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  1. Who were the greek goddesses in the greek mythology?
    Who were the greek goddesses in the greek mythology?
    4 Religion 91
  2. What is a goth's beliefs?
    what is a Goth? what are their beliefs?
    6 Religion 121
  3. What are the beliefs of Scientology?
    4 Religion 32
  4. What are the beliefs of Hinduism?
    9 Religion 54
  5. What is wicca and what is it's beliefs?
    4 Religion 52
  6. Which church is closest to Greek Orthodox beliefs?
    There is no Greek Orthodox church anywhere around my home. What church would be the closest to my Greek Orthodox beliefs?
    15 Religion 947
  7. What are Mother Teresa's beliefs?
    What are Mother Teresa's beliefs?
    2 Religion 47
  8. What does opah mean in greek?
    What does opah mean in greek?
    3 General 204
  9. How strong is your belief in God?
    how strong is your belief in god?
    14 Religion 43
  10. What can I do and where can I go to learn Greek?
    2 Education 14
  11. Mormon beliefs?
    what are some major beliefs of the mormon church?
    4 Religion 38
  12. What are some words I can learn to write in Greek?
    6 Literature 25
  13. How can i make a greek goddess costume?
    4 Style 18
  14. Who is the most beautiful woman according to Greek mythology?
    Who is the most beautiful woman according to Greek mythology?
    2 Style 69
  15. Jehovahs Witnesses beliefs
    9 Religion 40
  16. Can Medusa turn Greek gods into stone?
    5 Religion 96
  17. What are the differences in religious beliefs between Catholicism and Christianity?
    12 Religion 35
  18. what movie, get him to the greek or shrek 4?
    3 Entertainment 33
  19. Is it weird if I believe in the Greek gods and not Jesus?
    11 Religion 92
  20. Is Zeus a legend or real history of Greek?
    23 Religion 75
  21. What sports did ancient Greeks do?
    What kind of sports and exercises did the ancient greeks participate?
    2 Gaming 159
  22. Good greek mythology movies?
    What are some really good greek mythology movies? Thanks
    3 Entertainment 55
  23. How is belief in "god" any different than belief in magic?
    Tell me how the belief in "god" is any different than the belief in magic. I just don't see the difference. If you believe that "god" created everything... why shouldn't you believe in magic when the two have the SAME EXACT concept?
    24 Religion 31
  24. What religion or beliefs have the Grim Reaper as the symbol of death?
    4 Religion 400
  25. what was the war between the Titans and Greek Gods and Goddesses called?
    4 Religion 41
  26. how do you say i love you in french?? how do you say i love you in french spanish italien greek??
    4 General 36
  27. Why Do People Have Different Goals And Beliefs, If We All Have The Same Basic Needs?
    8 General 66
  28. should i maintain the gift of chastity or are catholci beliefs rorted?
    7 Religion 15
  29. Explain briefly the beliefs of scientology?
    Can someone please explain briefly the beliefs of scientology please!? Thanks!
    3 Religion 91
  30. How did greeks romans and england influence the u.s.a. goverm
    How did greeks romans and england influence the u.s.a. goverment?
    2 Health 21
  31. What are some major beliefs of the catholic church?
    I was just wondering what some major beliefs for catholics are. Detailed please :)
    3 Politics 44
  32. The greek alphabet in order?
    Can someone give me a list of the letters in the Greek alphabet in order?
    2 General 27
  33. According to christianity beliefs does God have an image of a man
    According to christianity beliefs does God have an image of a man or is he an entity?
    7 Religion 32
  34. What is Buddhism, I know it is a religion, but what are the beliefs and everything...?
    How is it different from Christianity?
    9 Religion 37
  35. Who knows about greek mythology?
    Is The Sun God and Jove the same person?
    4 Education 8
  36. Do you know Greek Mythology?
    1. who is king acrisius? 2 who is danae?
    4 Education 31
  37. Who can tell me about Wiccan Beliefs?
    I want to know more about it and why do they say Magick and not magic?
    2 Religion 37
  38. Is it possible to follow the Greek gods during Wicca?
    Is it possibly to follow the Greek gods during Wicca, while still jonoring the appropriate god? Or in witchcraft?
    6 Religion 31
  39. Is belief In Jesus necessary for Salvation ?
    Obama contends belief in Jesus Christ is not necessary for Salvation - Agree or Disagree ?
    87 Religion 51
  40. greek mythology
    I love greek mythology and like read a lot of it is it still like practiced in greece
    6 Religion 42
  41. Is it "bad" to worship a god of death and wisdom (her name is Cerridwen) in Wiccan belief?
    12 Religion 32
  42. Can a muslim get married in a macedonian orthodox church?
    Can a muslim girl get married in a macedonian orthodox church without converting to her macedonian fionce?
    6 Religion 205
  43. Greek mythology games xbox 360?
    Does anyone know any good xbox 360 games to do with ancient greece or greek mythology??
    2 Gaming 106
  44. What's a radical belief?
    Someone asked me recently for an example of my most radical belief. I am not even sure what they are to know if I have some? What are some examples so I can recognise my own?
    4 General 51
  45. What is your religious belief?
    I'm extremely interested in religion. if you would could you please explain your regious beliefes to me.
    18 Religion 34
  46. What do I do about my beliefs?
    Ok so I'm stuck on the matter of science and being a christian. Which do I pick because I want to be a scientist but yet with the belief of creationism I'm stuck
    28 Religion 41
  47. Where can I find furry wallpaper (or whatever it is) like in Get Him To The Greek?
    8 Homegarden 50
  48. Why do we generally dismiss the beliefs of ancient societies
    Why do we generally dismiss the beliefs of ancient societies (primitive or tribal) while we hold on to the bible's teachings? Isn't the bible essentially the same thing?
    6 Religion 16
  49. Who can tell me what the greek word and arabic word/name means "Bird Of prey"?
    I need to now both as a name for like a person.
    4 General 35
  50. What happened to the greek gods?
    I am wondering if they really existed. What god, the creator of all the universe thought of people worshiping them. Are they the pagans?
    12 Religion 140
  51. Are Christians afraid of the beliefs of other religions?
    Why do Christians insist everyone study and convert to their faith, but consider it blasphemous for Christians to study the faith of others?
    19 Religion 99
  52. What are the Greek cultures can you find in the movie "Clash of the Titans"?
    like the 'putting a coin over the eyes of the dead..
    6 Entertainment 6
  53. What are examples of Greek mythology today?
    I need like examples for greek mythology now and days MYTHOLOGY TODAY :: that you see around today thats what my teacher rote need a lot help on that
    2 Education 147
  54. greek desserts I can bring in to the classs>?
    thn im doinn a project on greek food&clothing & I wanna bring in some type of greek dessert to the class, pls&thx :D
    2 Style 15
  55. Does anyone here read Greek?
    hey I need to find someone who can read greek and who can translate a word for me... fasw8ei... it's an abbreviation. but still. I HAVE to know so pleeease help me out!
