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Granite vs cambria countertops

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  1. PS3 vs Xbox 360 vs the Wii
    PS3 vs Xbox 360 vs the Wii which is better?
    4 Gaming 48
  2. How to clean granite headstones?
    How to clean granite headstones?
    3 General 161
  3. LIL romeo vs soulja boy vs tyga vs hurracain criss
    4 Music 29
  4. Braces vs. Retainer
    What is the difference?
    4 Style 57
  5. Melatonin VS Zoloft
    Can I take Melatonin while I am on Zoloft?
    2 Health 62
  6. Obama vs. McCain
    Who should win and why ??
    12 Politics 36
  7. Thongs vs boyshorts
    Guys... Thongs or boyshorts?
    8 Style 81
  8. Strait vs straight
    What is the diffrence between strait and straight
    4 General 79
  9. Dreadlocks vs. Cornrows
    Which do you prefer dreadlocks or cornrows? And why?
    11 Style 268
  10. What is one of your fav songs by Coheed And Cambria?
    Out of all Coheed And Cambrias songs what's one of your fav songs by them
    3 Music 13
  11. Granite vs. Cambria countertops
    What is a Cambria countertop anyway? Cambria is a material made from quartz that is an alternative to granite. Both materials are used extensively in countertops. Here are the main differences between the two that will help you to choose. Brought to yo...
    6 Homegarden 42
  12. Personality vs, Looks.
    What do you think is more important about a person, Personality or looks?
    3 Relationships 34
  13. Metro Station vs. Buckcherry
    10 Music 8
  14. LeBron vs kobe
    who do you think is better and why LeBron or Kobe?
    3 Sports 34
  15. Santa vs. Jesus
    21 Religion 29
  16. Skittles Vs m&m's
    Which are nicer? My vote is for m&m's.
    12 Food 70
  17. Xbox vs playstation
    Which is better xbox or playstation I think xbox
    10 Gaming 21
  18. When does the Packers vs Steelers game begin?
    16 Sports 18
  19. The speed of dark vs the speed of light?
    Which is faster,the speed of light or the speed of dark?
    16 Science 226
  20. Saw vs Hostel
    Which movie was better ??
    8 Entertainment 70
  21. Healthy food vs junk food.
    Why is healthy food better then junk food
    4 Nutritionfitness 52
  22. Metal vs. Hardcore.
    Which do you like best?? (:
    2 Music 56
  23. Nightwish vs. Lacrimosa
    Which one do you prefer?
    2 Music 14
  24. Religion vs science
    What do you guys belive in more and why??
    30 Religion 35
  25. Plies vs ross
    Who's better plies or rick ross
    3 Music 14
  26. dunkin donuts vs starbucks
    what do you like more dunkin donuts or starbucks.
    10 Shopping 23
  27. James Hetfield vs. Corey Taylor vs. Tom Araya vs. Kurt Cobain
    James Hetfield (Metallica) Corey Taylor(Slipknot) Tom Araya(Slayer) Kurt Cobain(Nirvana) Which ones vocal do you like more?
    8 Music 153
  28. barcelona vs chelsea who do you think gonna win ?
    barcelona vs chelsea who do you think gonna win ?
    5 Sports 35
  29. seafood vs meats which is better?
    seafood vs meats which is better? all opinions count!
    7 Food 30
  30. 2 pac vs biggie
    2 pac vs biggie? Who is a better rapper?
    7 Music 9
  31. Lil' Wayne vs. Plies
    Lil' Wayne vs. Plies? Who do you like better?
    8 Entertainment 44
  32. Sunglasses vs. Handbag
    Which should I get the channel sunglasses or the pink channel handbag?
    5 Shopping 13
  33. Pie vs. cake
    What do you like better.. Pie or Cake?
    15 Food 39
    Which one do you think is better, BARCELONA OR MANCHESTER???
    5 Sports 33
  35. lemon vs lime
    to bleach your hair should you use a lemon or a lime
    3 Style 47
  36. Loose tea vs bagged tea
    Are the expensive loose teas any better than the teas in tea bags?
    4 Food 14
  37. Canadians VS Americans
    Who is more "Civil" and which country has more maturity?
    4 Politics 12
  38. Coheed & Cambria
    Can anyone rec me songs/albums? Thank you. :)
    3 Music 10
  39. Lakers vs nuggets
    who won the game because I missed it
    3 Sports 7
  40. pittsburgh steelers vs arizona cardinals
    who are you rooting for, the steelers or the cardinals? (steelers for me)
    15 Sports 11
  41. edward vs. jacob
    edward cullen or jacob black?...I choose edward!!! ( ;
    4 Entertainment 23
  42. Girls vs. Guys
    Who do you think has it worse off or has more to deal with, guys or girls? And why?
    4 Relationships 26
  43. Can you buy the songs from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World?
    2 Music 8
  44. Dogs vs. Cats
    Tell me which is better and why. I LOVE cats.
    11 Pets 46
  45. ( 360) Sacred 2 VS Prototype VS Fable 2 VS ghostbusters
    Soo yeaa I Cant decide which game I want to pick. out of Fable 2 Prototype Sacred 2 And ghostbuster. if ya had to pick one of these which one. and why thank thank ( xbox 360)
    2 Gaming 20
  46. Demi vs. Selena
    Who's prettier Demi or Selina? I say Selena
    5 Entertainment 48
  47. Rock vs rap
    I chose rock What do you think? [[<3 rock]]
    20 Music 23
  48. Mma vs boxing
    Which one do you guys perfer and why
    4 Sports 11
  49. Who do you think will win the Falcons vs Vikings game tomorrow ?
    Who do you think will win the Falcons vs Vikings game tomorrow ?
