides have you taken so far?
    15 Politics 18
  244. Friends for Fish
    I wont to get a fish but, I would like it to have some fish friends. What fish work best in groups?
    6 Pets 31
  245. Is it constitutional?
    Is it Constitutional for a group of people (convicted felons for example) to blanketly be excluded from participation in government and if so, how would it be OK to blanketly exclude any other group that a state, city, county or municipality didn't app...
    3 Politics 21
  246. Why are my friends leaving me out?
    Ok so we have this group and this one girl got really jealous because me and another girl in the group are best friends so shes trying to sabotage everything and take over the group, now my best friend who is also friends with her is taking her side, s...
    12 Relationships 51
  247. how can you make new friends.
    how can you make new friends when they put more attention to their old friends I have always wonder ed this because its a little difficult to me join to or fit in a new group of people when they put more attention to their old friends how can you fit ...
    2 Relationships 11
  248. god..
    does anyone really believe in god?? I think its just a huge brainwashing group. what do you think
    27 Religion 34
  249. How far can the d*** go in the girls ***?
    How far can the d*** go in the girls ***? Cause me and a group of friends were aruging lol
    5 Relationships 35
  250. Cupid Shuffle
    Do you think that it would be cool to do the cupid shuffle in the talent show w/ a group or not?
    2 Music 7