    5 Education 32
  56. What if you don't believe all the beliefs of your religion?
    If you a member of a religion but don't believe some of the things people in that religion are ''supposed'' to believe in..are you still really part of that religion? or are you sinful ? or is it blasphemy or something? O.o
    3 Religion 17
  57. What religion would cover these beliefs?
    A belief in multiple Gods, particularly 'nature' Gods, but also in evolution A belief in reincarnation - as animals or people A belief in an underworld and devil Can you think of a single faith or religion that these beliefs could all belong to?
    4 Religion 17
  58. Does anyone know anything about Greek Mythology?
    Does anyone know anything about Greek Mythology. Im looking for examples of how self-control benefitted a character. or how not having self-control contributed to their downfall. any help?
    2 General 38
  59. Catgholic beliefs?
    Why do Catholics baptize babies?I can't find anything inthe bible to back this practice and I would like to know where it came from.
    26 Religion 29
  60. Greek, anyone?
    Any Greek speakers out there? Please, how do you say 'the good life' (like 'la dolce vita') in modern Greek? The attached photo from my place in Cyprus should explain why I'd like to know!
    4 General 35
  61. Shows like greek?
    So I really like the show Greek (don't judge me, it's awesome) but I've seen all the episodes that are out right now and I need something new to watch. so does anyone know of any shows that are similar? thanks! :)
    2 Entertainment 106
  62. Black Sabbath members' religious beliefs?
    I was wondering...does anyone know the beliefs or religions of Black Sabbath? Like Ozzy...Tony...ect...I was just...gettin curious again... I await answers... : ) thanks!
    3 Music 130
  63. Muslim belief question
    Ok, so a friend was telling me one day that muslims believe that anyone who is not muslim should be killed unless they convert. I have never heard this in my life!!! Could someone tell me if this is true?
    11 Religion 42
  64. Belief in High Power, but not God persay = Atheism?
    Would one be considered an Atheist if they didn't believe in God or followed any religion-- but still thought there was something, perhaps some kind of higher power, in the universe?
    11 Religion 216
  65. Differences in beliefs of religions?
    Can someone please tell me what is the main difference between the BELIEFS (not practices) of Judaism, Christianity, and Catholicism (yes I know Catholicism is a branch of Christianity but I dont know what else to call it). And what is Methodist and Or...
    8 Religion 44
  66. How are Christian and Jewish beliefs different?
    I'm Christian, and my friend is Jewish. He told me the only difference between the two is that they don't believe Christ is our savior like Christians do. Is this true? Or can someone explain the differences between the two? And this is a different qu...
    6 Religion 40
  67. Are Religious Beliefs Real or Fake?
    Do you actually believe that religions are real or fake, because people really have no proof of what they believe in, they just heard about it, do you really actually believe in false hopes such as any religion. I believe that it's useless to believe i...
    21 Religion 66
  68. Do I chose the reason of reality or the possibilty of belief?
    It is hard to decide sometimes whether I should believe in some kind of god or not. The facts make me think there isn't something greater than me... but sometimes I just feel like there is. It's hard to be torn between the two. What do you believe a...
    11 Religion 20
  69. What are the Mormon beliefs regarding adultery?
    My husband is commiting adultry with a woman that is married to a morman I dont believe he knows about it . How do you believe he will feel or act onces he finds out . She is also morman she truned into one in order to marry her husband and now she wan...
    12 Religion 596
  70. lost city of Atlantis
    Was Atlantis Greek Island?? if not what did it have to do with the Greeks?
    2 Politics 9
  71. Whatever your belief system ...
    should you not speak your mind or quote from the many books if it means some choose to take offense at your own style albeit not preaching? Is preaching a dirty word for a Religion and Spirituality category? WWJD? Where does one go to answer the ...
    4 Religion 56
  72. Is it stupid when people break up over Political beliefs
    In my opinion I believe it is EXTREMELY stupid... If the two partners really liked or loved each other enough, why break up if you have different politic beliefs? So what if a democrat's dating a republican! Just leave it alone and don't even bother ab...
    7 Relationships 85
  73. What are your beliefs with how the world began?
    Tomorrow I have a general philosophical debate-- starting from situation ethics, utliitarianism/natural law, etc. I have very subversive opinions on most matters when debating and would just like to know your personal feelings toward the way the world ...
    12 Religion 456
  74. What should I base my religious beliefs on?
    I've recently found myself at a loss. I want some spiritual guidance. I feel as if I need something to firmly believe in, in this world that changes with each blink. But there are so many religions, each with their separate belief systems, I agree and ...
    15 Religion 39
  75. Question... For people of all Beliefs
    Why do people who don't believe in God say as if they know it for a fact God does not exist... But when a person says God does exist they get so angry and think that we are ignorant or less intelligent for believing in God. I mean it goes both ways A C...
    45 Religion 36
  76. belief with proof
    you ever heard the cliche sentence "God won't give hard evidence because you won't believe in him, you'll know of his existence. He'll be all proof and no belief." well here is what im wondering, religious people say they dont need proof of god yet...
    36 Religion 34
  77. Self belief
    Hi, I just wanted 2 know what people thought. I'm always putting myself down for example I did an exam and passed it I should be happy but I know I can do better and its got to me but I've been like this for agers.. And its getting to me badly becaus...
    2 General 19
  78. Why do people try to force their beliefs on others?
    I've seen that some people aggressively try to nail theyre beliefs and ideas to people who ask for advice (like for example I was put down because I thought abortion would be good if a female does not want to have a baby) since this is meant to be a t...
    9 Funadvice 82
  79. Greek Mythology help
    I am doing a research paper on Hemera, the goddess of daylight and it seems to be very little information about her on the internet or the books that I have, but my teacher insisted I be her for our presentaion, seeing as it was the only last option si...
    2 General 38
  80. Should I make a group about sharing religious beliefs?
    Hi everyone, I was just wondering, is anybody intrested in learning about Islam? because I love teaching peple what I know and also love to listen about their religion or cultural beliefs. In addition I thought I could create another group instead of t...
    10 Religion 33
  81. Why Cant People Just Stick With Their Beliefs?
    Why do people always ask questions like,'Why do we pray becaue there is no God so whom do we pray to?' If you believe in something,you believe in it!Right?I mean,its like black and white and no gray inbetween.And if people do ask about other re...
    16 Religion 123
  82. What Are Your Thoughts on Pantheistic Beliefs
    I am a Christian and follow the Bible as closely as I can, but I have wondered if there are any who believe in pantheisim; the belief that God is in everything of nature. I think the theory that God is and essence pervading all nature is one of Sata...