    5 Sports 67
  50. Jennifer Hudson vs. Fantasia
    In a sing off...who would win??
    3 Music 57
  51. Love vs. in love?
    me and my girlfriend have an idea of what in love and love is and me and her both say we are in love with each other. can I hear some of your deffs of in love and love
    2 Relationships 22
  52. love vs. money
    which one would you rather have... love or money...explain
    5 Relationships 20
  53. Blink 182 vs My chemical Romance
    Which band do you prefer? I prefer Blink 182.
    9 Music 69
    Which one do you prefer?
    6 Music 45
  55. Emo VS. Scenster
    Is emo really dead? and SCENCESTER is taking oveR?
    2 Entertainment 9
  56. Sims3 vs. Sims2
    I just got Sims3 and I think in a way it's not as good as Sims2. What do you think?
    5 Gaming 39
  57. Who watched the David Tua vs Monte Barett fight ??
    2 Entertainment 11
  58. Where can i buy tickets to the LSU vs. Alabama football game?
    2 Sports 8
  59. Mac Dre vs Too $hort
    whoz a better rapper?
    3 Music 38
  60. Is the guy who's in the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. The World the same guy in Juno?
    9 Entertainment 38
  61. Did anyone receive a Hanson vs Google settlement check?
    3 Money 17
  62. nentindo ds vs dsi
    whats the dif between an reg DS and An Dsi???
    3 Gaming 100
  63. Bulls vs celtics
    Does anyone know who won the game
    2 Sports 9
  64. David blaine vs. Criss angel
    Who is much better? Criss or david and why?
    10 Entertainment 13
  65. Cheating vs an Affair?
    Why is it that when you're just dating it's called cheating but when you're married it's called having an affair?
    2 Relationships 82
  66. Timeouts vs. Spankings
    Which do you choose? I got 'whoopins' lol!
    14 Babies 85
  67. Icp vs slipknot
    There both my favorite bands...but who do you think is better...!!!
    18 Music 71
  68. Guild Wars Vs. WoW
    What is better, World of Warcraft or Guild Wars?
    5 Gaming 44
  69. Good charlotte vs. Mcr vs. Fob
    Wats your opinion? Which one you think is better? Wats your fav song by them? I cant choose!!!
    7 Music 59
  70. Lil Wayne vs Kayne West
    Who is a better rapper Lil Wayne or Kayne West?
    5 Music 15
  71. Miami Heat vs. Phoenix suns
    MIAMI HEAT vs. PHOENIX SUNS wich do you prefer to win???
    2 Sports 12
  72. How do I draft jake the snake on smackdown vs raw 2006 ps2?
    How do I draft jake the snake on smackdown vs raw 2006 ps2?
    3 Gaming 17
  73. Does anyone love to watch Raw vs Smackdown?
    are everybody love to watch raw vs smack down
    5 Entertainment 37
  74. Manchester united vs inter milan hu do you think will win?
    Manchester united vs inter milan hu do you think will win?
    3 Sports 6
  75. Prima J vs Nina Sky
    Which duo do you think has more talent?
    5 Music 11
    Which do you prefer? I-Imeem 65% 2-Youtube-35%
    4 Technology 32
  77. Vampires vs Zombies
    Every one's all into vampires now, what happened to zombies? and witch do you prefer ?
    6 Entertainment 11
  78. Bible vs Alien life?
    What does the Bible say about Alien Life, Extra Terrestirals, or just aliens in general?
    5 Religion 50
  79. Valuev Vs Hayes
    Did you watch it? What did you think of it? Who you think deserved 2 win? and why?
    3 Sports 12
  80. weed vs beer
    why can I drink at 10 am but cant by a j from my local
    2 Politics 13
  81. Individualism vs. Collectivism
    In your own opinion, would you be considered as an individualist or a collectivist?
    2 General 30
  82. dave chapelle vs. carlos mencia
    who do you prefer in stand up comedy? carlo mencia or dave chapelle?
    9 Entertainment 107
  83. Katt Williams Vs. Eddie Griffith
    Katt Williams vrs. Eddie Griffith who would win ??
    3 Entertainment 26
  84. Cass vs fif vs weezy
    Witch song is better . 50s I get money or lil waynes a millie or cassidy imma hustler
    3 Music 11
  85. Love vs. Infatuation
    How can you tell the difference between love and infatuation when you're dating someone?
    2 Relationships 12
  86. papa roach vs. scary kids scaring kids
    7 Music 14
  87. Agnostic vs. Atheist?
    Hi, this is a quick and simple question: what is the difference between agnostic and atheist?
    7 Religion 55
  88. Rock vs. rap 2
    Which genre do you like best?Explain.
    9 Music 28
  89. Denise Austin vs Jillian Michaels
    Who workouts you think are best, Denise Austin or Jillian Michaels?
    2 Nutritionfitness 146
  90. Lie vs truth whats better?
    Whats better? A lie that draws a smile or the truth that draws a tear?