    21 Religion 51
  83. Political beliefs
    Are the people on this site really partisan? I ask because I posted advice for a question asking if Obama would be a good president. I said that Bob Barr would have been the best choice, but Obama seems like he is good at making decisions based on his ...
    4 Politics 14
  84. Are ghosts real or is the belief of them immoral?
    I'm doing a research paper on ghostly phenomena in the christian perspective and I need quick advice. Do you agree that ghosts are real? I believe that the Bible is right when stating that we go to either heaven or hell when we die, but I also believe ...
    38 Sex 186
  85. How do you react when someone insults your religion or beliefs?
    And what is your religion? I notice some people get really touchy about the subject when people show doubt in their beliefs, and they will outright start raging and telling the other person they are wrong, others will ignore it completely, offer no d...
    41 Religion 6001
  86. What do you think about Pentecostals?
    Do you think Pentecostals' beliefs are unusual?
    8 Religion 63
  87. does anyone share my belief?
    I believe in a one religion , we all come from the same energy, all gods are the same thing with many faces. jah,god, buddha,ala, etc,they are all the same, just the words of men are different, thats why religious wars are so brainless, their only fig...
    14 Religion 21
  88. Does anyone think that when someone puts so much belief into a scientific theory, its similar as being a religion?
    Now before I get flamed with hate comments (which are kinda inevitable, but still) I'm NOT saying they're the same thing and I'm NOT saying a scientific FACT. I mean a theory, like on how the universe/world was created. It's almost like God and a sc...
    9 Religion 12
  89. Christian beliefs of an afterlife
    Please verify with Christian beliefs and opinoins. So all of your sins are covered by Jesus and you get to go to Heaven, aslong as you accepted Jesus as your savior. But what if for example, if a man murdered a young child, but the man was saved and ac...
    7 Religion 48
  90. is sex forbiden in all of the religions?
    if you beliefe in any sex forbidden???
    21 Sex 90
  91. Is it wrong that my teacher still continues to put down my beliefs?
    Previous question: ; its been around 3 weeks since that happend & she continues to do it, in fact today, she brought a huge cross to school & spent half the class debating on where to ...
    22 Religion 35
  92. Computers are greek to me-HELP!!!
    I have a Dell with windows XP Pro service pack three,Pentium 4cpu,1.70GHz 1.69 GHz 256 MGB Ram and a little window keeps coming up that says I'm low on virtual memory-What is it and how do I get rid of it it is a pain in the butt, The computer runs slo...
    4 Technology 44
  93. What do you think of my beliefs
    Ok, ill try to keep it short. but I think I have found the one true answer. what does everything, and I mean everything have in common. no matter what it is, or who you are, it will die at some point, even something as powerful as a star. now on a ...
    5 Religion 19
  94. Why do some Christians fall away from their beliefs?
    well, I recently read something about how a guy said he was in Bible college and was a christian for many years, but just left it, because he thought it was just hypocrisy, well I'm just curious about that, because I'm only 16, and I am really trying t...
    50 Religion 76
  95. A belief about owls
    Today in class, something terrible happened.During lunch, one of my class mates went to drink water in the class.When she was drinking the water, the curtain in the class was raising. She thought it was wind that was blowing the curtain so she did not ...
    7 Religion 28
  96. How to get my best friend to stop bugging me to follow her beliefs?
    help my best friend is an over the top Christian and her and her mum want me to be too. I believe in god but I dont want o go over board!! I started a job on sundays and said I could'nt go. Her mum got quite angry and started saying loads of religiou...
    12 Religion 99
  97. Losing my belief in god?
    When I was just little I went to a christian daycare preschool centre thingy for along time- then when I got older like around 10 I went to another christian daycare place. So I believed in god and all that stuff, and I was proud. my parents divorced w...
    11 Religion 51
  98. Should the war in iraq be ended?
    Yes or no explain your reason for your belief
    8 Politics 8
  99. Why do people preach tolerance?
    Why do people always preach tolerance? They all say that I must tolerate their beliefs, but if I do not agree with them, they will not tolerate my beliefs. They ask for tolerance but will not tolerate intolerance. This goes against everything they s...
    16 Religion 79
  100. Menonite?
    What are the beliefs of those who are Menonite? I just found out a new family moved into the village and they are Menonite, so I'm wondering what kinds of traditions they observe and their beliefs. It would greatly help me welcome them into our vil...
    3 Religion 25
  101. The Jehovah Witness Beliefs
    I am very frustrated by the Jehovah Witness. I have two Jehovah Witnesses come by once a week to talk about their religion, and every question I have they answer with a verse from their bible. They tell me that the only truth is the bible because it is...
    14 Religion 75
  102. What religion am I, can someone help me out by telling me what religion fits my beliefs?
    I am having a hard time figuring out what religion I am, because I really don't know a lot about any other religions besides Christianity, and it doesn't fit me. I don't believe in the same things Christian's believe in. I would really like to hear fro...
    10 Religion 53
  103. mormon
    Can someone please tell me what exactly is a mormon and what is their mission??? thoughts about mormons??? What are their beliefs??? Is anyone here a mormon ??
    7 Religion 44
  104. Why do you think barack will a good president?
    Why do you think barack will be a good democratic president for the united states and what is his strongest beliefs?
    3 Politics 25
  105. Would you attend church with your child if they asked you too (for non-christians)?
    Im an athiest and me and Chris have been discussing our children lately since we both have very different beliefs. He asked me if one of them asked me to go to church would i go even though its not my beliefs. I personally would if they were under 13 a...
    10 Religion 43
  106. satanism
    Can someone give me information about satanism? im really interested in learning their beliefs thanks
    24 Religion 37
  107. What makes Catholicism and Christianity different?
    Is it beliefs, rituals, basically why are they two seperate branches of christianity?
    14 Religion 31
  108. What is Catholic religion
    my friend is catholic and I do ot know anything about the catholic religion and beliefs. can you please explain thist to me???
    9 Religion 40
  109. Arc Angels
    Who was Arcangel Gabriel, and can he be compared to any God either in Greek or Roman mythology?
    6 Religion 36
  110. Who would say that atheism is a religion?
    I have been pondering this for a while now and attempting to debate it. I cannot seem to figure out whether it is a religion or not. I mean I can't even seem to define religion properly. There are various definitions on the web, yet I feel that certain...
    12 Religion 21
  111. Why do Muslims sacrifise an animal?
    Hello people! I'm Greek Orthodox and..I'm really interested in religion philosophy. Different religions really interest me. What I'm curious about is, why do muslims sacrifise an animal? Isn't that cruel? What's the purpose of it? Answers are gre...