    5 General 65
  91. Who will win U.S.A vs Argentina soccer
    who do you all tnk will btw usa vs argentinca?
    4 Sports 52
  92. What's the fastest bike on MX VS ATV unleashed?
    what is the fastest bike in the 250 class and the fastest bike in the 125 class on mx vs atv unleashed?
    2 Gaming 286
  93. Mac Vs Pc?
    So I was wondering.. Is a Mac book better than a PC.. ( say a gateway) And how so?
    4 Technology 47
  94. What happened to the fleece leggings at VS?
    I wanted them so much, is there anywhere else I can buy some?
    2 Shopping 11
  95. Powerful jobs- MIS vs Electronics
    Which one of the 2 majors provides more powerful jobs "MIS" or "Electronics" ?
    8 Money 27
  96. Chocolate Cereal vs. Healthy Cereal
    How come those chocolate and sweet cereals have less calories than the healthier cereals?
    4 Food 55
  97. Private vs. Public school
    Do you think private school students are higher class and brattier than public school students?
    8 Education 38
  98. Books vs. TV??
    It's all in the title.. What do you prefer. I prefer books cause TV bores me after a while. WHOO!
    5 Literature 15
  99. Liberal vs libertarian.
    I'm not really sure where I would be. I don't like taxes . What would I be? Or both?
    7 Politics 16
  100. Mother Teresa vs the queen..
    Who will win in a one on one fight, mother teresea or the queen?
    5 General 18
  101. John Cena vs Undertaker
    who will win? I say Undertaker. wha do you guyz think?
    5 Sports 77
  102. Lion vs Tiger
    id say a tiger because dey more aggressive. what bout u?
    5 Entertainment 19
  103. Chips ahoy vs Oreos
    Whats taste better to you chocolate chip cookies or oreo cookies?
    15 Food 77
  104. anorexia vs being on a diet
    where does the line draw between being anorexic and being obsesed with your weight cause your on a diet?
    7 Nutritionfitness 39
  105. Chinese Food vs. Pizza..ect. ect.
    Is Chinese food really bad for you? If so, Why is it? Is it better than pizza, or mexican food?
    4 Food 131
  106. Xbox 360 vs ps3 who will win
    Meh I have both I dunno wats better
    6 Gaming 29
  107. Tea vs Coffee
    Can I have some facts about tea and coffee? Overall, which one is better for you or do they both have the same amount of advantages/disadvantages?
    3 Food 38
  108. Dwight vs. Shaquile
    Do you like (a) dwight howard or (b) shaquile o'neal more? (go dwight!!!)
    2 Sports 21
  109. Stanley cup winner: pittsburg vs. Detroit
    Who did you want to win the stanley cup? I wanted the penguins.
    2 Sports 9
  110. Kirk Hammett vs. Jimi Hendrix
    Which one do you prefer? I think Kirk is the best !!!
    9 Music 65
  111. Jordin Sparks vs. Rihanna
    Who do you think is a cuter couple? Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown or Rihanna and Chris Brown. I think Jordin and Chris.
    15 Music 61
  112. Social life vs education
    I can't seem to balance my social life and my school work. any advice?
    4 Education 21
  113. Plants vs Zombie
    where can I easily download the PLants Vs Zombie (PC) in full version without paying???
    4 Gaming 50
  114. Coheed vs slipknot
    Who do you think is better Me and my friend were arguin I personally like coheed and cambria
    6 Music 10
  115. Notebook -vs- Laptop?
    Notebook -vs- Laptop What's the difference between a laptop and a noebook? (if there is one that is) I've always wanted to know. Thanks!!
    3 Technology 54
  116. Theory of Evolution vs. The Bible
    Did we evolve from cavemen, or were people created by God as The Bible says?
    41 Religion 39
  117. how much should I spend on warriors vs celtics?
    how much should I offer to spend on 2 warriors vs. celtics tix lower level seating?
    2 Sports 30
    so , you know that show case , show , kenny vs. spenny ? I LOVE that show , I personally like spenny better . Q: who do you like better , kenny or Spenny ?
    2 Entertainment 14
  119. batman vs superman
    I have two questions which is better batman or superman and who would when in a slap fight lol
    11 Entertainment 19
  120. Marijauna vs. Alcohol
    Why do you think marijuana is illegal while alcohol is not? Alcohol is actually proven to be worse for you, if you abuse it.
    11 Health 56
  121. What will be the 1 half score of Mexico vs Peru?
    how many goas will mex have the 1 half period?
    4 Sports 13
  122. Thong vs. G-String
    What is the difference between thongs & G-strings? Dumb question I know but yea...
    7 Relationships 471
  123. Why is Plants vs Zombies such an addicting game?
    im playing it right know and im so addicted to it i wanna know why is it so addicted??
    5 Gaming 9
  124. Chimpmunks vs Hamster dance
    Do you prefer Alvin and the Chipmunks or Hamster dance? I like Hamsters, their songs were amazing,
    3 Entertainment 55
  125. Nirvana vs. Ac/dc?
    Im thinkin ac/dc..but I still luv nirvana. Which 1 do you think is better??
    12 Music 132
  126. Coheed And Cambria~
    I love this band! Do you know who they are??? What's your fave. song??? Mine: Bye Bye Beautiful!!!