    7 Religion 52
  112. What's with these Christians?!
    I'm sick of Christians shoving their beliefs down everyone's throats. Everywhere on this site, I am always seeing people post "Just look to god for the answer. The only way you can find the answer is through god. Bla bla bla..." I, for one, am not reli...
    17 Religion 38
  113. What types of food are you a big fan of?
    More so like snacks, or Chinese, Italian, Greek, Mexican, etc.
    27 Food 34
  114. when god was living who did he worship?
    when god was alive was there someone he could pray to. I mean was there spiritual belief back then
    12 Religion 17
  115. Other Gods
    So since God created every race, unique, with their own beliefs, then why does he alow them to believe in other gods? If he only wants them to believe in him? That confuses me...
    10 Religion 37
  116. Your religion..
    I find much interest in people's (anyone) religion and what they believe in.. so (this is for anyone!) tell me what you believe in and why? (jsyk, I am a Christian. I also respect anyone's beliefs. I really do want to know more about other religion...
    15 Religion 32
  117. Do you believe in God ?
    I have counter arguements for every question or belief I have been told or asked please do share with me xx
    39 Religion 19
  118. mormon?
    well, my boyfriend is mormon, and im not... he doesnt really talk about their beliefs that much... can someone explain to me what their religion is all about??
    2 Relationships 16
  119. USA x Australia
    how has america's attitudes values beliefs juxtaposed (contrasted) with australia's? as in: stereotypes, lifestyle, status. ?
    4 General 17
  120. What do Athiests believe?
    Well, I'm a christian, and I was just wondering if your an Athiest, what it means to you? I'm a very strong christian and I belive in the Lord with all my heart and have no doubt about my belief. But I was thinking the same way I have such a strong bel...
    14 Religion 37
  121. Is god real?
    Do you think god is real? A lot of people only beleive because they think if they don't then they will be sent to hell. They are scared into beleiveing... How can I make my belief in god stronger? Why do you think he is real? Their is no proof
    16 Religion 25
  122. Steriotypes??
    Why do people have this belief that louisiana is nothing but low class, hicks? Like we are all like the movie, the waterboy, portrays us?
    8 General 17
  123. Searching for truth
    I'm a christian, and believe in god... Learning from church god is the only true and real god...but if that's true... Why are there so many other different beliefs and gods?
    15 Religion 32
  124. Traditional but pregnant
    my boyfriend and I are I guess what you could say, traditional. here's the catch-his parents are orthodox do I tell them that I'm pregnant?
    2 Family 18
  125. Why do some democrats think socialism is good
    I would think the name democrat inplies their beliefs are for democracy but its weird I've seen democrats say socialism is good but why is it?
    14 Politics 108
  126. Do you think there is a right religion?
    do you think there is one right god, or one set of beliefs? or do you think they are all man-imagined and cultural. what seems more likely to you?
    21 Religion 52
  127. Polygamy issues
    How can I tell my husband about polygamy so that he understands that it is wrong...he thinks its their religion and beliefs and that makes it ok???any advice please
    6 Religion 22
  128. how to b sure?
    there are many versions of the bible, and different beliefs. some contradict each other. if some contradict each other, then that means all the religions cant b true people have their own beliefs, but nobody know for sure which one or few religions a...
    17 Religion 27
  129. do you think the universe is infinite?
    do you think the universe is infinite? or if it just stops eventually? any thoughts as to what might be outside of the universe, if there is an outside? and depending on your answer, do you think your answer has anything to do with your belief if ther...
    10 Religion 42
  130. "Religion" and "Atheists"
    I'm not cutting any party down here. I'm not talking about beliefs, and I hope you don't either. I posted a thread long ago about Religion, Some of you may know it. I was getting so many comments on how "Christians are bad" or "Atheists just want to de...
    11 Religion 25
  131. What does the future hold for the euro?
    It's popularity has always been shaky, and in light of the Greek debt crisis, many in Germany and elsewhere are railing against it.
    8 Money 32
  132. What do almost all different faiths have in common?
    I think it is the belief that they are the one true religion and that they have god on their side, especially during conflict. What do you believe?
    13 Religion 38
  133. How can I become happy?
    we all yearn for the ultimate in self being...happiness. has anyone any suggestion on how to improve on self worth and self belief? im not down and out just looking to improve quality of life.
    2 Health 35
  134. Who who king when shakespeare wrote his plays?
    was it oliver cromwell, im not sure I need to know if the countrys beliefs influenced his writing
    2 Education 7
  135. Why do people think islam teaches hatetred.
    Why do people think islam teaches hatred? You cant judje a religion without studying theyre source of belief
    4 Religion 20
  136. Is America a Christian nation?
    Some on this site have stated that America is a Christian nation. I, for one, do not believe this. I believe that we are a nation that is a rich tapestry of many religions, faiths and beliefs. How do you feel?
    16 Politics 38
  137. Who knows which one is right?
    I believe in God and I believe that he created the world and everything. But sometimes I wonder, how can we Christians be so sure that we have it all right when there are so many other beliefs out there?
    12 Religion 19
  138. What is Ashley Greene's ethnicity?
    I heard somewhere that their is an Ashley Green that is half greek and half native american. this can't be her because ashley's last name ends with an e not an n. Greene not Green. correct?
    4 Entertainment 133
  139. How can I know what religion is best for me?
    I;ve never been a very spiritual person but have been thinking about it a lot lately. I was raised baptist but am curious about different beliefs. How can I know what religion is best for me?
    11 Religion 40
  140. What does it mean if someone says "candles burn if you're not careful'?
    Someone was talking about their beliefs, and someone commented that their positivity is a turn on. So, someone else said ''candles also burn if you're not careful''... what did they mean?
    2 General 39
  141. the flag in school
    do you think in school when everyone has to do the pledge that it should say god in it? because everyone has there own beliefs, they shouldn't have to go to school and say god if they dont believe in it? well thats my oponion
    6 Education 13
  142. Why are politics and religion such touchy subjects?
    Why are politics and religion such a touchy subject.people really get mad when you start discussing these subjects. Doesnt everybody have a right to their opinion and beliefs?
    11 Politics 302
  143. "Why doesn't God show himself?" - The free will answer
    In response to the question "Why doesn't God just show himself", I often see people answer "free will". But that doesn't make sense. Firstly, we don't choose our beliefs. Our beliefs are based on our experience. I didn't choose to believe in grav...
    54 Religion 29
  144. What is up with this?
    If God is almighty and so wise then why would he supposedly burn all the people in hell that are gay or have a different belief? It is basically sayng that God enternaly punishes anyone that does not live life in exact rules and in an exact way. Basica...
    7 Religion 15
  145. Should I tell my Mom I'm a lesbian?
    I no I'm young but still, I dont think I shood tell my mom, she'd literally kill me...literally! she's a very stronged beliefed christian. I'm not sure what to do!
    10 Family 87
  146. the catholic church "branches"
    why are there so many different kinds of 1 religion? there is roman catholic greek orthidox prespiterian christian why are there so many different kinds? please mind my spelling
    6 Religion 67
  147. Why are people rasict?
    Why do others judge people one there color and rasism? Just because someone a different color or ahs different beliefs and stuff shouldnt make people act that way?
    6 General 19
  148. what's an example of political behavior/beliefs?
    Im doing this thing for ap gov. It's a slideshow for current events. I need help finding articles for political beliefs and behavior
    2 Politics 46
  149. I love you in other languages?
    any different languages in which you know how to say "I love you," please submit them here! Spanish, french, greek, latin, khmer, japanese, chinese, german, etc.
    15 General 68
  150. Why do people find prayer so offensive?
    I know that everyone has different beliefs and no one wants to have someone elses beliefs forced on them, but am I the only person who thinks people are being over-sensitive? Someone else praying around you isnt trying to convert you, or judge you. Inf...
    42 Religion 91
  151. What do you think of vegatarianism?
    What are your views on vegatarianism? Do you believe eating meat is part of the food chain, and should be done? Or do you think that we should protect the animals and let them be? Please no bashing each others' beliefs.
    6 Food 20
  152. Who believes in otherkin?
    I believe in the belief of otherkin A.K.A spirits and things along those lines. im just wondering who else does on this website and if you dont then dont comment please. thank you! ~Kristy
    13 Religion 22
  153. Protestant or Catholic?
    Would you be Protestant or Catholic Roman? and with you answer explain why. For me I am Protestant (Orthodox Presbyterian) cause when I learned bout the things the Catholic Church did & the things it created that aren't in theBible...well that's why.
    10 Religion 41
  154. What are some interesting religions I can consider?
    Okay soi was raised a Greek orthodox Christian which is essentially a Greek Christian. I stopped believing in thsi faith about a year ago and from recent events i have realized i don't think i believe in god anymore (i hope no one gets offended by this...
    26 Religion 44
  155. How does intelligent design support your religion?
    There is a gap that creationists have so far not explained to my satisfaction. Let’s assume, ONLY for the sake of argument, that we have agreed that you all are right and the Big Bang and evolution are hoaxes. So from this point, how do I arrive ...
    10 Religion 30
  156. Why do people make similarities?
    Why do people make similarities? My example I walked my dog hitler walked a dog stalin walked a dog well from that I guess we have something in common but wait just because we all walked dogs doesnt mean we all have the same beliefs or are alike i...
    7 General 10
  157. Why are teenagers represented negatively in the media?
    ok for my english assessment i have to have a quick little bit about why teenagers are represented this way. all so what attitudes, beliefs and values society has on this topic and what does society think of teenagers in general
    2 Literature 19
  158. Who knows anything about voodoo?
    I know it is a mix of African beliefs with a Catholicism influence. I am a little confused though. Are the powers supposed to be from like a negative spirit/devil type of creature?
    14 Religion 40
  159. Come on people,Is there really a wrong theory?
    My question to all you out there is " why is it so important for people to bash one religious/spiritual theory about what happens after death just to justify there own belief? Is it just me or is everyone missing the bigger picture here, because in my ...
    10 Religion 16
  160. Guys, I'd love to hear what you think about this:
    According to a recent magazine article, men don't judge you for having sex on a first date. True? Why or why not? What are you personal beliefs on this subject?
    3 Sex 25
  161. what do you know about demons or devils?
    what did you heard about them,are they real,what is your belief on them,and what is the diference betwween demons,devils,ghosts,and angels.are they created by GOD.what role they are playing in our world,are they opponents of anything you know ...
    19 Religion 46
  162. Who thinks an idividual's style, way of dress or makeup, is part of who they are?
    I personally believe that it is part of what makes you YOU, of course not all of it, other parts do too but it is one of those things that express yourself and makes you unique from others, other than personality, beliefs, etc.
    8 Style 23
  163. I'm Agnostic..
    Should everyone have a belief? And is it really that wrong to not believe in God, or anything of a 'higher power'? My dad said that I'm very closed minded. I'm eighteen, and to me, that was such an insult!
    13 Religion 34
  164. Wicca
    I in no way want to "convert", but I am tired of people saying I don't know anything about Wicca. Indeed I don't. I don't know if wicca is a man that plays with magic. Please tell all of us that are wondering about your beliefs, so you don't have to te...
    15 Religion 40
  165. wicca and what is it???
    I have heard a lot of wicca lately. and only here on funadvice have I EVER heard of wicca. I will do my own research, but id like to hear what wiccans believe. do you know what wicca is, where it originated from, what the beliefs are, the practic...
    7 Religion 48
  166. If any actor or actress could be President, who would you pick?
    Whether based on their beliefs, movie roles, acting ability, or just plain LOOKS, which famous actor/actress would you most like to be President and why?
    3 Entertainment 75
  167. Do You Give In To Pascal's Wager?
    If there is no God, then when a believer dies, they lose nothing. But if there is a God, and you do not believe, you spend eternity in hell. Now I ask, do you claim to believe in God, simply because you want to secure your spot in the (possible) he...
    12 Religion 37
  168. why Christianity is so much divided?
    why Christianity is so much divided? in this world we got orthodox Christans, catholic Christians, protestants... I just wants to know z real thing behind zat and if possible wz justification.
    8 Religion 67
  169. Can Christ, God, and Reincarnation coexist?
    Is it possible that Christian beliefs and the belief that Reincarnation can coexist? Can both of them be true. Like maybe God directs reincarnation and then someday all souls of those who have lived through many different lifetimes will go to heaven an...
    9 Religion 123
  170. How do I handle religion differences in my family?
    I am an atheist, and my mom and sibling whom I live with are christians. I have absolutely no hate or bitter feelings towards them because of their beliefs. I don't understand why they are disapointed in me and think I am pathetic. Why can't they accep...
    7 Religion 10
  171. What religion, if any do you consider yourself?
    I was just wondering what the variety of beliefs and ideas were on this site, I don't necessarily need an explanation or anything, just state what religion you choose to follow. I guess I'll go first, I'm an Odinist.
    28 Religion 36
  172. Religous Questions.
    Regardless of your religion what would you do if: Your child grew up and believed in a different religion than you do? Your child grew up and told you they were gay? I see a lot of people trying to force their religion and their beliefs on oth...
    22 Religion 31
  173. Why are people racist?
    I personally think descrinenating agianst someone against their skin color, nationality, beliefs etc is the dumbest thing ever! I know some people who are REALLY racist but I don't get why??? I don't get how peole become a racist?