    2 Music 6
  127. Argentina vs Brasil
    Who will win btw this 2 best team on fifa choose
    15 Sports 20
  128. Mx vs. Atv untamed
    Will any one give me their name so I can race them online..? And when you will be on most of the time
    2 Gaming 14
  129. quad core vs duo core
    If a game requires a 2.6 duo core processor dos it require 2.6 quad cor processor as well?
    2 Gaming 15
  130. Worldofwarcraft vs. Runescape
    Witch is beter and ... Dont be a jerk and leave some stupic coment if you dont like leave
    9 Gaming 27
  131. US Vs Uk
    every decade the us and And the uk dominate music.strating form the 60s who do you think dominated all the decades .and who has dominated this decade so far?
    3 Music 17
  132. Steelers vs Cowboys
    The Steelers and the Cowboys play this sunday. Who do you think the better team is and who will win? I think the Steelers will win. Their defense is too good.
    7 Sports 46
  133. Claire vs Tonni
    should I trust my 13 year old with babysitting my 4 year old..?? please help
    7 Babies 19
  134. East vs West
    whats better East coast or West coast. I've lived on both and id have to say that the East coast is where its at. whats your opinion???
    7 General 21
  135. Guitar Hero vs Rock Band
    does anyone else agree with me that Rock Band sucks and that Guitar Hero is WAY BETTER?!
    7 Music 15
  136. Puerto rico vs Usa
    I saw a basketball game Puerto rico vs Usa, but if Puerto Rico Belongs to Usa , why they dont play together in one team.
    3 Sports 25
  137. R.Quaresma Vs. C.Ronaldo
    Who do yuh think is a better soccer player, Ricardo Quaresma or Cristiano Ronaldo?!?
    2 Sports 47
  138. Dvd vs bluray
    Now that they came out with blu much longer do you think dvds are going to last?
    3 Entertainment 23
  139. Before he cheats vs. Picture to burn
    Which video do you like better before he cheats or picture to burn? I love before he cheats the best it's awesome how she wrecks the truck
    2 Music 51
  140. longer jails terms vs counseling classes.
    what do you think would be better give to the criminals a longer jail term or give them counseling and classes meanwhile they are in jail what do you think.
    5 Education 37
  141. Alcohol vs Marijuana
    Other than their status under the law what is the difference in their effects on people and society? And is one better or worse than the other? And why?
    4 Health 29
  142. Smart vs Dumb
    Someone once told me an inteelligent person and a dumb (as in knowledge) person could not be together. Whats you opinion?
    10 General 43
  143. how can i get the game Plants Vs Zombies online for free without the free trial?
    ( exp: torrent downloads)
    3 Gaming 14
  144. South beach diet vs. special k diet.
    What works better... South beach diet or the special k diet? And how much did you loose and how long did it take to loose it?
    2 Nutritionfitness 73
  145. Tha SEC Championship game Alabama vs Florida
    who do you think is going win? I so hope it's Alabama they rock!!!
    6 Sports 10
  146. Does anyone else watch Man vs. Food on the travel channel?
    I just love that show and does anyone else wacth that show alot?
    9 Entertainment 28
  147. Twitter vs. FA
    I just really don't get the "hype" about twitter...Am I using it wrong or is it really just that boring? x-p
    8 Technology 22
  148. AL vs. NL
    In major league baseball why does the American league always seem to dominate the national league so badly?
    5 Sports 42
  149. Birth control vs condom
    This is a really stupid question but if your on bith control do you still have to use a condom?or will I get pregnant?
    7 Health 49
  150. Goblin VS Goblin
    Who would win the green goblin or the hob goblin (AKA goblin kid from superman 3 but his name is supose to be the hob goblin)
    3 Entertainment 11
  151. Street fighter vs mortal kombat
    I would like that playstation make this game . Who do you think will win.
    2 Entertainment 8
  152. Kane Sheckler vs. Frankie Jonas, which little boy it cuter?
    Kane Sheckler vs. Frankie Jonas, which little boy is cutter? so this 2 little boys are so cute, but my vote goes fro Kane
    7 Relationships 35
  153. Cat fleas vs dog fleas?
    Why is there a seperate flea killer for dogs vs. cats? Are the types of fleas different. I used to have cats and now have a dog. Can I use flea killer meant for cats on him? Please don't answer "I don't know". Thanks
    6 Pets 64
  154. Dating Vs (Christian) Courtship
    Ok, I've seen in some topics on here that some Christians are going on about "courting" being better than dating. What's the difference and what's so great about courtship?
    5 Religion 54
  155. Truman vs Dewey
    Wasn't that the presidential race where everyone thought Dewey won and the next morning it was announced that Truman was the President?
    2 Politics 12
  156. Picture Vs. Mirror
    Am I right on this one: lets say I take a picture of a stuffed animal. Won't that picture be opposite as if looking into a mirror?
    15 General 88
  157. Psychiatrist vs psychologist
    I'd like to know what does a Psychiatrist do do they just give you drugs or do they like psychologist try to talk there out problem but can if needed give you drugs to help the problem
    3 Education 42
  158. Happy Bunny vs. Hello Kitty
    If Happy Bunny and Hello Kitty ever gotten into a brawl...who do you think will win?? I think Happy Bunny would win cause she's sassy.