    10 General 28
  174. What if a nuclear bomb took out Mecca?
    As in, no more 'haaj', no more visits to the first mosque in Islam, no more black stone...nothing. As in, nuclear holocaust the whole area around. Would that change Islam forever...? Would every Muslim have to go to hell, b/c they couldn't do one of th...
    6 Religion 40
  175. Do religious people see athiests as being bad people?
    Do you look upon atheists as "bad people"? Do you feel that they do not want you to have your beliefs? Do you have hate or dislike for atheists? I have just been looking at all of these questions under "Religion" and I notice that there is oh, so ...
    24 Religion 44
  176. If Jesus Gave His Life...
    According to Christian beliefs,Jesus gave his life to erase the world's sins.So does that mean that everyone can commit sins but it doesnt matter because we'll all be forgiven anyway?I'm kinda confused here :)
    11 Religion 42
  177. How to tell if it's a boy or girl?
    Any myths or beliefs you know or heard of on how you can determine whether your going to have a boy or girl before finding out from the doctor? (I.e. The gold necklace trick... I dont know if anyone has heard of that one but thats an example) but anymo...
    12 Babies 218
  178. Full moon effect
    Does the moon phase effect on life on earth? I understand the pagan beliefs on moon phase but is there any evidence. The moon effects the ocean tied. The human body is some 70% water. However the moon phase doesn't change the intensity of its effect o...
    3 Science 30
  179. Why do people believe the bible?
    I'm not all in the religious stuff, to tell you the truth I don't have religious beliefs. I just have a couple of questions that I don't understand. Why do people believe the bible so much? Why do some people base their life on this book? Do they be...
    38 Religion 159
  180. Describe your religion briefly
    In response to koolish's question, I'd like to ask you to basically describe the principles of YOUR religion. Many of us are not versed in the different religious beliefs so your information may be very helpful in understanding not only the difference...
    18 Religion 47
  181. Internet dating for christians only please
    Well I have been on this christian dating site .lately I have been really desiring a compainon ,a husband but he has to share the same love for god that I have and have the same beliefs. I have I have been praying about this do you think interenet dati...
    7 Religion 21
  182. Christian..Fingering?
    okay so my girlfriend is christian or whatever..she beleives in god and stuff..I dont mean to belittle her or saoething by going whatever..but I know you arent aloud to masturbate by some beliefs of the bible..she believes that..does that mean I cant f...
    3 Sex 164
  183. If I'm not religious...?
    I'm confused. I am not a religious person in any way. I don't believe in god. I don't care that other people do, but it's just my own personal belief. So anyway, does that mean that technically I should treat days like Christmas and Easter as just a no...
    18 Religion 41
  184. Why is socialism a bad thing?
    Just to set this straight, communism is an extremist form of socialism. Socialism is the belief that the government support actions that assert assistance in the affairs of people who need it(ex welfare,public education,homeless shelters).So is sociali...
    23 Politics 128
  185. Why is religion forced on people?
    Please tell me why people constantly try and cram religion down everyone's throat? Okay im absolutly fine with people who have found some sort of belief that helps them in there daily life, but why is it they have to try and force there beliefs on ever...
    60 Religion 114
  186. Party polotics does it lead to destruction
    My view on polotical parties its sad to say but party polotics seems to be a movement for domination and coercing the other side. I dont like polotical parties because it just seems to me a one side conquest of domination. I think of all the dictators ...
    2 Politics 21
  187. Ingrown toenail and pain
    I have an ingrown toenail and it's extremely painful beyond belief. I've checked a dozen websites and I can't find what I'm looking for. my mother refuses to take me to the doctor and most of the medicine and home remedies I've tried have just made it ...
    4 Health 175
  188. I like girl,but she doesn't believe in Jesus Christ
    NOTE:This is not about me but about a friend of mine's.He is 15 years old and she likes a girl who is 15 years old too(they were in the same class at school)He likes this girl and she likes him(she has hugged him twice,kissed him once etc).But there is...
    11 Religion 37
  189. How come I feel I'm slipping from my Mormon Faith?
    How come I feel like I'm slipping from my Mormon Faith? Here is the story behind this. I'm sort of involved with a man I met online and he's not a Mormon. I'm suposed to meet him on September 28th. He's suposed to come out to Michigan where I'm from s...
    5 Religion 17
  190. Trinity
    Ok the reason why I don't believe in the Trinity because I don't believe that God is 3 Manifestations of himself. Jesus is a person not a Manifestation. A couple of years ago I did believe in the Trinity but have learned from varies people that some ...
    12 Religion 38
  191. For the christians
    When someone has different beliefs than us and you say "you're going to burn in hell" what is it that you hope to accomplish? Is that love you're communicating or spite? Are you trying to scare people into this? I just want to understand you're reasoni...
    16 Religion 42
  192. Satanism--What is it?
    Im kinda about things...of the such...and I know about christianity...but what about satanism? its like a religion or belief isnt it? not that im going to convert or anything, but id like to know either what it is...or what ...
    14 Religion 27
  193. What can I do to look more tanned??
    I am Greek and Italian so it would be normal for me to look alittle tanned, but for some reason I have so many problams tanning. I can never just get a good tan. I do have a bit of colour but I wish I was alittle more, so what are some colours I can we...
    4 Style 75
  194. Can someone support gay marriage even though their religious preference does not?
    I'm not trying to start an argument or anything but I am genuinely curious. If a person is gay and/or supports gay marriage when the bible doesn't does that mean that they are going against their beliefs? Or are they simply tweaking the rules?
    14 Religion 20
  195. Really need your advice!
    im only 15, and my boyfriend wants to have sex...I wore a purity ring sice I was 13, and then I lost it...and he thinks its ok...I've told him no, then he told his buddy he was going to get it no matter what...what do you think...should I give in, or s...
    3 Sex 13
  196. What Religion do I choose?
    To Mandy Moore: I've never really been a very religious person but have been thinking about it alot lately. I was raised baptist, when I was a kid but am curious about different beliefs. How can I know what religion is for me? And if it's not to perso...
    6 Religion 29
  197. Can jehovahs witnesses get industrial ear piecings
    My parents are jehovahs whittnesses and I really want a industrial ear piecing. But problem is I dont know if they would let me get might be against there beliefs or something.I don't know I am willing to pay for it . I just need to know if th...
    3 Style 166
  198. What do people really think about Pagans?
    Well, I have a very christian family and I cant be open to anyone about my beliefs in pagenism because of that fact. The only people in my family who know are my mom and my uncle. They both are pretty much agnostic and have gotten a lot or crap from my...
    24 Religion 47
  199. Why should I respect your religion?
    I respect my fellow humans; I respect their rights and their individuality. I respect their right to free speech, and their right to believe whatever they find compelling. I respect Constitutional rights as well. Let there be no confusion. I am not...
    27 Religion 147
  200. What are your views on taking photos at a funeral?
    In my family, it's taboo to bring a camera to a funeral. For one, it means the mourners don't have to worry about their appearance, and it keeps the memory of the deceased alive instead of in a casket. I thought everyone had this same belief, but I of...
    12 Technology 28
  201. Why would you want to be wiccan?
    I'm not trying to be mean but what would make someone want to be a wiccan...or just practice magic? Doesnt life have enough magic in it without learning the dark? why do people turn away from god and the bible? Can anyone answer my questions fully wit...
    23 Religion 49
  202. Practicing Buddhism
    I've been looking into different means as to how to better my life for some time now. I've look into religions, I've studied philosophy, and buddhism completely ensnared me. I have read on what the goals and beliefs are. And now all I need is some he...
    3 Religion 7
  203. Bible "Jesus & God"
    I am no longer confused in my belief, but the belief of some out there, How on earth do you get so confused with the silly beliefs like "Jesus is God" the "three in one deal" I have been reading the Bible and every time it talks about Jesus and God it ...
    35 Religion 54
  204. Why do people get offended when you talk about religion?
    I love to talk about my religion, but Im always afraid to talk about it cuz I dont like to offend people. I hate conflict, and I always change the subject if an argument starts to occur. But at the same time, I want to tell people about my beliefs an...
    15 Religion 155
  205. How do I convince my boyfriend that God exists?
    We've been together for about two months...a Christian and an Atheist. Odd, I know. The thing is, this kid is smart, and has made me question my own beliefs. I DO believe in God, and I want to see him in heaven when I die...So any hardcore evidence/fac...
    14 Religion 161
  206. Look At The Chart & Answer Me This
    Look at the chart, (It's beliefs in America) then answer me, why do Christians complain they're being stamped out? If your answer is because not all are real Christians, again I ask, Why not help them understand it better & eave those firmly planted ou...
    6 General 34
  207. Where should I get my tattoo?
    ok I want to get a tattoo of the word grace in greek, except I dont know where. I was thinking of my wrist because its really easy to conceal with a watch. I want it to be seen but not somewhere where I cant conceal it and show whenever. buuttt I dont ...
    5 Style 52
  208. Married and in love with another man
    I have met my husband 12 years ago and being married for 10 years now. I have two wonderful children and I also love my husband. I always liked to chat (online especially) with cute guys, but nothing else. I always kept my cool and had my limits. Las...
    3 Relationships 38
  209. Questions around Jesus
    Was Jesus a Jew? What were the main religious beliefs in Judea at the time? I have been trying to look this up on the net but all replies seem biased towards different religious/political beliefs. My research also said that the name 'Jew' was...
    11 Religion 39
  210. Do you believe the Book of Mormon?
    Can any Mormon help me understand how he or she can accept or believe a religion with so many internal contradictions and so much external evidence against it? I do not want to Mormon bash, but would like to understand how someone who considers himsel...
    5 Literature 44
  211. Free choise
    You stated that you believe like members of the church of Christ. I was raised in the church and my Dad was an Elder for over fifty years -- Brummell Av church of Christ here in Bridgeport, AL My question is: Would you like to discuss our belief? I...
    2 Religion 14
  212. World government your thoughts
    Question Whats the best way toward world government the people having the right to vote to be apart of it or not? The other done in secracy which is how it seems to be happening right now? The one I like no government at all and all are free t...
    5 Politics 20
  213. Which hemisphere is most dangerous?
    I was recently told that there are 20 million people in the western hemisphere who desire that the world would come to a violent apocalyptic end. Apparently, they also believe that they will survive that event as a result of their religious beliefs and...
    11 Religion 16
  214. How important is politics in your life?
    I know this system doesn't work world wide, but in places where there are conservatives and liberals, how strongly do you feel about your values? Do you think it stops you from being friends with someone who doesn't share the same beliefs? If you're co...
    6 Politics 66
  215. What is your testimony?
    There are so many religions now. People believe different things and it has created great diversity. I think religion or beliefs should bring people together. I am collecting testimonies for a semester long project and I was wondering if anyone would b...
    8 Religion 12
  216. many Christians feel the need to force religion onto others?
    Why is it that many Christians feel the need to force religion onto others? I have asked this to myself many times but I can't seem to get a good answer. It annoys me always coming on this forum and finding dozens of Christian zealots telling you that ...
    15 Religion 83
  217. Why do American people stereotype English people as having bad teeth?
    Okay i know thats a sorta strange question but like i can understand teh tea stereotype, its true! and i mean i understand greek stereotypes like we are all fat cos its true! i dont get offended itsjust i don't see english people with that bad teeth, t...
    10 Politics 44
  218. How can I feel like I belong if I have very mixed heritage?
    Im Half Greek,Some Black, Irish, Native American(Wampanog) I feel like I don't belong anywhere because I feel people don't like me because I don't fit it with a Race or with anyone. People try to tell me what race I am and Label me as anything. I mean...
    6 General 87
  219. How can I dress Goth, The reason is my mom used to be Goth?
    The reason I want this is I've always admired Goth's and I feel like taking the sadness and darkness and beliefs and put them into myself, another reason is my real mom used to be Goth and so I want to take up her pride and Gothicness. so please help m...
    3 Style 30
  220. Trinity??
    What is trinity?? I asked many of my christian friend this question. Their answer is "it is a complex thing, you people don't understand it. It intelligible only for priests, or great bible schollers". From best of my knowledge "trinity is the mai...
    13 Religion 34
  221. Why does everyone hate Athiests?
    Ok I am Athiest, Ok? And I heard about this study and it says more people in america hate Athiests than gays or lesbians or any other religion. WHY!!?? I mean really we are not bad people and why do people hate us cause we have a different belief??? ...
    36 Religion 51
  222. Are christians, christians out of fear???
    Well I have jsut come up with a conclution christians go to heaven when they die, eternal bliss and eternal life... right? and if they dont follow Jesus they go to hell eternal pain and suffering??? so basicly does this mean all christians are cow...
    38 Religion 41
  223. What Religion am I?
    I grew up being a Protestant,I went to church up until I was 10,I believe in God,And I've found that Praying helps a lot. However,On the other hand,I Also strongly believe in a lot of the Buddhist Beliefs,Along with Confucious' beliefs.I have friends w...
    18 Religion 42
  224. Why isn't the bible written in its original language?
    Why isn't the bible written in its original language of 'koine greek' followed by an english translation?why is it written in english only and not in its original language?and yet, as in the new testament, in particular in the masoretic texts, changes,...
    11 Religion 87
  225. Does anyone have any ideas?
    My school project is: Every student has to come with a code of ethics,as in their own belief or whatever. I chose "I believe people should not judge others based on race, appearance, age, sex and religion. We have to right 5 statements or facts abo...