    18 Entertainment 44
  159. Ipod vs. Zune
    What would you choose and for what reasons. I have an ipod now, but I want a zune too, because it seems nifty so I don't know, tell me what you think please
    2 Technology 12
  160. Who's philopshy: Martin Luther King vs. Malcolm X?
    Who's philosophy do you think made the most sense for America in the 1960's? Why do you think that?
    4 Politics 62
  161. cooling vs heating your conditioner
    ok, I've heard two different things about your conditioner. first I heard that you should cool your conditioner. then I heard that you hould heat your conditioner. which is true?
    2 Style 9
  162. Questions vs Categories
    So I usually just click on the Questions link at the top of the page and then scroll through ALL the Questions. Am I missing Questions? Are there some Categories of Questions that aren't accessed by clicking on the Question link? If so, which Cate...
    3 Funadvice 14
  163. Date vs Sex
    Why does it seem to be easier just to get laid then to go on an actual date. Is it really that little of commitment to get laid then to go on a date WTF.
    3 Sex 9
  164. Randy Orton VS. HHH at Wrestlemania 25?
    I noe RANDY ORTON is better! but what does everyone think is ganna happen at mania against HHH?
    3 Sports 40
  165. Medical assistant vs Nurse
    whats the difference between a medical assistant and a nurse? Nurses give needles, take out blood, take vitals and assist in lab work, what do medical assistants do?
    3 Money 39
  166. ProtoType VS UFC Undisputed 2009 (xbox 360)
    if you had to choose between these two which one would you pick and why THANK
    2 Gaming 8
  167. paintball hopper vs. rip clip
    I have a bt-4 with a halo boat hopper, it is painted, should I get a rip clip or keep thte hopper
    2 Sports 14
  168. Red VS Blue
    Hey has anyone seen Red VS Blue? Is it popular at all? Because I asked my friends and they never heard of it. It is so halarious!! Funniest stuff ever.
    2 Entertainment 19
  169. Kittins vs human
    When is my 3 month year old cats going to stop feeding on there mom and when is her milk going to dry up
    2 Pets 24
  170. College vs. No College
    It doesn't matter if you've gone to college or not if you have a really good (and stable) high-paying job, right?
    5 Education 48
  171. Calorie Intake VS. Calories Burned
    I read somewhere that if you eat more calories than you burn you gain weight. Or is it if you eat over your daily calorie intake and don't burn off the extras, you gain weight? I'm confused. Do I have to burn off everything I eat?
    2 Nutritionfitness 51
  172. Pearl Jam old vs. new
    Any Pearl Jam fans out there with an opinion on their older albums as opposed to their newer ones? My favorite is Vitalogy.
    5 Music 51
  173. Viewing vs. Funeral attire
    Today is my grandfather's viewing and tomorrow is his funeral. I know during the funeral, the family wears mostly black, but what does the family wear during a viewing? Is it less casual or the same as a funeral?
    4 Style 172
  174. Halo 3 vs. CoD 4
    Im just wondering what some people think on this site. What do you like better, Halo 3 or CoD 4? Personally I like CoD a lot better.
    9 Gaming 22
  175. Psp slim vs. Psp go
    Should I get a psp go? I have a psp slim with an 8 gig memory stick. I want to get the new psp go but I'll have to pay for it. So I want to know should I or should I not
    2 Gaming 45
  176. Go phone vs regular phone
    Ok so wats the difference between a go phone and a regular phone because at cingular a regular moto razr is 239.00 and at walmart a go phone moto razr is 99.00??? help!!!
    2 Technology 138
  177. Usa vs. Brazil
    Okay my mom is taking me to a usa womans soccer game! Its usa vs. Brazil! Im so stoked!! Brazil is a very good team but hopefully we will bet them! Who do you go for?
    12 Sports 22
  178. Rock vs. Rap
    What do you think is better, Rock(as in Punk, Alternative, heavy metal, etc...) or hip hop/rap In my opinion..rock is better...hip hop is okay
    114 Music 90
  179. Genital piercing vs nipple piercing
    I have a vertical hood piercing. I was very scared when I was getting it done, but it wasn't that bad at all. Now I want to have my nipples pierced and I am terrified! Again :-) can you compare the pain for me if you have both?
    4 Health 619
  180. Colour vs. Color
    Does anyone happen to know why the word "colour" gets spelled differently from country to country? Here in canada is gets spelled "colour" and I think its americans that spell it "color". I don't understand why its different. How about other countries...
    12 General 63
  181. Living forever vs dying
    I was talking to someone, and we was on about how everything sucks and all you do is die. Then he said living forever seems more frigterning than dying which would you rather do? and what does it even mean?
    13 Religion 70
  182. Mom vs. Me
    my mom!she doesn't really acept me for who I am. Like she wants me to turn girle girl and wear earings, hold pursues. Help. What should I do I told her no.
    12 Family 42
  183. De La Hoya vs. Pacquiao
    What time is it showing at ?? and who do you think is going to Win I live in Cali if tha makes a difference on show time ?
    2 Entertainment 8
  184. What? Ciara vs Paris Hilton? Dance Battle?
    Rumors that Paris Hilton defeated Ciara in a 1 on 1 dance battle. Someone tell me what went down and how this travesty supposedly happened?!!?
    3 Entertainment 12
  185. Incredible Hulk VS. Edward Cullen
    My wife believes that Edward Cullen could withstand the Hulks fury. I don't agree and would like to know what all of you think.