    7 Sex 25
  226. How do I keep my faith strong?
    Here lately I have been being tested in my belief in God. I still believe, it's just that this is bothering me and I feel like I want to cry when it haooens because it won't stop bothering me and I actually said something in my mind because I got so ma...
    25 Religion 67
  227. Should I stay friends with this girl even tho she's athiest?
    I'm 13 and I have this friend who doesn't believe in God. She believes in all those things like the god of water and the god of this and the god of that. She believes her real dad was the water god, and she was sent to her parents or sumthin like that....
    31 Religion 36
  228. Does this make me a bad person?
    If someone asked me what religion I am, I don't know if I'd want to answer. See, my family did not grow up being really religious. (I am not going to reveal what I am) we always celebrated (and still do) all the major 'holidays' that are recognized.....
    17 Religion 64
  229. What is Morman beliefs/religion stuff?
    Well my bestfriend is Morman. I honestly don't know much about religion and I dont need a lecture bout how I should choose one..eventually I will. I dont want to bring religion up, or accidetally ask a stupid question, so.. What are Morman beliefs,...
    7 Religion 49
  230. Can anyone identify this flowering plant?
    I took this photo during a recent cruise around the Greek Islands in Europe. I believe these were on the Island of Crete. It was around 4 feet tall (just over a meter) and quite bushy. I would like to identify it as I want to see if it is possibl...
    5 Homegarden 44
  231. A question for Atheists.
    Alright, So I'm one of those guys that spent his entire childhood growing up in the church and believing in God etc. Anyways after a few years of waning belief and lack of evidence to support my christian beliefs, not to mention evidence that actually...
    14 Religion 44
  232. Why do guys cheat?
    why do guys still cheat inspite of having good relationship? ... I talked to some guy friends and they said, its a man's instinct to look to other girls but still love their girlfriends. Have sex with other women and still go home with the one they lo...
    5 Sex 13
  233. Why are republicans not following republican principes
    With John Mccain you have to wonder what republican means I thought it ment small government low taxes and managed spending thats within reason. The republicans have been putting up some presidents of late that dont follow one single of these principle...
    2 Politics 30
  234. Do you consider Bahà'ism an Abrahamic religion?
    If so why? I'm just curious,i have Persian Bahai friends who agree that Bahà'ism is an Abrahamic religion and some Catholic and Muslim friends who agree.Whereas some Orthodox Christians disagree.Just to show some resemblances between Bahà'ism,Islam,Jud...
    4 Religion 48
  235. Religious Deaths Vs. Athiest Deaths
    Just wondering: Did any one ever do a study anywhere paring off the number of deaths of religious people compared to those of nonbelievers? Of course I realize you'd have to do an awful lot of scaling (I think there are more religious than nonrelig...
    25 Religion 91
  236. How do I get proof to that I have converted when I havnt?
    I'm muslim and my boyfriend is orthodox. We have been together for four years and he's parents have made our life hell due to me being muslim. We have decided to get engaged this year and he's parents will only accept if I convert. Now I don't and wont...
    7 Religion 18
  237. My own definition of terrorism
    Okay I have an history exam soon, and I need my own definition of terrorism. I have heaps of smart people in my class lol I feel really stupid but anyways.. It's gotta start with terrorism is a belief in ... blahhh any ideas of what I could write? ...
    3 Education 38
  238. Why do Christians think they are better than everyone else?
    One thing that really annoys me is when Christians start with their "believe this or perish" uptight condacending way of talking. Why don't they just let everyone believe whatever they want without trying to PUSH their beliefs on everyone? I don't rea...
    19 Religion 227
  239. The eventuality for the date of December 21, 2012
    The majority of the people I discuss this question with stand strong in the belief that something religious is going to take place on December 21, 2012. Myself, I'm not so sure, yet I seem to stay fascinated about others optimisms towards the subject,...
    11 Religion 38
  240. What: Something to think about, what do you think?
    Here is something to think about. It is extremely easy for someone to imagine that they are in pain or are recovering. Mind over matter. A great example is Tom Sawyer, he imagined that his toe was hurting to get out of school and eventually it really b...
    14 Religion 29
  241. Why You Hate Catholics
    I am a devoted catholic and never see myself changing. now, I would like to understand the differences and the reason why many other Christian faith hate of my faith so much. all my life growing up, I have been harassed by my peers and torment me wi...
    21 Religion 95
  242. For the atheists
    Hello, ok my question is why do some atheists feel so strongly about not believing in god and putting down everyone who does? Is it ok for us to believe what we want to believe without them calling us ignorant, uneducated, or living in a fantasy world ...
    58 Religion 33
  243. Do rich people do good things for the world?
    I am trying to strengthen my belief about rich people doing good things in the world to help erase my resistance towards making money. I am wondering if anyone knows of any good books, movies, articles, etc. that talk about rich, wealthy people that...
    7 Money 133
  244. Another language for my daughter
    My daughter is currently bilingual in English and Spanish, but I feel bad that I do not know any other languages myself to teach her. I would like to know how to add at least one other language into her repitua. I would really love for her to learn F...
    5 Family 51
  245. should I get married at the age of 21
    my boyfriend wants too marry me next year im 21 and he is 23.. I work in an ice cream shop owned by family and he is a concreter. we are both greek he was engaged before and we have only been datin for 7 months. I said yes but am I being silly? should ...
    2 Relationships 20
  246. Makeup and dress
    How would I keep my foundation nice on a night out without it going patcy towards the end of the night?? And also, I have just bought a cream and gold greek style dress for this friday night out and don't know how to wear my hair as it is shoulder leng...
    2 Style 28
  247. How can I help my boyfriend find God?
    I've been with my bf for 5 months, and i am a chrisitan, he is not. He wants to find God, and goes to church with me, but he just doesnt feel it...Its all just a story to him, and he doesnt know how to view it different. I'm gunna give him time, bu...
    21 Religion 85
  248. Abortion thoughts
    I got pregnant when I was 16.. I did not know my rights and was forced to get an abortion... I have my own beliefs on the situation but two years have gone by and I cant stop thinking about how horrible it was and how bad of a person I am for it but.....
    5 Health 23
  249. Should you follow Astrology?
    The Zodiac seems frightening accruate at times. Should it affect how you view people?? Should you turn someone away from someone just because the are the enemy sign of your sign?? Is the Zodiac really what it seems?? I'm not a Zodiac freak but my frien...
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  250. For Christians: How do we share and not force
    As I am new here, I have taken the time to look back over many of the old entries. It seems to me a repeat comment/ question is why Christians force their beliefs upon others. As a Christian myself, I would like to use this forum to find a way to share...
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