    17 Entertainment 150
  186. Crap food vs healthy food
    How come I when I just eat fruits and vegies + exercise I dont lose any weight, but when I eat crap food+ exercise, I lose weight??? It doesnt make since. Why is that?
    4 Nutritionfitness 46
  187. Than vs. Then
    What is the difference? I feel RIDICULOUS for asking this because I'm in advanced placement English so I should probably know the difference...but to be honest I have NO clue :P Help?
    3 Education 40
  188. What is your favorite Kenny vs. Spenny episode?
    What is your favorite Kenny vs. Spenny episode? Mine; Blindfolded competition If you have never seen this show before. You are honestly missing out on thee funniest show in the world! xD
    7 Entertainment 96
  189. are there any side effects associated with taking vs-c? my 3 years old had broken out really bad after taking it. have you ever seen this happen before?
    6 Health 21
  190. 'Old' sweeney todd vs. 'New' sweeney todd
    Have you seen both? I just watched the 1998 Sweeney Todd, and it's very good.. I think I still like the newer one better.
    3 Entertainment 10
  191. 'Lying' vs 'hiding the truth'
    I think its morally wrong to lie but so is hiding the truth. Some of my friends disagree with me because 'hiding the truth' is totally a different thing altogather. Do you agree? Whats your opinion on this?
    8 Sex 392
  192. Marijuana vs Alchohol, which is worse for you?
    The main thing people say about weed is that it kills brain cells and causes laziness, but isnt alchohol worse? What do you think is worse for you and why???
    8 Health 53
  193. Nessy(lochness monster) vs Bigfoot
    Well the questions easy , the lochness monster or bigfoot, who would you bet on in a fight ? Giving a valid reason of course :D
    4 General 72
  194. Garfeild vs. heathcliff.
    Was Garfeild a rip off of Heathcliff? :0 Like the lion king and kimba the white lion? if so, did the creator of heathcliff sue? for how much? and what year did it take place?
    3 Entertainment 55
  195. Walking vs Running
    I am started to walk 4 days at week, 3 miles each day = 12 is it good enough like running to tone my legs or is better if I run?
    4 Nutritionfitness 53
  196. Walmart vs. Home Depot
    I am painting my room and I need to buy some supplies. It is a rental so I don't want high end. Which store is cheaper to get supplies Walmart or Home Depot?
    2 Homegarden 798
  197. Guadalajara vs monterey game
    My dad keeps bugging me to find the score for the dumb game from yesterday and I cant find it did anyone watch it and know what the final score was?
    2 Sports 41
  198. Chuck Norris vs Nikki Sixx
    Who would win in a fight...Chuck Norris or Nikki Sixx...I say its never ending because Nikki Sixx is a many who died 3 times and is still living.
    4 Entertainment 56
  199. Childrens TV - Today Vs. 90's
    Does Anyone Here Agree With Me When I Say That I Believe a lot Of The Childrens Program and Cartoons Are Not As Educational Or Useful For Them To Watch... I Mean Honestly.
    10 Babies 155
  200. What is the pain variance between getting a tattoo behind your ear vs. on your foot?
    And yes I'm aware of eveyone's different levels of tolerance. I just want your opinions. :)
    5 Style 56
  201. Seroquel vs weed.
    My friend takes seroquel (sp) for her bipolar disorder.. She also has smoked weed in teh past, and wondering that if she did it again, would it affect anything ?
    3 Health 126
  202. pre cum vs. ejaculation
    is there sperm in pre cum? because I have heard that there is. but I also heard there isnt. and I was just curious because knowing the REAL answer might change my mind on the way I have sex.
    4 Sex 2039
  203. Candy floss vs. cotton candy
    Is there a difference between candy floss and cotton candy? Aren't they the same thing? My dad and I were grocery shopping and there was pudding from the same company, one was 'candy floss' flavored and the other is 'cotton candy' flavored. We're c...
    3 Food 279
  204. Who is hotter - Ryan Sheckler vs. Nick Jonas
    who's hotter RYAN SHECKLER or Nick Jonas? I think Ryan all the way Nick is just cute and Ryan is HOT, with a dreamy smile and is humble when Nick is starting to look concited at times
    9 Entertainment 41
  205. Miley mandy vs. Demi Selena
    ok so I heard that there's a vlog war on you tube right now between the Miley Mandy show and Selena and Demi Lovato? so what show or who do you like better? please answer
    28 Entertainment 79
  206. Coca cola vs pepsi
    I dont know if somebody remember the advertisements of coca cola vs pepsi I only remeber that in these ads coca cola was attacking pepsi and pepsi did the same thing in his ads I was wondering if they sued each other for using the name without permisio...
    7 Food 52
  207. Cat vs Dog
    Why is it that everywhere it is potrayed that dogs and cats fight while in real life they actually dont and leave each other alone pretty much all the time unless the cat intentionally messes with them ?
    3 Pets 38
  208. Unfaithful vs. Take a bow
    Does anyone else think its stupid that rihanna writes a song called unfaithful thats about her being unfaithful then she writes a song about her boyfriend being unfaithful called take a bow and shes soo pissed that her boyfriend was unfaithful and she ...
    8 Music 62
  209. Eminem vs. Kim Kardashian
    ahaha im on a role with the questions(:! Why does Eminem hate Kim Kardashian so much lmao? On one of his songs he said something about sticking a flashlight up her as$ -_- Why such hate? Thanksss ♥
    4 Entertainment 88
  210. Advisors vs God
    Ok, from some answers connected with questions about God, I can conclude that many advisors dont belive in God here. Not to enumerate now, but there are a lots... Why is that? Can't you feel God? He is all around us. Lately he has helped me a lot!
    12 Religion 38
  211. Mom vs dad
    Ok I get really confused because my mom for example will say you cant go outside But then if I ask my dad he will say sure you can do out side. I dont know who to Listen to what should I do
    5 Family 36
  212. Fat Vs Thin
    If you are given one wish and you were only aloud to wish to be either a ;- size 4(UK)/Size0(US) OR Size 18(UK)/Size 20(US) What would you choose?
    12 Nutritionfitness 20
  213. Jeff Mills vs Derrick May
    I think that derrick may, should not win, Due to Jeff Mills making 1000 times more music than lazy Derrick.. Derrick, just rides from his past, while Jeff aways makes amazing music what do you think!!!
    2 Music 6
  214. Fingers vs penis
    So I finger myself a lot and I've never had sex so I was just wondering if there is that much of a difference between say my toothbrush and a penis..if not then sex isnt all that great. Your advice?,,whats the difference? Is sex better? Helllp
    5 Sex 47
  215. Where can I watch the US vs. Japan soccer game if I just have regular tv?
    I really want to watch the us vs japan game that starts at 2pm today is there a channel that will be showing it on regular not cable? Or is there an online sorce that will be showing it live?
    3 Entertainment 9
  216. 4-3 VS 10-10
    What do you do when your stuck between two guys one is nice and everything you've ever wanted the other is nice at times but he's hurtful but den again you luv him what do you think I SHOULD DO???
    3 Relationships 20
  217. Lady GaGa vs Gwen Stefani
    Who do you think is better: Lady GaGa or Gwen Stefani? (Please give a resonable explanation not just because one's prettier than the other) P.S. I personally love Lady GaGa, I just want to see what other people think.
    14 Music 292
  218. ice cream vs. popsicles
    why is it that I cant eat popsicles when my throat is gettin sore/sick and it hurts yet I am able to eat ice cream? lots of people have told me that one..but why? I dont see the difference.
    5 Food 66
  219. Scientists vs Christians
    do you think scintests and christiations have a similar understanding via bible,let's say for an example do they both believe that there is life after death,as christiations do,do they believe that there is a placed called hell?
    14 Religion 40
  220. Samsung beholder vs. G1 android [who's aim is better]
    I am going too be buying either samsung beholder or the G1 android phone from tmobile . I wanted too know which phone is better for aim since I am huge aim user. Please any help?
    2 Technology 39
  221. Black vs brown hair
    Hello. I am male and am from asia.I have black hair and a bit fair complexion.I like brown hair, so wanted to change it into brown.would it look okay?see my picture and comment...
    4 Style 55
  222. DVD vs. Blu Ray
    besides the fact that Blu Ray is more expensive, what's the difference? I noticed this switch to be popular just like VHS to DVD. it just doesn't seem clear to me. what's the whole idea behind Blu Ray?
    7 Technology 23
  223. liverpool vs arsenal
    what did you think of the match liverpool vs arsenal? liverpool(4) arsenal(4) torres=2 arshavin=4 benayoun=2 final score 4 each.. brillant game.. but I still hate both teams.. come on man utd
    3 Sports 37
  224. Top FAQs on Cleaning of Quartz Countertops
    Today, getting the feeling of wooden or granite in the budget is possible. All credit goes to quartz countertops. They are modern, versatile, eco-friendly and useful materials. These countertops are also known as kitchen benchtops .
    7 Homegarden 120
  225. Personal responsibility vs. personal freedom
    A minute ago, I read a comment about personal responsibility and personal freedom...That freedom comes with responsibilities...I agree with that...So what do you think... Are we losing our personal freedoms because we are an irresponsible bunch...or...
    8 Politics 77
  226. Perez Hilton vs. Miss California
    What is your oppinion on the feud between Perez Hilton (celebrity blogger) and Miss California (prejean)? who side are you taking? and do you think she should keep her title after the nude picture scandal? or do you think it was a set-up?
    5 Entertainment 13
  227. dell vs. apple
    going off to college and need a new lap top. dell or apple? not planning on majoring in graphic design or anything, so some apple programs are superflous, but vista for the dell... I dont know. help!
    3 Technology 21
  228. Miley Cyrus Vs Selena Gomez
    Who Do You Like Better And Why?? I Like Them Both: Selena Because She Is Pretty And Is A Good Actress..I Think I Could Easily Befriend Her. Miley Beacuse She Seems Down To Earts And Nice, I Like Her Music And She Stands Up For Herself!
    4 Entertainment 13
  229. parentz vs girlfriend
    how do I convince my parents 2 let me hang out with my girlfriend? school ended a month ago and I havent seen her since. whenever I ask my parents always say no. its not fair
    2 Relationships 31
  230. Coheed and Cambria: Welcome Home
    Does anybody know what that symbol with the 3 circles and the one triangle in the middle and the 3 smaller circles mean? I'm seriously Curious and cant find it anywhere.
    3 Music 13
  231. PSP vs. Nintendo DS/DSI
    Which one should I get? I'm 26. Which one is better suited for 'adult' games? Also, what is so great about the new Nintendo DSI? What is the difference between a DS, a DS lite and a DSI? I'm so confused...:)
    6 Gaming 46
  232. Border terrier vs jack russel??
    Ok me and my family are getting a new dog soon and are looking for a terrier. I've heard jack russells can be fiesty I dont know much about dogs What dog is more affectionate? X
    8 Pets 312
  233. Mom vs. Girlfriend
    Ok this has happened a lot,every time I tell my mom I have a girlfriend she says I'm to young,but I love my girlfriend to death and I don't want to keep her in the dark anymore like that,so help me out yall!
    2 Relationships 39
  234. Guitar Vs. Drums
    Which do you like better? I love em both, but if you're willing to start a band or something drummers are ALWAYS needed. Guitarists are everywhere, I like guitar because I play guitar of course. But drummers are the sh*t in my opinion.
    9 Music 66
  235. chrtistins vs nonchristiins
    ok if you dont beleave in god the wors thing for you is that nothing happens if christins are wrong but if christins are right there going to heaven and if not the worse thing is nothing nothing will happen but if you are wrong you are going to hell do...
    12 Religion 14
  236. Anime vs. Western animation?
    I was wondering, which do y'all like better, anime (Japanese cartoons) or Western animation (what you can see by turning on cartoon network, etc.) I like anime better, but I actually also enjoy Scooby-Doo and also a few superhero cartoons (which I grew...
    10 Entertainment 106
  237. Madden 2005 vs Madden 2006 ?
    Iâ??m thinking about buying Madden 2006. How well did EA Sports make it? Is the new Madden 2006 better than the Madden 2005, in terms of the interface? Are the controls actually easier than in the previous version?
    2 Gaming 80
  238. Dyson Vacuum vs Shark Vacuums - Which Is Best?
    I was posting this article about comparing Dyson vacuums and Shark vacuums: and wondering what you thought - which is best: Dyson Vacuums of Shark Vacuums? I got more info and ...
    4 Homegarden 46
  239. Does anyone listen to coheed and cambria?
    I listen to coheed all the time and where I live no one listens to them I've gotten a couple of my friends into them but their the type of band that you have to listen to and they grow on you. If you like coheed what are your favorite song and why do y...
    3 Music 5
  240. Harry Potter - Book vs Movie
    I personally hate the Harry Potter books. I have every single book that is out. Read them all. Hate them. Still. The way they're written, I think, is horrible. But I absolutely love the movies! The movies are fantastic. Amazing. Who else thinks ...
    7 Entertainment 15
  241. Adobe CS4 vs font
    Ok.. I recently downloaded a font which I'd need to use in CS4 but.. sadly I have no idea how I can make it usable .. ... the font name is "ACENS " (regular) Can anyone help me? pwease :) :)
    3 Technology 39
  242. Metal vs. Rap
    Ok this is similar to my other question about Rap,knowing I have a VERY loud Tv set,and I have a LOUD a** CD of Divine Heresy,should I crank up the tunes on Saturday just to piss them off and show who the main Metalhead on Savanna is?
    5 Music 46
  243. Xbox360 vs playstation/ rnd 2
    Hello I have came into another predickament shut up about my spelling About playstation vs xbox 360 Please send actual facts not just games list why the games are better and how The actuall prices and everything Im on the xbox side
    8 Gaming 35
  244. Does anyone know what happened to the Spy vs. Spy movie they were going to make a few years back?
    You remember the old cartoon that was on MadTV spy vs. spy. There were previews that they were going to make a real movie about that but I haven't seen anything about it since. Its like they decided not to finish the movie or something.
    3 Entertainment 18
  245. What do youll think of the TV Show call Man vs Wild?
    For me I like the TV Show Man vs Wild,because I like how Bear Gerizzlers,teaches people including me how too survive in the wild,and the reson why I sade me because I like too go too wild places some times like in a wooded area where theirs nature around.
    4 Entertainment 29
  246. Punks vs emo
    Why are punks an emo fighting I have 2 punk one friend says that she doesnt understand it the other says wer copying them an the only reson she hasnt beat me up is because we grew up together.well I guess my question is why are we fighting ea...
    7 Style 20
  247. Jacob vs edward
    Oh my god k so at first I hated twilight cause everyone else was obsessed but I read all four and ohhh my god I love it.! K so im a jacob fan completly [: who do you like more anddd why.?
    4 Entertainment 22
  248. Makeup vs. Natural
    Well, I have been using makeup since I was a freshman. And I am going into my senior year. I find I am quite dependent, I guess, on makeup. Recently I have decided to try and be natural again. But it's so hard. Any tips? Any advice...for helping me ...
    5 Style 14
  249. B Kohtakte VS Live Journal? - Social Network World Domination
    B Kohtakte Vs Live Journal? What is Kotakte? Before I've seen live journal covers the whole russian country. Is Kohtakte differ from LJ? Is LJ defeated? Face Book in canada and australia My Space in USA.
    2 Technology 132
  250. Kit Kat vs Mars bar..
    Random question.. If for some unknown reason, a large kit kat and a large mars bar came to life and started to fight each other, which will win? I'm thinking mars bar because it can use its caramel to stick the kit kat's to the floor:). Any ideas?
    6 Food 214